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Will Washington Launch a Mass-Casualty "False Flag" to Sabotage Nord Stream?
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“American colleagues at the Pentagon told me, unequivocally, that the US and UK never would allow European-Soviet (re: EU-Russia) relations to develop to such a degree that they would challenge the US-UK’s political, economic or military primacy and hegemony on the European continent. Such a development will be prevented by all necessary means, if necessary by provoking a war in central Europe.” Christof Lehmann

February 16 has come and gone without incident. The information spread by US officials and the media proved to be wrong. Russia did not invade Ukraine nor did any of the unverified warnings turn out to be true. So far, neither the media nor the administration has produced a scintilla of evidence that Russia actually planned to invade Ukraine or that the presumed invasion was “imminent.” The whole thing may have been a hoax concocted by Washington to advance their regional agenda; we just don’t know for sure. What we do know, however, is that no one from the administration, the media or the intelligence agencies have offered any explanation, apology or retraction for their errant predictions. Of that, we can be 100% certain.

What are we to make of this? Why would the administration stake its credibility on a prediction that was so far-fetched? And why did the media participate in the ruse when they clearly had no hard evidence to back up the claims? Did they really think Putin is so cognitively-impaired that he’d order his troops into Ukraine just to follow Washington’s loony script?

No, of course not.

Then why did they do it?

Perhaps the warnings were intended to divert attention from other suspicious goings-on that are presently taking place in Ukraine. For example, why are Ukrainian oligarchs and deep-pocket elites fleeing the country en masse? Here’s the story from 24-7 News Agency:

“Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen are leaving Ukraine on charter flights. According to Ukrayinska Pravda, about 20 charters and private planes have taken off from Kiev over the past day.

According to the newspaper, the planes of Rinat Akhmetov and Boris Kolesnikov took off from Ukraine today… A private plane for 50 people was also ordered by the deputy of the Opposition Platform – For Life (OPPL) party, millionaire Igor Abramovich. According to Ukrainska Pravda, this plane is supposed to take relatives of fellow party members, as well as business partn Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen are leaving Ukraine on charter flights”. (“ Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen are leaving Ukraine on charter flights”, 247 News)

Get the picture? The “big money” guys are getting out now while there’s still time. But, why? Are they concerned about the fictitious Russian legions storming Kiev or were they tipped off by insiders who have knowledge of upcoming events? Which is it?

And why is the CIA bailing-out at the same time? That seems a bit suspicious, don’t you think? Check out this clip from an article in Tass titled: “US temporarily relocates its CIA station from Kiev“:

“US authorities have temporarily relocated the employees of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from Kiev, The New York Times reported on Tuesday citing sources. According to the sources, the CIA station was “temporarily relocated” from Kiev on Tuesday… According to its sources, the relocation of the CIA employees may complicate gathering intelligence on Russia’s alleged “activity” in the country.”

The article doesn’t explain why the CIA shut its offices and vamoosed, so we have to assume that they know something that the rest of don’t. But what would that be?

Typically, people do not evacuate unless they are in danger, right? So, the agents at the CIA facility must have been briefed on upcoming events would put their lives in danger. In other words, the CIA and Kiev’s business elites are making for the exits before the storm hits, which suggests they were tipped off by someone who knows Washington’s plan. But who could that be, and how do these oddball developments fit with the “Russian invasion” fiasco? Is there a connection?

Yes, there is, but first, let’s put the “Russian invasion” meme in context. Many of the people who saw through the fakery are feeling pretty proud of themselves today, and for good reason, after all, they were right and the media was wrong. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the bigger picture which is that the war-drums are beating as ferociously today as they were before the predictions proved to be wrong. Why?

It’s because the media is still preparing the public for either a confrontation with Russia or something even worse. Take a look at this sampling of Wednesday’s headlines:

So, the media is still ramping up the pro-war propaganda even though Russia never invaded Ukraine. What does that tell you?

It tells you the crisis is not over. It tells you that the media is still whipping the public into a Russophobic frenzy. It tells you that Uncle Sam has something else up his sleeve that no one really expects; a surprise event that will shake things up and reframe the narrative in a way that benefits Washington and hurts Russia. That’s what we can conclude from Wednesday’s headline news. War is still on the docket.

Readers of this column know that we think that Washington’s real objective is not Ukraine at all, but Nord Stream, the natural gas pipeline that connects Germany to Russia. Here’s what makes the pipeline so important:

Nord Stream creates the critical infrastructure needed to connect Europe’s industrial powerhouse (Germany) to Russia’s vast energy reserves. The link strengthens commercial ties paving the way for warmer relations, the easing of cross-border regulations and a gradual merging of the two continents into the world’s most expansive and prosperous free trade zone. Nord Stream represents the energy component of China’s Belt and Road initiative that will draw Europe and Asia closer together via an expansive high-speed rail system that reduces shipping costs, boosts foreign commerce and shifts the world’s center of gravity eastward to Asia.

Bottom line: The emergence of an EU-Asia free trade zone means an end to the present global power structure in which the US plays the dominant role. It points the way to a new multipolar world order in which all the states are treated with greater equality and justice. But does anyone seriously think Washington is ready to relinquish its power and accept a place among the family of nations?

No, that’s not going to happen. Not without a fight at least.

Just take a look at the Nord Stream fracas. Washington has opposed Nord Stream since its inception in 2015 and piled on the sanctions at every opportunity. Recently, however, Biden lifted the sanctions because they are so unpopular among the German people who need a source of clean energy to make up for the shortfall from (decommissioned) nuclear power plants. The problem for Washington is that– aside from the sanctions — there are few ways to prevent the pipeline from coming on line. That means Washington will have to resort to more extreme measures like coercion, incitement and false flags. Check out this excerpt from an article at Tass on Tuesday:

“A Lugansk resident alerted the State Security Ministry about finding an object that resembles a homemade explosive device in a trash bin at the Friendship of the People’s Park

The bomb was made of a cell phone, a detonator, two TNT slabs weighing a total of 400 grams and damage agents, such as pieces of steel rods. The ministry said it had reason to believe the detonation of the device was planned for the time of a rally devoted to veterans that was scheduled for the morning of February 15.

The ministry said Ukraine’s subversive groups may have been involved in the attempted attack as they seek to destabilize the situation in the LPR. The detonation of the explosive device amid a large crowd in downtown Lugansk could have inflicted injuries to civilians, the ministry said.” (LPR’s security forces foiled terrorist attack in Lugansk“, Tass)

Would a terrorist event of this size convince Putin that he needed to send in the troops to defend the ethnic Russians in east Ukraine?

Probably not, but it does help to show how a terrorist attack can be used to justify retaliation and maybe even war. Let’s say, for example, a small nuclear device or chemical weapon was detonated in Kiev killing hundreds of civilians and maiming thousands more. What would happen?

Would the world be shocked and horrified?

Of course.

And would political leaders around the world condemn the action and pledge to bring the perpetrators to justice?

Yes, they would.

And would the media fuel the public hysteria and use it to promote a response that advanced the interests of elites?

Yes, again.

And would members of the Ukrainian Security Services — acting in concert with their US Law Enforcement allies– quickly round up a small cell of terrorists (allegedly) linked to Russian intelligence or Russian military, thus, placing the blame squarely on Putin’s shoulders?

Indeed, they would. In fact, these frame-ups of alleged terror suspects are so commonplace in the US that rogue FBI agents have turned “entrapment” into an art-form. There’s no reason to believe the practice cannot be exported to Ukraine. In short, there’s no doubt that these same “alleged Russian” patsies would be swiftly processed and severely punished without ever seeing the inside of a courthouse.

And how would that effect the crisis in Ukraine?

It would provide a justification for the Ukrainian army to invade the Donbass and wipe out thousands of ethnic Russians who were in no way connected to the terrorist bombing. That, in turn, would force Putin to send his troops across the border to end the fighting and restore the peace. And that’s when Washington would repudiate Russia’s action by calling it “an Invasion”. Which would put additional pressure on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to abandon the German-Russo pipeline project and prevent the launching of Nord Stream. This is how a false flag can be used to achieve one’s geopolitical objectives. Here’s an excerpt from an article at RT:

“Ukrainian commandos trained by Britain are planning a “series of terrorist attacks” in the Donbass to use as cover for a false flag operation.. Local militia spokesman Eduard Basurin said on Wednesday that Kiev will stage a provocation to accuse Russia of invading the country….

Basurin, however, insisted that he had “reliable information” suggesting six groups of saboteurs from the 8th Special Purpose Regiment of Ukrainian Armed Forces (VSU) had been trained by specialists from the UK and deployed near the line of contact. Their targets would allegedly include gas and water supply as well as power stations.

The purpose of their supposed provocation is to accuse Russia of ‘false flag’ attacks to prepare “aggression” against Ukraine, and to create panic among the local residents, he added….

In December, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu alleged that American private military companies had begun shipping “unidentified chemical components” to towns in the Donbass as a potential precursor to an attack…

Last week, Washington accused Russia of planning a ‘false flag’ attack in the separatist-controlled territory as a pretext for invading Ukraine. The allegation echoed claims of the Ukrainian government and came after CIA Director William Burns visited Kiev. Russia has rejected it as baseless, and called US insinuations of a planned invasion “fake news.” (“Ukraine planning ‘false flag’ Donbass incident”, RT)

What’s interesting about this article, is that all three parties are accusing each other of fomenting the same illicit plan. That suggests that they all think that a false flag operation is probable in the current circumstances. In other words, the likelihood of a catastrophic mass casualty event used as a pretext for war, is no longer dismissed as a far-out conspiracy theory among the main participants in the conflict. Rather, they see it as the anticipated course of action. We agree with that conclusion. Here’s more from an article at PBS:

“The U.S. accused the Kremlin on Thursday of an elaborate plot to fabricate an attack by Ukrainian forces that Russia could use as a pretext to take military action against its neighbor. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the scheme included production of a graphic propaganda video that would show staged explosions and use corpses and actors depicting grieving mourners.

The plan for the fake attack on Russian territory or Russian-speaking people was revealed in declassified intelligence shared with Ukrainian officials and European allies in recent days. It is the latest allegation by the U.S. and Britain that Russia is plotting to use a false pretext to go to war against Ukraine.

The White House in December accused Russia of developing a “false-flag” operation to create pretext for an invasionThe U.S. has not provided detailed information backing up the intelligence findings. (“U.S. intel suggests Russia is plotting false flag attack in Ukraine as pretext for invasion”, PBS News)

This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Russia gains nothing from a false flag in Ukraine because Russia’s sole objective is to join the US in signing legally-binding agreements limiting the expansion of NATO and eliminating nuclear missile sites in Romania and Poland. That’s it. That’s all Putin wants. So, how does a provocation help to achieve those ends?

It doesn’t. The only one who benefits from a violent incitement is the United States. For Washington, a false flag is perhaps the last opportunity to block Nord Stream and prevent the steady erosion of its global power. And whether a provocation of this kind smacks of desperation or not, is completely irrelevant. The US remains fully-commited to doing whatever it takes to maintain its dominant place in the global order. Here’s how political analyst Christof Lehmann summed it up more than a decade ago:

“American colleagues at the Pentagon told me, unequivocally, that the US and UK never would allow European-Soviet (re: Russia) relations to develop to such a degree that they would challenge the US-UK’s political, economic or military primacy and hegemony on the European continent. Such a development will be prevented by all necessary means, if necessary by provoking a war in central Europe”.

There it is in black and white. Washington is not going to roll-over and play dead while new centers of power crop-up across the planet. That’s not going to happen. The US is going to identify the nations that could cause them problems and do everything they can to crush them. That’s how Empire’s work. They don’t wait to be knocked off their pedestal. They take the bull by the horns and act preemptively. Paul Wolfowitz articulated the nuts and bolts of US foreign policy like this:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

This is the core doctrine that guides US foreign policy: Identify potential threats to US hegemony and then obliterate them without mercy. That suggests a false flag in Ukraine is more than likely, it’s probable.

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  1. How about we rename Washington as Schwarzhington?

  2. Lagertha says:

    This is the funniest headline ever!

    Washington is no longer, neither DC nor the President! American traitors need to get a grip on their propaganda, hahhahahaaaa – losers, creeps and satanists, many of you,…say goodbye in a nicey-nice style to your children. You don’t really deserve to have children…you know what you are. There will be no deals. You know what you have done. No deals.

  3. “US and UK never would allow European-Soviet (re: EU-Russia) relations to develop…..Such a development will be prevented by all necessary means, if necessary by provoking a war in central Europe.”

    Our policy hasn’t change since 1938.

  4. Cookie says:

    Its quite easy to identify the instigator of this crisis.

    If this is a Russian instigated crisis then why did they wait until the West was over the Wuhan flu?

    Wouldn’t you attack while your greatest opposition was occupied elsewhere?

    No this crisis in a tea cup is an Empire stamping its feet and wailing because it isn’t getting its way!

  5. When a nation’s secret-police/spy Agency openly assassinates a sitting president, his brother, a probable nominee to run against the Rottenfeller-controlled Richard Nixon in ’72, the leader of the Civil Rights movement, Senator Paul Wellstone, the primary voice against aggression upon Iraq, the assassinated president’s son and numerous lesser-known Americans, to say nothing about hundreds of leaders and tens of thousands of activists abroad and then caps the whole thing by the 911 Inside-Job; I would not put one goddamn thing past them.

    This ruptured republic is getting its act together as the little dictator up on Ottawa has now pulled rank by being the first on his block to turn his nation into a police-state…and the Di\$trict of Corruption and those who call the shots are not about to be showed up by some juvenile delinquent member of Klaus Schwab’s international “new leaders” of the NWO, Globalist Great-Reset.

    Fireworks should be limited to peaceful ones on the 4th of July, but it appears that certain pathological psychopaths seem to be believers in the Big Bang theory.

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Thanks: JWalters
  6. IronForge says:

    Just a Matter of Time. The Only Time NATO’s Article 5 was Invoked was to drag Europe into a False-Flag Instigated War of Invasion and Occupation over Afghanistan for over 20 Years, which Collapsed with the Defeat of the Retained AFG Regime+Army.

    Now Biden is Talking About Invoking Article 5 Type Responses from NATO and EU Members – over a Declared-Yet-Non-Existent False Flag Situation that involves Non-NATO, Non-EU Ukraine and their Secessionist Regions.

    Biden and Son are Beneficiaries of Favors brought to them by Burisma Corporation.

    Russia are Proposing a Security Scheme that would bring Security to All of Europe. That would bring NATO into Obsolescence. The Only Declared Threat to Europe’s Security are ISIL-Daesh, who are considered to be Hostile by the Russians as well.

    Add NordStream2, Yamal-Europe, BLU-TRK_Stream, and the CHN SilkRoad.

    The RUS and CHN Offer much more for Europe – aside from the Anglo-Murican ZioMasonic Vassal-State of Affairs…

    • Agree: Rev. Spooner
  7. Ghali says:

    Why the media sided with the Washington mafia? It is because most (or all) US-led Western state/corporate media are owned and controlled by Jews. The entire misinformation campaign is orchestrated and controlled by Jewish supremacist power.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @TheTrumanShow
  8. Sean says:

    Nord Stream 2: Biden waives US sanctions on Russian pipeline Published 20 May 2021.

    President Biden gave Germany the go ahead for Nordstream, and being able to hold the cancelation of it over Russia’s head gives the US important leverage over Russia. The US could cut Russia off from trade with the entire West, but that would drive Russia into an alliance with China, which US strategist view as the ultimate nightmare.

    The main ones who want Nord Stream 2 cancelled are the Poles, who want America to supply Poland’s energy needs through heavily subsidised US LNG. Poland is already building terminals for the ships. But fracked US energy is leveraged-capital intensive and of dubious profitability even without lowering the cost to allies and shipping it across the ocean.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Levtraro
  9. Blinkin said this is their game plan: ‘It could be a fabricated so-called terrorist bombing inside Russia, the invented discovery of the mass grave, a staged drone strike against civilians, or a fake – even a real – attack using chemical weapons.’

    We will see. Is al-Qaeda going to do this one too or will it be America’s Neo-Nazi heroes? Strange when the supposed invader won’t accept the demands of the people begging them to be apart of Russia. America doesn’t have the balls to do a bombing inside Russia so whatever they’ve got planned will be in Ukraine proper or Donbas. Putin would have to be completely stupid to follow through with any of Blinkin’s ideas. Putin could bomb himself to give himself an excuse to invade people that want to be invaded. I kinda wish they’d do a nuclear exchange as long as no one gets to their nuclear bunkers.

  10. sally says:

    I think the policy of the Oligarchs and their British partners, those who invented the USA and who use the USA to make money with, has not changed since the day the constitution was ratified in 1788..

    • Replies: @Erikassimo2
  11. Anon[343] • Disclaimer says:

    The Euros seem to have finally realized Washington’s grand strategy is a chaotic and destabilized Europe. Their challenge is to elegantly block Washington without getting either Arkancided nor color revolution’d.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  12. Readers of this column know that we think that Washington’s real objective is not Ukraine at all, but Nord Stream, the natural gas pipeline that connects Germany to Russia.

    Biden has already promised to destroy that pipeline if anything happens. What’s to prevent him from doing the deed before anything happens?

    Might not some Ukranian Nazis do the same thing? Or at least, they could take credit for the many simultaneous explosions along the length of the pipeline.

    I’ll stick with my own belief there are other and more important issues in play than that pipeline.

    Let’s say, for example, a small nuclear device or chemical weapon was detonated in Kiev killing hundreds of civilians and maiming thousands more.

    I can’t thnk of any other reason for the mass flight of “important people” from Kiev besides something very big being scheduled to happen there. Something horrible.

    I think the Ukranian Army starting a massive all-out attack on the Donbas Rebels would be the first step. The Russians are all set up to react to that, and when the Horrible Kiev Event happened, the explanation (from Unnamed US Intelligence Sources) would be that a Russian commander either got carried away, or accidentally hit the Red “nuclear” button instead of the Blue “conventional” one.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  13. Refl says:

    There is something about this narrative that does not fit: German-Russian energy deals have been the driving force of detente in Europe since the 1960s. In fact, the days of the GDR were counted, when the Soviets realized that Federal Germany was a reliable trading partner while the German communists in the east only gave them headaches and spoiled their reputation. And the thing is called Nord Stream 2 for a reaon, because Nord Stream has been operational for some 15 years.

    Finally, Germany would not be in such a desperate need for Russian gas, had the CIA-sponsored Greens not done everything to get Germany off nuclear power and coal at the same time, just to oppose Russian gas now on top of everything they deliberately missmanaged whenever they got the chance.

    And to talk of German economical growth is completely besides the point, as this country is being deindustrialized at breakneck speed. In fact, the government that we have is more or less openly encouraging their own population to FOAD. Their is no need for gas when children sit in school classrooms in winter with the windows wide open to save their forcefully isolated grannies from the hoax virus.

    I agree with the author that something sinister is in the pipeline. But it goes beyond sabotaging the gas deal.

  14. JWalters says:

    Very interesting analysis. Who benefits?

    The Israelis have long favored using false flag operations. The Israelis are controlled, along with Washington, by a Jewish supremacist banking cartel headquartered in the City of London and Wall Street.

    What are their interests? Historically they have used the UK and US militaries to plunder the resources of various countries around the globe. Russia has vast natural resources.

    Perhaps more important, they see their control slipping away as the internet is disrupting their control over the public’s information. Increasing numbers of people don’t believe their mainstream media’s disinformation. Pushback on their Covid story is steadily growing. So they are invoking “misinformation” to institute censorship. The Canadian trucker protest, supported by millions of dollars in donations, is scaring them so badly that they are invoking “anti-terrorism” laws to beat back a massive popular protest.

    The “anti-terrorism” strategy is a London/Israeli tactic, pioneered in their fictitious “global war on terrorism”. With those suppressive laws in place, they are now turning those laws against masses of citizens who are peacefully questioning their totalitarian policies.

    Even their pet project of Israel, previously well protected by hurling false charges of “anti-Semitism” at critics of its crimes, is under serious assault with facts. The fake “anti-Semitism” charges are now being laughed at. And the international community is openly discussing Israel’s glaring apartheid policies and glaring crimes. So they are facing an onslaught of facts from many sides, shredding their various disguises.

    The European community is showing signs that it may not go along with a manufactured World War Three. As you say, Russia has no motive for a war. So if there is a false flag attack it will be apparent to all who is behind it. That may be the “bridge too far” for the corrupt Jewish supremacist financial octopus. The European countries might decide to chop off its controlling tentacles, and perhaps even kill the head and be done with it. Obviously people who manufacture wars for profit are devoid of all morality. These people are bribing, blackmailing, murdering thugs.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. GMC says:

    The US and Israel could have some mini nukes placed in various places. This seems to be their calling cards, going back to the 9/11 take down. After all, America and Israel are home to the Sucker Punch Move, the one they use on the Palestinians in Israel and in Beirut, and the niggers use on the rest of the public in the states. Good observations from the article.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: ThreeCranes
  16. Anon[370] • Disclaimer says:

    The Ukranian army invading Donbass “would force Putin to send his troops across the border to end the fighting and restore the peace.”

    It would do nothing of the sort. Russia can crush the invading army and its supporting artillery with standoff weapons in one day without one Russian soldier crossing the border.

    • Thanks: Tom Welsh
  17. Mass casualties are not a consideration. Remember 9/11?

    How hard could it be to blow up an underwater pipe line and blame it on the truckers? Why does it have to be so complicated?

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  18. “OSCE observers have recorded 500 explosions in Donbass per day”

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  19. meamjojo says:

    Biden needs to keep Russia out of Ukraine because there are documents there that implicate him and son Hunter in nefarious schemes. This is why Biden and his team appear so desperate and scared like a deer in the headlight these last few weeks.

  20. JR Foley says:

    Let’s think now like Blinken: –“We won in Afghanistan —Iraq- Libya – Syria – Somalia – Vietnam – Korea- and likewise defeated the German Nazis WWII and the Japanese and liberated God’s people in Auschwitz–onwards now to Russia –it will be a cake walk!!!” and Joe Biden nods and blinks his eyes wondering where and how Hunter is doing and if Hillary Clinton was double anally penetrated this week by charming Bill and Tommy Cotton.

  21. Is this a joke? 1938? Our policy? Another war in … >,/’…?

    This WHOLE shit show is a “false flag”.

    The “whole” damned thing.We lost reality long before 1938.

    One continuous,recurring false flag shit show. “NOW”


  22. Sepp says:

    I agree with Mr. Whitney that some garden variety false flag terrorist attack is not going to suffice to get a war started. It will take something like a WMD or Nuke to cause enough sensational news headlines to justify a retaliation.

    Despite all the US/UK and Nato bluster, Ukraine is not in Nato and their is no alliance that compels the EU or Nato to enter into a retaliation on Ukraine’s behalf. The deep western state has absolutely no credibility any more. After all the Covid lies and the crass overreach in Canada and Australia, the sheeple are highly unlikely to be easily misled into war fever.

    Clearly the Khazarians like Nuland, Blinken and their stooges like Stoltenberger, would love to get a war started, and they would certainly try to predictively program such a war by getting embassies and elites to evacuate, and they would even cause some random mortar and planted bomb attacks, but this will be enough to get Nato or Ukraine to commit suicide by really attacking or retaliating against Russia.

    More economic sanctions on Russia in order to stop Nordstream II are going to be ineffective as well, especially long term, so I don’t think that this is the real motivation either. Sure, the Khazarians would love to get control over Crimea and the Black Sea too, but once again that does not explain the desperation here. They already own Ukraine and Odessa and Mariupol. There is no rush.

    To me it looks like all this theater is about Central Banking wars. ((Central Banks)) have been calling the shots across the planet for over a century, but especially ever since Bretton Woods. The entire Fiat edifice is crumbling, and the WEF/Davos crowd are united with big Jewish Power in wanting to maintain its primacy. This also explains why Trudeau cannot simply lift his vaccine mandates to solve the Trucker crisis in Canada. The stakes are far higher than that.

    China and Russia, and many smaller states like Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, are threatening to break away from the IMF/WB/BIS axis, pulling down the entire scam. This was one of the real reasons why the Third Reich was crushed, and the same applies to Saddam Hussein and Ghadaffy.

    If Russia, with China, were to break off of the IMF/WB/BIS axis it would cause the implosion of the dollar as the worlds reserve currency and the collapse of the Euro as its siamese twin. Russia already has SWIFT alternatives in operation, and is now conducting its gas trade with China denominated in Euro’s.

    One of the requirements for participation in the IMF/WB/BIS world order was that central banks keep base reserves in US dollars/treasuries. Over the last couple of years Russia has been selling off these treasuries, and likely there have been major tantrums going on behind the veil. All these threats about Nordstream II likely are centered around this reality, and the message likely being broadcast to Vlad is “Don’t expect to be able to sell gas to Germany if you sell off your treasuries and exit the BIS banking cabal”. This of course coincides with all this false flag sabre rattling in Ukraine.

    This is one reason why the recent price rises in gold are so interesting. I doubt that the IMF/WB/BIS axis want gold price going up because this reveals the fragility of their debt based Fiat system. The more gold rises, the better China and Russia stand economically. I doubt that Russia or China are willing to run the gauntlet and simply drive the gold price up like they easily could, but as US/EU/Nato applies more pressure on them the gold price will rise on its own accord, giving Russia and China the plausible deniability they need.

  23. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:

    How can a totally corrupt Angloamerican “political primacy / hegemony” survive, let alone dominate a far more based continental Europe in the long run? Time is up.
    How can a totally corrupted, financialized “economic primacy and hegemony” have permanency?
    How can a now second grade “military primacy and hegemony” be dominant in Europe and under what right?
    Jewmerica is one hell of a sucker, with or without fake dollars, and the world is getting tired of it.

    China: “The US will be punished”.

    Let us hope for that false flag. If they really want a hot war the JewSA & Israhell will find a way to start it, with or without false flag. But Europeans might not like the JewS do another war on their grounds. It might turn out to be the final straw on the European camel’s back that will break it – finally sink the rotten relationship with the JewSA & Israhell.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  24. steve K. says:

    The real reason for the delay in the invasion is the Ukrainian authorities couldn’t handle the 150,000 plus visa applications from the Russian military so they’ve had to reschedule.

    • LOL: JWalters
  25. The US and its cohorts retreating from Kiev seems like a preparation for splitting Ukraine. Erecting a new Iron Curtain along the Dnjepr would be a big win for US Empire compared to the Cold War.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Ukraine Tiger
  26. Franz says:

    The White House in December accused Russia of developing a “false-flag” operation to create pretext for an invasion…

    They read their own plan and thought the Russians were going to do it?

    “Washington” is dead. The man and the city. The Free World is dead too.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  27. Since the oligarchs are fleeing, it could be a massive false flag that wont discriminate between posh neighbourhoods and other localities. It should be enormous to do that. Now what could it be?…. 😉

  28. I keep wondering if the Navy Seals are no longer capable of sabotaging a pipeline. Well, maybe now that the US military is committed to organizational and propagandist wokeness as its primary goal, they no longer are capable of that.

    But given how Germany apparently remains content to have been a US-occupied country since losing WWII, and appears content to remain so in perpetuity while it indulges its Covidian experiments in domestic Nazism and biological self-mutilation via the gene-altering injections, there’s no evident political reason the US can’t use its military bases in Germany directly to attack Nordstream. That would be no more deranged than the US already is being at every other point. It’s insane to physically destroy large swaths of your own country including some of your best water and farmland to frack worthless natural gas in the first place, let alone in the hope of forcing Europe to buy it.

    Nope, the more I think about it the more certain I am the US empire will let the missiles fly, at the latest when that becomes the only alternative to letting its imperial power collapse, and perhaps sooner, depending on how the unpredictable escalations of the empire’s incessant provocations go.

  29. Quarelia says:

    What Germany and Russia really want is a return to what they had in the good old days, i.e. when Bismarck was in charge. Good old German-Russian imperial friendship at the cost of Poland and all the other smaller countries of ‘Eastern Europe’. In other words, a German-Russian Condominium, as they call it in Poland. That has always been Putin’s offer to Germany and Germany has wholeheartedly accepted it by building gas pipelines together with Russia on the bed of the Baltic Sea. Fortunately, these plans can be foiled by accelerating the process — already started by the Americans — of bolstering Eastern-European integration at the cost of … the imperial interests of Germany and Russia.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  30. Andreas says:

    Imagine the morale of the conscripted Ukrainian soldiers on the front-lines.

    The rich and well-connected are fleeing. The Ukrainian government is making preparations to relocate as far as they can in the opposite direction from Kiev to Lvov, while its CIA/MI6 “allies” are following suit.

    Yet, despite these zero-confidence measures, these soldiers may be expected to advance, false flag or otherwise, against the breakaway republics without any viable air support and into the teeth of devastating counter artillery and rocket fire.

    Seems similar in many respects to what I would imagine had been the predicament of South Vietnamese soldiers tasked with facing the NVA just prior to and after the US exit from SEA.

    I’m guessing only fanatical neo-Nazi extremists or paid mercs with a well-defined exit plan could cope psychologically with such a reality. But in a world where facts no longer matter, why bother with morale.

    The NS 2 thesis has also been echoed by Paul Craig Roberts. It is entirely plausible given that US/NATO is in obvious retreat under the cover of a smoke-and-mirrors disinformation campaign. And they need to salvage something.

    Disrupting NS 2, therefore, seems one of the few tangible benefits left to the US. But coercing Germany into an economically disadvantageous position of buying logistically inconvenient and overpriced US gas instead of Russian gas will also come at a cost of deep resentments and frictions between US and Germany, even though it may be only evident under the surface.

    Should disrupting NS 2 US be the plan and should it succeed, then the unintended consequences of this coercive relationship will be interesting to watch. Even it can last only so long.

  31. Washington’s real objective is not Ukraine and real objective is not Nord Stream at all, but Iran. Russia is Iran’s situational ally in Syria. Iran intends to purchase \$10 billion worth of Russian weapons. Remove Russia from this equation and Iran will weaken. Iran is an enemy of Israel. Israel is an enemy of Iran.
    The Israeli lobby and the pro-Israel Neocons rule US foreign policy.
    The President of Ukraine – Zelensky and the most significant oligarch of Ukraine – Kolomoisky, as well as Sherman, Blinken and Nuland they can speak seven languages , but all of them in Yiddish.
    Nord Stream…? Nord Stream is a bait and switch for the republicans, press and average Joe. Pro-Israel forces need a allies(USA and UK), a scapegoat(Ukraine & EU), a reason(Nord Stream) and a false flag to remove Russia from the equation(Iranian issue).

  32. Anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, it really looks like the Globohomo is planning to put Russia in a position where they’ll have to intervene militarily. That could easily lead to another World War or, at the very least, provoke a carnage “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down” for many years to come.

    The world is running out of time to resolve the JQ.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  33. The pipeline will be blown up into multiple sections. The US may take out NS1 too.

    Repairing the damage would be very difficult, requiring special equipment, and would take considerable time.

    Putin has been too soft up to this point. He should know they want his head. He should get ahead of this and blow the shit out of the new weapons stashes in Ukraine and wherever non Ukraine troops are housed inside the country using only missiles. He should then take credit for it and announce that the same will happen in Poland and elsewhere unless things are rolled back to where the US promised decades ago.

    • Replies: @DevilAdvocate
  34. All too plausible, I fear.

  35. If Washington shuts off Nord Stream 2, Germany will experience severe and prolonged blackouts, thanks to the Greens’ policies of decommissioning nukes, etc. Depending on the severity of the shortfall, electricity may be preferentially provided to domestic consumers at the expense of industry, but German industry and political power are closely intertwined, so I can’t see that as very likely. Either way, anti-American sentiment in Germany will snowball, which will inevitably put pressure on the leadership to kick all those U.S. troops out.

    This is a lose-lose strategy for the neocons. They can’t be as crazy as that – can they?

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  36. …Russia’s sole objective is to join the US in signing legally-binding agreements limiting the expansion of NATO and eliminating nuclear missile sites in Romania and Poland. That’s it. That’s all Putin wants.

    This must be a joke. Did the demigod (“plays 4D chess“) Vlad personally tell you this? It is obvious that Russia does not care to abide by legally binding agreements if they are not perceived to be in its interest.

    NATO expansion in Europe was provoked by Russia not abiding by basic international law due to its failure to relinquish its occupation of Königsberg / Kaliningrad, from which missiles threaten Europe.

    Russia already consented to the subsequent expansion of NATO in a 1997 treaty signed in Paris. Ukraine does not even meet the requirements for being able to join NATO, so its imagined membership is a fake issue.

    The ongoing and extremely assertive military posture by Russia at its border with Ukraine clearly constitutes a violation of the United States Charter, Article 2, Paragraph 4, which states:

    All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

    In other words, the threat by Russia to use force in an attempt to coerce a new agreement by making hypocritical demands, because it does not wish to abide by an existing treaty, is clearly an illegal provocation. Russia is again showing off its old-style Stalinist obsession for raw power.

    In addition to wanting Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as the city of Charov near the border with Russia, Putin would surely also like to eventually take the formerly Russian port city of Odessa, along with the entire northern coastline of the Black Sea.

    In the view of many historically minded Russians with traditionalist sentiments, for whom international law and treaties are an inconvenience, Ukrainians do not deserve to be in control of such large territory because they are basically just Ruthenians derived from the peasant class, who only emerged onto the political scene in the late 19th century due to the leniency of the Austrian Hapsburg rulers in the region of Galicia and Lodomeria.

    My guess is that there are plenty of European countries within NATO that would be ready to concede Russian claims to those parts of Ukrainian territory with a predominant majority of Russians in exchange for relinquishing the territory of Königsberg / Kaliningrad that it illegally occupies in the Baltic region, for which it has no historical claims and which is located more than 200 miles west of Russia.

    I could imagine that Russia would even agree to allow this Baltic territory to be taken by NATO, so that new facts on the ground (a fait accompli) that are beneficial to both sides (Europe and Russia) can be created quickly and then accepted as part of a comprehensive package deal resulting in a more secure framework for the future. This kind of planned war theater would be to the detriment of Ukraine, which none of the parties really care about that much anyway.

    If Russia is suddenly talking so much about its “security”, then the perfect opportunity, for engaging in personal discussions and negotiations to achieve a peaceful and lasting understanding, would be in Munich, at the annual Security Conference, which begins today. Interestingly, there will be no Russian delegation there, according to news reports. This indicates that Russia’s security demands are superficial and contrived, whereas Europe’s deserved security desire from Russian military threats is perceived as irrelevant by Russia’s leadership.

    • LOL: Thor Walhovd
    • Troll: Tom Welsh, Alfred
  37. And why did the media participate in the ruse when they clearly had no hard evidence to back up the claims?

    Why stop now?

    • LOL: ThreeCranes
  38. Tom Welsh says:

    Another possibility, which seems plausible to me, is that the Western authorities are desperate to divert the attention of their citizens from the accelerating implosion of the Covid-19 hoax.

    See, for example, this stunningly simple and obvious graph of “Covid-19” “cases”, hospitalisations, and deaths against the percentage of people vaccinated. The bottom line is that vaccinated people in Scotland are about twice as likely to “die of Covid-19” as unvaccinated people.

    For the entire article, see

    • Agree: Alfred
  39. Anon[343] • Disclaimer says:

    the Hasbara talking points on this thread are.m most illuminating. Hasbara has changed its narrative in the last 10 days. Hasbara realizes it’s old lies didn’t convince anyone, so it’s trying new lies.

  40. Tom Welsh says:
    @Zachary Smith

    “Biden has already promised to destroy that pipeline if anything happens. What’s to prevent him from doing the deed before anything happens?”

    Nothing, I suppose – unless his advisors find the courage to warn him about provoking “the anger of a patient man”.

    For the USA to blow up (let’s say) the pipeline would be an act of war against Russia. Surely some people in Washington must understand that Russia’s patience has limits. Just because they don’t believe in roaring and screaming and making threats, no one should make the mistake of believing that they won’t react at some point.

    The nature of the reaction is unknowable, but they wouldn’t like it. The question is: are they giddy enough to push ahead regardless? It would be like driving carelessly into a minefield.

  41. Tom Welsh says:

    “Why the media sided with the Washington mafia?”

    Money. Taken from taxpayers by the threat of lethal violence, and handed out to the government’s servants.

    Most of the media are now government employees.

  42. Will Washington Launch a Mass-Casualty “False Flag” to Sabotage Nord Stream?

    If they think that they can get away with it – of course, they will. The problem is that the Russians won’t strike only the UkroNazis – Vladimir Vladimirovitch said it crystal clear – the russians will strike the decision making centers as well. And those centers aren’t in Kiev and Lvov; they’re in Brussel and Washington. And it should be noted that shutting down Nord Stream 2 won’t hurt the russians at all; they’ll simply redirect the natgas volume to their asian clients (China, notably). As for the money – the decreased volume would lead to price increase, which will make up the difference for GazProm. The only losers would be Germany and the rest of EU. But that’s the whole point of the exercise, isn’t it?

    • Thanks: Tom Welsh
  43. Fred777 says:

    The February 16 invasion didn’t happen because a hard-nosed steadfast Joe Biden stood down the evil Vladimir Putin, look for it on CNN. Joe probably even believes it himself.

    • LOL: Levtraro
    • Troll: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  44. Hossein says:
    @Priss Factor

    Zionshington would be more accurate.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
    , @Priss Factor
  45. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Hello… Earth to Whitney… Hello…


    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  46. Herald says:

    Some would say since about 1910, at least for the UK.

  47. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    The richest man in the Ukraine is Moslem and the nation is controlled by Jews… where are the Ukrainians, i.e. the orthodox Christians? I am afraid a false flag by US would prompt Putin to go bezerk and resort to nuclear weapons and it would be the end.

    • Replies: @Herald
  48. Yes the “big money” is fleeing aboard chartered flights but where are they headed?

    • Replies: @republic
  49. Anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Suppose the since-disappeared article in Foreign Affairs gloating over Israel’s negotiating for years behind the US’ back, and for the express purpose of replacing the US with China as Israel’s benefactor and protector, is accurate. Accomplishing this would explain why the Jews operating behind the Biden distraction are actively promoting the Chinese agenda against the interests of the US.

    A war with the Russians, whom the Jews aren’t quite finished exterminating, would accomplish the twofold goal of potentially depopulating the US, which is a stated goal of the Chinese, and eliminating any prospect for a future Europe built around Russia and Germany. Another matter that ought to be part of any explanation of the events in Eastern Europe is why the Jews are simultaneously taking the US to war while destroying its sovereignty at home.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @JWalters
  50. @ThreeCranes

    This is exactly how the British viewed Germany pre WW1,

    They stated quite starkly that they would never allow German economic dominance to take place,

    This at the time when Germany had inventions patented worldwide and ships on the seas and was kicking British arse, trade wise that is,

    You can find a quote in a book ‘Order in Chaos’ by Hermann Balck where a relative of his who was employed by a German royal who was a relation of the then British King, where the King stated in no uncertain terms that Britain ‘simply would not allow’ etc,

    There is nothing new in this world for sure,

    The Americans might want to consider how that attitude served the British empire,

    But they won’t.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  51. Robjil says:

    RT just mentioned that civilians of Donetsk should flee to Russia. It looks that Russians know that something is going to happen from the US puppet of Ukraine. The “false flag” that the US Zion wants so much.

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  52. Athena says:

    Current Concerns

    Letter to the Editor

    Millions complain: “After all, one can’t do anything!” – Is that true?

    (Excerpt, emphasis added)

    “The “annexation of Crimea” is manipulated into people’s heads, constantly repeated. That is propaganda. In the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” there was an article by a Hamburg lawyer, an international law expert: “The annexation was a secession, approved by vote!”

    Three things are important for the Americans in their European policy: to keep the Americans in, to keep the Russians out (against good cooperation between Russia and Germany and Europe); to keep the Germans down.

  53. MarkU says:

    Depopulating the US is a stated goal of the Chinese? When, where, who?

    Aside from that rather puzzling assertion you made some good points.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  54. Alfred says:

    Erecting a new Iron Curtain along the Dnjepr would be a big win for US Empire compared to the Cold War.

    It will be a lot further west. The old border of the Austro-Hungarian empire is the logical cultural boundary.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @Erikassimo2
  55. MarkU says:

    The world is running out of time to resolve the JQ.

    Resolving the banker question is more to the point, once the money weapon has been neutralised the problem will be over.

    • Replies: @inspector general
  56. Altai says:

    This is about Russia’s intervention in Syria and the deep atavistic ethnic hatred of the neocons for Russians and Ukrainians. Nordstream is just another part of their aggression towards Russia, not the central agenda.

    It all comes back to the Israeli first mentality of the neocons and that nobody mentions this is why they’ll continue to get away with it. They are the ones driving this and this is why they’re driving this. If they can’t be named and exposed then they’ll continue to get away with it. It’s crazy it’s gotten to this stage where they’re provoking a country with thousands of ICBMs and basically pushing unending so their choices are pushing back or total submission. There will be no negotiations that are worth anything, they’ll forget whatever agreement was made a year later.

    They don’t care, they’re playing with free money, America isn’t their country and they don’t care what happens to it or any other country in the way. They only care about Israel.

  57. Exile says:

    Since the Great Game of the 19th century.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  58. MLK says:

    This is the core doctrine that guides US foreign policy: Identify potential threats to US hegemony and then obliterate them without mercy.

    Would that it were so.

    What about the last three decades, from Unipolar Moment to flop and twitch with a “Yeltsin” at the helm looks like the competent, non-corrupt pursuit of the US national/imperial interest?

    Washington has opposed Nord Stream since its inception in 2015 . . .

    Nonsense. I simply don’t understand the peas in a pod retconning by all concerned on this recent history. Nord Stream II was, oddly enough, preceded by Nord Stream I. Obama gifted the first and teed-up for Hillary to gift the second. How can I possibly be the only person who remembers that Pepe Escobar was among the few paying any attention. With the malefactions in full swing to destroy Trump’s presidency, Nord Stream II was green lighted in 2018. Whenever Trump criticized Nord Stream II, the entirety of the establishment in Washington started shouting that only Putin’s puppet would want to stop it. After all, Putin really didn’t want it. Why would he? He only went along because noisy Merkel wouldn’t stop nagging him.

    This all became crystal clear when the illegitimate Biden was installed and one of his first actions was to promise not to sanction German-involved companies . . .

    The Climate Change/Green New Deal rackets need high oil and natural gas prices to if there is any hope of enacting them to hobble and further loot the US economy and beggar the American people.

    Trump threw a monkey wrench into their plans. Cancelling the Paris Climate Accords giveaway, and not only forcing them to pushback their timeline but giving the US dominance over oil and gas markets by holding the unique position given the size of its production and consumption.

    Nor should it be so difficult to figure out that if your objective is to stop a direct link between Russian energy and German demand the last thing you would do is monkey around with Ukraine. Imagine the luck and good planning — Nord Stream is good to go just as gas transit through Ukraine becomes ever more uncertain!

    As I’ve explained many times, the “Trump Must Go!” alignment — anybody who is anyone, foreign and domestic — has been insistent on getting paid for their participation and even acquiescence after the Biden regime was installed.

    You know it’s bad when foreign powers, purported allies of the US and not, squabble between themselves over who gets what first. All Washington wants in return is some of that perpetual power magic CCP China has bottled and is selling across the West.

    As for Ukraine, as my previous comments attest, I never assessed Russia “invading” at zero. The reason being that Russia has the US boxed and, as many have recognized, goading it to do so is desired by factions with the “Biden” regime, including not the least the Neocon filth.

    That is the present context in which Russia is going public with a two-decades in the making plan for a do-over of the post-Cold War contours. Say what you will about them, they’re great at strategy and timing. Believe me, it’s ‘let me count the ways’ when it comes to how dangerous this situation is. But, so far, there has been a pathetic consistency. “Biden” quickly detonates American energy dominance; removes the sanctions threat from German companies; Shouts out self-defeating sanctions plans “if Russia invades,” like barring it from Swift. And then says that’s off the table after allies and everyone else who can fog a mirror points out that’s insane; Mumbles that he’s been thinking about the difference between a no big whoop “incursion” and an “invasion” that commands a ‘Let it burn’ response . . .

    As The Rolling Stone song goes, “You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.” Unfortunately, for those in control of the American ship of state at the moment that has nothing to do with the national interest or that of the American people, geopolitical or otherwise.

    • Thanks: Bro43rd, DevilAdvocate
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  59. eudion2 says:

    The hard truth is that if a false flag is used by the USUK to invade Donbass, the best strategy for Putin would be to not invade and let Donbass fend for itself — with covert arms shipments, of course. But to directly engage the USUK/NATO alliance at this time has the potential to escalate into a war that would kill ten times the casualties of an abandoned Donbass, and even escalate to a global nuclear war that would kill millions.

    If, however, Putin ‘abandons’ Donbass, then the Nord Stream project can continue and European/Russian unity will be solidified. The West (ie, Anglosphere) will continue its social death spiral without a war to distract its civilian population, and even if the spiral stops short of collapse, USUK will most certainly be economically diminished to the point of being unable to counter a Europe-Russia-China alliance.

    Give the process of USUK/NATO decay five more years, Vladimir, and invading Ukraine will be a cakewalk greeted with flowers, in perfect irony to those oft-claimed words used to justify US neocon invasions. In the meantime, the Donbass insurgency will likely prove to be far worse for the morale of occupation troops than the Iraq insurgency ever was. If anything could break up NATO, it would be five years of a fruitless, pointless, expensive, and deadly occupation of Ukraine. The neocons should be careful what they wish for, because they just might get it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Old and Grumpy
  60. @Sepp

    It will take something like a WMD or Nuke to cause enough sensational news headlines to justify a retaliation.

    If one of them deflagrates on Donbass, it would be obvious it was launched by the ukrainian army or by its supporters. Retaliation would just be the continuation of present conflict on Donbass, except the ukrainian army would be razed down by standoff weapons, with no need of invasion.
    If it falls over Kiev or central Ukraine, why would the Russians be forced to invade ? They could stand over their own ground and blame someone else as the responsible. Soon would become clear the responsibles lie elsewhere because Russia did not invade.
    And if it falls over anywhere in Russia, what does this has to do with Ukraine ?

    Trudeau cannot simply lift his vaccine mandates to solve the Trucker crisis in Canada. The stakes are far higher than that.

    I can’t see the relation. In any case it’s probably too late and his government will fall down.

    • Replies: @Sepp
  61. While the USA and EU/UK have trade, it’s not mind boggling, mostly on par with NAFTA. Nordstream does not change that factor, outside of helping lower energy costs. This must, therefore, be some kind of useless climate change initiative by the brain dead honchos in Washington trying to prevent more pipelines delivering low cost energy to meet demand (like Keystone, perhaps). Trump was blamed for blocking this pipeline because he wanted to substitute American gas for the Russian supply. While the fact remains LNG is exportable, it does not equal the low cost opportunity of high priced Russian gas via pipeline. The Russkies can always lower the price of their product to keep LNG out. What Germany needs to do is to continue producing electricity with nuclear power and bring in new molten technology reactors on line to reduce its energy costs. Then it will have more pricing power with both the Russians and Americans if they want to bring their fossil fuels for sale.

    As an aside, it should be noted the Obama administration started the Syrian war for precisely the same reason, to bring in a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to the EU, which the Syrians refused to negotiate on. My oh my, how we fight and fight and fight for oil and gas still. Syria’s war gave us 3M refugees and another endless war and ‘ISIS’ instead of a pipeline.

    • Replies: @Sparkylyle92
  62. Realist says:

    Will Washington Launch a Mass-Casualty “False Flag” to Sabotage Nord Stream?

    Nothing is beyond the realm.

  63. @Erikassimo2

    It would be a big win for eastern Ukraine and Russia but a wall is not the answer going forward unless it is the Dnipro River. Everything of value in Ukraine is east of this river and it would all come under the control of Russia (hopefully) or at least Novorussiya. Russia would have full land access to Crimea and would redevelop the industrial and mining sectors and reclaim the agricultural areas from Bayer. It would be wonderful.

    • Replies: @Erikassimo2
  64. @Sean

    What a joke! The US fracking industry is bankrupt on its last legs, and completely unable to supply Europe with sufficient LNG, from across the Atlantic Ocean, to meet its basic needs – especially at a cost that EU consumers could afford. I thought that Europeans, due to still working school systems, were smarter than us dumb Americans, but apparently not.

    Germany has gone from the smartest nation to the dumbest. They could just go ahead and permit the opening of the already completed Nordstream 2, but are scared to death of what “tough guy” Brandon might do to their occupied country. Senile Brandon is all bark and no bite. (When I speak of Brandon, I am including the entire ZOG cesspool – I know that Brandon is too old and stupid to be calling the shots).

    Germany stupidly shut down its nuclear power plants as they were afraid of the Greens. Now they’ll be stuck with thousands of ugly windmills and millions of dead birds. So much for improving the environment. If Germany and the EU, thru its cowardice. allows the Anglo-American Empire to bring a third world war to its shores it will get what it deserves.

  65. @Mike_from_Russia

    If true, could this spell the end Putin? There were lawmakers in the DUMA who wanted Putin to take back the Donbass when he (non-violently and with popular support) took back Crimea in 2014. What was stopping Putin from doing so, when Donbass (a disputed territory) is full of ethnic Russians? It would have been a much easier task then than now.

    Putin is showing himself to NOT be a Strongman, regardless of the lies the Anglo-American Empire keeps repeating. If Putin is forced out of office, I suspect a much stronger nationalist, sick and tired of endless and fruitless negotiation, will step in and start kicking ass.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  66. Washington D C is under zionist control and has been for over 100 years ie since the zionist privately owned FED was created and has been the creator of wars and numerous false flags , the most in our faces false flag was the Israeli and traitors in the ZUS attack on the WTC on 911, which was done to have the excuse to destroy the middle east for Israels greater Israel agenda and is still ongoing.

    The Gulf of Tonkin, etc.,, there is no end to the zionist false flags, the school shootings, et al, they were all false flags.

  67. These oligarchs and businessmen, foreign diplomats and CIA agents who have fled Ukraine – may they never come back.

  68. Hirflawd says:

    Maybe a rerun of the Beirut explosion but in Kiev

  69. @RoatanBill

    Putin is quite probably getting to the point where he once stated:
    “If confrontation is inevitable, be sure to strike first.”

  70. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    Very apt, Priss.

    Have never been there, but read abt. it. Seems to be govt. buildings and negro gangster wonderland.

    Something called ‘Beltway’, I never really understood, but on thinking, suppose it is a road boundary to protect your elected and appointed morons safe from the savages who make up the majority of the city’s population.

  71. @Been_there_done_that

    there will be no Russian delegation there, according to news reports. This indicates that Russia’s security demands are superficial and contrived

    No, it’s because:
    Russia’s sole objective is to join the US in signing legally-binding agreements,
    not on pursuing endless speeches and talks with deaf people, which lead nowhere.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  72. Greg S. says:

    I don’t think they need any elaborate plans here. All they need to do is get some Ukrainian nazi militias to start shelling Donbas indiscriminately and the second a return shell comes back their way, they start screeching: “The Russians are invading! The Russians are invading!”

    The challenge is just convincing Ukraine to suicide itself in this manner at the whims of Uncle Sam… but appears they are slowly being goaded into it, which makes them dumber than I thought.

  73. Anonymous[356] • Disclaimer says:

    Wait after all his antivaxx garbage fails to pan out this guy just moves on to some new schizobabble? And people read it?

    • Troll: RadicalCenter
  74. @sally

    I disagree. Much of the power and foreign policy of USA was coopted by the British Empire, USA morphed into a successor state. But the original USA was an anti empire. But this struggle is still ongoing in some ways, Trump for example can be seen as an expression of the resistance to the Empire.

  75. Having been indoctrinated in American public schools and its culture, it took me decades of reading to finally clear my thick noggin from the propaganda.
    Here is what war is all about – – it’s America’s BUSINESS! Takes some reading with lots of links included, but it’s an education. Check it out – many of the references are to folks you’ve already read and trusted here. All I did was string them together.

  76. Anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve just tried but can’t find the reference although I’ve read this from several sources, the purpose being to repopulate North America with Chinese. I believe this has been mentioned on Trunews fairly recently. I apologize for not having the reference at hand.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  77. According to my sources with Black Congressional Caucus, the NAACP and BLM, February is Black History month and they will not allow a war between whites slave masters to take place in February.

    Just look at what they did to Mexico who supplies 80% of avocados to US when they were caught cheating with banned avocados from another state and threatened to kill a black department of agriculture agent who wouldn’t take a bribe, they banned all imports of avocados into the US until all their agents are safe. Now if that’s not Magik Negro power, I don’t know what is.

    Those .99 cent tacos just got a hell of a lot more expensive, and you can say goodbye to guacamole dip for Cinco de Mayo. I can see it now, millions of illegals running back to Mexico for cheap guacamole.

    Here’s to bean dip Tuesday and all the gas that it brings.

  78. Notsofast says:

    major explosion reported in donetsk, near government buildings, no details yet.

  79. @MarkU

    No, the point is to see how the JQ and the banker question are ultimately the same question.

  80. The synagogue of satan that runs the US MICIMATT, alongside their vassal states like Canada and the UK, has been pumping billions of \$ worth of arms and killing supplies to the corrupt, neo-Nazi thugs in Ukraine in preparation for their long-planned genocidal assault against Russian ethnic groups in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, which are as we speak evacuating their women and children to Russia. All the “Russian invasion” hype has been a smokescreen and projection by the Satanists and their media to distract from their own aggression and murderous intentions.

    Except even this obscene level of depravity and lies will NOT benefit the US MICIMATT. Nor will it benefit the Ukraine or stop Nordstream 2. Like everything else the flailing empire touches these days, it will fail miserably and blow up in their faces because they are too stupid and hubristic to see what they are doing.

    And those who WILL benefit are not the people of any nation state or political group or ethnicity, but as always the arms dealers, tank builders, bomb makers and mercenary corporate business interests that drive US policy both at home and around the globe.

  81. Anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:

    the best strategy for Putin would be to not invade and let Donbass fend for itself

    Invade? You mean “defend”? Man, you Tel Aviv shills are getting dumber by the minute and it was a short bus operation to begin with..

    Thanks for the “advice”, Shlomo. The goyim will surely fall for it.

  82. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Are oligarchs really leaving or is this just more fake news? If there is something like this going on then what percent of that class are leaving? Also, where would they be going? It’s pretty interesting that in a relatively poor and unstable country there’s an oligarchic class of parasites who’ve got private planes and can fly around at will leaving the peons behind.
    Would the US try to bomb or physically sabotage the pipeline since it has threatened that in case of any conflict it’ll never become active? US and UK are reportedly training Ukrainian soldiers and “commandos”. They did a good job with their Afghan puppet army and had 20 years to do it. US-UK troops can only fight third-worlders and only when they have a huge material advantage so it’s hard to see what they have to impart. The mass of Ukrainian draftees are under the gun and will probably leave the scene when they get the chance. Getting a bunch of people killed, other people that is, destroying countries, creating flash-points and instability, this is the policy. Has there ever been a time in the US when there haven’t been the drums of war hysteria beating constantly, this threat, that threat, on and on?

  83. @MLK

    Obama, the greatest Magik Negro to ever walk this planet and beyond, and his (((financial backers))) have complete control of the illegitimate babbling buffoon and his gate keepers. They operate in dark places with a (((shadow government))) that rules the Western Hemisphere.
    How else do you reconcile endless wars, uncontrollable immigration, unsustainable debt and militarization of alphabets, technopolies, monopolies and BLM/Antifa?

    It’s WWW III and CW 2.0 all rolled into one, as the meek have become hypnotized into their social media amnesia indoctrination devices in a CRT/VR universe of GlobalHomo rainbows and Black Lives Matter euphoria.

    • Replies: @MLK
  84. Sepp says:

    The vaccine mandates are a critical part of the “great reset” agenda. The unlawful measures taken to force these mandates on the people undemocratically have started faltering all over the planet, but up until now no government has been forced to remove the mandates through demonstrations or acts of civil disobedience performed by the populace. Once one country buckles to the demonstrations, other protesters will take heart all across the planet. In this sense Ottowa is the WEF equivalent to Stalingrad in 1942/43. Hitler told Paulus that there would be no retreat, and in precisely the same fashion Schwab has told Trudeau that there will be no retreat.

    If Schwab and the vaxx-whores openly admit that the vaccines are a pathetic joke, the entire narrative will collapse and all the useful idiots like Ron Unz who have given big Jewish Pharama the injection carte blanche will be forced to accept that they were punked.

    It is perfectly clear that the vaccines are completely ineffective, and even dangerous, but the narrative demands that the march of mandatory vaccines continues. This also parallels the failure of the Luftwaffe to keep the skies over Stalingrad clear after the USSR started receiving thousands of Hurricanes and Aerocobras through lend lease.

    The Yid globalist agenda that has the upper hand today, just as they did across the entire planet in 1942/43. Sure, there are not that many hebrews, but then as now there were hundreds of millions of stupid shabboz goyim willing and eager to believe talmudic lies.

    • Agree: Alfred, JWalters
    • Thanks: DevilAdvocate
  85. @Anonymous

    I was in Australia a few years ago and Sidney’s tourist shops were almost all Chinese/Asian operations. The same is happening here in California, Chinese are paying top dollar for businesses, and with that comes Chain migration X millions.

  86. Anonymous[351] • Disclaimer says:

    Pooland sucks just like your silly projection is in complete disregard of today’s reality.
    Pooland was and is very eager and invited Jewmerica towards eastern Europe.
    Without Pooland priests & politicians there would have been not Nato extension.
    Pooland is once again the splitter and hence anxcious.
    I suggest all Poolish migrate and enrich Jewmerica, so nothing stands between Russia & PRussia.
    The only likeable Pole is Ted Kaczynski.

  87. MLK says:

    Look on the bright side, what Bush did to the Republican Party, Obama has done to the Democrats.

    My longstanding forecast has been that one of the two major parties won’t survive what they’ve conjured over the last two decades. Until Trump, any betting man would have put all his money on the Publicans going the way of The Whigs.

    Obama’s magic took it to even money. He utterly demoralized and destroyed the Democrat Party. Now through his avatar “Biden,” the ruling and governing classes are at war with the working class.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  88. Athena says:

    FIRE, the weapon of the coward, the anglo-saxon’s signature for centuries

    Order of Saint John (chartered 1888)

  89. Anonymous[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Maine was a United States Navy ship that sank in Havana Harbor on February 15, 1898, contributing to the outbreak of the Spanish–American War in April. American newspapers, engaging in yellow journalism to boost circulation, claimed that the Spanish were responsible for the ship’s destruction. The phrase, “Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!” became a rallying cry for action. Although the Maine explosion was not a direct cause, it served as a catalyst that accelerated the events leading up to the war.

  90. @Anonymous

    This will be the first time Asian powers will go head to head with western powers with technology that’s about equal. Let’s see.

  91. @Been_there_done_that

    Done there/been that: A massive melange of confusion and misapprehension. As the largest country on the planet, Russia has no need for territorial expansion. At some point, those primarily Russian-speaking/Russian-ethnic regions should be reunited with Mama Bear. Under no conditions should they be dominated and put-down by a hellish consortium of Galician Fascists and Khazarian revanchists.

    It would appear that this poster has been edjumacated far beyond his capacity for critical thought. He’s programmed and then composes his deductions from that programming. Evidently, the left-brain is almost totally dominant, while the right-hemisphere is suppressed except for underlying emotional connexions with his Uber-programming.

    “Russia’s security demands” are really quite simple. They do not want enemy nuclear warheads located within ten minutes flight-time to Moscow. Emplacement of U\$\$A nuke-capable missiles located in Poland and Romania, to say nothing further of the puppet regime in Kiev.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  92. @Anon

    Please: Masked behind anon: Semantics rules. OUR term for that disreputable Bernaysian propaganda mill is inclusive of an additional letter: “F”. When their term becomes clarified by insertion of that magical letter, it becomes “HasbarFa.”

    Too much sacramental wine imbibed at the Bris Millah perhaps?

  93. Athena says:

    US-UK led NATO in Europe

    “Global Britain, global broker”
    “A Blueprint for the UK’s Future International Role”

    (excerpts, emphasis added)

    The EU

    “The UK and the EU should continue to pursue common policy approaches to Russia, including on sanctions, and towards Ukraine and the Balkans.”

    The US

    “Despite the need for Britain to prioritize coordination with its continental European neighbours and the EU after Brexit, the US will remain the country that requires the UK’s biggest bilateral diplomatic investment. (…) The fact that the differential in resources between the two countries will continue to widen over the coming decade should make little difference to the quality of the relationship – providing the UK sustains its current level of investment in international capabilities, and providing US and UK foreign policy goals remain broadly aligned.”

    Although the UK’s absence from EU decision-making is a diplomatic setback for the US, the UK will continue to be strategically valuable to the US in Europe because of its leading voice and presence alongside the US in NATO.

  94. @Fred777

    My apologies. I meant to hit LOL.

    • Thanks: Fred777
  95. S says:

    As someone said upthread, they need another spectacular ‘Remember the Maine!’ type incident. That shell hole at the kindergarten which wounded a couple of teachers and may have deflated a couple of soccer balls ain’t gonna cut it.

  96. Why would the U.S. stake its credibility on Feb. 16. There are a few (tried and trusted) reasons. Primarily, the shifting of global power, and upcoming elections, cover up Biden and Clinton family crimes

    1. The current financial system is falling apart.
    2. The covid19 criminal conspiracy is about is also falling apart. Peole will resort to murder to stay out of jail.
    3. O’Biden’s popularity is in the toilet.
    4. Mid term elections are around the corner.
    No matter what, O’Biden has to force the Russians to cross into Ukraine. Though it didn’t happen on the 16th, 19 or 20 is close enough for government work.
    Has anything like this happened before, for any 1 or combination of the above reasons?
    Let’s.go backward in time.
    1. Covid19 save the banking system with benefits i.e. population reduction, election fraud
    2. 2008 finacial crisis … cover up Wall Street fraud and save Bankers from arrest
    3. Afghanistan and Iraq to cover up 911
    4. 911 to increase Government surveillance and control of the population while raping the treasury to hide the theft of trillions.
    5. Iran hostage crisis … to steal an election ++
    6. Vietnam … Gulf of Tonkin to steal an election ++
    7. JFK assasination. Save fiat .. stop silver certificates … save Israel’s nuclear arsenal
    8. WW2. to appease the Bank of London and the secure creation of Israel and FDR’s regime
    9. The Great Depression … to secure fiat currency and buy up real assets at bargain prices.
    10. WW1 … another Bankers war for hegemony of Europe for the benefit if the Bank of England and Wall Street and zionism towards the creatiin if Israel

    Of course there are other examples that could be placed on the list, such as: Oklahoma City Bombing, the Jones Town massacre, Jimmy Carter and 21% prime interest rates., but this is enough. All I’m saying is everything we’re told is a lie, including the why and the what and the who.

  97. @eudion2

    I thought UK forces have been fighting with the Donbass region for the past eight or so years. They have been theoretically invading, although it really couldn’t be considered an invasion due to Donbass region is considered part of Ukraine.

  98. As the largest country on the planet, Russia has no need for territorial expansion.

    This is true, but we know some territory is much more valuable than that in other regions. There is no doubt that Russian nationalists are lusting after control of the northern Black Sea shoreline with its hinterland and would willingly exploit an opportunity to achieve such gains by leveraging a perceived advantage while adversaries in the USA, Germany, Britain, and France all have very weak governments.

    The adverse repercussions against Russia (sanctions) would not be much worse as a result of a large land grab in one big swoop, for which some kind of pretext and narrative can easily be concocted, as it would be after a limited tactical incursion in the eastern part of Ukraine. Since Russia, like Israel, has repeatedly proven its disregard for international law, established rules are not a constraint on its actions.

    Ultimately the matter, as many Russian see it, is not about about need but desire, ambition, and destiny, wanting to rectify historical setbacks, accompanied by revanchist sentiments. Your gratuitous comments about my purported programing and brain hemispheres are simply absurd. If you are another Vlad-cultist you ought to just get yourself a Blancpain Aqualung Grande Date wristwatch.

  99. Oddly enough, I heard a BBC feminazi (expletive deleted)moronically observing that, while Russia was going to engage in some sort of regular nuclear weapons training, that no nuclear devices were expected to be detonated. Some sort of BBC cretinism, or predictive programming?

    • Replies: @Athena
  100. @Anon

    I agree. Sometimes Sean is a bit slow on the updates.

  101. @Been_there_done_that

    Tulyak(a resident of the city of Tula) Viktor Zagaevsky left Putin without a watch.
    During the conversation, one of the employees of the KBP (Instrument Engineering Design Bureau) – mechanic Viktor Zagaevsky – literally jumped up to the prime minister with the words: “I have two sons, military personnel. Putin was a little taken aback, but he did not refuse the worker’s request. He took the watch off his hand and gave it to the locksmith.
    – I gave exactly the same ones to the shepherd’s son in Tuva, – Putin commented– – I really liked them. I bought the second ones.

    When asked by journalists how much the watch costs, Putin briefly replied: “Not a gold case. Six thousand.”

    The Russian prime Minister prefers watches of the Patek Philippe, A.Lange&Sohne, Breguet brands. The prime minister has several chronometers, their cost reaches 60 thousand dollars. By the way, since the beginning of 2007, the prime minister has appeared in the light in a more modest watch – the “Blancpain” of the Leman collection, on a black belt and with a black dial. He arrived in Tula in them. Now they are emblazoned on the arm of the Tula defense worker.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  102. @Da's Reich

    It’s sobering to imagine how much more advanced civilization would be today if the British, the Americans and the Jews had not conspired to bring German genius down.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  103. @Been_there_done_that

    Watch it Bubba. Last time I wore one was in ’96. When my enemies attack another party, that attacked party cannot be my enemy. It’s that simple. Capsice?

  104. @h74betatester

    Don’t forget that Nordstream II payments could be settled in Euros instead of dollars. Russia has a stated goal of not using dollars, and it’s a lot easier to do this when there aren’t a bunch of Nato countries along your pipeline route. This isn’t spoken of much, but there is a lot of leverage to these energy transactions. What if Germany and Russia did all their trade in Euros and Rubles? Goodby dollar standard that much sooner. Jew-eocons won’t like that at all…

  105. @follyofwar

    Germany is subverted by Russophobic false ‘Greens’, whose priority is groveling to the USA and Israel, and attacking China and Russia. The mutation of the Greens into openly racist, neo-liberal, fascists, tells you all you need to know about Western ‘liberals’.

  106. @DevilAdvocate

    There is NO SUCH THING as a ‘legally-binding agreement’ with the USA.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @DevilAdvocate
    , @Desert Fox
  107. anonymous[589] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Stupid GOYIM …we are being played AGAIN…The jews that rule over USA and the jews that control Putin will lead the Goys into another WWar I,II,III,,,who loses the goys who gains The Israeli Central Rothshield Bankers with about \$500TRILLIONS gain..Europe/Russia will lose another 20millions ppoeple…and guess what the fabricated Victims will be the jews with another Holocaust Hoax…WISE UP..GOYIM…

  108. @follyofwar

    The ‘dead bird’ canard is a really moronic denialist lie. You know you’re dealing with a real cretin when you see this shite. Wind TURBINES, not ‘windmills’ you imbecile, are ugly, but they will be a short-term solution, hopefully. Off-shore, out of sight, out of mind, turbines are better, of course, but they are better than runaway climate destabilisation with billions dead.

    • Replies: @Athena
    , @follyofwar
  109. @Simon Tugmutton

    Those recently stopped nuclear facilities are still there. They can be restarted if there is the will or necessity to do so. With them, Germany could reasonably survive what remains of the winter and then reassess their energy strategy. They may even realize that the idiots that turned off those reliable nuclear reactors need to be run out of town.

    France is going to be building more reactors. Maybe the Germans could just buy power from France.

    • Replies: @Athena
    , @Simon Tugmutton
  110. @emerging majority

    “‘Russia’s security demands’ are really quite simple. They do not want enemy nuclear warheads located within ten minutes flight-time to Moscow. Emplacement of U\$\$A nuke-capable missiles located in Poland and Romania, to say nothing further of the puppet regime in Kiev.”

    And perfectly legitimate, too.

    Piss on NATO. Strictly speaking, there’s no reason for it to exist. At the very least, the U.S. should get the hell out.

  111. Athena says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The BBC sometimes has foreknowledge of ”detonations” or ”special events”:

  112. Athena says:

    Euronext Dublin registers 5-year \$5bn Eurobond programme to be launched by Russia’s Sovcombank
    Posted on February 18, 2022
    By Andrei Skvarsky.

    ”Euronext Dublin (the Irish Stock Exchange) has registered a five-year framework \$5bn Eurobond programme to be launched by Sovcombank, one of Russia’s top ten lenders.

    Multinational investment banks J.P. Morgan and Renaissance Capital are acting as co-arrangers of the programme while Bank of New York Mellon is the trustee and principal paying agent. Multinational law firms Latham & Watkins and Baker McKenzie have prepared documentation for the issue, Sovcombank said in a statement.

    Sovcombank has already carried out four Eurobond issues worth a total of \$1.2bn with 62 per cent of the securities having been sold to investors based in the United States and European Union countries and including pension funds and insurance companies, the lender said.

    Sovcombank owns assets totalling 1.9 trillion roubles (\$25bn) according to international financial reporting standards. It has 23,000 employees working at 2,600 offices in 1,050 Russian towns and cities, the statement said.”

  113. Athena says:

    18 Feb, 2022 21:23
    HomeRussia & FSU
    Powerful explosion hits another city in eastern Ukraine – reports

  114. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    When will those that know the Truth about the Jews, and the damage they do to all of us, finally speak out, telling that Truth?

    Too late, obviously, to stop the coming disasters.

  115. Anon[217] • Disclaimer says:
    18 Feb, 2022 21:23
    HomeRussia & FSU
    Powerful explosion hits another city in eastern Ukraine – reports

    18 Feb 22: 02 (about 30 minutes later)

    Ukraine conflict: Russia accused of creating fake crisis in breakaway region
    Published7 minutes ago

  116. At this very moment, hundreds of thousands of Russian speaking civilians are streaming as refugees into Russia, Donetsk and Lugansk are under heavy artillery fire, the Ukranazi coup regime is now more than obviously about to launch a full scale invasion of the territory, which will mean Russia has to either

    1. Finally and belatedly take military action or

    2. Be publicly humiliated in the full view of the world.

    But I’m the one who’s a “troll” for saying over and over that the Putinist regime should have invaded Ukranazistan in 2014 or at least permitted the Donbass armies to liberate the Russian speaking areas, and that it was unforgivable of Putin to have not done so, right?

    Let’s see what a Russian invasion of Ukraine would have achieved in 2014:

    1. The disorganised Nazis, who had not yet consolidated their hold on the state and had begun eliminating some of their own inconvenient members (such as Oleksandr “Sashko Bilii” Muzychko of Pravii Sektor) could have been destroyed by two battalions of Spetsnaz airlifted into Kiev.

    2. NATO had no presence in the still gestating Ukranazistan then and could not have intervened even if it had wanted to (and it would not have anyway, like it didn’t in Georgia in 2008 and like it has admitted it won’t now in Ukranazistan); this takes care of one of the Putin fan club copy paste arguments I keep coming across.

    3. The sanctions were applied anyway despite the fact that Russia had not invaded, and by now, 2022, would have been crumbling, and Amerikastan wouldn’t have any fresh casus belli to force its NATO vassals into line.

    4. A friendly and Russian dominated Ukraine would mean that the return of Crimea would have been moot anyway, even if it couldn’t be prevailed on to return Crimea voluntarily.

    5. Not having been systematically looted by the EUNATO cabal for 8 years now, Ukraine would still have been a relatively viable economic partner for Russia, rather than a resource drain as it now will if Putin deigns to take action.

    And of course

    6. 10000 or more antiNazi Russian (and Ukrainian) speaking civilians wouldn’t be dead, millions more economic refugees, and at least hundreds of thousands more in flight to Russia right now.

    To this day Putin still goes on and on about the long dead Minsk II agreement, which the Ukranazi coup regime has publicly repudiated, and which would compel said antiNazi Russian and Ukrainian speakers to submit to a Kiev regime with limited autonomy (that could be abrogated at any opportune moment in future); the same Kiev regime that’s shelled their children, sniped their grandparents, called them cockroaches, burnt their fellow protestors alive etc. And if they refuse to do that and persist in protecting their independence, they’ll be compelled to do so by Putin, I suppose?

    The Greatest Grandmaster Genius The Galaxy Has Ever Known, Putin, saw all this coming, right? All this is some killer 5D chess move, right?

    I’m the troll, right?

  117. I have massive respect for Mike Whitney, but I kind of agree with what Tom Welsh wrote,

    It’s been very windy here today in SE England. The roof of the O2 blew off, which I find very funny. Big now American owned Tent in Greenwich London. The roof is now floating down the Thames

    as is the rest of your American Bullshit in Ukraine

    Personally I think this Ukraine War stuff is a Total Diversion. Even the photograph of The Kid’s Playschool in the Daily Mail in The Ukraine. A bomb didn’t hit that..all the bricks are almost the same colour, both inside and out, as the kids’s toys, as if the Daily Mail turned up to do a photo shoot with a JCV Digger or Ukrainian or Russian Equivalent on a cheap job..

    “Is it O.K, if we knock a hole in your wall? We are doing a photo shoot for the Americans. They pay very well. There is a Trunkload of US Dollars – in the Back of The Van…Look. Its just propaganda. No one will get hurt.”

    Check out the photography with a critical eye. When a bomb hits, everything goes black including the childrens toys

    Its a Diversion, from the 40% Increase of Deaths (including the US Military) from the COVID jabs.


  118. Herald says:

    Keep cool. Putin doesn’t do berserk.

    • Agree: Decoy
  119. Athena says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    UK guidelines: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands


  120. @mulga mumblebrain

    There is NO SUCH THING as a ‘legally-binding agreement’ with the USA.

    For the USA, of course there isn’t. But signing that paper would be a serious political show for Europe (specially for Germany), giving them more boldness to secure NS2, to take a stance regarding their own security architecture, and all the subsequent commercial partnerships with the East.
    And it would be a show not only to Europe, but also to the rest of the world, signaling them the hegemon can finally be pushed to bow down.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  121. @mulga mumblebrain

    Agree, just ask the American Indians, the US broke every agreement and tried to genocide the Indians, just like the ZUS is doing to us with the covid-19 scam and psyop and genocide.

    • Agree: Mevashir
  122. peterAUS says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    The Greatest Grandmaster Genius The Galaxy Has Ever Known, Putin, saw all this coming, right? All this is some killer 5D chess move, right?


    Shelling/evacuation wise:

    Now….The regime in Moscow has been doing preparations for the war by the book. Military have been doing their part of the work very well.
    The problem is….ultimate decision won’t come from military; it will be political.

    I could be, to quote Karlin

    ….the biggest and most expensive military bluff in world history…

    or, it could actually be a real, proper, conventional (touch wood) war there.

    All logic points to the later.
    And yet………………………………………….

    We shall see and soon enough. I’d say…..within next 2 weeks.
    Rasputitsa minus 2 weeks to get to Dnieper.

  123. JWalters says:

    I agree it’s likely the City of London / Wall Street gang did have big plans to replace the US with China as their main vassal, and support for Israel. That fits with their shipping US manufacturing jobs to China (and letting American cities collapse). Their ultimate goal was to take over the Chinese financial system, as they had done with the UK and US (and Five Eyes).

    But after acquiring the manufacturing base, the Chinese wised up to the bankers’ financial takeover scheme. A book on London cabal’s treacherous history called Currency Wars by Song Hong Bing became a best seller in China (and much of Asia and Eastern Europe). So the Chinese pulled the plug on the banking cartel’s financial takeover. In retaliation the London gang’s corporate American media began bashing China. Trump made it okay to acknowledge that it wasn’t smart to outsource vital industrial capacities to China. Now the Dems are on board with that (as per their London & Wall Street overlord’s instructions), while trying to avoid crediting Trump in any way.

    So now the world is wise to the London cabal’s machinations (except American citizens, thanks to its criminally controlled MSM). China, Russia, and others are moving to extricate themselves from the Jewish supremacist London cabal’s financial spiderweb of debt. The Jewish supremacists have nobody else’s interests at heart. (See how they treat the Palestinians, and the Americans.) And the cabal is left with a plundered, weak American economy (as per their plan A). Even with their highly profitable Covid pandemic, their real economic strength may be collapsing.

    So they may be desperate. Thus they have their media moutpieces scaremongering and beating the drums for more war. They may be hoping that a war in Ukraine will be profitable (one of their traditional profit centers) and let them escape in the fog of war.

    “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    • Agree: Mevashir
    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  124. Mevashir says:

    I don’t like saying I told you so, and I do admire Putin, however he has gone along with the 9/11 false flag attack for the last 20 years, smiling and groveling to the corruption in Schwarzington DC. So it would be truly poetic Justice if he ends up getting victimized by a false flag attack from the same criminal cabal. It would teach him a lesson that staying silent in the face of what he knows is a depraved lie only makes matters much worse.

    • Replies: @Avery
  125. Mevashir says:

    All Germany has to do is announce they are withdrawing from NATO. Isn’t that easy enough? Does the Pentagon inject that much money into the German economy that they’re dependent on it?

    I met an American Air Force pilot who was stationed in Germany in the 1980s. He had only contempt for the Germans. He said the young Germans would stage demonstrations outside US occupation military bases demanding that the US leave their country, calling the Americans hypocritical warmongers, etc. And this pilot disdained them for desiring their own nationalist identity.

    The Germans have to simply tell the Americans sayonara and nicht aufwiedersehen.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @DevilAdvocate
  126. JWalters says:

    They are zombies controlled by Jewish supremacists.

    • Agree: Franz
  127. Mevashir says:

    You mean it will be a lot further east!

    • Replies: @Alfred
  128. The vast majority of us in the USA and Europe, have been subjected to a Massive Co-ordinated Psychological Attack, Directed mainly By The British Government’s Psychological Attack (Nudge Unit)

    Most of you (and us) got jabbed, and then you get jabbed again, and you still wear masks.

    Our Family, Have not been jabbed and only very occasionally wear masks. I have done 4 hours once in 2 years in A&E wearing a mask to save my life. I was ill they saved my life by injecting me, putting me on a drip of anti-biotics. They didn’t admit me, thought my best chance of survival was to go home with my wife, who nursed me back to health – about 6 weeks.

    Rest of The World Brainwashed, Jabbed and Wearing Masks

    Read Laura Dodsworth “State of Fear” to start to understand the Power of Psychological Brainwashing


    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  129. All Germany has to do is announce they are withdrawing from NATO. Isn’t that easy enough?

    In theory yes. But what we see is a rampant self-defeatism.
    Those 1980’s youngs are now in their 50-60s, mostly embittered by decades of lies, propaganda and a pervasive woke culture.

    The germans placed themselves in a very bad situation by cancelling their coal and nuclear energy programs, and are now letting US decide about their last resort, the gas supply ?? And why elect such a woke defeatist government, which is in contrast ruthless when it is about imposing vaxx mandates to their own people ?
    My impression is, if they are not pushed they will not move by themselves.

    That’s why even small victories (eg a signed paper) are necessary to give some courage to this flock of chickens (=europe NATO members) to take some action.
    And that’s why the ZUKUS are determined to not concede it…

  130. Avery says:

    {… smiling and groveling to the corruption in Schwarzington DC}

    Now, now, now [Mevashir]: you are being unfair to Vladimir Vladimirovich.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Putin grovels to no one: it’s contrary to his constitution.
    What he thinks in private and what he says in public are almost never the same.
    You and I don’t know what he knows or his Intelligence Services know about 9/11.
    Do you really think he or Lavrov or Shoygu or ….. would let the public know what they know?

    And Putin and his inner circle have seen it all and know pretty much who did what and who was involved.

    Example: when the Chechen terrorists of Shamil Basayev massacred all those children at Beslan, Putin said in one of his interviews at the time that they have the radio intercepts of who was guiding the terrorists from the West. And he left it at that. Russians don’t act or react as West/Hollywood portrays them. But they remember: have no doubt.

    Trip down memory lane: after the 2nd Chechen war ended with Russian victory and victory of anti-Wahhabist Russophile Chechens, most of the Chechen terrorist commanders* fled to Turkey, thinking they’d be safe there. Many years later FSB sent assassins to Turkey to take them out one by one. They all completed their missions and got away clean.

    That’s how Russians do it.


    * Shamil Basayev was assassinated by FSB in Chechnya.

    • Thanks: Mevashir
    • Replies: @Mevashir
  131. Ron Unz says:

    • Agree: Blinky Bill
    • Thanks: Mevashir, Decoy
    • Replies: @Avery
  132. Haven’t false flag stunts by Rome-on-the-Potomac become so common –and so consistently ham-handed, inept, and obvious– that any such major undertaking to start a war with Russia will be seen by even the most credulous for what it obviously is?

  133. @JWalters

    Just to add to your comment. The Chinese started to change their economic development around 2008.

  134. Wokechoke says:

    She’s a very attractive looking lady.

  135. @mulga mumblebrain

    Of course, I know they’re wind “turbines,” you horse’s ass, but colloquially they are usually called windmills. You say that “the dead bird canard is a … moronic denialist lie,” but that’s not what the US Fish & Wildlife Service says. They estimate that wind turbines kill between 140,000 and 500,000 birds per year. As turbine capacity is mandated to increase 6-fold, bird deaths could reach 1.4 million/year. A veritable bird holocaust. PETA should step in and stop this slaughter. Also, offshore turbines are still ugly, and they disrupt the fishing industry.

    • Replies: @grr
  136. Avery says:
    @Ron Unz

    Matt Lee is a true American patriot. Gold bless him.
    A miniscule antidote to the massive Neocon infestation of DC.
    I remember him challenging the WH lies years ago.
    I am surprised “they” haven’t been able to smear/silence him.

    [State Dept’s Harf accuses AP’s Matt Lee of ‘buying into Russian propaganda’] (2014)

    Another gem by Matt Lee, challenging the idiot Kirby.
    [Blame game: NATO expanded to Russia, or Russia moved towards NATO?] (2014)

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  137. Athena says:

    Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) : The obscure legal system that lets corporations sue countries

    ”Fifty years ago, an international legal system was created to protect the rights of foreign investors. Today, as companies win billions in damages, insiders say it has got dangerously out of control.”

    Germany sued by foreign countries for closing its nuclear power plants:

    Vattenfall vs. Germany II: Pitting parliament against nuclear profits

    ”Germany agreed to pay Vattenfall €1.606 billion (slightly above US\$1.9 billion) while Vattenfall agreed to end its claim at the World Bank’s ICSID arbitration tribunal.”

    See also on

    Nord Stream 2 invokes Energy Charter Treaty to challenge EU gas link rules

    EU governments under pressure to quit Energy Charter Treaty

    Nord Stream 2 sues EU using ISDS

    Nord Stream 2 takes unusual legal step against the Commission

    Nord Stream 2, EU drifting towards legal arbitration

    ”The European Commission and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline company are heading toward legal arbitration in their dispute, with a risk of huge fines for EU taxpayers.”

    • Agree: Decoy
    • Replies: @Decoy
  138. gay troll says:

    Every principle of Sun Tzu suggests that the United States is the aggressor here. They could be deeply stupid, or they could be pandering to a deeply stupid audience, or both. But it is absurd to announce the date when your enemy will attack you, on the basis of a false flag hoax no less. Meanwhile the coincidence with the downfall of the COVID pandemic narrative is hard to overlook. As I pointed out before, Whitney pivoted hard from writing about Satan’s global depopulation scheme to writing about nord stream 2. Why? If the Satanic jab depopulation stuff is true, then wouldn’t this false flag Ukraine stuff just be a distraction from it? Could Satan be tricking Mike Whitney to keep him off the case?

    • Replies: @Flying Dutchman
  139. Mevashir says:

    I have no doubt you are correct that Putin and the Russian leaders know what really went down on 9/11. My point is that their public position has been to affirm the American cover-up. And I am afraid because they have bolstered American power by this public posture of ingratiation that they are going to pay a severe price and get their asses handed to them.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @Refl
  140. Mevashir says:

    Numerous European officials did call out the American false flag event of 9/11. There was an intelligence minister in Germany, French and Italian officials, and others. I understand Putin is playing a treacherous game. But there’s also a principle of “Woe to those who call light darkness and darkness light.” How many people in the world have been swayed by Putin’s public position affirming the American cover up? This is the reason I’m concerned that he is now going to receive Divine comeuppance.

    • Replies: @Bert Bervoets
  141. @emerging majority

    I would not put one goddamn thing past them.

    Indeed, in the duel of false-flag narratives, the events you list and nearly a century of history tell us it’s far more likely for the US/Ukraine to slaughter its own population and blame it on Russia than the inverse.

  142. @Anon

    Putin should be let it known to Netanyahu that if it comes to a nuclear war between Russia and the US, Israel will be targeted too.

  143. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    What happened to Julian Borger ? Now she is carrying the festoon of democratic peace and prosperity for Biden -Boris . She was a different person in2003 She was questioning neocons She was questioning Bush Cheney and the falsehood raised for causing the war .
    But today she is an apologist of the terror – war state built by Bush -Cheney .
    What happened ?

    Similar transformations occurred for France and German . They resisted the pressure to support and join Iraq war . But soon the countries were lassoed and harnessed into service by the warmongering Atlanticist .

  144. @Ghali

    ” It is because most (or all) US-led Western state/corporate media are owned and controlled by Jews.”

    And not just any old Jews, but the hidden (un publicized) owners of Vanguard, who own just about everything, including Blackrock, and State Street.

  145. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    There are enough spies , shysters , compromised , and careerist in Germany . They even have media that was already turned into a bitch for America by 1970 .
    Bastard Lantos called Shrodder and Chirac whore and prostitute while allowing the fleeing oligarchs to be vetted by the Congress . That was very crude attempt by that cadaver looking clone of Joe Lieberman to hurt the independence of Germany and France but it worked .

  146. JR Foley says:

    Tommy Cotton and Gordon G Chang care to disagree with you WorkingClass—how can you put trucks into a pipeline?

  147. I have no idea whether there’s any truth to this “word on the street” but if there is, it reminds me of the stories circulating around 9/11.

  148. @gay troll

    As I pointed out before, Whitney pivoted hard from writing about Satan’s global depopulation scheme to writing about nord stream 2.

    Both subjects and both positions are consistently anti-imperial and anti-globalist. There’s no “pivot” at all.

    Believe it or not, some people are capable of focusing on more than one subject at a time. Especially when the subjects are connected and involve the great crimes of the same regime.

    If the Satanic jab depopulation stuff is true, then wouldn’t this false flag Ukraine stuff just be a distraction from it? Could Satan be tricking Mike Whitney to keep him off the case?

    You think WWIII isn’t going to have depopulation effects?

    • Replies: @gay troll
  149. @RoatanBill

    I didn’t know that – thanks.

  150. Mike S says:

    Great writeup, excellent analysis, it’s so refreshing reading things that make sense instead of msm garbage. Thank you for another great article.

  151. Decoy says:

    Most Americans are not aware of two facts pertinent to Nord Stream II.

    First, Gazprom paid for and owns only 50%, not 100%, of the pipeline. The remainder is owned by 5 large European based public owned companies.

    Second, the certification process currently used to delay pipeline operations was put in place in 2019 at a point when the pipeline was substantially complete. The new regulations were implemented solely to delay Nord Stream II opearations.

    In any fair court of law the pipeline owners could successfully litigate and win damages if the German government bows to the Biden Administration and closes the pipeline down.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  152. Levtraro says:

    Recently, however, Biden lifted the sanctions because they are so unpopular among the German people who need a source of clean energy to make up for the shortfall from (decommissioned) nuclear power plants.

    You need to research this part a bit more. What happened in May 2021 was that the US waived sanctions on the Russian company laying the pipes because that company has a German CEO and the US did not have the strength to sanction a German bigshot of the business community. Nothing to do with impopularity of sanctions amongst regular German people.

    The other weak part of your thesis here is that for the Ukie leadership, a false flag that would cause hundreds to thousands dead in Kiev and leads to the Ukraine attacking the Donbass will most certainly lead to the Ukie leadership losing the Ukraine. While the Jewish comedian and his bigshot Jews in the executive and parliament may run away and settle in London or Tel Aviv, many other necessary participants would remain in the Ukraine and fall to the Russian forces, they will lose everything, even their lives. So I don’t think Ukies themselves are in this plot if there is such a plot.

  153. Levtraro says:

    President Biden gave Germany the go ahead for Nordstream,

    False. In May 2021 the US just waived sanctions on a particular company doing important work for NS2 because the company has a German CEO. The US did not have the strength to sanction the German CEO. The spin given to that weakness was some stupid BS.

    • Replies: @Sean
  154. @Mevashir

    Putin did not call out the American false flag event of 9/11.
    Obama did not call out the Russian false flag event of 10 April 2010, the Smolensk air disaster.

  155. Levtraro says:

    There were lawmakers in the DUMA who wanted Putin to take back the Donbass when he (non-violently and with popular support) took back Crimea in 2014. What was stopping Putin from doing so, when Donbass (a disputed territory) is full of ethnic Russians?

    I’ve explained this before. Crimea was a Republic inside the Ukraine, with an autonomous Parliament, while Donetsk and Luhansk were two provinces of the Ukraine without their own law-making houses. Crimea’s parliament passed a law to have a referendum to leave the Ukraine and ask for inclusion in the Russian Federation (RF). Donetsk and Luhansk could not pass a law to have a referendum to leave the Ukraine. So they could not be legally admitted to the RF. Thus instead of legally seceding from the Ukraine and then join the RF, Donetsk and Luhansk have to start a civil war of secesion. The RF provided covert support.

    The Minsk aggreements include conceding a special administrative status to Donetsk and Luhansk which would make them autonomous to a certain degree. This clause was accepted by the Ukies as part of Minsk agreements because they were facing military defeat but they know that actually implementing the agreement would lead down the road to legal secesion. So after the war calmed down and they could keep a few cities in the Azov Sea that they were set to lose, they simply reneged of the agreement and waited, thus cutting their already large losses.

  156. Alfred says:

    You mean it will be a lot further east!

    Erikassimo2 proposed that the new “Iron Curtain” would be along the Dnieper (Kiev-Dnipro) . My suggestion is the former border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which lies hundreds of kilometres to the west of the Dnieper River and north of the Black Sea.

  157. There is a certain symmetry in the US regime’s current prattling about Putin scheming a “false flag” op as a reason to invade Ukraine, when it was in fact Putin who sabotaged Obama’s attempt to use a false flag chemical attack in Syria to justify carpet bombing that unhappy country – where Russian forces were present at the invitation of the legal, elected government and protecting their country’s vital national interests.

    This smells strongly of the vindictive vengeance (and endless global destabilization attempts) that one small Middle Eastern nation with great power ambition (and endless influence in Washington) is rather notorious for.

  158. Alfred says:

    the Putinist regime should have invaded Ukranazistan in 2014 or at least permitted the Donbass armies to liberate the Russian speaking areas, and that it was unforgivable of Putin to have not done so, right?


    1- Russia would have been over-extended. One-third of their army would have had to secure the unpopular occupation. Most Ukrainians believed that EU membership was a done-deal.

    2- The economy of Russia would have suffered,

    3- The development of new weapons by Russia would have been delayed.

    4- The reorganisation of the Russian military would not have taken place.

    5- China was not at the back of Russia.

    6- Russia would have lost much of its arms market.

    7- Russia would have been in a much weaker position as regards oil and gas prices.

    I could go on but those who are always so keen on war have no grasp of things like logistics and economics. Russia is not short of land. Crimea is a special case for historic and strategic reasons.

    Ultimately, Russian-speakers who were not happy with Ukraine were always welcome in Russia – where there is currently a labour shortage.

    • Agree: Avery, Jazman
    • Thanks: DevilAdvocate
    • Replies: @Avery
  159. @Mevashir

    I’ve replied to you, comment #134, but apparently your identifier did not appeared on top.

  160. Avery says:

    {….t those who are always so keen on war have no grasp of things like logistics and economics. }


    Clearly Putin & Co. know their back yard and their strengths and weaknesses better than anybody here @unz, or anywhere else. Yet posters keep insisting that “Putin should do this…..Putin should do that…..should have done this or some other thing….”.

    Andrei Martyanov, who has good sources and knows Russia better than most here in US, said in one of his Youtube monologues that Putin’s decision NOT to invade Ukraine in 2014 was strategic genius (or words to that effect).

    • Replies: @RobinG
  161. @Doug Hillman

    The Bolsheviks killed millions in Ukraine.
    While the Free West is clearly up to no good, the other side is not better.

  162. @Alfred

    The correct border between the Evil Empire and Eurasia is the English channel.

  163. @Ukraine Tiger

    Dont be a stray dog gnawing at thrown away bones. The correct border between Eurasia and the Evil Empire is the English Channel and nowhere else. Dnjeper? Getoutahere!

  164. Athena says:

    WION channel = LIARS: The text DOES NOT correspond to what Zelensky is saying.

    The text is propaganda (Such as ”why is Ukraine not a NATO member yet?”) NOTHING IN THE TEXT DISPLAYED CORRESPONDS TO WHAT ZELENSKI IS SAYING. He wants that the West stops predicting when ”Russia will invade”. He does NOT SAY things such as ”When will Ukraine become a member of NATO?, or ”Why hasn’t Ukraine been accepted as a NATO member yet?”. This channel is a PACK OF LIES.

  165. profnasty says:
    @Priss Factor

    After all US’ve been through over the past 100 years; are those bastards at Pentagon going to murder White Europeans AGAIN??!!?
    No support, no help.

  166. profnasty says:

    Perhaps many or most White American soldiers are going to Ukraine only to protect their paychecks and retirement stubs. This is cowardice and…
    War Crime.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  167. Notsofast says:

    excellent explanation, also crimea was promised a referendum on independence in the early 90’s but never received it.

  168. Refl says:

    I have no doubt you are correct that Putin and the Russian leaders know what really went down on 9/11.

    At the time, when 9/11 happened, Putin was in power for about two years (including his premiership under Jelzin). He had won the presidency under the impression of a series of extremely violent terrorist bombings that smelled heavily of false flag. So both sides supported each others false narratives for their own mutual benefit.

    For similar reasons, the Russian leadership today partially endorses the covid story. Population control and psycholoogical warfare are hardly alien to them. Last but not least Russia today is a rising power with a population that for good reason trusts their leaders. Nothing of the sort can be said about the freak show that pretends to lead the Free World ( TM).

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  169. Cookie says:

    The latest statement by the U.S congress leaves no doubt that this is all about Nord Stream 2 and they will provoke Russia to have a reason to shut it down.

    These people are disillusional which makes them dangerous.

    The only way to avert some sort of conflict is for Germany and other European nations to stand up and tell the U.S that this is no-longer post WW2 and U.S no-longer dictates European policy.

  170. Mevashir says:

    Ok. Thanks. I didn’t know any of these things about Putin. But what you have written makes me dislike him even more. Because if you are correct he is just as ruthless and cynical as the people running the West.

    • Replies: @DevilAdvocate
  171. grr says:

    Another cretinous statement. The fishing industry is massively subsidised by taxpayers and is a true environment damaging felon. It is depleting the fish stocks to near extinction and filling the oceans with plastic waste.
    So the champion of birds doesn’t give a shit about sea life?

    A true moron.

  172. Sean says:

    What nonsense you talk, Biden publicly threatened he would stop Nordstream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine. He would hardly say that if he was determined to stop it at all costs, because Russia might not go to war with Ukraine.

    If Russia invades Ukraine, there will be no Nord Stream 2 … › business › energy › if-russia-in…
    7 Feb 2022 — U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday warned that if Russia invades Ukraine, there would be no Nord Stream 2, but did not specify how he would …

    America does not want to be subsidizing the Poles by selling them LNG at well under the going rate. American fracked energy is not really making a profit at the market price.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  173. Levtraro says:

    What nonsense you talk, …

    You don’t have an argument. Just check the news at the time, it was in May 2021. The US imposed more sanctions in August 2021.

    • Replies: @Sean
  174. Smith says:

    It is already happening, no?

    Donbas militia is being reported to be attacked, and Zelenski says he has nothing to do with it, so either he’s lying or the CIA.

  175. @emerging majority

    I missed the 72 probable assassinated to prevent running against Nixon. Didn’t assassinate himself at Martha’s Vineyard in 1969?


  176. @Mevashir

    But what you have written makes me dislike him even more. Because if you are correct he is just as ruthless and cynical as the people running the West.

    And you believe any leader who would openly denounce ALL wrongs happening around would stand any chance of not being killed immediately ?
    I believe he is doing what he can, and some important steps have already been done.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  177. Levtraro says:

    The fishing industry is massively subsidised by taxpayers and is a true environment damaging felon.

    Regarding the first assertion, it is misleading in several ways. First, subsidies to the fishing industry have decreased worldwide in the last decade. Second, those subsidies include the money used to conduct scientific studies to improve fisheries management. Pharma is also subsidized in this way by the large amounts of money devoted to scientific biomedical projects. Third, the largest item is just waivers for taxes to pay for fuel, not direct transfers from the taxpayer purse. Fourth, the largest subsidies are in Asia, the region that also has the largest number of fish stocks in depleted or unknown condition. Fifth, it is necessary to distinguish between capacity-enhancing subsidies (which facilitate depletion of stocks) and other types of subsidies with a more benign outcome (such as waivers of fuel taxes).

    It is depleting the fish stocks to near extinction and filling the oceans with plastic waste.

    Not true. In the USA, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru and Argentina, the majority of fish stocks are either in good condition or recovering from overfishing. About one 3rd of fish stocks worldwide are in good condition or recovering, another 3rd are in unknown condition, and the other 3rd are being depleted. Most stocks in unknown condition and depleted stocks are in non-western countries, mostly in Asia, lacking active management.

    There are four pillars of human nutrition: agriculture, livestock, aquaculture and fishing. Of these four pillars, fishing has the least emission of greenhouse gases and the least modification of natural habitats (no clearing of forested areas for plantations and grazing, no chemicals to fight off pests, no antibiotics to fight off animal diseases, fishing is natural hunting of prey).

    Plastics in the oceans are mostly (~80%) from terrestrial origin, being transported by river runoff. The amount thrown off from fishing vessels, merchant ships and ocean platforms together make up the remaining 20%.

    All of this can be confirmed by examining the scientific literature.

    • Replies: @Flying Dutchman
  178. Sean says:

    America sees Russia as a country to be always under sanction The Jackson-Vanik amendment of 1974 that imposed economic sanctions on the Soviet Union for not allowing Jews to emigrate was only lifted in 2012, although Jews had been emigrating from the USSR/Russia for decades. Congress looked around for something else to justify new sanctions because Russia must always be under some sanctions. Hence the “Russia and Moldova Jackson–Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012”.Any stick will do to beat a dog, but it was not the really big stick.
    Even as the Administration continues to oppose the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, including via our sanctions, we continue to work with Germany and other allies and partners to reduce the risks posed by the pipeline to Ukraine and frontline NATO and EU countries and to push back against harmful Russian activities, including in the energy sphere.

    Reduce not eliminate. Hence as late as NOVEMBER 22, 2021 the ongoing sanctions were not designed to stop the project and no such measure has been enacted to date. Those sanctions you refer to were minor, not on the NordStream2 pipeline’s operator, and so could not kill the project. The Biden administration came to an agreement with Germany over NS2, whereby Germany undertook to punitively act if Russia used the supply of energy to pressurise Ukraine. It was in mid September 2001 that the NordStream2 project was halted just as it was about to begin supplying energy to Germany ECT ECT and it was the Germans who did that.

    The objection of Russia piping gas to and through Ukraine is they kept stealing some of what was intended for other countries to the west of them. Nordstream 2 bypasses Poland and Ukraine with energy not intended for them so they cannot keep stealing energy and saying it is them collecting transit fees owed to them. Anyway, Biden wanted and still wants to have the NordStream2 project ongoing if somewhat delayed so he can have it to threaten as a way to keep Russia in line. It will be totally cancelled in a few days when Russia invades and conquers most of Ukraine.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  179. @but an humble craftsman

    Apples and oranges, my dear man…or do you suppose that Russia is still under Bolshevik rule. It’s funny, the twists and turns of history. At one time it was the U\$ and the USSR. Today the operative truth is that some of us happen to be living in the U\$\$A.

  180. @grr

    Your exchange just got me to thinking. Birds can hear. Correct? Birds fear large raptors. True? So why can’t those “windmills” all be equipped with attack sounds coming from those most feared raptors? Seems simplistic, I know, but has it been tried? There must be a medley of sounds which would be capable of “freaking” birds.

  181. @Sean

    “WHEN Russia invades and conquers most of Ukraine”. You appear to believe this is a done-deal—inevitable. Perhaps we should wait and see. My take is that the mercenary (U\$ mainly) and Galician fascist elements connected with the Ukraine military would need to massacre thousands of people in that primarily Russian populated area for Russia to feel compelled to strike…And strike they would.

  182. gay troll says:
    @Flying Dutchman

    the same regime

    Is it your opinion that the dark lord himself wants to block Nord Stream 2? Satan is the boss of the regime?

    Because that’s what Whitney was saying about vaccine side effects. Not “undisclosed risks and significant excess mortality” but “Satanic depopulation”. His motivated reasoning went from this explanation to that for how the jabs were going to commit genocide. He identified a specific suspect (Satan) and a motive (depopulation) without providing any evidence of how, why, when, or where it was happening. He promised readers a vaccine CORONAPOCALYPSE. But now we should take him seriously on geopolitics? Why not just wait for old Jesus to save the day?

    • Replies: @Flying Dutchman
  183. Mevashir says:

    Maybe you are correct. I guess I have been hoping he would be a Russian-variety truthspeaker like our very own Ron Ronovitch Unsky

  184. @Levtraro

    In a civil war, each side fights to gain control of the central government and then rule the whole territory.

    TheDonbass people have never tried to take over the central government or stated that was their goal. They want simply to free themselves from rule by Kiev.

    That means free themselves from the rule of people in the western ukraine who are often Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Church adherents and/or ethnically/culturally Polish/slovak/Hungarian, with all the historical grievances and animosities that implies on both sides.

    Many of the people in those far western oblasts typically dislike or even wish to harm eastern Slavs, nonCatholic Orthodox Christians, and drive out the Russian language (even though it’s quite close to their own language). They showed their true colors by supporting the law limiting Russian-language instruction and media, even though Russian is a native language for most “Ukrainians” and they speak it more than Ukrainian at home and in public life.

    This is not a civil war. One side wants to rule the whole territory. The other side wants only to secede on their portion of the territory.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
    , @RobinG
  185. @but an humble craftsman

    You’re only 31 years behind the times. Bolshevik Communists don’t rule the Russian federation.

    (Maybe they’re advising the us regime instead?)

  186. @profnasty

    Correct. F— the US soldiers and their thug friends with badges here at home. Aggressors and bullies for pay.

  187. @RadicalCenter

    The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a new invention. The Kiev regime felt they needed to cut off all possible allegiances between Ukrainians and Russians and the Russian Orthodox Church was attended by most religious Ukrainians. So this “nationalist” alternative was set up.

    However, that was not true in Galicia and some other far-western areas which had long been under Polish and/or Austro-Hungarian rule by exceedingly Catholic regimes. So many of those westernizing Slavs made up a Uniate Church which combined an essentially Orthodox liturgy along with falling under the broad umbrella control by Rome.

  188. @Levtraro

    Pharma is also subsidized in this way by the large amounts of money devoted to scientific biomedical projects.

    That’s sure going well.

  189. @gay troll

    Is it your opinion that the dark lord himself wants to block Nord Stream 2?

    Satan couldn’t care less about Nord Stream 2 in itself. It’s an element he can use to foment chaos.

    But if you prefer secular language, then the US government couldn’t care less about Nord Stream 2 in itself. It’s an element they can use to foment chaos through which they think they can maintain control.

    The sacred/desecrated and the profane always rime.

    Because that’s what Whitney was saying about vaccine side effects. Not “undisclosed risks and significant excess mortality” but “Satanic depopulation”. His motivated reasoning went from this explanation to that for how the jabs were going to commit genocide. He identified a specific suspect (Satan) and a motive (depopulation) without providing any evidence of how, why, when, or where it was happening. He promised readers a vaccine CORONAPOCALYPSE.

    The imperial media has launched a sudden propaganda blitz over how a new great surge of heart disease is being caused by “pandemic stress”. (Thus ironically endorsing our prior contention that the terrorist propaganda and lockdowns themselves will kill more people than alleged “Covid”.)

    Our contention is that the injections are causing an epidemic of VACS (Vaccine-Acquired Cardiac Syndrome). What’s your contention, to regurgitate what you’re spoon-fed by the TV?

    The imperial media also has launched a sudden propaganda blitz over how there’s a dire new variant of AIDS.

    Our contention is that the injections are causing what will become a true pandemic of VAIDS (Vaccine-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). What’s your position, to ape the TV?

    • Replies: @gay troll
  190. @but an humble craftsman

    What you do not seem to grok is the same Jews that murdered millions of
    Ukies, Tatars, Poles and Volga Germans (and pointed the finger at the Russians)
    are now running the USraeli coup regime in Kiew and again blame
    the Russians – the pattern should at long last become familiar.
    I have every sympathy for Ukie and even Polish self-determination,
    but not like that.

  191. gay troll says:
    @Flying Dutchman

    Our contention is that the injections are causing an epidemic of VACS (Vaccine-Acquired Cardiac Syndrome). What’s your contention, to regurgitate what you’re spoon-fed by the TV?

    Not at all, I am simply saying that there is zero evidence that the motive behind the vaccines is depopulation. There is also zero reason to blame Satan for the specific crimes of human beings. Satan is unaccountable.

    Anyone who tries to argue a scientific point by invoking Satanic power is a fucking dipshit. It may work for some audiences, but it the broader picture, it maintains information polarization. How is Whitney going to convince any non Christian that Satan is responsible for vaccine deaths? Rather he is going to alienate them from his writing, and they will have a free pass to label him a crank and a conspiracy theorist, because he refused to separate facts from his feelings!

  192. Anyone who tries to argue a scientific point by invoking Satanic power is a fucking dipshit.

    Nobody cares less about science than the Covidians, and anyone who tries arguing rationally with them, earnestly mustering the scientific evidence, is very misguided indeed.

    It may work for some audiences, but it the broader picture, it maintains information polarization. How is Whitney going to convince any non Christian that Satan is responsible for vaccine deaths?

    Is that what he’s trying to do, or is the satanic inflection primarily allegory and for literary effect? I don’t remember.

    And how will you convince any extreme statist, as the Covidians are, that the state and all institutions have lied from day one? And how will you convince any extreme acolyte of the scientism cult, as the Covidians are, that the scientific evidence is completely against what the establishment “Science” priesthood claims?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  193. RobinG says:

    In a civil war, each side fights to gain control of the central government and then rule the whole territory.
    This is not a civil war. One side wants to rule the whole territory. The other side wants only to secede on their portion of the territory.

    By your logic, the US never had a Civil War, eh?

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  194. RobinG says:

    Recognizing Luhansk and Donetsk at this point seems like a well calculated chess move. The West is screaming that it’s a violation of Minsk, but Ukraine has been violating Minsk for years. (And John Kirby seemed very desperate on TV yesterday, like he’d have an aneurism if we didn’t believe him, lol.)

    • Replies: @Barr
  195. Anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    The Saudis Salafist will be there

    What’s wrong with Putin ? Why does he engage to Saudi
    UAE Bahrain Qatar Israel Turkey ? He at least should throw the Saudi under the bus .

  196. Barr says:

    Putin has called west’s bluff . It could be one of the worst experience for Biden just when he was dangling the prospect of a meeting to Putin .

    There is a possibility that the conflicts will be frozen again for years .Using this lull , US would focus inside the Russian politics and economy . It will delay hamper bd might succeed in preventing
    NS 1 and 2 .
    Ukraine will be forced to scream loudly against Russia but the practicality will force it to be accommodative to Russia .
    The cold war with attendant gravy train running to the bank has been sorely missed by the thugs and corporates. Continuity of Cold War is preferable to unpredictable outcomes of hot wars .
    Iraq and Afghanistan don’t provide confidence to the vassals of the USA .

    Main shit show will play out in US politics for domestic purpose .

    This failure might prevent JCOPA . 160 Dogs from GOP have found a tree to bark their throats off .

    Who knows whether USA would take a hair cut or use the salafist wahabis ISIS again ?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  197. @RobinG

    Southerners do call it “The War of Northern Aggression!” so I guess they feel it was not a Civil War.

    And, officially, it seems to be called “The War Between the States”.

  198. Atle says:

    Jesus Christ. The UK hasn’t mattered for shit in like 80 years.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  199. Looks like they don`t even need a false Flag operation , North Stream has been stopped .
    As a German it is frustrating to see what Idiots we got as Government .

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  200. @Height_776

    Russia seems to have a leader who likes his people.
    Germany’s remnants are ruled by German haters. (And that goes partly on Russia’s account – with “Russia” I do not mean Russian people per se.)

  201. @Atle

    Behind the scenes, through The City, things are different.

  202. @Barr

    The ‘Unipolar Moment’ is OVER. Russia MUST expel EVERY Western NGO, and keep a close watch on Western ‘Embassies’. Local compradores need to be rounded up, or exposed as traitors. Navalny needs a good, long, sentence for his blatant treason.

  203. @Flying Dutchman

    Satanic practises have been common among among Western elites for millennia. A dirty, open, secret. They think that it works. Dare you to throw Holy Water on Hillary, for instance.

  204. @MeMyselfandI

    But not US import of Russian Oil;
    Sanctions against our gas purchases but not against Jewnighted States oil from Russia (“with love”).
    US / SU = Shekel;

    Should Russia not be consequent and stop the oil flow to the US (500 – 1500 thousand barrels a day!)?

  205. @ThreeCranes


    What was done to Germany in the 20th century will eventually be recognised as the disaster for the world that it was,

    It’s catching up with the west now, this allegedly diverse, inclusive, caring ideology that permeates our every day now is built on nothing of value,

    How ironic that the new challenge to the Brit, Yank, Jewish elite comes from Russia, those that militarily beat the Germans.

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