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The War In Ukraine: Made In Washington Not Moscow
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“Your people do not yet feel an impending sense of danger. That worries me. Can’t you see the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? Meanwhile, people pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.” Russian President Vladimir Putin, You Tube, 12 minute video

“The Russians have put their nuclear weapons on high-alert. This is a really significant development.. They are….sending us a very powerful signal as to how seriously they take this crisis. So, if we start winning, and the Russians start losing, you need to understand that what we’re talking about doing here, is backing a nuclear-armed great power –that sees what’s happening as an existential threat—into a corner. This is really dangerous. Go back to the Cuban Missile Crisis. I don’t think that what happened in the Cuban Missile crisis was as threatening to us as this situation is to the Russians. But if you go back and look at what US decision-makers thought at the time, they were scared stiff.” (Mearsheimer: The risks of “backing Russia into a corner“, Twitter minute 1:19)

Putin does not want Washington’s nuclear missiles parked on his western border in the Ukraine. For security reasons, he cannot allow this. He has made this excruciatingly clear over and over again. As he said on December 21, 2021, more than a month before the war began:

“If US and NATO missile systems are deployed in Ukraine, their flight time to Moscow will be only 7–10 minutes, or even five minutes for hypersonic systems.”

No American president would allow a potential adversary to deploy their nuclear missiles to sites along the Mexican-American border. The risks to national security would be far-too great. In fact, Washington would remove those missile sites through force-of-arms without batting an eye. We all know that. So, why isn’t that same standard applied to Russia? Why are policymakers siding with the US and NATO when all the parties involved know what is at stake and know that they have all signed treaties that promise “not to improve their own security at the expense of their neighbors”? These are not just meaningless ‘verbal commitments’ that were made in casual conversations over cocktails; these are promises that have been signed into treaties that the signatories are required to honor. (Note: The United States and every nation in NATO have signed treaties– Istanbul in 1999, and Astana in 2010– that stipulate they cannot improve their own security at the expense of others.) There’s no doubt that NATO expansion enhances the security of Ukraine while weakening the security of Russia. That much is indisputable. And it’s not just a violation of treaties, but a clear provocation tantamount to a declaration of war. Check out this short excerpt from an article by Ray McGovern which shines light on a few of the crucial details that have omitted by the western media:

“President Vladimir Putin has warned repeatedly of the existential threat he believes Russia faces from what Russia calls “offensive strike missiles” like the Tomahawk and, eventually, hypersonic missiles along its western border.

So-called “ABM sites” already emplaced in Romania and about to be completed in Poland can accommodate Tomahawks and hypersonic missiles overnight with the insertion of a computer disk… Putin himself made this crystal clear in an unusual presentation to a small group of Western journalists six years ago. (See the first 10-minutes in this video.)

On December 21, 2021, President Putin told his most senior military leaders:

“It is extremely alarming that elements of the US global defense system are being deployed near Russia. The Mk 41 launchers, which are located in Romania and are to be deployed in Poland, are adapted for launching the Tomahawk strike missiles. If this infrastructure continues to move forward, and if US and NATO missile systems are deployed in Ukraine, their flight time to Moscow will be only 7–10 minutes, or even five minutes for hypersonic systems. This is a huge challenge for us, for our security.”

On December 30, 2021, Biden and Putin talked by phone at Putin’s urgent request. The Kremlin readout stated:

“Joseph Biden emphasized that Russia and the US shared a special responsibility for ensuring stability in Europe and the whole world and that Washington had no intention of deploying offensive strike weapons in Ukraine.” Yuri Ushakov, a top foreign policy adviser to Putin, pointed out that this was also one of the goals Moscow hoped to achieve with its proposals for security guarantees to the US and NATO.

…On February 12, 2022, Ushakov briefed the media on the telephone conversation between Putin and Biden earlier that day.

“The call was as a follow-up of sorts to the … December 30 telephone conversation. … The Russian President made clear that President Biden’s proposals did not really address the central, key elements of Russia’s initiatives either with regards to non-expansion of NATO, or non-deployment of strike weapons systems on Ukrainian territory … To these items, we have received no meaningful response.”

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. I can see why so many Americans believe the Big Lie that it was “unprovoked,” because they just don’t know.” (“Relentless: JFK on Cuba; Putin on Ukraine”, Ray McGovern,

What does this mean?

It means Biden backed-away from his original commitment. It means Washington refused to even consider Putin’s modest and legitimate security demands prior to the Russian invasion. It means that Washington knew that the threat of NATO expansion –and particularly the threat of lethal missiles on Russia’s western border– would give Putin NO CHOICE but to respond militarily in order to establish his own security buffer. Putin summed it up like this:

“We are not threatening anyone.… We have made it clear that any further NATO movement to the east is unacceptable. There’s nothing unclear about this. We aren’t deploying our missiles to the border of the United States, but the United States IS deploying their missiles to the porch of our house. Are we asking too much? We’re just asking that they not deploy their attack-systems to our home…. What is so hard to understand about that?” (“Russia’s Putin, The US is parking missiles on the porch of our house”, YouTube, Start at :48 seconds)

Any reasonable person would conclude that Putin had a gun to his head and had to do ‘what any responsible leader would do’ in a similar situation.

But Putin did NOT do ‘what any responsible leader would do’. Instead, he waited. Yes, he delivered his “security demands” publicly and forcefully a number of times, but the threat of Ukrainian membership in NATO was not the tripwire that led to the invasion. What compelled Putin to invade was the bombardment of ethnic Russian civilians in an area of east Ukraine called the Donbas. As we noted in an earlier article,

What Really Happened?

On February 16—a full 8 days before the Russian invasion—the shelling of the Donbas increased dramatically and steadily intensified for the next week “to over 2,000 per day on February 22.” The vast majority of these blasts were logged in daily summaries by observers of the OSCE who were on the frontlines. In other words, the records were kept by trained professionals who collected documented evidence of the Ukrainian Army’s massive bombardment of areas inhabited by their own people. To date, we have not read even one analyst who has challenged this catalogue of documented evidence. Instead, the media simply pretends the proof doesn’t exist. They have simply vanished the shelling from their coverage altogether in order to shape a Washington-centric version of events that completely ignores the historical record.” (“Some of Us Don’t Think the Russian Invasion Was “Aggression”, Unz Review)

As we said, this was the tripwire that triggered the Russian invasion. The “Special Military Operation” was essentially a rescue mission that was closely linked to an urgent national security issue. All the same, the proximate cause of the war, was not NATO enlargement, but the shelling of civilian areas in the Donbas.

This week, a confidential audio recording of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was released on the internet confirming that our version of events leading up to the Russian invasion are, in fact, accurate. Take a look at this blurb on Maria Tadeo’s Twitter account:

Here’s more from an article at RT:

The former Italian PM reportedly blamed Kiev for inciting conflict with Russia….

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has reportedly claimed that Kiev triggered a conflict with Russia by reneging on a peace plan for eastern Ukraine (The Minsk Treaty), a tape provided to the media suggests…..Speaking to members of his Forza Italia party on Tuesday, Berlusconi reportedly offered a viewpoint about the origin of the Ukraine crisis that clashed with the NATO-favored narrative of unprovoked Russian aggression against its neighbor.

In the audio clip, Berlusconi can be heard accusing Kiev of failing for years to uphold a peace deal with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky came to power in 2019, he “tripled down” on attacking the regions, the politician stated

Donetsk and Lugansk asked for Moscow’s protection, he continued. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine…” (“Berlusconi trashes NATO narrative on Ukraine – media“, RT)

Whatever one thinks of Berlusconi, his version of events fits perfectly with the report of intensified shelling produced by the observers of the Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe. (OSCE) One can only wonder why the media has failed to investigate these blatantly credible claims that cast considerable doubt on the official version of “Who actually started the war in Ukraine”?

In a recent interview on You Tube, Colonel Douglas MacGregor explained how Putin made every effort to ensure the security of the ethnic Russians living under siege in Ukraine by appealing to the US and EU to address the situation and settle on a way to stop the violence. Putin’s requests, however, fell on deaf ears. Here’s how MacGregor summed it up:

“Putin tried desperately to get the British, the French, the Germans and us to understand that his Russian citizens should be treated equally before the law just like Ukrainian citizens inside this large multi-ethnic state. (But) Zelensky and his friends said ‘No. Either you become what we are or you get out.’ And that resulted in this tragic (Russian) intervention.….

Russia had no interest in ‘conquering Ukraine’ or running into Kiev and ‘making peace at the point of a gun’. But, now, Zelensky has been intransigent and his handlers have been intransigent because we (The US) decided we were going to ‘bleed Russia’. We were going to sanction them and destroy their economy. We were going to kill hundreds of thousands of them and, ultimately, bend Russia to our will and force them to become subjects of the greater global American-dominated financial system.

That hasn’t worked. All of the sanctions have backfired. It is now our European allies who are in desperate trouble. We are in desperate trouble too, only it is not quite as acute as it is in Europe. And, on top of that, we haven’t succeeded in destroying the Russian military at all. It’s held together very, very well and– as I said– right now you have this economy-of-force operation down in the south where there’s a massive buildup of forces from Minsk all the way back into western Russia that will be launched eventually (I suppose) when the ground freezes because that is the best time to operate in that kind of terrain.

Earlier I told you what this is really about: There’s this attempt to destroy Russia. We’ve decided to made it this blood-enemy that has to be eliminated because it refuses to march down the path that Europe has.” (“Massive Buildup”, Colonel Douglas MacGregor”, You Tube, 3 minutes)

Truer words were never spoken: The US decided to make Russia its blood-enemy because it refuses to click-its-heels and do as it’s told. Russia refuses to be another sniveling flunky in the exalted “Rules-based System”.

So, now we’re in a full-blown ground war with Russia; a war that was concocted, instigated, funded, guided, and micromanaged by Washington. A war that—by any objective standard—is Washington’s war as much as Iraq and Afghanistan were Washington’s wars. The difference this time is that our enemy can not only defend himself, but has the wherewithal to reduce the continental United States to smoldering heap of rubble. We are reminded of a comment Putin made recently that seems to have slipped-by the media unnoticed. He said:

“We will defend our land with all the forces and resources we have, and we will do everything we can to ensure the safety of our people.”

We hope that someone on the Biden team is smart enough to figure out what that means.

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  1. Well, it’s as said here. Fair enough.

    But the Russians are commanded by General McClellans. Timid. Cautious. Can’t get their ass forward. A First Guards Tank Army but it’s nowhere on site. Got a lot of excuses about why the hell they can’t roll forward.

    The Ukies deserve to get pounded. But they have grit. Give them that. The Russians sit in their trenches and do little. Get off yer ass and fight!

  2. Wokechoke says:

    drop a FOAB on Nikolaev?

    • Troll: Folkvangr
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  3. SteveK9 says:

    “We will defend our land with all the forces and resources we have, and we will do everything we can to ensure the safety of our people.”

    I don’t think you have noticed, but the ‘West’ has almost uniformly interpreted this as a threat to use nuclear weapons … in Ukraine! These morons don’t seem to realize that Putin is talking about nuking … London, Paris, and New York. We are truly led by fools.

  4. Voltarde says:

    Putin does not want Washington’s nuclear missiles parked on his western border.

    It’s not about Putin.

    No Russian leader can ignore or forget WWII and its aftermath: (1) over 25 million Russians killed; (2) an equal number of widows, or women who could never marry; (3) over 50 million children left fatherless, or never fathered; and (4) 100 million or more grieving parents and siblings. Those historical facts will never allow any Russian leader to accept Washington’s nuclear missiles parked on Russia’s western border.

  5. @Wokechoke

    On Lemberg – Nikolaev is still Noworossija.

    • LOL: Folkvangr
  6. Folkvangr says:

    The difference this time is that our enemy can not only defend himself, but has the wherewithal to reduce the continental United States to smoldering heap of rubble.

    Mike the Doofus, you should be ashamed of yourself for this unadulterated, shameless shilling for the worlds most wanted terrorist. You repeat the propaganda of most rabid Putin’s lapdogs!

  7. @SteveK9

    He should threaten to nuke Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The war would instantly vanish.

  8. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Totally made in USA who ran its armed gang to the front doorstep of Russia. The Zelensky dictatorship has been drafting its subjects at gunpoint and recklessly sending them to get killed in useless offensives, all at the behest of their NATO bosses. Zelensky himself has babbled fantasies about impossible victories making one think he’s unhinged, on drugs or otherwise not dealing with reality. The US itself has now itself become divorced from reality, thinking it can roll the dice and take chances with nuclear war. The US government believes they are the owners of everyone in the US and can expend their lives as they wish, tens of millions being mere expendables. The voters thought they were voting for representatives, not owners. Their regard for human life can be seen in the callous way they feed the hapless Ukrainians into a meat grinder. It’s a multi-polar world out there, others can fight back now, deal with it, being the world’s loan shark can’t work forever.

  9. JR Foley says:

    After the trail of destruction the USA has unleashed on the World since 1945 —this is the Evil Cabal that one day is going to slip and it will be lights out.

  10. SoUtH says:

    Mike, you did a great job in presenting this article. Thank you. And thanks also to Ron for creating an outstanding blog. The only person who can get Brandon to stop his insanity is, likely, Mr Owner of London.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  11. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Thurloe

    Can this War become the igniting spark of a larger World Conflict. China vrs Taiwan, NKorea vrs Japan/SKorea, Iran vrs Israel/Palestine? Lebanon/Hezbollah?, Cuba/Venezuela?.. What About proRussians Hungarians/pro West Hungarians/ pro Russian Polish/ProWest Polish/and the neigboring former Soviet provinces whom will they choose??. Can Cuba side with Russia and request Nuclear protection? Can this War reach the level of a Global War..with a point of NO return..The USA is calling for the expulsion of Russia from the UN Security Council..which is the beginning and end of the UN Itself. Without China/Ruusia/US/France/UK/…the main Superpowers the UN is useless.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  12. @SteveK9

    These morons don’t seem to realize that Putin is talking about nuking … London, Paris, and New York. We are truly led by fools.

    Just lately, President Putin hasn’t hardly even mentioned nukes, beyond the implication that Russia has them, they are one of many available options, and Russia will employ them if necessary to defend Russia and her interests.

    IMO your statement is nevertheless accurate.

    I’d suggest that our problem is even worse than being led by “fools” – at least fools have the excuse that they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. By contrast, it seems to me that the genocidal arseholes who’ve hijacked the entirety of the Western world know exactly what they’re doing, and what will result from their actions – but they just don’t care. They’re not fools, they’re paid stooges working for a bunch of psycopaths who are calling the shots from behind the curtain, safely out of sight and out of harm’s way.

    Meanwhile, President Putin appears to be reticent to “take off the gloves”, perhaps because he and much of his administration live in the real world and have empathy for the real people on both sides of the conflict – sentiments that don’t exist anywhere in the thoroughly degenerate Western political class.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @anon
  13. JWalters says:

    “It means Biden backed-away from his original commitment.”

    The US pattern of lying and breaking agreements with Russia is identical to the Israeli pattern of lying and breaking agreements with the Palestinians. This is because the Zionist mafia is controlling both the US and Israel.
    War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank

    Israel is steadily making criticism of its crimes illegal in the US, getting such criticism defined as “anti-Semitism”. This is the true purpose of the current push to censor “misinformation”.

    Israel’s next campaign will be PNAF (Project for a New American Flag), getting Congress to change the the American flag. The new design is here.
    New American Flag

  14. @Folkvangr

    Mike the Doofus, you should be ashamed of yourself for this unadulterated, shameless shilling for the worlds most wanted terrorist.

    None of what Mr. Whitney has narrated is false or inaccurate in the slightest degree. Everything that he has said is true. Yet you have chosen to accuse him of falsely promoting President Putin’s interests while having an undisclosed relationship with President Putin.

    Quite an extreme posture to take in the absence of any tangible substantiation – worthy, one might suppose, of the highly coveted “Troll” tag. Congratulations.

    And as for this – “… the worlds most wanted terrorist.” – not a single solitary dimension of that idiotic accusation carries the slightest shred of credibility or truth. If we chose to search for any terrorist, let alone “the world’s most wanted”, then we’d have far better prospects of finding them in abundance entrenched throughout each and every American administration going back over the last century or more.

    And if that’s not enough for you, then try casting your net wider, over the NATO lapdogs spread across Europe who enthusiastically join in the American Empire’s adventures at every opportunity.

    You repeat the propaganda of most rabid Putin’s lapdogs!

    Propaganda? Unlike the Western-controlled BS machine masquerading as mainstream mass media, the only messages coming out of Russia are desperate appeals for sanity and respect for human rights (both completely absent across the totality of the collapsing Western Empire).

    BTW, be careful what you wish for – Martin Armstrong has repeatedly warned in clear language that if President Putin is removed, then he will be replaced with Russian hardliners who will have no hesitation in reducing Europe and North America to radioactive wastelands.

    Propaganda? Just try calling their bluff – but you better have your suntan lotion on hand.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd, Notsofast
    • Thanks: SOL
  15. IronForge says:

    Is this a Recycled Article?

    We just read one of his RUS/UKR pieces on the Thursday Cycle…

  16. @John Thurloe

    The Ukies deserve to get pounded.

    In some respects, that’s an understatement – if we choose to be selective, what punishment is appropriate for child-sacrificing genocidal Satan-worshipping Nazi psycopaths?

    On the other hand, IMO it would be better to just lynch the cross-dressing Ukro-Nazi leadership than to send hordes of clueless ill-trained militia to their death for no better reason than propping up a senile child-groping fake American president’s mid-term election prospects.

    But they have grit. Give them that.

    And they have guts. Lots of them – spread all over the battlefields.

    The Russians sit in their trenches and do little. Get off yer ass and fight!

    Howsabout you get off your fat hairy butt and go out there and lead them by example?

  17. What about recognising that Ukrainians who voted 80-90% in the early 90s NOT to be part Russia and want that even less today face an enemy who said this in 2014

    Anton Gerashchenko (@Gerashchenko_en) tweeted at 1:12 am on Thu, Oct 20, 2022:
    This video is from 2014. Putin talks about a live shield made of Ukrainians in case of war.

    Now, with “forced evacuation” of Ukrainians from Kherson and “forced mobilization” on occupied territories we see that he has been preparing for this madness for a long time.

  18. P.T. says:

    The Israel First neocons that surround senile Joe Biden and from whom he takes instruction want Russia brought under control. They loathe Russian involvement in the Mideast, considering it bad for Israel.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  19. SoUtH says:

    You say, “a war that was concocted, instigated, funded, guided, and micromanaged by Washington.” This statement attributes full causal efficacy to Brandon and his boys. It seems, rather, that what exists is a double proxy war. US is using UKR as a proxy to destroy RU but London Owner appears to be using US as its own agent.

    Note that instigating a proxy war is not limited to mere verbal incitement thereof. It must be directed but, more importantly, funded.

    So, who is funding all this war debt that Brandon and his boys are creating by approval of the proposed congressional bills?

    • Replies: @acementhead
  20. @Folkvangr

    Love the fake German-sounding name. I guess that makes you a strategic genius or something.

    Putin’s arguments: What could be clearer or more reasonable? You don’t have to “like” him personally. Did you read the article?

    JFK could not accept Soviet nukes in Cuba. He was right. Why is it so hard for you to see the parallel to Ukraine/Russia?

    Don’t want to offend you, but please consider whether or not you are out of your intellectual depth in this discussion.

  21. meamjojo says:

    In the 1950’s. Whitney and probably 70% of the posters here would be in jail for being traitors to America. Let’s pray that day comes again.

    • Troll: Jim H
  22. @Folkvangr

    “. . . you should be ashamed of yourself for this unadulterated, shameless shilling for the worlds most wanted terrorist. You repeat the propaganda of most rabid Putin’s lapdogs!”


    Or should I say, “Twit-owitz”?

    • LOL: Bro43rd
  23. meamjojo says:

    It’s good to know that there are Russians both in Ukraine and Russia plotting the overthrow and hopefully a term in the gulag (or worse) for Putin.
    Russian soldiers in Ukraine arming to help overthrow Putin, says opposition leader
    Putin’s forces in Ukraine have been struggling to make headway in the eight-month long invasion.

    05:08, Fri, Oct 21, 2022

    A prominent Russian opposition politician has claimed that Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine could be part of a “vanguard” to topple the Putin regime. Ilya Ponomarev was a member of the Russian Parliament from 2007 to 2016 and was the only figure in that Government to vote against the annexation of Crimea.

    Mr Ponomarev said Putin’s military action in Ukraine has set the stage for a “new Russian revolution” which could see a new President put in place.

    • LOL: bike-anarkist
    • Troll: SOL
  24. Eagle Eye says:

    Putin should go over the heads of the Western MSM by broadcasting a short address to all peoples of Europe in German which Putin appears to speak tolerably well.

    The mere fact that Putin would be speaking directly to Europeans in German rather than in Russian or English should attract a good deal of international attention. The MSM would obviously find it much harder to hide the import of such a message from German speakers than if the speech were in Russian. German is also more widely known in other Western countries as a second language than is Russian.

    As well, the use of German rather than English or Russian should serve to evoke distant memories of cultural commonality among fellow continental Europeans.

    The wording of an address would need to be crafted carefully to be (1) reasonably resistant to misquotation; and (2) redundant and robust such that even short snippets point back to the overall idea. A few striking images, slogans and other rhetorical devices could help circumvent inevitable attempts by the MSM to cover up the basic message.

    The Kremlin should immediately set up three separate teams to develop and refine a powerful yet simple message to reach Western ears and hearts before Halloween.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Treg, Timur The Lame
    • Thanks:
    • Replies: @phil
  25. Renoman says:

    Russia has always been the voice of reason, America the voice of a spoiled teenager, Mike is a Truth teller and a good one. I hope he is successful.

  26. skrik says:
    @Dave from Oz

    threaten to nuke Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

    1st, Russia doesn’t threaten, or so we hear.
    2nd, they are trying to keep any violence to a minimum [consistent with what ‘comes over the fence’ from the Ukro-nasties].
    3rd, there’s a long way to go by ‘tightening the screws’ = ratcheting the pain-dial up. For example, all the ‘unfriendly to Russia’ nations, as defined by any who supply deadly weapons to the Ukros thus threatening Russian lives, could be declared in violation of any contracts that they may have made with Russia – then as being thus in breach, Russia would be mad not to cease all deliveries (fuel = gas, oil etc., say) to such ‘unfriendlies.’ Perhaps someone can supply an appropriate quote?

    For example: “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill”
    ~Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  27. Anonymous[148] • Disclaimer says:

    A large part of the problem is that the Russians and the folks that generally agree with them continue to resurrect the word “Nazi” and insist that is whom they are fighting .

    Nyet, the NAZIs of WWII are long gone, fringe groups in Ukraine not withstanding.

    Russia is fighting the people that won WWII and they are far more evil than NAZIs (TM) ever dreamt of being.

    That is to say the glorious Allies of which Russia was a part circa the 1940’s is whom they actually fight today. They were not who or what they pretended to be then or now.


    MOFW Department

  28. @SteveK9

    Which would mean a lot of Westerners will die, but all Russians will cease to exist. Considering how trash Russias army is, half their ICBMs would probably fall on their own territory.

  29. @Voltarde

    Interesting considering Putin ended up killing the most of his own citizens since WW2 with his moronic illegal invasion.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  30. @John Thurloe

    A simpletonian has entered the room

  31. @Dave from Oz

    He said that Israel and City of London will be targeted specifically. He knows.

    • Thanks: JWalters
  32. @Folkvangr

    You repeat the propaganda of most rabid Putin’s lapdogs!

    What is it about you people that makes you so relentlessly deceitful, Shlomo? Wouldn’t you rather be out shooting the kneecaps off unarmed Palestinian teenagers with your IDF buddies?

    • Replies: @Folkvangr
  33. Hitch says:

    To the alert audiences observing the current globalist clown show it is clear that Washington is the actor driving the current narrative. To the majority of western observers it is Russia who can solve the problem because, according to the zombified Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, “leaving Ukraine is ‘only way out’ of conflict”.

    But both of these view points represent only the superficial narrative presented to the sleeping global masses. If a person is alter enough and digs a little deeper, it is clear that all these current narratives are joined to together at the hip. The Zero Carbon narrative, the Covid narrative, the Energy Crisis narrative, and the civil war in Ukraine are all part of the “great reset” which we are assured will lead directly to “build back better”.

    “Ordo ab Chao” is known by Masons as the motto of the 33rd degree. Albert Pike wrote about 3 world wars in his letter to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1872. One world government has been the goal of the Masons and the Illuminati for over 2 centuries now. To try to deny that there is some of “hidden hand” guiding current events just as they guided the great wars of the last centuries is one of the most abject signs of “denialism” in existence today. This is also closely related to the rise of science as a new religion, where people deny centuries of proof of the existence of a conspiracy in the name of science.

    In this multigenerational trajectory to Fabian Socialism the life time actors have played a profound role. We can see them at the top of the pyramid today in famous “literati” like Kissinger, Schwab, Soros or even Charles III. Of course there are also life time actors lower down the pyramid who have pledged fealty and are acting outside of their own self interest, the interest of their “religion”, or the interest of their Nation State. Netanyahu, Trump, Gabbard, even Zelensky, and many others are likely lifetime actors at this level.

    It is my suspicion that Putin, and likely Lavrov, are such lifetime actors. They have been selected and put into these positions at an early age. In fact, many of them are actually bred for these roles. It is known as “the breeding programs” where certain families and blood lines are bred for these roles. Jews are famous for their inbreeding, which is likely related to their positions high up the masonic circles. The Rothschild family is renowned for their interbreeding.

    We don’t know how genetically inter-related all these life time actors are because a lot of effort is put into keeping us in the dark. It would be of great use if we could do genetic testing of all the WEF “Future Global Leaders” to determine how distant they are from each other genetically.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  34. @Dave from Oz

    He should threaten to nuke Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The war would instantly vanish.

    Speaking to a Moscow audience not too long ago about the global conspiracy threatening the world, Putin said “believe it or not” this global conspiracy would sacrifice Israel itself to achieve their goals.

    • Agree: annamaria
  35. @SteveK9

    I think they realise it quite well, they just can’t admit it. Accusing Putin of wanting to nuke Ukraine is good for PR. Admitting the risk of escalation that can lead to the nuking of Western cities, bad for PR. Besides, their goal is to bleed Russia, not to escalate to nuclear war. The fact that they don’t see how one can lead to another is just more evidence that they are complete morons. It wouldn’t be the first time that they prove incapable of predicting the consequences of their actions.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @acementhead
  36. anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    Reminder of key international law here. Per Article 1 of the United Nations Charter –
    Further elaborated by the International Court at the Hague in its 2010 decree on Kosovo:
    – People’s right to self-determination SUPERSEDES territorial integrity and ‘sovereign borders’
    – Unilateral declarations of independence are not illegal under international law … and those declaring independence can request outside military intervention, and merger with a neighbouring or other country

    Kosovo had rights to secede from Serbia-Yugoslavia, and the right to merge with Albania if it wished. Donbass East Ukraine has full legal right to secede from Kiev & join Russia.

    But also – it was illegal for Russia to have crushed Chechen rebels. And it is illegal for Beijing to seek to take over Taiwain against the will of Taiwanese. Also illegal for Beijing to crush Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang Uighurs. Illegal for Washington DC to crush USA secessionists. Illegal for Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria to crush separatist Kurds. Etc.

    Everybody calm down about ‘nuclear war’ tho. Hiroshima & Nagasaki were proven to be chemical firebombings like Tokyo, the ‘smoking gun’ record of the 66-plane Hiroshima firebombing fleet accidentally released. Mushroom clouds are chemical. 1946 US Reader’s Digest let on it was a fake ‘story’ to help Japanese save face. Then, for huge mil complex profit, Stalin was brought in on the ‘nuke bomb’ scam in exchange for Russian elite bribes, followed by 8 other nations

    Official US 1960s US gov video, JFK brother Robert Kennedy watching a ‘nuclear bomb blast’ within walking distance, the whole thing obviously stupid and ridiculous

  37. Fred777 says:

    “We hope that someone on the Biden team is smart enough to figure out what that means.“

    There could possibly be someone on the Biden team smart enough, but they are zealots and cannot be reasoned with in any case.

  38. Mikael_ says:

    This one-sided “existential threat” babbling annoys me.

    You don’t have to be a Marxist or an Anarchist, to see that the West is facing an existential crisis, mainly through the piling up of unpayable debts a/k/a unfulfillable promises and the (planned) undermining of any commonly agreed-upon true values (i.e. morals); a crisis which could only be put off (for a few more decades) by plundering a few additional world regions, i.e. continued Mercantilism or Colonialism.
    The whole Ukraine saga is just the stage show cover for that.

    Putin understands all that.
    And it will be ultimately the decision of the West, if they go done in defeat with or without pushing the button with their last dying breath.

  39. zard says:
    @John Thurloe

    “Looks like the Jewish Overlords want to start up their phony ‘Cold War’ again…where the Zionist-Communist States (NATO/Russia) pretend they’re ‘enemies’ again for the goy morons. Antony Sutton wrote a book: ‘The Best Enemy Money Can Buy’ which described how the USA was actually supporting & sending material aid to the USSR during the ‘Cold War’, thus revealing it all to be a deceptive collusion between them both…

    “The gentile fools bought the MSM (Marxist Soviet Media) scam though, like they’re now buying the current staged Marxist dialectical script of NATO vs. Soviet Russia–where both ‘sides’ are covertly controlled by the Zionist Cryptocrats.”

    Now they’re coordinating their war in Ukraine to debilitate/decimate the ‘white nationalist’ movement/masses. Welcome to Holodomor II.

    Don’t worry about it, everything is going according to the WEF plans to further devolve western Europe into a techno-Communist slave society, as Chabad agent Putin follows the Rothschild script perfectly..
    Thesis (NATO/Ukraine) Antithesis (Soviet Russia/China) Synthesis (WEF Great Reset/Agenda 2030/Whiteocide)

    Welcome to ZOG (Zionist Occupied Globe) Since 1945 & the fall of Nazi Germany, they’re all in on it together (USA/Russia/Israel etc) prearranging these various wars & terrorist attacks to transform society into whatever insane image they desire. All we can do is watch & comment, for we have no religious or political statal power on the planet anymore. They can do & get away with anything since they surreptitiously govern all ‘nations’.

    • Replies: @Mr Gen
    , @Ulf Thorsen
  40. Anonymous[227] • Disclaimer says:

    For all his bluster, it hasn’t sunk in to Putin and his generals that they are dealing with absolutely evil ,satanic bunch in Washington. His vastly delayed action ( should have invaded in 2014 when Nuland f.. the EU, was handing out cookies on the streets of Kiev supporting death and destruction), his months of soft approach to this ridiculous smo, has caused the ukies to rearm, get tons more of western money and ammo, and cause more distress to Russians. What was needed- a massive invasion and bombing of all decision making centres, securing at least the whole of original Novorossiya . This could have been done in three weeks maximum. But as PCRoberts always correctly points out,- Russian insoucience is leading to western bravado and a bigger war

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @SoUtH
  41. Jim H says:

    ‘now we’re in a full-blown ground war with Russia’ — Mike Whitney

    … and the bipartisan warmongers (DemonRats and RINOs), worried about a shift in sentiment after the midterm elections, want the lame duck Clowngress to insert a $50 billion appropriation for Ukraine into a must-pass omnibus spending bill.

    If this warmongering atrocity occurs, it will make the 117th Clowngress, expiring January 3rd, one of the most treasonous in history — a great enemy of the people.

  42. Anon[328] • Disclaimer says:

    Loud mouthed, ill-educated and thin-skinned White Americans are the foremost and most dedicated scum that humanity ever had the misfortune to produce.

    Modern America is today’s incarnation of Satan’s first project, the debauched ancient Babylon. Americans started building their modern version of the Tower of Babel in 1913 when they signed over their right to be God’s creations to the Jesuits/Ashkenazis/Masons (JAMs) via their giving away of the “Federal Reserve” in 1912.


    The JAMs are attempting to pave the way for their master Lucifer to oust God from his dominance over creation’s domain. And Americans, through ill-education, ignorance, cowardice and loud-mouthed arrogance, have been and are complicit in every blood-letting and debauched move that the JAMs have made towards achieving this.

    There is absolutely no insult, no vile debauchery, no torture or torment of White American children that White American adults will not accept from their JAM masters.

    White American children have been recorded in public actually rubbing the crotches of male American perverts wearing dresses. White American children are on videotape in public places with male dress-wearing perverts in front of them with their dresses lifted and their pubic areas shoved into the children’s faces.

    And this happens while White American parents and adults are nearby and looking on as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. If a 5-year-old White American child was to fellate a dress wearing negro peadophile live on a public stage, the White American audience would actually applaud.

    It’s not enough for White Americans to keep their child-abuse Satanic debauchery in their own country, they spend billions of dollars exporting and promoting it abroad.

    The only upside to loser White America is that the JAMs are having enormous success in maiming and murdering White Americans with cocktails of poisonous pharmaceuticals.

    Since Rockefeller started with his fake Spanish Flu and his bacteria laden fake vaccine that was supposed to protect against it, stupid Americans can’t get his poisonous concoctions injected into themselves and their slackjawed children quick enough.

    The JAMs are also having enormous success replacing White Americans with open borders. Even female rats fight for and defend their lairs. But not White Americans.

    There’s nothing to say about White Americans, except that they are the vilest, most cowardly scum that this planet ever evolved. It’s to be applauded that Lucifer’s JAMs now have White Americans thrown in prison and tortured. Loser White Americans have earned and deserve this.

    White Americans were gifted a virgin unpopulated continent that teemed with resources.
    ■ They then sat slackjawed whilst the JAMs flooded it with animal/human hybrid negros.
    ■ And sat slackjawed whilst the JAMs flooded their bodies with poisonous pharmaceuticals.
    ■ And sat slackjawed whilst the JAMs took control of the money creation.
    ■ And sit slackjawed whilst the JAMs now flood it with inbred animal/human hybrid Latinos, Somalians, blacks, Indians, Pakis and Arabs.

    White American dispositions:
    》No humiliation they won’t accept and endure.
    》No insult they won’t accept.
    》No paedophile that’s too vile to fondle their children.
    》No pharmaceuticals that are too noxious to have injected into their veins.

    White Americans are no-good low IQ self-important cowards. They are wasters and pollutants to God’s universe. And they have more human blood on their hands than any other race of humans in history.

    The world will actually be a much better place when the hordes presently entering North America are guarding White Americans in concentration camps and having them put down in gas chambers.

    I’ll personally find this very pleasing considering the idiotic way that White Americans promoted the very obvious fake Holocaust that the JAMs have used to make billion of dollars from.

    The Ashkenazis will find it hilarious when they turn the Holocaust lie that White Americans so assiduously promoted on their behalf into a gas-chamber reality that they inflict upon White Americans.

    While the JAM psychopaths can’t experience empathy, they can experience a wry sense of ironic humour.

  43. Miro23 says:

    One can only wonder why the media has failed to investigate these blatantly credible claims that cast considerable doubt on the official version of “Who actually started the war in Ukraine”?

    No need to wonder. The western media is just Jewish scripted propaganda. They (Kagan/ Nuland and associates) launched the whole thing with the Maidan regime change coup in 2014. They’re not hidding the fact that the target is Putin and the break up of Russia.

  44. Washington. New York, Chicago will be secondary, perhaps even tertiary strike sites. Russia will target all US missile sites, worldwide, FIRST. Bet on it!.

  45. @meamjojo

    As a matter of fact, in the 1950s, you would be in jail.

  46. Mike you make a great case; but you are a day late and a dollar short. We have listened to this song for months if not years now. You are like what they say in the stock market…a lagging indicator. What you could say, although that too has been discounted for years, is who is running Joe Biden and Washington and who has billions of dollars of business interests in Odessa and the Ukraine. That is the real story. In a war with Russia, as usual, none of their sons will be fighting.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  47. Mr Gen says:

    My gut tells me you are correct, but my heart hopes that there is a genuine conflict. I can’t think of a greater existential threat to humanity than what we are seeing, either way.

  48. So, why isn’t that same standard applied to Russia?

    In case this is not a rhetorical question:
    – Double standards, probably the only consistent Western Value(TM) you are likely to encounter.
    – The strong do what they will, the weak suffer what they must. The US elites still think of their country as powerful and the Russian federation as weak. Perversely, the very reasonableness of the Russian stance appears to have the effect of enticing some decision-makers in the US to poke the Russians just a bit more.
    – The very nature of the US foreign policy establishment mitigates against deviating from the party line. Supporting the status quo seems to be without (personal) risk, not to do so will be short term professional suicide.
    But you know all that, so it probably was a rhetorical question, after all.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Thanks: niceland
  49. Hitch says:

    Badastridd has a great find…

    The Britishers (archaic I know, it annoys them) have always had to tell a little more “truth”, as their audience is world-wide, and a bit more sophisticated in general.

    The News-Benders is a BBC production from 1968, that is the most prescient thing ever. THEY tell us all so long ago it’s almost not believable, and so straight up, matter of fact. Recommend CC for Americans to hear it clearly… accents may be hard to hear for some, like me. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a must see BBC.

    An important part of the mass formation psychosis (mind control) is the constant gas lighting. Event 201 when they war gamed the release of the Covid bio-weapon is a great example. They didn’t even try to hide it. The way they flipped some switch in peoples minds to associate Ivermectin, the best treatment for Covid, with Horse-paste.

    A more recent example directly related to the “war in Ukraine” would be the sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines. 300 million Europeans have sanguinely accepted the sabotage of their energy supplies because of Ukrainian “democracy”. This directly escalates the degree of fear and angst within Europe concerning heating and the economy. It could have come straight out of their planning for the news of 1973 in this 1968 News Benders show.

    • Replies: @Treg
  50. @Anon

    “Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio.”


    It has been revised to:

    Alas, sore your Prick, I blew him, Fellatio.


  51. @SoUtH

    “The only person who can get Brandon to stop his insanity is, likely, Mr Owner of London.”

    You’ve got it backwards, mate. Mr Owner of London has created this insanity, not Mr. Biden.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @SoUtH
  52. Avery says:
    @John Thurloe

    {Get off yer ass and fight!}

    You get off your own arse and go to Donbass and show the Russians how to fight.
    Keyboard warriors are legend — in their own minds.
    And keyboard warriors are the ones who will faint at the first site of blood.
    Have you “tough guys” safely ensconced in your nice, comfortable office ever been in a firefight?
    Ever seen your buddy next to you with whom you were just having a chit chat get shot in the head and everything splatter on your face?

    Youse chickenhawk warmongers are disgusting.

  53. vladimir says:

    A terrorist LIAR is talking again, trying to bring gullible people on board like when they did before the invasion in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, against Palestinians and Iranians. Don’t believe these mass murderers’ words. Their history is full of CRIMES against humanity and they must be held accountable. Fuck your ‘rule based order’, all are lies. You feed on Chaos and terrorism. You injected Israel in the middle east in WWII to create chaos and wars to rob and kill the indigenous population in the entire Middle East. Now, you are doing the same using 9/11 where US/Israel designed and implemented killing 3000 people to start your FAKE ‘war on terror’. If this is a rule based order, then why hasn’t Israel been bombed, a terrorist state that you protect so you be able to Rob other nations to feed yourself. Why the designer of 9/11 have not been arrested and still are free to commit more crimes against humanity including in Ukraine? Israel and the evil empire feed on other communities’ Blood. This is an Octopus like system and it should go now. The European population scream FUCK NATO every day, in France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain and other countries.

    Seyed Mohammad Marandi
    @s_m_marandi 3h
    Your regime commits crimes against humanity against Iranians through maximum pressure sanctions & you’re implicated in these crimes.
    Keep dreaming, but Iran is on the rise. Funding riots & terror alongside “popular protests” in western capitals is useless. This isn’t 1953 Iran.

    Crush Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Cuba, Libya, Yemen, Venezuela, Bolivia, South Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain,…

    Is anyone surprised that the Global South would like to see the defeat of NATO?

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @Anonymous
  54. annamaria says:

    The US policies reflect the messianic/talmudic mindset of Owners and Deciders of the collective west. The Purim-damaged genocidal tribe has infested all layers of power in the collective west by using financial levers.
    The choice psychopaths, who have captured the western “democracies,” are not able to relinquish their power on their own volition.
    The bloody Parasite must be surgically disarmed and decapacitated and then isolated from humanity. Russia needs to publish a map of all prominent bunkers built for the Owners and Deciders, and then use the map to remove the cancerous growth from the body of humanity.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Odd Rabbit
  55. Bro43rd says:

    Which one doesn’t go with the others?

    Kissinger, Schwab, Soros or even Charles III. Netanyahu, Trump, Gabbard, even Zelensky

    Why include Tulsi Gabbard?

    • Replies: @Hitch
  56. annamaria says:

    Wise people need to be very careful when dealing with large poisonous snakes. The same is true for dealing with the “absolutely evil, satanic bunch in Washington.” The messianic-talmudic crowd in DC, and their loyal idiots of the war-profiteering kind, don’t care about humanity. They only care about their money and their power and would easily destroy the planet when the situation is not for their liking.
    Russia needs the support of humanity at large to deal with the enraged Parasite to save our civilization. The normal working people from all walks of life need to unite against the Parasite. The City of London and FedReserve and their golden guard (the MIC, including the dishonorable US/NATO brass) must perish.

  57. Lemming says:

    There has been a carefully-crafted constant stream of references to “nuclear bombs” in Western media as of late when Putin made no other mention than the existence of a second-strike option in Russian military doctrine.

    Were I a tinfoil hat-wearer I would bet someone is planning to nuke Ukraine and cry “Russia did it”.
    But of course I know better and trust the NYT instead.

    • Agree: Miro23, dogbumbreath
    • Replies: @Martin Rudling
  58. Bo Bo says:

    I would suggest that everyone check with their current homeowners insurance policy to find out whether it covers home destruction by nuclear warfare. If not, find a homeowners insurance policy that does. I don’t know whether the Bidet Administration is going to start the nuclear war with Russia before the mid-term elections or wait just before the 2024 presidential election if polls show the Democrat candidate losing to the Republican candidate.

  59. Wokechoke says:
    @Political Science 101

    Crimea…“There are thousands of different objects,” Tolstoy wrote, “thrown in heaps here and there; soldiers of different regiments, some provided with guns and with bags, others with neither guns nor bags, crowd together; they smoke, they quarrel.”

    de-bagging. lol.

    • Replies: @Political Science 101
  60. Anon[265] • Disclaimer says:

    No Russian leader can ignore or forget WWII and its aftermath:

    Exactly. And every Soviet/Russian leader since WWII has sworn that any future war will not be fought on their homeland.

  61. cohen says:

    I wonder if the Nazi Azov fighters delegation met with Shamuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Bob Menendez or NJ to lobby for more $

  62. annamaria says:

    There is nothing interesting in the advances of the Zionist parasite — the Financial Squid — in Eastern Europe. At least, the holobiz squealing has subsided, though your Jewish Fuehrer Zelensky made a stupid mistake by treating Jews worldwide as his patsies by appealing, in Hebrew, for help “to fight Nazism,” even when the Ukrainian National Guard is heavily Nazified (which is widely known), and he is a supreme commander of the self-proclaimed Ukrainian Nazi formations (which is widely known).

    Jews are in a pickle after the Nuland-Kagan’s putsch in Kiev (in collaboration with self-proclaimed Nazis) and the proliferation of videos depicting Ukrainian Nazis torturing, crucifying and murdering Russian POWs. The American Zionists have been at the forefront of the Nazification of Ukraine. Close your holobiz museums already.

    The truth is trickling down despite the strenuous efforts of the Zionized CIA in control of MSM. The Zionised US government has Nazified Ukraine to ensure plenty of cannon fodder for Usurers war against Russia, and then the same government implemented a terrorist act against NS 1 & NS 2 to impoverish Europe. Billionaires and parliamentary deciders in the EU/US are for big changes in their lives.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  63. cohen says:

    Funny but true. The clowns are doing their act.

    • Thanks: inspector general
  64. The headline is risible. The war was planned in Moscow back in 2008.

  65. whipsnade says:

    Here’s my concern – People need to wake the hell up and grow some gonads, understand life is short and we are on the stage with lights on.

    Your mind and mouth are shackled with a fantasy, the fantasy has been installed and it is called “anti-semitism”.

    This is a great article don’t get me wrong, because it actually understands the situation by putting your thoughts in another’s perspective… it’s simple but nobody does it, gee I wonder why.

    Listen closely. Until the world unites against Jewry (educate yourself with the talmud , protocols, etc – this sh*t is real folks)…. Until that day, these conflicts will continue, murder of millions/billions of innocent sleepers will continue…. Fake Leaders and Fake authority will continue LITTLE MAN – your time is short.

  66. Zelensky to WEF in 2020:
    “We Propose You Be Stakeholders of the ‘New’ Ukraine.”

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @CelestiaQuesta
  67. It seems a bit foolish to hope that someone in the Biden cabinet will sense vis-a-vis Russia and Ukraine. These people haven’t lived in reality for ages. This will be the downfall of the United States and its “Rules-based order”. If the US makes the mistake of sending the 101st into Ukraine the Russian military will ground them into “farsh” (hamburger). Hopefully economic woes will wake up Americans to reality. The US is truly a bubble. It feels so disconnected from everything else and it feels more disconnected every I time I return home to visit.

    • Agree: Odd Rabbit
  68. phil says:
    @Eagle Eye

    Putin worked quite awhile in East Germany. No one is better suited to understand both the Germans and Jews/oligarchs with ancestry from the Russian Empire or the former USSR.

  69. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    JFK could not accept Soviet nukes in Cuba. He was right. Why is it so hard for you to see the parallel to Ukraine/Russia?

    The historic parallel is even worse than that – the Soviet placement of nukes in Cuba was a direct response to the prior siting of strategic nukes by the US in Turkey aimed squarely at Moscow.

    In other words – contrary to the popular mythos – the USA was actually the aggressor in the Cuban missile crisis, and they’re the aggressors again in the present day. The Soviet posture was defensive back then, just as the Russian posture is defensive today. The world turns, but it seems that nothing has really changed.

    If we wanted a full-on repeat of the 1962 fiasco, the Russians would now base a shitload of hypersonic nukes in Venezuela or some other country up close and personal to the US’ borders in response to unprovoked NATO attempts to once again do that very thing to Russia. The Russians probably don’t need to go that far this time around, though, because they already have overwhelming strategic superiority with global reach against which the USA and NATO allegedly have no defenses or countermeasures.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter, René Fries
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  70. Hitch says:

    Gabbard is a WEF future global leader and clearly limited hangout.

    She would have us believe that she only just now discovered that the Democrat party is fake. You may fall for her schtick but I don’t.

    Besides, she’s Androgyn.

    Video Link

  71. @Bo Bo

    I would suggest that everyone check with their current homeowners insurance policy to find out whether it covers home destruction by nuclear warfare. If not, find a homeowners insurance policy that does.

    Your suggestion has a quantum of logic to it, but on reflection is a rather futile gesture.

    Insurance vendors base their business models on calculations of probability, but chances are if your house is totalled by a nuke, then you’re unlikely to be around to collect any insurance, and even if you are, it’s highly doubtful doubtful that insurers will be sufficiently solvent or even existent to pay out any claims, nor will the civil infrastructure exist to process those or any other transactions.

    Best to face up to it – if you don’t already have a well-stocked bunker with the finest claret and filet mignon like the uber-rich, then when the nukes fly, you’re on our own baby! Meanwhile, any household nuke insurance is akin to pissing your money down the toilet – Saul will be more than happy to take your premium payments, but there’s no way you’re ever going to see it again.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  72. Anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    This is something that will surprise and shock many TUR readers. The weird term used by Putin to describe his incursion into Ukraine SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATION seems to derive from a Hebrew term used by the IDF whenever they invade Gaza or conduct some other “border skirmish”. This term also is utilized by Chabad to describe their outreach programs. I think this is conclusive proof of Putin’s connections to both Zionist Israel and to Chabad. And thus I propose that we view this war in Ukraine as a struggle between Jewish neocon and financial elites in the West vs Jewish oligarchs in Russia, Ukraine, and Israel. I include Ukraine because I suspect the Jewish oligarchs there are in cahoots with their brethren in Russia and are profiting handsomely from the conflict. How much American military aid money are these folks skimming by outright theft and selling the equipment to third parties? It’s even possible that the Jewish anti-Russian agitators are being payed off by their own brethren in the east to keep the conflict in boil to enrich all sides with filthy lucre. Nothing is impossible when it comes to Jewish conniving:

    mivtza (meet-TZAH) listen
    Record a Pronunciation

    n. A campaign run by Chabad to encourage Jewish observance.
    “Each Friday, my friends and I take the train to the city to do mivtzoim.”
    Record a Sentence

    Textual Hebrew
    מבצע ‘project, operation’ (plural מבצעים‎ mivtzaim)
    Chabad: Jews affiliated with the Chabad Lubavitch movement
    North America
    Great Britain
    South Africa
    Australia / New Zealand
    mivtsah, mivtzah, mivtsa

    Plural mivtzoim.

    This term is also used in Modern Hebrew to describe military missions conducted by the Israeli military and security apparatus.

    Also note that Chabad runs in Ukraine the biggest Jewish community center in the world. Folks, we are being played by these Jewish PT Barnumsohns:

  73. Anonymous[138] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews are pushing for the war in the Ukraine but knowing that they are the Chosen One, they must have the direct line to G-d and He must have told them that Putin is the Messiah they have been waiting for, therefore, they must do everything in their power to bring about the long awaited Armageddon.

  74. ko says:

    If you hold XRP you don’t need to worry about nuclear war.

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  75. KenR says:

    One big thing hampering Russian efforts to convey the seriousness of matters is the stubborn belief of nearly all Americans that Russians are always the aggressors, and never themselves. Despite all evidence to the contrary Americans staunchly believe this article of faith.

    In truth, despite what all Americans now have been raised to believe, the nuclear “first strike” strategy is and always was the US nuclear doctrine. In fact the Truman administration was hurriedly constructing ~400 nuclear weapons in hopes of pre-emptively nuking the Soviet Union when the Russians derailed those plans in 1948 by producing their own nuclear weapons. This same aggressive mentality, featuring the same advocates such as Curtis LeMay, were what JFK had to battle during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They were constantly undermining him and hoping to foment what they very well knew might become a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

    The very purpose of the US Navy “boomer fleet” of nuclear weapon submarines is really not to deter, but rather to present a truly unpredictable first strike option. They can hit Moscow from the Baltic or Black Seas with no warning. That is their feature.

    The Russians are keenly aware of this history and of the US military doctrines of the past even if Americans remain mostly ignorant of our own history. That is why this fight is, for them, “existential”, and why Americans have very little inkling about what this means and why.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  76. annamaria says:

    The use of the word “Nazi” is proper because the Nazification of Ukraine was accomplished by Zionists/CIA’s efforts. Don’t you remember that the profitable extraction schema of holobiz is based on the “nazi & hitler” memes? Let the American Zionists enjoy the association with Ukrainian Nazis.

    Another appropriate name is NATZO/MATZO. The Jewish community worldwide was too conscious about its own privileges and “sufferings” to pay any attention to the Nuland-Kagan’s putsch in Kiev, accomplished in cordial collaboration of US Zionists with self-proclaimed Ukrainian Nazis.

    Carl Gesrchman (NED) was for the Nazification of Ukraine. Knesset sent Israeli rifles to Banderiets. Sullivan and Blinken have been working hard to provide Nazified Ukraine with money and weaponry. The Jewish Fuehrer Zelensky received unlimited credit from Jewish Usurers and the most enthusiastic support from the Jewish Lobby. American Zionists even produced apologetic writings for Stepan Bandera and his followers. Everything goes when worldwide Jewish dominance is at stake.

    The head of the poisonous Parasite is in Finances. Humanity at large needs to denude the Financial Squid and remove the cancerous growth of the fascist Parasite. Unfortunately, the Parasite is OK with destroying the planet if money and power are taken away from it.

  77. annamaria says:

    The Jewish Lobby (AIPAC) should have been treated as a foreign agent. — Is this what you mean?

    • Agree: Notsofast
  78. Iva says:

    Zelensky is a puppet in hands of Jews who dreamed to create so called “heavenly Jerusalem” out of Ukraine. There was lots of talks about moving whole Jewish populations to Ukraine. Now, they stop talking about it because Zelensky wants to fight to the “last Ukrainian” which would be a dream for Jews. They don’t want to deal with Ukrainian nazis.

    • Replies: @Yukon Jack
    , @annamaria
  79. I find it despicable that US and it’s GlobalHomo/Holocaust Survivors/Magik Negro/Woke Wigger tentacles want to prosecute the Russian people for the benefit of Israel 2.0.
    It’s now obvious they want to destroy Russia and divide up her various parts among GlobalKosher elites who will suck her dry until they’ve moved on to other planets and so on and so on ad infinitum.

    Russia should stop this global infestation taking place and nuke the S.O.B.s before it’s to late.

    It’s my guess a few tactical nukes would give these idiots a wake up call that they maybe the cause of the greatest extinction event for all life on earth.

  80. Putin is the only true statesman on the world stage, the rest are all zionist controlled puppets and as such are under the control of zionist warmongers whose goal is a zionist one world government and Russia is the only nation standing in the way, that is the genesis of the war in the Ukraine, it is not about the Ukraine , it is about trying to destroy Russia and Russia will prevail against the zionist satanist controlled west.

    The Protocols of Zion is the zionist template for what is being played out on the world stage.

  81. annamaria says:
    @loner feral cat

    But first, the Jews have Nazified Ukraine.

    Arseniy Yatsenyuk (selected by Ziocons to become the president of Ukraine) with his patron Victoria Nuland (on the left from Nuland). On the right from Nuland is Taygibok, a co-founder of the far-right Socialist-National Party (later renamed into Svoboda party)
    Zionists’ gift for Eastern Europe:

    “Will Nuland’s Nazis Push The World Into War?” by Jeffrey Steinberg, February 2015:

    They did!

    the neo-Nazi militias who are an integral part of the Kiev government, which came to power one year ago in a Nazi-driven coup d’état. Those Nazis are acting as protected assets of the Obama Administration, specifically Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland.

    These neo-Nazi forces have officially rejected the ceasefire. The battalions they control in southeastern Ukraine are not fully under the control of the central government in Kiev, but are armed by Ukraine’s “oligarchs”—big businessmen such as Dnepropetrovsk Governor Ihor Kolomoysky. They are the offshoot of the Bandera movement, which was fascist in its own right even before World War II, then welcomed Hitler’s invasion of Ukraine and carried out atrocities against the people of Ukraine and Poland that should have landed them in the dock at the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal. Instead, they were recruited by British and American intelligence services for the Cold War against the Soviet Union. The neo-Nazi representatives within the government in Kiev are out to sabotage any peace agreement.

    “Top US officials meet with Ukrainian fascist leader Andriy Parubiy, co-founder of Nazi-style party Svoboda [formerly Socialist-National Party]:
    Antony Blinken, with neocon warmonger Victoria Nuland behind him, threatened nuclear war with Russia. Both these Jewish collaborators with Ukrainian Nazis are from “holobiz-survivors” families.

    • Agree: Yukon Jack
    • Thanks: skrik, Agent76
    • Troll: Corvinus, Folkvangr
  82. Marcali says:

    No Russian leader can ignore that their predecessors squandered lives as if there was no tomorrow:

    „But we have a series of estimates, most of them working independently from one another. The figure of 27 million Soviet war death must therefore be taken as the minimum figure for military deaths, as opposed to the German figure of 2,416,784 killed and missing, this latter category including all prisoners of war, some of whom eventually returned alive from the Gulag.”
    (John Mosier: Deathride, Hitler vs. Stalin: the Eastern Front, 1941-1945, Simon & Schuster, 2010, p. 338.)

  83. Thim says:

    This article is propaganda. Pretty good propaganda to be sure, but no effort at all to strike a balanced perspective, or to look deeper into what is happening.

    A State can have at root two policies, war or peace. The policy in Washington is war. This is understood by everyone who reads this website, and by maybe 5% of all Americans.

    In 1775 the policy of the yankee patriots was war. The same in 1860. Peace was not possible. They were going to destroy the South. Period. Wilson, same, time of Roosevelt same. Daddy Bush 1989 same, Baby Bush 2001 same. The policy was war. So war we had.

    In the time of Biden, the policy again became war. The problem was, Russia is in the way of the enemy. Russia is blocking the war geograhically, militarily, economically, and diplomatically. So they decided on small war, which they hope will result in a regime change in Moscow.

    Xi Jinping is well advised. He understands the war will be coming to him. Like the West, he considers Russia a used up has been country, and I don’t believe the new Politburo will commit to rescue Russia in their humiliating war effort.

    Later on, we will see what China can do. They don’t give a rat’s ass about Russia or about Putin’s bloviating. It is all weakness in the Chinese eye. The NATO war is succeeding, and they know it.

    I can see China taking most of Siberia, as this war plays out. In fact, I predict it. But win or lose. this war is against China. Russia just happens to be in the way.

  84. @anonymous

    Zelensky is like the Rabbi at your local synagogue of Satan, where he calls on his kosher flock to incite gullible Goyim into fighting other Goyim for their freedom.

    Isn’t that what they’ve been doing since before killing Jesus Christ?

    Where’s the pushback?

    How long is this going to last before Jews destroy the planet while they’re shuttled to another kosher world, populating the universe?

  85. SOS! SOS! The MoA site has been devastated by outside influences, obviously one or another of the intel agencies. Example: This morning I did five separate postings under my MoA identity. Initially, they showed on the screen. Turned my back and “poof”…totally disappeared.

    Following that, I took a jaunt through the other postings. NOT ONE of the posters who have contributed on the site for years has made an appearance on today’s Ukraine Open.

    It would appear that too many of the veterans have been awakening to all that’s going on and have stepped on too many tender toesies. As many of those who regularly imbibe expensive wines in large quantities tend to develop serious cases of gout, those Big Toes must have become agonizingly painful and action was demanded of their intel minder-binders.

    So I’m asking Ron Unz to please get in touch with Bernhard, over their in the Occupied nation known locally as “Deutschland”, to see what can be done to avert these assaults on behalf of the Cabalist Bank$ter minions and intel forces.

    As Moon of Alabama features a daily “open keyboard” on the Ukraine situation…the only such open keyboard site specific to that pressing matter…this situation requires all hands on deck.

    Note to fellow Unz posters: Until posting has become re-normalized on MoA, whatever the stated topic may be here on Unz; it becomes imperative to keep the ball rolling on this site, as at this juncture Unz is the only major site left standing regarding these pressing matters.

    • Thanks: dogbumbreath
  86. @Thim

    Thim: As a commentator on geopolitical reality, you are a zilch, a doofus and an under informed dolt, possibly forwarding an agenda which intends to break up the Russia-China consortium.

    Currently, employing and enjoying the status as the world’s #1 military power, the only possessor of hypersonic missilry, at this point THE game changer; that country receives the full respect of China as both a friendly military paragon and that East Asian nation’s first and foremost economic partner.

    Do you, Thim, collect a paycheck for your slants, or did your febrile brain happen to arrive at its inane conclusions all by itself?

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Thim
  87. @Hitch

    Hitch:; Yours is a rush to judgement on Tulsi Gabbard. She was never active amongst the WEF “emerging leaders” crowd. She simply was informed by them that she had made their list and was invited to one of their confabs. Paying her own way there, she discovered that though lots of big names were present, that the “forum” was simply a false store-front, with the exceptions of the likes of Canuckistans’s little dick-tater and his Banderite controller, Freedland.

    One becomes very suspicious when an already not above suspicion poster attacks an individual who has demonstrated deep understanding of our enemies and how they dominate the Democrat party. When such a poster also “contributes” a video, then we may understand that there is a probability that such poster actually has some type of canid in the fight.

    Other posters will be watching carefully your future postings, Hitch. Perhaps some will even consider the possibility of altering the capital letter forwarding your screen I.D. to one not being an “H”.

    • Replies: @Hitch
    , @acementhead
  88. Arius says:

    It is true that Russia tried to get Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements, that France and
    Germany did nothing in that regard and in fact aided and abetted NATO expansion into Nazi Ukraine for eight years.

    But in February this year the world has changed and there is no going back.
    Russia gave up on the West and has crossed swords with entire West.
    For Russia this is existential and will do what is necessary to succeed.
    If US/NATO moves forces into Ukraine then Russia will make sure they are DOA.
    If it means war with NATO and WW3 then so be it.

    • Agree: ariadna, Avery
  89. TKK says:
    @Dave from Oz

    This is a thought provoking point. So why doesn’t he?

    The truly dangerous person is the person who doesn’t threaten. I have read thousands and thousands of police reports. I have learned the actor who is the scariest gives no warning, no drama, no threats.

    Suddenly- overwhelming violence, on a random Tuesday, that if you survive, leaves you stunned, bloody and broken.

    Have you considered this is more International Kabuki Theater to put billions more US Tax Dollars in the hands of War Contractors, their succubus and the State of Israel?

    • Thanks: JWalters
  90. anon[236] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    What Putin responded in his February speech announcing the Special Military operation in Ukraine when asked about how far Putin was willing to go was two fold, one was: “what good is the world to Russia, if there were no Russia”.

    and secondly, Putin said something like: I have learned that if there is to be battle, and it is unavoidable to happen, then shoot first and answers question later.

    What I think is happening in Ukraine is that 95% of the population in the affirmative) to give up being part of Ukraine and to join Russia as part of the Russian Federation, just as Crimea did in 2014. I fear the western world is about to go into a deep depression, caused by blocking traditional Russian Customers access to cheap Russian oil which processes well in the customer refineries, and Biden is dumping the strategic oil and gas reserve that Trump worked hard to build.. Canada is denying new pipelines because of its greens and gee? Beside global warming, no oil and gas, the world at war, economic depression what could go wrong?

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  91. Thim says:
    @emerging majority

    Emerging Majority, China has hypersonic missiles. You missed that?

    • Replies: @Avery
  92. @loner feral cat

    “We Propose You Be Stakeholders of the ‘New’ EU – USA – Canada – bla bla bla

    That’s the same slogan (((they))) used to sell out western nation states.

    It’s all about the money to these despicable greedy thuggish small hats.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  93. @Wokechoke

    Save us the Tolstoy little guy

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  94. @anonymous

    Even now the UN has become useless. Expelling Russia will probably cause China to ignore the UN altogether. By now the entire world is aware that the UN is going the way of its predecessors. Worse, earlier organizations like the League of Nations, etc were formed by the European countries with common heritage and diplomatic traditions; now that China and Russia are regainung their ethnic consciousness, they will not be at the same wavelength as the European countries and America, they wont be too keen to form another World Busybody Organization.

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
    • Replies: @Thim
    , @anonymous
  95. @Voltarde

    No Russian leader can ignore or forget WWII and its aftermath

    I disagree. They all have forgotten that there is no evidence Germany would have invaded, had it not been for the largest invasion force in history preparing to invade Europe. This has led to the lie of “The Great Patriotic War” pushed by Putin and every other Russian/Soviet leader since 1941.

    • Agree: Folkvangr
    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  96. @vladimir

    These dumb phucs couldn’t have picked better incompetence to lead us into oblivion than those kosher asshole crawlers now in charge.

    It’s fitting that the best of what they got is the worst of what we have. It’s finally time to scrap the Schitt of our shoes and move forward with the eradication of those responsible.

  97. ariadna says:

    I should have stopped reading after the first sentence:
    “This article is propaganda.”
    But since I didn’t, I deserved the punishment of reading this deep thought”
    “A State can have at root two policies, war or peace.”
    b fore stopping and scrolling over the rest.

    • LOL: Passing By
    • Replies: @Passing By
  98. No American president would allow a potential adversary to deploy their nuclear missiles to sites along the Mexican-American border.

    Send them some cash under the table, and they would have the US military defend an adversarial nuclear weapon depot on the border. We have no leaders, but rather are ruled over by compromised whores. Their pimps don’t care if we get nuked just as long as they get a heads up before such an event.

  99. @Wizard of Oz

    Pay no attention to the kike behind the curtain – the diametral opposite
    is true, as usual; this is the actual map:

  100. Thim says:

    Off topic a bit, but Moon of Alabama comments have been Shoahed. Follows a very rabid campaign there by Jewish posters to get every mention of the JQ relating to Ukraine banned. And that has happened.

  101. Avery says:

    { China has hypersonic missiles}.

    They claim they do: maybe they do, maybe they don’t.
    Maybe just an engineering demonstration/feasibility flight.
    Only they know for sure.

    Russia, on the other hand, has successfully demonstrated its hypersonic missile in combat.
    More than once. That means all the engineering kinks have been worked out and it is in serial production.

    Both China and US have the industrial and STEM base to eventually get to a serial production of hypersonics. But as of now, only Russia is there.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  102. @Iva

    I agree, Zelensky is a puppet and so is senile Biden (an imposter in a rubber suit say many). Find out who pulls the strings and you have the exact person(s) who run the show. The NSA knows, since they have all communications tapped, and thus the NSA is treasonous for allowing the puppet masters to operate without informing the world.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  103. @anon

    I fear the western world is about to go into a deep depression…

    I fear you might be right – in fact, it will possibly be an order of magnitude worse than the speed bump back in 1932. Something worthy of global collapse of an Empire, which IMO looks pretty much baked into the cake at this stage of the game.

    It would be nice, for the sake of clarity, to understand who are the prime shakers and movers of all the mayhem, although a certain Klaus Schwab and his creepy little billionaire bumboy Bill Gates seem to be in the thick of it there somewhere. Failing that, according to Martin Armstrong, we’ve got another 10 years of this insanity before the fat lady sings, villains will be hanging from lamp posts and we can finally all get some sleep.

  104. Thim says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    China never lost their ethnic consciousness. They remain ~90% Han. Russia is fast losing its racial consciousness under Putin, an unhinged antiracist. The trend is toward a Muslim majority.

  105. @Wizard of Oz

    Nice cherry picking. What about recognizing that Galicia and other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were annexed to the USSR without their consent via post WWI Treaties? What about recognizing that the Donbas regions were annexed to the Soviet created “Ukraine SSR” without their consent, as was Crimea 30 years later. What about Crimea, post separation and pre 2014 coup, voting to separate fro Ukraine? What about Cookies Nuland running the 2014 coup ousting Yanukovych whose power base was the Donbas? What about recognizing the referenda in all of the above regions post 2014 coup voting to separate from Ukraine? Do you really thing these regions could have held out for 8 years if the majority of people were in favour of remaining in Ukraine?
    Things change. Joe Biden’s “election” does not equate to the US electorate wanting him as president forever.

  106. Wokechoke says:
    @Political Science 101

    Would you prefer Laurence Sterne’s, invalided Uncle, Captain Toby Shandy? Like Toby, a lot of posters will no doubt shed a tear at the lack of news from the front when the peace treaty is signed.

    On hearing of the outbreak of Peace with Utrecht, Father consoles Uncle thus:

    “Never mind, brother Toby, by God’s blessing we shall have another war break out some of these days and when it does the belligerent powers, if they would hang themselves, cannot keep us out of play. I defy ’em my dear Toby to take countries without taking towns–or towns without sieges.”

    see Chapter XXXII “My Uncle Toby’s Apologetical Oration” for the butthurt reply, in Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  107. Anonymous[154] • Disclaimer says:

    Very apt symbolism in the new flag: Rivers of red and white corpuscles streaming from a blue necrotic focus of infection that has spread through and replaced all the 50 conquered states.

    Can’t say that America didn’t go to its demise willingly, nay, eagerly!

    • Replies: @JWalters
  108. @Bo Bo

    Another Mammon-worshipping wackjob!

    “A global nuclear war? Well I better be insured for that!”

  109. @annamaria

    Another war made by Jews, over a country that the USAmerika has no interest. We could of ignored Ukraine, kept our money and weapons, and the war would of ended long ago to the relief of the people who live there. But these insane Jews are not going to relent, they keep pouring money and machinery into the cauldron because Russia is not going along with their plans of world dominance. Ukraine is also the Khazar mafia Shangri-La. So when Putin invaded, their loss had to become our loss, and so with Jews leading the way, the sheeple are waving yellow and blue flags without understanding the whole shebang is orchestrated by Jews for Jewish interest.

    I really love the pictures, especially the last one of Jewess Victoria Nuland sitting behind staring at Jew Anthony Blinken. That is priceless and totally damning. Keep up the great work, and never mind the god damned trolls. Nuland the Democrat is married to Kagan the Republican, who is the prime architect and signer of PNAC and the Gulf Wars. So these twin flame Jews, Kagan and Nuland team are personally responsible for two major wars, and no one calls these two Jews out for their wave of destruction.

    Yet, if it weren’t for Nuland’s efforts as Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, the Ukraine crisis might not exist.

    Kagan was a cofounder of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a now defunct pressure group that helped build Beltway support for the U.S. invasion of Iraq throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. In the early years of the Obama administration, he reprised this role as a cofounder of the Foreign Policy Initiative, a PNAC successor group.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @sami
  110. Phibbs says:

    The article never mentions that Jews surround Biden and Jews are Zelensky’s handlers. Jew venom for Caucasian Christian Russia is based on just that: Russians are Caucasian and Christian, They also are friendly to Israel’s enemies: Syria & Iran. Now, there is no such thing as an American Jew. So, Biden is surrounded by de facto Israelis. And, as Julian Assange makes clear, Israel is actually Gentile America’s number one enemy. Few Americans are aware that Satan is in control of Washington D.C. and Satan’s generals are his Jews.

  111. @annamaria

    I agree with that analysis, and have recognized all the Jews involved promoting the Ukraine Crisis.

    Corvinus, on the other hand, doesn’t have anything to counter, so he blows his whole wad on the TROLL button.

  112. @meamjojo

    Is that you corporal Vindman? Don’t be shy, we all know you’ve come out as a drag Queen tranny who reads explicit stories to kids.
    Tell us more heb.

  113. @Al Liguori

    I checked out and made a screenshot of their goals:

  114. @Ultrafart the Brave

    “ The world turns, but it seems that nothing has really changed.”

    From the article:

    “Putin tried desperately to get the British, the French, the Germans and us to understand that his Russian citizens should be treated equally before the law just like Ukrainian citizens inside this large multi-ethnic state. (But) Zelensky and his friends said ‘No. Either you become what we are or you get out.’ And that resulted in this tragic (Russian) intervention.….

    Hitler tried the same with respect to the Germans who were stranded in the Polish Corridor through the diktats of the Treaty of Versailles. As hard as he tried to invoke the League of Nations to force the Polish ultra nationalists to stop the persecution and the discrimination against the German minorities, as well as asking for the right of the residents of Danzig to vote for self determination, his appeals fell on deaf ears just as Putin’s call for the implementation of the Minsk Agreement was totally ignored.

    It is the same scenario only the roles of the protagonists have changed.

    Would that be enough to open the eyes of the Germans to their worthiness and that of Russians to the Anglo Zionist empire. I guess not. The same Empire of Lies, Rapine and Chaos, is now aiming to subdue the people that paid the heaviest price in WWII to defeat the rising German power that threatened the interests of finance capitalism.

    • Thanks: Ultrafart the Brave
  115. @zard

    Sincerely hope you are wrong but the possibility is no doubt there as has been shown time and again. Unfortunately we always tend to realize the truth far too long later. A sort of ‘strategy of tension’ is definitely being employed against the public mind. Worrying about nuclear war, economic collapse, social upheaval etc etc. Using fear and uncertainty about the future creating instability in people wherein the very gro9und underneath them feels in flux. Then, once the fear is cranked up to the level of personal exhaustion, they can introduce the solutions which will be gladly accepted. Anyone still pointing out the BS at that point will be shouted down/shut down. Gov won’t have to do it, the public themselves will do it because they will want to have their comfort back again and anyone pointing out the harsh truth will be seen as an impediment to that. Specific to the details you mentioned, this video I found seems to fit the bill –

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  116. @annamaria

    I understand where you are coming from, However, given the “Nazis” were the target of the vampire financial squid/Zionist parasite for demonstrating that they weren’t necessary to a successful economy, I don’t see how these people are “Nazis”. They have bought into the entirety of the international banking cartel. The Bandera types have existed in Ukraine since the days of Taras Shevchenko, and to be blunt, a shitload of them came to Canada in the 19 and early 20th Century. Where I live, they are the only ones with a “closed” credit union, meaning you have to prove you are a hunky in order to join. Ultra nationalistic to be sure, but hardly National Socialist. Our adoption of official multiculturalism has them out in force during this shitshow.
    I object to the use of “Nazi” because it plays into the Soviet/Russian lie, being pushed by Putin, of “The Great Patriotic War”. Yes, Russia is under threat today, but ironically, it is Russia that is where Germany was in the 1930s – freeing itself from the vampire squid and protecting ethnic Russians in other countries.

    • Disagree: Folkvangr
    • Replies: @Folkvangr
  117. annamaria says:

    Moon of Alabama, comments:

    We’re likely to see nuclear armageddon… Of course, that won’t be triggered by Russia, because Russia’s conventional forces are more than enough to reduce the “Western alliance” into a pile of rubble.
    Posted by: Tichy | Oct 23 2022 14:18 utc | 10

  118. @Folkvangr

    Ok, you had your five minutes of fame for god knows what, now kindly FOAD.

    • Replies: @Folkvangr
  119. Wokechoke says:

    While the Teuonic tunnel vision was on Stalingrad, where 400,000 men of the Third Reich did wipe out the 57,000 defenders of the wrecked river city, around 300,000 Soviet troops were massing in the north and 300,000 south of the city battle. Readying a pincer attack.

    Will the Russians have anything up the sleeve for a November attack elsewhere? or are they spent?

  120. Anonymous[154] • Disclaimer says:

    Milley, you make up the rules as you go along, or rather the shadowy string-pullers controlling you farcical marionettes do.

    Do let us know which were hotter, the flames from the nukes that incinerated you and all your military minions, or the flames that Lucifer keeps stoked to ensure your eternal punishment.

    Even if there is nothing to balance out cosmic good and evil, non-existence will be a better deal than the “rules based” hell you Americans have imposed upon so many innocents.

  121. Notsofast says:

    they both have demonstrated them, imo the russians helped them and are more advanced than the chinese. the chinese demonstration circled the world and the u.s. shit a brick. i foresee the chinese and the russians developing siberia together, peacefully further cementing their alliance. what thim knows would fit in a thimble with room left over for a grape.

  122. Treg says:

    That 30 min TV drama from 1967 is called “News Benders”. Shocking. Stunning. Certainly in 1968 when it aired, it was so far out there that it was just science fiction.

    The Great thing about this short drama, we can promote this screenplay to every “starving for money” drama club play house in every junior high and high school and community College.

    We can follow it up with a big screen Flat Screen TV showing a collage of videos of local news saying “its a threat to our democracy” …. and the Simpsons predictions… and clips from THEY LIVE …. and dozens of others.

    Who has the screenplay? Lets get this into the hands of all the high school drama clubs.

  123. @ariadna

    If it’s any consolation, you are not alone.

  124. @nokangaroos

    I think that a lot of lives would have been saved if those three regions in dark red had been made a separate country back in 1991.

  125. anastasia says:

    Why would a government stop its own nation from becoming energy independent; why would a government turn over all its industry to other countries; why would a government allow foreign corporations to buy up so much land and industry in the US; why would a government wish to morally corrupt its own people; why would a government finance a bio weapon that killed more Americans than it did any other country; why would a government create catastrophic inflation; why would a government let loose on the public violent felony offenders; why would a government give its own people an experimental vaccine that was never tested for effectiveness, and then lie to its people; why would a government want to give this vaccine to little children who have never been threatened with any virus, and that has already killed who knows how many people (because they will never tell us); why would a government lie to its own people about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqii citizens and who knows how many American soldiers?

    These actions act to impoverish its own people, and act to virtually insure the annihilation of so many?

    Why do they want to impoverish the people they govern; and why would they want to kill them.
    They obviously have a need to kill a lot of us; and they obviously have a need to impoverish the rest of us.

    The only question at this point is to ask ourselves why.

  126. @anonymous

    Regime change in Washington seems increasingly to be in humanity’s best interest. We are living in unsettling times.

    • Agree: annamaria
  127. annamaria says:

    Agree. Owners of the collective west are set on the depopulation of Ukraine. They want a “land without people.” Doubtful that Russia will allow this.
    Zionists need to be reminded hard and tirelessly about their leading role in the Nazification of Ukraine. There would have been no ongoing WWIII if not for the messianic/talmudic drive for world dominance.

  128. @Anonymous

    There’s no Nazi quite like an Ashkenazi. Those people can school the most hardcore fascist on being the master race.

  129. annamaria says:
    @Yukon Jack

    The NSA is a loyal servant to the Ziocon/fascist puppeteers.

  130. Ummmpph! says:

    let’s get it over with! <>Then when its all over with, don’t let any surviving evil yews get away with their destruction. Track down every last yew left in the world and eliminate the remaining scum from the world forever and forever. “Never forget what the younger brother did to his older brother!”

  131. @Lemming

    Why degrade yourself with the word “tinfoil hat-wearer”. It suggests you aren´t absolutely on point. Because right now the war looks really bad for Washington. And such an event may be their last hope. So therefore, these news are correctly interpreted with or without such a hat: (translate to your preferred language)

  132. @Hitch

    I reluctantly agree.
    One more round of Just Vote Harder.

    • Thanks: Hitch
  133. sami says:
    @Yukon Jack

    [Another war made by Jews, over a country that the USAmerika has no interest.]

    You are correct that the Jews have prime interests in this war, but I am surprised to see the people who come here care ONLY interested in the ‘white Christians’ and fail to understand that the interest of white Christians are not necessarily different from the interest of other groups knowing that the zionism is the enemy of all. We live on this planet and we should work together to destroy the common enemy, the zionist expansionist plan, Oded Yinon, where has waged so many wars since 9/11 to create FAKE ‘ware on terror’ to have pretext to invade and kill millions of Muslims. Why do the writers on this site are only interested on the ‘white christian’ power like Russia asking people to support her invasion of Ukraine, since it was made in Washington, but not about all these savage wars made in WASHINGTON by the Neocons and others who are complicit in these wars for the interest of Israel where has killed MILLIONS of MUSLIMS?
    Are these people have no knowledge of these wars and the history of the region? Don’t they know what is going on? Why don’t they take a stand against the common enemy, ISRAEL, when it comes to the Middle east? Iran and Russia are working together in the region and Iran should be supported when you support Russia, because the enemy is the same, Israel.
    Why Mike Whitney has not produced one damn essay about the terrorist activities’s of Israel and Jewish mafia against Iran and other countries in the region? Why no one is talking about Israel’s proxy, the Kurdish terrorist groups who act like ISIS to create chaos? Israel and Mosad’s plan is to make another war in the Middle East using American and western treasures, like in Ukraine, to erect imaginary states like ‘kurdistan’, ‘balochistan’ and other ethnic states as Israel’s proxy. This is the West project as well. Why no one EXPOSES it and CONDEMNS it? We will sent them into their graves. Israel and US are the source of tensions all over the world. Israel and Mosad have created many bases in North of Iraq and train the kurdish terrorist groups pushing them into Iran to assassinate and brings terrorism to create chaos in Iran and neighboring countries to partition Iran like Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya? Why all these writers at this site are concerned ONLY about the white christian Russia? Russia and Iran are working together for a long time, but they have different relations with the zionist state where Russia is an ally? NOT Iran. We read in the news:

    [For the first time in a months, Israel carried out a missile attack against Syria, targeting the capital city of Damascus and suburbs in the southern region near the border.]

    Why no one talk about these bombing and killing by the mafia to create imaginary states for its interests. I think this is the interest of the WEST as well. That’s why you are shut up. Mike Whitney does give a shit about others so the people who visit this site. We never allow you to create imaginary states and will destroy those who betray us. Fuck Israel, Death to terrorist groups who are trained by Israel. Down with Jewish mafia and its members.

    • Agree: shadowy_figure, JWalters
  134. Hitch says:
    @emerging majority

    We know that the secret elite work by owning the leadership of all parties. By “coming out” against the Democrat party, Tulsi Gabbard has sheep dipped herself against accusations of being a Democrat stooge.

    It will take a lot more than a week of hamming it up to the sheeple to wipe off a decade of Democrat party slime. Just take this as an example:

    “we all need a little more aloha spirit”. LOL. Americans are such suckers.

  135. Hitch says:

    Here is another fake, lying bimbo just like Tulsi Gabbard:

    Giorgia Meloni: ‘I believe that the existence of Israel is vital’

    Q: Have you ever visited Israel? Are you planning to do so soon?

    Yes, certainly. I was on an official visit to Israel when I was serving as minister during the last Berlusconi government. It was a very significant mission, with the moving visit to Yad Vashem—a conscience-shaking experience. I will certainly return to Israel, hopefully soon. It was something I was considering due to my role as president of the European Conservative Party, of which Likud friends are also members.

    Q: What is the importance of a Jewish state to you?

    Israel represents the only fully-fledged democracy in the broader Middle East and we defend without any reservations its right to exist and live in security. I believe that the existence of the State of Israel is vital and Fratelli d’Italia will make every effort to invest in greater cooperation between our countries. After all, this has been the friendly attitude that the Italian center-right has always held towards Israel whenever it has been in government.

    These plastic Bimbos make the perfect controlled opposition. This is why they keep popping up faster than mushrooms.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  136. meamjojo says:

    Loss of military sales is another source of evaporating Russian revenue. Putin may have to give back some of the money he stole to keep the country afloat!
    Russia’s military aircraft exports are headed for a nosedive
    Oct 20, 09:15 AM

    Before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s aerospace leadership had planned to market the next generation heavy fighter bomber, the Su-57, and its highly touted derivative the Su-75 to several foreign military buyers. These plans now appear to be in ruins.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  137. @Ulf Thorsen

    He was right, just as countless millions through history have been right about the “international clique”.
    Posters on some Telegram channels talk now about the absolute necessity of pogroms…. (sighs)…

    I want to raise a salute to those men in the NSDAP and their Axis comrades, womenfolk too, who did their very best to defeat judeo bolshevism, who shed their blood… mass civilian bombing, unspeakable atrocities by Bomber fucking Harris, the Red Rapist army and other elements of the Beast.

    They were truly our best.

  138. Agent76 says:

    Right on target article Mr.Whitney.

    May 1, 2020 The Breakup of the Soviet Union Explained

    Nov 29, 2016 The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With US

  139. Bob says:

    Americans and most Westerners have arrived at a point in civilization where they want to get nuked. They know there is no way to save themselves from the sickness within their own societies. They want a dictator to cleanse themselves but are too cowardly to bring one forward. Adolf Hitler was probably their last best hope, but he’s been so demonized that anyone else with the right idea would be crushed before he even began.

    So they want to end it all. It’s suicide in the literal sense.

  140. Seriously says:

    Brilliant article!

    There are many issues here that have created this situation – the main one is the inability to hold politicians accountable for war crimes – ditto for the war profiteers.

    Many have mentioned that the US does not abide by the Nuremberg principles – and she doesn’t I wasn’t surprised when someone pointed out that they were created at the request of the Soviet Union.

    War is a racket you know the rest, it’s financed by debt so we should also take a good look at who are at the top of the financial pyramid like the major shareholders of the MIC.

    Blackrock and Vanguard for example the first is a public company the second is private, does anyone here know who owns Vanguard?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  141. Agent76 says:

    She is the real deal anti war patriot. Everybody else is a fake political hack. I am sure I would disagree on every other topic, but she is real deal on her antiwar and the Empire’s sacrifices of treasure and blood.

    Dec 8, 2016 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to Stop Arming Terrorists

    • Replies: @Hitch
  142. Cook says:

    Petreaus has been talking enthusiastically about the new cold war since at least 2019.

    Even if Russia finished the war tomorrow nothing will change because the problem is in the U.S and the American people.

    If the U.S citizen does not deal with its shadow government then nuclear war is inevitable.

    The failure to hunt down and execute all those involved in the Kennedy assassination has emboldened these people to believe they are untouchable.

    Only a revolution will change that.

    See how that orderly walk through the parliament building sent them into hysterics…imagine hanging a few?

  143. Hitch says:

    I am not a US Person, so you can certainly argue that I have no say in the matter of US politics. But anyone who would say something as idiotic as “bring Aloho spirit to the white house” cannot be much better than Kamala Harris.

    Here is more from Giorgia Meloni:

  144. meamjojo says:

    From the lock ’em up and throw away the key file:
    Nearly a dozen face charges for sending military tech, oil to Russia
    By Jonathan Lehrfeld
    Oct 20, 12:03 PM

    Nearly a dozen people, including five Russian nationals and two oil brokers from Venezuela, were arrested and charged in a scheme to send American military technology to Russia, some of which was allegedly found on battlefields in Ukraine, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  145. @CelestiaQuesta

    The video presentation presents a smoking gun bagel, to an impartial jury of our peers.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  146. @Hitch

    My thoughts about Tulsi Gabbard are along the lines of “Sometimes half a loaf….”. I don’t pretend that she’s the hero(ine) we need right now, but I like her a lot better than many Republicans.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  147. chowfun says:

    “The US decided to make Russia its blood-enemy because it refuses to click-its-heels and do as it’s told. Russia refuses to be another sniveling flunky in the exalted ‘Rules-based System’.”

    And not just a geo-political “rules based system” where financial and natural resources are to be doled out to those subservient allies of a U.S. directed globalist state but also a geo-cultural system run by a cabal of “hell fire club” decadents that seeks to undermine the traditional family unit, confuse the natural distinctions between male and female gender roles, promote the hyper-sexualization of children, and celebrate the sexually deviant in order to expand their world-wide cult of perverse pleasure seekers into a permanently fixed subculture, the more worthy members of which are to be given free reign to use the vulnerable, the naive, and the innocent as playthings to sate their appetite for new and extreme sensations, all the while being assured protection from any consequences that would normally ensue from such heinous acts. Putin sees this (although probably not to the degree I’ve laid out) and has said as much in recent speeches. Now whether you consider Putin nothing more than an ex-KGB thug whose only interest is in retaining power or as a heroic figure leading the charge to preserve what little of western civilization remains left is not really the point anymore, the point is that he is the only world leader standing up to a U.S. backed global behemoth that is subverting both the economic and cultural structures of those few stable countries that still choose to preserve their traditionally based heritage and identity, if you’ve noticed no other world leader is even willing to try.

  148. meamjojo says:

    The natives are becoming restless. Listen to the jungle drums grow louder. How many fronts can Putin wage war on?
    Putin faces breakup of Russia as rebels form army to fight for independence from Moscow
    Nationalist activists from the republic sent shockwaves through the Kremlin after announcing the creation of their own army.

    Sun, Oct 23, 2022

    Vladimir Putin is facing a serious political mutiny, after Bashkiri nationalists called for independence from Russia. The demand for independence poses a threat to Russia’s territorial integrity and could encourage other rebellious regions to follow suit. The Bashkirs are one of the 193 ethics minorities that populate Russia and are of Kipchak Turkic descent.

  149. SoUtH says:

    To TrumanShow: Your reply comment was exactly my point. Since Mr London Owner is the puppeteer, he is the only one who can direct Brandon to reverse or change path. Owner operates Brandon thru Owner’s thugs in the Trilateral Commission. Brandon has only and merely a ceremonial position in the govt (to read teleprompters and to sign documents). See my further point at #20. I will try in future posts to avoid language that gave rise to ambiguity.

  150. ariadna says:

    You made my day citing one of the greatest English writers. I would not be surprised to hear that his work is no longer required reading in US colleges, having had to make room for less white, less dead and less male writers.

  151. @meamjojo

    This link and its contents are misleading. Algeria has put in a firm order, Vietnam is giving serious consideration, as is South Korea. India withdrew solely because of the political decision to produce its homegrown aircraft.

    This aircraft and its further technical development is superior to the flying, “delicate” Failure-35. Scott Ritter and other seasoned military analysts-who are not receiving bribes or fees from the Military Industrial Complex-frankly call out this black hole money disposal a “piece of junk”. The stealth skin delaminates, the cockpit bubble delaminates. It has-of all the stupid ideas-a touch screen for pilot inputs. Delicate and fails at a rate of 20%.


    Your friend and humble narrator is getting pretty sick and tired of continuing problems with the F-35, the super-expensive wonder jet that might be ready for a war against China or Russia by the turn of the millennium.

    Bloomberg’s Tony Capaccio recently reported that the 25mm gun on the Air Force’s F-35 variant STILL doesn’t f**king work. This is not a new problem. It’s one of the many issues that has plagued the F-35 program for years – and the defense industry seems in no rush to get things fixed.

    In fact, both reports from 2018 and 2019 by Defense Department research, development, test, and evaluation describe the accuracy of the F-35A’s gun as “unacceptable.”

    Both reports use the exact same words to describe the problem: “Investigations into the gun mounts of the F-35A revealed misalignments that result in muzzle alignment errors. As a result, the true alignment of each F-35A gun is not known, so the program is considering options to re-boresight and correct gun alignments.”

    In other words, the Pentagon just copied and pasted the same wording into its latest report.

    The Pentagon recently abandoned efforts to fix the F-35’s long-plagued information technology backbone, known as ALIS (Autonomic Logistics Information System). Now Prime contractor Lockheed Martin will replace ALIS with a new system: Operational Data Integrated Network, or ODIN – the Pentagon’s latest tribute to the Norse god of war.

    The 2019 research, development, test, and evaluation report described ALIS as, “Inefficient and cumbersome to use, still requires the use of numerous workarounds, retains problems with data accuracy and integrity, and requires excessive time from support personnel.”

    “As a result, it does not efficiently enable sortie generation and aircraft availability as intended,” the report says.

    Translation: The damn thing either doesn’t work or provides misleading data so often that F-35s can’t fly.

    For years, ALIS has been the source of many, many ulcers for F-35 maintainers. In fact, then-Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson joked in February 2019, “I can guarantee that no Air Force maintainer will ever name their daughter Alice.”

    Your friendly Pentagon correspondent is not technically savvy enough to explain why ALIS never worked right. Suffice to say the U.S. government has never been good when it comes to information technology. (Remember the disastrous debut of

    A Su-57 can accelerate to supersonic speed in dry thrust and can maintain this speed for the duration of the flight.
    “It will be traveling at 1.6 Mach, which means around 2,600 km/h, depending on the nature of the locations being flown over. The engine will also significantly improve the Su-57’s low signature thanks to the use of new composite materials,” says Professor Vadim Kozyulin of the Academy of Military Sciences.
    The Sukhoi company finished developing the airborne radar and also sorted out the remaining intricacies involved in the design of the airframe, which, according to the expert, is the most up-to-date among all existing fifth-generation planes.
    The most up-to-date airplane must be equipped with the most state-of-the-art weapons. Thus, in addition to air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles and a 30-mm cannon, the plane will also get a whole range of bombs, which will not be suspended under the wings, but concealed inside the fuselage to minimize its signature on enemy radars.
    Moreover, during the Syrian campaign, Russian troops tested some of the armaments that will be installed on fifth-generation fighter planes. Thus, the OFZAB-500 high-explosive fragmentation incendiary aerial bomb and the ODAB-500PMV fuel-air explosive aerial bomb are currently being considered for the Su-57.
    At the same time, tests of all versions of armaments for the Su-57 are proceeding and these “hawks”’ that are going to be armed to the teeth with the most up-to-date weaponry will enter the Russian Air Force very soon. So far, the Defense Ministry has ordered a batch of 76 Su-57s.
    “For stealth technology, we have to pay for the deterioration of the flight and tactical properties of the aircraft with a catastrophic increase in its cost. The same F-35 pulls in $100-120 million! And the Russian Su-57 is worth about $35-40 million,” the expert notes.
    The shortcomings of the F-35 in comparison with the Su-57 are weaker weapons, limited range, subsonic cruising speed and, worst of all – if detected, it is doomed, because it cannot evade an attack. This gives the best tactical opportunities for the main American jet’s rival – the Su-57.

    It should not need mentioning that the maintenance costs of the F-35 are off the charts, requiring overhauls at shorter flight hour intervals then the Su 57.

    Respected independent analysts have reported over the years that American pilots that have flown Russian and American fighters overall rate American fighter jets as more “delicate”, compared to the Russian jets as more sturdy, built like “trucks”.

    As for the F-35s export volume, that can be imputed and circumstantially be attributed to graft, payoffs, bullying, and other coercive tactics by the hybrid derivative of the Cosa Nostra and Murder, Inc., entity known as the United States of America.

  152. @loner feral cat

    They’re all in on the scam to divide and sell off as much Ukraine and Russian land and natural resources as possible with a large landmass area reserved for Zioland 2.0.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  153. SoUtH says:

    Re your comment, “…that they are dealing with absolutely evil ,satanic bunch in Washington….”

    It appears that the Owner of London is the one who is orchestrating all this heinous evil because HE is the one bankrolling the WEF agenda. Unclear if the thugs of the Trilateral Commission (Kagan, Noodlehead, etc) would be able to bring it off in his absence. Brandon is just decoration in the scheme of things — a teleprompter reader.

    So, although it’s true that DC is a pocket of heinousness, ask: Who is bankrolling the entire operation and qui bono? He who pays (who advances the loans) is the one who controls. And that guy (or that family) is in London, not DC.

  154. annamaria says:

    “does anyone here know who owns Vanguard?”

    — The usual suspects – the bankers. They own the collective west, and they have designed the ongoing war in Ukraine. As Smedley Butler wrote, “All wars are bankers’ wars.” The ongoing WWIII is no exception.

    Citibank, ING and T. Rowe Price are owned by larger investment firms such as Northern Trust, Capital Group, 3G Capital and KKR. Those investors in turn are owned by even larger investment firms, like Goldman Sachs and Wellington Market, which are owned by larger firms yet, such as Berkshire Hathaway and StateStreet. At the top of the pyramid, we find Vanguard and Blackrock.

    The power of these two companies [Vanguard and Blackrock] is something we can barely imagine… Not only are they the largest institutional investors of every major company on earth, they also own the other institutional investors of those companies, giving them a complete monopoly.

    …data from Bloomberg shows that by 2028, Vanguard and BlackRock are expected to collectively manage $20 trillion-worth of investments. In the process, they will own almost everything on planet Earth.

    Vanguard has a unique structure that blocks us from seeing who the actual shareholders are. … In 2016, Oxfam reported that the combined wealth of the richest 1% in the world was equal to the wealth of the remaining 99%. In 2018, it was reported that the world’s richest people get 82% of all the money earned around the world in 2017.

    We can assume that the owners of Vanguard are among the 0.001% richest people on the planet. According to Forbes, there were 2,075 billionaires in the world as of March 2020. Oxfam data shows that two-thirds of billionaires obtained their fortunes via inheritance, monopoly and/or cronyism.

    This means that Vanguard is in the hands of the richest families on earth… Among them we find the Rothschilds, the DuPont family, the Rockefellers, the Bush family and the Morgan family, just to name a few. Many belong to royal bloodlines and are the founders of our central banking system, the United Nations and just about every industry on the planet.

    Catherine Austin Fitts believes it’s the central bankers that are at the heart of the global takeover we’re currently seeing.

    What we’ve seen is a tremendous effort to bankrupt the population and the governments so that it’s much easier for the central bankers to take control. … this is a financial coup d’etat.

    They, Financial Squid and supranational fascist corporations, own all large financial institutions and such miserable entities as the UN. Quite possibly, they ordered Assange to be captured and kept in prison.

    These psychopaths in charge are devoid of humanness. They are a malignancy on the body of humanity, a metastatic cancer. The observed total ruin of ethics and morals among the observable “deciders” of the collective west can be traced to the financial coup d’etat allowing for buying all kinds of puppets to implement the most atrocious programs, such as the 9/11, the destruction of Iraq, the Nazification of Ukraine, the terrorist attack on NS 1 & NS 2. The inbred and spiritually degraded Owners of the collective west do not care about humanity. They are a malignant growth devouring our civilization.

    Our planet and its human inhabitants have got a hard lesson: Don’t allow private banks to print money. Otherwise, the private banks grow into a massive bloody Parasite looting and raping countries and destroying natural habitats, and arranging mass slaughter of humans of all ages to protect the Parasite’s privileges.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Seriously
  155. @shadowy_figure

    How could she get so much else wrong, grotesquely and stupendously? Is she a Manchurian candidate?

  156. @meamjojo

    Pure rubbish. Worthless sources. Hasbara trash. Gefilthy fish.

    Make a case of evidence, hard and reputable references, facts and evidence.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @RestiveUs
  157. pyrrhus says:
    @John Thurloe

    The Ukrainians aren’t doing anything, it’s now NATO forces, aka foreign fighters, and increasingly NATO weapons..and they have been dealt with effectively by greatly outnumbered Russian forces, for diplomatic reasons…Now it’s getting serious, and the Ukraine’s infrastructure is being destroyed, to be followed by heavy armor commanded by General “Armageddon”…That will be the end for Ukraine, and NATO if it enters the fray…..

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Quartermaster
  158. @CelestiaQuesta

    Yes, sir, our world could be witnessing this evil endgame. It’s certainly a gamble, but the demonic dice are now being rolled.

  159. @anonymous

    Maybe Zelenski being unhinged is why/how he was put there. There could not be a better qualification to be a US puppet, could there?

  160. @Hitch

    Meloni is a Judas goat to make a pig barf, yes; telling Berlusconi to shut up?
    Holy Sergij of Voronezh.
    I´m not too sure about Tulsi … I mean, she´s shown more spine than any pol
    I´ve seen lately (apart from being more decorative than most); it´s not her
    fault no one who spake the Jew´s name in vain has been elected POTUS in
    120 years, and I had the impression she always took full advantage of what little
    slack she had (did I mention she´s more easy on the eye too?) plus she has
    defended principles recognizably her own.

    • Replies: @Hitch
    , @follyofwar
  161. Avery says:
    @Poupon Marx

    {Respected independent analysts have reported over the years that American pilots that have flown Russian and American fighters overall rate American fighter jets as more “delicate”, compared to the Russian jets as more sturdy, built like “trucks”.}

    That’s right.

    Here is a relevant video from Soviet times: the narrator makes that exact point.
    No need to watch the whole thing: start watching at about time stamp 8:10, that’s when the narrator starts talking about how Soviet jet fighters are designed to take off and land from debris strewn runways….built like tanks……

    [Documentary: Soviet Military Aircraft during the Cold War]

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  162. @Thim

    Thim: Thanks for the info. It struck me as most peculiar that veterans who been regular posters on MoA for years were not appearing on that site. Evidently, the Yids got through to the Deutschland Unter Alles Neo-Gestapo with a warning that allowing Bernhard to include “anti-Semitic” posters on the site would result in dire consequences.

    German, as most honest posters realize is an Occupied Country. The Western Allies of WWII have yet to sign a peace treaty with any purported German government since 5-8-45. American forces, centering on Ramstein, but with several other bases on that degraded country, are nuclear-armed and tell the hapless Krauts what they can or cannot do.

    Hopefully, the German people, jobless, heatless and perhaps even without electricity, will see to it that the current regime in Berlin is removed and promptly replaced by a nationalist government which will work for the betterment of the German people.

    It is an utter tragedy that MoA has been taken down by the Talmudists. All of a sudden, the freedom of posting is now limited to U.R. How long will Ron Unz be able to keep the shop open? It is fortunate that he is (1. Jewish and (2. a billionaire who can hire first-rate attorneys to protect his single remaining open forum, where speaking truth to Talmudist power is still possible.

  163. Wokechoke says:
    @Poupon Marx

    The CIA is funding these AntiWhite and AntiChristian separatists in the borderlands of Russia.

    What else can you expect from an institution run by a pack of Jews Homos and niggers?

    • Replies: @sami
  164. @Poupon Marx

    Lived across the street from a “Marine Corps Air Station” in the middle of nowhere, for many years. Must say, that the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is one wicked machine. Witnessed many skilled pilots pushing these agile fighters to the edge of their performance limits. Absolutely spectacular sights. IMO, it’s kind of a shame though that this marvel of mankind has been designed strictly for SAD air combat.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  165. Tibor says:
    @Al Liguori

    1000000% agree.
    jew manufactured crisis to destroy white civilization

  166. Folkvangr says:
    @Humbert Humbert

    After you, tovarisch Humbert Ivanovich SockPuppet-1567823546.

  167. @Anonymous

    anon [148] Says Well & Simply what imo we are seeing of this bloodletting , with a possible potentiality for a biblical Wish behind some of the ‘props’ as was addressed erily’er ..


    There once was a man named Meese
    Who went in search of the Golden Fleece.
    He convinced Sarah Palin
    To copulate while sailin’
    Which she did between Wasilla and Nice.

  169. @Poupon Marx

    No universal health care, no entire uni paid by govt, poor infrastructure, FATCA, a dumber than feces populace, no employment rights/employment at will doctrines, etc.etc..but the USians gots great war mongering-imperialistic/capitalistic goon squad planes!

    Uncle Scam wants all USers to eat hot dogs and corn syrup while waving those flags for those ahem-ah, “heros” (zeros). Barfin’ in the wind.

    • Agree: Poupon Marx
  170. @SoUtH

    “So, who is funding all this war debt that Brandon and his boys are creating by approval of the proposed congressional bills?”

    It is funded by all holders of US notes. ‘The Fed’ prints and thus devalues all existing US notes. All creditors are defrauded and borrowers are rewarded. I believe that China is probably biggest holder of US notes so China is massively defrauded but every dollar already in existence is devalued.

  171. @nokangaroos

    The Wizz has moved seamlessly into the BIG Lie phase of Imperial lackeydom. Like another Scomo, no doubt in his pantheon, but under his Alpha Idol, the Father of Lies, John Howard.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  172. Folkvangr says:
    @Bloodthirsty Tribal Deity

    And you are even worse than a typical Shlomo. You are a rabid Bolshevik. Anyone that goes against your party line must be sent to the dog house, vilified, scorned or (Oh God!) called Schlomo. You are pathetic. What? You are not interested in facts proving that I am right? No? I thought so. That’s not what you are paid for, right?

  173. @Wizard of Oz

    nokangaroos points out that this is a lie, the inverse of the facts. Just as voting in Ukraine before the fascist putsch in 2014 that you so adore as a typical LNP wannabe fascist, showed great majorities consistently throughout the east for the pro-Russian Party of the Regions, the desire for separation and Banderite fascism is concentrated in the West, in Galicia etc, the site of the worst Banderite genocide in WW2. Tell me, Wizz, what is your position on the genocide of the Poles from 43-44, an atrocity CELEBRATED every year by your neo-Nazi comrades? Feel free to lie-it is expected.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
    , @Wizard of Oz
  174. @Passing By

    “Besides, their goal is to bleed Russia, …”

    No, that is not the “goal”; goal implies end point. For more than one hundred years* the goal of the Western Elite has been to take all Russia’s stuff. To “bleed Russia” is but a tiny step in that endeavour

    *Two hundred years, and three hundred years, are included in the set of “more than one hundred years”.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  175. Notsofast says:

    ooooooohhhh….so that explains why russia has captured all the advanced u.s. military technology from the (formerly) ukrainian battlefields. it’s those despicable venezulelans (almost as bad as russians), they’re the trouble makers, sending all that advanced u.s. military technology into a war zone inflaming the situation and getting all those civilians killed as a result. if that wasn’t bad enough, they are sending the russians oil that they so desperately need, giving them a much needed lifeline. damn you maduro, framing the innocent uncle sam, who never hurt no one, may you rot in hell!

    meamjojo, you are always revealing new levels of stupidity, keep up the stellar work, you are an inspiration to idiots everywhere.

    • Thanks: meamjojo
    • LOL: Poupon Marx
  176. @Avery

    Thanks, Avery. That was supremely informative, technically and historically. It points out important differences that run deep. The Russian military budget presently runs at 15% of the U.S. bloated and obscene wasteful black hole. The U.S is like a sick dog, wheezing and feverish, ticks and fleas and internal parasites. Just keeps getting worse and worse. The blood suckers are in overdrive.

    Russia and China will put down NATO and the JUSA. They don’t have to hurry. Much of the damage is self inflicted and continuous. Like a junkie with a death wish.

  177. @emerging majority

    Tulsi Gabbard was voluntarily in the US military. Twice. She’s a war-monger.

  178. @loner feral cat

    All that for 100+ million bucks apiece.

    But the plane may be selling for even less than that. Leeham News said on Monday that the most commonly quoted sales price for a new 787-9 is $125 million, with a smaller 787-8 going for $110 million, a discount of nearly 48% from the list price of $224.6 million.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  179. annamaria says:

    Focus on your own history:

    July 3, 1933. Over 100,000 Jews gather at Soldier Field in Chicago to celebrate 3,000 years of Jewish history and nationhood by worshipping a fire-breathing statue of Moloch and feeding it children which we can only hope were not real.

    The event was called “The Romance of a People.” It was organized by the Zionist Organization of America, sponsored by the Jewish Agency for Palestine, and produced by Meyer Weisgal, with help from Rabbi Solomon Goldman as well as Maurice Samuel, the author of “You Gentiles.” One of the big speakers at the event was none other than Chaim Weismann, first president of Israel and the guy who alongside Lionel Walter Rothschild authored the Balfour Declaration, which was the agreement that dragged the US into WW1 in exchange for the British stealing Palestine from Ottoman Turkey and allowing Jews to settle there.

  180. if anyone thimks’ the rus like carrying a chini insurance policy on their backside they are not giving it much ‘thought’ ! or mebe They’ have ? schlouse&ziolensky are open source if you’mve noticed

  181. annamaria says:

    Hopefully, this will also be the end of the Israel 2. project (Zio-nazi-land project).

    On the other hand, the filthy Owners could decide, out of spite, to pollute large swaths of Ukraine with radioactive materials. Fallujah and Belgrade had their share already. The Financial Parasite & War profiteers have neither decency nor mercy.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  182. JR Foley says:
    @John Thurloe

    Every day USA is spending how much? If this keeps up —a long delay before the final punch—USA treasury will have to add more printing machines and the Debt—-perhaps another Trillion ??

  183. sami says:

    Iran has the same problem. Israel was behind the protests in Iran to destabilize and partition the country. The Zionist mass murderers for the past 44 years are training and funding the ‘minorities’ in Iran. The kurds are trained in the northern part of Iraq by Mosad, then send them into Iran for act of terrorism. Iran has strong evidence for its claims. The Kurdish terrorists tried to take over a city just a month ago during the protest in Tehran bringing arms from Iraq into Iran, but the Iranian security forces managed to bring order fast and took full control over the city. Iran had to be firmed with these terrorists and attacked their position in the northern Iraq where Mosad has many basis illegally.

    I don’t understand why people do not take the zionist plot against Iran seriously, but are very concerned about Russia, the biggest country in the world, territorial integrity. The apartheid entity is trying to get ‘bigger’ on Iran’s expense. She will take this wish into its grave. These khazaris must pack and go where they came from. They have NO connection with the region.
    The protest against Iran in Berlin over the weekend was ORGANIZED by Israel lobby in Canada and US, let by Irwin Cotler a zionist terrorist, assisted by the Iranian traitors such as Kaveh Shahrooz, a servant of Israel Lobby. Cotler, on behalf of Israel, is working towards destabilization and partition of Iran. Russia and Iran are concerned about their territorial integrity and will not allow the zionists implement ‘Oded Yinon’ in the region. The should fuck off from the region now. In the photo you see the zionists with their proxy, the kurds.

  184. This is a nutshell read for all those that want to know the whys and wherefores but aren’t willing to devote too much time to the subject.

    Hope Russia prevails. It’s only fair.

  185. JR Foley says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    All I know is that the Nazis had 3 groups set up to execute Jews/Gypsies/Catholic priests/Communists/gays/trouble makers and they were positioned.

    Einsatzgruppen A went through the Baltic States on a roll but got stalled down –at Leningrad.

    Einsatzgruppen C went through the South and got stalled at Stalingrad.

    Einsatzgruppen B went through Ukraine heading to Moscow but were surprised. The Ukrainians offered to do the work for B and indeed they did —not only executing the above but adding Poles as well.

    NOW — B was offloading much of its work to the Bandera/Chomiak team and they were good until they realized –the Nazi Germans had no use for Slavs –any of them –but were using them and when their job was over –why they would be the next group to be liquidated.

  186. JR Foley says:

    This again is most irritating –where is there this supposed freedom of speech??

  187. @nokangaroos

    I am open to learning even from one who, by calling me a Jew in an insulting fashion shows himself to be both stupid and uncouth. Please explain how he map shows that I am in error and who compiled it. My information from one who was teaching in Ukraine at the beginning of the 90s is that Russian speakers overwhelmingly supported independence from Russia in 1991. And I got independent verification of that from the link to Russian TV Ki posted on UR yesterday because a former Russian soldier spoke of even the Russian speakers in Ukraine in he 1980s disliking the Muscovites.

  188. RestiveUs says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Pure rubbish. Worthless sources. Hasbara trash. Gefilthy fish.

    Matzah bull?

    • LOL: Poupon Marx
  189. meamjojo says:
    @Poupon Marx

    There is nothing misleading. The problem for you and others here is that any story that doesn’t agree with your echo chamber is somehow worthless, badly sourced, etc.

    Be serious. South Korea isn’t going to buy anything from Russia! Algeria? Are they still a country? Do they have any income to pay with? And how do YOU know that Algeria put in a “firm” order?

    Regardless, Russia can take all the orders it wants. It won’t be able to deliver though. It has to first replace its own inventory. And Russia needs chips from the West and that I going to be next to impossible for them to obtain.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  190. @mulga mumblebrain

    I’m not sure you know even your irrelevant ancient history. I gather Bander never set foot in Ukraine during WW2 and he soon.n discovered that his hopes of resuming the 1920 battle for Ukrainian independence from the Muscovites in alliance with Germany was not compatible with Hitler’s intention to settle German farmers in Ukraine. As Bandera was in a German prison I find it difficult to understand why you think “Bandeerites” is a useful description for anything. How many Ukrainians do you think know anything about the eponymous B?

  191. RestiveUs says:

    You sound like a psychopath yourself.

  192. @nokangaroos

    You are also disingenuous. Sure, a majority may have not wanted the Soviet Union to collapse

    But substantially larger majorities voted to be independent of the Russian Federation.

  193. @Poupon Marx

    And sadly, there are no winners in war, as it’s actually a zero-to-negative-sum game.

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
  194. @JWalters

    The current US flag was originally 100% Jewish though it then had only 13 stars : it was the flag of the EIC of Bombay, which was run by the Sassoon dynasty of Persia, a Jewish dynasty supposed to date from the Second Exile and having ruled the finances of Persia and Persian-conquered India. The EIC of London it had nominally merged with bore a flag with a Union Jack in its quarter. The Jewish-Indian company proper had thrice as many ships and gun boats on the world seas though not as many state of the art battleships. EIC was a completely autonomous territory, where English Common Law did not apply. The new USA took the Eastern EIC wholesale just to tell the Brits they from then on obeyed their private sector, and its Jewish masters directly and no longer needed a blessing from the Royal House of England.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  195. @loner feral cat

    Not at all true.

    I would say the US won big in the Mexican War.
    Wouldn’t you?

    I would say India won big in the Indo-Pakistani War that resulted in Bangladeshi independence. Wouldn’t you?

    I would say the Viet Minh won big in the First Indochina War. Wouldn’t you?

    I would say Israel won big in the 1967 War.

    Wouldn’t you?

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  196. Hitch says:

    Just as with Putin, I hope I am wrong about Gabbard. Both of them can easily qualify as our “last best hope”.

  197. @acementhead

    I meant the goal in the Ukraine war. The overall goal, the ultimate prize is of course the destruction of Russia as a state and the plundering of her resources. But first, Russia has to be weakened and made defenseless. The war Ukraine is supposed to serve that purpose.

  198. @nokangaroos

    And this from someone who really knows his facts when I asked whether both votes were on the same day – they weren’t.

    That is an old trick that the Kremlin plays from time to time. The referendum mentioned there took place on 17 March 1991 throughout the USSR. The question asked was not “Do you wish to preserve the USSR?” In effect it asked: “Do you support a new entity being established on the territory of the old USSR that combines a group of sovereign states.” People had still not envisioned the complete collapse of the USSR, as it was organised by Moscow. It was confusing and contradictory and was undertaken before the April 91 meeting that resolved to dismantle the USSR, and showed that people wanted sovereignty. It was confusing to Ukrainians who wanted sovereignty and nothing to do with other sovereign nations coming out of the old USSR. Later you had the 19-22 August coup in Moscow and 24 August declaration of Ukrainian independence. That declaration was then ratified by the 1 December 1991 referendum of Ukrainians alone.

  199. @mulga mumblebrain

    See my second and third replies to this in case you are interested in learning something

  200. Hitch says:

    More of the plastic bimbo Giorgia Meloni:

  201. @Curmudgeon

    I disagree. They all have forgotten that there is no evidence Germany would have invaded, had it not been for the largest invasion force in history preparing to invade Europe. This has led to the lie of “The Great Patriotic War” pushed by Putin and every other Russian/Soviet leader since 1941.

    Kudos for having the honesty to state the uncomfortable truth as you understand it. The entire subject of the genesis of Exercise WWII is contentious, but as we know, history is written by the victors.

    I can’t claim to know the truth about the 1930’s & 1940’s, but do have a certain non-conformist sympathy for Adolf Hitler considering his economic achievements and his personal passion for the good of the German people. Perhaps Germany and the Soviet Union both were just pawns in a larger game.

    Meanwhile, I also have much sympathy for present-day Russia as it faces off against what seem to me to be essentially the same psycopaths responsible for all that mayhem seven decades previous. If one had to pick sides, I’m inclined to go with the mainly Christian society, traditional agriculture and thriving industrial base rather than with the genocidal Satanists who want to destroy their own industries, poison all their livestock, exterminate 90% of humanity and feed whoever manages to survive on bugs and maggots.

    The world turns, but nothing seems to change aside from getting worse.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  202. Just one thought – if Russia is waiting for the ground to freeze it may be some time.

    It’s very mild and damp here in the UK, top daytime temperatures 17 to 19C.

    Despite a recent tiny snowfall in the west of the former Ukraine, the Donbass is also pretty mild and wet, it’s been chucking it down and the “rasputitsa” mud will be there for weeks yet. The BBC forecast is that for at least the next two weeks Kherson will be well above freezing, indeed at no time will it be less than 5 degrees C.

  203. Athena says:

    British colony Canada in service to the Pentagon at home and abroad:

    It’s not ‘progressive’ to label pacifists ‘Putin stooges’

    (Excerpts, emphasis added)

    ”Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is illegal and brutal, but Ottawa helped provoke it by pushing to expand NATO, helping overthrow elected President Viktor Yanukovich in 2014 and through a military training mission that undermined the Minsk II peace accord. For seven years Canada engaged in a low-level proxy war with Russia, which Moscow drastically expanded on February 24. Rather than peace in Ukraine, Ottawa is prioritizing weakening Russia.

    Commentators and politicians who oppose negotiations while denying the geopolitical and arms industry forces driving policy are carrying water for the military industrial complex and an aggressive NATO military alliance. Born in a bid to crush the Western European left, prop up European colonial rule and bring it under Washington’s geopolitical umbrella, NATO has launched wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya.

    Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and the North American arms industry have long been the chief beneficiaries of NATO expansion. The war in Ukraine has been a boon to US arms companies’ Canadian subsidiaries and homegrown Canadian military suppliers such as Bombardier and CAE. The military is pushing industry to go on “war footing” and Global Affairs Canada representatives are speaking at forums promoting “Defence sector opportunities” in Ukraine.

    Resistance is essential. Three weeks ago, 150 marched against NATO in Montréal. Last Friday I interrupted Minister Pablo Rodriguez’ press conference in Montréal to ask about their proxy war and why Ottawa never calls for negotiations while activist Tamara Lorincz protested Justin Trudeau in Waterloo about why “Canada is prolonging environmentally destructive war in Ukraine.”

  204. @nokangaroos

    Tulsi obviously timed her (belated) rejection of the democrat party to help the repubs win the midterms. As I think she sees it, the only way to stop Biden’s war is for the R’s to win the midterms, thus reducing Biden’s grip on power as his corrupt, illegitimate neocon regime will be tied up in endless investigations.

    I sure hope that her message resonates, but most of the American public has been reduced to braindead zombies by constant propaganda demonizing Russia. In spite of her popularity in antiwar circles, she only won 2% of the primary vote when she ran for president in 2020. Tulsi made a huge mistake, which many supporters have yet to forgive her for, when she endorsed deep-stater war hawk Biden for pres. when she dropped out of the race. She put party above principle. As far as I know she has yet to apologize. Now that she’s put herself back in the public eye, she should publicly admit that she made a serious mistake.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  205. @Dieboomerdie

    You do know Russian missiles have astunded the world with their hitting power, precision and distance – otherwise you’re just a Ukrop, dim troll. You are a waste of further facts – done with you.

  206. @Hitch

    If Tulsi only exercises her sensible foreign police views in power, that would be a paradigm shift for the dying empire and a retreat from global war. That is enough for her to be remembered as a great American. Her wokeness can’t be any worse than the gruel we are fed now by Biden’s ‘flying monkey” media. Trump/Tulsi 2024!

  207. @follyofwar

    Not only the American public …

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  208. @meamjojo

    And Russia needs chips from the West and that I going to be next to impossible for them to obtain.

    Oh yeah? How long do you think it will take with Russia and China (and India in the background) to produce equal quality and quantity, working on an full court press emergency basis?

    • Replies: @meamjojo
    , @Avery
  209. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Ottoman and Seljik Turks over Byzantium.

  210. @Wizard of Oz

    Well that´s the salient point isn´t it;
    my humble plebiscite was about sovereignty but somewhat marred in its
    beauty by the realization that “independence” would be economic suicide
    (as it turned out to be in fact at least for steel and shipbuilding) while
    your esteemed example was about the formalization of the already foregone
    i.e. “remain” was no longer on the ballot, and marked by a distinctive lack of
    enthusiasm (read: turnout).
    Neither was in the strict sense about what you insinuate (I still hold mine
    comes closer 😉 ).
    – The “Ukrainian nation” was invented by the Austrians in the course of
    WWI anti-Russian propaganda, ironically in the dark red quarters that
    never properly were part of any damn “Ukraine”.
    – Stepan was a psycho but he realized the Jew was the problem; it was the US
    that suckled the orphaned OUN in 1945 and gave them a headquarters
    in Munich, for use against the (((mudderland))) (it was only after Stalin´s
    death and their gradual squeezing from the corridors of power the Jews
    switched their “allegiance” to the US, and Stepan became expendable).
    – I have heard a few too many “former Russian soldiers” lately to value their
    “opinions” above a Pakistani cab driver´s.

    I reiterate my premise there is nothing originary “Ukrainian” about the current
    clusterfuck, there is only the Jew and Mother Russia – the hohols (who have all
    the sympathies I can muster) just want to be left alone (what you deign to call
    “dislike of Muscovites”).

  211. anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    How would you define ETHNIC Consciousness ??? IF you were to say that about Whites..Europeans/Americans?? ..Racism?? so countries had lost ethnic consciousness?

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  212. meamjojo says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Decades. And meanwhile the West will continue to advance the technology and they will still remain technologically backward.

  213. 2 very petinent videos –

  214. @Wizard of Oz

    You couldn’t bother to tell us which lying Imperial thug, or genocidal Banderite fanatic, you are quoting here? I think it’s time to take a break Wizz. Tell your controllers that they need a younger Imperial boot-licker and groveler, and one not so patently dishonest. Some IPA thug, perhaps-one of those cloned, private school prefect type bully boys.

  215. Avery says:
    @Poupon Marx

    {How long do you think it will take with Russia and China…..}

    I am sure China is far more advanced in producing semiconductor chips for consumer electronics than Russia, but Russia does not need to be able to produce Apple phones to have a superior military than the West/NATO. Russia has already demonstrated how extremely precise its missiles are in Ukraine. Even back a few years ago when Russia launched a volley of Kaliber missiles from its Caspian Sea fleet and precisely hit ISIS targets in Syria, West/NATO were astonished.

    Americans/West always look down on Russians based on the former’s superior consumer goods.
    But Russia and before Russia Soviet Union have produced and produce weapons for war, not to suck up $ billions on shiny toys. Consumer goods have always taken a back seat to Russian military, because of the almost constant threat of land invasions.

    People forget that Soviet Union was the 1st in the world to launch the Robotic Exploration of space (the 1970 Lunokhod 1). [Not until Mars Pathfinder’s deployment of the “Sojourner” Rover in 1997 was another remote-controlled vehicle put on an extraterrestrial body. ] (Wiki)

    Even during ww2, the Nazi Tiger Tank was an engineering marvel: it could hit enemy tanks with its superb 88 cannon at distances that neither US, UK, nor USSR could come close. But USSR produced the very capable war-machine T-34 by the 10s of 1,000s. Germans were able to produce only a few thousand Tigers, because it was so complicated.

    Ironically, during WW2, US did exactly the same as USSR: produced basic, robust tanks, trucks, airplanes, Liberty ships by the 10s of 1,000s.

    Now most US war-toys are designed to soak up as much taxpayers funds as possible for as long as possible. Nobody cares if they work or not. (Only the US nuclear triad is robust and superb: for obvious reasons)

  216. Funny that whites(Russians) into nationalism and resisting Jewish Power are allied with non-whites, whereas whites(esp Anglos) who cuck to Jews are totally anti-Russian.

    This number seems fantastic.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  217. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    When they were giving you intellectual depth lessons did they teach you how to use Google?

    If they didn’t you should see if they will refund your 75 cents. I think you got ripped off.

  218. JWalters says:

    A very apt parallel indeed. Thanks.

  219. @Priss Factor

    Dima gives even wilder numbers (402k permanent casualties of which 390k KIA)
    apparently from some Serbian NGO – when the truth finally comes out
    (((someone))) is going to be even less popular in the Ukraine.

    True is as much as they now draft 12-17 year olds.

  220. Seriously says:

    Kudos to you for a detailed and brilliant reply which obviously required a little time putting together.

    It ought to be criminal to have so much power and influence while remaining completely anonymous, logic tells me that whom-ever ultimately owns and controls Vanguard would also be in control of the means to create credit out of thin air.

    The solution is very simple yet for some reason our governments tend to borrow from the financial elite and promise to repay them with interest instead of simply taxing them like they ought to be.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  221. annamaria says:

    Who does control…


    Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla on Thursday was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
    Dr. Bourla’s family history, as a son of Holocaust survivors from Thessaloniki, is a symbol of the remarkable vitality of the Jewish people, their liveliness, and their renewal capacity in the wake of the Holocaust.”

    “As a scientist and a Jew, I can’t overstate how much it means to me to receive this degree and to be invited to address this year’s graduating class,” Bourla said in a speech to the graduating students.
    This honorary doctorate follows Bourla being awarded the Genesis Prize, an annual prize referred to by some as the “Jewish Nobel” which honors extraordinary individuals for their outstanding professional achievement, contribution to humanity, and commitment to Jewish values and the State of Israel.

    Bourla was awarded the prize, along with the $1 million cash prize, which he says he will use to help establish a Holocaust museum in Thessaloniki. The foundation also noted “Dr. Bourla’s pride in his Jewish identity and heritage, his commitment to Jewish values and his support for the State of Israel.” President Isaac Herzog will present Bourla with the $1 million prize at a ceremony in Israel.

    The reality:

    “Big Pharma EVISCERATED By Member Of European Parliament:”

    “Pfizer / European commission vaccine contracts, over 100 blanked out pages:”

    Burla is a major criminal of our times. Albert Bourla is a Jewish veterinarian and the chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer. “Bourla is a director on multiple boards such as Pfizer Inc., The Pfizer Foundation, PhRMA, and Catalyst. He is also the vice president of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, a trustee of the United States Council for International Business, and a member of the Business Roundtable and the Business Council.”

    “How Pfizer blackmails countries for shots:”

    “Covid-19 vaccine | Pfizer admits jab was not tested — Pfizer lied:”

  222. JR Foley says:

    Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine
    (26 October 2022)

    The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation.

    Kupyansk direction, The enemy was driven back to the initial positions by Russia’s troops, artillery fire, army and ground-attack aviation, and heavy flamethrower systems. More than 160 militants, 5 tanks, 9 armoured fighting vehicles, and 10 pickup trucks have been “neutralised”.

    Krasny Liman direction, Russia’s troops “eliminated” over 70 Ukraine’s personnel, 2 tanks, 5 infantry fighting vehicles, an armoured personnel carrier, and 5 pickup trucks.

    rivoy Rog direction, the enemy, with up to 2 battalion tactical groups, failed The defeat resulted in destroying up to 125 Ukrainian servicemen, seven armoured fighting vehicles, and 13 vehicles.

    Simple math—–390 body bags required and this has been going on for the past couple of weeks.
    Zylenskyy refuses to answer relatives of those serving on the front——not transparent.

  223. @pyrrhus

    NATO is not fighting in Ukraine. Russia is losing because their country has been hollowed out by corruption of which Putin is the biggest beneficiary.

    • Replies: @Greg Norris
  224. @Quartermaster

    This article doesn’t tell the whole story at all. The real story is the “Greater Israel Project”. TruNews exposed this a month or two ago and showed that Henry Kissinger and his Zionist cabal have a new project. They cannot get land fast enough from stealing it from their neighbors next to Israhell, so instead they went to plan 2. The Greater Israel Project seeks to provide a vast homeland for the Ashkenazi converts to Talmudic Kabbalistic Judiasm by displacing native Christian Ukrainians via a proxy war that is being promulgated from the Zionists in Israel along with their crypto Jewish friend Putin and their openly gay Jewish friend in Ukraine Zelensky. This is typical Zionist deception. Their real intent is to clear Ukraine so they can steal their property and settle Ashkenazis in the land and develop their new homeland, essentially admitting temporary defeat in Israhell. That is my firm conviction. Prove me wrong.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  225. Vonu says:

    It was made in Brussels, not Washington or Moscow.

  226. “What compelled Putin to invade was the bombardment of ethnic Russian civilians in an area of east Ukraine called the Donbas. ”

    This is just a feel good pretext for NPC consumption. The real reason was that Zelensky threathened Putin to his face just a day or two before the invasion he was going to have nukes and his own short range ballistic missiles Real Soon Now. With this, he revealed the final piece of the American game plan – to instigate a short nuclear war between Russia and its non-NATO puppet Ukraine. This would enable America to destroy Russia decisively without risk to itself. The ukrainians would of course be spent as collateral damage in this process.

  227. @Greg Norris

    The Greater Israel Project seeks to provide a vast homeland for the Ashkenazi converts to Talmudic Kabbalistic Judiasm by displacing native Christian Ukrainians via a proxy war ….. Prove me wrong.

    You’re exactly right Greg.

    No one will be proving you wrong – least of all the sayan disinfo peddler ‘Quarter-Mustard’.

  228. Sterplaz says:

    No one seems to remember that in the early 1990s Gorbachev agreed to the proposal of Bush I and thus NATO (basically, The West) that in exchange for Gorbachev and the USSR not interfering with Warsaw Pact nations (Poland, Czechs, Hungary, Romania etc al) breaking away from the Soviets, The West would NOT advance NATO membership eastward one iota.

    Of course that was violated by the late 1990s just before (and probably the cause of) the election of Putin to President of Russia. Can any fair minded person blame Putin and Russians for not taking any Western offers seriously? Putin realizes Western promises will shortly be broken.

  229. @anonymous

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Ethnic consciousness is the awareness that they are one people, and one people not just by a shared language and culture, but also by shared ancestry and myths; such awareness should make them distinguish themselves readily from other people who do not share the same ideas, even if they have a shared ancestry. White European countries somewhat consciously built such consciousness in the 18th and 19th century; they called it nationalism. Then the wider identity of Whiteness, strengthened by Christianity, awakened. The role of Christianity in forging the common identity of Europeans is often ignored. If the Europeans of those days followed different religions, such a broad “racial” awareness may not have set in; for example some East Europeans, who are physically Europeans but follow Islam, joined the wave of European identity very late (Albanians never joined). Had Russia been Muslim instead of Christian, then the White identity may have had a very tough time to emerge. Yes, at present the European countries have lost their ethnic consciousness, almost all voluntarily.

  230. Folkvangr says:

    Russia is under threat today, but ironically, it is Russia that is where Germany was in the 1930s – freeing itself from the vampire squid and protecting ethnic Russians in other countries.

    The problem with Russia is that by freeing itself from one kind of vampires it becomes prey to an other. An excellent expose of this curious fenomenon is disccused in Manfred Sapper’s “Diffuse militancy in Russia: a legacy of militarized socialism?”

    “Militarization of society and culture have been a key characteristic of the Soviet era. Deeply rooted in the Civil war period, militarism got reinforced and consolidated with the Great Patriotic War, which largely succeeded in legitimising military values and creating consensus on their importance both in society and in State institutions. Perestroika and the fall of the Soviet Union are a testimony to the consensus’ crisis, with the Afghan war as a main element of the de-legitimacy of militarism. Thus, the 1990s are an attempt for society and statehood to bypass militarism; but institutional change does not mean the end of it. Post-Soviet period is characterized by a double and contradictory evolution : on one hand, an increasing rejection of the military ; on the other hand, a widespread use of (military) violence, on a daily basis as well as on a large scale.”

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