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Can Poland be Poland -- and Stay in the EU?
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“Let Poland be Poland!”

That was the call of American conservatives, four decades ago, when the Solidarity movement of labor leader Lech Walesa arose in the port city of Gdansk to demand their freedom of the Communist system imposed upon Poland by the Soviet Union after World War II.

A decade later, Poland broke free of the Soviet Bloc and Warsaw Pact, and later joined the European Union and NATO.

The question that has arisen today also has to do with issues of Polish identity and independence.

Specifically, can Poland be Poland — and still remain in the EU?

In recent years, the ruling Law and Justice Party has revised its governmental structures. The judiciary has been subordinated, brought under greater central supervision and control, and a disciplinary chamber has been established and empowered to remove judges.

Such action, says the EU Commission in Brussels, violates basic EU law, which applies to all member states and trumps national law.

Brussels wants the chamber abolished.

Moreover, on issues such as homosexuality, abortion and the media, the Polish government has taken stands more consistent with its Catholic traditions than with the social agenda of a secularized Europe.

The same holds true for the Hungary of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Poland and Hungary are ostracized as “illiberal democracies.”

At a rally of tens of thousands in Budapest Saturday, Orban told supporters that Washington, the EU in Brussels, and billionaire George Soros are using their money, media and networks to bring to power the Hungarian leftist opposition in next April’s parliamentary elections.

“But what matters,” said a defiant Orban, “is not what they in Brussels, in Washington and in the media, which is directed from abroad, want. It will be Hungarians deciding about their own fate.

“Our strength is in our unity … We believe in the same values: family, nation and a strong and independent Hungary.”

Let Hungary be Hungary.

In this social-cultural-moral clash inside the EU, outsider Vladimir Putin comes down on the side of the traditionalists and nationalists in countries where Christianity retains a hold against secularism.

This weekend, Moscow released excerpts of Putin’s blistering attack on a woke West at last week’s gathering of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi:

“We’re surprised to see things happening in countries that see themselves as flagships of progress,” said Putin. “The struggle for equality and against discrimination turns into aggressive dogmatism verging on absurdity.

“Opposing racism is a necessary and noble thing, but the new ‘culture of abolition’ turns into ‘reverse discrimination’ … Here in Russia the absolute majority of our citizens don’t care what color a person’s skin is.

“People who dare to say that men and women still exist as a biological fact are almost ostracized … not to mention the simply monstrous fact that children today are taught from a young age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa.

“Let’s call a spade a spade: This simply verges on crimes against humanity under the banner of progress.”

In the clash between Poland and the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged that a solution be found acceptable to both, rather than engaging in a long and bitter battle that leaves one side victorious and the other estranged.

Yet, today, Poland is being threatened with economic sanctions, including a possible withholding of annual EU stipends and money set aside for EU nations to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Responding to these threats, Prime Minster Mateusz Morawiecki is accusing the EU of “blackmailing” Poland and holding a “gun to our head.”

“If you want to make Europe into a nation-less superstate,” says Morawiecki, “first gain the consent of all European countries and societies for this.”

Membership in the EU is popular in Poland, and the government has not threatened a walkout, a “Polexit,” like the “Brexit” that British Tories voted for in 2016 and carried out.


Still, Brussels fears that successful Polish defiance of its demands could lead other EU nations to make demands, and the grand project of creating a European superstate, a One Europe whose member nations are accorded limited rights similar to those of the 50 states of the American Union, could collapse and fall apart.

National governments receive from membership in the EU not only the benefits of open markets, free trade and travel from one nation to another, but also, for nations like Poland and others in eastern and southern Europe, annual transfer of wealth from the EU.

The chokehold the EU has on its members is money. Brussels can cut off the funds transferred annually to Poland, as well as funds voted to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, together a goodly slice of Poland’s GDP.

The questions raised by the rebellious Poles are fundamental: Which takes precedence, when they come into conflict, Poland’s constitution and Poland’s laws, or the laws of the European Union?

Conflict appears inevitable, and the Poles will ultimately have to decide whether their country and constitution transcend EU law, or the reverse is now true.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

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  1. Cutler says:

    Let Europe be Europe and let the EU continue its decline, Europeans will outlast the EU and its globohomo agenda.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  2. Putin:

    Opposing racism is a necessary and noble thing

    At least half the commenters in this forum must be grinding their teeth over this. And at least half of the rest must be feeling discombobulated. Right?

    Even Putin thinks you all are ignoble deplorables. What next? Trump coming out in favor of Critical Race Theory? Lol.

    • LOL: Showmethereal
    • Troll: Automatic Slim
  3. I wish the Poles success. The EU has long become a choking octopus.
    The greater question is whether the cultural “reform” associated with Polish & Hungarian resistance can win rather than the more blunt force of “exit”.

  4. BorisMay says:

    Correction 1: it was the people who voted for Brexit, not the Tories.

    Correction 2: Brexit does not mean the UK has left the EU since the British military is amalgamating with the German military.

    Correction 3: Britain is still ruled by EU law which was a condition for Brexit…or more correctly the appearance of Brexit.

  5. BorisMay says:

    In the UK the large Polish immigrant population are referred to as the ‘Polish Mafia’ because they are no different from the Italian Mafia…they run everything at the disadvantage of their hosts.

    It will be the same in the EU.

    Hungary, of course, is an artificial state which, like Belarus, has an enormous Jewish population. Comparing Hungary with Poland is a mistake.

    The Poles, live on stolen land, which used to be known as Prussia and Gdańsk should more correctly be referred to as Danzig.

    Poland, like Hungary, is an ersatz State. Artificial and no different from the illegal entity known as Israel.

    Just like Palestinians were murdered to create Israel…15 million Prussians were murdered to create Poland.

    So these Poles are a fiction…they are absolute scum and should be treated as such.

  6. Andreas says:

    That was the call of American conservatives, four decades ago, when the Solidarity movement of labor leader Lech Walesa arose in the port city of Gdansk to demand their freedom of the Communist system imposed upon Poland by the Soviet Union after World War II.

    Poland should not be underestimated. If I recall, what happened in Gdansk was the first sign of real rust in the Iron Curtain and demonstrated to the world that the Soviet Union’s influence in eastern Europe had limits. Everything seemed to begin to slowly unravel for the Soviet Union from that point on.

    Now the tables have turned and the darkness that was Communism now hangs over the West in the form of financial coercion, technocracy and the culturally perverse and soul crushing dictates of Wokism.

    Forty years ago from Poland sprung light. Today in the form of this new resistance light may spring again.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  7. Poland needs to get out of the EU now. The EU has become a freedom destroying dictatorship that destroys the cultures of the nations that are members of it.

  8. Poland can stay in the EU only if they like being treated like the Gaza Strip. They are chaffing at this new oppressed status. If you member of Globo-Homo, you live in Globo-Gaza.

  9. A123 says: • Website

    Poland’s best option is to disrupt the EU from the inside. The most dangerous EU powers require unanimous agreement by all members. Retaining membership thus provides a veto power to Polish resistance.

    They can then unilaterally retaliate against misdeeds by the German dominated EU. For example, charging export tariff on goods entering Germany from Poland. As long as Poland keeps their veto, there are few options for EU action.

    The clip below outlines Poland’s optimum strategy.

    PEACE 😇

  10. Anonymous[852] • Disclaimer says:

    We are in Poland because the Poles biggest fear is their Slavic brethren, the Russkies.

    Centuries of Scorn and Loathing: Why Warsaw’s Hate for Russia Burns so Intensely

    Last week, Warsaw announced plans to create a new defense doctrine singling out Russia as the single greatest threat to Poland, and to build up its military capabilities accordingly. Days earlier, Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz indicated that the Polish Navy would like to obtain at least four new submarines to ‘protect’ the Baltic Sea (from Russia, naturally)…

    The U.S. military now occupies Poland and it’s now, de facto, a fully-controlled entity of the U.S. to do with as we please. Seriously. But it’s a good thing. Poland needs some Western diversity. They crave it. Mark my words< it’ll be transformed faster than Germany or Ireland.

    Poland welcomes thousands of American troops with open arms [and legs]

    Soldiers of 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division arrive in Żagań, Poland as part of NATO exercise Atlantic Resolve.

    • Replies: @raga10
    , @Joe Paluka
    , @Derer
  11. @Black Athena

    Putin’s comment continues the unbroken line of politicians who never bullshit anyone.

  12. KenH says:
    @Black Athena

    You seem to have missed Putin’s comments about wokeness leading to anti-white racism:

    Opposing racism is a necessary and noble thing, but the new ‘culture of abolition’ turns into ‘reverse discrimination’

    Also, Putin and the Russians do care about color contrary to their high minded public statements otherwise they’d be allowing large numbers of black African and brown Muslim refugees into Russia.

    Besides, America negroes like you are the most race obsessed people on earth so you’re a typical black hypocrite in daring to cast stones at us.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Anon
  13. What is going on with Slovakia that Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary can’t leave the EU and form an economic treaty with each other? Strictly a union of markets – not cultural! Everybody keep their own culture. But their armies could go on joint maneuvers.

    I know these countries profit financially from EU membership. But they have sold their soul. Though, in their defense, when they signed up for the EU so many years ago they had no idea that there would be efforts to strongarm them to accept thousands of Arab and African rapeugees, and teach their children that there are 39 genders and you can identify as any or all of them. They were probably deceived.

  14. @Joe Paluka

    That seems to be a theme in the West these days. I wonder (((who))) is behind it?

  15. The EU is a left-wing abomination. It was originally conceived to be a large economic/trading alliance, with free movement of fellow Europeans between borders, and a common currency of the Euro. A United States of Europe, so to speak.

    It didn’t take long for all the wrong people to become EU ministers, administrators, advisors, etc., and now it is just a hyper-liberal shit show. Their highest priorities are non-White immigration, gay and tranny everything, abortion rights, quashing right-wing dissidents, outlawing free speech of nationalists, draconian Covid restrictions, climate change lunacy, and so on.

    Economics and trade? Who cares about those trivialities when there is some French boy whose parents won’t let him dress as a girl, or some 90 year old German lady questioning the Holocaust ™.

  16. Kali Ma says:

    The EU leadership is making a scene in order to placate their woke audiences at home. There is too much to lose for them for anything else to make sense.

  17. raga10 says:

    Last week, Warsaw announced plans to create a new defense doctrine singling out Russia as the single greatest threat to Poland, and to build up its military capabilities accordingly.

    LOL, was it ever any different? One of the reasons Poland folded so quickly in 1939 was that Polish military doctrine was still more concerned with fighting Soviets than Germany.

    • Replies: @Automatic Slim
  18. SafeNow says:

    aggressive dogmatism verging on absurdity.

    For a moment my reaction was that Putin was being measured in saying that woke policies are “verging on” the absurd. But I quickly reminded myself that “verging on” is polite code for “amounting to.” It’s like “with all due respect” is understood to mean “I think you’re an idiot.”

  19. @Anonymous

    The US sending its most dysfunctional trash to pollute every region on earth, with their defective genes. We can only hope that the covid shots will collapse the US military like a house of cards and they will be soon sent packing by every nation that they now occupy.

  20. @raga10

    Today, Russia is MUCH less of a long-term threat to the countries of western and eastern Europe than the EU is. I’m pretty damn sure that under Russian control, Europe would not be importing millions of unassimilable blacks and muslims. Europe could survive all of the other insanity going on… climate change hysteria, gay and tranny promotion, etc., but the displacement of the native populations will be the end.

    No civilization has ever survived the loss of its founding race.

  21. @Joe Paluka

    I am sure they would vote to leave before Christmas if it wasnt for the enormous financial contributions they enjoy from richer members like Germany(but no longer Britain of course)

  22. Can Poland be Poland — and Stay in the EU?

    This isn’t just a matter of EU pressure(under Jewish Globalist commands) but an internal one emanating from the Polish Disease.

    Polacks are self-loathing Slavs with a weak sense of identity. Historically, they’ve wanted to see themselves as ‘fellow Western Europeans’, closer to the Germans and especially the British and the French. Polacks especially look down on Russians and Yugoslavs, and they worship the French.

    A Polack will say, “WE ARE CATHOLICS” to distinguish themselves from the Orthodox Russians. And during communism, the animus wasn’t merely ideological but ethnic: “How dare those Russians force their Oriental Despotic Communism on us?”

    Many Polacks under Prussian rule opted to become New Prussians or Fellow Germans. Indeed, if Russia didn’t exist and if Poles had open access to the West, Polish identity and culture would have vanished from history, what with majority of Polacks falling all over themselves to become New Frenchmen, New Anglos, New Germans, etc. But because Poland was under Russian and then Soviet rule for a long spell, they retained their Polishness.
    That’s the great paradox of Polishness. Poles proudly assert their national identity as having survived under Russian domination, but there was little danger of Polacks losing their identity under Russian rule because Poles looked down on Russians and didn’t want to become New Russians. What they really wanted was to become New Western Europeans.
    And after the end of the Cold War, no bunch of Eastern Europeans came close to Polacks in ass-kissery, *ock-suckery, and cucky-wuckery. At every turn, Poles were sucking up to the West and saying “We are like YOU guys.” Uncle Tom Slavs, utterly despicable. Look how Poles fold under globo-homo garbage. Of course, some Poles rebel and burn homo symbols, but then, you can always trust a whole bunch of Poles to get on their knees and weep and plead, “Please, forgive us, we are good polacks, but there are bad polacks, and we pledge to do everything to punish and silence those bad polacks and force them to bend over to globo-homo… blah blah.”

    Polacks got the Polish Disease, and it’s about the most suckass servile imitation of everything ‘Western’, which is why Polacks are among the biggest worshipers of Negroes in Europe.

    An instructive moment in my life. I had a polacko friend and a Jewish friend. The polacko friend went to Poland to study for few years and came back. And he was telling the Jewish friend how ashamed he is of those bad polacks who still espouse ‘antisemitic’ views. He wanted benediction from the Jewish kid as a good polack because he squeals on bad polacks. Can you imagine a Jew detailing the countless ways Jews have been nasty to Poles and goyim in general and then begging for approval and forgiveness from a goy? No way! But Polacks act this way. It’s disgusting.

    But the Polish Disease now faces a Polish Conundrum. In the past, Western Europe was clearly more advanced and creative than the East. Also, the West was whiter and gloriously rae-ist because Russians were mixed with Asiatics and Turkics. So, at least in the past, Polish cuckery was to White Pride, White Identity, and White Power of the West.
    But today, the West is all about globo-homo, Holocaust worship, Afromaniacal BLM, and etc. Also, the West doesn’t even care when its churches are burned by immigrants.

    So, the Polish Disease doesn’t know what to do. It wants to be accepted by the more advanced West but the West is now nuts… while the much dreaded Russians seem far saner. But old habits die hard. Polish Disease is still alive and well, and too many Polacks still define the worth of Polishness in terms of how much they are accepted and approved by the West.

    Polacks are ho’s and it’s about time Poland was called Holand.

    • Thanks: nokangaroos
    • LOL: Anon 2
    • Replies: @Derer
    , @Black Athena
  23. @Joe Paluka

    Maybe Poland should form an eastern European economic block. They could call it the Warsaw Pact! Don’t Poles know that the West goaded them into provoking World War II, then left them to hang? Hitler wanted the return of German lands taken in 1919 by the Allies via starvation, and then wanted Poland to ally against the Soviets, who had invaded them 1920. Their dictator chose to side with the British and French, who wanted to squash Germany’s economic success. Poland was destroyed.

  24. @BorisMay

    Moving “Poland” west unto East Germany was Stalin´s idea – to make sure there could never again be peace, and it´s still working (though the number of murdered Prussians is too high by a factor of 10). The waterpolacks´hatred for their German victims is a reliable mainstay of USraeli policy in the region (Nord Stream 2 and the gas deal with Moldowa); they almost make Brussels look good. Let them vacate East Germany and retire to the Wolhynian swamps – they cannot ever afford the reparations anyway (I hear the British are short truck drivers – mebbe they wanta buy a few?). – Don´t knock the Hungarians – the treaty of Trianon was worse than Versailles (half of them live as minorities outside the mudderland). It took centuries to domesticate them, but now they are better Europeans than quite a few others.

    All that is just smoke and mirrors, to keep Europe divided. Cui bono?

    • Replies: @Derer
  25. Athena says:

    “We’re surprised to see things happening in countries that see themselves as flagships of progress,” said Putin. “The struggle for equality and against discrimination turns into aggressive dogmatism verging on absurdity.

    “People who dare to say that men and women still exist as a biological fact are almost ostracized … not to mention the simply monstrous fact that children today are taught from a young age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa.

    There are sadistic scientists who hurry to hunt down errors instead of establishing the truth.”

    Marie Sklodowska Curie

  26. Derer says:

    Don´t knock the Hungarians – the treaty of Trianon was worse than Versailles (half of them live as minorities outside the mudderland).

    On the other hand half of Hungary comprises of Slavic minorities. During the rein of Hapsburg Empire, in the Hungarian territory (around 1850), Magyars accounted for only 39% of total population.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  27. Derer says:
    @Priss Factor

    I fully agree with your excellent assessment of the Polish psyche. Strange irony, ordinary Polaks are by and large silent anti-semites but at the same time they are tolerating persistent Jewish yoke. In that respect, they are no different from Ukrainians or Americans and Brits or French.

    • LOL: Anon 2
  28. Poland should leave the EU. This is the problem with international organizations – loss of sovereignty.

  29. @Priss Factor

    Polacks are among the biggest worshipers of Negroes in Europe.

    This is true. While much of Europe (Catholic and Orthodox) has long worshipped the Black Madonna with Black Infant Jesus, it is Poland that made the Black Madonna its national icon.

    You are wrong to claim the Poles are imitating western europeans. They are actually imitating the ancient Egyptians, via Christianized Rome. The Black Madonna with Infant Jesus is a direct copy of the Egyptian Goddess Isis with her son Horus. There is nothing about this worship that can be traced back to Israel.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  30. @Derer

    The Hungarian Reichshälfte (administrative unit) was over triple the size and included Slovakia, Croatia and good parts of Romania and Austria;
    modern nationalism is an unintended consequence of the Napoleonic Wars
    (that the Hungarians needed the biggest parliament in Europe only so their
    representatives could pistol duel indoors is no doubt malevolent propaganda 😛 ).

    Again, all the current brouhaha is directed from the outside – a third of the
    “European” Parliament is West Asian, a third is wholly owned, and the rest
    are cowed (sound familiar?)
    (Oh, and it´s “Habsburg”; bbbbb. And the original Habsburg is now in
    Switzerland 😀 )

  31. @Black Athena

    – The iconography Isis -> Madonna is undisputed, but no one ever pictured
    either (or Athena, for that matter) as black; more probable is they went cheap
    on the icons and used metallic copper for the faces (which gives a particular
    warm and radiant skin tone – for a time).
    Romanesque frescoes of green-faced apostles are widespread
    (please don´t tell Däniken 😀 ).

    • Replies: @Black Athena
  32. @Black Athena

    He has to nod in the direction of anti-racism but he has a clear understanding of what being Russian means.

    • Replies: @Black Athena
  33. @BorisMay

    Turning over a huge chunk of Prussia to Poland after WW1 was the most devastating part of the Versailles treaty. It made no sense relative to the other terms. Returning Alsace-Lorraine to France, surrendering its colonies (ie addition by subtraction) and even the war indemnity were things Germany could have lived with. Poland didn’t even exist prior to the war, and only came into being after the sound thrashing Germany handed to the Russian Empire. A smaller Poland, consisting of a little less than half of its present territory and a large part of eastern Ukraine and Belarus was something everyone could have lived with. And most importantly, there would have been no tripwire to WW2. It’s unlikely Hitler would have had any designs on the smaller, Danzig-less Poland, and may have found them a useful ally and buffer against Stalin.

  34. “Brussels wants the chamber (with the power to discipline and remove judges) abolished.”

    Look what happened to the USA. Judges blocked prop 187, Trump’s executive orders, and approved the incarceration punishment of January 6 political prisoners. Judges have run amok in the US.

    They need elected oversight.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  35. Some Germans still can’t get over Versailles.

    Germans are a lot like Muslims. When they have the upper hand, their arrogance is second to none. When they pick a fight and lose it, they lament and whine about being treated unfairly and discriminated.

    That mentality must be the reason why Muslims like to immigrate to Germany.

  36. @Andreas

    What is the likelihood of a CIA campaign to oust the current Polish and Hungarian governments?

  37. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Blame NATO for the refugees. They destabilize countries and cause ppl to flee.

  38. Derer says:

    Polaks are pathological complainers and perpetual peddlers, nobody can figure out what they want. Poland’s criminal government sent their young boys to die in Afghanistan just to please Washington. Do not count on their love affair with the Americans yoke will last, their chewing gums and cigarette era is long gone. They keep kissing West’s as… despite their tourist buses are soiled with eggs and tomatoes over there.

    • LOL: Anon 2
  39. @nokangaroos

    more probable is they went cheap
    on the icons and used metallic copper for the faces (which gives a particular
    warm and radiant skin tone – for a time).

    Laughing at your cope.


    The term Black Madonna or Black Virgin tends to refer to statues or paintings in Western Christendom of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus, where both figures are depicted as black. The Black Madonna can be found both in Catholic and Orthodox countries.

    The paintings are usually icons which are Byzantine in origin or style, some made in 13th- or 14th-century Italy, others are older and from the Middle East, Caucasus or Africa, mainly Egypt and Ethiopia. Statues are often made of wood but occasionally made of stone, painted and up to 75 cm (30 in) tall.

    There are about 400–500 Black Madonnas in Europe, depending on how they are classified. There are at least 180 Vierges Noires in Southern France alone, and there are hundreds of non-medieval copies as well. Some are in museums, but most are in churches or shrines and are venerated by believers. Some are associated with miracles and attract substantial numbers of pilgrims.

    The Jungian scholar, Ean Begg, has conducted a study into the potential pagan origins of the cult of the black madonna and child.[1] Another speculated cause for the dark-skinned depiction is due to pre-Christian deities being re-envisioned as the Madonna and child.

    Some scholars chose to investigate the significance of the dark-skinned complexion to pilgrims and worshipers rather than focus on whether or not this depiction was intentional. This is an important subject because many Black Madonnas turn the shrines in which they are housed into some of the most revered pilgrimage sites, by virtue of their presence. Monique Scheer, one of these scholars, attributes the importance of the dark-skinned depiction to its connection with authenticity. The reason for this connection is the perceived age of the figures and the idea that these depictions are more accurate to historical Mary since many of the works are eastern in origin and since Mary herself likely had dark skin.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  40. @Irish Savant

    He has to nod in the direction of anti-racism but he has a clear understanding of what being Russian means.

    That was no mere ‘nod’. Saying that fighting racism is ‘necessary’ and ‘noble’ is a strong affirmation of his anti-racism credentials.

    As leader of a multi-racial nation Putin has to be anti-racist. Plus, the Russian majority is itself racially mongrelized to a great extent, which is perhaps the main reason why central and western europeans fear and loathe Russia.

    Putin himself is a good example of this mongrelization. His doppelgänger is a chinese peasant:

  41. @Black Athena

    … no doubt coincident with the cult of St. Afra (apocryphal slave of
    Mary Magdalene and patron saint of STDs).

  42. tania says:

    have you attended any school?
    what about israel-ersatz state?
    kindergarten mind that’s all cobraborisso

  43. @Black Athena

    Putin is right, The West needs to stamp out the racism of blacks who seem to think they have a right of access to Whites and their works.

    Get on it.

    • Agree: mike99588
  44. Thanks Jews.

    • Replies: @USA1943
  45. USA1943 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Can 8 Year old Determine their sexual Interest’s? The brain is not nearly developed at age 8. Are the teachers pressuring these young kids to believe that? If so they should be fired. Kids that young should not be talking about that.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  46. @Cutler

    To outlast anything, one must actually, you know, have children. The future belongs to people who exist, simple as that. If Europeans don’t have children and the immivaders do, Europeans won’t outlast the EU and the immivaders.

  47. @Joe Paluka

    The same advice would seem to apply to States and counties trapped under the rule of the “United States” federal government.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  48. @beavertales

    You hit the nail on the head. Federal judges need term limits, and we should stop the absurd practice of paying them their full salary as a lifetime pension.

    The Constitution and the statutes need to be changed to knock them down a peg … or two. They need to re-learn their place, as our employees and servants, delegated very limited power as one of three coordinate branches of government. While we’re at it, let’s dispense with the outdated obsequious “Your Honor” bullshit in court as well; it encourages the arrogant attitude we see among judges.

    But symbolism and rhetoric won’t cut it, of course. When it comes to the federal courts, we need to reduce their jurisdiction, their authority, their pay, their lavish pensions and medical benefits, and their tenure in office. Judicial attitudes will change accordingly. They will learn their place.

    — no person can serve more than 15 years in a judgeship

    — no person can serve as judge in the federal system more than 25 years aggregate at any level

    — a 50% reduction in judges’ pensions (instead of their full working salary of $220,000 or $230,000, they’ll struggle to survive with a mere $110,000 to $115,000 annual pension — how many US Citizen taxpayers have a pension anything like that?)

    — provide the judges with the same medical and dental insurance subsidies, plan choices, premiums, and copayments as older Americans who are on Medicare

    — like the President, only native-born Americans should be eligible to serve as judges … and no dual citizens

    — The US Constitution does not even require the existence of any federal courts below the US Supreme Court. Congress can enact statutes stripping the federal courts of jurisdiction over a wide range of issues, and they should. Strip the judicial tyrants of jurisdiction over the many issues that the Tenth Amendment reserves to the States or the people, i.e. any issue or function that is not expressly enumerated as a power of the federal government. Be sure to eliminate their jurisdiction over border security, immigration, and naturalization issues as well.

  49. @BorisMay

    The world was a safer place when Poland was a province in the Czarist empire. Much is made of Germany’s supposed myth of “Aryan superiority” but the racist, ethnocentric ideology of “Pan-Slavism” has vanished from popular historical memory. As soon as they were given a national existence again in 1919, on land stolen from Germany and Russia, Poles began attacking their neighbors. Occupying Kiev in 1920. Starting pogroms against Jews in 1936 and against ethnic Germans before that. Stealing the iron-rich eastern part of Czechoslovakia in 1938 after Germany reclaimed her Sudeten territory in the west. Rejecting Germany’s sweeping concessions to end their border dispute and form an alliance against Stalin. Scheming to conquer another hundred miles of German land in an invasion plan code-named “Case West” in 1939. Refusing to return to the negotiating table, when Germany twice offered to withdraw her armed forces in return for reasonable cooperation from the stubborn military dictatorship that had overthrown the republic thirteen years earlier. And now the Polish government has just criminalized mentioning Poles’ zealous cooperation with Germans in rounding up Jews during the war.

  50. KenH says:

    and a disciplinary chamber has been established and empowered to remove judges.

    The U.S. needs a mechanism to remove and permanently disbar radical left wing judges and bleeding heart “conservative” judges who continue to run roughshod over the Constitution and civil liberties mainly using “civil rights” laws and other means.

    Thanks to radical judges the concept of civil rights continues to expand like the universe to the point where it now constitutes a new Constitution that supersedes the original Constitution written by those dead white males.

  51. Rob McX says:

    The EU tries to be like the Mafia – you can only leave it in a coffin.

  52. Vaterland says:

    I find it fascinating: the very man who wrote Hitler, Churchill and the Unnecessary War who argued that Britain’s one-sided backing of and unsubstantiated guarantees to Poland in a conflict in which Germany was essentially right, helped to escalate a European border conflict into a world war, wrote this article. Arguing for American intervention in Poland, already America’s landed aircraft carrier in Europe, seeking to escalate a passing ideological fad which will be forgotten in five or ten years to a break up of Europe under the current conditions of total global power conflict. And of course all the enemies of Europe rally in the comments to shill. But not only are these threats and death wishes entirely empty; since one or two decades it was sure that the American Empire would end like the British, now replaced by China. But that it would end exactly the same way is quite astonishing. We really don’t learn from history, but may history learn from us.

    This is only more devastating, if we look at the reality that the current problems of Europe are largely caused by the unholy trinity of the Globalist American Empire:
    1.) Wars for Israel (and Saudi-Arabia), primarily in Iraq and Syria, and we can easily count Sarkozy’s and Hillary Clinton’s murderous destruction of Libya which was the true prelude to the 2015 refugee crisis among them.
    2.) The import of the civilization destroying ideology of the USA’s Cultural Revolution; gay pride parades, third wave feminism, trans-genderism, critical race theory, the first cultural revolution of the 1960s – they were and remain sole products of America’s cultural industry and hybrid psychological warfare, both in Europe and Asia
    3.) America’s own geo-political and imperial actions in the post 9/11 world which is the single greatest factor in pressuring all Europeans to turn the European Union into something which it initially was not intended to be. – Germany today does not wish to dominate anyone; the same cannot be said for the USA. And just how little America’s games between, for example, Tucker Carlson and Viktor Orbán have to do with traditional Christianity and just how much with Likud and its own ambitions to remain the sole global superpower is quite blatant for everyone to see who matters.

    Furthermore, despite all the big talk of Americans, the facts are quite clear: Europe has invested more into Frontex than America will ever invest into its own border security; the EU’s external borders are under control, America’s Southern Border is a mess and whereas Europeans fear to become in a minority in their ancestral homelands, Americans already are – with no turnaround in sight. And unlike the MIGA presidency of Donald Trump, populism has actually delivered in Europe – largely outside of the UK and West-Germany which are Europe’s most Americanized parts.

    For now there remains America’s economic pole position; just how much of this economy is actually smoke and mirrors will be revealed in the upcoming years. And the effects for the entire world economy will be quite dramatic! I know that many, especially here, may blame the Jews for it, but it is no excuse: 2 million people demonstrated in Berlin alone against the Iraq War, dissidents of the DDR and Eastern Block had warned since two decades about the rise of the NSA-Tech Industry Complex and the ascent of liberalism, mixed with the surveillance state, to a totalitarian ideology itself. Gerhard Schröder and Jacque Chirac had proven that, against all odds, opposition was possible. They were scolded, ridiculed and in America’s New World Order called traitors for defending peace, international law and opposition to wars of aggression. In the post 9/11 world America has not only abandoned its core principles, it has lost its dignity and finally, in 2020, it has lost its mind.

    • Thanks: nokangaroos
  53. Anon 2 says:

    It’s amusing how Poland, a small country in Central Europe, has
    so many posters here literally foaming at the mouth. They’ve never
    lived in Poland, probably never even visited the place, and yet Poland
    lives rent free inside their heads. Similarly, the number of Polish-Americans
    is relatively small, presumably 10 million, but most of them have intermarried
    with other ethnicities, mostly Catholic – Italian, Irish, and German – and have
    blended into simply white Americans. Rep. Rostenkowski’s daughter changed her
    name to Rosten which nobody will identify as Polish. Martha Stewart, whose
    both parents were Polish, kept her married name, and most people probably
    don’t even know she has Polish ancestry.

    It’s normal to have negative feelings about large countries, like, say,
    the United States, Russia, or Germany, because large countries, being large,
    have generally done a lot of evil in their history. Small countries, like
    Slovenia, don’t start world wars. But to be consumed with such hatred toward
    a small country that was partitioned by Russia, Prussia, and Austria, and didn’t
    even exist from 1795 to 1918, that clearly is a case for psychiatry to dissect.

  54. Pan says:

    It is utterly insane behavior but quite common here. Most are nazi sympathizers who are eternally enraged that Poland refused to enable Lebensraum schemes by allying with, collaborating with, or surrendering to their hero, Adolph Hitler. They greatly resent that Poland was essentially alone amongst east European nations in taking that courageous stance. And they especially resent the fact that Poland ultimately became a bone in the throat for their beloved Adolph by deflecting his megalomaniac aggression into an anihilating two-front war. Like blow-hard Pat Buchanan, when the historical karmic justice of nazi self-destruction becomes too much to accept, many of them like to retreat into a victim stance and pretend that Adolph never had any large scale aggressive intentions until he was “forced into it” by Poland’s defiance. Less commonly, some of the mouth foamers are commie sympathizers. They like the great patriotic war propaganda but experience cognitive dissonance when the Polish narrative exposes their Molotov-Ribbentrop pact heroes as disgraced co-starters of WWII. What both have in common is their hatred of an honorable and heroic nation.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  55. HbutnotG says:
    @Automatic Slim

    No country of mixed ethnics ever had a stable history. The Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Russia/Ukraine, Spain/Catalonia, England Scotland, India, Malaysia – only kept together BY FORCE – often brutal.

    And no place with mixed races was ever stable either (South Africa, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit). It’s basic human nature. If you don’t look or act like me I don’t really want you around.

    You can’t fight human nature which requires segregation, but somebody is trying awful hard to do so.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  56. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Historically Africans and Muslims migrated to the west because they tended to speak English, French, Italian etc., but no Eastern European language. Many Africans fought in the armies of the allies during the world wars. Also the west is where money, jobs, and comfort are. Eastern European themselves migrate to the west. Their economies’ demand for labour is weak.

    When Hungary opposed Syrian migration to Europe, it was opposing them going to the west, and no one refugee wanted to stay in Hungary. Why would they when they know the jobs are in the west. But Hungarians feared that the Syrians are competing for the jobs in the west that Hungarians believed belonged to them.

    Russia does allow some migration from Muslim neigbouring countries it gave independence to.

  57. HbutnotG says:

    Just look at Poland over the centuries.

    Its biggest mistake was trying to include Lithuanians, “Ukrainians” (actually semi-Russians) Bohemians, even Hungarians and some Saxons into its realm. So, it repeatedly suffered from dispersal of priorities and the monoethnic “Polish” thing (which is that country’s raison d’etre) so easily got washed out. Polexit offers a glimmer of hope that Poles are finally realizing this.

    “Poland” was once the largest country in Europe. But the population was largely anything but “Polish” when you think about it. It was at the epicenter of the so-called “fracture zone” in later Europe and as such was unable to avoid conflicts, invasions, wars, disruptions, secessions, and the like in a day & age when that was clearly enough to all but eliminate that place.

    A country must be uniethnic, unicultural, and not ashamed of it in order to survive.

    “I’d rather have a little Old Crow than a lot of anything else” was a phrase applicable to way more things than whiskey.

  58. @Pan

    … where to begin?
    – Sobieski was not unhappy to see Germans and Turks massacre each other so he purposely arrived late at the Kahlenberg but laid claim to all the laurels –
    we see it´s not a twentieth century thingy.
    The last smart Pole was Pilsudski (who had not forgotten who fought by his side against Budjonnij and his Cossack Lives Matter);
    but they outnumbered and outgunned the parts of the Wehrmacht that could be spared against them, and the oats were strong with them.
    – As a result Poland was partitioned again, and the Poles now dwell in East Germany courtesy of their Lord Protector – first Stalin, then rather seamlessly USrael – and the lusts of their Lord Protector they will do (lest they be evicted).
    We can conclude:
    1) “Poland” will be Poland, never you worry.
    2) “Poland” will not be allowed to polexit cuz it is of more value as a dagger in
    Germany´s derriére.
    3) When “Poland” has poked Germany enough the Anglozios will come to their rescue again; I mean they always do … right? Right?

    All that said, in the (superficial) current case the Poles are fully within their rights and the “European” governments deserve to be flogged for not telling the
    (((European))) Court of “Justice” to stuff their finding where they pulled it from.
    That leaves this little thing of the current gas crisis (USraeli instigation but
    Polish manufacture with some Danish assembly) …

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  59. @nokangaroos

    – As already noted, only the Jew gets fat from these divisions.
    The border between Po-mer and Po-land makes about as much sense as the one between Serbia and Croatia; for all intents and purposes Prussians are Slavs (and Czechs are Germans, but you better not tell either).
    I expect these borders to lose some of their odium (though not quite back to the days of
    August der Starke or Przemysl Ottokar) – after all what are the last 200 years? –
    and cultural spheres to reassert themselves, like the Hanse (already underway)
    and the Order (it was stronger than I 😛 ) …
    and try as I might I don´t see Poland as part of the Anglosphere.

  60. anarchyst says:

    It’s recruitment by the LGBTQXYZ homosexual pedophilia crowd. ALL of the previous-named human aberrations are mental illness, nothing more.
    (((They))) need to recruit young impressionable children in order to bolster their numbers. Homosexuals and pedophiles have been doing that for years. It has become somewhat “mainstream” with the left, who has controlled public education for decades.
    The chickens have indeed come home to roost…

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