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Dark Winter of a Grand Old Party
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It has been a dreadful three months for the Grand Old Party.

On Nov. 3, President Donald Trump seemed to have lost the White House by narrowly losing three crucial blue states he had won in 2016 — Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — and Georgia and Arizona as well.

Trump immediately mounted an acrimonious two-month campaign to prove the election had been “rigged” and “stolen,” enlisting virtually the entire party behind his claim.

On Jan. 5, after an intra-party battle between Trump and the Georgia Republican leadership, the GOP lost both of Georgia’s Senate seats and control of the U.S. Senate.

On Jan. 6, a mob, after storming the Capitol to block a formal vote to confirm the election of Joe Biden as president, rampaged through the building for hours.

On Jan. 13, Trump was impeached by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House for “incitation of insurrection.”

The trial began Tuesday, featuring endless reruns of footage from the Jan. 6 occupation, showing thugs invading and trashing the Capitol and searching out Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump’s defense: He directed the crowd on the mall to march to the Capitol “peacefully” not violently, and the White House was unaware there might be a mob assault.

In the month since the attack on the Capitol, says The New York Times, 140,000 Republicans in 25 states have renounced their party by changing their registration. And Joe Biden’s approval rating has been in the 50s, a level Trump did not reach in four years.

There may have been a worse 90 days in Republican Party history, but it is difficult to recall exactly when.

There was the Goldwater defeat of 1964, which left the party with less than 40% of the presidential vote and less than a third of the seats in the House and Senate.

There was the Watergate year 1974, which saw Richard Nixon resign in August and the party lose 49 House seats that fall and then lose the presidency to Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Yet, the years following these political disasters were not all that bad.

Goldwater’s defeat was followed by the Nixon-led comeback in 1966, with the party picking up 47 seats and then recapturing the White House in 1968. And while Watergate was followed by the loss of Nixon’s successor Gerald Ford in 1976, Jimmy Carter’s presidency opened the door to the winningest Republican of them all, Ronald Reagan.

In short, it is not always true as Sen. John McCain mordantly observed, that the darkest hour is often just before it turns totally black.

What are the prerequisites for a Republican restoration?

As Nixon’s victory in 1968 and Reagan’s in 1980 showed, a party comeback requires, first, the perceived failure of the opposition on issues of major concern to the great majority.

In 1968, LBJ’s Great Society program had ushered in five summers of race riots, soaring crime rates, a social and cultural revolution on the campuses, and a war in Southeast Asia that was consuming 200 to 300 American lives a week.

Under Carter in 1980, there were 21% interest rates, 13% inflation, 7% unemployment and 52 U.S. hostages being held in Iran.

A second and indispensable element of a party comeback is party unity, which Nixon and Reagan produced, as Eisenhower had before them.

Whether the GOP will be united in 2022 or 2024 depends, very much today, on one man.

Still, as of today, though Biden appears personally popular, he seems to be moving leftward in a way that will play into the GOP’s hands on several issues.

Shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, for example, is a policy decision that will kill thousands of jobs to prevent an “existential crisis” millions of workers do not see.


Second, Biden has moved the racial goalposts from equality of opportunity to “equity” for all, which can only be attained by socialist action to even out incomes and wealth through quotas, affirmative action and set-asides. Yet, voters in ultra-liberal California last fall crushed Prop 16, which would have empowered public agencies, universities and colleges to consider race, gender and ethnicity when making decisions on contracting, hiring and student admissions.

Moreover, the liberal immigration policy Biden promised last fall has already caused a stampede to our Southern border. Some 78,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended by the Border Patrol crossing in January alone. They are now being caught at the rate of 3,000 a day.

Securing the border is a populist and national security issue.

Other Trump add-ons to the traditional GOP agenda remain popular with large majorities of Americans.

Consider the “America first” issues of economic nationalism, the return of manufacturing to the United States, and keeping U.S. troops out of foreign wars where no vital U.S. interests are imperiled.

The questions of the hour are these: Will the GOP be united against an incumbent party that is moving visibly leftward and dragging the country with it — and what will Donald Trump do?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2021

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  1. Rational says:


    As I have said before, Trump got on twitter, made an account in HIS OWN NAME, and tweeted, tweeted, tweeted daily, and mouthed off.

    As Pres, you cannot do that. Every word you say must be reviewed by lawyers, advisers, refined, revised, reviewed and then sent out to the world through intermediaries, spokespersons, etc. to insulate the President from personal liability, risk, and maintain a good image. You have to think ten times before uttering one word, as the whole world is watching.

    Trump destroyed his own image with his own hands—by tweeting, tweeting, tweeting—in his own name with his own bare hands. He also picked up the phone and talked directly to GA and Ukraine instead of using intermediaries, which would have insulated him.

    In any case, they cannot impeach him, as he is not the Pres. any more, since they did steal the election. That is lawlessness of the Demogangsters and these criminals are the scum that make laws for us to follow?

  2. Daniel H says:

    There will be no morning (nor mourning) for the Republicans this time around. This time it IS different. Demographic shift (wildly supported by Republicans themselves) ensures that Republicans will never win the Presidency again. Good riddance.

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
  3. Why is there not a proliferation of parties with equal rights to field candidates?

    Incompatible with American totalitarianism I guess. A potential problem for the few, one that the electoral system has been carefully developed to suppress.

    • Agree: Notsofast, botazefa
  4. anon[157] • Disclaimer says:

    What are the prerequisites for a Republican restoration?

    There aren’t any. Demography is destiny. South Africa’s ANC is still in power after all these years, yet the country is in severe decline. They can never lose because blacks vote as a bloc and don’t seem receptive to changing parties as that would be seen as disloyal. As in that country, approval ratings are a tribal affair; you vote your tribe, not your beliefs. Since their side has more people due to immigration, Biden has a higher approval rating. He’s certainly done nothing to deserve it. As things get worse in the future, I expect his approval rating to remain high because it’s no longer an expression of satisfaction but group loyalty. Thus, the state of the economy and foreign affairs will have little impact.

    • Agree: John Regan
  5. unwoke says:

    “The questions of the hour are these: Will the GOP be united against an incumbent party that is moving visibly leftward and dragging the country with it — and what will Donald Trump do?”

    First things first. The questions of the hour are these:
    “On Jan. 6, a mob after storming the Capitol to block a formal vote to confirm the election of Joe Biden as president, rampaged through the building for hours.”?
    Who “stormed”? What “rampage”? When “for hours”?
    “On Jan. 13, Trump was impeached by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House for ‘incitation of insurrection.’”?
    What “incitation”? What “insurrection”?
    “The trial began Tuesday, featuring endless reruns of footage from the Jan. 6 occupation, showing thugs invading and trashing the Capitol and searching out Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence.”?
    “Occupation”? “thugs”? “invading & trashing”? “searching out Pelosi & Pence”?
    whoa, this is a pretty open-and-shut, damning indictment of the mostly peaceful protest of 6 January. Mr. Buchanan, did you really write this? do you really believe it happened that way? oh, Pat, we hardly know Ye.

    • Agree: El Dato
    • Thanks: tgordon, RadicalCenter
  6. National elections are rigged Pat. How do you propose to get around that even with “party unity”? You have a lot of Republicans who prefer Biden to Trump. No unity is possible between them and the Deplorables. Do you think Liz and Mitt are going to lead the GOP to future victory?

    The Republican Party can embrace Populism or bend the knee to Negrolatry and Trans Ideaology. The latter is the way to keep your cushy job.

    • Agree: Catdog, Realist
  7. The Republican Party needs to go the way of the Whigs in the 1850s. In its present form it serves only as controlled opposition to the Deep State Uniparty; a way to distract people with apparent choice where none actually exists. It’s demise cannot be too soon!

    • Agree: donut, Nicholas Stix
    • Replies: @Realist
  8. Lets hope the GOP drops dead.

    The political party system is what is destroying the country. Instead of getting a 3rd party, the real need is to get rid of the two currently functioning to control the entire political discussion in the country.

    • Agree: Realist, Trinity
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @AKINDLE
  9. Exile says:

    Sic Semper Mendaces.

    They have burned their political capital and credibility through decades of double-dealing their base for the donor class.

    Only a tiny percentage of people under 50 believe that the GOP offers any hope for achieving anything on issues like immigration, our Wall Street vs. Main Street economy or our trillion dollar defense budgets that defend nothing American White people are interested in.

    Genuine opposition politics can’t flourish in the shade of the rotting, diseased husk that is the GOP – a poison tree from the beginning, if you look back on its legacy. Its mendacious & greedy roots strangle anything growing in its shadow. Better it had died aborning with the Tyrant Lincoln.

    Let it burn.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  10. The “Grand Old Party” invented using the federal government to coerce people and States and the marshalling of minority votes to steal elections. In its entire history the “Grand Old Party” has never conserved anything except wealth and offices for its mediocre intellects.

  11. KenH says:

    Pat can reminisce about political history all he wants but the GOP has demography working against them so their Phoenix like rise from the ashes in 1968 and 1980 is likely not possible with a white population that is teetering on 59-60% vs. 87% in 1968 and about 81-82% in 1980.

    We are the silent majority no longer. We are the silenced and censored shrinking majority while the great grandchildren of the silent majority are now woke radicals.

    In the month since the attack on the Capitol, says The New York Times, 140,000 Republicans in 25 states have renounced their party by changing their registration. And Joe Biden’s approval rating has been in the 50s, a level Trump did not reach in four years.

    So says the NYT who can’t be trusted on anything. Obama had an approval rate in the low 70’s through his first 100 days in 2009 but at the end of his eight year reign the Democrat party held fewer governor’s mansions and the fewest seats in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress in their history thus paving the way for a maverick like Donald Trump.

    The GOP’s blowout of the House Democrats in 2010 and the Senate Democrats in 2014 may have been white America’s last hurrah but time will tell. Even when we give GOP power they do nothing except reward their donors and lobbyists while giving us the cold shoulder. Biden and the radical left wing Democrats are currently giving their growing left wing base what they demanded.

    Trump had many faults and failed to follow through on promises but he was still better than Biden. If many Americans truly believe Biden is the better man to lead the nation when he can barely complete a sentence without a teleprompter then I don’t consider them my fellow countryman anymore and it’s time to talk about partition.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  12. The Clinton machine including the controlled media pulled out all stops to get Trump to be GOP candidate in 2016, because they believed that it would then be a cake walk for Hillary to win the election. They miscalculated and then had to turn the controlled media to relentlessly attack Trump as soon as he was elected. The attack included the fake impeachment process. This continued for all 4 years of his term in office and continues today.

    The GOP was split into 2 factions. The establishment controlled by the Bush family and Trump’s populist movement. The Bush family and the Clinton gang hate Trump equally. The Bushes and the Clintons established deep ties during the Mena Airport operations in Arkansas.

    Everything this evil cabal is doing today is designed to NEVER let the people decide an election again including the manufactured COVID crisis. The Globalists have defeated the America Firsters, and we are now subject to Claus Schwab’s great fascist reset.

  13. RudyM says:

    Is Pat Buchanan incapable of understanding all the evidence demonstrating the election was stolen? More irrelevance from him. The election was stolen. What should we do about it? Can it even be said publicly?

    • Agree: tyrone
  14. Realist says:

    Lets hope the GOP drops dead.

    It has.

  15. The crucial difference now when compared to the Nixon and Reagan eras is that the Dem Coalition ( childless white women and all ethnic groups ) has grown exponentially. When focussing on ethnics we often ignore the fact that the” coalition of the fringes” is largely built on a huge immovable block vote from childless and unmarried white women. They will not vote Republican no matter what since most are publicly employed or dependent on transfers from the largely male tax base..

    America was predicated on a nation of white, Christian English speaking men voting…….that grouping now counts for no more than 30% of the vote. The foundation having been undermined the building is collapsing. This will continue. America is already over. We are just seeing the story play itself out.

    • Agree: Realist, Irish Savant
  16. MEexpert says:

    What are the prerequisites for a Republican restoration?

    Get some exercise to grow some GUTS. Weed out the fickle republicans. Old GOP had some principles. No longer. Find some principles and stand by them. Republicans are playing catch. They fall over each other to please the press and the masses, neither of whom care for GOP. No body knows what the GOP stands for. Republicans change positions ike the weather. There is not one man who can lead the new GOP. Trump may be, but he is too unreliable.

    • Replies: @Realist
  17. sonofman says:

    If the 2020 election is not a wake-up call for the American people, they may just as well accept Homer Simpson as a viable presidential candidate. Jesus Christ! Even if you are a hard core Democrat, how can you accept cheating as part of your party’s agenda? And if you are a Republican politician, how can you just roll over and say, “Oh well, we’ll get ‘um next time.”?

    It is not really surprising that the Republican Party failed to exploit the tactical advantages they were given to crush the Democrats and their insanity. (Remember, the Republican Party lost all credibility when they tried to impeach a Democratic President for being capable of multi-tasking, and then trying to force him to make a public statement that would have released the fury of a scorned woman. But the worst part about it was the fact that they showed their true male chauvinist pigotry by not even considering the honor and dignity of the First Lady of the United States.)

    In the 2020 presidential election, the Democrats jumped bad, going all-in with five aces. Even though President Trump was holding a royal flush (75-80 million votes, massive substantiated voter fraud), the Republican Party failed to have is back, and President Trump folded, even though he had the power alone to rectify one of the most infamous crimes against the American People (while erroneously relying primarily on the legal advice of someone living on past glory days).

    President Trump has definitely resuscitated the true Republican policies and principles of the People, something that the GOP establishment abandoned long ago. Both parties have the same problem; old and established. It would be a mistake for the Trump Republicans to form another Party and split the conservative vote, making it easier for the Democrats to continue their mayhem. And although President Trump should have an integral part in deciding the direction of the GN(ew)P, there are certainly enough Republican politicians that have the resolve to lead the Party and the balls to confront the Democrats for their treachery. They need to stop shrugging their shoulders and need to stop talking about not letting it happen again in 2022 or 2024. The cheating was in the 2020 election and it needs to be scrutinized and prosecuted as a criminal offense now.

    It is unfathomable how anyone can downplay the immensity of organized voter fraud. And it is demoralizing when politicians are derelict of their duty to the People.

    • Agree: Nicholas Stix
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  18. Trump destroying the party of Lincoln is yet more evidence that he was a Tel-Aviv spy-op/psy-op.

  19. “As Nixon’s victory in 1968 and Reagan’s in 1980 showed, a party comeback requires, first, the perceived failure of the opposition on issues of major concern to the great majority.”

    As George Carlin said…“It isn’t enough to do well…others must do poorly”

  20. Realist says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    It’s demise cannot be too soon!


    The Deep State doesn’t care about the unimportant internecine squabbles of the two parties as long as their important issues are advanced (wealth and power). As a matter of fact, it strengthens the false perception that there is a choice when voting. In fact, we live under a plutocratic oligarchy.
    Heads they win…tails you lose.

  21. Exador says:

    The problem is that the destruction that the marxists bring, have irreversible consequences. The open borders bring in more illegals, who breed like rabbits to make a new generation of leftists. All the social programs enable more leeches to breed more and move into positions of power, allowing them to champion more programs. Pat loves to look back 50 years because he can’t see the present for what it is. We are living the result of those previous policies, despite Pat’s halcyon Reagan period.

  22. University Virologist and Immunologist now confirms what I have been saying for about 8 months! What in the hell took you so long?! Like hell you didn’t know! This is a CYA operation and oportunistic exploitation and legitious abuse! Seven Universities that have been Covid Cultists now sue the CDC after they finally have evidence that there is no covid! The CDC has no covid samples, which I have been saying! Finally, now after they participated in and benefited from destroying the country and the world, they go for the kill and go back for more and sue the CDC! their partners in crime! Glad that you finally got around to doing the elecron microscope examination of covid to prove what I have been saying that it is influenza A&B! Glad that it finally dawned on you that the RT PCR tests are wrong and do not work, even though it was a well known fact that the inventor said himself! Glad that you finally realized that the base pairs of the RT PCR tests are only 30 to 40 and that viruses have 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs! What took you so long?! That is tantamount to criminal negligence at best!!!! How dare you sue the government that I would be left on the hook for paying for you opportunistic frauds! You make me want to puke! Of course you could not have been honest and say what took you so long to finally decide to do this! Profiting off of willful ignorance and blatant lies! 

    Expert Textperts!

    Andrea Iravani

  23. Realist says:

    Get some exercise to grow some GUTS. Weed out the fickle republicans.

    Too late…this country is on the shit slide to hell…no getting off now.

    • Agree: Trinity, MEexpert
    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  24. Don’t try to “save America”. That is a waste of time. America is gone already. The Founding Fathers would not recognise the place and certainly would not risk their lives for it. They would be horrified at the corrupt auctions that pass for elections here. They would be horrified at how the states have allowed a federal behemoth to grow to the obscene level it has. It’s hard to let go of an idea one has been trained to rely on but the land of the free and home of the brave is a joke now. Free to do what? To be banned by Twitter and hounded out of job opportunities?

    Rather try to position yourself so that you are as little reliant on corporate and public bodies as possible. Learn about how to avoid as much tax as possible. Learn how to trade and do it seriously. Get advice on how to shelter whatever money you may have. Get wise, get down with reality. Get smart. Plan and execute.

    • Agree: Cthulu Smith
  25. Trinity says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Repukes, don’t let the door hit your sorry double dealing cowardly asses on the way out. These career repuke politicians have lived high on the hog for decades while they sold out their own people. You cannot get any more disgusting than a traitor. NO ONE likes a traitor. A traitor is the lowest of the low.

  26. Trinity says:

    While White women were being savaged in the streets in America and abroad, good ole repukes were more concerned with muh Israel and capturing the Black vote. While White kids were being beaten to a pulp in integrated schools, good ole repukes were wining, dining and pocket lining. Come on everyone, lets all shed a tear for the Grand Old Party. How many illegal aliens did good ole Ronnie Reagan grant amnesty to btw? Lest we forget where the Patron Saint of Cuckservativism got his start? Good ole Ronnie was a former Hollywood ACTOR. smdh. I have more respect for that bum on the street corner than I do Ronnie Reagan and the GOP. That bum without a doubt has more integrity and more honor. “Elites?” Don’t make me laugh.

    • Agree: Nicholas Stix
    • Replies: @Charles Carroll
  27. @Rational

    Most of Trump’s problems are of his own doing.
    Barr as AG was a major mistake.
    Letting the Chabad automaton Kushner whisper into his ear, another major failing.
    Kissing the asses of every demographic EXCEPT the White Nationalists that elected him in 2016, a stellar Eff Up.
    Wearing a dog collar with leash, Made In Israel, THE PRIMARY SCREWUP.
    Trump was never The One.
    He awakened The White Lion, a good thing, to await He Not Yet Known.

    ATTENTION: Rats & Snakes
    Your days are numbered.
    Soon, The Reckoning.
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock

    • Agree: Neuday
  28. Trinity says:

    Someone posted a picture of a poor soldier with his legs blown off on this site the other day. My God, how do these people sending these poor guys over to the Middle East to be killed, maimed, tortured, or driven mad, live with themselves? How many people in Washington have ever even been in the military much less served in a war for muh Israel? Yeah, I know there are a couple but did they see action or are they lying about that as well. They probably were in the reserves or did light duty somewhere. Lest we forget, good ole “war hero” Ike never spent one minute in combat. There you go people, the highest ranking General in the United States Army at the time, never dodged a bullet or skinned his knee in combat.

    Even during this impeachment hearing what I keep hearing is strategies to keep the party relevant or blah, blah, blah. Hey repukes, how about what is good for the nation or MORE IMPORTANTLY WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG. These selfish bastards care more about staying relevant or strategic moves to keep the party afloat than that poor man’s legs being blown off fighting Wars For Israsel. Good Lord. What a joke these pathetic clowns are.

  29. The 1960s and even 1980s are almost as irrelevant to the third decade of this century as are the 1770s. A female jihadi who despises America is sitting in the Congress and sitting on a huge impregnable majority in Minneapolis having harvested the votes of 99% of the Somalis living there. Do you reckon John Adams or James Madison foresaw this? The military are forced to take mentally ill boys who suppose that they are girls. Do you reckon Washington foresaw this? A hysterical waitress represents a part of the largest city in what we laughably refer to as “the nation”. Do you think this was foreseen by Monroe or Franklin?

    It is over.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  30. The thought comes to mind: What exactly has the Republican Party accomplished over the past fifty years?

    What has the DEMOCRAT Party accomplished over that same timeframe?

    When will this country learn that the time has arrived to break up the two-party shit show?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  31. There is no way to save the GOP. They have fucked things up forever.

    The left is willing to kill to win, while the GOP betrays its’ constituents at every opportunity.

    The (((left))) has total control now and will continue to rule forever, barring some miracle event.

  32. Trinity says:
    @Prester John

    More than likely it is a one-party shit show and has been for a long, long, long time, and people have bought into this horseshit. FWIW, I hadn’t bothered to vote for a long time until Trump came out in 2016. Needless to say, Trump while better than “Honest Joe”, was “HUGE” disappointment. Just another Israel Firster with weird skin and funny hair. From Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump, from Chuck Schumer to Ted Cruz, from Adam Shit to Linslee Graham, they all adore muh Israel, they are all subservient to Jewish power and money, and shit themselves trying to kiss the ring of Baby Nut&Yahoo. And everyone’s favorite grandpa and all around good guy, Ronnie Reagan, was yet another shyster with his goody two shoes and wholesome all American ACT. What in the hell did Ronnie Reagan actually do from 1981-1989? Fight (((communism?))) lmao.

  33. AKINDLE says:

    Trump was the biggest fake in presidential history. Those tweets came from him and his staff. kellyanne conway for one. Making big money sending juvenile tweets. Dump treated his win as some kind of reality TV show or some (fake) law and order tv photo stunt. What a bunch of criminal flakes! Dump and his staff enjoyed their publicity, but pro White they were not. The classless WH promoted black rappers, the worst of the worst.

  34. AKINDLE says:

    Dump and his values….lost the election, lost Georgia, lost Michigan, lost Arizona, lost the Georgia Senate seats, veto of military budget bill overturned, rebuffed by Pence, more illegal and legal immigration than ever, impeached twice. Whites killed or hurt on his behalf. Pardoned the likes of Kwame Kilpatrick on the way out of office. I think Trump was actually the White person’s enemy.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  35. @Realist

    Too late…this country is on the shit slide to hell…no getting off now.

    Six Flags, I believe, is building the largest roller coaster ever. Is there a roller coaster that only goes down?

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @MEexpert
  36. In short, it is not always true as Sen. John McCain mordantly observed, that the darkest hour is often just before it turns totally black.

    But sometimes it is.

  37. @AKINDLE

    Trump won the election. It was stolen from him.

    I say that with conviction and I’m not even a Trump fan.

    No, he wasn’t pro-white…..but Biden is actively and viciously ANTI-white.

    So, as big of a dumbass as Trump is, he would still be better than Biden/Harris.

    Now whites are living under the complete tyranny of organized jewry.

    There is no nice way to fix this.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  38. Realist says:

    Is there a roller coaster that only goes down?

    Yes, it is called the shit slide to hell.

  39. SafeNow says:

    Good perspective from Mr. B., as usual. The older I get, the more I enjoy the ending scene of vintage t.v. episodes of The Lone Ranger. A group is standing around as The Ranger is departing. Someone asks, Who was that man? The old guy in the group answers: “You don’t know?! Why, he’s The Lone Ranger!” Old-guy knowledge. And btw, I admire the fact that, back in the day, the program was teaching children to respect the wisdom of old people, because they know stuff that other people don’t.

  40. MEexpert says:

    Is there a roller coaster that only goes down?

    Today’s GOP does not look like a roller coaster. It is only going one way – down.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  41. Notsofast says:

    homer 2024 “can’t somebody else do it?”

  42. BuelahMan says:

    The party of Lincoln has ALWAYS been a farce. The fact that that party was instrumental in the break down of this Republic, by forcing The Union to stay whole when secession was (and is) lawful and legal.

    The Republican Party forced the entire south into a centralized Union after stealing from the south, then, in the height of hypocrisy, blamed racism and slavery as the reason, when those scalawags were just as racist as any human being in the country.

    Pat is full of shit.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Charles Carroll
    , @El Dato
  43. @Trinity

    He was controlled by his spook agency VP. Papa Shrub controlled the WH for 28 years. Bill was his adopted son. He is the real mastermind, not Sheikh Mohammed.

  44. @BuelahMan

    Is that why the Freemasons assassinated him?

  45. @Rational

    This was Trump’s only way of getting his message across. Do you really think the MSM would have provided a favourable reflection of what he said? And he did not ‘destroy’ his image – he connected at a visceral level with enough Americans to win re-election but of course we know what happened with that.

  46. @Cauchemar du Singe

    Absolutely. And the first world leader out of the traps to congratulate Biden on his “victory” was none other than Trump’s BFF Netenyahoo.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  47. Sorry, Pat, but we are lonnnnnnnnnnnng past fixing either party, let alone, fixing it where elections are fair. Wake up! It is the Oligarch Party, plain and simple, they rule, we suffer.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  48. @KenH

    The New York Times is Jewish toilet paper.

  49. @Cthulu Smith

    Yes, there is only one party, THE SMALL HAT PARTY, to which all must bow and genuflect or have your bank account shut down.

  50. Wielgus says:

    I doubt whether 18th century figures could foresee anything of the 20th-21st century.

  51. El Dato says:

    Reminder that nobody died except Ms Babbit, executed by some Tenet-like well-manicured floating black hand.

    Oh, and officer Sicknik.

    The latest news is that the FBI is looking into weather bear spray could have done him in many hours after the “events”.

    Waiting with bated breath.

  52. El Dato says:

    > Comparing the parties of the civil war epoch with the ones today via name-matching and pretending to find continuity

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  53. El Dato says:
    @Irish Savant

    Biden press sec Psaki insists lack of contact with Israel’s Netanyahu ‘not an intentional diss’

    Probably hard to do with an administration that is more jewish than ever.

    “It’s a clear sign of displeasure from President Biden,” said Dani Dayan, a former Israel consul-general in New York, adding that, “Netanyahu was perceived in Washington for the last 12 years as almost a card-carrying member of the Republican Party.”

    President Biden is displeased!

    The lack of contact between Biden and the Israeli leader has fueled speculation in the Israeli, Middle Eastern, and US media that the Biden administration is signaling a cooling of relations between the two nations, in contrast to the perceived proximity between Netanyahu and former president Trump.


  54. 00Buck says:

    The election was stolen. The GOP was complicit. The events of January 6 were in response to that.

    Trump did nothing but call attention to what was going on. The entire impeachment fiasco was nothing more than an attempt to deflect blame away from those who are truly responsible.

  55. @Cauchemar du Singe

    “ATTENTION: Rats & Snakes
    Your days are numbered.
    Soon, The Reckoning.
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock”

    And just what is your plan to make this happen? Details, please. Posting comments on a website owned and run by a Jewish guy doesn’t count. Enough LARPING. Give us your plan.

  56. Hey Pat, what year are you living in? 1970????

    Demographics alone make the idea of the GOP ever coming back absolutely impossible.

    • Replies: @Intensifier
  57. Incitatus says:

    GOP winter? Stalwart ideologues torturously mincing words to escape rendering judgement on a criminal/crackpot former president? Is that how stupid it’s become? What does Trump (exonerated by most Republican Senators) say?

    “We have so much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future”
    -‘Only just begun: Donald Trump thanks Senate Republicans for second impeachment acquittal’
    -David Jackson, USA TODAY Sat, February 13, 2021, 8:32 PM

    Congratulations Pat. It’s even better than Adolf’s November 1933 Putsch, the trial and lame criminal sentence. Donald gets off scot-free and can run for office again. Perhaps he’ll write his version of ‘Mein Kampf’ detailing his terrible suffering (suggested title ‘Art of the Steal’?).

    You could even collaborate on it. Beware you end up like Catholic Priest Bernhard Rudolf Stempfle (age 52, journalist, lecturer, Thule Society member, Hitler confidant, proofreader and editor ‘Mein Kampf’ galley proofs). Poor fellow was arrested by SS at his Munich apartment the evening of 1 July 1934, taken to Dachau. His body was found days later in the woods near Harlaching (“broken neck” or “shot in the heart” “while trying to escape). Apparently he knew too much.

    Given Trump’s treatment of Pence, it’s very possible.

    That’s what your new breed of ‘conservative’ GOP ideologues bring. A downward spiral of ever-diminishing excuses serving single interests inciting rebellion to gain and hold power.

    The GOP legacy is landmark fiscal and social crisis, deficits and debt. The “winter” you refer to was brought by the GOP (willful terrorist blindness 11 Sep 2001, Iraq ‘WMD’ invasion 2003, two wartime tax breaks, clueless real estate bubble inaction leading to bank failures 2007-08).

    And latest a former putsch president who did his best (contrary to his oath) to overturn the Constitution and incite rioters onto his own loyal VP and Congress.

    Exonerated by spineless-ideologue-want-too-be president GOP senators.

    Your party, Pat. The party of insurrection.

    Thanks for bringing Weimar Germany to America.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  58. BuelahMan says:
    @Charles Carroll

    When you write “freemasons”, you obviously mean “jews”.

  59. BuelahMan says:
    @El Dato

    Pretending to disqualify the points I made with misdirection is the sign of a liar.

  60. SafeNow says:

    As I posted elsewhere, Mr. B brings historical perspective to the analysis, and this is an important contribution. The Unz essayists often give me historical perspective through their research, which is excellent, but Mr. B actually lived through it, and has first-hand knowledge. A few commenters feel he lives in the past, but I disagree; he puts the past into current analysis.

  61. Fuck the Gay Old Party.

    Vast majority of which are a bunch of useless old sellout cowards.

    We will have a White Christian American Party soon.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  62. @Pinche Perro

    Not only demographics but the equally important fact that the vastly expanding population of single childless white women are just as wedded to the Democrats as are ethnics.

    In simple terms it is white men and their wives against EVERYONE else and the latter outnumber the former and that will only become more entrenched.

    US electoral politics is largely tribal and the biggest Dem “tribe” are white women.

    • Replies: @Pinche Perro
  63. @Intensifier

    Yep, and by the next election, it won’t matter if our economy is destroyed by Biden, people will vote tribally, which will be for the candidate who will give more gib-me-dats. These same people would rather live in a country where they can suck off the tit of government easily rather than a country with an abundant number of middle class manufacturing jobs.

  64. Incitatus says:

    “Fuck the Gay Old Party. Vast majority of which are a bunch of useless old sellout cowards.“

    How clever! Spend a lot of time on that one? Like your borrowed screenname?

    Vacuous mayflies are more courageous than you, and most possess more intelligence. No offense.

    “We will have a White Christian American Party soon.”

    Isn’t that what the GOP, twice divorced, rejoicing genital-grabber, tax-dead-beat, want-to-be dictator Trump was all about? With good ‘Christian pastorial’ enablers Hagee and Jeffress?

    What went wrong?

    What are Hagee and Jeffress telling their freezing/dying Texas flocks now? Send ‘seed’ money (you’ll get back seven fold) while you freeze (Jesus wants it)? Take’s a lot of money to fund/fuel a private jet.

    What’s Trump macho lapdog Governor Abbott saying? Blaming failure on ‘renewable energy’? Attorney General Paxton returns from trying to overturn votes in other states to disenfranchise millions of non-Texas voters? What’s that all about?

    Meanwhile Texas energy infrastructure rots curtesy of the GOP. Maybe, given the freeze, they should think more about Texas and Texans? Winterize?

    Good news. Texas, given the freeze, will accept Federal assistance from Biden. It may save them, but is it a poison pill? Got forbid it snuffs Texas ‘independent’ ideologues like Ron Paul.

    Wait, wait Ripper: isn’t that mama calling you for dinner (basements have such poor acoustics)?

    Just trying to be helpful.

  65. @Charles Carroll

    Of course the Khazarians infiltrated the Freemasons. That is their M.O.

  66. @Daniel H

    A second and indispensable element of a party comeback is party unity, which Nixon and Reagan produced, as Eisenhower had before them.

    This assertion doesn’t really hold up.

    Nixon and Eisenhower easily achieved “party unity” because their policies were no different from the Democrats of their day (except maybe Nixon’s no-brainer appeal to “law and order”). Goldwater also had party unity but that didn’t help him.

    Reagan did not have party unity in 1980. He was considered a dangerous reactionary by the Rockefeller Republicans. Liberal Republican John Anderson ran as an independent and syphoned off 6.6% of the popular vote. Reagan didn’t win with Republican party unity, but rather by attracting large numbers of blue-collar Democrats (which still existed then).

    In any event, there are multiple ways to achieve party unity. The best way is to purge the useless phony RINOs who won’t fight the leftists and who backstab anyone who does. (I am looking at you, Mitch McConnel, Nikki Haley, Kevin McCarthy, Liz Cheney, etc.). With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats.

  67. @unwoke

    Totally agree. These Trump “patriots” are the most armed group in America. They include militia and ex-military. They have arsenals. If they want to take the Capitol or attempt a coup or insurrection they would have been armed to the teeth and they would have had a plan.

    They had neither. They were moms and dads, working men, military, and regular folks who got caught up in the moment. Yes, what they did was idiotic and they will pay dearly for their folly. But, an insurrection? Hardly.

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