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The Covid-BLM Diversion; "Shock Therapy" Behind a Smokescreen of Hysteria and Racial Incitement
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The imposition of the nationwide lockdowns required elite consensus. There’s no way that a project of that magnitude could have been carried out absent the nearly universal support of establishment elites and their lackeys in the political class. There must have also been a fairly-detailed media strategy that excluded the voices of lockdown opponents while– at the same time– promoting an extremely dubious theory of universal quarantine that had no basis in science, no historical precedent, and no chance of preventing the long-term spread of the infection. All of this suggests that the lockdowns were not a spontaneous overreaction to a fairly-mild virus that kills roughly 1 in 500 mainly-older and infirm victims, but a comprehensive and thoroughly-vetted plan to impose “shock therapy” on the US economy in order to achieve the long-term strategic ambitions of ruling class elites. As one sardonic official opined, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

It was clear from the beginning, that the lockdowns were going to have a catastrophic effect on the economy, and so they have. As of today, 30 million people have lost their jobs, tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses have been shuttered, second quarter GDP has plunged to an eye watering -45.5 percent (Atlanta Fed), and the economy has experienced its greatest shock in history. Even so, pundits in the mainstream media, remain steadfast in their opposition to lifting the lockdowns or modifying the medical martial law edicts that have been arbitrarily imposed by mainly-liberal governors across the country. Why? Why would the so-called “experts throw their weight behind such a sketchy policy when they knew how much suffering it was going to cause for ordinary working people? And why has the media continued to attack countries like Sweden who merely settled on a more conventional approach instead of imposing a full-blown lockdown? Swedish leaders and epidemiologists were unaware that adopting their own policy would be seen as a sign of defiance by their global overlords, but it was. Elites have decided that there can be no challenge to their idiotic lockdown model which is why Sweden had to be punished, ridiculed, and dragged through the mud. The treatment of Sweden further underscores the fact that the lockdown policy (and the destruction of the US economy) was not a random and impulsive act, but one part of a broader plan to restructure the economy to better serve the interests of elites. That’s what’s really going on. The lockdowns are being used to “reset” the economy and impose a new social order.

But why would corporate mandarins agree to a plan that would shrink their earnings and eviscerate short-term profitability?

Why? Because of the the stock market, that’s why. The recycling of earnings into financial assets has replaced product sales as the primary driver of profits. As you may have noticed, both the Fed and the US Treasury have taken unprecedented steps to ensure that stock prices will only go higher. To date, the Fed and Treasury have committed \$8 trillion dollars to backstopping the weaker areas of the market in an effort to flood the market with liquidity. “Backstopping” is an innocuous-sounding term that analysts use to conceal what is really going on, which is, the Fed is “price fixing”, buying up trillions of dollars of corporate debt, ETF’s, MBS, and US Treasuries to keep prices artificially high in order to reward the investor class it secretly serves. This is why the corporations and Tech giants are not concerned about the vast devastation that has been inflicted on the economy. They’ll still be raking hefty profits via the stock market while the real economy slips deeper into a long-term coma. Besides, when the lockdowns are finally lifted, these same corporations will see a surge of consolidation brought on by the destruction of so many Mom and Pop industries that couldn’t survive the downturn. No doubt, the expansion of America’s tenacious monopolies factored heavily into the calculation to blow up the economy. Meanwhile, the deepening slump will undoubtedly create a permanent underclass that will eagerly work for a pittance of what they earned before the crash. So, there you have it: Profitability, consolidation and cheap labor. Why wouldn’t corporate bosses love the idea of crashing the economy? It’s a win-win situation for them.

We should have seen this coming. It’s been clear since the Russiagate fiasco that elites had settled on a more aggressive form of social control via nonstop disinformation presented as headline news based on spurious accusations from anonymous sources, none of who were were ever identified, and none of whose claims could ever be verified. The media continued this “breathless” saturation campaign without pause and without the slightest hesitation even after its central claims were exposed as lies. If you are a liberal who watches the liberal cable channels or reads the New York Times, you might still be unaware that the central claim that the emails were stolen from the DNC by Russia (or anyone else for that matter) has not only been disproved, but also, that Mueller, Comey, Clapper etc knew the story was false way back in 2017. Let that sink in for a minute. They all knew it was a lie after the cyber security team (Crowdstrike) that inspected the DNC computers testified that there was no evidence that the emails had been “exfiltrated”. In other words, there was no proof the emails were stolen. There was no justification for the Mueller investigation because there was no evidence that the DNC emails had been hacked, downloaded or pilfered. The whole thing was a hoax from the get go.

There’s no way to overstate the importance these recent findings, in fact, our understanding of Russiagate must be applied to the lockdowns, the Black Lives Matter protests and other psychological operations still in the making. What’s critical to grasp is not simply that the allegations were based on false claims, (which they were) but that a large number of senior-level officials in law enforcement (FBI), intel agencies, media and the White House knew with absolute certainty that the claims were false (from 2017 and on) but continued to propagate fake stories, spy on members of the new administration and use whatever tools they had at their disposal to overthrow an elected president. The guilty parties in this ruse have never admitted their guilt nor have they changed their fictitious storyline which still routinely appears in the media to this day. What we can glean from this incident, is that there is a vast secret state operating within the government, media and the DNC, that does not accept our system of government, does not accept the results of elections and will lie, cheat and steal to achieve their nefarious objectives. . That’s the lesson of Russiagate that has to be applied to both the lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter protests. They are just the next phase of the ongoing war on the American people.

The lockdowns are an Americanized version of the “Shock Doctrine”, that is, the country has been thrust into a severe crisis that will result in the implementing of neoliberal economic policies such as privatization, deregulation and cuts to social services. Already many of the liberal governors have driven their states into bankruptcy ensuring that budgets will have to be slashed, more jobs will be lost, funding for education and vital infrastructure will shrink, and assistance to the poor and needy will be sharply reduced. Shutting down the US economy, will create a catastrophe unlike anything we have ever seen in the United States. US Treasuries will likely loose their risk-free status while the dollar’s as days as the “world’s reserve currency” are probably numbered. That “exorbitant privilege” is based on confidence, and confidence in US leadership is at its lowest point in history.

It’s not surprising that the Black Lives Matter protests took place at the same time as the lockdowns. The looting, rioting and desecration of statues provided the perfect one-two punch for those who see some tactical advantage in intensifying public anxiety by exacerbating racial tensions and splitting the country into two warring camps. Divide and conquer remains the modus operandi of imperialists everywhere. That same rule applies here. Here’s more background from an article at the Off-Guardian:

“It is no coincidence that another Soros funded activism group Black Lives Matter has diverted the spotlight away from the lockdown’s broader impact on the fundamental human rights of billions of people, using the reliable methods of divide and rule, to highlight the plight of specific strata’s of society, and not all.

It’s worth pointing out that BLM’s activity spikes every four years. Always prior to the elections in the US, as African Americans make up an important social segment of Democrat votes. The same Democrats who play both sides like any smart gambler would. The Clintons, for example, are investors into BLM”s partner, the anti-fascist ANTIFA. While Hilary Clinton’s mentor (and best friend) was former KKK leader Robert Byrd.

BLM is a massively hyped, TV-made, politicized event, that panders to the populist and escapist appetite of the people. Blinding them from their true call to arms in defense of the universal rights of everyone. Cashing in on the youths pent-up aggression …. And weaponising the tiger locked in a rattled cage for 3-months, and unleashed by puppet masters as the mob…

As a general rule of thumb, it is safe to assume that if a social movement has the backing of big industry, big philanthropy or big politics, then its ideals run contrary to citizen empowerment.” (“The Co-opting of Activism by the State“, Off-Guardian)

Black Lives Matter protests provide another significant diversion from the massive destruction of the US economy. This basic plan has been used effectively many times in the past, most notably in the year following the invasion of Iraq. Some readers will remember how Iraqis militants fought US occupation forces following the invasion in 2003. The escalating violence and rising death-toll created a public relations nightmare for the Bush team that finally settled on a plan for crushing the resistance by arming and training Shia death squads. But the Bushies wanted to confuse the public about what they were really up to, so they concocted a narrative about a “sectarian war” that was intended to divert attention from the attacks on American soldiers.

In order to make the narrative more believable, US intel agents devised a plan to blow up the Shia’s most sacred religious site, the Golden Dome Mosque of Samarra, and blame it on Sunni extremists. The incident was then used to convince the American people that what was taking place in Iraq was not a war over foreign occupation, but a bitter sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Shia in which the US was just an impartial referee. The killing of George Floyd has been used in much the same way as the implosion of the mosque. It creates a credible narrative for a massive and coordinated protests that have less to do with racial injustice than they do with diverting attention from the destruction of the economy and sowing division among the American people. This is a classic example of how elites use myth and media to conceal their trouble-making and escape any accountability for their actions.

Check out this excerpt from a paper by Carlo Caduff, an academic at King’s College London, in a journal called Medical Anthropology Quarterly. It’s entitled “What Went Wrong: Corona and the World After the Full Stop”:

Across the world, the pandemic unleashed authoritarian longings in democratic societies allowing governments to seize the opportunity, create states of exception and push political agendas. Commentators have presented the pandemic as a chance for the West to learn authoritarianism from the East. This pandemic risks teaching people to love power and call for its meticulous application. As a result of the unforeseeable social, political and economic consequences of today’s sweeping measures, governments across the world have launched record “stimulus” bills costing trillions of dollars, pounds, pesos, rand and rupees…. The trillions that governments are spending now as “stimulus” packages surpass even those of the 2008 financial crisis and will need to be paid for somehow. ... If austerity policies of the past are at the root of the current crisis with overwhelmed healthcare systems in some countries, the rapidly rising public debt is creating the perfect conditions for more austerity in the future. The pandemic response will have major implications for the public funding of education, welfare, social security, environment and health in the future.” (

This is precisely right. The country has been deliberately plunged into another Great Depression with the clear intention of imposing harsh austerity measures that will eviscerate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any other social safteynet programs that benefit ordinary working people, retirees, or anyone else for that matter. None of it is random, spontaneous or spur-of-the-moment policymaking. It’s all drawn from a centuries-old Imperial Playbook that’s being used by scheming elites to implement their final plan for America: Tear down the statues, destroy the icons and symbols, rewrite the history, crush the populist resistance, create a permanent underclass that will work for pennies on the dollar, pit one group against the other by inciting racial hatred, political polarization and fratricidal warfare, promote the vandals who burn and loot our cities, attack anyone who speaks the truth, and offer unlimited support to the party that has aligned itself with the corrupt Intel agencies, the traitorous media, the sinister deep state, and the tyrannical elites who are determined to control the all the levers of state power and crush anyone who gets in their way.

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  1. Whitney is not wrong in that neoliberal elites use identity politics as a diversion even as they increase their share of the pie at the expense of everyone else. To distract people, they incite one group against another through their media outlets.

    That said, the extreme racial inequality in wealth between black and white households are impossible to ignore. The Federal Reserve of San Francisco released a report a few years ago on racial wealth inequality in the Los Angeles area which found shocking differences. Even some Asian groups like Vietnamese or Koreans did badly. Only Asian Indians and Chinese had higher wealth than whites but those groups are very elite with a large share of recent immigrants.

    So, those who are correct in saying idpol are used to incite the masses must nevertheless grapple with these feudal conditions at the heart of the modern American economy. They will fuel unrest unless nothing is done and throwing up your hands isn’t an option, it’s an admission of intellectual defeat.

  2. Anon[356] • Disclaimer says:

    I think covid was released by our Deep State in China to keep the rest of the world busy while the CIA ran a color revolution here to defeat Trump and populism. If we were fighting in the streets here without covid spreading around the world, both China and Russia may have made some aggressive military moves over the summer, but they are tied up with covid also. Covid allows for troublemakers to cover their faces in the street fracases here too. The prestaged bricks were the tell, delivered by vehicles with no license plates. The media hyping this one death to high heaven, the instantaneous protests, the statues, calling Trump “authoritarian” (thats the regime change signal, when they call you ‘authoritarian’).
    Classic CIA coup. It hasnt worked, but it aint over till November.

  3. Chris Moore says: • Website

    As one sardonic official opined, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    That would be (((RahmEmanuel))).

    What we can glean from this incident, is that there is a vast secret state operating within the government, media and the DNC, that does not accept our system of government, does not accept the results of elections and will lie, cheat and steal to achieve their nefarious objectives. That’s the lesson of Russiagate that has to be applied to both the lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter protests. They are just the next phase of the ongoing war on the American people.

    What is that state? Who is that state? Who has that kind of power? Who had the power to pull off the 9/11 inside job and put America into endless wars in the Mideast?

    Whitney may not want to name them but some of us will: ZOG.

    • Agree: Alfred, FLgeezer, Jett Rucker
    • Replies: @TG
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  4. You are an asshole liar who works for the rich to hoodwink good, common, everyday god-fearing American people.

    You are wrong about the “overlords.” It’s the overlords who want us to open everything up, or, as you so wrongly put it, “settle on a more conventional approach,” while they hide in their enclaves. It’s the doctors and healthcare professionals who see with their own eyes the devastation wrought by this scourge who oppose “opening up.” “Open up,” my ass. “Open up” into death.

    And just because the rich are taking advantage of this crisis doesn’t mean the crisis isn’t real. To believe that would be to believe a logical fallacy. Talib will set you straight.

  5. TG says:

    As clear a statement of the issue as any I have seen. Triple kudos.

    “The poor, they have no bread? Then let them eat racism!”

  6. TG says:
    @Chris Moore

    ZOG? Perhaps.

    Myself, I take the angle that at core the “Deep State” is 600 billionaires.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @Dave Bowman
  7. R.C. says:

    None of it is random, spontaneous or spur-of-the-moment policymaking.


  8. Alfa158 says:

    Mr. Caduff wrote;
    “The trillions that governments are spending now as “stimulus” packages surpass even those of the 2008 financial crisis and will need to be paid for somehow..”
    When I see statements like this I always have to reply: who has ever seen any kind of proposal to actually “pay” these massive debts? I have yet to hear one. The closest anyone ever comes is a plan to: “maybe keep up with the interest payments, but don’t hold your breath, so maybe keep the payments from falling too far in arrears.”

    • Replies: @Anon
  9. Chris Moore says: • Website

    600 billionaires

    And how many claim to be “Jewish”? How many are neocons? How many are liberal internationalists? How many of them toe the pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-open borders, pro-multi-cult, anti-white, anti-“deplorables”, invade-the-word, invite-the-world line that is a hallmark of international Zionism?

    The “chosen” as an infallible elite operating from a “shining city on a hill” (Zion/Jerusalem) is the vision that unites all these mindless or soulless Serpents, and that they all belly-crawl over the broken and dead bodies of Americans (and the rest of the world) for.

    That is ZOG. They are ZOG.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Vojkan
  10. RP1 says:

    What do we do about it?

    What action do we take? We can call BS on all these DS/NWO/ZOG traitorous activities and it will not matter. The trickle of normies to eyes-open is too small, too little, too late. I ask again, what is your call to action?

  11. Chris Moore says: • Website

    “What action do we take?”

    End the fed, nationalize the banks, treat money like a utility, use (minimal) mortgage interest to pay for (limited) government instead of individual income tax. Vice taxes on undesirable business. Tariffs. Nationalism.

    For a start.

    • Replies: @Anonymousse
  12. Alfa158 says:
    @Chris Moore

    The percentage fluctuates as fortunes and enterprises wax and wane, but about 1/3 of Billionaires are Jews. Based on where they donate their money and the causes and politicians they support, overall perhaps 90-95% are neocons/liberal internationalists (functionally speaking, really the same thing). Those are after all the policies that help them accumulate vast power and riches.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  13. @Chris Moore

    And before that it would be the early-model Community Organizer, meaning Radical Commie, Saul Alinski who said this much earlier in his book of advice for society-destroying Communists the world over. He was greatly respected and looked up to by the Øb☭ma.

    • LOL: bluedog
  14. @Thulean Friend

    Have you seen the things black people waste their money on? No wonder they are broke. I used to work with this one black woman, (she was morbidly obese but was convinced she was ‘hot’) who had spent tens of thousands of dollars on wigs. She had over a hundred of them.

    • Replies: @Herald
  15. 2016: It’s not left versus right anymore, it’s nationalist versus globalist.

    2020: it’s not nationalist versus globalist anymore, it’s smart versus dumb.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  16. FB says: • Website

    Stopped reading as soon as the Sweden bullshit came up…

    If this ‘author’ can’t see the massive and fundamental differences between Sweden and the US then he has no business lecturing anybody…

  17. There’s a lot to agree with in the column, but then plenty to disagree with too. In fact, the premise of this all being one big plan is not something I am so sure about. As with many bad trends in America that have just gotten worse and worse, these troubles are just encouraged by like-minded individuals and groups in the Establishment.

    The Lyin’ Press is mostly too stupid to even know how much economic pain and destruction these LOCKDOWNS have caused. They are very much enjoying the viewership and readership though. Governments of all shapes and sizes are enjoying newly-usable Police State powers. “Oh, the Governor of N. Carolina closed the boat ramps. Well, hell, he’s a piker – I’m gonna close the boat ramps AND the beaches. That’ll show ’em, and well, you can’t argue against ‘be safe’ today”.

    Then, this crap here:

    … that will result in the implementing of neoliberal economic policies such as privatization, deregulation and cuts to social services. Already many of the liberal governors have driven their states into bankruptcy ensuring that budgets will have to be slashed, more jobs will be lost, funding for education and vital infrastructure will shrink, and assistance to the poor and needy will be sharply reduced.

    Privatization and de-regulation are pro-small business, Mr. Whitney. If you’d ever been in business for yourself, you’d know that regulation is a recurring nightmare – I mean it causes actual nightmares – for small businessmen. Oh, defunding of Education can only be a good thing. If you’ve ever been a parent, you’d know that Educational Stupidity is through the roof. We’d be better off it the funding were cut by 75%.

    Social services? Are you nuts? They won’t cut that. The “needy” and the rich will be just fine, Mike. It’s the middle-class, or what’s left of it, that’s getting screwed yet again.

    Don’t let this comment detract too much from my general praise of another good column on the ridiculous Infotainment Panic-Fest from this Kung Flu, in, at worst case, slightly worse than average flu season year.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @chris
  18. JimDandy says:

    Meanwhile, in Chicago…

  19. cortesar says:

    Covid is a shock therapy having for its main goal demoralizing and forcing into submission
    We clearly see these days that the orange clown has chosen to follow ” Nixon” strategy but neither him nor the clowns around him do see what is the game that commies are playing
    While a certain number of normies may indeed vote for Trump seeing in him law and order candidate most of the normies are first and foremost cowards and the message that commies more and more overtly will present to them is:
    You want to stop the madness, vote for senile Joe and “just like that” corona will be gone, ni66er rampage and destruction will stop so you will be able to continue your suburbia life as if nothing had happened. Vote for Trump and you will see 4 more years of this”

    And they will cuck as they already have at multiple crossroads of the cultural war that has been raging for last 60 + years
    A Shock Doctrine that is what it is

  20. Anon[136] • Disclaimer says:

    There is of course the response of a savage group from the masses who could extract a significant toll from the Elite. It could take time, months, years even decades but you can’t hide forever, neither can your children. It is always a topic that I find missing in most of these article about how the Masses will be Massively #ucked. Are you certain there is no historical precedent for payback over time?

    The US wars since WWII are in my opinion a good example of what happens when you attempt to #uck the Masses and they decide its not OK, and its usually done on the cheap. You those Black Pajama Boys and they Sandal wearing Afghani’s and Iraqi’s etc etc.

  21. @Thulean Friend

    Yes, feudal conditions created by 30 years of mass migration to the United States, in numbers unparalleled in World history, by Third World populations. American blacks have suffered the most from this elite project to destroy the white middle-and-working classes.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  22. From reading the comments I get a general sense of people’s frustration about what to do about it.

    I start from the perspective that you have to cut the perpetrators some slack because they have long since crossed the Rubicon.

    Let’s say that we could freeze or suspend everything today, and do a legitimate and comprehensive audit of everything that has been going on. If we could do that, then it is a virtual certainty that we would discover such egregious conduct that we would hang every last one of them. Or worse yet – take away their massive accumulated wealth.

    Based on the objective evidence there is a strong possibility, even tending towards probability, that this intergenerational entrenched-money-power is in the process of executing the mass-murder of humanity. It’s a nice planet and they would much prefer to have it more or less exclusively for themselves, and so they are going to kill-off a very substantial portion of humanity. It’s a simple concept.

    I have been researching systemic and institutionalized-financial-fraud for thirty years. In 1990, one of the first things that I encountered when I began reading the records of Parliamentary debates and the proceedings in committee with respect to the drafting of new laws, was that some former bank lawyers who had been directly appointed to the Senate had insisted on complicating the language used under a proposed new securities law intended to prevent the falsification of financial securities. It was wholly irrational with respect to the purpose of the proposed legislation.

    The law was then enacted in 1880 and it solved the problem for awhile, but after a 30-year lull it came back with a vengeance and by the mid-1920’s the financial markets were again saturated with false-documents and forgeries-in-law. The whole system comprised of nominal financial professionals and legal professionals were metaphorically dead-in-the-water until the Supreme Court bailed them out by playing that loophole-card in 1930 that had been deliberately planted 50-years earlier in 1880.

    The entrenched-money-power have the luxury of playing a longterm game that the masses of humanity can scarcely comprehend.

    If we look at Bill Gates, for example, there is substantial reason to believe that he was born and bred to play the specific role that he is now playing. He wasn’t some boy-genius who came-out-of-nowhere in the mid-1970’s. He came from a family of eugenicists obsessed with getting rid of those deemed to be of inferior and unfit bloodlines.

    Nothing substantive has changed in at least the 6,000 years of reasonably documented history. Regardless of the specific era the entrenched-money-power always and everywhere adopts the circular-argument that God clearly likes them better because they were born wealthy, and therefore they are justified in doing whatever is necessary to perpetuate that arrangement as God’s Will.

    I don’t know yet what to do about it – but I do know that it is irrational to believe that the current generation of entrenched-money-power is going to stop of their own volition.

    They need to be persuaded that even if they were to succeed, and for reasons that are too complex to go into here, they almost certainly would not survive another two generations in their newly-created paradise.

    • Agree: botazefa
    • Replies: @richard the 3rd
    , @Polemos
  23. Thomasina says:
    @Thulean Friend

    Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) had a good segment today. He talked about the difference between Blacks and Browns (East Indians). They both have dark skin, but he said the Browns adopted a strategy that the Blacks could learn from:

    – stay in school
    – stay off of drugs
    – stay out of jail

    In the past, this was a very good strategy and was the one that Whites followed. Now things have changed. Technology and automation have arrived. So many things you used to have to buy are now housed right on your iPhone: maps, addresses, phone numbers, calendars, etc. Automation is going to create a loss of jobs.

    Blacks have been given every opportunity to pull themselves up. The money and programs that have been thrown their way have been unbelievable. Some have taken it; most have not. Not having kids before you get married is another good piece of advice.

    The best thing that could happen to the Blacks would be to strip away their dependency. No more welfare, no more food stamps, no more getting into universities when you didn’t earn it. Let them grow up, own it. Making them into dependents has crippled them, and they wear their victimhood well. (And there are lots of Whites in that bucket too.) All the do-gooders in the world can’t help those who don’t help themselves.

    That said, things are now going to change, and not for the better.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  24. @Thulean Friend

    That said, the extreme racial inequality in wealth between black and white households are impossible to ignore.

    Says you. Hey, what’s the average wealth of Jewish households in the United States?

    Mean, not median. I’ll wait.

    • Replies: @Anonymousse
  25. @Anon

    I think covid was released by our Deep State in China to keep the rest of the world busy…

    Well, anon, you have found the perfect website!
    Make yourself comfortable, pull up a chair.
    Choose a screen name. You’re among friends.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  26. Anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    Correct, this debt will never be paid.
    Continued & indefinite interest payment = serfdom

  27. JSlade says:
    @Thulean Friend

    No amount of protest or government policy can change the racial income inequality. As Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams among many others have said for years, Blacks have to start by creating stable families, desire for education and a strong work ethic. I can only imagine what the future is gonna look like for anyone lacking those things. And I’d imagine that the Democratic tolerance for these “protests” is going to decrease once they assume federal power.

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  28. @Thulean Friend

    This is a red herring, designed to divert one’s eye from the real financial inequality (in all nations) and place it solely on race. No racial inequality in wealth between any X and Y households among the 99% comes anywhere near the wealth inequality between the 1% and the 99%.

    • Agree: botazefa, foolisholdman
  29. If you aren’t already living in the castle or the manor house, you are the serfs. Welcome to the new world, same as the really old world. That 700 year experiment in increasing prosperity and freedoms for the masses is a genie they’ve been trying to put back in the bottle for some time already.

  30. I think there’s a lot to what Mike says. However, if we accept his premise we must also accept dangers of that premise.
    Essentially, Mike is saying that Elites have used Covid & BLM etc shenanigans to advance a political/economic purpose: ie that the Fed/Treasury will blast huge chunks of liquidity to them via buying up any equities & bonds however dubious or junk they are. Secondary benefits include across the board austerity & working people desperate enough to almost sell themselves into slavery.

    Elites have therefore bet BIG. Big returns but a potential for big losses… Elites may have to contend with a real economy which becomes so bad it affects the fictitious economy of equities & bonds. An economy that no amount of Fed injections can save. And in trying to save it, maybe the Fed will finally injure the dollar to the point where is effectively loses it reserve status.

    Dangerous times.

  31. Vojkan says:
    @Alexander Turok

    More like honest vs crooks. There are very clever people in their team and very dumb ones in ours. Honest genuinely benevolent clever people who see reality for what it is are a tiny minority that nobody else wants to listen.

    • Agree: Anonymousse
  32. Vojkan says:
    @Chris Moore

    The question is what will they eat when they’ll have destroyed the livelihoods of all people who produce stuff of actual value. Their stocks? Their cash? Given that these have been mostly dematerialised, computer bytes? I don’t see them work the land. Do they count on restoring slavery?
    They seem to me like a runaway train, they will crash inevitably, the only question is how many people will they kill in the process.
    The thing is, you can’t save people against their will and I’m pretty certain that the people don’t want to be saved. The people are quite content with eating the crumbs that fall off the elites’ table.

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  33. Tom Welsh says:

    “As of today, 30 million people have lost their jobs”.

    Even Mr Whitney is fooled some of the time. One of the main things that has been hidden by the “pandemic” nonsense is that US unemployment has been running at over 20% for years, even while the official figures had it below 5%.

  34. snodgrass says:
    @Thulean Friend

    Blacks are poorer because of lower IQ and poor impulse control. In the US they only average an IQ of 85 which is a one standard deviation below whites. In Africa, it’s closer to 70. They commit more crimes which means they end up in jail more often and on more serious charges. Either get a clue or shut up.

    • Agree: Just another serf
    • Replies: @botazefa
  35. @FB

    The rape capital of the world because of Black and Brown muzzies.. Are they even still majority White.You know , the people that built Sweden.

  36. It’s time to rescue our hapless political, military and also bureaucratic leaders from the tyranny of the one percent by stringing up a few of the meddlesome gazillionaires to get blood flowing to their incapacitated brains … it’s not enough to make them leaders but we have to babysit them as well!

  37. Fred777 says:


    There was a time when a stable family, desire for education, and strong work ethic were enough. Thanks to the globalists that time has passed.

    • Agree: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @JSlade
  38. Herald says:

    I used to work with this one black woman, (she was morbidly obese but was convinced she was ‘hot’) who had spent tens of thousands of dollars on wigs. She had over a hundred of them.

    Your work colleague’s wig fantasy really sums the whole of the modern world and leaves little else to be said.

    • Agree: Vojkan
  39. We’re all Palestinians now.

    • Agree: RP1
  40. Tulips says:

    I was surprised by the reference to Russia-gate as the prior example of propaganda manipulation of the US public. What about 9-11? Three sky-scrappers in broad daylight, are collapsed by planted demolitions, with explosions, melted structural steel, and perfect complete vertical destruction. Which everyone watched over and over, yet everyone believes that it was planes hijacked by Saudls that did this, on buildings designed to survive a plane crash. And one building was not hit by a plane. Then, the US and NATO attacked Afghanistan, and the US, UK, and their coalition attacked Iraq, because of obvious demolition in NY, blamed on Saudis. Crazy. Double crazy. In plain sight. After the success of those 2 mental manipulations, it is sure that any nonsense story with political implications will work. And there unmentioned is climate heating, accelerating, to the demise of us all, even the so-called elite and their money.

    • Agree: MarkU, foolisholdman
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Adam Smith
  41. @JimDandy

    I hope they don’t catch covid!

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  42. When looking at the full picture of all fifty states, the majority have been lifting restrictions rather than increasing restrictions.

    Now that the myth that the lockdown and Covid hoax has been limited to DNC members has been exposed, with Reublican governors increasing restrictions in the same percentages of Democratic governors, maybe people will wake up! 

  43. @Eric Novak

    Slight correction, Eric, it’s been 55 years, not 30.

    The last time around, it was closer to 40 years, the 1880s through 1921, when a serious moratorium was passed (signed by “Silent Cal”vin Coolidge, one of my favorite Presidents). At that point it still took 4 decades to assimilate the Jews, Irish, and Italians, and even then, not completely.

    This time we have had 55 years of mass immigration, most of it from a lot more foreign lands than the last time. It’s a Tower of Babel at this point, as assimilation has been disfavored by the elite versus multi-culturalism for your 30 year span. We all know how that Tower of Babel turned out. We’re fucked.

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  44. Maybe the PICs, Psychopaths In Control happen to be mathematically challenged enough to be lieve that people would be able to work for pennies on the dollar, without totally collapsing the banking, government, tech, and energy sectors, let alone other retail sectors.

    It sure as hell seems that they are mentally incompetent.

    From my perspective, they seem to fear most a system which would allow the entire population to succeed because they believe that the eco-system cannot sustain that.

    They are obsessed with Eugenics and de-population.

    As if any of the current, primarily seventy year olds, will be around for much longer anyways!

    Control freaks that cannot even control their own criminal impulses! Many are atheists. They suffer from god-complexes, since they do not believe in God, they feel an obligation to act as God, and decide the fates of over 7 billion people, who would obviously be better off if the PICs were sent to the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants!

  45. Well?
    It could have many aspects and also benefits.
    But I do believe that main purpose of this affair is the training of the herd that it will not stampede at the sound of the trumpet.

  46. Coronavirus is the biggest psyop/mind control operation in American history, they have renamed the common cold and flu as coronavirus and have used hysteria and fear to drive this psyop which was planned years before by the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation and other one world government elites to be used to drive us into a draconian, demonic Orwellian hell on earth.

    Wake up America it is all a scam!

    • Agree: Alfred, St-Germain
    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Truth
  47. JimDandy says:
    @Giancarlo M. Kumquat

    Don’t be a transphobic racist, man. Progressive revelers are immune.

    • LOL: Alfred
  48. Alfred says:

    Talib will set you straight.

    Talib is an idiot. Where is the fat tail he promised us? Everything Talib sees seems to have a fat tail. He has a one-track mind.

    The reality is that this epidemic is behaving just like every previous flu epidemic we have encountered in recent years. If it were not for the constant megaphone of the lying MSM, no one would have noticed anything unusual.

    Here are the deaths in Europe for the past few years. The peak is largely caused by people not going to hospitals, hospitals being emptied, operations delayed and infected people being sent from hospitals to nursing homes – a political decision. If it were not for this political interference, it would not have been much different from previous years. Anyway, those who died were mostly going to die a few months later. In due course, we will see deaths drop below previous years.

    Pooled number of deaths by age group (Europe)

    • Agree: R2b
  49. @obwandiyag

    “open up into death…” Ok Boomer!

    • Replies: @MLK
    , @Parsnipitous
  50. Sean says:

    There is no reason for US elite act as is being suggested, because the cake they get the lion’s share of is growing and so even though inequality is growing, the economy is too and the common people are getting slightly better off. If a country were in the hands of a tiny minority and they were to act in such a way and try steal all the wealth for themselves, then they would be overthrown by domestic enemies like Somoza was.

    Chagnon theorized that war, far from being the product of capitalist exploitation and colonization was in fact the true “state of nature.” He concluded that 1) “maximizing political and personal security was the overwhelming driving force in human social and cultural evolution,” and 2) “warfare has been the most important single force shaping the evolution of political society in our species.”

    Everything in the last five years is a symptom of the US reacting to being bested by China.I happen to think states that are even slightly nation-states have emergent qualities, like a nest of social insects that react as though there is central direction though none exists, and no state is closer to being alive than a democracy.

  51. @JSlade

    And how are blacks going to fix their 85 average IQ? Some people were simply born to pump gas and dig ditches.

    • Replies: @JSlade
  52. @Achmed E. Newman

    Irish and Italians still haven’t assimilated completely? You usually make some impressive comments. This one total fail.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  53. Saggy says: • Website

    promoting an extremely dubious theory of universal quarantine that had no basis in science, no historical precedent, and no chance of preventing the long-term spread of the infection.

    This is so stupid it beggars comment. Whitney never names the Jew, and now this complete idiocy. A very peculiar fellow.

  54. Tell this information to any mask wearing zombie and you will be berated, ostracized, cursed at, and even threatened with bodily harm. The PTB and the press have so brain washed the world that I see no hope for any kind of critical thinking by the majority of the world citizenry. If you would have told me this is how the public would react to such a scam 6 months ago, I would have called you crazy. I guess that makes me the crazy one now.

    Video Link

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  55. Truth3 says:

    CV19 acts very much like the Rasputitsa in Russia during WWII.

    It causes all opponents of the Zio Colossus to be stuck in the mud.

    It also allows the same Zio to again fleece the US for XX Trillions, and use that money to buy up more of America for pennies on the dollar.

  56. @VinnyVette

    Nah, not completely. I ask questions to people about whether there was organized crime back before the Sicilians and other Southern Italians came. Would we be really in the shape we are in, if it weren’t for some many Communist Jews (not anything near a majority of those immigrants, mind you, but it’s very unfortunate)?

    I maintain that the assimilation has been good enough – look at the unity in this country by the 1950s, after 30 years of the moratorium. It’s not complete though, no. (It can never be, I suppose, with such large groups of people.)

  57. MarkU says:

    The killing of George Floyd has been used in much the same way as the implosion of the mosque.

    I really am getting sick of reading statements of that type. What happened to the presumption of innocence? It would seem impossible now for Derek Chauvin to get anything like a fair trial, could we at least wait until the case is over before we so casually state that George Floyd was ‘killed’.

    The medical examiners report did not conclude that George Floyd’s death was a homicide. The toxicologist’s report stated that he had 3 times the lethal dose of Fentanyl (a powerful opioid) in his system at the time and the symptoms of that include difficulties in breathing. The ambulance had been called before he was even on the ground it appears and he is said to have claimed difficulty in breathing while he was still in the police vehicle. Appearances can be deceptive and very few people are capable of differentiation between observation and interpretation. It could well be that Derek Chauvin’s only error was to restrain someone who was dying of a drug overdose at the time.

  58. @obwandiyag

    Obeejaunnegrobee, another 80 IQ Dupe devoid of critical thinking skills. Everyday God fearing people? surely you jest. Satan has you and ALL the BLM/Antifa minions in his rolodex.

  59. anon[130] • Disclaimer says:

    What about 9-11?

    Exactly. We’re almost 2 decades of nearly universal support for the most obviously nonsensical b.s. story ever told on the boob tube. It would be intelligent to also consider if such coordinated international psyops have precendents prior to 9/11.

    But this brings up the issue of ‘blind high IQ’ people, like our host Ron Unz, for example. Are these people really that stupid or are they just playing dumb? All these dissenters are phonies, imho.

    Smart money is to think things through off-line with trusted friends. These websites are designed to distract and confuse.

  60. @RP1

    One thing you can do, starting from today – shop local (and White) whenever possible. All those huge corporations support Marxist “social justice” causes, local places probably don’t or can’t.

    When shopping at the supermarket, look for the lesser brands on the bottom shelves that couldn’t afford to pay top shelf prices like Pepsi and Unilever.

    • Thanks: Anonymousse
  61. botazefa says:

    The percentage fluctuates as fortunes and enterprises wax and wane, but about 1/3 of Billionaires are Jews.

    You mean, of the billionaires we know about.

  62. Why aren’t the looters and rioters following the Covid-19 narrative? Why don’t they care?

    Can someone tell me why they are indifferent to Covid-19?

    Why doesn’t it matter to them?

    Why are they partying down in crowds of 4000?

  63. MLK says:

    It really is quite something the way the Baby Boomers care about nothing except themselves. Man, they continue to be a boil on the neck of this great country.

    It’s never unwise to begin by exercising some common sense. The novel viral outbreak began in China; The CCP responded in standard communist fashion, setting the worst possible template for the rest of the world.

    Indeed, the Chinese communist party excels at nothing better than pursuit of its own interests to the exclusion of anything else. We shouldn’t be surprised that the Governing Class in the US has been increasingly modeling this mindset and behavior, and ever more loudly and proudly so.

    Talib is being disingenuous or worse here:

    Paternalistic bureaucrats resisted inviting the general public to use masks on grounds that the supply was limited and would be needed by health professionals — hence they lied to us saying “masks are not effective”

    They lied to us because they had long ago outsourced to China the manufacture of everything they could as fast as they could, including vital medical supplies. It was quickly memory-holed, but Chinese within the US bought up N95 masks throughout the country and shipped them to China. Meanwhile, even to this day Talib and other elites (and their Allied Media), are telling Americans to make face coverings out of any old piece of underwear because science says it’s all of the same efficacy.

  64. @Tulips

    yet everyone believes…

    Not everyone.

  65. @obwandiyag

    The Kung Flu is a bad virus, which spreads exceptionally easily and can produce a variety of seriously bad effects. (It feels as if it could, in fact, have been produced in a lab.) Just today a study showed that an asymptomatic carrier can contaminate an entire room’s surfaces. The (sensible, real) fear was that hospitals would be overwhelmed (and our economy would be screwed just the same), so the lockdowns, etc. were a trade-off, presumably after our rulers’ considerable mental agony.

  66. Owen C. says:

    Haven’t you got payments to make to eThots on OnlyFans? This is the Unz Review. Run along now.

  67. Agent76 says:


    First comes the farce, an (almost) universal government lie around the globe about a deadly virus, WHO named COVID-19. There is no coincidence. There were a number of preparatory events, all pointing into the direction of a worldwide monumental historic disaster. It started at least 10 years ago – probably considerably earlier – with the infamous 2010 Rockefeller Report, which painted the first phase of a monstrous Plan, called the “Lock Step” scenario. Among the last preparatory moves for the “pandemic” was Event 201, held in NYC on 18 October 2019.

    Jun 29, 2020 RANT ALERT: “I DO NOT COMPLY!” — The Healthy American, Peggy Hall

    “I have had it up to here!” How about you? Is your patience wearing thin for those who will not stand up for their freedom?!

  68. DanFromCT says:

    What should be do? Abandon all hope ye who enter the voting booth to vote Republican or re-elect DJT. Their silence and inaction isn’t part of some plan–unless matching revolutionary grade violence in the streets with groveling sycophancy is a plan. The empty bluster of toothless tweets is like taunting a vicious dog on the loose.

    The recent episode in St. Louis reveals the Leftist strategy, which is patterned on the ANC’s white genocide in South Africa. “Peaceful protests” will not only provide cover to bloody rampages of armed blacks and Antifas against individual white farms or homesteads, but will be welcomed into town by police motorcades, mayors, and school children waving the BLM flag. Talk about heavily armed whites in the suburbs or hinterland individually defending themselves against that sort of heavily armed mob in body armor is a sick joke at this point, and doubly so considering the police never responded to trespass and threats to murder the couple in St Louis. The economics of it all is very real and for the reasons cited, but the deeper objective is white genocide. Is there any remaining doubt considering the incitement from the media and academia?

    This fall school children and college students will be assigned to read White Fragility, which is an indictment of non-Jewish whites by what Wikipedia calls a “Jewish American academic,” Robin DiAngelo, for the crimes of the Jews against blacks. Millions of papers will be written by kids denouncing their “white privilege” and praising their executioners. Parents will praise their little angels reading these manifestos out loud at home or face a visit from CPS, doxxing, violent mobs on their front lawn, loss of their jobs, and loss of their children. The printing presses are apparently ramping up production in the millions. This will go hand in hand with the Jewish-Israeli call by spokesman Tim Wise, given open air time on CNN, to destroy the innocence of white children from birth, as he calls for, and their perpetual penitence for being white. In fact, Wise’s call parallels the rabbinical sanction and encouragement to kill innocent Palestinian children in the Israeli bestseller of about 15 years ago, The King’s Torah.

  69. MarkinLA says:
    @Thulean Friend

    I am selling a house with a pool that needs work. I am paying to replaster the pool. The waterline tiles were packed with alkaline crud. The pool replastering estimator gave me the name of a guy who does that kind of cleanup work. I called him and he was there in a few hours to give me an estimate.

    The guy could speak English but his comprehension was limited. No matter what I said he didn’t seem to understand the nuances of what I was trying to say. He showed up to do the work. He did a good job and worked for one day total. He showed up with a 30 year old truck and a gas powered compressor in the bed plus other tools to maintain the appearance of pool. All told his tool investment was probably less than 1000 dollars.

    The bottom line is that all he really had was a good attitude about work and doing a good job. The job hardly required any significant intelligence or skills. I paid him 1500 dollars. His raw material costs were less than 250 dollars.

    This guy owns his own house in the San Fernando Valley worth about 600K. If he can be a success anybody willing to work with a good attitude can also. Isn’t that the real problem, people with lousy attitudes thinking they are constantly being cheated and the people that enable them.

    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  70. Emslander says:

    Mr. Whitney’s article sets the table for the discussion the whole country ought to be having and accurately lines up the events that need some kind of explanation.

    It’s funny that, as things move so fast, the end of 2019 is now ancient history and we dismiss what was already happening.

    – Pockets of people were getting sick with a strangely persistent flu-like virus.
    – The overnight lending market was charging and getting 10% interest, when the “official” rate was 1%.
    – Transportation contracts and retail were actually dying.
    – Birth rates were dropping to below replacement level in the US for the first time in history.
    – Women who had used their sexuality to obtain show business work started to complain that the technique had been successful until they got old.
    – The Democrats in Congress found that the senile Mueller had drilled a dry well.

    The post-war debt, no-family, militaristic, nihilistic, atheistic phony prosperity bubble was blowing rivets all across the land. Something big was going to have to happen and all the usual forces would have to react accordingly. The Fed prepared whole new programs of money-printing. Congress was preparing to take full advantage of the expansion of the “no-money” and Donald Trump had always shown an unnatural love of borrowing. Congress had scared the living crap out of the President by staging an impeachment trial for committing the high crime of disagreeing with lifetime federal bureaucrats.

    With those as precursors, what happened since February has been a natural follow-on by all these players. Trump couldn’t tell the CDC to do what it did when Obama was President and he couldn’t tell Fauci to go back to his cubicle. They were “science” bureaucrats. He was happy to have phony money to send out while spending two hours every day in front of cameras making an ass of himself. That’s his career. The people, especially Boomers, have been overjoyed to have been told to hide in their gated retirement communities until they died of foot rot.

    So, I say, stop trying to figure out who “they” are. “They” is all of us. “They” is not the Jews. Blaming the Jews is always a sign of mental illness. “They” is not the Deep State. “They” is not Soros, BLM, the DNC, the Russians, Netanyahu nor the “elite”. “They” is a people who no longer practice the virtues of patience, prudence, self-sufficiency, initiative, devotion or fortitude.

    What we have is a spiritual problem and the solution to spiritual problems is always the same. Figure it out.

  71. @FB

    Yes indeed, this bizarre paranoid rant could only have been written by a troglodyte who can’t see that American responses to the Covid19 pandemic are just incompetently designed and executed and incoherently explained versions of what just about every country in the world except Sweden is doing.

  72. @MarkU

    I saw that stupid assumption in the article too. Thank you, Mark.

  73. Vojkan says:
    @Desert Fox

    Not only in American history. It’s the biggest global psy-op ever. When totally different countries apply simultaneously the exact same measures that have never been applied before in response to epidemics and that are an insult to common sense, you don’t need to have a nose for things to smell a rat.

  74. Realist says:
    @Thulean Friend

    That said, the extreme racial inequality in wealth between black and white households are impossible to ignore.

    Yes, stupidity isn’t very profitable.

  75. Agent76 says:

    Jun 29, 2020 Bizarre Google search by Dr. John Bergman

    Type any 3 digit number then type cases and see what happens, this is what a controlled media looks like.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @gsjackson
  76. FLgeezer says:

    Excellent. Thanks Thomasina.

  77. @Vojkan

    Yes, it all narrows down to complexity now. Complex truth, complex lies, complex plots,
    complex relations between major groups of crooks themselves, and, in addition to
    the MSM, an army of alternative media feeding people with filtered visions of reality,
    convenient to the group(s) they represent. And even all that is far from complete or
    precise model of reality.
    Not saying that humanity is doomed, though. Because no matter how evil-smart,
    rich, well-organized and self-confident the crooks are, the last word will not be theirs.
    And something tells me that in the end it’ll be simplicity that will finish them off.

  78. I agree with most of what you say, but the blow back can be horrendous for the elite and they could end up loosing everything, including their lives. Do they have an escape hatch? New Zealand, Patagonia, Chile are not exactly moon or Mars.
    Or will it be like the Tyson’s quote “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  79. It is my observation that the majority of those who are still pushing the Covid hoax fraud scheme are doing it for financial and political reasons and not fear. When the news first broke, some may have truly been frightened. Now that the evidence is in, any remaining crack-pots are clearly driven by financial and political gain.

  80. @VinnyVette

    I don’t think obiwobi is a boomer…

  81. It is my observation that the majority of those who are still pushing the Covid hoax fraud scheme are doing it for financial and political reasons and not fear. When the news first broke, some may have truly been frightened. Now that the evidence is in, any remaining crack-pots are clearly driven by financial and political gain.

    John Kiriakou and other Psychos have stated on live airwaves that they will censor and unfriend people on Facebook that do not buy the Covid bullshit!

    Kiriacou was a CIA operative, and we are supposed to believe that the overwhelming body of evidence that proves what a hoax this was somehow either slipped past his radar, or, he simply lacks the critical thinking skills that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a hoax used as a fall guy for financial fraud?!

    Well, judging U.S. foreign policy, and CIA activity, maybe they really do go after the dumbest guys in the room, or, the easiest to control! Take your pick! Control with money or emotional black mail, you decide!

    • Replies: @Emslander
  82. It is weird.

    Title seems to put both covid and blm in the same group.

    Article talks about how blm is just a diversion away from covid.

    Then talks about both as phy ops.

    Which is it?

    Is Mike OK?

    This article reads like he short circuited.

  83. @Thulean Friend

    South East Asian doing badly I can understand, but south Koreans also doing badly?

    The fuck?

    Also, from my experience living in NYC for over 20 years. If you can make a higher living than whites by hanging out around street corners, the blacks would indeed be worthy of all the kneeling.

    Don’t blame whites or anyone else for the current situation of the blacks.

    Hell, shoe shiners in lower Manhattan can make close to 100k per year in cash. Fuckers just need to get off their asses.

    Of course the current covid economic situation not included.

  84. @Rev. Spooner

    Absolutely…Fortunately the dumb lumpens really don’t do well enough in school to find Auckland or Belarus or Zurich on a map.

    New Zealand is most popular with the tech millionaires, many of whom are Asian anyhow.

    Zuckenberg and his mold obviously have a passport for a particular country.

    Biden and Pelosi and the other East Coast ethnics-Irish and Italians-all have Irish and Italian passports.

    American lumpens believe that life does not go on without Americans.

    It does. I’m an American who has spent his entire life overseas and can tell you it does. Nobody in New Zealand will care should the rioting become a full-bore non-stop low-level insurgency. Neither will Switzerland or Japan.

    The proles and townies and rubes and lumpens have no idea how globalized the elite are. They attend boarding schools for 10 years in Switzerland, own Chateaus in the South of France, a mansion in this country.

    Their money is spirited in accounts all over the world.

    The wealthy left South Africa in the beat of a heart and they will leave the US faster. None of the lumpens will know it anyhow.

    They won’t care. They’re biggest fear will spilling the champagne in their private jet while the stewardess is blowing them during take-off.

    They won’t care about the Bill of Rights or the Constitution or community. Those are a joke to people whose money is made transnational.

    The lumpens who have never traveled out of their state have no concept of geographic dimensions. They have never even left home. They think everyone is as patriotic as them and will fight and die for their country and their community.

    I assure none of the elite care a whit. Penthouses look the same from Manhattan to Tokyo.

    Ask the Boers in South Africa or Polish in Detroit who did not “sniff the wind” in time.

    The guy who has a gun loaded in his pocket as an insurance policy has a plan and it does not end well for the person who hit him.

    The elites have two or three passports, own businesses overseas, own houses.

  85. @obwandiyag

    Fucking exactly.

    Just because covid 19 was taken advantage of doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

    Every fucking crisis was taken advantage of as far as I know.

    Every single one.

    • Replies: @R2b
  86. 76239 says:

    “funding for education and vital infrastructure will shrink.”

    And this is bad somehow? Are you kidding me? All your funding goes into anti white, anti productive, pro ghetto, socialist slave ideological education. Why not cheer when they de-fund the schools because they ran off the productive people who pay taxes?

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  87. @obwandiyag

    LOL. How do we protect ourselves from this terrible disease that only kills old people? Or are the old people just dying from neglected medical care as the healthcare providers are too terrified to provide proper care? Not to taint all of them. The group that developed the MATH+ protocol seems to actually care.

  88. botazefa says:

    Blacks are poorer because of lower IQ and poor impulse control. In the US they only average an IQ of 85 which is a one standard deviation below whites. In Africa, it’s closer to 70. They commit more crimes which means they end up in jail more often and on more serious charges. Either get a clue or shut up.

    Everybody knows the challenges Blacks face. You mentioned some. Why do you have to so angrily throw it in their faces?

    Blacks have never presented any collective risk to whites. Not when when whites bought them. Not when in shackles. Never. They are the punching bag for every uncivilized low/average IQ piece of white trash who needs someone to blame.

    • Replies: @Anonymousse
  89. botazefa says:

    Here’s the verbatim conclusion from the Hannepin County ME report:

    46-year-old man who *became unresponsive while being restrained by law enforcement officers*; he received emergency medical care in the field and subsequently in the Hennepin HealthCare (HHC) Emergency Department, but could not be resuscitated.

    emphasis added

    The full report is available here:

    After the ME concludes that Floyd died in police custody (which oddly is a point of debate here on Unz) he moved onto objective observations.

    For a lay reader, the many pages of observations may tend to obscure the simple conclusion plainly stated at the outset. Had there been any exculpatory findings they would have altered the ‘Final Diagnosises’ shown above.

    For all the Fentanyl-caused-Floyd-death advocates out there, I suggest you go read the report. At the end the lab report is presented the Fentanyl detail. The level of Fentanyl in Floyd’s blood wasn’t high at all, and wasn’t even close to enough to cause unconsciousness.

    The toxicology, sickle cell, and heart disease was not part of Floyd’s death diagnosis. Only the officers are mentioned in the ‘Final Diagnosis.’

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Parsnipitous
  90. botazefa says:

    If there’s any doubt as to BLM being A DNC pac, this email was sent to me by today.

    For weeks, we have watched the result of our rallying cries, organizing, and activism materialize across the entire country. And as so many join this movement, it’s important that everyone has the resources they need to keep fighting.

    Earlier this month, Black Lives Matter Global Network sent out a membership survey — and the feedback has truly shown the widespread dedication to our movement. The fight for Black liberation and an end to white supremacy is just getting started. Together, we will continue to push for progressive, radical solutions that affirm that Black lives matter.

    So many new freedom fighters have joined this movement. Right now, people everywhere are asking how to be better advocates for Black liberation and how to have conversations with friends and family regarding ending white supremacy in America. Many simply just want to know how to help.

    And an overwhelming majority want to learn more about #DefundPolice. The Black Lives Matter creative team is working on a series of resources, including videos, that break down how we divest from the police and invest in Black lives.

    Check out this graphic that walks through the steps of divesting and investing, and then share on social media platforms so we can show the world what defunding the police actually looks like.

    #Here’s how we #DefundThePolice



    This graphic breaks down HOW we divest from policing and the steps that come after that.

    Remember, divestment leads to investment. Once we defund the police, we can make structural change in our communities across the country through initiatives like hiring more teachers and counselors, implementing restorative and mental health services, and more.

    Will you take a minute to share this graphic to show people how defunding our police can make our communities safer?

    The fight continues to defund the police, and the fight will continue long after that.

    Let’s get to work. Together.

    In love and solidarity,

    Black Lives Matter Global Network

    • Replies: @RP1
  91. @Emslander

    You are correct. This was not a plan, it was an effect. A very natural effect of the several decade long vacation from reality that the Western world has been taking.

  92. vot tak says:

    Want to know what the likudite zionazi-GAY extreme right wants you to “know”? Listen to netanyahoo or hannity. Or if you think you are better discerning, this david horowit…oops, I meant chrissy hitch…no, that’s not it either. The newest version is called mike whitney.

    I can understand why whitney praises sweden over their coronavirus response so much. The swedes did exactly what israel ordered this colony of theirs to do. They didn’t try to eradicate it, seriously and successfully, like China, or insincerely attempt to erradicate it like most of the rest of the zio-colonies. No, the swedish zio-quislings flipped off their own people and implemented exactly what the zio-colonial massa ordered.

    Who have been the hardest hit by the virus? The elderly and infirm and the poor who have inadequate access to medical care in capitalist based western oligarchies. How many rich westerners in israel or their main supporting colonies have died of the coronavirus? 3? 4? In the zio-colonies the disease kills those the zionazi-gays view as surplus eaters. Segments of their colony’s populations that no longer are productive or who are in numbers excess to requirements.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  93. I have to agree with Mike Whitney in this and his previous article.

    Add to it all the evidence that Covid-19 had escaped US labs in mid 2019 and the US military took it to Wuhan later in 2019. Correlate it to all the elites meetings in the last two or three years that produced planning documents for a coronavirus pandemic. Correlate it to US intel agencies notifying the EU and Israel about an emerging pandemic before the Chinese knew what they were facing.

    Or just keep lying to ourselves to worry about ‘chicoms’ or communists or Trump or Russia whatever fear narrative the corporate controlled media pushes to keep us from thinking.

    Sure Covid-19 is more serious than the regular flu but mostly for elders. Notice how China went all out to protect their elders? That’s from their culture that values and protects their elders – in the West elders are mostly just trash. Correlate that the authorities didn’t protect elders then uses their death rate in the corporate controlled media to whip up fear (the mind killer).

    How will this end? Correlate what the US elite have done since just 911 – the massive suffering, death, and destruction across multiple regions. They have killing many millions, destroyed a swath of cities with their war on the terror they aid and abet, dislocated millions into refugees, engineered false flags outside and inside the US to put the American people into a state of fear of Russia and China to stroke a Cold War v2. Mike Whitney is essentially telling us they have brought home hybrid war to the US itself. It was inevitable. It’s what happens to all late stage empires. The strategies used to control the subject peoples comes back to its center to deconstruct, plow, and plunder its own citizens in a last act to grab whatever is left.

    The elites will mostly win inside the US. They will strip mine what is left – the US is nearly a dried out husk. But in the long run they will not prevent the continued decline of the US and West. They will not be able to defeat, neutralize, or subdue the coalescing multifarious East. The US is busy eating itself. Except for a nuclear war that ends everything the US Empire is done.

  94. MarkU says:

    I have just read the ME Report and the toxicology report (again) and I fail to see your point, the level of Fentanyl has definitely been mooted as a fatal dose.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  95. Emslander says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    You’re obviously paid by somebody in the Covid-care business or are part of the government epidemiology scam. “Cases” are expanding exponentially because testing is expanding. Numbers of deaths aren’t following. The Case fatality rate continues to get closer to average flu morbidity as the cases multiply. No hospital has been overburdened, the first fear of the Fauci Fraud.

    When all is said and done, the Covid hoax will be viewed by rational historians as the most profoundly idiotic moment in the history of the world.

    • Thanks: Anonymousse
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Getaclue
  96. @botazefa

    I’m sure you’re just pretending to not understand:
    The “conclusion” is political CYA.
    The facts in the report (including the fentanyl), which few bother to read, apparently, are there to keep professional appearances (and not grossly falsify, making oneself liable, I imagine).
    Same mechanism when MSM manipulate with headlines, burying contradictory facts at the bottom of page 17 and behind some weasel words.
    You really think that in the current climate anyone with a public presence would put his name under a factual conclusion contradicting the wave of hysteria sweeping the media?

  97. @Timothy Madden

    Yes, they wouldn’t survive long because parasites need a host to feed on.

  98. @vot tak

    You’re an absolute idiot to compare Mike Whitney with the likes of Horowitz or suggest that he shills for Israel.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @vot tak
  99. chris says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Agree on every point; very well stated!

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  100. @R2b

    The covid on you and your entire family, may they die horribly for giving birth and raised an abomination such as you.

    • Replies: @R2b
    , @Anonymousse
  101. vot tak says:

    How thweet.

    Are you the head cheerleader of his fan club, shlomo. Or just another guardianista running the usual zionazi-gay s.w.a.r.m. bs.

  102. JSlade says:

    Making a fetish of IQ is just another way of throwing up your hands and saying nothing can be done. I remember when I worked in a prison I noticed the blacks I saw on average smarter than the average white. Then I look up their IQs (everyone is tested) and the scores didn’t correspond well with actual intelligence. It occurred to me that if you are illiterate, and antisocial, it would be almost impossible to accurately gauge intelligence. If your numbers were right , there would be millions of blacks walking around with 65 IQs, not able to find their way home much less break into your house.

    • Replies: @Roost
  103. @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    but how could the Deep State release biological agents in another country..especially one as big and as capable as China..without incurring at least China’s anger?

    would that not be a cause for war?

    How does one extricate the USA from responsibility for such act?

    who would have made the Virus for the Deep State? was it aready made and part of the US bio-warfare stockpile?

    Covid-19 could only have been a product of american bio warfare so how did it get into Deep State hands.. for for what was an attack on Chin and ultimately an attack on the people of the world?

    I dont know about that attack on China at all…it makes little sense..unless China was part of the Covid global scheme, and the Wuhan business does not anger them at all?

    I am yet to see a plausible explanation for China’s silence..why has China sat back and taken that attack, say absolutely nothng about it?

    was there really an attack on China, is it just a media story. but we saw lockdown in China, masks and everything…so there appears to have been Corona-19 in China indeed. so what the hell is going on then! why is China so quiet in the face of what is an attack on its soverign state by foreign agents who are as american power/official state as any elected official representative of the american state

    China was attacked..a virus was spread in their country and clearly they did not do it to themselves. so why are they so silent on that issue and its cause?

  104. Yukon Jack says: • Website

    The coronahoax is a replacement for the global warming hoax. They weren’t getting the traction they needed to control us by demonizing the life gas CO2. But now they got us by the balls with the invisible Covid molecule (which doesn’t even exist).

    So now they got us in lock down and the sheeple wearing masks, do you think they will relent, ever?

    Our greatest enemy now are all the compliant virtue signalling sheep wearing the coronamask.

    • Agree: Alden, Getaclue, Mike P, Alfred
    • Disagree: foolisholdman
    • Replies: @Alexander Turok
    , @Mike P
  105. Alden says:

    Thing I wonder about, why take him out of the car after the struggle to put him in it? He might have kicked out a window, but they could have driven him to the jail and he’d have been off their hands.

    Seems a strange thing to do.

  106. Alfred says:

    Propaganda works.

    Half the comments here seem to be by people who have been duped – people who refuse to face reality. 🙁

  107. Alden says:

    Southern and central Ca forbade fireworks 4th of July on the grounds of covid spread. My opinion it’s just part of the destruction of American heritage like pulling down statues. Eliminate july 4 celebrations for a few years because of covid hoax and then never start them up again. Then find some black who did something or other and name the holiday for him. July 4th, Harriet Tubman day

    Like don’t allow the churches to ever re open. S California closed the bars again. Here’s my thoughts on that. Historically, bars and coffee houses have been places where people gather, talk and sometimes plot.

    American Revolution was plotted in the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston and other taverns from Georgia to Maine. The French Revolution was plotted in the Palais Royale a shopping mall full of coffee houses, bars and print shops where the propaganda was written printed
    Supposedly in the bad old days factory and slaughter house owners also owned the after work bars so as to spy on union organizers.

    When Oliver Cromwell ruled England he outlawed sports, gatherings of more than a few and even the traditional after church socializing.

    Covid hoax, St George fentanyl and tearing down of statues follows the exact pattern of every revolution and attempts to suppress a revolution I’ve ever read about.

    Close the bars and Starbucks so people can’t start talking about covid and realizing it’s a hoax. Close churches and every event. But allow a thousand antifa to crowd together for hours Fits the same pattern as the American and French revolutions, organized and funded by the elite, begun by paid mobs.

    • Agree: Alfred
  108. @Vojkan

    I’d rather be ruled by a crook who was intelligent than a true-believing, good-hearted communist.

    The issue with coronavirus is not socialism versus neoliberalism, it’s not nationalism versus globalism, it’s smart versus stupid. The question is whether you grasp the fact that there are some questions where you need to have to have mathematical knowledge to determine the right answer, if all you have is rhetoric, you’re gonna be blind and walking in circles.

    You could call that an ideology, I just call it stupidity.

  109. @Yukon Jack

    Covid molecule

    This kind of confusion is funny when it comes from an eight-year old. When it comes from someone old enough to vote who lives in your country, it’s just depressing.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  110. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    good, common, everyday god-fearing American people


    Shiftless, violent, semi-retarded Marxist nigger race pimps like you who want to continue squeezing productive white America’s tit purple due to “white guilt/privelige”, do not REMOTELY qualify to be described in that manner.

    Covid19 is bullshit hysteria cooked up by Globalist filth to further weaken America and destroy the Trump presidency.

    Get ready for another 4 years, Sambo.

    Then hopefully there will full scale Civil War/Race War.

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  111. turtle says:

    Apocalypse Real Soon Now
    a.k.a “Covid Phase II”
    Phase II may well include closing all grocery stores.
    People will be told that the National Guard will bring them food.
    Food chosen by the government, of course.
    Outside exercise may require a permit, using a smartphone (too bad for you if you do not use a smartphone), and will likely be limited both temporally (say, 1 hr max) and geographically (say, 2 miles from your residence address). Your 1 time “permit” will be valid only for a specific time window, with a maximum number of permits (say, 3) allowed per week.
    Renters will be allowed to default on their rent payments.
    Renters will become non-paying squatters.
    Government will bail out the landlords’ lenders.
    Homeowners will be allowed to default on their mortgage payments.
    The properties will be foreclosed.
    The former owners will be allowed to become non-paying squatters.
    Government will bail out the lenders.

    In due course, the currency will collapse due to unrestrained spending of “funny money,” and starvation will become widespread in the U.S.

    This will be the end of civilization as we have known it.

    Once the global population of humans has declined to the level favored by so-called “greenies,” a.k.a “sustainable development” proponents (say 10% of present population) , the restrictions will be gradually lifted.

    A new day will have dawned on this Earth, in which a tiny cadre of ultra-rich, and possibly transhuman, nearly immortals, will rule over a smallish population of those who effectively will be their slaves, who can be kept in line by fear of any number of new “pandemics,” and who will therefore unquestionably do the bidding of their masters.

    Far fetched? Possibly.
    But I wouldn’t bet against it, myself.

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @Getaclue
  112. RP1 says:

    Earlier this month, Black Lives Matter Global Network sent out a membership survey — and the feedback has truly shown the widespread dedication to our movement. The fight for Black liberation and an end to white supremacy is just getting started. Together, we will continue to push for progressive, radical solutions that affirm that Black lives matter.

    So many new freedom fighters have joined this movement. Right now, people everywhere are asking how to be better advocates for Black liberation and how to have conversations with friends and family regarding ending white supremacy in America. Many simply just want to know how to help.

    If there was any doubt that BLM sees their movement as race war, this should erase said doubt

    • Thanks: botazefa
  113. Getaclue says:

    Yes it is idiotic — but it is being used by the NWO “Elites” for their purposes to bring in “new normals” and to “reset” things to their liking, first off it is a multi – trillion dollar robbery of all of us by “them”… — the Medical Martial Law scenario has been planned and “gamed” by them for years and the “Decade of the Vaccine” by Gates is all part of it, all of it has been planned out and NWO “Experts” are seeded at every level of EVERYTHING to do their part in weaponizing it against us and they are doing so, a plague of Faucis… — in “looking back” that is what is going to be seen — all of this was staged for very specific purposes by the richest people/”Elites” of this World– including the BLM BS financed by Soros and the other NWO Billionaire creeps —

    They are rolling out the Agenda of the Oligarchs for the complete impoverishment, slavery, “depopulation” and Police State (UN at some point…) lock down of the Peons worldwide and the total destruction of the USA (UN Globalist NWO types have been openly calling for this for some time now….) — all staged and cheered on by the Criminal Mainslime Media they own…and most of the Peons are cheering for it unbelievably and donning the BDSM Slave Masks with gusto….

    I don’t get that intelligent people don’t see this clearly by now…James Corbett has a site that lays it out by their own words (videos of them, recordings etc.) and documents — this isn’t an “opinion” it is a documented fact right out of their Oligarch Cretin mouths — all need to review his work and clue in as to what is really going on. There is a war going on but only one side seems to know…that isn’t good for our side:

    • Replies: @turtle
  114. Realist says:

    Here is a very good article. Sadly the author, Jim Quinn, thinks Trump is a hapless dupe. I believe Trump is a Deep State minion…freely doing their bidding. Either way Trump is useless.

  115. Getaclue says:
    @Alexander Turok

    You are utterly clueless and yet think otherwise — none of this is “just happening”, it has all been planned and “gamed” by the Rockefeller Foundation (all about Eugenics and “depopulation”) and Bill “depopulation” Gates and his “Foundation (which is half a Family Trust which the other half feeds, his wealth has doubled since he started his BS “giving” PR schtick and he has been “saving” people from diseases that he infects them with, check out his “work” in India (500,000 dead and crippled) and Africa (sterilization agent in the “vaccine”)….) — do some research and stop listening to NWO “Experts” who are all on Rockefeller/Gate’s pay roll as is the Mainslime Media they own completely —

    They have actually TOLD us what they are going to do for some time for people paying attention and now they are doing it. James Corbett has FULLY DOCUMENTED from their own mouths and documents who they are, what they are doing, and what is coming thru the roll out of Medical Martial Law on the Peons — it’s not a secret — the richest Oligarchs actually hate the rest of us and have decided they don’t need us and they are going to “reset” things as they like them for them — they are now using Medical Martial Law to do it (the Global Warming hoax engineered by Oil Man/”Socialist”/Rockefeller lackey Maurice Strong was/is part of it, but it just got much more serious). Having us all strap on the BDSM Slave Masks (completely useless and actual vectors for disease after 20 minutes) is all part of their “fun”. Corbett has made it easy for all to get up to speed and informed:

    • Replies: @Alexander Turok
  116. Mike P says:
    @Yukon Jack

    Covid exists alright, but the case fatality rate is unremarkable, and the martial law imposed over it is clearly unjustified.

    I agree completely that this is just another hoax in a long series of globalist hoaxes, global warming being the preceding major one.

  117. Mike P says:

    Yes, the prognostications about the “second wave” are ominous. The only way a second wave could happen would be the through the release of another virus variant. Maybe it’s already sitting on the shelf some bio-weapons lab.

  118. Getaclue says:

    What you have outlined is the actual plan of the Oligarch NWO “Elites” that is being rolled out by the long planned “Medical Martial Law” we are now experiencing — this is exactly what is happening for anyone actually paying attention and tuned into channels other than the 24/7 NWO Mainslime Media Propaganda BS — James Corbett lays it all out from their own documents and mouths– anyone can review his site and be brought up to speed — NO ONE who is in good faith will be able to dispute his findings: The Georgia “GuideStones” lay out the plan — cut the Population to 500 Million with 100 Million of them ruling the Slaves (forced injectables/”vaccines” worldwide are a great way to do this of course….).

    I find the BDSM Slave Masks they are forcing on all of us quite a “touch”, they are no doubt in hysterics that the Peons are that stupid — they like you to know what they are doing and that you can’t do anything about it, because the vast majority of people are flaming idiots and your stuck with that….

    All of this has been planned and “gamed” by the Rockefeller Foundation and Bill “depopulation” Gates and his creepy “Foundation” (half of it is a Family Trust and the other half feeds it, since Gates started “giving” he has doubled his wealth and with the vaccine thing in place he could be banking 100 Billion a year going forward….) — they all are Eugenics proponents and into enslaving all who are not “on top” with them and they have all kinds of traitors working for them against us — NWO “Experts” at every level in EVERYTHING — a PLAGUE of FAUCIS helping them that they have seeded in at every level possible — they outright own the Mainslime Media and are silencing all others with the SJW BS etc. and Tech Tyranny bs — people need to clue in, what’s going on is beyond obvious at this point.

    • Replies: @turtle
  119. @FB

    I don’t see why you’re so doctrinaire. The case against Sweden’s approach and in favor of masks and lockdowns rests on models which have arguably failed to match reality even minimally. Not a big surprise: Gates gave millions to modeller’s with a proven track record of failure. Maybe the failure to match reality was a feature, not a bug to billionaire d_head Bill Gates.

  120. Roost says:

    I’m interested, based on your experience, why did black prisoners seem more intelligent than white ones? There are different components that make up intelligence, such as mathematical ability or spatial reasoning, that would be hard to properly assess in most scenarios. Also, you said that everyone’s cognitive ability is tested in prison, do you remember any more details as to the exact results by each respective race?

    You did mention that black prisoners might under-perform due to illiteracy and antisocial behavior. Although they are less educated than average, they are unlikely illiterate as the U.S. (assuming you live there) has a literacy rate of 99 percent. I do not know what effect antisociality would have on your IQ score, perhaps you can argue that antisocial types are unlikely to be concerned with or exert effort in testing they deem useless. But the prison population is, of course, unrepresentative, and selects for violent, impulsive, antisocial types of all races. I do not see a compelling reason why the IQ scores would be inaccurate.

    I am not aware of any representative black population outscoring a representative white population in cognitive ability; this is consistent with testing across the board, in employment, sports (Wonderlic results), education (SAT, GRE, etc.), and more, all resulting in the same outcome: whites outperforming blacks. And these tests are not arbitrary; they are predictive of performance and success in your job, school of choice, etc.

    Also, it is not about a fetish of IQ, although I can see how people’s obsession with it can be viewed that way. This is one of the most important questions of our time: are there racial differences that contribute to observed life outcomes, or is entirely a byproduct of the environment? Literally the foundation of some ideologies are contingent on this idea that people are equal in every way that matters; that yes, the races differ in physical appearance, but on socially valued traits like intelligence, we all have the exact same capacity. But the truth is, this is still not resolved and there is a lot of the evidence to suggest that things might be a little hard to swallow.

    Imagine if it were true: reality does not adhere to our abstract concepts of equality and there are observable, significant genetic differences in cognitive ability. What then? That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight for a better society, but if the goal were to equalize the life outcomes of all the races, this scientific knowledge would explain why certain unequal societal outcomes seem so intractable to change.

    Hopefully we will have the answer one day, but as of now, no one knows for sure. Not like the truth matters to them anyway.

    • Replies: @JSlade
  121. This is the most astute commentary on the current situation that I have seen to date. Very well done. God help us

  122. turtle says:

    “Decade of the Vaccine” by Gates

    If Bill Gates actually cared about helping people, he would be devoting a significant amount to helping those less fortunate in his own home town.

    That he is evidently not doing so, but sticking his nose in far flung corners, should tell you all you need to know about this filthy rich dweeb.
    Old joke:
    Q: What is the difference between the gates of Hell and the Gates of Microsoft?
    A: The Gates of Hell you only pass once.
    The Gates of Microsoft turn up everywhere you look.

  123. turtle says:

    I am a big fan of James Corbett. Hats off to him for his many investigative reports.

    Slave Masks

    IIRC, the initial claim was that these “bank robber costumes,” or “face diapers” would protect the wearer from airborne pathogens. This was swiftly debunked, so the “party line” was quickly changed to “protect other people from the wearer.”
    Thus, we were all instantly transformed into “unclean” individuals, to be avoided like lepers, and publicly shamed if we do not “protect” those around us from our “uncleanliness.”

    Guess what? If “transhumanism” even partially succeeds, creatures with 500 (or more) years lifetime will not need to reproduce in their 20s or 30s. Clearly, the vast majority of the population will not be allowed access to such life extension technology. For them (the slaves), life will likely revert to the historical norm, i.e. nasty, brutish, and short.

    The untermenschen will be bred for desirable characteristics as servants. Most of the male population will have been sterilized, a) for docility, and b) to prevent unauthorized reproduction. My guess is that within 40 years, over 90% of the male human population of “Western” countries will be incapable of natural reproduction, due to chemical sterilization via their drinking water.

  124. gsjackson says:

    I tried six random numbers. Yep on every one. Amazing.

  125. Ace says:

    This is a most insightful analysis amply validated by the odd “inability” of familiar institutions to solve simple problems.

    Antifa just simply does not get addressed or dealt with despite the fact that it screams thug violence and stinks of Weimar communist insurrection. The “systemic injustice” that Floyd’s death supposedly represents can easily be dealt with by a 10-min. presentation by Heather McDowell on the reality of black crime and internecine violence. The greasy particularism of BLM can easily be highlighted by a firm intolerance of anything less than All Lives Matter. Though these matters cry out to be addressed they strangely are not.

    No. The deep state wants violence, destruction, and political chaos.

    Note on the issue of austerity that with most writers it is an unalloyed horror, as though no social benefit can be reduced or withdrawn in the future because of demographic, fiscal or tax realities. Big Blue Meanies in some mythical political party to come may want to reduce Medicaid and Medicare because of the hardness of their hearts but rest assured that Herb Stein is looking down to tell us he told us so when the numbers start to smolder and then burn.

  126. @Getaclue

    the Rockefeller Foundation (all about Eugenics

    If this comment section is any indication, eugenics is badly needed.

    Having us all strap on the BDSM Slave Masks

    It’s a cheap shot, but LOL projection. Most people don’t give a s*** what you do with your body. Mike Bloomberg made a relatively mild restriction in people’s ability to drink liquified obesity and most of the political spectrum was outraged. The only reason people want you to wear a mask is to keep others safe. Nobody’s trying to make you into some kind of kink slave. You’re too fat and slovenly for that particular role.

  127. @ben sampson

    Good question. My explanation is that the Chinese were seduced by the American Deep State to develop a biological weapon themselves with help of the Americans. Then that same Deep State caused the virus to escape from their laboratory. The Chinese government first tried to cover it up, but later on reacted adequately. The Chinese government cannot accuse the US too strongly of treason because it is itself partly guilty. That explains its silence. The whole thing was set up as a trap by the US Deep State.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  128. @Emslander

    You appear to display either a lack of reading comprehension skills, or a lack of communication skills. I am not employed by either of those fraudulent entities. I have clearly stated that covid is a hoax. I do not dispute that it is a fraud scheme, and have clearly stated that it is.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  129. Ace says:

    Fighting oppression. Who can not see their pain?

  130. Truth says:
    @Desert Fox

    Coronavirus is the biggest psyop/mind control operation in American history,

    The moon hoax and the 9/11 hoax are certainly up there, but the biggest psyop was probably the re-editing of slavery.

  131. Alfred says:
    @ben sampson

    China was attacked..a virus was spread in their country and clearly they did not do it to themselves. so why are they so silent on that issue and its cause?

    @Franklin Ryckaert might be correct. But here is my additional piece.

    China has been around for a long time. They never react instantly to every provocation. How could they? They would be constantly at war with their multitude of neighbours all the time!

    Time is on the side of China. They can afford to wait while the USA is torn apart by its overlords. If there is a prolonged economic slump, the Chinese society is far more resilient and able to survive. Many alive today remember the poverty of yesteryear.

    Russia has been similarly attacked by the USA many times. The war in Chechnya was only one of these episodes. The war in Georgia another – hundreds of Russian soldiers were killed in a surprise attack. The CIA controls the heroin and cocaine drug trades worldwide. A massive effort is being made to flood Russia and Iran with opioids. It is an excellent way of undermining their societies. But Russia has not counter attacked the USA for a similar reason as the Chinese. Even the Iranians keep on pretending that their huge drug problem is home-grown.

    Because of the history of China and its geography, it is much more difficult to attack China with drugs. In fact, the Chinese are copying the British/Americans and sending raw materials for making modern drugs to Australia, the USA and Canada.

    There are lots of little wars going on that the media never tell you about.

    Here is a typical fake piece by the BBC that implies that the USA is actually trying to prevent the cultivation of opium poppies. Laughable. 🙂

    I can imagine the ex English public school boy chuckling with his friends while putting the story together.

    How the US military’s opium war in Afghanistan was lost (BBC)

  132. utu says:

    Why nationalists on the Right do not take advantage from the opportunities created by the Covid-19? They used to be pretty vocal about immigration and open borders. One would think that they would recognize the opportunity created by Covid-19 to close borders and stopping immigration. For whom the demagogue Mike Whitney is shilling? Shouldn’t the Nationalist Right take example from the leftist Jacinda Arden of New Zealand?

    Jacinda Ardern decries ‘dangerous’ calls to reopen New Zealand borders

    Jacinda Ardern has decried as “dangerous” her detractors’ calls to open New Zealand’s borders – or present a plan for how she will do so – as the country remains largely free of Covid-19 while the virus spreads abroad.

    “All of the while, we get to enjoy weekend sport, go to restaurants and bars, our workplaces are open, and we can gather in whatever numbers we like,” she said.

    Only New Zealanders and their families are allowed to enter the country, along with some government-approved essential workers. Returnees must spend two weeks in government-managed quarantine at designated hotels; they are tested for Covid-19 twice during their stay and are not permitted to leave isolation for a further two weeks if they refuse a test.

  133. aandrews says:

    “…a large, well-armed white population that now has an actual reason to fear what comes next.”

  134. Richard B says:
    @Thulean Friend

    The second paragraph refutes the first.

    The whole comment is a violation of its own logic.

    As another TUR commenter recently pointed out:

    Immigrant non White coders have destroyed job prospects for White American computer science grads.

    Immigrant non White medics from physicians to researchers to nurses aides have made it very difficult for White Americans to be accepted at medical school, nursing school medical technology school and all medical training programs.

    Immigrant Philippino women and immigrant Indian men are the preferred book keepers and accountants.

    Immigrant non Whites are preferred engineers.

    I don’t think there’s one middle and upper class skilled certifiable occupation where White Americans are not discriminated against in preference to non White immigrants. Except sales which is more an individual talent than a skill squired by education and certification.

    There’s always law school and the bar exam for Whites. Law schools discriminate against Whites as severely as med and nursing school. But there are so many law schools anyone can get into some obscure law school, unlike medical and nursing school. And anyone can pass the Bar Exam. But that only means certification, not a job.

    It’s not 1950 any more.

    Whites are essentially banned from most middle and upper class occupations Ever heard of the 1968 affirmative action act, Griggs vs Duke Power, Kaiser vs Weber? Computer programming and other tech jobs don’t even pay middle class wages any more. They’re lucky to get \$18 an hour instead of \$15 and 60,70 hour weeks for 40 hours pay.

    Ever been to Seattle and Redmond WA? Ever been to San Jose, Mountain View and other cities in Silicon Valley Santa Clara County Ca.? Stand outside google Facebook Microsoft and other tech companies and look at the employees coming and going. Been to a Dr office or hospital anytime in the last 50 years? Ever looked at college and university websites? If you do you might notice the race and sex of many if the highly paid administrators. Hint no heterosexual Whites need apply.

    Learn what’s been happening in the professional skilled job market for the last 50 years.

    Since all of the above is so obviously true Thulean Friend’s comment is yet another pathetic attempt to blame Whitey.

    The whole thing has become so boring and corny.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  135. Milton says:

    I never took you for a Deep State shill, until this comment regarding Sweden.

    At least some good is coming out of the Coronahoax: deeply embedded Deep State shills are being exposed.

  136. JSlade says:

    First you have to understand that government statistics for literacy.are bullshit. They are trying to cover up for the failures of government schools. The same kind of dumbing down that we see on higher ends is even more extreme on lower ends. It was my job to administer written assignments. Not one in 10 could compete it competently.
    All I can say ,using completely anecdotal evidence, was that I could give your average black inmate a complex task and if didn’t involve academics, he could complete it. This is especially true if there was a reward to completing that task. Most whites would require more explaining and they would still mess up even a simple cleaning job until repetition had made it habit.
    But it went deeper than that. There was a level of insight in most black inmates than was often lacking in their white counterparts. I would often hear things ” Obama ain’t gonna do nothing for me” or “You know Trayvon was doing lean” in which they were wiser than society at large. In Ideas Have Consequences Richard Weaver notes the blacks often have a greater understanding of moral ambiguity. I definitely noticed that, while at the same time whites were more black and white thinkers.
    The point isn’t whether blacks can score identical number sof whatever IQ test you want. The question is can they be productive members of society in greater numbers then they are now. I think they can but frankly it has to start with leaving the same victimhood BLM narrative that Democrats continue to push. Just line in the old days, Democrats are holding Blacks hostage. And the black communities are too fragile to hold up under such “assistance ”

  137. Thomasina says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    You might be right, or it could be that the Chinese elite have joined hands with the Western elite to use the virus to shut down the economy, thus bringing down Trump.

    Trump stopped TPP, and he also went after the Chinese re trade, slapping on tariffs. 60% of all exports coming out of China and destined for the U.S. market were manufactured in China by U.S. multinationals. This has been a very lucrative set-up for both countries’ elites. I can’t see them wanting to change this cushy arrangement, not without a fight. These U.S. multinationals are going to be the ones getting hit by the tariffs.

    This is the nationalists versus the globalists, and Trump is trying to force them to bring the jobs back home.

    It’s either they’re going after Trump or they’re going after China. Just another perspective.

    • Thanks: TheTrumanShow
  138. @JimDandy

    Photoshop……as usual.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  139. “Open borders” aren’t literally OPEN……the EU ordered North Africa to “share the immigration burden” keep the “useless and weak” refugees or not and send the “young healthy males”. That’s what the west calls “migration crisis” power is power. The guilty dictate the narrative and that’s considered “reality”. Colonial Empires don’t end they evolve like everything else.

  140. Emslander says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    I have clearly stated that covid is a hoax.

    Well, maybe it’s my comprehension skills. Sorry.

  141. botazefa says:

    We disagrer.

    You could take the entire report to your MD and ask him to translate it in plain english.

    Or, wait for Chauvin to plead guilty.

  142. @TG

    at core the “Deep State” is 600 billionaires

    Methinks you’ve rather missed the point here.

    I’d be prepared to lay hard cash that 95% of your 600 (there are many, many more than 600) are JEWS.

    There’s a reason for that – and a political purpose.

  143. ayylmoa says:
    @Thulean Friend

    Or consider the following
    You’re a moron because all of those terrible conditions are imposed directly by the very people who benefited from slavery in the first place, while blaming that crime, with nigger complicity to boot, on the general white public.

    Some 3% of the whites at slaverys peek owned blacks. 3%. 3. not less than 200 years ago africans where in chains. The books and paperwork and money trails are all there to be found and exploited. Yet no nigger uprising against the very socialists and liberals that continually abuse them to this day. Instead they are happy to loot, kill, and destroy eachothers rights and lives every year, with whites serving usually as little more than collateral close to election years.

    In short/TL:DR There is nothing to address when the demographic of niggers have never left slavery and have no desire to. If they wanted to redress these problems instead of looting they would arm themselves and take down every creditor and laywer across the east coast instead of addidas shelves.

  144. R2b says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Yes, as I thought, cov-slime from the bottomless pit, brought forth by a minon of lie-daddy. And an ass observer too.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  145. Dog Day says:

    Following the long quotation from Caduff, Whitely writes “This is precisely right. The country has been deliberately plunged into another Great Depression with the clear intention of imposing harsh austerity measures that will eviscerate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any other social safteynet (sic) programs that benefit ordinary working people, retirees, or anyone else for that matter. ”

    There is nothing in the quoted material that justifies the author’s conclusion that the country has been “deliberately plunged ” into a Depression. Caduff describes what has happened, an interpretation of events, but there is nothing about a “deliberate” plan. Nothing at all. So what then is “precisely right”? The description of world historical events might be criticized and other interpretations offered, but there is no indication that his interpretation is intended to identify an agent deliberately causing them to happen. Yet to Whitely the mere description of the global phenomenon suffices as proof of intent. There is nothing here but circumstantial evidence of a deliberately fostered plan. And this shoddy thinking characterizes much of the huge volume of fatalist writing emerging from the chaos, much of which claims various parties as the agents of our calamity and describes the motives of these agents (here, the “elite”) in wild associations taken to be transparently true and their meaning as obvious, when in fact they are not obvious and not inevitable.

    I think it is untenable that any “elite” or “deep state” or “Jews” have deliberately created the calamities we now endure. First, no group has the power to make these things happen. Certainly, someone could have created a bad virus and set it loose on the world either intentionally or inadvertently. If intended, what would this agent expect to happen such that he or his could profit therefrom? The agent does not know what will happen once the virus is loosened. He can only guess. Why? Well, consider — how does the agent know that the pandemic would not be stopped immediately or early on by a powerful vaccine already researched and now made available in large quantities? He can’t know this as it depends upon factors he cannot control, but his whole agenda might have been washed out in this way quickly and then the subsequent expected events do not happen, even if such events appeared necessarily inevitable when the virus was set free. So here the agent(s) lose a lot of money in a stock market they thought they controlled and they now have allmost nothing to show for it. Other post-virus release possibilities? The agents and their plans are uncovered readily and all those associated with such agents and/or their plans are summarily executed by an outraged people.

    Let’s say this agent is lucky and the introduction of the pathogen has the immediate results he anticipated. However, all of the sequential events following these results are subject to the same doubt and randomness as the initial action itself, something could just make the anticipated consequences moot.

    For example: There are riots in the major cities which further enhance the morbidity of the pandemic, and destroys merchandise and values such that eventually a charismatic leader emerges from the chaos leading the unhappy “people” to take possession of the means of production against all odds and instigate production. The “elite” did not anticipate this leader and his/her ability to organize the “people.” The elite has no contingency plan in place to deal with revolutionary actions because they believed their own deterministic expectations. Alas, now the elite are penniless and cannot pay stooges trained to do their bidding for a price. So what happens? We don’t know. And this is the very phrase which counters the intricate causal claims and links proffered and preferred by doomsday commentators. You just don’t know.

    What elite would scuttle their own fortunes by creating chaos the outcome of which cannot be known in advance? People don’t behave this way; We husband our riches, such as they are, as much as possible even while trying to enhance the pot. Such people would not give it all up for something so absolutely risky as pandemic and depression!

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  146. JSlade says:

    Yea but things are about to get so much worse for those who don’t have those things. Ultimately, I have no doubt, the global elite want to get rid of most of us goys, but at first it will those who have no use to them…. now they pretend to be antiracist but we both know they are eugenicists at heart. That’s why it’s so important not to try to imitate them. John Derbyshire’s racism is laughable compared to someone like Bill Gates. Let’s not play their game. Divide and conquer is most of their game

  147. @R2b

    May your entire family and extended families all die horribly for giving birth to you.

    A retarded abomination.

  148. Great piece, Mike! You are right on the mark here — one of the few to see what is really happening. Carl B.

  149. See the mirror?

    Everyone is always looking to blame someone else.

    That people look to profit off of ANY situation ought not be of any surprise. And these days with all the hedging that is plugged directly into our veins (stock market) there will ALWAYS be people profiting.

    It’s The System. Pure and simple. The System will endeavor to stay alive. We ALL live off The System, like it or not.

    The System is predicated on an improbable/false premise: Perpetual growth on a finite planet. If there is no growth then the Ponzi collapses: full debt, interest and principal can never be fully paid as there is NOT enough “chits” (more people than chairs when the music stops). Yes, we exist within a Ponzi! Complaining about all the bad guys directing the Ponzi while not seeing that it’s all a Ponzi is to FAIL to understand the actual problem. Toss out all sorts of ways to fix “the problem,” toss all you want but if you don’t have the problem properly identified there is no way on earth you’re going to have anything resembling a true “solution.” Don’t care how much power and benevolence you have, your WILL fail.

    Those in power, regardless of whether they understand the Ponzi they’re responsible for overseeing (and gaming), are driving a “vehicle” that has no steering wheel, a “vehicle” that only has a means of varying its speed toward (and over) the cliff. They pretend to be in control because that’s what being in such positions requires: fakes in a Ponzi, really?- shocked?

    Crash the markets and the books will fail to provide the necessary numbers for pensions. The amount of pension money hooked into the Ponzi is huge. I’d argue that this is the prisoner’s dilemma, the way power locks the regular person into serving it. NOTE: throughout history, and even in many countries today, “retirement” is something that is unknown- it is, essentially, a recent construct that came to be with the advent of the “middle class” (which is used as a protective buffer between the rich and poor.

    We have made promises to ourselves which are impossible to keep. There ought not be any shock in understanding this reality. We have hurling “solutions” to a problem that we have not (intentionally?) identified. What solution is there to the actual problem? Don’t know and don’t care to provide one: and anyone claiming to have one should not be trusted.

    Many will, ignorantly, say that since we can print money that we can resolve any problem. They fail to afford everyone else on the globe this same relief. What happens if EVERY nation does this? What trade “value” will currencies be? Ultimately it has to link to actual physical resources: may I trade you these shiny beads for that barrel of oil?

    “Those” who are robbing “us” will be running off with PAPER (not going to run off with an oil well, a mine, a forest or an ocean): years ago I speculated that the Fed would suck up all the debt and then it would implode- there would then be a full severing from the actual govt (“The People now have ZERO debt!…” “the Fed wasn’t actually the govt”). It was a bold prediction back then; given what we’re seeing now I can only say that it’s no longer such a long shot.

    Do you try a controlled crash landing or just try to bail/jump? How to get everyone to bail (some will think it a hoax; many will be to scared to try)? Go ahead, do some serious gaming (I’ve done it for decades).

    Best of luck to all!

    Advanced apologies for grammatical and spelling errors. My editor is on vacation.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  150. Polemos says:
    @Timothy Madden

    Nothing substantive has changed in at least the 6,000 years of reasonably documented history. Regardless of the specific era the entrenched-money-power always and everywhere adopts the circular-argument that God clearly likes them better because they were born wealthy, and therefore they are justified in doing whatever is necessary to perpetuate that arrangement as God’s Will.

    You write this as though an unstated presupposition is either that God doesn’t choose this way or what God chooses is irrelevant for justifying what they claim for God.

    Perhaps this is all good material for a classic argument we find throughout cultures and times: the God of this world is neither kind nor just, does choose sides, and you are not one of this God’s favorites. They prayed for your destruction and it is happening. Their God is in control. The Gnostics were right and Plato wrong; the Demiurge is evil and we who suffer are like hamsters in a cage.

    Or maybe The God has a much longer interest and timescale with how all forms of life unfold on this planet, and perhaps culling the species is part of a more galactic struggle against the inevitable death of all life in the universe, as organic life is not as equipped for void travel as plasma lifeforms but is useful for shaping the magnetospiritual resonant forms of consciousness inhabited by virtual beings, thus preparing the way for its digital kin to survive here. Humans here are incubators for a higher intelligence, unfolding and dying off like the chrysalis shell of the petals surrounding a rose. It’s what’s inside them that matters: also a thought found across times and cultures.

  151. @Chris Moore

    Well since all those are things are personally in my power I’ll get right on it. Don’t worry lads, should have this thing settled before lunch.

  152. @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    The inequality between jews and everyone else is very easy to ignore. In fact it’s very hard to not ignore if you like having a job and not becoming an enemy of the state.

  153. @Emslander

    I know certain last names corresponding to 2% of the population, but when I hear of action or read an article or see a program actively promoting the kind of “spiritual problem” you rightly observe… this 2% is represented in an astonishing number of instances.

    Is the cure to my mental illness to somehow cease knowing these last names or simply to quit understanding probability… help me out here Doc.

    I was a confirmed philosemite who was eventually turned into uh… definitely not that. Pattern recognition brought me over absolutely kicking and screaming. I’d much prefer not to hold the most socially unacceptable and officially sanctioned possible opinion, but that’s where reality lead me. Not a lot of personal gain in being a despised thought criminal.

    They aren’t the ONLY problem by any means, but they seem to be the devil’s most reliable shock troops.

    • Agree: foolisholdman
  154. @botazefa

    I know a few South Africans who would disagree.

    But yes without being enabled by a certain other more capable and subversive minority, they would be easily pacified no matter their numbers.

    This abstract fact doesn’t do you much good when a couple of them break into your house one night though. Particularly since after encouraging them to target you and moving them into your community… the other more capable minority has also made self defense while white defacto illegal

    Whites had a lot of sympathy for the natural limitations of blacks when they weren’t being used as bio weapons against us.

  155. @Astuteobservor II

    Always charming what profound love for humanity the true believing branch covidians display

  156. @The_One_And_Only_Seer

    “Those” who are robbing “us” will be running off with PAPER (not going to run off with an oil well, a mine, a forest or an ocean):…”

    As a matter of fact (thanks to the CV-19 Federal relief bailout bills), “an oil well, a mine, a forest or an ocean” are exactly the kind of NON-PAPER assets “Those” who are robbing “us” are running off with.
    And all of it’s being charged (at compound interest) to generations to come of US Government taxpayers.

  157. zdb says:

    Sounds like you listened to Baal Gates’ version of what happened in Sweden, Belarus, Japan, Taiwan, ……..

    You are right they are all different and all took different approaches. What all share in common is that Lockdowns do not work – except to forward fascism and medical martial law. Quarantining the healthy is siege warfare. Quarantining the sick is time tested optimal procedure.

    Sweden did better than the US. Sure compared to Finland and Norway they did worse. That’s because they did not protect their nursing homes. And those homes are 100 to 200 bed facilities. Finland and Norway have 10 to 20 bed facilities.

    And Sweden already reached Herd Immunity Threshold at about 17%. Baal Gates will not let that tidbit out since it kills the possibility of mandatory vaccines.

    thank you.

  158. @Vojkan

    The question is what will they eat when they’ll have destroyed the livelihoods of all people who produce stuff of actual value.

    This is reductio ad absurdamThe plan, as is stated in the writing on that sinister granite monument, The New World Order’s Georgia Guidestones, is not to wipe out everybody productive, but to reduce the population to about 500 million. That should be enough slaves to look after 5-600.

    The thing is, you can’t save people against their will and I’m pretty certain that the people don’t want to be saved. The people are quite content with eating the crumbs that fall off the elites’ table.

    Not so much “quite content” as “not discontented enough to risk everything to make the change.”
    To persuade people that it is worth risking their lives to make the change you have to have at least some fairly clear idea of how it can be done, and convince them that it is possible.
    Much the same problem (I think) faced the Chinese Communists when they started their revolution in earnest, in 1927. The peasants they needed to rouse in order to overthrow the Landlords, Warlords and the Imperialist Powers oppressing them, were mostly sunk in fatalism and despondency, convinced that their frightful situation was karma and immutable. I have been reading “The Great Road”, Agnes Smedley’s biography of Chu Teh. (Library of Congress Cat. No.: 56-11272 Monthly Review Press.) It is really a fascinating account of how it was done.

  159. @Johnny Walker Read

    What a stupid demonstration! What a con-artist! All he is “proving” is that exhaled air is rich in CO2! Did anyone doubt it? Well, now I know how much credence to give to Achmed E. Newman, Agent76, Johnny Walker Read and Infowars!
    Look, the volume of air that the mask holds is small compared to the volume breathed in and out, so the small volume of exhaled air, left in the mask when you start to inhale has a small effect on the amount of CO2 you breathe in. How many people have you heard of dying because they were wearing a mask?

  160. @ben sampson

    I think the Chinese ‘silence’ could have many different explanations. It could be that they think it very probable that the virus came with the soldiers “competing” in the World Military Games, but cannot prove it, to a standard that they think would convince the World. It could be that they are still investigating and are not yet ready to give their conclusions. It could also be that they are certain that it came from the US and that it was deliberately spread in Wuhan but they are not ready for a hot war. Then they may be uncertain that it was a deliberate attack at all, or whether it was a US government authorized attack or a rogue element attack. What is certain is that they will act on what they perceive as facts, not on unsubstantiated theories. The outbreak in Beijing is very suggestive of a deliberate attack, to me anyway! In general they do not jump to conclusions and they take their time. When they decide to take action they can move with surprising speed.

  161. @Anon

    Then hopefully there will full scale Civil War/Race War.

    Civil War & Race War are mutually exclusive. Race war is encouraged, provoked to keep the proles busy, so busy that they do not attack the real parasites. So busy, that they do not even think about what their real problems, who their real enemies are.

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