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Encountering American Pravda

Essays in a Historical Counter-Narrative
A short introductory collection to the American Pravda series, 166pp, \$8.99

To the Memory of Sydney Schanberg,
Who Opened My Eyes About the American Media

Our Covid-19 Catastrophe

Was the Epidemic the Result of Biowarfare Blowback?
The Covid articles from the American Pravda series, 181pp, \$9.99

For Nicholas Wade,
Who Changed What Two Billion Facebook Users May Read and Write

Understanding World War II

Essays on the Shaping Event of Our Modern World
World War II articles from the American Pravda series, 241pp, \$13.99

For David Irving,
Whose Books Will Stand the Test of Time

Conspiracy Theories

From the JFK Assassination to the 9/11 Attacks
Conspiracy theory articles from the American Pravda series, 462pp, \$19.99

To the Memory of Michael Collins Piper,
Who Pinned the Tail on the Donkey Almost Thirty Years Ago

Jews, Nazis, and Israel

Grasping the “Third Rail” of Journalists and Historians
Articles from the American Pravda series, 376pp, \$18.99

To the Memory of Israel Shahak,
Who Began Opening My Eyes Nearly Forty Years Ago

AIDS and Public Health Issues

How Big Pharma Has Been Poisoning America
Public health articles from the American Pravda series, 120pp, \$7.99

For Peter Duesberg,
Who Has Remained Steadfast for Thirty-Five Years

Race and Ethnicity in America

Essays on Immigration, Affirmative Action, and Bilingual Education
Race/Ethnicity articles, 490pp, \$22.99

To the Memory of Nathan Glazer,
Who Resurrected American Ethnic Sociology

The Myth of American Meritocracy and Other Essays

The Collected Writings of Ron Unz
Published Writings Through 2015, 700pp, \$29.99

To All Our Courageous Truth-Tellers, Past and Present