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The Killer in the Bloodstream: The "Spike Protein"
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“From the beginning Covid has been a conspiracy against health and life. Covid is a profit-making agenda and an agenda for increasing arbitrary government power over people. There should be massive law suits and massive arrests of those who block effective Covid cures and impose a deadly vaccine.”

Paul Craig Roberts, Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan

The Spike Protein is a “uniquely dangerous” transmembrane fusion protein that is an integral part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. “The S protein plays a crucial role in penetrating host cells and initiating infection.” It also damages the cells in the lining of the blood vessel walls which leads to blood clots, bleeding, massive inflammation and death.

To say that the spike protein is merely “dangerous”, is a vast understatement. It is a potentially-lethal pathogen that has already killed tens of thousands of people.

So, why did the vaccine manufacturers settle on the spike protein as an antigen that would induce an immune response in the body?

That’s the million-dollar question, after all, for all practical purposes, the spike protein is a poison. We know that now due to research that was conducted at the Salk Institute. Here’s a summary of what they found:

“Salk researchers and collaborators show how the protein damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease…. SARS-CoV-2 virus damages and attacks the vascular system (aka–The circulatory system) on a cellular level… scientists studying other coronaviruses have long suspected that the spike protein contributed to damaging vascular endothelial cells, but this is the first time the process has been documented….

the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls. The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by binding ACE2…“If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, now famous thanks to COVID.” (“COVID-19 Is a Vascular Disease: Coronavirus’ Spike Protein Attacks Vascular System on a Cellular Level”,

Remember how everyone laughed at Trump when he said injecting household bleach would cure Covid? How is this any different?

It’s not different, and whatever modest protection the vaccines provide as far as immunity, it pales in comparison to the risks they pose to personal health and survival.

And did you notice what the author said about stripping-out the virus and leaving the spike protein alone?’

He said “it still has a major damaging effect” implying ‘blood clots, bleeding and severe inflammation.’ In other words, the spike protein is deadly even absent the virus. Here’s how Dr. Byram Bridle (who is a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario) summed it up:

“We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now… We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So, by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.” (“Vaccine scientist: ‘We’ve made a big mistake’”, Conservative Woman)

Think about that for a minute. This is a very big deal, in fact, this is the critical piece of the puzzle that has been missing for the last 15 months. Just as the respiratory virus concealed the real killing-agent in Covid, (the spike protein) so too, the relentless hype surrounding mass-vaccination has concealed the glaring problem with the vaccines themselves, which is, they generate a substance that is “capable of causing disease.”

That is the literal definition of pathogenic. The spike protein is a disease-producing toxin that poses a serious and identifiable threat to the health of anyone who chooses to get vaccinated. Could it be any clearer?It’s worth noting, that Bridle is a vaccine researcher who was awarded a $230,000 government grant last year for research on COVID vaccine development. He understands the science and chooses his words carefully. The term “pathogenic” is not meant to whip people into a frenzy, but to accurately describe how vaccine-generated proteins interact in the bloodstream. And the way they interact, is by inflicting serious damage to cells in the lining of the blood vessels which can result in illness or death. Here’s more from the same article:

“As many will know by now, the problem lies within a structure that enables the virus, originally from bats, not only to enter human cells but to deliver a toxin called the spike protein. Most Covid vaccines instruct our body cells to produce the same protein. This is in the hope that antibodies developed against it will prevent the most damaging effects of the actual virus. There is evidence that this is the case for some.

But there’s also a problem, spelled out most recently by Canadian researcher Dr Byram Bridle, who was awarded a $230,000 Ontario government grant last year for research on Covid vaccine development. This is that the spike protein produced by the vaccine does not just act locally, at the site of the jab (the shoulder muscle), but gets into the bloodstream and is carried through the circulation to many other sites in the body.

Previously confidential animal studies using radioactive tracing show it to go just about everywhere, including the adrenal glands, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, ovaries, pancreas, pituitary gland, prostate, salivary glands, intestines, spinal cord, spleen, stomach, testes, thymus, and uterus.

The quantities are small and usually disappear within days. But the questions arise, is this mechanism involved in the thousands of deaths and injuries reported soon after Covid vaccination, and might it set some people up for the same long-term consequences as in severe cases of the disease itself?” (‘We’ve made a big mistake’“, Conservative Woman)

This is the most important question: What will the long-term impact of these vaccines be on the population at large? Here’s more from the same article:

“Some researchers say the risk from the vaccine may be greater than that from the actual virus in healthy people. This would be especially true for the young, whose immune systems deal with the virus successfully. In contrast, the vaccine has a device that protects the spike protein mechanism against immediate destruction by the body, in order to promote the immune response.” (Conservative Woman)

Repeat: ” the vaccine has a device that protects the spike protein mechanism against immediate destruction by the body, in order to promote the immune response.”

What does that mean? Does it mean that the spike protein created by the vaccine lingers on indefinitely risking a potential flare-up sometime in the future if another virus emerges or if the immune system is compromised? Will the people who have been vaccinated have the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads until the day they die?

Dr Judy Mikovits thinks so. “Mikovits thinks the COVID-19 vaccine is a bioweapon designed to destroy your innate immunity and set you up for rapid onset of debilitating illness and premature death. She too suspects many will die rather rapidly. “It’s not going to be ‘live and suffer forever,” she says. “It’s going to be suffer five years and die.” (

Is that possible? Could we see an unprecedented surge in fatalities in the next few years directly linked to these experimental vaccines?

Let’s hope not, but without any long-term safety data, there’s no way to know for sure. It’s all a big guessing game, which is one of the reasons that so many people are refusing to get vaccinated. Here’s more from Bridle:

‘I’m very much pro-vaccine, (said Dr Bridle) but … the story I’m about to tell is a bit of a scary one. This is cutting edge science. There’s a couple of key pieces of scientific information that we’ve been privy to, in the past few days, that has made the final link, so we understand now – myself and some key international collaborators – we understand exactly why these problems [with the vaccine] are happening.’

One of these ‘is that the spike protein, on its own, is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system, if it gets into circulation. Indeed, if you inject the purified spike protein into the blood of research animals they get all kinds of damage to the cardiovascular system, and it can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause damage to the brain.

‘At first glance that doesn’t seem too concerning because we’re injecting these vaccines into the shoulder muscle. The assumption, up until now, has been that these vaccines behave like all of our traditional vaccines: they don’t go anywhere other than the injection site, so they stay in our shoulder. Some of the protein will go to the local draining lymph node in order to activate the immune system.

‘However – this is where the cutting edge science has come in, and this is where it gets scary – through a request for information from the Japanese regulatory agency, myself and several international collaborators have been able to get access to what’s called the biodistribution study. It’s the first time ever that scientists have been privy to seeing where the messenger RNA vaccines go after vaccination; in other words, is it a safe assumption that it stays in the shoulder muscle? The short answer is, absolutely not. It’s very disconcerting. The spike protein gets into the blood and circulates over several days post-vaccination.’”(Vaccine scientist: ‘We’ve made a big mistake’“, Conservative Woman)

They got the biodistribution study from the Japanese? Are you kidding me? You mean, the FDA waved these experimental “new technology” vaccines into service before they had the slightest inkling of where the substance in the vaccine would end up in the body. If that isn’t criminal negligence, then what is? Do you want proof that our regulators are controlled by the industries they are supposed to monitor? Here it is!

Here’s more from an article at Children’s Health Defense on the same topic:

“… in key studies — called biodistribution studies, which are designed to test where an injected compound travels in the body, and which tissues or organs it accumulates in — Pfizer did not use the commercial vaccine (BNT162b2) but instead relied on a “surrogate” mRNA that produced the luciferase protein….

Regulatory documents also show Pfizer did not follow industry-standard quality management practices during preclinical toxicology studies of its vaccine, as key studies did not meet good laboratory practice (GLP)….

“The implications of these findings are that Pfizer was trying to accelerate the vaccine development timeline based on the pressures of the pandemic,” said TrialSite founder and CEO Daniel O’Connor. “The challenge is that the processes, such as Good Laboratory Practices, are of paramount importance for quality and ultimately for patient safety. If such important steps are skipped, the risk-benefit analysis would need to be compelling.”….(“Pfizer Skipped Critical Testing and Cut Corners on Quality Standards, Documents Reveal“, Children’s Health Defense)

Let’s see if I got this right: The Covid vaccine was approved even though “Pfizer did not follow industry-standard quality management practices” and even though “key studies did not meet good laboratory practice?”

Do you still think these vaccines are safe? And, it gets worse, too. Check it out:

“... documents obtained by scientists through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) revealed pre-clinical studies showing the active part of the vaccine (mRNA-lipid nanoparticles) — which produce the spike protein — did not stay at the injection site and surrounding lymphoid tissue as scientists originally theorized, but spread widely throughout the body and accumulated in various organs, including the ovaries and spleen.” (“Pfizer Skipped Critical Testing and Cut Corners on Quality Standards, Documents Reveal”, Children’s Health Defense)

Like we said earlier, the vaccine was supposed to be “localized”, that is, remain in the area where it was injected. But that theory proved to be wrong, just like the theory that the spike protein would be a good antigen was wrong. There are literally thousands of fatalities and other injuries that attest to the “wrongness” of that theory, and there will be many more before this campaign is terminated. Here’s more:

“Research suggests this could lead to the production of spike protein in unintended places, including the brain, ovaries and spleen, which may cause the immune system to attack organs and tissues resulting in damage, and raises serious questions about genotoxicity and reproductive toxicity risks associated with the vaccine.” (“Pfizer Skipped Critical Testing and Cut Corners on Quality Standards, Documents Reveal“, Children’s Health Defense)

So, it goes everywhere. Wherever blood flows, there too goes the spike proteins. Do young women really want these lethal proteins in their ovaries? Do you think that will improve their prospects for getting pregnant or safely delivering their babies? This is madness on a scale that is, frankly, unimaginable. Here’s more:

“Studies indicate that the protein is able to gain access to cells in the testicles, and may disrupt male reproduction…..

Furthermore, the genetic code the virus carries contains inserts that make it ‘extremely plausible’ that the protein could misfold into a prion (such as held responsible for mad cow disease in the 1980s), causing widespread damage to brain cells and increasing the risk of conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease….” (“Covid vaccines: Concerns that make more research essential“, The Conservative Woman

We hope that readers are beginning to understand how risky these vaccines really are. It’s literally a matter of life and death. As Bridle opines:

“‘We have known for a long time that the spike protein is pathogenic…. It is a toxin. It can cause damage in our body if it’s in circulation. Now, we have clear-cut evidence that . . . the vaccine itself, plus the protein, gets into blood circulation.’”

Once that happens, the spike protein can combine with receptors on blood platelets and with cells that line our blood vessels. This is why, paradoxically, it can cause both blood clotting and bleeding. ‘And of course the heart is involved, as part of the cardiovascular system,’ Bridle said. ‘That’s why we’re seeing heart problems. The protein can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological damage.

‘In short,… we made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now. We didn’t realize that by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.” (Conservative Woman)

“Mistake?” He calls it a “mistake”? That’s got to be the understatement of the century!

Let’s cut to the chase: These aren’t vaccines; they’re a spike-protein delivery-system. Regrettably, 140 million Americans have already been injected with them which means we can expect a dramatic uptick in debilitating medical conditions including blood clotting, bleeding, autoimmune disease, thrombosis in the brain, stroke and heart attack. The vast human wreckage we are now facing is incalculable.

Has there ever been a greater threat to humanity than the Covid vaccine?

• Category: Science • Tags: Anti-Vaxx, Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus, Vaccines 
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  1. ruralguy says:

    Good point. But, exposure to SARS-CoV-2 itself can create serious side effects. As a journal paper recently related to the serious damage this virus can cause through pulmonary hypertension.

    The pulmonary arteries of postmortem COVID-19 patient lungs consistently exhibited histological characteristics of vascular wall thickening, mainly due to the hypertrophy of the tunica media. Detailed pathological analysis revealed that the boundaries between the vessels and the surrounding lung parenchyma have lost clarity, the SMCs of the middle lining of the arteries have enlarged, the nuclei of SMCs have swollen, and vacuoles have been generated in the cytoplasm of SMCs [21]. A morphometric analysis determined that the median pulmonary vascular wall thickness values were 15.4 µm for the COVID-19 patients and 6.7 µm for the influenza patients, and
    these values were significantly different from each other [21]. Pulmonary vascular wall
    thickening in COVID-19 patients was also observed on the computed tomography scan of
    the chest [41,42]. Thus, these results together indicated that COVID-19 is associated with
    pulmonary vascular wall thickening. Investigations on whether this pulmonary vascular
    wall thickening is related to clinically significant PAH and the role of the spike protein in
    the pathogenesis of PAH are warranted.

    Yes, the spike protein in the vaccines can do serious damage, but the damage is likely far more severe in an unvaccinated person exposed to the virus.

  2. Rahan says:

    When a whole civilization decides that the Jonestown Massacre is the blueprint to follow. Sheesh.

    So they’ve got now like what, five years to try and destroy China and Russia before their own pleb biomass starts falling apart?

    Certainly a timeline to be kept in mind.

    • Replies: @Stebbing Heuer
  3. JimDandy says:

    Remember how everyone laughed at Trump when he said injecting household bleach would cure Covid? How is this any different?

    It’s different because Trump never said that. Thx.

    • Agree: Leander Starr
  4. Rahan says:

    Yes, the spike protein in the vaccines can do serious damage, but the damage is likely far more severe in an unvaccinated person exposed to the virus.

    When it turns out that in this situation the least detrimental option all along was getting a Russian or a Chinese jab, how many hours will it take for the presstitutes to spin a narrative that this is all Moscow’s and Beijing’s fault anyway, and they the presstitutes were simply misled by Russian hackers?

  5. Oh Really says:


    Lets throw out some big confusing words and then say that getting the virus, which has never been proven to exist is more dangerous, even when 99.97% people who get it survive.

    You should be able to get a better job by now with things opening back up….

  6. Vojkan says:

    Right, high priests in ancient religions followed a similar logic when they carried out human sacrifices in order to forestall calamities.

  7. ruralguy says:

    The issue isn’t the death rate, which at 600,000 in the U.S. is not severe. The issue is the damage to the ACE2 cells, that can cause long-term health issues. This virus appears engineered to do damage, not kill.

    Big words? When you describe medical effects, you use medical terminology, not acronyms and insults that you use. Why the insults, “Oh Reality?” Can’t you comment without attacking people? That’s a severe problem you have.

    • Replies: @Hang All Text Drivers
  8. Ko says: • Website

    Watch the final 20 minutes of this doc (or watch all of it). Whenever the words HIV or AIDS appears, replace it with Covid 19. What’s going on today is the same thing that happened with the HIV scamdemic headed by none other that FAUCI

    • Replies: @nickels
  9. Anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:

    but the damage is likely far more severe in an unvaccinated person exposed to the virus.

    The reason this is false is that a person’s innate immune system will generate K cells (killer cells) that eliminate the spike protein (S protein) when encountering the virus in the ‘wild’. This is what stops people from dying every time they encounter a new pathogen (virus, bacteria, whatever).

    The spike protein in the vaccines produces a suboptimal immune response, meaning that they do not provoke the production of K cells that neutralize and kill the infection.

    Please refer to the extensive resources provided at for the hard science.

    Those who have died from COVID-19 had compromised immune systems as well as other serious health issues that they may or may not have even known about.

    Injecting billions of people with a spike protein is either suicidal madness, or genocidal psychopathy.

    • Agree: dcthrowback
    • Replies: @The Ogs
  10. nickels says:

    unfortunately far fewer of these saps are likely to die than deserve to.

  11. nickels says:

    A.ids was a lifestyle disease.
    poor nutrition, drugs and weird injections to stimulate oneself.
    the wages of sin are death.
    the cure, azt, was a biohazard that killed many thousands.

  12. gay troll says:

    COVID Presser, 4/23/20:

    DHS spox Bill Bryan: “We tested bleach. I can tell you that bleach will kill the virus in five minutes.”

    Trump, moments later: “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning.”

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @Willow
  13. The Ogs says:

    “a dramatic uptick in debilitating medical conditions including blood clotting, bleeding, autoimmune disease, thrombosis in the brain, stroke and heart attack.”

    That’s a genuine disaster here in Canada. But in the USA that’s what’s known as a gold mine to the hospital industry and big pharma…

  14. The Ogs says:

    Yup. These injections basically bypass your innate immunity, and then your adaptive immune system will go postal because it perceives a very serious threat.

    Then in the future your innate immunity will no longer deal with pathogens like it used to (with no antibodies required). Most pathogens never reach the adaptive immune system, which is why it is so shocked when something appears but the innate immunity layer is completely unaware.

    They call it ADE – which describes how the next pathogen to cross your path (previously harmless) will encounter a befuddled innate immunity and a hyperactive adaptive immunity response. Probably kill you.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  15. Blubb says:

    Mate, you’re not getting it.

    The virus is easily destroyed by most people’s immune system before doing any damage.

    The “vaccine” is not.

    That’s the point.

    • Agree: dcthrowback, Skeptikal
  16. JimDandy says:
    @gay troll

    You’re nothing but a lying gay troll.

    Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying during a speech on the economy that Trump had given up trying to manage a crisis he’s ill equipped to solve.

    “And when it comes to COVID-19, after months of doing nothing, other than predicting the virus would disappear, or maybe if you drank bleach you may be okay, Trump has simply given up,” said Biden, who delivered his remarks at a metalworks factory near his hometown of Scranton on Thursday.

    Trump spoke about the role he thought disinfectants could play in tackling an infection caused by the virus during a now infamous April 23 briefing. But he didn’t say people should drink bleach.

    His comments came after William Bryan, the undersecretary for science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, presented a study that found sun exposure and cleaning agents like bleach can kill the virus when it lingers on surfaces.

    Trump remarked on the effectiveness of those methods and wondered if they could help address infections in the human body.

    Here are his full comments:

    “A question that probably some of you are thinking of if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting. So, supposedly we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it. And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. (To Bryan) And I think you said you’re going to test that, too. Sounds interesting, right?”

    He continued.

    “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.”

    Later, Trump clarified his comments after a reporter asked Bryan whether disinfectants could actually be injected into COVID-19 patients.

    “It wouldn’t be through injections, almost a cleaning and sterilization of an area. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t work, but it certainly has a big effect if it’s on a stationary object.”

  17. JasonT says:

    Mr. Whitney,

    I have said this before on this site. The spike protein opens cell membranes. This will permit the transference of various ‘agents’ into the cells of the person injected with the protein. While the spike protein itself will kill some people, the survivors will have had something else directly included in their cells.

    The question then is, “What are these ‘agents’ that the operators of this operation want to get in people’s cells?”

    I do not have an answer but can make some guesses, the first of which is that there is no single ‘agent’ but a plurality of ‘agents’ that will be incorporated into people’s bodies to fulfill the trans-human agenda of the sociopaths running the show.

    Here are a few possibilities, but the possibilities are limitless:

    1. Genetic material that codes for proteins or straight up immunosuppressants that function to suppress the immune system to justify continuing injections euphemistically called vaccination.

    2. Magnetic nanoparticles that interact with microwaves (or radio waves) to cause pain, which is useful as a control measure.

    3. Nanochips structured to encode information that can be tracked and re-programmed by 5G/6G towers and drones.

    4. Poisons encapsulated in stabilizing membranes, the membranes timed or able to be disrupted under microwave (or radio wave) interaction to release the poison.

  18. jsinton says:

    I can only say that it is my sincere heartfelt wish that all this is completely wrong and that the “vaccine” will not kill lots of people. But my head tells me the chance is high you are correct and we’re in for genocide and crimes against humanity and God on a biblical scale.

    • Replies: @Jeff M
  19. R.C. says:

    Mr. Whitney, you’ve been really doing a helpful service to mankind. Thank you!
    I too hope that your reasonable expectations are wrong. I fear, however, that we’ll soon be finding out that they’re right.

  20. Greg S. says:

    Wait what? You agree that spike protein is deadly but think that getting some virus in your lungs or stomach (where the body can contain it and battle it there, and where the majority of healthy people defeat it without even noticing) is worse than getting a mRNA shot that tells your body to produce spike proteins by the millions and that can and will spread all over the entire body, and then show up in brain, heart, ovaries, etc? And we haven’t even talked about the “other stuff” in the shot…

    Experiment time: get some morphine and inject it into the muscle of your arm. Does the morphine
    A) stay right in the arm where you injected it for days/months/forever
    B) spread all over the body in a matter of minutes

    Really think hard on that one, it’s important.

    Back to the topic on hand. Many people (including Ron Unz) and scientists have made a convincing argument that SARS-COV2 (and the spike protein) were made in a lab. That means the spike protein is a bioweapon – a man made artificial designed to harm people. That means that if you inject spike protein into people (or get their bodies to produce it), you are injecting a bioweapon into people.

    The horror of the mRNA vaccines is that they are turning human beings into walking bioweapons, constantly producing and spreading spike proteins around that harm others.

  21. anonymous[486] • Disclaimer says:

    Is that possible? Could we see an unprecedented surge in fatalities in the next few years directly linked to these experimental vaccines?

    Let’s hope not, …

    Let’s hope not? lol!

    You are about as conniving as a used car salesman. Given the tone of the essay, it is clear that you don’t really care. Right wing scum like you would rejoice if the doomsday scenario underlying this trash would actually come true, especially because most taking the vaccine are the opposite of your kind of RW vermin. I am sure, you can’t wait to scream your schadenfreude, I told you so! I told you so!, while you try and conceal a dark smile.

    Also, you are quoting some hack “doctors” who appear more jealous and spiteful that they were not part of developing these vaccines.

    See, I understand the motivation of “people” like you… you need to write some conspiracy shit to bring food to the table, and you are basically counting on the fact that 2 years from now, when most people will be just fine, no one will remember this trash anyway.

    That is how so many “journalists” and “analysts” survive, and continue to thrive.

    • Troll: R.C., follyofwar, Joe Paluka
  22. Get a Free Vaccine for a Paid Coffin!

  23. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Correct. President Trump was discussing the use of UV light to disinfect the blood. As you correctly point out, he never said ‘inject bleach’. That was CIAnderson Cooper on CNN.

  24. Thomasina says:

    And I think your motivation is that you’ve had the vaccine and you’re now worried you may have acted too quickly.

    Why would people take a vaccine for a virus that has never been isolated, a vaccine that has not gone through all the testing stages, that the FDA has not approved? People would sooner listen to medical experts who refused to test (but had the time and resources to test) cheap, effective, off-patent drugs. In fact, doctors who were using these cheap drugs ended up being fired and tarred and feathered because they WERE saving lives.

    Instead the herd can’t wait to form a line and dutifully roll up their sleeves like the unquestioning fools they are.

    As far as I know, Mike Whitney was always on the Left. I highly doubt he’s a “right winger”. LOL. But I do think he’s had his eyes opened to the lies being told.

    As far as “schadenfreude” goes, I’d say the Left owns that word. But who cares about right and left. What should matter is that your government has been lying to you.

  25. Rahan says:

    Is gibbering hysteria a mandatory core trait of good mainstream drones, or is it more of an individual lifestyle choice?

  26. @JasonT

    Speaking of ‘magnetic’ there is that whole remarkable set of videos on Bitchute etc, showing people becoming magnetic in the area where they were vaccinated in their arm

    As the small amount of vaccine fluid, is unlikely to contain enough of something to be this strongly magnetic by itself, it seems the vaccine could include some kind of nano-technology that ‘constructs’ something inside your body, using the iron in your blood

    Here’s two minutes of a Mexican reality TV show where they tried to debunk the ‘magnetic vaccinated’ idea, using audience volunteers … some weren’t, but then show hosts were shocked to find that others were, and quickly wrapped up the segment … see spoons and a mobile phone stick to someone’s arm after the 1 minute mark

    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @Stebbing Heuer
  27. MarkU says:

    Yes, the spike protein in the vaccines can do serious damage, but the damage is likely far more severe in an unvaccinated person exposed to the virus.

    Interesting how the word ‘likely’ has morphed in recent times to mean “I haven’t got a clue and I definitely don’t have any evidence, in fact I’m making this shit up as I go along”

    • Agree: Vojkan, Skeptikal, Thomasina
  28. Dave C. says:

    The two mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are the most “experimental” in design (vaccine type not widely used before) and the reported “migration” throughout the body is with the “lipid nanoparticles” that are in those vaccine. They basically “instruct” cells in the body to manufacture the “spike protien” that is on the surface of the Covid-19 virus, so that if the virus enters the body, the immune system has already seen the spike protein from the vaccine and can attack the virus. The recent articles seem to indicate that the mRNA vaccines carry the most risk of migration away from the injection site (where it should mostly stay). The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are also the vaccines that require special low temperature refrigeration all through the pipeline (can go bad if not maintained at low temp) and require two shots. Most of the bad reactions seem to be after the second shot.

    The Johnson & Johnson (one shot) vaccine is adenovirus (or viral) vector vaccine that uses an inactivated cold virus which has the spike proteins on the surface. This is a more traditional vaccine technology, that has been used before, as in vaccines for hepatitis. While there have been reports of blood clots in a small number of people, this vaccine is probably much less risky that taking the Pfizer or Moderna.

    As far as other vaccines, there are two Chinese-made vaccines (Sinovax & Sinopharm) that also use a traditional approach with an actual inactivated Covid-19 virus. However these will not be avaialable any time soon in the U.S.

    The other vaccine to consider is the Novavax vaccine, which should be approved for U.S. use in July. It is a “protein subunit” vaccine that only contains an inactivated form of the spike protien and an immune system booster. This is also a traditional vaccine technology, that likely would have the least chance of side effects.

    There are a few good Youtube videos and also many Net articles about the differences between the four types of Covid-19 vaccine. Search on vaccine + Pfizer + Moderna + Johnson & Johnson + Novavax + Sinovax + Sinopharm

    • Thanks: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @gnbRC
    , @Dave C.
  29. onebornfree says: • Website

    Here’s a good video summary that points out that the [fake] vaccine protocols are in violation of all 10 requirements of the Nuremberg Code:

    Regards, onebornfree

  30. Jeff M says:

    “Yes, the spike protein in the vaccines can do serious damage, but the damage is likely far more severe in an unvaccinated person exposed to the virus. ”

    Anyone, please correct me if I’m wrong. The natural immune system protects most people from serious Covid complications. The “Vaccine” bypasses the natural immune system.
    Never forget that it was TRUMP who savagely forced these deadly experimental vaccines upon the world. He destroyed Atlantic City with pawn shops and prostitution. Now this psychopath’s poison has gone global.

    “Has there ever been a greater threat to humanity than the Covid vaccine?” Indeed.

  31. Jeff M says:

    “But my head tells me the chance is high you are correct and we’re in for genocide and crimes against humanity and God on a biblical scale. ”

    More like a Stalinist/Maoist/Hitlerian/Pentagon scale to several orders of magnitude, with “Uncle Joe” Biden leading the way.

  32. Skeptikal says:
    @The Ogs

    “Then in the future your innate immunity will no longer deal with pathogens like it used to (with no antibodies required). ”

    Can you explain in more detail?

    Why/how does injection of something that affects adaptive immunity disable innate immunity on the next round?

  33. Kumbaresu says:

    Vaccines injured countless millions of people in the past and will continue to do so, whether you like it or not. The mRNA vaccines are going to be worse than anything they injected in us before. Nobody can predict the final outcome except Nostradamus, but it is not going to be pretty even in the best case scenario.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the brave
  34. Mikael_ says:

    You mean based on the mass postmortems (=autopsies) done of the patients who died ‘of or with Covid-19’??

    It’s really totally hilarious how the first sentence of your “refutation” already is one big fat lie.

  35. Last night Tucker Carlson’s opening segment focused on the dangers of these “vaccines” to young people. Israel, which has vaccinated most of its population, has now discovered that many formerly healthy young males (and females to a lesser extent) have developed heart conditions, and some have died. Also, if I heard him right, Germany recently banned giving these experimental shots to minors.

    Yet, the US medical establishment, and their media accomplices, who cancel all opposing views, marches on as if these vaccines are completely safe. Many colleges are DEMANDING that all students must be vaccinated, or don’t come back in the fall. Of course, many lawsuits have been filed, but how many more young students will take the jab before the courts render their decisions? And, giving these experimental vaccines to younger and younger minors, who have a near zero chance of dying from Covid and do not spread it, is utter MADNESS, as well as child abuse.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  36. nickels says:

    Current workplace is requiring non vax to wear mask.
    Some of us refuse, will prolly be fired.
    Called an interview-at the end I asked about mask/covid stance. Person said most of the office is vaccinated, no mask if vax. I assured him I will never be vaxxed and will not be treated like second class citizen, he should know that. Prolly end of that one.
    Looking like time for an early retirement from the technology sector.
    Not really ready for retirement.

    I predict the future is an IRA one.
    IRA, repression, IRA, repression, revolution.

    The only alternative is abject slavery.

    The one other hope is mass death from the vaccine followed by a forced retreat from vaccination.
    We can only hope.
    The idiots deserve it.

    • Agree: Piglet
    • Replies: @EoinW
  37. @JasonT

    You might also consider reading this paper:

    Genetically targeted magnetic control of the nervous system

    Optogenetic and chemogenetic actuators are critical for deconstructing the neural correlates of behavior. However, these tools have several limitations, including invasive modes of stimulation or slow on/off kinetics. We have overcome these disadvantages by synthesizing a single-component, magnetically sensitive actuator, “Magneto,” comprising the cation channel TRPV4 fused to the paramagnetic protein ferritin. We validated noninvasive magnetic control over neuronal activity by demonstrating remote stimulation of cells using in vitro calcium imaging assays, electrophysiological recordings in brain slices, in vivo electrophysiological recordings in the brains of freely moving mice, and behavioral outputs in zebrafish and mice. As proof of concept, we used Magneto to delineate a causal role of striatal dopamine receptor 1 neurons in mediating reward behavior in mice. Together our results present Magneto as an actuator capable of remotely controlling circuits associated with complex animal behaviors.

    Published in 2016.

    • Replies: @JasonT
    , @Joe Paluka
  38. @ruralguy

    Yes, the spike protein in the vaccines can do serious damage, but the damage is likely far more severe in an unvaccinated person exposed to the virus.


    You’ve stated your opinion here, on what basis goodness (or God, for those who acknowledge Him) only knows, however the bulk of evidence from around the world shows quite emphatically that, in fact, exactly the opposite is true – by the American CDC’s own published figures, Corona Chan is a nothing-burger which is no worse than the average influenza virus, whereas the experimental Corona Chan “vaccines”, and most especially the pFizer and Moderna mRNA “vaccines”, are poisonous drugs which kill way more people than the Corona Chan bug itself.


    Please, don’t take my word for it, read for yourself –

    Vaccines are more dangerous than Corona Chan

    ( ]

    ( ]

    ( ]

    ( ]

    Interview with Dr.Sherri Tenpenny – 10 ways the mRNA “vaccines” will kill you

    ( ]

    Dr. Peter McCullough speaks on the Corona Chan “vaccines”

    Short Version (16 minutes)
    ( ]
    ( ]

    Full Version (1 hour 45 minutes)
    ( ]
    ( ]

    COVID-19 Vaccines are Killing Huge Numbers of People, Government Scrubs Stats on Vaccine-Related Deaths

    ( ]

    Corona Chan “Vaccine” Depopulation

    ( ]

    Dr. Richard Fleming – Event 2021 Corona Chan Information Conference (Video – 4 hours 30 mins)

    ( ]
    ( ]

    Corona Chan “Vaccines” are a Eugenic Bioweapon

    ( ]
    ( ]

    Meanwhile, despite almost complete suppression and censorship across the Western world, there exist a variety of cheap, safe and effective nutritional and medicinal remedies for Corona Chan, premier among which is Ivermectin, which has effectively been banned in most Western nations, especially among the core members of Team America ®.

    Information on using IVERMECTIN to treat Corona Chan


    Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance – Corona Chan Treatment Protocols – Ivermectin

    ( ]

    Corona Chan – Ivermectin Studies

    ( ]

    Corona Chan – HydroxyChloroquine Studies

    ( ]

    So if cheap, safe and effective remedies are already exist to cure Corona Chan, why would any properly informed person submit to injection with an experimental “vaccine” which is 40 to 260 times more likely to kill you than the Corona Chan bug itself?

    The answer is obvious – a properly informed person would not consent to being injected with any of the Corona Chan “vaccines” currently being forced onto the entire Western world.

    And so, instead of relying on freedom of choice and informed consent, as we see with the propaganda campaigns and forced lockdowns, we are being lied to and coerced by our governments and medical institutions to accomplish that objective.

    • Thanks: nosquat loquat
  39. Let’s cut to the chase: These aren’t vaccines; they’re a spike-protein delivery-system.

    Dude, you nailed it right there.

    But it actually gets worse – much worse.

    pFizer and Moderna really aren’t being honest at all about exactly what is in their mRNA “vaccines”, and it’s becoming more apparent that they have been designed specifically to deliberately and aggressively deliver that “spike protein” (and whatever else they haven’t fessed up about) into every remote nook and cranny everywhere in our bodies –

    Magnetofection – Magnetic Components Deliberately Inserted into pFizer & Moderna mRNA “Vaccines”

    ( ]
    ( ]

    Make of this what you will.

    IMO it’s plain as tits on a bull that these “vaccines” are specifically engineered bioweapons.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  40. JasonT says:
    @peripatetic commenter

    Thank you for this.

    I note the authors stated:

    “While both opto- and chemogenetics remotely control neuronal stimulation, optical strategies are limited spatially by poor light penetration into dense tissues and chemogenetic strategies suffer from slow pharmacokinetics that prevent cellular activation on a physiologically relevant timescale.”

    This means that an organism’s behavior can also be controlled by exposure to visible light and chemicals in conjunction with appropriate genetic engineering.

    It is getting much clearer to me why there is such a push to use mRNA cocktails as ‘vaccines’. With appropriate genetic engineering, it will be possible to control human behavior through the application of light, chemicals and now magnetic fields.

    • Replies: @peripatetic commenter
  41. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    There is no COVID. There spike protein is a unique part of the synthetic drug they call a “vaccine”. it triggers the formation of the spike protein. It sets up autoimmune reactions in many. The spike protein is spread through body fluids, such as sperm, saliva, sweat, urine, etc. Yes, it is a bioweapon.

  42. Thomasina says:

    You are correct re Germany, and the affliction they were speaking of is myocarditis.

    “Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium). Myocarditis can affect your heart muscle and your heart’s electrical system, reducing your heart’s ability to pump and causing rapid or abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias).

    A viral infection usually causes myocarditis, but it can result from a reaction to a drug or be part of a more general inflammatory condition. Signs and symptoms include chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, and arrhythmias.

    Severe myocarditis weakens your heart so that the rest of your body doesn’t get enough blood. Clots can form in your heart, leading to a stroke or heart attack.”

    Giving these vaccines to the young is insanity.

  43. @JasonT

    You should not assume that Big-Pharma is evil. It may be that they are incompetent or that they were so focused on making lots of money that they forgot to think about the consequences of what they were creating.

    • Replies: @JasonT
  44. Zulu says:

    “Let’s see if I got this right: The Covid vaccine was approved even though “Pfizer did not follow industry-standard quality management practices” and even though “key studies did not meet good laboratory practice?”

    No Mike, you got it wrong. The experimental gene euthanasia shot was never approved. It was only authorized. Approval would include liability. Authorization included indemnification.

  45. kapoore says:

    So… Covid-19 can cause a lot of problems, but early on doctors on the front lines had means of treating the viral replication and preventing severe Covid-19. I’m thinking of Ivermectin, etc. Also, there were those of us who followed the neutraceutical option from the earliest beginning by taking vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and Querecetin. Also, selenium stops viral replication. I don’t know what goes after the spike protein, maybe NAC (since they took it off of Amazon). I take it all and thousands or probably millions have since the beginning. Those who suppressed early treatments like our revolving door regulatory agencies and punished doctors who were in the business of saving lives are mass murderers. My understanding is that Covid 19 deaths were dominated by those confined to institutions or those who ended up unfortunately in the hospital. Transmission on the street was rare mainly because “asymptomatic” people do not spread enough virus to transmit disease. Of course, the tests were rigged, the hospitals were rigged…all to create fear and panic by broadcasting how deadly the virus was…all I guess to sell the vaccine. Now the numbers are rigged to hide how many vaccinated people are in the hospital with “severe Covid 19.” You have to be pretty sick to go to the hospital with a respiratory infection. There are probably thousands more that took the vaccine and now have covid who are not in the hospital. But you are probably part of the true believers. The vaccine is freedom, the vaccine is safe. I bet you live in the shadow of big tech in clueless S.F., CA

    • Replies: @Stebbing Heuer
  46. JasonT says:
    @peripatetic commenter

    There are good people everywhere and there are bad people everywhere, but a focus on money is evil by definition (Matthew 6:24).

    However, a focus on the behavior of Big Pharma is a distraction. The research, no matter whether done with good intentions, blindly without thinking about the consequences or malevolently with intent, opens the ability to do great evil, which will be exploited by those who are truly evil. Those who are truly evil do not need to be part of Big Pharma or even understand the science behind it – they only need to understand the results that can be achieved and to have enough willing or duped accomplices in Big Pharma to execute their plans.

  47. One thing that you can guarantee, if there’s years of debilitating illnesses caused by these covid shots, the pharmaceutical companies will have hundreds of drugs on the market to treat all the conditions and they’ll make additional billions selling them to the covid believers, while being completely immune to liability. Sounds like the perfect crime and the perfect business model. Satan himself, couldn’t of come out with something more fullproof!

  48. @ruralguy

    “The issue isn’t the death rate, which at 600,000 in the U.S. is not severe. ”

    Covid killed 600,000 americans?? HAHAHAHA. Do you live under a rock.? The numbers were wildly inflated to make trump look bad. If you had covid and your wife died, her death was listed as a covid death.


    The Organization Chart for Operation Warp Speed

    Also Who is….. Xavier Becerra is the 25th Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services

    Why is Xavier Becerra going along with poisoning the people of the United States including Hispanic People with these dangerous injections?????

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  50. @ImaBotKnot See Alex Azar on Warp Speed Chart….

    Between and January and August 2019, Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), headed by Alex Azar, runs a simulation—code-named “Crimson Contagion”. In this “Functional Exercise”, participated the National Security Council, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United States Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Commerce, United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, United States Department of Interior, United States Department of Justice, United States Department of Labor, United States Department of State, United States Department of Transportation, United States Department of Treasury, between others State and Local organizations, public and private.

    Note Between JANUARY JANUARY 2019 and AUGUST 2019

    Again Why are not Trump and crew Kushner and others not telling us not to get injections….. SAY NO TO BEING INJECTED

  51. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Does anyone else feel vaguely suspicious that these “vaccines” were not developed in great haste last year, but have been sitting on the shelf for 5 or 10 years, just waiting for the right moment to be deployed?

    • Agree: Ultrafart the brave
    • Replies: @Vojkan
  52. Dave C. says:

    Dave C.
    [email protected]

    As another commenter suggested, the non-prescription “nutraceuticals” that physicians have found may be effective both in prevention and early treatement of Covid-19 incude these below, which are available at most health food stores or even at many grocers these days. The doctors are calling it the “nutraceutical bundle” for Covid-19, which supports the immune system in fighting off an early infection:

    -Vitamin D3
    -Vitamin C
    -famotidine (the over the counter hearburn drug Pepcid)
    -quercetin (plant derived flavonoid/pigment)
    – L-lysine (amino acid supplement)
    – N-Acetyl Cysteine (amino acid supplent). FDA has gotten Amazon to pull it from sales as a “medication,” but you can still find it at stores.

    -green tea (just drinking it, or taking no more than 300mg/day green tea extract pills [called EGCG])

    -Also you can just drink quinine water (get sweetened “tonic water” in the grocery soda section either regular or diet). It has weak properties similar to prescription hydroxychloroquine. Yes, just like what you put in “gin & tonic.” Tastes pretty good by itself, but can also mix with any soda, herbal tea or fruit drink .

    You can do a Net search on each of these individually + Covid-19 to see the evidence. Don’t overdue it though, you can split the pills and just take a low preventative dose every day or every other day. Then also drink the green tea (different from the regular “black tea” in most ice tea) and tonic water. Green tea tastes fine in in iced tea, just milder, and is much more healthful than regular black tea. Decaf green tea bags are also available (to drink in the evening), because it does have a bit of caffeine which can keep you awake.

    Below is a link to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) “A Guide to Home-Based Covid Treatment” with some of the same recommendations and more:

    Also it is well worth watching the whole long interview (link below) with Dr. Peter A. McCullough, a highly-published “establisment” physician (internal medicine specialist), who says the government, media, and others conspired to downplay all the proven EFFECTIVE medical treatments for Covid-19 such as:
    – hydroxychloroquine
    – remdesivir
    – azithromycin or doxycycline
    – ivermectin
    – regeneron
    – monoclonal antibodies (President Trump received these)
    – corticosteroids
    – plus zinc supplements, as well as the non prescription neutraceuticals listed above.

    Dr. McCullough also did an interview with Tucker Carlson (available on YouTube) but the one below is much longer (over an hour) and gives you the WHOLE picuture – from a physician that cannot just be dismissed by the mainstream leftist media. In his interview with Dr. McCullough Tucker Carlson sat there looking more astonished than usual, that this could all be true. There is a growing group of several dozen prominent “mainstream” physicians (along with the “non-mainstream” AAPS) that is blowing the lid off this scandal.


    A lot of this downplaying of treatments (and instead pushing the vaccine development) was political, because President Trump was pushing Dr. Fauci and others for recommended treatment protocals such as hydroxychloroquine. (And yes, when he was talking about “disinfecting the blood” he had been briefed on several experimental treatments, including the patented [but not yet approved by the FDA] treatment that actually inserts a tiny UV-light probe into the lungs to “disinfect” the circulating blood there. ) Faucia and other doctors had actually recommended hydroxychloroquine years ago for the SARS virus, but now resisted it and other treatments – and therein lies the question. Why?

    If more people start getting sick because of the mRNA vaccines (Moderna & Pfizer), there is going to be hell to pay. There are already a few thousand reported deaths shortly following vaccination, and many more serious side effects. As the original article said, they are only now realizing the damage that can be done if cells all around the body continue to make the spike protein well after the initial few weeks. As was posted before, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (more tradtional technology) is probably safer, and you can also wait until fall for the more traditional Novavax (which just uses an inactived version of the spike protein to stimulate an immune response).

    • Replies: @Dave C.
  53. Bert33 says:

    Meh. When they have Fauci loaded in the cruiser, call me. LOL

  54. JayJay says:

    The VAERS website has deleted 150,000 records –all deaths from the shot.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  55. Vojkan says:
    @Buck Ransom

    Let’s put it this way: a brand new biochemical technology never tried before, never imagined before, invented and developed in half a year in response to a pandemic caused by a virus never officially isolated, how gullible do you have to be to believe it?

  56. gnbRC says:

    CDC advisers to review heart inflammation link to mRNA COVID jabs:

    This review seems to be a political response to heart inflammation reports out of Israel, out of panic because of 60+ percent vaccination rates in Israel. The [inflammation] symptom wasn’t a CDC concern for the US general population, and so this may be a ZOG issue. We’ll have to wait and see if Ivermectin is approved for general distribution in Israel for the vaxxed.

  57. Willow says:
    @gay troll

    Hydrogen peroxide is sold as color safe bleach. some people consume food grade hydrogen peroxide
    Found the below with a quick internet search:
    Food grade Hydrogen peroxide contains a pure form of oxygen; something that can be used by every cell in the body. By adding food grade hydrogen peroxide to your daily routine, you can increase your oxygen intake. When you increase your oxygen intake, you increase your body’s ability to function at a higher level with respect to digestion, regularity, and immune system function.”

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  58. gnbRC says:
    @Dave C.

    The Johnson & Johnson (one shot) vaccine is adenovirus (or viral) vector vaccine that uses an inactivated cold virus which has the spike proteins on the surface. This is a more traditional vaccine technology, …

    This gives the same scenario as SV40 and the polio vaccine. The issue is the J&J vaccine includes a zoonotic adenovirus vector rather than a human adenovirus vector, as in the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  59. Dave C. says:

    Below is the link to the follow-up article from one of the same websites referenced in the original article above. It links to a highly technical paper (link below also) that goes through all the ways that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could cause later health problems. This is no longer “consipiracy theory” stuff.

    Covid vaccines: Concerns that make more research essential

    Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19 [Technical Paper] – complete pdf is linked on page

    pdf of paper here:

    By the way, on the Covid-19 lab leak intelligence front, there are now mainstream news reports creeping out that the Defense Intelligence Agency (one of our few “non-woke” intelligence agencies left) has had a high-level Chinese defector in hand for a while, who confirms that the virus was intentionally manufactured in the Wuhan lab from the bat virus (article link below) – possibly for use as a bioweapon.

    He (or she) is confirming everything that the Chinese defector scientist Yan Li-Meng told the FBI last year, but the morons in that once-respected agency mostly ignored her info, despite questioning her for hours and taking all the info from her phone. She has been interviewed in the media, including on Tucker Carlson. FBI director Wray was just raked over the coals in a Congressional hearing on why they ignored her and the whole lab leak theory. It has been reported that the DIA REFUSED to tell the FBI or the CIA that they had the other defector until they had obtained all the information they could, because they believe the later two agencies are infiltrated with leftist informants, leakers, and possible Chinese spies. (June 11) EXCLUSIVE: Defector Provides Evidence That the Chinese Military Orchestrated the Creation of COVID-19 and Lab Leak

  60. Skeptikal says:

    Whenever I hear a detailed description of *any* of these vaccines, it makes me not want any vaccine more and more.

    • Agree: Buck Ransom
  61. @kapoore

    That just about sums it up.

    The one upside for me, of the virus and society’s response to it, has been to stop worrying. I used to worry about these things: people’s panicking, governments’ incompetence, companies’ corruption and venality.

    Now, I’ve stopped worrying about these natural facts over which I have no control. I just accept them as part of life, and just do whatever I can to protect myself and my loved ones.

  62. @Rahan

    My own analogy was the Xhosa cattle slaughter, but yours is more apt, given how people are lining up to drink the Kool-Aid.

  63. @brabantian

    This whole thing – from the virus’ appearance in China next to a bioweapons lab, to the constant lies from the medical establishment, to the suppression of cheap, safe and effective treatments, to the lockdowns which were applied to everyone except marxist protesters, to the experimental vaccines, to the news that the virus is actually a direct result of a joint US-China research programme, funded by the US and involving Fauci, and now to magnetism at the point of mRNA vaccine injection – the whole thing is like a bizarre sci-fi horror story.

    And as this news about heart inflammation suggests, it’s not over, by far.

    And while this is happening, the government is admitting to the existence of UFOs.

    I can’t process this, and I don’t think I’m alone.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  64. @Kumbaresu

    Nobody can predict the final outcome except Nostradamus, but it is not going to be pretty even in the best case scenario.

    I’ll bet creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus can.

    And the way things are going so far, they’re happy as a couple of kids in a candy store.

  65. ken says:

    Your either or glosses over the fact that “the medical community” is finally admitting that several off label drugs greatly reduce symptoms/mortality of COVID, meaning there was never a need to rush studies of vaccines.

    My wife had a long haul symptom of a constant smell of smoke (yes, not a nasty symptom). A DoD doctor told her he had heard of several cases like hers. 5 days on HCQ and it was gone.

  66. Erebus says:

    The VAERS website has deleted 150,000 records –all deaths from the shot.

    Where are you getting this from? The website recently bumped the reported deaths to 6,000, and it has been shown to be statistically likely that there are as many as 2x that number of reports backlogged in the system, but I’ve never heard of any being deleted.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  67. Dave C. says:
    @Dave C.

    Just some clarification on the doctor-recommended preventative non-prescription “nutraceuticals” for the prevention or early treatment of Covid-19, and some more info on the Wuhan lab-leak story:

    The nutraceutical bundle could be safely taken at low dosage until the incidence of Covid-19 has decreased signficiantly – and we are gradually getting there now in many areas of the the U.S. There is no need to take them continuously, although obviously regularly getting at least the recommended allowance (RDA) for Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, zinc, and selenium in a vitamin/mineral supplent is important for immune system health. If you eat a good diet, a complete vitamin/mineral supplement like brand-name Centrum (or similar) can be taken every few days or the tablet forms can be split. Recent studies have found that a signficicant fraction of the population is deficient in Vitamin D3, which is a Vitamin that is very important for prevention of disease. Another good supplement to take regulalry for general health is fish oil (showing both “EPA” and “DHA” on the lablel.

    The Cleveland Clinic and others found evidence that taking the natural hormone supplement Metlatonin (also made by the body) could reduce the incidence of of Covid-19 infections. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, however, one of it’s main functions in the body is to induce sleep, so it obviously should only be taken in the evening, about 20 minutes before bedtime (see the bottle label). If you take it, use a tablet (not a capsule), and split it to start out with a very low dose such as only 1/4 mg (split a 1 mg into quarters). In some people, taking more than this can cause morning grogginess (obviously bad for driving). Melatonin production in the body reduces with age, so some older people find that it helps to take it regularly for good sleep. Younger people have no need to take it regularly.

    Try to find the nutraceuticals in tablet form and you can just split them (pill splitters are available at pharmacies) to take the recommended daily allowance (RDA) every day – look on the label to see what percentage of the RDA is in a tablet for easy splitting. Many brands have high doses, and there is no need to mega-dose.

    Green tea is a very good antioxidant and is obviously fine to drink continuously and has anti-oxidant properties. Obviously, there is no need to drink tonic water regularly, but probably no harm in it either. Some people like the sweet/bitter taste to mix with other soft drinks.

    The over-the counter drug famotidine (brand name Pepcid, 20 mg/day), which has been found to be effective in reducing Covid-19 severity, should only be taken for 14 days at a time per the box label. It should not be taken continuously.

    Again, here is the doctor-recommended non-prescription “nutraceutical bundle” for prevention of Covid-19. Buy the lowest dosage availabe in pill/tablet form to be able to split, or if not available in pill/tablet, buy the lowest dosage in capsule form.:

    Essential Vitamins and Minerals:
    – Vitamin D3
    – Vitamin C (
    – zinc (RDA is 15 mg)
    – selenium (RDA is 70 mg)

    No specified RDA for these (use lowest dose available or split pill/table) for Covid-19 prevention:
    – melatonin – start with 1/4 mg, 20 minutes before bedtime
    – famotidine (the over the counter hearburn drug Pepcid, 20mg/day)
    – quercetin (plant derived flavonoid/pigment)
    – L-lysine (amino acid supplement)
    – N-Acetyl Cysteine (amino acid supplent) FDA has gotten Amazon to pull it from sales as a “medication,” but you can still find it at stores.

    -green tea (or no more than 300 mg/day green tea extract pills [called EGCG])
    -tonic water (regular or diet in the grocery soda section) (contines quinine with weak properties similar to prescription hydroxychloroquine)

    By the way, there is more information coming out every day in the “mainstream” media that Covid-19 is a virus that could only have been manufactured in the Wuhan Virology Laboratory. The latest is a article by two scientists in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago. The WSJ is a subscription site, but the following article gives a good summary.

    Expert Virologist Claims ‘Scientific Evidence Points to the Conclusion That the Virus Was Developed in a Lab’

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  68. Reiner Fuellmich interview with Prof. Peter McCullough June 11. YT perhaps still definitely BitChute. Blood curdling

  69. EoinW says:

    Don’t you think it will reach the point in which corporations don’t give you the mask choice? Un-vax = unemployed.

    I’d hate to see so many people harmed, however it would be the best thing for a future free society. It is an act of self destruction. Anyone with common sense and a bit of intellectual curiosity can find out how dangerous these mRNA bio weapons really are.

    The good thing is that, besides being evil, these people are also incredibly stupid. Pushing their “vaccines” on children. That’s as dumb as you can get. You’re more likely to get immediate lethal reactions from children. Don’t you think parents won’t be pissed when their children die from these vaccines? When adults die in smaller numbers they’ll claim covid variants and blame the unvaxxed for them. But children dying threatens their entire narrative.

    Or healthy athletic young adults having heart attacks – like the Danish footballer – is something so public they can’t cover it up.

    I’d say they are overplaying their hand and flirting with a huge backlash(even from the vaxxed sheep). If they can vax 12 yr olds they will. If they can vax infants they will. These people cannot help themselves. They really are insane.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  70. M - says: • Website

    “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now… We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So, by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.” (“Vaccine scientist: ‘We’ve made a big mistake’”, Conservative Woman)

    SERIOUSLY? If anyone should BE FAMILIAR WITH a toxin wouldn’t it be a SCIENTIST for God(dess)’s sake? Lies, lies, lies and more lies.

    It all makes me sick to my stomach. THEY make me sick to my stomach.

  71. @EoinW

    “You’re more likely to get immediate lethal reactions from children.”

    Indeed, in fact we can quote actual real-world figures for the pFizer poison thanks to the experience of the adventurous Israelis (and not by choice, we might add).

    ( ]

    ( ]

    From those two reports we can surmise that pFizer’s gene therapy kills 40 times more old people, and 260 times more young people, than the allegedly “deadly” Corona Chan bug.

    It kills nursing and unborn infants even more efficiently, if we are to accept the reports coming in from around the globe (and even from the woefully deficient American VAERS reporting system).

    The propensity of the younger generation to drop dead after Corona Chan “vaccination” would seem to be confirmed by the following video (as well as by numerous anecdotal reports) –

    ( ]

    So even if Corona Chan can’t be relied upon to kill the younger generation (which it most emphatically cannot, being no worse than a regular old influenza virus with virtual immunity for anyone less than middle age), we can be confident that “vaccination” will fix that oversight.

    If they can vax 12 yr olds they will. If they can vax infants they will. These people cannot help themselves. They really are insane.

    I suspect that the people behind the eugenic “vaccination” drive aren’t actually insane at all (that would be a legal defence), rather they’re just very evil people, psycopaths who were born with neither empathy for their fellow human beings nor with a conscience.

    • Agree: EoinW
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  72. @ruralguy

    All irrelevant if the virus is treated quickly, with known effective medications like HCQ, ivermectin, fluvoxamine etc. Your ‘likely’ is BigPharma shite.

  73. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Exactly. Neo-liberal corporatist capitalism and ‘liberal democracy’ preference the Evil, the psychopaths, the unempathic. After four or so decades of total dominance by this type in the West, all arenas of power be they politics, business, finance, the brainwashing systems etc, are totally dominated by the very worst creatures who have ever existed. That is why I have come around to the belief that this is the extermination campaign against the ‘useless eaters’ that the Evil elites have long advocated.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
  74. @Dave C.

    Why ONLY the WIV? Why not one of the 200 or so US bio-warfare labs, scattered around the world, unvisited by inspectors because the US has blocked the Verification Protocol of the Bioweapons Treaty since 2001?

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Thanks: Greta Handel
    • Replies: @Dave C.
    , @Dave C.
  75. Canuckian says:

    You make a good point but there are weakness to it. One is that the vaccines cause some serious/severe adverse events **that are unique to the vaccines** as per the VAERS database etc.

    If you multiply those issues over the billions of vaccines that the powers that be currently seem intent on forcing on people, you can well imagine that the vaccines will do far more damage than CV19 itself, particularly if you factor in booster shots over entire lifetimes, which would greatly increase the risk of eventually getting a serious disease from the vaccines.

    There is also the reality that the vaccines are far more damaging to young people, which is the exact opposite to the risk profile of CV19, which clearly affects the elderly. Why on earth would a young person, who has very little risk of damage from CV19, wish to risk damage from a vaccine?

    It should also be noted that many people will manage to avoid getting CV19 during their lifetimes, even if they are never vaccinated. However, if everyone is eventually vaccinated, they will be unable to avoid the potential of having the spike protein circulate through their bodies.

  76. @Erebus

    The number I keep seeing is that VAERS understates the true position five to ten times. In any case there are more deaths from these vaccines ALREADY than in ALL past experience with 70 different vaccines.

  77. @Stebbing Heuer

    I wonder if Ericson, the footballer who collapsed and arrested, has had his ‘jab’?

  78. Dave C. says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Agreed that other countries may be working on virus bioweapons in violation of treaties (I believe there was a previous suggesting this.) Russia no doubt, since they are paranoid (the U.S. and NATO are obviously destroying themselves culturally and economically, so they need not be worried). However, such bioweapon development it is very dangerous to the lab workers as well as the country’s population if there is a leak such as is likely with Covid-19. From a military standpoint there are other much more lethal chemical agents (also illegal by treaty) that dissipate after use, and do not put the military using them also at risk. Fauci and the other government morons were PAYING the WIV through an intermediary company (EcoHealth Alliance under Peter Daszak ) to do this dangerous “gain of function” virus research. The fact that Fauci has yet to be fired, and is still supported by the leftist media, is very telling.

    The overwhelming evidence that scientests are just now brave enough to reveal in the media and scientific journals suggests that that Covid-19 is a modified version of one of the the several bat viruses that the Wuhan Institute of Virilogy (WIV) had been collecting for years from the bat caves in China (a very long distance away from the animal “wet market”). The virus has now been “picked apart” in full by scientists. From what I have read, the layman’s description seems to be that two genetic sequences where “spliced” into the bat virus in a manner that would not happen with a mutation in nature. That is why no animal host for Covid-19 has been found (as were found in previous similar Asian virus outbreaks) . Since the WIV had been publishing in the scientific literature for years about “gain of function” research on these viruses, the lab-leak theory is the most plausible. However, the gain of function research could also have been a smokscreen for development of Covid-19 and other lethal viruses as bioweapons. The two Chinese defectors (one public, one still under wraps with the DIA) suggest this may true. Whatever the case, the Chinese Communist Party is still to blame for letting it spread by not containing it to the Wuhan area when they knew that it had leaked (lab workers had already died). I have read that over 90% of the worldwide deaths would have been prevented if the CCP had simply not allowed travel out of the Wuhan region.

    As far as the recent the chronology, what we saw first was the totally fake article in the medical journal “The Lancent” (stating no possible WIV lab leak), written by Dr. Fauci’s associate Peter Daszak, was exposed and withdrawn. (This is a very rare event in a real peer-reviewed medical journal.) Then over the past few months, several establishment doctors, such as Dr. Peter McCullough, started questioning the suppression of effective medical treatments, the pushing of the two experimental (non-FDA approved) mRNA vaccines and their potential dangers. This gave many scientists the backbone to start a deep analysis of the virus and its origins. Before that, others were just being “cancelled” as “conspiracy theorists” on Twitter, Facebook Google, YouTube, and even at universities and in science blogs.

    But now the floodgates are open on both the lab-leak and the potential dangers of the two mRNA vaccines in particular (potentially spreading the spike protein throughout the body by instructing the cells to make it). The jury still seems to be out on the Johnson & Johnson adenovirus vector vaccine (though it has also caused rare blood clots). The other vaccines that may become available (perhaps later this year) such as Novavax seem much safer. As posted before, there is LOTS lots of info on all the vaccines (articles & videos) – see previous comments posted here.

    If I were forced to take a vaccine now (e.g. by an employer), it would be the J&J vaccine, but I would try to stall to see how the Novavax approval works out in the next month (isolated spike protein alone [not manufatured throughout the body] with immune system booster). I believe Dr. McMcCullough and the other doctors speaking out say they would not give the two mRNA vaccines (Moderna & Pfizer) under any circumstances to pregnant/nursing women or children. I am not sure what they are saying about the J&J vaccine; it isn’t clear from the articles and interviews I’ve seen so far. The articles say there is a small risk of blood clots with the J&J vaccine up to two weeks after injection in susceptible individuals. Everyone needs to do their own research and make an informed decision.

    Here is another fairly readable scientific article that examines the mRNA vaccine spike protein migration issue, pro and con, raised in the original article (this one written by a microbiology graduate student) :

    Concerns of Lipid Nanoparticle Carrying mRNA Vaccine into the Brain: What to Make of It?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  79. meamjojo says:

    “But, exposure to SARS-CoV-2 itself can create serious side effects. As a journal paper recently related to the serious damage this virus can cause through pulmonary hypertension.”
    Is it the virus itself that causes the problems OR perhaps the spike protein? Uh oh if you have taken the mRNA vaccines.

  80. meamjojo says:

    Nope. Extra oxygen is NOT good for you. O creates free radicals that do serious damage to the body.

  81. meamjojo says:

    It’s obvious that Covid wasn’t particularly dangerous, didn’t easily transmit to the general population and ultimately, before it panned out in the spring of 2021 here, exactly as many had said it would, yet the medical industry and the MSM will not let up on the pressure to accept the “the jab”.

    Which begs the question why?

    It can’t be from fear as the numbers of affected/dead just don’t jibe with any reality that should engender fear in reasonable people.

    So there has to be another reason for the unrelenting full court MSM press.

    There has to be something in the vaccines that governments want to get inside people. WHY and WHAT is it?

  82. jasmin says:

    A disease resembling Kawasaki disease has occurred in some children This is a vasculopathy. That the spike protein binds to cells is known and these cells are in all tissues that is why covid is a systemic disease that targets not only the lungs but other cells. It’s is very lethal in the lungs becaue with the blood vessels inflamed the oxygen cannot get into the blood so there is what is referred to as ventilation/perfusion mismatch which simply means that the oxygen breathed in cannot cross into the bloodstream so it really doesn’t matter what concentration of oxygen is used because the oxygen cannot get into the blood. What is even worse is that high concentrataons of oxygen cause damage to the lungs as well. Add to this the damage done to the lungs by the ventilator pressure and you have a disaster.

    To give this vaccine to children is completely nuts. Children usually get only mild symptoms while the long– term effects of the vaccine are unknown. However, I suspect that in ten to fifteen years we will witness strokes and heart attacks in very young people–people in their twenties and thirties.

    It’s interesting that studies in India have proven the benefit of hydroxychloroquine. There are also recent studies that show hydroxychloroquine in an aerosolised form is effective. The financial and political interests have in the past been critical of this treatment.

  83. “Remember how everyone laughed at Trump when he said injecting household bleach would cure Covid?”

    I read an article recently that stated Trump never actually said that, his actual words were taken out of context. Surely the MSM would never do that? I have not checked myself, so I don’t know what he actually said.

  84. It isn’t really about making money: that is a distraction. Money is a social construct and the perpetrators of this hoax have more money that they know what to do with it and they don’t need any more of it.

  85. “we made a mistake”, a mass die-off of westerners will clear the way for an asiatic invasion of the West. Destroying their economic and military base would be a mistake of a colossal order. Is this what he means?

  86. Rubicon says:

    To Mike Whitney and all others:
    It was learned today, 6/14/21 that Robert Kennedy, Jr. has a new book called, “The Real Anthony Fauci? It will be published Sept 7th, 2o21.

    In this story, Kennedy narrates how Fauci, Gates, some of the US military, Big Tech and others gamed the system, by perpetrating the virus “Covid” to blanket the entire world.

    Kennedy, chronicles how Fauci got involved in the “gain of function” enterprise, and how he teamed up with Bill Gates/Others of immense power and, essentially, caused The Pandemic via, the media, Big Tech and its censoring skills, along with the military, etc.

    Today, Lew interviewed Kennedy who explained how all this happened. It includes most Western health institutes while threatening virologists, other medical experts from calling out the truth of this Worldwide Pandemic. The interview is the second down from the top.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  87. @ruralguy

    Yes, the spike protein in the vaccines can do serious damage, but the damage is likely far more severe in an unvaccinated person exposed to the virus.

    1) “likely”? Is this true for young, healthy people or just people with co-morbidities? The fact that no one can answer questions like this makes me believe the vaccine makers took short cuts.

    2) Many people wouldn’t get Covid 19 at all. I don’t know a single person in my state that has had it but getting the vaccine is a sure way to get spike proteins. What will their long term consequences be? No on knows

    3) It is possible that spike proteins alone will go where the virus will not and one of those places is across the blood brain barrier. I don’t know for sure this is true but I don’t know it’s not so would err on the side of caution

    4) Since I don’t want spike proteins at all I am taking prophylactic Ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. This costs about 25 cents a day and has had a positive effect on my overall health (that is the vitamins and zinc have).

  88. @Rubicon

    The interview is the second down from the top. scrolls news articles on a daily basis, so by tomorrow this article will be on page 2 or beyond.

    Here’s the links to go directly to the article, or directly to the embedded video –

    • Agree: Rubicon
    • Replies: @Rubicon
  89. ls0928 says:

    Also, you are quoting some hack “doctors” who appear more jealous and spiteful that they were not part of developing these vaccines

    Recommend that all go take the time to listen to the recent Dark Horse podcast where Bret Weinstein discusses all this and more with Robert Malone (and Steven Kirsch, a guy running an org to investigate treatment regimes). Malone echoes everything in Whitney’s essay and then some.

    Malone invented the mRNA vaccine technology. Not likely a “hack”.

  90. Rubicon says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    Thank you for sharing. The bottom site seems to have better reception.
    Pass the news on!

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  91. Fenrir says:

    Here is the correct analogy between the Spanish influenza of 1918-1919 and the current situation.

    1915-1917 (Sars-cov-2/M. avium and myco. pneumoniae) – 2019-2020 (Sars-cov-2/M. avium)

    1918-1919 (M. influenzae) – 2021-2022 (M. influenzae)

    That is, the analogy with the huge wave which occurred in the fall of 1918 might be caused by the vaccination program which has activated the cross-reacting antibodies between Sars-cov-2 and HCoV-OC43/H1N1 (not to mention much more powerful strains).

    SARS-Cov-2 in 1915-1917:

    Spike proteins = recombinant proteins (liquid crystals) created on a computer

    To get mobiles/non magnetic metal objects to stick to the arm, one needs the spin Hall effect activated by an infrared laser (invisible laser), and ferritin nanocages.

    In December 2019, a real BSL-4 pathogenic agent was released from Wuhan (intentionally of course), most probably mycoplasma fermentans; the frantic efforts of the authorities to contain this outbreak was witnessed by the entire world. In parallel, M. avium had been raining down from the atmosphere since November 2019 (cometary dust from comet Encke), causing the pandemic known as covid-19. This pandemic was over by february 2020, but the catastrophic decision to start the trial vaccines in january of 2020 created the first powerful new strains (D614G). The vaccines were made only for the Wuhan variant which had disappeared in march of 2020.

    Most worrying aspects: cross-reacting antibodies (Sars-Cov-2 with H1N1/HCoV-OC43) and ebola (M. africanum) patients who are receiving the vaccine for covid-19.

  92. @Rubicon

    Thank you for sharing…
    Pass the news on!

    Here’s another gem pinched from

    This fellow (Dr.Ryan Cole) spells out the real-life situation surrounding the Corona Chan “pandemic” and the “vaccines” about as clearly as anyone possibly could, in plain English.

    Definitely a must-see for anyone who gives a toss about the truth.

    Talk About Covid-19, mRNA Bioweapon, Ivermectin, & The Importance Of Vitamin D – Dr. Ryan Cole

    ( ]
    ( ]

  93. @Dave C.

    You’ve been successfully brainwashed, that’s all. Two ‘defectors’ eh? The first hysterical anorexic has been identified as a Falun Gong liar, already, recruited by Bannon et al. The use of ‘defectors’ is notoriously unreliable, or did you miss that civics lesson. You’ve ‘read’ that the Evil ‘CCP’ caused 90% of deaths, did they? Whereabouts? Breitbart?
    The virus is certainly a chimera between two viruses (a technique known since 1999, and widely around the world)with the four codons, twelve base pairs, coding for the amino acids that create a furin cleavage site, ie making the virus more easily transmissible. Easily done anywhere in the US bio-warfare establishment, 200 bases spread around the world, many involved in prospecting for pathogens, including from bats, in places like Georgia, Ukraine (several there) Kazakhstan, South-East Asia etc. I’d suggest looking for the real culprits there.

  94. Dave C. says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    As I posted also in response to Ron Unz’s latest article on Covid-19:

    One correction:
    Peter Daszak’s letter (not article) in the The Lancet medical journal, denying the possibility of a Wuhan Lab leak, has been widely exposed as nonsense by other scientists, however the The Lancet has not formally “withdrawn” it, because it was just a letter (that Dasazak got 27 other scientists to sign), not a peer-reviewed medical paper.

    How Facebook’s ‘independent fact checkers’ cited letter secretly organized by Wuhan lab funder Peter Daszak to ‘debunk’ leak theory and punish news outlets that explored it.

    Elite journals under scrutiny over role in Wuhan lab leak debate

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  95. Anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    The injection is infection. Infection with the spike protein. Both the virus and the “vaccine” were designed for that purpose. Evil on a galactic scale.

    Take nac and/or ivermectine as antidotes, particularly if injected.

  96. Anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes! There is a much greater threat. It is the US government and all the other governments that have made this possible. This no mistake. No one makes a mistake of this nature. This is willful, criminal negligence at best and malicious intent to kill at worst. In the worst case it is the state implementation of a depopulation agenda in a fairly straightforward manner. Only scheduling trains to take the victims to extermination camps would be more plain.

    If these governments will do this to further their schemes what else might they do? Put poison in every item in the grocery store? If the bugs can’t eat it, can you? Start a murderous, unnecessary war? How many of those have we had justified by governments?

    It is time to really rethink the nature of the world when it becomes clear that entire governments should be tried for murder and executed for that crime.

  97. I have followed the Baric-perfected gain-of-function in the past months directly in animal studies.
    The strategy of these fellows is brilliant protein science, combining properties (domains) of HIV gp120, the furin cleavage site as a ‘detonator’ and prion-like structures with molecular mimicri of glycolysation, into the single spike. It has to be noted many viruses have prionlike structures, so it should not be an immediate danger.
    But there is more: it seems the S-protein of the virus is designed to embody a `triple tap`. I find it surprising very few so-called scientists realised how difficult it had been all the way to deliver a working coronavirus vaccine in the past three decades. Not just human coronaviruses, but almost all animal coronaviruses escape vaccine effects. (Maybe the turkey coronavirus vaccine is one positive example. But just take the example of cat FIP `vaccine`…frequently causing ADE and death).
    Then, suddenly, within nine months several new and seemingly effective singularly S-directed vaccine candidates appear. As if the virus itself was offering its only ‘effectively targetable’ part for free. The second ‘tap’ is thus, the expression of the stabilised HexaPro or 2P full, prefusion conformation S-protein by a vaccine, be it mRNA-based (BioNTech) or DNA-based (Sputnik). Expression here means production by many cells of the recipient body. HexaPro and 2P are rigidified S-proteins that allow longer persistence and higher antibody response.
    Then a measurable proportion of vaccinated populations will be internally exposed to high risks of ‘low’ levels of circulating, stabilised, engineered chimaeric S-protein during cca. two weeks after each vaccine injection. The third tap after the toxic protein disappears from the blood, could be the developed non-neutralising antibodies that stay, and later the so-called `antigenic sin` plus probably ADE. ADE should be more caused by the inactivated vaccine types though which contain postfusion conformation S-proteins having much less neutralisable sites exposed (most of the Chinese vaccines, some Indian, some Iranian). All this was pre-meditated like the chess board of a grand master. There is no safe and secure anti-S vaccine and it was designed to be so. We are not going to drop like flies, but this is the range of ‘very frequent side effects’.
    According to the plasma level measurements of Ogata et al. quote:
    ‘The mean spike peak level was 62 pg/mL ± 13 pg/mL’. This means 350 to 500 nanograms (say half a microgram) of circulating S-protein in the 5 liters of blood of anyone. By comparison, the human deadly dose of botulinum toxin is 70 nanograms, that of saxitoxins is circa 500 nanograms, and there are quite a few toxins that surely and instantly kill in a few dozen micrograms – per person. Allergen proteins (from e.g. peanuts) cause severe effects again in the few dozen nanogram ranges. There is no scientific rationale to say these reported plasma S-levels are safe. Maybe (maybe) they are not in the LD50 range, but who would be comfortable with an LD5 toxic protein dose exposition as vaccine…
    If one examines Pfizer`s mRNA biodistribution study, it is again outrageous. Cutting corners everywhere, using three rats per time point, and not going further than 48 hours in the assay. Those 21 rats were the basis for the Phase I. in humans. Not good.
    If anyone wishes to counter these effects, there are a lot of possibilities though. DNA Damage Response modifiers will help, especially ellagic acid (pomegranate juice) and resveratrol. None of my winemaker friends had severe COVID despite their older age.

  98. @Dave C.

    Daszak’s Eco Health Alliance is funded by USAID (ie the State Department) and Pentagon. A plausible double agent, I would say. This operation has been LONG and carefully planned.

  99. Dave C. says:
    @Dave C.

    Below is a link to a long detailed YouTube video where a physician (popular YouTuber “DrBeen”) explains the new Novavax vaccine in detail and why it may be much safer (lower possibility of side affects) option than the current three vaccines. He uses lots of good drawings and diagrams. I like his accent too.

    You Will Love This Vaccine (Novavax Vaccine)

  100. @ruralguy

    The flu could be pretty devastating with long term effects as well.

    People seem to be so focused on the effects of COVID that they have forgotten everything we learned from influenza, the Spanish Flu. Influenza itself was understudied insofar as few scientists went out of their way to find more reasons to stoke fear over influenza.

    SARS Cov-2 is a real virus and COVID-19 is a serious illness but not the Spanish Flu redux. Never before in history has science been so misapplied to an illness. Lockdowns, masks, and treatment restrictions all served to enhance the deadliness not only of COVID but every other otherwise- treatable ailment in society.

    COVID-1984 the moral panic government disease, is a far greater threat.

    Natural healers during the 1919-20 pandemic had excellent treatment results relative to conventional medicine, possibly due to conventional medicine’s overuse of aspirin. However, no-one then prevented medical professionals from applying therapeutics they thought best the way COVID-1984 today has suppressed practical treatment of COVID-19.

    How many people are still vitamin C,D and K deficient? How many hospitalized patients never received extra vitamins let alone hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, but just allowed to die on absolute, bare minimum support?

    How many died because of health care cutbacks preceeding COVID-19, that turned every flu season into an annual crisis of not enough beds and ICUs?

    How many elderly died of dehydration because they were denied an IV?

    COVID-19 is dangerous, but COVID-1984 far more so.

  101. Good observations, but how long do spike proteins alone last in the body? And is an immune overreaction to the spike protein more the danger over the spike protein itself?

    Without the rest of the virus, there should be no way for spike proteins to multiply; whatever one is injected with, should be all that are barring an actual SARS Cov-2 infection.

    Assuming this was a bioweapon, perhaps the spike protein was the main payload, and the virus just the carrier. This would imply SARS Cov-2 need not be the only cause of future COVID-like illnesses.

    SARS Cov-2 still isn’t the Spanish Flu redux, tho. That was 50 million dead in two years, a rough estimate, many in the prime of their lives, versus just under four million to date, mostly elderly, with numbers cheated upwards.

    Many globalist elitists are geezers, so they aren’t going to release anything that could really threaten them.

    • Replies: @Brockland A.T.
  102. @Brockland A.T.

    Oh, snarf… lazy typing. “… there should be no way for [complete] spike proteins to multiply…”

    “Whatever [mRNA partial spikes one is injected to reproduce] should be all that’s [present] barring actual SARS Cov-2 infection replicating a complete spike protein.”

    So what’s a little confusing is, is it that the incomplete spike protein much worse than the real thing?

  103. A little late…ok Mike, now that you’ve scared the living s**t out of us, there is something you need to do. Has your research unearthed any possibility of an Anti-Covid Vaccine treatment? Something that counteracts the spike protein imbalance?

  104. Hrw-500 says:

    I wish someone will find the Achilles’ Heel of that spike protein asap who could open the door for an antidote against that protein. I guess I’m too optimist about this.

    • Replies: @Brockland A.T.
  105. @Hrw-500

    Best and maybe too optimistic guess would be, the presuming powers that be aren’t dumb enough to release anything that could truly backfire badly onto them.

    Keeping up strong natural immunity with vitamin C, D, and K plus zinc should be enough to deal with COVID-19 and the spike protein, as it does every flu season.

    COVID-1984 is the real threat; that empowers captured government health enforcers to prevent people from taking care of themselves.

  106. @JimDandy

    I remember what he said. He suggested to Dr. Birx, in a white house presser, that a “disinfectant” or a “disinfectant cleaner” would be interesting to try. Bleach would fall in the broad catagory as a disinfectant cleaner would it not?

  107. matty032 says:

    It’s Catoms, Hydra Vulgaris, and Graphene Oxide

  108. Concerned says:

    Africa only 4.4% vaccinated! Why isn’t Biden & CNN shouting BLM!

  109. I don’t believe Trump ever said to inject bleach. His statement was along the lines of having a solution to killing the virus along the lines of if we had something that may work like if one injected bleach. There was never any suggestion to actually inject bleach and anyone who thought that would be a good idea is they type of person we need known as ‘thinning of the herd”.

  110. PeteW says:

    But there’s a big difference, if you get the vaccine you get the vaccine 100%, but if you’re unvaccinated you might a: not get the virus at all or b: get it moderately or mildy (or yes, severely in some cases) and hence develop natural antibodies, (because as we know now unless you have other health problems you’re very unlikely to die indeed). So it’s not a fair comparison to say “damage is likely far more severe in an unvaccinated person exposed to the virus” because every case is different. And I should know because I “got it” and barely noticed, and developed antibodies ….. It isn’t a one size fits all situation

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