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By the Numbers, a Failing President
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If the left believed that draping the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021, around the neck of former President Donald Trump and the party that refused to repudiate him would sink the GOP, it appears to have miscalculated.

For, as the left painted the Capitol riot as an “armed insurrection,” “domestic terrorism,” “attempted coup,” and political atrocity that stands beside Pearl Harbor and 9/11 as “a day that will live in infamy,” Republicans were displacing the Democrats as America’s first party.

Democrats began 2021 as the preferred party of 49% of the country. Only 40% identified as Republicans.

When 2022 began, the standings had been reversed.

Forty-two percent of Americans identified as Democrats, and 47% as Republicans, a turnaround of 14 points.

While President Joe Biden began 2021 with an approval rating in the mid-50s, he ended the year with an approval rating in the low 40s. One national poll showed Biden’s approval rating sinking to 33%.

On Wednesday, a Politico/Morning Consult survey came out that showed that 37% of Americans awarded Biden a grade of “F” for his first year, with another 12% giving him a “D.” School kids with grades like that risk being held back a year or expelled.

On his handling of the issues of immigration and restoring national unity, 40% of Americans flunked Biden. On the economy, 38% gave him an “F.”

Also, in that Politico survey, 68% of respondents said America is on the “wrong track,” more than twice the number who believe she is heading in the “right direction.”

In this same survey, Biden’s overall approval stands at 40%.

What is the message that the totality of these numbers conveys?

Democrat and media obsession with Jan. 6, their vast exaggeration of what happened, and the campaign to indict the GOP as a mortal threat to “American democracy” has failed as a strategy. And Biden’s presidency is seen by the people he leads as a failing presidency.

If the election of 2022 were held next Tuesday, Democrats would be swept from power in both houses of Congress, and a Republican Congress would face a lame-duck President Joe Biden for the next two years.

And it is hard to see any deus ex machina waiting in the wings to prevent what is coming: gridlocked U.S. government from 2023 to 2025.

Indeed, when one considers the political situation one year after Biden’s inauguration and 10 months before the 2022 elections, how Biden turns things around for himself, his presidency and his party is not easy to see.

The foremost issue in the public mind is the economy, inflation in particular. The consumer price index has been surging at 7%. But for the Federal Reserve to put on the brakes to control inflation could mean a major hit in the stock market, which was robust in Biden’s first year.

If Biden is fighting stagflation by the fourth quarter of calendar year 2022 — as Jimmy Carter was in 1980 — Democratic candidates will be avoiding him the way Stacey Abrams shunned him on his visit to Atlanta.


A second issue on which Biden is racking up failing grades in the public’s mind is immigration, which means the southern border across which some 2 million illegal immigrants from more than 100 countries poured in 2021. Biden has conceded that he has no chance of dealing with the crisis legislatively because of GOP opposition in Congress.

And his unhappy progressive allies would not permit Biden to employ the means necessary to halt the invasion of the country whose borders he has sworn to protect and defend.

Another issue gaining traction is the explosion of flash mob robberies and shootings and killings in Democratic-run cities, coupled with the perception that progressives are soft on criminals and tough on cops.

Saturday, a week ago, Michelle Alyssa Go, a 40-year-old New Yorker, was shoved to her death in front of a subway train at Times Square station by a “homeless” person.

Atrocities like this are now almost daily fare, and the stories and video are moving public opinion back to the law-and-order attitudes that worked so well for the Republican Party in the Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan eras.

As for the coronavirus, the Biden administration neither anticipated nor prepared for the delta and omicron variants. And no one knows where we will be next November — hopefully, in a better place.

As of now, Biden is a drag on the Democratic Party at the national level, and very probably in the off-year election in November.

What began his slide in public approval last August was a foreign policy debacle, the perception of a bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

And how Biden handles the Ukraine crisis ginned up by Russian President Vladimir Putin may come to be seen as a reflection of his mastery of foreign policy, or his ineptitude.

Ukraine could be determinant in history’s judgment of Biden’s presidency.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Democratic Party, Joe Biden 
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  1. “37% of Americans awarded Biden a grade of “F” for his first year, with another 12% giving him a “D.” School kids with grades like that risk being held back a year or expelled.”
    I don’t know about the US, but in Aust’ those failing kids would simply move ahead a grade. That’s why you get kids in year 10, even 11, who can’t even construct a sentence.
    As for Biden — & as expected — he’s a god-awful president.
    However, I have a problem with this view (not that it’s unexpected either).
    “And how Biden handles the Ukraine crisis ginned up by Russian President Vladimir Putin”
    The “crisis” is one the US has steadily ratcheted up for 30 years (& not something Putin has “ginned” up) A few sensible concessions, rather than more pathological “exceptionalism” & the “crisis” might be averted.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @ProfessorChops
  2. Altai says:

    The problem is there is absolutely no tolerance by the mainstream parties for any pro-social populist politicians. The Western world has run out of politicians, now we just have managers.

    Anyone with any ability to deal with the problems will be torpedoed because the people with the most influence don’t see any of the socially-destabilising problems as problems.

    The problem of certain groups and interests not being possible to articulate without social death for people in cities, students in universities or people at work means the toxic effects of the influential anti-social economics of the neoliberals or the anti-social values of the woke has not be dealt with. Generations have grown up and been groomed to see certain values and tropes as morally superior no matter how much they hurt them and they are aware of them hurting them.

    Biden right now is listening to his dumb advisers and claiming he isn’t an economic populist (Saying he isn’t a ‘socialist’ which makes me think these advisers just look at Facebook and QAnon posting to see what non-Dems are thinking) thinking this will help.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  3. roonaldo says:

    Gedoutahere, dog-faced pony soldier! Cantcha read plain English, tell up from down, see the nose on yer face?

    Joey’s hip, smooth–man among people who menstruate, anchor of the titanic ship o’ state, greatest of the all-time greats!

    He’s a high-falutin’, quick-shootin’, rooty-toot-tootin’, Putin-bootin’, two term shoe-in!

    Ol’ Joe Biden–why, he’s faster than lightnin’, brave as a lion, wisest of all white men, more frightenin’ than Sean Penn!

    He turns on a dime, solves any crime, plays eight dimensional chess as he sees through time!

    Ya bunch o’ pissants!

  4. Fraudsident Shittenpants was installed by the Deep Sh*t with the blessings of BOTH halves of the uniparty. He’s not going anywhere, even if he polls negative 100.

    The mid-turds are already a wash. The first two years of Trump’s presidency, Rs had complete control of Sh*tgress and did nothing except the usual tax cuts.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • LOL: Realist
  5. Realist says:

    Biden was born an idiot…now he is braindead. The fact that anyone considers him the POTUS…the fact that anyone voted for him…the fact that anyone supports him demonstrates how far down the shitter this country has gone. Not much hope of return.

  6. I can’t understand why people still think that making Republicans more popular will accomplish anything good.

    • Replies: @Derer
  7. heymrguda says:

    Putin did not “gin up” the Ukraine crisis, it has been forged by us, link by link, for years now.

  8. BuelahMan says:

    America’s First Party?

    We have but two to choose from, and both serve the jew.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  9. SafeNow says:

    Polls, midterms. Forget about these. The fact remains that Biden still will have the justice dept, the cdc, the fbi, the cia, immigration, the military, the media, academics, and hollywood. He and his dangerous, stupid, team have all this power, and they are cornered, and bitter, so watch out. Add to this Blinkin-thinkin — dissension, contentiousness, and irresolvable conflict put a spring in their heel. A wimpy Scotus. Covid excuse. Dangerous, cornered, bitter, cognitively and emotionally impaired, and powerful. He might well strike back, and his justice would be swift and his mercy slight.

  10. Exile says:

    What is the message that the totality of these numbers conveys?

    The message is that there is so little difference between our kosher-approved Right and Left that Americans can swing by large percentages between them under the most polarizing circumstances we’ve seen in decades – within the span of a year.

    American democracy is pro-wrestling, stage-managed for an audience trained from childhood to respond to televised dog-whistles. Rich Jews dominate both corners, deciding who’s going to be the heel or the hero based on what’s good for Jews this election cycle.

    Democracy elsewhere in the “free world” is much the same.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  11. “And how Biden handles the Ukraine crisis ginned up by (((the Neocons))) may come to be seen as a reflection of his mastery of foreign policy, or his ineptitude.”


  12. The illegitimate babbling buffoon is the biggest comedy hit now around the world. He and CamelToe Kamala have added an abundance of humor in this dark Covid world we live in.
    And the laughs don’t stop there, you’ve got all the alphabets, and government leeches giving us some of the funniest background humor ever.
    While SNL needs a laugh track loop machine for fake laughs at boring skits, the world is blessed with having the illegitimate babbling buffoon and his alphabet comedy troopers doing the work Hollywood just can’t do.

    Thanks Global Media for running this Clown World Show 24/7/365.

  13. “perception that progressives are soft on criminals and tough on cops.” and “perception of a bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan. Both are proven realities…NOT perceptions!

  14. Phibbs says:

    Buchanan blames Putin for “ginning up” the Ukraine crisis? That is totally incorrect. It is the Israeli-Occupied Government in Washington D.C. and the Jew-owned media that has created the crisis over Ukraine with Russia.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell, Derer, JR Foley
  15. Jokem says:

    ‘School kids with grades like that risk being held back a year or expelled.’

    Please let’s not hold him back an extra year. I vote expelled.

  16. Democrats have wasted their golden opportunity of a year ago; they have the White House and both majorities in both houses of Congress and still have not been able to pass their radical agenda; voting rights bill to make voting fraud easier; an amnesty bill for illegal aliens and a climate bill for a non existant ”climate crisis.” Democrat liberal politicians pampering criminals and being soft on crime has caused major crime in Democrat run cities; crime in Los Angeles is so bad even gun hating liberals are buying guns. Biden does not want to do anything about the bleeding border because that is part of his open borders plan. Biden’s spending as well as the ”pandemic” are the cause of inflation; a smarter bolder president would tell Americans it is time to return to normal and let Covid run its course. Pat is wrong about Ukraine determining Mid Term elections; if there’s one thing Americans care least about its Ukraine. But there is no doubt Biden is as failed as a President can get. Dems cant even get one of their liberal jurists to step down from the SC so Biden can select a younger presumedly black female juror. Look for Biden to announce he will not seek re-election after the mid-terms.

  17. As for the youth, the only possible reasons some of the more educated among them support Biden, is 1)that they have not lived long enough to compare him with other presidents, or 2) They are thoroughly brainwashed by far leftist “professors”. I don’t even know what to say about Harris, who didn’t even finish the democratic primaries.

  18. If the election of 2022 were held next Tuesday, Democrats would be swept from power in both houses of Congress, and a Republican Congress would face a lame-duck President Joe Biden for the next two years.

    That’s why a new war is in the works.

  19. @BuelahMan

    Just so.

    Furthermore, Pat is putting his faith in numbers—indeed, virtually obsessing about them—in a context wherein there is no reason to believe that (((the same people))) who fudged the numbers to steal the 2020 election won’t be ready, willing, and able to do so again in 2022.

    • Replies: @Max Maxwell
  20. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s not “failing” since he wasn’t in a position to fail from anything to begin with. He’s been a lifelong grifter, a pathological liar who is a megalomaniac. That a person like this could be the president of the US is astonishing. With his propensity to fabricate entire episodes about himself he’d be excluded from being a principal of a local grammar school. Yet here we are. But perhaps it doesn’t matter anyway. He’s not running anything but just mumbling off whatever script is placed before him by his handlers.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  21. DanFromCT says:

    The consumer price index has been surging at 7%.

    As much as I admire Pat Buchanan for opening my eyes about the Jewish enemy within’s control of this country, I have to part company with a man who parrots the lying bullshit that the CPI has advanced by 7%. The actual rate is over twice that and mathematically guarantees halving of our standard of living by the end of Biden’s stolen term in office.

  22. @Pierre de Craon

    It will be harder in 2022 with Biden a proven product and the abysmal job Democrats have done and new voting laws in key states.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  23. @anonymous

    Joe Biden, who has always dreamed of being President, finally became one, some how. I just love watching him eat it all up ,although it does give me indigestion at times. lol

  24. My stock portfolio is dropping like a rock…

    I don’t trust (((Musk))) Electric cars can’t hold a candle to my Beemer!

    I don’t like (((Tim Cook’s))) “leadership.

    Bezos was the man, I’m worried he was as essential to Amazon and Jobs to Apple. Real men know what there real men offer and Bezos is the goods.

    Tough time to be an investor.

    And, the weather sucks, no fun throwing’ the football around in the buff at Blacks Beach.

    This Biden cuck is out to ruin the middle aged white man investor lesiure class !!!

  25. @Max Maxwell

    Given that there is a nationwide movement to give the vote to noncitizens, not excluding illegal aliens, I fail to see why the Democrats’ “abysmal job” need be an obstacle to yet another election-night reversal of expectations—specifically, popular expectations that Jews’ and other Democrats’ criminality and treason actually matter and ought to be punished.

    Please don’t tell me that noncitizen voting will be restricted to local and state elections. In every single locale where those in charge are Jews and their epigones—i.e., almost every locale in this country—the people they designate to monitor “federal” elections won’t be specially flown in from, for example, the Andaman Islands to ensure impartial enforcement of all voting regulations.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Max Maxwell
    , @Reg Cæsar
  26. “…the Ukraine crisis ginned up by Russian President Vladimir Putin…”

    In Buchanan’s parallel universe.

    • Agree: Derer
  27. TG says:

    I think most of us here agree that Biden is just reading a script, he’s not really the acting president, he’s following orders, so he can’t really fail.

    Objectively, to the people who installed him in office, he’s been a wild success. Consider:

    – Opened the borders to increasingly unchecked third-world immigration. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature. He even got the Republicans to sign off on basically unlimited immigration of random untested people from Afghanistan and places near Afghanistan. Cheap Labor Uber Alles!

    – Deflect attention from the fact the increasingly the billionaires that run the country pay zero taxes, by having blacks and whites scream at each other. Divide and conquer, baby.

    – Continue to waste enormous funds on endless pointless winless overseas wars and bases that profit only politically connected defense contractors.

    – Continue to shovel trillions of dollars into the big Wall Street banks.

    And so on. If in four years the withered husk that is Joe Biden is shuffled off to retirement, so what? He will have done what he was paid to do. And his final act will be to take the blame for what the real rulers of this country did to us.

  28. @Exile

    “American democracy is pro-wrestling, stage-managed for an audience trained from childhood to respond to televised dog-whistles.”

    I don’t know if Pat Buchanan is aware of the deal offered to Vladimir Putin by a coalition of Russian oligarchs (represented by Boris Berezofsky) – that they set up two oligarch-funded parties to give the impression of pluralist debate and competition.

    When Putin became president, I was for a long time in a state of profound naiveté. Well, I went to him … I told him: “Listen, Volodya, what happened: we destroyed the entire political space. Devoured, not destroyed, but devoured it. We absolutely dominated … Look, I’ll suggest that we can not have effective political system, if there’s a tough competition. So I suggest we create an artificial two-party system. So, let’s say, the left and right. A Socially Oriented party and neo-conservatives liberal party. Choose any. And I’ll make another party. At the same time, my own heart is closer to neoconservatives, and I think so, you [Putin] are socially oriented. ”

    Isn’t this pretty much what exists in the US and UK?

    Berezofsky is a much misunderstood man – instead of liberating Russia to be looted by oligarchs as happened in the Yeltsin years, he wanted to turn it into a modern liberal democracy – still to be looted by oligarchs, but with the appearance of political difference – a Potemkin polity.

    Just like the US and UK.

    • Agree: Derer
  29. @Pierre de Craon

    Illegal aliens will never be allowed to vote at the federal level. Dems are already suggesting the mid term elections will not be legitimate because they know they are going to lose big time.

  30. I shall be happy if you turn out to be correct, Max, even if, as I strongly suspect, the Republicans do nothing except slow—not stop, no chance of that—the Jewish agenda. Nevertheless, I don’t think that there is a snowball’s chance in hell that you are right.

    For the time being, doubtless, virtually everyone in elective office will maintain the pretense of the citizen-only franchise,* but I am morally certain that illegals already vote in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, and half a dozen big cities in Texas, and God alone knows where else. After all, they have the support of large, Soros-funded networks of white- and Christian-hating activists who are willing and able to provide them phony IDs. For that matter, how persuasive, how watertight, does an ID need to be in Biden’s USA to pass muster at a polling place?

    Lastly, the Democrats you refer to can say as they like, but nothing is cheaper than talk, especially now, when elections are ten months off. Don’t you see that? If they steal or manufacture enough votes to win big in the midterms, will they or the kept media complain about legitimacy then? The question answers itself.
    * “Virtually everyone” already fails to include Ocasio-Cortez and several less prominent others in the House. They are the stalking horses of the (((elite’s))) plan for the permanent irrelevancy of the citizen franchise.

  31. Derer says:

    The Jan. 6 unarmed protest was motivated by the refusal of unbiased review of voting irregularities justified complains. One cannot believe, that absent minded old geezer initially supported by the single digit from his own party, would get record support of 85 mil voters. More than their pride, Obama and more than illegible number of voters. As the protest chronology indicates, it was a criminal trap concocted by the DNC. Feeble attempts by the Biden’s handlers to divert attention from his poor performance are quite humorous.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  32. Derer says:
    @Clyde Wilson

    It would if they get rid of warmongers.

  33. …and very probably in the off-year election in November.

    It’s not an “off-year” election. 2022’s Congressional election is the equal of 2020’s or 2024’s. Says so right in Article I, Sections 2 and 3.

    • Replies: @Paperback Writer
  34. @Pierre de Craon

    Please don’t tell me that noncitizen voting will be restricted to local and state elections.

    It wasn’t from 1848 to 1926, when non-citizens could vote in many states. It was perfectly legal and constitutional. These states, most if not all in the interior, allowed immigrants to vote as soon as six months, as long as they had applied for naturalization, as a way to attract homesteaders. States had almost absolute control over who could vote.

    If a state wished to allow legal aliens to vote, what would stop them?

    Non-citizen voting was a valid practice in the 19th century because homesteaders were a better class of immigrant. It would be a very bad idea today, but it’s hard to see how it’s unconstitutional. Lots of bad things are allowed by the Constitution, some from the very beginning.

    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @Pierre de Craon
  35. @animalogic

    I agree Max. Anyone following world events understands the duplicity of American policy towards Russia is the reason for Russia’s new response to NATO expansion on their very borders. Enough is enough. Get your missiles and troops off our border or we will remove them for you. Russia has not only the right, but the obligation to resist the mindless, hate-filled, vacuous policy of NATO. Ginning up a war against the last Christian, White nation is a wet dream for the neocons that the first president, George Bush (1988-92) knew to keep far from his administration. He was the last president with a sensible worldview.

  36. Jokem says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I am all in favor of States Rights, as long as it really means States Rights.
    I think most issues need to be decided at the State and Local level.

  37. @Reg Cæsar

    What purpose is served by bringing up the Constitution? The Constitution is not the issue. Besides, it has been a dead letter for virtually a century, laughably so for the past thirty years at least.

    The issue is this: Who governs, and who gets to decide who governs? The answers are plain, although even at this site perhaps only 20 percent of frequenters get them right. Moreover, the likelihood that that percentage will increase is disappearingly small, since few will face the fact that what is called “democratic governance” is, virtually ipso facto, a fraud and a lie. People who, on the one hand, declare that the nation they grew up in has become barely recognizable still prattle about fixing things by getting out the vote!

    Until the great mass of white Americans acquire as much common sense as is found among the citizenry of Orwell’s Oceania, their time will continue to be far better spent talking about the weather than about the Constitution or about whether someone called Biden will be told by those who do his thinking to start a war in Ukraine, Tristan da Cunha, or Nunavut.

  38. SafeNow says:

    Feeble attempts by the Biden’s handlers to divert attention from his poor performance are quite humorous.

    Yes, true, about some prior ones. But the current Ukraine-war attempt to divert attention is not humorous.

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