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Are Democrats Ceding the Center to Trump?
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Since the Democratic debates in June, the tide seems to have receded for the party and its presidential hopefuls.

In new polls, only Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump comfortably.

The other top-tier candidates — Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg — are running even with Trump, a measurable drop. A Washington Post-ABC poll just found Trump at 47% approval, a new high for his presidency.

Apparently, the more the nation sees of the alternatives to Trump the Democrats have on offer, the better The Donald looks. For Democrats, this is not good, not good at all.

For while Trump has run a daily gauntlet of dreadful media for two years, these Democrats have had only one debate and a few weeks of close coverage.

Between now and the New Hampshire primary, they will be going after one another and receiving a far more thorough vetting by a media in constant search of failings and flaws, especially of front-runners.

Traditionally, all candidates suffer attrition as the primaries come closer. For it is then that their lagging rivals become more desperate in their attacks and the media coverage becomes more intense.

Other problems have now arisen for the Democrats because of the issues that have come to the fore: race, radicalism and the border.

None looks like a winning Democratic issue in November 2020.

The race issue surfaced in the debate when Biden was called out by Harris for his professed friendships with segregationist senators like Herman Talmadge and James O. Eastland, and for Joe’s impassioned public resistance to the court-ordered bussing of black and white children for racial balance in the public schools of the 1970s.

Harris defended bussing as a necessary remedy to segregation and added that, as a “little girl,” she had been a beneficiary.

If your friends like Eastland had their way, said Harris, I would not be here in the Senate. For days, the issue dogged Biden, who, last weekend, apologized for any “hurt” he caused.

Biden seems to have recovered most of the ground lost from Harris’ attack. But that this racially charged issue threw him on the defensive for weeks assures it will be raised again by opponents to trip up the front-runner.

Another issue certain to come up in future debates, and in the South Carolina primary where 61% of the Democratic vote is African American, is reparations for slavery.

Several candidates have already endorsed a commission to study reparations, and Biden and every other candidate will have to take a stand.

Yet, recent polls show that Americans, by 2-1, are opposed to paying reparations for a system of slavery that was abolished 150 years ago.

Bottom line: If the 2020 campaign becomes a conversation about reparations for slavery and the bussing of white kids from the suburbs into inner-city schools to achieve greater integration, the Democrats will be in a world of hurt.

On border security, indispensable to Trump in 2016, Democrats in the debates came out for ending criminal detention of people invading our country and for providing free health care for migrants who successfully break into the USA.

Detesting ICE as they do, and supporting sanctuary cities, left-wing Democrats routinely describe the Border Patrol as neo-fascists who run “concentration camps” where migrant children are forced to drink toilet water. The Democrats are becoming an open borders party.


What is their solution to the hundreds of thousands of migrants who annually arrive at our borders? Foreign aid. They want to create a Marshall Plan for Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador so refugees will stay home rather than come to the USA for the health care Democrats will provide at taxpayer expense.

Among other ideas advocated by leading Democratic candidates:

Free college for all, cancellation of all student loan debt, Medicare for All, an end to private health insurance and the companies that provide it, the abolition of the Electoral College, expansion of the Supreme Court to 15 justices, the abolition of ICE, a phase-out all fossil fuels for a carbon neutral country, and repeal of all Trump tax cuts.

What is causing the moderate Democrats to adopt what they used to regard as radical positions? The party base, which votes in primaries and is further left than it has ever been.

Also pulling the party leftward is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her sisters in Congress who receive extensive and indulgent media coverage and have a powerful following among millennials.

What the Democratic Party is risking today — and what many of its leaders recognize — is that it will be pulled so far outside the mainstream of American politics in the nomination battle, that its nominee will not be able to make it back close enough to the center to win.

If the Democratic Party, as its alternative to Trump, decides to run on this radical new agenda, America will punish that hubris with a second term for Trump.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2019

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  1. Hail says: • Website

    while Trump has run a daily gauntlet of dreadful media for two years,

    Correction: It began four years ago last month. The media hostility began immediately following his June 2015 “They’re not sending their best” speech. He had suddenly breached a political barrier that our elite is so invested in propping up.

    (Most of us remember it: The media hostility was sustained and often intense, and would have broken almost anyone else. Trump, a Forbes-400 denizen with a reality TV show and millions of pre-existing fans, was one of the only people who could pull it off.)

    However, as Trump failed to stand by his nationalist rhetoric, failed to build the wall, failed to deport illegals, etc., etc. (“Elected Trump, Got Jeb”) — and as he came to lean so heavily on Jared ‘Israel First’ Kushner for so much policy while disempowering nationalists — the media began to subtly soften up on Trump, which makes this no big surprise:

    [a] poll just found Trump at…a new high for his presidency

  2. Hail says: • Website

    What is their solution to the hundreds of thousands of migrants who annually arrive at our borders? Foreign aid.

    And what is Trump’s solution?

    Tweeting? Boldly lying about wall progress? Complaining that the law allows all illegals to enter, no questions asked, if they memorize a few lines of spiel (asylum)? And meanwhile ordering a huge surge in H1b visas?


    Here is my ideal solution:

    Trump — out; Kris Kobach — in. (Kobach is now running for Senate, but ideally should be President.)

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Corvinus
  3. Kobach would be a great POTUS, but the nose would never allow it.

  4. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Because it’s now time for the next Most Important Election Ever.

    Keep in mind that Mr. Buchanan is Stagehand Right in the same puppet show, whose job is to keep Americans focused on Red v Blue politics.

  5. Svevlad says:

    Why do I have a feel that the “Marshall plan” would just rob the countries involved even further?

    • Replies: @Currahee
  6. @Hail

    Mr. Trump has even failed to nominate Kobach to head the Dept. of Homeland Security when his base was clamoring for it. Talk about being tone deaf.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @KenH
  7. Buchanan reports that a recent poll shows that Americans, by 2 to 1, oppose paying reparations for slavery. Is that any reason to celebrate? If people still knew how to think, the ratio should be 10 to1 or even 100 to 1 against. The 2 to 1 ratio indicates that many, many self-hating whites must favor reparations. I thought that I’d never see the day when a presidential candidate could favor reparations and still remain viable, but that’s the new dystopia we whites now live in.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Alfa158
    , @anon
  8. @follyofwar

    Whites built America’s great cities–blacks have destroyed them.

    If it were a rational world blacks should be paying reparations to whites.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  9. Alfa158 says:

    Two to one is also approximately the ratio of Whites to non-Whites. There are to be sure, a minority of people in each group who don’t have the same opinion on the issue as the rest. However, broadly speaking non-Whites are going to be in favor because they think they might get reparations even if they aren’t Black. I.e. , Latinx will get them because in the 1840’s Gringos stole half their land, and the half that had all the good stuff like super highways, airports, auto factories, power stations, scientific and medical research centers etc. Asians will get reparations because of the old restrictions on Asian immigration and general oppression. Meanwhile Whites know they will get nothing and be the people paying everyone else.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  10. Currahee says:

    Would enrich the controlling elites.

    • Replies: @Svevlad
  11. Pat

    The much larger serious issue is NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS=The highly RACIALIZED Democratic Party Voting Bloc and NONWHITE SCAB LABOR…

    Our “fellow” Irish Catholic, Congressman Peter King from Seaford, has just voted to allow 300,000 Hindu LEGAL IMMIGTANTS into America via the H-1B…L1B Visa Program…….Republican Peter King…almost 30 years in the US Congress….voting to import the Democratic Party Voting Bloc….LEGALLY……What a fucking piece of shit….

  12. Svevlad says:

    Yeah, and send even more people abroad…

    Michael Hudson explained it real nice

  13. The future of politics is Epstein.
    Young girl pics in the Manhattan mansion,
    Hollywood and DC in the lineup:
    ‘Murka turns incrimination nation.

    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  14. Truth3 says:

    C’mon Pat, just say it.

    Just once.

    You know… that Heebee Jeebee Elephant in the room.

  15. Hail says: • Website

    That datapoint alone proves that Trump never was serious about immigration.

  16. KenH says:

    when his base was clamoring for it.

    His real base is Javanka, Sheldon Adelson and Bibi and not always in that order.

  17. anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    > 2 to 1

    Because there are 2 Real Americans to every 1 Fake American these days.

  18. @Alfa158

    I based my comment on the fact that the ratio of American blacks, whose US ancestors may have been slaves, vs American whites has not changed that much since I graduated from high school 50 years ago. The reparations the anti-white democrats are talking about are only supposed to involve decedents of slavery. Your comment expands it into areas (Mexicans & Asians) which no one is talking about. Some of their tax dollars would go to fund it, which I don’t think many would approve of, especially since none of their ancestors were slaveowners in the US. They might even oppose it in greater percentages than whites, many of whom hate themselves as well as their race.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  19. The Democrats are ahead of the Republicans as always. They are playing the long game. Trump can win again but he isn’t going to do anything to stop the demographic shift that will give the Ds a one party country the same way that California became a one party state.

  20. @SeekerofthePresence

    Epstein Scandal–

    “Burning down the House”/
    “Stop Making Sense” (HD) Talking Heads 1984

  21. peterAUS says:

    Long game?
    As….what….10 years from now, at most?

    Let’s assume Dems win the Presidency next year. A fair assumption I guess.
    And, as they all promised actually on the first debate, they open the borders.

    How many years will take, then, to change demographics to make US Dem party state?
    My take: 8, at the most.
    And if Trump wins what real difference will it make? What happens after him?

    True, 10 years is a long game in the world where an average person attention span is around 15 seconds.

  22. According to the Nation of Islams books on the Jewish and the slave trade, looks like white Jewish supremacists will owe a lot of money.

  23. NYMOM says:

    We cannot blame President Trump for what has been going on in this country for the last 50 or so years. He entered the fray at the end of the game not the beginning. House and Senate Republicans have been aiding and abetting this game the Democrats have been playing since the 60s…

    The only thing that can maybe save this country at this point is a decent Independent Party candidate. Basically they could win with only 35% of the vote since right now the country is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

    That’s probably our future anyway. A 3-way split with the Democrats becoming the party of minoirities and the White (and maybe Asian and some Hispanics) splitting between Republicans and an Independent party.

    The Republicans have been pretty useless for much of Trump’s term and even the Supreme Court at this point cannot be counted on as they have morphed into nothing but a group of virtue signalers who decisions make no sense most of the time…

  24. the court-ordered bussing of black and white children…

    bussing of black and white children for racial balance…

    I can’t believe Pat doesn’t know the difference between busing and bussing.

  25. @NYMOM

    this game the Democrats have been playing since the 60s…

    More like the ’20s– the 1820s.

    Racial spoils have always been the raison d’etre of this party. The only thing that has changed is the recipients.

  26. @NYMOM

    The only thing that can maybe save this country at this point is a decent Independent Party candidate. Basically they could win with only 35% of the vote since right now the country is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

    That would most likely throw the election into the House of Representatives. Where each state gets one vote.

    Unless you can tell us which of these three parties will get 270 Electors.

    • Replies: @NYMOM
  27. There ain’t no center anymore Pat. Now you are with us or against us. You are white or POC. You are woke or deplorable. You are Nationalist or Globalist.

    Red vs. Blue is a distinction without a difference. Corrupt is corrupt.

    Labor vs. Capital is a distraction. Today’s Capitalists are actually Feudalists. And today’s Socialists know they are serfs and plead for the King’s (the government’s) protection.

    I’m almost as old as you Pat. I admired your retail politics. I grew up among Irish Catholics and regard them as the salt of the earth. I would have moved right long ago but I was a union man. Our day is done. Go in peace Paddy. It’s been good to know Ya.

    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  28. TTSSYF says:

    It’s possible that large numbers of other minority groups don’t oppose it because it’s more important to them to see American whites punished than it is to (possibly) have their taxes increased.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  29. @NYMOM

    The only thing that can maybe save this country at this point is a decent Independent Party candidate. Basically they could win with only 35% of the vote since right now the country is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

    You have a better chance at winning Powerball than electing an Independent candidate for President.

    In this age of deep state big data and total mass media domination the major parties could crush any such candidate at will–a trivial exercise.

    Ross Perot just faded away–the next serious independent candidate may not be _that_ lucky.

  30. @WorkingClass

    Our day is done. Go in peace Paddy. It’s been good to know Ya.


  31. KenH says:

    I’m not sure if ceding the center matters anymore since almost all of the Democrat’s rabid base is on the far left of the spectrum and there’s a shrinking number of independents. The Dems retook control of the House in 2018 with anti-white bigotry and batshit insanity and I see no reason why they can’t capture the oval office doing much the same thing. They only lost three Senate seats.

    Pat is confused and seems to think it’s 1968 and that the silent majority can easily make or break candidates. But it’s 2019 and it’s now more like the silent slim majority or plurality.

    Trump has already sided with the left on criminal justice reform (i.e., let violent blacks out of prison early) red flag control laws (yet to be passed) and bump stock bans and predict he’ll likely side with the left on an assault weapons ban in his second term. It’s also very likely we’ll get some type of amnesty and the only thing that stopped it in Donny’s first term is that the Democrats complained that it wasn’t big enough.

    Trump has trod the path of previous swamp Republicans by trying to woo blacks and please everyone except his own base. He’s complained about chief justice John Roberts but he’s not much better.

    • Replies: @NYMOM
  32. There is no center left to cede.

  33. NYMOM says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I guess I just assumed they could win with 35% of the popular vote, but you are saying it would really depend upon which states generated that 35%…it would have to be states with high numbers of electoral votes (similar to how Trump won).

    Thus it is even more important for Trump’s citizenship numbers to be established as this is how the Democrats have given themselves more seats in the House of Representatives than they are entitled to…through another ridiculous court decision that allows districts to be established by the number of people residing therein and just lumping citizens and illegal immigrants into one number.

    The Democrats have managed to take over one of the three branches of our government in this manner…

  34. NYMOM says:

    “there’s a shrinking number of independents”…

    That’s not true, it is just the opposite. Many people are either registered as Independents now or just Unaffiliated with no party (which is practically the same thing).

    The problem is many states won’t let them vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries which pick the actual candidates who run for office. That’s why we keep getting these batsh.t crazy candidates on either the right or left and wind up having to pick the lesser of evils in our elections.

    But Trump won with the support of many Unaffiliated voters as well as working class Democrats (or as we used to call them the Reagan Democrats).

    So a third party candidate can still play a major role in our system if we get the right one…

  35. @Futurethirdworlder

    “Trump can win again but he isn’t going to do anything to stop the demographic shift that will give the Ds a one party country the same way that California became a one party state.”

    Your pep talks really suck.

    • Replies: @Futurethirdworlder
  36. KenH says:

    “there’s a shrinking number of independents”…

    I meant that there’s a shrinking number of political centrists and the establishment assumption is that most independents are centrists/moderates/middle of the roaders which really isn’t the case anymore. And events since the 2016 election continue to push people either further left or further right.

    That’s why we keep getting these batsh.t crazy candidates on either the right or left

    The only batshit crazy is coming from the (((left))). You’ll have to explain what a batshit crazy rightist looks like. If protecting the border, deporting illegals, dramatically reducing legal immigration and defending the second amendment is “batshit crazy” then we have a problem.

    • Replies: @NYMOM
  37. @TTSSYF

    If the so-called reparations are to be funded by a federal sales tax, many of the lower 60% of income earners will oppose it because they actually pay sales tax regularly and usually can’t avoid it.

    If the so-called reparations are to be funded by an INCOME tax hike, though, most of the lower 60% of income earners will favor it or not mind much because

    (1) that’s where almost all Africans fall in the us income distribution,

    (2) the lowest-income earners actually get more “back” from the fed income tax system than they paid in, due to a “refundable” Earned Income Tax Credit,

    (3) the lower half of income earners pay NO net federal income tax, only FICA (social security 6.2% and Medicare 1.45%), and the next ten percent above that pay very little net federal income tax.

    Put reparations for Africans together with a big freebie that goes substantially to lower-income Hispanics — maybe a new federal entitlement to daycare — and it could pass a Democrat congress and be signed by the dem who will be in the White House by 2025.

    Stacey Abrams / Hector MountainDew Camacho 2024!

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  38. Corvinus says:

    Kobach couldn’t even win his own state for governorship. He is not the answer.

  39. @Hail

    It’s a total charade… it almost feels like the Dems are purposely throwing the 2020 election. Run such loony candidates that the Deplorables “have no choice” but to vote Trump back into office, to stop the other, worse guys. It’s a successful shift back to traditional conservative politics, where Trump is simply upholding the status quo, which is bad, but it would be worse with team blue!

    I think Trump has cut a deal. He’s been such a good goy that he’s earned a second term! You are correct, the media has gotten quite soft on him too.

    I’m of two minds though:
    – Conspiratorially, Trump sold out to the Deep State and is being handed a second term as thanks. Therefore, we should vote for some Democrat loony just to throw a wrench into the system.
    – On the other hand, maybe Trump really is cucked by the swamp, and he’s doing the best he can (which is poor), but the moment the Dems get in power the lights are shutting down for White America. In this case supporting Trump is the only choice.

  40. @Ozymandias

    If you want some rahrah, team red, go Trump cheerleading BB is a good place for you.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  41. @Futurethirdworlder

    It’s alright. You ‘doom porn’ masturbators are exactly what I expect to find in the comment section of a Pat Buchanan article.

    “We’re doomed! Doooooooooooomed!!!”

    It’s all such high drama with you girls.

  42. TTSSYF says:

    I have little doubt that any reparations would not be funded by so overt a means as a federal sales tax. Besides being so obviously felt by all, it would negate in large measure the purpose; i.e., income redistribution from whites to blacks.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  43. @TTSSYF

    While the left talks a good redistribution game, they continue to raise “sin” taxes (tobacco, alcohol) which are extremely regressive by any measure since the lower middle and lower classes are higher users of both products. If they taxed high end wine and not low end wine and beer that would be more “progressive”. If they taxed high end cigars and not low end cigars and cigarettes that would be more “progressive”.

    Watch what they do, not what they say.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  44. TTSSYF says:

    While the left talks a good redistribution game, they continue to raise “sin” taxes (tobacco, alcohol) which are extremely regressive by any measure since the lower middle and lower classes are higher users of both products.

    That’s their choice. Nobody is forcing anyone, including the lower or lower-middle classes, to overuse those products. Sounds like you’re succumbing to the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    Watch what they do, not what they say.

    I do both and despise them for both, so what’s your point?

    In any case, I’d never support a “luxury tax” on high-end wine or cigars, because it would not be fair to either the seller or buyer. The buyer already pays more tax the more the item costs. But, as a secondary reason, I also would not support it because making the cheaper stuff more affordable would only encourage more of what you already acknowledge is happening; i.e., overuse by the lower and lower-middle classes (who can afford that behavior the least), with the wealthier folks helping to subsidize it.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  45. @TTSSYF

    so what’s your point?

    I am calling the “progressives” out on the conflict between their words and actions when they make public policy–that is the only point I am trying to make.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  46. NYMOM says:

    Offhand, I would say that Roy Moore was batshit crazy and the Republicans could have fielded a better candidate.

    Additionally many of the Republican candidates for office in New York are, if not batshit crazy (being totally focused on issues like abortion and stopping gay marriage that many people don’t care much about) are total non-entities just randomly picked so the Republicans can have someone, anyone to run on their line on the ballot…

    For instance, VP Pence, standing alone would never win the Presidency. Sorry…

    We need better candidates.

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