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A Party at War with Itself
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For the third time, the cops of the NYPD have turned their backs on the mayor of New York.

The first time was when Mayor Bill de Blasio arrived at Woodhull Hospital where mortally wounded officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu had been taken on Dec. 20. The second was when the mayor spoke at Ramos’ funeral. The third was at Liu’s service on Sunday.

Detestation of de Blasio among the NYPD and the cops who came from across the country to stand in solidarity with their slain brothers is broad and deep.

And, in a way, de Blasio served as stand-in for Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama. For all four gave aid and comfort to the war on cops that has raged since Ferguson last August when Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed an 18-year-old who tried to grab his gun.

When a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict the NYPD’s Daniel Pantaleo in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, after the 350-pound black man, suffering from heart disease, diabetes and asthma, died resisting arrest, the war on cops went viral and national.

De Blasio, Sharpton, Holder and Obama were all out on point saying that blacks, especially young black males, were all too often victimized by racist cops. And black kids needed to be taught that.

Brimming with moral outrage, protesters took to the streets, blocked Times Square and Grand Central, disrupted Macy’s during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and shut down malls, highways and bridges across the country.

Though their lawlessness was rampant and their chants bespoke a hatred of police, who were compared to the KKK by marchers yelling for “dead cops,” these protests were indulged and described as “peaceful.”

So it was that on Dec. 20 a deranged criminal decided to make himself famous by putting “wings on pigs” and executing Ramos and Liu in Bedford-Stuyvesant as payback for Garner and Brown.

Suddenly, the real America revealed itself, an America enraged at the cold-blooded assassinations of cops and disgusted with those who had pandered to anti-police protesters. And the America that revealed itself is not good news for the Democratic Party.

For we have seen this movie before, half a century ago.

After LBJ’s victory over Barry Goldwater came the riots of the 1960s — Watts in 1965, Newark and Detroit in 1967, and 100 cities, including D.C., after Dr. King’s assassination in 1968.

These riots produced deaths, thousands of arrests, and looting and arson on a scale requiring the National Guard and federal troops. And these rampages were perhaps the principal factor in turning Middle America against a Democratic Party that had been the nation’s majority party since 1932.

In 1964, LBJ won 61 percent of the vote. Four years later, his vice president, Hubert Humphrey, got less than 43 percent.

What happened? A civil war had taken place inside the Democratic coalition, not unlike what is going on now. Today’s conflict, though not nearly so violent, is daily nationalized by cable and the Internet.

All of America watched what happened in Ferguson night after night, and saw the aftermath of what happened on Staten Island, and observed what happened Dec. 20 and then at those funerals.

Americans began openly and viscerally to take sides.

And from the new defensiveness of de Blasio and the muted responses of Sharpton, Holder and Obama, there is no doubt who has lost this battle. A sundered America is siding with the cops and turning against those who turned on the cops.

Something like this happened in Chicago in August 1968: Police, after constant provocation by foul-mouthed radicals, chased them down, clubbed them, and arrested them in Grant Park.


The networks and national media denounced a “police riot” and liberal Democratic Senator Abe Ribicoff said Mayor Richard J. Daley’s cops had used “Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago.”
When the dust settled, however, America, to the amazement of the elites, had come down on the side of the cops, not “the kids.”

That America gave Nixon and Wallace 57 percent of its votes.

The political point: In the 1960s, both George Wallace and LBJ were Democrats. Mayor Daley and the radicals cursing his cops were Democrats. The students who took over Berkeley and Columbia, and the deans and professors whose offices they trashed, were all liberal or leftist Democrats.

The ’60s wars over social, moral and cultural issues were bloody scrimmages on the home field of the Democratic Party.

So it is today. Whether the issue is income inequality or the evil of Wall Street, police brutality or black criminality, the hostility and anger among Democrats over these issues makes the Tea Party vs. the GOP establishment look like a badminton tournament on the country club lawn.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.” Copyright 2015

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Blacks, Ferguson Shooting 
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  1. Jim says:

    The national media did everything possible to whip up mass hysteria and racial hatred in the Brown case. Together with high public officials like Holder and Obama they practically begged blacks in Ferguson to riot before the Grand Jury decision was released. One thing that I found curious was that despite the fact that riots were practically demanded by the media and the US government the State of Missouri acted as if it had made no preparations for the riots. The Missouri National Guard should have been sent into Ferguson in advance of the release of the Grand Jury report to maintain public order.

  2. Mark says:


    The Democratic party is just a scam made up of:

    Judaists at the top who own and operate the party, finance and use it to destroy the goyim and USA through liberalism and alienism. These Judaists despite and hate all the goyim below, especially who are so gullible as to be Democrats.
    White liberals in the middle, such as Biden, Reid, Pelosi, who make money off of this scam, inciting the blacks below.
    Gullible white suckers, such as gullible women and union thugs, govt. workers, liberal profs, lawyers, etc. who make money from the govt. handouts, oblivious to the hatred the others have for them.
    Mexicans and other aliens, who vote Democratic just because of welfare, free visas, and soft on crime. They hate the whites and Judaists above them and the blacks below them.
    Blacks, at the bottom of the Democratic party, living off welfare, hating all the other components of the Democratic party.
    Muslims, who believe the Judaists are pigs in their Koran, voting for Democrats and hating all the other components too.
    The last 3 components want to attack the liberal white women who seem so easy and available to them, due to their “openness.” Yes, they love white women and Jewish women who open easily!

    A good way for this party is destroy itself is for others to encourage hate of the other groups in this clutter called the Democratic party.

  3. This is another good example of why Buchanan understands the potential of party politics. He was there, participating in and helping make happen what he describes here.

    He understands the power that can be gained when real Americans realise they have a shared identity and come together. Nothing is needed for the well-being of the United States more than this.

    The Republican party is the only one with this potential, but once again, the silent majority would have to realize who they are and take it for themselves. Take it away from the clowns, charlatans and swindlers who now hold it. I doubt this will happen. People like us put the paleo in paleoconservative.

  4. I did notice that no Hanukkah observances or displays were targeted in the recent disturbances.

  5. I’m afraid that a bit of bickering amongst the various components of the Democratic Party won’t matter much. The Dems will win eventually because they get the one thing right that covers up all other mistakes: They’re importing voters who side with them 2 to 1.

    Blacks, Hispanics and single women will always vote for the party that offers them the most stuff, especially if you take that stuff from white men. If you continually add more Hispanic voters through immigration, you’ll win. Sure, you’ll have a few stumbles here and there, but, in the end, you’ll have the numbers.

    The future for the U.S. is California. Democrats can’t lose there. They just can’t. In multiracial societies, people vote with their race. (Well, except whites, at least for now.) And in Calif, there are enough Hispanics, blacks and Asians for the Democratic Party to win.

    Even whites are beginning to wake and vote as a block. The only problem is that the party that should be representing them is too brainwashed to think in those terms. The Republican Party should be the party that represents the interests of whites. But its leaders just can’t figure that out. They’re deeply wed to being “colorblind.”

    Look, I’m a big fan of Pat’s, but he still seems to see the political scene as between two parties with different ideologies. It’s not, or, at least, it’s not by much. We’ve moved past that. The country is becoming Balkanized. The Democratic Party doesn’t represent ideas; it represents nonwhites and single white women. (And, yes, it’s run by Jews who want a multiracial society to protect themselves from some imagined Holocaust in the U.S.) The party’s ideas simply flow from how best to represent those constituents.

    OTHO, the Republican Party is still a party of ideology. It doesn’t see itself as the party of whites. That’s what makes the Republican so F\$%^\$%# stupid and why I won’t vote for them. At least the Dems know who they are and what the real game is. The GOP is clueless.

    My advice to the young. Move. Get out of this country. Go to Australia or New Zealand. Maybe Uruguay. Hell, even Canada would be better. (Yea, they’re crazy liberal, but they’re not so stupid as to import low IQ Mestizos.) I’m tired of being around a people that despises itself, but still goes around the world bombing other people. I’ve already begun talking to my kids about how they might want to live abroad someday.

  6. Alas, the endless search for the “root causes” of black violence, failure, and failure to be fully assimilated into any Amer-Euro-Asian society anyplace in the world. The cause, known to everybody who’s ever lived among them, worked with them, or tried to educate them, is that they’re unassimilable, at least if one defines being “assimilated” as being equally represented in all fields, trades, professions, and endeavors, that black Africans are, on average, measurably less intelligent than Euro-whites, Northeast Asians, and, particularly, Ashkenazi Jews. This has been known and accurately quantified since the development of the Stanford-Binet IQ test, universally used to measure human intelligence throughout the world for nearly a century. Even without testing everybody who’s ever associated with black Africans on a protracted basis knows this through simple observation and experience, though to even utter it is all but felonious in our nation today. None of this is to say that that blacks can’t be highly contributing members of our or any other society. They can and often are skilled tradesmen, workers of all varieties and types, teachers, soldiers, and Marines. Not everybody can be a doctor, a nuclear physicist, electrical engineer, or many other occupations requiring the highest levels of intelligence, though there are blacks among even these occupations. Nor can everybody be a professional athlete, an area in which blacks are grossly over-represented. EEOC should be notified immediately!

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