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The “Exceptional” U.S. Suffers Crushing Defeat in Debaltsevo
The Battle Behind the Fog of Propaganda
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“There’s no city left. It’s destroyed.”

— Anonymous Ukrainian soldier following the battle of Debaltsevo

In less than a year, the United States has toppled the democratically-elected government of Ukraine, installed a Washington-backed stooge in Kiev, launched a bloody and costly war of annihilation on Russian-speaking people in the East, thrust the economy into a downward death spiral, and reduced the nation to an anarchic, failed state destined to endure a vicious fratricidal civil war for as far as the eye can see.

Last week, Washington suffered its greatest military defeat in more than a decade when Ukraine’s US-backed army was soundly routed in the major railway hub of Debaltsevo. Roughly, 8,000 Ukrainian regulars along with untold numbers of tanks and armored units were surrounded in what-came-to-be-known-as “the cauldron.” The army of the Donetsk Peoples Republic led by DPR commander Alexander Zakharchenko, encircled the invading army and gradually tightened the cordon, eventually killing or capturing most of the troops within the pocket. The Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered major casualties ranging between 3,000 to 3,500 while a vast amount of lethal military hardware was left behind.

According to Zakharchenko, “The amount of equipment Ukrainian units have lost here is beyond description.”

Additionally, the US-backed proxy-army saw many of its crack troops and top-notch units destroyed in the fighting leaving Kiev unable to continue the war without assistance from allies in the US or Europe. The full impact of the defeat will not be known until angry troops returning from the front amass on the streets of the Capital and demand Petro Poroshenko’s resignation. The Ukrainian President is responsible for the massacre at Debaltsevo. He was fully aware that his army faced encirclement but ordered them to remain in order to satisfy powerful right-wing elements in his government. The disaster is even more terrible due to the fact that it was entirely avoidable and achieved no strategic purpose at all. Extreme hubris frequently impacts outcomes on the battlefield. This was the case at Debaltsevo.

The debacle ensures that the bumbling president’s days are numbered. It’s nearly certain that he will either be replaced or hanged sometime in weeks ahead. He has already flown his family to safety out of the country, and there’s growing speculation that both Washington and the far-right nationalists who occupy the Security Services will insist on his removal. That paves the way for a second Ukrainian coup in less than a year, a grim reminder of the tragic failings of US policy in Ukraine. Check out this blurb from a post at the Vineyard of the Saker:

“Looks like the Nazi death squads are on the march again, this time they are looking at Kiev. Thirteen death-squad (aka “volunteer battalion”) leaders have now declared that they are forming their own military command under the command of the notorious Semen Semenchenko. Officially, they are not in any way opposed to the current regime, so said Semenchenko, but in reality their rank and file members are pretty clear about what they want to do: organize a third Maidan and toss out Poroshenko.

What makes these 21st century version of the SA so dangerous for Poroshenko it that he, unlike Hitler, does not have a 21st century version of the SS to eliminate them all overnight. In fact, according to many reports the entire southern part of the rump-Ukraine is now “Kolomoiski-land” fully under the control of the oligarch who finances these death-squads. Add to this the fact that most of the Rada is composed of the very same battalion commanders and assorted Nazi freaks, and you will why Poroshenko is now very much in danger……

The sad reality is that there is simply nobody in the Ukraine capable of disarming these so-called “volunteer battalions”. There are now thousands of uniformed Nazi freaks roaming around with guns who can now impose their law of the jungle on everybody. It sure looks like the future of Banderastan will be something like a mix of Somalia and Mad Max – a failed state, a comprehensively destroyed economy, a collapsed social order and the law of armed gangs of thugs.” (The Vineyard of the Saker)

If Poroshenko is doomed to be the scapegoat in the Debaltsevo cock-up, it’s only because he followed the foolhardy advice of his Washington paymasters. Had he listened to his military advisors instead, he probably would have withdrawn his troops earlier and spared himself a Gadhafi-like demise. Now, that’s probably no longer possible.

Poroshenko’s desperation has led to an appeal to western allies and the United Nations for the deployment of a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. The request is an admission of defeat and has no chance of being implemented, mainly because it violates the terms of the recent peace agreement (Minsk 2.0), but, also, because voting members on the Security Council (Russia and China) are certain to veto the idea. Clearly, Poroshenko, who is increasingly embattled and reviled, is grasping at straws hoping to avoid the same violent end he ruthlessly inflicted on so many of his countrymen. Here is a brief summary of recent events from the World Socialist Web Site:

“The debacle suffered by the Kiev regime exposes the utterly reckless and frankly stupid character of the policy pursued by Washington and its EU allies in Ukraine….

The initial attempts of the Kiev regime and its CIA backers to subjugate east Ukraine by sheer military terror, relying on fascist militias and select units of the Ukraine army that it considered to be reliable, have failed….

Nevertheless, Washington is pressing Kiev to prepare for a renewed offensive and is still discussing directly arming the Ukrainian army against Russia with US weapons….

In west Ukraine, the population is evading or resisting draft orders to obtain more cannon fodder for the east Ukraine war. At the same time, Ukraine’s economy, cut off from its main industrial base in east Ukraine and its export markets in Russia, is collapsing.

“The country is at war that they cannot afford to fight. There is no economy any longer….Gerald Celente of Trends Journal told Russia Today. “That \$160 billion loss of trade with Russia has destroyed the economy, when it was already in a severe recession. It went from very bad to worse than depression levels.”

(“US-backed Kiev regime faces military debacle in east Ukraine war“, Alex Lantier, World Socialist Web Site

Washington has largely won the information war, having persuaded Congress and the American people that US policy in Ukraine is “just”, but on the ground, where it counts, Washington has encountered one catastrophic failure after another. This process will undoubtedly persist until the costs are too exorbitant to bear.

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at [email protected].

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    So, what is the narcissistic Kenyan Foriegener’s and the farting-hairy-moles-on-face-testosterone-flushed bulldyke Hillary Clinton’s game plan for Conservative Orthodox Christian Russian? Answer:go to You Tube….type in “Anastasia Volochkova dancing to Adiemus by Karl Jenkins”….take a look at this perfection of Russian Womanhood…..ok….now here is the narcissistic Kenyan Foriegner’s and the violent psychopath bulldyke Hillary Clinton’s game plan for the Conservative Orthodox Christian Russian People:BURN!!!!!…POISSON!!!! WITH THERMONUCLEAR WEAPONS THE BODIES OF BEAUTIFULL YOUNG RUSSIAN WOMEN SUCH AS ANASTASIA VOLOCHKOVA…millions of them…and the ones that survive thermonuclear-genetic engineering give birth to freakish monstrosities that only Hillary Clinton and her White Classy feminists supporters could possibly love!!!!!! 10…9….8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…HERE’S MIRV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANASTASIA!!!!

    • Replies: @Epaminondas
  2. Hersh says: Experts say ISIS beheading video may be a hoax.

    I remember 30 years ago when President Reagan bombed Libya to retaliate for the discotheque bombing (which may or may not have been the work of Libya). It was much discussed that the bombs killed Qadaffi’s infant adopted daughter and a few servants. I remember Phil Donahue doing a whole show about it. Years later, I saw a professor from the Army War College on cspan’s Washington Journal and he said that President Reagan did not want to drop any more bombs because of what happened in Libya and the deaths of innocents.

    There was a time in living memory when American media was concerned about civilians dying in war. Now, its not mentioned at all. An ISIS video of the beheading of one or a few people that may or may not be from ISIS and may or may not be fake is round-the-clock news but only bad guys are killed by US bombs and when they are killed, I guess the picture wouldn’t be “graphic” at all; it would be like they just vanished.

    I saw a commentator on TV this morning, Forbes magazine heir Steve Forbes, say that the way not to have wars (which are bad because they grow government per Forbes) is to start the wars sooner, attack an enemy as soon as you think he might be an enemy.

    • Replies: @Ivy
    , @annamaria
  3. Art says:

    What are the Israelis going to do to rescue their Jewish puppet – Porky?

  4. Ivy [AKA "Enquiring Mind"] says:

    Forbes is just a shill for the MIC. Too bad he has a magazine.

    The incompetence demonstrated routinely by the administration in their clueless foreign adventures is beyond reckless, and well past immoral.

  5. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Ukraine is one of those wars where you can almost see the invisible hands moving the pawns to their deaths.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    No worries, our Kurdish and Shite friends will soon be whacking ISIL.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  7. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Additionally, the US-backed proxy-army saw many of its crack troops and top-notch units destroyed in the fighting leaving Kiev unable to continue the war without assistance from allies in the US or Europe.

    If this is true, then Ukraine did not have an army. It had a division. I’d expect to see Russian troops cut the country in half, if not move all the way to the Polish border in a matter of days. In fact, Mariupol and Slaviansk should fall overnight. If this is true.

    • Replies: @Simon in London
  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The architects seem never to fear the projectile, it’s all PHYSICS. Checkout the mangled in feeding of this Kolomoisky, after having the equivalent of Ukraine’s attorney general replaced he hopes to sue the central government over lost earnings in his JXK oil and gas concern, while serving as governor of an oblast while living in Switzerland!!!! Puncture the Poles, their hubris requires some snuffing(it has to do with the Papist sense of inferiority).

  9. “greatest military defeat in more than a decade”

    Surely the defeat of US-backed Georgia in the 2006 South Ossetia war was worse?

  10. eah says:

    encircled the invading army

    Since it’s actually nominally still part of Ukraine, it’s a bit strange to refer to the regular Ukrainian army as “the invading army”. But the general tone of this piece is shrill and sensationalistic.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  11. @Anon

    Obviously Russia could occupy Ukraine if they wanted, just as they could have occupied Georgia in 2006 if they wanted. It’s not 1995 anymore, and they’re not fighting Chechens.

    • Replies: @Anon
  12. patriot says:

    So name the victories the US has had since, um, well whenever. The US is a legend in its own mind, thanks to Hollywood, the MSM and a concerted PR effort. I feel truly sorry for the true Christian US citizens who have to experience the decline of their once great country. No matter, if you need some advance view of how life under a Communist government will be, come to South Africa, where America, along with its spineless Commie bastid European friends, destroyed a bastion of civilisation and light on the African continent.

    America, the land of the free, home of the brave hahahahahahahaha

    • Replies: @unit472
    , @Realist
  13. unit472 says:

    That the Ukrainian Army was defeated in Debaltseve is true but what has Putin won. Another city in his Donetsk People’s Republic has been destroyed and depopulated. The Telegraph this morning has a report from the capital, Donetsek. The reporter stands in the middle of one of its main streets and remarks that last April when he was there it would have been impossible. Now there is no traffic, no sign of human habitation at all save for one couple who live underground and subsist without power or heat beyond a garbage can they burn wood scraps in.

    You cannot ‘win’ a civil war’ if you have no ‘civilian’ population left to rule and that is what has happened to the areas under the control of Putins forces. Were these authentic ‘civilian militia’ forces they might be expected to contain the civil administration and business and industry community of Donetsk sufficient to provide some sort of public services and economy for the population but that doesn’t seem to be the case. They are purely a military force.

    Now as for the military balance, it should come as no surprise that the Ukrainian government forces equipped with Warsaw Pact era weapons and munitions would have a tough time going up against more modern Russian supplied and directed military forces. We might soon see the corollary of this situation should more modern American military gear appear in the hands of Ukrainian government troops. Its really about whose artillery has greater range, accuracy and targeting capability not which side has better troops.

  14. unit472 says:

    There has been an unwritten rule since 1945 that no Great Power can impose an unconditional surrender on another state of the sort that once constituted ‘victory’. During the Cold War this was enforced by the threat of nuclear escalation or opening hostilities in another theater were the US, for example, to have toppled the government of North Vietnam or had the US allowed the Israeli’s to take Cairo and Damascus in the 1973 Arab Israeli war. The Russian’s were likewise prohibited from overrunning Central America or even allowing their Nicaraguan proxy from crushing the US backed Contras.

    In other situations , the UN and international public opinion, has prevented nations from pressing home any military advantage to the point that would be called final victory. India was not allowed to finish off Pakistan or South Africa, the Cuban and Angolan government forces. Even the Iran/Iraq war was left a stalemate. The military option has been circumscribed in the modern world because the modern world has basically outlawed ‘total war’ where civilian populations can be so traumatized they capitulate.

  15. Seriously?

    Saker is a joke.

    Fighting over the equivalent of Buffalo New York vintage 1983.

    Rustbelt ruins surrounded by farmland, along with a bunch of folks who are going to argue about what version of russian they speak, along with some Cossacks out for looting whatever they can get?

    And this is news, how? Frankly I am amazed it took so long for Ukraine to start splitting up.

    The folks in the east love Mother Russia, and the western part of the country hates them still.

    So, without that great repression of communism, the old fault lines pop right out, and yet the russians are surprised when the west doesn’t agree and nod sympathetically when they move the lines on the map?

    And Czar Putin the Populist ruling over his mess, keeping the rubes distracted with visions of Greater Russia, all the while getting more paranoid. So in x years who takes over when Putin keels over? The problem with strongmen is what happens when they go.

    All of this mess is simply history resurfacing, and the really funny part is the total Nazi overlay coming out.

    Fighting started during the first world war- and the communists kept killing people who had fled from afar:

    And yet this is a Nazi issue?


    Simplistic propaganda masquerading as analysis.

  16. Biff says:

    “but what has Putin won”

    A free trip to Disney World…

  17. Realist says:

    “What are the Israelis going to do to rescue their Jewish puppet – Porky?”

    Buy more American politicians.

    • Replies: @JoaoAlfaiate
  18. Realist says:

    The United States has lost every war since the second WW.

  19. @Art

    Oh, don’t worry. Their main cat’s paw in Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoisky is now–thanks to the war–more powerful than ever. All of his main rivals (Porky, Rinat Akhmetov, etc.) have been weakened significantly during the course of the conflict.

  20. @Anonymous

    Along with the Syrians, they already are whooping up on ISIS. That’s why the neo-cons are pushing Obama to seek a new AUMF: they realize that their little terrorist dupe-groups are not going to be able to get rid of the Syrian government without outside help.

  21. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Simon in London

    Obviously Russia could occupy Ukraine if they wanted, just as they could have occupied Georgia in 2006 if they wanted. It’s not 1995 anymore, and they’re not fighting Chechens.

    It’s obvious that the US should have defeated North Vietnam and that the Russians should have defeated the Afghan mujahideen. Things that are obvious don’t always mirror what actually comes to pass.

  22. @unit472

    That the Ukrainian Army was defeated in Debaltseve is true but what has Putin won.

    Ukrainian neutrality is what he has won. Now that Sebastopol is secure, that’s his overriding objective in. EU/NATO don’t admit countries with border disputes–ask Saakashvili.

    Now as for the military balance, it should come as no surprise that the Ukrainian government forces equipped with Warsaw Pact era weapons and munitions would have a tough time going up against more modern Russian supplied and directed military forces.

    Actually, the rebels are using the exact same equipment as the Ukrainian Army. In fact, most of heavy armor/artillery was either seized from army bases in E. Ukraine at the start of the war, or has been captured by retreating Ukrainian forces since then. In the article above, Whitney even mentions that, in order to be allowed to retreat from the Debaltsevo pocket, they were forced to leave their heavy stuff behind.

    Somebody should inform John McCain: the Ukrainian Army’s troubles are NOT a function of a lack of equipment. They are a function of a lack of manpower, owing to high rates of defection and draft evasion in the west.

  23. PeterB says:

    The dead are all Ukrainian, the destruction of territory is in the Ukraine, the refugees, the ill will, the apparent partitioning of the country, the destruction of whatever economy they had, the ruined civil society, all of it Ukrainian. The Ukrainians are the losers. For the Americans it was just a ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ roll of the dice. It remains to be seen whether they decide to send in more arms and try to build up their military so as to keep the fighting going or if they decide to pull the plug as a failed investment, leaving them in the lurch. Either way the fallout will haunt the Ukraine for years to come. Poroshenko and the others will probably move to the US or somewhere else in the west to live just like other foreign clients of America have done.
    Whatever the outcome one thing is certain and that is it will provide a propaganda bonanza for domestic consumption whereby what really happened will be distorted endlessly. Being tough or ‘standing up to the Russians’ will be exploited as a part of political campaigns in the future.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @annamaria
  24. LondonBob says:

    This whole Ukrainian crisis has been through the looking glass, the coverage in the British press beyond parody.

    • Replies: @anon
  25. @unit472

    what has Putin won

    But that’s assuming that Putin is some superman completely in control of everything.

    If one goes back a year, one will find that:
    1) During the Ukraine crisis, Putin was busy with his Winter Olympics, and was slow to respond.
    2) In Kiev, there was an armed coup that removed a democratically elected leader. The coup featured Nazi elements and was followed by the implementation of Nazi laws.
    3) In the old Soviet territories, people remember the Nazis very well. Here in North America people don’t have quite the same understanding of Nazism that people in, say, Donetsk do. Here in North America the Nazis were some pest that the boys went and crushed. In Donetsk and beyond, the Nazis were demons from Hell who drowned the land in blood and sorrow.
    4) Russia repeatedly offered Kiev economic deals superior to those offered by the West. Russia wants a friendly Ukraine and is willing to pay. Russia has been giving Kiev free gas since the inception of this Ukrainian state.

    The people in the Donbass were not happy the guy they voted for was pushed out in a violent coup. They were not happy when Kiev told them they were second-class citizens. They were not happy to see the plague their grandfathers had fought to defeat come back again in broad daylight. They were not happy, and, using the Kosovo precedent, they decided to secede.

    Putin did take Crimea, which was thrown in his lap, and which is a territory as Russian as Texas is American. And he does support the Eastern Ukrainian militias – he has no choice. In Russia, many are unhappy that Putin is too soft on the Ukrainians.

    One last thing – check your moral compass, people. I see articles vilifying Putin and excusing the Kiev regime even at websites that should know better. And I see some articles that seem to avoid taking sides.

    Just so that you remember what the sides are in this conflict:
    – The Kiev regime is anti-democratic. It replaced a democratically elected government via a violent coup.
    – The Kiev regime is overtly fascistic, in the Mussolini “merger of state and corporate power” tradition. Criminal oligarchs have been given entire provinces to squeeze like lemons.
    – The Kiev regime is also overtly Nazi, as many outside observers, including, recently, the Czech president, have noticed. Overtly Nazi! Do you realize what that means? Do you know how much blood was shed to stop the Nazi abomination?
    – The Kiev regime is an incompetent regime that has ruined its country’s already fragile economy.

    So if you are against democracy and economic progress, and in favor of fascism and Nazism, by all means support Kiev and vilify Putin.
    Sometimes things can really be pretty black and white.

    • Replies: @unit472
  26. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:
    @What a joke.

    In other words Field Marshall Laptop Bomber, you want to go to war with Russia…hey, that’s real hysterical!!!!..provoke a war with Russia!!!

  27. annamaria says:

    “In west Ukraine, the population is evading or resisting draft orders to obtain more cannon fodder for the east Ukraine war.”

    Steve Forbes sounds so righteous as compared to the non-righteous east Ukrainians that protect their families, land, language, and culture in general. Cannot see Steve Forbes and his progeny rushing to save American civilization in Ukraine, on a border with Russia.
    Universal draft. We desperately need Universal Draft. With Chelsea Clinton and Mary Cheney leading the charge, since Forbes family has been judicially avoiding combat, at all times. But Forbes family loves sending other peoples’ children to wars to die for Forbes et al “haves” well-being.

  28. annamaria says:

    Israeli citizen Kolomoisky has been financing death-squads of neo-Nazis, like the infamous Azov battalion that was involved in burning people alive in Odessa:
    The Wall Street Journal praises the war criminal. You see, the memory of Holocaust victims is only important for protecting scoundrels from any criticism (see the ADL).
    Ukraine is a graveyard for hundreds of thousands of Jews murdered by Nazis and buried in huge mass graves, like Babi Yar: “Babi Yar is a ravine on the outskirts of Kiev where Einsatzgruppen mobile squads killed at least 34,000 Jews over a one week period in September 1941. Russian estimates put the number of killed at nearly 100,000. Today, Babi Yar has come to symbolize the horrific murder of Jews by the Einsatzgruppen as well as the persistent failure of the world to acknowledge this Jewish tragedy.”
    And here comes Mr. Kolomoisky. He hires neo-Nazis and instructs them to kill the people of east Ukraine because the Jewish billionaire wants to protect his investment. Where are AIPAC and ADL and Elie Wiesel? Not a peep.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Wally
  29. annamaria says:

    There have been sensations. To list just some of them:
    The direct and open involvement of CIA, with the Director of CIA showing in Kiev on the eve of military actions of Kiev against east Ukrainians, that is, on the eve of the civil war (was the war instigated and directed by Brennan?)
    The refusal of west Ukrainians to fight their compatriots in east Ukraine
    The financing of neo-Nazi battalions by an Israeli citizen Kolomoisky. This is certainly quite sensational, or you think that humiliating the honorable octogenarian Helen Thomas for a supposedly antisemitic remark in a private conversation was more important than the use of neo-Nazis in a civil war by the Jewish billionaire?

  30. annamaria says:

    Who told you that this war was initiated by Putin? The Russian Federation had had enough of various problems to add a war on its borders.
    The USSR had disintegrated peacefully more than 20 years ago. The greatest danger for Russia was the “help” from Harvard Boys, those pompous fools that created a thievery and destruction on a humongous scale by implementing neoliberal policies. Do you like QEs and other fabulous programs by and for the Masters of Universe?
    The east Ukrainians have been protecting their dignity, their families, land, language… Check on the composition of current government in Kiev and then ask yourself, what would you do if you and your family lived in east Ukraine when the neo-Nazi infested battalions came to “convert you” with a blessing of Kiev.

  31. annamaria says:

    The results are quite favorable for the US. Russia has a festering wound on her borders, a million of refugees from Ukraine, and the economically weak Crimea that needs a lot of support.
    Ukraine will be forced to sell out its resources for peanuts. The IMF, Monsanto, and Burisma (where Hunter Biden is a CEO) are ready to start devouring the country. The western rentiers are ready to become a parasitic host on a suffering body of Ukraine.

  32. unit472 says:

    If Putin wanted a ‘friendly’ government in Kiev he has utterly failed. Instead of a nation of 40 million people deeply integrated into the Russian economy he’s got a virulently hostile nation almost 1/3 the population of his own on his border that is doing all it can to de-Russify its economy. It would hard to imagine a worse outcome if you were pro Russian.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  33. @What a joke.

    ”Simplistic propaganda masquerading as analysis”.
    A good summary of the above article.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  34. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    I was hoping that you were gonna link to Billy Mummy’s “FISHEADS”..

  35. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    And here comes Mr. Kolomoisky. He hires neo-Nazis and instructs them to kill the people of east Ukraine because the Jewish billionaire wants to protect his investment. Where are AIPAC and ADL and Elie Wiesel? Not a peep.

    Jews as Nazis. You gotta love Russian propaganda. They did do an excellent job of convincing a good chunk of the world that the CIA invented AIDS as part of a genocidal campaign against blacks, though.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @anon
    , @Bill
  36. @Realist

    Thought they’d already bought them all.

    [Commenters should not use multiple handles but should pick a single handle and stick with it. “Sockpuppetry” is not proper behavior.]

    • Replies: @Realist
  37. Svigor says:

    Today, Babi Yar has come to symbolize the horrific murder of Jews by the Einsatzgruppen as well as the persistent failure of the world to acknowledge this Jewish tragedy.”

    Lulz. Totally out to lunch. There is no such thing, the very concept is inconceivable.

  38. annamaria says:

    Here as short take on Lavrov’s talk at the UN. Why do the US need to suffer the ignominy of the lying Kerry?

  39. annamaria says:

    Direct your grievances and questions to the Wall Street Journal:
    There is also a wealth of material on the Internet explaining the nature of Kolomoisky’ “army.” You may pay special attention to the name “Azov battalion” (as related to the Odessa massacre when people were burnt alive). Kolomoisky is involved in financing a dozen of battalions (actually, death-squads), which include neo-Nazis. Recall that west Ukrainians avoid military draft.
    You might dislike the facts, but for oligarchs (of any ethnicity) money do not stink.

  40. annamaria says:

    The above article does not indeed adhere to Fox News et al’ kind of “analysis.” As for Saker, it is easy to understand why he is hated so much by the admirers of Wolfowitz Doctrine.

  41. Mr. Blank says:

    Not that I am a fan of what the US has been doing in Ukraine — we ought to just stay the hell out, is my take — but I fail to see how a fight in which no actual US troops (other than maybe a few black ops guys) took part constitutes a “defeat” for the US.

    A massive, unforced strategic blunder, sure. A colossal egg-on-the-face moment for America’s foreign policy mandarins: absolutely. No doubt, Putin’s been giving out atomic wedgies all over the place, and we’ve been on the receiving end quite a bit recently.

    But a “crushing defeat?” Look, man, you’ll never get me to defend US policy in the Ukraine, which has been just one incredibly dumb move after another. But it seems an actual defeat requires, you know, actually coming to blows. Everything else is just posturing.

    • Replies: @anon
  42. @unit472

    It would hard to imagine a worse outcome if you were pro Russian.

    I could easily imagine a worse outcome for Russia: losing Sebastopol and seeing Ukraine join NATO. Those two events Russia must prevent at all costs. And so far, they have succeeded.

  43. Realist says:

    Those were just time payments…..they never stop!

  44. UK eliminated anybody who knew up from down. Now if the press and encryption can be eliminated they’ll have the next phase ready to roll out. Expect rioting and shortages.

    • Replies: @anon
  45. anon • Disclaimer says:

    This whole Ukrainian crisis has been through the looking glass, the coverage in the British press beyond parody.

    And all the press/media, nominally left, right, mainstream, alternative etc, all of it – which shows what a media walled gulag we already live in.

  46. anon • Disclaimer says:

    PC is 100% wrong in every detail so everybody who accepts it either has no understanding of human nature or they’re dishonest. So if government departments are purged of the non-PC then everything will naturally fall apart.

  47. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr. Blank

    It’s not a defeat for the US exactly; it’s a defeat for the banking mafia that rules the US – this would be good for the actual US population or at least it would be good if the banking mafia weren’t still in charge and willing to risk WWIII to stop Russia and China de-dollarizing.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  48. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Jews as Nazis. You gotta love Russian propaganda.

    Or an individual oligarch hiring mercenaries to prevent Donbass independence because he thinks (probably rightly) that an independent Donbass will negatively effect his business interests.

  49. unit472 says:

    I thought Russia was going to ‘strangle’ European gas supplies and leave Ukraine with nothing. Yet here it is almost March. Europe is doing fine. Ukraine seems to be surviving. The only people who are cold are those living in Putin’s People’s Republics. Funny how the best laid dreams of lunatics come a cropper!

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Seamus Padraig
  50. A German says:

    Why this Boulevard Style? Crushing defeat in a 45 000 inhabitants town for a superpower? Sounds like a letter of application for mainstream media.

    Nothing happens. US can’t win against goat herder and rice farmers and they know. In modern times every glorious aircraft carrier fleet is in crosshairs of satellites und submarines and will be sunk within 20 minutes (except from goat herders you can fight with that weapon). They know too.

    US cowards are good in poker, bluffing and killing helpless people. But they will lost in the chess games played now.

    In the EU even the stupid Governments checked that the US aggression in Ukraine is against there interests. So this will be stop knowing that no US coward will risk a direct move against Russia.

    Biggest problem for all western offenders is to hide the catastrophic performance they made.

    Starting the conflict during Olympic games states that they all are nihilists and believe in nothing. Turning a corrupt country into bankrupt is performance of people who know nothing. Running into options either to feed this country or let mother Russia feed it is more than poor performance. Everybody with the slightest touch of responsibility will quit his job, bit not US cowards and EUrocrats.

    The rest of the world knows again, white man speaks in split tongues, have double standards and incapable “leaders to nothing”.

  51. Kiza says:

    You put your finger on it. What is going on in Ukraine is not a defeat of the US it is a defeat of the US neocon/banking mafia which has taken over the US. Their political and military defeat in Ukraine can only help the freedom of ordinary citizens in the US.

    Decentralization of the US, would be the best possible long term outcome, after a string of such defeats. Then the US would stop terrorizing the World and the good US citizens would be allowed to start resolving their own problems by themselves. What a glorious future without the Federal (Parasite) Government!

  52. annamaria says:

    The “best dreams of lunatics” from the Empire of Federal Reserve have left a legacy of the million refugees, destroyed towns and families and scores of murdered civilians. The US-manufactured crisis in Ukraine was an attempt to create a European Iraq on a border with Russian Federation. Symptomatically, at least one of aspects of the neocons’ defeat has been the unwillingness of west Ukrainians to fight their brothers in east Ukraine. Hence billionaire Kolomoisky (and Israeli citizen) with his \$10 million/per/month financing the neo-nazi-laced battalions and other mercs. Take a note that the loudest proponents of the war against RF prefer to cry for a war from the comfort of their homes far away from the military zone. In this civil war, the federalists of east Ukraine protect virtuously their land from the heirs to collaborators with nazis. The humongous neocons’ stupidity created the moral superiority for Putin.
    No other name for the neocons (mostly Zionists) but idiots.

  53. Stupid German. Start building some modern tanks and planes, because the US is going to stop propping up your empire in europe.

    And then you can talk about the price of it all.

    As for the naked agitprop up above, meh.

    At least learn to get up to the level of Murdoch, which is what we expect.

    I can hardly wait until the tea party gets further into power in the US, the howls as we leave the rest of the world to concentrate on our own fiascos should be very interesting in an academic sort of fashion.

    As for the lack of volunteers to keep east Ukraine in the total state, not a real surprise. Cross the Dnieper and threaten Kyiv, and see what happens.

    The really funny part is the question of whether Ukraine really is nuclear free.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  54. annamaria says:
    @What a joke.

    “As for the naked agitprop up above, meh.”
    Refute me with the facts. The childish “meh” is a weak argument.

    • Replies: @What a joke.
    , @annamaria
  55. @annamaria

    Who picked up the guns and used them? That stuff shown on bellingcat didn’t just drive itself into Eastern Ukraine, complete with drivers and experienced gunners.

    The truth is out there, and makes everyone who comes from that place look bad.

    Did the Ukrainians play badly for over ten years with ridiculous amounts of domestic idiocy? Yes.

    Has Czar Putin done the same to grab Crimea with his little green men and his cossacks? Yes.

    Now, you want to blame it all on outsiders? How convenient.

    Lah lah lah.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words of agitprop.

    Further, I don’t really blame Putin for helping himself to what is on offer due to the inability of others to get their governments in order- and that applies to all of Europe.

  56. Bill says:

    Jews as Nazis. You gotta love Russian propaganda.

    Well, your response is kind of weak. Which do you disagree with? That Azov is Nazi? That Kolomoiski is a Jew? That Kolomoiski supports Azov?

    It’s interesting how you try to make the unimaginable repugnance of the Kiev junta work to your favor, though. I sure whomever came up with that strategy is employee of the month in your Hasbara troll cave.

  57. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website

    Complete & utter nonsense.

    The Babi Yar propaganda and all the other absurd claims about Ukraine running with blood at the hands of the magical, super human ‘Nazis’ has been debunked with the greatest of ease.

    Why should anyone just accept propaganda offered by Jewish supremacists who profit from the ‘6M & gas chambers’ scam. There is no science to back it up, the laughable claims are simply impossible.

    Take your best, no name calling shot here:

    – Detailed aerial photos of Babi Yar ravine at the time of the alleged event show nothing that is claimed. Nothing. Oops.

    – No verifiable excavations can show the human remains that are alleged to be there. None.


    “The alleged slaughter of 33,711 Ukrainian Jews at Babi Yar near Kiev is the most notorious massacre ascribed to the Germans on the Eastern Front. This figure appears in an Einsatzgruppen report from 7 October 1941.26 [1] According to the established version of the facts, these 33,711 Jews were shot and their bodies thrown into the ravine of Babij Yar on 29 September 1941. But the first witnesses told completely different stories: The massacre was perpetrated in a graveyard, or near a graveyard, or in a forest, or in the very city of Kiev, or on the shores of the Dnieper. As to the murder weapons, the early witnesses spoke of rifles, or machine guns, or submachine guns, or hand grenades, or bayonets, or knives; some witnesses claimed that the victims had been put to death via lethal injections whereas others asserted that they had been drowned in the Dnieper, or buried alive, or killed by means of electric current, or squashed by tanks, or driven into minefields, or that their skulls had been crushed with rocks, or that they had been murdered in gas vans.27 [1] Now that is what we call good, solid evidence, is it not, Dr. Lindtner?

    When the Red Army approached Kiev, the Germans allegedly dug up the mass graves and burnt the bodies. This work was reportedly finished on 28 September. But two days before, on 26 September, Babi Yar was photographed by a German reconnaissance aircraft. The air photo shows no fires, no open graves and no traces of human activity.28 [1] As a matter of fact, there are some photographs of human remains at Babi Yar, although they do not appear in the file of the Soviet commission. Mattogno has analyzed these photographs. But I do not want to go into details here, so I suggest simply deleting this sentence.

    So the report from 7 October 1941, which mentions an imaginary slaughter, is a fraud. This means that all other Einsatzgruppen reports are equally suspect from the beginning.”

  58. annamaria says:

    What this has to do with the death-squads financed by an Israeli citizen Kolomoisky? The story of the Jewish oligarch is an illustration to the fantastic tolerance by Zionists towards the neo-Nazis and their financiers. The MSM has been avoiding to mention Kolomoisky’ direct association with neo-Nazis, even if this information is available via Wikipedia. The half-wits at the Wall Street Journal even made Kolomoisky a hero: The supposedly liberal Guardian deletes any post that mentions the incongruity of Kolomoisky’ Israeli citizenship with his financing of death-squads infested with local and West European no-Nazis. Obviously, the Friends of Israel in Britain cannot tolerate the bitter truth about certain “chosen.”

  59. annamaria says:

    Look closely and think about the future of Ukraine designed for her by the neocons (many of whom are Zionists):

  60. @Wally

    Oh, dear, you really stepped in it this time. Let’s see if I can break down the argument for us all and see precisely where the cheese slips off the cracker, eh?

    (1) The first claim is this: “Detailed aerial photos of Babi Yar ravine at the time of the alleged event show nothing that is claimed.”

    That’s not exactly true.

    First, it should be noted that the lengthy quoted material is by Jürgen Graf, a Swiss Holocaust denier now living in Russia. Notably, when Graf details the lack of air photo evidence, his source is John Clive Ball’s book Air Photo Evidence.

    My old friend Sergey Romanov does rather a nice job of detailing just how badly Ball screwed up his analysis of Babi Yar:

    (2) The second claim is this: “No verifiable excavations can show the human remains that are alleged to be there. None.”

    Again, not exactly true.

    First, we should note that the number of people executed at Babi Yar is perhaps double the number that appears in the OSR of Oct. 7, 1941 — because people were executed there on a regular basis for nearly two years more.

    Second, we should note that even Graf concedes that remains were found at Babi Yar, although he states that they are insufficient in number to substantiate the claims of the numbers killed there.

    Third, as “BobbyBeGood” is well aware, the bodies were by and large exhumed and cremated during Aktion 1005, led by Paul Blobel.

    Fourth and finally, these excavations notwithstanding, there were still many bodies found at Babi Yar, as can be seen from the reports on the executions there filed in the Central State Archive of Film and Photodocuments of the Ukranian SSR. Interested readers should Google the following terms: “2-46031” and “Бабий Яр”.

    (3) As a final note, it’s worth noting that history isn’t studied by isolating events and examining them without context. It’s well known that more than a million Jews were executed by the Nazis following the June 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union. It’s a stock in trade of “BobbyBeGood” that there are no mass graves. He’s wrong, of course. Blobel’s Aktion 1005 was only partially successful.

    I’ve offered in the past to go grave by grave with him, so I’ll reiterate that offer here. He need only tell me how many graves I need to detail for him before he’ll concede the point.

  61. @unit472

    I thought Russia was going to ‘strangle’ European gas supplies and leave Ukraine with nothing.

    Gazprom announced that they’re shutting down the trans-Ukrainian pipeline for good in 2017. That will give them time to finish the new Turkstream pipeline.

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