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In these dark days of widespread and growing Internet censorship, our website provides a wide range of excluded perspectives of both the Left and the Right. By refusing to comply with some of the most powerful political taboos of our era, we have gained a regular readership that crosses ideological lines. As a consequence, our website has attracted some of the highest traffic among alternative media publications.

At times, we have paid a price for our candor and our willingness to provide a platform to writers having a wide range of controversial views. Earlier this year we were banned by Facebook and our entire content deranked by Google. Yet despite these serious blows, our Alexa traffic rank is still substantially greater than such venerable opinion publications as The Nation and The New Republic.

Aside from the many tens of thousands of articles and blog posts we have published over the last five years, our powerful and flexible commenting system allows meaningful discussions among our readers, with threads frequently running to hundreds of comments, totaling many tens of thousands of words.

We tend to moderate our comments with a very light hand, allowing a broad range of controversial views. Such light moderation permits views that might seem ignorant or even deranged, but also attracts many participants who are remarkably knowledgeable and erudite. And the complete archives of such high-quality commenters are available at a click.

The combination of powerful commenting software and light moderation has transformed our publication into a forum allowing wide-ranging discussions of controversial topics, and we average nearly 1,500 comments per day, amounting to 4 or 5 million words per month.

Some of our most popular articles have been elements of my own American Pravda series. The dozens of articles in this collection, which total over 300,000 words, are intended to provide a comprehensive counter-narrative to much of our widely accepted history of the last 100 years, including some of the most controversial and momentous events.

Those major articles along with others are also provided as eBooks in both the EPub and Mobi/Kindle formats, freely available for downloading and redistribution.

In addition to this large body of recent opinion journalism and commentary, we also provide a library of nearly 1800 readable books in convenient HTML format, including dozens of especially controversial volumes, some of them difficult to locate elsewhere.

Our content-archiving section contains the the complete scanned PDF archives of some 200 of America’s leading periodicals and opinion magazines of the last 150 years, containing well over a million articles, most of them in fully readable form and many available nowhere else on the Internet.


This vast array of important material is provided free to our readers but it does have costs. Our bloggers are paid monthly salaries, and many of our regular columnists also receive modest stipends. The millions of words of comments we publish every month does require moderation. And unlike many other popular websites, we do not clutter our content with a proliferation of intrusive advertisements.

If you consider our website an important resource, which provides information not easily found elsewhere, and wish to ensure it continues to remain available for you and other readers, please consider helping to make it self-supporting.


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