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Biden Holds a Losing Hand
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As President Joe Biden’s poll numbers sank this fall, and the presidentially ambitious in his party began to stir, the White House put out the word.

Forget all that 2020 campaign chatter about Biden being a “transitional president.” He intends to run and win a second term.

Well, perhaps. Yet, skepticism abounds.

First, if Biden ran in 2024 and won, his second term would extend to January 2029, when he would be 86 years old. He is already, at 79, the oldest president in history. Does Biden look like a signal-calling quarterback with seven years of playing days ahead of him?

When one views his diminished mental capacities and the issues menu before him, it seems a certainty that we are not looking at a two-term president.

First, there is the pandemic.

With the death toll now exceeding 800,000, and the number of COVID-19 cases reaching 50 million, more Americans have died of the coronavirus under Biden than under former President Donald Trump. Over 1,000 Americans are being daily added to the death toll.

In a New York Post poll, approval of Biden’s handling of the pandemic has already fallen from 69% on Inauguration Day to 53% today.

Another menu item is the economic crisis induced by the pandemic.

Inflation under Biden has soared to 6.8%, and at the Federal Reserve, there is talk of three interest rate hikes in 2022.

What does this mean? Not only are the prices of gasoline and groceries rising beyond the capacity of millions of families to pay, but for every \$100,000 in cash savings of every Middle American family, nearly \$7,000 will have been wiped out in Biden’s first year.

And the Biden inflation is no longer spoken of as “transitory.”

For his handling of inflation, Biden has an approval rating of 28%, with two-thirds of all Americans, 69%, disapproving of the job he is doing.

On the crime front, our major cities are now setting new records for shootings, stabbings, homicides and murders. Cable and TV news carry regular videos of “flash mobs” invading and looting downtown stores and fleeing before the police arrive.

In Biden’s America, civilization itself seems to be breaking down.

How do the American people think Biden is handling crime?

As a Delaware senator in the 1990s, Biden was seen as a law-and-order Democrat who helped enact some of the toughest anti-crime and pro-cop legislation of the decade.

Yet, today, when even San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi is decrying the “smash-and-grab” mob attacks on her city’s retail stores as reflecting an “attitude of lawlessness,” 3 in 5 Americans, 61%, disapprove of how Biden is handling the crime issue.

On taking office, Biden discarded the Trump immigration policies that had held back the flood of illegal migrants into the country.

Now the southern border is bleeding as never before.

In Biden’s first year, migrants have been crossing at a rate of close to 2 million a year. Scores of thousands of “got-aways” — unknown homeland invaders who evade any contact with U.S. authorities — have vanished into our population since Biden took office.


And they are coming now not only from Mexico and the Northern Triangle — Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador. They are coming from every continent and every country on earth. We are becoming what President Teddy Roosevelt warned America would become if it failed to manage its immigration well — “a polyglot boarding house for the world.”

“The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war,” said Ernest Hemingway. “Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin.”

Biden is going to have to negotiate a modus vivendi with Russia on Ukraine and China on Taiwan, after a Beijing-Moscow summit where Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that the two countries have established a relationship that “in its closeness and effectiveness … even exceeds an alliance.”

Eleven months from now, Biden faces congressional elections. Almost surely, they will cost him his majority in the House and leave him at year’s end an 80-year-old lame-duck president whose legislative agenda will have to meet with the approval of the new speaker, Kevin McCarthy.

So where will we and Biden be at New Year’s Eve 2023?

We will have an octogenarian president, in even more visible cognitive decline, faced with intractable issues of crime, a bleeding border, a pandemic and an inflation with which he has been unable to cope.

And, like William Howard Taft in 1912, Harry Truman in 1952, Lyndon Johnson in 1968, Gerald Ford in 1976, Jimmy Carter in 1980 and George H. W. Bush in 1992, Biden will, if he decides to run again, face a challenge in the Democratic primaries. Biden won’t get a pass.

And should he survive those primaries, as some of those presidents did, Biden would be the favorite to lose in 2024. For none of those presidents won reelection.

It may be time to consider a retirement announcement.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Democratic Party, Joe Biden, Russia 
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  1. Beltway sportsball, another Team Red pep rally for the next Most Important Election Ever.

    • Troll: Jokem
    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  2. I strongly support Bidet running again, and winning. I do not believe the Imperialist States of Amerikastan can survive Bidet’s Term Two.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. Forget all that 2020 campaign chatter about Biden being a “transitional president.” He intends to run and win a second term.

    Why not? Fraudsident Diapers was installed by the Deep Shit the first time. #gopertards have done nothing about ballot harvesting or Democrat-inion voting machines.

    Eleven months from now, Biden faces congressional elections. Almost surely, they will cost him his majority in the House and leave him at year’s end an 80-year-old lame-duck president whose legislative agenda will have to meet with the approval of the new speaker, Kevin McCarthy.

    Oh to be young again, and believe this makes a whit of difference! Spineless Recucklicans had unbeatable majorities in 1994 and for part of Trump’s term. They passed nothing but the usual tax cuts. Uniparty crooks ho!

  4. Anonymous[234] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    I don’t believe The Imperialist States of Amerikastan can survive the best government money can buy, nor a financial system that put the profit ahead of its people.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  5. Furbaby says:

    Biden “will face a challenge in the democratic primaries” ?

    Only if the DLC party leadership want’s that to happen.

    Buchanan should know that there is no fair primary process especially in the democratic party.

    They demonstrated that by railroading Bernie twice, against Hillary and against Biden.

    If they opt to stay with Joe then he has job security at least with regard to securing the nomination.

  6. kszat says:

    “It may be time to consider a retirement announcement.”

    No president at this stage of his term will make a retirement announcement unless that resignation/retirement was to be immediate, a la Richard Nixon 1974. To do so this early would be to forfeit whatever remaining political capital that president has. As much as his political opponents would welcome a retirement announcement, my money says that announcement won’t be made until after the next session of Congress convenes on January 2, 2023.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
  7. El Dato says:

    Biden Holds a Losing Hand

    And he’s looking at the back of the cards.

    Meanwhile across the oceans:

  8. macilrae says:

    Let’s assume it’s possible that Joe Biden presents himself for re-election. Couldn’t congress then require that he subject himself to a psychiatric review to affirm his competence?

    There is, then, the matter of Kamala Harris who would have, somehow, to be persuaded to step aside – I feel sure the means exist.

    I see they’re now talking about Hillary stepping forward – how do you guys feel about that? Imagine, she might pick Michelle to join her!

    • Replies: @Resartus
  9. SMK says: • Website

    Is Biden so senile and demented that he’s unaware of his senility and dementia (the implication of which is “ridiculous,” says Dr. Jill, who is either lying or totally delusional), unaware of his sundry “gaffes,” mumbling, bumbling, incoherence, memory lapses, gross incompetence, etc., unaware that he’s making a fool of himself in front of the nation and the entire world (if he is so aware, to some degree, then he has no pride or dignity or integrity or self-respect), unaware of all the disasters that he and his “handlers” and puppeteers have created; leaving behind who knows how many hundreds of Americans and allies in Afghanistan to be tortured, raped and gang-raped, and murdered by the Taliban; the “bleeding border” and invasion of millions of illegal aliens from not only Mexico and Central America but Haiti, sub-Saharan Africa, even Muslim terrorists from North Africa and the Middle-East; the explosion of crime and murder by blacks in “democrat-run cities,” as conservatives and Republicans on Fox and in Congress like to say as if the problem was Democrats per se and not blacks, 90% of whom vote democratic; the highest inflation in 39-years and a worker shortage created by the policies and decisions of Biden and his “handlers” and puppeteers.

    And he hasn’t even been in office for a year!

    • Agree: tyrone
  10. So where will we and Biden be at New Year’s Eve 2023?

    Foraging for insects and acorns.

  11. @Greta Handel

    The best vote is no vote at all.

    These fuckers need to have an air of legitimacy, don’t give it to them.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  12. When Mr. Buchanan enumerated Biden’s many faults and foibles, I could almost swear he was talking about Trump after the plan-demic started in 2020. Except for the border, where he didn’t complete his promised wall, Trump was equally as bad on his covid policy, crime, and the economy, and worse on civil unrest, where he did next to nothing to stop the rioting.

    The republicans are being far too presumptuous by crowing that they’ll take back Congress next year. For example, what have states with republican legislatures done to eliminate mass, no questions asked, mail in voting? Why is worthless old cuck McConnell, who cost the party its Senate majority last year, still their leader? Why are their many neocon Rinos, who love to criticize Biden’s weakness, still trying to foment war with Iran, Russia, and China? All they are talking about now is the terrible Biden inflation. But it may have been just as bad if Trump, who incurred the greatest deficits in US history, was still in office.

    Speaking of Trump, he’ll be the same age in 2024 as Biden is now. Just imagine 82 y/o Biden vs 78 y/o Trump in a rematch of two old geezers, both unfit for office. What a perfect metaphor for a has-been country circling the drain.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  13. Biden wont make a retirement announcement until after the Midterms; he must be seen to seem to be relevant to pass Builld Back Better; but already the vultures are circling; Biden has probably already decided not to run again; he came out of retirement; won the Presidency which was his lifetime goal; but his misfortune is that he won it when he was too old. Primary challenges to incumbents in both major parties dont work as Pat found out in 1992.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  14. PJ London says:

    “Biden is going to have to negotiate a modus vivendi with Russia on Ukraine and China on Taiwan” What exactly has Ukraine or Taiwan have to do with the USA?
    Russia and Ukraine have to work it out.
    China and Taiwan have to work it out.
    USA can just butt out and make such accommodations much simpler.

    Stop already propagandising the Covid nonsense.
    800,000 people were reported to have died of Covid but any intelligent person knows that it is crap.
    When the officials say “If someone dies within 28 days of a (spurious) positive test then call it Covid”, even if he was shot, fell off a bike or had a heart attack.
    When the government pays hospitals and doctors extra money to call something “Covid” don’t be surprised if they lie.
    The PCR test for Covid is absolute nonsense as per the person who created the test. If the number of cycles is 5 then you have zero positives If the number of cycles is above 35 (never mind 45) the number of positives is 90 per 100, and yet you report a number of 50 million!
    The question about the “Losing Hand” is that the interim elections for 2022 are going to be a catastrophe for the Democratic party unless HUGE election fraud takes place.
    1) what are the republicans going to do to stop the fraud?
    2) what crisis before Nov 2022 could prevent the elections taking place?
    3) if the Republicans do win the house and senate, what precisely are they planning on doing?
    4) regardless of the make up of the Congress what can be done to stop the MIC from totally destroying the economy for the ordinary person?

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
    • Replies: @XVI-The Tower
  15. What does it matter if Biden’s hand sucks?

    Even if a Republican wins the next round, he will be just another servile dog to the Zion King.

    Look DeSantis in Florida. He talks big about combating ‘wokeness’ but is one of the biggest ass-smoochers to Zion in the world.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  16. “3 in 5 Americans, 61%, disapprove of how Biden is handling the crime issue.”

    Wha’chu talkin’ ’bout cracka?

    Yo azz need to step aside, let the bruthas take wha’s ours.

    Else we gon’ do it fo’ you. You old Byookanan, we in charge now.

    Dis da yoonited states of get dat greain.

  17. Mr. Buchanan is always one degree short of the absolute truth. Biden is not holding a losing hand. Biden Is a loser and those who voted for him can be excused, THIS TIME. Anyone who continues to support the democratic party and the RINO’S who support it, is guilty of violating ex-President Clinton’s maxim, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Think about it, Clinton only allows you two chances, before labeling you as being irredeemable..

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  18. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    He may claim he’ll run for reelection but reality is something else. Just look at him; does he look like he’ll last that long? It’ll be miraculous if he manages to get through his first four years. That he used to mouth law and order slogans just shows what a chameleon he has always been, totally without any real belief or scruple. He’s also a pathological liar, making up stories that are demonstratively false. During his presidential campaign he could barely fill any venues for lack of enthusiasm yet somehow he received all those votes. He hasn’t even been in office for a full year and just look at the ruin he and his cohorts have engendered. This is just the beginning, three more years to go. The possibility of war looms over us even more, perhaps something they’ve got up their sleeve for us.

    • Agree: Stick
  19. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Biden Is a loser and those who voted for him can be excused

    Well most of them were dead or fictional so no excuse necessary.

  20. bjondo says:

    Trump is more 40 or 30 than 70+

    5 dancing shlomos

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  21. @PJ London

    I actually think the PCR test is pretty sound, otherwise you’d be seeing a ton of ‘reinfections’. The Kary Mullis video you are referencing is over thirty years old. Science has advanced in that time.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  22. bjondo says:
    @XVI-The Tower

    Science has advanced in that time.

    Honesty hasn’t.

    5 dancing shlomos

  23. @Furbaby

    Don’t forget Tulsi Gabbard. A female Samoan, she was on stage running through all the primaries and debates. After the powers that be chose Biden for us they declared he needed a minority female should be his VP. So looking around they chose Harris because the real viable candidate, that made it all the way through debates, though female and Samoan, looked too white plus she upset the Congressional Military Industrial Complex. Harris’s qualification first and most was she was married to a jew which means the full financial and military weight would still protect Israel.

  24. Stick says:

    Remember, Biden running means he sits in his basement and has BLM manufacturing his win. How hard is that?

  25. Resartus says:

    There is, then, the matter of Kamala Harris who would have, somehow, to be persuaded to step aside – I feel sure the means exist.

    Tell her she’s no longer on the ticket… Easy Peasy….

    FDR was elected 4 times…. Had 3 different VPs…….

    Lincoln had two different VPs….

  26. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Pugnacious Pat would tell Americans the Truth about the Jews?

    Yeah… not gonna happen.

  27. @Furbaby

    Yes, but Boynie was a willing loser, a sheep-dog designed to lead the young and foolish into the deserts of despond. His roll-over in 2016 was magisterial, but the re-enactment in 2020 was tired and pathetic. Still, if Hillary runs, perhaps Boynie can be re-vivified for Rollover III-The Final Farce.

  28. @Max Maxwell

    If the Deep State Demoncrazies steal 2022, there might be a Second Civil War. I am quite surprised that it hasn’t happened yet, but seeing as Antifa, BLM, the various ‘White’ supremacists etc, all seem to be FBI/CIA/Deep State operations, perhaps that is NO surprise.

  29. TG says:

    I think I am in line with a lot of the comments here, but let me add my own spin.

    Biden is ending his political career the same way he has run it the past 50 years: as a total corporate lickspittle whore to his wealthy donors, and our old reliable backstabber is delivering the good big time. In particular, he has thrown open the borders to effectively unlimited and unchecked third-world immigration, and is destroying the ability to enforce immigration laws likely beyond repair. “There shall be open borders” – this is not liberal, it is far right, designed to drive wages and living standards down for the many, and rents and profits up for the few. And if the Republicans win the next midterms, will they reverse any of this? Of course not.

    By his own standards, and the standards of the powerful people who installed and control president sock-puppet, mission accomplished!

    Perhaps even better: Biden will take all the heat, his final political act will be to be blamed for all the bad things the ruling class has done to this nation. One wonders: who really is in charge? Who is writing the script? I know it’s not Biden. If you just say “The Jews,” well, what jews, specifically? Perhaps Biden has surrounded himself with oligarchic suck ups that his team just naturally knows what they are supposed to do. Or perhaps there is a specific script that is handed to them through a formal channel. Thoughts?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Anon
  30. Petermx says:

    President Biden reminds me of when the dottering old Leonid Brezhnev was still in charge of the old USSR. He could barely walk. At one point in a meeting with President Carter, Carter held his arm so he would not fall. I recall my father getting upset at that. It was not clear then that the USSR’s economic problems would soon have a major impact on the country and world history. Maybe we will see something similar with the USA.

    Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) works when administered in the first five days of the appearance of Covid-19. It now appears that it was badmouthed and lied about by certain health officials and the mainstream media possibly to make pharmaceutical companies richer selling their ineffective “vaccines”. HCQ is cheap. Administrators in charge of medical agencies like the NIAID (Dr. Fauci) and CDC (Rochelle Walensky) have been empowered by a dishonest and corrupt mainstream media as the only knowledgeable people that can inform people of the facts. Dr. Fauci is 81 years old and he has worked as an administrator for decades, not a research scientist but when research scientists like Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale University spoke out saying HCQ works and is very effective, at one point calling it a “miracle drug”, he was attacked by the corrupt mainstream media. Other knowledgeable doctors have been similarly shut down by the mainstream media in favor of the medical administrators Dr. Fauci and Wolensky. These two appear to be incompetent, liars, or maybe both. They have shut down doctors more knowledgeable than themselves with the help of the lying mainstream media and at the very least should be investigated for their behavior, at worst should face charges, as the liars in the mainstream media should be indicted too. Their lies about Trump being a Russian spy can be in the indictment too.

  31. Wokechoke says:

    He’s a great deal more dangerous than we’ve understood. If you carefully look at his record he’s behind most of the horrid policies of the US for the last 50 years.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  32. @Wokechoke

    The same man when in far better shape sought his party’s nomination, and had to fold over his shameless plagiarism and lies. (Was that even mentioned in 2020?) The bar has since been set so low that it might as well have been removed.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome has worsened the willful ignorance of self-described liberals and progressives who, even after seeing their preferred candidates like Sanders and Gabbard cheated, faithfully vote Democrat. Masochists.

    The gullibility of those still putting their energy and faith in Red+Blue politics is astounding.

  33. lol

    This is actually very funny.

    Simply because Mr Buchanan seems to have lost track of the fact that, even if Biden himself were to read this very article – which of course he will not – he would not actually be intellectually capable of understanding even a quarter of it.

    I have asked several friends in vain – and as to answer none had a clue – what exactly – and I mean EXACTLY – can a “democratic” country with a visible public life actually DO, when it is perfectly clear that it’s sitting (or, collapsing, failing, dying) President has no idea of the condition he himself is in – and certainly no intention whatever of doing anything whatever about it ?

    Any “experts” on the U.S. Constitution out there to educate an enquiring-mind Brit ?

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