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The Obnoxious Pence Shows Why Korea Must End US Occupation
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Mike Pence’s trip to the Pyeongchang Olympics was an unmitigated disaster. In just 48 hours, the Vice President managed to insult nearly everyone he encountered including South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, Kim Yo-Jong. The overbearing Pence flaunted his contempt for the Korean people by humiliating their leaders, shrugging off their hospitality, and scoffing at their joint efforts for peace. He acted like an arrogant proconsul who only deigns to visit his subjects in order to treat them with condescension and scorn. Simply put, he disgraced himself and the country.

Before he’d even set foot on Korean soil, Pence had already started stirring up trouble by announcing “the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on North Korea ever”. The announcement, that was made a day earlier in Tokyo, was clearly designed to exacerbate already strained relations and put a damper on any negotiations currently underway between North and South. The belligerent VP wanted to make sure that any attempts at rapprochement between Pyongyang and Soule would be swiftly thwarted by the Washington overlords. Far from an isolated incident, Pence’s preemptive announcement follows a familiar pattern of heavy-handed intervention into Korea’s domestic affairs that stretches back more than 6 decades with the aim of derailing any promising move towards national reconciliation or détente. The western media has done an impressive job in concealing Washington’s malignant role in Korea’s politics. By focusing on Kim’s nuclear weapons, they have obfuscated the real source of the divisions, the distrust, and the hostility. Washington.

Pence childishly showcased his meeting with a defector from the North in order to humiliate the delegation from the DPRK before even meeting with them. He then reiterated the administration’s plan to conduct massive joint-military drills with the South following the Winter Games in order to apply “maximum pressure” on the North. The needlessly provocative military exercises, which are a source of endless aggravation in Pyongyang, include “decapitation” drills that simulate the capturing and killing of the North’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. Is it any wonder why Kim thinks he needs nuclear weapons to defend himself?

Virtually all of Pence’s activities and statements were designed to incite animosity, generate suspicion, or intensify hostilities. The sole purpose of the VP’s trip was to preserve the status quo, that is, to make sure the country remains permanently split into warring camps that justify Washington’s military occupation, thus, protecting US commercial interests while maintaining control of a strategically-located territory that is a critical part of Washington’s plan to dominate Asia. Pence is merely following the century’s old maxim for preserving imperial power: Divide and conquer. The US doesn’t want a peaceful, prosperous, unified Korea, it wants a fragmented, garrison state where cheap labor is abundant and the politicians dance to Washington’s tune. That was the objective when Washington installed its lackeys in the Capitol in 1953 and that’s the goal today.

Pence’s visit was highlighted by one mortifying gaffe after another making it the worst diplomatic disaster since Prince Philip asked his Aborigine hosts during a trip to Australia if they “still threw spears at each other.” Fortunately, in Philip’s case, he was clever enough to grasp his mistake and quickly make amends. Not so the fatuous Pence who in a short two-day stretch snubbed his hosts and their guests by skipping an extravagant state dinner, refusing to shake hands with Kim Yo-Jong, and by stubbornly remaining seated while the united North-South Korean team entered the Olympic stadium to the rapturous applause of the crowd. If Pence hoped to project the image of a man who thought he was better than everyone else, he certainly succeeded. It is doubtful, however, that he won the love and admiration of the Korean people who are now, undoubtedly, rethinking their relationship with the pompous and trouble-making leaders in Washington.

Pence’s blundering visit helps to confirm that the United States cannot play a constructive role in resolving the thorny issues between North and South. Pyongyang and Soule will have to convene a regional summit on denuclearization headed by China and Russia while demanding the immediate cessation of all joint-military exercises in the South. The North should agree to take verifiable steps to decommission its nuclear arsenal and allow international weapons inspectors free reign to conduct their work, in exchange for the gradual lifting of economic sanctions, the progressive strengthening of economic ties with the South, the signing of a treaty that officially ends the 65 year-long war, and the incremental, but total withdrawal of all US troops and military personnel from the R.O.K.

There will be no lasting peace on the Korean peninsula until the US occupation ends.

(Republished by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    You can’t really blame him. He’s just a dog following orders. He has no agency.

  2. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Before he’d even set foot on Korean soil, Pence had already started stirring up trouble by announcing “the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on North Korea ever”.

    This is as much aimed at South Korea(in an indirect way) as to North Korea. It sends a message, “If you try to ease tensions with the North on your terms, you(SK) will be sanctioned too.”

    But South Koreans asked for this by acting like dogs and puppets for too long. They never developed their own Narrative of the Division and the War. Their official narrative is “America is big brother and protect us.” This Narrative has carried on even after the Cold War and even when SK has far greater military capabilities than NK. Also, SK joined in US invasion of Iraq even though Iraq never did anything to Korea and wasn’t involved in 9/11. Also, SK was silent about US destruction of Libya that totally panicked NK.

    Now, it may be understandable why SK is such a servile dog to the US. Economic, military, and political reasons. But even if SK politicians can only do much, you’d think it’s intellectuals and social critics would have set the record straight. After all, SK does call itself a democracy. So, people unaffiliated with the government can have their say. But the Korean ‘progressive’ types have no agency and no autonomy. They just imitate whatever is hot in the West: Homo hype and Diversity. Their two main themes is pushing homos & trannies and attacking fellow Koreans for not welcoming more immigration and not seeing newcomers as Koreans.

    So, we can’t just blame Pence. If South Koreans want to be such dogs, they will be treated like such dogs. Under Obama, US kept pushing for military drills in SK. It used bogus pretext to destroy Libya. It spread homo hype in SK. US also interfered in SK elections and helped ‘right-wing’ Park win because Korean right is more pliable to the US. So, what was the approval rating for the US? 80%.

    If Koreans want respect, they can’t be such servile dogs. Someone who acts like a slave but then expects to be treated like a free man is a fool.

  3. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    It is doubtful, however, that he won the love and admiration of the Korean people who are now, undoubtedly, rethinking their relationship with the pompous and trouble-making leaders in Washington.

    They may rethink it, but SK economy depends too much on the US. The economic consequences of having independence and agency are too steep.
    And too many SK people want to move to the US and become ‘Americans’. Almost all elites sends their kids to school in the US. SK people now see their nation as something akin to Puerto Rico or an extension of K-town in California. Culturally, it’s so heavily colonized by the US, South Korea should be called Calikorea.

    The only effective solution would be to set the record straight by making the Division of Korea the center issue of the Narrative, i.e. Korea was divided because the US gave half to Stalin. But this is treated as a just a detail-of-history with no moral and political significance. Instead, the Big Narrative for US and SK begins in 1950 with the Korean War: North invaded, Noble US defended poor SK from communism. No one asks, “Why was the nation divided and why did North Korea exist in the first place?” Because US gave half to Stalin just like Hitler gave half of Poland to Stalin in 1939.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  4. Dr. Doom says:

    Mr. Moneypenny of the Wall Street Houseboy Gang will return in:
    “The Singapore Cane Diaries, or How President Kardashian’s Ass got sixty-nine shades of Black and Blue in The City State that controls diversity the old fashioned way – with Prejudice”.

  5. Gleimhart says:

    The U.S. should never have wasted American blood and treasure on these dog eaters in the first place. Bring our troops home, and let the unlikable Koreans be as stupid as they want to be.

    • Troll: jacques sheete
  6. …the Korean people who are now, undoubtedly, rethinking their relationship with the pompous and trouble-making leaders in Washington.

    Thank goodness and I hope they come up with a good solution for themselves.

  7. Pence’s ugly presence accurately reflects Zio/Imperial Washington. He’s just doing his job. Carrying water for the globalist scum.

  8. llloyd says: • Website

    South Korea was a good place for expats in the pre 911 era after their overthrow of their colonels. Then slowly, a sordid capitalism took over their cultural life. The people became buried in debt. They now treat ex pats as third world labour. America should get out of that hellish place and use its army in Korea to guard its own borders. Any concession that the DRK is not run by monsters is treated as severely as European hate and Holocaust denial laws. North Korea is starting to attract global interest as a nation that has stood up up against the US war machine and survived social cohesion unlike the South.

  9. Realist says:

    Sadly on Monday of this week Tucker tried to defend Pence’s comments.

  10. “The North should agree to take verifiable steps to decommission its nuclear arsenal and allow international weapons inspectors free reign to conduct their work,”

    Why? Everyone knows, after Saddam Hussein, what happens to nations and to national leaders that do this.

    Why oughtn’t the DPRK have nukes? France does. India and Pakistan do. Israel does. It is a certainty beyond reasonable doubt that nuclear capability is the only thing that deters US aggression. There’s only one reason that the USA hasn’t rolled the tanks into Russia, and it starts with the letter ‘N’. There’s only one country in the world that has dropped nukes on civilians as an act of war, and it isn’t the DPRK. The DPRK hasn’t invaded anyone recently, unlike certain other nations we might care to name.

    North Korea will under no circumstances give up its nukes. It would be beyond stupid to do so. Any peace deal with that as a precondition is a non-starter.

  11. Renoman says:

    What a tool he is! Leave the Korea’s alone and we will all be better off, so he’s got a bomb -bfd you can pave him at will and he knows it, just get out.

  12. Bill Jones says: • Website

    And the ignorance knows no bounds “the US gave half to Stalin”
    When did Korea “belong” to the US?
    What a fuckwit.

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