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Europe's Real Existential Crisis
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However the Greek crisis ends, whether with Athens leaving the eurozone, or submitting and accepting austerity at the dictates of its creditors, the European Union appears headed for an existential crisis.

Greece borrowed and spent beyond its means, like New York City in the ’70s, and Detroit, Illinois, and Puerto Rico today. But the crisis of Europe is about more than budget deficits and bad debts.

All the momentum toward One Europe — the dream of the generation of Jean Monnet that drove Europeans toward ever-deeper union — seems to have dissipated. The momentum is now toward separation and dissolution.

The Greek crisis exposed one fault line in the union, the desire of the Mediterranean nations to build welfare states that their economies could not sustain without huge borrowing abroad.

Paying these debts is going to force ever-greater austerity on those nations. Eventually, their peoples may choose, as debtors do, to walk away, rather than pay.

But not only economics imperils the EU. There is the call of tribe and nation that has often before torn the Old Continent apart.

The U.K. Independence Party and National Front in France, both of which want out of the EU, have millions of supporters, and emulators across Europe. These parties appeal to national histories, heroes and cultures, while acolytes of the EU and eurozone sound like editorials in the Financial Times. Who would fix bayonets for Brussels and the European Commission?

NATO is a shell of what it once was. It is today, a virtual fraternity of freeloaders. With exceptions, like the Poles, Estonians and Turks, European nations have all slashed their defense budgets to beneath two percent of GDP. Angela Merkel is described as the Iron Chancellor for facing down Greece’s Alexis Tsipras, but she seems more like Willy Brandt when talking to Vladimir Putin.

A century ago, after Lloyd George and Clemenceau did their map work in Paris, one could walk from Baghdad to Cairo, turn south, and walk 5,000 miles to Cape Town, without leaving British territory.

Today, Britain and France, the imperial powers of Sykes-Picot, would prefer to have the Americans police the Middle East. Our allies have terrible memories of European wars that produced no comparable gains, and none of them, understandably, wants to fight again.

They have another concern in common. Their continent is being invaded. From the failed states of the sub-Sahara to the war-torn nations of the Mahgreb and Middle East, the Third World is coming to occupy the Mother Continent.

On July 2, The New York Times had several stories on the Greek crisis, but several also on Europe’s immigration crisis.

Some 8,000 trucks were stranded at Calais and Dover, the opposite ends of the Channel Tunnel, as migrants piled onto the vehicles crossing into England. The threatened drivers could do nothing to prevent it.


“Migrants are streaming into Europe from North Africa and the turbulent Middle East,” said the Times, “The European Union has been trying to force countries to share the burden. But the bloc has so far failed to agree on how to do so. In Britain, the issue is particularly charged, and euroskeptic politicians are pushing for the country to leave the union, with immigration a chief complaint.”

Another headline on the same page read, “Russia Sees an Especially Potent Threat in Its Converts to Islam.” The story related the fears of a jihadist uprising within her borders as ethnic Russians convert to militant Islam and join the 15-20 million Muslims inside Russia already, and the two million in Moscow alone.

Russia and Europe have more in common than they realize — the same existential threat.

Another story in the Times, “Europe to Fight Islamic Radicals on Social Media,” reported on jihadist recruitment inside Europe.

A leader of Europol, said the Times, “has estimated that up to 5,000 people from Western Europe have traveled to Syria and Iraq, many to join the Islamic State. British officials believe that at least half of the 500 or so Britons who have done so have already returned home and represent potential threats…”

Europe has survived depression and the worst wars in modern history, though her wounds are terrible and lasting. But can Europe, with native-born populations that are aging, shrinking, and dying, survive a never-ending invasion of Third World peoples that Europe has never assimilated before? Especially when millions of these people profess a militant faith that has historically been alien and hostile to Europe?

The birth dearth in Europe has endured for 40 years. There is no end in sight to the Third World invasion, as the lands of the Middle East and sub-Sahara descend ever more deeply into tribal, sectarian and civil war, and send new millions of refugees streaming toward the Mediterranean coast.

Who or what will stop them? As Gen. Petraeus said on that road to Baghdad: “Tell me how this ends.”

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2015

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Eurozone, Greece, Immigration 
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  1. Justin says:

    There is a spiritual weakness eating away at the heart of Western humanity. A disease of the soul.

  2. anon • Disclaimer says:

    The birth dearth in Europe has endured for 40 years.

    It’s not the only factor but the effect mass immigration has had on housing costs is a major factor in that.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    > Migrants are streaming into Europe from North Africa and the turbulent Middle East

    Right, so Islamic civilization is a failure, the countries in the area where Islam is practiced are a complete mess, and yet somehow they won’t admit that their culture is garbage. If Islam is so great then why don’t they stay in traditionally Islamic countries instead of invading superior civilizations?

    Like with the big banks, inferior systems should be allowed to fail to discourage such practices. Bailing out Africa or the Middle East by allowing them to emigrate to countries with a superior standard of living only encourages degraded mentalities and ways of life.

    To clarify, I don’t have anything against Islam per se, except for:

    1. hateful/violent extremists, of which there are many, and
    2. going to other cultures and refusing to assimilate or even respect the host culture.

    Arrogance, hate and violence on such a scale should never be enabled or encouraged.

    • Replies: @Druid
  4. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website

    “A leader of Europol, said the Times, “has estimated that up to 5,000 people from Western Europe have traveled to Syria and Iraq, many to join the Islamic State. … ”

    Great news! Let IS have them. We can only hope for much more.

    And bar the door to prevent them from returning.

    ” Bailing out Africa or the Middle East by allowing them to emigrate to countries with a superior standard of living only encourages degraded mentalities and ways of life.”

    Certainly true, but you are forgetting that the destruction of Europe is the goal of Zionists and the Cultural Marxists that have seized power.

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  5. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    But hey, at least they got ‘gay marriage’!!

    Jews are happy.

  6. @Wally

    Hitler himself couldn’t have said it better

  7. Druid [AKA "Shiva"] says:

    Shivaji, go pray to your god -rats, phallus symbols, et cetera. Sweep your own doors.

  8. I have not read an article by Patrick Buchanan in many years, and when I arrived here I was startled to see, in the byline, that the author of this article is not Patrick Buchanan but “PAT BUCHANAN”. Who is this sexually ambiguous Pat? Is it a midway name, as Patrick transitions to Patricia? Say hello to Caitlyn, Pat.

  9. Aurelius says:

    How does this end? Not well in any case.

    1. Europe accepts its fate and becomes an Islamic Brazil of sorts.
    2. Europe becomes racially/ethnically Balkanized.
    3. The Third World colonizers are “encouraged” to leave of their own accord.
    4. The immigrants are forced out, by violence if necessary.

    In the final analysis, Gause’s law will hold:

    The principle that when two species compete for the same critical resources within an environment, one of them will eventually outcompete and displace the other. The displaced species may become locally extinct, by either migration or death, or it may adapt to a sufficiently distinct niche within the environment so that it continues to coexist noncompetitively with the displacing species.

  10. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir. I agree.

    Besides 3rd world immigration, the big reason Europe is dying because whites decided not to have children. Most white women have one white child at most (unless they are mixing with a black, then they are forced by him to have multiple black children), and then they say they are done.

    The Jewish controlled media and the Jewish feminists brainwashed white women to wait till 30 to marry, have a career and have only one child. A white woman has lost 90% of her eggs by age 30. Feminism is a Jewish movement.

    The Jewish controlled EU also wants to flood entire Europe with 3rd world invaders who will kill whites. The boatload of “migrants” coming in are in EU because they know they will be allowed to stay under EU rules made by the Jewish EU parliament, so they are being incited to invade.

    The Jewish President of the European Union brags that they set up the EU so the Judaists can control all European Nations. As per an interview in Haaretz, he said:

    European Union established ‘on the lessons of Auschwitz’ as a framework for ‘mutual control to avoid one member passing uncontrollably in a dangerous direction’, Martin Schultz says.…!

    The Judaists want to flood EU with 3rd world aliens to destroy whites and make them a minority so they can control and exploit all goyim, eg. Barbara Lerner Spectre who wants more blacks to invade Sweden.

    That is why whites must get out of Judaism, in every form, as it is their nemesis. See We have met the enemy, and the enemy is Him.

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