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Why Do Americans Hate Putin?
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Why do Americans hate Putin?

Tucker Carlson thinks he knows. Here’s what he said:

“… Democrats in Washington have told you it’s your patriotic duty to hate Vladimir Putin. It’s not a suggestion. It’s a mandate. Anything less than hatred for Putin is treason.

Many Americans have obeyed this directive. They now dutifully hate Vladimir Putin. Maybe you’re one of them. Hating Putin has become the central purpose of America’s foreign policy. It’s the main thing that we talk about. Entire cable channels are now devoted to it. Very soon, that hatred of Vladimir Putin could bring the United States into a conflict in Eastern Europe.

Before that happens, it might be worth asking yourself: What is this really about? Why do I hate Putin so much? Has Putin ever called me a racist? Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him? Has he shipped every middle-class job in my town to Russia? Did he manufacture a worldwide pandemic that wrecked my business and kept me indoors for two years? Is he teaching my children to embrace racial discrimination? Is he making fentanyl?” (Tucker Carlson,”Americans have been trained to hate Putin, and will suffer because of it“, Fox News)

Is Carlson right, do Americans hate Putin because the media and the political class in Washington have told them to do so?

Yes and no. Yes, the media and the politicians have played a big role in the demonization of Putin. But, no, they’re not the main drivers of this smear campaign. That designation belongs to the plutocrats behind-the-scenes who use the media to attack Putin in order to promote their own globalist agenda. That’s what’s really going on; the news is being shaped to advance the interests of elites.

After all, what do the American people really know about Putin? Have they ever listened his speeches or read his statements following meetings with other world leaders? Have they ever tuned-in to his marathon 4-hour “ask-anything” Q&A sessions? Have they ever read transcripts of his interviews where he speaks candidly on critical policy issues, culture or religion?

No, of course, not. Everything Americans know about Putin they read in the media. And that’s the problem, because media despises Putin. And they despise him for the same reason they despise Trump, because the media’s wealthy owners see him as a threat to their political agenda. That’s the whole deal in a nutshell. Putin is not hated because he is a “KGB thug” or a “new Hitler”; that’s just public relations gibberish. He’s hated because he is an obstacle to the globalists achieving their geopolitical objectives. That’s the motive that drives this smear campaign. Putin has blocked them in Chechnya, South Ossetia, Syria and now Ukraine. He has derailed their grand plan to “pivot to Asia” and to encircle China with US military bases. He has been a thorn in their side for the better part of two decades and he has thrown a wrench in their loony plan to crush emerging centers of power and rule the world for the next century. That’s why they hate him, and that’s why they use their media to make you hate him, too. Check out this chart from a recent report at Pew Research:

A line graph showing that a record high share of Americans say they have no confidence in Putin

Pew Research: “Russian President Vladimir Putin receives dismal ratings, with only 6% of U.S. adults expressing confidence in him following his decision to invade Ukraine – an all-time low in surveys going back nearly two decades. The vast majority of Americans (92%) have little or no confidence in Putin’s handling of world affairs, including 77% who have none at all.” (“Zelenskyy inspires widespread confidence from U.S. public as views of Putin hit new low”, Pew Research Center)

Are you surprised?

Probably not, after all, the Pew survey just confirms what we already know, that Putin is widely reviled in the US and across the west. But what the report fails to mention is the extent to which Putin is admired in Russia and the rest of the world. Check it out:

“According to Statista Putin holds a very favorable approval rating among Russians averaging between 84% in August, 2022, to 79% approval by Russian citizens and Dual Nationals holding both Russian and United States Passports despite the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.” (Wikipedia)

84% is in the nose-bleed section! No other leader in the world today can claim 84% public approval. And what’s more incredible, is that — after 20 years in office– the overwhelming majority of Russians still support him. How does that happen? How does a modest, self-effacing bureaucrat become the most widely-admired and popular Russian leader of all time?

Here’s more from the same article:

Observers see Putin’s high approval ratings as a consequence of the significant improvements in living standards and Russia’s reassertion of itself on the world scene that has occurred during his period of office….

A joint poll by World Public Opinion in the US and Levada Center in Russia around June–July 2006 stated that “neither the Russian nor the American publics are convinced Russia is headed in an anti-democratic direction” and “Russians generally support Putin’s concentration of political power and strongly support the re-nationalization of Russia’s oil and gas industry.” Russians generally support the political course of Putin and his team. A 2005 survey showed that three times as many Russians felt the country was “more democratic” under Putin than it was during the Yeltsin or Gorbachev years, and the same proportion thought human rights were better under Putin than Yeltsin.” (Wikipedia)

So, according to the Russian people, Putin is largely responsible for Russia’s economic prosperity, the higher living standards, the sharing of oil revenues, the better human rights record and the stronger democracy. They also overwhelmingly support Putin’s military operation in Ukraine. (87%) So, how do we explain the huge disparity between the Russian peoples’ opinion of Putin (over 80% approval) and that of the American people? (92% have little or no confidence in him) Either the Russians are extremely dim-witted and gullible or the Americans are the most weak-minded, brainwashed sheeple on earth? Which is it?

For roughly 17 years, the media has been spewing the same slanderous claptrap (aimed at Putin) they settled on in 2005 and 2006. Did you know that? Did you know that– at one time– western elites and their lapdog media actually liked Putin and thought he was a leader “they could work with”? In other words, they figured Putin would be another compliant stooge like the perennially-inebriated Yeltsin who thrust the country into “shock therapy” and allowed western economists to raffle-off the nation’s most valuable assets, industries and resources to bloodsucking oligarchs who bought them for pennies-on-the-dollar. That’s what they were hoping for, another spineless toady that was willing to sell-out his country to ingratiate himself with Uncle Sam. Instead, they got Putin; a devout Christian, an unwavering conservative and a ferocious Russian patriot.

Can you see why they hated him?

And because they hated him, they ordered their media to make you hate him, too; just like they did with Saddam, and Qaddafi, and Kim Yong Un, and anyone who gets in their way. We all know the drill by now, and it always begins with character assassination; the requisite smear campaign that is designed to persuade the public to hate the enemies of the elites.

But here’s something you probably didn’t know. You probably didn’t know that the demonizing of Putin can be traced back to a precise time and place.

It’s true. Years ago, I looked into it and here’s what I found.

Former senator John Edwards and Congressman Jack Kemp were appointed to lead a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) task force to determine whether a “strategic partnership” with Russia was still possible in light of policies Putin had enacted that conflicted with Washington’s broader geopolitical aims. When Kemp and Edwards returned from Moscow they published an article titled “Russia’s Wrong Direction” (March 2006)

The authors decided that a “strategic partnership” with Russia was no longer possible because the government under Putin had become increasingly “authoritarian” and Russian society was growing less “open and pluralistic”. The irony of these observations was not lost on analysts who realized that the US has no problem jumping-into-bed with the most authoritarian countries in the world including Saudi Arabia that conducted the mass execution of 81 men in one weekend alone (in 2022) That is an impressive achievement even by Saudi standards. And we should also note that all 81 men were beheaded which further underscores the barbarity of the leaders that Washington regards as their best friends.

The point we are making is that ‘Putin hatred’ and character assassination can be traced back to a particular time and place when US foreign policy elites decided that Putin was not going to be the “responsible stakeholder” they had hoped for. He was not going to click his heels and fall in line like many of the other allies. In fact, Putin had shown his willingness to commit –what the globalists regard as the one unforgivable crime– that is, he put his own country’s national interests above those of the international banking cabal. That, of course, is the biggest “No-No” of all. Here’s a short clip from “Russia’s Wrong Direction”:

Fifteen years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, “U.S.-Russia relations are clearly headed in the wrong direction,” finds an Independent Task Force on U.S. policy toward Russia sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. “Contention is crowding out consensus. The very idea of a ‘strategic partnership’ no longer seems realistic,” it concludes…

…when President Bush has made democracy a goal of American foreign policy, Russia’s political system is becoming steadily more authoritarian, the Task Force charges. “The political balance sheet of the past five years is extremely negative……

“U.S.-Russia cooperation can help the United States handle some of the most difficult issues we face,” said Edwards. “Yet regrettably, cooperation is becoming the exception, not the norm. This report is a wake-up call that we need to get U.S.-Russia relations back on track to meet the challenges that face both of our countries.”

Consistent with this, the report argues, “Although President Putin is presiding over the rollback of Russian democracy, the United States should work with him to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to keep terrorists from attacking either his country or ours.”..

“Since the end of the Cold War, successive American administrations have sought to create a relationship with Russia that they called a ‘partnership.’ This is the right long-term goal, but it is unfortunately not a realistic prospect for U.S.-Russia relations over the next several years,” says the report.

In the short run, the United States needs to see Russia for what it is now. “The real question that the United States faces in this period is not how to make a partnership with Russia work, it is how to make selective cooperation—and in some cases selective opposition—serve important international goals,” concludes the report.” (“Russia’s Wrong Direction”, Council on Foreign Relations)

The report indicates the precise time that western elites gave up on Putin and, (basically) threw him under the bus. And the reason they gave up on him, is because they could see that he was a true Russian patriot. Patriotism is the mortal enemy of globalism, because patriots can’t be “flipped” and the elites know it. They know that you cannot fundamentally change a man who loves his country. These men are not ‘for sale’ and they are incorruptible. Anyone who puts country above the globalist agenda– including MAGA Americans– is the mortal enemy of the globalists. And that is why elites always enlist foppish girlie-men like Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron to do their bidding, because the job requires weak, unprincipled men who are willing to debase themselves in order to serve their masters.

But what was it in particular that convinced the elites that Putin was a lost cause who would always be a threat to their agenda?

Fortunately, we know the answer to that question because the authors listed their objections under four main headings. Here’s they are:

  1. De-democratization: The report finds that Russian political institutions are becoming “corrupt and brittle.” As a result, “Russia’s capacity to address security concerns of fundamental importance to the United States and its allies is reduced. And many kinds of cooperation—from securing nuclear materials to intelligence sharing—are undermined.” (My comment– In other words, Putin was unwilling to impose additional sanctions on Iran, would not support Kosovo independence (which never gained UN approval) and refused to support the Iraq War. Bottom line: He refused to go along with Washington’s genocidal wars and arbitrary redivision of the Middle East. That’s why he was he was dubbed an “unreliable ally.”)
  2. Energy supplies: “Russia has used energy exports as a foreign policy weapon: intervening in Ukraine’s politics, putting pressure on its foreign policy choices, and curtailing supplies to the rest of Europe. The reassertion of government control over the Russian energy sector increases the risk this weapon will be used again.” (My comment– This is true, Putin seized control of Russia’s greatest public asset –oil– and used it to raise standards of living across the board. Privatization is the Holy Grail of western capitalism so, naturally, Putin was condemned for errant behavior. He was also blasted for “curtailing supplies to the rest of Europe” which is also true. He cut off Ukraine’s gas supplies after Ukraine repeatedly siphoned gas from the pipelines and refused to pay for the gas it had already consumed. The authors seem to think that Russia should give away its gas for free but that’s not how capitalist economies work.)
  3. The war on terror: The Task Force finds “a seeming Russian effort to curtail U.S. and NATO military access to Central Asian bases,” a sign that Russia is retreating from the idea that “success in Afghanistan serves a common interest.” (My comment– Putin was extremely accommodating in allowing US troops and weaponry to pass through Russia on their way to Afghanistan. What he opposed was the CIA-backed color revolutions that Washington supported across Central Asia in order to install their own puppet governments that were openly hostile towards Russia. He also opposed Washington’s covert support for Chechen terrorists. Was that unreasonable?
  4. Russia hosting the G8: “A country that has in the space of a single year supported massive fraud in the elections of its largest European neighbor and then punished it for voting wrong by turning off its gas supply has to be at least on informal probation at a meeting of the world’s industrial democracies.” (My comment– Russia follows a strict policy of non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other countries. None of the allegations of electoral interference have ever been proven. Quite the contrary, in the 3 year-long investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Robert Mueller was unable to find a scintilla of evidence to support the bogus claims. In contrast, Washington’s clandestine interventions, coup d’etats, targeted assassinations and full-scale military invasions have been widely documented and substantiated. No country in the world has ever interfered in the affairs of other sovereign governments more than the United States.

These are largely the issues upon which the authors decided that Putin was headed in “the wrong direction.” He wouldn’t support their reckless military interventions, he wouldn’t hand Russia’s oil over to rapacious oligarchs, he wouldn’t look the other way while governments in his neighborhood were toppled by Washington one-by-one, and he wouldn’t snap a salute and click his heels when he got his marching orders from Washington. These are the reasons he is viciously attacked in the media and regarded as Washington’s blood enemy. He simply refused to be their lackey, which is why they’ve spent the last 17 years trying to destroy him.

Vladimir Putin; Washington’s Blood Enemy

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  1. Phibbs says:

    Why no mention that 90% of the oligarchs are Jews. Why no mention that Jews own the media and the politicians and Jew venom for Caucasian-Christian Russia is expressed through the Jew media and Jew-owned politicians? Why no mention of the fact that most Russians dislike Jews because the “Russian Revolution” of 1917 would be more accurately labeled the “Jewish-Bolshevist Revolution,” which saw the deaths of 20 million Russians at the hands of the Jews. Why no mention that Jews fully support the LGBQT agenda whereas Russia does not. (This fact also incurs the wrath of the Jews.) Finally, Russia supports Israel’s enemies: Syria and Iran. There’s no such thing as an American Jew. All Jews in America are Israelis first, second and third. So, of course hatred for Caucasian-Christian Russia is tribal. Finally, Jesus made it clear in John chapter 8 of the New Testament that ALL Jews are the children of Satan. Putin — more or less — stands for God and Jesus. That means that Jews are merely expressing the sentiments of their father, the Devil.

  2. Quite the contrary, in the 3 year-long investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Robert Mueller was unable to find a scintilla of evidence to support the bogus claims.

    That’s nice but Russia already admitted to interfering in US elections

    Does anyone know if Mike Whitney is the Australian cricket player?

    He doesn’t have much of a bio other than counterpunch. Age seems to be right since for whatever reason Putin’s main defenders are boomers.

  3. America hates Putin because jews hate Putin, and jews control the media that tells Americans what to think. They hate that Putin ran some jews out of Russia for plundering the country in the 90s, they hate Putin because they can’t continue to plunder Russia, and they hate Putin because jews have a centuries-long blood hatred of Russia, where they have invented all sorts of indignities the Russians (not just the government, but the average Russian) allegedly committed against jews. They are a hateful, inhuman, evil people

  4. @Phibbs

    Jesus made it clear in John chapter 8 of the New Testament that ALL Jews are the children of Satan. Putin — more or less — stands for God and Jesus

    He is currently sending cruise missiles as Kiev. Are those missiles for Christ?

    Oh and it is Putin that sells Israel their oil to help fund his war. Here he is taking part in Jewish rituals:

    Does Tucker not post that picture?

    Now back to your regularly scheduled delusion that Putin is Christian while he sends cruise missiles and Iranian drones at civilian areas.


    Russia has the largest Muslim population in Europe and it was Putin that sacrificed over 100k Russian men to keep a bunch of mountain Muslims from leaving.

    Russia also has the world’s highest abortion rate and a declining White population

    Only a total sucker would think that Putin is a Christian. He uses oil money to send in Muslims to kill Orthodox Ukrainians. Yea I’m sure he reads his Bible every night after picking which civilian areas to hit. The Russians are currently attacking power plants in an attempt to freeze the civilians of Kiev which is a war crime. Hail Christ.

    Just stop already. The little dictator failed to take Kiev and he is throwing a tantrum. Trying to imagine this as some great battle against the Jews will only lead to greater disappointment. Weak and amoral men like Putin always end up disappointing their defenders. It’s not a good idea to attach your ego to a dictator who bought a 1.3 billion dollar mansion but didn’t make sure that his troops have enough boots.

  5. 22pp22 says:
    @John Johnson

    Of course, America would never try to influence elections outside America. They are far too busy castrating infants and looting other countries, bombing and killing all over the world – and calling the mountain of corpses they leave behind ‘collateral damage’.

    Russia said they could not allow Ukraine to join NATO in the same way that JFK said he could not allow the USSR to put missile in Cuba. The demands were reasonable and America chose to ignore them

    Elagabalus would have felt right at him in modern America. It is a nauseatingly self-righteous, callous, degenerate, morbidly obese, perverted, venal, warlike, drug-snorting, filthy p1g-wh0re of a country and I wholly support Putin in resisting it.

    The USA is the source of most of the degeneracy in the world today It is a sewer pretending to be a country. I hate it and despise it in equal measure.

    The main donors to your ruling party are George Soros and Sam Bankman-Fried. Your president’s is a crack smoking pervert in the pay of Burisma. In return for putting junkie on their board, they get to buy US foreign policy

    Go neuter your children and then yourself – if you have not done so already.

  6. Man, this is becoming confusing.
    The US foreign policy is to promote democracy – like “Cookies” 2014 coup. Authoritarian un-democratic Russia recognized the plebiscites held in Donetsk and Lugansk attended by international observers, but the democratic freedom loving US won’t, saying it was a rigged vote, unlike the plebiscite not held in Kosovo, before the US recognized its independence from Serbia. Ukraine territory cannot be divided, but Serbia, along with the UK’s and Canada’s can have regions vote to leave. Un-democratic Russia (and Belarus) invite international observers to their elections, but the democratic US won’t allow them. The Russian elections are rigged, but US elections are fair. Russian politicians are corrupt, but US politicians are honest. Putin has stolen billions, but Biden is an honest broker.
    I think I’m getting the picture.

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  7. Why Do Americans Hate Putin?

    The biggest UH DUH answer of all time.

    Cuz Jews run the media.

  8. meamjojo says:

    “Everything Americans know about Putin they read in the media.”

    Well, I wanted to get to know Vlad better, so sent him a letter asking to meet. Suggested maybe we could party a bit with some Russian babes at the dacha, ride around on horses with our shirts off, maybe hunt up some bear, you know, macho guy stuff. But he never responded.

    So all I have to go on about him is what I read in the media.

    • Troll: Lurker
  9. Anonymous[404] • Disclaimer says:

    CIA propaganda will naturally personalize its conflicts with individual foreign devils e.g. Putin, but the threat to CIA power is national, not personal. In terms of all the most comprehensive measures of state success and failure, Russia kicks the USA’s ass. The maps in the link below show how,

    and they’re supported in exhaustive detail. Russians have more rights than you do. Russians are free, you’re not. If Russia nuked the beltway and invaded, you’d know it, cause you’d finally get your rights.

    • Agree: Thim
    • Replies: @brostoevsky
  10. From 1997, “The Grand Chessboard American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives” by Zbigniew Brzezinski.

    Regarding the landmass of Eurasia as the center of global power, Brzezinski sets out to formulate a Eurasian geostrategy for the United States. In particular, he writes, it is imperative that no Eurasian challenger should emerge capable of dominating Eurasia and thus also of challenging America’s global pre-eminence.

    Basically “the imperial option” = self-determination and and independent foreign policy, the “European option” = accept the GAE (global American empire) and all that entails culturally (Drag Queen Story Hour) and economically (privatise everything). Russia has been attempting to split the difference, economic integration but no privatisation/drag queens.


    “support for the new post-Soviet states—for geopolitical pluralism in the space of the former Soviet empire—has to be an integral part of a policy designed to induce Russia to exercise unambiguously its European option. Among these states, three are geopolitically especially important: Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.

    An independent Azerbaijan can serve as a corridor for Western access to the energy-rich Caspian Sea basin and Central Asia. Conversely, a subdued Azerbaijan would mean that Central Asia can be sealed off from the outside world and thus rendered politically vulnerable to Russian pressures for reintegration. Uzbekistan, nationally the most vital and the most populous of the Central Asian states, represents a major obstacle to any renewed Russian control over the region. Its independence is critical to the survival of the other Central Asian states, and it is the least vulnerable to Russian pressures.

    Most important, however, is Ukraine. As the EU and NATO expand, Ukraine will eventually be in the position to choose whether it wishes to be part of either organization. It is likely that, in order to reinforce its separate status, Ukraine will wish to join both, once they border upon it and once its own internal transformation begins to qualify it for membership. Although that will take time, it is not too early for the West—while further enhancing its economic and security ties with Kiev—to begin pointing to the decade 2005–2015 as a reasonable time frame for the initiation of Ukraine’s progressive inclusion, thereby reducing the risk that the Ukrainians may fear that Europe’s expansion will halt on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

    Russia, despite its protestations, is likely to acquiesce in the expansion of NATO in 1999 to include several Central European countries, because the cultural and social gap between Russia and Central Europe has widened so much since the fall of communism. By contrast, Russia will find it incomparably harder to acquiesce in Ukraine’s accession to NATO, for to do so would be to acknowledge that Ukraine’s destiny is no longer organically linked to Russia’s. Yet if Ukraine is to survive as an independent state, it will have to become part of Central Europe rather than Eurasia, and if it is to be part of Central Europe, then it will have to partake fully of Central Europe’s links to NATO and the European Union.

    Russia’s acceptance of these links would then define Russia’s own decision to be also truly a part of Europe. Russia’s refusal would be tantamount to the rejection of Europe in favor of a solitary “Eurasian” identity and existence. The key point to bear in mind is that Russia cannot be in Europe without Ukraine also being in Europe, whereas Ukraine can be in Europe without Russia being in Europe….

    A clear choice by Russia in favor of the European option over the imperial one will be more likely if America successfully pursues the second imperative strand of its strategy toward Russia: namely, reinforcing the prevailing geopolitical pluralism in the post-Soviet space. Such reinforcement will serve to discourage any imperial temptations. A postimperial and Europe-oriented Russia should actually view American efforts to that end as helpful in consolidating regional stability and in reducing the possibility of conflicts along its new, potentially unstable southern frontiers. But the policy of consolidating geopolitical pluralism should not be conditioned on the existence of a good relationship with Russia. Rather, it is also important insurance in case such a good relationship fails to develop, as it creates impediments to the reemergence of any truly threatening Russian imperial policy.

    It follows that political and economic support for the key newly independent states is an integral part of a broader strategy for Eurasia. The consolidation of a sovereign Ukraine, which in the meantime redefines itself as a Central European state and engages in closer integration with Central Europe, is a critically important component of such a policy

    pdf available here, no issues flagged by Bitdefender

  11. Cook says:

    Hate of someone is just the American International business model…that’s all.

    It has been profitable in the past so why change it?

    Buisness for arm’s and energy has never been so good, agribusiness as well. The pharmaceutical industry had the hate of the scamdemic as their profit model.

    What next?

  12. Because they’re stupid and jewed.

  13. If putin could run for us president, he’d have my vote.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  14. Notsofast says:

    americans have been programmed to hate putin and to hate russia in general. they are plugged into the msm/ mockingbird media mindfuck like pods in the matrix. they are terrified of leaving their warm, goofilled pods and prefer to remain in an embryonic state of consciousness rather than experience the pain of birth and the bright light of the truth.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
  15. A large number of Americans dislike Putin because their television or smartphone tells them to hate Putin. It’s as simple as that, millions of people have no opinion except the one that they are told to have. I know quite a few people like this. A couple of nights ago I was socializing with two men I’ve known for many years, one, like me, has a positive opinion about Putin and the other has his opinion, straight off the nightly news, Putin is Hitler, he invaded for no reason, he’s killing and torturing poor Ukrainians, Russia’s losing, they’re technology is so bad that they buy drones from Iran. We tried to set him straight on a few subjects, but he’s so brainwashed he kept on and on until he nearly had a stroke (he’s almost 80). I saw him a couple of days later and he went straight into Putin again, I let him drone on for a few minutes and then subtly changed the subject. As long as you keep him away from the subjects of covid and Putin, he’s otherwise an OK human being.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  16. I starting hating Russians in 2010 when they were the main antagonists in the 8th season of 24. I’ll never forgive those bastards for what they did to Jack.

  17. @John Johnson

    Does anyone know if Mike Whitney is the Australian cricket player?

    No, he is not. He is American.

    He doesn’t have much of a bio other than counterpunch.

    There was a short bio on one of his earliest venues (I don’t recall its name). It mentioned the State in which he lived and that he had a landscaping business.
    He used to have a blog but it was banned because of his anti-vaccine posts (
    He once published a chapter in a book (I don’t recall the name of the book, it’s geopolitics stuff if I remember correctly).
    That’s all I know. I suspect there isn’t anything more. If there is, he could step forward and tell us, though I wouldn’t count on that.

  18. @22pp22

    Of course, America would never try to influence elections outside America.

    I never said or implied that they wouldn’t. Who are you even responding to? Yourself?

    I was pointing out that Whitney was wrong. Russia already admitted to interfering in US elections.

    Cry more if you don’t like us pointing out the bullshit of Putin’s remaining defenders. Unlike RoosanTV we are free to engage in critical thinking and ask questions.

    Russia said they could not allow Ukraine to join NATO in the same way that JFK said he could not allow the USSR to put missile in Cuba. The demands were reasonable and America chose to ignore them

    Ukraine didn’t qualify for NATO and they didn’t have the votes for France or Germany. They weren’t even in the process of applying. The vote has to be unanimous after the application process and there is in fact a preliminary process that would disqualify them because of their unstable border.

    Russia never made demands related to NATO. There was never an ultimatum before the invasion.

    Putin in fact turned down an offer to keep Ukraine neutral:

    Putin has a disease and is trying to go out as a conqueror. It was never about NATO.

    It’s just some old man playing wargames with the lives of men that he can never be. Real men that don’t have to wear height enhancing shoes to feel masculine.

    Real men are comfortable in their own skin and don’t need 1.3 billion dollar mansions or pictures of themselves in karate outfits or shirtless on a horse. That’s all insecurity. Putin plays dress up man. He can’t handle competition and tries to control language like a leftist. An insecure dictator that gambled on a war of expansion and lost.

    Make all the blog posts you want but the world hates Putin and he will go down as a total loser who humiliated Russia in a needless war.

  19. The simple answer, their televisions told them to. Television is a god to a large portion of society who are its loyal acolytes.

    • Agree: USGrant
  20. Wokechoke says:

    Virtually anyone running Russia no matter how mild or westernized they are is NOT going to get good press in the English language outlets.

    Even if she was doted on by an English Queen in her childhood growing up in England and thought in English. Court Historians like Simon Sebag-Montefiore in this German produced documentary can’t resist ripping at the rather tragic Tsarina Alix Von Hesse. Skip to 44:00 and look at the Jewish rat face and compare IT to HERS. See Sebag-Montefiore seethe about how stupid and stubborn she was and by implication naturally, how much she deserved to be shot while watching her daughters get raped and shot too. Nice! She’s responsible for communists taking over Russia you see, goys.

    There’s a curiously similar tone in John Johnson’s diatribes about Putin. At least Putin made sure Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia were canonized for dying at the hand of a bunch of Jewish Bravos.

    • Thanks: Lurker, CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Mike Tre
  21. Wokechoke says:

    If you allow your history to be written by the Simon Sebag-Montefiore’s of world you get exactly what you deserve too. Look at this twisted fucker letting out his rat like personality at 44:00. Does the diatribe remind you of any posters on here?

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Anon
  22. Biff says:

    This article is put together brilliantly, and leads us down a perfectly aligned hallway of facts and footnotes to a “No Shit Sherlock” moment.

    I love it!

    The money quote:

    Americans are the most weak-minded, brainwashed sheeple on earth?

    • Agree: dogbumbreath, JR Foley
  23. @Phibbs

    I am not saying you are wrong in regard to Jewish controlled media having a hold on the general Americans’ opinion on foreign affairs, but I see a generational aspect to this as well. I was too young to get drafted to Vietnam, but old enough to remember the constant chatter from WW II vets like my dad about Communists. There was a lot of truth in their statements at the time – but Russia today is not the old Soviet Union. Even though practically all of those old WW II guys are gone, the mentality still lingers in many of the more conservative segments of our society. As for the younger, more liberal segment of today’s America, they revile Putin because he isn’t woke enough for them. He isn’t down with the gay agenda, he isn’t hugging enough trannies, he’s a misogynist (you always have to throw that one in like sprinkles on ice cream), he’s too nationalistic etc etc. I believe the opinions of the younger liberal generations are more connected with Jewish controlled media whereas the opinions of the older more conservative American have their origins in pre-Jewish control of the media (especially TV – who reads papers anymore LOL.) Both are where the American establishment want them, regardless of the origins of their opinions on Vlad Putin.

    • Replies: @Dieboomerdie
    , @Rurik
  24. @John Johnson


    Boomer Reaganauts who can’t detect positive and negative shifts in the global system.

    “Real men are comfortable in their own skin …”

    Real men don’t waste huge blocks of time on corporate sports.

    “total loser”

    Sports fan phraseology.

  25. @John Johnson

    “Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is….do you, Mr. Jones?”

  26. @Fidelios Automata

    I started the Putin for US President thing in 2014 and revived it in 2016. The translations were very popular in Russia.

    • Thanks: Biff
    • LOL: meamjojo
  27. Legba says:

    Did Papa spend too much time running the pawnshop and ignore you?

  28. @John Johnson

    Yeah , just look at his face. His exuberance to take part in these rituals is so evident. Look again dill dough.

    • Agree: GMC
  29. You don’t need this informative article to know the answer to it’s rhetorical question. Simply put, the average Americano is an ignorant, thoughtless drone who can be easily manipulated to hate anyone or anything our Jewish dominated political/media overlords want us to hate.

    Most Americans know almost nothing about Putin, Russia or any foreign country so the vacuum of knowledge inside their foolish heads can be filled with even the most outlandish claptrap. Our loathsome Jewish foreign policy establishment knows this and exploits it mercilessly.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  30. FKA Max says: • Website

    Either the Russians are extremely dim-witted and gullible or the Americans are the most weak-minded, brainwashed sheeple on earth? Which is it?

    The former, Russians and most Orthodox countries have an extremely (unjustifiably) high opinion of themselves and their culture/civilization, i.e. are deluded and suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect


    Anatoly Karlin documented this here:
    Huge PEW Survey of Eastern Europe
    November 21, 2017

    More Orthodox believe their culture to be superior than Catholic or especially Protestant ones. Poland here is perhaps especially surprising.

    Putin is/was also deluded, and is playing into the hand(s) of Western media with his macho and alpha/top dog behavior, conduct and propaganda. He has been doing the opposite/inverse of “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far for years now. He has no one to blame but himself for the (cluster bomb) clusterf*ck he has created for Ukraine, himself and Russia. So, please don’t keep crying us a (bloody) river about how misunderstood, etc. he is, and familiarize yourself with basic human nature, start to study human psychology 101 (see below) and learn/practice understatement!

    There is a common misconception among non-Americans and even among some Americans (ironically, due to a deep-seated Anti-Americanism), that most Americans love a winner above all else (presumably “Might Makes Right” leaders like Putin), but what and who Americans (and most other human beings as well, for that matter) truly love (and support) are underdogs (because America once was one). And Ukraine, et al. clearly were and still are economically and militarily the underdogs versus the Russian Federation. This is also the reason why many root for the Palestinians versus the Israelis and have a negative perception of Jews in general, because they perceive them to be top dogs who are bullies and abuse their power and influence. The love and psychological/emotional need of/for underdog (success) stories is also the root cause of (the aforementioned) wide-spread Anti-Americanism. The utility and motivation of achieving high “victimhood hierarchy” status (e.g. “4th or 5th generation Holocaust survivors”, etc.), is mostly to not to be perceived or even to obfuscate that one is a top dog, and therefore avoid the potential negative fallout associated with one’s non-underdog status. The more Putin presents himself as a/the top/alpha dog (nuclear war threats, bragging about hyper-sonic missiles, invading neighboring countries, etc.), the more and longer he will be hated, and not just by Americans.

    Why Americans Historically Love An Underdog or

    “I do think it’s human nature to root for underdogs. But I would argue there is something in American history probably pretty connected to not having an aristocracy or a ruling class … that makes us feel that we all come from an even playing field, and the best man or woman should win the race.”

    The science of why we love to root for underdogs or

    The phenomenon has also been documented outside sports. In one 1980 study — conducted during the presidential election — participants disproportionately rooted for Ronald Reagan when told that Jimmy Carter had a lead in the polls, and rooted for Carter when told that Reagan did.
    Theory 1: We root for underdogs because of schadenfreude
    Theory 2: We want the world to be just
    Theory 3: We don’t want to get our hopes up

    Utilitarian-based motivation

    we put a lot at stake by supporting the top dog. When a top dog wins, it doesn’t thrill us nearly as much; it was expected of them anyway! However, if they happen to lose—perish the thought—their unexpected loss could leave us shattered.

    Thus, rooting for the underdog costs very little, and comes with the possibility of vicarious emotional rewards. or

  31. If all this was just another pissing match between macho megalomaniacs (more and more of whom are appearing in drag here at The End of Days, anyhow) to determine who next gets to strut their stuff for a season as shooting stars upon the world stage, and then to be periodically getting the rinse-and-repeat treatment again and again and again, until nearly all of the muddled masses making-up the captive audience have finally been collaterally-damaged into stupified oblivion (or maybe oblivious stupefaction, whichever comes first), that might be reason enough to cast a jaundiced eye upon the whole post/trans-Human entertainment industry. Which is still to say nothing at all about The Prince and (Gal) Pals so slap-happily producing and directing the entire shit-show, and making-out (and -off) like bandits, with the box office receipts….this earning for them the coveted FTX Award for Cupidity Above and Beyond What Just Yesterday Was Thought To Be Post/Trans-Humanly Possible.

    Things are actually way worse than that, though. The zero-sum contest driving the “civilization” disease process here has reached its terminal phase….aka; The End Game. The punch- ‘n’ power-drunk Contestants are all-in. It’s winner-take-all and loser gets deep-sixed. The two-minute warning came 158 seconds ago. By the rules of the “rules-based” system itself, there’s no OT, so any tie at the end of regulation results in both sides having to MAD-ly commit mass hari kiri. The League itself is dissolved in the ignominy of chapter-and-verse bankruptcy.

    Obviously, that sort of sister-kissing (Thank you, Vince Lombardi.) outcome is totally unacceptable to any and all involved. (Well, maybe some still in The Camp of The Sts. Hillbillary are way more than merely fine with it. Let’s face it, though. They don’t count for much of anything anymore anyways.)

    So we can see why it’s pedal-to-the-metal and balls-to-the-wall for all the desperate mofos still playing The Great Game. For at least one side or the other, there is absolutely no Monday morning-after. And the odds are always considerable that they will all of them together fall far short of their War God’s gory glory.

    Nosirree, Bob! This sure-as-hell ain’t their Fathers’ Oldsmobile. Maybe our domesticated Human Relations can see now how come us surviving Free Wild Peoples of ALL Kinds decided long ago we’d rather walk.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @Etruscan Film Star
  32. anastasia says:

    You can tell what kind of person Putin is by what he says, by the words he uses. It betrays the way he thinks. He’s a pretty decent man.

  33. @John Johnson

    What a pathetic attempt to “prove” Russian interference in our elections. Some Russian businessman posts something on the Facecrook page of his business and you mischaracterize it as the Russian government admitting something.

    It says a lot about your intellectual dishonesty and childish credulity that you would take anything a corporate propaganda mill like Reuters prints at face value. At any rate complaining about Russian interference in our elections is pathologically hypocritical. The U.S. has a very long and sordid history of interference in other countries political processes including overthrowing democratically elected governments and invading and occupying countries based on completely phony intelligence claims. As recently as 2014 our ever so Jewish State Department and it’s CIA henchmen overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine in the so called Maidan Revolution. Imagine what our governments reaction would be if Russia had overthrown the government of Mexico for being too U.S. friendly. It would be WWIII in an instant.

    Please go back to your Gen X sandbox and play with the other perpetual children before you embarrass yourself again.

  34. I don’t hate Putin, but I do know what he is. He’s as corrupt as anyone can be, and has started a war for no reason. For that reason alone, he deserves to be on death row.

    Carlson’s mental meanderings on the subject aren’t worth reading or watching. The man has made a fool of himself.

  35. Its always the same with Americans. Why did they want to boil the Kaiser in oil in 1917? What did Germany ever do to America? Just mindless zombies absorbing mindless propaganda.

    • Replies: @Catdompanj
  36. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    In the first image Putin looks like he is about to burst into tears and in the second image he looks like he’s going slit him own wrists.

  37. I haven’t read this article…yet. But let me say that I stopped hating Putin on command years ago. I am not under the illusion that he is a friend but I respect him for doing what he does in his position as leader of his people and opponent of the western encroachment.

  38. @Quartermaster

    Seems to me that you used to be a bit more rational. I don’t know whether or not Putin is corrupt but I’m certain that Russia has excellent reasons for putting a stop to the spread of NATO to her doorstep. Be honest. You know it’s true.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Marcion
  39. John1955 says:

    Nobody I know hates Vlad. Maybe me & my friends are not a representative sample of Woke LGBTQPedo+ America which Builds Back Better with disastrous consequences.

    There is a Putin’s Bio on Amazon which portrays him in a very positive light:

    If one of these days Vlad walks into the bar I will buy him a drink and quote Gipp:

    “I’ve got to go, Vlad. It’s all right. I’m not afraid. Some time, Vlad, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gipper. I don’t know where I’ll be then, Vlad. But I’ll know about it, and I’ll be happy.”

    On the other hand – if one of those Satanic Creatures which currently occupy Washington, DC, waving their circumcised dicks and dried clits in my face, daring me to do something about it – walks into the bar – I’ll pay my tab ASAP, leave the tip and go to the bathroom to vomit all over the place.

  40. JimDandy says:

    Looking forward to reading the article. But Americans hate Putin because Jews tell them to. And Most Americans think whatever Jewish power tells them to think.

    • Agree: inspector general
  41. T. Martin says:

    Per “Manufacturing Consent” (Chomsky)The US loves cooperative ‘autocrats’ and despises uncoperative ‘autocrats’. This has been in the playbook probably since 1900. Obviously, Putin is in the ‘uncooperative’ category.

  42. P.T. says:

    What really matters is that much of the U.S. ruling class hates Putin. They consider him disobedient.

    • Agree: USGrant
  43. I don’t hate any Russian.

    I oppose the invasion. And simply do not accept the arguments that it is the fault of the US, the EU, NATO or Ukraine.

    On test the claims to that effect simply do not wash. Your claims that I arrange my home to suit your security concern simply do not make much sense. And further demands that I do so would invite resistance.


    Invited Mexico to make war on the US.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  44. I tell people that I’ve never met Putin so never talked to him about anything so know nothing. What about you? That leaves people stunned, who realize all they know is what the see on American shows. I ask if they’ve watched videos such as this:

    • Agree: Avery
    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @Avery
  45. Al Liguori says: • Website

    Why? Because he is a sayan for the Jews.

    Putin • crypto-Jew and tool of the Jew World Order
    today in Chabad-Occupied Russia


    Has Putin Really Defected from the Great Reset?

    Does the KGB have pederasty kompromat on their own boss Putin?

    ‘I wasn’t ticklish. It felt good’: How boy, five, described tummy kiss that sparked Putin paedophile claims – as Russian president said ‘I wanted to stroke him like a kitten’

    Vladimir Putin kissed young Nikita Konkin’s stomach in Red Square in 2006
    Nikita, then five, was so proud of moment he refused to wash his tummy
    But image led Alexander Litvinenko [later assassinated by polonium poisoning] to accuse Putin of being a paedophile
    Ex-spy claimed in blog film existed of Putin having sex with young boys

    Jewish Roots of Russian President Vladimir Putin
    “In the first [edition] of Putin’s book: First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia’s President it says his mothers maiden name was Shalomovitch – which apparently is a Jewish name. Yet in the second addition, it conveniently changes to Shelomova. …”

    At Putin’s side, an army of Jewish billionaires …and Chabad rabbis!
    “We have to keep our Jewishness and be united in the Diaspora,” says Russian Jewish Congress VP.
    By Gil Stern Shefler, Jerusalem Post, June 26, 2012

    After more than 60 million Russians genocided, many Russians get it.

    Putin? Not so much.

    Putin…an ethnic Jew through his mother
    Борис Березовский, президент Фонда гражданских свобод:
    — Ответ будет симметричен: Путин переедет в Израиль, получит израильское гражданство как этнический еврей по матери, получит десятилетнюю визу в США и выступит в сенатском комитете с опровержением Невзлина.
    Boris Berezovsky, President of the Civil Liberties Foundation:
    — The answer will be symmetrical: Putin will move to Israel, receive Israeli citizenship as an ethnic Jew through his mother, receive a ten-year visa to the United States and speak in the Senate committee with a refutation of Nevzlin.

    Jewish oligarchs in Russia

    Putin’s Holocaust Obsession
    by Andrew Joyce

    “Russia originally evolved as a multi-nationality and multi-confessional state. You know Orthodox Christianity and some theorists agree with this, it is much closer to Islam than to Roman Catholicism.”
    Vladimir ‘defender of Christianity’ Putin, December 16, 2010

    Putin is a proven fraud and communist.

    Russia and China are in final preparations for military conquest of the West. World War 3 is the final act in a long-range synagogue script to achieve world Jewish domination.

    The Perestroika Deception: Behind the Mask – parts 1 & 2

    etc., etc., etc.

  46. Everything rights itself when the last jew breathes its last.

  47. @WyomingWhite

    If you give it some thought, you might come to this conclusion: That watching the nitely over your T.V., you would be getting yourself hung up on Boobtoob Noose. Boobs watch it religiously.

    From when they were in diapers, though “getting along with others” in kiddiegarden ( a place where mind-conditioned teachers plant “proper and conventional” ideas into young minds); and up the ladder onto “time to stay high” school, where they are feted with pep-rallies and “rah, rah for our bears”; American yoots are conditioned even more thoroughly by a deliberate dumbing-down process.

    Mind you, betcha you already are aware that the #1 babysitter for U$$A toddlers and kiddies is….hey, you guessed it, cause you knew in the first place…YE OLDE BOOBTOOB…where they are relegated to hours of cartooniverse violence by cutesie little animals bopping and slapping each other. Then, as parents, particularly mothers, they are constantly bombarded with screams, hollers and even weeping about the dangers of “gun violence”.

    So where does that violence start? All you need to do with that boobtoob, before you either smash it or someone comes up with a monitor which automatically erases all mind control programming; is to simply shut of the audio and with your eyes only, ask yourself “why the hell am I watching this shit?

  48. phil says:
    @John Johnson

    The statement by Prigozhin “admitting” to Russian interference in US elections was pure sarcasm. However, Reuters and John Johnson above thought that he was serious! Compare Putin and Biden. Putin gives multi-hour speeches in defense of Russian nationalism. He wrote a doctoral dissertation on the best ways to incorporate Russia’s natural resources into Russia’s economic and military planning. Biden plagiarized a speech of British leader Neal Kinnock and finished near the bottom of his law school class.; he is a notorious bull-shitter.

  49. @Quartermaster

    Quartermaster… you are naive.

    Putin didn’t “start” anything. He “re”acted to the actions of the zionist intriguers who overthrew the valid 2014 Ukrainian elections wherein a pro-Russian leadership was voted into power. That… along with the 30+ years of NATO usurpation of eastern European territory toward Russia’s borders was more than enough reason for any Russian leader to eventually strike back… which Putin rightfully did.
    Go back to school. Except this time… make sure you’re learning historical FACTS… not jewish propaganda.

    • Thanks: Kolya Krassotkin
  50. Begemot says:

    He’s as corrupt as anyone can be, and has started a war for no reason. For that reason alone, he deserves to be on death row.

    For a moment there I thought you talking about George W. Bush.

  51. IronForge says:

    That “G8” didn’t last long, because the Plutarchy+Vassal_Oligarchs were too Greedy.

    We “Do have” the H8_Hegemony:


    A) ISR+Diaspora_around_the_World; and
    B) The Expendable Vassal_G7. Yes, even Murica are a Vassal Nation-State, albeit the “Lead Vassal” amongst the NATO-EU and Pacific Subjects they’re dragging along.

    The “Hegemon” aren’t a Nation-State – they’re a Collective Network of “Cities” that Host the:
    C) Ruling Masonic-Zionist Plutarchy:
    D) Vassal Oligarchs:

    The aforementioned manipulate the
    E) Vassal Ochlocracy:
    Social Woked Mobs;

    With the H8, Plutarchy, and Oligarchs – you’ve got yourselves a 10-Headed BEAST.

    I’m no longer a Christian; but the similarities to the Christian Fantastical Projections are simply Poetic…

  52. Seraphim says:
    @Pop Warner

    Who said “Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!” (“Kill the Best Gentiles”)? THE TALMUD: Sanhedrin 59.

  53. @FKA Max

    What a film-flam argument and thesis. “Underdogs,” indeed. Ukraine is plain and simple a nation whose legitimate, elected government was violently and bloodily overthrown by a conniving bunch of Talmudists and One-Worlders, with help from Galician Nazis to do the “wet” work and several billion dollars courtesy of the American taxpayer and billions more contributed by George $oro$, the #1 minion for the most powerful family in the world (THE ABSOLUTE OVERDOG) the Rottenchild Crime Clan.

    BIG dirty money is the hegemon over every nation in the world which suffer under THEIR control over the international privately-owned central banking monopolies.

    In this greatest military, economic and spiritual battle of the 21st Century, the underdog in the conflict clearly is the Russian Federation. The OverDog happens to be those Talmudist “Chosen” tribal bank$ters who own governments, corporations and other institutions, particularly the mass media of misinformation and deception.

    So are you related to that skanky Fried Banker currently lying low in the Bahamas after he laundered billions of taxpayer dollars through the puppet regime in Kiev, who take their ten percent and then send the rest back to the Democrat party which is responsible for sending scores of BILLION dollars to Ukraine in the first place. Your FKA Max screen I.D. surely reminds me of that munchkin-voiced little creep who helped engineer the latest stolen election.

    • Agree: inspector general
    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  54. Either the Russians are extremely dim-witted and gullible or the Americans are the most weak-minded, brainwashed sheeple on earth? Which is it?

    Let’s pose an analogous question – which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Your answer likely depends on your philosphical stance on the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

    If you subscribe to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as the underlying basis for the variety of species populating Planet Earth, then the correct answer would be the egg, because all chickens come from eggs, but not all eggs come from chickens.

    On the other hand, a theologically rigorous outlook bound to the Biblical account of Creation would suggest that the chicken came first, because if God created the egg first, then there would be no chicken to sit on it and keep it warm until it hatched, and thence to mother the baby chicken.

    A more modest assessment might come to the inevitable conclusion that we simply don’t know, or might reject the assumed binary dimension to the question and propose other solutions.

    And so it is with the author’s question – it should go without saying that Russians are most certainly not “dim witted” as a rule, but by the same token – tempting as it may be – we also can’t categorically classify Americans as the most weak-minded, brainwashed sheeple on earth (they may be somewhere low on the list, but not at the bottom).

    Perhaps it would be escapist to avoid the question by saying that “we just don’t know” – but that would also be dishonest, because deep down, we do know the truth – and it’s not a binary truth.

    The truth is that humans are a herding species, and the elitist classes that currently have control of at least the Western part of the world’s population have figured out how to exploit that trait and herd us as a collective mass in whichever direction serves their purposes. We’ve been trapped in a hall of mirrors which feed us a fictional reality – and so far not too many lemmings have cottoned on to that.

    The circumstances are likely going to have to get a whole lot worse for Westerners before they’re shaken out of their manufactured stupor and finally understand who their real adversaries are.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, werpor
    • Thanks: Fred777
  55. Liza says:

    He’s as corrupt as anyone can be, and has started a war for no reason. For that reason alone, he deserves to be on death row.

    How about joint executions then, with Bush, Bongo, Clinton, Biden, etc.

  56. @superfluous man

    Fine posting, with one teensy exception. Having (unfortunately) read a number of JayJay’s outrageous screeds, your Gen X sandbox allusion is close but no cigar: He is actually a registered and fully paid member of the Gen Why degeneration.

  57. Did Russia have anything to do with the humiliating defeat of USA in Afghanistan? Something behind the scenes that we don’t know about? Other than those bounties on the heads of dead Americans they were allegedly paying the Taliban.

    Something else to irritate the Americans

  58. meamjojo says:
    @superfluous man

    “At any rate complaining about Russian interference in our elections is pathologically hypocritical. The U.S. has a very long and sordid history of interference in other countries political processes including overthrowing democratically elected governments and invading and occupying countries based on completely phony intelligence claims.”

    Yes but we made the rules and are the #1 superpower in the world, so we don’t have to follow them. Do as we say, not as we do.

  59. Ghali says:

    Tucker Carlson read a lot. His comment about Americans hate Putin is from Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler. In it, Hitler writes: “German have a patriotic duty to hate Slavs. Anything less than hating Slavs is treason”.

    Just before the war in Ukraine Putin was collaborating with every Western regime. He left the people of Donbass to themselves when the Uranian Nazis were massacring them for 8 years. Putin was more interested (and still today) in selling gas/oil and was begging the West to have Russia part of the West. In fact, Putin admitted that he asked Clinton to allow Russia to join NATO. Against who? Despite the war in Ukraine, Putin continues to collaborate with the Fascist Israeli regime against Syria and Iran, even when Israel deliberately killed Russian service men to attack Syria.Israeli is one of the weapons suppliers to Ukraine. He collaborated with the U.S. against Afghanistan. Indeed, the U.S. army used Russia territory to fly deadly missions into Afghanistan. Putin is not a saint. His friends are mostly right-wing Fascist anti-Muslim regimes. Putin is as a Zionist as Biden. Let’s hope the war in Ukraine is teaching Putin and his ilk a lesson about who are their enemies and who are their friends. The world needs to change. America is worse than Nazi Germany. It is destroying humanity and Planet Earth with it.

  60. meamjojo says:

    “You can tell what kind of person Putin is by what he says, by the words he uses. It betrays the way he thinks. He’s a pretty decent man.”

    So this is how Putin is described in Russia? Perhaps your definition of decency is different than mine. I’m confident that Putin would rape you and then throw you out of a 10th fl window without batting an eye. That’s how decent he is!

    • Troll: Lurker
  61. Three quarters of a century of government brainwashing has conditioned a majority of Americans to hate all people and things Russian, not just Putin. There’s no helping highly suggestible, stupid people like that. The populations of the other western nations are not significantly less brainwashed or smarter, either.

  62. @meamjojo

    Oh boy, of all the imbecilic comments I’ve seen from you, this one is very, very close to taking the cake. It almost deserves the addition of a “Puke” button to the “Agree/disagree/etc” row.

    • Thanks: meamjojo
  63. @superfluous man

    Most Americans know almost nothing about Putin, Russia or any foreign country

    Hell, they don’t even know anything about their own country.

  64. Turk 152 says:

    A more likely scenario is that both the US and Russia are run by corrupt gangsters. Because our lizard brains sees the villainy in DC, London and Tel Aviv, Putin must be the defacto hero. It is not either the US or Russia are lying, therefore, the other must be telling the truth, but that both are thoroughly evil and corrupt. The US calling Putin a gangster is merely the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  65. Curle says:
    @John Johnson

    You confuse ‘defense’ with an open recognition that Putin is being attacked by world class liars. When someone is attacked by reputable people there is little urge to defend or question the attack. When someone is attacked by known liars you see the response that demands more than just the commonplace lies that have been issued before. There’s no moral obligation to believe the boy who cried wolf.

  66. dimples says:
    @John Johnson

    “Ukraine didn’t qualify for NATO and they didn’t have the votes for France or Germany. They weren’t even in the process of applying. The vote has to be unanimous after the application process and there is in fact a preliminary process that would disqualify them because of their unstable border.”

    Haven’t you noticed? France and Germany do what JewSA tells them. If JewSA tells France and Germany et al that Ukrostan gets special offer for NATO, then it’s YESSIR Uncle Shmuel!

  67. Mr. Anon says:
    @John Johnson

    Ukraine didn’t qualify for NATO and they didn’t have the votes for France or Germany. They weren’t even in the process of applying. The vote has to be unanimous after the application process and there is in fact a preliminary process that would disqualify them because of their unstable border.

    Like that matters. If TPTB want to ram it through, they’ll ram it through. NATO membership for Ukraine was already being discussed by the CFR and the Atlantic Council. Clearly it was something on their agenda.

  68. Curle says:

    He was able to accomplish the near miraculous accomplishment of putting Russian Jewish gangsters on a short leash. The rest of worldwide Jewish gangsterism greatly resents and fears his success will be copied. That’s what this war and the NATO provocation is all about, reversing the example he set. Making the world safe for Jewish gangsters is not an American value and we should have no role advancing it.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  69. Because if Americans did not have an external enemy they would turn on each other. Moreover, Putin is a man of intelligence, honesty, integrity and moral virtue, all anathema to ‘The American Way’.

  70. JR Foley says:
    @John Johnson

    How can you interfere with an American Election? Either the Democrats win or the Republicans but no matter who— “The String Puller ” has the puppet doing what it demands.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  71. @Pop Warner

    I’ll wager Americans who don’t hate Putin are Jew-wise. They know it’s not Putin who has been the author of so much of humanity’s misery.

  72. @superfluous man

    What is truly poisonous about this crap, apart from its blatant falsehood, is that no other force in all history has more consistently and malevolently interfered in the affairs of other societies than the USA. And the greatest interferers in US politics, US Jews and Israeli Zionazis, do not interfere-they CONTROL.

  73. @FKA Max

    The former, Russians and most Orthodox countries have an extremely (unjustifiably) high opinion of themselves and their culture/civilization, i.e. are deluded and suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect

    Rubbish. We Orthodox just happen to have a little bit longer memory than goldfish, unlike you, we happen to know a little bit about history and geography, and we don’t happen to be obsessive navel-gazers, we don’t happen to believe that we are “chosen” or superior or exceptional. We recognise that the West had culture and achieved great things once upon a time but we happen see to what Westerners have become, masses of decadent, depersonalised, degenerate soulless consumers with no moral compass, incapable of beauty and incapable of love even for their own children, and we don’t want to be part of the West because we don’t want to become like you. The disillusionment and decoupling of Russia from the West is the best thing that ever happened to the Orthodox world.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Thanks: 24th Alabama, Harold Smith
    • Replies: @FKA Max
  74. JR Foley says:
    @John Johnson

    Go sniff Biden’s pants and get a grip on reality. Listen to Putin’s addresses at the UN for the past 10 years and compare them against the bimbos from DC—-USA a laughing stock.

    • Agree: Fred777
  75. Mr. Anon says:

    Hate Putin? I suppose I don’t hate him. Hate implies a certain investment in the situation, and I really just don’t care all that much about Russia. I don’t like him. He’s a former secret policeman and soviet thug and a corrupt politician. There is some evidence that he murdered hundreds of his own people in the Apartment Bombings to gin up the second Chechen war. He certainly isn’t a nice man. Probably not a good man either.

    I don’t buy Whitney’s thesis about Putin. He didn’t banish the oligarchs from Russia. He banished a few of them, and told the remaining ones to cool it a little: go on rapaciously exploiting the Russian economy, just don’t be so obvious about it. Putin has become something of an oligarch himself, looting the public till and buying himself palaces and yachts.

    Putin was a WEF “young leader” or whatever they called it back in the 90s. Herman Gref, the President of the Sber Bank, is a supporter of Putin. He’s also on the board of directors of the WEF, or was as of the beginning of this year.

    I’m not sure that Putin isn’t himself just a puppet playing a role in the whole pantomime.

    I don’t support our support of the War in Ukraine and I don’t think we should be involved. But that doesn’t mean I have to delude myself into thinking that Putin is a good guy.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  76. JR Foley says:

    NATO and thug Nazis killed 14,000 in Donbass—-reason–speaking Russian—-color revolution 2014 started this thug movement and Zylenskyy—study this man —he is evil personified —a joker who thinks death is great entertainment.

  77. Mr. Anon says:
    @John Johnson

    He doesn’t have much of a bio other than counterpunch. Age seems to be right since for whatever reason Putin’s main defenders are boomers.

    What a load of crap. Boomer’s tend to be the most porous sponges of the official narrative, which now of course is that Putin is the new Hitler (there always being a new Hitler in he wings).

    Your judgment on this subject seems to be as poor as on anything else you opine on. You are misinformed on a wide range of topics.

  78. @Quartermaster

    For putting a stop to the parasites who began sucking the economic life out of Russia in the ’90’s I have a hell of a lot more respect for putin, (warts and all), than I do most politicians.

    The people whom he stopped are still angry at him for put the kibosh on their kleptomania, and it is they instigating the hatred against Putin the loudest. (They are the proverbial rapist inveighing against the police for interfering with his commission of violence and crime.)

    As to politicians who should be on death row for starting wars, Blair, Bush, Biden both Clintons, Obama, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz and many others immediately come to mind.

    • Agree: werpor
  79. Ghali says:

    Why Putin loves Jews? Israel is one of the suppliers of weapons to Ukraine.

  80. roonaldo says:

    An otherwise very smart friend comes unglued at the merest mention of Putin, and has for years, usually starting with something like “gawd, there he goes again doing his bare-chested manhood act on horseback.” The tirade may continue, mocking his hands-on weapons testing or Judo prowess. Any attempt at rational discourse on the matter is impossible and leads to a temper tantrum.

    Too bad we here in the U.S. can’t have anyone remotely like him allowed to even run for dogcatcher.

  81. @John Johnson

    Real men are comfortable in their own skin and don’t need 1.3 billion dollar mansions or pictures of themselves in karate outfits or shirtless on a horse. That’s all insecurity. Putin plays dress up man.

    Putin no doubt has, like all of us, certain character weaknesses. Well, hark to this: it doesn’t matter. He is doing what a political leader should do, putting his country first — not just in geopolitics but culturally. In a time where globo-homo-shlomo tightens its grip on the Western world, Putin has supported Russia in resisting degeneracy, reviving and strengthening Russia’s traditional way of life.

    As biased as YouTube is, you can still see on it videos of Russian people (including young Russians) singing old patriotic songs, gladly attending Orthodox Church services. (And new cathedrals being built!) All that could have been swept away after the demise of the Soviet Union, when the globalists saw the country as ripe for the plucking. That it didn’t happen is largely to the credit of Putin. He is a “real man,” regardless of imperfections.

  82. @Constant Walker

    I opened a valve and drained out all the metaphors in this comment. What was left was “is” and “the.”

    • Replies: @Constant Walker
  83. Alrenous says: • Website

    Because Americans are Fascists and Putin is anti-Fascist.
    The Salem witch trials never stopped.

  84. @FKA Max

    Orthodoxy was a driving force behind illiteracy, serfdom and feudalism in Eastern Europe so it’s definitely hilarious seeing people who know nothing about Eastern Europe praise it.

    Anyway hating Putin is what any reasonable person does to people who illegally invade their neighbors and try to steal their land. Isn’t this why people on this site cry about Israel? I guess Israel needs to have their army administer referendums in the areas they illegally occupy and then you’d all suck their dicks like you do with Putin lol

    • Agree: FKA Max
    • Replies: @FKA Max
  85. @John Johnson

    Jewish Ukrainian trolls like “John Johnson”, er…(((John Johnson))), are Boomers pretending not to be Boomers.

  86. @Brooklyn Dave

    Putin cares so much about Russians he will end up killing a couple hundred thousands of them in an illegal invasion that will result in all his neighbors joining NATO. Most young people hate Putin because he is forcing them between living a decent life and staying in their own country due to his ineptitude at handling corruption and reforming Russia. Putin is busier jerking off about the glory of the USSR than caring about Russias young while enriching himself and his entourage.

    Russia is a corrupt hellhole all young people with a brain are trying to leave. Kind of like Ukraine and much of Eastern Europe.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  87. @superfluous man

    How many troops did the CIA have on the ground and used to overthrow Putins puppet?

  88. Franz says:

    Americans who work for a living don’t hate or love or care about some foreign pisspot.

  89. @anonymouseperson

    You misspelled Jewish when describing the word “propaganda”.

  90. Alx says:

    He is hated because his stupidity

  91. Alx says:

    He has shown weakness and incompetence in war and demonisation is before his downfall

  92. Ross23 says:

    Putin is the weak link with taking Russia if he’s taken out it all falls apart.

    He failed to create something to eventually replace him or a strong political class like in US China or USSR.

    That’s why the US attack him they know where to hit

    I should imagine his eventual replacement will want an easy life and reverse course.

  93. Alx says:

    His approval rating in Russia is questionable and after showing weakness in the war with Ukraine, inability to make war, he would lose whatever confidence he had with Russian people and whatever respect he had with his comanders and in the world

  94. @Quartermaster

    “…and has started a war for no reason.”
    No reason? Good lord, what are you doing on this site?

  95. Observers see Putin’s high approval ratings as a consequence of the significant improvements in living standards and Russia’s reassertion of itself on the world scene that has occurred during his period of office….

    That’s almost 1:1 what Anatoly Karlin wrote – not leats here on the Unz Review.
    Russia = an effective alternative to the Beltway-way to handle things.

  96. @Anonymous

    Yeah, it feels this way. As a US citizen who’s lived in Russia full-time since 2014 I can tell you the difference is unreal. On a societal level people are much freer here. You can literally speak about anything with anyone as long as you know them well enough. We’re basically red-pilling over a few beers every weekend over here. People only need to be careful with criticism publicly, meaning if you’re speaking on the news or at work with your boss. Well thought out constructive criticism is quite well received here TBH. In America I’m afraid to share my opinion and be put on an FBI list or something.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  97. @meamjojo

    You can write Russian—Biden can not rite Wrong.

  98. @Wokechoke

    I’ve seen his The Making of Spain, I don’t remember if it was on NatGeo or Viasat History, and his dishonesty gave me nausea. I have no intention of watching anything by him ever again. He’s not a historian, he’s a counterfeiter.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  99. cohen says:

    Why Americans Hate Putin?
    I wonder it too?

    And the answer! Why over 70% of them thought Sadam was responsible for 911

  100. Karl1906 says:

    The Americans – their elites that is, certainly not the population – always wanted to “inherit” the world power status of the British Empire. And the only enemy ever amounting to anything (after the Spanish Empire had become a joke) were the Russians. Thus it was “logical” to make the Russians the enemy of the United States after ww1.

    Even if the communists had been replaced with another czarist regime (say in the 1930s) NOTHING would have changed that. Only a complete submission and sell-out of Russia – as happened under Jelzin. Basically, the end of the Russian nation and its culture would have “satisfied” this unipolar ambition of the Americans.

    Now it’s their empire that’s going down – hopefully without a nuclear war – and the Russian nation will see another century. And – hopefully – in peace and prosperity with the rest of mankind.

  101. Backward says:

    Why do so many in the “alternative” media put their hopes in someone like Putin, who has pushed rna inoculations and digital control grid, made ethnic nationalism a criminal offence, aided Bush in the invasion of Afghanistan, let the Syrians be massacred for 3 years and the Donbass people for 8, and is blatantly going along the Davos agenda in all respects, including the war in Ukraine?
    When will facts prevail over delusions?
    These questions are more relevant than the one in the silly title.

    • Replies: @werpor
  102. Backward says:

    Yes, keep believing the words and ignoring the actions. One million Russians dead in one year from the clotshot thank “decent” Putin.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  103. cohen says:
    @John Johnson


    So Reuters is your source of all your crap? a jewish outlet. No wonder

    So how is your boy Z is doing? The bus has started traveling to Ukraine. Zelensky, as in ancient cultures, is being prepared/decorated before he is thrown under the speeding bus by the “collective West”

  104. eah says:

    Perhaps the simplest explanation is that today secular moral absolutism has replaced religion, where the secular moral canon is set by media and political elites, and is constantly updated by adding the ‘current thing’ — this system still requires animating good vs evil paradigms, and Russia plays a large role in serving that purpose.

    Uralochka-NTMK vs St Petersburg

    In the video at the link above, move ahead to 33:40 and then, after the first set highlights, watch the performance — if you are anything like me, you’ll be asking yourself: Why do we see these people as enemies?

  105. I suspect most Americans hate Putin is because that is where they have been directed to focus their hate. The country of never-ending war keeps them well primed. It is a conditioned response.
    Whenever I interject into a conversation that I would prefer Putin as our President over any of our aspirant or current or recent Presidents, it’s like throwing a turd in the punchbowl.

  106. @John Johnson

    I think you’ve been pranked by Evgeny Viktorovich. This brief article in Moon of Alabama is a useful antidote:

    Here’s what Viktorovich said (emphasis added), when quizzed about Russian interference in US elections.

    “I will answer you very subtly, delicately and I apologize, I will allow a certain ambiguity. Gentlemen, we interfered, we interfere and we will interfere. Carefully, precisely, surgically and in our own way, as we know how. During our pinpoint operations, we will remove both kidneys and the liver at once.

    Do you know what sarcasm means – or are you of the opinion that Mr Viktorovich is also admitting to trafficking human body parts?

    • Agree: ariadna
    • Replies: @JM
  107. Backward says:
    @Pop Warner

    Actually Jews love Putin. A famous rabbi even publicly stated that Putin had done more for the Jews than any other head of state. Oh, and Russian oligarchs still are overwhelming, if not all, Jewish. Time to revise your heroes.

    • Replies: @Ron West
  108. Americans by and large are too ignorant of events to muster up any sort of rational argument for any said “hate”. They’re poodles who bark and backflip on command. So it was in the day of Mencken and so it is today.

  109. @Joe Paluka

    There’s a reason they call it “television programming”

    • Agree: Sam Hildebrand
  110. Janusz says:

    Good article Mr. Whitney but the question remains:
    Assuming Putin is an honest patriot why did he go along with this genocidal globalist ruse of Covid, “vaccines” etc. ?

  111. Tom Welsh says:

    “So, according to the Russian people, Putin is largely responsible for Russia’s economic prosperity, the higher living standards, the sharing of oil revenues, the better human rights record and the stronger democracy”.

    Exactly as Colonel Qadafi was admired and respected by the Libyan people, and for exactly the same reasons.

    And both Mr Putin and Colonel Qadafi inspired the vicious hatred of foreign governments who wanted to plunder their countries, as well as local oligarchs who wanted to help do that.

    The big difference is that, as far as anyone can see today, Washington can by no means overthrow Mr Putin or the Russian political system without bringing about the extermination of every human being. Although that hasn’t stopped them trying, because – after all – from their point of view “it’s the only game in town”. Like the scorpion and the frog.

    • Agree: ariadna
  112. @Quartermaster

    I agree. He does speak well, and is quite articulate in his points where he criticizes elements of the West and I can see why some people in the West support him. He says the right things about hating globohomo that resonate well.

    Hell, I like the fact that he has journos executed (half of CNN would be a start)

    BUT…… He’s also corrupt AF, the entire Ukraine war was his creation (please don’t anyone bother with the lies about genocide in Donbass, Auschwitz is more convincing) and in 22 years he’s turned Russia from a failed state into a failed state. Russia is not some bedrock of Christian morality, he isn’t coming to save white people. It has the highest abortion rates in the world and close to the highest alcohol deaths, suicides, divorces.

    Hating globohomo doesn’t make him right, he ain’t much better and in many ways worse

  113. 22pp22 says:
    @John Johnson

    I know all about Russia’s failings. There are plenty of corrupt, authoritarian regimes in the work, just nowhere near as bad as America.

    America stinks as a country, and it is spreading its filth worldwide. Kim Jong Il is about the only world leader who is on a lower moral level than the USA. Russia is better, Iran is better, hell even China is better.

    There is no level so low that Americans cannot sink to it. They are now pushing for the mutilation of children, but I doubt they will stop there. I wonder what new level of depravity they will have reached this time next year. MAPS and necrophiliacs will probably be invited into kindergartens the year after that. I am not American and so I don’t have a mind warped enough to imagine the level of sickness they will reach the year after that.

    America delenda est.

  114. Look at this:

    Anti-Russian rallies under the flags of Ukraine and the United States began in Armenia

    CIA is working overtime

    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Avery
  115. Tom Welsh says:

    “Patriotism is the mortal enemy of globalism, because patriots can’t be “flipped” and the elites know it. They know that you cannot fundamentally change a man who loves his country. These men are not ‘for sale’ and they are incorruptible. Anyone who puts country above the globalist agenda– including MAGA Americans– is the mortal enemy of the globalists. And that is why elites always enlist foppish girlie-men like Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron to do their bidding, because the job requires weak, unprincipled men who are willing to debase themselves in order to serve their masters”.

    Brilliantly explained! Years ago Noam Chomsky wrote something very similar, but not quite as far-reaching (IMHO).

    Dr Chomsky explained what “democracy” means to the US government – and consequently to all its acolytes and dependents.

    In his book “How The World Works”, for instance, he pointed out that the US government regards the rest of the world as a pool of resources for the benefit of US corporations and the rich people who own them.

    Governments that rule in the interests of their own people are labelled by Washington “communist”. Those that rule in the interests of Washington and the US corporations are called “democratic”.

    The terms “democratic” and “communist” (“socialist” is almost as negative) are used without any trace of their true meanings. They are purely labels that mean “obedient to us, therefore good” and “independent, therefore bad”.

  116. Thim says:

    He invaded Khazaria. It boils down to that. The Khazarians especially want that Crimean peninsula so they can dominate the Black Sea.

  117. Tom Welsh says:

    I have rated the parent “Troll” because no one who has taken the trouble to learn anything at all about Mr Putin or Russia could possibly have written such an ignorant, one-sided assessment.

    Ad hominem attacks and “poisoning the well” are rightly deplored, but Quartermaster has managed to write a short comment that consists wholly and exclusively of two ad hominem attacks, while containing no facts.

  118. Renoman says:

    It’s because they are idiots! most Americans are low IQ morons who blindly follow whatever the MSN tells them. Just look at who they elect.

    • Agree: Boba Lazarević
    • Replies: @anonymous
  119. I searched this article for “poison” and — guess what? — not one hit! Gee, I wonder why Mike Whitney has so little influence on Americans’ opinion of Putin.

  120. EXCELLENT article. I lived in the USA , (purely unplanned and simply to what i had long ago thought was a temporary 3 month trip substituting as musician for a college friend who could not fulfill her commitment…and one thing led to another…a LONG lifetime DETOUR from my original intent to go to Russia ..which was then USSR)… NYC based, for 36 years…coming originally from USA-Slave nation Philippines…

    IN USA..i did what i had to do..earn scholarships… etc etc..but rare for a Filipino NEVER got even tempted to seek “Citizenship”…just permanent residence to maintain my existence lawfully…

    back in the [hillipins a few years…i still think the same as when i was in NYC…having also made closest friends among russians..

    the PATTERN is clear: USA is a JEWISH ruled territory (ideologically and in every other way that matters)…
    RUSSIA,,,represented by PUTIN and ‘russianists” or “eur-ASIANISTS” ..represent the OPPOSITE AND OBSTACLE TO “khazarian jewry”…represented by WEF, WH,O. IMF. NATO…EU…etc etc etc

  121. anonymous[771] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia is actually a freer society in many ways than North American society. Think what would happen in any faculty on any large US college campus if you rightly pointed out shitrael’s crimes against humanity or flaunting of international law? Why, defending the right of the Palestinian people to live and to not be slowly genocided can get you not only fired or kicked to the curb in academia, but it can invite personal ruin.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
  122. Brosi says:

    The real question is why don’t Americans hate Zelensky. Oh, I know, Zelesky is a Jew and that would be “anti-semitic”. Americans are scared of Jews, just look at how they refuse to name them. Even their most fearless SOF and military leaders are afraid of Jews.

    Zelensky’s Well-Documented History of Crushing Dissent

    Volodymyr Zelensky has become something of a western folk hero in these last 8 months. Lionized by both the neoconservative right and much of the left, an eclectic chorus of western voices have heaped praise on the Ukrainian President:

    “Zelensky defines courage in our time” – Karl Rove in The Wall Street Journal.

    “Volodymyr Zelenskyy embodies resilience” – Marguerite Ward in Business Insider.

    “The Ukrainian leader’s refusal to back down is as inspiring as it is illuminating” – Tom McTague in The Atlantic.

    LOL. The Jewish media loves Zelensky. What’s not to like a bout a Jew who has gotten hundreds of thousands of Goyim killed.

    100,000 accepted KIA plus 380,000 MIA who are just dead slav meat kept off of the records.

    Zelensky’s Campaign Promise

    In April of 2019, former comedian Volodymyr Zelensky defeated incumbent Petro Poroshenko after running on a platform which, according to BBC, “made bringing peace to eastern Ukraine his number one election promise.” Reaping a death toll of 13,000 under Poroshenko’s watch, the eastern conflicts were a primary campaign issue for both candidates.

    Voters made it clear they were sick of war.

    By campaigning on a promise to host peaceful referendums in the East, Zelenksy won handedly, earning as much as 89% and 87% of the votes in Luhansk and Donetsk, which together form the disputed Donbas region.

    A peaceful resolution to the Donbas conflict may have averted the atrocities Ukrainians have suffered this year and the existential nuclear threat we all face today. Sadly, peace-in-the-East went the way of most campaign promises.

    Two years into the Zelensky presidency, no referendums took place and both sides accused the other of ceasefire violations in the Donbas, ultimately culminating in a “sharp increase” in shelling by the Ukrainian military in the weeks leading up to Russia’s invasion, according to Reuters.

    ROFL. Those stupid ethnic Russian slav’s trusted a comedian Jew who played piano with his penis. Zelensky is about as believable as Jews like Sam Bankman-Freid, Carolyn Ellison, Bernie Madoff, Vladimir Lenin or Leon Trotsky.

    Censorship Under Zelensky

    On February 3, 2021, President Zelensky circumvented parliament to enact sanctions on three television stations believed to be affiliated with Viktor Medvedchuk, a leader of the Opposition Bloc party and duly elected member of parliament.

    The channels were immediately taken off air, including Newsone quoted above.

    Going further, Zelensky sanctioned the air travel company used by Medvedchuk and pressured American social media companies like YouTube and Facebook to deactivate the accounts of Medvedchuk-affiliated companies, which they ultimately did.

    LOL. Zelensky is a woke tyrant. No wonder Americans love him, no wonder they hate Putin.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @Kurt Knispel
  123. Anonymous[679] • Disclaimer says:

    Yep. Facts aside, reality is what they tell you it is. Now go practice your doublethink unless you want to be sentenced for thought crime.

  124. Perhaps Putin’s biggest sin of all is not going along with Globo-Homo

    Western elites are all about butchering kids to satisfy their perverted fantasies, Vlad not so much. How can he not be demonized? Rachel “Dick” Levine’s are not welcome.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
  125. ariadna says:
    @John Johnson

    I have always found it funny that fully aware of the widespread negative perception of Jews, one way in which the Jews smear their enemies is by claiming they are in fact … Jews. Thus, Hitler was a jew, Putin is a Jew, etc.

    • Agree: JM, Exile
    • Replies: @Passing By
  126. Tucker says:

    “He’s as corrupt as anyone can be, and has started a war for no reason.”

    Are you mentally insane, severely retarded, a complete moron – or are you 0ne of these pathological, psychopathic hate filled jews who are lusting to drag the Western nations into a nuclear WW3 that would render this entire planet uninhabitable?

    No reason? How about this reason: Preventing the jew infested and jew hijacked USA, who Putin knows hates his guts and who hate the guts of every White Christian Russian, from turning Ukraine into a NATO member nation so they can place nuclear missile batteries on the border of Russia that can launch deadly nuclear warhead armed missiles at Moscow that can reach their targets within less than 5-10 minutes? Giving Russia very little chance to react and launch a counter-attack against any unprovoked attack on their sovereign territory?

    I fully support Putin and his wise decision to deal with Ukraine and if he has to kill every since chunk of human filth in that jew infested S-hole of a nation to ensure the safety and national security of his nation, so be it.

    • Agree: Seraphim
  127. Jews and Fags hate Putin. Or at least they pretend to. Blacks hate everyone. They don’t pretend.

    Blacks, Jews and Fags run media and military in US.

    Ironically, Soviet subversion of the US by Jews, allowed Blacks, Jews and Fags to have their finger on the button for nuke war.

    • Replies: @Kinky Friedman
  128. ariadna says:

    The Russian vaccine is not a mRNA-cum-graphene concoction.

  129. ariadna says:

    Why just one million? If you make stuff up, go big: 10-15-20 million….

  130. @John Johnson

    You have easily fallen for the “The Emperor’s New Clothes” riff: “Everyone knows that all the best people hate Putin, so you should too.”

    (You’re starting to sound like Vicki Nudelman. When you begin also fetishizing absurdly obese men like her husband, Mr. Bob Nudelman, we’ll know your transition is complete.)

  131. No hate here I regard him as the only real President the world has left. He helped Trump overcome Democrat/media cheating in 2016 and he’s sorting out the fags and Nazis in Jewkraine, so really what’s not to like? A popular Christian leader who doesn’t bow down to the globalists or the WEF. 👏

    My Czar! ❤️

    • Thanks: Z-man
    • Replies: @Tucker
  132. Tom Welsh says:
    @John Johnson

    The Prigozhin remarks were in fact a fairly typical example of sophisticated Russian sarcasm. Americans, and many other “Westerners” seem to be immune to such subtle humour.

    Luckily, no one cares how foolish and ignorant they show themselves to be.

    No one in the Russian government or close to it would take the slightest trouble to influence US “elections”, if only because they know that such elaborate masquerades make absolutely no difference to US government policies.

    As an example of the irony:

    “Everyone to the polls! We elected the US president, now let’s elect a president for Russia!”

    • Agree: Boba Lazarević
  133. @Commentator Mike

    It seems that Armenia spawns the same kind of idiots as Serbia. If Russia decides to tell Armenians “OK, we’ve had enough of your insults, you’re on your own now”, their country would go 404 pronto.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @Anon001
  134. Tom Welsh says:

    As well as “Agree/Disagree”, etc., why isn’t there a reaction “Retch”?

  135. Regardless of what else we make think of the beardy rascal, we ought to remember Marx’s dictum that in the modern world, nation-states function chiefly as agents of international capital. Any leader who dares to defy this arrangement walks right into the gun sights, every time. The hate campaign against Hitler (gasp! heresy!) worked so well that it has been trotted out ever since, to destroy any nationalist patriot anywhere who dares to stand against the empire’s desire to loot his country. As that man said, the bigger the lie is, and the more often it is repeated, the more it will be believed. People do not respond this way because they are morons, but because they are basically honest. They cannot conceive that their respected authority figures would be so evil as to deliberately deceive them about such important matters as war and peace. In this context, one might also recall the earlier American precedent, the fake news establishment of the old south. Nonstop, it falsely represented the supremely pragmatic midwestern politician Lincoln as a crazed radical Yankee abolitionist, a shocking inversion of reality that still passes for fact in some circles today, despite the unspeakable catastrophe it produced for those who fell for it.

    Speaking of The Most Evil Man Ever, here’s a link to Richard Tedor’s study “Hitler’s Revolution,” the best one-volume account of what actually happened:

    • Replies: @Curle
  136. JM says:
    @Syd Walker

    “…are you of the opinion that Mr Viktorovich is also admitting to trafficking human body parts?”

    Lol! Yes, he doesn’t have the wit to discern irony. Or he’s just plain dishonest.

  137. @ariadna

    Because they believe themselves to be so unfathomable that they can’t fathom that it doesn’t necessarily take one to know one. Ergo, all who fathom Jews must be Jews.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  138. Watcher says:

    I have respected Mr. Putin because of his reality. He is justice personified. The west is not and that is why the west hates him. I personally believe that Russia has been raised up for the destruction of Babylon, and it seems to be on course.

  139. Anonymous[154] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    Well gee, there are two sides to the coin aren’t they?

    Reuters, on one side, says:
    “In September, he (Prigozhin) admitted to founding the Kremlin-aligned Wagner Group mercenary firm, which is active in Syria, Africa and Ukraine”.

    On the other side the following article states “Prigozhin has repeatedly denied any connection to the Wagner Group or the Russian defense ministry” and it goes so far as to question the existence of this so-called “Wagner Group”:

    “The first thing to understand about the Wagner Group is that there most likely is no Wagner Group. As far as researchers can tell, there is no single registered business called Wagner. Rather, the name has come to describe a network of businesses and groups of mercenaries that have been linked by overlaps in ownership and logistics networks.”

    So which of the dubious media narratives do you find more compelling?

  140. @Etruscan Film Star

    Nobody with a lick of sense would’ve expected anything more….or else. Meanwhile, don’t forget the similes.

  141. USGrant says:

    Putin is hated by the Globohomo anti-christian American ruling class because Putin is returning Russia to its Christian roots. Putin forbids homosexual LGBTQ public demonstrations, homosexual adoptions of children and the mockery of Christian marriage that Americans call gay marriage or marriage equality.

  142. ariadna says:
    @Passing By

    It makes sense also as applied to their internal tribal discipline, including hunting down the “self-hating jews.” BTW what happened to Gilad Atzmon? Silenced like Paul Eisner?

  143. Agent76 says:

    November 23, 2022 Sleeping With The Third Reich: America’s Unspoken “Alliance” with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union

    Nazi Germany largely depended on oil shipments from US Standard Oil. Prescott Bush was a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co and director of Union Banking Corporation which had close relations with German corporate interests including Thyssen Steel, a major company involved in the Third Reich’s weapons industry.

  144. Anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pop Warner

    Remember that when the US was fighting in Vietnam our soldiers were denounced as baby killers by America’s Jews. Back then America’s Jews denounced America’s police as pigs. Now that the US military is the footstool of American Jewry, however, the Jews are all things military—except serving in an American uniform themselves, of course.

    Way back in 1947 at a time when American soldiers were still coming home in coffins from the battlefields of Europe, having died in the tragically mistaken belief they were saving the lives of the Jews, Arthur Miller’s novel Focus came out to praise for depicting the poor Jews who sat out the war in NY as the real victims. In it Miller expressed the Jewish view that under the skin America’s white Christians (including the unborn!) were more Nazi than the Germans.

    Fox News today is all about encapsulating the Zionist meme within flag-waving jingoism and Country Western segues coming straight to Middle America from Times Square in the Big Bagel. Hannity gets paid $40 million a year to recruit Americans to do the Jews’ fighting and dying so good Jewish boys need not bother and get on with their lives—and then his show has the gall to run ads looking for Middle America and not the Jews to pay for the rehabilitation of American military amputees. Cops are now “heroes in blue” for supporting the 100% kosher street operation, Antifa, and its black flunkies in BLM, as well as enforcing totalitarian surveillance and lockdowns as part of the kosher Covid scam.

  145. Thinking Americans do not hate Putin, they see him as a Christian who is standing in the way of the zionist WEF/UN Agenda 2030 new world order, one world government agenda. The fiction that Putin is hated is driven by the zionist control of the ZUS ZMSM and their non-stop Putin and Russia bashing that goes on 24 hours a day, like the 2 minutes of hate speech in Orwells 1984, day after day, the zionist news networks spew the hate of Putin and Russia.

    Edgar Cayce foretold some 8 decades ago, that Russia would throw off their communist/zionist oppressors and return to their Christian roots and this has happened and Russia has become the hope and champion of the Christian world, while the zionist controlled ZUS has sunk into the degenerate moral abyss instigated by their zionist controllers. Read the Protocols of Zion to see the zionist game plan for the world.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity and they have destroyed America.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  146. I don’t know whether the author of this article thinks “globalists” are an entity separate from the American hegemony. Because they’re not. There is no globalism without the American hegemony, military and monetary.

    So it’s not the “globalists” but the Americans that hate Putin, and it’s simply because he turned rogue on their agenda, the plunder of the world under the guise of “liberal democracy”. It happened around 2007.

    Before 2007, they thought of Putin as a puppet to the cause, that succeded their first puppet, Yeltsin. He played along for a while, leaving the oligarchs be, staying mute over the Baltic states joining NATO, and even helping the US invasion of Afghanistan.

    In 2007, however, he made apparent to everyone, in his Munich speech, that he knows that the Yanks thought of him as a puppet, instead of a peer, and of Russia as a US fiefdom, instead of a partner. He made clear that that game was over.

    Only after that came the renewed NATO push eastwards and the demonization of Putin and the Russian administration in the public sphere, laying the groundwork for what we see today.

  147. nickels says:

    Americans hate Putin because they are all dumb faggots.

    • Agree: Boba Lazarević
  148. anonymous[234] • Disclaimer says:

    Were they not such assholes, I’d feel pity for them. But they are obnoxious assholes, so I hope their suffering has just started. Americans can run home to watch violent apes play football, but they can’t run to their nearest library, or run to the computer, to educate themselves on the world. Illiterate and unlikable assholes.

    • Agree: Boba Lazarević
  149. Americans hate Putin due to the same reason Russians love Putin, and that is Propaganda…

  150. Arnieus says:

    Not the first time Jewish media has incited war.
    An old article by Mark Weber explains how in the 1930s hatred and fear of Germany in the media was reported back to Poland by the Polish ambassador.

    On 9 February 1938, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, Count Jerzy Potocki, reported to the Foreign Minister in Warsaw on the Jewish role in making American foreign policy:

    “The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful …”

    “… The Jews are right now the leaders in creating a war psychosis which would plunge the entire world into war and bring about general catastrophe. This mood is becoming more and more apparent.”

    “in their definition of democratic states, the Jews have also created real chaos: they have mixed together the idea of democracy and communism and have above all raised the banner of burning hatred against Nazism.”

    “This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood.”

    Worth the read:

  151. @Janusz

    Simple answer: He is not an honest patriot.

  152. @Phibbs

    Why Do Americans Hate Putin?

    Because the Jewish-controlled media made sure of it with their brainwashing propaganda.

    The trail of the Jewish HATRED of all things Russian is more than a century long.

  153. SicSemper says:

    Exactly, elites = jews. Nothing more to say…

  154. Anonymous[296] • Disclaimer says:

    “Why Do Americans Hate Putin?”

    It’s because the average American having deeply studied the Russian leaders, from Katherine the Great to Mikhail Gorbachev and particularly Putin feels that his expertise is particularly poignant and he has the real take on the situation, unlike his masters in the media.

  155. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Why do Americans have a negative perception of Putin? Because they’re told to. Maybe one out of ten or twenty Americans can think for themselves but even there most don’t have the knowledge base to put together a coherent analysis. Russia has been demonized as a threat for a long time under monarchy, communism and post-communism so it’s not just Putin himself. For propaganda purposes it’s useful to fold it all into one person, in this case Putin, and make them the focal point of their campaign. Also, repeat the same two or three themes over and over again. How many times has he been characterized as a “thug”? Americans who disagree with the party line are disloyal Russian agents. Anything that goes wrong in the US is attributed to Putin, a ready made excuse to explain away anything and everything. He won’t be there forever and after him there’ll be the same old BS over and over again.

    • Agree: Etruscan Film Star
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  156. Anon[231] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, talk about projection. That rat faced shitbag is obviously seeing himself in his depiction of Nicholas II.

  157. American values are Homosexual and Transgender and Russians do not share our values, hence they must die, according to NATO.

  158. So many comments have already named DaUsualSuspects – here’s the rest of the story – – DaSynagogue of Satan is an old cult which changes forms to suit the times and we’re looking at their current patsies ……..Western Civilization! Or what is left of it.

  159. Johnyank says:

    Real Americans of the “Jeffersons People”stripe, don’t. And why would we? Embrace Davos flunkies or the giant standing between them and their domination is a classic “no brainer”.

  160. Rurik says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    the older more conservative American have their origins in pre-Jewish control of the media

    the day before Pearl Harbor, there was one media giant that wasn’t Jewish controlled.

    Walt Disney’s, who was against the war.

    The day after Peal Harbor, (the very next morning after the “surprise” attack) 500 U.S. Army soldiers descended upon Disney Studios, and took control of Disney’s empire at the point of a gun. Disney Studios position went from anti-war to pro-war as if overnight and was forced to kick out endless war propaganda. The media empire Disney built has been Jew-controlled ever since.

  161. Putin is my dad,and he is making Russia great again. Good job dad, thanks.

    Don’t let America. Hate-mongering…
    Influence your fine work.

    Why does America hate everyone?
    Because what else can The US of lies and Arrogance do?
    Without hate, there is no America, so pump that shit up….

    Russia will take care of this problem, for which I thank my dad.
    Now I’ll read your article

  162. Why do Americans hate Pupin?For the same reason Americans took Covid vaccines-propaganda. It is reported that the government ,primarily through HHS ,spent over one billion dollars in the mass media trying to convince Americans to get vaccinated, the government has probably spent that amount and more trying to persuade Americans that Putin is evil.

  163. As a group, Americans are a stupid people. They will hate whomever Jews running America tell them to hate – Savage Injuns, Confederates, Krauts, Japs, Gookes, Ragheads, Russians, Putin, etc.

  164. bispora says:

    “He’s as corrupt as anyone can be, and has started a war for no reason. ”
    That was a rather childish comment. I suppose you’d send the US presidents of the last thirty years to death row, too…

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  165. @John Johnson

    I love the pictures of the “judas on earth” Putin…
    At least the West fools no one with the contempt it has for the Russian people, unlike this Judas…
    Will Russia (and the world) survive his mistakes/treason?

  166. Anonymous[321] • Disclaimer says:
    @JR Foley

    Putin is evil ? – Compared to what? – The Clintons? – G.W. Bush? – Donald Trump? – Dumbass Biden?
    The only problem with Putin is that Russia has him and we have these arseholes.
    When Russia finally tells Israel to go pound salt – even at my old age – I’ll try to emigrate there.

  167. MSotil says:

    And why, the elephant in the room is never mentioned?
    You mention the media, the owners of the media, the oligarchs, the “western economists”, the wife of the perennially inebriated Yeltsin (the wife organized the auctions that gave away state assets to the designated-to-be oligarchs, while keeping the husband drunk and distracted), the Washington think tanks and the behind-the-scenes men and women who design US foreign policies. But nobody dares to mention that all those actors have something in common: their tribal affiliation.

  168. Curle says:

    “ it falsely represented the supremely pragmatic midwestern politician Lincoln as a crazed radical Yankee abolitionist, a shocking inversion of reality that still passes for fact in some circles today”

    You’ve got your order of lies, liars and fools reversed.

    Lincoln was exactly what Edgar Lee Masters said he was.

  169. Ham Saplo says:

    Putin is the one person they should have confidence in. If he says he is going to do something, you can guarantee he means it. What American politicians can you say that about?

  170. TKK says:

    A Wal Mart manager in Virginia shot and killed 7 co workers last night.

    … modern America. It is a nauseatingly self-righteous, callous, degenerate, morbidly obese, perverted, venal, warlike, drug-snorting, filthy p1g-wh0re of a country and I wholly support Putin in resisting it

    The demented and sneering hypocrisy in America is driving the common folk insane- clinically insane.

    Imagine if you were forced to do 2 years in an American prison for possession of cocaine. Raped, beaten, robbed and deemed a felon. Can’t get work afterwards. Still paying your court fines.

    Now imagine watching and reading about the FBI and Secret Service frantically cleaning up the drug mess of the President’s son – retrieving guns from dumpsters, hiding crack pipes – and not only is he not protected. He is given hundreds of millions of dollars in grifts and and foreign deals. He is free to live in Malibu and has tax payer funded guards.

    Imagine going to the Capital to protest fishy election results (when I went to bed, Trump was winning?!) and ending up with a federal felony.

    Then imagine watching feral disgusting blacks burn down entire blocks and mass steal from high end stores and the Speaker of the House kneels in their honor and no arrests follow.

    Let’s be clear: This is how most banana republics work. But it is the hypocrisy that people can’t bear. America as a shining beacon on a hillside? No- it’s a sewer, as stated above.

    Borrowed from Breaking Bad, this must be White’s new creed:

    I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  171. @EliteCommInc.

    This comment is in response to the claims regarding Germany doing nothing to the US in WWI.

    She Germany encouraged Mexico to go to war with the US and did so in writing.

    WWII did attack US shipping off the US coast. The treaty with Japan made Germany an enemy when Japan attacked Peal Harbor.


    That the US needlessly meddled in response to Russia meddling in Ukraine may be a legitimate issue. But it does not justify the invasion.

  172. Ron West says:

    The fact that a “famous rabbi” made such a statement means nothing. The jews still hate Putin . The jews “love” anyone who they think they can manipulate into following their agenda. The only thing jews really “love” is money and the power that money brings. Thats the only thing they really love, even more than other jews.

  173. “…Putin seized control of Russia’s greatest public asset –oil– and used it to raise standards of living across the board.”

    So was Cuban president Fidel Castro, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro (to name only a few). And so will any future nationalist leader who fails to turn the resources of his country over to Jews running Wall Street.

  174. How could anyone hate Putin? He clearly knows what he is doing.

    Russian conscripts dumped on the frontline without food and shot at by Russian army

    Note the mismatching uniforms and rubber boots.

    Russians of 1944 had better equipment.

  175. Corvinus says:

    Conservatives like Tucker Carlson have told you it’s your patriotic duty to ignore Vladimir Putin’s track record of poisoning political opponents, squelching liberties, and embracing oligarchic behavior. It’s not a suggestion. It’s a mandate. Anything less than support for Putin is treason.

  176. Corvinus says:

    “Maybe one out of ten or twenty Americans can think for themselves but even there most don’t have the knowledge base to put together a coherent analysis.“

    That’s pure anti-white rhetoric on your part. You’re claiming high IQ whites are low information people who are easily duped. Yet, all I hear in this fine opinion webzine is how whites overall are superior to other races and have created the most impressive of civilizations.

    So how are you right and others wrong? And what makes you the apparent exception to the rule as a white person who is able to make cogent analysis of situations? Do tell.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  177. Corvinus says:

    That’s what happens when people illegally enter a building and ignore police requests to leave. They get arrested and charged. It seems to me you’re having regret not going to DC and pulling a Kyle when asked by your friends to “stop the steal”, even though it’s been proven to be a big hoax. Even Stephen Miller said Trump lost fair and square.

    And remember, Russia’s own population, unfortunately, fits this description, yet you support their dictatorial, murderous, anti-white, oligarchic leader—It is a nauseatingly self-righteous, callous, degenerate, morbidly obese, perverted, venal, warlike, drug-snorting, filthy p1g-wh0re of a country.

    Hypocrisy has no bounds for you, does it.

    • Replies: @TKK
  178. I would not want to be a (((member or tribal affiliate of shadow dictators))) calling shots globally when the Woke have Awaken, their days of using fall guys (nation state, race, religion) to cover their tracks are over.

    When people now under Jewish global tyrannical rule finally awaken from WOKE Hell, there will be no where for this despicable parasite to run and hide or blame.

    We need to start building giant energy efficient and environmentally friendly incinerators to deal with the kosher carcass stockpiles soon to accumulate globally.

  179. Ron Dulo says:

    Hey, Mike ! yeah you Mike Whitney !
    What do you mean by “Americans” ?

    Just to make it clear -very clear- Americans are all of us who live in the American continent and islands (shit, even Canadians), not just in the messed up LGBTQRMWXYZ U.S. and we, the majority, do not hate Putin, Russia or any thing Russian, on the contrary, we would like to have more of Russia here -south of your southern border- the real America. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Ecuador, Paraguay, Cuba, El Salvador, Paraguay, Panama, Haiti, Republica Dominicana and a lot many more… Make a list of all American countries, look them up youselves, educate for a change.

    We know ignorance is bliss for the tiranical, militaristic, coward government YOU voted for and “The UNZ” does not help as long as headings like this one are being used, “Why Do Americans Hate Putin?” Stop it !

    Educate, study history, geography, WE (680,000,000) are the majority in the American continent, you only live in a piece of land that does not have a name… the united states… HA !

    and … are you not enjoying how the U.S. is going down, down, down.. down ?

    cause we are. 🙂

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  180. @Kevin Barrett

    I quit following Veterans Today after one of its principals, Gordon Duff, said a significant amount of what is published thereon is false and / or made up.

    The “Putin for President” though, is clever.

  181. @EliteCommInc.

    Since time out of mind countries have been encouraging third party countries to go to war against their enemies without that discovery being used as a rationale to make an immediate entry into an armed conflict. That the US should go to war against Germany for Germany’s encouraging Mexico to invade the US was, in fact, a flimsy excuse for the US to enter WWI. But Wilson was looking for an excuse to enter the war on the side of Great Britain, and he found it in the Zimmerman Telegram.

  182. anon[306] • Disclaimer says:

    Never underestimate the power of Western media in fanning hatred – for anything and anyone. In fact, that is their raison d’etre, to fan hatred. It’s the Jew ethos, they are born to hate.

    Why do they hate Putin? Same reason they hate the Iranian and Venezuelan “regimes”. Because of oil. They want Russia’s oil.

    Now that Iraq and Libya have fallen, of the top 10 countries with the highest oil reserves in the world, only 3 are still not under direct or indirect US control: Venezuela, Iran and Russia. And no surprise, we are constantly being told by our media that these 3 “regimes” are our mortal enemies. The globalists know that whoever controls the oil controls the world, esp. Europe and China, so they will start any war necessary to gain control of all the oil in the world so they can bring China the next gold mine to heel. Europe is already a goner.

    Jews see total world control as their divine rights. They are the Chosen people.

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Kinky Friedman
  183. @Corvinus

    That’s pure anti-white rhetoric on your part.

    You’ve taken a generalised statement about Americans having no reference whatever to race and alleged that it’s an attack on white people.

    You’re an agitator and a racist, and a white supremacist to boot.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  184. @Corvinus

    Conservatives like Tucker Carlson have told you it’s your patriotic duty to ignore Vladimir Putin’s track record of poisoning political opponents, squelching liberties, and embracing oligarchic behavior.

    Your attempts at misdirection and gaslighting are so ham-fisted, you’re just making this too easy.

    How about you remind us all how Putin “disappeared” the Skripals? I know, I know, they were last seen being taken into British custody after their alleged Novichok poisoning (strangely, a nerve agent proudly made in the UK, just down the road at Porton Downs) and haven’t been seen or heard from since – but surely you must agree Putin did it! Wasn’t that him running door to door rubbing Novichok on door knobs?

    We could go on (and on and on – you’re the gift that just keeps on giving) but some of us have to sleep.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  185. Z-man says:

    And that is the crux of the mater. The Jews that control the media and unfortunately our government (ZOG) hate Putin for one reason above all others. Those serpents hate him above all for reestablishing Christian Orthodoxy to Mother Russia because if it’s one thing the Jews hate more than anything, more than Putin, more than White Nationalism, more than losing Izrael, it is their eternal hatred for our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  186. gatobart says:

    Why…? Simple: For the same reason that slaves hate men who have choices and who can be picky about them.

  187. @Phibbs

    “ Why no mention that 90% of the oligarchs are Jews.”?

    As black comedian Dave Chapelle explained in his SNL opening, “if it’s blacks, it’s a gang, if it’s Italians, it’s the mafia, but if it’s Jews, it’s just a cohencident.”

    CQ lived in Hollywood at one time long ago, and I can attest to the fact that there are lots of Jews, fags and lesbian dykes and creepy peepooz there. Now, those same creepy peepooz are everywhere you go, it’s as if some form of cryptovirus parasite was released and infected half the population.

    (((GlobalHomo))) is real and it’s metastasizing faster than a speeding poleez car on a kosher donut run.

    • Agree: TKK
  188. @bispora

    That was a rather childish comment.

    Unfortunately, that’s the standard one might expect from the Quartermaster character.

    He emphatically asserts that Russia is the Communist USSR and is feverishly plotting and scheming to take over the world.

    Probably thinks he’s still in a foxhole somewhere in the Vietnamese jungle.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  189. @Ron Dulo

    About half the country hates Putin…..the liberal half that believes the lies of the jew media.

    The other half that ignore the jew media and get info from more truthful sources tend to side with Russia.

    The dividing line is in regards to who is getting jewed the most. Leftists have terminal jewbrain.

    And no, we didn’t vote for the jew run government… was imposed on our people.

    And yes, we certainly hope that this government is going down. But they just stole another election so they must still have a significant amount of power.

    As long as jewish donors can buy off both sides, nothing is going to change.

    • Agree: TKK
  190. Anonymous[207] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Why do americans hate putin because he is a half baked commie Period

    • Disagree: gatobart
  191. @John Johnson

    He is currently sending cruise missiles as Kiev. Are those missiles for Christ?

    They’re the cruise missiles that the corrupt Ukrainian “government” and its corrupt Western sponsor “governments” demanded and finally received, so ask them.

  192. @Phibbs

    Israelis are generally pro-Putin while Christians in Poland are not. Putin has always been careful to befriend Jewish oligarchs. His Christian beliefs are not even skin deep. Putin has been a bad business partner – he is greedy and doesn’t think long term. That’s probably the main reason Western oligarchs have turned on him and the Chinese have no respect for him. He actually just isn’t very bright.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  193. This is a great article and the question Mike Whitney asks is an important and interesting one: why do Americans hate Putin? The answer that Whitney proposes is that Americans hate Putin “because the media and the political class in Washington have told them to do so”, with the caveat that the “plutocrats behind-the-scenes” are the ones giving the marching orders to the media in order to fulfill their nefarious objectives.

    We here at TUR know fully well who these (((plutocrats))) are, don’t we, as many of the commenters here have already pointed out. We don’t need to belabor the point or accuse Whitney of not knowing who they really are: obviously he knows, but prefers to use these euphemisms to avoid the certain attacks he would have to endure if he were to explicitly name The Jew. We can’t blame him or call him paranoid for this.

    Besides answering the article’s question in the title itself, Whitney goes on to try to explain why Americans would follow the orders of the plutocrat-owned-media in the first place: it’s because “Americans are the most weak-minded, brainwashed sheeple on earth”. Well, since Putin is hated in other Western countries as well — “Putin is widely reviled in the US and across the west” — he is actually implying that the whole West is composed of gullible dimwits, almost in its entirety. I tend to concur and I think I found some supporting evidence:

    The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), an initiative of OECD, provides internationally comparable measures of three skills that are essential to processing information: literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving…

    In the literacy skills test, which was applied in 22 countries of the OECD, the highest level (“Level 5”), the following “Characteristics of literacy tasks” are described:

    At this level, tasks may require the respondent to search for and integrate information across multiple, dense texts; construct syntheses of similar and contrasting ideas or points of view; or evaluate evidenced based arguments. Application and evaluation of logical and conceptual models of ideas may be required to accomplish tasks. Evaluating reliability of evidentiary sources and selecting key information is frequently a key requirement. Tasks often require respondents to be aware of subtle, rhetorical cues and to make high-level inferences or use specialized background knowledge.

    And here is the shocker: what percentage of the population aged 16 to 65 was able to achieve this high level of literacy? Here is what the report says:

    1% of populations across OECD and 1% in Canada can successfully perform tasks at Level 5

    There you have it: only 1% of the population can evaluate evidence-based arguments! So how are they supposed to evaluate what the media is feeding them? They can’t! So they will accept whatever the (((media))) shoves down their gullible throats. Mercifully, here at Unz we are the 1%! Well, at least those of us who don’t hate Putin….

  194. Corvinus says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    “You’ve taken a generalised statement about Americans having no reference whatever to race”

    But white Americans do have thoughts and opinions about race. It’s just that Annoy completely mischaracterizes them as being low IQ types who lack any agency to think for themselves. That is a patently contradictory and anti-white statement. Why are you supporting hate against our people?

    “You’re an agitator”

    Like Woody Woodpecker?

    “and a racist, and a white supremacist to boot.”

    How can I be a white supremacist if I have been labeled a Jew, a Zionist, and a Hasbara troll by the fine unz commentariat? Are you saying that you know better than these posters?

    “Your attempts at misdirection and gaslighting are so ham-fisted, you’re just making this too easy.”

    I will admit, projection is your strong suit.

    “How about you remind us all how Putin “disappeared” the Skripals?”

    Do you deny that Putin invaded Ukraine under the guise of “removing Neo-Nazis”? Do you deny that several of his political opponents have mysteriously fallen ill under his reign? Do you deny that he was once an integral part of the Russian Deep State? Do you deny that he has financially reaped the benefits by granting certain economic privileges to Russian oligarchs? Do you deny that he has conscripted Russian men into the military? Do you deny that he has put down dissent by the Russian people who oppose his policies in Ukraine?

    Lucy, you’s has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  195. @Phibbs

    I’m amazed to see people of the USA complain so much about the Jews. Yeah, yeah, they are the blame for everything. The true sleeping (or awake) American citecenz are the victimizers, pure innocence. The Worlds Is the victim, but you (the United State) are the victimizers. Do something…stop crying and being slave of the Jews.

    • LOL: Rurik
  196. HT says:

    It is the media. Period. That is the reason Americans think Mandela is wonderful and Putin is evil.` And yes of course that flows from the Wirepullers that Putin is the fly in the ointment who has not embraced the globalist agenda. He wants a sovereign Russia. Average Americans should be cheering on Putin.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  197. “Since time out of mind countries have been encouraging third party countries to go to war against their enemies without that discovery being used as a rationale to make an immediate entry into an armed conflict. That the US should go to war against Germany for Germany’s encouraging Mexico to invade the US was, in fact, a flimsy excuse for the US to enter WWI. But Wilson was looking for an excuse to enter the war on the side of Great Britain, and he found it in the Zimmerman Telegram.”

    That and the issues regarding shipping, was a bridge too far. Was Pres. and the US looking for an excuse, I think so. And the Zimmerman, memorandum was a smoking gun.


    If Russia had any evidence that the the western states were encouraging Ukraine to go to war against Russia . . . I would have to lean in Russia’s direction. But the invasion based on the rationale’s provided By Pres Putin, the kremlin, here and UNZ and at The American Conservative do not hold water, not a drop.

    And I further reject the premise that anyone who disagrees with Russia’s invasion hates Russians. I am deeply sadedened by Russia’s choice — totally unnecessary and will only serve to make Russia more vulnerable regardless of outcome. And that that will only fuel Russia’s paranoia about the west requiring further seizing of territory . . . .

    in the real or as an excuse to remake Russia into a early 20th Century great power again.

  198. Marcion says:
    @Jefferson Temple

    The neocon trolls will never have your described moment of lucidity.

    Neocons and neolibs function only to gain and maintain power using every tool available and then some. They have not even the slightest compunction to be decent or objective. Largely successful anti-Russia propaganda campaigns (in the West) mean that they continue with their building of big lie narratives. The neocons are winning, but only in part of the world, and that makes them more dangerous and crazy than they already are.

    • Agree: Jefferson Temple
  199. @Fin of a Cobra

    I work (in Austfailia, the land where neurons go to die)in a setting where you get to meet lots of ‘ordinary’ people. Not one in a hundred knows ANYTHING but that which the uniformly villainous Rightwing MSM tells them. People with any interest in politics and the reality of the world are feared and avoided as if they have the plague. Which is why anthropogenic climate destabilisation denial is a cult here. The worst are the Dunning-Krugerites who take an interest in things, but are thoroughly brainwashed by the Murdoch cancer and its like, and are too stupid and ignorant to know that they have been dudded. And they resort to anger and menace VERY readily when their stupidity is pointed out.

  200. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Not in a foxhole-waterboarding some patriotic Vietnamese woman before murdering her, setting fire to a village after massacring the peasants, or dropping napalm on villagers from his bomber, more like.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
  201. Thirdtwin says:
    @John Johnson

    “Putin has a disease…”

    Sure he does, fella. What disease is it this month?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  202. Wokechoke says:
    @Mr. Anon

    you certainly don’t have to think a leader is nice.

    The Russians are going to claim Crimea and the Azov anyway you slice it.

  203. Just before JFK’s assassination and before the Cuban Missile Crisis, you were taught to hate Russia while being forced to take cover under school desks for nuclear attack drills. Fear was drilled into you early and it took years to remedy.
    The endless brainwashing ended when you later realized it was your own country that represented “Life, Liberty and Happiness” that developed and dropped the first nuclear bombs on two human populated cities.

    If they can incinerate humans instantly, just image what they’ve planned for your kids, the next generation of BLM/Antifa/MEChA/CAIR/SPLC/JDL, ad infinitum…..

  204. Anon[232] • Disclaimer says:

    “Why Do Americans Hate Putin?”

    Because those who do hate Putin depend on MSM to tell them what to think and how to act, and we know who owns MSM, at home and beyond.

  205. dms578 says:

    i have listened to his speeches, read his interviews and was mesmerized by the phone in where he sat for hours answering questions from citizenry. I could not be more impressed. Even if this had not been the case I would have commenced doing so when the ukraine invasion occurred before forming an opinion.
    he is a remarkable man and i think he has led his country through a successful transition from the dire circumstances which existed after the fall of the iron curtain. It is crystal clear this entire fiasco is a provocation by the west to prevent the emergence of a sphere of influence and power in that region which would end the hegemony of the US. I am disgusted with this country and ashamed at our behavior. I had looked forward after ’89 to a world transformed after years of living in abject terror of the cold war only to find a thorough unwillingness on the part of our deep state to accept this outcome. I also admire professor Dugin who is equally and unfairly vilified by the same actors. One may not necessarily agree with all his theories and conclusions but the assault on his character has been disgraceful. More frightened today of catastrophe than through the 50 to late 80s.

    • Thanks: Etruscan Film Star
  206. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    Thank you for this. While Ukraine is obviously in the globohomo camp, Putin is no Prester John. Too many (such as Anglin, Wiles, Tucker) are blind to his support of Chabad, Judaism, Islam, multikult, etc.

  207. TKK says:

    Sorry- but your response makes no sense.

    If you are stating that the January 6th protestors are criminals, but the BLM thugs are not – you are a fool, a freak, a fop, a fiend and have gone full retard.

    Go back to being the Emperor of Crazy Town. Your residents miss you.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Corvinus
  208. “ What does democracy or authoritarian state mean for these international hyenas? They don’t care. They are interested only in one thing: are you willing to be plundered? Yes or No? Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process? Yes or No? And when a democracy is stupid enough, then it is good. And when an authoritarian state declares: No. You will not plunder our people any longer! Then it is bad.”

    Adolf Hitler

    Nothing much changes even after so much bloodshed in the last 118 years. The irony is that the one country that was used by the cabal to defeat Hitler is now being targeted by the same cabal for destruction. This only proves that no matter how hard the cabal spins its worldwide spider web to ensnare the world into total subjugation and slavery, someone, somewhere will foul their plans. Call it divine justice or karma, their boundless greed and lust for power and control will set them on a collision course with the Russia-China alliance, a bite that is far more than they can chew.

    • Agree: Rurik
    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  209. @Phibbs

    “There’s no such thing as an American Jew. All Jews in America are Israelis first, second and third.”

    Chaim Weizmann, the Russian-born chemist who headed the world Zionist movement through both world wars and became Israel’s first president said it very clearly.

    “There are no English, French, German or American Jews,” opined Weizmann, “but only Jews living in England, France, Germany or America.”

  210. @TKK

    Ignore Corvanus and Small Johnson.

    Engaging with a fool is a wasted effort.

    • Thanks: TKK
  211. awry says:

    He didn’t start it for “no reason at all”, he had his back against the wall, as the US deep state, after getting rid of Trump was ready to “deal with” Russia. But he was probably completely misguided about the state of his army and the willingness of the West to support Ukraine at any cost.

  212. @meamjojo

    Everything Americans know about Putin they read in the media.

    This statement operates under the assumption that Americans read. My guess is that the number of Americans who have read at least three books in their adult lives is not likely to be more than ten per cent of the population, perhaps even lower. Magazines? Newspapers? To quote state senator Clay Davis in The Wire: “Sheee-it!”

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  213. @FKA Max

    “ The former, Russians and most Orthodox countries have an extremely (unjustifiably) high opinion of themselves and their culture/civilization,”

    I wonder if you have read literary Russian marvels by Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Gorky or heard the music of Tchaikovsky or Mussorgsky. Contrast that kind of cultural heritage with the best that America has offered the boomers, such as Hollyweird, Disney and Bob Dylan aka Zimmerman and you realize that high opinion of Russian culture is not restricted to Russians only.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @FKA Max
  214. @John Johnson

    Sure John.
    Those Ukrops are pretty good actors, eh?

    • Replies: @Marcion
  215. @Quartermaster

    Quarter-ass is stuck forever in a ‘Groundhog Day’ loop.

  216. Putin is hated so, because he reveals all that what the Collective Waste is not.

  217. @Thirdtwin

    “Putin has a disease…”

    Sure he does, fella. What disease is it this month?

    Probably multiple diseases. Parkinson’s at least.

    He grips tables during interviews and now there is a picture of him with track marks from an IV

    • Disagree: gatobart
  218. Putin took a country that was flat on its back and about to be carved up by the Globalists like slaughtered steer. He stood that country back on its feet and made it into a world power again, second to none! Of course his people love him. He has (ignored by the western media) clearly explained why he ordered the invasion of the Ukraine. Had an openly hostile power set up a puppet government in Mexico, began propagandizing the Mexicans with Globo-Homo propaganda and built germ warfare labs inside the nation with no clearly stated legitimate reason, the US government would have invaded Mexico exactly as Russia has invaded the Ukraine. The US leadership has double crossed numerous Foreign nations. No one but brainwashed US citizens believe them anymore. Look at Quadaffi, he destroyed his weapons of mass destruction. A few months later a CIA backed coup ousted him from power and he was lynched after having a bayonet shoved up his rectum. Given this history it is no wonder tha Kim Jong Il fast tracked the development of Nuclear weapons and ICBMs. Only thoughtless idiots fall in line with Putin hatred. This is just an Orwellian “7 minute hate” organized by Big Brother to demonize the most effective player on a rival team.

  219. @anastasia

    You can tell what kind of person Putin is by what he says, by the words he uses.

    Disagree. Talk is cheap. Listen to the US politicians: until very recently they used to say nice things, but the US foreign policy ever since the checks and balances (the USSR) disappeared was pure banditry. Today the internal policies become banditry, too. Just look at the “investigation” of Jan 6 non-event, where the only violence was a government thug murdering an unarmed woman (a military veteran, as it turned out, unlike that government murderer). The bastard wasn’t even investigated, whereas people who were guilty of trespassing (maximum) are in jail for more than a year. So, words mean nothing, actions do.

    He’s a pretty decent man.

    I’d say spontaneous unscripted behavior reveals the nature of a person. When he visited Palestine, the cap of one of Palestinian honorary guards fell off as Putin was passing him. Putin picked up the cap and put it back on guard’s head. Western media never told this story, but the rest of the world learned about it. This action clearly shows normalcy and decency.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Sollipsist
  220. borris says:
    @John Johnson


    Someone has to put a sock in your mouth

    it was Putin that sacrificed over 100k Russian men to keep a bunch of mountain Muslims from leaving.

    The mountain men are less Muslims and more proud Russian. They dont strictly follow Islam. Alcohol, no dietry constraints, marriages with non Muslims (yes Muslims marry in other religions too).
    Whoever is providing you the crap about history. He/she needs to be fired.

    Listen one more time. The Mountain men Bulgar) or Muslims came from Bulgaria and settled along Volga river. Some North Macedonians. In 8th century Bulgar converted to to Muslim without any war. Some moved to Crimea, Odessa, Kazan areas.

    Fools like you should go to Sankt Petersburg and see all those buildings and museums built by these MUSLIMS.

    You have hard time distinguishing between ethnicity and and religion. For instance whites, blacks, Latins, Chinese and Muslims

    • Replies: @cohen
  221. Seraphim says:

    They want Russian petrol, and gas, and minerals, and wheat for free.

    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
    , @Harold Smith
  222. coco says:
    @John Johnson

    You really need to up your meds,, amigo. Putin is the only adult in the room in this nato kindergarten fuster-cluck. US has not had a war on its soil since 1865 while Russia has bled incessantly. Look again, brother. He is showing marvelous restraint not turning our entire eastern seaboard into green glass with his hypersonic arsenal.

  223. borris says:
    @John Johnson


    What happens when your boy Putin’s soldiers walk into Kiev as victors in few months. Keep an eye on activities on Belarus borders

  224. I completely agree with Whitney’s points. My only criticism is that anyone who has been paying attention knew them already.

  225. Notsofast says:
    @John Johnson

    with ukraine plunged back into the dark ages and 700,000 russian troops on the borders, all the west has left, are idiot trolls whispering cancer rumors. how the mighty have fallen.

  226. @Smashed Squash

    Soviet subversion in the US came far too little and too late to help Jews do anything in America. The USSR did nor exist when The Fed was created, for example.

  227. Wokechoke says:

    I’m pretty sure he saw a chance to cap a white bitch and took his chance.

  228. “Judeo-Christian” Anglo-America suffers from anthropophobia because it is not a people.
    Because Jewmericans are not a people they are trying to weaken, split and destroy homogenous people (unity), because it is too painful for them to watch their own disunity besides. (America’s base is murder and theft). It is a deep feeling of not belonging, of inferiority, of inequality, schizophrenic splits etc. Hence the incredible greed in everything. Better to disturb everyone else instead of having a look in the mirror – staying home and baking in yourself. Giving the world Anglo-American “Exceptionalism” (war, exploitation and hatred) is nothing but inferiority. That is why the cuckers go beserk in every war and when- and wherever they get hold of a country. I know what “America” did in my country and how Germany is falling apart thanks to the Anglo-America’s Judeo-Christian crimes to this very day!


    So, I am a hater too… I wish the Judeo-Christian Anglo-Americas total nuclear destruction. “God bless you” (with total destruction – your very own present to the world).
    “Meanwhile back in Russia” – with or without “Putin”; peoples with roots, spirit and cultural dignity:

  229. @anon

    Jews indeed do, but so do Anglo-Saxons. Hence the marriage that gave us the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

  230. Wokechoke says:
    @Passing By

    He’s related to Amshel Rothschild and the Sebag’s were also big Jewish bankers too.

  231. Seraphim says:

    The sacrilegious attack on the Gate Church of the Trinity at the Pecerska Lavra and persecution of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine are profoundly symbolic. It reveals the profound reasons of the hatred of Russia. It is the continuation of the war that the ‘Abrahamic religions’ (anti-Trinitarian Judaism and its spawns Islam, Unitarian ‘Protestantism’ and Satanic ‘paganism’) wage for centuries against the worshipers of the Holy Trinity (Christian ‘Rome’/’Byzance’ and its rightful successors, Russia and Orthodox countries.
    They hate Putin because they hate Russia. They hate Russia because they hate the Church, they hate the Church because they hate Christ (”If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first”).

  232. Avery says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Effing British scum.

    Did this whore ask her own government “Mr. Blair, will you guarantee unconditionally that you will not invade Iraq…..and kill and murder 100s, 1,000s innocent Iraqi civilians…will you, Sir

    Putin should have told this whore “Go F_____ yourself. When you British Imperialists atone for the crimes of invading half the world and looting, stealing, killing, murdering……peoples in every corner of the world, then you can come and ask me that question. Your late Queen knighted the war criminal Blair. Don’t come here and embarrass yourself by lecturing us from an assumed position of moral superiority. You British Imperialists are criminal scum. F______ Off, Bitch”.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  233. @Seraphim

    They want Russian petrol, and gas, and minerals, and wheat for free.

    You hit the nail on the head. From the old days of the British Empire Western economic development was based on robbing other people and looting the territories where they live. It’s unsustainable otherwise. The West is running out of places to plunder. Russia has lots of resources. Western thieves stole quite a bit in the 1990s, but a lot more remained. Putin put an end to this wanton plunder. Naturally, the thieves are seething. They hate his guts even more because without continuing robbery their economic system is doomed.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  234. Avery says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Effing idiot scum.

    These SorosaBrainwashed filth are anti-Armenian cockroaches.
    They are enemy agents.

    These filth are responsible for the deaths of 1,000 Armenian soldiers in September 2020 attack on Artsakh and Armenia by Turks of Azerbaijan+Turkey+MI6/BP+ Israel.

    What a tragedy this virus has taken root in my ancestral homeland.
    God help us.

  235. JamesinNM says:

    Khazars, not Jews

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  236. Nat x says:

    Why do yt luvs dem a dictator so much, dats wat needs to be axed!

  237. Thirdtwin says:
    @John Johnson

    “He grips tables during interviews…”

    You’re grasping at straws, doctor.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  238. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Joe Levantine

    Of course, Russia has made important civilizational contributions over the past centuries, but nothing compared to the “big four” (Britain, France, Germany and Italy (in that order, see book excerpt/screenshot below)). By the way, I just discussed Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950 and some of the possible/probable causes of why the “big four” outperform(ed) and tower(ed) above everyone else over the last 500+ years, here:
    Plus, Communism (Lenin/Stalin, et al.) and then Kleptocracy (Yeltsin/Putin, et al.) have done a real number on Russia and Russians (brain drains, gulags, etc.) over the last 100+ years especially, which has turned Russia perhaps permanently into a civilizational backwater, unless things change there (politically, etc.) for the better, and drastically so.

  239. @Seraphim

    On the contrary (((they))) do what (((they))) do because (((they))) are evil; it has nothing to do with Russian resources.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  240. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    We can debate whether or not Putin is good for Russia. We can debate the extent to which he is beholden to the interests of Jewish oligarchs. Those are valid questions and concerns. I doubt that anyone would ever schill for Putin 100%.

    All of that is irrelevant though. Putin is a symbol of Russia, and an avatar of the Russian people and Russian culture. To that extent, all of the hatred directed against him is directed towards Russian people and Russian culture. When someone takes the side of Russia, they are not approving of all of Putin’s actions. They are responding to the larger strategic goal of subverting and destroying Russia.

    During the 1980s, there was a lot of criticism about the Soviet Union and how bad it was. Russians took the bait and fell for the West’s deceit. The result? Their economy was shattered and plundered, the people impoverished, women trafficked and forced into prostitution in large numbers, huge inflation and unemployment, drug use, alcoholism, etc.

    When Bolshevisk (i.e. Jewish) activists stirred up anger (or tried to stir up anger) against the Tsar prior to the 1917 revolution, promising something better, some Russians fell for it. The result? Millions of Russians were murdered, their lives destroyed. Yes, I know that the Revolution was carred out by Bolshevik Jews who were introduced by Germany AFTER the Tsar resigned and that they overthrew a provisional government, not the monarchy. My point still stands.

    Do you think the criticism of Russia’s government and leadership this time around is well-intentioned? Do you think that if Russia’s government is overthrown (again), the end-result is gonna be good for the Russian people? Of course not. Russia will be destroyed again (for the umpteenth time), and we know what the final outcome will be. More misery, poverty, humiliation, and despair.

    Maybe Russia needs reform. Maybe they need to replace Putin. But Russians will do this on their own terms, gradually and in a manner that ensures their well-being. Not to fulfill the nefarious goals of Western and Jewish agents. Just as China transitioned into the Reform and Opening Up period, so Russia can decide to transition to something better.

    So please try to see the bigger picture.

  241. anon[471] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    suggest you list in comparative form one for one Putin controlled Russia to Biden controlled America.
    I think you will find the American people are very similar to the Russian people.
    The Variance will likely be topside.

  242. FKA Max says: • Website

    Orthodoxy was a driving force behind illiteracy, serfdom and feudalism in Eastern Europe so it’s definitely hilarious seeing people who know nothing about Eastern Europe praise it.

    Absolutely, and in the past the Orthodx Church wasn’t too concerned about banning cousin marriage (which is highly dysgenic) either, details here:

    The West won out when cousins stopped kissing
    An obsession with incest cleared a path for independent thought.

    At the same time, the Constantinople-based Eastern Orthodox Church was less concerned with incest and policing rules relating to cousins marrying.

    To test their theory, the researchers built a database calculating the spread of influence of the Western and Eastern churches in every country of the world, and more finely in 440 regions of Europe.

    They then tallied this data with Vatican records of cousin-cousin marriages, and findings from a range of previous tests comparing 24 different psychological characteristics and behaviours across countries and regions.

    Their results showed a clear correlation between the length of time that the Western Church had been active in a geographic region, the decline of kinship structures, and the prevalence of characteristics such as analytical thinking, independence and individualism. or

  243. Corvinus says:

    People who engage in illegal activity, regardless if it’s BLM protestors or January 6 protestors, results in getting you put into jail = makes no sense to you?

    Wow, just wow.

    And, no, the 2020 election was not “fishy “. Even Stephen Miller acknowledged Trump lost. He simply didn’t have the support.

  244. JWalters says:
    @Priss Factor


    I would add that focusing on Putin is a deception tactic. Putin is not a dictator; the Russian government is a very collaborative process. The Duma plays an active role, and there is an executive committee which Putin chairs.

    But it’s easier to rile up hate against a single person than a faceless committee. So the Jewish Mafia’s media promotes the myth that Putin is a dictator so they can have a single face at which to direct the hate.

    Another lie in their collection of lies.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Thanks: 36 ulster
  245. @AnonfromTN

    You hit the nail on the head.

    No he didn’t. If that was the case (((they))) would have backed off by now because it’s abundantly clear that their economic, political and military war against Russia has not only failed but backfired. If (((they))) keep escalating they’re risking everything from breaking up NATO and destabilizing their European client governments to nuclear war.

    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  246. JWalters says:
    @Harold Smith

    How about a combination of the two factors in different roles? If Russia had no resources the Jewish Mafia wouldn’t be interested in it. But it does have rich resources, and the Jewish Mafia’s evil nature determines their approach to those resources.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  247. @John Johnson

    He grips tables during interviews and now there is a picture of him with track marks from an IV

    … while you grip your Johnson as you craft vexatious posts for the Unz Review forums.

    BTW, we really don’t want to see your track marks.

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  248. Corvinus says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    “Your attempts at misdirection and gaslighting are so ham-fisted, you’re just making this too easy.”

    You’re deflecting again. What I’m saying about Putin is accurate. So rather than address it, you pull this stunt.

    “How about you remind us all how Putin “disappeared” the Skripals?”

    It’s his handiwork. Are you really that much in denial?

  249. ariadna says:

    That’s a lie. A dumb one. Were you in a hurry?.

  250. Joe Wong says:
    @John Johnson

    Can’t you tell it was Ukrainian, not Russian?

  251. Rogue says:

    Indeed, the very question of why do Americans, or Westerners in general, support stuff like globohomo, sexual degeneracy and the seeming abandonment of common sense etc, or an alternative question of why is Zelensky a hero but Putin an utter villain is, of course, all down to the Western MSM.

    So for the same reasons that the rest of the World don’t see these things quite the same way, is because they’re not getting most of their info through the Western MSM prism.

  252. @Avery

    My estimation of QE2 fell sharply when she knighted Blair. The Brits should bring back drawing and quartering just for Sir Tony.

  253. cohen says:

    This guy JOJO has no clue what he is talking about. He throws some stuff from google to impress some invisible audience.
    The real mountain men not from Chennai. He probably never heard the south eastern region of Russia next to Mongolia or the region where Lake Biakal is located. The most famous lake in the world. Chinese Tourist are banned because of their lack of concern for environment.

    JOJO does not know such interesting items.

  254. Mike Tre says:

    John Johnson is likely yet another fake white authentic Hindu troll that seems to receive sexual pleasure in saying mentally retarded things in the comments here at Unz.

    Instead of censoring people who make comments that contradict Unz’s endorsement of the lethality of the sacred, oops I mean dreaded kovid 19, maybe he should police up the obvious Hindu’s who seem to think this place is a gas station kwickie mart.

  255. Fred777 says:
    @John Johnson

    Putin does 2+ hour Q&A sessions with foreign and domestic media.

    Joe has the Easter Bunny lead him away when an unscripted question gets within earshot.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  256. @JWalters

    I don’t see it that way. If anything I would compare “Russian resources” to the cash being carried by a victim of a serial killer. After the serial killer rapes and kills the victim, it’s only logical that he takes any money she was carrying, right?

  257. Rogue says:

    Do you deny that Putin invaded Ukraine under the guise of “removing Neo-Nazis”

    Was not his primary reason for this war. The attacks on Donetsk and Luhansk by Ukrainian forces, and the deliberate ignoring of the Minsk agreements by the Zelensky regime were. However, Neo-Nazis do exist in Ukraine and are an integral part of the Ukrainian army.

    Do you deny that several of his political opponents have mysteriously fallen ill under his reign

    Poisoned by Russia – or poisoned by other actors in false flag operations? False flags are not unheard of when used by several countries murky intelligence services (CIA especially).

    Do you deny that he was once an integral part of the Russian Deep State

    No, if you mean he was once a senior member of the KGB/FSB. And?

    Do you deny that he has financially reaped the benefits by granting certain economic privileges to Russian oligarchs

    Wouldn’t know the details of that, except to say that he didn’t create the oligarchs or the conditions for the oligarchs to thrive in. That was Yeltsin’s baby. What Putin did was to put the oligarchs in their place and get rid of a few of them.

    Do you deny that he has conscripted Russian men into the military

    He has?? The head of state is conscripting men into the military during wartime? Quick! Quick! Pass me my smelling salts…

    Do you deny that he has put down dissent by the Russian people who oppose his policies in Ukraine

    Whilst I don’t agree with Putin doing this, suffice to say that this is hardly just a Russian thing (Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill being 2 well known individuals who did the very same thing). Apart from which, freedom of speech is rapidly shrinking in the “free” West for people who oppose sexual degeneracy and the attack on normalcy.

  258. Love the video of “Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin” he is quite the man.


    I go hard like Vladimir Putin
    Go hard like Vladimir Putin
    I go hard like Vladimir Putin
    Go hard like Vladimir Putin
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    Go hard like Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin – 4 times

    [1 verse:]
    N***as don’t know what I put in
    Instead they be out here hating
    That dem bwoy dem now dem a run ting
    Coz I go hard like Vladimir Putin

    I’m talking that talk and I’m walking that walk
    N***a got green like incredible hulk
    You talking that talk but not walking the walk
    Like a Muslim outchea eating that pork

    Looking at ma Audemars
    Now it’s time to turn up here
    Put in work like Vladimir
    Yeah I’m the hardset here


    [2 verse:]
    Ok then, let the maniac spit then!
    These motherf***ers puppets like sesame
    I see them, I seize them

    I don’t want to take em to Guantanamo bay
    Torcher b*t*h N***a should have stayed in your f***in lane

    Get money I’m bossed up
    Hit the club I turn up
    N***a talk sh*t get f***ed up
    Goons in your face you messed up, Ahhh!


  259. @Fin of a Cobra

    At this level, tasks may require the respondent to search for and integrate information across multiple, dense texts; construct syntheses of similar and contrasting ideas or points of view; or evaluate evidenced based arguments. Application and evaluation of logical and conceptual models of ideas may be required to accomplish tasks. Evaluating reliability of evidentiary sources and selecting key information is frequently a key requirement. Tasks often require respondents to be aware of subtle, rhetorical cues and to make high-level inferences or use specialized background knowledge.

    I don’t know whether I would qualify as a “Level 5,” but if this kind of thick academic babble is how L5s write they leave the world intellectually poorer than they found it.

  260. Marcion says:

    Good enough to excite Neocon John.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  261. Seraphim says:

    The ”Russian Primary Chronicle (Povest’ Vremennyh Let)” calls them ‘Jewish Khazars’. Like ‘Russian Jews’, or ‘Jewish Russians’. Are they Russian or Jews?

  262. anon[411] • Disclaimer says:

    ” You probably didn’t know that the demonizing of Putin can be traced back to a precise time and place. . .When Kemp and Edwards returned from Moscow they published an article titled ‘Russia’s Wrong Direction’ (March 2006)”

    Nah, it traces back to a time before that when the Russkies hauled former head of Yukos Oil, M. Khodorkovsky, off an air plane protesting that he was an agent of the Rothchilds, and then put him in jail for money laundering, embezzlement and tax evasion. From that moment on you could see the slow turn away from Putin as golden boy – first in the British press and then in the American – to the “Dictator Putin” we know and love today. The March 2006 article was just the culmination of that turn.

    • Agree: Rurik
    • Replies: @Seraphim
  263. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Passing By

    I don’t think you know nearly enough about Orthodox “geno-story” and “geno-graphy” and the resulting negative, dysgenic “geno-political” consequences of it

    FYI, Russia, the heartland of Orthodox Civilization, is, per capita, among the most and in absolute terms (even more than Israel) the most genetically/ethnically-Jewish (for details why this is a bad thing, see my “Ashkepathy” research) country in the world:

    Hungary’s Secret: New Study by MyHeritage Reveals that Hungary Has the World’s Second Largest Percentage of Population with Jewish Ancestry

    Additional Countries
    In Russia, the study revealed results similar to those in Hungary, with many more people having Jewish ethnicity than expected by demographers. 7.5% of the 5,266 DNA test-takers living in Russia had Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity of 25% or more, making it the country with the third-largest percentage of Jewish ethnicity in the world, after Israel and Hungary. The larger size of Russia’s population (about 144 million) means that, in absolute numbers, the number of people with Jewish ethnicity there is very substantial.

  264. @John Johnson

    But I was told that elections are unhackable, the voting machines are infallible, that the character of the officers counting the votes is impeccable and no one can interfere in American elections; and anyone questioning their sanctity and inviolability deserves compulsory vaccination.

    BTW, all those who cry, “Russia interfered in our elections” never tell you precisely how VVP interfered. They usually fumble, or shout back at you furiously. Some brave souls mumble, “He hacked the DNC server and gave the mails to Assange”; then my next question is, “Then what happened?” “Well, Assange published those emails, and Hillary Clinton lost elections. Then I ask, “Is it so? Just exactly what were in those mails that made people vote against Hillary Clinton?”. The usual response is staring vacantly and trying to recall. They usually recall nothing. Because they were told nothing.

  265. @Dieboomerdie

    …and you know exactly WHAT about Eastern Europe? Mr. Jacksnipe Dinglewitz.

  266. @FKA Max

    There was more creative energy in late 19th Century and early 20th Century Russia (before the multitudinous horrors of the Khazarian Bolsheviks) than is dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio. Need I name names? Russia, then the largest food producer in the world, saw massive starvation during the early 30’s Holodomor.

    The Bolsheviks managed to “liquidate” most of Russia’s creative and engineering classes during the early part of their reign…that is, the ones whom they considered as “mere Goys. But there is something in the Russian soul that bred a new generation and then yet another of genius.

    Personally, I utterly detest graphs and charts, which reduce life to a bunch of lines. There is something dehumanizing about those who employ them, particularly to “prove” political, cultural and historical points.

    You, Sir, are an unmitigated fraud.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  267. @FKA Max

    Some proportion of DNA which is also common to Khazarian Yids does not make Russia a “Jewish ethnicity” country.

    The Khazarians were not a discrete folk in the first place. Their Ugrian rootstock was early on combined with DNA from Armenians; Caucasian mountains nations and tribes of many varieties; pre-Turkish invasion and conquest Anatolians; Persians; Pechnegs ; various Turkic tribes and numerous other strait.

    Oh, and there’s also a tiny admixture of DNA from the ancient Hebrews, most of that being from the priestly Levite clans.

    • Agree: Passing By
    • Replies: @FKA Max
  268. Mynona says:

    Bulls eye on jew venom!
    The atavistic hate of Russia by the ashkenazim jews is the real reason zombified americans “hate” Russia/Vladimir Putin . The war in Ukraine is not a war between the west and Russia – it is a war between the zionist jews and Russia. At issue is ending of the jew run anglozionist empire. Russia is at the forefront of this battle and Russia shall win, since 85% of the world is with Russia. Slava Russia!

  269. anon[486] • Disclaimer says:

    @Joe Paluka #15

    “We tried to set him straight on a few subjects, but he’s so brainwashed he kept on and on until he nearly had a stroke (he’s almost 80). I saw him a couple of days later and he went straight into Putin again, I let him drone on for a few minutes and then subtly changed the subject. As long as you keep him away from the subjects of covid and Putin, he’s otherwise an OK human being. ”

    Have you ever dealt with somebody who has been implanted with a post-hypnotic suggestion? They’re just like that. Everything’s fine until you step on the wrong button. Then there’s nothing you can do for it.

  270. Anon001 says:
    @Passing By

    What protest and idiots in Serbia against Russia, unless paid NGO/NATO/XYZ agents, etc? Recent pools are clear that more than 80% of the all Serbs are against NATO, EU, etc. Percent is probably 95% if one would count only ethnic Serbs and not all citizens.

    Besides, wasn’t Serbia occupied/colonized in 2000 by the West with Putin’s help? Haven’t you read the transcripts of the phone call from Billy to Putin just before the coup d’état started? Putin/Kremlin have no right to complain for any of those “protests”, as he allowed all of those countries to be captured by his beloved Western “partners” – Serbia, Armenia, Ukraine, etc. The only country that has survived is Belarus, and only because they have a strong leader and not because Putin protected them, quite a contrary. One of those recent organized protests against Luka were financed by Putin’s oligarchs.

    Putin betrayed everyone, starting with all Orthodox Christian countries – true friends and true partners of Russia! Here’s what Putin has accomplished in the last 22+ years [1]. While there, look up all my other comments under that PCR’s article.

    P.S. Are you one of those godless “intellectuals” that know “better” than regular Serbs, and also worship the West, as “civilized” and “advanced”? Also, have you had a chance to read my points to you [2] to help rid yourself of Vatican/Austrian/German/Greek historical lies and forgeries?

    [1] Comment #19 under When It Comes to Conducting a War, the Kremlin Has Proven Its Incompetence by PCR – The Unz Review

    [2] Comment # 445 under Why Do THESE People Hate Us? – The Unz Review

    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Passing By
  271. @EliteCommInc.

    This is beyond ridiculous.

    At the time US troops were routinely entering Mexico at will, without the Maxicans being able to do much about it.

    But then there is no such thing as a bad excuse.

  272. Pastit says:

    They hate Putin because the Jews running the country have brainwashed the masses into believing Putin is some sort of monster, and Russians are our eternal enemies. The Jews have always hated the Russian people, and it continues to this day. I have know many Russians over the years and all have been ok people.

  273. Seraphim says:

    It is a common psychological reaction to hate the people who tells you the truth about yourself. Even more the ones who prove you wrong. People hate people they are afraid of.

  274. @FKA Max

    Any fool that speaks of the Big Four, all White and Western, and leaves out China and India is a ……… unworthy of respect.

  275. @Thirdtwin

    JoJo just grips himself, repeatedly.

  276. meamjojo says:

    Well this statement certainly applies to the average UNZ poster here.

  277. This is the simplest but most thought provoking article written on US Russia relations written. The comments are tremendously insightful. Tremendous forces are out to destroy Russia. America, Anglo, Zionist, EU have conducted thousands of acts of war against Russia. No sane reason for it. The mentality of Western Imperialism which led to the extermination of native populations and African slavery is alive and well. The population is confused by media like a crowd at the Salem witch trials. US foreign policy has taken the World to war. As Madeline Albright said only America has the right to rule, we are the indispensable exceptional people. We have the moral obligation to color revolution any leader who aspires for sovereignty. As Madeleine said killing a million Russian Ukrainians is Worth the price. Putin is like Tecumseh or Siting Bull, American treaties are broken again. Europe was at peace until we decided to expand NATO and overthrow Ukrainian Democracy. There is no rational reason for this war, our only justification is Putin.

  278. meamjojo says:

    Any Russian spies here? Looking for a 2nd income? Apply to the USA CIA.
    “We’re Open for Business”: CIA Aims To Recruit Spies Among Russians Opposed To Ukraine War
    David Marlowe told an academic audience that the invasion of Ukraine has been a massive failure for Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    November 24, 2022 8:44 am IST

    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the principal foreign intelligence and counterintelligence agency of the US government, has made a proposition to the Russians who are not happy with Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Making a pitch to potential spies and agents, David Marlowe, the agency’s deputy director of operations, told an academic audience that the invasion of Ukraine has been a massive failure for Russian President Vladimir Putin and that Western intelligence services should make the most of it by enlisting agents from among Russians, Wall Street Journal reported.

    “We’re looking around the world for Russians who are as disgusted with that as we are,” Mr Marlowe said. “Because we’re open for business.”

  279. FKA Max says: • Website
    @emerging majority

    I never said that Russia is “a “Jewish ethnicity” country”.

    I said that it is “in absolute terms […] the most genetically/ethnically-Jewish […] country in the world”.

    Both Russia and the U.S. have about the same number of citizens, who have “Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity of 25% or more”, which is about between 10 to 11 million people each, so my above quoted paragraph could, theoretically, also be applied to the U.S.

    The U.S.’s population (~330 million), however, is over double Russia’s (~144 million), so proportionately, per capita, Russia (~7.5%) is therefore a lot more Jewish(-influenced/controlled) than the U.S. (~3.3%).

    I’m sure you are well aware of the facts and reality of how influential Jews are here in the U.S., despite only ~3.3% of the population having “Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity of 25% or more”.

    Imagine now what this country would be, act and look like, if ~7.5% of our population (~25 million) were significantly ethnically/genetically Jewish, like it is the case in Russia.

    Russia is ZOG on steroids, compared to the U.S., and not some Conservative Caucasian Christian Orthodox utopia or promised land (the same goes for Hungary, by the way, remember this incident? In 2014, Spencer was deported from Budapest, Hungary.)

    I’m Not White, I’m Jewish

  280. meamjojo says:

    Russian diplomats ostracized worldwide. Why not stone them as in the famous story written by Shirley Jackson?
    ‘They grab their lunches and sit alone’: Russians shunned at global cyber confabs
    The frosty situation gives the world even less visibility into Russian cyber operations at a time when it is launching repeated digital strikes in Ukraine.
    11/23/2022 11:00 AM EST

    Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine has raised the risk of a global cyber war — and turned Russia into even more of a pariah at summits to secure the world’s digital infrastructure.

    Russia’s destabilizing cyberattacks are the elephant in the room as the Kremlin’s diplomats attend international meetings about keeping hackers out of critical computer systems like those powering hospitals and power plants. With Moscow constantly looking for ways to sabotage Ukraine’s power grid and threatening more far-reaching actions, other nations’ cyber diplomats aren’t going out of their way to welcome their Russian colleagues warmly.

    “People put an empty chair on either side of the Russians and don’t sit next to them,” Nathaniel Fick, the U.S. ambassador at large for cyberspace and digital policy, said in an interview in his State Department office.

    • Replies: @Barr
  281. @FKA Max

    So what? Your “science” is about as scientific as “climate science”. Science with an agenda isn’t science.

  282. @FKA Max

    Assuming that the statistical representation you put forward is accurate, my only concern is that it stretches back only to 1400. If we are to zoom out and go back a few millennia, we would surely see the contribution of Europe shrinks dramatically in favor of other parts of the world like China, Egypt, India, the Phoenician Levant and Greece, and the charts will change dramatically.

    When freedom of thought came into Europe, unshackled by religious dogma, sciences and the arts flourished. As of our current era, the West is going back into reverse mode from freedom towards Talmudic, totalitarian censorship, no better illustrated than by the untouchable, unchallengeable story of the Holocaust, with the level of control exponentially magnified with political correctness and woke practices that are surely driving Western cultural preeminence down the tubes.

    Coming back to Russia, Hitler’s Mein Kampf bemoaned that Bolshevism gravely reduced the potential of a rising power through the oppressiveness of communism. Not bad from someone accused by history of being a cultural vandal even though his effort at protecting the arts from indiscriminate Allied bombardment, a practice that was heralded by Kaiser Wilhelm during WWI, was portrayed as art theft.

    How many Russian gems were trampled upon by the Bolshevik oppressing swine is hard to estimate, but I would speculate that the loss was a mammoth one.

    • Thanks: Rurik
    • Replies: @FKA Max
  283. Alrenous says: • Website

    we should also note that all 81 men were beheaded which further underscores the barbarity of the leaders that Washington regards as their best friends.

    “Here in civilized America we inject them with torture drugs and make them suffer for hours. Assuming we don’t just leave them alive, rotting in prison indefinitely on society’s dollar. That’s much more refined.”

  284. Alrenous says: • Website
    @emerging majority

    By the way, here in Reality the reason Stalin’s weapons are all so good is because they were made by his German minorities. Signed all his Germans up to be weapons researchers.

    It’s not the Bosheviks who were Jews, but the Trotskyists. And, predictably, Stalin was all like, “Haha! Nerds!” Useful idiots be useful, and idiots.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  285. Alrenous says: • Website

    It’s the desperation that does it.

  286. @Corvinus

    But white Americans do have thoughts and opinions about race. It’s just that Annoy completely mischaracterizes them as being low IQ types who lack any agency to think for themselves. That is a patently contradictory and anti-white statement.”

    The author never even mentioned “white people” in his comment – you’re the one who contaminated the discussion with “race” issues. The alleged “patently contradictory and anti-white statement” is a total fiction which was injected into the discourse by YOU.

    You disgusting arsehole racist!

    Why are you supporting hate against our people?

    … says the disgusting arsehole racist in his efforts to foment conflict among his adversaries, at the very same time as he spews insidious racism against the very people he asserts are his, while simultaneously claiming allegiance to all manner of scurrillous parties allegedly renowned for their subversive habits – “I have been labeled a Jew, a Zionist, and a Hasbara troll” – which we have no choice but to take at face value, coming from his own presumably ugly arsehole racist face.

    Do you deny that… blah blah blah & etc…

    Looks like we’re gonna have ourselves a Royal Commission or at the very least a hoedown. Since you’re feeling all adversarial and legal-like, howsabout you lay out your evidence piece by piece so we can pick it apart with tweezers and maybe the rest of us here in the real world can have a bit of a chuckle as we dismantle it at our leisure?

    BTW, Satan is the Prince of Lies, and he’s got a nice warm cubicle waiting for you – you’re such a stellar performer.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  287. Brosi says:

    Here is a great Montage by Jimmy Dore where Democrats rant for at least 5 minutes about how “Russia Hacked the Election” and stole it for Donald Trump.

    They hate Putin because in their warped and perverted brains they honestly believe that Putin “hacked the election” for Donald Trump.

    (start at t=263 or 4min 23 sec)

  288. @Brosi

    Thanks “bro” – ru. “brat”; very very true (and confirmed by at least one UA general).
    (Jewkraine has organized Ukrainians to attack Russians in Russian lands)

    • Replies: @Brosi
  289. @John Johnson

    “Russians of 1944” often landed in German trenches bare handed…
    Thanks goodness you do not understand “the workings” of the RF; just like these boys (are just beginning to get the gist of it?).
    One does not get loaded like a superstar. One has to earn extra magazines, let alone “armour” etc. There is no regular “field canteen”… Those who are already in the thick of it are very humble unlike the fucking Jewkrainians based on Jewmerican robbery, murder and theft (all over the world).

    “A doctor from Perm used his own money to buy equipment for SVO”
    Читайте больше на

    Russia is winning. Russia must win. It is a win-win also for real Americans. A win for Americans will always be a loss for Jewmerica (and ofcourse Jewkraine). Fuck you, fuck Jewkraine, fuck Jewmerica, fuck Jewermany; fuck yous all!

    Glory to Russia; Sparta that is.

  290. Brosi says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    Brosi is a Spitzname for Ambrose…

    This is an interesting thread:

    Notice how he dances around the 800lb Gorilla wearing a Yarmulke in the middle of the room.

    US aims in prolonging the conflict have only recently become clear:
    –permanently sever any energy arteries between Russia and Europe, forcing Europe to become dependent on US gas.
    –act as a real life laboratory to test new US war tech.

    These guys just cannot fathom that this war was never in the interest of the US, that it was always about the empire of ZOG.

    ZOG wants war, and it doesn’t matter how many slavs die on the meat grinder or how many US and European families and companies ending up going broke. They also cannot figure out that if ZOG wants escalation to nuclear war, then ZOG will have nuclear war. ZOG has made it perfectly clear through all it’s spokes-holes like Sunak, Biden, Macron. Von der Leyen, Nuland, Scholz and even Sanna Marin: Russia will not be allowed to win.

  291. @Anon001

    And you have just proven that you were as thoughtless as the average American, British or French.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  292. Corvinus says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    The author referenced Americans, which includes whites. And Anony is characterizing them, not I, as being low IQ.

    Next time, learn how to read more precisely so you don’t embarrass yourself. The more you know…

  293. If the US presstitutes are so visceral about President Putin, he’s most defintely doing something right. Let’s hope he’ll continue to do so. Желаем вам удачи, Владимир Владимирович.

  294. Anon001 says:
    @Passing By

    How so? I dislike Putin not because CNN told me so, but rather because he’s a liberal globalist and a traitor to Russia. Have you read my comment about Putin’s “achievements”? Re-quoting it below for your convenience. Any comments?

    Also, Putin 22-year rule, or rather mismanagement, has brought disasters including: “country’s birth rate has plummeted to levels not seen since 1943”, “Life expectancy has fallen by 4.5 years.”, “In terms of the total population loss, Russia is first place in the world”, “The “natural” population decline has exceeded one million people, which has never happened in any country in the world since 1950.”, etc.

    More on Russia being robbed by the West during Putin’s reign: Sergei Glazyev, leading Russian economist, said that the biggest damage done to Russia financially by the West was not done through sanctions, but rather through the floating ruble FX rate (monetary policy) that Putin allowed and Wall Street used for their “games”. Since Sergei’s patriotic suggestions were not liked by the globalists around Putin, he was let go.

    I think that many people in Russia, especially patriots are waking up to the fact that Putin is inept, slow, indecisive, weak, etc. – pretty much everything one would expect from someone who got where he is by making deals behind the scenes and not based on merit, charisma, and similar treats of true leaders. Think about it – he was selected while Russia was still essentially 100% controlled by the West! Would they allow some patriot to get there?

    Any proof of his “performance” aside from “historical” speeches? Let’s see Putin’s “successes” in the past 22 years. This list is not complete by ANY means!

    Kept providing cheap energy and all other resources for 20+ years. Kept exporting rocket engines West cannot not produce. Kept allowing them to use Russian Space Station MIR-2 (aka “International” Space Station), and even Uber-ing US astronauts back and forth as they could not even do that. Kept putting EU satellites into orbit as they could not do that themselves, i.e. in spite of German “Engineering”. Kept allowing Erdogan to humiliate him and Russia repeatedly (killing a diplomat, killing pilots over Syria and over Armenia, and who knows how many Russian foot soldiers in Syria, not respecting any agreements in Syria, exporting drones to Ukraine, not paying back huge loans given to Turkey by Russia, etc.). Kept helping the West harm Russia’s true friends and true partners like Belarus, Armenia, Serbia, etc. Helped NATO destroy Libya. Helped US occupy Serbia in 2000. Voted numerous times in the UNSC the way US wanted and got nothing in return but scorn (e.g. multiple UNSC sanctions votes against N.K.). Kept making enemies for Russia just to please NATO. Kept repeatedly asking for Russia’s NATO membership even after Bill Clinton laughed in his face as reply. Kept saying that Russia needs to integrate into Western systems. Kept saying that the difference between Russia and the West is just semantics. Kept saying that he has nothing against US being the boss of the world with Russia as its trusted sidekick. How many times has he mentioned or asked for those $350B confiscated to be returned? He even brought flowers and smiles to that dull and soulless Angela, after Expansion-Eastward-Again-Nazi Germany openly admitted lying about Navalny to put more pressure on Russia. Etc. etc. etc.

    Putin took over Russia that was destitute, pillaged, and pilloried and then continued to keep it so. How many oligarchs has he arrested, and how much stolen was nationalized? E.g. Chubais, one of the most hated people in Russia, the main organizer of the loot, was kept in power by Putin for 22 years, until he left on its own, never facing any charges.

    The list of Putin’s treacheries seems endless. Just ask yourself, if the situation was the exact opposite, what would West do? E.g. if Russians were freezing, and EU/USA had all the gas Russians needed – what would they do? Exactly.

    Simply put, Putin is a traitor to Russia – one clueless and spineless narcissist, way over his head in global politics, and a 5th-column liberal globalist.

  295. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Putin has been pictured praying with Jews at the Wailing Wall in Israel. What does that mean?

    Finally, Jesus made it clear in John chapter 8 of the New Testament that ALL Jews are the children of Satan. Putin — more or less — stands for God and Jesus. That means that Jews are merely expressing the sentiments of their father, the Devil. -Phibbs comment #1

    Phibbs, are you referencing a version of the Bible that eliminates John 8:30-32? Jesus clearly makes a distinction between Jews who believed in him (including many Messianic Jews who today still observe the Jewish holidays and other Jewish traditions) and the Pharisees who wanted to murder him, those of the Synagogue of Satan (John 8:43-44 King James Version. 43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. 44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.)

    John 8:30-32 King James version. 30 As he spake these words, many believed on him. 31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

    John 8:30-32 New International version. 30 Even as he spoke, many believed in him.
    31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    John 8:30-32 English Standard Version .30 As he was saying these things, many believed in him. 31 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  296. Wokechoke says:

    Zelenskyy is Russia’s best friend, goys.

  297. @Fred777

    I enjoy listening to Putin’s speeches, even when there’s a translator speaking over. But listening to Biden longer than 30 seconds always makes my skin crawl.

    Part of the reason our “elites” hate Putin is that he stands head and shoulders above the “best” and “brightest” from among them, and listening to the now 80 year old “leader” of the free world prattle inanely only adds to their discomfort.

    Though I do not think Putin is a genius, the reaction of our “elites” to him always reminds me of what Swift wrote: “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

    • Agree: Fred777
    • Thanks: Rurik
  298. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Thanks for this article, Mike Whitney. For awhile, I squirmed in the pew every Sunday as the priest implored God to have mercy and change the mind of the evil Putin. That priest set a lot of store by the political opinions expressed in the journal for neoconservative Christians, “First Things.” The church has a lot going for it, but I just didn’t fit in there. Between that and the boosterism for the Covid19 gene therapy, and the fact that I wasn’t able to change anyone’s mind, I decided to look for, and found, another church.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  299. Wokechoke says:

    It’s Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks v Trotskyites. This only emerged later in the struggle with Trotsky as to who would inherit the mantel of Leninism. That’s a reasonable distinction But essentially Stalin was pushing out an Ukie-Jew from taking over Russia.

    The war winning T34 tank which was pretty good used a suspension designed by Christie, an American automotive designer who was shunned in the US.

    The same suspension unsuccessfully featured in several mediocre Cruiser tanks in the UK which were disasters against the Germans.

    What made the T34 a winner was that the Russians put a French derived 75mm gun in the turret of the T34, thickened the frontal armour a little and stuck in their own heavy winterized robust diesel engine into the powerplant.

    Why was it ultimately a better massed produced tank than anything the Germans, Americans and British made? It’s all about how the tanks had to be transported on trailers. The Czar at the time Russia’s railways were first laid out decided to use a wide gauge unused in Germany, UK or the US. The modern Russian railway network solidified around the Saint Petersburg–Moscow railway, built two years later (1842). There, the Tsar established a committee to recommend technical standards for the building of Russia’s first major railway. The team included devotees of Franz Anton von Gerstner, who pushed to continue the Tsarskoye Selo gauge, but also engineer Pavel Melnikov and his consultant George Washington Whistler, a prominent American railway engineer. Whistler recommended 5 ft (1,524 mm) on the basis that it was cheaper to construct than 6 ft (1,829 mm) and cheaper to maintain than 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1⁄2 in), and his advice won over the Tsar.

    This meant wider heavier tanks could be carried on the rolling stock a century later so the design bureaus could make larger designs without constraint. This gauge also made it difficult for Germany to supply it’s forward troops because they had to unload and reload limited rolling stock.

    Ukraine is now having trouble finding engines and rolling stock.

    • Replies: @Johan
    , @Truth Vigilante
  300. P.T. says:

    The U.S. ruling class is who hates Putin. He is disobedient.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  301. NotaLib says:

    I don’t hate him i hate leftist Democrats ,China and Russia are not my enemy liberals are CNN NBC and MSNBC are my enemy i hate them not Putin…

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  302. Barr says:

    Yes Putin has not done a lot of things . But doing so would have destroyed Russia in a financial and civil engineered by the west .He took a hair cut . So did Russia to dodge the bullet .

    Russia reversed the flight direction when Iraq war broke out. That’s all it could in 2003.

    I think the fight is breaking out between Russia and west because of the maximalist position taken by the neocons .

    That maximalist position didn’t work in Iraq and not working in Iran .
    But as usual , neocons would blame the west for not following its advice . Richard Perle did exactly that – said : Bush jr didn’t follow their advice.

    Putin did compromise both to get along and survive . Now Russia thinks it can only survive by not getting along with the west .

  303. Barr says:

    World can learn from the US and follow the lead of the informed Americans how to celebrate Thanksgiving or honor something like meetings .

    Here they are thanking someone who deep -fried good part of the economy and established the brilliance of clean theft in the broad day light .

    “ Sam Bankman-Fried confirms participating in New York Times’ DealBook”

    The 29-year old will be appearing alongside Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock BLK, +0.39%, Reed Hastings, Netflix founder and CEO NFLX, +1.68%, Andy Jassy,’s AMZN, +1.00% president and CEO, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, to name a few.””

    Market Watch

  304. @Anon001

    I am curious to learn about your personal achievements. Given that you are obviously such a smart guy with a prowess for geopolitics and strategy, you must be heading a multinational with tens of thousands of employees at least.
    What exactly was Putin supposed to do after 75 years of communism + 8 years of Eltsine? Knock up every Russian woman of breeding age to improve natality? Commit national suicide as in 1914 to save Serbia, this time from her very own twerps? Put a bullet in every oligarch’s head to get back what they’ve looted? Start WW3 with a decrepit army that had a hard time defeating a bunch of Chechen terrorists? Establish an Auschwitz-on-Volga to deal with Kasparov, Khodorkovsky and their kinfolk?
    When Putin rose to power, Russian economy was in tatters, the Russian army was in tatters, the Russian people had no morals and no purpose, life expectancy was that of Third World countries.
    To pretend that Russia hasn’t improved under Putin’s rule reeks of malice.

    PS: People who besieged and shelled a small town like Vukovar for 88 days in order to take it and who in the 2000s dismantled their army to please their Western masters aren’t exactly entitled to lecture anyone on military matters.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @Anon001
    , @Anon001
  305. @P.T.

    Russia bans gender reassignment propaganda.

    The fight now between Russia and the west[“elites”] is, in fact, turning into a fight between good and evil, and our western “elites” are not on the side of good. To suffer, fight and possibly die for any cause is hard enough. But to demand people should fight, suffer and die so the mentally ill enjoy the “right” to surgically mutilate themselves is absurd.

    • Replies: @Avery
  306. Avery says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    { the “right” to surgically mutilate themselves is absurd.}

    Not just themselves: adults can mutilate themselves all day long. Nobody cares.

    But the push is fully on for “doctors” the right to surgically mutilate children, without parents’ consent. Various States have laws or proposed laws to ban parents from interfering — on pain of jail — with their (brainwashed) children from permanently damaging their young bodies.

    This is how deep the decadent West has sunk.
    It’s barely believable this is real.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  307. werpor says:

    I own and run a business. There are always those whose entire lives are spent being programmed about what others should do or ought to have done. There are times when it is better to not react to exogenous certainties promulgated by the thousands of talking heads one is subject to from birth.

    Under no circumstances is it prudent to forget that the world is not your friend. It is always better in the long run to keep one’s cards close to one’s chest. So what if others might disagree or agree. If your perspective is generational you naturally think long term. Of course you might miss certain short term opportunities; on the other hand, the prudent and patient person, discovers, aligned with his long term perspective and attendant goals, that opportunities often align perfectly with his trajectory.

    Those opportunities may seem like luck to the normally complacent person who is suddenly shocked by your good luck. But a well reasoned trajectory can’t help but be lucky. The long run perspective requires hard work and constant readjustment to forces one has no control over. The persons with short run perspectives are always jumping in where angels fear to tread. The prepared persons already know the difference between what for him would be imprudent and prudence.

    My guess is Putin is well prepared. It is almost impossible to dislodge the prepared. The prepared always understand things the unprepared reactionary never notices; as often as not until it is too late.

    Sometimes one simply cannot do what one would love to do. That with every fibre of his being. Beware of that which one’s emotions command. In the political arena, these events which you would viscerally love to attend to may very well be a trap. One calculatingly set by your adversaries. The most intelligent leaders are often the easiest to criticize. They may appear to be doing nothing. Maybe they are shifting their pieces behind the scenes. Maybe they are simply paying attention to their long run goals and sticking to them.

    As well, maybe they are looking at their adversaries public reactions and gauging to what extent their adversaries are misleading themselves. China, Russia, Iran at least, may very well realize the U.S. and Israel are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe this is their plan. Keep the U.S. guessing.

    One certain thing, gutting your own people, as has been done by western world leaders, whose hubris and arrogance knows no bounds are now flirting with disaster. The U.S. spends billions building up a military — which like France’s Maginot Line was an inflexible and costly strategy base on trench warfare rather than mobile flexibility. Certainly the Maginot Line was justified in some circles as necessary, because they had a vested interest — government contracts are notoriously cost plus.

    There is no accounting for treachery and vast economic malfeasance. The western world oligarchy has run out of territory with which to underwrite its economic malfeasance. All that sunk capital designed to advance and control and perpetuate the present trajectory of the Globalist Agenda — now clearly exposed, indeed acknowledged, by its promulgators — is tied up in a knot it cannot unravel and refuses to unravel intentionally. So it will unravel willy nilly. Confiscating the wealth from conquered territories is not intelligence at work; it is tragic ignorance. It simply invites every country outside the Washington consensus to eventually and gradually repudiate their debts.

    The world is awash with U.S. dollars which it should be evident is destructively inflationary; especially within the U.S. and it’s satrapies. Those dollars will never be paid back. There is no underlying economy with which to service the debts. And no more plunder to be had. Overburdened taxpayers are paying those taxes with ever depreciating U.S. dollars. There is nothing worse than a balance sheet recession. Nothing!

    Every western world country has allowed the erection of a system which is not intended to educate but simply placate the young — with imaginary notions about their capabilities. Teaching ends rather than means does that. Feeling good is not an aim. In fact it misses the mark altogether. There is no learning because there is no teaching. Brainwashing is not teaching.

    Progressivism is an Agenda. An Agenda altogether promulgated by the ease with which innocent and gullible and ignorant and dumbed down people, accepted without an iota of resistance, to be seduced by an ideology which intentionally has been deployed against them.

    The main stream media has become the “alternative.” Believers have become agnostic. If the litany fails to make sense people gradually take notice of its emptiness and false promises and begin to reconstruct what eventually becomes a countervailing force.

    It’s not that so many put their hopes in someone like Putin. It is rather that so many have lost their faith in the prevailing agenda and it’s trajectory and those promulgating that Agenda. When a people lose faith in their own leaders, they begin to lose faith, period. Americans have lost faith.

  308. Rurik says:

    the political opinions expressed in the journal for neoconservative Christians, “First Things.”

    “The mark of barbarism, Strauss explained, was the belief that truth and justice should be defined in terms of ethnic or racial membership.”

    Strauss taught his ‘closed society’ the opposite. That all barbarism was not just justified, but advisable in the pursuit of Jewish ethnic supremacism.

    Sound like First Things is written by the Anti-Christ.

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  309. hankjr says:
    @John Johnson

    LOL citing Reuters? that’s some excellent propaganda there, Lou.

  310. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Joe Levantine

    Assuming that the statistical representation you put forward is accurate, my only concern is that it stretches back only to 1400.

    It doesn’t just stretch back to 1400. The upper graph on page 252 of the screenshot I linked/posted

    [MORE] goes back to 800 BCE.

    Why 1400 and onward is significant and relevant is, because, I suspect, at around that time the Cousin Marriage Ban policies of the Western (Roman) Catholic Church (that were introduced September 506 C.E.“) reached a tipping point and “escape velocity” so to speak, meaning that the Western European gene pool had by then fundamentally and irrevocably changed, and created somewhat of a new, “mutant” West European (Hajnal Line, etc.). That transformation or even “transmutation” of the Western European gene pool (e.g. Faustian Spirit, etc.) set off a process and triggered a “domino effect” that caused/resulted in the Renaissance, then Reformation, Industrial Revolution, etc., and is still ongoing today:

    Most of you who are familiar with the research of HBD Chick et al. and her focus on the Hajnal Line are probably aware of the following information already, but for anybody else who might not be, this mainstream anthropological approach to the subject matter could be helpful to understand how a very unique Nature and Nurture dynamic and combination of environmental and cultural/religious factors started an ((epi)genetic) population transformation process in Europe over many centuries, which created and resulted in WEIRD (“Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic”) culture and peoples, and has, so far, reached its weirdest and most extreme evolution and expression in American Protestantism and its even weirder religious offshoots, like Mormonism, etc. ( Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire; A 500-Year History )

  311. IreneAthena says: • Website
    @John Johnson

    Here he [Putin] is taking part in Jewish rituals— #4 John Johnson

    Oh. Jewish rituals like the one Jesus Christ was taking part in when he prepared the Passover meal (more commonly referred to in Western Christendom as “The Last Supper”) for closest disciples the night before He was crucified?

    Since you keep bringing up Jesus Christ, John Johnson, is it truly your opinion that the Baby Jesus is cheering on the Ukies in their conflict against Russia? (which conflict, some might frame as “Globalists vs. Patriots”, and still others would frame as: “Globalists acting as fighters on both sides to maximize global chaos so as to make the world desperate to accept their Great Reset Plans.”)

    I’m going to stick my neck out and opine that Jesus Christ (aka, The Prince of Peace) would be playing the part of the Peacemaker. He’d be about getting people on both sides to sit down and talk it through and understand one another’s points of view, and work it out, as fairly and squarely as possible. “Come let us reason together.” Like that.

    You paint Jesus Christ as very Pharisaical, John Johnson. “Ewww. I’m not going to have anything to do with YOU because you’re a Jew.” Have you ever sat down and read any of the Gospels right through, to have impressed upon you the kind of people Jesus Christ DID choose to hang out with? He went to parties with the type of people the Pharisees considered “not quite quite.” Sinners, wine-bibbers, tax-collectors, naughty ladies…People who loved life, and fun, and parties, and joy– in other words, folks who still had parts of their SOULS intact– were attracted to Jesus, curious about Him, wanting to hear more, even though they still were enslaved to a naughty practice or two. There were people then, and are people now, who, while not Christians (yet), are being “wooed” by Jesus– and “wooed” is an absolutely appropriate term, as Jesus Christ is referred to many many times as The Bridegroom.

    I wish you could understand this, John Johnson. The two kinds of people in the world are not “Jews” and “everyone else.” The two kinds of people in the world are (1) those who are (without perhaps even having HEARD of Jesus) moving toward Jesus, through their humble posture toward their Creator God, and in their earnest desire and attempts to respect and love people the way they themselves would like to be respected and loved and (2) those who, even with a photographic memory of every jot and tittle of what Holy Writ says, are moving away from Jesus. Sadly there are those who have “forgotten their first Love” and have even fallen from grace. Peace, John Johnson. I think that’s what we all really want.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  312. IreneAthena says: • Website

    I was given a one-year’s subscription as a Christmas gift, and if it made the Baby Jesus as unhappy as it made me, then the Baby Jesus was very unhappy about having his birth “honored” this way. Neo-cons (and their pseudo-rivals neo-liberals) attempting to dress up atheistic Communistic world-domination aspirations as “Christianity.” So done with all that.

  313. Johan says:

    Russia had to go statist, because their communism destroyed the market economy. Another issue is that the rest of the world has also been in a regressive evolution towards big statist government. In the case of Russia, you cannot arrive at a free market economy out of the blue, after you destroyed a market economy, so statism can provide solidity and protection for a while, to build a free cooperative market economy. But in a world of primitive militant statist governments with a half baked free market, you cannot arrive at a fully flowering cooperative free market system, added to that, the threat of global governance institutions trying to take over.

    So Putin appears a good choice, in a country where a disastrous former people’s dictatorship collapsed, and in a world which during the twentieth century also regressed into authoritarian statism, proletarian social democracy, proletarian social liberalism and the primitivism of mass democracies.

    You would not want a messy real democracy in this case, blundering politics and all it’s incompetence, make belief and corruption like in the Western democracies, you can afford that only if a free market economy can pay for it, if is stable and resilient enough to handle all the sabotaging and corruption of real democratic big government.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  314. There is no free world.

    And Biden is not the leader of it.

    There is only Christ’s Kingdom.

  315. Johan says:

    Another example how the ingenious inventions and intelligence of private enterprise is superior to statism. Peter the Great had to go to Holland and the UK to borrow some of its inventions. Still the proletarian dictatorship of communism had it’s victory of stupidity, parasitising on the inventions of private enterprise.
    Democracies and communist systems are victories of collective public stupidity over private and individual ingenuity.

  316. This is why Jewmericans “love” Russia together with its dully, directly from the sovereign (109 million registered voters) elected president:

  317. @Harold Smith

    You are assuming that (((they))) are sensible, or at least sane. Considering the developments in the last few months, this assumption does not seem to be justified.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  318. Anon001 says:
    @Passing By

    So you are indeed one of those “intellectuals” worshiping “civilized” and “advanced” West, and trying to become, unfortunately, just like them in order to be accepted as their reliable servant – exactly what Putin craves to do with Russia, and has been working hard to achieve in the past 22 years.

    Re Army: Once the West finished the Regime Change (TM) in Serbia, with Putin’s help of course, i.e. once one traitor (Milosevic) was replaced with even bigger ones (“democrats”, DOS, etc.), Serbia was completely occupied, looted, army dismantled. etc., and has been in the process of being dismantled into even smaller pieces territory-wise ever since (Vojvodina, Sandzak/Raska, Kosovo/KiM). US gave EU strict orders never to accept Serbia into EU [1], as Serbia is supposed to be cut into pieces as a punishment for its brave, tough, and rebellions fight against NATO and the NWO.

    Re Vukovar: I see that you are spouting propaganda of Catholic Nazi Croat separatists. They declared illegitimate independence in 1991, and immediately attacked Yugoslav National Army (YNA/JNA) bases, barracks, and soldiers, as well as Serb civilians everywhere they could. Once both responded to those attacks, Nazi Croats then started crying bloody murder and starter lying that “Croatia” was attacked by a foreign army. Yugoslav National Army was freeing Vukovar from thousands of armed Nazi Croat separatists, who slaughtered Serb civilians in the city itself and in the surrounding villages. Vukovar was still a city in Yugoslavia (SFRY/SFRJ) and National Army defended it from those Nazi sickos. Nazi Croatia 2.0 [3] (NDH 2.0) was recognized in the UN in May 1992, due to Milosevic betrayal and treachery, but that’s another topic in itself, and that is when Vukovar became a city in a foreign country, and not prior to that. That is why even justice-free kangaroo court in the Hague did not use Vukovar much, as it was a city in Yugoslavia, a country that still officially existed when Croats committed those atrocities. Below is the account [2] of what really happened there – told in detail by a Croat!

    [1] Google Translate: Unraveling high treason – Is what the Italian intelligence service warned us about in November 2005 coming true? (Google Translate)

    [2] Google Translate: Mislav Horvat: Demolishing the shameful “Vukovar myth”

    [3] Independent State of Croatia (WW2 Nazi Croatia, NDH) – Wikipedia

    • Replies: @Passing By
  319. Anon001 says:

    In case, anyone is wondering why Putin has not attended G20 in person, here’s my take.

    This “anti” globalist and “fearless” “leader”, Putin, seems to be exhibiting some paranoia about this pandemic – 6 feet apparently is not good enough for his “safety” [1]. Below re images of his “brave” version of social distancing [2][3][4][5]. One cannot get close to him unless one agrees to be tested, which e.g. Macron refused and was kept at a distance [2].

    [1] The perils of Putin tea-leaf reading – Edward Slavsquat

    [2] French President Emmanuel Macron refused this procedure when he came to Moscow on February 7. As a result, the two leaders were photographed sitting at opposite ends of a long table.

    [3] Socially distanced toasts at the Kremlin in February 2022 – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (on February 1) and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev (on February 22) were asked to stand several meters away while toasting the Russian leader.

    [4] On February 14, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu were photographed sitting several meters away from Putin as they discussed recent political and military developments in Ukraine.

    [5] On February 28—four days after the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine—Putin held two meetings (one with economic advisers, and the other with Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov) where he was once again photographed sitting meters away from his colleagues.

  320. lvk says:
    @John Johnson

    Prigozhin trolled those who accuse Russia without any evidence.
    He openly laughed at the stupidity of the American accusations. Russians laugh too

  321. @Kevin Barrett

    A glimpse into Russian character and culture. Amazing and surprising!

  322. Seraphim says:

    Does Jesus condemn the Pharisees and the Scribes as such? He condemns the hypocritic ones.
    ”Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, 2 Saying The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: 3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not 4 For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. 5 But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments, 6 And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, 7 And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi”.
    It is the comma misplaced in the text which changes the meaning. He really says: ”Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees hypocrites!” and not ”Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” (Some translations are more emphatic: ‘you hypocrites’, ”teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites!”, which creates the impression that Jesus condemns the ‘religious law’ and its observance and replace it by all permissive ‘love’).
    ”Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil(πληρῶσαι)”. The commandments of God that you (Pharisees and Scribes hypocrites) ”transgress by your tradition”, who ”made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition”, ”teaching for doctrines the commandments of men”.

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  323. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Hi Seraphim (I thought of you the other day when my eye fell upon the Irina icon we talked about last Christmas.) There were at least a couple of Pharisees who were followers of Jesus. Nicodemus was one, and I think Joseph of Arimathea was a Pharisee as well. So there were Pharisees whose respect for the law — and the SPIRIT of the law — was righteous. The word Pharisaical in English has come to mean “legalistic” in the negative sense, but you’re correct, there were righteous Pharisees, who were not hypocrites. I don’t get the impression the righteous Pharisees were in the majority of the Pharisees at the time, though, otherwise would Jesus have been crucified?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Seraphim
    , @Seraphim
  324. anon[110] • Disclaimer says:

    I sincerely hope that you are well paid to do this. And Tucker too.

    First you start with a fictional straw man, and then proceed to ask “oh why?”

    Suppose there are people who hate leaders of other countries and Americans likely no exception. But many of us simply dislike the man’s actions and would answer “no” to the question “do you like Putin?”

    That’s not “hatred”. Frankly, if it wasn’t for the pretext that the Russian president and his war of conquest have provided for our leadership to milk the public treasury and line their own and friends’ pockets, nobody give a fuck about the man or Russia frankly.

    He has, regardless of justifications which is out of scope of this sentence, since his invasion created a climate of crisis and potential more widespread destruction. Who likes that kind of a guy?

    So really the actual question to ask you and Tucker is that, if you are not getting paid to pimp this guy, why do you love him so? What’s up?

    Anyway happy thanksgiving my fellow American. Isn’t this a great country?

    Where else do potential paid agents of a foreign leader that has pretty much openly expressed his desire to see our nation diminished in stature, power, wealth, influence, …., get to post freely on our internet on our fellow American To say nothing of the highly compensated talking head on FoxTV?

    Where? In Russia? The word fenestration comes to mind.

    Be grateful for having the fortune to be an American. Sure, somethings are aint right these days, but we will get through this.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  325. The word fenestration comes to mind.

    As does scoundrel.

    The threatening tone of your comment also reminds me of a nauseating Napolitano piece here a few years back, sucking up to Mueller and his witch hunters and trying to intimidate people from dissenting on the Establishment’s boogeymanning of Russia. I’ll try to find it so people can compare it for themselves.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  326. @Greta Handel

    The Napolitano column is “Mueller in Hot Pursuit” (February 22, 2018).

  327. anon[110] • Disclaimer says:

    There were at least a couple of Pharisees who were followers of Jesus … There were righteous Pharisees, who were not hypocrites.

    Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.

    You are white washing Pharisees here. Any man who says “I follow Jesus the Nazarene” is now part of his Church and can not be a “Pharisee” anymore. To be perfectly clear, this does not mean that e.g. Nicodemus was not a righteous man and true follower of Jesus. No, simply that he was no longer a Pharisee “in spirit”.

    So two questions for you to determine what’s what:

    1 – What was the hypocrisy of the hypocritical Pharisees? Do you know?

    2 – What is the nature of the “SPIRIT of the law” that these “righteous Pharisees” understood. Use the case of the woman brought to Jesus for the crime of adultery as the case in point.

    Thank you.

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  328. Anon001 says:
    @Passing By

    Putin should have done what Luka in Belarus has done. Belarus is free, while Russia is a colony of the West for cheap natural resources. Belarus is not looted, Russia is. Belarus is not implementing globalist immunization agenda, while Putin is implementing it all.

    Belarus is actually one unbelievable success story against NWO colonization. For 28 years, Lukashenko managed to resists and survive who knows how many color revolutions, psyop campaigns, coups d’état, assassination attempts, etc. They tried to bribe him numerous time as well to no avail. In one of the latest takeover attempts, even Russian oligarchs were involved against him. Unlike in Russia, in Belarus there are no oligarchs or 5th column traitors except in prisons doing time. The fact that he’s still alive and that Belarus is not under western boot is a true miracle and his remarkable achievement. Especially knowing that he’s essentially all alone, since Putin has betrayed and back-stabbed pretty much all OC countries including Belarus and Serbia – to please his Western “partners”.

    Also, Lukashenko has told Putin that Belarus has kept all the nuke silos maintained, operational, and ready to be loaded with “content”, but of course, Putin is not giving him any. Now, had Putin/Russia given some to Lukashenko, Western “partners” would be threading carefully, as there’s no joking with Lukashenko. As you can see, Putin is acting here even as open and direct protector of the West from Lukashenko, while leaving Belarus exposed to potential invasion. Lukashenko has already threatened the West with targeting command centers in EU should they hit anything in Belarus! Now, one can only imagine what would have happened already if Lukashenko were the president of Russia, instead of this 5th-column liberal globalist clown!

    Here’s Klaus Schwab in 2017 speaking of Putin and Angela [2] as, at the time, WEF’s Young Global Leaders (i.e. euphemism for recruits of course), as well as one younger one, Justin Trudeau (Canada’s PM). He mentioned Putin and Angela again in 2019, in the same context, along with Tony Blair [1].

    [1] Klaus Schwab in 2019 speaks of Putin (1952), Tony Blair (1953), and Angela Merkel (1954) as his Young Global Leaders back in the 90s – fast forward to 1:14

    Video Link
    [2] “So we penetrate the cabinets”, Klaus Schwab in 2017 … | Twitter

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  329. Seraphim says:

    Don’t forget Gamaliel who was a Pharisee ”teacher of the Law” (‘Rabban’), president of the Great Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, who defended the Christians and became himself a Christian. Orthodox Tradition held that he was baptised by Saint Peter and John the Apostle, together with his son Abibon (Abibo, Abibas, Abibus) and Nicodemus, while remaining a member of the Sanhedrin. The Church (both Orthodox and Catholic) venerates him as a saint and he is commemorated on August 2, the date when tradition holds that his relics were found, along with those of Stephen the Protomartyr, Abibon (Gamaliel’s son), and Nicodemus. Relics of Gamaliel, Abibo and Nicodemus, brought by the Crusaders are still in the Pisa Cathedral. The Orthodox even speak of him as ‘worthy of the name of Apostle’.
    Of course, this tradition is so inconvenient to the ‘high criticism’ of the ‘Bible’ and Church history and to the Talmudists (the hypocritical Pharisees and Rabbans) that it was declared ‘spurious’. But it would shed an entirely different light on the events that took place between the Resurrection and the destruction of the Second Temple and on the reasons of the split between “Judaism” and the Church (actually on the emergence of ‘Judaism’ which is a travesty of the religion of the ‘House of Israel’).
    And of course, Saint Paul, ”Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the law, a Pharisee; 6 Concerning zeal, persecuting the church; touching the righteousness which is in the law, blameless. 7 But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. 8 Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, 9 And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith: 10 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; 11 If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.” (Philippians, 3:5-11).

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  330. Cimabue says:

    Well .. no, so many words ..
    It is arrogance and envy. Just about the same time Peter the Great opened up Russia, north- America started their journey as a civilisation. Difference is, give me one great writer, one great composer, one great painter from the US. Compare it to what Russian civilisation has brought forth. Americans, like every other western country started their economy by slavery, but when the indigineous people of the Americas turned out to rather die than live like that, they murdered them and turned to Africa for supplements. In the mean time Russians like Dostoyevski, Tjaikovski and Repin made this world more beautiful.
    Americans have failed the call of civilisation; they failed to turn it into culture. And now these children are angry and envious. But because they stole this beautiful country with so many resources they feel strong, so they become bullies.
    How prophetic: ‘This is the end of living, the beginning of survival’.

  331. @AnonfromTN

    You are assuming that (((they))) are sensible, or at least sane.

    As I see it that’s what you were implying when you said:

    From the old days of the British Empire Western economic development was based on robbing other people and looting the territories where they live. It’s unsustainable otherwise. The West is running out of places to plunder. Russia has lots of resources.

    Considering the developments in the last few months, this assumption does not seem to be justified.

    Okay but if (((they))) are so insane, how do you know what’s actually motivating (((them)))? How do you know that it’s all about “plundering Russian resources” rather than anger over Russia’s defiant refusal to embrace wokeism, for example?

    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  332. Seraphim says:

    A very important distinction about the ‘righteousness’ of the Pharisees is that they believed in the resurrection of the dead in which the Sadducees did not. Josephus Flavius describes the tenets of their ‘school of philosophy’ thusly: ”Though they determine that all things are done by fate, they do not exclude the freedom from men of acting as they think fit, since their notion is that it has pleased God to make a temperament whereby what he wills is done, but so that the will of men can act virtuously or viciously. They also believe that souls have an immortal power in them, and that under the earth there will be rewards or punishments, depending on whether they have lived virtuously or viciously in this life. The latter are to be detained in an everlasting prison, but the former shall have power to revive and live again. On account of these doctrines, they are very influential among the body of the people, and whatever they do about divine worship, prayers, and sacrifices, they perform them according to their direction. In this way, the inhabitants of the cities gave great tribute to the Pharisees by conducting themselves virtuously, both in their way of life and their discourses as well.
    But the doctrine of the Sadducees is that souls die with the bodies. Nor do they regard as obligatory the observance of anything besides what the law enjoins them. For they think it an instance of virtue to dispute with those teachers of philosophy whom they frequent. This doctrine is accepted only by a few, yet by those still of the greatest standing. But they are able to do almost nothing by themselves, for when they become magistrates, as they are unwillingly and by force sometimes obliged to be, they submit themselves to the notions of the Pharisees because the multitude would not otherwise tolerate them”. (Antiquities XVIII: 13-17).

  333. IreneAthena says: • Website

    You’re right, Seraphim, there were a LOT more than two Pharisees who followed Jesus.

  334. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Hey anonymous. Have a conversation with Seraphim — who knows the subject pretty well– about it. I’ve got Thanksgiving Day Dinner cooking!

  335. As an American, I do not “hate” Vladimir Putin. From what I have read of Mr. Putin, he seems like a very sensible and intelligent person, unlike 99% of the American politicians that we have in office these days. I think that Mr. Putin is intelligent enough to not allow himself to be pushed around by the American neo-cons.

    My hope for Mr. Putin is that he continues to look out for the welfare of his fellow Russian citizens and is not influenced by either the “Great Reset” or any other schemes that the globalists (Jews and others) try to implement.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks: Z-man
  336. meamjojo says:

    This is one reason why so many hate Putin and now Russia. Russia war criminals need to be prosecuted and the county needs to be broken up and the pieces distributed among all the nations that surround it. Glory to Ukraine!
    November 24, 2022
    By Sofia Sereda
    War Crimes Are Part Of Russia’s War Culture, Says Ukrainian Nobel Peace Prize Winner

    Committing war crimes have become an integral part of how Moscow wages war and Kyiv shouldn’t wait to bring alleged Russian perpetrators to justice, argues Oleksandra Matviychuk, head of the organization that jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

    “For decades, Russia has used war as a method of achieving its geopolitical interests and war crimes as a way to win these wars,” Matviychuk, who heads the Center for Civil Liberties, told RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service in an expansive interview. “They learned that they can do whatever they want because they weren’t punished for war crimes in Chechnya, Moldova, Georgia, Mali, or in Syria. Therefore, until we can bring justice, there will be no sustainable peace in our region.”

    Matviychuk, a lawyer by trade, says she wants to use the organization’s elevated stature to call for international action against human rights violations and the growing list of evidence pointing toward war crimes committed by Russian forces since the Kremlin’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

    • Troll: Seraphim
    • Replies: @Seraphim
  337. I agree wIth Mike that the Western media are basically propaganda machines in the hands of a small number of financial groups. Years ago when I was still an unsuspecting consumer of the MSM’s I realized that Dan Rather could repeat the same lie about Russia many times during the 15 minutes of news he provided in his evening show. He was obviously obeying some directive from above in doing so. During the same period I could read obviously biased NYT articles showing China in a bad lighting. If I had not been to China myself I would certainly be influenced in my oerception of China by the NYT articles. Fortunately I have stayed in China long enough to be able to flag many rhetorical devices in the NYT articles. It turns out that I have met a number of people from Asia during that trip including my roommate who was from Ukraine.

    Now I am looking elsewhere for information. I am sure an increasing number of people will start to see the propaganda they are being fed on on a daily basis for what it is: mostly half-truths, big lies and a lot of misleading rhetoric.

    As far as Putin is concerned, I think he is baffled by how barbaric the Western society has become after siphoning the resources of the weaker people of the World for many centuries. Putin is concerned by the Western expansionism for very good reasons. The West is lying to itself. The driver is blind.

  338. Seraphim says:

    Nobel Peace Prize for Mumbo-jumbo?

    • Agree: Poupon Marx
  339. @Anon001

    You know what I really think? I think that whoever pays you to peddle your crap is wasting money. I happen to have friends who have been in the battle of Vukovar. My take on it is from people who have been there and regardless of who was right or who was wrong in the affair, the stellar incompetence of the JNA’s command is mind-boggling. It’s simple, until Ratko Mladić and Manojlo Milovanović were put in charge in Republika Srpska, Serb forces were commanded by imbeciles. Now, I don’t know for sure if it is stupidity or dishonesty from your part, but what I said clearly meant that incompetent cretins are not entitled to criticism of what others do when they have a record of being total failures.
    As for the Western loving part, obviously, again, I don’t know for sure if it is stupidity or dishonesty from your part, but anyone who has read my other comments knows what I think of the West. I happen to have been correspondent of SRNA in Paris and I happen to have worked in the office of the late prince Alexander Karadjordjević, son of prince Paul, on account of being a well informed guy who knows to connect dots together. I certainly won’t receive lessons of patriotism from communist morons who pissed on the sacrifice of my great-grandfathers in WWI and have managed to lose almost everything that Serbia won then.
    What puzzles me is that people like you have no chance of swaying anyone here with the “Putin is a traitor” mantra b/c everybody with a brain realises that it plays in the hands of the enemies of Russia. The majority of Unz readers are not average Westerners, if we discount paid trolls, most are mature people with above average IQ, loads of life experience, they keep themselves informed and they are not hysterics like you, in short they are way above your league. Again, I don’t know if it is stupidity or dishonesty b/c when someone writes what you write without experiencing cognitive dissonance, it can be due to either, but my observation at the beginning of this post holds, whoever pays you is wasting money.

    • Thanks: Poupon Marx
    • Replies: @Anon001
  340. Anon001 says:
    @Passing By

    Re Vukovar: Nobody was discussing competence levels of the Yugoslav National Army at the time. I was only addressing your peddling of the exact same propaganda phrases that both Catholic Nazi Croat separatists and NGOs were/are peddling – “shelling”, etc. As if armies are supposed to hold hands and sing songs with separatists and mass murderers. So, you should be careful not to side with them even accidentally, as it may be the case here.

    Re Karadjordjevic: Dynasty Karadjordjevic are masons, anglophiles, croatophiles, yugophiles, and the biggest enemies of everything Serbian – especially Regent Alexander and Knez Pavle. Alexander even wanted to remove Serbian alphabet and force a latin alphabet one to please his beloved Croat mass murderers and cutthroats. Alexander ordered Serbian officers to attend Catholic masses to bring us “together”, while never ordering Croat or Austrian officers to attend OC church services. The list of his attempts to please his favorite murderers of Serbs seems endless. So being associated with them is quite sad and telling. I hope that you are an Orthodox Christian and neither a mason nor a member of anything associated with that sad “Dynasty”, that was brought to power by the British in a coup that included ritual and sadistic massacre of not only the King and the Queen, but the entire Obrenovic Dynasty, as you know. Serbia is occupied since 1903, and that is still the case, close to 120 years later, but will be free when the time comes.

    Re SRNA: Great! Have you had a chance to report on how many millions of German Marks has Radovan Karadzic received from Alija Izetbegovic to betray Serbs and General Mladic there repeatedly? The number I’ve heard was around 40 million GM (around $20M USD) to sabotage liberating Bihac operation, Igman operation, and many, many others.

    Re WW1/1914: Russia fell in 1917 not because they entered the war alongside their Serbian OC brothers, but because of their spiritual ruin and decline. Read about the letter from St. Seraphim of Sarov to the Tsar Nicholas II.

    Back to the main subject: I’ve provided ample evidence of Putin being a recruit of the Globalist and their servant to the highest degree possible considering that “leads” Russia, but you choose to use foul language and ad hominem to “argue”, not very OC, and did not address a single point, except with something to the effect of, “it was tough times when he took over 22 years ago – so what was he supposed to do in such short period of time?” How many more decades does he need?

    No need to reply, although I’d love to read more about Karadzic bribes – so please post links in reply if you have any. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Poupon Marx
  341. Yee says:

    All those claims might be true, still Russia have been lucky to have Putin.

    I don’t have a high opinion of Putin. I think he’s a lousy strategist on geo-politics. The very fact that he’s been pushed to launched a military operation and disintegrated with Europe economy – which is the exact opposite of his goal, shows a complete failure of strategy.

    But still, Russia has been lucky to have Putin because he has managed to established effective governance in Russia when the country was in system collapse.

    This is very important, effective governance. It took China many decades to establish effective governance after the system collapse of Qing dynasty. And there’re many countries in the world still haven’t achieved that.

  342. @AnonfromTN

    Words mean something. In Putin’s case, they show that he’s articulate and literate — what we used to call a ‘statesman’ when we respected such things. No Western leader rises to this standard.

    Caveat? Maybe he doesn’t write his own speeches, or at least has assisance. Fair enough. But the mere fact that the quality of the speeches are so impressive says that the standard still means something in Russia. Our teams of highly trained speechwriters can’t prevent Biden from looking senile, and they can’t alienate US listeners who have come to believe that the lowest common denominator is aspirational.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @AnonfromTN
  343. @Anon001

    Don’t worry. There is just so much time I’m ready to waste on arguing with foreign paid punks impersonating lumpenpatriots.

  344. Avery says:

    {Caveat? Maybe he doesn’t write his own speeches, or at least has assisance. }

    Maybe not, but when he speaks extemporaneously, one can see a highly educated, intelligent mind behind the mouth. He has excellent memory, speaks in clear, well formed sentences, interjecting obscure, but highly relevant details to the conversation.

    There is a false stereotype in the West of KGB agents as troglodyte, brute thugs.
    But in reality, high ranking KGB officers — particularly those sent outside USSR to work — were a select group: chosen from a pool of people with natural intelligence and ability, then highly trained (languages, recall, conversation, observation, history, Western politics, Western customs,……..)

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  345. Tucker says:
    @Jeffrey A Freeman

    I am more than a little bit confused when I read and hear words from the Orange Cuckmeister where he repeatedly criticizes the Pedo Joe criminal administration over their very dangerous provocation of Putin and Russia, visi vi the reckless efforts of the jewish neo-cons to ignore the national security concerns of Putin and try to make Ukraine a member of NATO.

    Trump keeps claiming that Putin would have never invaded the Ukraine if he were still the President, but never really attempts to explain why. In his typical, egotistical, narcissistic fashion, I sense that he is trying to suggest that Putin was ‘afraid of him’, but he isn’t afraid of Pedo Joe because Pedo Joe is a wimp and a coward.

    I don’t believe that at all and had Trump not been cheated out his reelection, and remained in the White House – that would not have significantly altered the primary reason that Putin chose to invade the Ukraine. Unless, of course, what Trump is actually thinking – but not explaining – is that he would not have pursued the reckless idea of trying to make the Ukraine a NATO member and would have instead, agreed to a commitment to prohibit Ukraine from ever becoming a NATO member. That would have probably satisfied the perfectly reasonable and rational national security concerns that have been repeatedly expressed by Putin and the Russians dating back to 2014 or earlier. So, why won’t Trump admit this, instead of these subtle hints that Putin wouldn’t have the balls to do what was necessary to protect his nation from these psychopathic and mentally insane, drooling jewish neo-cons?

    I really have to say that I have very, very strong dislike of American politicians who behave as though they are 16 year old teenage boys who think it makes them sound more macho and manly to engage in these ‘Who has the biggest dick tough’ guy games of one up-man-ship with the leaders of other competitor nations. This was a characteristic of the absolutely loathsome and despicable Poppy Bush and his idiot son Jorge Wmd Bush, and I am sure Yeb would have been no different had that sleaze ball ever managed to wind up in the White House and have his finger on the nuclear button.

    I believe that the best way to ensure peace between the powerful nations is for the leaders of those nations to show respect in a two-way direction and to see the other side’s point of view whenever a conflict situation arises. Nothing Putin has expressed has not been rational and reasonable. On the other hand, everything that the 80 plus percent jewish infested Pedo Joe Administration has demanded has been arrogant, irrational, unreasonable and also extremely dangerous and reckless.

    It’s easy to see who are the bad guys in this conflict and it sure as heck is not Putin and the Russians.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  346. @Anon001

    Which one are you, Gefilthy Fish?

  347. As the first Russian tanks roll into Kyiv, ((( Zelensky’s ))) private jet will be touching down in a non-extradition country, accounts loaded with US taxpayer billions, perhaps a new neighbor for the ((( FTX mophead. )))

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Anon
  348. Rurik says:

    the primary reason that Putin chose to invade the Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  349. Z-man says:

    Machine-gun Kelly should have been taking that picture.

  350. Truthor says:

    Russia is failing badly with its incompetence and, dare we say it, third world army. The Russian Empire is on the verge of fracturing as the Russian ethnic and Jewish power structure loses its ability to hold the other nationalities in check.

    Here are some real geopolitical portents as the U.S. shifts the way it fights wars. No more boots on the ground for the foreseeable future.

    For those interested in truthful geopolitics:

    Ukrainian Consequences: American Strategy 
    Ukrainian Consequences: The New American War Model

    War, Winter, Ukraine

    • Troll: Seraphim
  351. @Johan

    Laissez-faire has ALWAYS failed in everything but its true ambition-to increase elite wealth and power, and social inequality and poverty. It is, at root, a misanthropic project driven by insatiable greed and hatred of the other.

  352. @Avery

    It’s weird, I’ve heard the theory that Russia lost the better part of its intellectuals during the Soviet years, leaving a largely ignorant or mediocre population. It doesn’t seem to be the case. If anything, our middle and upper classes seem a lot less intellectually and artistically appreciative than theirs.

    • Agree: Poupon Marx
  353. Rush says:

    As to the timing of when the US began to demonize Putin it was preceded by an event whose exact time I do not recall but was on Putin’s final visit to the GWB White House.

    First though bring to memory how in the early days Putin had sought to work with the West: attended Davos and worked with Schwab (but who we now know from the recently surfaced 2017 video saw Putin as working for himself, not with), was pals with Kissinger, offered full Russian support in the War on Terror, mused about joing NATO etc.

    The event to which I refer was where Putin realised NWO saw him as working for them rather than with. He must have had an inkling Schwab saw him as just another junior player equivalent to Trudeau and Ardern. The White House event made him realize that Bush was the same.

    Remember the pic of GWB on the WTC rubble, megaphone in hand rallying the fire and rescue worker? Standing beside Bush was the fire chief and Bush had his arm draped across the fire chief’s shoulders. I have seen him do the same to other underlings eg Alan Greenspan. In other words letting them know he was Top Dog and was protecting them, he had their back.

    Well on this final White House event Bush and Putin walked across the White House lawns to a lectern to take questions from the press. Not two lecterns as usual for visiting heads of state or governments, just one. A journalist asked Bush how the Putin visit was going and Bush answered real swell and plonked his arm across Putin’s shoulders. So in public and in front of the world’s press Bush was demonstrating who was Top Dog out of the two of them.

    Putin stiffened and tried to stand tall very aware of what was being demonstrated and basically clammed up.

    Only a few months later Putin had started showing that he had set his face against US imperialism.

    • Thanks: Poupon Marx
  354. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max


    Good to see the Kremlin show some of its softer, more sympathetic and compassionate side in the video below, today.

    This is what I asked/predicted back in March of this year:

    Was today Putin’s “Mission Accomplished” moment? Just as fallen Russian soldiers are starting to return back home.

    – March 19, 2022 at 12:49 am GMT • 8.4 months ago • 300 Words
    Ukraine War: Putin sympathetic, as he meets grieving Russian soldiers’ mothers
    Nov 25, 2022

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  355. @News Sneak Preview

    He’ll be carrying more cash with him than the Afghani president carted off when he ran.

  356. Anon[966] • Disclaimer says:

    Because he’s a Fascist thug who loves his cadre of useful idiots ots

  357. Anon[966] • Disclaimer says:
    @News Sneak Preview

    Fascist nonsense. He had the opportunity to flee when old Biden offered him a way out. Instead, he asked for ammo. He has more courage that you’ll ever have

    • LOL: Poupon Marx
  358. @Anon001

    Putin 22-year rule, or rather mismanagement, has brought disasters including: “country’s birth rate has plummeted to levels not seen since 1943”, “Life expectancy has fallen by 4.5 years.”, “In terms of the total population loss, Russia is first place in the world”

    Hmmm, that explains why Putin has an 84% approval rating with the Russian people – higher by FAR than any country in the corrupt Anglo-Zionist empire and its vassals.

    Putin took over Russia that was destitute, pillaged, and pilloried and then continued to keep it so.

    By ANY metric one chooses to utilise in terms of net worth/GDP per capita/suicide rates/health outcomes etc, Russians are much, MUCH better off than they were under Yeltsin.
    And all this achieved in around two decades. Considering the depths of despair Russians were experiencing under Yeltsin and the shambles that the Russian economy was when Putin inherited it, this is a REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT.

    Lastly, you said this :

    I dislike Putin not because CNN told me so, but rather because he’s a liberal globalist and a traitor to Russia.

    Let me translate that correctly for you, from the original Yiddish script that was handed to you by your controllers in the Apartheid Israeli state.
    What your statement should read is :

    ‘I [Anon 001], dislike Putin, absolutely because Zio-owned CNN told me so, but also because I am loyal to the (((tribe))) and I know that Putin, has done more to bring about the demise of my beloved ZOG than any man alive’.

    There, that’s better.

    Bottom Line: ZOG is imploding at a rapid rate. And is it does so, ZOG HQ in the City of London is getting increasingly desperate and has sent out an APB (All Points Bulletin) to all the sayanim like you to smear Putin at every opportunity.

    It’s not working Anon.
    We know who you are.
    You should just STFU and accept your fate. ie: that Khazaria will NOT be the second Jewish homeland in the event of another pogrom and expulsion from yet another country.

    Simply put, you and you Talmudic ilk should, for ONCE in history, behave yourselves and actually try and contribute to society, rather than suck it dry.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @FKA Max
  359. @Wokechoke

    Choke writes :

    What made the T34 a winner was that the Russians put a French derived 75mm gun in the turret of the T34, thickened the frontal armour … Why was it ultimately a better massed produced tank than anything the Germans, Americans and British made?

    You got two out of three right, seeing as no mass produced American or British tank was in its league.

    That said, the German Tiger I and II variants, as well as the Panther ( PzKpfw V), would all run rings around the T34, EASILY demolishing it.
    Those of you that are sceptical about my claim above, need to watch this 5 min video titled ‘One Tiger Tank vs FIFTY (50) T-34s – A True Story’ :

    Yes people, you heard correctly. That German Tiger tank was hit SIXTY SEVEN (67) times by shells from the T34’s – with no appreciable damage to the former.

    Meanwhile, as good as the Tiger tanks were, ALL tank experts (without exception), rate the German Panther tank as the best of the mass produced tanks of WWII.

    To the extent that Soviet T34’s achieved some success is due to the ENORMOUS number that Soviet factories churned out during the war (tens of thousands), Vs only about 6000 Panther tanks and around 2000 Tiger I & II made by the Germans.

    Even more importantly, tanks are not known for how many miles per gallon of fuel they’ll travel.
    Their fuel consumption of more likely to be expressed in GALLONS PER MILE (especially for the Tiger variants which were incredibly thirsty due to their bulk).
    And the Soviets had fuel in abundance throughout the war while the Germans did not – the fuel refineries and sources for oil of the latter were bombed to oblivion by the Anglo-Zionist empire.

    Bottom Line: Had the Germans been given sufficient fuel for their tanks and fighter aircraft, the outcome of WWII may well have been very different indeed.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  360. @NotaLib

    Agreed. China and Russia are not my enemies, nor are they the enemies of anyone with even a scintilla of decency or morality.

    I’m no fan of CNN, or MSG-NBC either.

  361. Excuse the delay

    “This is beyond ridiculous.
    At the time US troops were routinely entering Mexico at will, without the Maxicans being able to do much about it.
    But then there is no such thing as a bad excuse.”

    The US entered Mexico on three occasions:

    1. the war between the US and Mexico
    2. The seizure of US businesses, I think in Vera Cruz
    3. in response to raids by revolutionary forces under Zapata.

    The US government has been mindful of the Mexican sovereignty.


    Russia’s invasion unnecessary, a mistake. Given Russian rationale, the US should be in this fight. I stand on that where I came in. And we should be in the matter directly.

    No. Should NATO decide to take on Russia, I don’t think Russia could hold out. Absolutely not. And unlike our military leadership, I think we would prevail in a fight with Russia.
    Don’t hate Russians don’t hate Pres Putin. Bit I am deeply concerned about the agenda for war here by the Russians.

    The Zimmerman letter was a very serious breach that was caught. It is correct that in the game of political strategic gamesmanship, one country’s will support another to do x., I cannot solve that dynamic for you. Russia supports k Great Britain supports M and when the m and k are in conflict or some other similar scenario — sure one country will support what are refers to as proxy wars.

    I am not sure of your point. Our meddling in Ukraine unwise and more importantly unnecessary, in my view. The Russians lost despite having an inside track — that should speak volumes. The war with Germany suggestion makes no sense. This is not WWI or II Germany and the US are allies. Germany and Russia have been at odds, even before the Russian revolution.


    “It’s easy to see who are the bad guys in this conflict and it sure as heck is not Putin and the Russians.”

    I am unclear what you mean by “bad guys”. Russia is simply wrong on all counts to the invasion. None of their arguments withstand scrutiny.

    I am not an advocate for Nazis, same relational practitioners, child gender reassignment or any host of liberal agendas, However, none of that justifies war by Russia. Ukraine was not a threat. Nothing that was in play encouraged Ukraine to be a threat or to act out against Russia. In fact, everything that Ukraine sought and did was in effect to withdraw from Russia and be an independent country.

    The supposed overplay of the Mr and Mrs Kagan on the issue given them far too much credit. The struggles in Ukraine to clean up corruption — a system they inherited from the Russian style of doing business is not new nor is the issue over language. And Ukraine establishing Ukrainian as the official language did not result in a suppression of all others.

    Note: forall the whining about Us and Russia conflict. It would do well to remind that Russia’s biggest conflicts are with her neighbors, not only the former colonies, but Europe in general.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  362. They hate Putin because he’s a Man and they’re women, pussies, fags, trannies.

    • Agree: Z-man, Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @FKA Max
  363. @Anon001

    Your text is beyond ignorance but Hasbara propaganda. Belarus has had no color revolutions because it is under the protection of Russia. Belarus is a relatively poor country whose main products are agricultural. Not exactly the kind of fruit that Jewish Ologarchs and Global Corporate Elites like. Lubashenko has been in power consistently and maintains iron control.

    Russia all alone? The Russian Federation is the composed of 192 ethnic groups and languages, very rich in natural resources and a global power to be eliminated.

    There is no doubt that your group written piece comes from the Israeli disinformation/cyber warfare in a building of with hundreds of hackers and Israel cyber specialists.

    Sayanim hasbara trash. Go peddle your gefilthy fish somewhere else.

  364. @EliteCommInc.

    Very low grade, low information, low background supporting evidence, low quality thought. Your comment reads like the front page of a newspaper. All the information from frontline reports like Gonsalvo Lira, experience of decades of Scott Ritter and Col Douglas Macgregor are absent.

    You probably are not too bright. It takes a knowledge of history, human kind and to listen and absorb people like MacGregor and Ritter. Have you observed FirstPost, Hindustan Times, DeepIn reports and evaluated them, comparison, relative, cross checking?

    Your flat faced single sentenced, facile sentences are the stuff of Ladies Garden Club palaver.

    Russia’s invasion unnecessary, a mistake. Given Russian rationale, the US should be in this fight. I stand on that where I came in. And we should be in the matter directly.

    No. Should NATO decide to take on Russia, I don’t think Russia could hold out. Absolutely not. And unlike our military leadership, I think we would prevail in a fight with Russia.
    Don’t hate Russians don’t hate Pres Putin. Bit I am deeply concerned about the agenda for war here by the Russians.

    Here I question if a citizen has the self awareness to post such stupid generalizations. If you do not recognize how childish, elementary, and waifish your yammering are, you might check some of my citations. But that might lead you to distress, as not being able to comprehend them because of low cognitive horsepower.

    You should be on Twitter, Gab, Gag, TikTok, or Fakebook, with other lawnmower engines.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  365. @Truth Vigilante

    Bravo T. V. Call out these Luciferians, murderers, the greatest mass killers in human history. These are carefully crafted and can pass for veracity with the naive, young, lazy, low horsepower cognition, etc.

    My comment eviscerated this POS here, as well. I feel we must refute and expose these psychopaths when they appear.


    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  366. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    They hate Putin because he’s a Man and they’re women

    You are aware (see stats and articles below) of the fact that Putin’s most loyal voters are (middle-aged and elderly Russian) women and that Russia is the most feminine, large country in the world, right??? That’s also the reason for yesterday’s meeting with the mothers of (fallen) Russian soldiers Because they are his (electoral) base and he needs (Russian) women’s support to stay in power. Putin is precisely so popular in Russia, because he presents himself as “less manly/macho” than the “average” (Russian) man, i.e. he isn’t lazy, doesn’t drink, he’s charming, etc. If Putin were to run for political office in a less sex-ratio-skewed country, I don’t think he would have the same success and popularity with that type of (campaigning) strategy. The war in Ukraine will exacerbate the sex-ratio skew in Russia and make its population even less masculine. It’s amazing how most of the pro-Putin commentariat here don’t seem to have even the most basic knowledge and faintest idea about Russia’s demographics, “geno-history”, etc.
    I’m actually myself (indirectly) pro-Putin, in the way and in the sense that I think that he has brought stability to the country and that he would probably be replaced/succeeded — if he were assassinated, etc. — by a much less stable/predictable new Russian leader. That’s actually also the reason why I mostly, so harshly criticize him and Russia’s stupid, incompetent, war-mongering conduct, decisions and policies, because they increase the probability of him being replaced/deposed, and I want him to stay in power as long as possible, or at least until a suitable, stable replacement for him has be found/decided upon.

    Babushkas for Putin
    Mr. Putin is not lazy, these women say. He doesn’t drink. He’s calm, sober, even charming.

    Most loyal electorate

    Statistics suggest what is behind this approach. At the beginning of 2017, there were around 10 million more women in Russia than men. Retired women make up one-third of the total population, and there are twice as many women in this age group as men. Older Russian women are regarded as highly disciplined when it comes to voting and they usually support Putin. According to a survey conducted in mid-February by the state opinion research institute WZIOM, about 76 percent of the women interviewed want to vote for Putin for president. Among men, Putin has almost 62 percent of the vote. or

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  367. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Truth Vigilante

    And all this achieved in around two decades. Considering the depths of despair Russians were experiencing under Yeltsin and the shambles that the Russian economy was when Putin inherited it, this is a REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT.

    Putin had much higher oil prices at his back for most of those two decades, Yeltsin didn’t. So, lots of luck involved on Putin’s part not necessarily or entirely skill, due to the ascension of China to the WTO, etc., and the resultant higher global oil/energy/commodities demand during his reign.

    Source: or

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  368. @FKA Max

    Putin controlled or purged the blood-sucking parasites, your beloved ‘oligarchs’, whereas Yeltsin took their thirty pieces of silver. THAT is the difference between Putin and Yeltsin, and Putin and the USA, where the parasites still rule, and ever will.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  369. @Poupon Marx

    The USA couldn’t defeat 1950s China, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc, and have great ‘victories’ only against Grenada and the slums of Panama City, and you think they can beat Russia on its own soil?

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  370. @FKA Max

    What Putin possesses, and you no doubt cannot understand, is human decency. Whereas Western politicians, one and all, are as decent as semi-house trained polecats.

  371. secb1981 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Don’t forget to mention their new name BAHAI

  372. FKA Max says: • Website
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Russia’s Gini Index actually rose under Putin, especially during the (China-induced) commodities boom of the early 2000s:

    Inequality and the Putin Economy: Inside the Numbers


    January 13, 2015 or
    If there is one statistic that underscores the depth of wealth inequality in Russia, it may be that an estimated 111 billionaires control nearly a fifth of all household wealth in the country.

    If I hazarded an educated guess how many of those 111 billionaires are ethnically and/or religiously Jewish it’s probably easily the majority of them: Half of the top 25 billionaires in Russia, I believe, come from a Jewish background.

    Yes, for now Putin is controlling them and he purged the most “uppity” ones of them, but those ethno-centric, exploitative and corrupt commercial networks are still intact and mostly run and controlled by (((them))). Putin didn’t change, reform or abolish the kleptocratic system he inherited from Yeltsin, he simply custom-tailored it to fit his own needs and to serve the Siloviki he currently leads (how many of them have Jewish ancestry, I don’t know).

    ANDREI SOLDATOV – Russia’s war from within.
    Nov 4, 2022 IWMVienna

    I maintain my assertion from earlier in this comments thread that Russia is a more ZOG nation than the U.S. The Catholic/Vatican Lobby is highly and more influential in the U.S. than the Jewish/Israel Lobby is, in my opinion and according to my research, e.g. SCOTUS is majority-Catholic currently, POTUS is currently Catholic, the Speaker of the House is currently Catholic, has been (since Nancy Pelosi succeeded Dennis Hastert) and will likely stay Catholic (Kevin McCarthy is Catholic). Only Chuck Schumer is Jewish among the most influential political leaders in the U.S. government, at the moment The religious composition of the 117th Congress or
    The Murdoch family, who owns and controls influential Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, even though they are highly pro-Israel, are not Jewish, either, as another example. The CIA has historically and traditionally also had Catholic directors Why Catholics thrive in the CIA or

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  373. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    I maintain my assertion from earlier in this comments thread that Russia is a more ZOG nation than the U.S.

    And I completely forgot… even the Federal Reserve Chair has been a non-Jewish, Republican Catholic for a while now! But I was wrong on Kevin McCarthy, he is Baptist, not Catholic.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  374. There is an error in this post. The pro-imperialist website said that “Russia helped a candidate in an election win an election via massive fraud and then they cut off the gas supplies to the country. This makes Russia a very dubious neighbor.”

    Whitney then referenced that fake Russian collusion in the 2016 US election. In fact, this refers to one of the Ukrainian elections, but I am not sure which one. It must have been one where the pro-Russian candidate won. There is little to no fraud in Ukrainian elections. They’re quite clean. No candidate, pro or anti-Russian, has ever won an election in Ukraine by massive fraud. This is just another lie made up by US imperialism. Of course the pro-Russian candidate could not have won on his own!

  375. @FKA Max

    Russian women are not the same as Western women, and especially not like those Western women politicians, or trannies that call themselves “women”. West’s demographics are not much better than Russia’s.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  376. Anon[140] • Disclaimer says:

    Why do Americans hate Putin? Because Jews control America, and Jews have hated Russia ever since Czar Alexander III told them to stop cheating Russian farmers.

    Russia represents everything weak-minded Americans are told to hate by the Jewish-controlled American media: whiteness, Christianity, flyover country, nationalism, traditionalism and populism.

    Whiteness: It’s only okay to be white if you’re totally woke and apologetic for your whiteness. White Russians are neither woke nor apologetic.

    Christianity: It’s only okay to be Christian if you’re totally woke (which is the opposite of being a Christian) and/or if you consider the Jews (who reject Jesus) God’s chosen people (which is also not Christian). Russians violate this rule.

    Flyover country: Russia’s flyover country is about 50 times the size of America’s flyover country. That’s 50 times as many square miles of territory for deplorables and rednecks to hide in and plot future Charlottesvilles.

    It’s just a short step from that to Holocaust Number Two.

    Dead white male culture: Russia has produced literary and musical works of genius that make American productions look a bit second-rate. That assessment might be a little bit unfair, but Americans have an inferiority complex that makes them hate those who they sense might be their betters. Enough of an inferiority complex, at any rate, that orchestra conductors in the U.S. only get the job if they have a foreign accent.

    Nationalism: Americans equate nationalism with Hitler – except when America is doing it.

    Traditionalism: America equates traditionalism with racism, sexism and homophobia. Russia is proud of its traditions. Women in Russia feel no pressure when it comes to having a job or being a housewife. Either one is acceptable. Instead of having slaves, Russians themselves were serfs and slaves (which is why they are called “Slavs”). So, no guilt feelings there.

    Populism: Populists force governments to prioritize the well-being of the people as a whole. That is what Putin wants for Russia. But this concept is alien in a country (the U.S.) in which parents send their young children to public schools where they are exposed to communist and LGBTQ propaganda and hardcore porn, told that they and their parents are terrible people if they’re white, told that they are descended from apes, and told that morality is just another narrative and good and evil are relative.

    Then the same children are encouraged to go fight and die in pointless wars that are mostly to benefit Israel.

    When the Jew lost power in Russia and communism fell there as a result, communism simply migrated over to America. It had to make a few adjustments, hybridizing itself with crony capitalism (as in China), but it remained an essentially Jewish enterprise. Americans know that the Jew completely controls them, just as the Jew controlled Russia when it was communist. Russia reminds them of their own humiliation, and this causes them to fly into a rage.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @John Johnson
  377. chuck lowe says: • Website

    Absolutely dead on the money article.

    I hope Russia wins.

  378. @mulga mumblebrain

    They can only beat off and fantasize.

  379. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    Sure, but the fact remains that many younger Russian women have been voting with their feet (and wombs) and voluntarily cho(o)se to leave the country to find husbands and start families outside of Russia. Ukrainian women are in the same boat, and seem to be particularly popular among Chinese men lately: Chinese interest in Ukrainian ‘mail-order brides’ has doubled since war or

    Following is somewhat outdated data (from 2011), but, I believe, it is still more or less representative of the general trends and current facts on the ground. Again, the war has probably exacerbated all this significantly:
    Between 150,000 to 200,000 Russian women are currently listed on marriage databases targeting American men. […] Competition among Russian women to get listed on an American marriage brokerage website is fierce, with only 15% to 20% of applicants getting listed. or

    • Replies: @Passing By
  380. Seraphim says:

    Excellent exposition! Don’t expect that the woke choke would understand an iota of it. They are too ‘woke’.

  381. Wokechoke says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    The Germans didn’t mass produce the Panther. Even when they started to appear in operationally significant numbers it came too late and was a little outgunned. It’s engine tended to burn out quick and was a flop at the battle of Kursk 43.

    The Tiger was only available in very small numbers. Not a very good use of industrial capacity. Good for crew survivability though.

    The Russians hit a sweet spot with the T34. Perhaps a situation that can’t be replicated safely for a crew today but it was a war winning weapon. No mistake. 80,000 built approx.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Truth Vigilante
  382. Seraphim says:

    Let’s not forget that the capacity of the Wehrmacht to efficiently resist the Allies onslaught, let alone to carry offensive actions, was severely curtailed by the lack of fuel. The formidable Tigers stopped not because of the resistance of the Allies, but because they run out of petrol, like the Luftwaffe too. Ditto on the Eastern Front, especially after the Germans lost the Romanian oil fields. The T-34s never lacked abundant supplies of fuel.
    What the situation with fuel supplies for the Ukrainian forces?

  383. @Wokechoke

    The Germans didn’t mass produce the Panther. Even when they started to appear in operationally significant numbers it came too late and was a little outgunned.
    It’s engine tended to burn out quick and was a flop at the battle of Kursk 43.

    The reason for the ‘quick engine burnout’ was because the Panther was rushed into combat at the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943 despite numerous unresolved technical problems, leading to high losses due to mechanical failure.
    Most design flaws were soon rectified by late 1943 and early 1944 and thereafter it was reliable.

    I noticed that you had nothing negative to say about the Tiger tanks (because other than their fuel consumption and cost/complexity to manufacture, there’s nothing negative that can be said about them).
    It didn’t escape me that you said that the Panther was a ‘little outgunned’.

    However, the fact of the matter was that while having essentially the same Maybach V12 petrol (690 hp) engine as the Tiger I, and even though it had a 75mm gun (Vs the 88mm on the Tiger), it had BETTER GUN PENETRATION than the latter.
    It was lighter and faster, and could traverse rough terrain better than the Tiger I. The trade-off was weaker side armour, which made it vulnerable to flanking fire. The Panther proved to be effective in open country and long-range engagements.

    This ability to destroy T34’s from long range proved especially telling, as the Panther could destroy the Soviet tanks whilst still being out of range of the enemy.
    Needless to say, for every Panther that was lost, MULTIPLES of the T34 were destroyed.

    As for the Panther not being ‘mass produced’, recognising that the Panther could potentially be a game changer on the battlefield, the Allied air forces went out of their way to target production of said tank and this severely disrupted ultimate production output.
    Manufactured in sufficient numbers, and assuming sufficient fuel could be be obtained for them, the Panther would’ve wreaked a lot of carnage on the Eastern front, where the majority of them were deployed.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  384. @FKA Max

    200,000 out of 35-40 million women in the 20-39 age range, that’s no big deal. That’s far less in proportion than Western women breeding with blacks and Arabs.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  385. @Avery

    “This is how deep the decadent West has sunk.”

    We in the west have sunk past decadence into the depths of degeneracy.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  386. @Anon

    Wishful thinking.

    Declining White population since 1991
    World’s highest abortion rate
    Europe’s largest atheist population
    Europe’s largest Muslim population
    Places in top 5 for alcoholism
    No free speech, internet is censored

    Can’t criticize the government without fear of arrest and the Muslims are outbreeding the Whites. Russia also has “hate speech” laws where you can’t criticize Islam.

    A real Christian paradise.

    Go get in a trench for Putin if you think it is so great. Oh and he doesn’t share your hatred of Jews as seen by the fact that Russia is the #1 oil supplier for Israel.

    • Replies: @Anon
  387. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Passing By

    You misread your own source you provided:

    In the 20-39 age range there are about 39 million Russians in total (male and female), and about 19 million of them are female. Plus, “with only 15% to 20% of applicants getting listed”, realistically there are about 1 million Russian women (200,000 times 5 (or 20%)) in that age range, who would like to emigrate from Russia, and that is just to America. This doesn’t even take into account all the Russian women going to the U.K., Canada, Germany, the E.U. in general, etc.

    At a minimum, probably 5% of all Russian women (about 1 million) in the 20-39 age range want to leave the country, but the number is likely even higher closer to 2 million if the European Union, the U.K. and Canada are all factored into the emigration equation. This is around 10% of all Russian women in that age range, which is not insignificant in the least, IMHO. Often, they are also the highly educated, which is doubly dysgenic:

    Richard B. Spencer’s ex-wife is an example of this phenomenon, even though it’s just anecdotal evidence and she wasn’t a traditional “mail-order bride” But the reality is that she chose to “marry up”, so to speak, or engage in “hypergamy” with a non-Russian man, and voluntarily decided to stay in the West, even though she was free to return to Russia and start a family there.

    Spencer married Nina Kouprianova in 2010, with whom he has two children. He separated from Kouprianova, a Russian-Canadian with Georgian roots,

  388. Seraphim says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    The persistence of the myth of the ‘qualitative’ superiority of the Tiger and Panther tanks over the ‘quantitative’ T-34 (as well as of the ‘qualitative’ superiority of German strategy, tactics, armaments, eminent skills, motivation, morale of the German soldier, over the ‘quantity’ of the drunken zombies of the Red Army) is a soothing balm for the ‘West’, which cannot come to terms that it lost all the wars against the ‘Untermenschen’. It is like the box match where the favorite punched mercilessly his opponent all the rounds, only to be KO in the last one, claiming that is unfair to be declared the loser since he scored more punches.
    They console themselves with the ‘ifs’: ‘if enough tanks would have been produced”, ‘if they would have enough fuel’, then… (actualized: ‘if’ the Ukrainians would get the German ‘Leopards’ and ‘Gepards’ (and the ‘Abrams’) then the Russian would be toast.
    In fact, they didn’t produce enough, and they didn’t have enough fuel at all times. Germans produced only 49-50,000 tanks, Russians 119,000 for the duration of the war. Not only that, but the yearly production of Russian tanks was at least double of what the Germans were able to produce.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Truth Vigilante
  389. Anon[234] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    You claim Russia has Europe’s largest atheist population. That claim is meaningless, given that Russia is by far the largest country that could be called “European”. On a percentage basis, Russia does not have the most atheists. There are higher percentages of atheists in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

    Russia does have a declining population, but I can’t find any information that sorts out whites from the rest of the Russian population. The white population of the United States (and in most countries that are or were majority white) has been declining.

    “Europe’s largest Muslim population.” Again, this claim is meaningless given that Russia is by far the largest country in Europe. Muslims have not established Sharia Law in Russia and they have not created “no-go” zones in Russia as they have in France, Sweden and Britain. The Soviet Union included many Muslims and, unlike the West, did not allow them to form a “state within the state.”

    You are right about alcoholism and abortion. But the U.S. is hardly a paragon in those areas.

    Censorship: We have all kinds in the U.S.: redacted documents, indiscriminate classification of documents, back-room crony capitalism, government collusion with social media to censor dissent, a mainstream media that is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, etc. In the U.S., censorship exists to prevent citizens from having a say (based on informed consent) in their own government. In Russia, censorship mainly exists to keep out malign foreign influence.

    Russia has its problems, and it deals them in a more autocratic manner than we do. That being said, I stand by what I said about Russia in comparison to the United States.

  390. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Oh, degeneracy was long ago. We need new words!

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  391. @FKA Max

    You are right, I miscalculated, there are indeed ~20 million women in the 20-39 age range, which makes 200,000 1% instead of 0.5%, big deal.
    For the rest, everything you say is pure speculation based on your biased perception of Russian society. In reality, Russian women’s behaviour is no more dysgenic than Western women’s behaviour. Russia is not the problem, women’s delusions are the problem. For what it’s worth, when I was in Norway, every second prettier than average twenty something Norwegian young woman I met expressed the wish to leave Norway.
    There’s perception and there’s reality, and there’s wishing to do something and actually doing it. One million Russian women wanting to leave Russia doesn’t translate in one million leaving Russia. Heck, one million Russian women saying that they want to leave Russia doesn’t translate into one million being actually ready to leave Russia. Women like to keep their options open and in that age range, when they are single, they are notoriously unsatisfied, in Russia or in the West.
    Finally, even if 20% of Russian women aged 20 to 39 were problematic, it still would be less than in the West where a much greater proportion of women are too dysfunctional to ever hope of founding a stable family with them, let alone raise children to become decent functional individuals.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  392. @FKA Max

    What does that say about American women if their men are looking for foreign wives? You’re reading too much into those sites which are full of scammers and believe their marketing propaganda.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  393. Why do Americans hate Vladolf Putler? Because he’s a Nazi mafia fuckhead just as his best buddy the orange MAGA asshole!!!

    • Troll: Seraphim
  394. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Passing By

    women’s delusions are the problem. […] Heck, one million Russian women saying that they want to leave Russia doesn’t translate into one million being actually ready to leave Russia. […] Women like to keep their options open and in that age range, when they are single, they are notoriously unsatisfied, in Russia or in the West.

    No disagreement from me on those points of yours. My main point is, that there are very few, younger Western women who apply to be “mail-order brides” in Russia. I think, that point is hard to argue with, thus still stands. And I believe, the sex-ratio imbalance in Russia and many other additional, unfavorable socio-economic factors are reflected in that higher prevalence of “mail-order brides” from the former Eastern Bloc, play a major role in dysgenic dynamics (brain drains, etc.), generally work against the success of the country and its human capital stock, and are likely a symptom of (Putin’s) political mismanagement, as we discussed earlier (the following research and surveys were conducted pre-Ukraine conflict):
    The Putin Exodus: The New Russian Brain Drain
    Feb 21, 2019

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  395. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    What does that say about American women if their men are looking for foreign wives?

    I think, it’s mostly a function of supply and demand, i.e. a less skewed sex-ratio in the U.S. than in Russia

    [MORE] which means there is more male mating competition for females here in the U.S., which can be alleviated by importing Eastern European women, and which in turn helps Eastern Europe (including Russia) to become more sex-ratio balanced. It should and could be a “win-win” outcome for both sides, if managed respectfully and properly/intelligently, i.e. without causing too much of a brain drain in Russia.
    But you are correct, especially younger American women are somewhat more “demanding”, “entitled” and “higher maintenance” than their Eastern European counterparts, but once they “hit the wall” around age 30, even American women become easier to deal with:
    Image Source: or

  396. Avery says:

    {…is a soothing balm for the ‘West’, which cannot come to terms that it lost all the wars against the ‘Untermenschen’. }

    A “..soothing balm”: Bingo.

    It’s always the so-called General Winter*; It’s the so-called “help” from US&UK (right!); It’s this; It’s that.

    It’s simply inconceivable that thems Untermenschen could possibly out-general, out-engineer, out-STEM thems ‘Ubermenschen’: how could the sub-human Slavs possibly outengineer the German Master Race?

    * Of course, Red Army troops managed to fight in balmy +50F, while those poor Nazi invaders had to fight in -40F. It’s so unfair. West/NATO is still trying to figure out how the Rooskies did it: How did they create such a microclimate.?

  397. @Seraphim

    The persistence of the myth of the ‘qualitative’ superiority of the Tiger and Panther tanks …..’ superiority of German strategy, tactics, armaments, eminent skills, motivation, morale of the German soldier …. is a soothing balm for the ‘West’, which cannot come to terms that it lost all the wars against the ‘Untermenschen’.

    This ‘qualitative superiority’ you speak of, is no myth. It is a fact.

    Of course, it is anything but ‘soothing’ to know that the Forces of Evil triumphed in this war.

    What the Germans achieved, despite the UNIMAGINABLE WEALTH and RESOURCES brought to bear against them by International Zionist Bankers and their lackeys, will live forever.

    The Germans were the MORAL VICTORS of WWII (and WWI).

    Their Herculean efforts during these conflicts will be spoken about for a thousand generations.
    They were the last great hope for the world to rid itself of the Zionist parasite.

    Fortunately for us, the Sino-Russian Super Hegemon has emerged to take their place, and it is well on the road to unravelling Zionist power.
    The crushing of the Ukrainian proxy regime in this conflict by Russia, will likely thereafter precipitate a chain of events that sets off the implosion of the Anglo-Zionist empire.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @hhsiii
  398. hhsiii says:

    Because he’s short. Really short. Americans hate short people.

  399. Seraphim says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Germans may have imagined that they were ‘the last hope for the world to rid itself of the Zionist parasite’ they helped installing in Russia from 1914 onwards. Was it for attuning for their alliance with the Zionists for the subjugation of Russia, their common enemy (who was in the process of ridding herself of the ‘parasites’), and reinstating the ‘parasites’? Hitler wanted to solve the ‘Jewish question’ by exporting them back from where they came and use their commercial acumen for selling contraceptives to the ‘Slavs’ in order to reduce their natality! Otherwise, he was quite chummy with the Zionists.

  400. hhsiii says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Yeah, great move by the Germans. The British were on the run in Asia and Europe, then the jerries invade their non-aligned pals, the zio-bolshies. A thousand generations will say this was their finest hour?

  401. Tsigantes says:

    To be the 405th comment means talking to the wind 🙂

    I’m commenting from Greece, as a non-American, BEFORE reading the article .

    Of course the USA hates “Putin” (ie the Russian administration) and Putin himself! Because “Putin”/Putin exposes them as what they are.

    1. Putin reversed America’s devastating predation of Russia in the 1990s and threw out the USA’s “oligarchs”.
    2. Over 22 years Putin has rebuilt Russia to its natural greatness, as a republic, as a fully functioning democracy, as a military superpower, as an autarky, as a diplomatic hyperpower and most important of all, as a moral force in the world
    3.. Putin has stepped into USA’s other predations – in Syria, in Turkey, in Afghanistan, Iran and Khazakstan – openly thwarting them.
    4. By speaking honestly the strong countries of the world have openly aligned with Russia and the small countries follow in their wake.

    To most of the world the example set by Russia under Putin is an inspiration and a rescue! Greeks were not completely devastated by the Washington reversed OXI referendum of 2015 because Putin / Russia – the existence of – gave us hope. Fact. This is why Geoffrey Pyatt was sent to Greece immediately from Kiev: to separate Greece from Russia [secondly to make Greece the US’s military frontline in the face of failing relations with Turkey]. This is why a SOFA with Israel was forced on Greece by the US in 2015, in the wake of OXI. Israel now has a free hand in Greece and an air base. Israel now believes it controls Greece.

    The USA has exposed itself as a gangster regime: criminal, corrupt, undemocratic, a liar par excellence with no intention to ever keep its [empty] promises, immoral [depraved · dishonest · indecent · nefarious · obscene · pornographic · shameless …], and foremost a thief. Not to mention authoritarian and lawless. Betraying its own constitution, it is a totally degraded country in the eyes of the world, a country where those who dare to speak truth are eliminated in various ways. A country with the intellectual level of a moron. Predating its own people!

    The USA ignores this (and maybe does not understand it?) and keeps on lying, believing that its media [and arthritic iron fist] can substitute for facts. But the level of its lies is so low IQ and shameless that the more its media talks the more it digs its own grave in the eyes of the world.

    However I have faith that Americans [and its own increasing failure] can eventually eviscerate and eliminate this Monster.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  402. Tsigantes says:

    An excellent article, thank you!

    Yes, patriotism is the Unforgiveable Sin to Mr. Globaloney.

    My previous comment [no.406] only reflects the hatred of Washington felt even by its “allies” ie hostages. In Greece’s case we’ve been hit 3 times by Washington since WW2: the anglo-american induced “civil war” 1944-49; the Colonels regime [Stay Behind GLADIO] 1967-74; and Obama’s “Greek Crisis” in which IMF broke its own rules and the world’s largest “debt” was heaped on a country of 10 million to be paid off by its 4.9 million workers.

    There is also another issue, unaddressed. Orthodox Christianity, the original christianity, has never wavered in the Orthodox countries. Orthodoxy, even in the analysis of Samuel Huntington, is a separate civilisation from Western Europe. It comprises a band of countries stretching from the Arctic south to Ethiopia, separating Asia and Europe. The Anglo-Americans have been intent on destroying this last hold-out, with some paper success but definite Unsuccess. This religious / civilisational war is a Western obsession, since, operating on another level it has proved impervious and only gathere strength. An outrage in fact.

    Finally, do not assume that European peoples are on the US side. The south and east of Europe have traditionally had good relations with Russia: those countries closest to Russia show 70-82% support for Russia in this Ukraine war.

    By “Europe” journalists generally mean only London and Berlin along with the other protestant countries of NW Europe. Reflecting USA’s heritage and mindset.

  403. The short answer is “because the TV tells them they should.” There isn’t a thought in the average American mind that wasn’t placed there by the media.

    Boomers and Xers were raised on a steady diet of Cold War propaganda, so Russophobia comes naturally to them, like a comfortable old pair of jeans.

    As far as Millennials and Zoomers, Putin is Trump-adjacent. The Russians put Trump in the White House with a few lousy Facebook memes, remember?

    It’s easy to forget that a decade or so ago the TV was saying that Republicans were running on 80s foreign policy, and the Democrats wanted to hit that ol’ reset button with Vlad. Obama was recorded telling Medvedev to relay to Putin that he’d have more flexibility after his reelection.

    But then Putin gave a hard no on The Alphabet People, and that was unforgivable for Barry the Fag. Putin gave Bob Costas the worst case of pink-eye anybody ever saw during the Sochi Olympics and the rest is history.

    This is all about anal marriage. Which is as hilarious as it is disgusting.

  404. Baby J says:

    It doesn’t take much insight to come to the determination that the U.S western media’s relentless attacks on him show’s a propaganda machine in action that puts Goebbels and Stalin to shame.
    Bottom line is they hate any white guy that speaks his mind on defending traditional values and Christianity or his people.

  405. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max



    Hakeem Jeffries is Baptist as well:
    This makes the upper echelons of the U.S. political, power hierarchy now far less Jewish than in the previous decades:

    – Supreme Court: 1 Jew (Kagan), 2 Protestants and 6 Catholics.

    – House Leadership: 2 Protestants (McCarthy and Jeffries)

    – Senate Leadership: 1 Jew (Schumer) and 1 Protestant (McConnell)

    – Federal Reserve: Catholic Chair (Powell), (Religion unknown, could be Jewish) Vice Chair (Brainard)

    – Presidency: Catholic President (Biden), Protestant Vice President (Harris)

    Out of the 17 most important and powerful positions within the United States Government, (only) 2 (or at a maximum 3) are currently held by Jews. The Federal Reserve Chair and Vice Chair used to routinely be both Jewish for decades, and the Supreme Court had 3 Jewish Justices on the bench from 2010 to 2020 (2 since 1994). Jewish representation has therefore decreased by, give or take, around -50% over the last 2 years alone! From around 30% to 12% (or at a maximum 18% in case Lael Brainard is Jewish), which is remarkable, IMHO.

    3 high-profile members of Biden’s Cabinet are Jewish (Blinken, Yellen and Garland), and so is his Chief of Staff (Klain), but the three branches of the U.S. Government plus the Federal Reserve are much less Jewish than they used to be.

    Protestants are underrepresented relative to their share of the U.S. population by a factor of about -20% at about 35%. Catholics are overrepresented with about 50% or a factor of +150% over their share of the U.S. population. Jews are still the most overrepresented religious-ethnic group at about 12% to 15% or a factor of +300% to +400% over their share of the U.S. population, but much less so than before, when the overrepresetation was at times around +900%.

  406. Rubicon says:

    It’s a misleading title to the column:

    There are no verifiable, authentic polls that has statistically found that “Americans hate the Russians.”
    We certainly do not hate the Russians.

  407. ANON[939] • Disclaimer says:

    I never hated Mr. Putin
    I admire him as a real Leader, one that lacks in western woke and decadent societies
    He have my support only with his sad but necessary action against Ukraine puppet regime and mostly nazi too which is fomented by the HKM (vide Ben Fulford for the term) and by ‘Klingons’ and the MIC
    He also have my support against the sexualitation of children (like my favourite; Ron DeSantis) and the wokeness bs assolating U.S. and EU and supporting sacred family values
    But I do not agree with his closeness to the corrupt WHO and UN tentacles of the woke ’empire’ and his blind maybe naive agreement to lockdowns and criminal mRNA’s “solution”
    I truly wish and I do pray that he and/or his sucessors get away from the BIS, CBDC’s, the WHO and all of the globalist power thristy pos assolating our world
    The hate of Russia is somehow called jealous, Russia since centuries ago developed a rich and unique culture with arts, music, science, and so on, nowadays even their tech is unequal, vide their rockets and airplanes, you think the F-35 is cool :-D, Russia make the best fighter jets in the planet and more
    Also they became friends with many many countries in order to trade (imp/exp)
    So the crumbling ’empire’ and the banksters do not like competition
    Paul Craig Roberts is always right when comes to Russia, you all should read more of him
    God Bless You All

  408. @FKA Max

    It is an excellent development. Those idiots, and worse, who identify with the hideous Western social, political and economic model, are best gone. It is like a spring clean, leaving those with enough nous and moral sense to see the corruption of the West, and the guts and determination to build their homeland.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  409. FKA Max says: • Website
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Yes, that is what Putin is also banking and betting on, I’m just not sure it will work out as he expects/hopes.

    I think it’s an excellent development as well. I just see it from a different/the opposite perspective, as I commented on at the beginning of the war:


    Precisely, because we believe Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” framework is now inevitable, unless there is a major nuclear war, and will lead, we believe, to more peaceful, less chaotic, slower paced and fairer world affairs. Having to deal with fewer Russian oligarchs and their offspring in NYC, London, Paris, Berlin and in the West in general, is a terrific thing, in my book. Beijing is more than welcome to host them from now on.

    – February 27, 2022 at 11:59 pm GMT • 9.2 months ago • 400 Words

    The West is actually better off for it, because “Russia’s (and Ukraine’s) best (intelligentsia)” (scientists, intellectuals, etc.) will now be brain-drained by the West, while “Russia’s worst (brutes)” (unscrupulous, ruthless business people, apparatchiks, etc.) will increasingly frequent and “enrich” countries and places like China, Israel and the Middle East (Dubai, etc.), instead of NYC, London, Paris, etc. This is a clear win for the West, in my book.

    – March 22, 2022 at 12:40 am GMT • 8.5 months ago • 500 Words

  410. @Harold Smith

    Okay but if (((they))) are so insane, how do you know what’s actually motivating (((them)))?

    I should have been more precise. They are desperate to the point of insanity.

  411. @Sollipsist

    the standard still means something in Russia.

    Yes, it does. It means something in China, too. It means something to at least 4/5th of humanity. That’s why the empire has so few supporters in the world. And lots of haters.

    Our teams of highly trained speechwriters can’t prevent Biden from looking senile,

    That mystery is easily solved: he looks senile because he is senile. But that’s for a good reason: real rulers want to remain in the shadows, pushing forward pathetic figureheads for the sheeple to vote for. When the policies flop, they can make disposable figureheads scapegoats, replace them with other disposable figureheads, while remaining unaccountable for the failures.

  412. Lumbago says:

    Americans sure love to hate Putin, but they also have absolutely nothing against their own murderous government killing people all over the planet.
    Too much TV, not enough brains I guess.
    Pathetic country.

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