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Has Bibi Boxed Biden in on Iran?
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If Israel, as is universally believed and has not been denied, was behind the assassination of Iran’s leading nuclear scientist, questions arise:

Why would the Israelis kill him? And why would they do it now?

The scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, it is conceded, was a leader in Iran’s nuclear bomb program, but that program was disbanded in 2003.

Under George W. Bush, in 2007, all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies declared with “high confidence” that Iran no longer had a bomb program.

Four years later, the same intel agencies affirmed that finding.

Since 2015, Iran’s nuclear facilities, under the Iran nuclear deal, have been subject to U.N. surveillance and inspections. And Iran has neither produced plutonium nor enriched uranium to the 90% level needed for a bomb.

Israel claims Iran never stopped working on a bomb, but U.S. intel agencies and U.N. nuclear inspectors have agreed that the military nuclear program that Fakhrizadeh oversaw was ended in 2003.

So, again, why would Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu authorize Mossad to send an assassination team to Iran to kill the nuclear scientist? And why now?

If Iran is actually running a secret program to build a bomb in violation of the nuclear deal, why not identify the site of the violation, demand that U.N. inspectors visit, expose Iranian duplicity to the world, and kill the deal?

Why kill the scientist?

From Netanyahu’s standpoint, there are, however, many motives to make the call to kill Fakhrizadeh.

To humiliate the Iranian regime. To demonstrate Mossad’s capacity to kill Israel’s enemies with impunity. To send a message to others working in Iran’s nuclear program that the regime’s security forces cannot protect them.

To Sunni and Gulf Arabs who see Iran as a sectarian and strategic rival and adversary, Israel’s ability to punish Iran and its regional militias with repeated, unanswered strikes makes Israel a far more desirable ally and partner than ever before.

But with this strike, Bibi was also sending a message to Joe Biden, who is seven weeks away from assuming the presidency.

What is Bibi’s message?

Mr. President-elect: This Mossad operation should tell you how seriously we view Iran’s determination to build a nuclear bomb, and how existential a threat that would be for us. And we intend to deal with that threat sooner rather than later.

And if, on taking office, you try to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal and lift U.S. sanctions in return for Iran’s full compliance with the terms of that deal, then we will not be restricted in the actions we take to prevent that from happening.

As President Trump put America first, we put Israel first, and Iran tops the list of threats we intend to face — preferably with you, but if necessary, alone.


From Bibi’s standpoint, the killing of Iran’s top nuclear scientist seems to be a win-win-win proposition. Bibi’s personal scandals are eclipsed and put on the back burner. He is seen by Israelis as a man of action and decisive protector of the nation against its greatest threat.

Should Iran answer the assassination with a counterstrike, that could lead to Israeli retaliation, escalation, and war. This could turn Bibi into a wartime prime minister like Winston Churchill and fulfill his dream of having America bring its full air, naval and missile power to deliver a crushing blow to the Iranian military and the Ayatollah’s regime.

However, the assassination of Fakhrizadeh and Iran’s resolve to retaliate complicates — if it does not close — Biden’s path toward rejoining the nuclear deal and reconciling with Iran.

If the killing ignites a war, Tehran knows there is a real possibility that America would align with Israel, as Donald Trump detests the Iranian regime as much as Netanyahu does.

And if the “moderates” in Tehran fail to maintain the national honor by retaliating against Israel, that could result in a hardline regime winning in this year’s elections.

A return of the hardliners could mean a total collapse of the Iran nuclear deal and a new cold war that could eventually end in the hot war Middle East hawks — in Iran, Israel and the USA — have long desired.

As Trump showed with the assassination of Gen. Qasem Soleimani in his car coming out of Baghdad airport, he does not recoil from direct action against perceived enemies.

Last week, the U.S. flew two B-52s out of Minot, North Dakota, to the Middle East. The USS Nimitz carrier group began moving out of the Indian Ocean toward the Persian Gulf.

Four days before the hit on the Iranian scientist, Netanyahu met secretly in a Red Sea port city with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Was Pompeo told what the Israelis were about to do? Did the U.S. know of, approve of, or not object to the attack? Do Americans want this war that seems closer today?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2020

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  1. This column seems pretty good, compared to what Mr. Buchanan [?] has been writing in recent years. There’s even some negative insinuating there at the end about Mr. Pompeo, who he’s been uncritically MAGAphoning lately. But read closely, that’s Exceptional! propaganda, too.

    With voting in the last Most Important Election Ever now over, the author is trying to create deniability and moral distance between those thuggish Israelis and good cop Uncle Sam: it was Trump who “assassina[ted]” Soleimani, while Netahyahu’s murder of Fakhrizadeh was a “hit.” Isn’t the truth more likely that they were jointly planned and executed? Which used the pretext of a peace negotiation to lure the victim?

    And as long as we’re playing name games,

    From Bibi’s standpoint, the killing of Iran’s top nuclear scientist seems to be a win-win-win proposition. Bibi’s personal scandals are eclipsed and put on the back burner. He is seen by Israelis as a man of action and decisive protector of the nation against its greatest threat.

    can be revised, too. Try substituting “Biden’s” (or, for that matter, “Trump’s”) for “Bibi‘s,” and “Americans” for “Israelis.”

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  2. Anon[192] • Disclaimer says:

    “preferably with you, but if necessary, alone”

    I don’t think Israel will ever want to do it alone, because they would rather have Americans die for them than their own children. And do it on America’s dime.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  3. Anonymous[199] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel plays chess to everybody else’s checkers. In an increasingly knowledge-driven would, IQ is destiny.

    In the meantime, chalk up another one for the good guys.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  4. anon[405] • Disclaimer says:

    Netanyahu cant box Biden unless Biden (AKA USA) wants to be boxed in . Our hyperbole has hoisted us on our own petard. We create slogans like “Axis of Evil or Duties to Protect or Red lines” because some nasty aides to Congress or t the leader put that in the the bills or in the speeches somewhere .The aides might have been in the first place accepted because of a phone call from the lobby or the cabal . Then the same unknown invisible face holds the feet of the senators presidents or majority leader of the congress to the fire and demand action flooding the airwaves .

    Biden can say the unspeakable things that EU and Brenner have done -call the assassination a terrorism ,a crime and ask UN for investigation .

    Harriri’s killing was investigated by UN. If some one wants to tell America that Iranian guy wasn’t a leader then that person should be investigated for possible connection to the killers .

    USA should declare again MEK a terrorists entity . By not doing America is proving to be beholden to the terrorist regime who wants Iran to be destroyed

    Biden can tell Iran that irrespective of the responses of Iran,USA would enter JCOPA .

    This crisis reminds 1990 Gulf crisis .This one stands apart because it is open and visible . We know who is provoking Saddam (Iran ) and who is going to Margaret Thatcher ( Trump ) to influence Bush sr ( Biden ) .

  5. A123 says:

    One can only box-in those who are rational.

    If the Blue Coup succeeds, one can easily imagine a Biden foreign policy future that simultaneously includes seemingly contradictory policies. For example:

    — U.S. troops on the ground to protect Iran’s oppressed LBGTQXYZ community.
    — Pallets of cash being delivered to Khameni to assist his proliferation efforts as part of the Nuclear JCPOA Arms Race.

    If Führer Biden manages to seize power, he will start wars for his friends in the MIC. He is also committed to selling out U.S. Workers to support Globalist Corporate Elites with business interests in China.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  6. They can’t induce Biden to do anything, Buchanan you establishment dissembler, because he is not yet the President-elect.

    The Electoral College has not voted, and the US Supreme Court has ample opportunity to invalidate the fraudulent reported results in several significant States — all of whose electors will then be chosen by the majority-Republican state legislatures.

    In fact, whether or not the Supreme Court invalidates any of the fraudulent results, the legislatures of those States are constitutionally the only ones ultimately authorized to determine who the State’s presidential electors are.

    The Republican legislatures of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia will certify Trump-pledged electors, as they should given that Trump clearly won among compliant votes cast by legal voters (living US Citizens actually residing where the ballot was mailed, who provided a witness signature and address if required, and whose ballots were received by the end of election night and never altered by poll fraudsters or anyone else thereafter).

    Buchanan ought not to be giving credence to the Dem attempt to steal this election by treating Biden prematurely and erroneously as “president-elect.” Yet another thing that makes me wonder about this guy, whom I supported as a youngster back in 1991-92.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  7. @Greta Handel

    Consortium News has become a mixed bag since Robert Parry’s death, but I was pleased to see just now what a pundit not carrying Washington’s water has to say:

  8. @Anon

    If Nutty-yahoo wanted to take on Iran alone, he would have done so 20 years ago. Israel can keep bombing, but bombing alone won’t win it, and their small army is no match for Iran. The Iranians are dug in with precision missiles, which they admirably demonstrated when they bombed the US base in Iraq, deliberately avoiding any US deaths. Without the US and the UK doing the fighting for them, the cowardly Jews would have been forced to evacuate Palestine years ago.

  9. KenH says:

    If Izzy wants to assassinate people then fine but the U.S. should tell Israel that they will have to suffer any blowback that follows. If we had a truly America First government then various Israel lobbying groups would be forced to register as agents of a foreign power if not banned and criminalized outright. We’d also cut all foreign aid to Israel.

    Israel would be held responsible for any terrorist attacks on U.S. soil or against U.S. interests since they would likely have foreknowledge.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  10. @RadicalCenter

    Trump’s chances of preventing Biden from winning just got much harder. AG Barr has reported that his department plus the FBI did not uncover sufficient fraud to change the election result.

    • Replies: @KenH
  11. anon[588] • Disclaimer says:

    Neera Tanden, who President-elect Joe Biden announced Monday as his choice to lead the Office of Budget and Management, advocated forcing the Libyan government to give oil proceeds to the U.S. government in order to “partially pay us back” for military intervention there in 2011. American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank, came under intense scrutiny in 2015 over the email, which she sent to colleagues on Oct. 21, 2011, a day after Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi was killed.
    According to the email, published by The Intercept, Tanden and other CAP officials were discussing a segment on CNN about whether Libya should compensate the U.S. for helping oust Gaddafi.

    Iran should give the funeral proceeds it received ( does anything like this exist ? I don’t know But Iran needs to come up with the blood money ) to the families (not the family but the families) of the assassin .

  12. KenH says:

    Trump’s chances never hinged on Barr and the DOJ although it would be helpful to have them on board. Their investigation, if you can even call it that, didn’t seem to be very thorough and was more designed to go through some window dressing to enable Barr and the DOJ to deny election changing levels of fraud and therefore to stay out of it and above the fray. You’ll notice that Barr did not say that there was no fraud whatsoever.

    Barr has been extremely reluctant to take actions that can be construed as partisan which is why the ballyhooed “Durham investigation” has been a gigantic farce. Plus, Barr is half Jewish which may or may not be playing a role in how he conducts business at the DOJ.

  13. anon[193] • Disclaimer says:

    Was Pompeo told what the Israelis were about to do? Did the U.S. know of, approve of, or not object to the attack? Do Americans want this war that seems closer today?

    Of course Pompeo and MBS were informed.

    And of course Americans do not want this war.

    But Ziocons like Pompeo and his successor Blinken want it and that’s what we will get.

    The entire GOP save for Rand Paul and the entire DNC save for maybe Bernie Sanders and the squad will vote for this war because they are all either deep in the pockets of the Zios or have skeletons in their closet that Mossad/CIA know of.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  14. @anon

    What makes you think that anyone in the invertebrate Congress “will [even have to] vote for this war”?

    They long ago gladly betrayed the Constitution in leaving such things to the President, just as they gladly permit the penumbralating SCOTUS to issue decrees on marriage and amend the employment laws enacted by their predecessors.

    And Mr. Palaverconservative plays Right along, starting with the headline.

    Puppet show.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  15. Sean says:

    So, again, why would Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu authorize Mossad to send an assassination team to Iran to kill the nuclear scientist? And why now?

    The no-nonsense methods of the killers and previous use of motorbikes suggests non Israelis were involved in the actual assassination; they were likely from the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran, (Mujahedin-e-Khalq) and the CIA would be directing them. The Israeli intelligence service is overhyped. they certainly don’t have the money of the CIA; the MEK are, let us face it, mercenaries rather like the Contras.

    To Sunni and Gulf Arabs who see Iran as a sectarian and strategic rival and adversary, Israel’s ability to punish Iran and its regional militias with repeated, unanswered strikes makes Israel a far more desirable ally and partner than ever before.

    Saudi Arabia is the hereditary enemy of Iran, and were Iran to get a nuclear bomb Saudi Arabia would have to move to acquire one too. The CIA decided on the hit and Saudis put up the money for this and similar operations against Iranian nuclear scientists is my bet. Israel is not scared of Iran, it is just a stand in for the USSR in the fevered imaginings of superannuated cold warrior known as neocons, thus giving Israel a chance to pose as the America’s cop on the Middle East beat. The crucial events that led to WW1 and 2 happened in North East Asia. If a world war three starts it will start there, not the Middle East, which is of relatively small and declining significance.

    • Replies: @Fallingwater
    Once touting itself as a model for tackling the coronavirus, Israel is now experiencing a massive surge in new infections and widespread disappointment over the government’s handling of the ensuing economic collapse. At least 10,000 protesters on Saturday night packed into Paris Square in Jerusalem, next to the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while an unclear number of protesters arrived at major highway intersections to protest the government’s economic response to the pandemic. Unfortunately for Netanyahu and his allies, as much as they would like to paint these protests as entirely the product of the radical Left, they indicate much wider discontent……. OK so with Bibi’s twisted logic… EXAMPLE 1 – Israel is chiefly funded by the United States, the United States is our Friend… so I Bibi, with Ariel Sharon, ??? Efraim Halevy, ???? Uzi Dayan, really nasty dark Mossad and other Israeli special ops teams, will Special Atomic Demolition Munition the World Trade Towers in a False Flag Attack on September 11, 2001… EXAMPLE 2 – So the citizens of Israel are protesting me in Pairs Square so I Bibi will put the Dark Mossad to blowing up the Real city of Paris [ (and maybe other European cities and even American Cities), ( we the corrupt people in the Israeli government and the New World Order will just blame this on muslims and Iran like we did with 9/11) ]….with more mini-nukes and ask the Jewish Citizens of France to move to Israel, these French Jews will appreciate me more??? But asking the question is this true, really I do not know ??? There was a Russian Mafia meeting in Austria during the 90’s. The Jewish Hungarian born Russian Mafia boss Siemon Moglivech serves the Lucchesi-Pallis and he manages Benny Gantz the former head of the IDF who was from Hungary and he manages Gadi Eizenkot ( Dahiya doctrine ) ….So again asking the question just as in the US the citizens of Israel really have no one from any really peace loving political party to vote for. The NWO wants us all to fight each other plus are now well on the way to advancing Mark of the Beast Tech for those who survive the massive Planned popuation reductions worldwide. Pray to Jesus to save your soul and do the best you can to keep the 10 Commandments and do not take any vaccination or the Mark of the Beast.

    • Replies: @Doud
    , @ImaBotKnot
  17. Doud says:

    Iran will probably wait to retaliate against Israel once Trump is out of office; Biden is unlikely to throw his Presidency away for Israel; he likely will wish Israel well and stat out of it which is the right and smart thing to do; Netanyahu wants the US to smash Iran because if Iran wants the Bomb they will get it eventually and Israel’s cyberattacks and killings of Iranian nuclear scientists will not stop an Iranian Nuke program; the Iranians are wisely holding back until Trump is gone; ”Bibi’ may want us to go to war with Iran but most Americans dont; we have no defense treaty with Israel they are not even a formal American ally; there’s no reason to go to war for them.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  18. @ImaBotKnot

    Reserve components of the United States Armed Forces Possible solution??? Trump calls in all the state level commanders of the Reserve Components of the United States Armed Forces … for a no more war/ let’s Learn how to ID False Flags briefing and instructions on how to support a free republic and even to stand down and protest at a state level if Biden were to be inaugurated. But everyone must realize that the Zionists did 9/11 with our own Government both Republican and Democrat. Which commanders in the Reserve Components are loyal to their fellow US Citizens and the Constitution? also No Forced Vaccinations… but the country will still be weakened by those who do take the vaccination and get sick… or the vaccinated become the Zombie Apocalypse

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  19. raga10 says:

    Israel, “alone”? LOL. They wouldn’t last a week without American financial support and military hardware (and I want to acknowledge here that Israel does produce some advanced weapons – I just doubt it would have the capacity to produce the necessary basic ones in case of real conflict). This hit is clearly aimed at making any moves towards peace with Iran more difficult.

    My personal view has always been that while Iranian regime is far from ideal, it is no worse than those ‘friends’ of ours – the Saudis, UAE and Israel. It would make more sense for the West to cut *them* lose and make friends with Iran instead – at least Iranians are not savages like the Arabs, their culture and statehood predate Islam by at least a couple of thousand years and actually they are as much victims of Islamic conquest as anyone else.

    It makes NO sense for the West to get involved in their sectarian struggles – Saudis are Sunni while Iranians are Shia… and do you give a shit, because I certainly don’t – for the outsider it makes no difference. I say, lose that pointless dislike of Iran and either make friends with them or disengage from their conflicts altogether. If Iran and Israelis want to duke it out, well – good luck to them. Let them sort it out, then engage with whoever’s left.

  20. @ImaBotKnot

    So a challenge I am not smart enough to do this myself…… Write a briefing to your fellow Americans and loyal military…. What do we want people to know and how do we save ourselves? For example bullet point 1. The two party system has been our downfall we are given corrupt controlled candidates, one on the left and one on the right so really not many good candidates to vote for since they all really work for Globalism 2. What are False Flags – 9/11 was a false flag. Any Government official or Media personality that will not tell us/US the truth about 9/11 is a traitor, we just need the truth we can forgive Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, since our own Government was in on 9/11 also 3. What were Operation Mockingbird and Operation Paperclip. The Media, Military/Corporate Tech, Education, Banking are controlled as part of a SATANIC plan 4. At the high level the CIA, the CIA, the FBI really work for Globalist/Corporatist New World Order Corporations and for example the Committee of 300 and the Bilderbergs 5. Most every country has a Globalist Deep State Component, the Governments of most all countries are corrupt and not operated for the benefit of the citizens of the given country… it is GLOBAL…GLOBALISM is SATANIC… they want us all to fight each other, I as a common citizen of the US do not want to fight a common citizen of China, or Russia, or Iraq, or Iran or Germany or Vietnam. ect ect

  21. @Sean

    Israel is not scared of Iran

    Israel is quite scared of Iran and Iranian proxies. While Iran cannot today existentially threaten Israel (e.g. dispatch a blockade, invasion, or aerial assault), just the harassing power of its proxies is enough to negatively affect the Israeli economy in a profound way. Already the net immigration rate to Israel is negative. Security is the basis of prosperity.

    You are correct in saying that the importance of the Middle East is rapidly declining. That is even more of a reason for Israel to be frightened. An American refocusing on Asia, combined with continued instability in Syria, will fundamentally change Israeli security calculus. They are propped up by the fact that the Middle East is the center of geopolitical activity, and when that fails to be the case they are in big trouble.

    • Replies: @Sean
  22. Sean says:

    The Russians were needed to save Assad because Iranian troops plus plus Lebanese militias were being defeated by rag tag Syrian rebels without heavy weapons, or AAA. All the Israeli had to do to defeat Assad was stage a military build up on the Golan and the Syrian regular army would have had to stop fighting the rebels and move into position opposite the Israelis on the Golan. The Israelis would not have have to fire a shot or cross a border.Iran is a useful substitute for the USSR, but Israel does not need protecting from Iran at all.

    The only Middle East country Israel is scared of is Egypt, which has been bought off. Iran is neither Sunni or Arab, and is totally isolated, they paid through the nose for some Russian air defence system then were made to wait for it while Russia held joint exercises with Israel that likely gave the Israelis a good idea how to beat the system. The Iranian Chuck Norris stupidly went to his death when he openly flew into an enemy controlled airport, then the Iranians shot down one a plane using Ternan airport. Iran’s espousal of the Palestinian cause s motivated by Iran’s attempt to gain some credibility in the Arab world. The people in charge of Iran are far from being an intellectually capable group: the current Iranian Prime Minister used to beg for money outside mosques.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  23. Renoman says:

    Of course they knew. You don’t pull this kind of stunt without talking to your #1 ally first. They likely told Iran too.

  24. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    >”Pallets of cash being delivered to Khameni”

    We gave Iran nothing. It was Iran’s own money.

    Uncle Sucker only “gives” money…free and in huge amounts…to Matzonia.

  25. Everyday my hatred for Jews and Israel grows.

    Everyday it seems more and more Americans are fooled by those filthy creatures.

    Also, Iran, does hit back against the filthy Jew creature but we will only hear bits and pieces before it is scrubbed from the internet.

  26. @Sean

    What a load nonsense. Try more subtlety next time hasbara.

  27. @Anonymous

    Chalk another one up for the bad guys and evil—you meant to say.

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