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Biden vs. Biden on 'Is America a Racist Country?'
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“Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country.”

So declared Sen. Tim Scott, a Black Republican, in his televised rebuttal to Joe Biden’s address to Congress.

Asked the next day what he thought of Scott’s statement, Biden said he agrees. “No, I don’t think the American people are racist.”

Vice President Kamala Harris also agreed with Scott, “No, I don’t think America is a racist country.”

What makes these rejections of the charge of racism against America significant is that Biden and Harris both seemed to say the opposite after Derek Chauvin was convicted.

Biden had called George Floyd’s death “a murder (that) ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism… that is a stain on our nation’s soul.”

Harris had said much the same: “America has a long history of systemic racism. Black Americans — and Black men, in particular — have been treated throughout the course of our history as less than human.”

But which is the predominant view of Biden and Harris about the moral character of the country they were elected to lead?

Is it a vicious slander, as Scott implied, to call America a “racist country”? Or is America’s soul, as Biden and Harris said, so stained by “systemic racism” that this country has treated Black Americans “as less than human” for the 400 years of her existence.

Has America been a curse for the 40 million Black people whose numbers have multiplied 10-fold since the abolition of slavery in 1865, and whose freedoms and material prosperity have grown accordingly?

Or has America been a blessing to Black people?

This is not just a gotcha question.

For the clashing commentaries of Biden and Harris reflect an ideological divide within their own coalition over a most basic issue: Is America a good country?

We have been on this terrain before.

Between LBJ’s landslide in 1964 and the breaking of his presidency in 1968, the Democratic Party had split into three factions, all at war with one another.

There was the Lyndon Johnson-Hubert Humphrey establishment that controlled the presidency and the party machinery. There was the Robert Kennedy-Gene McCarthy-George McGovern anti-establishment and anti-war left.

And there was the populist-right George Wallace bloc, containing millions of flag-waving blue-collar Democrats in northern industrial states and Southern Dixiecrats who detested the leftist radicals on cultural and patriotic grounds.

That Democratic Party disintegrated in the convention hall and the streets of Chicago in August of 1968, opening the door to the GOP era of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Today’s Democratic Party encompasses three similar blocs.

There is the Biden liberal establishment that controls the media, the academy, the Congress, the administration. There is the Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren-AOC progressive-socialist wing. And there is, today, a new militant and radical third force.

Included in its ranks are Black Lives Matter, antifa and protesters who burn Old Glory, tear down statues, monuments and memorials, assault cops, smash and loot stores and riot at will.

This is the “Abolish Ice!” and “Defund the Police!” faction of the party that detests the old America and favors open borders to alter it forever. This anarchic element is rendered moral sanction by journalists and politicians who share its malignant view of American history.

The Biden-Harris statements on the conviction of Chauvin were tailored to pander to this crowd.

Yet, in his address to Congress, Biden also made a statement that sounded like a Biden plagiarism of Trumpian nationalism:

“All the investments in the American Jobs Plan will be guided by one principle: ‘Buy American.’ American tax dollars are going to be used to buy American products made in America that create American jobs.”

Biden is scrambling to keep one foot in every camp in his coalition by appearing to agree, at times, with them all.


The problem: While one part of his party believes America is a good and great country deserving of loyalty and love, another believes America is racist in its soul — a land whose character is defined, as it has ever been, by white supremacy, white privilege and white rule of people of color.

This leftist rage, however, is partly rooted in urban myth.

Consider. Last year, in D.C., our nation’s capital, there were 200 homicides and 980 people shot, mostly Blacks.

How many were the victims of rogue cops or Proud Boys?

Can you lead a country about whose history you profess shame?

And how long will Americans follow leaders who appear to agree with those who hate what America was and, yes, what America is?

In 2020, Trump united the Democrats. But with Trump gone, Biden must do the uniting of his disparate party himself.

And his need to behave, at times, like a believer in the racial indictment of the America he grew up in is probably not something Joe Biden can credibly and indefinitely pull off.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2021

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  1. Renoman says:

    Plain old Politics. George was just junkie criminal trash, he didn’t die because he was Black he died because he was a stupid jerk. Lovely to be rid of him an No the Cop should not be in jail.

  2. Please stop! I’m the only true race-ist!

  3. Amerikkka was founded by slave-owner sodomite (((deists))) who took an extremely degenerate form of government (pre-Christian Roman Republic) and combined it with an extremely judaized Protestant heresy. It should be zero surprise that the country is anti-black, anti-white, anti-Asian, etc. it was founded by the children of Masons, Border Reivers, and Covenanter moloch-worshippers.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @BuelahMan
    , @GeneralRipper
  4. BuelahMan says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Now let’s hear about how good Socialism is.

  5. TGD says:

    Biden quote:

    All the investments in the American Jobs Plan will be guided by one principle: ‘Buy American.’ American tax dollars are going to be used to buy American products made in America that create American jobs.

    What a crock!

    The Saturday after people started receiving their latest “stimulus” checks, I happened to be at a local WalMart. I saw hordes of citizens running out the doors with ultra high def TVs, smart phones, Ipads, mini fridges and what not. All foreign made. People just don’t give a damn where products are made.

    We would need to restart basic industries if buying American is a priority. That would require an industrial policy as we’ve forgotten how to make things. That is anathema to the powers that control world commerce.

    • Replies: @houston 1992
  6. There will be endless show trials from now on to keep racial resentment on the boil.

    The regime in Washington is riding the racism tiger and there is no way off. It ends when they are eaten.

    Until then, they have to keep putting victims in the tiger’s mouth.

  7. There are decent Blacks, but overall no area was ever improved by large numbers of Africans moving in, no, not one.

    Very few Blacks with the means to move stay in Black-run areas. Wealthy or famous Blacks move to the Whitest areas they can find.

    • Replies: @rgl
  8. @TGD

    Your point about the stimulus checks stimulating foreign manufacturing is generally true and needs to be grasped.
    However, pardon my quibble, some iPhone components are made in USA. China only sees about 20$ in iPhone assembly, but perhaps 50% of the iPhone components by value are made in Taiwan. One wonders how much pressure the Apple board is placing on TSMC to move some production away from that Chinese province which the USA recognizes as part of the One China since “conservative” prez Nixon recognized it as such. PJB , btw, says he considered resigning in 1972 from the Nixon WH over the recognition of Being/Peking sovereignty of where we now source so much electronics.

  9. rgl says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    “Wealthy or famous Blacks move to the Whitest areas they can find.”

    I do not know if this is universally true or not, however a co-founder of BLM, on the strength of monies donated to the ‘movement’, has bought a number of high-end properties in predominantly white suburbs.

    Shocking, no?

  10. @BuelahMan

    Xi Jinping Thought is excellent in comparison.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  11. @BuelahMan

    Non sequitur, Beulah.

    The neo-Puritanism (“post-millennial evangelical pietism”, PMEP) that makes
    America the doubleplusungood emetic of the world is in the DNA.
    It doesn´t matter in the slightest which flag it waves –
    the hypocrisy, self-righteousness and missionary fervor are ever the same.

  12. To an extent, I agree with Buchanan that the democrat party is hardly monolithic, as many loser republicans apparently believe. But, of the three factions Pat mentions, none are moderate. They are left, far left socialists, and revolutionary communists (BLM/Antifa), who don’t believe in democracy. They could split into two, just as the republicans should.

    If Biden, a shell of a man who does what he told, represents the “liberal establishment” in that party, and far left AOC/Sanders/Warren (how about Pelosi?) in the middle, we are in a giant heap of trouble. Even if it wanted to, the Biden Admin. doesn’t have the guts to order the military to fire on the revolutionary communists of Antifa/BLM, when they inevitably start mass rioting again.

    And that’s what it will take to stop the anti-white, anti-police, open borders cultural revolution. For the revolutionary communists in their party to be stopped, blood must be shed. But Biden-Harris are not only not up to the job, they are cheerleading them on. Besides, Biden-Harris are saving their firepower to go after “white supremacists.”

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  13. @BuelahMan

    This is coming from an expat living in China, who’s Mommy and Daddy made enough money here in the States to send his sweet little white bread ass to a private Jesuit Catholic school. I guess they did pretty well in this evil racist nation.

    Just like ALL the expats who hate their race and the nation of their birth, they come from well off families. Most of them the only child, if I had to guess.

    This boy is supposedly a Catholic, and yet he resides in a nation which leads the world in abortion, by far.

    I don’t suppose he’s doing a lot of “protesting” over there, do you?


    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  14. @Supply and Demand

    I’ll have you know that your post turned my MAGA smile upside down, boss.


    For your sake, I’m just glad China’s history doesn’t include any of that ugliness.

    China was founded on LUV.

  15. Pat Buchanan, please, these SICK, PRESENT DAY DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADERS, are the worst liars to and criminals to ever disgrace this country. This democrat party is light years different from what it once was. I’ve never liked it in the past but now, it’s not a question of liking it but how much one hates it. It’s nothing more than a political entity that sparks off one hatred after the other using its toxic establishment media as the catalyst. Why rational and sane people of good will continue to vote for any person associated with this party is a real puzzle.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  16. Philadelphia –City of Brotherly Love Salem short for Jerusalem United States –all men created equal but in event of election – inject the Electoral College—-both parties –exclusively controlled by multi millionaires (Dem) and millionaires ( Rep) and Main Street –no one. However- racial unity is big plus and all live in textbook harmony and have done so since mad King George tried imposing taxes. That 1% makes Modi jealous —wealth beyond King Solomon —-Willie Loman croaked too soon –Biff and Happy are now in the lap of luxury –both are lobbyists residing in a gated community and are well connected !!

  17. @GeneralRipper

    Abortion –ain’t enough of it in USA. Consider all that outfit generationally living on welfare and killing white cops for thrills. If good enough —the family gets a 27 million buck handout. Check out Baltimore- St Louis- LA at Watts- Big Apple Harlem- St Paul – Minneapolis – South Chicago and ask yourself –what happened. It ALL could have been prevented. Too many whities are scared —and with good reason. Those who ought not be —are NOW in charge and all came because ——-someone’s tubes were not tied.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  18. @GomezAdddams

    Well buddy, I’ve got enough darkness in my soul to answer for, without throwing in sanctioning the killing of unborn children in their mother’s womb.

    I think of all the lost white children who would be making this nation great, like it used to be.

    Count me out.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  19. Trinity says:

    Pat Buchanan is the winner of the 2021 Spider Rico; Is He Still Around Award.

    In other news, Mike Pence headlined a fund raising event for the Grand Old Party somewhere for anyone who cares.

  20. ruralguy says:

    “Racist” is a word created by Trotsky in the 1920s (and perhaps earlier by French Marxists in the 1800s). By using this term, Pat Buchanan is allowing Marxists/the-Woke to control the language AND thus frame all views. He is allowing them to discredit any debate through an Ad Hominum attack. The debate should be about Blacks’ disorder and what to do about it, not about personal attacks..

    • Agree: ziggurat
  21. These are typically moronic assertions. A country is not uniform in its population’s opinions. Some Americans are racist, some are not. Overall the USA is a country where race is used as a Divide and Rule tactic, and the real oppression is class and economic, because it is an end-stage, financialised, capitalist pathocracy, overtly influenced and controlled by a hostile elite, both Jewish ie racialist and supremacist, and non-Jewish ie economically and politically powerful and deeply class conscious. These elites are both virulently racist.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  22. @follyofwar

    To speak of ‘Left’ in any meaningful sense, in regard to US politics, particularly the Democrazy Party, is risible. They are just the very slightly less Rightwing branch of the Oligarch’s Party.

  23. Meet Judith Black ( who is white) from Florida. She was charged with a felony after yelling racial slurs and throwing a Whopper at a Burger King employee ( a black–a real black employee) because her tomato was ‘too thick’.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  24. @GeneralRipper

    I don’t see the Church going ape shit over miscarriages and there are plenty. However–I overdid in it on abortion –this is indeed taking a life –. However -what kind of life does an unborn have when the mother is some 14 year old nappie?? Tie their tabes and their men —-free vasectomies and in 30 years USA will be back on its feet — tenements empty and no black warriors in schools –shooting teachers and cops –that young boy ( 12 years old –curled up and crying ) Delaware whose father a policeman was stomped to death by that animal –has me “hot”—and “bothered”.

  25. Anonymous[281] • Disclaimer says:

    Now we are back to socialism again as if some are obsessed with it, tell me the difference between socialism and capitalism for they both screw the working class for they are care takers of the wealthy. As far as are we racist of course we are blacks yellows and even fellow whites were included in that group, and it ain’t changed all that much, and other countries ain’t any different for its human nature to dislike distrust anybody that’s not just like you, being a person of piety.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  26. Question Pat. Is Isramerica a nation state as you seem to be implying or has it become a schizophrenic extroverted/introvertèd empire that invades and bombs other nations borders while opening it’s borders to illegal migrants from every nation on earth?

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  27. USA1943 says:

    Well with them teaching CRT/Critical Race Theory in Schools which justifies Hate Towards Whites, it will become a racist country for sure against whites, and I guess some whites will fight back and be seen as racist, Almost seems like they are PURPOSELY trying to det groups to hate other groups.

  28. BuelahMan says:

    Did I endorse capitalism or are you on mushrooms?

  29. BuelahMan says:

    Judith Black looks quite jewy to me. Hence… not white.

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