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The Russia Hacking Fiasco: No Evidence Required
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There’s no proof that Russia hacked the US elections.

There’s no proof that Russian officials or Russian agents colluded with members of the Trump campaign.

There’s no proof that Russia provided material support of any kind for the Trump campaign or that Russian agents hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails or that Russian officials provided Wikileaks with emails that were intended to sabotage Hillary’s chances to win the election.

So far, no one in any of the 17 US intelligence agencies has stepped forward and verified the claims of Russian meddling or produced a scintilla of hard evidence that Russia was in anyway involved in the 2016 elections.

No proof means no proof. It means that the people and organizations that are making these uncorroborated claims have no basis for legal action, no presumption of wrongdoing, and no grounds for prosecution. They have nothing. Zilch. Their claims, charges and accusations are like the soap bubbles we give to our children and grandchildren. The brightly-colored bubbles wobble across the sky for a minute or two and then, Poof, they vanish into the ether. The claims of Russia hacking are like these bubbles. They are empty, unsubstantiated rumors completely devoid of substance. Poof.

It has been eight months since the inception of this unprecedentedly-pathetic and infinitely-irritating propaganda campaign, and in those eight months neither the media nor the politicos nor the Intel agents who claim to be certain that Russia meddled in US elections, have produced anything that even remotely resembles evidence. Instead, they have trotted out the same lie over and over again ad nauseam from every newspaper, every tabloid and every televised news program in the country. Over and over and over again. The media’s persistence is nearly as impressive as its cynicism, which is the one quality that they seem to have mastered. The coverage has been relentless, ubiquitous, pernicious and mendacious. The only problem is that there’s not a grain of truth to any of it. It is all 100 percent, unalloyed baloney.

So it doesn’t matter how many Democratic senators and congressmen disgrace themselves by lighting their hair on fire and howling about “evil Putin” or the imaginary “threats to our precious democracy”. Nor does it matter how many hyperbolic articles appear in media alleging sinister activities and espionage by diabolical Moscow Central. It doesn’t matter because there is have absolutely zero solid evidence to support their ludicrous and entirely politically-motivated claims.

Whether Russia was involved in the US elections or not, is a matter of pure speculation. But speculation is not sufficient grounds for appointing a special prosecutor, nor are the lies and misinformation that appear daily in our leading newspapers, like the dissembling New York Times, the dissembling Washington Post and the dissembling Wall Street Journal. The call for a special prosecutor is not based on evidence, it is based on politics, the politics of personal destruction. The Democrats and the media want this tool so they can rummage through whatever private information or paperwork anyone in the Trump administration might possess. So while they might not dig up anything relevant to the Russia hacking investigation, they will certainly gather enough sordid or suspicious information to annihilate the people in their crosshairs. And that’s precisely what the special prosecutor provision is designed to do; it provides the administration’s rivals with the weapons they need to conduct a massive fishing expedition aimed at character assassination and, ultimately, impeachment.

But, why?

Because Donald Trump had the audacity to win an election that was earmarked for establishment favorite and globalist warmonger-in-chief, Hillary Clinton. That’s what this witch hunt is all about, sour grapes.

But why has Russia been chosen as the target in this deep state-media scam? What has Russia done to deserve all the negative press and unsupported claims of criminal meddling?

That’s easy. Just look at a map. For the last 16 years, the US has been rampaging across North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Washington intends to control critical oil and natural gas reserves in the ME, establish military bases across Central Asia, and remain the dominant player in an area of that is set to become the most populous and prosperous region of the world. It’s the Great Game all over again, only this time-around, Uncle Sam is in the drivers seat not the Queen of England.

But one country has upset that plan, blocked that plan, derailed that plan.


Russia has stopped Washington’s murderous marauding and genocidal depredations in Ukraine and Syria, which is why the US foreign policy establishment is so pissed-off. US elites aren’t used to obstacles.

For the last quarter of a century– since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union– the world has been Washington’s oyster. If the president of the United States wanted to invade a country in the Middle East, kill a million people, and leave the place in a smoldering pile of rubble, then who could stop him?

Nobody. But now that’s all changed. Now evil Putin has thrown up a roadblock to US hegemony in Syria and Ukraine. Now Washington’s landbridge to Central Asia has been split in two, and its plan to control vital pipeline corridors from Qatar to the EU is no longer viable. Russia has stopped Washington dead-in-its tracks and Washington is furious.

The anti-Russia hysteria in the western media is equal to the pain the US foreign policy establishment is currently experiencing. And the reason the foreign policy establishment is in so much pain, is because they are not getting their way. It’s that simple. Their global strategy is in a shambles because Russia will not let them topple the Syrian government, install their own puppet regime, redraw the map of the Middle East, run roughshod over international law, and tighten their grip on another battered war-torn part of the world.

So now Russia must pay. Putin must be demonized and derided. The American people must be taught to hate Russia and all-things Russian. And, most of all, Russia must be blamed for anything and everything under the sun, including the firing of police-state Reichsführer, James Comey, who– at various times in his career– “approved or defended some of the worst abuses of the Bush administration….including torture, warrantless wiretapping, and indefinite detention.” (ACLU)

This is the ethically-challenged scalawag the Democrats are now defending tooth in nail.

It’s pathetic.

Russia has become the all-purpose punching bag because Washington’s plans for global domination have gone up in smoke.

The truth is, Putin’s done us all a big favor.

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at [email protected].

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Russia has become the all-purpose punching bag because Washington’s plans for global domination have gone up in smoke.

    Very true, but do not forget a powerful racial element in D.C. “establishment’s” attitudes towards Russians. Recall “lump of dung wrapped in a cabbage leaf hidden in an outhouse,” is how the Ottawa Citizen columnist, John Robson described Russia in 2001. Obviously by now the piece is long gone from any web-resources but Robson is still around and so are attitudes.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  2. The people pushing this lie are the scum of the earth. War mongers!

  3. Wally says: • Website

    Let it be known that Anatoly Karlin banned myself and another at:

    For questioning to the content of HIS post.
    Aren’t on topic responses to posts what this site is all about?

    Zionist Karlin clearly knows his religion cannot withstand scrutiny.

    Why does allow such anti free speech shysters?

    Don’t agree with Anatoly Karlin? You will be banned.

    Only liars want censorship?

  4. Last week even long-time centrist democratic party hack Diane Feinstein admitted there was nothing to the Russian accusations under discussion. Their falsehood is directly proven by the fact we have a likely source for the DNC emails leaked to wikileaks, Seth Rich, the DNC operative murdered mysteriously in July and indicated by wikileaks chairman Julian Assange, who has a reputation for honour and integrity, as having been the source of the leaks.

    The later Podesta email leak was shown to be based on a phishing scam. The whole Russian thing is absurd because, prior to November 8, the received view was that the Harpy was a shoe-in and, for that reason, the Russians would be playing yankee roulette if they could be proven to have attempted to influence the election. The suggestion that the Russian security agencies, like the yankee ones, know everything, is immaterial because if the Russians would have disclosed anything, they would have likely disclosed everything, not merely two obviously leaked troves of documentation. I am sure they could have released far more damaging material if they had chosen to release it.

    We must remember that this manufactured outrage is based on the sacking of Comey, who is the same guy the democrats were demanding should be fired on October 28 of last year after his 180 degree turn on that date based on the new Weiner allegations to cover his ass for his earlier extralegal announcement announcing why the harpy should not be prosecuted for her private email server on July 5 of 2016 (securing the harpy the nomination). This shows the cynicism of the entire operation.

    The democratic party has degenerated into militarist Orwellian McCarthyism of the most dangerous type in this manufactured controversy. Hopefully, if a new oberReichsfuehrer FBI can be named, the investigations of the Clinton email corruption scandal can go forward, since the real issue was not violations of national security laws which would be considered unconstitutional if the courts were serious about constitutional law, but the fact she created the private server to mask the fact she was using her secretary of state position to obtain major funding for her private foundation. The final word on the controversy is that Comey definitely had it coming. He can go back to making millions for HSBC or he can go to work for Assange, who has pointed out that Comey likely knows where all of the skeletons in the yankee closet are located, though I suspect Assange gives Comey more credit for intelligence and competency than the facts warrant.

  5. MarkinLA says:

    The real purpose is to keep the witch hunt going in the hopes that the unthinking millennials will be riled up enough to stop looking at their IPhones and vote.

    Does anybody remember the McMartin witch hunt. Even though there was absolutely no evidence of anything and all the claims by the so-called experts could be taken apart in 5 minutes, it went on for years. I knew intelligent people who actually believed these ridiculous, impossible to be true stories simply because “Kids wouldn’t lie about stuff like that”.

    The longer this goes on the more people will start to believe that “It must be true”. That is the real goal of keeping it going. The people in Washington know it is all BS.

    The NSA has every phone call between every Trump aquaintance and any Russian. They have everybody’s travel records and every travel record of any Russian of significance in the country. This could have been wrapped up in 2 months max if getting to the bottom of it was the real goal.

    It probably is like Mark Levin said – an attempt by the security agencies to hide the fact that they were willing accomplices in surveiling the Trump campaign by changing the direction of any investigation.

  6. nebulafox says:

    If the DNC line is to be taken at face value, it still says a lot about how much you suck as a politician if the Kremlin knows to campaign in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and you don’t, you know? #SandersOrBidenWouldHaveWon

    I personally have absolutely no trouble that the SVR and Company were up to their usual intelligence tricks last year-it would be pretty weird if they weren’t, given Russo-US relations at the moment and Putin’s own feelings on the election. I also don’t have much trouble believing that Trump’s shady underground connections extend to the Russian Mafia in NYC-and for context, the distinguishing line between the Russian government and the Russian Mafia is somewhat gray. But that being said, there’s a WORLD of difference between that and saying the Russians “rigged” the election result. Intelligence services can exacerbate political conditions: they cannot create them. (This works the other way around, too: America supported, say, the Saigon 1962 and Chile 1973 coups. But DC didn’t *engineer* them, nor was America a critical factor in a lot of ways. This wasn’t the case all the time-Guatemala 1954-but people tend to overestimate how much DC and Moscow puppeteered the Cold War.)

    Unless Moscow magically managed to create millions of alienated Rust Belt voters out of thin air, bow could they have? And if they had that kind of power, wouldn’t they have done it enough to give Trump a popular victory, too? It’s just pathetic that the DNC can’t accept that they tried to force such a truly terrible candidate through-when they had plenty of other options-that they ended up humiliatingly losing to a former reality TV star. And nobody forced Hillary to be such a corrupt POS in the first place that Wikileaks could exploit that.

  7. nebulafox says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    I don’t think it is so much racial (well, I do, but in a different way) so much as for our bien-pensant elite, Putin’s Russia represents something out of their nightmares. That he’s the 180 degree opposite of Obama in just about every personal metric you can imagine sums up why-and why, on a different note, they deeply loved Obama as their ideal stand-in for a 21st Century American citizen. It’s no coincidence that the types of people who would have been sympathetic to the USSR in certain phases of its existence are the ones leading the charge against Putin now, and that formerly violently anti-Bolshevik paleocons (Pat Buchanan) are prominent among Putin’s defender.

    It is very telling that despite the fact that Moscow’s anti-LGBT laws are quite tame compared to those in Africa and the Islamic World, Putin’s treatment of Russian gays has gotten him in a lot more trouble than his major corruption or shady ties to the Russian criminal underground or Chechnya. (Here’s where the racial element comes in.) They expect and demand that Russians act like Western Europeans, and stamp their feat when they don’t. At a certain level-though you’ll never get the trans-Atlantic elite to fess up to it-they either expect Muslims or Asians to be somewhat “behind” white norms, or actively praise them and view them as superior to the Great Unwashed in their own countries due to their own narcissism and virtue signalling. But Russians are white, complete with open, aggressive cultural Orthodox Christianity. So…

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  8. @Wally

    Zionist Karlin clearly knows his religion cannot withstand scrutiny.

    Anatoly has Dagestani (Avar, whatever) blood in him, apart from being Russian. I don’t think he is Zionist. BTW, why would you come to this board? I never encountered Caucasus people related to the religion you imply. Never, and I was born there. Do you have any comment on Mike’s excellent piece?

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @RobinG
  9. Sparkon says:

    There is no proof, nor even a realistic suggestion of how the Russians would be able to hack (sic) an American election. Hacking takes place over the internet, but elections are not held on the internet.

    The only way to rig an election in the USA is to have access to the voting machines, and/or paper ballots. Those with such access would be Americans, not Russians.

    • Replies: @Logan
    , @MarkinLA
    , @animalogic
  10. Wally says: • Website
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Thanks for your response.

    I posted here because I felt outraged that after responding to Karlin’s own article, for which I received numerous responses, I was censored, and then banned. Banned for what?
    For taking his own words and providing a counter narrative, that’s why.
    Others should know about the underhanded tactics of Anatoly Karlin.

    Nothing I said was off topic to his OP, he just didn’t like the fact that I debunked his claims and those by others so easily.
    Hence I was banned in the way that Zionists ban those who dare to confront them on their nonsense.

    Yes, I will respond to Whitney, as I usually do to his articles.

    Thanks again for indulging me.

    • Replies: @nsa
  11. Jews and homos fear Russian nationalism as a model for other nations. Since US is the world hegemon, if the US goes nationalist, it will be a threat to globalism.

    So, by casting Russia as the Evil Bogeyman, the media seek to undermine any easing of ties between US and Russia.

    If media spreads the hysteria, “Russia is evil, Russia hacked US elections, Russia is a threat”, then any friendly gesture on the part of Trump’s administration toward Russia can be denounced as Treason.

    This hysteria is to sabotage any improvement between the US and Russia. The Jewish-controlled Media are trying to prevent the end of the ‘new cold war’.

    It’s a variation on the trick that the Republicans used to play on Democrats. Even when anti-communist Democrats sought improved ties with the Soviet Union, the Republicans called them ‘traitors’ and communist sympathizers’.

    Today, the ideological war no longer exists… except in hysteria over Russia not allowing massive homo parades. What Jews hate most about Russia is that it has been resistant to Jewish supremacism and its proxy, homomania. It doesn’t matter that Jews are well-off in Russia and that many Jews are fabulously rich. Jews are addicted to supremacism. The fact that Russia prevented Jewish supremacism has made Jews very angry.

    Jews fear the Russian model spreading in the EU and US. If not for the Cold War, Eastern European nations might have good ties with Russia, but memory of Soviet Occupation made liberated Eastern European nations side with the US. Russian model doesn’t mean other nations should be like Russia itself. It means, like Russia, they should guard and promote their own national sovereignty.

    As the US and EU increasingly become globalist and perverse, even Eastern European nations are beginning to have second thoughts. They don’t agree with US-EU policy of open borders and cult of diversity.
    For the time being, Eastern Europeans still hate Russia because of the memory of Soviet Domination. But Russia is no longer its old imperialist self, and if Eastern Europeans were to forgive and forget, Eastern Europe and Russia could have good relations, especially as Russia is far more respectful of national sovereignty of Eastern European nations than the EU is.

  12. RobinG says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Maybe you can answer a question, what is the title of a Russian film set in the Caucasus? I saw it in the 90’s with the English title “Let’s Part While We’re Still Friends” which bears no resemblance to the Russian title.

    The hero is “Bagrat.” In the opening scene he’s victorious in a game on horseback, played at a village festival. He’s somewhat resented in his village for being annoyingly good (pious, conscientious, hard working) and he’s gradually betrayed by all his friends. After he kills a Cossack to prevent the assault of his fiancée, he and she flee to the high mountains. I don’t remember the exact ending, but the point is, you might as well not get too close to anyone because they all betray you when the going gets tough.

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
  13. @nebulafox

    It is very telling that despite the fact that Moscow’s anti-LGBT laws are quite tame compared to those in Africa and the Islamic World, Putin’s treatment of Russian gays has gotten him in a lot more trouble than his major corruption

    No kidding. Looking at the Western (Ok, ok, AMERICAN) landscape, he sees what a tyrannical and hostile and nasty group the gay lobby has become, not to mention all the advances of the greater depravity of gender-bending. The U.S. has become a filthy society within and hostile to all who resist without. Putin simply isn’t going to allow the filth and stench and decay of the creepier and depraved elements of American society to infect his own societies as long as HE has a say.

    Further, Russia should have been accorded, once the mantle of Communism was shed, the same or greater respect and support Israel received if we’re going to count and credit the dead of Hitler’s war. We would have had reliable allies in this make-believe war on terror that touches Russia far more than the U.S. or even Israel itself, both of whose brutality far exceeds Russia when it comes to Muslim body-count. This hatred for Russia also is foolish.

    When we tangle for real with all the chips on the table, the miserable, greedy and corrupt American Generals and Admirals, losing wars at great expense for 60 years now, are going to get their asses kicked, a lot of kids killed and ships sunk. If their evil dreams are realized, they’d love to get us into a trading of nuclear responses with a country that finally shed its Communism like we wanted, yet is still the object of war and hatred. The U.S. is insane anymore. I had hopes for Russia when Trump came in, but the Generals and Admirals and defense contractors are driving the bus. Too bad they’re allowed to profit from their weapons. God damn them their destruction and profit committed and gathered in all our names, to all our detriment.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
    , @lucidian
  14. Logan says:

    Not a particular fan of Russia or Putin.

    But of all the oppressive governments in the world, Russia is pretty far down the list.

    It’s just odd that our masters in the media have chosen Russia to be our national bete noire.

  15. Logan says:

    The US would be probably the most difficult nation on earth to hack an election in.

    That’s because our voting, like our school systems and law enforcement, is radically decentralized.

    In most nations, there is a central point where the counting of votes is done. Hack that and you’ve got control of the results.

    Here, the voting is done by state, and often indeed by county. You’d have to hack thousands of individual locations to control the election. Those locations are generally controlled by local volunteers, most of whom would not be amenable to going along with any such attempt.

    It would be interesting to have a computer expert discuss how one would go about hacking a national US election and what would be needed for such an attempt to succeed.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  16. Sparkon says:

    You’d have to hack thousands of individual locations to control the election.

    No, not really. To rig an election, you’d need only to control the final tally of votes.

    “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”
    — Joseph Stalin

    There are various “voting machines” in use throughout the United States. None of these are connected to the internet, but it is conceivable that these systems might be connected to some private network. In any event, according to CBS News:

    Roughly 70 percent of states in the U.S. use some form of electronic voting. Hackers told CBS News that problems with electronic voting machines have been around for years. The machines and the software are old and antiquated.

    The general rule is GIGO. Any “computer expert” will tell you that it is not difficult to get any desired result from any computer.

    Here I will mention again the 1952 U.S. presidential election, where the polls had predicted a victory by Adlai Stevenson over Dwight D. Eisenhower. This election was the first with televised election results, and for the occasion, CBS rolled in the awesome UNIVAC computer to predict the outcome.

    The UNIVAC had 1K of sequential access internal memory, but it was connected to the first magnetic tape drive systems. Although somewhat breathtaking for its day, by modern standards, the UNIVAC is a laughble POS. Nevertheless, as the story goes, in defiance of the polls, UNIVAC correctly predicted a landslide victory for Ike.

    Well, as it turns out, UNIVAC with is mercury delay line memory was far too cumbersome to move into the CBS broadcast studio, and so a mock-up of a control console was set-up, complete with blinking lights, which are no more difficult to control than are computers. Computers, blinking lights…what more do you need to impress the rubes?

    So while UNIVAC was not directly physically connected in any way to the election, its prediction did help legitimize the completely unexpected landslide victory for Ike.


    Mr. Trump himself is reported to have said while campaigning that it was possible that the election might be rigged.

    If the 2017 U.S. presidential election was rigged, Russia would not be among those parties with the means and opportunity to do it.

  17. nebulafox says:
    @Jim Christian

    Putin needs to be treated with caution, but to treat his Russia as an equivalent threat to the USSR is foolish. The USSR was an explicitly expansionist power that could only be contained by NATO force for decades. Putin’s Russia, while potentially aggressive and definitely ideological, is not interested in conquering the world and spreading revolution. Putin’s ideology itself is far too narrowly Russian to assemble a trans-national force in the long run, and that’s why his dreams of being the harbringer of global conservatism are bound to fall short.

    Note that tactless Russian behavior got them booted from Iran’s air base last year-things like that. I can only imagine what would happen if he tried similar behavior with a China that is very clearly now the more powerful nation, unlike in the 1950s. Putin’s trying to assemble nationalists-that requires a far more skillful hand than manipulating Communists abroad.

    My own opinions are these, regarding Russia:

    1) Europe: must be deterred regarding the Baltic States and Poland, and we must realize that Russian intelligence is exacerbating the problems caused by Merkel’s 2015 folly. The Kremlin is doing everything they can to fund groups-most notably the far-right-that support NATO. That’s why ending the Syrian war is crucial: we need to stop the bleeding first before things can better.

    With that being said, we’re never going to go to war with Russia over Ukraine, and we need to stop pretending that we will. To the Muscovite mind, the Crimea is Russian land, and if we must be blunt, historically, they are right. If sanctions didn’t work with Cuba, they are not going to work with a Russia that is largely self-sufficient and relatively globally unconnected.

    2) Cyber-realm/intelligence war: unambiguous enemy. Even if things get better with Putin down the line, this will not change, given that his regime is the first in history to be dominated by intelligence (and they are not any old intelligence services, but *Russian* intelligence) to this degree. We are the main enemy for Russian intelligence activities. Unlike us, Moscow actually paid attention to Desert Storm and realized that the future conflicts in the 21st Century would be of a different nature.

    3) Middle East: they are a rival in the Great Game sense, but not necessarily an enemy. The media is lying: we don’t have an interest in Assad being gone, Saudi Arabia does, and the best thing we can do in Syria is nothing. We both have an interest in keeping Islamism down and keeping stability up, so let’s start from there in building ties. The fact that Russia’s relationship with Israel is increasingly warm, and Putin something of a Likud sympathizer, removes one of the big irritants of the Cold War days and can potentially help solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done about Egypt and Israel’s new relationships with the Kremlin in the short term, but my guess is that Moscow will predictably overextend itself in the long-run. Down the line, Russia and Iran will have conflict interests, and that’s something to exploit. I should really talk more about this, but I am breaking a promise in doing political posts, so I’m leaving after this.

    4) East Asia: they will be ABSOLUTELY indispensable for offsetting China down the line, and among Obama’s worst sins in office was pushing Moscow and Beijing closer together than they have been since the 1950s.

    5) Russia itself: what Putin does at home is his own business, and there are far scarier people who could rule Russia. Adopting those simple tenets and stopping State Department nonsense in human rights will remove a massive irritant in our relations. Let Russians run Russia.

  18. nebulafox says:

    *subvert, not support

    I apologize for typos.

  19. Jason Liu says:

    The Democrats are just flailing and grasping at straws because it’s the only thing they can do right now. Some of them probably know that the hacking story is a dead end, but choose to wield it as a weapon and possible path to impeachment.

    Keep in mind that leftists care much more about domestic enemies than foreign enemies, which makes this sham even more obvious.

    • Replies: @Art
  20. nsa says:

    Hey Wally, This site is more or less uncensored……and quite open to unorthodox opinion. Humble nsa has posted anti-izzy and jooie-baiting comments here numerous times and only had one censored……about a guy with severe FDS (frozen dick syndrome) who was cured by a doc who told him to stop banging jooie chicks. If you want to see real censorship, go over to TAC and try to post anything fingering the izzies or jooies or jc cultists……you get censored and banned immediately. Having a go at the muzzies though is OK over at TAC…..wonder why?

  21. @RobinG

    Расстанемся пока хорошие (Rasstanemsya – poka khoroshie) also known in English as Let’s Part While We’re Alright . It was directed by Vladimir Motyl.

    The movie is online at


    • Replies: @RobinG
  22. Renoman says:

    It’s all neocon crap. What has Russia ever done to the USA? NOTHING! What could Russia do? NOTHING! Talk about a teenie tiny boogie man and it’s not like the USA never hacked into Russia’s business [all the time], it’s what spies do for crying out loud. The Democrats and the MSM are like a band of crying toddlers just going on for the sake of going on. Very tiresome.

  23. It’s almost as if we are watching a re-make of 1987’s ‘No Way Out’ with the lead character played by Costner is Donald Trump. The criminal elite want us to believe that despite all signs that there is no evidence that Trump is the spy, Yuri, we have to trust them that he actually is Yuri.

  24. MarkinLA says:

    They all admit that the voting was not tampered with. They are trying to imply that there was a massive Russian disinformation campaign that caused a lot of Americans to look at Hillary unfavorably and either not vote for her and stay home, change their vote from her for Trump, or come out and vote for Trump when they were not going to vote for anybody.

    The initial “intelligence report” was making reference to Russian trolls and as the basis for all of that. They want you to believe that you saw an old video on and completely changed your mind or that when commenting on some web site a Russian troll gave you the Russian “disinformation” and you believed it without questioning it.

    It is ridiculous on it’s face but the Democrats want you to believe this is what happened.

    • Replies: @anon
  25. @Logan

    You’d have to hack thousands of individual locations to control the election.

    I’m not sure this argument is correct. It seems to me that to change the outcome of a presidential election in the U.S., you only need affect one or two “Swing States” in a typical election. This is because of the Electoral College system.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  26. @nebulafox

    Who’d you promise about political posts? Carry on, I say, good takes. Maybe Russia isn’t what it once was, but her forces are composed so much more efficiently, to my eye. Unless we’ve developed solid defenses we haven’t heard of yet against shit-hot SAMs and swarms of cruise missiles, I don’t see the benefit of 11 carrier decks and all the escorts and squadrons of aircraft. In a cruise missile environment, carriers are can’t-miss. Bad enough when we had a crash. A couple of missile-strikes would ruin their whole day out there.

    We have a Navy composed of expensive surface targets, I’d sooner we did subs and missiles and call it a day. Russia dicks around with a carrier, but they know that’s not the future.

    The rest, good takes. An article within an article, Nebu.

  27. @Wally

    Let it be known that Anatoly Karlin banned myself and another

    Well, I’ve got you beat. Karlin already banned me a couple of months ago.

    It was quite a funny thing. He claimed that he was banning me due to my “incessant” trolling. I looked back and I had written something like 5 comments under his blog in the preceding twelve months! That was the “incessant” trolling.

    Well, obviously, he banned me because he was in a completely untenable position. I was about to shove my foot straight up his ass in the debate.

    Why does allow such anti free speech shysters?

    Well, the thing about these sorts of fraudulent people is that they present themselves as intellectual dissidents or rebels or whatever, but then, they feel the need to write these sorts of “virtue signaling” articles to show their ideological reliability on any key topic. So whether its 9/11 or the other synthetic terrorist incidents, or the Holocaust narrative, they make this big show of denouncing the heretics.

    So, similarly, you have Fred Reed writing that horrendous hit piece “Legion of the Tin Foil Hat” or whatever. You have all these people saying that Fred should be cut slack on that, but I cannot, for the life of me, see why.

    I can’t take such people seriously because they want to pose as rebels but then, on the really key subjects, you see them there signaling their ideological reliability to their Zionist masters. I agree with you that these people are complete shysters and I agree that Ron Unz has a blind spot in terms of putting up with their dishonest bullshit. Well, he must be aware of some of the problem, but I guess he sees net value in it. I certainly don’t. I don’t see any value in having these sorts of ersatz dissidents around who make a point of “virtue signaling” their ideological reliability on any question they perceive as risky. Who needs these mealy mouthed cowards around? If I want to read such crap, I have the entire MSM, no?

    All that said, this site still has quite a bit of value. At least, there’s nothing unambiguously better out there, but to me, the site would be a lot better if there was a major purge of all the various phonies and shit eaters.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  28. RobinG says:

    Yes! Super Огромное спасибо!

    Maybe I’ll push my luck….

    Around the same time I saw another Russian film, can’t even remember the English title. It was about a guy, some sort of fugitive, in a desert type area, although for a while he was beside a lake or sea (“What, caviar again?” he lamented.) In another scene he donned a burka and joined some women to sneak past a checkpoint. One of the women expressed sympathy for his (only one) wife …. because it would be so much work for her all alone.

    A comedy, but a little dark. I think he finally got back to his wife.

    In a talk with the director, he said the area they had chosen was normally barren, but that year it produced lush growth – and so they went out and cleared it so they could film!

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
    , @Analyst
  29. MarkinLA says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Except that each state has an independent voting system and within each state there are individual voting precincts. All the votes just don’t go to one central state place to be tabulated. They are tabulated at each precinct and the results sent to the state offices.

    You would have to attack each precinct in a state to change the outcome of the state or possibly expose yourself by massively stuffing the ballot box of a few precincts.

    Lets say you want to guarantee a win in Wisconsin and decided to get Trump 150,000 extra votes. How do you do it? Do you attack 15 precincts and give each one 10,000 more such that there might be more votes than registered voters or do you attack 150 precincts and give them 1000 extra votes?

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  30. Sparkon says:

    Apparently you didn’t get the part about the voting machines.

    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — The strange case of an election tally that appears to have popped up on the Internet hours before polls closed is casting new doubts about the trustworthiness of electronic voting machines.

    During San Luis Obispo County’s March 2002 primary, absentee vote tallies were apparently sent to an Internet site operated by Diebold Election Systems, the maker of the voting machines used in the election.

    At least that’s what timestamps on digital records showed.

    County election officials say the unexplained gaffe probably didn’t influence the vote, and Diebold executives — who only recently acknowledged the lapse — say voters should have confidence in the election process.

    But computer programmers say the incident is further evidence that electronic voting technology could allow a politically connected computer hacker,,,

    In the 1960 presidential election, there were widespread allegations about vote fraud, especially in Chicago.

    Was Tricky Dick in Dallas when JFK was killed? Why did he claim to have departed the city before the assassination?×4867875


    For light entertainment, here’s a few results from various arguments on the G search engine:

    Russians hacked election – 29.5 million hits
    Russians hacked erection – 343 million
    Russian paid trolls – 503, 000
    Russian paid election trolls – 1.51 million
    Russian paid erection trolls – 85 million
    Russian erections – 59.5 million
    American erections – 637,000
    1960 election fraud – 553,000
    1952 election fraud – 253,000

    AFAIK, nobody but yours truly is suspicious of the ’52 result. Recall, polls said Stevenson would win, but Ike got a landslide victory. How did that work?

    Anyway, Influencing an election is not “hacking,” despite what the media would have us believe. For many of us with a computer background, hacking is a fairly precise word.

    And this:

    If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it,

    This quotation is usually attributed to Mark Twain, but there is no record of him saying or writing it. Whether or not that makes it more or less true, I’ll leave to the reader’s judgment.

    So too with the familiar quote from Stalin I gave above in my #17. No record of him saying it. Stalin’s native tongue was Georgian, which apparently gave his Russian a thick accent. According to FDR, Stalin understood English.

    I’ll close by repeating those reassuring words from Diebold:

    Voters should have confidence in the election process


    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    I stopped reading Fred Reed’s articles ever since the one you mentioned. Maybe i should do the same with Karlin.

    I agree with the rest of your post 100%, except i might suggest ron unz is justified in keeping on these authors just so that readers know what a shill looks like!

  32. lucidian says:
    @Jim Christian

    I’m in full agreement with you. I regard Putin as one of the few rational leaders in the world. I am deeply ashamed of the body count amassed by my country. I am embarrassed by the anti-Russian hysteria. It is all so sick. I have hoped Trump would bring sobriety to American foreign policy. Perhaps he will yet. But the war machine is very strong. I hate it.

  33. @Sparkon

    This whole Russia raped our democracy business is fascinating in the the sense that it so perfectly represents the moral truth of the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

  34. Notice that no leftist has offered a clear definition of what ‘hacking the elections’ means.

    They won’t ever give up this conspiracy theory, they’ll keep digging forever in order to come up with as many vague innuendos and telepathically-derived motives as they can possibly frankenstein together.

    It just proves once again that leftists are dumber than chimps; they’ll keep pissing on an electric fence over and over again while expecting a different result.

  35. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Investigating the RT?

    We managed to allow the Daily Worker to publish back in the old anti commie era. And they had their presidential candidate, Gus Hall.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  36. anon • Disclaimer says:

    I want one shred of proof that Russia DIDN’T contaminate our electoral process.

    Just prove they didn’t.

    Dare you.

    Cause. If they DIDN’T, there would be proof. A lot of proof.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Alden
  37. Excellent article. Enjoyed a lot. Now as time permits will be reading comments.

  38. @nebulafox

    I wonder, isn’t USA explicitly expansionist power in other countries backyards to be deterred? I also wonder, do you enjoy shadow boxing?

  39. @RobinG

    Beloe Solnce Pystini.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  40. Andevro says:

    Thank you Mr. Whitney for another thoughtful article. It is mindboggling to me, a math teacher all my life, how poorly the wider audience understands the concept of “proof”. Such a sad state. We have all become a bunch of in numerates at our, and our country’s peril. The MM are just plain useless…God help us all.

  41. MarkinLA says:

    I am aware of all the past claims of voting machine vulnerability. However, nobody, not even the Democrats is claiming the voting was tampered with. They can’t because they have spent decades trying to make sure voting fraud is available when they need it by claiming it doesn’t exist.

    You are right that influencing the election is not hacking. However, this is a witch hunt and the word hacking has an ominous meaning verses influencing, that is why it is being used. If the election was hacked it is illegitimate. If people were influenced by something they read then at most they were fooled by fake news just different fake news than the government or MSM puts out.

    Getting hits on Google doesn’t mean anything other than what people are searching for. Of course they are latching on to the whole hacking nonsense. They can’t let go of the idea that Hillary was cheated and will grasp at any straw that validates their worldview.

  42. MarkinLA says:

    When the initial claims were starting to lose steam because there was no evidence there was a “declassified” report from the government about the Russian “hacking”. It contained no specific evidence of any attempt to change the voting totals. It was such a worthless POS that contained references to old RT,com videos from 2012 as proof of the Russian disinformation campaign.

    Nobody but the people who desperately wanted to cling to the “Hillary was cheated” did anything but laugh at it. The government used the usual “We have more but it would compromise our methods” shtick if we published that to leave it at the farce that report was.

  43. MarkinLA says:

    I see you have learned HOW to ask the questions correctly in a witch hunt. You should work for the government.

  44. Agent76 says:

    14.05.2017 International Cyber Attack: Roots Traced to US National Security Agency

    Over 45,000 ransomware attacks have been tracked in large-scale attacks across Europe and Asia — particularly Russia and China — as well as attacks in the US and South America. There are reports of infections in 99 countries. A string of ransomware attacks appears to have started in the United Kingdom, Spain and the rest of Europe, before striking Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines on May 12.

  45. Agent76 says:

    Jan 2, 2017 BOOM! CNN Caught Using Video Game Image In Fake Russian Hacking Story

    It looks like CNN Has tried to pull the wool over our eyes once again. This time, they used a screenshot from the Fallout 4 Video game to paint the picture of Russian Hacking. To bad that’s not what a real hacking screen looks like. And an image you will only find in the video game!

  46. I could tell you the real reason the USG hates the Russians, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with oil.

  47. Anonymous [AKA "Who-me"] says:

    All this supposed talk of Russia influencing the US presidential election. And not a peep about Israel and AIPAC’s definite and blatant influencing of US elections for the last fifty years.

  48. Anonymous [AKA "Jimduzie"] says: • Website

    You are one of the few if any I have heard or read that touched on all the main points of this surealistic meta-orwellian farce. Great post.

  49. We just heard that NSA hacking caused world wide damage.
    Even Microsoft accuses NSA.
    An investigation of the illegal NSA activities seems far more appropriate than investigating vague allegations against Russia.

    • Replies: @Agent76
  50. Zogby says:

    When Obama took Putin on, he wasn’t expecting to lose.

  51. Rurik says: • Website

    great article!

    Russia has stopped Washington’s murderous marauding and genocidal depredations in Ukraine and Syria, which is why the US foreign policy establishment is so pissed-off. US elites aren’t used to obstacles.

    For the last quarter of a century– since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union– the world has been Washington’s oyster. If the president of the United States wanted to invade a country in the Middle East, kill a million people, and leave the place in a smoldering pile of rubble, then who could stop him?

    Nobody. But now that’s all changed.

    the way I see the human animal, is he is far more like his more distant relative the baboon, than his closer relatives the great apes. Once an alpha male baboon has asserted his dominance over the troop, he assiduously surveils the troop for any signs of infidelity. He must have total domination of all in his purview. It is a genetic territorial imperative of these baboons.

    How different are we humans? Look at how the Egyptian pharaohs had to control the entire known world of the time, or what Rome did to Carthage. No competitors to total domination can be tolerated. That’s why Sparta was crushed. That’s why kings and queens and the monarchs of Europe fought so many wars. That’s why places like Darfur are soaked in blood. That’s why England could not tolerate an ascendant Germany, and the world had the horrors of the 20th century.

    Today Rothschild is the global alpha baboon, and he simply can not abide a rival. It’s deep in the human genome- this imperative to dominate all. We don’t all have it, and luckily most of us are happy to live and let live. But we will not be left in peace because of the psychopathic need of these power-crazed baboon-like men to dominate everything and everyone on the planet, and that includes all of us. So, there has to be resistance, or we’re staring Orwell’s nightmare right in the rat cage.

    Now evil Putin has thrown up a roadblock to US hegemony in Syria and Ukraine. Now Washington’s landbridge to Central Asia has been split in two, and its plan to control vital pipeline corridors from Qatar to the EU is no longer viable.

    my only complaints with Mr. Whitney otherwise superlative articles, is his curious myopia when it comes to Israel / Zionism.

    From where I’m sitting, the West/Rothschild couldn’t give a fuck about the Neo-Nazis in Kyiv, except only insofar as they can be used to punish Putin. And the ONLY reason they’re being funded and armed is to punish Putin for thwarting their (Rothschild’s Zio) agenda in Syria.

    This hatred and saber rattling at Russia isn’t, in its essence, over a pipeline or trade deals or even a Central Asian land bridge. No. It’s all about Zionist hegemony in the Middle East, and all the rest is chafe. Sure, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Big Oil and other beta hyenas are barring their fangs and hoping to feed on the carcass once Rothschild’s had his alpha dog share, but they’re not the motivating factors in the demonization of Putin and the serial wars.

    Israel has to see Syria fall or it’s game over. Putin will have checked the Rothschild alpha baboon, and once that happens, it’s all down hill from there. You’re either ascendant, or waning- in the realm of the human baboon.

    you can not reason with this

    anymore than you can reason with this

    they are both motivated by the exact same imperative and logic and reason has nothing to do with it 😉

    • Agree: Sergey Krieger
  52. Agent76 says:

    What ever happens you never saw this! Aug 4, 2016 DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge: Competition Framework Team

    Astrophysicist and Cyber Grand Challenge Host Hakeem Oluseyi talks to the CGC’s Competition Framework Team about their role in designing the space in which the CGC is executed and scored. They also discuss the impact the CGC is expected to have, speeding the development of automated cybersecurity.

  53. annamaria says:

    “Let Russians run Russia.” Refreshing.

    And here is a closer look at the now and at the possible future:
    “As reported by Susan Bonath, independent investigative journalist, working as a regular contributor for the German Die Junge Welt (The Youth World) – something is emerging in a small north-eastern town of Germany’s landlocked Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt. In one of Europe’s most modern military training camps, an entire ghost town is being built at the tune of several hundred billion euros. Most of the German (or European) tax-payers have never heard of it. By 2018 the facility will be ready for troop training to fight European citizens in European cities, should they dare to go on the barricades against the atrocities of their leaders and oligarchs.
    The concept is only new to Europe. The US, for years, has been building hidden garrisons around ‘vulnerable’ agglomerations – New York, Detroit, Chicago – and many more – ready to strike if massive protests should break out. For last November’s US Presidential election, they have been put on high alert. In fact, intensive troop movements could be observed from the air.
    With Macron’s ‘election’ to President of France – or rather the Rothschild shoe-in – to protect the financial oligarchs of France and Europe, to shield unfettered capitalism from social disturbances…”
    A a comment for the same article:
    “The Western EU people are very well potty trained and will do nothing. Within 30 – 50 years slaves will be sold in Berlin – Brussels – Amsterdam – Paris. Plundering of EU by London and Washington will continue till nothing left. Maybe some upheaval from refugees and/or foreigners.
    Everyone with a lick of sense and able will leave the EU.
    The Balkan states and parts of ex-Yugoslavia, that will be another matter. China and Russia are constantly under attack and know full well EU + the USA + London are after their riches. The only thing the so-called western world has is worthless paper of all sorts and debt for generations to come. Plundering is a must for the Western elites.”
    As for your definite statement, “The Kremlin is doing everything they can to fund groups-most notably the far-right-that support NATO,” the presstituting Telegraph is much more careful in its wording: “James Clapper, the US Director of National Intelligence, has been instructed by the US Congress to conduct a major review into Russian clandestine funding of European parties over the last decade. …The review reflects mounting concerns in Washington over Moscow’s determination to exploit European disunity in order to undermine Nato, block US missile defence programmes and revoke the punitive economic sanctions regime imposed after the annexation of Crimea.”
    The vassalage presstitutes repeat word-by-word the US presstitutes.

  54. Agent76 says:
    @jilles dykstra

    This is why Jilles Dykstra. June 27, 2013 Spying on Americans before 9/11: NSA Built Back Door In All Windows Software by 1999

  55. DES says:

    The issue is often framed as whether Trump colluded with the Russians. “Collude” is a loaded word. There was clearly nothing wrong if Trump or his associates communicated with Russian government officials or other citizens. In fact, that would be expected of an incoming administration. Thus, even if such communications did take place, the issue is whether anything improper was said or agreed to. After many months of investigations, one could reasonably expect that SOME evidence in support of the allegations would have been uncovered if anything exists. And you can be sure that any such evidence would have been front page news.

  56. Greater write Mike W as usual! HRC loosing the election was the greatest betrayal of the Zionists in the US and many other places because Clintons and the Z’s have had their buddy-buddy system for many years and Obama was another subservient at a lesser extend but this time it failed them! If you need more proof of this just watch the ZNN for a few hours and you will quickly find out who is really pissed off about the election! 90% of the commentators are Zionists or neocons! During the last election their trickery didn’t work and they quickly made up a story about the Russian hack and interference in the election! The MIC was behind Hillary but I believe military generals were simply worn out and just tired of war also living overseas and away from their families!

  57. Art says:
    @Jason Liu

    Keep in mind that leftists care much more about domestic enemies than foreign enemies, which makes this sham even more obvious.

    Of course, this is not about Russia – it is about power, and it is personal.

    Trump has pissed off a lot of people – he has unmercifully attacked the media, top republicans, top democrats, and federal employees – in other words, the entire establishment. Except for the military and cops – he has attacked everyone – everyone has felt his sting.

    They all hate him and they are going to bring him down – all of them together.

    He has no real friends – only those who voted for him – and they are beginning to wonder if he can deliver anything with all that opposition.

    It is now 50-50 as to whether he will be indicted on a coverup charge for a crime that did not happen.

    p.s. The left means to keep this going until the 2018 elections.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  58. Alden says:

    The fact that the Hildabeast forces, backed by Soros money and most of the female & minority federal employees haven’t found one bit, one shred, one scintilla of evidence that Russia hacked the election is proof they didn’t.

    If there were the slighted bit of proof re Russian hacking the Trump hating media would blast it non stop and call for impeachment hearings.

    What proof have you scrounged up that Russia hacked the election?

  59. Tomster says:

    The Middle East (the real birthplace of Western civilization) is to be an unpopulated ‘enterprise zone’ for US/EU energy corporations. Its native population is being systematically exported to the EU/US, with Western taxpayers funding their feeding and breeding.

    It is ‘humanitarianism’ – who but a racist or xenophobe could possibly object? Certainly not the people in charge of our global human rights at the UN – the saudi caliphate – who will not take even one of them.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  60. RobinG says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    Thank you, Sergey! I didn’t realize how famous this film is, and obviously forgot much more than the title.

  61. Just a couple of additional points. Note that the Russian conspiracy theory disappeared from the legacy media immediately after the Gas Baby Tomahawk attack on the Syrian airfield. Like flipping a switch. Just suddenly… gone. It was out of the news for five weeks, then Trump fired Comey, and met with Lavrov–

    Bam! Suddenly, it’s back on again. 24/7 coverage of how those evil Rooshians are fluoridating our water supply and stealing our precious bodily fluids. Not just the news, but in comment sections, too. Interesting.

    Also, if the Dems acknowledge that there is not now, nor was there ever, any evidence for the Russia conspiracy theory, we would seem to be left with a scenario where a US President conducted extensive electronic surveillance of a political opponent and his associates, without any reasonable excuse for it. That alone would seem to be a major reason for marketing the “Russian hacking” meme so intensively. The best defense is a good offense.

    • Agree: JL, Rurik
  62. Miro23 says:

    Of course, this is not about Russia – it is about power, and it is personal.

    That’s a good point. The 2016 election was choreographed to the same degree as 9/11, with a planned final face off between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, giving Clinton a victory after a tough fight.

    Of course, the problem for the Zio/Globs, is that it went wrong, and turned into a real election with a real candidate (Trump), and a real base, and he actually managed to get elected.

    It was never about Democracy in the first place, and it still isn’t, so now they’re trying to pull him down with smears and negate the result.

    So it seems that the only answer is to take on the Zio/Glob directly, and as soon as possible. Most Americans are not aware that they are on the edge of an abyss, and it’s a very long way down.

    They could, for example, take a look at the deeply corrupt and divided Ukraine, or even further down the line at somewhere like the Philippines:

    Joe Studwell in his excellent book “Asian Godfathers, Money and Power in Hong Kong and South East Asia” quotes the Philippine’s best known living author, Francisco Sionil José (from an interview in the far Eastern Economic Review December 2004) who summed it up by saying, “We are poor because our élites have no sense of nation”.

    Studwell shows how S.E. Asia stumbles from one economic crisis to the next, and quotes the 2006 World Development Report, , “15% of Filipinos were living in absolute poverty, and 47% subsisted on an income between US\$1 and US\$2 a day. Half of the 12 million population of Manila lives in shanty towns that line the expressways, rail tracks and waterways of the metropolis. After 25 years of repeated economic crises, the Philippines economy is now critically dependent on the overseas earnings of an estimated 10 million, mostly female workers – out of a population of 80 million – employed as child carers, nurses and more in richer states around the world.”

    Not that the US is going to go down that far, but that’s the way it’s heading.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @annamaria
  63. Anonymous [AKA "kellyon"] says:

    It seems that Internet security and privacy is a serious issue nowadays.

  64. Miro23 says:

    The idea is that in every crisis the 0,1% win and the public lose, until they have nothing left.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  65. annamaria says:

    “We are poor because our élites have no sense of nation”.
    So true. This is not about ethnicity (only); this is about shared culture heritage, shared roots. The USA have become a nation of Cheney & AIPAC & FedRes – a playground for profiteers who have been busy with making personal fortunes while getting rid of the concepts of human dignity and nation of laws.

  66. annamaria says:

    Latino Spring in making:
    “At the time of the Olympic Games, trouble broke out in Brazil, aimed against President Dilma Rousseff. She was destituted after a parliamentary procedure which, although it was perfectly legal, was totally contrary to the spirit of the Constitution. This coup d’Etat was carried out under the control of the Central Bank – whose n°2 was a Brazilo-Israëlian – by deputies, many of whom have been shown to be guilty of corruption. The State security services remained curiously passive during the coup. This may be because, during the Olympic Games, they had been placed under the coordination… of Israëli experts. Currently, the new President, Brazilo-Lebanese Michel Temer, is now widely contested.”

  67. annamaria says:

    Paul Craig Robert on the main profiteers and, perhaps, patsied Bush:

    • Replies: @Agent76
  68. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    The three powers are USA, China and Russia.
    Somebody wants USA and Russia to fight.
    Who could it be?

  69. MarkinLA says:

    Persia is not Western civilization and nether is Israel or the Hittite Empire. So what are you basing this ME is the birthplace of Western civilization?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  70. annamaria says:

    Finally, a hard data re “Russian connection”
    “Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report:”

    • Replies: @Rurik
  71. @MarkinLA

    Persia = Iran = Aryan.

    Original Aryans from plateau in the Caucasus = Caucasian = ‘white’ = Western civilization.

    Alexander of Macedonia/Greece conquered Persian empire and Hellenized the culture. Some claim that Macedonia had been Aryan during the time of Philip, Alex’s father.

    Cyrus the Great is the only authentic historic figure in the Old Testament; he was Zoroastrian, and it was Zoroastrian principles that bequeathed ethical principles to the OT – NT/ Judaism and Christianity. The myths and scriptures in that book inextricably linked to the myths of the many peoples who traversed the Persian empire/original ‘silk road.’ That book — OT and NT, are claimed as underlying architecture of western civilization. Since they rest squarely on Persian (Aryan/Zoroastrian/Cyrus) foundations, Persia is very much “western civilization.”

    Agree that Israel is definitely not “western civilization;’ difficult to perceive in what sense zionism can be considered civilized at all.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  72. Rurik says: • Website

    this looks huge Annamarina. It’s all over Drudge right now


    ‘Sent 44,053 Internal Emails’…

    Police told to ‘stand down’…

    of course we all knew all the bs about “Russia did it!” was a crock, but this is now getting out there. Could be very inconvenient for the deepstate scoundrels/war pigs and assorted scum who’ve been shrieking hysterically now for months that “Russia did it!” / ‘Trump works for Putin!!’ / ‘Kellyanne hates Donald!’

    I just heard them say on NPR that Trump said things to Lavrov that ‘he didn’t get permission’ to say. I wondered, permission from whom? He’s the president. I guess he’s supposed to phone Tel Aviv before he says anything

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  73. MarkinLA says:

    Persia = Iran = Aryan.

    I know this but Persia as a civilization is not (in my opinion) the underpinnings of western civilization. The Bible has nothing to do with western civiization as far as I can see let alone Zoroastrianism, in fact it has been a hindrance to western civilization. The Greeks and the Romans are the basis for western civilization. Western respect for logic, modern science, and technology was and is being held back by Christianity.

    Hammurabi had coded law, why not give him credit for the US Constitution?

  74. I agree with Rurik. The new information corroborating murdered DNC whistleblower Seth Rich as the source of leaks (McFadyen, the Wikileaks operative to whom he leaked the stuff was also murdered) bolsters this commentary and exposes the seditious nature of those who are still pushing the phony Russia story. Since the latest info also reveals that Comey’s FBI likely spearheaded the coverup of the true story, this seriously changes the question of who was playing the role of Nixon here and puts the onus on the democrats, and raises the issue of whether it is all part of an attempted coup. Murder most foul, sedition and treason now become real issues in the mix.

  75. @Rurik

    I guess he’s supposed to phone Tel Aviv before he says anything

    quite right.

    Trump’s disclosure endangered spy placed inside ISIS by Israel

    Seth Rich? Who is Seth Rich? That story is yesterday’s crab wrapper.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  76. Agent76 says:

    Know and research this information on the Bush clan as I have for years.

    Jan 2, 2012 Bush & Rockefeller family’s funded NAZI war effort and laundered NAZI money

    IG Farban which is the German company that held the patent for Zyklon B was being funded by Rockefeller owned Standard Oil. Union Banking Corp whose Director and Vice president was Prescott Bush (father of George) was money laundering for the Nazis and after the war ended its assets were seized for trading with the enemy.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  77. @Agent76

    Standard Oil armed and profited from both sides of the firebombing campaign/s:

    from the video,
    @ 36: “The Nazi bombing of London was made possible by a \$20m sale of fuel to Farben by Rockefeller/Standard Oil . . .”


    Construction Date; 1943
    Architects; EricMendelsohn [ConsultingArchitect,NewYork]
    John F. Brandt [Standard Oil Development Company, Elizabeth, N.J.]

    The Dugway German Village was the primary American site for testing incendiary bombs prior to large- scale attacks near the end of World War II against civilian targets such as Dresden, Germany. . . . The buildings in the German Village were constructed from materials*and designs that replicated contemporary residential buildings in German urban industrial districts.


    FURNISHINGS: . . . Quantities reflected an understanding that some
    furnishings would be lost in the fires set by the incendiary tests, and would then be replaced in kind. In the bedroom, the single beds were placed together in pairs, with a crib ■adjacent, reflective of a young family with an infant. During preliminary penetration tests with dummy bombs all furnishings except the rugs were removed, with windows and doors closed (Standard Oil Development Company Specifications for Special Teat Furnishings April 1943; Standard Oil Development Company Inspection Report on Furnishings April 1943; T.D.M.R. No. 713 July 1943).

  78. RobinG says:

    “…yesterday’s crab wrapper,” or tomorrow’s shroud? Hilligula is a beast that you have to keep killing, and this looks like a lethal weapon.

    Seth Rich Investigator, Rod Wheeler Interviewed on Hannity Discussing the Investigation

  79. Analyst says:

    The name of the movie, perhaps, ‘White sun of the desert’

    • Replies: @RobinG
  80. RobinG says:

    Yes, exactly, thank you. (That was Sergey’s answer, in Russian.) Wonderful community here at UR, don’t you think?

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