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A New "New Anti-Semitism"? Part I
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Whenever Israel commits another atrocity, its propagandists stage a revival of the “New Anti-Semitism” extravaganza to deflect or squelch global condemnation.[2]

Under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s megalomaniacal leadership, climaxing in Operation Protective Edge during summer 2014,[3] Israel has come to rank among the most hated countries on Earth. A 2015 survey of British public opinion found that only North Korea was viewed more unfavorably.[4] As if on cue, the media are now saturated with dire speculations of the “world’s oldest hatred” rearing its ugly head again.

But maybe this time the orchestrated foreboding warrants concern. Although skeptical of the danger posed by Islamic extremism in Europe, respected Israeli diplomat and historian Shlomo Ben-Ami hews to the party line on resurgent anti-Semitism: “What is truly under threat in Europe is its Jewish community.”[5] He cites five incidents across Europe over a ten-year period. Even if accurately represented, they would hardly herald a tsunami of Jew-hatred. But were these in fact anti-Semitic incidents? Ben-Ami reports that “last April, a Jewish couple in a Parisian suburb were robbed, because, as the attackers put it, ‘Jews must have money.’” The female victim was also raped. Heinous as the crime was, one is hard-pressed to make out what makes it anti-Semitic. Jews in Western countries are disproportionately wealthy;[6] if the primary goal of the heist was monetary enrichment, it would have made sense to target Jews;[7]which is also why burglars stake out fancy villas and not homeless shelters. What provoked the criminal act, on Ben-Ami’s account, was not irrational hatred of Jews but rational pursuit of illicit gain.


I am grateful to Ruth Bettina Birn, MarenHackmann-Mahajan, Jamie Stern-Weiner and Alfred de Zayas for their critical comments on an earlier draft.

[2] Norman G. Finkelstein, Beyond Chutzpah: On the misuse of anti-Semitism and the abuse of history (Berkeley: 2005; first paperback edition, 2008), Part One.

[3] Norman G. Finkelstein, Method and Madness: The hidden story of Israel’s assaults on Gaza (New York: 2014).

[4]Internationalism or Isolationism?The Chatham House – Yougov Survey (2015).

[5]Shlomo Ben-Ami, “In Defense of the Jews, Again,” Project Syndicate (2 February 2015).

[6]Whereas Jews account for less than two percent of the United Kingdom’s population, 20 percent of British billionaires are Jewish. It’s not just a recent phenomenon. Twenty years ago, whereas Jews accounted for about two percent of the US population, they comprised 16 percent of billionaires.

[7] It is unclear whether the perpetrators knew in advance that the victims were Jewish, or subsequently discovered it.

(Republished from Byline by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. Rehmat says:

    Dr. Finkelstein knows how the “anti-Semitism” or the “self-hating Jew” label has ruined people career at campuses. He lost his job and was declared ‘persona non grata’ by the Zionist regime. He has been chased by the Israel lobby in the US and Europe for praising Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah.

    Dr. Finkelstein like Dr. Chomsky are sort of “hidden Zionists”, according to American Jewish writer Roger Tucker for their criticism of BDS. May be Tucker is right, or may be, like Gilad Atzmon and myself, Finkelstein also found out that DBS is not against Israel, but in fact legitimizes the occupation of Palestine.

    The Jew-hatred aka anti-Semitism began in Europe and according to ADL’s never ending polls, will be there to the Doomsday.

    The term ‘Antisemitism’ was coined by Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s. It was applied to European Christians who hated Jews. However, when it’s written with hyphen ‘Anti-Semitism’ – it means hatred toward Semite people who are found in far greater numbers among Arab Muslims and Christians than the entire world Jewry.

    Incidently, professor Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok (University of Wales) who has authored three books on Jew-hatred (The Crucified Jew: Twenty Centuries of Christian Antisemitism and Antisemitism: A History and The Paradox of Antisemitism) has always used the term without hyphen.

  2. MarkinLA says:

    Ben-Ami reports that “last April, a Jewish couple in a Parisian suburb were robbed, because, as the attackers put it, ‘Jews must have money.’”

    Yet every time a black robs a white, to the left it is never about race and only the money.

  3. Kiza says:

    As a person who has evolved from being a staunch admirer of the Jewish achievements in science and art, to being very critical of the Zionists and suspicious of most Jews (are they Zionists?), I can say that Dr. Finkelstein is spot on. Naturally, he is one of the most hated Jewish intellectuals in the Zio-world of Israel, US and EU. Therefore his opinions are not worth much in this Zioworld.

    The contemporary situation appears to divide Gentiles into three categories:
    1) those who serve the Zionists and the Neocons to enrich themselves in the process (for example, Dick Cheney, Hilary Clinton etc),
    2) those who are afraid of the power of Zionists and keep their thoughts about Israel to themselves, and
    3) those who are outspoken in their anti-Zionism (not many due to a short lifespan).

    The saddest thing is that Zionists believe that they can manipulate and repress the last two categories. This is why anti-Zionism is boiling up and could explode again into anti-semitism.

    One could only wish that there were more Jews such as Dr. Finkelstein to expose and restrain the mad Zionists.

    • Replies: @This Is Our Home
  4. alexander says:

    Dear Rehmat,

    Is there any specific meaning associated with using the hyphen as opposed to not ?

    I suppose its still “anti semitism” … matter how you slice it ?

  5. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir.

    The root of the problem is that some white skinned Judaists believe they are a “special race” called “Jews” (in reliance on the Torah, (Old Testament, OT 1-5) and derivative works), though they are mostly whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages. (See the book: “Invention of the Jewish People” by Sholomo Sand). They believe they are children of Abraham, who was a black pimp who sold his wife/sister to an African (therefore black) Pharaoh. They worship a mass murderer Moshe (who was so black, the black Pharaoh assumed he was his grandson) as a prophet.

    In reliance on these delusions, white Judaists start behaving like “human animals”* who fabricated the Torah, andengage in lying, scamming, fraud, forgery, crime, incest, bribing politicians, alienism, and other barbaric acts. For instance, one Rabbi raped his own daughters for years. Jewish mentally deranged psychopath George Soros wants more black aliens to invade his country whereby then can rape and murder his mother and daughters.

    *Jewish author Hitchens.

    50% of the Jewish boys are sexually assaulted by the Rabbis in the ritual baths:

    This delusion among some white skinned people that they are “Jew” and “semite” and behaving like the “human animals”* who fabricated the Torah is obvious mental illness.

    Civilized people the world over will ALWAYS be disgusted at Jewish barbaric behaviors such as alienism, the rape of boys and girls at mikvah, Rabbis who have sex with 500 female Jewish congregants (Book: Sex, Lies and Rabbis) and laugh at their insane delusion that they are children of a black pimp.

    The only solution is for white people to get out of this barbaric criminal African cult of Judaism. Threatening, bullying and harassing civilized people for vomiting at their insanity will not work.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @John Rebel
  6. AnalogMan says:

    The ancient Egyptians were not black.

    • Replies: @Tom_R
  7. This Is Our Home [AKA "Robert Rediger"] says:

    As a person who has evolved from being a staunch admirer of the Jewish achievements in science and art, to being very critical of the Zionists and suspicious of most Jews (are they Zionists?)

    Not sure why you can’t be both at the same time…

    • Replies: @Kiza
  8. Mark Green says: • Website

    ‘Anti-Semitism’ is a conceptual Trojan Horse. Both the term as well as its modern, intellectual underpinnings should be shelved. Too bad Prof. Finkelstein never gets around to saying this.

    The concept and theories associated with ‘Anti-Semitism’ are an amalgam of self-serving Jewish myths. No, I am not denying the fact that Jews have been targeted, killed and purged. But Jews are not a bunch of innocent bystanders either. They are a potent and lethal force, as countless Arabs, Germans, Russians and many Americans have come to understand.

    As Finkelstein surely realizes, the ubiquitous narrative surrounding ‘anti-Semitism’ (like the ‘Holocaust Industry’) is something of a canard; yielding a huge political payoff for Israel and world Jewry alike. These kosher scams must therefore be repudiated.

    Why not simply call ‘antisemitism’ what it is? ‘Jew-hating’. Why not bring it down to earth? Why? Fewer benefits for the usual suspects.

    But ‘anti-Semitism’ is nothing more than an inflated term involving the world’s oldest emotion: ‘hate’. So let’s get real.

    Sometimes husbands hate their wives. Sometimes Blacks hate Whites (and visa-versa). Sometimes Serbs hate Croats. Not long ago, Americans in the Confederacy hated Americans in the North. Then things changed. Politics. Borders. Orthodoxies. Attitudes. Behavior.

    These fluctuations are normal and natural. Many Jews however refuse to change. They expect to be welcomed everywhere while they erect and maintain impenetrable walls. Can they have it both ways?

    It’s when animosity crosses the line into violence–and not before– that government action should intervene. Otherwise, free thinking and free speech are in jeopardy. Traditional American laws reflect these values. But anti-Semitic theory (AST) no longer sees it that way. Words alone–even attitudes–are now under government surveillance and can be criminalized. Guess who benefits?

    Sharp criticism alone (of Jews) is now marketed as an unacceptable threat and is rendered taboo. ‘Holocaust denial’ is one key example. This is what Jewish theories and Jewish activism surrounding anti-Semitic theory (AST) have produced. But it’s an assault on intellectual and political freedom. Harsh speech has been conflated with Nazi death camps. How clever. We’ve entered a soft and cushy Orwellian twilight zone. And guess who’s writing the script?

    Conclusion: They’re special and you’re not. So shut up.

    Institutionalized ‘double standards’ are either in place or being constructed. Unique protections. Courses. Education. Remembrances. Indoctrination. Speech codes. ‘Hate crimes’. War on Terror. Serial warfare far, far away. Who benefits?

    We’re on the slippery slope right now. Are we learning ‘tolerance’–or something very different? Quiet. Obey.

    Honestly, can you really condemn any Palestinian Arab unlucky enough to be born in the West Bank for ‘hating Israelis’? These pitiful Arabs have been tossed out, expelled, or imprisoned for not being born Jewish. No wonder they’re blowing themselves up. Their backs are to the wall. And the Zionist war against them is still in progress. This is what ‘Jewish settlement-building’ in the Occupied Territories represents: incremental strategic dispossession. In other words: war.

    Jewish power also has a lot to do also with the destruction of Iraq, of Libya, and the destabilization of Syria, Lebanon and Iran. These wars represent a vast criminal conspiracy. Is saying this anti-Semitic? Probably.

    In the name of Jewish security, countless Arab communities–even nations– have been shattered. Totally ruined. Destroyed. Have these political changes produced ‘anti-Semitism’? You bet they have! Should we join the fight then against anti-Semitism?–Or encourage it?

    Incredibly, countless Jews (and Israelis) are still playing victim in this bizarre scenario. This pose must surely make Arab blood boil. After all, the Jews have not only conquered Palestine, but upended a good deal of the entire Arab world since the Zionist project began. No small feat.

    But even with all this conquest and carnage, Jewish leaders won’t so much as concede their devastating impact; even as they enjoy comfortable, secure, powerful and enviable lives in New York, in London, in Paris, in Hollywood, in Washington, and in Jerusalem. In fact, these super-powerful globe trotters are still indignant! Their victims/adversaries meanwhile are depicted as either terrorists, extremists, Jihadists or anti-Semites. Ha!

    But the joke’s also on us. We Americans are happily drinking kosher Kool Aid while Washington preps for the next Zio-friendly, Mideast intervention.

    How does righteous Zionist indignation make YOU feel? Be careful before you answer. (Even a whiff of antisemitism will not be tolerated.)

    In our plastic political world, it’s the weak and humiliated and defeated Palestinians who are the bad guys. They’re ‘terrorists’. Ongoing Palestinian suffering is quite acceptable in Official Washington. After all, they’re stabbing Jews!

    Meanwhile, Americans can only watch helplessly as events unfold in the Middle East. We are helpless because we cannot control our own government’s actions in the face of Zionist pressure. This is where the endless parade of Jewish experts come into play.

    What if we disqualified them all due to the clear fact that they all suffer from a huge ‘conflict of interest’ vis-a-vis Israel, ‘anti-Semitism’ and Mideast policies in general?

    “Sorry, folks. You’re out. Disqualified. We’ve discovered a huge and unmistakable whiff of Jewish bias here. Can’t have it.”

    But the fix is in.

    Is the entire Zionist charade not spectacularly dishonest? Millions quietly suspect so. But they are scared to admit this. Why?


    What if we rejected this devious nonsense and demanded justice instead?

  9. Tom_R says:


    Your claim that the ancient Egyptians were not black is like a Biblicist saying the ancient earth was not round. But here is the proof that the Egyptians (and Jews) were black, in case proof is needed to prove the obvious.

    Abraham was from the Ur of the Chaldees and the Chaldeans were negroid (–Sir Godfrey Higgins). “The discovery was very disconcerting to literary historians and philologists for that race proved to be…not a branch of the civilizing Aryans, nor of the gifted Semites but a Negro people……” (H.G. Spearing, The Childhood of Art, p. 255, 1922)

    The Egyptians, as is apparent from their own writings, their thick lipped black statues and paintings and a skull analysis of their mummies, were negroid. The writing of Herodotus and Massey confirm this fact.

    Here are some ancient art objects from Egypt depicting a pitch black people:

    It says openly in the Old Testament that they were a black people. For eg.

    Song of Songs 5:11 ” His hair is curly – black like a raven.”
    Job 30:30 : “my skin is black”
    Song of Solomon 1:5: “I am black but comely.”
    Song of Solomon 1:6: “… I am black….”
    Leviticus 13:31 and 13:37: “black hair…”
    Lamentations: Skin is black like an oven.

    It is obvious that Egypt, in Africa, was populated by pitch black people and ruled by pitch black Pharoahs. A few white people arrived there during the conquest of Alexander the Great.

    Many Jewish (and Christian) apologists would find it painful to admit that they had been worshiping a black Moshe as a prophet all their lives, so the fact is too painful to confront, leading the mind into denial and imagining Moses as a white man.

    In short, the adoption of black cults (Judaism/Christianity) by whites is the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind that continues to bring death and destruction to this day.

  10. Max Payne says:

    Dr. Finkelstein like Dr. Chomsky are sort of “hidden Zionists”, according to American Jewish writer Roger Tucker for their criticism of BDS. May be Tucker is right, or may be, like Gilad Atzmon and myself, Finkelstein also found out that BDS is not against Israel, but in fact legitimizes the occupation of Palestine.

    That’s what it is. Another attempt to shift focus from the core root of the problem.

  11. @Rehmat

    Thanks for mentioning Gilad Atzmon. I’m a big fan of him.

  12. @Tom_R

    Was Abraham even a historical figure? I’m not so sure.

    • Replies: @Tom_R
  13. Kiza says:
    @This Is Our Home

    Because there is a lingering Zionist stench now. I do still admire the Jewish achievements in art and science, for example my favorite orchestra is still the Israeli Philharmonic. But then I turn to independent online media and I read about Palestinian children being shot for throwing stones at Israeli tanks, or about a hundred year old Palestinian olive-grove being uprooted by the settlers, or of Israeli agents smashing into hospital and executing Palestinian wounded in their beds, or of the plans to settle thousands of new settlers in Golan Heights and on and on and on. The gracious symphonic music becomes bitter and repulsive.

  14. Tom_R says:
    @John Rebel


    Thanks, John Rebel. You are right, Abraham and Moses are mythological figures and most likely never actually existed.

    Even the Jewish papers New York Times once admitted that:


    And a new book on this:

  15. @Tom_R


    If you’re equating BLACK with NEGRO, you could not be more wrong:

    The Myths Blacks Believe: The Ancient Egyptians Were Negroes and Built the Grand Pyramids | AMBROSE KANE

  16. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Abraham was a Jafro-jiver?

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