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Can Trump Pull a Second Rabbit Out of the Hat?
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“Apres moi, la deluge,” predicted Louis XV after his army’s stunning defeat by Prussia’s Frederick the Great at the Battle of Rossbach in 1757.

“La deluge,” the Revolution, came, three decades later, to wash the Bourbon monarchy away in blood and to send Louis XV’s grandson, Louis XVI, and his queen, Marie Antoinette, to the guillotine.

Donald Trump is issuing similar warnings for the republic if Joe Biden wins the presidency and Democrats capture the Senate. And the stakes, given the magnitude of the chasm that divides us, are indeed high.

The Democrats are out to remake America, and, 17 days from the election, a Democratic sweep remains a real possibility.

Early turnout is already at record numbers. According to most polls, Biden is ahead in almost all of the major battleground states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Arizona. To win, Trump must carry six or seven of those states.

In national polls, Trump is further behind, in some by double-digits, reflecting the mammoth Democratic majorities in populous and deep-blue California, New York and Illinois.

Still, this thing is not over.

For, at this stage of the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton was showing equally impressive poll numbers, and she would go on to lose all eight of those battleground states in the greatest upset since Harry Truman defeated Tom Dewey in 1948.

Can Trump repeat the miracle of 2016?

Perhaps. When it comes to energy, excitement, enthusiasm and a capacity to bring out crowds of loyalists, even in this the worst of pandemics, Trump is unrivaled.

When Trump calls, his followers come. Not in living memory has there been a president who could bring out such vast crowds with such consistency as Donald J. Trump.

By contrast, Biden’s meager gatherings seem to evoke as much excitement as a seniors bocce ball tournament.

His appearances, reading from teleprompters and spewing canned attacks written by others, produce polite applause. Rarely does a day goes by that Biden does not mumble and misremember something or lose his train of thought.

The essence of the Biden campaign is the avoidance of actual campaigning. And it has worked. On some days, the campaign “puts the lid on” — has no more news events today — by 9 a.m.

The question this has raised is no longer whether Joe has “lost a step” — few deny that — but whether he retains sufficient mental acuity to be a decisive leader of the free world for the next four years.

Two weeks out, however, voters seem not to care, or rather not to care enough to reject the Biden-Harris ticket.

The issue has been Trump. And the imperative for the president and his campaign remains to persuade the nation of several truths:

Biden is not physically or mentally up to the job. He will not be able to stand up to the radicals in his party who have extensive plan to enact in the next two years and a real possibility of doing so.


If Biden wins, they will insist that the Senate do what Barack Obama told them to do: Abolish the “Jim Crow relic” known as the filibuster, and use 50 Senate Democrats to enact an agenda more sweeping than FDR’s New Deal.
Of what does that agenda consist?

To shift the goal from equality of opportunity in race relations to equality of results — in income, wealth, power. Reparations for slavery. Pursue the Black Lives Matter demand to “reimagine policing” and to “defund the police.”

On immigration, open an immediate path to citizenship and the ballot box for DACA “Dreamers.” End deportations. Grant amnesty to all 11 million to 22 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Abolish ICE. Open America’s borders to new and higher waves of immigration to make America the most racially, ethnically, socially and culturally diverse society in the history of man.

Pack the Senate by extending statehood to Puerto Rico and D.C., adding four new Democratic senators and making us a bilingual nation.

Pack the Supreme Court by adding two new justices. Raise taxes on payrolls, personal incomes, corporations, capital gains and estates.

Accelerate an end to carbon emissions by halting all offshore drilling and ending any reliance for energy, on coal, oil, gas or fracking.

Free education for all from prekindergarten through college.

On and on the agenda runs. But again, without the abolition of the filibuster, a GOP Senate minority could block this agenda that is designed to create a new American nation unlike the one we have known.

No, this is not the French Revolution.

But nor is it the country that evolved over two centuries out of the American Revolution. The antifa and BLM radicals remind us of this as they go about smashing icons and statues of the men who brought the Christian faith and Western civilization to these shores and founded the republic that may now be fading away.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2020

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  1. Wyatt says:

    I will say this until the end of time. Trump needs doorkickers on election night and the days following, ready to go in and look for fraudulent ballots with forensics analysis. Finding a smoking gun (which will be piss easy) is enough to declare the election illegitimate BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS ARE FUCKING CHEATING AND WE KNOW THEY’RE CHEATING.

  2. Rational says:


    Good points, Pat. But Trump’s biggest enemy is Twitter, where he tweets out reckless raw thoughts and shoots from the hip, attacks his own AG, and gives interview to liberal scumbags like Woodward where he says inappropriate things like we must downplay covid-19, etc. No world leader tweets out raw random thoughts like Trump does and then the media is all over him for his crazy reckless statements. Instead, he must have his 3+ advisers check the proposed statement first and then send them out in the name of his assistant or press secretary, so he is insulated if it backfires.

    Instead, he should remind the public that Biden has Alzheimer’s, instead of demanding a drug test or calling him sleepy Joe or calling his inappropriate statements “gaffes”, as they are not symptoms of sleepiness, or drug use, but textbook symptoms of advanced Alzheimer’s disease

    Video: Biden has classic Alzheimer’s symptoms:

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  3. America lost the internal struggle, or more accurately, it never really put one up. What living creature on G*d’s earth just willingly gives up territory to competitors? America deserves to be destroyed, and I don’t say that to push emotional buttons or stir polemics. Why? You managed to take a superpower with unparalleled advantage and fritter it all away in the span of a generation. Your leadership is informed by MBA types who think it’s just fine to ship middle class jobs to the third world, or import new helot worker classes to destroy the bargaining power of local labor because “muh free markets.” You worship mammon and only mammon. And don’t tell me about the “teh joos”: Israelis would never sell their own people up the river for a pat on the back, to avoid getting called mean names “omg racist!”, or for some filthy lucre. Americans do this without any forethought. Why wouldn’t you? You don’t have a nation in any real sense, but rather a collection of moronic, selfish individuals in an labor market masquerading as a country.

    The idea that re-electing Trump will MAGA America is the modern equivalent of the ghost dance. The nation that made America is dead. All that remains are the maggots, which are trying to bring down the rest of the world with the insanity called “our values.” The sooner this putrid spectacle gets its funeral pyre, the better.

    • Agree: Chinaman
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  4. USA1943 says:

    Regardless if you like Biden or not he seemed to be mentally with it in his nomination speech and in the Debate with President Trump.

    I doubt he would go Far Left in his policies as John Kasich said he talked to Biden and was assured by Biden that he would not go Far Left and let the Radicals control him, And Kasich is a Republican in the Pat Buchanan mold who first and foremost loves the USA, so no way would Kasich endorse someone who would hurt America.

    I want Trump to win and I will vote for President Trump, but even Drudge has turned on President Trump and the Polls make it look bleak.

    I am resigned to pretty much expect Biden will be our President for the next 4 Years and Pray Biden does does all 4 years as President K. Harris would be a nightmare and I do not trust her, she probably would go Far Left.

    Question If Democrats do what they are threatening, End the Filibuster, Pack the Courts, Add Senate Seats basically making the USA, One Party Rule, would the people just allow it? If anything happens with Biden and K. Harris is the President I could see her basically implementing Anti-White (especially Straight)White Males, Anti-Christian, would the People just allow it? if they pretty much make it One Party Rule, The People who would be discriminated against wont be able to realistically vote them out in 2024, So Would They Just Take it?

  5. It is LE deluge, not LA deluge. It’s not hard to figure out, there are dictionaries out there, even for the dinosaurs like Monsieur de Buchanan.

  6. Exile says: • Website

    Trump has 8 vetoes against the “Democrat Machine” – only 2 of which were not solely concerned with Middle-Eastern interests (aka Israel’s intersts, not America’s).

    At Pat’s age, what’s the benefit in pretending Trump is any kind of impediment to the agenda of the real Jewish elite that rules both parties?

    Right from the beginning – but so wrong in the end.

  7. Renoman says:

    They say that people get what they deserve but Lord sometimes it’s much worse than that!

    • LOL: Realist
  8. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Buchanan’s back to cheerleading Team Red in the next Most Important Election Ever, padding out a typical column about how the Dems want

    to create a new American nation unlike the one we have known

    with sportsball political analysis and creaky cliches.

    Notice, though, that in his fright list between

    Of what does that agenda consist?


    On and on the agenda runs.

    he has to omit the bipartisan Exceptional! foreign policy, increasingly fiat dollar that it sustains, and 96-0 Senate enactment of the CARES Act to once again bail out Wall Street.

    Only a fool would vote to endorse a Washington-based political system that really doesn’t much care for or even think about the people of this country, as it’s designed to keep whichever puppet wins

    leader of the free world for the next four years.

    • Replies: @Realist
  9. @USA1943

    I don’t know, the Russians “took” Bolshevism for nearly 75 years. And 75 years is how long the North Korean regime has been in power, with no end in site. That’s the flaw with the “accelerationist” viewpoint. If the side in power has the will and ability to crush all dissent, no amount of “waking up” will prevent it.

  10. I’m no expert, but I think Mr. Buchanan’s French could use a little spiffing up. An accent on “après” and on “déluge” would be nice, not to mention the correct article for the latter.

  11. Realist says:

    As usual, excellent points…one might add the US is the most corrupt country on this planet.

  12. KenH says:

    Can lightning strike twice? In 2016 the Trump campaign had a lot of energy and enthusiasm and the fact that the nation was tiring of the Obama regime. I don’t see the energy in 2020 that existed in 2016 and many of his major online activists and supporters have been booted from major platforms like Twitter and (((youtube))). Some of these people have turned against Trump for his betrayals.

    According to some polls Trump has lost 10% of the white working class vote. If true it’s undoubtedly due to his ridiculous racial pandering and promises to grant DACA recipients a path to citizenship.

    Biden can’t draw flies but people on the left and some cucks on the kosher right might be so afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they vote against Trump in record numbers (as opposed to for Biden).

    Of course, the only thing we can say for Trump now is that he is not Biden but a second term will be more business as usual, Israel uber alles, and race set asides on steroids in the form of Platinum Plan which is just reparations lite and devised by black nationalist Ice Cube.

  13. All that matters now, all that matters, is whose side the police and military will be on post election.

    The right loves to imagine that all those patriotic soldiers and cops (remember all those “blue lives matter” rallies we gave you?) will be on the side of America, but realistically speaking they’ll be on the side of the power that signs their pay check.

    A lot of American patriots are going to get the Breonna Taylor treatment over the next few months.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  14. Trump needs to call out the media narrative that he caused the virus.

    To this day no one in the MSM has done a proper investigation of what happened in China.

    They want to put as much blame on Trump as possible and I don’t see him doing anything to stop them.

    He seems to think he has enough fans in the heartland but I don’t like the numbers.

    I think he underestimates how many miserable Whites live in the cities that trust everything the MSM tells them.

  15. KenH says:

    All that matters now, all that matters, is whose side the police and military will be on post election.

    That question’s already been answered. They love their pensions and will do whatever they’re told to do by the person signing their checks. If mayors and governors tell police to stand down while black savages and left wing fanatics to start rampaging through white neighborhoods then that’s what they’ll do. In fact, that’s what they’ve been doing.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  16. nsa says:

    Cucky-Wucky Papist Paddy lying by gross omission….as usual. The jew has squeezed every possible advantage out of Donnie the Dummie (tax cuts for the wealthy and wall street, more taxpayer funded holycause museums, more murder in the Levant, tariff wars on anyone not allowing the jew looters into their domestic economies, sanctions on all jew enemies, etc etc ad nauseum). The jew is now ready to deftly switch hosts….like ticks evacuating a rapidly cooling dead carcass. Joe Depends and Kamala the Hindu Dindu are the ideal new vehicle to further jew ambitions… proven by their statements and voting records Whitey is so hopeless….too occupied worshipping a mythical vindictive jew sky god or worshipping afro muscle canaries in tight spandex and plastic hats throwing a ball while groping each other in a simulated homoerotic dusk queen orgy.

  17. Trump and Biden are cold mass blooded murderers, like all of congress. Having cold blooded mass murderers running the country is obviously not working out. Is that the best that we can do? Murderers?! I refuse to support and vote for murderers, it’s just so uncivilized!

    Andrea Iravani

  18. @USA1943

    The upside of suffering is that one becomes familiar with suffering, ceases to be inhibited in range of action by the prospect of it and becomes more robust in self-possession of mind and spirit through it.

  19. @USA1943

    Yes, they would just take it. If it is legal and the law of the land (which it would be) they would just take it. The only thing they could do would be to mount a 2014 campaign with someone akin to a superhero. However, if DC and Puerto Rico are states and illegals can vote, we become a one-party nation for all time.
    It might not be so bad. No one would go bankrupt or lose their home because a child became deathly ill, vulture predatory capitalism might be tamed a bit, the environment would be safer, and kids would not be saddled with insane college loan debts.

    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Drmanchild
  20. bjondo says:

    Trump 30,000 supporters to Biden 1 supporter.

    So, how is beaten Biden ahead?
    He ain’t.

    5 dancing shlomos

  21. Rurik says:

    no way would Kasich endorse someone who would hurt America.


    So Would They Just Take it?

    as Hapalong Cassidy pointed out, they won’t have a choice.

    When cows are taken to the slaughterhouse, it’s too late for them to object.

    for a glimpse into our near future, check out South Africa

    when Kamala and ‘wokeness’ are firmly entrenched in power, they are *not* going to give it up.

    DC and Puerto Rican statehood and open borders will solve that.

    then you’re going to find out just what they mean by ‘social justice’.

    All Trump is affording us is a few more years to move to a solidly White area, (preferably another country), to witness the unfolding horrors that America is about to descend into.

    If you read the link, the man charged with terrorism for non-violently protesting the torture/murder of Brendin Horner, was just denied bail.

    I find it very, very telling that the South African Minister of the Police, Bheki Cele

    “has vowed his desire to disarm legally armed South African gun owners.[16]

    which can only mean that he very much would like to see a wholesale massacre of the South African White community.

    And if you asked Kamala if disarming the Whites of South Africa is a good idea, guess what she’d say?

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  22. @Wyatt

    Both parties cheat. To think otherwise is naive. We can’t trust electronic voting any more than we can trust paper ballots.

  23. @USA1943

    If it comes to Biden not being able to govern for four years and Harris takes over, it might be time to adjudicate the question of what a natural born citizen really is. Though she was born in the US, neither of her parents were citizens at the time and thus she was not a citizen at birth. Her citizenship only transpired when her parents became naturalized citizens and then she became a naturalized citizen, not a natural born citizen.

    Harris is the textbook case, since neither of her parents were citizens at birth.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @lysias
  24. Derer says:

    So far Trump failed to use Biden’s VP corruption card and the abuse of power/nepotism in Ukraine. The grounds for VP Biden impeachment were more conspicuous than the concocted Trump impeachment by the Washington Jewish lawyers. It is incomprehensible, for Trump failing to make some political mileage from the Biden’s Ukraine shady episode, which was even responsible for his poor showing in the Democrats primaries (of course in addition to his senility lapses).

  25. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Ari Eisenberg

    Eisenberg, your critiques of America are not incorrect, but what you leave out is that your tribe, Amalekite Jews, deliberately led America to its own destruction to serve the Israel-first and international Zionist agenda.

    Your conceit is that you were teaching it to tremble before the Almighty. But because Amalekite Jews (are there any other kind on earth anymore? i doubt it) are insane, and have always been insane, what you were really doing is cutting your own throats along with the throats of every white man in the U.S. (who made the fatal mistake of tolerance and collaboration with your insane tribe) and ultimately all Western values. And to this day, you’re too arrogant and vain to see that, because your parasite tribe is incapable of appreciation and gratitude for its host, and indeed, is too insane to even know it’s a parasite.

    Moses recognized this of Amalelkite Hebrews, and took the extreme steps necessary to put them in their place, but out of weakness and sentimentalism, declined to finish the job. Big mistake.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  26. OMG, if Sleepy gets elected, the world will end!

    I try not to pay attention to elections, but aside from (I assume) one, 3rd party candidate, has there been any talk of too much government?

  27. @Wyatt

    Trump needs doorkickers on election night and the days following, ready to go in and look for fraudulent ballots with forensics analysis.

    Won’t matter.

    The liberal media and, more importably, the liberal social media would completely black it out. And good luck trying to convene congressional hearings when you control neither branch of said congress.

  28. Thomasina says:

    Biden pops in and out of Alzheimer’s. He keeps it on a shelf and brings it out when needed.

    If he is indicted over taking bribes from Ukraine and China, Alzheimer, his tried and trusty friend, will be put on full display.

    Cagey old man.

    • Replies: @Anon 2
  29. The question this has raised is no longer whether Joe has “lost a step” — few deny that — but whether he retains sufficient mental acuity to be a decisive leader of the free world for the next four years.

    What “free world” is the author talking about here? Perhaps one in which the American aristocracy has the unfettered freedom to screw over the rest of us, or otherwise bomb us all into submission…

  30. Michelle says:

    I agree with you. When I saw the first debate, I realized I had been fooled by propaganda and, that Biden, though elderly, is not suffering from senile dementia. Fake news and wishful thinking on our part.

    • Agree: dfordoom
    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  31. Most of this agenda –
    1. Reparations
    2. Add 4 more yrs to public ed.
    3. De-militarize the police.
    4. Naturalize the DACA kids.
    5. Redistribution downward.
    6. Emergency climate restrictions and conservation.
    7. Single payer health care.

    8., 9. 10., …Defund the Pentagon & entire criminal National Security apparatus.

    -is long overdue.

  32. Katie B. says:

    Biden will destroy the country. More than 100 million working-age Americans are now jobless, and 30% of US households face hunger and food insecurity.

    Asked if he’d shut down US economic activity if advised to take this step by “scientists,” Biden said: “I would shut it down.

    If he defeats Trump in November, his domestic agenda may worsen economic crisis conditions.”

    Excerpt from:

    30 Straight Weeks: Over One Million Jobless US Workers Apply for UI

    Stephen Lendman

    • Replies: @Exile
  33. Anon 2 says:

    Doesn’t everybody know that politicians these days take
    performance enhancing drugs (e.g., nootropics like Piracetam)
    that make them look good for 2-3 hours at a time? They are
    like Viagra for the brain, and there is a whole panoply of them

  34. HalconHigh says: • Website

    Trump and Biden are both pathological lying, corporate controlled puppets.

    The Republican and Democratic parties are Criminal Enterprises.
    Just last week, they collaborated to pass HR bill 4447 which give $2.3 Billion to oil companies to combat climate change.
    Giving money to oil companies to combat climate change ?
    Yea, that’ll work.

    Meanwhile, there are ever expanding unemployment lines and long queues at the local Food Bank.

    The once great American Empire peaked decades ago.
    We are now a failed state.

    There is nothing Trump nor Biden can do to stop it.

  35. @Nancy O'Brien Simpson

    And unicorns would run free, every meal would be chocolate cake with sprinkles, and everyday will be sunny and my shit will smell like perfume.

  36. Petermx says:

    I think he has a decent chance and when I see Biden speaking to a crowd of 10 people part of me says Biden will lose in a lopsided victory for Trump. But I would put nothing past the Democrats, not even murder. Unfortunately, even otherwise decent Democrats have been caught up in this hatred, ultimately the responsibility of organized Jewry. I think the Democrats might commit massive fraud in an attempt to steal the election.

  37. @KenH

    Exactly. The slogan of the police should be “to serve and protect…….our pensions”

  38. Exile says: • Website
    @Katie B.

    More than 100 million working-age Americans are now jobless, and 30% of US households face hunger and food insecurity.

    And Trump’s been president for four years – what has he done for working Americans (other than muh best evah Blacks and Hispanics)?

    What has he done to create jobs for anyone? Handing out half-a-trillion in reparations b/c “Ice Cube Summit” doesn’t count.

    He gave his Zionist donor class and shabbos buddies in the 1% a tax cut, handed the entire U.S. economy to Blackrock and let Jewish-led vulture capital drain well over 6 of the $7 trillion in covid relief handed out so far.

    Never forget the 6 trillion, Whitey.

    Biden’s no less a tool for the Jerusalem-NYC-Davos set but if you think Trump is “fighting for you,” you’re being tricked.

  39. @davidgmillsatty

    Why wasn’t Harris’s eligibility for the office legally challenged when she was put on Biden’s ticket? If Biden wins it would be too late as she would already be VP, thus how could she be stopped from becoming POTUS when Biden either resigns, is removed by the 25th Amendment, or if he dies?

    Another Senator who has questionable eligibility is Ted Cruz. He was born in Canada and spent the first few years of his life there, though his mother was a US citizen, but his Cuban immigrant father was not. Trump did question Cruz’s eligibility in the 2016 campaign, but nothing was done about it.

    Trump made a big deal about Obama’s eligibility for the office, but I think that objection did not hold water. His birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii to a US citizen mother, which should have been enough. His African father was not even around when he was born, so why would his non-citizen status be relevant?

    IMHO, both Harris and Cruz have dubious eligibility for the office. But, since nothing has been done about it, a precedent has been set watering down what it means to be a “natural born citizen.” I suppose that, even if Kamala’s parents had been in the US illegally (which was not the case), she would still be deemed eligible under the ever flexible expanding standard.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  40. After all these years Pat Buchanan should know Presidential elections are already decided on before the voting even starts. The powers in charge wouldn’t have it any other way. If they want Trump again he’ll win … if not Joe/K. Harris will win.

  41. @follyofwar

    It has to be challenged in court by someone with standing and it has to be a real case or controversy. The court can not give an advance opinion of Harris’ qualifications. If she is not elected, there is no case or controversy for a court to decide.

    Who has standing is also a huge hurdle. The average citizen or tax payer may not. A political party may have standing though.

  42. @Michelle

    There have been many times when Biden became very confused. That will only become more common. There’d be no problem if he became a Prime Minister because a PM can be easily replaced by his supporters in parliament. There’d be no problem if he was a humble man who’d retire if it became difficult for him to continue. In a competitive party system, politicians may lie if their leader is in trouble, refuses to step down and has the power to make it politically difficult to replace him.

    This is a flaw in the Presidential system not in Biden himself. On the positive side, it’s a situation that will happen rarely and it’s by no means certain that Biden will deteriorate fast enough for a problem to even exist if he becomes President. You can function well if you get confused if you have the time to wait for it to pass and Biden doesn’t seem to need much time.

    If you’re referring to the Republican hope that Biden would make a fool of himself in his campaign, you’re right. He’d have to struggle to do worse than some of his previous confusions and they didn’t affect his popularity. That’s always been just a dream with a chance of coming true, a real chance but a tiny one. [email protected]

    • Replies: @Michelle
  43. @davidgmillsatty

    Selection of V/P is, firstly, a matter for the electors to decide. Secondly, the US House.

    (In mid-December, electors meet in their (dis-) respective state capitals. I don’t know whether candidates, at those proceedings, first need to be nominated/seconded. I can imagine that an ineligible nominee would be challenged on-the-spot.)

    In January, when the ballots are counted, should the process produce a controversial, final result (e.g. a purported ineligible had received >= 270 votes), any of the electors could sue in DC court.

    Assuming that the political-hack, special interest and lawyer-dominated court would void the electoral tally, as there’s no procedure for a do-over, the process would advance to the House.

    Once there, the US representatives would have to slug it out and (unilaterally) decide the matter. Under Article 1 §5, Congress makes its own rules.

  44. lysias says:

    Weren’t all the nisei born in this country to noncitizen Japanese parents before WWII citizens from birth? Hasn’t that long been settled law?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  45. Michelle says:
    @Donald A Thomson

    You hit it. Biden is no worse now than he has always been. He always has stuttered and misspoken and though of above average intelligence, is not an intellectual. A male Sarah Palin.

  46. Anon[849] • Disclaimer says:

    Leftist forums have changed their comments section to a new style, to wit, no comments no debate. Wins for the left, every time. lol

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  47. @Johnny Smoggins

    The politically instructed craven police misbehavior in Charlottesville is a clear indicator of the loyalties of many of the hired gun Pay & Pension wranglers.
    However, political and belief Fracturing among The Enforcers may well complicate things.
    This, apparent in current year Sheriffs vs. Metros.
    This fracturing happened in the early days of The War Between The States.
    Also, be reminded that the Union military put down the New York City draft riots, as instructed and commanded. Posse Comitatus be damned.
    Let the harsh, scary Reality of Cokehead Obongo’s purge of Flag and Command military officers sink into tough brain tissue.
    You believe the masses of BLAX, Bean Munchers and Wahmyn in police and military forces is a fluke or an accident ?
    No No No No No…They are The Flying Chimpanzee forces of the ruling (((Wicked Witch)))…
    that will do as they are commanded,
    and they have more destructive firearms and ordnance than civilians have…
    as The Founders NEVER intended.

  48. oldguy says:

    Of course he can Pat. Can’t you see the big rabbit ears sticking up out of the hat?

  49. @Anon

    Leftist forums have changed their comments section to a new style, to wit, no comments no debate. Wins for the left, every time. lol

    I think we knew that all mainstream media would turn off the comments or heavily censor them like the NYTimes.

    The left just can’t handle open debate. They depend too heavily on indoctrination.

    Was a shame that yahoo turned off comments.

    Well temporarily at least which probably means until after the election.

  50. No chance Trump could lose a fair election. But, their is a good chance it is not going to be fair at all. The fix is in, and it is so obvious they do not even attempt to hide their intentions. If nothing else, the cult is predictable. Their disciples all react to every event in the exact same way globally due to having no allegiances to anybody but themselves, and every decision comes from the same place. It has all been planned beforehand and nothing is random or by accident. It is all scripted.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  51. @lysias

    Weren’t all the nisei born in this country to noncitizen Japanese parents before WWII citizens from birth? Hasn’t that long been settled law?

    It’s not about citizen. It’s about natural-born citizen.

    Allow Miss Coulter to explain the difference:

    She’s wrong to assert that Ted Cruz is definitely not eligible for the top two offices; the truth is, the matter has yet to be determined in the courts. Nobody is right… yet.

  52. If

    the truth is, the matter has yet to be determined in the courts

    then why bother with a written Constitution?

    Robes rule rubes.

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