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Rosenstein and Mueller: the Regime Change Tag-Team
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Let’s say you own a big US corporation but need help managing your domestic accounts. So you hire a bright, young man named Bruno who just graduated from Harvard Business School with a Masters in corporate finance. And the first day on the job, you discover that Bruno has secretly employed a private detective who has obtained subpoena power to dig through all of your business accounts, all your investments past and present, all your taxes going back decades, and any personal transactions you might have made in the last 20 years or so. And, oh yeah, and he also has the authority to interview anyone he chooses, including people who might have a grudge against you or who lost money on one of your dodgy real estate deals or who simply doesn’t like the way you comb your hair. And, of course, Bruno knows that the information he gathers is going to be deliberately tweaked to look as suspicious as possible, then it’s going to be leaked to the press and splashed across the headlines, then it’s going to be presented as evidence to a Grand Jury, and then, finally– after months of excruciating testimony and nonstop mud-slinging– it will be used in criminal proceedings that will lead your removal as CEO of your corporation.

How would you feel about that? Would you feel like your new employee had betrayed you? Would you think that Bruno was a back-stabbing scoundrel who was secretly working for your enemies?

Rod Rosenstein is Bruno. The man is a skunk, there’s no two-ways about it.

And, yes, I know, people are going to swarm to Rosenstein’s defense and say, “Yeah, but, Trump is a bloviating buffoon and a mentally-unstable despot.” And, they’re right, too, the man is a menace, a narcissist and maybe even a crackpot. Just look at the Saudi arms deal where Trump agreed to provide hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to a fanatical government that will undoubtedly use them to arm its jihadist army in Syria or kill women and children in Yemen. It just shows that Trump is a vicious, unprincipled militarist. But that doesn’t change what Rosenstein did. People need to look beyond Trump’s failings to appreciate what type of man we’re dealing with here. Rosenstein is a duplicitous back-stabbing serpent. End of story.

When a president makes an appointment, like Deputy Attorney General, the assumption is that the appointee is going to play for the home team. That doesn’t mean that Rosenstein was expected to do anything dishonest or illegal. Not at all. He was simply expected to be moderately loyal and defend the administration against politically-motivated attacks. That’s it. But that was too much for Rosenstein whose first big decision as Deputy AG was to pull the rug out from under his boss, betray his team, and sabotage the administration’s entire political agenda. He blew up the whole damn operation with one sweep of the hand. Kaboom.

By appointing a Special Counsel, Rosenstein not only destroyed any chance Trump had at achieving his policy objectives, he also effectively rolled-back the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Not bad for a day’s work, eh?

We can now be 100 percent certain that Trump’s political agenda will never get off the ground. His tax plan, his infrastructure plan, his health care plan; all of them have gone up in smoke thanks to Rosenstein. Which is good, right, since the Trump’s “pamper the rich and screw-the-working-man” plan was crappy policy anyway? So, good riddance.

But was that Rosenstein’s decision to make? Is that how democracy is supposed to work? Does one unelected, meddlesome lawyer at the DOJ get to overturn the results of the election and bring the government to a screeching halt?

No. That’s not how the system is supposed to work. The president is supposed to set the agenda because, well, because he’s the president and that’s what the people voted for. It’s called democracy. But Rosenstein doesn’t like democracy, he’d rather do the work of his paymasters who want to see Trump drawn and quartered before he’s given the boot.

“His paymasters”? Rosenstein has paymasters?

Yer darn right, he does. Rosenstein didn’t make the decision to appoint a Special Counsel by himself. That’s baloney. He got his marching orders from someone else higher up the foodchain. That’s obvious. Does anyone seriously believe that a second-string attorney at the Justice Department would launch a full-blown attack on the president of the United States unless he got the greenlight from the deep-state fatcats who operate behind the scenes?

No way. If the big boys weren’t on board, the media would have blown Rosenstein out of the water 5 minutes after he made the announcement. As it stands, the witchhunt is going forward without a shred of solid evidence, without any eyewitnesses, without a hint of wrongdoing, and without any probable cause. It’s like a novel by Franz Kafka only everyone already knows how it ends.

And Rosenstein didn’t pick hatchetman Robert Mueller by himself either. That’s more malarkey. Mueller was picked by the same shadowy throng of elites that selected the 9-11 Commission, the big money guys who own this fecking country lock, stock and barrel. In this case, they wanted a political assassin who could be trusted to do everything in his power to force Trump to resign. Mueller was the perfect man for the job, a cold-blooded Mafia hitman who won’t leave his fingerprints at the scene of the crime. In his more than 10-year stint at the FBI, Mueller managed to conceal his utter contempt for the law behind a mask of smug sincerity and icy self-righteousness. His qualifications speak for themselves. Here’s a little background on Mueller from Sputnik News:

“Robert Mueller, picked as special prosecutor to investigate President Donald Trump, violated the US Constitution as FBI Director by using secret domestic spy programs, National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower William Binney told Sputnik.

“My problem with Mueller is that he agreed with and used the Stellar Wind spying program at NSA against common crime since 2001,” Binney said Wednesday. “He admitted to this in a 2011 interview with [Time magazine correspondent] Bart Gellman.”…

Binney said that Mueller’s willingness to use secret espionage surveillance techniques designed only for national security functions against suspects in regular criminal investigations revealed his willingness to ignore or break safeguards in the US Constitution.

“This means he [Mueller] did not live up to his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic threats. So, he clearly has a selective view of how you apply the Constitution,” Binney explained…

James Comey, Mueller’s successor as FBI Director, who was fired by Trump on May 9 had also been willing to ignore the US Constitution in order to use NSA data collected without any legal warrant against ordinary criminals, Binney recalled.” (“Special Counsel for Russia Probe Violated Constitution – NSA Whistleblower”, Sputnik)

Repeat: He used “secret espionage surveillance techniques designed only for national security functions against suspects in regular criminal investigations.”

Nice. So instead of dogging-down the crooked bankers on Wall Street who blew up the financial system and fleeced We The People out of trillions of dollars, Mueller spent his time stomping on the Fourth Amendment so he could add a few more warm bodies to our ballooning prison population. Way to go, Bob.

And there’s more about Mueller that people should know, too, like the fact that he was the architect of an FBI entrapment program that lured simple-minded gangbangers into terrorist scams and then threw them in the slammer for the rest of their lives. Check out this blurb from an article at Electronic Intifada titled “The FBI’s penchant for “manufacturing terrorists”:

“What the FBI was doing before, during and after the financial crisis is the subject under examination in Trevor Aaronson’s new book The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism. The book unveils the FBI’s domestic counterterrorism program that began after the 11 September attacks and has continued well into Barack Obama’s second term in office. The program, vividly portrayed by Aaronson, is defined by a wanton use of informants and sting operations in order to produce a high rate of convictions…

Since the 11 September attacks, the FBI has employed more than 15,000 confidential informants nationwide. And, according to Aaronson, for each official informant there are as many as three unofficial informants — known within the FBI as “hip pockets.” By 2011, the Justice Department had prosecuted more than 500 individuals on terrorist charges, a handful of whom Aaronson categorizes as “actual terrorists.” The rest were hatched within the context of FBI sting operations, informants and agents provocateur…..

What Aaronson discovered was that, far from preventing terrorism, the FBI uses its funds to “manufacture” terrorists out of marginalized, desperate, mentally ill or immature men (many of the convicted individuals profiled are in their early twenties). In Aaronson’s words, “The FBI has been effective at creating the very enemy it is hunting.”….

Taking his readers through several FBI sting operations, Aaronson reveals a sordid practice in which the FBI often employs criminals to infiltrate Muslim communities to turn otherwise powerless malcontents into “terrorists.” According to Aaronson’s accounts, these so-called terrorists would have no more than the capability to mouth off in a chat room if it weren’t for the inert weapons and cash that informants would literally place in their hapless hands, thus creating “bogeymen from buffoons.”…

Aaronson’s book is a powerful portrait of the FBI’s insidious and destructive counterterrorism program that enables the contortion of the innocuous into the threatening, ruining hundreds of lives in its wake.”

(“FBI’s penchant for “manufacturing terrorists” probed in new book” by Trevor Aaronson, Charlotte Silver, Electronic Intifada)

So this is what Mueller and his FBI pals were up to before Comey arrived on the scene?

Apparently so. They were devoting a considerable amount of time and resources to operations that framed hapless dupes and patsies as dangerous terrorists threatening our precious national security.

And the man who oversaw these operations, Robert Mueller, is the same guy the media has been praising as the embodiment of integrity and moral rectitude. Give me a break. Mueller knew these operations were a hoax, he had to know. The FBI was working a sting to lure hard-luck dimwits into doing things they’d never normally dream of doing. It’s called entrapment, which is exactly what it is. What the FBI was doing is no different than coaxing a hungry dog into a steelcage with a T-Bone steak. The Bureau calls the practice “counter-terrorism”. Anyone in their right mind would call it “Baloney”.

This is why the bigshots chose Mueller to spearhead their Russia hacking witchhunt. They figure his experience with entrapment will help him to bag his biggest trophy yet, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. That’s the plan at least.

So what are the odds that Trump will get a fair shake in this deal?

How about zero? There’s zero chance that Grand Inquisitor Mueller and his Star Chamber assistants are going to conduct an objective, independent investigation. In fact, the whole Special Counsel meme is just an attempt to dignify the railroading of the Chief Executive. There’s not much more to it than that. They need these sham legal proceedings to create the impression that the final outcome hasn’t already been decided. But it has already been decided. Trump’s going to be driven from office and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. The die has been cast, and Trump came up snake-eyes.

Now, it’s only a matter of time.

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at [email protected].

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Deep State, Donald Trump 
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  1. Everyone there is an SOB, obviously; this goes without saying.

    However, isn’t it possible that appointing special counsel has the opposite purpose: to shut down all the multiple public and semi-public ‘investigations’, congressional and FBI? Which would amount to giving Trump a break, removing the immediate pressure, and postponing (indefinitely, perhaps) the final showdown.

    Could be a strategic move. Or, at least, Alexander Mercouris thinks so, and he ain’t stupid.

  2. Alexander Mercouris is far from stupid and is one of the most effective accurate commentators on the US-Russian situation today, but in this instance, I am afraid Whitney has the more realistic view of what is involved. Mercouris probably has not studied the record of the FBI and Mueller as closely as Whitney has, and this stab in the back was probably sold to Trump on the basis indicated by Mercouris.

    Meanwhile the existence of the Seth Rich story changes the dynamic. If it is fully investigated (admittedly doubtful in light of the interests of the power structure) it has the potential to upend this whole official Russia story and create the inference of sedition and treason against those propagating that story. I agree with those who state that a competing “independent counsel” may be necessary to investigate that story to neutralize the Mueller effort. It would be a mistake to delegate the Rich investigation to the Mueller office in light of his history as noted in the Whitney piece.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  3. @exiled off mainstreet

    If it is fully investigated (admittedly doubtful in light of the interests of the power structure)

    Well, yeah, not only it’s not going to be investigated, it already has been tabooed, and pretty much as harshly and vigorously as 9/11 truth-ness. ‘Debunked’, end of story.

    the record of the FBI and Mueller

    Yeah, but what of it? Everyone understands that “the embodiment of integrity and moral rectitude” is bullshit for the rubes, always, but that tells nothing about the guy’s real direction, whose interests he is likely to pursue, does it. We’ll find out soon enough, though, based on the content of his leaks.

  4. alexander says:

    Dear Mr. Whitney,

    The entire “Russia gate” theater is as much a sham today as was the ” Saddam’s imminent WMD threat” in 2002-2003.

    The whole purpose of this entirely fabricated scenario is to pressure and COERCE our President into abdicating the PEACE PLATFORM he promised 320 million Americans …..and continue on with the 16 year Neocon war agenda of dismembering the entire Shia Crescent.

    The more we see Trump acquiesce to the Neocon’s desires, the more we will watch the “Russia-gate” tomfoolery fade away.

    I do not see much more too it than that.

    But it is a dreadful thought these people continue to have so much “fraud and extortion power” they could actually have a President impeached on wholly fabricated and “evidence free” allegations.

    It is a very sad and tragic time for our entire nation this is the case.

  5. Sean says:

    Trump is president because he was serious* about severely limiting immigration. Trump can be neutralised but not the constituency that his election has made apparent. Whatever happens, to his presidency, the Trump issue is here to stay, and all previous received wisdom, still hankered after by the entire political class, will remain unable to secure democratic consent.


    • Replies: @Ma Laoshi
  6. MarkinLA says:

    the assumption is that the appointee is going to play for the home team.

    He is – AIPAC, the neocons, the deep state….. Oh you meant Trump.

  7. Ma Laoshi says:

    We have always known that Trump is a crook. Nonetheless, a competent crook has some judgment and awareness, and can surround himself with other crooks whom he himself can more-or-less trust. DJT has not displayed these qualities; at this point, the words “Trump team” are just a joke. So much of Trump’s message has been baloney: “draining the swamp” yet “moar domestic surveillance”; also, “fewer Middle East wars” yet “loooving Israel”. What good could have come of it?

    Yes he could still go on the counter-attack. This would have much more weight behind it if he leveled with the American people, other than through tweets and partisan rallies. That in turn would have much more weight behind it if he’d earn some credibility for his words, instead of playing Mr. Tough Guy. Meanwhile, with Barbie Trump pocketing Saudi cash Hillary-style, he exudes “What, me worry?” As if he knows that all this will blow over if he’ll just be a good neocon going forward.

    If you follow the money, most of this seems to be between left- and right-wing jews. Of course jews squabble among each other, that’s our culture. But at the moment of truth all will remember that their commitment lies with the Motherland–only. That’s probably also why jews are successful and many other minorities are not. So I see this as a contained brouhaha, and my guess is The Donald does as well.

    • Replies: @Wally
  8. Ma Laoshi says:

    A hack writing some words in the neocon press constitutes evidence for “serious”? From what I’ve heard Trump has already approved further (H-2B ?) legal immigration because that’s what the lobbyists wanted. And I’m not even taking sides on the issue. At least if people could distinguish between legal vs illegal immigration, and racist discrimination of people who are already citizens/residents, then one could have a sane discussion about what’s best overall. Looks like it’ll be another generation before we get there.

    And of course, the gravest warnings against unchecked immigration are the US and Israel themselves. The native populations live in reservations and camps, behind walls and checkpoints; everything has been stolen from them, most importantly their dignity. Fat chance of Trump ever looking into that.

    • Replies: @Sean
  9. nsa says:

    BooHoo……Croc Tears for Trumpstein. Half his cabinet and appointments are traitorous IzzyFirster jooies and the other half virulent Zios…..the worst being the sodden VFW geezer generals. Instead of ragging on some sewer shyster like Rosenberg, why not tackle the actual reason the jooies have it in for the Russkies………or is it just too self-evident? The Russkies are aligned with the Persians. The Izzies want to destroy the Persians in the worst possible way, but get the American useful idiots to do it for them, and of course foot the bill, and clean up the resulting mess. But then Whitney likes being published, so he can’t finger the conniving jooies directly lest he be accused of being a closet nazi…….

  10. Sean says:
    @Ma Laoshi

    Trump will build reservation casinos into the wall so the Indians can be made whole.

    The Arabs who dislike living in a Jewish state can leave any time they want. Those staying until they are given a West Bank state of their own will have a long wait, rely on it.

    • Replies: @Ma Laoshi
  11. Ma Laoshi says:

    Well I hope nobody barges into your place of residence with big guns, and declares it’s a Tamil / Inuit / Masai state now, and sod off if you’re not OK with that. Bible stories aside, that’s mostly what happened.

  12. Sean says:

    Yeah, the Palestinians yesterday and me tomorrow.

    • Replies: @alexander
  13. alexander says:

    Hi Sean,

    My theory is 2-1-7.

    Out of a total of 10 million people(or any proportionate number ) in all of Greater Israel, including Judea and Samaria, I believe Israel will comfortably tolerate two million Palestinians, (up to) one million “others”, and seven million Israelis of Jewish ancestry.

    I think this is a “doable” ratio for Greater Israel.

    I cannot say for sure it’s a target demographic, but it’s “doable”.

    • Replies: @Sean
  14. If Rod Rosenstein is a serpent, what do you call the person who suggested to Trump he should nominate Rosenstein for Deputy AG?

    Who was it told Trump that Rosenstein would be a good choice? Trump obviously has enemies within his own team.

  15. Sean says:

    Unfeasible to do so. Israelis are in no hurry to give West Arabs full rights as citizens of Israel, yet things cannot continue as they are another generation. Ehud Barak offered a final deal, because he understood that unless something was done Israel would cease to be a Jewish state, or become a de facto Apartheid state. I think Israel has run out of ideas that it dares talk about. The only alternative left is an unspoken one.

    • Replies: @alexander
    , @nsa
    , @jack ryan
  16. Anonymous [AKA "Mazeroski"] says:

    The investigations are payback to Trump for not sharing his income tax returns with the media. They are still smarting from that slight by Trump and they are now orchestrating their revenge.

    The goal is also to drag out the fake investigations so the Dems take back the Congress next year effectively neutralizing Trump and his agenda and judicial appointments.

  17. Trump’s presidency seems to be all but disabled. In some ways I think it’s unfortunate, but in other ways I think it might be a good thing.

    If he will avoid war with NK, achieve an accord with Russia on Syria, and maybe continue to have the right insider enemies, maybe we’ll be in better shape than we are fearing.

    Ultimately I’m just going to search for humor in the entire situation. I think many of us wanted Trump to win for the harlequin chaos that he provides.

  18. nsa says:

    No one gives a rat’s ass about the “palestinians” so why not just go for it… updated “Final Solution”? You could dust off Schicklgruber Jr’s playbook and get your whores in the U.S. Knesset…er Congress to pay for the gas vans, ovens, and zyklon-B. Hell, go all the way and think up some cool medical experiments for any juvenile twins you come across. Need a catchy new age slogan for the scheme….how about “arbeit macht frei”?

    • Replies: @alexander
    , @Sean
  19. Donald Trump is a God Dam War Criminal and Traitor. His allegiance is to Israel. Thousands of body bags stuffed with the bodies of Working Class Native Born White American Teenage Males will be comming back to America very soon….as Donald Trump enjoys his scrumptious chocolate cake….

    Rot in fucking hell Donald Trump….Rot in fucking hell Jared Kushner….Rot in fucking hell Ivanka Trump……

  20. alexander says:

    Isn’t it becoming one of the supreme ironies of history, nsa ?

    How the Greater Israel project is forced, (by its insatiable desire for ever expanding “Living Space”), to contend with the prospect of committing the EXACT SAME CRIME for which it has rightly, and strenuously, condemned Nazi Germany ?

    If the only real options for the Palestinians are “expulsion” or “extermination” (from what will become “Greater Israel”)…..has not the entire world come “full circle” on this ?


    Who, in a million years, could ever conceive of the “Children of the Holocaust” committing the same grave crime, …….THEMSELVES ?

    I foresee the possibility of the “Big War” coming….between the US…and Iran….which will act as BOTH catalyst and COVER for the forced “mass expulsion” of Palestinians from Samaria.

    The ” fog and mayhem” of this Great War will allow the completion of …… “the task”.

    Under cover of justifiable “defense” and “security”, no doubt.

    This will be the final cleansing of “the little snakes” from ALL the “Promised Land”.

    The final chapter in the purification of the “Realm” and its “Clean Break” strategy.

    Do you see it too, nsa ?

    Sean ?

    • Replies: @Ma Laoshi
  21. Who, in a million years, could ever conceive of the “Children of the Holocaust” committing the same grave crime, …….THEMSELVES ?

    Harry Truman and George Marshall.

    As for the rest, Palestinians can in no way be compared to Weimar or Bolshevik Jews.

    • Replies: @Alden
  22. Ma Laoshi says:

    Nothing “Wow” about it: victims are traumatized, hence likely to become the next perpetrators unless a grown-up takes them by the hand, or unless a true noble Mandela-like character (I’ll probably get flak for this) nudges them in the right direction. The Germans ravaged Holland; the Dutch ravaged Indonesia; the Indonesians ravaged East Timor. Student fraternities and conscripted army units etc use this as a standard mechanism for instilling social cohesion.

    Jews have done themselves a disservice by placing themselves above the law with religion, and by paying whatever it takes. Wouldn’t have worked if the goyim weren’t such greedy cowards, trying to get their evangelical asses into heaven.

  23. Agent76 says:

    May 10, 2017 Kissinger At White House Signals a Bigger Scandal Than Comey

    Looking back through decades of U.S. foreign policy, we see a familiar pattern of bad plays in the theater of war. With the U.S. repeating similar insanity that seems geared more towards unending war, than the stated outcome. Is it a coincidence that Henry Kissinger was an instrumental influence in the Vietnam quagmire, and now rears his ugly head in the White House as the Syria situation gets worse by the day?

  24. Sept 11 has two versions, the Bush one, and the Pearl Harbour one.
    Those who still buy the Bush story will believe FBI and CIA, NSA, etc.
    Those who see the repeat of Pearl Harbour do not believe one word from FBI, CIA or NSA.
    Debates here are more of the same.

    • Replies: @Agent76
  25. jack ryan says: • Website

    When ever I hear the term “Special Prosecutor” I know it’s a completely biased, inquisition, Stalinist show trial.

    The “Enemy of THE PEOPLE” is to be put on a show trial and the controlled TV News media which most likely will include Fox News will go on full time 24/7 hate vendetta to

    GET TRUMP – same as they got President Nixon

    These special prosecutor, show trials were nearly implemented in the Trayvon Martin hoax, they were implement in the LA Policemen who beat the habitual criminal Rodney King.

    There are few on our side resisting this – maybe Jeff Sessions.

    I’m living in a nightmare.

  26. Sowhat says:

    Probably his dyed-in-the-wool son-in-law. WTF is he doing in the WH? Why wasn’t the voting public made aware? Oh. That’s right. This was designed with the signature propaganda tools…text book stuff.

  27. jack ryan says: • Website

    No Israel has other ideas:

    Working with the Saudi Sunni Islamists to simply get the Arabs in areas Israel wants to migrate to Germany, Sweden – which are perceived by Israeli/Jewish diaspora as historic enemies.

    Jews and Arabs/Muslims are almost 100% on the same side in places like London/Londonstan. Jewish Lib Left Democrats like NY Sen. Charles Schumer are demanding unrestricted Muslim migration, mass immigration to the USA.

    Why are they doing this?

    They hate us.

    • Agree: Alden
  28. mike, you’re hyperventilating again!

    mueller is in place to tamp things down not evict trump from the whitehouse. thats who he is and what he does. there are enoughy oligarchs now worried for the ‘legitimacy’ of the usa system what withall the media feeding frenzy casting doubts about its efficacy. do your due diligence on his history to see of what i speak. he carries a firehose not a gas can.

    mueller is that loyal gray apparatchik with enough bipartisan gravitas above reproach that will get both sides to accept the fact there is no there there vis a vie trump and russia.

    comey is misdirection for masses. he is a nobody and his firing is inconsequential.

  29. Sean says:

    The Jews hardly attacked Germany in the way Arabs attacked Israel, nor have Arabs in Israel proper been denied the rights given to other Israelis. The Arabs serially tried to destroy Israel and lost,what none understood to be limited liability wars.

    Realising that Israel was militarily impregnable, Arafat demanded Palestinian women had several children each (half of the Arabs in the West Bank are under 21 years’ old). So the West Bank Arabs embarked on demographic aggression (again assumed to be limited liability) and they are waiting for the longstanding bipartisan US policy of occupied territories being handed to West Bank Arabs as a Palestinian state to be forced on Israel by America cheered on by Europe.

    The Arabs flat out rejected Ehud Barak’s half decent, offer which they probably could have built on, and considered his later concessions as a merely a starting point for yet further concessions by Israel to the Arabs . They want it all.

    Having staked everything on demographic triumphalism and the American foreign policy establishment mandated two-state solution, most of the the West Bank Arabs will inevitably end their days in a Palestinian state, but it may be the already existing Palestinian state across the river.

  30. @Sean

    Sean, I really don’t care what happens in Israel, as long as I don’t have to pay for it or support it. But you are full of crap. Israel was settled on the backs of the the Palestinian natives. I’ve been to Israel and have seen the ruins of Palestinian villages amid Israeli farms and the Palestinian only lines at Ben Gurion.

    What are you afraid will happen if people realize how Israel was founded, how Israel operates, and who the actual victims are? Will the diaspora victimhood or holocaust rackets unravel? How does that affect Israel?

    • Replies: @Wally
  31. @Sean

    The Jews hardly attacked Germany in the way Arabs attacked Israel,


    — Erich Mendelsohn was a key contributor to the planning and execution of firebombing of German civilian housing — you can say he participated in the “Wannsee Protocol” of the Allies — with this difference: Mendelsohn’s participation, and the fact that the plans were carried out, are validly documented and verifiable, whereas the so-called final solution is not.

    — “The Ritchie Boys” — German Jews that the US used as spies and propagandists — and murderers — in Germany. They then served with the prosecution in torturing and in other ways distorting evidence in the kangaroo-court known as Nuremberg trials.

    — Mendelsohn & Ritchie Boys were instrumental in the destruction of 130 German cities and the “de-housing” of as many as 7 million German homes, farms, businesses. Similarly, Jews in Israel destroyed the homes and villages of untold Palestinians, forcing at least 700,000 Palestinians to flee, while Jews took their homes and businesses, or built their own settlements upon Palestinian land. Erich Mendelsohn designed the “International style” that dominated the Jewish project in its early days.

    In other words, in both cases, Germany and Palestine, the native Germans and Palestinians were the people displaced and whose property was destroyed, while once again in both cases, Jews carried out the destruction and moved into the rendered homes and lands.

    • Replies: @Sean
  32. Wally says:
    @Ma Laoshi

    Please tell us how you “have always known Trump is a crook”.

    • Replies: @Ma Laoshi
  33. Wally says: • Website

    The ‘holocau$t’ racket IS unraveling.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    Just a sample below, search flyers at
    for more.



    “Alone the fact that one may not question the Jewish “holocaust” and that Jewish pressure has inflicted laws on democratic societies to prevent questions—while incessant promotion and indoctrination of the same averredly incontestable ‘holocaust’ occur—gives the game away. It proves that it must be a lie. Why else would one not be allowed to question it? Because it might offend the “survivors”? Because it “dishonors the dead”? Hardly sufficient reason to outlaw discussion. No, because the exposure of this leading lie might precipitate questions about so many other lies and cause the whole ramshackle fabrication to crumble.”

    – Gerard Menuhin / righteous Revisionist Jew, son of famous violinist

  34. utu says:

    Very good analysis. Is really DOJ on the side of Trump? Did they get their act together? If Pournelle is correct they are getting there. For me the first indication that DOJ was finally doing something for Trump was forcing Israelis to arrest the kid and his father for the wave of anti-semitic threats.

  35. @Priss Factor

    Michael Lind on the new class war.

    Thanks for the pointer. It’s interesting that he doesn’t mention Charles Murray (unless I missed it). Murray’s Coming Apart would seem to be highly relevant to Lind’s argument.

  36. There are lots of advantages of being part of a Trust Culture. But one of the downsides is the tendency to earnestly trust the Prevailing Authority and its Official Dogma.
    Blind trust is a hindrance not to learning but to realizing that there may be an unspoken agenda behind the stated intentions of the Authority. Official Propaganda becomes all the more tricky when the Power is shrouded in the sanctimony of ‘Social Justice’. The Power often does this by directing the righteous rage of the indoctrinated toward something other than the ruling power. In the West, the globalists have the real power, but they avoid scrutiny by directing the righteous rage at nationalism and the bogeyman of ‘white supremacism’.

    Culture of Trust is good for cohesion and cooperation, but when Authority if unworthy of Trust, we need a Culture of Inquiry. We need to question what we are being taught and why. When students trust the Authority, they can be good students of what they are taught. But they will never learn to realize the agenda behind the education. They will not awaken to the fact that education is often indoctrination to serve the interests of a certain group.

    For most of American history, Wasps constituted the ruling elites. And then, the ruling elites have been Jewish. If Jews fall from power, Wasps won’t be able to gain dominant power again. Will the result be come colorblind elite based on meritocracy? No way, as identity politics and groups interests will heat up. Without a ruling racial or ethnic group to hold it all together, can there even be a union? Without Turkish domination, the Ottoman Empire wasn’t possible. Without the Russian Core, the USSR would have lacked gravitation forc.

    The power core of US used to be Wasps, and this made good sense because Wasps founded America and comprised a huge segment of US population, even as other groups grew in number and power.
    Then the power core shifted to Jews. This is problematic since Jews have shallower roots in the US and constitute only 2%. Also, if Wasp power was premised on positive Pride of founding and building America, Jewish power has been premised on negative shaming white gentiles for their historical sins, which can be expatiated ONLY BY the non-whitening of America, or so PC says. (But if the great sin of White America had been to Indians and blacks, how are those groups well-served by massive invasion of the US by Asians, Hispanics, Hindus, Muslims, Africans, etc?)
    Still, even if Jewish power core is problematic, it is still something around which everything else revolves. It is a nucleus of power. But if Jews lose that centrality, can there be any operative power core in the US?

  37. Alden says:

    To Truman and Marshall add Patton, Ball, Forester and the entire State Department

  38. Everybody is too far ahead, and shots of the target. (Except this Priss person.)

  39. Ma Laoshi says:

    How to know Trump is a crook? Easy. Just remember, say, Trump buying off the prosecution of the “Trump university” scam with a political donation. Why would anyone doubt what Trump *himself* loudly professed during the campaign, in essence “I know how to fix the problem because I’ve been part of the problem”? Mind you, I respect his chutzpah.

    Look, casino operators prey on the greed of the weak. These are not characters who suddenly will go make life better for their fellow man. Of course, all this is also the national character of the USA (in DJT’s case in a refreshingly pure, unvarnished form), so nobody bats an eye. But you know what you are voting for.

  40. Agent76 says:
    @jilles dykstra

    This is what I share with folk’s. Sep 11, 2013 9/11 In A Nutshell as James Corbett presents this 5 minute parody of the official conspiracy theory of 9/11

    September 07, 2016 September 11, 2001: The 15th Anniversary of the Crime and Cover-up of the Century “What Really Happened”?

    WTC Building exploding into fine dust (it is not burning down) by pre-planted explosives in an obvious controlled demolition.

  41. Sean says:

    Germany wagered against the odds, and so did the Arabs. No such thing as a limited liability war.

  42. annamaria says:

    Assad on the US presidents:
    “The American President has no policies. There are policies drawn by the American institutions which control the American regime which are the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, the big arms and oil companies, and financial institutions, in addition to some other lobbies which influence American decision-making. The American President merely implements these policies, and the evidence is that when Trump tried to move on a different track, during and after his election campaign, he couldn’t. He came under a ferocious attack. As we have seen in the past few week, he changed his rhetoric completely and subjected himself to the terms of the deep American state, or the deep American regime. That’s why it is unrealistic and a complete waste of time to make an assessment of the American President’s foreign policy, for he might say something; but he ultimately does what these institutions dictate to him. This is not new. This has been ongoing American policy for decades.”
    Sadly, true.

  43. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The deputy da’s , rob rosenstein loyalty is to the people of USA and not to despot trump

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