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Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t go to Kenosha to shoot protestors; he went to protect the property and lives of the people who were threatened by a rampaging mob that had already destroyed large parts of the city. That’s why he was there. He went to fill the security vacuum the Democrat governor and mayor created when they failed to perform their sworn obligation to protect the people in their charge. They didn’t do that, they left the city and its merchants exposed to the erratic and violent behavior of looters, vandals and arsonists. Which is why Rittenhouse showed up. He was there to stop the criminal gangs from doing more damage than they’d already done.

“People are getting injured and our job is to protect this business… If someone is hurt, I’m running into harms way. That’s why I need my rifle to protect myself,” Rittenhouse told a reporter from the Daily Caller.

Unfortunately, Rittenhouse was attacked by a crowd on the property he was protecting, and a man was shot in the head. The man who was killed appears to be Joseph Rosenbaum, “a registered sex offender for a crime involving a minor.” Videos of the victim have popped up on Twitter but we have no way of verifying them at this time. What we know for certain is that Rittenhouse is responsible for the shooting deaths of two men and another who was wounded.

There is also evidence that one of the men who attacked Rittenhouse was carrying a gun. (See here:)

In a video that has been widely circulated on the internet, Rittenhouse is seen running away from an angry group of protestors who trip him from behind and send him sprawling to the ground. While lying on the street, Rittenhouse quickly grabbed his assault rifle and shot an assailant who had hit him on the head with his skateboard. He then slowly rose to one knee and shot another attacker who was preparing to deliver a blow. The bloody clash scattered the other 15 or 20 potential assailants who quickly did a U-Turn and fled in the opposite direction.

Rittenhouse was later taken into custody by police and charged with first-degree murder. The Antioch Police Department released the following statement on Wednesday:

“This morning Kenosha County authorities issued an arrest warrant for the individual responsible for the incident, charging him with First Degree Intentional Homicide. The suspect in this incident, a 17-year-old Antioch resident, is currently in custody of the Lake County Judicial System pending an extradition hearing to transfer custody from Illinois to Wisconsin.”

Rittenhouse has been assigned a public defender and faces charges of “first degree intentional homicide”. He is expected to appear in court on Friday.

Reasonable people should be able to agree that the situation should never have been allowed to deteriorate to the point where a young man felt the need to take up arms to defend an American city from the type of senseless violence we’ve seen in the last 10 weeks. But that’s what happened. And the blame should not be placed on Rittenhouse, but on the Democrat leaders– mayor and governor– and their criminal allies in the media who have applauded the activities of the rioters while failing to mention the horrific damage they have done. It’s shameful.

Also, there is world of difference between “freedom of assembly” and looting, arson and vandalism. The media knows the difference but continues to perpetuate the myth that these are mostly “peaceful protests” conducted by principled demonstrators who only seek social justice. Nothing could be further from the truth. How does one achieve social justice by burning down a mattress warehouse or looting a pancake restaurant or demolishing an entire fleet of new vehicles or spray-painting and firebombing a federal courthouse?? How do these activities square with the teachings of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi or leaders in the Antiwar movement?

They don’t. BLM is not a protest movement, it’s not even a civil rights movement. It’s a Trojan Horse funded by sinister globalist troublemakers who believe that violence is an acceptable means for advancing their own narrow political agenda. And let’s not kid ourselves, the real objective is likely the exact opposite of what they claim to seek, that is, the inevitable deployment of Federal troops followed by the establishment of a centrally-controlled Federal Police force no different than the Stasi or Gestapo. That’s the real objective, absolute martial power in the hands of– you guessed it– the Democrat puppet-masters and their deep-state friends.

There was also another violent eruption in Seattle last night that’s been conveniently ignored by the crooked media. Here’s the story from KIRO News 7:

“Seattle police officers were forced to kick their way out of an East Precinct exit door Monday night, after rioters jammed it with boards and rebar, and attempted to seal the door closed with quick-dry cement. As the door was being jammed, surveillance video shows several other people building a fire outside the building near the exit door, in an attempt to set the building on fire.

“I think what this shows you is that these people are intent on killing police officers,” said Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Guild, who called the act ‘”clear domestic terrorism.'”

“We’re being held hostage by a group of 100 to 150 people that are bent on destroying this city and hurting police officers,” Solan said.

Solan said a short time later, the Guild headquarters also became the target of three firebombs. “Our surveillance video captured two individuals scouting our location for several hours,” Solan said.

Surveillance video from that location shows one of the firebombs bursting, igniting the building’s rear stairway in flames, before officers were able to extinguish the fire. Solan said officers are dispirited when no- one in city leadership denounces these attacks.

“That’s why it’s incumbent upon our elected officials to put a stop to this immediately,” he said. “How can city leaders be so feckless? It can’t just be on the officers. This is an absolute overthrow attempt of some of our government institutions, and police are in the way. They or the officers will get hurt or killed so they can put forth that agenda.” (“SPD: Rioters tried to trap officers inside burning precinct using rebar and concrete”, KIRO News7)

Got that? Our esteemed social justice warriors tried to burn cops to death in their own precinct last night and our flunkey media failed to even report the incident.

Nice, eh? They must have been covering something more important like Trump’s latest post on Twitter.

As you may know, Seattle is run by Utopian blockheads who want to defund the police just as violent crime, drug-use and homelessness have skyrocketed to new highs and just as street violence has become a nightly event. Now the fanatical City Council is trying to shrug off the news that hooded thugs torched the police Headquarters putting everyone inside the building at risk of a fiery and agonizing death. What sort of mad world do we live in??

By the way, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has offered his sympathy to the family of Jacob Blake, the black man who was shot while resisting arrest by Wisconsin police over the weekend. Referring to Blake, Biden said:

“What I saw on that video makes me sick. Once again, a Black man, Jacob Blake, has been shot by the police in broad daylight, with the whole world watching.”

New video from the scene shows that Blake was resisting arrest and putting officers at risk by attempting to enter the front seat of his SUV. Neither Biden nor anyone else knows whether there was weapon in the front seat, so Biden’s comments are clearly an attempt to prejudice the case against the cops. Why would he do that unless he thought there was some political advantage in doing so?

Biden added: “Put yourself in the shoes of every Black father and Black mother in this country and ask: Is this what we want America to be? Is this the country we should be?”

Again, why is he saying this? Is Biden really so desperate for black votes that he’d try to influence the course of a murder investigation?

Yes, that’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s blaming the cops before he’s even heard the details because he thinks it might help him win the election. That’s Joe Biden in a nutshell. (Note– We now know that Blake DID have a knife in the front seat, but will that be enough to wrangle an apology out of Biden? Don’t hold your breath.)

So where do we go from here? Is the Rittenhouse incident a one-off or is it the beginning of something much bigger? Will we see a sharp uptick in the rioting and looting or will we begin to see more pushback from the people who’ve had enough and who don’t think social justice can be achieved by breaking windows, toppling statues, and burning down cities? Will the police and National Guard finally restore peace and order or will we slip deeper into fratricidal warfare and chaos?

The only thing that’s certain is that there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. The Democrats and the media have encouraged this madness from the very beginning by praising the protests while downplaying the magnitude of the damage. It was all part of a political calculation that has backfired spectacularly. Now the mob is emboldened and no amount of destruction will satisfy its lust for more violence. You can see it in the rioters faces. It’s all a game and they’re enjoying themselves. They feel powerful now and they like it. That’s going to be hard to change.

But it will change and change won’t be pretty. The state will deploy all its assets to reclaim its monopoly on violence. You can bet on that. Security will be reestablished with brute force and an iron fist. A Crackdown is coming and the innocent are going to be crushed along with the guilty.

It didn’t have to be this way. This all could have been avoided if our scheming Democrat leaders had chosen to protect the people instead of kowtowing to the mob. The blood is on their hands.

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