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Trump’s Sinister Plan to Kill the Iranian “Nukes” Deal
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Photo by Nick Taylor | CC BY 2.0

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The Trump administration has settled on a plan for sabotaging the Iranian Nuclear deal that does not explicitly violate the terms of the agreement. Trump will continue to suspend sanctions, as is required under the terms of the deal, but at the same time, he will warn that if the agreement isn’t changed to meet his specific demands, he will terminate it unilaterally.

“If at any time I judge that such an agreement is not within reach, I will withdraw from the deal immediately,” Trump said.

We can expect Trump to continue to issue these same threats in the months ahead as it helps to maximize the uncertainty as to whether the agreement will survive or not. As a businessman and investor, Trump knows that uncertainly is nearly as effective as sanctions when it comes to dampening foreign investment in the country’s businesses and resource development. Corporations and private investors are not going to commit significant capital to long-term projects if they think that the rug could be pulled out from under them at any time. They need certainty just like they need security. By renewing his threat to withdraw from the deal every 120 days, Trump hopes to negate any benefits that Iran might enjoy by complying with the terms of the nuclear deal. The sanctions will have been lifted, but the impact of Trump’s meddling will stifle foreign investment preventing the strong economic rebound that Iranian leaders had anticipated.

Trump also announced that the United States will impose new sanctions on “14 individuals and entities” over alleged human rights abuses to anti-government protestors during the recent demonstrations which took place in cities across Iran. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has denounced the sanctions as a clear violation of the nuclear agreement which forbids any changes to the terms of the deal. Here’s part of the FM’s statement:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran stresses clearly that it will take no measures beyond its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and will accept no changes to this agreement now or in the future and will not allow that the JCPOA be linked to any other issue.”

Taken together, the Trump strategy is clever two-pronged approach that shrinks capital investment in the country (thereby strangling the economy) while increasing the incitements that are intended to cause the government to overreact and (possibly) scuttle the agreement. Trump’s goal is to trick Iran into terminating the deal because it would be too costly for the US to end its commitment unilaterally.

The only reason Iran agreed to comply with the onerous requirements of the nuke’s deal was to end the sanctions that had crippled the Iranian economy. Iran agreed “to reduce uranium enrichment activity drastically, dispose of its enriched uranium stocks and modify a heavy water facility so it could not produce material suitable for a nuclear bomb.” (BBC) Iran was also forced to accept “the toughest and most technologically advanced inspections regime ever put in place to prevent a country from developing an atomic bomb.” In other words, Iran had to make huge concessions that no other signatory of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) ever had to make to stop the decades-long economic war the US had been waging on it. Trump’s strategy will undoubtedly erase many of the potential economic benefits Iran would have realized had the US honored the spirit and letter of the agreement.

Here are a few excerpts from recent articles that highlight Washington’s off-the-radar efforts to damage Iran’s fragile economy. Here’s a clip from a recent post at Press TV:

“The administration of US President Donald Trump is considering blocking planned sales of hundreds of passenger planes by two aerospace giants, Boeing and Airbus, to Iranian airlines, a report says.

Citing US officials, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Trump’s team is expected to present him with options that include banning sales, imposing stringent conditions that could halt any aircraft deliveries, or slow-walking approvals.” (Press TV)

(NOTE: “The JCPOA explicitly allows US companies to sell civilian airliners to Iranian firms. The sales were a key incentive for Iran to sign onto the deal because Tehran is eager to replenish its civilian airliner fleet, which has been decimated by decades of sanctions.”)

Here’s more from The National Interest:

“The United States is criticized for deterring companies and investors from entering the Iranian market. Iran believes that while the legal and political foundations of sanctions have been removed, the United States has fully kept the primary sanctions in force, preventing the practical removal of the secondary sanctions that were to be lifted.” (“America Still Has Iran Sanctions—And They’re Hurting the Nuclear Deal”, The National Interest)

As we said before, the lifting of sanctions has not produced the economic benefits that Iran’s leaders had expected. Much of this has to do with the slow return of investors due to the unwillingness of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to provide assurances that the nuclear agreement won’t be suddenly rescinded. Here’s more from an article at Quartz:

“Most international financial transactions are done with U.S. dollars, requiring the transactions to be cleared through the U.S. banking system. Since the primary sanctions remain in force, Iran is barred from using U.S. Dollars, making it more difficult to trade with other countries. Additionally, Iran has experienced problems in obtaining its funds in U.S. dollars from other banks….

Foreign companies are also still restricted from trading with more than 200 Iranian entities sanctioned by the United States for non-nuclear reasons. Some firms also fear the possibility of “snapback” sanctions if Iran violates the deal, or policy changes under the next US president…

Citing remaining financial restrictions, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused the United States of not fulfilling its pledges under the nuclear deal. “In Western countries and places which are under U.S. influence, our banking transactions and the repatriation of our funds from their banks face problems … because (banks) fear the Americans,” he said in March.” (“A year on, Iran’s nuclear deal is helping its economy, but not as much as some hoped”, Quartz)

Finally, there’s this from an article at Reuters titled “A year after nuclear deal, sanctions still hurt Iran”:

“While the deal lifted EU and UN sanctions on Iran’s banking and energy sector, unilateral U.S. sanctions on the Iranian economy remain. These sanctions forbid U.S. citizens and companies from conducting most forms of business with Iran, but companies outside the United States are affected as well. …

Without foreign direct investment and international banks willing to underwrite projects in Iran, the fruits of the nuclear deal will elude the Iranian public. Banking and finance are the arteries of global commerce and investment. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has tried to offer assurances that the United States will not interfere with legitimate commerce between Iran and the rest of the world, but his pledges ring hollow. European banks remain skittish. Over the past decade, BNP Paribas, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank have paid billions of dollars in fines for Iran-related activity.

From Iran’s perspective, unless the United States takes more concrete steps to make European banks feel confident about engaging in commerce with Iran, the Iranian people will begin to view the nuclear deal as one-sided.” (Reuters)

So, while Iran has faithfully kept up its end of the bargain (Regular inspections have confirmed that they are in compliance), Washington never has. The US has made every effort to undermine the deal by covertly discouraging foreign investment that would improve living standards for ordinary working people in Iran.

Like his predecessors, Trump has tried to justify his hostility towards Iran in terms of his fear that Iran is secretly developing nuclear weapons. But Trump knows it’s all baloney. Iran has no interest in building nuclear weapons and never has. Take a look at this excerpt from an interview with investigative journalist Gareth Porter that was published by Harpers.

“In Manufactured Crisis, I show that the claim of an Iranian nuclear-weapons program has been based on false history and falsified records. The description of the Iranian nuclear program presented in official documents, in commentaries by think-tank “experts,” and in the media bears no resemblance to the essential historical facts……

Ayatollah Khomeini forbade the use of such weapons, on the ground that both the possession and use of weapons of mass destruction are illicit under Islamic jurisprudence…. Shia jurisprudence is a fundamental constraint on Iranian policy toward weapons of mass destruction. It also makes credible the claim that Iran is forbidden by a fatwa from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei from possessing nuclear weapons….

The evidence adduced to prove that Iran secretly worked on nuclear weapons represents an even more serious falsification of intelligence than we saw in the run-up to the war in Iraq….

CIA brass apparently went so far as to suppress WMD intelligence obtained by one of its best covert agents in the Middle East because it didn’t fit the conclusion they knew George W. Bush’s administration wanted. I reveal for the first time in the book that a former undercover operative who brought a lawsuit against CIA leadership in 2004 claimed that a highly respected source in Iran had told him in 2001 that Iran had no intention of “weaponizing” its nuclear program. The CIA apparently never informed the White House of that information, and refused to circulate it within the intelligence community….

With Iraq, there was at least dissent over issues like its alleged illegal importation of aluminum tubes, which reflected debates within the intelligence community. Coverage of Iran, on the other hand, has been virtually unanimous in reporting the official line without the slightest indication of curiosity about whether it might be false or misleading.” (“Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare”, Harper’s Magazine)

In a report for the Council on Foreign Relations titled “Putting Iran’s Nuclear Program in Context”, Micah Zenko is even more blunt:

“It is essential to recognize that Iran does not currently have a nuclear weapons program, nor does it possess a nuclear weapon. On February 26, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Ayatollah Khomenei, the supreme leader of Iran, ended his country’s nuclear weapons program in 2003 and “as far as we know, he’s not made the decision to go for a nuclear weapon.”

Unfortunately, there is so much disinformation in the media on this point, that we must repeat this critical fact over and over again. Iran has no nuclear weapons, no nuclear weapons programs, and has never diverted nuclear fuel to anything other than “approved” energy-related activity.

So why has the United States continued to hector, harass, threaten and bully Iran if the country poses no threat to its neighbors or to US national security?

Iran’s vast resources– natural gas and oil– which are situated at the heart of the strategically-critical Middle East, make it an irresistible target for imperial exploitation. Washington needs to keep its hand on the oil spigot to ensure that vital resources continue to be denominated in the world’s reserve currency, the dollar, and recycled into US debt. Washington also needs oil to control the growth of thriving but energy-dependent economies in Asia that are rapidly gaining on the US and challenging its grip on global power. Seen in this light, Iran’s fictitious “nukes program” is just a pretext for Washington to continue its asymmetrical war on Iran’s economy. The goal of course is regime change and a strengthening of Washington’s geopolitical power through the control of crucial resources.

It’s important to note that Israel has joined Trump in his jihad against Iran. On December 12, US and Israeli national security advisers, H. R. McMaster and Meir Ben-Shabbat, concluded secret talks at the White House on dealing with Iran and signed “far-reaching joint memorandum of understanding providing for full cooperation.” Ostensibly, the strategy will focus on “Iran’s nuclear drive, its missile programs”, and the activities of its military abroad. In reality, however, Trump has aligned US policy with Israel’s openly belligerent approach which regards Tehran as a sworn adversary that must be defeated in order for Israel to become the dominant power in the Middle East, the regional hegemon. Check out this blurb from Business Insider:

“Quoting the Israeli officials, Channel 10 said that the meeting confirmed that the US and Israel “see eye to eye on the trends and processes in the region,” and have now reached agreement on the strategy and policy required to deal with them.” (“The US and Israel reportedly signed a secret pact to take on Iran”, Business Insider)

Washington and Tel Aviv’s policy towards Iran is now identical which means that the probability of a confrontation is bound to increase.

It’s beginning to look like Trump’s promise of a “non interventionist foreign policy” was just another empty campaign slogan.

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at [email protected].

(Republished by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Virgile says:

    As the Neocons have finally taken over the White House, the CIA and the Pentagon, it is no surprise that Trump is been blackmailed into following their pro-Israel policies. If he does not, he will be removed with the help of the .. democratic party.
    Trump is now just a puppet of the neocons and his campaign promises are dead words.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Che Guava
    , @trixie
  2. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Blackmailed, huh?

    He never meant what you understood him to have promised. Those were speeches written by others, which he may not even have understood.

    On any number of issues, Mr. Trump had for years contradicted himself in documented, public statements. He vacillated throughout the campaign, too, especially on international relations. Those of us who pointed that out were disparaged as agents for Jeb, then Hillary.

    Come November 2016, the desperate voters – including many here – believed what they wanted to hear, ignored the rest, and voilà, a new liar who may stir the s**t counterclockwise, but who won’t change anything to the detriment of the Establishment.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  3. bunga [AKA "aonon"] says:

    Negotiations treaties and promises have no value when the counter party is USA or Israel. Any treaty with these 2 are Trojan horse – a conduit to tsunami of disaster . In a saner and equitable world of real democracy where there is no veto power wielding member of UN , Iran should have been able to haul USA to court for inciting ,for disturbing peace , for undermining its economy through illegal activities . May be oe day all these will be repaid in kind . One may not be able to bring the old rules /promises/treaties back to make them work but new one could be made to humble this country

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  4. MarkinLA says:

    Wrong, we were all weary of what Trump would really do. The issue was who could beat Hillary. Cruz could never beat Hillary. Nobody else said anything even remotely close to what the people wanted.

    It is ridiculous for NeverTrumpers or Cruzbots to claim dumb things about Trump voters when there was really no choice. Cruz could have “outdebated” Hillary all he wanted but it would have made no difference since Cruz was a NAFTA supporting globalist and would not have taken Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania like Trump did. Cruz strategy was to triangulate between Trump the madman and the rest of the pro-amnesty crowd in the hopes that Trump would flame out. However, he never was for deportation, he was a typical Republican squish and would have been Romney II against Hillary.

    If Hillary had won we would have another Ginzberg in the Supreme Court and Guitierrez the white hating Latino would have his amnesty for 30 million illegals. Trump is not playing hardball like I want him to but he is better than Hillary.

  5. Miro23 says:

    Why are the Zionists targeting Iran? Whitney comes up with the two basic reasons:

    1) Iran’s vast resources– natural gas and oil– which are situated at the heart of the strategically-critical Middle East, make it an irresistible target for imperial exploitation. Washington needs to keep its hand on the oil spigot to ensure that vital resources continue to be denominated in the world’s reserve currency, the dollar, and recycled into US debt.

    2) Ostensibly, the strategy will focus on “Iran’s nuclear drive, its missile programs”, and the activities of its military abroad. In reality, however, Trump has aligned US policy with Israel’s openly belligerent approach which regards Tehran as a sworn adversary that must be defeated in order for Israel to become the dominant power in the Middle East, the regional hegemon. Check out this blurb from Business Insider:

    “Quoting the Israeli officials, Channel 10 said that the meeting confirmed that the US and Israel “see eye to eye on the trends and processes in the region,” and have now reached agreement on the strategy and policy required to deal with them.” (“The US and Israel reportedly signed a secret pact to take on Iran”, Business Insider).

    Europe could prevent this disaster by facing off against the US/Israel (is there a difference?) and giving full support to the nuclear agreement that they signed. A radical start would be an alternative to the SWIFT clearing system, replacing it with one based on a Euro reserve currency (the Euro currency has good depth and stronger fundamentals than the US dollar) and gaining financial independent from the United States.

    Iran would have full banking access, and the US/Israel would have to work out how they’re also going to start a war on Europe.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  6. Biff says:

    If the leaders of Iran had any brains they would get themselves nuclear weapons, and get them fast.

  7. Trump but another Jewish golem. Humanity will not survive the poisonous interventions of these fiends. When will we take the declarations of their religion seriously?
    The Torah and The Talmud declared that Jews are at war with gentile societies and so they most obviously and most certainly are.

    If we are to save ourselves it will be necessary to repeat the exercise so often enacted throughout history. They must be excluded from the media and politics while we overturn the system of ususy that enslaves us all.

  8. Che Guava says:

    Sad, but it seems, true. Then again, anybody could see it coming when he appointed his ridiculous son-in-law, Mr. Damien Omen, a.k.a. Jared Kushner, owner of failed property in Noo Yawk with the street address of 666, senior advisor.

    If you read Breitbart News (informal motto: Israel all the way), you will see lists of Trump achievements, some not insignificant but fading into the past (e.g. numbers of illegal invaders returning to Sheikh O-bummer levels), but Whitney is, as always, the stylish writer with a very valid point to make.

    The possibility of a USA attack on Iran, the one place in the ‘Ummah’ in which many citizens would prefer a reformation, is very evil, precisely why Nuttan-Yahoo and his USA arselickers are to so avidly supporting it.

  9. Z-man says:

    As much as I’m disappointed with Trump’s NEOCONNED policies he is pretty much doing what he said in the campaign. I was hoping that saner heads would convince him to keep the deal but that seems to have been flushed down the Zionist rat hole. The only way the deal stands is if France, Germany and maybe England have enough balls to push back against the Zionist Beast. I doubt it.

  10. bluedog says:

    Lets sum up your post this way, the old line of b.s. that I dodge the bullet and “voted for the lesser of the two evils,even tho I know/knew that both were evil”. So the question is why did you even bother to vote?

    Trump has been in a about a year now and what’s he done,changed the tax laws to benefit himself the 1% the corporations the bankers,more brushfire’s rather than less, and a real chance that he and the neo-cons will get their wish’s for a real war,I really dread to see what his second year will produce,well if we survive a second year that is…

    • Replies: @Avery
  11. Trump is following orders from his Zionist controllers as per usual just like all the POTUS prior, except for JFK, and that is why JFK was taken out, either follow Zionist orders or they are taken out, by the way the gov is under total Zionist control as was proven by Israel and the deep state doing 911 and getting away with it.

    ISIS is a creation of the U.S. and ISRAEL and Britain ie the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6 and these killers are still working on regime change in Syria and Iran, so Trumps pissing backwards on the Iranian nukes deal is no surprise as Israel calls the shots, Americans are slaves to their Zionist masters.

    • Replies: @nsa
  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Iran clearly needs an alternative to the USA.

    Cut n’ paste Whitney doesn’t elucidate this but he rolls out the bullshit that “intelligence had to supress the real info for the politicians”. Fairy tales for children like elections.

    Iran should have nuclear weapons and a fine fleet of civilian aircraft. Whitney’s beloved bankers and CIA can go fuck themselves the way they’ve fucked their own country.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @trixie
  13. All the blather regarding Iran is essentially part of the bigger picture which is that the Zio-crackpots, like the Bolshie-goons, want to destroy the world and rule what’s left of it with force and terror. The nut jobs evidently want to turn the world into a huge USSR.

    It’s part of a really sick 2,500 year old temper tantrum.

  14. trixie says:

    …the Neocons have finally taken over the White House, the CIA and the Pentagon, …

    I think that you are a little bit behind the times.

    1. Warnings of secret political subversive machinations were given by Benjamin Disraeli as early as 1832, when he was Prime Minister of Great Britain

    2. Close scrutiny of the early 1900s presidencies, particularly Woodrow Wilson, shows that Zionist agents put him into power, and controlled him completely via ‘Colonel’ House (a philozionist), controlled by Rabbi Stephen Wise.
    Initially Wilson objected, “It is an in tolerable thing that the government of the Republic should have got so far out of the hands of the people; should have been captured by interests which are special and not general. We know that something intervenes between the people of the United States and the control of their own affairs at Washington”, but was promptly ‘castigated’, and duly fell in line.

    3. At the same time, Dr. (Chaim) Weizman, somehow enabled by a massively powerful ‘hidden hand’ had a weird, almost mystical control over Balfour and Lloyd George (even though there may be some credence to the suggestions that Lloyd George was not personally amendable to the zionist objectives, Balfour on the other hand was a openly committed philo-zionist).

    4. The next generation of the cabal installed and active in Washington D.C. ‘enabled’ Roosevelt to gain the presidency, including, but obviously not limited to the murder of the leading candidate, Huey Long. Like many, presidents since, Roosevelt subsequently broke his campaign promise of avoiding foreign wars, by ‘creating’ the Pearly Harbour invasion, and withholding knowledge of it happening from the military command in Pearl Harbour, even though it was well known with plenty of time to dramatically reduce casualties and losses, beforehand.

    5. Even Eisenhower’s rise within the 2nd world war armed services was strange.

    See “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed:
    1. p. 198
    2. p. 198
    3. chapter 31
    4. p.221 p.244
    5. p.253

    The difference today is the blatant overt control of the U.S. government (and media, and extra-governmental agencies, i.e. ADL), by the agents of Zionism, at the overwhelmingly obvious detriment to the citizens (without ‘dual loyalty‘, of course) of the U.S.A.

  15. Avery says:

    {Trump has been in a about a year now and what’s he done,changed the tax laws to benefit himself the 1% the corporations the bankers}

    – Gorsuch in SCOTUS, instead of another Kagan or Ginsburg. Maybe a couple of more Gorsuches, before he leaves office.
    – Has stirred up the beehive of immigration, both legal and illegal: arguably baby steps in that direction; much more needs to get done, but _nothing_ would be done under The Hildabeast. In fact, she would have opened the gates wide to all comers, no questions asked. She promised as much.
    – Has started a debate about (radical) Islam and has taken steps to stop the Islamization of America. The Hildabeast would promote and embrace Islamization: she specifically invited a radical Islamist and his hijabbed wife to the podium to propagandize Americans about the alleged ‘virtues’ of Islam.

    There is lots more examples like the ones I listed.
    More should have been done, but Trump is being thwarted at every turn by the left Democrat globalists obstructionists and entrenched bureaucracy. E.g. a federal judge from Hawaii, of all places, stops Trumps order to prevent people from certain Islamic countries to come into US. It took months for the SCOTUS to finally lift the order from the nut in Hawaii.
    Again, lots more cases like that.

    About that 1%: how many poor people do you know of that employ people?
    Successful corporations provide employment to 10s of millions of people in US: what is your alternative solution of creating jobs?

    You must have missed news such as this: [Apple pledges to spend $350 billion and bring 20,000 jobs to the U.S. within next five years] (Washington Post): this was as a direct consequence of the new Trump tax code changes.
    Again, lots of similar examples.

  16. I wonder if any of this has any relevance today.

    In the light of earlier experience, the identity of the men surrounding President
    Roosevelt plainly pointed to the policies he would pursue.
    He made this clearer
    by widening the circle of his Jewish advisers. In 1933 this had a new significance.

    In 1913 President Wilson’s Jewish advisers were publicly accepted as Americans
    like any other Americans, and simply of the Jewish faith. In 1933 the question of
    their allegiance had been raised by the Zionist adventure in Palestine.
    addition, the issues of the world-revolution and of world-government had arisen
    since 1913, and both of these also threw up the question of American national
    so that the feelings entertained about them in the president’s immediate
    circle became a matter of first importance.

    -Douglas Reed, “the Controversy of Zion,” p 315-16 (written ~1955 but unable to be published until 1978)

  17. Joe Hide says:

    CNN is criticized for not accurately discussing important current events, yet alternative news sites like Unz do not touch the take down of pedophile, sex abusing, control freaks, that are currently being removed from power. Why is that? is a great source of information otherwise. For instance; abusers Harvey Weinstein, Al Frankin, heads of huge corporations, & politicians that “Retire” suddenly are very little discussed. Is this topic too hot to handle? What’s going on?

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @jacques sheete
  18. @Anonymous

    Iran clearly needs an alternative to the USA.

    Iran clearly needs an alternative to the USA.

    And the USA clearly needs an alternative to the thug state and master, Israel.

  19. trixie says:

    Alternatives to the propaganda-mainstream media, in pointing out narratives more indicative of the actual facts are in most cases good.

    It would be best if no one and no country had nuclear weapons, including Iran.
    However, that being said, some countries to have them, and still less is better.
    I think we could agree that countries WITH nuclear weapons should not be credible in insisting that other countries NOT get them also; this should be left to the countries in compliance with nuclear weapons non-proliferation.

    What would be good to see as more common knowledge is Iran’s religious prohibitions against weapons of mass destruction, since the western propaganda/MSM agencies make a lot of hay about the theocracy, and its inherent evils.

    As for the U.S.A. and the vast majority of the (truly) patriotic citizens, it is truly sad to see the country having been sucked dry on the backs of these people (outside the top 1%), by an international parasitical negative sum gaming collective with fundamentally bigoted and hateful ideology concerning all humans outside their little culturally-perpetuated hateful collective.

  20. bluedog says:

    Oh I read about Apple and also the very very large tax breaks they expect no matter where they locate,paid for by the taxpayers of course.Has trump closed the off-shore accounts that these corporations use as a tax shelter, which would have brought many jobs back to the homeland,would we have a twenty trillion and counting debt if these companies and corporations paid their share of the debt not likely, would we have a 100 million out of work, again not likely,has he cleaned up wall street and the ponzi scheme,he just handed the bankers billions on a silver platter with no benefit to the people, and yes I’m well aware that its the democrats fault after all you do have to blame someone,other than yourself of course……

  21. Renoman says:

    Sure would solve a lot of problems to simply nuke Israel, no Holy land, no problems.

  22. Alden says:

    How many of those 20,000 Apple employees will be Americans? How many will be non White H1 B immigrants?

    • Replies: @Avery
  23. Alden says:
    @Joe Hide

    Sex abuse is just a side issue.

    What’s more important is economics, non White immigration the stranglehold of Israel over foreign policy to the point that we are a colony of Israel, relations with China.

    It’s nice to see sex scandals removing anti White liberals from TV news. That’s all.

  24. nsa says:
    @Desert Fox

    The head chopping JOOHADIS have proven to be the most useful of idiots……

  25. Hu Mi Yu says:

    At one point in the 1970s I had several friendly conversations with someone who later became a leader in the revolutionary government in Iran.

    The very first question that he asked me was why Americans were always accusing him of wanting nuclear weapons. I didn’t understand that either. Iran’s neighbors have nuclear weapons: Russia, India, Pakistan. Then of course there is Israel. Iran has a right to nuclear weapons, if they want them. But there are also serious questions about whether nuclear weapons are actually useful in war. I never had the feeling that he wanted nuclear weapons. Many other countries made the decision not to acquire them: including WWII Germany.

    He did however want to develop nuclear power. He claimed that Iran has extensive reserves of uranium ore that could provide an economic boost after the oil boom is gone. It should be understandable that they would like to be more than an exporter of raw ore.

    One other point he made was that the Farsi word for Iran is “Uran”, and the word for uranium is also “uran”. There may be confusing to our intelligence analysts who rely on intercepted data for their information. They are known for their poor language skills.

    A similar situation occurred in WWII when observers often confused Finnish aircraft for German. They were both marked with a swastika, but the Finnish version was a mirror image and rotated 45 degrees from the German one. To the Finns it had no political significance whatsoever. It identified no party and no platform. Yet the persistent reports of German planes flying from Finnish bases made Finland an allied target and eventually forced them to accept German help. In the end the Finns turned on the German soldiers and arrested them as prisoners. That was Stalin’s precondition for an end to the war.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  26. @Joe Hide

    Is this topic too hot to handle? What’s going on?

    Here’s something else that ought to be addressed while we’re on the topic of nuclear weapons, but seems to always be swept under the rug.

    Imminent Iran nuclear threat? A timeline of warnings since 1979.
    By Scott Peterson, Staff writer NOVEMBER 8, 2011

    Breathless warnings that the Islamic Republic will soon be at the brink of nuclear capability have been made for decades. Here is a chronicle of predictions.

    And this.:

    Nixon papers suggest Israel stole nuclear material from US in 1965, and more…

  27. Dutch Boy says:

    It’s not gas and oil driving this policy, it’s water. Iran supports Hezbollah and Hezbollah has prevented Israel from seizing the water resources of southern Lebanon.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Corporations and private investors are not going to commit significant capital to long-term projects if they think that the rug could be pulled out from under them at any time.” Eye roll.

    Corporations and “investors” prefer a guarantee they’re going to make money. But who offers such a gurantee? The Government.

    The “wisdom” of businessmen and investors goes right into the Pentagon as much as it does real estate. Similarly, businessman like Trump never could really lose after a certain point in his career. He’d buy his own wealth.

    The best investors, then, have always had deep pockets backed by a metaphorical gun pointed at people’s heads. The guarantee that guns will be used to protect these investments is one of the most important roles of the US Military. This has always been the magic formula. Trump, more or less, sued his way to success while coasting on what was perfectly legal. Hooray for “smart” investors and corporations, Tillerson and Mattis are both publically bitching about the take and if the “smart” money wants to surround Iran with THAAD rockets and fuck it up good, they’ll do it.

  29. @Avery

    Yes, Avery, but you may still want to prepare yourself for the possibility that Trump is a duplicitous asshole. I think that the possibility is quite high.

  30. renfro says:

    Everything Trump is doing is at the behest of Israel and the Jews

    First there was this

    As International Criminal Court Considers Probing Israel for War ……/43182-as-icc-considers-probing-israel-for-war-crimes-us-moves…

    Jan 10, 2018 – As International Criminal Court Considers Probing Israel for War Crimes, US Moves to Defund UN Palestine Refugee Agency …. GOODMAN: So, before we get into your inquest into Gaza, I want to also ask about this threat of the US cutting off millions of dollars to UNRWA, to the Palestinian refugee agency.

    Then there was this

    Netanyahu calls on Haley to reexamine UNRWAs existence
    , …saying that the organization “perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem” rather than resolving it and it should thus be dismantled..

    Then there was this

    Trump Cuts $65 Million From Palestinian Refugee Aid Programs | Time › World › Palestine
    3 days ago – Haley wanted a complete cutoff in U.S. money until the Palestinians resumed peace talks with Israel that have been frozen for years. But Tillerson, Mattis and others argued that ending all assistance would exacerbate instability in the Mideast, notably in Jordan, a host to hundreds of thousands of …

    At the heart of all this it is the right of return and the Palestine refugee population sticks in the craw of those Israelis who do not want to acknowledge that their country’s creation displaced hundreds of thousands of people, and would prefer to deny the refugee problem or resolve it once and for all.

    The Jews have a Law of Return, 5710-1950. Every Jew has the right to come to this country as an Oleh. Aliyah shall be by Oleh’s visa. An Oleh’s visa shall be granted to every Jew who has expressed his desire to settle in Israel,


    In 1948, the UN adopted Resolution 194, which specifically applies the right of return to the Palestinian refugees. … Therefore, Israel is bound, as a condition of membership in the UN, to implement 194 and to facilitate the return of the Palestinian refugees

    The moral to this tale is simple….Trump has no morals and he will sell out on anything that will profit him. Now those who still think ‘so long as he satisfies me on my pet gripes I don’t care what else he does”……are the kind of fools who got the US into this toilet…..they are too stupid to understand that a man who sells out a principle for one group will also sell out you when it profits him.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Z-man
  31. Avery says:

    I don’t know.
    But I understand what you mean.
    But is it the fault of Trump?
    He is trying, but people whose goal it is to wreck America have been working at it since 1965.
    The infestation is deeply embedded into the very fabric of America.
    It will takes decades of effort to clear it, if possible at all.

    As I noted above: if one federal judge from Hawaii – which has received zero Muslim refugees – can illegally* block Trump’s order, and is not removed from the bench, you know how deep and wide the disease has spread.

    Look at what is going on today: Democrats are ready to wreck the US economy and the lives of US citizens on behalf of DACA people, who are not even US citizens. And DACA is itself unconstitutional, because there is no DACA Law. Obama just did it on his own, after he could not get Congress to do it.
    When the nut issued his order, every constitutional scholar said that the Executive branch, the POTUS, has _absolute_ discretion to block _anyone_ from entering the US for any reason (read National Security reasons).

  32. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    – Has started a debate about (radical) Islam and has taken steps to stop the Islamization of America. The Hildabeast would promote and embrace Islamization: she specifically invited a radical Islamist and his hijabbed wife to the podium to propagandize Americans about the alleged ‘virtues’ of Islam.

    My standard reply to Islamophobes;

    Islam is True Monotheism – One God (no partners or spouse or children), Infinite (what else?), Unique (there is none like Him, in any shape or form).

    There is nothing alleged about that core virtue. It is the common sense truth, not at all dependent on hearsay… if one is a theist.

    Everything else is Polytheism/Pseudo Monotheism. If that makes logical sense to most of mankind, fine, just don’t delude yourself that your chosen spiritual path “is monotheist at its core.”

    When there is already a very clear idea of what True Monotheism means (see above), calling your faith monotheist (as Christianity, Hinduism, etc. do), is simply deceitful, and you are only fooling yourselves, while revealing a hidden inferiority complex about your polytheist faith.

    If you fellows have the conviction, refrain from spin, and proclaim loudly;

    Our spiritual faith is Polytheist, the very Truth, and we are Proud of it.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @willieskull68
  33. Avery says:

    {My standard reply to Islamophobes;}

    My standard reply to people who use the illogical phrase ‘Islamophobe’: it’s a bogus, illogical, made up phrase devoid of meaning. Phobia is irrational fear of something. Not wanting to be forced to live under Sharia law is very rational, based on observations of Muslim countries practicing Sharia law, and observations of people living therein.

  34. Z-man says:

    Call me a fool but I’m still holding out hope, however diminished it is.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  35. renfro says:

    Ah ha…..first Kushner then Trump……no honor among thieves…..lay down with dogs, get fleas.

    Deutsche Bank looks at ‘suspicious’ Kushner transactions: report

    Deutsche Bank is looking at evidence that companies related to Jared Kushner may have moved “suspicious” money through the German lender, according to a report.
    The bank has informed a national finance supervisor about the transactions and will also inform special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian election meddling, Manager Magazin, part of the Der Spiegel group, reported Friday.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  36. The issue that the US is having with Iran have never been and aren’t about the nuclear bomb or defensive missiles development but a lot to do with submission of Iran or the regime change in Iran! In addition to these intentions, by making Iran looking more ambitious than it is in the region the US exploits the situation by putting the fear of God in Iran’s neighborhood and arming them to their eyeballs and raking the financial benefits! Well here are the comments made by Iranians living in Iran:
    1. We will never forget the incidents of 1953 and won’t allow anyone repeating those incidents
    2. US actions in respect to Iran are out of desperation and they are baseless, irrational with no supporting evidence
    3. We won’t purchase any arms from the US
    4. JCPOA is not a unilateral agreement with the US
    5. The US government is not a reliable party with which any country could negotiate!
    This is just a few comments and the list goes on and on!

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  37. utu says:

    It’s important to note that Israel has joined Trump in his jihad against Iran.

    I think Mike Whitney got the causal chain reversed. Trump is doing what Israel wanted from the very beginning as it was very frustrated with inability to derail Obama’s deal with Iran. In the 2nd term Obama really tried to earn his Nobel Peace Prize. It helped that he detested Netanyahu. The feeling was mutual. Unquestionable support for Israel was the chief reason that Trump election was possible and his candidacy was not derailed.

  38. @Z-man

    OK, you asked for it 😉

    • LOL: Z-man
  39. @renfro

    Hmmm… that seems a little ungrateful of Deutschbank, doesn’t it?

    “During the week of Christmas, the Federal Register announced that the Trump Administration had issued waivers to Citigroup, JPMorgan, Barclays, UBS and Deutsche Bank—all megabanks facing charges of fraud and corruption.” From The Free Thought Project.

    Of course, Trump was simply extending the waivers granted by Obama to these banks, but still, they are benefiting from his move. TFTP calls it a pardon, which it really isn’t, but they do point out that Trump still has a loan balance with DB and that DB lent Trump money when no other bank would…….

    Naaaah. It’s just google-D chess again. Trump is in control. Don’t panic. ahaha

    • LOL: renfro
  40. I have read somewhere that Iran has no refinery. Not one. (which makes sense.} Iran has zero refineries. To build today’s modern refinery is not a try and error enterprise.
    It is out of question that Iran can build a refinery on its own. There is limited number of corporations who can build a refinery. Oil refinery is complex complicated matter, There is no tolerance for error.
    Oil refinery is several time more complicated than nuclear plant. Iran export crude, on the same time he cannot refine crude, For this reason Iran has to purchase all refined products from plastics to gasoline. I do have a suspicion that part of the sanctions is constructed the way that Iran will not to be able to hire somebody to build them a refinery.
    I also do suspect that Iran is forced to buy refined petroleum products from US.
    For US this is the sweetest deal. Iran sells the crude and profits go to US.
    Mike Whitney is still my most favorite.

    • Replies: @Monty Ahwazi
  41. A deterioration in relations with Iran was always a danger with Trump, who, very clearly, always was an extreme philo-semite given his New Yorker background and the marriage of his daughter. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is. There are very few Obama achievements I can think of, and the Iran deal is at the top of the list.

    By the way, Whitney has been more than fair to Trump, and so his criticism is also fair. Thank you for your continual sane & entertaining coverage, Mr Whitney!

  42. @Hu Mi Yu

    simple, iran with nukes = out of american control. same sort of deal with NK.

    when everyone have nukes, american power will effectively be neutered so to speak. if usa super power status is gone, alot of things will change. the #1 issue will be the reserve status of the dollar will 100% be gone in that situation. it is currently being protected through us military.

    I personally think it is one of the reasons why the american govt mucks the climate change science so hard. if alternative energy becomes a thing, oil backed dollar will lose all it’s power.

    NPT is just a scheme to keep the power in the current nuclear powers’ hands.

  43. @MarkinLA

    markin, a question, how would you rate trump so far? out of a 10.

    and are you happy with his nepotism?

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  44. @Monty Ahwazi

    Good for them.

    Read this book and encourage all of them to read it too.

    -Douglas Reed, “the Controversy of Zion,”

  45. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    @Rozumova, don’t believe everything you read! whoever wrote the article about Iran not having any oil refineries doesn’t know anything about Iran! The Abadan refinery which is the largest and oldest which still refines close to 300,000 bpd, the one in Lavan
    Island in the Persian Gulf 100,000 bpd capacity, the one in Kermanshah about 100,000 bpd, the one in Isfahan about 150,000 bpd and the one in Tabriz is 100,000 bpd, and the one in Tehran which the second largest with 200,000 bpd capacity. Since 1980’s I believe they have built 2 more refineries in SHIRAZ and Mashhad but I don’t know of the capacity in these!

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  46. It is funny watching America try to demonise Iran, a country that has several millennia of literacy more than the Europeans and Americans and who have not invaded another country since the late eighteenth century. It was the Persians who freed the Hebrew people from their Babylonian captivity and paid for their return and the rebuilding of their temple in Jerusalem. Do you not remember the three wise men you celebrate every Christmas, Zoroastrian scholars from Iran who respected all of the monotheistic traditions? That the American university professors of history and religion would go along with this demonising of Iran just shows the rest of the world that there are very few literate men still living in America with any self-respect at all, and that those few who do exist are ignored and isolated by the mob who derive everything they know from self-evident truth, that American specialty. “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” That one obscenely silly line will define the American democratic experiment for all time.

    • Agree: Den Lille Abe
    • Replies: @renfro
  47. @Monty Ahwazi

    Now I do not know whom to believe. But I am going to watch the subject.

    • Replies: @Monty Ahwazi
  48. The US has been keen for a conflict with Iran since the Embassy humiliation in 1979, which lef poor Jimmy Carter out to dry.
    Ever since they have tried and they will keep trying. It has become an obsession now, clearly a blind driven obsession. Maybe it even drives them more crazy, that Iran manages despite everything. Not only manages, but has the power to even challenge US plans. I think it is pretty brave. So I hope they will get away with it.
    The Us can destroy Iran with military might, but it cant conquer it. But I don’t think they dare, could be someone whispered that China and Russia would have a rather dim view on that, could be someone whispered that it is possible to pay for oil in Yuan. Gold backed Yuan. Thre are many ongoings in the back corridors of power.

  49. @anonymous

    I don’t have a phobia of Islam; I have a preference. No Islam and no sharia law.

    The use of “inferiority” gives you away; Islam is about domination.

  50. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    You don’t have to believe me but I worked in refineries and petrochemical division in Iran!

  51. renfro says:
    @Mike Garrett

    “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

    Self evident of course means not requiring proof….it is a belief held by moral men.

    And of course not all men are born equal in talent or temperament….in fact my Jesuit professor once told me not all people are born good…..some are born with a defect that makes them immoral/bad….imagine my shock.

    You don’t have to believe that all men are born with equal rights….you can give yours up if you like.

  52. MarkinLA says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    At best a 3. He needs to come through on immigration but I doubt I will get what he promised during the election.

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