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Cancel the White Men -- and What's Left?
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“Can we all just get along?”

That was the plea of Rodney King after a Simi Valley jury failed to convict any of the four cops who beat him into submission after a 100-mile-an-hour chase on an LA freeway.

King’s plea came after the 1992 LA riots, the worst since the New York City draft riots in 1863 when Lincoln had to send in federal troops.

In the aftermath of today’s protests and riots after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we hear similar calls. President Donald Trump must “reach out” and “unify the nation.”

But how?

Many of these calls for unity come from the same elites who are all-in on tearing us apart by pulling down statues of the famous men of American history whom they most detest.

A second war on the Confederacy is underway, to disgrace and dishonor all who fought for Southern independence in the war of 1861-65. A second Reconstruction is being readied.

The St. Andrew’s Cross, the battle flag of the Confederate army, though seen as a banner of heroism and honor to millions, is henceforth to be treated like the Nazi swastika. It has been already been banned at Nascar races, where it has been widely popular.

Liberals will fight for the right of Marxist radicals to burn the American flag to show their hatred of it but cannot tolerate working folks flying the battle flag of the Confederacy to show their love of it.

A second front in the campaign to cancel history is the renaming of U.S. army bases in Southern states that bear the names of Confederate generals, such as Forts Benning and Bragg. Trump has pledged to veto any defense appropriation bill that contains such a provision.

Third is the drive led by Nancy Pelosi and her allies to remove statues in the Capitol of any of those men of “violent bigotry” who were connected to the Confederacy.

First among them is General Robert E. Lee.

Gen. David Petraeus has put succinctly the crime of which Lee is guilty. Though “West Point honors Robert E. Lee with a gate, a road, an entire housing area, and a barracks,” writes Petraeus, “Lee… committed treason.”

The goal here is to impose the one-sided view of American history that is now ascendant, as official truth — that the cause of Southern secession was unlike the cause of American secession from Britain. It was an act of treason rooted in the ideology of white supremacy.

To have that sole acceptable view predominate, our elites believe they must remove from public display the statues of any associated with the cause of Southern independence and stigmatize them all as traitors.

They have, however, a problem: Where do the elites stop when the radicals demand more?

If support of slavery disqualifies one from the company of decent men, does it disqualify George Washington, who owned slaves his entire life? What Washington fought for, independence, was what Lee fought for.


Lee did not challenge Lincoln’s election. He did not seek to overthrow the government Lincoln headed. He resigned from the U.S. army to go home and defend the people among whom he had been raised from an invasion to force-march them back into a Union the state’s chosen rulers had voted to leave.

Not only does our national capital, Washington, bear the name of a lifelong slave owner, so does the capital of Missouri, Jefferson City. So does the capital of Mississippi, Jackson. So does the capital of Wisconsin, Madison. The capital of Ohio is Columbus. The capital of South Carolina is Columbia. Both are named for now-vilified Christopher Columbus whose statue still stands outside D.C.’s Union Station.

None of these men appears, from how they lived their lives, to have shared modernity’s belief in democracy, diversity or social equality. Yet, it was they who cobbled together the United States of America.

Washington led us to independence and ownership of all the land from the Atlantic to the Mississippi. Jefferson negotiated the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the U.S. Andrew Jackson added Florida. James K. Polk added the Southwest and California. Slave owner Sam Houston won Texas’ War of independence and brought his Republic of Texas into the Union in 1845.

Two of the three greatest Senate statesmen of the 19th century, Henry Clay of Kentucky and John Calhoun of South Carolina, were slave owners. Both have statues in the Capitol. Do they go, too?

The newest bridge over the Potomac, like the premier dam in the TVA, is named for Woodrow Wilson, who resegregated the government.

These were among the decisive figures of American history. If all are dishonored, with their statues pulled down and their names taken off cities, counties, towns, rivers, canals, bridges, buildings, highways, roads, streets and dams, then what is left?

Detest all those white men if you will, but they were the ones who created the nation we inherited.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2020

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  1. nsa says:

    Papist Paddy opines: “Not only does our national capitol, Washington, bear the name of a lifelong slave holder……”
    Paddy is absolutely right. The capitol should be renamed Jerusalem on the Potomac.

    • Disagree: Delta G
    • LOL: animalogic
    • Troll: Che Blutarsky
  2. Gen. David Petraeus has put succinctly the crime of which Lee is guilty. Though “West Point honors Robert E. Lee with a gate, a road, an entire housing area, and a barracks,” writes Petraeus, “Lee… committed treason.”

    Petraeus is an ass and a freeloader, doing what most people do who invoke the T word: firing for effect

    Treason is defined generally as being against the state entity to which one owes allegiance, and more tightly in the constitution. As a citizen of another country, Lee didn’t and couldn’t meet the requirement for treason. It’s absurd to even mull the possibility.

    Lincoln and Petraeus, however…

    The South is rising again. Helluva time to be alive in the CSA.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Truth3
  3. Saira Rao says:

    It is great to see that this demographic(White males) is the fastest shrinking demographic in the world.

    Your people are dying, less and less are being born each year.

    We and people of color are determined to make sure that the events that took place in Europe in 1940s never take place again, even if it means wiping the Whiteness out.

    Fact of the matter is that, YOU People are doomed.

    It’s great to see all the young white folks worshiping the People of Color.
    You thoroughly deserve all this.

  4. swamped says:

    “Third is the drive led by Nancy Pelosi and her allies to remove statues in the Capitol of any of those men of “violent bigotry” who were connected to the Confederacy.
    First among them is General Robert E. Lee.
    Gen. David Petraeus has put succinctly the crime of which Lee is guilty. Though ‘West Point honors Robert E. Lee with a gate, a road, an entire housing area, and a barracks,’ writes Petraeus, ‘Lee… committed treason.’”…another General – a real General (& a much better statesman than pissy Pelosi) – had a much more lofty view of Gen. Lee, one which seems particularly apt today. Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of America’s greatest generals & presidents, displayed a picture of Gen.Lee in the Oval Office during his tenure there, which he called attention to at the Republican National Convention in 1960. When an irate citizen sent Pres. Eisenhower a letter asking him how he could so honor Lee, saying: ” I am sure that you do not say that a person who tries to destroy our Government is worthy of being held as one of our heroes. Will you please tell me just why you hold him [Lee} in such high esteem?”
    President Eisenhower not only received the lowly letter but graciously replied with customary wisdom, writing back to the offended citizen:

    “August 9, 1960

    Dear Dr. Scott:

    Respecting your August 1 inquiry calling attention to my often expressed admiration for General Robert E. Lee, I would say, first, that we need to understand that at the time of the War between the States the issue of secession had remained unresolved for more than 70 years. Men of probity, character, public standing and unquestioned loyalty, both North and South, had disagreed over this issue as a matter of principle from the day our Constitution was adopted.
    General Robert E. Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by our Nation. He believed unswervingly in the Constitutional validity of his cause which until 1865 was still an arguable question in America; he was a poised and inspiring leader, true to the high trust reposed in him by millions of his fellow citizens; he was thoughtful yet demanding of his officers and men, forbearing with captured enemies but ingenious, unrelenting and personally courageous in battle, and never disheartened by a reverse or obstacle. Through all his many trials, he remained selfless almost to a fault and unfailing in his faith in God. Taken altogether, he was noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied as I read the pages of our history.
    From deep conviction, I simply say this: a nation of men of Lee’s calibre would be unconquerable in spirit and soul. Indeed, to the degree that present-day American youth will strive to emulate his rare qualities, including his devotion to this land as revealed in his painstaking efforts to help heal the Nation’s wounds once the bitter struggle was over, we, in our own time of danger in a divided world, will be strengthened and our love of freedom sustained.

    Such are the reasons that I proudly display the picture of this great American on my office wall.


    Dwight D. Eisenhower ”

    Would that “present-day American youth will strive to emulate his rare qualities… we, in our own time of danger in a divided world, will be strengthened and our love of freedom sustained.” Sixty years later that seems all the more true – but sadly, even less likely.

  5. Realist says:

    Cancel the White Men — and What’s Left?

    The Deep States goal is anarchy. This is being accomplished by avarice of those who sell their own.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  6. @Saira Rao

    All women love white men; not just white women.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @Anon
  7. The only thing Trump does is advance the agenda of the other side. That isn’t by accident. Time to understand that Trump represents the Jews and the Jews are the problem.

    • Agree: Truth3
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  8. @Saira Rao

    Given the IQ level of the darker races, who is going to provide you with the welfare that feeds your kind and who is going to design, engineer and manufacture the ‘free stuff’ that your kind demands?

    I guess not understanding who supports your sorry ass is just part of the IQ issue. You’re too stupid to understand that you should be worried that your life line is evaporating.

    • Agree: Sulu
  9. Charlemagne says: • Website

    What’s this “Papist Paddy” bullshit. Grow up.

  10. TGD says:

    It’s not just white southern politicians’ statues that are being scrapped but also white historical figures from the north. Pittsburgh native Stephen Collins Foster’s beautiful bronze statue by Giuseppe Moretti was removed from Schenley Plaza in 2018 where it had stood since 1940. Foster ‘s songs are timeless. But the statue depicted Foster’s composing a song while a black man was playing a banjo at his feet. There was nothing overtly racist about the statue (many of Foster’s songs were inspired by minstrel shows) but the black minstrel at Foster’s feet denoted subservience and white supremacy or so they said. Nothing but idiocy.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet, Delta G
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
    , @Delta G
  11. Rurik says:

    It has been already been banned at Nascar races, where it has been widely popular.

    it annoys me that they’re vague about what that means, “banned”.

    Does that apply to officially putting the offending symbol on cars and officially flying the flag over the event, or does it also include fans simply having the verboten symbol anywhere on display?

    Will she be denied entrance at the gate to the event?

    Will event security escort this girl out of the bleachers and off the property, perhaps handed over to the local police?

    Are all the people involved too cowardly to say what it means?

    But in point of fact, it really shouldn’t matter anyways, because NASCAR has declared that all white people are racists, and any display of any symbol that suggests any pride in a white person’s heritage, are beyond the pale, and to be considered an affront to all decency and wokeness.

    A white fan going to a NASCAR event today is the equivalent of publically tossing Al Sharpton’s salad.

    The corporate heads of NASCAR are obviously willing to toss Al Sharpton’s salad for shekels, and well.. it’s a free country, right?

    At least this will provide a window into the kind of people who’d still patronize an organization that openly shits in their faces..

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  12. @GazaPlanet

    Trump’s love for Israel aside, he’s just about the last hope of white Americans. The bigger problem is his disloyal military leadership, starting with SecDef Esper and Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley. They should be fired for refusing Trump’s plea to come to the defense of the cities, but that would be another scandal too close to the coming election. Some say they are guilty of Sedition. Trump has been effectively neutered.

    How can they not see that the country is coming apart, that the worn out, demonized police are overmatched, and that a military presence is needed? Why can’t retired generals Mattis, Powell, Petraeus etc. see the same thing either? Is their hatred of Trump clouding their judgment? Are they fine with countless statues toppled and cities burned and looted, while small businessmen lose their livelihoods? Is the devastation worth it as long as Trump is defeated in November? Do they not see a problem with BLM (most of whom are white) capturing seven square blocks in Seattle, and proclaiming their own autonomous zone, with no police allowed in? (Their clueless, radical woman mayor calls it a Summer of Love).

    I submit the real enemies of America are these generals who have sold out to Israel. They are fine with killing multitudes of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they refuse to defend the homeland in this country’s hour of need. Eisenhower, if he were still president, would have never put up with it.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
    , @Rurik
  13. Pat, cool your jets. You’re getting all agitated for nothing.

    Think for two seconds. Do you feel bad about all the great forgotten Hittite statesmen? All the forgotten leaders of Mohenjo-daro? The civic fathers of Çatalhöyük? Prewar pukes are just about as relevant these days.

    You have this selective blindness for two cataclysmic discontinuities that changed everything. One is CIA impunity and the totalitarian state it brought about. The other is the true revolutionary movement of the 20th century, which changed the world outside your US iron curtain – human rights.

    The founding father of your current shithole country is Allen Dulles. The US founding mothers of the contemporary world are Eleanor Roosevelt and Virginia Gildersleeve. Save your spleen for statutes of Dulles and Gehlen; or for Rene Cassin, P.C. Chang, Charles Malik or even that Canuck tool Humphrey.

    As we age, it gets harder to remember lots of things. So free yourself, forget them! Most of US history is crap.

  14. JimDandy says:

    Gandhi. Gotta get rid of all things Gandhi. He said mean things about black people. To hell with everything else he did. #CancelGandhi. Get your priorities straight, Progressives.

  15. @Saira Rao

    Anyone who makes a virtue of sawing off the limb they are sitting on should be pitied at best and derided as the sott they are at the very least. Stupid has taken on new meaning, as the demographic that has kept Western Civilization growing and technologically advancing as a whole is being systematically assaulted on every front. When you have freed yourself of those who kept civilization going don’t turn to the Chinese in the hope they will keep things going for you. No, they will put you in chains in two seconds flat to serve their Hahn people, the real Chinese, as they see you as best second or third class humans, if they see you as human at all. I hope you like the fire you are jumping into because there will be no escape.

  16. Vinnie O says:

    For those of us born north of the Mason-Dixon Line, I never liked any of that Confederate crap. It was one of those things that you ENDURED whilst traveling around the country. And of course The South was GROSSLY over-represented in the Army. We were supposed to agree to what a genius Lee was (If you wanted to get KILLED, serve in one of Lee’s armies…) while at the same time having Grant dismissed as a mere drunk. I ain’t got much use for Southerners. That’s why I’m part of the Army of Northern Occupation here in North Virginia, soon to be a separate State.

    • Troll: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  17. “…writes Petraeus, ‘Lee… committed treason’.”

    Remember that Lee was granted Amnesty and Pardon by Andrew Johnson–with no objections from U.S. Grant. Furthermore, Lee was opposed to secession but could not raise his sword against his fellow Virginians. It is not as simple as Petraeus would have us believe. And he should know better.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  18. bruce county says:

    Rumor has it now that a petition is circulating to name DC Martin Luther King City.

    • Replies: @Oswald Spengler
  19. @follyofwar

    Trump’s love for Israel aside, he’s just about the last hope of white Americans.

    That’s true to the extent that him being fully exposed to even his duller proponents will lead to our last chance at survival, outside the state.

  20. @Saira Rao

    It’s great to see all the young white folks worshiping the People of Color.

    The Zombie movies set us up for this. It’s sad when your sister is bitten by a Zombie. But you know what you gotta do. It’s the same with Negrolatry.

  21. SafeNow says:

    It is ironic that the calls to cancel the white man coincide with the search for a possible Covid vaccine. Please, NYT, exempt these vaccine scientists from cancellation. Also, if cancelling, please do not cancel my electrician, plumber, dentist, physicians, veterinarian, CPA, pilot, air traffic controller, policeman, ocean lifeguard, and the farmers who are growing my food somewhere right now. BTW, above, where I attach the adjective “possible” to “vaccine” I am following Hopkins, rather than the MSM, which refers to “the vaccine.”

    • Agree: Hibernian
  22. @TGD

    We’re not supposed to honor white historical figures. We’re supposed to care about negro athletes and “artists.” Culture wrecking Jews, that is what this is.

    • Agree: Sulu
  23. Petraeus just says whatever he thinks Jews want to hear to improve his standing among them. A man devoid of honor. These traitors in today’s Orwellian military-tech complex are being marked.

  24. @Saira Rao

    Actually, men of all races find african women to be the least desirable, as dating websites have shown for many years. And now we come to the root of your anger. You wouldn’t by chance have a hyphenated double-slaveowner last name, hair like a Medusa, and a signed copy of Stacey Abrams’ diet book?

    • Replies: @bruce county
  25. bruce county says:

    Sairo Rao is a street shitter Dot Indian.

    • LOL: Richard B
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  26. @Prester John

    “It is not as simple as Petraeus would have us believe. And he should know better.”

    Of course he knows better. He’s just making sure our progressive overlords know which side he’s on!

  27. @Rurik

    Negro Appreciation Society Caucasian Auxiliary Retinue

    • Replies: @Rurik
  28. @schnellandine

    Agree with your sentiment, but what you describe – “being against the state entity to which one owes allegiance,” is sedition. Treason is a citizen working with a foreign power to overthrow the government. Splitting hairs, perhaps. Up until Lincoln’s power grab, each state, which had (and has) its own constitution was considered sovereign, except for the limited powers yielded to the “United States” under that constitution.
    You are, however absolutely correct in identifying Lee as not being a citizen of the “Union”, and therefore no treason. Even John Phillip Sousa played “Dixie” a lot.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  29. @Saira Rao

    Sure thing, Saira, but the truth is one superior white person is worth at least a hundred on you inferior POCs … so once we’re all gone, who will keep your water flowing, your toilets flushing and the power on in your house?

    You inferiors always crack me up.

  30. Rurik says:

    Is their hatred of Trump clouding their judgment?

    I remember as a youngster, hearing all the butt-hurt intentions of a Mexican ‘Reconquista’ of California and Texas, etc.. as the fevered hallucinations of a conquered people.

    Now, today, I realize that it’s white American (men), who are the (((conquered))) people.

    “The Supreme Court has, in effect, allowed California to remain a sanctuary state.”

    Three of the court’s conservative justices, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Roberts, joined their liberal counterparts in refusing to take up the challenge to California’s law.

    The Republic is over. The fat lady has sung.

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  31. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    ANTIFA behaves like unruly urchins…GROW UP…no human historial figure is perfect…Plato, MARX, Che Guevara, FCastro, Mao, PolPot, Twain, Churchill, ALL were racists..and mass murderers… you saw your parents naked…sorry but children donot come from Paris…Historical irony,, ANTIFA is the new Nazi brown shirts…BLM financed by big capitalists…The chosen tribe invented Slavery using the Torah to justify it…who profits\$\$ billions from Black economics the most..the tribe…The ZIO DEM political machine converted blacks into dependent public assistance militia proxies to dislodge WHITE neighborhoods -Salinsky Obamanomics-, the Big society policies keeps blacks poor, unemployed, and planned parenthood keeps their numbers LOW-abortions-…..ZIO DEMS do not seek to enpower blacks, but to enslave them and manipulate them easily…WHY is ANTIFA operating freely and openly in college campuses receiving TAX supports..subsidies…??? WAKE UP Black people someone is playing you for fools…your destiny and your children is at stake..While ANTIFA loots black hoods Soros loots the USA Treasury…

  32. @Curmudgeon

    but what you describe – “being against the state entity to which one owes allegiance,” is sedition

    Meh, not a ‘quote everything’ guy in normal comments, but I think that truncation unfair for analysis. I said,

    Treason is defined generally as being against the state entity to which one owes allegiance, and more tightly in the constitution.

    I see it’s not textbook quality, since my point was only the allegiance bit, but it’s accurate enough when ambiguity struck. The ‘being’ referred to the offense, not the actor, and is better removed thus, with core intention in bold:

    Treason is defined generally as being against the state entity to which one owes allegiance, and more tightly in the constitution.

    A somewhat reputable dictionary states, in part:

    the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  33. Those white American men who owned slaves also had no trouble attracting white women who wanted to marry them and bear their children, despite the current propaganda about women’s allegedly superior moral conscience and empathy with the oppressed. In other words, these high-testosterone badasses who helped to found our nation put today’s soft, anxious, risk-averse, often women-repelling white American men to shame. I have to wonder if the current effort to discredit slavery once again derives in part from White Chad Envy.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  34. FDR threw Japanese-American, Italian-American, & German-Americans in concentration camps & put a Klansman on the Supreme Court. Yet his face is still on the dime?

    • Replies: @A Texan
  35. A Texan says:

    Let us be blunt. Africans are stupid!!! At least on a collective level. Damn shame the malcontents won’t pack their oppressed asses and move to an African country. And I never watched much sports anyway, but I would love to see NASCAR, NFL (negro felon league), and NBA (national bootlickers association) go bankrupt.

  36. A Texan says:
    @Bob Mounger

    I hate statues of MLK, FDR, and Lincoln. Can we pull these down as well?

    • Replies: @Steve in Greensboro
  37. Detest all those white men if you will, but they were the ones who created the nation we inherited.

    When you are a progressive, you detest America so you must detest its creators.

    And I think we should start a campaign to raze the Lincoln Monument. The first meeting with a president in the White House with black folks was Lincoln’s with a group of black religious leaders. His purpose was to convince them to convince their parishioners to sign up for the boat back to Liberia.

    Could anything be more racist?

    • Replies: @mark green
  38. @A Texan

    MLK? No. That violates the contemporary religion of negrolatry.

    FDR? Yes. Sending Japanese to concentration camps should be sufficient.

    Lincoln? Absolutely. A bigger anti-black racist would be hard to find.

  39. Rurik says:
    @Liberty Mike

    These sissy cowards think it’s going to end with the Confederate flag.

    It won’t.

    As Buchanan points out, the founder of our nation was a slave holder. Abe Lincoln was an hard-core racist. Thomas Jefferson is the moral equivalent of Officer Derek Chauvin.

    So as whitey shits and pisses his diapers, and tosses all white Southern men and women under the racial spoils bus, they stupidly think they themselves are protected, at least temporarily.

    I like to think of the traitorous maggot Joe Crowley, and his 100% score by the NAACP on affirmative action, and his passionate support for massive non-white immigration..

    and then how his own scumbag policies led to him personally being kicked out on his flabby white arse, by this sterling reminder of the joys of Affirmative Action..

    Nothing like getting hoisted on your own petard, eh Joe?

    And likewise, these woke imbeciles and losers and low-life scum, are not going to consider it settled with the Confederate flag. Oh, fuck no.

    They’re going to want every last bastion of white heritage ripped down and shat upon, as symbols of ‘four hundred years of genocide, slavery, colonialism and rape’, blah, blah, fuck you blah.

    Blast the faces off Mount Rushmore, and replace them with Travon, Michael Brown, Obama and Maxine.

    No more white male Democrats. Justice is overdue, but must be done.

    If these SC Justices can claim illegal immigrants have Constitutional protections, then so does every person on the planet. And that means the men at Gitmo, and the Mullahs of Iran too.

    We can’t pick and choose now can we? Or can we? We already know transgenders are protected against discrimination, but not straight white men. So if that’s the case, then these new Justices will also see that the First and Second Amendments are clearly racist and discriminatory, and so they’re out too.

    What I don’t quite understand is the near whole capitulation of white society to these sub-human thugs and ‘woke’ imbeciles. If they were going after the 1%, like with Occupy Wall Street, then I too would be on board. But instead they’re going after the middle and white working class, and that proves this whole idiocy is ((orchestrated)).

    Now we know Trump’s SC appointments are traitors and rats.

    What does that say about Trump?

    • Replies: @Baxter
    , @Liberty Mike
    , @KenH
  40. SafeNow says:

    Good comment about FDR throwing ethnic Americans into camps. But there’s more. After Jesse Owens’ olympics triumphs, FDR did not invite him to the White House. That would mean shaking his hand. That honor was reserved for white Olympians. Instead Jesse was honored at a hotel, where he had to ride the freight elevator. Thanks, FDR. Does he get cancelled? And BTW, Justice Roberts would not overrule and reverse Korematsu, the Japanese internment case…he wrote that it was “reversed by history.” Scary. Link is to Jesse Owens snub.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  41. Baxter says:

    Very astute observation. I’ve mentioned this before. what we’re seeing among white politicians, both republicans and Democrats is ‘feeding the crocodile hoping he’ll eat you last.’ They cave in, over and over, to demands by non-whites for whatever. Joe Crowley should be an example to white politicians where this country is headed.
    I am looking forward to the explosive followed by separation.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  42. @advancedatheist

    current effort to discredit slavery

    If you don’t agree as I do that slavery’s an abomination, look no further than that it brought disaster a million times beyond whatever benefit. Testosterone? Good lord.

    • Replies: @advancedatheist
  43. Cancel the White men and what’s left? The Uber Left – and a good portion of the white men under 40 are Soy Boys with a thoroughly Marxist orientation.

  44. Woodrow Wilson, who resegregated the government.

    One of the worst presidents in US history. Big deal he wasn’t big on blacks mixing with whites – but he was in favor of every other policy that the NWO at the time had in mind. He was a spineless piece of work. His Anglophile backside got us into an unnecessary war against Germany in support of the UK., who used us to the max. Don’t forget, Georgie in England and Willy in Berlin were cuzzies – probably didn’t want to fight each other. I don’t know what kind of power the Kaiser had, but the English king had very little power – because Queen Vic between getting her mug posted on gin bottles- gave up much of the power that remained in possession of the monarch.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  45. Hibernian says:

    Whatever the definition of treason is in other countries or down through various historical ages, the definition in the USA is in our Constitution, and consists of levying war against, or adhering to and giving aid and comfort to, the enemies of the United States. Also two witnesses to the same overt act, or a confession in open court, are required for conviction.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
    , @bluedog
  46. Hibernian says:

    “…because Queen Vic between getting her mug posted on gin bottles- gave up much of the power that remained in possession of the monarch.”

    British monarchs were put on the throne by Parliament since the 17th Century.

  47. @Saira Rao

    Take your computer and throw it in the trash.

    Stop appropriating White man’s technology. Throw out all your appliances as well and turn off the electricity.

    Even the tampon was invented by a White man.

    Maybe switch to a pine cone?

    • LOL: Sulu
  48. @bruce county

    Sairo Rao is a street shitter Dot Indian.

    India is older than just about any Western country and they still haven’t mastered basic sanitation or even driving correctly. Not peeing in public and staying in the correct lane are apparently too difficult for them to master.

    But you can marry a 13 year old if you want.

    Sairo however is going to fix racial problems in the US because it’s all the fault of White people. Can’t possibly be related to genetics.

    What a frigging moron.

    Why don’t you idiot leftists explain how BiDil works if race is a social construct?

    Oh and people in India are some of the most racist people in the world. They think they are the first Whites and highly civilized. Amazing that they can sh-t in a hole in the floor on a daily basis and yet think they are the fore-bearers of European society.

  49. @Realist

    The Deep States goal is anarchy.

    No, it is chaos the Deep State wants. Anarchy (absence of a ruler) would be preferable to what we have now. Most people live their lives in a state of anarchy. We don’t have a government badge thug watching our every move and guiding our actions.

  50. @Vinnie O

    No Southerner cares what a Yankee thinks.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  51. Delta G says:

    nsa is ju troll who fell off the bridge and is now forever stuck in the mud. Praise Jesus!!!

  52. Delta G says:

    I would say that God will punish them but God already has. He made them fools for eternity. Let them wander in the desert of the Universe for the rest of time and leave Humanity alone.

  53. @Hibernian

    in our Constitution, and consists of levying war against, or adhering to and giving aid and comfort to, the enemies of the United States. Also two witnesses to the same overt act, or a confession in open court, are required for conviction.

    As I recall, and as your comment suggests, you’re a bit of a dim bulb, so I’ll explain this as to a youngster:


    My comments on the subject were clear re that the constitution does define certain specs for what’s treason. However, the constitution isn’t enough there, for if it were, most adult Germans, Japanese, etc. from WWII, as an example, should’ve been tried in US courts/tribunals for crimes of treason against the US. More pertinent here, so should have CSA citizens in that case.

    Obviously, some prior knowledge of treason is necessary to complement the constitution and its apparent assumption that treason against the US is a crime for which only US citizens and perhaps lawful residents, etc. may be liable. That’s why I focused on the relevant part, which is not in the constitution.

    Now go get your shinebox, get your shinebox.

  54. What If says:

    Since everything Southern is bad, the culture, the generals, the people, it is clear that anything even remotely connected with slave owners should be cancelled. Then why not cancel the democratic party? During the Civil War, Democrats ware all from and for the South. Republican GOP was favoring Union. Do not believe this? Here is what Wikipedia says:

    Tracing its heritage back to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s Democratic-Republican Party, the modern-day Democratic Party was founded around 1828 by supporters of Andrew Jackson, making it the world’s oldest active political party.[14]

    In its early years, the Party supported limited government, state sovereignty, and slavery, while opposing banks. Since Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal coalition in the 1930s, the Democratic Party has promoted a social liberal platform.[

    I guess they repented after WWII, yet their roots slave-holder-ish.

    I cannot possibly be biased – not from South, not from North, not from USA at all. My complexion is pale and the hair is kind of blond.

    Just trying to follow the logic: anything in the past connected to slavery is no good and should go. Since “the Party supported limited government, state sovereignty, and slavery,” then hay have to go.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  55. AceDeuce says:

    GTFO with this revisionist booschitt.

    Your enchanted kneegrow got a ticker tape parade in Manhattan and huge celebrations in Columbus where he pretended to go to college, and Cleveland. In NYC someone handed him a bag with 10 grand in it, equal to nearly 200 grand today.

    The President of the U.S. back then didn’t invite the world series winners, or Wimbeldon champs, or most sports stars to the White House. Show me the White House visits by Olympic athletes from 1896 to 1932–plenty of gold medal winners, not a lot of WH invites. People were adults then..

    As far as a job-the U.S. was in the throes of the Depression, you have some 23 year old semi literate with a Southern accent so strong that he got his name that way-a teacher thought that J.C. (his nickname) was Jesse.

    Well son, what are skills that make you think you’d be a good fit here at General Electric?

    I’z runs fast as a muddafukka, suh!

    So can Man-O-War, boy. Next!

    BTW supposedly Owens carried a picture in his wallet of him shaking hands with….Hitler. Others have stated that that happened.

  56. JimDandy says:

    Yeah, baby! It’s good to be the king!

  57. JimDandy says:
    @Saira Rao

    White men are the new Jews. We won’t reach peak power until we’re down to like, 3 percent.

  58. Exile says:

    Trump has done nothing to defend White men, Pat. Why should we still vote for him?

    SCOTUS ?

    Not if Monday is any indication.

    Lesser Evil ?

    What has Trump done to stop liberal/Democrat lunacy? Lowering Mitt Romney’s taxes and letting Black criminals out of jail?

    Pat understands that parties only respond to electoral losses. He just won’t say so in an election year b/c “loyalty” – to the man and party that damned him as a Nazi.

    Winning and “mandates” only serve to generate political capital which can be mis-allocated – see the entire Trump administration.

    Whites should vote for themselves in November – stay home and spend the money you’d be giving Trump on yourself, since Larry Kudlow won’t give you the same fat checks his wife & his Jew banker friends received.

    Speak to the GOP in the language of power – the only one it understands or respects.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @John Johnson
  59. @bruce county

    MLK isn’t woke enough. Washington will be renamed Nat Turner City.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  60. BroNat is a better Buchanan than Buchanan.

    Video Link

  61. @schnellandine

    Slavery didn’t become an “abomination” until the Enlightenment. The traditional Christian world view accepted it as part of the tragedy of man’s fallen state. Funny how Christians since then have let anti-Christian philosophes from the 18th Century tell them what to think about slavery, when they reject other parts of the Enlightenment’s radical agenda, regarding, for example, sexual freedom.

    Also no one wants to talk about the fact that many of the of the abolitionists worked to emancipate the Negroes as a necessary step for removing them from the United States.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  62. @Saira Rao

    Dont want us to VOTE for TRUMP?…. Your going to have to KILL US! You and your “COMRADES” better get started lady. November’s RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!

    • Troll: bluedog
  63. Truth3 says:

    Petraeus was a windbag poser, a glory hound, a martinet, a stuffed shirt, a coward, a liar, and a rat.

    Fuck him, and all like him.

    • Agree: Rurik, Sulu
  64. @Rurik

    Stacey Abrams can sing, too?

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  65. @Rurik

    Yet another superb post.

    • Thanks: Rurik
  66. Hibernian says:
    @What If

    During the Civil War, Democrats ware all from and for the South.

    For, to a greater or lesser extent, yes; from, no. You’re neglecting the Copperheads. And they weren’t all from the culturally and geographically Southern parts of their states (Southern Ohio, Southern Indiana, etc.)

  67. Rurik says:

    SCOTUS ?

    Not if Monday is any indication.

    Lesser Evil ?

    What has Trump done to stop liberal/Democrat lunacy? Lowering Mitt Romney’s taxes and letting Black criminals out of jail?

    It’s a dire situation.

    Trump’s SC Justices are turning out to be ‘woke’. They’re handing out trillions in an orgy of frenzied looting and the ‘hate-whitey’ meme is exploding all over the planet. But they’ve also set up the system as a duopoly of zion.

    Our (and I mean the people of the planet), only hope is a third party. Without a third party, we’re fucked, because no sane person could possibly entertain the possibility of today’s ‘woke’ (anti-Western civilization), Democrat party in full power in DC, without a shiver of horror.

    We’re living in a world where the CEO of NASCAR insults and demonizes his own fans, for not genuflecting to wokeness (anti-white hatred) with enough enthusiasm. When NASCAR treats Southerners and Rednecks like they’re beneath contempt, then how would we expect Stacy Abrams or Kamala Harris to treat them?

    Well, we’ve already seen what they think of independent-minded Christians with guns.

    So we’re in a tough spot.

    We need someone viable to run as an independent, or we’re forced to side with Trump and his ‘woke’ Justices and looting of the Treasury and open borders and all the rest..

    And sadly, if a Ron Paul type of patriot were to bubble up, and take the reins of a movement, and offer a return to the Constitution and general sanity, (borders, anti-war, fiscal responsibility, repudiation of zion), then more often than not, even white people would reject him or her- because as we all know, the minds and souls of Americans have been systematically rotted out by decades of media force-injected spiritual sewage.

    Nevertheless, if someone like Tucker Carlson were to run with a sane VP, like for instance a Tulsi Gabard (minus the wokeness), then who knows..

    At least we’d have something to give support to without feeling like we’re a NASCAR fan being told to leave the premises because our daughter has a Confederate flag tattoo.

    The sad and tragic fact is today, that we’re more or less forced to side with Trump, (betrayals and all), because the other side would like to see our sons castrated, our daughters raped, and our existence burned off the face of the earth for all eternity.

    Such is the psychotic, murderous envy, of the butt-hurt wokeness (fags, black supremacists/BLM, La Raza, radical Islam, feminists, pedophiles, hatred-filled POC and their J-supremacist masters) harbor in their seething-with-hatred-black hearts.

    It’s not a good situation, and it doesn’t bode well for this nation and the world.

    Thanks Jews.

    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @Exile
  68. @Exile

    So then elect a globalist that grovels to Blacks and will probably add an anti-2A judge to the supreme court?

    I’m all for de-funding the GOP but staying home is not the answer.

    That would be a dream come true for the MSM.

    I don’t like the GOP but the MSM is far worse.

    • Replies: @Exile
  69. botazefa says:

    Thanks Jews

    The Jews you are talking about are just whites who don’t believe in The Jesus.

  70. Rurik says:

    They cave in, over and over, to demands by non-whites for whatever.

    it is amazing how easily they manipulate people

    a cop shows a callous disregard for a man who tragically dies, and suddenly every white man on the planet is the cop, and every POC is the victim.

    Jews sure know what they’re doing with their media and psyops and decades of commie brain washing and all the rest.


    Now they’ve got Big Tech working on it, and the level of lemming-like sheepishness seems to be complete..

    ‘Soros.. Soros.. Soros…’

    As they trance-march to their doom..

    Here they lay prostrate in Sweden,

    desperate to expiate the unbearable guilt of being white

    The Jews have really, really done a job on white people.

    when the ‘wokeness’ triumphs, white folks biggest enemy will be other white folks.

  71. @advancedatheist

    The traditional Christian world view accepted it as part of the tragedy of man’s fallen state.

    That would be the non-enslaved Christian world, I assume.

    Re booting blacks back to their vaunted homelands, I’m all for it, assuming they’re talking up dey roots. If they aren’t, my preferred solution is separation, preferably by new national borders. In any case, I will soon be moving to a less culturally divergent area of the fictional United States, and recommend it to all non-vibrants. Separate for life.

  72. I was having a debate on whether the South had the right to cessede with a couple of leftie Americans (London based) – no understanding of the 10th Amendment.. But then the South was just not open. They should have quoted the 10th amendment, not discussed tarrifs, or slavery, and just pushed for cessetion based on the legal right.

    All the left believes Lincoln fought against slavery, not for control of the whole union. Actually, most lefties don’t read history, so meh. Headchoppers are rising.

  73. @Liberty Mike

    Stacey Abrams can sing, too?

    What can’t she do? She really is a woman of mass talent.

  74. Anon[815] • Disclaimer says:

    The stock price for white women must’ve plummeted big time after their role/behavior in this whole BLM uprising. BLM marches were 80% white female. Even the dozen-strong BLM displays in small-town America were largely made up of young white girls.

    Meanwhile the stock price for Asian women, especially imports, has probably quintupled. And SJW Twinkies need not apply, they’re almost as bad as the liberal white females.

  75. Exile says:
    @John Johnson

    You still think after Monday’s decisions that Supreme Court picks matter?

    You are never going to learn. I’ve tried.

    You will never break your chains and leave the GOP plantation.

    Romney and his buddies love you as they fill your community with immigrants and Blacks and wreck your local economy while they send our sons to die in more wars for Israel.

    All they have to do is leave you one twig of hope to cling to and you hand over that vote like a good little slave, because “Demonrats.”

    This one-party fake opposition system has already taken everything from you – all you have left is the gun – but use it and you’ll go to prison like the McMichaels.

    And what happens when they get another guy like Oliver North into the NRA?

    For the rest of GOP voters, be smarter than this.

  76. Exile says:

    You’re not forced to side with Trump – that’s the trap.

    Stop supporting the GOP b/c “Demonrats worse.”

    It’s a kosher sandwich – Jews win no matter which fake party you vote for. Spit it out.

    Deny the fake opposition your vote. Don’t give them a dime.

    Get involved in real opposition politics – at least a third party, or better yet, look at the movements that are walking away from politics and the fake zombie-skin-suit that Jews call America entirely.

    Whites have to form our own communities to defend ourselves and make a future for our children.

    I don’ think voting is a way out – Jews will not let White interests be discussed, much less advanced, in politics today. The last gasp for that strategy was the 1970’s. Pat’s 1992 run never had a chance.

    But if you still want to vote, at least deny your vote & donations to a party that exists only to sap the will and resources of everyone who opposes the Left side of the kosher sandwich. Make them lose then make them come to you and beg next time around – if you still think there’s hope in that.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  77. There is something quite encouraging about the present moment, the left has boldly abandoned any notion of cultural relativism. Plainly “southern culture” (however you seek to define it) is odious according to BLM and must be wiped from the face of the earth. This move is quite liberating because it means that it is once again fair game to identify good and bad culture. Of course the left will resist, but the beauty is one can use the left’s own dialogue to advance the argument.

    Easy example: code switching. Ask any implicit racism teacher, or teacher of structural racism or the like to explain “code switching.” The left seeks dialogue about race but code switching absolutely prevents meaningful dialogue. Dialogue can happen only in an atmosphere of trust where both sides are completely honest. If one side is engaged in “code switching” dialogue is pointless.

    The pointed question needed to be put to any BLM interlocutor is “do you code switch?” The pointed question needed to be put to any BLM supporter is do you know what code switching is? Do you practice it? Do you know others who practice it? Code switching is a form of cultural dishonesty that may be more odious than anything southern.

    The nation will only survive the present troubles when everyone agrees to speak openly and truthfully with each other. One of the ironies with the current BLM attack on southern culture is that Southern Culture valued honor and a man was bound by his word. It was always assumed a man was frank and honest. Certainly harsh words were often wrapped up in politeness and formality. But they were always honest. Recall the South was the last outpost of the code duello. President Andrew Jackson likely shot more than one man in a duel. Isn’t honor a principle worth saving.

    Ask the code switchers about that …

  78. Rurik says:

    The Jews you are talking about are just whites who don’t believe in The Jesus.

    the Jews I’m talking about are the Jewish supremacist Jews. The religion of Jewish supremacists, is the religion of the Old Testament; supremacist by definition, hatred-consumed, psychopathic and genocidal.

    But many non-religious Jews take to that mind-set like a duck to water, regardless of any religious belief system.

    I doubt Bibi gives a rat’s ass for the Torah, or the Talmud or any of those raving lunacies. He’s just a Darwinian thug, who likes killing rivals because it amuses his inner boyhood sadist.

    Soros doesn’t give a rip about Jesus or Jehovah, he just wants to see white civilization depraved into ignominy, because he personally is an ugly scumbag, who happens to be very wealthy and powerful- but unloved, and so he’s determined to make everything beautiful in this world suffer for how it makes him feel about himself ~ grotesque.

    As I’ve mentioned over and over.. many, if not most Jews are decent folks, struggling to get by, like most people. But just as I mentioned on the NOI article, too often these people are taken in by tribal hucksters, (ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, ad nauseum…), and used as pawns for the greater glory of the hucksters.

    I suspect that in the end, it will force whitey into the same kind of ethnocentric zealotry, and that could cause problems.

    ‘It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date…’

    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @Truth3
  79. Rurik says:

    “Demonrats worse.”

    now that John McBloodstain is in hell, I consider Hillary Clinton to be the very worst person on this planet.

    I shit you not. I actually, fully believe that there isn’t a worse human being alive. The next runner up is John Brennan.

    It was only by voting, that the American people were able to prevent those demonic psychopaths from leading the world’s only super-power, and likely starting a hot war with Russia. Just look at the rats coming out of the crevices in Ukraine and elsewhere.

    Voting for Trump was unpalatable, but might be necessary once again, warts and all.

    I KNOW! he’s a tool of zion, I know he’s corrupted and compromised and possibly leading to the same war, for all I know.

    But there are a lot of things on his side of the ledger, even if his SC nominations were a ruse and a betrayal.

    The way the ((media)) hates his guts, is not an act. They really, really do hate his guts, with an all-consuming derangement.

    I can relate to that. Because they hate my guts too, with the same unhinged rancor. Not, BTW for anything I’ve done or said, but because of what I was born; a straight, white man.

    So we’re living in a dire time, when the fickle forces of fate, can mean our global war against terror, becomes a global war against “right-wing domestic terrorists” – (white men with guns who refuse to relinquish them).

    And that, btw, is exactly what I know will happen, once the ‘woke’ leftists are entrenched in power.

    We’re no longer at a place where we can stay home to ‘teach the GOP a lesson’. The GOP are nothing but a den of self-serving uber-corrupt whores, to the man and women. They don’t give a fuck about this republic, but that’s their charm, because the other side hates it with a burning passion, and wants to burn it’s racist white arse down to the ground, and piss on the ashes.

    walking away from politics and the fake zombie-skin-suit that Jews call America entirely.

    anyone with the wherewithal, should be packing their bags. I could not mean that more sincerely.

    And don’t worry about someone like me supporting the GOP, (((Cuckservative Inc.))) with so much as a nickel.

    The only thing I have at my disposal, is my vote. I hope there’ll be an alternative, but if not, and it’s between Biden and Trump, then yes, my advice is to vote.

    Just look at what’s going on all over the planet. It’s a mass-hysteria of whitey-hatred. Do we want to put Hillary and Brennan and Susan Rice all back in power?

    Look at (the super close) elections in Georgia or Florida. Yes, the Florida gov. is a J-supremacist lackey, but look at what the alternative was!

    It’s not like we have any good options, and because we’re on the cusp of a complete civil war, with straight, white men as the enemy of everyone else, it’s as I said, very, very dire right now.

  80. @Saira Rao

    We and people of color are determined to make sure that the events that took place in Europe in 1940s never take place again, even if it means wiping the Whiteness out.

    You better take a look at the northern border of India then moorkhie. China has some plans for your people…and you ain’t gonna like it.

    It’s great to see all the young white folks worshiping the People of Color.
    You thoroughly deserve all this.

    I went to a university that had lots of Indian and Pakistani girls. Many of them were attracted to white guys (and definitely not black guys) and wanted to bang them before they were forced to marry some brown stuffy 40-year old. I had a good time in college but I learned you women age like bread.

  81. botazefa says:

    Soros doesn’t give a rip about Jesus or Jehovah, he just wants to see white civilization depraved into ignominy, because he personally is an ugly scumbag, who happens to be very wealthy and powerful- but unloved, and so he’s determined to make everything beautiful in this world suffer for how it makes him feel about himself ~ grotesque.

    I’m not trying to trigger you or be an asshole. I’m not trying to judge you as anti-semitic. Many elite IQ wealthy types are narcissistic sociopaths who don’t give a shit about other people. It may be true that more of those are Jewish than non-Jewish. More males than females.

    But the Jews you are talking about are all white. Even Soros.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  82. Truth3 says:

    As I’ve mentioned over and over.. many, if not most Jews are decent folks…


    And all the hordes with Genghiz Khan were just fun loving freedom riders that wanted to educate the steppe dwelling women in the art of being screwed in the ass on horseback… and had to kill their menfolk protectors because they were not amenable to the rights of the intruders from the East.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  83. Rurik says:

    Many elite IQ wealthy types are narcissistic sociopaths who don’t give a shit about other people. It may be true that more of those are Jewish than non-Jewish.

    the difference is that most elite wealthy types don’t give a shit about other people, (that’s true), but the problem is it’s the Jewish ones who do give a shit. They want them to suffer. George Soros and his ilk, could live as lavishly and pampered as their ill-gotten lucre could provide. Private jets to the flesh pots of the elites, if that’s what they wanted. They could (and often do) live like sultans, with their every whim attended to.

    But for people like Soros, that’s not enough. Because somewhere, somehow there’s a young Hungarian Christian couple who’re in love, and having a baby, and are in the throes of bliss, and for a man like George Soros, that is like acid dropping on his soul. A smiling and frolicking Hungarian (or German or Polish or Swedish) couple in perfect happiness, is like a red hot iron on his supremacist organs, burning the flesh off his supremacist bones. ONLY George Soros and the chosenites are allowed to be happy and thrive!!! Goyim are to kiss his feet, and bow before him as slaves! It is written!

    That is the difference between a scumbag like Richard Branson or Elon Musk or Prince Charles, et al. No, they don’t give a rat’s ass about the poor or struggling or anyone but themselves, and that’s what makes them a thousand times better for the average person, than the Jewish supremacists, who hate Gentile guts with a searing, apoplectic insanity.

    But the Jews you are talking about are all white. Even Soros.

    Do you thing you can know the charactor of a man by the color of his skin?

    Read what’s in the Old Testament. Read what Chabad rabbis have to say about Jews and Gentiles being fundamentally different.

    You’ll get quite an education, believe me.

  84. Rurik says:

    I know a lot of Jews.

    The liberal ones worship Obama. Especially the women.

    The conservative ones are sympathetic to the Alt-right, but are generally uber-Zionists.

    There are some, like a girl I know, who’s had a very hard time with her family, because she refuses to celebrate Passover, because it celebrates the slaughter of children, and she finds that- beyond the pale- horrific.

    Like other people, they run the gamut of ideologies and perspectives. Look at Bobby Fisher or Alan Sabrosky.

    I know of Christians who virulently seem to hate ‘WASPs’ for some reason. There are all kinds of foibles and follies among the ranks of tribes, and Jews are no different.

    Carl Sagan had a great and sublime mind, and not a whit of Jewish supremacism to be found.

    Yes, like blacks, collectively they’re a catastrophe, no doubt. But there’s just no way I could say that as individuals, they’re all bad. I know too many of them who’re good and decent people.

    • Replies: @Truth3
    , @Truth3
  85. Truth3 says:

    I didn’t say they were all bad.

    But even the decent ones overwhelmingly take advantage of being Tribal Members, even thought they certainly must know the criminality of the Tribe.

    Unless a Jew renounces Judaism and the Tribe explicitly, they are still a part of the problem.

    Ask any Palestinian what he or she thinks of “decent Jews”.

    The Truth the hardest victims (of Jews and Judaism and the Jewish State and the Deep Joo State) will tell you will disabuse you of the notion of “righteous Jews”.

    Ex-Jews that embrace Humanism… and reject Zionism, Communism, Tribal Judaism, and Satanism, are heroes. But don’t give that label to those Jews that still are part of the Zio-Monolith.

    The Synagogue of Satan has no worthies within.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  86. Yes, the Jewish boss is busy cancelling the White man because he no longer has a caste structure.
    Yes, the Hindu Indian will take his place.
    Yes, in 50 years, White people will have a power level similar to indigenous people and Blacks.
    Yes, Pat Buchanan is here to ease the transition, just like Trump, with phony, dated nationalism.

  87. Rurik says:

    Ask any Palestinian what he or she thinks of “decent Jews”.

    there are some, like the (many hundreds of) refuseniks who go to prison rather than serving in the IDF in the occupied territories.

    I have a metric for ‘judging’ the Jews, (and everybody else, really). Are they hypocrites?

    If a Zionist Jew says hey, ‘it’s all about the strong, and always has been. Germany had every right to assert its strength, and we Jews were just in the way, so you can’t pooh-pooh Germany for simply doing what people have always done’, then at least he’s consistent.

    IOW, if a Jew is a Zionist, and believes in Jewish supremacism, but then pooh-poohs Germany for being mean to the Jews, then he’s just a rotten lying hypocritical POS.

    But if he says Germany vis-a-vis WWII, had every right to assert itself, just like the European settlers in America, and so forth, then it’s harder for me to condemn them.

    But if they whine and cry about the ‘Holocaust’, but then are (genocidal) Zionists, then they deserve to eat shit and die.

    If they’re liberals, and say Obama is god, and white people are oppressors, but then are Zionists also, then they too deserve to eat shit and die.

    But if they’re liberals, and also denounce Zionism as racial supremacism, and demand that it end, then I see no fault.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Truth3
  88. The St. Andrew’s Cross

    Southern senators reassured their Jewish constituents and backers that this was not a St Andrew’s Cross, but merely a generic saltire. So either it’s not officially a Cross, or these men were lying.

    That means the only states with Christian symbols on their flags are Maryland and Hawaii.

    the battle flag of the Confederate army

    Yes, this flag doesn’t represent slavery, but soldiers.

    White soldiers. Both sides betrayed the common white man by excluding blacks from the draft. There was no excuse for this on either side. Why should white men die, but not black men?

    It’s the Stars and Bars that really represents the planters and their multiracial lovefest. You could march through any black or leftist neighborhood in the land, even a university campus, holding that aloft, and nothing would happen. Because people are so poorly-educated these days they wouldn’t recognize it at all. “Oooh– what state is that? Tennessee?”

  89. By the way, Pat’s hometown is up for statehood again. The Dems in the House are going to bring up a vote. This is ridiculous for many reasons. Here are some:

    >It’s unconstitutional until Maryland* signs off on it, under the new states clause.

    >Two-fifths of the original District already has representation– the part that retroceded to the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1847; the remaining District need only do the same.

    >The original impetus was a sop to blacks during the Civil Rights era. Blacks are now not only a minority, but will soon be outnumbered by whites, with Hispanics and Asians coming up fast behind.

    >Oh, and many of those blacks are African immigrants, particularly from Ethiopia, which was never colonized nor raided for slaves. Subtract their number from the black total.

    >A huge portion of the population is gay, more than any other US city, even San Francisco. Those out are mostly white, so the proportion of the white population– which will, again, soon outnumber the black– that is queer must be enormous. The color calculus ranking: white, black, pink, brown, yellow. Why should homos be awarded that much more power?

    >There isn’t any hinterland, nor even a single farm, other than museum exhibits. The high point is lower than every state’s except Florida’s.

    Speaking of hinterland, the city of Arlington voted overwhelmingly for secession, as it did for retrocession, but rural Alexandria County opposed both. Arlington was a slave or tobacco port competing with more prosperous Georgetown, so secession made economic sense for them. Not so much for those few white men actually getting their hands dirty.

    *Maryland should refuse to sign off on it unless the new state takes Baltimore off their hands! Since the retrocession, Baltimore has been even more geometrically correct than the District.

  90. @Rurik

    IOW, if a Jew is a Zionist, and believes in Jewish supremacism, but then pooh-poohs Germany for being mean to the Jews, then he’s just a rotten lying hypocritical POS.

    And if any Arab pooh-poohs Israel for supremacism, then it is the same. What is Islam itself, if not Arab supremacism? Why do they all take Arab names?

    It must be a Semitic thing, like that primitive and suspicious practice of writing backwards, which Jews have done for six thousand years. Easily remedied with a ham-and-cheese on rye.

  91. KenH says:

    We can’t pick and choose now can we? Or can we? We already know transgenders are protected against discrimination, but not straight white men

    You funny, Rurik. The Supremo Kangaroo Court has ruled that discrimination against non-whites and sexual freaks is totally unlawful and unconstitutional but same court also ruled that discrimination against white people is just fine as long as there’s a “compelling state interest”.

    I just love merica!

    Joe Crowley coddled non-whites and prostrated himself before them just like Donald Trump is doing since George Floyd died. Trump will likely share Crowley’s fate this November.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  92. Well, there is the element of the Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe if we all support BLM and worship Blackness, the wrath of black thug will be appeased and blacks will be nicer.

    Also, it’s a way to virtue-signal Anti-Trumpism.

    During Obama yrs, the support for BLM was mixed cuz it might embarrass Obama. But it’s being weaponized against Trump, not least because Trump did some things to make blacks think twice about mindlessly voting for the Democrats. Dems can’t lose the black vote.

    Dems figure, if Trump is gonna provide more jobs and higher wages to blacks, we will take back the blacks by turning them into objects of worship. How can black ego say no to that?

    • Thanks: botazefa
  93. @Steve in Greensboro

    [Lincoln’s] purpose was to convince [black religious leaders] to convince their parishioners to sign up for the boat back to Liberia.

    Could anything be more racist?

    Could anything be more prescient? At least Lincoln wasn’t naive about black intelligence and black temperament.

    Had Lincoln successfully re-settled blacks outside of the US, he would be remembered as the President who not only ‘saved the Union’, but the President who saved our European-derived, English-speaking civilization. Instead, Lincoln became the great consolidator of federal power by use of force. Some accomplishment.

    As the Commander in Chief, Lincoln caused the death of more Americans than Hitler, Tojo, and Saddam Hussein combined.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @USA1943
  94. Truth3 says:

    I repeatedly point out that the defining characteristic of Jews is their utter Hypocrisy… individually, and as a Tribe.

    So again, I say…

    Unless a Jew renounces Judaism and the Tribe explicitly, they are still a part of the problem.

    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @Rurik
  95. Truth3 says:

    By the way…

    Robert J Fischer and I had discussions before he was incarcerated in Japan.

    His intelligence was extraordinary on many topics.

    He wasn’t just a chess genius… he was a genius.

    That the Jews hated him with a passion they reserved for Christ and Hitler wasn’t surprising at all.

  96. botazefa says:

    I repeatedly point out that the defining characteristic of Jews is their utter Hypocrisy… individually, and as a Tribe.

    Because all non Jews are not individual or collective hypocrites, right? You, in your infinite wisdom, would never hypocritically condemn a group for their hypocrisy because you are not a Jew.

    Must be nice for you that you are not a hypocrite.

    • Troll: Fuerchtegott, Truth3
  97. Rurik says:

    Trump will likely share Crowley’s fate this November.

    on the one hand, we have Trump’s SC appointments making overtly unconstitutional rulings..

    and on the other, we have John Bolton doing his level best to remove Trump from office

    If John Bolton hates him, he can’t be all bad, but then why are his SC appointments acting like they were randomly selected out of a BLM protest/riot?

    .. interesting times..

  98. Rurik says:

    the defining characteristic of Jews is their utter Hypocrisy…

    I’ve always thought that about liberals.

    But yes, insofar as Jews are hypocrites on the issue of Zionism, (in which case they clearly consider themselves to be so superior to Gentiles that they’re not subject to the same set of rules), then the full weight of society’s wrath should come crushing down upon them.

    Sheldon Adelson demands open borders for white, Christian nations, but not for Israel.

    He and his ilk are a stain and a hemorrhaging open boil on the ass of humanity. The sooner they’re lanced, the better for all, (including Jews, because being associated with the likes of that genocidal toad, only sullies their name).

    Unless a Jew renounces Judaism and the Tribe explicitly, they are still a part of the problem.

    To your knowledge, has our host here ever explicitly renounced Judaism and the tribe?

    That the Jews hated him with a passion they reserved for Christ and Hitler wasn’t surprising at all.

    It’s sort of the ultimate compliment, really. Putin’s greatness as a statesman can be measured by the degree to which they hate his guts. Few are more maligned than David Duke, so perhaps Duke (and Traficant and David Irving and so many others..) are/were truly great men in their own right.

    I suppose the main (redeeming?) quality of Donald Trump, is the unhinged hatred they spittle out at him every minute of every day.

    How did you get to know Bobby Fischer?

    • Replies: @Truth3
    , @Truth3
  99. Pat knows the answer to his own question, but I’ll play along…
    The end game is 17 % of the population ruling the other 83%, Whites, Hispanics, Asians etc… Not as equals with equal rights under the law, but as an elite ruling class! Civil rights was never about equality, same as third wave feminism was never about “equality”. That was simply Machiavellian rhetoric to obtain “privileged class status” superior to the white patriarchy. Never equality!”
    Both blacks and women have had that status since the 70’s, but that is never enough! Weak white men have caved in every time one of these groups throws a tantrum and look at the end result? The complete and utter destruction of white men, and preferably the genocide of white men is the goal.
    When they accomplish that goal, the end result will be as feminist Suzanne Volker herself has said… “They’ll be living in grass huts!”
    As other commenters have noted, the vast majority of BLM supporters at rallies, on social media are young, mentally deranged, white women!

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  100. Joodie says:

    It would be fine with me if they did a damnatio memoriae on Woorow Wilson. They could destroy all of his statues on April 15th.

  101. @Saira Rao

    Don’t bet on mud monkey.

    We have more guns and money than you. Shlomo cant fund you primates forever.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  102. @VinnyVette

    , the vast majority of BLM supporters at rallies, on social media are young, mentally deranged, white women!

    And how long has iSteve commenter Whiskey been derided for being—turns out—a genuine, certified, barely hyperbolic prophet?

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  103. gohomepat says:

    What’s left if you’re cancelled Pat (the senile)?

    Not much. T- here never was much to you to begin with except a shallow bag of Nixonian dirty tricks which even you have failed to deploy on behalf of your new, new BFF – herr drumpfkopf.

    Time to retire and stop trying so hard – it’s been nearly 50 years since tricky dicky resigned in disgrace – you still haven’t been able to change the record.

    You’ve become so desperate in your old age that you’ve embraced a president who ran on selling out his country to the Israelis – something you never would have countenanced in your Nixon days…….

    Desperate men do desperate things…

  104. Truth3 says:

    Re: Fischer…

    Corresponded with him for about 2 years.

    Brilliant man. Was all about Truth.

    • Thanks: Rurik
    • Replies: @Truth3
  105. Truth3 says:

    Regarding Bobby Fischer, my last communication with him was 4 days after his arrest in Japan… as he was not able to directly receive it, I sent it to the Lady that eventually became his wife.

    After his release, I sent him good wishes, but our communication period ended. Their was nothing left to be said or do, as he had his freedom completely, and needed only peace and rest after the unjust ordeal.

    Here is the last email, verbatim… from July 17, 2004


    Dear Miyoko,

    As the situation with Mr. Fischer is now in a crisis stage, I ask you to please consider this communication as urgent, and to consider the beneficial aspects of the proposal within. I also ask you to get this to Mr. Fischer if possible, as he certainly is in a perilous state of affairs, and needing all possible support.

    Waiting for some Country to come to Bobby’s rescue is a possible solution, however it cannot be other than a small hope, and no country will risk US displeasure these days so readily.

    Mr. Fischer is in this predicament now largely due to Japan’s co-operation with the US to offset other legal Trans-Pacific tangles.

    Mr. Fischer’s only asset in the fight he is in is largely invisible. But it exists. It is the worldwide base of chess enthusiasts, who admire his On-the-Board talents, AND ARE EAGER TO SEE HIM RETURN TO WORLD CLASS PLAY!.

    Their viewpoints as to other dimensions of Mr. Fischer truly don’t matter. The core of his support in this struggle for freedom will come from these people, and for no other reason than self-interest as chess fans. Bobby needs to exploit this “hidden asset”.

    As he is the target of a current hypocritical campaign of political origin, his only recourse is to mount a counter-campaign of Truth and Action. In this he cannot speak for himself, though I’m sure he would do so with vigorous TRUTH. But the ACTION part is his to approve and perform mostly alone, and he needs to consider this desperate current situation as his best chance for turning the tables on his adversaries, all of them, all at once. Such a chance may never exist again.

    I wrote to Mr. Fischer some time ago about an idea. A World Chess Challenge against Mr. Kasparov, a sort of Chess Triathlon, wherein the match would consist of Classical, Fischerandom, and Speed Chess components. I repeat, enlarging and rephrasing, that earlier idea now. To wit…

    First, Picture these Headlines as a ‘roadmap’…

    “Bobby Fischer, Prisoner Of and For His Past Statements”

    “U.S. Passport Revocation Trick used as Tool of Entrapment”

    “Real Criminals Go Free, Bobby Fischer in Chains… Why?”

    “U.S. Government Engaged in Persecution of Fischer for Political Reasons”

    “Unjust Applications of Sanctions, UN and US”

    “Legal Scholars Dispute US Case against Fischer”

    “U.S. Hypocritical? Marc Rich Pardoned, Bobby Fischer Hounded?”

    “Statement from “Bobby” to the World”

    “Free Bobby Fischer!”

    “The Return of Bobby Fischer? Chess, Freedom, and the Challenge of the Age”

    “Bobby Fischer Challenges Garry Kasparov to a World Chess Triathlon Championship”

    “Chess World Ignited, ‘Bigger than ’72!’”

    ” ‘Bobby’s Too Old’, say Skeptics”

    ” ‘What More Can We Want!’, says GrandMaster”

    “Kasparov Ignores Challenge, Embarrassed by Peer’s Statements”

    “Prominent Israelis Call for Kasparov’s Play, ‘Do like Jesse Owens!’ they cry”

    “Tel Aviv Ruled Out as Venue for Security Reasons”

    “Moscow Offers to Host Chess Marathon Final, Record Purse”

    “Putin, Fetisov; Two Appeals to Kasparov”

    “Fischer Offers His Share of Proceeds to Charities, Awaits Answer”

    “The World is Waiting, Garry”

    “Kasparov Accepts, New York City is his Venue Pick”

    “Big Apple Pushes Bush for Action on Fischer Case”

    “Chess World awaits US Government decision”

    “World-Wide Pressure on Bush to Accede to Fischer’s Freedom”

    “Bobby is Free! U.S. Drops Charges, Swiss Government accepts Fischer as Political Refugee”

    “Bobby Fischer, after the long absence, returns to the World of Chess for a Final Challenge”

    “Greatest Chess Match of All Time Begins in Switzerland”

    “New York Round of Chess Championship Begins Tomorrow”

    “Moscow Buzzing with Fischer-mania”

    “Bobby Does It! All Hail the Once and Current King”

    “Kasparov Demands Rematch, Complains of Distractions”

    “Bobby Fischer Announces Retirement, His Plans”

    “New Chess Federation Branch Formed, Fischer named President Emeritus”

    OK, now that you see the outline, here are some particulars…

    Bobby needs a campaign aimed at achieving his freedom.


    Mr. Fischer needs to appoint a ‘guardian’ so to speak, who can best represent his
    interests while he is held prisoner. This person needs to be absolutely loyal to Bobby, and the goal of Bobby’s Freedom and restoration and maintenance of Bobby’s Legacy.

    In addition, the team needs…

    A capable lawyer must be found, who will be necessarily of some public stature in the US.

    A Press Director, one who is highly skilled in managing US press release and liaison.

    A team of website and media experts and analysts.

    A worldwide team of volunteers, to be used in contacting and garnering support worldwide.

    A chess expert, a Grandmaster, who can articulate on the benefits to Chess of this plan.


    As this will entail significant costs, a combination of an initial sponsor (wealthy donor, anonymous preferred) backed up by small donations (chess world, website donations, etc.) will be needed. As this must be strictly a “not-for-profit” activity enterprise, a capable CPA whom Mr. Fischer trusts is indespensible.


    Current organizations unafraid to take on the establishment should be utilised. I can provide a listing and examples to Mr. Fischer, and advice to “the Team” as necessary. Sites such as,, can also be utilised.


    The key is (better put, the bait on the hook) for Bobby to offer his on-the-board performance as his “strongest statement”. He needs to refrain from speaking on any other issue. Bobby, please, understand that you being “right” isn’t the problem, or the solution. Let others speak for you on issues outside of chess.

    Stay ‘above’ that aspect of your current controversy, do ‘no comment’ on the inevitable rude questions designed to harpoon you, and stick to what you are the ALL TIME MASTER OF, NAMELY, CHESS!


    Political pressure can and will only be brought to bear by those who have a reason to risk it. You need to create the benefits to those who will promote your cause in the hallways of power. Money makes the world turn, and though it isn’t to be worshipped, it is needed as a lever. The ‘Match’ as envisaged will offer huge returns to organizers who happen to be Political Leaders. At least ‘One Political Leader’ outside (Putin?) and one inside (Bloomberg?) the US are needed. They need to have the reason. They have access.


    1. The establishment of a consortium of Chess Masters to publicize and demand such a match.
    2. The pressure within Chess Federations to support the match, in all it’s dimensions.

    As to likely candidates in the Chess Establishment who might support Mr. Fischer in this attempt at breaking a 30+ year chain of actions and circumstances that have now brought Mr. Fischer to the brink of extinction, I can suggest a few based on past statements. Bobby needs to amplify the list with anyone he trusts. But support should not be shunned because of past misunderstandings. Bobby! You’ll need all the help you can get!

    Larry Parr, Tim Redman and others have spoken out on the right of Bobby to have political views. This attitude should be encouraged and rewarded.

    The Chess World needs another quantum leap upward as in ’72. This will be such a catalyst.


    The Legal Case against Mr. Fischer seems flimsy at best. I am not a lawyer, but I’ll bet that a dozen famous attorneys could be enticed to speak on the issues raised. It was a Presidential Order, not a Congressional law. It’s interpretation is subject to argument, and it’s application against just one individual was highly selective prosecution on it’s face. This is a group of strong arguments just waiting to be made. Mr. Fischer needs capable spokesmen to make them IN THE PRESS.


    No shortage of enemies of Mr. Fischer will attempt to intervene. The team must stay a step ahead, and anticipate and prepare countering arguments. In any case, they will have to be faced. Mr. Fischer cannot be allowed to be drawn into any angry scenes, fresh controversies, or side-tracking arguments. A peaceful, martyr-for-a-cause, advocate-for-his-art, posture is necessary. If possible, analysis of his likely opponents may yield valuable strategies for ‘table-turning-tactics’ that may prove decisive.


    Bobby needs to gather as much public support as necessary. As such a Match could gross tens of millions of dollars in sponsor payments, it is likely that his share of the proceeds would approach 8 figures (10 millions).

    How best to use it, Bobby? I advise the following… Pledge it all away to Charity, in advance. You’re going to heaven one day, anyway, without it. Use it to both help your soul and others, while gathering MASSIVE public support by the expression of such largesse. It also defeats the argument that you’re doing it for the money. You’ve been accused of Greed before, without merit. Take it away as a weapon against you for once and for all. Afterwards your financial security will be largely guaranteed anyway. You’ll be free to profit from books, etc. everywhere.

    Other inducement aspects include Chess Federation oversight and profitability, in exchange for special post-match status and statements by the Chess Federations in Continuing Support of Bobby.


    The Challenge Match needs to offer something Innovative to the Chess World. It needs a co-ordinated campaign of pressure to induce that current ‘Champion’ to accept. And it needs to offer Mr. Fischer what he has deserved all these years, the chance to again show who is truly KING of the Chess world.

    Suggested Match rules and particulars:

    1. Venues… To be played at 3 venues. One Selected by Mr. Fischer. One Selected by Mr. Kasparov. Final location to be either New York or Moscow, whichever site provides greatest funding guarantee. If Mr. Kasparov chooses New York after Moscow commits to Final stage, the best possible circumstances exist.

    2. Format… A Match of Titans deserves a Titanic Format. The match consists of Three Rounds of Eight performances. 32 Points Total. Fischer Chess Clock to be used.

    Fischerandom… The First Round is FISCHERANDOM games every other day for two weeks, Eight Games in All, Where Drawn games are allowed. This round is played at the venue chosen by Mr. Fischer. Each Win is worth 1 point. Draws count as half point each side. Player playing Black may C
    hallenge a drawn game to be decided by Sudden Death, by way of a Speed Chess Tiebreak, where each side plays White once and the the Tied Point would be decided in favor of one player who scores a win and a tie, or two wins. 8 points Awarded in this phase.

    Classical… The Second Round is CLASSICAL games every other day for two weeks, Eight Games in All, Where Drawn Games are allowed. This round is played at a venue chosen by Mr. Kasparov. The same points and Tiebreak formula applies. 8 points Awarded in this phase.

    Marathon… The Third Round, over one month, where eight alternating CLASSICAL and FISCHERANDOM game couplets are played. Couplets are played over two days, one game per day. Two points awarded per couplet. Alternating White / Black sequences are used (one each per coup
    let) and if one player wins both games, or plays to a win and a draw, he receives BOTH POINTS from that couplet. If the two games end in draws, or one win apiece, a Sudden Death Tiebreak of Speed Chess will automatically ensue until a Winner of the couplet is determined. 16 points awarded, bringing totals to 32 games minimum, and 32 points.

    Should the match end Tied 16 all, the players will have the right to a rematch, under the same conditions, the following year.


    Bobby, please consider your plight and the opportunity to turn the tables on the chess world that has used and abused you all these years. I’ll do whatever I can to help, and want nothing in return except a chance to play you at a chess board in heaven one day, if I make it there.

    Miyoko, please assure that my email identity is restricted to you and Bobby. I am able to be reached by phone, if you have a private email, I will give you contact instructions.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you…


    Fans of Mr. Fischer

  106. Truth3 says:

    To your knowledge, has our host here ever explicitly renounced Judaism and the tribe?

    It is not my place to question our esteemed host, Mr. Unz, on that personal issue.

    Let it be noted however, that Mr. Unz is scrupulously fair in dealing with Truth. He stands in sharp contrast to the Tribe and it’s nefarious and hypocritical narratives.

    He should also be admired (he certainly is by me) fully for the life he is living… and the words he writes… and the facilitation of other’s truthful statements, that could never be found in the existing large corporate and organizational media.

    My compliments to you Mr. Unz, a True Truth Teller.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  107. USA1943 says:
    @mark green

    One reason Lincoln gave for wanting to Repatriate the blacks was because of the Inhumane Atrocity of Slavery many of the descendants of Slaves would be Resentful for Generations.

    Listening to some of the Protesters on the TV, it seems that is true (At least among a small but very vocal percentage).

    How could he have foresaw this? Maybe God gives a very select few (Nostradamus is another one said to have saw the future) The ability to see the future?

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @botazefa
  108. Rurik says:

    We agree on the charactor of Mr. Unz, and his standing in the world, due to his efforts in support and dissemination of the truth.

    The Unz Review has become a sort of hallowed temple for the search for unbridled truth, and Mr. Unz deserves his due, not just for providing it, but also for (dare I say) heroically uplifting the truth to its Pantheon of enlightenment, in this age of endemic, ubiquitous mendacity.

    So yea, he and so many others are towering minds regardless of his ethnicity or the religion he was raised with. I too reject many of the tenets of my religious upbringing, and damn the scoundrels (Pope, evangelicals, others..) who defame and defile the Christian religion with their devil’s lies.

    But I would not venture to repudiate the Christian people, many of whom I love and respect.

    I should also say that one of the treasures of participating here at Unz is the opportunity to banter about with so many people with interesting experiences with fascinating people. I never expected to have a conversation with someone who ‘knew’ Bobby Fischer, and your passionate support for his just and righteous cause is exemplary, imho. Kudos to you Sir.

    Recently I mentioned the ‘fiend’ I occasionally invoke, as the nefarious and hidden ‘unilateral power’ that runs things in the world, and the ZUS in absolute terms. The ZUS then becomes the muscle and the thug (golem) for carrying out the marching orders it gets from the ‘fiend’. That unilateral power was on display when the leaders of the world were ordered to land their diplomatic planes, in order to put Edward Snowden in a cage, (and likely torture him to death). They all had to genuflect to this power. And in Bobby’s day, it was the same. Japan was forced to play the roll of ‘errand boy’, to the ZUS ‘grocery clerk’. (to borrow a metaphor). The owner of the grocery store, and the block it sits on, and the government who taxes it, is the fiend. Again to paraphrase a great man, ‘they own it all, they own you. They’re part of a club, and you and me ain’t in it’.

    But they never owned Bobby Fischer.


  109. Rurik says:

    the descendants of Slaves would be Resentful for Generations.

    How could he have foresaw this? ..

    With due respect, how could he (nor all the others) *not* see it?

    The descendants of black slaves know they have, at least a bit of white blood, and know how some of that came to be. It would seem to me to be a complete impossibility for them not to resent that.

    They look a some of the people who pass for white humans today, and reflect that this repulsive cretin

    could have owned my ancestors as slaves, and forced them to do anything. (and no doubt, in some cases did so).

    How an individual processes that, I’m not sure. But I am certain there is a bit of soul-searching, and resentment. Look at how the Norwegians treated the children of German soldiers and Norwegian women, once the occupation was over. They cruelly persecuted those children, because they hated the Germans for fathering them and the Norwegian mothers for giving birth to them. And that was consensual, unlike (no doubt) some of the slave unions. So it’s normal for a people to resent being subjugated, and hate the people who did the subjugating, even to the point of (shamefully and cravenly) making innocent children pay the price.

    Yes, whitey ultimately freed the slaves, and today they’re far, far better off than they’d be in Africa, but just like the blacks of South Africa, who’re better off with whitey around and even in charge, nonetheless, they’d still like to kill each and every one, because of the (real and perceived) humiliations they suffered in the past, even if it means they and theirs will suffer measurably once the whites are gone.

    The fact that blacks are angry, for myriad reasons, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. What’s troubling, is that rather than mollifying their rage, the PTB are stoking it, and tossing gasoline on the fire.

    Why? I don’t know, but I suppose we’re going to find out.

  110. bluedog says:

    What constitution the stupid people gave that up long ago, they only trot it out when its to their benefit. as Bush said its only a G.D. piece of paper and wiped his ass with it,,,,,

  111. bluedog says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Nor does any northerner care what a southerner thinks and that goes clear back to the civil war….

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  112. @bluedog

    that goes clear back to the civil war


  113. Paul says:

    Cancel the white men, and you are left with the non-white countries from which non-whites have been trying to flee to get into white countries.

    Non-whites hope is to get into white countries and then to run and loot them.

    • Agree: VinnyVette
  114. @schnellandine

    Agree. Whiskey is on the money, the cucks at iSteve are well… Cucks!

  115. botazefa says:

    How could he have foresaw this? Maybe God gives a very select few (Nostradamus is another one said to have saw the future) The ability to see the future?

    From where do you hail, stranger? Not the US I presume, but I don’t want to appear rude.

  116. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:
    @Saira Rao

    Parody account.

  117. augusto says:

    Well, mr Buchanan.
    From the time you were writing platitude speeches for the empire ‘s POTUSes… a point from which no doubt you will have evoluted-improved a bit…
    you can keep this:
    YOU don’ t need to cancel or erase a damn bit of any white men, mr Buchanan, it is flatly enough that white men and woment have the wings of their dominance status CUT OFF in pieces by the other segments of society.
    If that eventually does not happen, mr Buch, then just WAIT for the yellow men – yes the Chinese teach the whites the definite lesson that is looming in the horizon.
    Did you understand, Buch, or should I draw it out on paper?

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