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Tipping Point? Man Shot-Dead in Portland for Backing Trump
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After 4 years of the most vicious, hyperbolic and incendiary character assassination campaign in the nation’s history, the media finally claimed its first fatality in a shootout in Portland on Saturday night. The victim–whose name has not yet been disclosed– was shot by an (allegedly) Antifa member who saw the man’s hat as sufficient provocation to gun him down in cold blood. This is the first incident in which the hysteria generated by the media and its accomplices in Democrat party can be directly linked to a political assassination justified on the basis that the victim espoused political beliefs different than those of the perpetrator. Simply put, he was killed because he was identified as a Trump supporter and, thus, “fair game”.

The media has fanned the flames of political hatred and retribution from the very beginning; from advising the public to reject the results of the 2016 elections to openly challenging Trump’s legitimate right to govern the country. They have fueled the animosity towards Trump by denouncing him as a fascist, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist and a Russian agent. The media has employed all of its prodigious powers of persuasion to relentlessly demonize Trump, and they are responsible for the highly-charged and toxic atmosphere in which a tragedy– like Saturday’s shooting– became unavoidable. They cleared the path for a confrontation in which a self-righteous perpetrator felt entirely-justified in killing an unarmed man whose only crime was that he openly supported the president of the United States. There is no way to overstate the media’s culpability in this shocking incident.

This was not a robbery, a mugging or a clash between gang members. It was a political “hit” executed by a remorseless assassin who believed he was fulfilling his moral obligation by exterminating someone he considered an enemy of humanity. The media is as guilty of this crime as if they had pulled the trigger themselves. The blood is on their hands.

Unsurprisingly, the killer’s colleagues — gathered in downtown Portland for their nightly rioting session– were thrilled to hear the news that a Trump supporter had been shot-dead by one of their own.

“I am not sad that a f—ing fascist died tonight,” a woman barked into a bullhorn at the downtown riot. Her statement was greeted with cheers of enthusiasm from the bloodthirsty crowd.

Earlier in the evening, the group had laid siege to a gas station protected by a frightened owner who was verbally abused and physically threatened for having the audacity to protect his own property. For this, he was spat upon and denounced as a “Nazi”, which is the moniker attached to anyone who doesn’t ascribe to the prevailing anarchist doctrine that all property is a crime and that anyone who defends himself or his belongings is an enemy of the people. Thankfully, the owner was not beaten or killed like the unlucky victim just blocks away who was fatally wounded by a man (allegedly) connected to this same group of cutthroats.

It’s worth noting, that there is evidence that the killing was both intentional and premeditated. Just seconds before the gun was fired, an accomplice, who accompanied the killer said:

“Hey! Hey, we got one right here! We got a Trumper right here!”

(The accomplice’s comment was recorded on Twitter.) His pronouncement was followed immediately by two gunshots which slayed the victim and sent the killer fleeing into the night. As of this writing, the killer is still “at large.” (NOTE– There are many photos of the alleged killer on Twitter who has been identified by his unusual clothes and tattoos. We will not share those photos here since we do not have any corroborating evidence.)

The shooting took place following a long day of counter-protests in which a 600-car pro-Trump caravan drove through downtown Portland touching-off a violent reaction from BLM and Antifa activists. Bags of feces and other projectiles were hurled at the flag-strewn trucks as they slowly wound through the downtown corridor. There were a number of verbal altercations and some physical dust-ups that were not reported in the media but which popped up later on Twitter. These videos provide an instructive seminar on the rapid devolution of a major American city into a dystopian Marxist free-fire zone. Portland –much like its neighbor, Seattle, to the North– has essentially detached from mainland America and become an independent Republic governed by violent extremists, radical ideologues and moonstruck anti-Trump sociopaths all of who are determined to defund the police, eliminate all institutional means for providing security to the public, and establish their own malignant mini-state based on their own skewed version of history. Regrettably, Portland’s liberal mayor and governor have been supportive of this farce from the get-go and continue to reject federal assistance from Trump. They seem to enjoy their role as stewards of thriving American city that is presently descending into anarchy and ruin.

The Democrats continue to believe that they can control these elemental forces of violence and mayhem and use them for their own political advantage in November when (supposedly) these hooligans will put down their Molotov cocktails long enough to vote for Joe Biden, thus, eliminating the threat of a crackdown from Donald Trump.

It could happen, but it seems increasingly unlikely. Saturday’s murder crosses a number of red lines that demand an immediate and heavy-handed response. Something must be done. Without order, there can be no commerce, no security and no civilization. Our streets belong to the American people, not a raucous mob that rules through violence and intimidation. Saturday’s murder underscores the importance of straightening this situation out fast. If the Governor is incapable of preserving the peace, then Trump should.

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