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America's 'Great Leap Forward' Into Socialism
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Just seven weeks into his presidency, Joe Biden signed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. Among the largest spending bills in history, it was passed without the vote of a single Republican.

The plan sent direct payments of up to $1,400 to most Americans, extended a $300 per week unemployment insurance boost until Sept. 6 and expanded the child tax credit for a year. It also put $350 billion into state, local and tribal relief.

This weekend, a bipartisan group of senators crafted a $1 trillion measure to repair and expand the nation’s roads, bridges, ports, airports and broadband. Last week, this trillion-dollar infrastructure plan got a green light from 17 Republican senators, including Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Boasted Biden: “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is the largest infrastructure bill in a century. It will grow the economy, create good-paying jobs, and set America on a path to win the future.”

Up next is a $3.5 trillion measure to remake America, which is also to be enacted without GOP support via a process called “reconciliation,” which enables the Senate to pass measures with a simple majority.

This $3.5 trillion measure would expand social and environmental programs, extend the reach of education and health care, tax the rich and take on the challenge of the century — climate change.

Among programs funded are universal prekindergarten for all 3- and 4-year-olds, two years of free community college, clean energy mandates for utilities and lower prescription drug prices. Medicare benefits would be expanded and amnesty extended to millions of illegal migrants.

All that is needed for its enactment into law is a Democrat majority in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House, the votes of the 50 Democratic senators and the signature of Biden.

After effecting passage of his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, if Biden gets the $1 trillion infrastructure proposal and the $3.5 trillion package, he will have enlarged federal spending by $6 trillion.

This would constitute the greatest leap forward toward socialism of any American president, with Biden’s only rivals being previous record-holders Franklin D. Roosevelt during the 1930s’ New Deal and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society in the 1960s.

If Biden succeeds in getting it all, this would not only be a quantum leap toward European-style socialism. It would cross a divide for America, from which history teaches us there is no return.

“A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money,” said Sen. Everett Dirksen in the 1960s, when he was leading a badly outmanned Republican minority in the Senate after the Barry Goldwater defeat.

Today, we talk not about billions but about trillions, and that $6 trillion in spending Biden is reaching for translates into more than six thousand billion dollars.

As of today, however, neither the infrastructure bill nor the $3.5 trillion omnibus bill is a done deal, with the former looking more probable than the latter. But if both are passed, they would create new records and new realities for the U.S. government.

The federal debt would exceed the U.S. economy for the first time since World War II. The deficits for this year and last, roughly $3 trillion in each year, already exceed any past deficits since World War II

Passage of the $3.5 trillion omnibus bill would constitute a quantum leap in the number of Americans dependent on the federal government for the necessities of life.

It would increase America’s ratio of tax consumers to taxpayers.


It would be tantamount to an admission of belief that the real engine of economic growth in America, the truly indispensable provider upon whom an ever-expanding share of the population of the nation depend for food, rent, health care, education and cash income, is the government of the United States, not the American free market system.

As for the Republican Party, the conservative party of lower taxes, balanced budgets and free market solutions to social problems, the fiscal debate will be over in a way it has never been before.

Passage of that $3.5 trillion omnibus bill would represent the triumph of Great Society liberalism over Reaganite conservatism.

In his first inaugural address, President Ronald Reagan declared that government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.

In his State of the Union address in 1996, President Bill Clinton seemed to concede the triumph of Reaganism over liberalism and socialism:

“We know big government does not have all the answers. We know there’s not a program for every problem. We have worked to give the American people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in Washington. And we have to give the American people one that lives within its means.

“The era of big government is over.”

In 2021, Biden and his party are saying: Clinton was wrong to concede Reaganism its victory. When there is a big crisis in the country, FDR was right: Big government is the solution.

If the terrain looks unfamiliar, that is because we are crossing a new continental divide. We are entering Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez country.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

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  1. Rational says:


    This is shocking. The Amnesty provision would be a crime against humanity. We must ban immigration instead.

    If these criminals (which is what the Democratic party is) pass amnesty, conservatives must sue. I recommend that conservatives sue against allof Biden’s laws and executive orders. Most of them are illegal and unconstitutional, but another important reason is that the constitution requires that all bills should be signed by the President, after passage by Congress. However, Biden has advanced Alzheimer’s disease as proven by many videos, so he is not mentally competent to understand or sign any bill or executive order, making them all null and void. He is not oriented to person, place or time, as videos prove. That is proof positive of advanced mental illness. As proof, they can subpoena him and ask him questions about his bill, and chances or, he will not even remember (due to his advanced Alz disease).

    • Replies: @rgl
    , @GomezAdddams
  2. This would constitute the greatest leap forward toward socialism of any American president, with Biden’s only rivals being previous record-holders Franklin D. Roosevelt during the 1930s’ New Deal and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society in the 1960s.

    No. FDR’s plans were to put people to work.

    Biden’s Plan is to put people out of work.

    But why should we care about socialism and why should we protect capitalists?

    It’s the super-capitalists who put Biden in office. And they got theirs. Also, they got fat off globalism at the expense of American middle and working classes.

    Notice this isn’t about taxation either.
    Socialism used to mean taking from the have-mores and giving to the have-lesses.

    The new plan takes nothing from the rich. It just prints money and gives to the have-lesses. In the end, it will hurt ordinary people far more because inflation will eat away at their living standards, something the rich don’t have to worry about. Also, it’s the affluent who got money in stocks that keep rising up and up.

    The super-rich got theirs and are using Biden to pacify the unwashed. Just print more money and pass out the dough among the have-lesses and maybe they will be happy… while the super-rich get super-richer under globalism that goes on as usual.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Curmudgeon
  3. Pat, God bless you, if you think for a millisecond that the so-called ‘G.O.P.’ is actually opposed to the exponential growth of debt slavery, then you need to put down the near-beer and crack open a bottle of vodka.

    Please stop trying to perpetuate myths.

  4. A. Most of the money for infrastructure will go to big contractors, big business, and the rest will be sucked up by vulture capitalists. Some socialism.

    B. Whoopdedo fourteen Benjamins, a deduction for the kid, and peanuts unemployment for a month. Whoopdedo. Not to mention that all us severely stretched peons will pay it all out immediately in highly inflated dollars, to who? To Rich People! Some socialism.

    The whole problem with opposing the Powers That Be is that:

    A. You people don’t understand what socialism is and ain’t, and:
    B. You think the policies you support are good for the common man like yourselves, but they are really good for, as usual, same as it ever was, wait for it, drumroll please . . . Rich People!

    Surprised ya there I bet.

  5. El Dato says:

    Come on man!

    Who can be against Unicorn Meat delivered free of charge?!?

    Clean energy?
    Well-paying (unionized) jobs with loyal employees and loyal employers like it’s the 50s?
    Fight climate change?
    A great winner future?
    Internet access to blow us into Cyberpunk?
    Victory against the Russia-China-Iran Axis of Agony?
    and (left unstated) absorb all the immigrations into presumably “knollij-economy” jobs and continue subsidizing Israel?

    What’s not to like?

    Sadly someone is going to notice soon that “money” is a measure of what you can afford, not a knob to be turned to have yourself a pony. Relabeling the numbers on a thermometer isn’t going to heat the house.

    Disturbing news from the real world:

    The big eco dilemma: How rare earth metals have become a thorn in the side of the green agenda


    Secondly there is the issue of the production supply chain. The current reliance on China is fragile and has potential for disruption. In the US, the Biden administration seems to have some awareness of this issue, and as part of its enthusiastic climate and technology policy has prioritized the domestic production of rare-earth metals in an effort to revitalize its former semiconductor industry.

    The strangely paradoxical Biden plan seems to involve massive investments and promises in climate change technology, while at the same time taking a harder stance against eastern geopolitical ‘national security threats’ – such as China – in a complicated and bizarre strategy of attack and reliance.

    This not the first time the US has attempted to revive its own rare earth production (in the 1980s it was largely self-reliant). While it is understandable for the Biden administration to reminisce about the days of a fully autonomous supply chain, rebuilding the system faces overpowering environmental, economic, and political obstacles.

    Beyond sourcing the minerals and the environmental concerns, competing with China is no easy feat, especially when it has created an industrial processing infrastructure which the US has dismantled. Why did it do that? Because of the horrific environmental cost, partially, as well as the irresistible ‘great bargain’ of international cheap labour. It would take at least a decade to build that infrastructure and require massive levels of production.

    With a certain air of desperation, it has been suggested that the best course is to work with allies (ie exploit partners) such as the European Union (which would mean polluting Europe and shipping the product to the US).

    Many regions, including within the EU, do indeed have an abundance of these resources. However, they either lack the expertise in extraction and processing, or perhaps more wisely, lack the willingness to destroy and blacken their landscape and poison their citizens.

  6. An ole saying said in the 1950’s. “In the future the Soviet Union will become like the United States, and the United States will become like the Soviet Union.”

  7. El Dato says:

    …and the subsequent search for “wreckers” will make the “Arbeit Macht Frei” panels of encouragement become positively vibrant.

  8. mijj says:

    it wouldn’t be so bad if the US was actually gravitating towards Socialism, but it’s not. The writer, being a thoroughly indoctrinated American and thus full of fear and having not a clue, is merely using the word as a derogatory term.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  9. You say “we are crossing a new continental divide”?
    Well,if the christian,conservative rebuplicans are the mountains
    in the way of this endeavor,it should be downhill all the way.However,
    if it’s those evil Asian communists,we’re in for a world of hurt. Prai$e

  10. Pat’s off down the libertarian rabbit hole again.
    Might be good to actually wait until the Bills are passed — & in what form before screaming “pinko’s! ”

  11. The next Most Important Election Ever is barely 15 months away! Be sure to cast your sacred vote for

    the Republican Party, the conservative party of lower taxes, balanced budgets and free market solutions to social problems

    and help save the Republic!

    What did Mr. Buchanan have to say about government spending during the last four years, while Team Red was nominally in control?

  12. We are entering Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez country.

    That is because of Republican failures. They could have created an infrastructure bill but chose not to.

    After decades of looting the middle class of jobs and opportunities there is only government left. The neoliberal age of misrule is ending. So it is back to basics of good government.

    FDR saved Capitalism last time, now MMT is the only game in town.

    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64)
  13. TGD says:

    The $3.5 trillion “omnibus” spending bill is a consequence of Bernie Sanders’ plan for “economic justice.” The combined $5 trillion in new spending (paid for by the printing press) will cause the collapse of the US dollar. That will eliminate the billionaire class as their wealth is predicated on the value of the US dollar. It’s as simple as that.

  14. Cowboy says:

    Don’t worry, Republicans voters, Rob Portman and Mitt Romney have your back, lol!

    Is there a psychologist here? Republican voters are suffering from battered woman syndrome.

  15. One of the things we’ve learned one thing over the past year is that, apparently, governments can just print up as much money as they need, without consequence.

    We’re still not seeing wheelbarrows of cash to buy a loaf of bread, the U.S. dollar remains the world’s reserve currency so why not let it rain? Grab as much cash as you can from the government, declare yourself handicapped or a visible minority. Pay as little tax as you can. Get it while the gettin’s still good!

    Conservatives get stuck in the idea that they have to save the country, but the country turned its back on conservatives decades ago. There’s nothing left to save but yourself and your family.

    Let it burn and enjoy the decline!

    • Agree: ruralguy
    • Replies: @Seneca44
  16. The new spending of currency that will be instantiated out of nothing is excellent news. I wish it were double or triple.

    This will surely accelerate the collapse of the US Dollar and with it the US empire. Once the Dollar goes into hyperinflation, it will purchase nothing and all the cretins that work as muscle for gov’t will have to find another route to support themselves. The political class, the silicon valley types, the phony news media, the leftists that control the universities, etc, will all lose their power.

    The scum at the top of the hierarchy will attempt to maintain their positions, probably with martial law and other brute force measures. It might work for a while but will ultimately fail. The end of the United States of America as a failed experiment is approaching and good riddance. The 50 states will try their hands at governing and losers like New York and California will attempt to resurrect all the socialist policies that have clearly failed. Other states will try the opposite policies and in short order, the winners and losers will be identified.

    • Agree: ruralguy
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @SafeNow
  17. DanGood says:

    No, Pat. European type socialism would include universal health insurance, unemployment insurance worth its name, free collage tuition plus a pension on which old people can retire. What you have here is mockery of socialism. It is throwing money at poor people the same as you would throw peanuts to animals in a zoo. The reason you freak out over it, Pat, is because there is so little infrastructure in the US that any spending seems unaffordable. That is because most of the money collected in taxes goes to the military.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @follyofwar
  18. The one percenters must be weeping and gnashing their teeth, all those billions that will end up being spent on the ungrateful peons instead of trickling up to them. Damn that communist manifesto the Founders created in 1787, that promised “to provide for the common welfare.” The parasites at the top of the pile, the few hundred guys who own and control everything worth owning and controlling in our pretend-democracy, have spent vast fortunes holding back the future. Because socialism really is slavery, for them: the slavery of being forced to earn an honest living like the rest of us do.

  19. Exile says:

    It’s not about socialism, it’s about Judaism.

  20. Cowboy says:

    BTW, when they say “Infrastructure” what they mean is new trains to send Deplorables to reeducation camps and electric car plug in stations for woke hipsters.

    • Replies: @rgl
  21. El Dato says:
    @Priss Factor

    No. FDR’s plans were to put people to work.

    But it didn’t actually work very well because he was economically illiterate (or generally just a politician unable to to anything except politicking, as the case may be).

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  22. Western European socialism is not the same as 1950’s East European communism, which is the specter used to scare Americans away from all things socialist.

    Universal health care, pensions and social services aren’t bad things. But, you can’t have a social welfare state and open borders.

  23. anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    So here’s the plan:

    Send all our manufacturing jobs offshore to poor countries so they can be produced cheaply. Print money to subsidize all our poor and unemployed so they can afford to buy these cheap imports. Let the debt be financed by the foreign countries that took all our jobs. Allow in anyone who wants in to share the spoils — we’ll just keep printing more money.

    Countries like China, Japan, Germany that export to us have no choice but to keep lending us money so we can buy what they produce. They work, we print money and consume.

    Not a bad deal really, except for the unlimited importation of immigrants part, that’ll send us crashing down sooner.

  24. rgl says:

    It remains to be seen if Biden’s exe orders are indeed unconstitutional. There is at least one lawsuit filed (by Texas) to determine just that.

    Having said that, immigration is in fact within the purview of the federal government. They can make any goofy law they want, and it would be constitutional due to the fact that immigration is a federal mandate. On this basis, I believe Texas’ lawsuit will fail.

    Just because you – and a whole lotta other people, not only in Texas – don’t like the law, doesn’t mean it is unconstitutional. It is simply a bad law.

    As far as Biden’s mental health is concerned, it isn’t after all, a concern at all. TPTB have a pliable cardboard cutout unwilling, or rather unable to discern, anything put in front of his face.

    “Anything you say Nance.” about sums it up.

    Presidents are chosen to be the lightning rod for the real powers behind the throne. Imho, Biden was selected precisely for his (ahem) mental acuity. On the outside, he is the grandfatherly type. And who wants to badmouth a grandfather? A disabled one at that.

    The only thing I disagree with you on is the “crimes against humanity” thing. That was a tad hyperbolic.

  25. rgl says:

    Just a little paranoid, perhaps?

    I’m not going to bother with the reeducation camp stuff. That is nothing but pure paranoia. The electric car thing … well, I drive a pickup truck. I like my pickup. However, I, and you, need to face the reality that fossil fuels will eventually dry up. It is a finite resource.

    That is not to mention the emissions of a gazillion gas burning vehicles on the world’s roads and their affect on the planet.

    Electric vehicles – never mind the pussy factor – must be a thing to embrace. It is our future. It has to be. S’far as I know, no one has built a nuke reactor teeny-tiny enough to power a personal vehicle. So the plug-in is the way things are going to have to be.

    I will miss my truck. I just hope I can keep it long enough to pay it off.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  26. El Dato says:

    OT perhaps, but … 11 years ago:

  27. Anonymous[240] • Disclaimer says:

    I love stomping on my old 7.3 turbo diesel F350 sending up a big black plume….

    What version of peak oil are we on now? Version 5?

  28. Seneca44 says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    “There’s nothing left to save but yourself and your family.”

    Sage words, indeed

  29. Realist says:

    Agreed, but it will be very nasty for some time.

  30. SafeNow says:

    “Other states will try the opposite policies and in short order, the winners and losers will be identified.”

    Maybe, only identified, and it stops there; gee, things sure work great in Idaho, it must be nice. But the alternate scenario is that the sane, non-socialist states and areas will be not just identified and admired, but subjugated. Their citizens’ social security and other federal benefits cancelled. Civil forfeiture of the assets, including homes, of the governor and other leaders. Criminal charges, including imprisonment without bail. That would bring Idaho into line in a hurry.

    In sum, nowhere to run.

    • Disagree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  31. Reconciliation for Dems is not a done deal; two of the 50 Dem senators are moderates; Kirsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Mancini of West Virginia; especially Mancini from very red WV; if Dems vote to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens they will be ensuring they lose both houses of Congress next year but many seem to have a radical devotion to ”undocumented immigrants;” if Mancini of West Virginia a very conservative state doesnt vote of the 3.5 trillion dollar Omnibus it will fail; Dems will already take a bath in 2022; the trillion dollar infrastructure bill is good; better to repair our crumbling infrastructure than waste funds on useless wars or to defend wealthy ungrateful ”allies.”

  32. @SafeNow

    Once the dollar goes to worthless, the Fed Gov fades as the USSR did. All Federal benefits stop. There would be no Social Security payment or payments of any kind from that point on.

    The individual states in effect become countries if that’s what they want to do individually. Some may decide to get together to form a larger country, but I don’t see governors stepping aside magnanimously to let that happen.

    Face it, the dollar is headed for the toilet with the Fed printing like there’s no tomorrow. Once it goes, the US of A is all but gone. A year or more of riots, martial law, military dictatorship to try to keep it together won’t work because the US has been hollowed out of manufacturing capability as well as the brains to run such things and only manufacturing can build wealth. Bankers, lawyers, human resource managers and other useless skills can’t make up for what’s been lost over decades.

    Any assets will be forfeit either by confiscation or by their vale dropping to near zero because there’s no way to conduct trade with no agreed upon medium of exchange worth anything. Landlords will discover that there are more renters and property will be seized to supply ’emergency’ housing that will get trashed just like all public housing. Other property will become common goods as there are already laws for such confiscations when some asshat declares an emergency.

    If you’re in a city, you’re dead meat.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Thanks: SafeNow
    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Realist
  33. anon[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks. Speech is the first casualty before truth is in the wars against the realities.
    Today’s left is nothing but the refigured reflections of what a more honest scumbag would look like in a regular normal mirror.

    BBC worries of pandemic ,chastises anti vax, anti mask,and then spends hours to insinuates the vaccine receiving rural Chinese if she were doing it for nationalism or doing it under pressure or inducements.

    BBC reaches conclusion : Taliban wants to win militarily forgetting the negotiating platform offered by then to Bush cretin and foregeeting the offer Saddam made to same repeat offending Bush cretin. Is USA trying to win the war in Syria by negotiating ?Is USA trying to enter into negotiation with Cuba or NK?

    Pat sees things that dont exist.

    We have similar misconceptions about freedom,secuirty , liberty ,and foreign policies or food stamps
    We get instant gratification of hurting segemnts of people we hate but often no differnt than us in terms of victmization . Decades old false teaching by the media and the governmnet have condotioned us to do that. Now same media and the government see a new path to more aggresive and more extensive exploitation . Media now hates the same block thst it used to pander to. This segment fights the strawman and falls for the tactics written in the scarecrow’s body language .

  34. tyrone says:

    “European-style socialism.”……..HA,HA,HA! , guess again Pat…….pick another continent

  35. Rurik says:

    The individual states in effect become countries if that’s what they want to do individually.

    that will never be allowed

    the very last thing the PTB will allow is any threat to what remains of their power, and any state or individual that presumes to be free to act on their own, will be shown the full measure of what remains of the PTB’s raw power to subjugate, imprison or liquidate.

    Already they assassinate by drone (without due process) American citizens (and their teenage son’s) who would defy their nefarious power.

    Already they imprison journalists for speaking the truth about their criminality. Already they toss into dungeons naive Americans who protest their serial treasons and flagrant illegality.

    As long as they have their gnarled fingers on the levers of power, no one is going to be able to escape their netherworld wrath.

    Yes, Asia and Eastern Europe and Russia and others, will- assuming they don’t just go nuke and blow it all up, (a distinct possibility from this lot, who we all know masturbate to their Samson Option)

    And much of the world will persevere. But within the boundaries of ZOG, from London to Paris to NYC and including all the flyover country from Norway to Greece to Ireland to Miami, there will be zero tolerance for any dissent whatsoever.

    As the Fecal Reserve Note goes, so too goes the Euro. They’re both the same fiat turds of ZOG to enslave their respective peoples. And they’re both based on the exact, same debt-based nothingness.

    As the dollar collapses, the reverberations will be global in scope.

    But here at home, no one is going to be allowed to set up autonomous regions.

    Before they’ll allow that, the drone swarms will fly into every nook and cranny of this vast land, and wipe out all the hated goyim in their lairs, with an Old Testament, genocidal vengeance.

    Israel is already using homicidal drone swarms in Gaza,

    and if you don’t think they’ll use it here, you’re hopelessly naive. (and I know you’re not RB ; )

    No, I suspect that much of the trillions that have gone missing from the Pentagon and elsewhere, are being used feverishly to weaponize the tech that will one day subjugate (or slaughter, as the case may be) the parts of the globe, (both) under (and not) thier control.

    If you don’t know that, you don’t know the true nature of these people.

    They’ll use everything. Local police, federal marshals, Big Tech, the military (like they did at Waco), drones, assassinations, famines, latent vaccine triggers, and God only knows what else they’ve developed in their demonic psychopathologies to hold on to power…




    Never Again, means never again !

    And as long as there is a goyim soul, free to breath air and love and walk the earth’s sublime beauty in peace and harmony with others like him or her, their power-demented psyches will twitch, and their black souls will wrest and churn in agony, because somewhere, someone is free of thier depraved imperitive to dominate.

    The guy who creates this art

    Understands their nature as well as anyone.

    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64)
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @SafeNow
  36. @Priss Factor

    Socialism used to mean taking from the have-mores and giving to the have-lesses.

    True. However, in the days before the Rothchilds sent cousin Karl (Marx) to mess with the growing popularity of the socialist movement, it also meant keeping the government and church out of the economy and hamstringing the banks.
    The 1950s high taxes on corporate profits induced the companies to re-invest in the company, whether through expansion, re-tooling, or wages, all of which were tax deductible. That carried on through the 60s.
    Realistically, can only work in high trust societies, which are best exemplified by being very short on diversity. That is why it worked reasonably well in Scandinavia and thrives in Israel. Socialism will never work in a society with vibrant diversity, which means all of the (((Western liberal democracies))).

  37. @El Dato

    But it didn’t actually work very well because he was economically illiterate

    I suspect that is why some referred to it as the “Jew Deal”.

  38. @Rurik

    that will never be allowed

    Once the dollar goes to toilet paper, the mercenary human shit in the military, police, and every other cretin that carries a weapon for gov’t will no longer get paid in anything that can purchase a loaf of bread. TPTsB rely on these scumbags to enforce their demands. So, they can make the demands and there’s no one to carry them out. TPTsB get neutered when the currency becomes worthless.

    Already they assassinate by drone

    No they don’t. Their armed thugs do that.

    Already they imprison journalists

    No, their paid for black robed asshats do that.

    As long as they have their gnarled fingers on the levers of power

    Their power evaporates when the dollar loses its purchasing power. That’s why they are desperately trying to maintain dollar hegemony world wide because it is their only actual power over others. They can purchase the loyalty of the scum of the society to do their bidding. Once their fiat is worth as much as a Weimar mark, they no longer have any leverage.

    But here at home, no one is going to be allowed to set up autonomous regions.

    No one is going to ask their permission. Sure, I admit that for a short while they will maintain their grasp on the situation, but the longer it drags out with no sound money the fewer loyal mercenaries they’ll be able to count on. Time is on the side of the people. The controllers have a limited amount of time before even the stupidest human gun platform realizes that he’s not getting paid with anything he can spend. Even the average POS cop has a family and he’s more likely to stay home to protect them with his service revolver than to go out on patrol. The grunts in the military are going to be asked to subdue their kin or the relatives of their buddies. How long do you think that will last before they turn the guns around 180 degrees and shoot the overlords?

    the drone swarms will fly into every nook and cranny

    Who do you think is going to maintain all that high tech gear? Are people going to sacrifice their families and work for nothing? The key is the dollar. When it goes to worthless or nearly so, the entire show grinds to a halt.

    They’ll use everything. Local police, federal marshals, Big Tech, the military (like they did at Waco), drones, assassinations, famines, latent vaccine triggers, and God only knows what else they’ve developed in their demonic psychopathologies to hold on to power…

    This was the case when TPTsB could pay for their loyalties. Those days are numbered.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  39. Rurik says:

    TPTsB get neutered when the currency becomes worthless.

    yes, but before that will happen, they’ll do everything in their considerable power to set up a concurrent system to guarantee the perpetuation of their rule.

    As I mentioned, they don’t just control the dollar, the Euro is also their fiat currency.

    As the dollar slides into obscurity, you can bet the farm they’re buying up everything in sight that’s of intrinsic value. Including real estate, precious metals, and so forth.

    If you had a legal counterfeiting machine, and could print unlimited trillions of dollars at will, with the knowledge that you could only do so for a few more decades, as the more you printed, the less it could buy, how much gold and silver and farm land would you purchase to guarantee your position as undisputed owner and ruler of everything of consequence?

    All of it, I’d recon. And I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re up to, behind the scenes.

    There is simply no way the house of Rothschild is going to wake up one day soon and find he can no longer treat Western Europe and the Five Eyes as his personal amusement park.

    It took them centuries to insinuate themselves back into England and Western Europe. It took them brutal wars and the endless slaughter of unlimited millions upon millions of goyim to consolidate their absolute power over the West. Now, as the undisputed rulers of the Western world, do you think they’re going to allow Joe Biden and AOC to spend so frivolously that they wake up soon in a world where they’re just some schmoes living on estates in England?! Not being able to demand endless tribute to Israel, and endless wars, while concurrently demanding the West commit depraved suicide?

    For God’s sake, RoatanBill, the humanity! of your bleak vision!

    No, no no, Sir. That simply can not be allowed.

    Perhaps they’re going to have to be creative, and buy up Patagonia, and from there orchestrate a global thermal nuclear holocaust. All the important Jews will no doubt get the ‘Jew call’, and fly their private jets down there for the party. If a few million little Jews get roasted in the conflagration, well then that can always be used to blame the Germans and other anti-Semites for, and squeeze out some more shoah bidness after the fallout dissipates, and things get back to normal.

    But the idea of the globalist banksters allowing themselves to be reduced to living like the ‘little people’, in the near future, is for me, a quaint but hopelessly naive pipe-dream.

    Yea, I too get cheery at the news that Russia and China (and others) are repudiating the dollar for trade in oil and other stuff. China appears to be ruffling their feathers of late, and possibly even becoming down-right inconvenient. But with the Euro solidly enslaving Europe, and the dollar being used all over the globe, to buy up massive swaths of valuable property and resources, the looming day when their comeuppance will free the planet of their Satanic banality, will not happen in our or our children’s lifetimes, alas.

    Perhaps one day, when Europe and North America have been reduced to grunting, tribal savagery, and Asia becomes ascendant to the point of global domination, will the strings of control that these bankers have used to enslave and destroy the West, come home to roost on their doorstep.

    But I don’t see any signs that such a thing is on the brink of happening any time soon.

    Rather, we’re heading into an era when their id (and their wrath) is going to be unleashed upon the people of the West like nothing even history could have prepared us for.

    You’re right about the goons in their pay, who will without conscience, pull the trigger on their fellow Americans and others. That’s part of what the entire military training is all about. To create automatons that do not and are no longer capable of thinking. They take and obey orders, period.

    And just as with Charlotteville and the ‘insurrection’, they’re going to line up with ZOG against their own communities.

    We’re heading into a very ominous time. The suffering will be horrific, and widespread and litterally unbelievable, based on everything we have experienced so far. The Branch Dravidians knew of what I’m talking about. And so did hundreds of thousands of the people of Iraq and Libya and Syria. The people of Gaza know, all too well. And it won’t be over any time soon. At least not in our lifetimes.

    Will we deserve what’s coming? Perhaps some of us, in some ways, yea.

    I sort of think the ‘Christian Zionists deserve to suffer what they demand the Palestinians suffer, so that they personally can have a thousand-year boehner at the Palestinians expense. And there’s tens of millions of these cretins here in the U.S. Woke corporate CEOs, all the politicians on ‘both’ sides.

    Lots of people will deserve what coming. But not the vast majority, who’re basically decent and hardworking people, of all races and creeds, and they’re going to absorb the brunt of the horrors, as the politicians and CEOs and John Hagees fly off to private islands to yuk it up with Ehud and Mitt, as it all unfolds.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  40. @Rurik

    You are, of course, correct that anyone that owns tangible property as opposed to paper assets and funny money currency will survive better than those without. The top of the hierarchy is in the process of buying up everything they can get their hands on using Fed supplied free currency, that’s obvious. Those people and corporations will hold title to valuable assets after the smoke clears and is why I have next to no paper assets. The vast bulk of the population hasn’t prepared and will get the brunt of the pain that’s inevitable.

    When the US Dollar goes, so do almost all of the currencies since they are all tied in via derivatives and counter party risk. The Euro may precede the Dollar but the first major currency to fail will trigger the rest of the dominoes.

    The 10% of the population that owns 85% of all the stocks are going to get wiped out unless they hit the exits before the rush and not everyone can follow the initial lucky ones with proper timing because as selling starts, there will be a lack of buyers. All the paper wealth will be discounted to cents on the dollar.

    You’re assuming all the muscle and laws in use currently will survive to come out the other end. I don’t think so.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
    , @Rurik
  41. nsa says:

    Government spending as a percentage of GDP: USA 45%, China 37%. Who is more “socialist”?

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  42. SafeNow says:

    “They’ll use everything.”

    My thought is that it might not even require everything. Just lock-up a few “terrorists” at the supermax. It’s that darn unmovable concrete stool, in front of the small black-and-white TV that only plays religious programming. That would give everyone else the message. Real fast. No one wants to sit in solitary on that stool for 10 or 20 years. Not to mention the civil forfeiture of the house ..the wife and kids won’t exactly go for that.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  43. Among the largest spending bills in history, it was passed without the vote of a single Republican.

    That’s the new normal, thanks to demographic terrorism. Recucklicans are worthless cowards who do nothing to oppose Pretendsident Diaper’s encouraged foreign invasion. Their role in the uniparty is offering meager resistance then throwing the fight.

    The American Great Replacement continues unabated. Immigration means genocide, especially at the current pace.

    Radical communist Jews infiltrated all of our institutions decades ago. The collapse is on them and every shabby shabbos who acts as their face and familiars.

  44. @DanGood

    Socialism in a much too diverse for its own good America is doomed to failure. Socialism may work in small, homogenous, high trust societies. The crumbling US, overrun with Covid carrying illegal aliens, has none of that. It can’t and won’t work in a country in which half of the people hate the other half.

    The question for today is whether the White majority, with its fast falling numbers, does anything to stop it, or just keeps bitching sotto voce at the corner bar as they lose their country. Once a critical mass is reached it will be too late to do anything about it.

  45. @nsa

    But ours is wasted on entitlements while theirs is spent on infrastructure. The percentage of GDP spent by government is a meaningless statistic. What matters is where the money is directed.

  46. I find it interesting that Pat Buchanan had no problem with Donald Trump’s big spending tendencies especially when it came to funding the MIC beyond its wildest dreams and wanting to go even bigger on the stimulus checks than even Nancy Pelosi wanted.

  47. @RoatanBill

    I hope you are right. But Rurik makes a good case.

    For example, if and when all these fiat currencies fail, the Controllers, who play a psychological game next to none, will save us with CBDC.

    Presto! More power than ever.

    I must be missing something obvious here.

    On another subject, this Ken McCarthy interview is the best discussion of the Covid fraud I have heard. Worth the time:

  48. @Ralph B. Seymour

    What you’re missing is that the CBDC is just the dollar in digital form. Once the dollar goes, no one is going to accept its even less substantive replacement. If forced into use, which is possible, all it will do is delay the final disaster allowing TPTsB to further loot the country for how ever long it survives. The CBDC will also usher in all the totalitarian measures that many have already mentioned. Things will quickly go from bad to worse and then crack up.

    If the controllers manage to institute a US CBDC before the dollar goes to shit, they may have a chance of further mesmerizing markets that ‘want to believe’ in more free currency and workers that ‘want to believe’ everything will return to normal. That’s why I’d like it all to fail spectacularly as soon as possible before any such escape route for the controllers appears. I get the impression that Rurik thinks he’s going to prepare for the inevitable some day and things will hold till then. I think he’s kidding himself and those that haven’t prepared by now are toast.

    What is likely to happen as part of martial law, dictatorship, etc is the UN, World Bank, BIS, etc announcing to the world that the SDR or its equivalent made up out of nothing will be used for all transactions henceforth. This will work, at least for a while. It will fail eventually because it doesn’t impose any spending constraints on gov’ts but may buy another decade of business as usual. The dolts that vote won’t see through the scam and will go along.

  49. Anonymous[240] • Disclaimer says:

    will fail eventually because it doesn’t impose any spending constraints on gov’ts but may buy another decade of business as usual.

    It will hold because Finance will be the uber government. Nation states are a thing of the past.

    The plandemic proves this.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  50. @Ralph B. Seymour

    If this is true, and it seems like it might be, all the patents that the CDC received for SARS Cov 2, and all of the propaganda about bioweapons at the Wuhan Lab and UNC are nothing but a red herring to make the public believe that Covid 19 is a real bioweapon that is killing people.

  51. @Anonymous

    It will NOT hold because fiance will hyperinflate even a CBDC and price inflation will cause a revolt as more and more people become homeless due to no fault of their own.

    There will be a violent revolution if the asshats in fiance and gov’t keep this up, and I expect they will. That’s why I left ground zero for the Caribbean.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  52. Anonymous[240] • Disclaimer says:

    They’ll keep the serfs mollified but expectations for obedience and surveillance will be demanded.

    Any room left on the island?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  53. @Anonymous

    Residency is a long process. You better be independently wealthy or have one hell of a business proposition to survive on the island.

    This place runs on tourism. There really isn’t any at the moment and I don’t expect there will be any this year, at least not enough to break even on expenses. Tourism has been almost dead for 18 months. That’s why I’m waiting this year out to see how the asshats in DC and in Canada (the bulk of tourists) react to events. I suspect more lockdown, more small business failures in the US, more moratoriums on rent, more currency (not money) printing and more all around idiocy to follow.

  54. Realist says:

    Your picture of the future is bleak…but accurate.

  55. We are entering Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez country.

    That’s a thousand times better than having to enter Trump country again.

  56. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    Right now every electric car is ultimately powered by fossil fuel, mostly a coal-fired plant. The electrical power of the vehicle just creates a degree of separation. This will be the case for the foreseeable future. But TPTB want electric vehicles and they want charging off the power grid even if the power generated is by fossil fuels. Because they can regulate and limit movement. So when the Covid-19 ψ variant comes around the CDC can declare the mask mandate most continue and people prohibited from domestic travel and the extra electricity used for charging a particular household vehicle will be cut by the power company.

  57. Rurik says:

    The vast bulk of the population hasn’t prepared and will get the brunt of the pain that’s inevitable.

    yes, but my point is the 1% isn’t going to allow the widespread suffering to effect their direct power over the other 99. If anything, it will get far, far worse for the middle and working class. Unimaginably worse.

    The Soviet Union collapsed because the fount of its ideological zealots had moved from Russia and Eastern Europe into the West. The ZUS specifically. It takes a critical mass of psychopaths to impose their anti-human agenda on the rest of society. I’d even posit that if Jews were still at less than 1% of the population, that we’d still be nominally free, with some shred of hope for our children’s futures. Not so once that threshold gets beyond that critical mass, and your destinies are sealed.

    They couldn’t get out of the Soviet Union fast enough. It’s like South Africa, they work feverishly to destroy the place, and then are the first rats to leave the sinking ship, that they just drilled holes in the hull of. As Ron Unz has mentioned, it’s always the arsonists who’re the first to know which buildings are burning down. [There was one Israel that died on 9/11, when Haaretz estimated app. 4000 would have been working in the Trade Center on that morning].

    The 10% of the population that owns 85% of all the stocks are going to get wiped out unless they hit the exits before the rush and not everyone can follow the initial lucky ones with proper timing because as selling starts, there will be a lack of buyers. All the paper wealth will be discounted to cents on the dollar.

    It’s really sad to see them play the stupid goyim over and over and over. Like Lucy and the football.

    The Fed was instituted with the charter that it specifically use its power to prevent the very kind of depressions (like the Great one) that it has deliberately caused. It creates these bubbles, (the ‘roaring 20s’, S&L deregulation, the housing bubble and predictable 2008 catastrophe…), by doing the opposite of what it’s purportedly empowered to do; regulate the banks and the money supply to keep the economy solvent. And as it blows up the economy, and destroys people’s investments and savings (and often very lives), it’s the first to rush in with cash like buzzards to buy up what they’ve deliberately mangled, at pennies on the dollar.

    Such a deal!

    And no one seems to notice. No one seems to care.

    And then they do it all over again.

    And you’re right, they’re going to do it again with the stock market. A giant bubble that’s been blown up by the Fed. Again, doing exactly what they’re specifically empowered to prevent. Using QE to buy up turds, that will all at once be dumped on the public, as the ‘connected’ get the ‘call’ to dump it, like rats leaving the ship even before it sinks, because they’re the ones that sabotaged it.

    OK, it’s an old story by now, and one most people absolutely refuse to notice. So it goes..

    But what will happen to people with cash under their mattresses when the whole thing explodes?

    Stocks will be next to worthless, but I suspect holding some cash will be a prudent thing, even if just to remain liquid, as the fallout destroys civil society.

    Nothing wrong with having a few Benjamins (and shotgun shells) when there’s great destabilization all around.

    You’re assuming all the muscle and laws in use currently will survive to come out the other end. I don’t think so.

    Yes, I’m saying that they’re planning it all. They’re orchestrating it all. And they know what they’re doing, and they very much look forward to the widespread misery and economic holocaust.

    They’re (Fed/ECB) the ones carefully placing the kindling and tinders (like the shaped charges at the WTC) that will burst the whole thing into flames.

    The tragic irony is like it’s like the ‘security’ people at the WTC, the ones paid and trusted to keep the building and tenants safe, are the very ones using their trusted position as cover to murder three thousand people. It’s the same with the Fed. They’ve been given the trusted position as stewards of our banking and economy, and they’re using that power and trust to blow up the stock market, and then buy up the flotsam at pennies on the dollar. Destroying the nation’s economy and people’s lives who’re they’re empowered to protect, in order to profit from the carnage. And also because they despise those people.

    Anyways, once the bomb explodes, it isn’t going to be a time of general anarchy when Wyoming and Utah will be allowed to set up sovereign states, and control their borders from the rampaging orcs.

    Just the opposite will happen. It will be the ‘Red States’ that will be made to pay for their intransigence and antisemitism and racism.

    When the bubble bursts, it will be the people who blew it up in the first place, that will be the triumphant winners, as the widespread suffering engulfs the land. And the average working and middle class American, in the Red States, that will be made to suffer for their putative support for what Trump came to represent; Americana, and traditional virtues of family, faith and integrity – (anti-Semitic hate).

    That, I’m certain of.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  58. @Rurik

    I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said except in your certainty that the folks planning this will remain capable of controlling the utter chaos that follows once the SHTF. I assume they already have bolt holes somewhere and will retire with their property deeds and allow people they pay to keep them safe and to handle the aftermath. This is a once in a life time event and I suspect they’ll just abandon the dump after they made it a dump. Why hold on to something that’s been thoroughly looted when they can reinvest in foreign locations?

    Those that can’t leave, by definition, have to stay and make the best of it. These folks will rebuild as best they can and I suspect that will include new countries being formed to specifically keep out the entitled dirtbags that have ruined so many places. Don’t expect New York or California to come out smelling like a rose. They have no workers or industry worth mentioning as they’ve been living off finance, propaganda distribution for decades. States that still have a workforce that can build things will reorganize to build back an economy. This whole thing is just a transfer of wealth from the bulk of the population to the 1% and as an unintended side effect, transfer what remains into the hands of people that know what to do with it. Competence and meritocracy will return.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Ralph B. Seymour
  59. Rurik says:

    That would give everyone else the message. Real fast. No one wants to sit in solitary on that stool for 10 or 20 years. Not to mention the civil forfeiture of the house ..the wife and kids won’t exactly go for that.

    There’s a story I remember about WWII. A Marine was captured by the Japanese, and they cut off his genitalia, and sowed it into his mouth. Then they let him go back to his platoon. They expected the act to terrify and demoralize the remaining Marines, but it had the opposite effect. In a righteous fury, the Marines attacked and from what I understand, made the ‘Japs’ pay for what they’d done.

    But those were WWII Marines, and today there doesn’t seem to be much of that kind of mettle left in America.

    Where are the journalists demanding Jullian Assange’s immediate freedom?

    The righteous outrage should be thunderous, and unrelenting. But instead, there are only crickets. Sniveling, craven worms.

    Ashley Babbit was murdered by a coward with a gun. And yet there are no protests.

    Hundreds of people are being persecuted and caged because a few FBI infiltrators and Capital Cops encouraged and allowed a few naive dupes to wander in the Capital building and take self-ies’ to post online.

    And yet, there is silence from the ‘right’ side of the isle. I don’t subscribe to any television, but from what I’ve glimmered, Tucker Carlson is the only public man with any nads whatsoever.

    What, if they take Carlson out, (like they did Assange and others..) will the Red States of America do?

    Perhaps Carlson would move to RT, and the reality that it’s now Russia that is free from the fiend, and the West that is utterly under its zio-boot, will finally sink it.

    If so, what would most conservative Americans do?

    Put their diaper on and go listen to their evangelical preachers tell them how precious Israel is?

    Send more money to the Republican party?

    Perhaps Red State America isn’t worth saving.

  60. Rurik says:

    That’s why I’d like it all to fail spectacularly as soon as possible before any such escape route for the controllers appears. I get the impression that Rurik thinks he’s going to prepare for the inevitable some day and things will hold till then. I think he’s kidding himself and those that haven’t prepared by now are toast.

    I can’t leave. I have loved ones that depend, literally on me, and they can’t leave, and so I can’t.

    But I would if I could.

    I’d travel around, and then likely end up in South America, or God knows where.

    But reality is harsh, and so I persevere. What else can a man do?

    I’m not really worried about being ‘toast’, myself, anyways. I can generally take care of myself, if push comes to shove.

    But it’s for my extended family that I worry. All those relatives in so many states, and their beautiful families, and children and grandchildren.

    I’d have to be a monster not to care about their fate.

    It’s for them, (not me) that I hope it all holds for a while longer.

    But for people in Iraq or Palestine, and so many other places, I understand why they’d want to see the ZUS die, and the sooner, the better. I too know it must happen, but there again, it’s more for my extended family, because as much as the fiend is the enemy of Iraqis and Iranians and Palestinians, there isn’t any people on this earth it hates more than white Christians of European heritage.

    And as it consolidates its power, it will be those (my) people for whom its Satanic wrath is most fixated on.

    They hate Ahmed, to be sure. But just look at how much they hate the straight white man Donald Trump, and he eats it right out of their ____. Few men are more slavish to Israel and all things Jewish supremacy than Donald J. Trump. And still their hatred for him is unhinged.

    Just imagine how they feel about your typical white guy from Nebraska, who has no use for ‘the Jews’, and just wants to be left alone!

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  61. Cowboy says:

    It’s time to discard the red/blue state distinction and drill down to the local/county level. How your local officials reacted to the plandemic is a good indication of what to expect with further disruptions. Are your local officials sheep or men?

  62. Rurik says:

    … except in your certainty that the folks planning this will remain capable of controlling the utter chaos that follows once the SHTF.

    In 1991, the Soviet Union went from some 70 years of ((genocidal horrors and commie slavery)), to ((crony-klepto ‘capitalism’)) in the blink of an eye. Both systems were operated by Jewish supremacists for the benefit of Jewish supremacists and at the direct expense of the Russian and other nation’s peoples.

    It had its ebb and flow of relative misery, but all in all, the 20th century was a horror for Russian and German and all Eastern European peoples.

    Today it’s sort of a mirror view that’s happening today in the West. We’re going from being ((crony-capitalistic)) to full-blown ‘woke’ ((anti-white communist Marxism)).

    As America descends into a one party police state, the misery here is only really getting started.

    Just because they’re losing some of the clout of their counterfeiting machine, and won’t be able to impose themselves on Asia and Europe as much as they’d like

    that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to lord it over the people of the ZUS even more so.

    We don’t have a Putin to look out for our national interests. All we have are Cuckservative Inc, and corruption as far as the eye can see.

    They’re already putting patriots in gulags, for political opinions. No fly lists, censoring, de-platforming, and otherwise imposing their Orwellian dystopia.

    With zero resistance (Tucker Carlson notwithstanding) in sight.

    I’d like to imagine you’re right, and that they’re losing their power to impose suffering here, but I simply can’t agree. I don’t see even a shred of evidence that you might be right about that even in a decade or two. Once the dollar really hits the skids.

  63. @RoatanBill

    “Competence and meritocracy will return.”

    Hope you are right.

    What about the banking problem? After CBDC goes under, what then? Bitcoin?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  64. @Ralph B. Seymour

    Ask yourself why governments have been purchasing gold. The US hasn’t, at least not officially, but many other countries have been increasing their gold reserves. Check out China and Russia for examples. Why have countries repatriated their gold from NY and London? Why did the US steal Libya’s gold? Why was gold disappeared from the vaults on 9/11? Why has Basel III just kicked in that rewrites the derivative rules for precious metals? Read the clues.

    The crypto fraud will be exposed sooner or later. Ask yourself if it takes somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 worth of electricity, plant, labor and equipment to generate a Bitcoin. Then compare that to getting precious metals out of the ground. PM’s get their value from the expense needed to extract them. The crypto frauds use the mining metaphor to trick people into thinking conjuring a coin is just like mining PM’s. Crypto winners are the promoters. Crypto losers are those in it for a windfall due to greed that gov’ts will shut down at the right time.

    I think there is ultimately no alternative to a commodity based hard money. When the SHTF, the days of fiat will be over. Yes, they will try a CBDC based upon thin air and yes, it will hold for a while, but it will solve nothing. Spending will continue and national bankruptcy is the end destination. All attempts to circumvent it are futile but will be tried so the controllers can wring the last ounce of profit out of the system.

    When Nixon closed the gold window on August 15, 1971, he doomed the dollar. It has taken almost exactly 50 years to fall over, but the dollar is dead. We’re just waiting for the thump and the shock wave to ripple around the world.

    Countries may attempt to support their currencies with commodities besides the precious metals. Chile could use copper. Saudi Arabia could use oil. The US could use farm commodities like wheat and corn and the weapons of death it manufactures. At the levels of gov’t to gov’t exchange, they could work out what is essentially a barter system that has no singular commodity base, but the precious metals are the natural successors to bullshit currency.

    I dare anyone to shoot a hole in my thesis.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  65. @Rurik

    I have to agree with RoatanBill that it would be better for the US to implode sooner than later. Why put it off? Things are going headed downhill anyway. I think the big question is what the implosion will do to Jewish hegemony over the rest of us, central bank or no central bank.

    Jews have become so rich from that banking monopoly that it will be hard to get out from under their thumb in the future under any circumstance.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  66. @RoatanBill

    Agreed. That’s how I am positioned. But dollar death taking a lot longer than I thought.

    I guess private banks will then spring up that will issue their own gold backed scrip.

    Wait a minute, isn’t that how the whole Jewish Problem started?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Realist
  67. @Ralph B. Seymour

    There’s a simple solution to the fraud that has taken place in the gold / paper receipt market over centuries.

    Every year, all gold holders are to take physical possession of their metal on a specific day / interval. At the end of the redemption, the books has better balance or the banks management is lined up against the wall and shot.

    The next day, people can return their metal to the remaining storage facilities with their management more keenly aware of what screwing up entails.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  68. @RoatanBill

    Good idea. Might be the only way.

  69. Realist says:
    @Ralph B. Seymour

    That’s how I am positioned. But dollar death taking a lot longer than I thought.

    Boy, I’ll say.

  70. Rurik says:
    @Ralph B. Seymour

    RoatanBill that it would be better for the US to implode sooner than later. Why put it off?

    because I doubt RB’s scenario that the death of the dollar (an eventual certainty) is around the corner, and human freedom looms on the horizon.

    Rather, I suspect that as the dollar loses its power globally, (a great thing in and of itself), their derangement will only get more fanatical here at home, (North America, Western Europe and Oceania).

    So as Rothschild (the dollar and Euro) loses its power globally, I don’t see it dying anytime soon domestically, (RB’s prognostications notwithstanding ; )

    I see the dollar and Euro persevering into several generations into the future.

    And as it does, and as they become more and more paranoid about the next ‘holohoax’ down the road, they’re going to want to castrate every last white male born in their feudal playground, either psychologically with their ubiquitous programming, or more drastic means.

    Already we see it in Sweden and the UK, where there doesn’t seem to be one man with his package intact left standing.

    Norway is little better, and just look at France or Germany, and all you’ll see is castrated, cucked zombies as far as the eye can see.

    So it will be good for Russia and Eastern Europe and Asia and MENA, and the rest of the planet to see the dollar and Euro die its death.

    But it’s going to be hell in the West.

    Not for me personally, but for many millions of people who I care about, as their nations will be invaded to permanent and planed genocide, and all those who resist will get the gulag treatment.

    If we could throw a switch, and the dollar (and Euro) would die, I’d do so.

    But the long, lingering death of the dollar, is only going to allow Rothschild and his minions to find more egregious ways of causing human suffering. (their calling card ; )

  71. @Rational

    Let us think –Biden hands out 1,000,000,000,000 and perhaps after the lobbyists take their cut and the military backroom boys —-there might be 1,000 which hits main street??

  72. Mr. Buchanan:

    Please do not forget about all the CORPORATE SOCIALISM going on in this country, at least since World War II, for the benefit of the military-industrial complex, the judicial-prison complex, Big Pharma and all of the charlatans in the “financial industry.” ALL of which is perpetuated by BOTH political parties.

    My country, the United States, has gone from being a PRODUCER of useful things, bought by its citizens making good wages, to being the world’s largest DEBTOR NATION – a “Banana Republic,” if you will. Again, perpetuated by BOTH political parties.

    They should change the name of the country from the United States to “Scams R Us.” Because that is what this country has evolved into – practically everything being a SCAM.

    I am a 70 year-old retired industrial electrician (U.A.W. Journeyman) and what I have witnessed in my lifetime is shocking, to say the least. I no longer vote; I have come to the conclusion that there is no “left” vs. “right” or any appreciable difference between the “Republicans” and the “Democrats.” The ONLY difference I see between the two political parties is this – the “Republicans” say that they are going to screw you and they do; the “Democrats” say that they are not going to screw you and they screw you anyway. BOTH political parties are bought and paid for by the Big Money interests, whose objective is to enslave everyone and to make the U.S.A. a “playground” for the rich.

    George Carlin (R.I.P.) had a 3 minute, 15 second video in which he summed up EXACTLY what the situation is here in the U.S.A. –

    I stand by my beliefs because I have the FACTS with which to substantiate them.

    Thank you.

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