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Are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Anti-Semites?
Is There a New "New Anti-Semitism"? Part 4
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Among other anti-Semitic manifestations, the Tel Aviv University report ticks off “Russia still does not recognize the uniqueness of the Holocaust”; the leader of a right-wing party in the Ukraine “claimed that the Jews automatically dismiss anyone they do not like as an antisemite”; a Brazilian caricaturist “published a series of cartoons claiming that antisemitism is manipulated by the Israeli lobby for political gain”; it is still “no crime to sell” anti-Semitic books in Chile; the president of Venezuela “maintained that to criticize the State of Israel is not antisemitism, and accused the ‘repressive State of Israel’ of sequestering the ‘noble’ Jewish people”; a Madrid public school “held a market where they sold, among other objects, banners with swastikas and patches with the emblem of the SS”; a Norwegian professor “said to a student paper that he boycotted the university’s Kristallnacht commemoration because it ‘served Israeli propaganda’”; photographs of a far-right party leader’s “swastika tattoo [were] published in…Greece’s largest selling newspaper”; a German newspaper “published a caricature…of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, showing him poisoning the ‘dove of the Middle East peace’”;[1]Curiously, the same political milieus that decried such caricatures lent support to Charlie Hebdo’s pornographic caricatures of Mohammed. Australian “far left elements” promoted “Shlomo Sand’s denial of Jewish peoplehood” and “the slur that Israel practices Apartheid.” To quote Gloria Gaynor’s inspirational refrain, Jews “will survive” this onslaught of nonexistent, pseudo and contrived anti-Semitism. It might also be noted that only the rare public figure has been spared the epithet “anti-Semite.” Neither former US president Jimmy Carter nor current US President Barack Obama,neither Pope Francis nor Human Rights Watch director Kenneth Roth, neither actress Penélope Cruz nor actor Javier Bardem, managed to evade it. This writer is classified in standard compendia of global anti-Semitism as “a leading and damaging source of antisemitism” (Daniel Jonah Goldhagen) and “the go-to Jewish icon for Islamists, neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and deluded leftists” (Robert S. Wistrich)—which, if nothing else, accurately captures the virulence of this strain of anti-Semitism.[2]Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, The Devil That Never Dies: The rise and threat of global antisemitism (New York: 2013), p. 24; Robert S. Wistrich, A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from antiquity to the global jihad (New York: 2010), p. 533.


[1] Curiously, the same political milieus that decried such caricatures lent support to Charlie Hebdo’s pornographic caricatures of Mohammed.

[2] Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, The Devil That Never Dies: The rise and threat of global antisemitism (New York: 2013), p. 24; Robert S. Wistrich, A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from antiquity to the global jihad (New York: 2010), p. 533.

(Republished from Byline by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Anti-Semitism 
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  1. Swastika patches at a flea market in Spain? Hitler has arisen! Worldwide jewry at risk! Sheesh.

  2. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the article, Sir. Please keep up the good work you are doing exposing the Zionists.

    The real Devil that never dies is Judaism. It is a mentally deranged barbaric African criminal cult that defies truth and logic. Here’s why:

    For white people (the white Judaists) to believe they are children of Abraham, who was a (black*) pimp who sold his wife/sister to an African (therefore black) Pharaoh proves that they are deranged. The Judaists also worship a mass murderer Moshe (who was so black, the black Pharaoh assumed he was his grandson) as a prophet.

    * “Abraham was from the Ur of the Chaldees and the Chaldeans were negroid” (–Sir Godfrey Higgins).

    Even a child knows that the Torah is a forgery. This is obvious from Book 1, Page 1. The earth is not standing on a firmament, etc.

    “That an imaginative and superstitious race of black men should have inherited and founded, in the dim obscurity of past ages, a system of religious belief that still enthralls the minds and clouds the intellects of the leading representatives of modern theology, — that still clings to the thoughts, and tinges with its potential influence the literature and faith of the civilized and cultured nations of Europe and America, is indeed a strange illustration of the mad caprice of destiny, of the insignificant and apparently trivial causes that oft produce the most grave and momentous results.”—Volney.

    Shlomo Sand’s book, “Invention of the Jewish People” is great book that exposes the delusions of the Judaists. To call him an anti-semite proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the Judaists are not just mentally ill, but they they are SEVERELY mentally ill and so deluded by the Torah (an OBVIOUS forgery by black “human animals”**) that they are totally impervious to basic logic and commonsense.

    **Jewish author Hitchens.

    This proves clearly that many white Judaists are severally mentally ill.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “ANTI-SEMITISM!!!”= not a puppet of the Jews.

  4. Mark Green says: • Website

    Hi Norman. You’re funny, irreverent; even a bit subversive. Yes, the kosher opposition is exaggerating shamelessly. It’s what they do.

    But is their fanaticism an expression of dishonesty?–or something more sinister?

    Is it delusional?–or something even worse?

    I’m glad that you’re having fun with the word ‘antisemitism’. Really. It deserves to be mocked. Maybe it should be deconstructed altogether.

    Indeed, the hateful accusations that come from the other side are a glaring example of entrenched animosity. But this is how they do business. For them, it’s normal.

    Their libelous charges however create real waves. This is Jewish power. This in turn creates more feedback. Fear. Distortions and repercussions grow. Punishment.

    For them, defamation is a vital and handy tool. And the final effects of their strategy can be ruinous. You understand this all too well.

    What part then–if any–of the entire ‘antisemitism’ game are we to take seriously?

    Is antisemitism even a ‘problem’? I don’t believe so. Not now.

    The problem today is the very opposite of ‘antisemitism’, though this phenomena is not fully recognized and it has no name.

    So we’re still scratching the surface here.

    Suppose the most important ‘victims’ were, in fact, today’s foremost evildoers? This unlikely scenario might be fact. It’s possible.

    Could the very opposite of antisemitism–its active, opposing force–be humankind’s greatest political problem right now?–it’s core political problem?

    Indeed, the endless accusations concerning ‘antisemitism’ do function as a smokescreen. They cover up criminal, state-initiated violence that usually benefits, among others, Israel. Terrorism and Hitler and ‘antisemitism’ are invoked to obfuscate this ongoing enterprise. It’s a massive hoax.

    If that is the case, then humanity is suffering from a shortage of antisemitism.

    Count the bodies. Survey the destruction. Tally the refugees. Iraq, Gaza, Libya, Lebanon, even Afghanistan. As many as one million dead. Millions more made destitute. Whole countries ruined. Are these not war crimes?

    I blame the Zionist establishment. Not exclusively. But in large part. And trillions of US dollars have been squandered. For what? Who benefits?

    The events in Paris and San Bernadino are mild in comparison to the horrors imposed on the Muslim world by Zio-Washington. Whoever denies this is a liar or a fool.

    No wonder there’s blowback?–(otherwise known as ‘terrorism’). It’s a predictable byproduct of Zio-Washington’s imperial follies.

    Maybe the enormity of these crimes is why the anti-antisemites (the Zions) are obsessed with speech code infractions. They want desperately to dominate public discourse, to control the narrative, and to change the subject whenever necessary. The problem is not them, it’s YOU!

    So don’t look there. And watch what you say! ‘Stop the hate’.

    Given this context, the entire discussion of antisemitism is itself a ruse. The actual problem is aggressive serial warfare and the unidentified perpetrators orchestrating it; which brings us back to Israel.

    I think this line of thinking makes me an anti-Semite. True?

    Ironically, what’s needed today is MORE antisemitism, not less. Boatloads more. Increased ‘antisemitism’ will restore balance. Because what we are facing now a crisis of global proportions involving organized, pan-Zionist extremism.

    This entrenched extremism has produced an overriding commitment by Washington to sacred Jewish security, to sacred Jewish identity and to the sustenance of irreducible Jewish power.

    The lives and safety of all other peoples pale in comparison. This is smells, looks, and feels a lot like Jewish supremacism. True or false?

    If true, then the entire cultural-military-‘antisemitism’ industry should be junked. Let’s focus on deeds, not puny, nebulous threats associated with anti-Jewish speech.

    ‘Antisemitism’ then is a manipulative and dishonest concept–at least today. It’s been deliberately conflated with another over-charge word, ‘genocide’. This political sleight-of-hand has duped millions and cost countless lives.

    When (non-Jewish) whites rig a system this way, it’s decried as ‘fascism’.

    But when the Zionist shoe that fits this paradigm, the term for this is… what?

    ‘Democratic ally’.

    The deception never ends.

    The political value of antisemitic theory is that is also fits within a larger, self-serving framework. This worldview gave the world Marxism, the Frankfurt School, Boas anthropology, Psychoanalysis, ‘anti-racism’ (except for Jews) and an assortment of intellectual movements that have undermined the entire Western world (See: MacDonald, Kevin; ‘Culture of Critique’).

    Yes, unprovoked violence against Jews is deplorable. No kidding. But let’s remember also that unprovoked violence against anyone is deplorable, including even ‘anti-Semites’.

    Antisemitic theory however elevates Jewish peril and Jewish suffering. At the same time, it implicitly justifies preemptive violence against ‘anti-Semitic’ foes of Zion since they’re ‘bigoted’ and ‘unreasoning’. The War on Terror borrows heavily from this playbook.

    This mindset puts Jews on a pedestal. It bestows Jewish privilege.

    Can we stop talking about antisemitism now?

    Step One: We must curtail the non-stop, Zionist-friendly wars of aggression emanating from Washington. Warmongering should be declared ‘hate speech’. War should be a last resort, not a routine policy option. Washington’s war delirium must be constrained.

    Advancing the general welfare of US citizens and protecting American borders should be Washington’s foremost priority.

    Step Two: Reign in the pro-war billionaires who dominate both political parties. Restore balance. Fight Jewish censorship. Protect Free Speech.

    The usual suspects will hate this, but Zionism must be counterbalanced. Israel must orchestrate and fight its own battles. But the US should pay for the destruction its done in places like Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Then the refugees from these nations should be repatriated to their native soil. Except for trade, leave the Muslim world alone. Self-determination is a universal right. Their way of life is not ours to reform.

    Step Three: Put an end to rabid and rampant anti-White activism in the media, our schools, and in our courts. Anti-White activism is harming White children, undermining White communities, and it is sapping vitality from the Western world. End the war against White identity. End race-based double standards.

    This sensible changes will weaken the Zionist hold on America and the West. It will also reduce war and terrorism. Maybe Israel will even reform itself when faced with these pressures. Genuine peace in Israel however will necessitate the creation of one democratic state or two autonomous states. Right now, Israel will not embrace neither agenda. Thus, the terror, sorrow and bloodshed will continue.

    Unfortunately, the Zions will never voluntarily leave Washington, adjust their racist agenda unless pressured to do so, or surrender political power without a fight. This is our greatest challenge going forward.

  5. bondo says:

    one of NF’s purposes for exposing the hollowcostus industry: exposing obvious frauds, fakes, liars, charlatans serves jewry.

  6. Rehmat says:

    Challenging Zionists’ story of ‘Six Million Died’ is a crime in Putin’s Russia. It has been a crime in 15 European nations plus Israel.

    Putin, like Obama is very popular among Russian Jewish communities. He also has Jewish family roots. Many of his top officials are Jewish billionaires. Putin is a personal friend of former Israeli FM, Avigdore Lieberman, a Russian Jew.

    However, Putin too, sometimes have made antisemitic historic statements. For example, in June 2013, while visiting the ‘Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center’ in Moscow – Putin told his Jewish audience that “the decision to nationalize Moscow Jewish library was made in the 1920s by the first Soviet government, 80 to 85 percent of whose members were Jewish”….

  7. marwan says:

    Yes they are anti semites. They choose as a pet cause the only international conflict involving jews. The Israeli occupation of the west bank and gaza ( 2,200 square miles ) has been ongoing since 1967 and has cost the lives of 25,ooo palestinians .

    The Indonesian occupation of West Papua ( 120,000 square miles ) has been going on since 1963 and has cost the lives of 500,000 West Papuans .

    The Chinese have occupied Tibet ( 400,000 square miles ) since 1950 with 460,000 Tibetans killed .

    The Chinese and Indonesians have eclipsed Israel by 1 million deaths and each occupy over 50 times the land that Israel does. If they aren’t anti semites why are they fixated on Israel when there are far worse regimes in the midst of much more brutal occupations .

    • Replies: @A Foreign Observer
    , @iffen
  8. @marwan

    Why they pay special attention to Israel?

    First, it may have something to do with Jewish self-conception of intellectual, moral and spiritual superiority, along with the narrative of perpetual Jewish victimhood.

    Besides, Western Leftists are prone to focus their attention on cases of perceived oppression and injustice, whenever the oppressors are White and the oppressed are not. Israeli Jews are perceived as “White”, “Europeans” or “Westerners”, in a broad sense; at least, they play that role. The Palestinians, Arab Palestinians -or whatever you want to call them- are, in their worldview, the modern Native American Indians.

    Conflicts involving non-Whites, like those you mention, are not so outrageous in the eyes of Western Leftists. They can’t blame or denounce non-Western oppressors so easily, because peoples of other races are, by default, potential victims.

    By the way, Cruz and Bardem are not anti-semites, they are just wealthy progs.

    • Replies: @marwan
  9. iffen says:

    The Israeli occupation of the west bank

    They’ve got the damn papers. They have had the papers for three thousand years. What the hell do you want?

  10. Dan Hayes says:

    It’s again time to commend your courageous publisher of record, Ron Unz, for enabling your ideas to be promulgated via the internet!

  11. marwan says:
    @A Foreign Observer

    leftists and progs dont pay attention to the turkish occupation of cyprus. turks and cypriots are both white/european/ western . why the double standard on that one .

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