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Splitting Up Iraq
The Final Push
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“Iraq’s fate was sealed from the moment we invaded: it has no future as a unitary state … Iraq is fated to split apart into at least three separate states…This was the War Party’s real if unexpressed goal from the very beginning: the atomization of Iraq, and indeed the entire Middle East. Their goal, in short, was chaos – and that is precisely what we are seeing today.”

— Justin Raimondo, editor

A bill that could divide Iraq into three separate entities has passed the US House Armed Services Committee by a vote of 60 to 2. The controversial draft bill will now be debated in the US House of Representatives where it will be voted on sometime in late May. If approved, President Barack Obama will be free to sidestep Iraq’s central government in Baghdad and provide arms and assistance directly to Sunnis and the Kurds that are fighting ISIS. This, in turn, will lead to the de facto partitioning of the battered country into three parts; Kurdistan, Shiastan, and Sunnistan.

The plan to break up Iraq has a long history dating back to Oded Yinon’s darkly prophetic 1982 article titled “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”. Yinon believed that Israel’s survival required that the Jewish state become a imperial regional power that “must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states … The Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation.” (The Zionist Plan for the Middle East, Israel Shahak)

The GOP-led House Armed Services Committee’s bill embraces Yinon’s vision of a fragmented Iraq. (Note: Under the current bill, which is part of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as much as 60% of the proposed funds, or $429m, would flow directly to the “Kurdish Peshmerga, the Sunni tribal security forces with a national security mission, and the Iraqi Sunni National Guard”.) Providing weapons to Sunni militias and the Kurdish Peshmerga will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the country, the ramping up of sectarian hostilities, and the strengthening of extremist groups operating in the region. It’s a prescription for disaster. Here’s a brief excerpt from Yinon’s piece on Iraq:

“Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel … Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon. In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi’ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north.” ( “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”, Oded Yinon)

The fact that US and Israeli strategic objectives match up so closely calls into question the ISIS invasion of Iraq in 2014 when a two mile-long column of white land rovers loaded with 15,000 jihadis barreled across the open desert from Syria spewing clouds of dust into the atmosphere without being detected by US AWACs or state-of-the-art spy satellites. The logical explanation for this so called “intelligence failure” is that it was not a failure at all, but that Washington wanted the operation to go forward as it coincided with US-Israeli strategic aims. As it happens, the areas now controlled by the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shia are very close to those projected by Yinon suggesting that the ISIS invasion was part of a broader plan from the very beginning. That’s not to say that ISIS leaders take orders directly from Langley or the Pentagon. No. It merely implies that Washington uses the marauding horde for their own purposes. In this case, ISIS provides the pretext for arming the Sunnis and Kurds, imposing new borders within the existing state, creating easier access to vital resources, and eliminating a potential rival to US-Israel regional hegemony. The US needs an enemy to justify its constant meddling. ISIS provides that justification. Check this out from the Daily Star:

“The present ISIS lightning war in Iraq is the creation of an illusion to initiate the fulfillment of a pre-planned agenda of the West in close alliance with Israel to redraw the map of the entire region as the “New Middle East…..The chaos, destruction and devastation caused by the ISIS in its process of establishing the Sunni Islamic Caliphate in Iraqi and Syrian territories is the realisation of the intended policy of the US and the West to change public perception that the “War on Terror” was never a war waged by the West against Islam but a “war within Islam” along religious, ethnic and sectarian lines in the Islamic world…

The division of Iraq into three separate entities had also been strongly advocated by US Vice-President Joe Biden. Biden’s heritage and an analysis of his electoral constituents will help understand better his support for the fragmentation of Iraq under the Yinon Plan.” (The Yinon Plan and the role of ISIS, The Daily Star)

The Biden-Gelb plan, which was proposed in an op-ed in the New York Times in May 2006, called for the establishment of “three largely autonomous regions” with Baghdad becoming a “federal zone.” In other words, the powers of the Iraqi central government would be greatly reduced. The authors tried to soft-peddle their radical scheme as “decentralization” which is a milder term than the more accurate “partition”. The authors, both of who are members of the powerful Council on Foreign Relations, obscure the real aims of the plan which is to weaken the country through dismemberment and to leave it in “a permanent state of colonial dependency.” (Chomsky)

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has denounced the proposed bill as an attempt to undermine his authority and rip the country apart. In a recent phone conversation with Vice President Biden, Abadi expressed his opposition to the bill insisting that “only the Iraqi people can decide the future of their country.”

Also, according to Press TV, Iraqi cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, warned that if congress passed the bill, he would order his Mahdi Army to resume hostilities against the US targets in Iraq.

“We are obliged to lift the freeze on our military wing … and begin hitting US interests in Iraq and outside it,” said Sadr, who once led the powerful Mahdi Army and still enjoys huge influence among the Shia population.

Although Obama doesn’t approve of the new bill’s wording, his opposition is far from convincing. Here’s what State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said on the matter at a recent briefing: “The policy of this Administration is clear and consistent in support of a unified Iraq. We’ve always said a unified Iraq is stronger, and it’s important to the stability of the region as well.”

“Clear and consistent”? When has US policy in the Middle East ever been clear and consistent? Is it clear and consistent in Libya, Syria, or Yemen where jihadi militias are armed and supported either directly or indirectly by Washington or its allies? Is US policy clear and consistent in Ukraine where far-right neo-Nazi extremists are trained and given logistical support by the US to fight a proxy war against Russia?

Sure, Obama wants to make it look like he opposes the bill, but how much of that is just public relations? In truth, the administration is on the same page as the Congress, they just want to be more discreet about it. Here’s Harf again: “We look forward to working with Congress on language that we could support on this important issue.”

Indeed, the administration wants to tweak the wording for the sake of diplomacy, but that’s the extent of their opposition. In fact, the House Armed Services Committee has already complied with this request and removed the offending clause from the bill (asking for recognition of the Peshmerga and Sunni tribal militias as “countries”) while, at the same time, “maintaining that some of the military aid should go directly to the two forces fighting ISIS….”

So they deleted a couple words from the text but meaning remains the same. Also, according to Huffington Post:

“Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said Sunday he wants to identify “a way to streamline the process of getting the weapons to both the Sunni tribes and the [Kurds] … while at the same time not undermining the government of Iraq in Baghdad.”

There’s no way to “streamline the process” because the two things are mutually exclusive, Abadi has already said so. If Obama gives weapons to the Sunnis and the Kurds, the country is going to split up. It’s that simple.

So how has Obama responded to these latest developments?

Last week he met with Kurdish president Masoud Barzani in Washington. Here’s what happened:

“Asked by Kurdish outlet Rudaw whether he had secured any commitments on a change to the policy from President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden when he met with them Tuesday, Barzani responded, “Both the vice president and the president want the peshmerga to get the right weapons and ammunition. … The important point here is that the peshmerga get weapons. How they will come, in which way, that’s not as important as the fact that peshmerga need weapons to be in their hands.” (Kurdish Leader Aligns With White House Over Congress On ISIS Strategy, Huffington Post)

So Obama basically told Barzani he’d get the weapons he wanted. (wink, wink)

Can you see what a sham this is? Iraq’s fate is sealed. As soon as Congress approves the new defense bill, Obama’s going to start rushing weapons off to his new buddies in the Kurdish north and the so called Sunni triangle. That’s going to trigger another vicious wave of sectarian bloodletting that will rip the country to shreds.

And that’s the goal, isn’t it: To split the country into three parts, to improve access to vital resources, and to eliminate a potential rival to US-Israel regional hegemony?

You know it is.

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at [email protected].

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Iraq, Kurds 
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  1. tom says:

    Well done by Whitney.

    Remember when the moronic war criminal bush and he’s “thinkers”, handed over Iraq to the Shia and its alliance with the Iranian regime because of the genocidal US invasion ?
    Well now the more sophisticated Empire under Obama has wiped that off completely and has used terrorist chaos in ISIL and Al Qaeda as U.S. proxies, as well as planned sectarian fighting for divide and conquer.

  2. Iraq was an artificial construct drafted by the British and French, and it no longer exists.

    • Replies: @Realist
  3. Realist says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    “Iraq was an artificial construct drafted by the British and French, and it no longer exists.”

    And now we will have a new artificial construct drafted by a new set of idiots….oh boy.

  4. “Iraq’s fate was sealed from the moment we invaded: it has no future as a unitary state..”
    Justin Raimondo, editor A IS A CIA FRONT. This site is promoting partitioning of Iraq for YEARS. The architect of partition is a zionist jew by the name of Leslie Gelb. For example an embedded ‘journalist’ has written numerous article telling the ignorant readers, it is good to partition Iraq, because these writers are zionists pro Israel and advocating partition according to Oded Yinon. These phony ‘journalists’ at antiwar and counterpunch are promoting ‘erection of kurdistan’ to erect ‘greater israel’. Israel will take this wish into its GRAVE. For example look at the following dumb article. He has written many articles like this: it is shameful.

  5. Yevardian says:

    There are many countries that don’t ideally exist within the borders they have now, even ancient ones like Spain and France. Smashing them into 1000 pieces and letting them take natural course under total anarchy is not the way to go about it.

    Actually, the first Iraq government had a flag that specifically represented the Assyrians, Arabs and Kurds respectively. It was even wary of Arab nationalism because it would divide the country.
    Iraq had much promise at the beginning. It was not preordained to be a failure.

  6. Mitleser says:

    The Iran won’t like that at all.

  7. Renoman says:

    Good article, cuts right to the bone.

  8. The western democracies crushing the natural aspiration of the ‘right of self determination of peoples’ when it pleases and using the same to promote conflict as it pleases, to manipulate events in accord with any short term goal, is certainly nothing new.

    The original colonial borders were born of criminal events, maintaining those borders during so-called ‘de-colonialization’ was a criminal act and now there has been a method found to exploit the right of self determination in such a way as to pursue further crimes.

    It’s always a ‘heads I win, tail you lose’ proposition in geopolitics, the sincere rights of the people be damned. Whitney is so busy being a self-hating ’empire’ American, he doesn’t grasp keeping the Kurds, a major nationality, forever chained down only insures there will be forever conflict in the region, Iraq’s national sovereignty/integrity is not as simplistic as put forward. The Kurds have long deserved their own state but almost certainly they will have bad luck on account of their new partners and the inevitable ‘reverse’ Midas touch of the USA. Next up? The Turks vs the Kurds escalation. Who’ll the Zionist USA state support as the Turks double down on the Kurds as fallout? Noting NATO member Turkey is no less fascist in relation to the Kurds than Israel is to the Palestinians. There’s not a clean set of hands in the region. That said, it’s really ironic old colonial borders are being broken up to facilitate neo-colonialism.

    Citing the Bangladeshi ‘Daily Star’ is good for a laugh, no matter they may have the facts more or less right in the micro-cosmic view; but then recalling Bangladesh was ‘liberated’ by India from Pakistan. So much for those sacrosanct national entities.

    At the end of the day, satire is the best therapy ^

    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  9. Henry Ford 1st said of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion “We have merely stated what they contain and have paralleled this with what actually took place and are leaving it to the mind of the public to judge.”

    Much the same can be said of the Yinon Plan, as the people of Iraq, Syria and Iran can testify. (Those still alive, that is).

  10. @Ronald Thomas West

    People should learn history. All of Kurdistan was part of Iran for hundreds of years until 1514 where Ottoman with better WMD invaded Iran, and occupied part of kurdistan located in the west of Iran. This part was further divided further by the criminal West and became part of Iraq, Syria, Turkey after WWI. Kurds are IRANIANS.

    {The Battle of Chaldiran or Chaldoran (Persian: چالدران‎; Turkish: Çaldıran) occurred on 23 August 1514 and ended with a victory for the Ottoman Empire over the Safavid Empire. As a result, the Ottomans gained immediate and permanent control over far eastern Anatolia and northern Iraq, as well as temporary control of northwestern Iran.}

    For those who do not know the history of the region, please read the following link. Kurdistan is the province of Iran for CENTURIES. The zionist murderers are trying to divide the regional states to create servants and colonies to protect stolen land of Palestine for themselves but the history will show that they will take this wish into their graves one by one. The invaders must leave the region immediately. People of the region will not allow criminals in the whore houses to divide other countries. There should be a FRONT against these criminals to divide US into many pieces AND to free the indigenous population from the criminal ruling elite. Russia, India, China must do the same and destabilize US. We will see in NO time US will be divided into many pieces. Half of the country was stolen from Mexico.

    Down with ziofascists and the fifth column in the zionist whore house, (congress)

  11. @No Second Israel

    Kurds are IRANIANS

    I should change my name to “Learn Ethnicity” for this reply. Kurdish language being related to Persian language (Iranian) no more makes the Kurds into Iranians than Catalan being related to Spanish makes Catalans into ethnic Spaniards.


    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  12. @No Second Israel

    PS to Learn History from Learn Ethnicity


    Kurds are IRANIANS

    Then why are they an official minority in Iran?

    Because Finns are Hungarians? (lol)

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  13. @Ronald Thomas West

    What is your background? Is it British, Irish or another country from the West? What are you calling yourself? American? British? or Irish? Why the settlers can call themselves ‘americans’, or ‘israelies’, but Kurds who are Iranians cannot?
    Kurds are Iranians. We have lived together for hundreds of years and have shared history. Kurdish is part of Iranian family of languages. How come the kurds after few years being in America will call themselves ‘Americans’, but cannot call themselves Iranians after being Iranians for hundreds of years?

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  14. @No Second Israel

    So, you wish to contribute to ‘indigenous colonialism’ ?

    The better question might be if the Americans can force the Native Americans to take American citizenship, should the same be true of Iran, Iraq, Syria & Turkey can force citizenship on Kurds in what has always been Kurdish occupied lands?

    Do you suppose the several Kurdish independence fronts reflect that act of ‘brotherhood’ ?

    You were dead wrong on the ‘Kurds are Iranians’ except in the case of a subjugated minority of which most are not in Iran. How is it you would dictate to the majority of Kurds? Advise them to bow down to Turkey’s Erdogan?

    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  15. @Ronald Thomas West

    You are dead wrong not knowing the history of the region. How countries were born? There were different tribes living together, later joined together and fought against other invaders and then created nations. Iranian Kurds view themselves Iranians, although the brutal West and ziofascists have hired some of the opportunists ‘kurds’ for their political gains.

    Do you know a ‘pure nation’ on earth? You are SEEKING TO DIVIDE based on phony race and religion to achieve your vious geo political strategy to control the region. The kurds are part of Iranian nation so azaris. Who are you? a settler calling yourself an ‘american’, or ‘israseli’ or ‘australian’ after a few decades? Iran is an ancient country with more than 7000 years of civilization. It was not born YESTERDAY.

    To divide the regional countries based on Oded Yinon strategy is A ZIONIST PROJECT where no one in the region will allow that to happen. No one in the region will allow ANOTHER ISRAEL. The kurds are spying for Israel for more than 50 years.

    America with the same pressure will be divided into many pieces in NO TIME.
    According to “Oded Yinon strategy”, Israel should destabilize the region to slaves and pawns to survive since is living off the STOLEN LAND of Palestine.

    {The Kurds have proudly defied the anti-Israel theatrics of their Muslim brethren. Speaking with a variety of KRG officials, I heard that they would be more than happy to establish official diplomatic relations with Israel were such a decision within their power.}

    To break up Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and other countries is coming from the zionist project. The zionist war criminals must be forced out of the region.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  16. @No Second Israel

    You can live in fantasies of ancient history relating to the Kurds, but what we are dealing with is modern geopolitics. I notice you evaded the fact of most the Kurds are in Turkey where there is a long history of forced assimilation violating Kurds rights.

    Even some Jews see themselves as Iranians, so it would come as no surprise some Kurds would as well. But you’re cheating on the subject to conform to a political view. Neither population is located primarily in Iran and neither population is ready to give up its national aspirations.

    Does that make the two of them the same? No. The Kurds have a legitimate aspiration to their ‘right to self determination of peoples’ in International Law, the rogue state of Israel is not so clear a case except the United Nations legitimized that entity which has gone on to violate not only the Palestinian rights but ignore several UNSC resolutions in a consistent pattern of impunity.

    And you throw insults (in defense of a nation that stones women to death as though this were medieval times) at someone you know essentially nothing about; in which case I invite a read of my work exposing ongoing criminal acts against Iran by Americans:

    I don’t care about being on anyone’s side, I prefer sticking to the facts (about which you need some serious re-education, not that you profile as someone who’d take a neutral, factual stance.)

    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  17. @Ronald Thomas West

    {And you throw insults (in defense of a nation that stones women to death as though this were medieval times)}

    Do you have an evidence that Iranian government actually “stones women to death” or you get your information from Western and zionist propaganda such as movie “stoning of Soraya M”, a propaganda film and a FICTION played by the known pawns of CIA and other intelligence services of the West, which is part of the public libraries’ COLLECTION in the West, are distributed FREE of charge to brainwash the public, including in the United States? But they ignore the actual stoning that is taking place in Kurdistan because the Kurds are in the services of the Zionists and should be painted as ‘democratic’ and ‘victims’ to erect ‘kurdistan’ to act as a vassal entity for Israel and the West.
    Or you get your information regarding this issue from a criminal zionist Jew, Bernard Henri Levi who construct lies like ‘stoning’ and erect international campaign with the zionist $$$$$ using traitors such as MEK and figures like Shadi Sadr, a known pawn of intelligence services of the West to spread propaganda against targeted countries for destabilization to implement Oded Yinon strategy?

    {You can live in fantasies of ancient history relating to the Kurds, but what we are dealing with is modern geopolitics.}

    Since you are not coming from an ancient civilization and culture, it does not give you a right to deny others their history. You are repeating the words of criminals and opportunists like Kissinger, Netanyahu and the neocons who want to re draw the map AGAIN to construct “modern geopolitics” where you are so proud and agree with.
    Who is responsible for the ‘modern geopolitics” that you are talking about?

    The criminal west where have partitioned Korea, India, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya, for some time Vietnam, Yugoslavia and many more? We are NOT SETTLERS.
    It is time to partition US, Britain, France, Spain, and many more criminal states who were involved in killing millions of human being willing to re draw the map for Yugoslavia over others. We are disgusted with your criminal acts. Stop it now.
    We have an ancient country and culture and we will defend our borders from the criminal thieves at any price.

    {I notice you evaded the fact of most the Kurds are in Turkey where there is a long history of forced assimilation violating Kurds rights.}

    This region was part of Iran where ottoman, Sultan Selim I, stole it from province of Kurdistan part of Iran in 1514.

  18. @ Learn History

    You continue to cheat, making no mention of the even-handedness in the approach from this side per the previous mentioned MeK assessment (because it doesn’t fit your smears?)

    So, you don’t like Lévy? That doesn’t make you unique:

    Following on the Lévy satire, here’s Netanyahu and his criminal American compatriot:

    So, Iran is some pure and lily-White ethical civilization in your view but actually wherever there were Kurds it was Iran because empire had been the habit of the Persian people no different to the rise and fall of your other ancient events, for instance the Moghul rule of India. No, you’re no cleaner historically than the others.

    And you’ll never admit the facts of stoning because you’re determined to pursue narcissistic Iranian nationalism:

    As well conceal other domestic persecutions:

    Rather that the avenue pursued from this side where I expose the crimes of my nation:


  19. {You continue to cheat, and ….}

    The one who is cheating is YOU. You are throwing bunch of links without that much knowledge about facts on the ground and the histroy of the region. Why are you sending me a link about the terrorist MEK and Levy? I know much more than that.

    You cannot change the fact that some of the Kurds have been working with CIA, NATO and Israel against the interests of the people for a long time. They Kurds in Iraq spying for Israel since 1950s.
    It is funny that you give many links without that much knowledge about them. For example, the link of “Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, IRANHRDC, is a CIA organization cofounded by USG and Payam Akhavan, funded by US government.

    Payam Akhavan, a CIA asset, Also is a member of Halifax Security Forum, a war party run by the neocons pro Israel like McCain, ehud Barak, Leon Panetta and many more war criminals.
    Boston Globe reported:

    {Iran Human Rights Documentation Center was ramping up to investigate abuses of protesters after this summer’s disputed presidential election, the group received word that – for the first time since it was formed – its federal funding request had been denied,… who had asked for $2.7 million in funding for the next two years.}

    Payam Akhavan is making fake ‘documents’ against the targeted countries to help CIA and other intelligence services of the West for regime change.
    Payam Akhavan is a Canadian Bahia who left Iran with his family for the West, when he was a child in search of economic miracle improve his assets. He has done well. He is working for the intelligence services of the West, pose as a ‘human rights’ activist and was a prosecutor for ICC, a brothel house. He is associated with Israel Lobby and Zionist figures including Irwin Cotler, who with Alan Dershowitz involved in a campaign to remove MEK’s name from the terrorist list.
    In regard to ‘stoning’, your links present the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who was convicted as a complicit in her husband death. She was imprisoned and later released for good behavior. But a propaganda campaign launched by the Zionist stooges, Bernard Henri Levy, and Payam Akhavan, against Iran to fool people like YOU. Both are liars.

    So you are supporting the Zionist /imperialist policy of “a clean break”. Clean break must be applied to America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and occupied land of Palestine NOT to a region where is torn apart by YOUR terrorism and it has been partitioned many times since the WWI by the criminal West.

    WE DON’T ALLOW ANOTHER ISRAEL IN OUR REGION AT ANY COST. We protect our borders from ‘modern geopolitics’ and people like you. Those whores at the congress should go and rub each other’s behind to entertain themselves and leave us alone.

  20. @ Learn History (who would have people believe India was once upon a time Persia because Nader Shah was there to sack and rape the city of Delhi, fellow Muslims included)

    Payam Akhavan is a Canadian Bahia who left Iran with his family for the West, when he was a child in search of economic miracle improve his assets

    EVERYONE is CIA if they don’t line up with your paranoid fantasies … and don’t forget Bahai are persecuted as Islamic apostates in Iran so if you don’t like those people pointing the finger back at the way you treat people, maybe you shouldn’t give them a hard time 😉

    In fact you’re so poor at making your case, it occurs to me you’re actually MOSSAD behaving stupidly to make Iran look bad… sayanara m.f.

  21. { don’t forget Bahai are persecuted as…..}

    You are an idiot who is defending US imperialism and Zionism crimes against humanity. An idiot like you should be educating themselves instead of copying and pasting links.

    The Jews, according to themselves, were prosecuted in the US. Then, according to you should not have been prosecuted for their actions.

    {Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg were American citizens executed for conspiracy to commit espionage, relating to passing information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.}

    Raise your voice against 3 millions prisoners in the US, killing of blacks almost every day and
    framing Muslims and Muslim bashing using FALSE FLAG OPERATION, started at 9/11, instead of tpasting links with NO understanding, a typical american under influence of zionist media. They are thousands of Muslims in the US who are framed and given long senctences for being Muslims and not willing to be a CIA informant, like Akhavan.
    He is a CIA asset who says nothing about US, Canadian and Israelis crimes against humanity but advocating millitary action against Libya, Syr ia, Iraq and stage propaganda of lies and deception for fools like YOU.
    Every group in US, Germany, France, Britain, claim they have been prosecuted. Then, they should become a spy and give services to the war criminals and terrorists in the USG? like Payam Akhavan.

    You are stupid and ignorant selling your government crimes against humanity. You are F for FAKE. I don’t need your phony reply. I can tell what your answer is.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  22. I don’t expect much from a Zionist Jew. All Zionists are supporting ‘modern geopolitics’ to erect a client entity, kurdistan, by breaking the regional state to keep the stolen land of Palestine, like the neocons who are pushing for the Zionist plan, Oded yinon. The zionists from the TRIBE pose as ‘progressive’, but pushing for the break up according to Oded Yinon for ‘greater Israel’, where Payam Akhavan, a CIA asset, gives his services since their TEMPLE is located on the occupied land of Palestine given by British empire for their services to the empire and the family who controlled the empire, Rothschild family.
    Chomsky and Kissinger, both from the Zionist TRIBE, advocating ‘modern geopolitics’, for the region to erect kurdistan as a puppet entity to serve the interest of zionist TRIBE. There is a tribe mentality at play. All are F for FAKE and imposter.

  23. Crank says:
    @No Second Israel

    Many Shubs and Zuuls will know it means to be roasted in the depths of a Sloar that day, I can tell you!

  24. U.S. will arm the Kurds, the Sunni can take care of the Sunni. MookTardo will just give us the excuse we need to cut funding to the Shi’a, whom we clearly don’t give a crap about.

    @learn history
    “Half of the country was stolen from Mexico.”

    You might try learning a little bit of history yourself, hypocrite.

    • Replies: @No Second Israel
  25. @Ozymandias

    We don’t expect much from Zionist jews, aren’t we? Learn about invasion of the US to Mexico through false flag operation from 1846 to 1848, which is called US-Mexican war.

  26. It wasn’t half, it wasn’t even close.

    There were very few Mexicans in California to begin with, and the ones there couldn’t defend themselves. That’s why they invited in American settlers (and their guns).

    Same in Texas, Mexico wanted protection from the Comanche and Apache.

    There were already more white settlers in these territories than there were Mexicans.

    The U.S. won an unconditional victory, capturing Mexico City. In spite of this, they allowed Mexico to sign a peace treaty. Furthermore, the U.S. paid Mexico for the land. In addition, they took on Mexico’s foreign debt.

    The Mexicans in those lands chose to stay and become U.S. citizens.

    Not sure why you’re babbling about Zionist Jews other than to discredit yourself, which seems like overkill at this point.

  27. Hrw-500 says:

    The way I read about the possible split-up of Iraq and we wonder, will Syria will be split up too in a way more or less similar to Ralph Peters’ map?

  28. “divide et impera”, more accurately translated as divide and rule is the game plan for the USA as well.

    From a previously insignificant proportion, Mexicans now comprise 18% of our population, blacks 12% and Asians 8% while white Europeans have shrunk to 62%. Projections forward continue this trend.

    Our dual USA/Israeli citizenship overlords gleefully celebrate the prospects of America’s being split into roughly equal factions which enables them to stir up discord along racial fault lines and hastens the disintigration of our once great Republic. An overwhelming majority of one people cannot be easily manipulated, but three groups at each other’s throats can be played off against one another to the player’s advantage. A dangerous game.

  29. Hubbub says:

    Title of article should be ‘Spitting Up Iraq.’

  30. Hipster says:

    While our plans in the Middle East generally result in chaos that serves very few people any good besides those profiting off of it, dividing Iraq seems inevitable.

    Not that the U.S. should force it. Ideally the U.S. would just leave that part of the world be and if they wanted to split up, they would.

    Yet it seems like really the only thing holding it together is the U.S. to begin with. So by simply withdrawing our support for the central government it may split up on its own.

    The consequences would certainly be interesting for Kurdistan, finally getting their independence.

  31. {The consequences would certainly be interesting for Kurdistan, finally getting their independence.}

    An entity based on spying and killing for the enemy as pawns, Israel and US, does not bring any stability, rather war for ever. The kurds are in the service of Zionism and imperialism. Did Sudan partition based on Oded Yinon to erect ‘south Sudan’ – a puppet of zionist Jews, the enemy of humanity, brought any benefit for Sudanese? Look at Sudan now and tell the world who benefited from Sudan Partition except Israel and the Zionist terrorists?

    The people with limited knowledge of history is better to shut up.

  32. MEexpert says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Why are blacks official minority in US?

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