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Putin Says 'The Rich Must Pay' for the Corona-Virus
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Russian Orthodox Church lends weight to Putin patriotism - BBC News

Vladimir Putin has decided how Russia is going to pay for the corona-virus.

He’s going to tax the rich.

It’s a remedy that most Americans would support if they were given the choice, but they weren’t asked. Instead, Congress passed a \$2 trillion stimulus package for which the American taxpayer will be held entirely responsible. Even worse, the new legislation contains a \$500 billion allocation (another corporate giveaway) that the Federal Reserve will use as a capital base for borrowing \$4.5 trillion. That massive sum of money will be used to buy toxic bonds in the corporate bond market. Just as Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) were used to fleece millions of investors out of their hard-earned savings in the run-up to the 2008 Financial Crisis, so too, “toxic” corporate bonds were the weapon of choice that was used to pilfer trillions of dollars from investors in the run-up to today’s crisis. (Same scam, different instrument) The virus was merely the proximate cause that tipped the sector into meltdown. The problem had been festering for years and everyone in the financial community (Including the Fed, the BIS and the IMF) knew that it was only a matter of time before the market would blow sky-high. Which it did.

What every American needs to know is that our crooked bought-and-paid-for Congress just passed a bill that transfers the credit risk for \$4.5 trillion of corporate sludge onto the National Debt. A bailout of this magnitude could impact the nation’s credit rating (Fitch has already issued a warning), send interest rates to the moon, dampen economic activity for years to come, and pave the way for a long and painful slump. The much ballyhooed \$1,200 checks for unemployed workers are merely a tactical diversion that’s being used to conceal the giant ripoff that is taking place right under our noses.

In contrast, Putin has settled on a more rational and compassionate plan. He’s going to launch a relief program that actually focuses on the people who need it the most. Then, he’s going to cover the costs by taxing the people who are most capable of shouldering the burden. His intention is not to “soak the rich” or to redistribute wealth. He simply wants to find the most equitable way to share the costs for this completely unexpected crisis. In short, Putin was presented with two very bad options:

1– Let the Russian people huddle in their homes (“shelter in place”) until the food runs out and the bills pile up to the ceiling.

2–Or tap into a temporary source of revenue that will help the country get through the hard times.

He wisely chose the latter option not because he’s a fiery leftist who hates the “free market”, but because he realizes that in a time of national crisis, the people who are more able to pay, should pay. It’s a question of fairness.

And who are the people who will benefit from Putin’s plan? Well, he named them in a speech he delivered to the nation just last week. Here’s a clip:

“We also need to take additional steps, primarily to ensure the social protection of our people, their incomes and jobs, as well as support for small and medium-sized businesses, which employ millions of people….

First, all social protection benefits that our citizens are entitled to, should be renewed automatically over the next six months… if a family is entitled to subsidized housing and utility payments, they will not need to regularly confirm their per capita income to continue receiving this state support…all payments to war veterans and home-front workers timed to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, 75,000 and 50,000 rubles, respectively, should be made before the May holidays…

Second, it is essential to support families with children……..Third, we need to support those on sick leave and people who have lost their jobs.” (Putin’s Address to the Nation)

See? No big payouts to failing corporations, no welfare checks for Wall Street, and no tax breaks for fatcat bankers and their crooked friends. Just money for the people who desperately need it: Families with children, veterans, home-front workers, the sick, the unemployed, and the homeless. Simple and fair.

The strategy is aimed at everyone who is impacted by the virus, not just the people who filed taxes last year like the Trump Plan, but anyone who needs public assistance. At the same time, financial support will be provided for small and medium-sized businesses, incomes will be protected, jobs will be guaranteed. and mortgage payments will be suspended. It’s not a perfect plan, but it’s fairly comprehensive and targets the people that are most vulnerable. It also underscores the primary responsibility of government during times of crisis, that is, to ensure the health, safety and security of its people. That is Job 1.

The Putin plan also provides support for medical personnel, doctors, nurses, emergency staff, hospital employees, health care workers and first-responders. Here’s Putin:

“We have mobilized all the capabilities and resources for deploying a system of timely prevention and treatment. I would like to specially address doctors, paramedics, nurses, staff at hospitals, outpatient clinics, rural paramedic centers, ambulance services, and researchers: you are at the forefront of dealing with this situation. My heartfelt gratitude to you for your dedicated efforts.”

Will Putin and his advisors make mistakes in containing the virus and ending the contagion as swiftly as possible?

Probably, but it certainly looks like they’ve got their priorities right. Putin seems to understand that the health and welfare of the Russian people has to be put before the stock market, finance capital or the voracious corporate kingpins. In contrast, Trump wants to put more people at risk of infection by sending them back to work after Easter. That’s just not the way responsible leaders behave, not if they really care about the health of their people. Here’s more from Putin:

“There are two more measures I would like to suggest. First, all interest and dividend income that flows from Russia and is transferred abroad into offshore jurisdictions must be taxed properly….I suggest that those expatriating their income as dividends to foreign accounts should pay a 15 percent tax on these dividends….

Second, many countries levy income tax on interest earned by individuals from their bank deposits and investments in securities, while Russia does not tax this income at all. I propose that people with over 1 million rubles in bank deposits and debt securities pay a 13 percent tax on this income…. I propose using the budget revenue from these two measures to fund initiatives to support families with children and help people who are unemployed or on sick leave.”

What does it mean?

It means that Putin is closing tax havens and tax loopholes so he can get the money he needs to pay for the epidemic. It means he’s taking on the wealthiest and most powerful people in Russia so he can provide relief for the people who are stuck in their homes trying to survive. It means he’s risking his own political future in order to do the right thing. Here’s Putin:

“People of Russia, we need the state, society and the people to work together.. We have to be mindful that we bear personal responsibility for our close ones, for those who live near us, and who need our help and support….It is our sense of solidarity that underpins the resilience of our society, as well as an unwavering commitment to mutual assistance and the effectiveness of the response we come up with to overcome the challenge we are facing.”

Shared sacrifice, solidarity and brotherly love. That’s what he’s talking about, isn’t it? The threads that bind a disparate group of people into a sovereign nation.

In America, we make the working poor pay for the excesses of the crooked rich, while in Russia, the wealthy are asked to make sacrifices for the sake of the country. Which approach do you think is better?

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  1. Meimou says:

    Putin seems to understand that the health and welfare of the Russian people has to be put before the stock market, finance capital or the voracious corporate kingpins.

    If we have a depression, a lot more people will die from that than this overhyped virus. You don’t know that shutting down the dam economy will saves lives anyway.

    How long do we need to shelter in place exactly? Give us a number.

    How many people will die if the economy crashes?

  2. cassandra says:

    Putin, like western leaders, often discusses national problems during his appearances. But afterwards, he’ll query responsible ministers about questionable policies, and will make sure that an effective solution will be put in place. He’ll also mention problems during his speeches, and will then follow the discussion, usually in some detail, with how progress is being made to fix them.

    Western leaders, on the other hand, engage in hand-wringing about how difficult the problems are, and that we’ll have to learn to helplessly adapt (“It’s a new economy”, “These jobs aren’t coming back.”), or fob off their responsibility with dysfunctional suggestions (“Learn to code,” as if that were a solution, or impose an economic package on Greece that will take until 2040 just to find out whether it might be working), or just pride themselves on realizing there’s a problem (like the EU, who considers it an accomplishment to “identify challenges”, and who adopted a policy of wait and see for COVID-19).

    There’s such a palpable difference between actual leadership and play-acting.

    Trump, Sanders and Tulsi all share 3 things: 1) proposals for policies to improve circumstances that involve making real changes to the status quo 2) strong grassroots based on disgust with elite policies 3) accusations that they are agents of Putin.

    I dunno, if the elites kep attempting to thwart competent domestic leadership, maybe we should shoot for an amendment that puts Putin directly on the ballot. At least he would know how to get elected. Then, we cut through the innuendo and make it clear that what voters want is actual leadership. What have we got to lose?

  3. Is this for real???

    Russia Creates Anti-Covid-19 Drug, Sputnik

    Earlier in the day, Russia’s operational headquarters for preventing the spread of COVID-19 reported that the number of patients infected with the coronavirus in Russia has increased by 228 people over the past 24 hours, and that one more person has died.

    The Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA) said in a statement that it has presented a drug to treat the coronavirus, which has affected almost every corner of the globe.

    Russia’s FMBA is working “on an effective and safe scheme to prevent the coronavirus infection on the basis of mefloquine, which will not only overcome the peak of incidence but also effectively control it in the future”, their press service said.

  4. Making the rich pay. What a novel idea. Who ever heard of such a thing? Who ever would have thought of something like that? Just right out of the blue. He says make the rich pay. Crazy. Nutso. Wacko as Johnny Carson used to say.

    And you wonder why his approval ratings are through the roof.

  5. TG says:

    Putin 2020.

    Actually, this could potentially be a pretty good protest sign, if it could be pitched right and enough people bought in that they couldn’t all be singled out and crushed and made examples of. A stick in the eye of everyone claiming that Russia is behind everything bad…

  6. Cowboy says:

    HAHA! I expect Putin will write the first check out his personal account eh? LOL!!!!!

  7. Yet another sign that Putin is an “evil dictator!” To echo TG: Putin 2020!

  8. @cassandra

    If only Trump or Sanders were more like Putin! As for Tulsi, she’s got my support, but the Dems obviously want to lose the election by nominating a senile sex pest.

  9. @cassandra

    Can’t put Tulsi in that group anymore. Not since she sold out and threw her support to Biden.

  10. Biff says:

    HAHA! I expect Putin will write the first check out his personal account eh? LOL!!!!!

    To pay the taxes he owes under his new proposal – sure. Anymore grandstanding stupid questions?

    • Replies: @Cowboy
  11. Cowboy says:

    No more questions comrade

    I honor dear leader for his magnificence and virility!

    • Troll: bluedog
    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  12. @obwandiyag

    Lenin and Stalin made the rich pay with their lives. Wouldn’t that be more effective?

    Median wealth in the US is 20 times that of Russia– and still only #22 in the world. (Russia is #107.)

    To a Russian, “tax the rich” would mean “tax the West”. The poorest Americans top most Russians.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @JL
    , @Curmudgeon
    , @FB
  13. @Reg Cæsar

    Exactly. Lenin and Stalin had it right. You don’t. You think rich people love you. You want to offer yourself to them. To be friends. Because they have your best interests in mind. People who don’t hate the rich have no right to speak about anything because they know nothing.

  14. JL says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    That entire Wiki article is sourced from a single Credit Suisse report, which has been thoroughly trashed by more than a few of its competitors. It’s not even right, let alone an accurate portrayal of wealth distribution. Credit Suisse is a business and they have certain goals that are served by issuing reports like this, rely on it at your own risk.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  15. 1,000,000 rubles is only USD\$12,700. Taxing people with only this amount in savings is not such a good idea…

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @robin
  16. JL says:

    As the very target of Putin’s tax increases, I’ll just say that my family will be happy to cough up the Roubles as long as the Russians show come competence in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. It’s not looking great so far, but could go either way at this point. In any event, we’ll probably have more to worry about soon than tax rates.

  17. Kim says:

    Politically-speaking, rich people are just poor people with money. Rich people seek to maximize their own interests. So do the poor. Neither is more virtuous than the other. Neither care about YOU.

    People who think that poor people have hearts of gold deserve to be taken in by the fairy tales of Bolshevik Jews, because they know nothing.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Trinity
  18. JasonT says:
    @Mike Whitney

    Mefloquine is from the same family of drugs as chloroquine, which the Chinese have shown to be effective and which the French infectious disease specialist Didier Raoult has used to good effect. Like chloroquine, mefloquine needs to be administered early in the infection to be effective, which means early and massive testing is required.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  19. It means that Putin is closing tax havens and tax loopholes so he can get the money he needs to pay for the epidemic.

    Your article flatly contradicts your assertion.

    First, all interest and dividend income that flows from Russia and is transferred abroad into offshore jurisdictions must be taxed properly….I suggest that those expatriating their income as dividends to foreign accounts should pay a 15 percent tax on these dividends….

    Second, many countries levy income tax on interest earned by individuals from their bank deposits and investments in securities, while Russia does not tax this income at all. I propose that people with over 1 million rubles in bank deposits and debt securities pay a 13 percent tax on this income….

    Tax havens are not being closed, a 15% tax on income transferred is being instituted. A 13% tax on unearned income is likewise being instituted, though the 1 million rouble threshold seems decidedly low.
    I suppose this is better than nothing, but Russia remains a country of low personal taxation and wide income disparities, no matter how Mr Whitney likes to spin it.

    • Replies: @meena
  20. Realist says:

    1,000,000 rubles is only USD\$12,700. Taxing people with only this amount in savings is not such a good idea…

    You do realize there is a cost of living difference???

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  21. @obwandiyag

    Then it is right and just to rape wealthy women? What argument is there against it?

    Remember, average Americans are rich compared to the rest of the world. So the poor men of the world have the right to rape our women. What if I don’t want Ivanka’s money, I want her body? But the loser down the street wants my wife’s body. Why would I support this?

    By the way, Lenin and Stalin were better off than most Russians, let alone Georgians, of their day. Joe Dzhugashvili went to seminary as a teen. What a spoiled brat!

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  22. meena says:

    Can you imagine this country taxing on any wealth from a source which is only available to the rich that has not been taxed before? USA in this current condition would have possibly asked to get rid of this taxation had it existed and would not have allowed new taxation now had it not existed. Its a change . I see a positive change in Russia and worsening or continuation of status quo of a bad situation in US. Thats something Russia bashing and Russia loving Demo and Trump can consider .

  23. @JL

    …rely on it at your own risk.

    So are Americans poorer or richer than it claims? And Russians? In which direction is it wrong?

    By the way, here’s a map that highly correlates with income distribution. (Who’s “distributing” the income, by the way? Why does Justin Bieber get so much more than me?)

    It maps a different issue, but one on which the richer countries are most inarguably wrong. I see no support from the left of the world on this, not since Castro died.

  24. @Reg Cæsar

    Median income means nothing. My last working, I was in the top quartile of earners in Canada and earned less than the 2019 median. A CEO earning a couple of million, 30 times, what the lowest paid worker in the company is paid, puts the above what virtually all of the people in the company earn.

    Countries like Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and even Switzerland, generally speaking, have more compression in income dispersal, which is one reason why the cost of living is more expensive. The other part of that, is what your money actually buys you. What I earned, in Canada, in 1970, working in working class job, would have made me fairly well off in the UK. What I earned in 2008, would not have made me as well off in the UK, as I was in Canada. There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.
    A couple of years after the Euro was introduced, an Irish friend told me that the one good thing about the Euro was that it simplified comparing costs across borders, while observing what another county had for living standards for things like food costs, housing costs, roads, sewer and water. The same Euro got you more or less depending not only on the country, but region of the country. Converting everything to US dollars is helpful only to those who rig the system.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  25. @Kim

    There are people, irrespective of wealth or political bent, who actually do have hearts of gold. The poor people with hearts of gold are, generally speaking, too naive to understand the system is rigged against them, and the rich ones are, generally speaking, virtue signalling.
    Ironically, when “free trade” started taking on a life of its own, and governments became openly corporatist, the local communists switched from “make the rich pay” to “stop paying the rich”.

  26. AWM says:

    Putin has lost a fortune in the US stock market thanks to his Chinese friends, so he is going to do what any self respecting totalitarian leader would do, he is going to steal to make it up.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  27. @obwandiyag

    You see, the problem with jailing all your corrupt oligarchs is that it leaves nobody to buy-off the rest of your government. It’s a good thing we in the West only prosecute the little guys.

  28. @Curmudgeon

    You mean “mean” (average) income. That indeed would mean nothing.

    Median income is a somewhat better indicator of the inequality of income distribution.

  29. @AWM

    Sorry, don’t understand what you mean yet. Do you mean that the Russian government has a sovereign wealth fund that bought shares in Chinese corporations and lost money? Or that Putin himself personally did so? Or something else? Thanks —

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  30. @RadicalCenter

    Ah I’m slow today. You mean that Putin personally invested in the US stock market, which has plummeted since the coronavirus, perhaps originating in China, was met with an economy-crippling government lockdown response here.

    But for Putin to lose money, wouldn’t he have to now panic-sell his US stocks rather than just hold them until they rebound more fully? Why would he do that? Where’s the evidence anyway that he has done that?

  31. In addition to no, zero, zilch US Department or Centres for Disease Control (CDC) heads rolling for failing to test citizens for a novel coronavirus, after being forewarned by China last year, yet another tell tale sign that SARS-CoV2 is a psy-op, (psychological operation for the newbies) is how the G20 leaders have failed to step up!

    • “A US\$1 trillion increase in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s crisis-fighting warchest;
    • US\$5 trillion in coordinated fiscal stimulus;
    • US\$250 billion to support trade finance;
    • US\$100 billion of additional lending by the multilateral development banks;
    • the creation of new international institutions and reforms to existing ones;
    • a commitment to reform global finance; and
    • a pledge not to impose any trade protectionist measures.

    It’s an impressive list of G20 outcomes. It’s a shame that this is the list from the 2009 meeting of G20 leaders [to deal with the Global Financial Crisis, GFC] NOT the Emergency G20 Leaders’ Meeting held last Friday to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

    Friday’s commitment from leaders to do “whatever it takes” rings hollow when the G20’s announcements are compared to those [in response to the GFC].

    The meeting was big on rhetoric, but short on substance. G20 leaders promised to strengthen the global financial safety net, but gave no details on how or by how much they would do this. They promised a global initiative on pandemic preparedness but gave no details on how this initiative would work. They promised resources for the World Health Organization (WHO) without quantifying how much they would give. They promised to cooperate on the global supply of medical equipment but gave no details on what that would involve.

    The things leaders didn’t say were just as troubling.

    The G20’s commitment from times past to refrain from trade protectionism was nowhere to be seen. The commitment to refrain from competitive currency devaluations was conspicuously absent. The commitment to the multilateral trading system was missing. This is deeply worrying as more than 50 governments, including the EU, have restricted exports of medical supplies, 33 of which acted after the beginning of March.

    The most significant practical action announced by leaders, albeit buried in paragraph 10 of the communique, is the line which said ‘we are injecting over \$5 trillion into the global economy’. This is the same amount leaders announced in 2009 despite the global economy being much larger: US\$5 trillion represented an 8% of GDP stimulus back in 2009, but represents only 6% today. This is woefully inadequate, particularly given that the shock of the close-down caused by COVID-19 is, by all accounts, already significantly larger, and that the US\$5 trillion relates to existing stimulus and assistance rather than embodying any new commitment to do more.

    Of greatest concern was the tone of the communique. It doesn’t read like a statement from the most powerful people in the world, particularly given its constant deference to finance ministers, health ministers and central bank governors to make decisions and come up with plans.

    The G7 was unable to release a communique at all last week because President Trump insisted the virus be called the ‘Wuhan Virus’ rather than the coronavirus — not a helpful tone of cooperation. The opening line of the G20 communique that the pandemic ‘is a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness’ is hardly an endorsement of global integration. If G20 countries are to deal with this crisis and deal with it as quickly and effectively as possible, they had best start cooperating.” [emphasis mine]

    When compared alongside a real world-class thinker and statesman like Russian Federation President Putin, what the West has in terms of “leadership” is not much more than hired nobodies who serve as domestic help for their C18th ‘robber baron’ masters.

  32. Franz says:

    In America, we make the working poor pay for the excesses of the crooked rich, while in Russia, the wealthy are asked to make sacrifices for the sake of the country. Which approach do you think is better?

    But America isn’t Russia. Americans are mentally unprotected. Not only did Trump hand trillions to the wealthy, poor Americans cheered it on.

    Americans (since Buckley bewitched the “right”) will bend over backwards, do handstands and eat garbage to make certain our billionaires never stop eating out of our hands.

    Americans have become a phenomenon of nature, the trained lemmings of the world. It’s amazing how the upper crust only had to scare us to death for 70 years then wreck the economy and now we’ll do anything for them.

    • Agree: Marshall Lentini, FB
  33. Sink says:

    MAybe China should pay since it started there?

    • Agree: Gleimhart Mantooso
    • LOL: bluedog
    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @Trinity
  34. @Franz

    Great and correct comment. The Orange beast, the hero of the dumb white right wingers , has awarded the thieves trillions while most Americans are on the verge of financial ruins.
    I am starting to believe that all of this corona virus in nothing but a shrewd and cruel way to exert more control on mostly misguided and stupid masses and fleece them financially to benefit the rich and powerful.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Spanky
  35. robin says:

    Putin is NOT taxing account savings. It’s INTERESTS on investment savings, from accounts of more than 1 mill.
    See difference ?

  36. Did anyone wonder how much is 1 million rubles? It is only 12,584,00 US dollars.
    Are those folks who earn money and paid taxes and then saved those money are rich folks?

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  37. Hideo says:

    We must be aware of that the US Treasury has been using corona pandemic as her economic growth strategy by weakening other economies at the sacrifice of human life.

    Please recall the 2008 financial crisis triggered by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.
    Henry Paulson, then Treasury secretary did not rescue Lehman despite other banks such as Bear, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were bailed out.
    US GDP grew immediately after that crisis thanks to weakening dollar for their export volume increase. More important was that other economies had been a lot more damaged, which made US economy stronger on a relative basis. China, for instance had to take fiscal stimulus of \$500 billion. Oil price was downed from \$100 per barrel to \$20 in five months which strengthened US energy sector financially supported by the US government.
    General Motors was bailed out in the form of state owned by \$50 billion investment and took back 90% of the investment by IPO.

    Steven Mnuchin, Treasury secretary took the lead of \$2.2 trillion stimulus. Key industries such as Boeing have been saved already and cash delivery to consumers will increase consumer spending directly because 50% of Americans have no savings.
    Anthony Fauci publicly announced possible 200,000 deaths in the US to spread the fear to prolong worldwide chaos.
    Chinese economy has been damaged significantly. Oil price fell less than \$30 which is a crippling blow for Russian economy.
    Corona chaos is the same pattern the US Treasury took with Lehman Brothers bankruptcy 12 years ago.

    I am not sure whether the bioweapon theory is right or not but if it is the case this is their motivation to weaken other economies particularly China and Russia. If not, the US is trying to make use of this chaos for their own ego as much as possible.
    This is not hypothesis.
    Their strategy is not forgivable.
    Discuss the similarity of their strategic pattern loudly.

    • Replies: @meena
  38. @Meimou

    One nation of the GDP, by the GDP, for the GDP.

    Are you more worried about your 401K or your neighbors? I guess that’s what happens in multicultural shopping mall.

    • Replies: @Meimou
  39. @Franz

    Excellent comment, Franz!
    I was going to say something to that effect, but I”ll defer to your’s since, right now, I’m a fcuking angry black man due to the way the whole “Western” world is DELIBERATELY MISMANAGED (imploding!!) by the same crony, crooked war-mongering banksters the Founding Fathers warned the American sheep about. Fast forward to 2020 & well, We The People ARE FUCKED!!

    If only I could get the fuck OFF this insane globohomo feminazi libtarted planet. To quote Captain Picard whenever the Enterprise & his crew are in mortal danger, “Suggestions anyone??”

    Now, where’s my frigging cannabis oil? I need a hit – for “medical purposes” of course, which is to regain my sanity from living in such a cruel, insane world populated by weak-minded sheep who constantly sit back & take it up the ass by the 1% elite establishment & their henchmen.

    • Thanks: anon8383892
    • Replies: @Anon
  40. This is a very timely article by Mike Whitney who became my favourite writer/journalist (mainstream or Alt-Media) of all things dealing with Economics & the Economy ever since I discovered his very insightful articles on CounterPunch a looong time ago before I became a North American expat in Africa.

    This article is so fucking LOGICAL that you won’t find it in the lying New Dork Times, the Washington ShitPost et al – for obvious reasons – which is a shame.

    Aaah, yes, vintage Mike Whitney here —>>

    See? No big payouts to failing corporations, no welfare checks for Wall Street, and no tax breaks for fatcat bankers and their crooked friends. Just money for the people who desperately need it: Families with children, veterans, home-front workers, the sick, the unemployed, and the homeless. Simple and fair.

    Blessings to you, Mike. Lots of love!
    I remain one of your biggest fans.

  41. Meimou says:

    Covid19 is basicly the flu and it is not more dangerous.

    Flu Deaths
    Oct 2019 – Mar 2020

    24,000 – 64,000

    • Replies: @Armaggedon
    , @Spanky
  42. Haha. So Putin is a radical lefitist pushing a socialist agenda by Merican standards. Sad thing is 90% of Democrats would probably be considered far-right in Russia, as well as in most of Europe. Bernie Sanders and AOC would likely be center right. Majority of Republicans and many Dems would likely be banned in Russia for being a cunt hair away from full blown fascists, which is true.

    The brainwashing of Mericans by the capitalist class is something to behold. Ignorance is bliss i reckon. Reality sucks.

    • Agree: Biff
  43. Fear and panic have driven this monstrous response, and although government and the mainstream media knowingly fed this fear from all angles, the people at large accepted the fraud hook, line, and sinker. As I have mentioned many times previously, the death toll from the state response of shutting down the country, isolating people and families, forcing those most at risk into seclusion which is the equivalent to a death penalty, and destroying the economic activity that sustains the lives of all will certainly be responsible for many more deaths than the so-called threat of any virus. The toll on Americans from this madness perpetrated by government will be the real pandemic, and one that will continue for years to come. What a travesty, and what an exposé on the horrendous and vile nature of government and media today. Evil is as evil does, and government’s evil deeds during this manufactured crisis have laid bare the wickedness that is the political system and its criminal representatives at every level of rule.

    • Agree: St-Germain
    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  44. @cassandra

    Well, I heard that Bill Gates is the new self-appointed leader of the (un) free world.

  45. Trinity says:

    Well said and SO DAMN TRUE. MOST people are selfish assholes when all is said and done. I have been burned so much by giving to people who never really appreciated it, they only expected more and more, you could never give enough. We see that with MANY nonwhites, no matter how much you give, it is never enough. You are lucky to find people who even care about their immediate family in this day and age much less a stranger. I LOVE hearing and reading some jealous, poor SOB complain about the rich, knowing that guy or gal wouldn’t be any better if they were loaded with money. There are takers and givers in this world, and the takers outnumber the givers by at least 100 to 1. STUPID MOFOS talking about Stalin and Lenin. You IGNORANT retards haven’t figured out yet that the “worker’s paradise” killed more WORKERS than anyone? Go out and earn your own money instead of trying to take another person’s money.

    Hey people, instead of worrying about your retirement on earth, you might want to think about where you will spend your real retirement. I have NEVER seen a hearse carry a U-haul. YOUR HEALTH is way more valuable than money. Some of these rich bastards you people envy so much are some of the most miserable people walking the planet. Wouldn’t you rather have your health than be some old dried up misanthropic miserable ugly ass sourpuss like George Soros? Anyone who was content and happy with their life and they had the money that sorry bastard has would just go off and live their life and have fun. Instead that dried up old geriatric wrinkled up old fart wants to make people’s lives miserable. Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to Heaven. I’m banking on an afterlife, just have to wait and see if I end up REALLY RICH or end up a fool. IF I am right, I am sure a lot of money loving fools won’t be there to share the gold, brother. Oh Yeah. Mofos running skeered of the coronavirus or the One World Government or whatever boogeyman you scary folks conjure up. You can break bones, kill the body, but you can’t kill the soul, homie. Now can I get a witness.

    • Agree: Gleimhart Mantooso
  46. Sean says:

    The rich are balls deep in China, but it’s going to face a reckoning.

  47. There are people being evicted as we speak.

    Say what you want about the Soviet Union. But every Soviet citizen had a right to housing. Not a privilege. No rent support. A right. No-one went without housing. You could say it wasn’t very good housing. But in the Russian winter, not very good housing is paradise. In the US, a grate is paradise if you’re lucky. Otherwise, suffer, citizens.

  48. eah says:

    Vladimir Putin has decided how Russia is going to pay for the corona-virus.

    He’s going to tax the rich.

    It’s a remedy that most Americans would support if they were given the choice, …

    Sure, as long as the government screws someone else it’s OK.

    Tbe government could just spend the money into existence — it doesn’t have to tax anyone or create debt.

    The top 1% already pays a hugely disproportionate share of income taxes: Top 1% pay nearly half of federal income taxes

    • LOL: bluedog
    • Replies: @Biff
  49. Pft says:

    Nobody has to pay. Just print the money. Of course, Russia’s constitution written by the boys at Harvard prohibits RCB from doing so, but the Fed can print as much as they want. Thats why everyone wants dollars, heck, even Putin and Iran might want to get access to them now.

    Putin is the ultimate neoliberal. He cut the peoples pensions. I guess he couldn’t get the rich to help with that.

    Honestly, I don’t get the Putin/Xi worship, especially Xi and China. Then again, I still don’t get Trumps popularity. Lol

    • Agree: eah
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  50. padre says:

    Yo really are a cowboy!Saddle your horse and ride into the setting sun!

  51. @Realist

    You do realize there is a cost of living difference???

    You do realize one question mark is sufficient?

  52. @obwandiyag

    People who don’t hate the rich have no right to speak about anything because they know nothing.

    When did you become the official dispenser of rights?

  53. Once upon a time we chortled at tinpot African tyrants and their trillion dollar bill inflation.

    Now we are an African nation, and not Wakanda.

  54. @Cowboy

    See, you/re nobody’s fool.

  55. @JasonT

    The patient’s fever started May 21. That evening started Azithromycin, through a friend’s prescription over the phone. Active health workers said a hospital would be a death trap. No beds, thousands of sick patients. Tested for Covid at 9 am March 22 at local Urgent care facility. Had Tamiflu from the Bird Virus scare. (Yes, it was meant for something else but it seemed to help, it is an anti-viral after all.) Used that and what was still available in the rare remaining health supplements store. No one had Zinc.
    Fever stopped April 1, ten days later. April 2 still waiting for Covid test results from state facility. The difference between the real world and the imaginary, ideal, world is enough to kill you. Test is not specific for Covid. Only shows you have coronavirus, which is also the common cold. Results are very inaccurate, while it is quite obvious, without a test, to diagnose the actual affliction the person has. How would having a test result have helped (except for bureaucratic purposes?)

  56. @Meimou

    “How many people will die if the economy crashes?”

    You mean if the USA will not be able to build new nuclear weapons and not be able to send a man to the moon?

    If the US economy crashes, it will save millions of lives. Abroad.

  57. @Sink

    If you two agree that China should pay. would you agree that the US should pay if it actually started at Fort Detrick Maryland in July 2019 when the CDC shut down the biowarfare lab for unsafe practices? Of course, you are decent people, and you might also agree, but will your supervisors let you?

  58. “Well said and SO DAMN TRUE. MOST people are selfish assholes when all is said and done.”

    Is it a self description?

  59. onebornfree says: • Website

    ” Go out and earn your own money instead of trying to take another person’s money.”

    The miserable slave psychology can never accept that concept . They all instead will continue to believe that they have an “inalienable right” to live at everyone elses expense. Therefor, a “right” to a job, a “right” to a free home, a “right ” to free healthcare, and on and on, the list is endless.

    These, er, “people” cannot be saved from their own enslavement. It’s too ingrained, they are too brainwashed, too afraid of ever taking full responsibility for their own miserable , worthless lives. Its always somebody elses fault. You get more sense out of talking to your dog.

    They’d all rather sit around and mope about their lives and maybe read yet another idiotic pro-government Unz article [like this one] that reinforces their idiotic beliefs and worships/idolizes/glorifies a statist crook – slavemaster Putin in this particular instance, and that fantasizes about how he and his criminal government is going to supposedly improve every slaves life for them via even more legalized theft, and [as always] even more regulation [of every slaves life], when the plain as day historical fact is that the only lives that ever become improved by these and any other government actions are those of the slavemaster and his criminal cronies themselves-,and always at the slaves expense [via the loss of even more freedom].

    And now these fools are perfectly happy to be “locked down” in their homes, to be banned from working, to wear their stupid masks/gloves in public, get the latest mandatory vaccination that will slowly kill them, because the government tells them that its all “for their own good”, and will “save lives” etc. etc. blah blah blah, and everyone will get yet another check from their master to “ease their pain” . And they’ll all actually believe this total horse\$hit,[at least as long as they continue to believe that another government check is going to save them]. They all deserve to be slaves, as far as I can see. Screw ’em all.


    • Agree: Marshall Lentini
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Amon
  60. @Meimou

    The US medical system is so good that it is not able to distinguish the common flu (which is innocuous this year) from the corona, nor count exactly the number of people who died from it.

  61. Half Back says:
    @Mike Whitney

    I put that info on anther thread about Meflooquine and remember i took it for malaria (Trade name west Larium?) when wandering SE asia.
    It was a weekly tablet in the 90’s , However to properly defeat Corona virus one might have to Take Mefloquine in a higher dose and it does have some mental side effects.. We will see. I tell you what I am interested in is a Russian anti viral being reposed into a inhaled form and its called Triazavirin. I postulate that Mefloquine /antibiotic and inhaled form of Triazavirin might do the trick.

  62. There’s no American Government, but just a Rothschild-Epstein Pedophile Mafia.

    “The few who can understand the system (check money and credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”
    ― From a letter written by the Rothschild Bros, of London, England, to a New York firm of bankers, June 26, 1863

  63. Z-man says:

    Putin Da!
    Death to NEOCON’s and globalists.
    That’s why the globalist NEOCON Homo elite don’t want Trump reelected. Because he’s closer to Putin and even Xi than he is to the aforementioned globohomo elite.

  64. Biff says:

    I knew it wouldn’t take long for a bail-out-butt-buddy-boot-licker to show up in this kind of thread…

    • LOL: eah
    • Replies: @eah
  65. eah says:

    No, it’s just that unlike you I’m a MAN and don’t want or need “the government” (“LOL”, check out the kind of “public servants” who make up “the government”) to scapegoat or (further) exploit anyone or any group on my behalf (allegedly) — I don’t want to give “the government” any more power or authority than it already has, since sooner or later it will be used against me.

    And per the Constitution, the federal government has the sole authority to create money — so any “stimulus” could be done by just spending the money into existence.

    • Thanks: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Bill Jones
    , @obwandiyag
    , @FB
  66. @Mike Whitney

    Bingo! The generic name mefloquine appears in the third graf of the Sputnik article. This was the anti-malaria drug the Pentagon quit using on the troops nearly a decade ago when the FDA decided it was dangerous. According to the literature it was developed by the U.S. Army and Walter Reed Institute labs during the Vietnam War because other anti-malaria drugs proved ineffective against Plasmodium falciparum malaria, the most deadly form of malaria. It was later marketed by Hoffmann La Roche (and reportedly Smith Klein), probably because mandated and successful use on U.S. combat troops sufficed for FDA field testing.

  67. I wonder if this will include money from Putin and friend’s hidden offshore accounts. You people need to seriously quit worshiping this “king of propaganda” clown.
    Amazon boss Jeff Bezos made headlines this week when he was declared the richest person in the world with a net worth of \$90 billion. But a U.S. financier told senators Thursday that he believed the title belonged to someone else, and it is not Bill Gates.
    According to Bill Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, Russian President Vladimir Putin is richer than both Bezos and Gates combined.
    “I believe he is worth \$200 billion,” Browder told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

  68. @Johnny Walker Read

    “Putin was originally fighting with the oligarchs when he first came to power,” Browder testified, harking back to the jailing of Russia’s once richest man Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2003. “When you go on trial in Moscow there’s a 99.7 percent conviction rate so they put you in a cage because there’s no presumption of innocence.”

    He added: “Now imagine you’re the 17th richest man in Russia and you see the richest guy, far smarter, far more powerful than you, sitting in a cage, what is your reaction to that? You don’t want to sit in a cage.”

    Browder was once a a shareholder at Gazprom, Surgutneftegas and other state-run enterprises in the 1990s, and he says that Putin’s wealth hinges on a deal with Russian businessmen around this time that made Putin the “richest man in the world.”

    “One by one by one after Mikhail Khodorkovsky was convicted these other oligarchs went to Vladimir Putin and said, ‘What do we have to do to not sit in that cage?’ He said very straightforward—’50 percent.’ Not 50 percent for the Russian government or 50 percent for the presidential administration of Russia, 50 percent for Vladimir Putin,” Browder told Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.

  69. Give the 1% a special tax deduction for donating funds for the war on cornona virus with the understanding that if insufficient is donated voluntarily, there will be mandatory donations of a pound of flesh instead.

  70. Jake says:

    The rich grinding down not merely the poor but also the middle class is the nature of WASP culture. See Victorian England, which almost all WASPophiles accept as a Golden Age. It was Hell on wheels for the poorest 50-60% of the English, and at least that bad for 70% of Scots and 85-90% of the Irish.

    You had to get out of England to have odds to make it that were greater than winning the Lottery Jack Pot.

    That is how WASP culture operates and always has.

    Now, there is no more frontier. You can’t go to the US or Canada or Australia or New Zealand or South Africa. The Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire are acting now to enact over the globe the ‘English system’ to make certain that the vast majority of whites are stuck as poor, often desperately poor, beneath them.

    It is not new. It even well predates the Victorian Era, when England owned the largest and wealthiest empire in history. It is inherent in WASP culture.

    Thank God for Putin.

  71. @Cowboy

    Got that right Cowboy. In case you hadn’t realized, you are squarely in the middle of a bunch of brain washed, brain dead Putinites. My “Cold Warrior” relatives are turning in their graves, as I’m sure yours are. The Perestroika Deception has been dazzling success.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @bluedog
    , @Crazy Horse
    , @Cowboy
  72. Jake says:

    If the US economy totally crashes, and white people finally realize that the Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire despise them and will always act to harm their best interests while acting to add to their own WASP/Jewish billions and billions, then we might effect the cure.

  73. @Robert Dolan

    A wisp of truth in a sky full of idiocy and propaganda. Your post is truly a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the moment of sanity.

  74. Liberals are predominately in the upper 10% of the economic scale, their ideas are dangerous:

    Open Borders
    Unfettered immigration
    Undocumented immigrants
    Sanctuary Laws
    Weakened Law Enforcement
    Mass Transit
    High Rises
    Reusable cloths bags

    Yes all these ideas contribute to the growth of the Coronavirus, lets fine every Liberal worth more than a million dollars a fine of 10% of their net worth to repay America,

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Biff
  75. Trinity says:

    I skimmed through the comments and I think I saw one or two morons praising Lenin and Stalin if you can believe that. Not going to go back and read through some of those idiotic comments, but what you say is spot on. Look at how Whites came here from different places in Europe like Germany, Italy, Norway, etc., they had to learn a new language, probably take whatever job they could get, and yet some of these people made a great live for themselves. These fools get out of high school or even go out and get a “collage edumucation” and they think automatically the world is out there ready to kiss their smelly ass and give them a six-figure salary. I’m guessing most of these crybaby freaks are 40 and under, but you still probably have some aging hippies in the bunch. Despite their “superior edumucation” these geniuses don’t know the slightest thing about the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union, how they punished the “working class” more than any other group. Starved millions of farmers, tortured others in gulags, etc. CLUELESS and LAZY morons, who don’t have the balls and go out and MAKE A LIFE FOR THEMSELVES. Idiots think the world revolves around them.

    • Replies: @Amon
  76. Trinity says:

    It probably started in an Israeli or American lab. Do you not remember some fellow named Charles Lieber? Of course I think they have now said that (((Professor))) Lieber isn’t connected to the (((Chinese Virus.))) He is innocent of that one, just like the 5 dancing Shlomos dindu nuffin on 9-11, and the attack on the USS Liberty was purely “accidental” because Israel is our bestest best friend forever and the only democracy in the Middle East.

    • Agree: annamaria
  77. “He’s going to tax the rich.

    “It’s a remedy that most Americans would support if they were given the choice, but they weren’t asked”


    This is just one of many matters which help define genuine leadership.

    Putin always seems to keep in mind the wider interests of his society – whether in military matters or foreign policy or economic projects or a natural disaster.

    A completely different style, but with the gifts and instincts and vision of an FDR.

    Trump is just a fumbling pretender, a carnival barker, a noisy infomercial salesman. The wider interests of society never cross his mind. He just keeps selling himself a of central importance while pretending he has command over affairs.

    He serves America’s plutocracy and its power establishment, unfailingly, while mouthing outlandish clichés and slogans about the people.

    He serves the establishment in war and empire, and he serves it in domestic policies which do not consider the public good, whether in matters of taxation or healthcare or compassion or attention to important infrastructure.

    What ordinary American benefits from trying to destroy the government of Venezuela or Iran or Cuba? What benefits come from aggression towards China and Russia? None. Huge sums are squandered just to hurt others and tell them how they should run their societies. Ordinary Americans are burdened with tens of billions in costs to achieve nothing of worth.

    As if the world doesn’t have enough pain already, here is leadership dedicated to creating still more.

    The rather bad joke of America telling others how to run their affairs is that America cannot even run its own.

    Look at the record of response to the pandemic. Russia has produced remarkable results so far and shows every promise of continued success. And a relatively poor country like Cuba has given a great deal of assistance to others. Much-maligned China is emerging as a world-class model of how these things should be done.

    America has a rapidly growing chaos of disease, finance, economy, and fear. The government is ineffectual and noisy. It looks stupid constantly trying to blame and label others, as with its ceaseless accusations against China.

    You do not build a future this way, and it could well be that the terrible set of problems America finds itself in may produce long-lasting deleterious results and instability in many of American society’s norms.

    • Agree: FB
  78. Alfred says:

    I suspect that very few Americans / Europeans / Australian / Japanese and so on have any idea of the tax rates of Russia.

    Income tax is a flat rate of 13%. There are no local/state income taxes. Income tax for the self-employed (lawyers, plumbers etc.) is 4%

    Dividends from Russian companies are taxed at 15%

    I hardly need mention that things like healthcare and education are incredibly cheap by American standards. Private health insurance is from 10,000 to 45,000 Rubles (\$120-\$500). The government version is essentially free.

    Russian Federation
    Individual – Taxes on personal income

    • Thanks: Biff, Iris
  79. Trinity says:

    I like to call them leftist because NONE OF THEM ARE “LIBERAL.” They HIJACKED that term to make it seem they are the tolerant ones, shit, they are the most intolerant and racist bunch out there. They have no problem with Black racism, Jewish racism, or any other form of nonwhite racism, and they won’t say shit about Black on White violence, Jewish Privilege, etc.

    We can start with the Jewywood crowd. All those rich celebritards that don’t contribute anything of value to our society other than crappy movies. I mean have you seen some of the crap being put out today? Since these leftist freaks like to be ruled by billionaire Jews, they can start demanding all those millionaire and billionaire “socialist” Jews start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. Give up some of their money to the poor. By the way, does anyone know what the hell George Soros does for a living or how he became so rich? Do they know that Bernie Sanders was so lazy that he was kicked out of some hippie commune when he was younger? Seems good ole compassionate Bernie was so damn lazy that even the hippies grew tired of his Jewy bullshit. Uncle Bernie is a millionaire, kids. Ask Bernie if he ever flipped burgers at McDonald’s or cleaned toilets for a living. Ask Uncle Bernie if he ever had a real job that produced anything of value.

  80. Alfred says:

    every Soviet citizen had a right to housing.

    The best thing is that when the USSR collapsed, people automatically got to own the apartment they were in. Even today, there are very few Russians with mortgages or anything like that. The parents of my ex had a dacha which they had bought and an apartment that was their official/gifted residence.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  81. Biff says:

    Reusable cloths bags

    Interesting. Here in Thailand, at the start of 2020, plastic bags(or any bags) were/are no longer provided to customers in major supermarkets or supply houses. I’m going to assume you are the type that will buy new cloth bags every time you go shopping?

  82. Sure, why should the poor die and suffer so the robber barons will get richer, even out of this disaster? It’s amazing to see how many here support capitalism which has done nothing but made some Jews richer, and then they have the nerve to claim they’re anti-semites. Have any of these supporters of capitalism and the supposedly free market ever done a thorough study to determine whether capitalism has been more profitable to a few Jews or the majority of the goyim? Please, let’s have the results. Or you’re some utopian capitalists who believe that capitalism should give equal opportunities to everyone but it just somehow, for whatever unknown reasons, ends up being most profitable to a few Jews? So we’ve got a whole load of these rich Jewish capitalist robber barons posting incognito on UR, as I can’t see why anyone else should support them or the capitalist system that promotes their own interests. Honestly, I bet the Soroses and Rothschilds are laughing at you knowing they have so many goy supporters cheering them on. But of course they don’t know or give a damn what goes on on the UR as they’re too busy making money even out of this coronavirus crash.

    • Agree: Alden
  83. New Rules:

    1) We will pay future presidents five million dollars per month and corporate executives can’t make more than the President

    2) We will pay future senators and representatives one million per month and corporate executives who are not CEOs can’t make more than the members of the US Congress

    The above two rules won’t permit the McConnells and the Pelosis to give lap dances to Koch (pronounced: C-O-C-K) Bros and take care of nations business without fear of oligarchs or corruption.

  84. Alfred says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    According to Bill Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, Russian President Vladimir Putin is richer than both Bezos and Gates combined.
    “I believe he is worth \$200 billion,” Browder told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

    BTW, Browder murdered his own tax accountant and blamed it on Putin. The lying media insists on calling Brwder’s lawyer. I hardly need add that Browder is Jewish.

    If Putin had any fortune abroad, no matter how small, the US would have found a way to freeze his accounts or to rob him. Furthermore, Pompeo would be boasting about it on TV. 🙂

    You trolls make me laugh. 🙂

    Mike Pompeo Says ‘We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole’ in CIA

  85. nymom says:

    Of course, Putin can do this sort of thing as Russia does not have an overpopulation problem like the US does. We have many more millions of poor people, many of them citizens of other countries that have sneaked in here illegally, than Russia does. So it’s easy to say when you have a relatively small population like Russia comparable to their land mass: “We are going to make the rich people in Russia pay for everything”…

    Unfortunately, if the US attempted to do that we would wind up like most of the third world is today after they finished confiscating all the money of their “rich”; then they had to start going after their middle class with the end result they have no rich, no middle class and now they are all simply broke and piling into the West to live off of our civilization.

    Who wouldn’t vote for a guy who tells everyone that “everything will be for free” and it will be paid for by anonymous ‘rich’ people who nobody knows anyway, so who cares. You deserve to have them pay for everything for you, as you are poor and they are rich and can afford it.

    By the time the smoke clears Russia will be in an even bigger economic mess than they are in right now…but Putin will be gone (he is already into his 60s) so again, who cares…

    • Replies: @Amon
    , @obwandiyag
    , @Alfred
  86. Agent76 says:

    Apr 2, 2020 Putin reveals KEY to political success: the poor man

    Which is the bigger political influence on President Putin? Multinational corporations, filthy rich oligarchs or financial institutions? He asserts – it is the sentiment of ‘the common man’ that is responsible for his popularity and long-standing political career.

  87. Well, if the oligarchs will insist upon weaponizing a corona virus, then Putin does well to weaponize it in favour of the Russian worker. The man knows how to do jujitsu, after all.

    I’d like to see an article on Unz answering the following objections to the received view respecting Covid- 19:

“You can’t test for the CoV-19. At the moment, it’s all we can do to confirm that a person is carrying ANY of about 200 strains of a Coronavirus. Why? It takes a long research lab procedure involving reverse engineering of the virus RNA into DNA, which then has to be sequenced; then it has to compared to other known sequences – by then, after a lot of work, we know we have a CV and maybe that it has a few variations from the others CVs. The idea that you can do a quick “swab and wipe and know ” is a myth.

Most of us carry some sort of Coronavirus. If we ever had a cold one winter, which just about all of us has, we have some sort of CV. We also carry the other major common cold causing virus, the Rhinovirus. Nearly all of us carry the Epstein-Barr virus, which causes Glandular Fever / Mononucleosis / Kissing Disease evidenced by nearly all of us expressing symptoms at some point. And everyone carries Herpes Simplex and most of us coxsackie – the causative agent of Chicken pox.

But just carrying a virus doesn’t mean you will ever exhibit symptoms. It doesn’t mean it causes a disease in fact, because we don’t know how to replicate the standard and only means of proving an agent actually causes a disease, called “Koch’s Postulates” after the German Doctor who developed them in 1884. Actually, we have difficulty proving by scientific method that ANY virus causes disease.

    This has led to so many problems: issues in collecting data is one. The vast majority of all populations tend to think correlation indicates causation ( because A is present at the same time as B, then A caused B) It’s a logical fallacy, but it happens.

    We have had doctors report many cases of patients dying of a known terminal disease, a Corona virus being found at autopsy, and thus being labelled a Corona virus death, when it’s nothing of the sort.

    We have the fact that all of our societies have become top heavy with older people – and we know this. We have concerns about the falling birth rate of European countries, down from the required 2.1 just to maintain numbers to as low as 1.3 for some. We see the huge efforts to improve birth rates Russia is making.

    All this points to a civilisation very top heavy with the age group which also has naturally the highest death rate. There’s a lot more chance you will die next year if you are 85 than there is if you are 25.

    So we need rational testing both at the lab and biochemical level and at the sociological and epidemiological levels and not stampeding into action. Are there more death this winter season than the last 10 yrs same season? The UK is finally acknowledging that no, there aren’t. Has anyone examined the autopsies of aged , ill-health deaths both with and without a CV, to see if there’s any difference? Only France, which recently published its result – they found NO DIFFERENCE.”

    • Agree: Alfred
  88. @Konstantin

    You realize of course this is a whole lot above the US median 😀

  89. aandrews says:

    I’ve wondered if NYC getting hammered so hard is strongly linked (like, massively) to its particular/singular attributes. This article in NEJM Catalyst seems to bear that out. (I can’t get it to load, though, nor download the PDF. It’s a free article.)

    • Replies: @Agent76
  90. Did Trump know of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 psyop in 2017 ?
    Covfefe=COVID-19 /Coronavirus , see reddit/conspiracies . Sean Spicer said at the time covfefe was not a spelling mistake and that a small group of people knew what it meant.
    merriam webster dictionary : CoV means coronavirus .
    FeFe is a hydragenase “…has been used in the processes for the creation of bactrium, RNA or viral strands”.
    fefe in gematria/kabbalah amounts to 65 65 or 11 11 , significant numbers .

  91. @eah

    Where in the Constitution is the federal government given the sole authority to create money ?

    • Replies: @onebornfree
    , @eah
    , @Bill Jones
  92. meena says:

    Which US fared better ? The US that poured money to the tune of 29 trillions to the 12 banks or the US who git bankrupted of their savings and pension funds ?
    Now they come agin to fare better . 20 % of employees get sick leave and get \$ 1000- 2000 at best and are asked to applaud the Democrats or Trump while the large corporate and banks get trillions . Corona virus made workers sick It did not make the corporations sick They just wear the protective gears sent by the Fed to exhibit that they are prepared to save the economy .

  93. Amon says:

    Oooh, I think you just ruptured your sphincter showing that massive log up your ass.

    One death is a tragedy.
    A hundred is a crime.
    A million is a statistic.

    Its just old people lol, and the weak, the poor and the useless ones. We will all be better off without them.(/sarcasm)

  94. Amon says:

    Okay Boomer.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  95. Poco says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Browder? Browder!? BROWDER?!? Good Grief. What do Kagan and Nuland say?

  96. Amon says:

    Okay Boomer.

    • Replies: @Ruckus
  97. Agent76 says:

    Not exactly and this proves it definitively.

    Mar 31, 2020 More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t!

    • Agree: the grand wazoo
  98. @eah

    Nah, you’re not a man. You’re a sissy. Who wants to find a nice old rich man to love him. Because the rich are good. And your friends.

    That’s why you were insulted. You are a toady to the rich.

  99. Trinity says:

    Oh, so now its the boomer’s fault. ROTFLMMFWAO. IF you are under 40-45, chances are very likely that it is your fault. Number one, most of the males under 40 are low on testosterone, effeminate, have no real life skills to speak of, and even still live with mommy and daddy. smdh. Face it, not all, but most of the under 40 crowd are what we boomers used to call LOSERS.

    • Replies: @Amon
    , @Ruckus
    , @James Scott
  100. @nymom

    Apparently you don’t understand the banking system. Nor just how rich the “rich” are. Like many lower-class people, you think that “rich” means the dentist down the street in the McMansion with a million dollars. Sorry. A million dollars is barely middle class. Get real with inflation. The rich have things like 64 billion dollars (reported: more like a trillion unreported). They could blow a million dollars a day, all their lives, on anything, even poor people, and not even feel it. Hell, they’d probly make out on deductions.

  101. Alfred says:

    Putin can do this sort of thing as Russia does not have an overpopulation problem like the US does

    When America’s “Chicago Boys” were in control of Russia, they managed to make a huge and intentional mess of it. Over 3 million Russians died prematurely of alcoholism, violence, poverty and suicide. My older brother played a big role in this.

    It has almost nothing to do with their landmass. Most of Russia is not habitable – like Australia. The climate is too extreme and the distances are too great. The rivers of Siberia go in the “wrong” direction. Russia has a vast number of borders to defend. The USA has surrounded the country with military bases and co-opted ruling classes.

    Putin had massive problems when he took power. His accomplishments are amazing.

  102. [It’s bad behavior to include the full text of long external articles when a link would work just as well. Those comments will be trashed and if you continue this, most of your other comments as well.]

    • Agree: FB
  103. FB says: • Website
    @Reg Cæsar

    The poorest Americans top most Russians.

    You’re living in disneyland pal…

    I would bet dollars to donuts that you’ve never even stepped foot in Russia…

    As for poor folks in America have a look at this…

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  104. @cassandra

    Russians won’t lend Putin to anyone – Russia needs him. So, no go.

    Each country should find real leaders among its own people. The US was run by liars and clowns way too long. Unfortunately, we are likely to have a choice between a narcissistic 70-year old teenager and corrupt senile stuffed shirt in November. If that’s democracy, I am a Martian.

    • Agree: Spanky
  105. @Trinity

    Appreciate much of what you have to say.

    As for health being more important than money: yes, if you have a certain level of health and function.

    But often it takes serious money to maintain one’s health and function — too often, more money than many decent, industrious people can earn and spare after paying for other necessities. It’s especially true of people born with Med problems through no fault of their own, and for a much larger number of us as we age.

    We should not continue allowing a tiny number of people to arrogate the country’s God-given natural resources to themselves, then profiting massively by selling them to the rest of us. I’m mainly referring to the executives and major shareholders of the energy corporations here, as they purport to “own” what rightly belongs to all of us. It’s not just and it’s simply not sustainable consistent with a decent life, or any life, for the majority of people.

    Just the revenue from the water, oil, natural gas, metals, and minerals under our portion of the earth are enough to provide a universal basic income or universal medical/dental care to all US Citizens, for example.

    Health and even life often take money to sustain, so it’s not an either/or proposition.

  106. @Mike Whitney

    Hard to tell whether this is true. There are also reports that Russia is testing a vaccine against this coronavirus. All Spanish-language Latin American sites are abuzz, with the majority saying that it is a good thing that vaccine is developed in Russia, as in this case it will be available to everyone, whereas any vaccine developed in the US would be withheld from many and priced out of reach of most.

  107. @Pft

    Yeah, it does seem that Putin raised the minimum retirement age too far and much too fast.

    Would have preferred to see an increase in income tax on the very high “earners” to enable a more gradual increase. Perhaps a very high levy on the remaining oligarchs, to be invested into a national fund to eventually provide a universal basic income?

    Or would that result in those guys killing Putin or forcing him from power?

  108. @Alfred

    BTW, Browder murdered his own tax accountant and blamed it on Putin. The lying media insists on calling Brwder’s lawyer. I hardly need add that Browder is Jewish.

    You need to WTF up and turn of Alex Jewns and RT. You got any proof there my red friend, or are you once again just blowing smoke out yo ass as usual?

    • Replies: @bluedog
  109. All together now comrades

  110. @Johnny Walker Read

    Bill Browder

    Sorry to disappoint, but Bill Browder is scum. He is a thief that got sour on Russia and Putin because they cut his thievery short. He faked translations of Russian documents to convince morons (who didn’t even think of getting an independent translation) that FSB killed Magnitsky. His hired minions keep calling Magnitsky a lawyer, even though his was an accountant in Browder’s criminal enterprise. The list goes on, but the lemmings like you keep heading for the cliff. Happy jumping.

    • Agree: Old and grumpy, Biff
  111. @Alfred

    What a glaringly beautiful bee hive. I’m sure it’s already Agenda 21/2030 approved.

  112. utu says:

    From Putin says to Putin does is a very long way.

  113. Ruckus says:

    Ok, Computer.

    (translation – you’re a millennial NPC)

    • Replies: @Amon
  114. sally says:

    Meimou says “If we have a depression, a lot more people will die from that than this over hyped virus. Meimou @ 1 asks: How long do we need to shelter in place exactly? Give us a number.? < Meimou @ 1

    But Meimou the assumption in the answer I think you anticipate is that the USA will continue to support the monopolies it built by making laws that make the few wealthy by converting public property into private wealth?

    Shutting down the fraud and corruption ridden USA cowboy economy might be exactly what America and the Americans who are governed by the USA need. Corruption by derivative, financialization, privatization, and globalization of everything, have made slaves of the Americans the USA governs. Just today a physicist call me, his play the market algorithms has turned his wall street investments into a 400% return, <= without a lick of work, without producing a product, he used mathematics he was taught in public school to program computers to play the wall Street ponzi schemes.

    What happens when the institutions and the corporations that the USA supports can no longer find employees to rape and bilk? What will happen when Big stuff corporation cannot meet its deferred comp plan obligations will the fat cat corporate officers dig into their own pockets to make good on the obligations they counted on their employees to make for them? The CEO of most every little business in America is nearly always digging into their own pocket to keep their small local businesses going < they don't have the USA or Wall Street to bail them out, but the do have the USA to spy on them, to tax them, and to harass them.

    Imaging the wealth that would be transferred to the working people if the laws that made and enforced the patents, copyrights, ownership by real estate by deed or the ownership of a right to work (license) were wiped off the books. There would be so much wealth transferred from super wealthy corporations back into to private ownership of millions of Americans, that nearly every Americans would be wealthy overnight.

    Businesses and resources which those that run the governments have given to their friends, in privatization transaction after privatization transaction are dependent on someone else doing the work for the private owner. <=transferring public goods and services from public ownership into a private ownership is one thing, but generating from thin air "monopoly powers", knowing full well that only mega-buck corporations can buy these "monopoly powers" is a use of government which IMO, rises to a crime against all humanity everywhere. Without government there would be no monopoly. without government there would be no Private ownership of real property, copyright or patents, these monopolies are made by the making of a law and the maker of those laws is the USA.

    If all these USA feudal businesses failed, the USA economy would be instantly transferred from Corporate America and its wealthy owners; to everyday Americans, and the everyday Americans would not have to pay a thin dime to use these products that the USA made valuable by its privatization laws. Colleges and Universities would return to teaching the arts and sciences, instead of conducting high powered pre employment training programs.

    Likely A price drop by as much as 95% would find Americans bartering their goods and services among themselves, an economy that works well in a local environment, but it fails miserably when dealing with a nation state controlled global economy. The exchange value of script currency depends on propaganda and brute force but the value of a local economy depends on work and skill of those in the economy. At local market competitive pricing, capitalism would flourish, resulting in the USA being unable to keep its feudal society going..

    It would be interesting to see, what happens as former MR big corporation employees, venture on their own to supply the local markets with the same type of products and services they, as middle men employees, used to provide to the Big Daddy corporation they slaved for, made all the lions share of the profits.

    Creating monopolies by rule of law is a crime against humanity.

  115. Ruckus says:

    As a gen-exer, I have to point out that both the Millennials *AND* the Boomers are the two generations that have done the most damage to the country. One is selfish, the other inept, but both are self-absorbed and ignorant. Gen-X wins by default 🙂

    You have very solid posts overall, but just had to call out this one, lol.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  116. Aardvark says:

    Why does the picture look like Putin talking with the head of the gold plated church? Were they having a discussion about the rich paying for…or who the rich are? Of course I’m sure the evil organization known as P.U.T.I.N. knows….

  117. aandrews says:

    Well, Gregory Cochran’s take is, this is no joke and it’s on its way, the full brunt. I guess I’ve gotten religion. It would probably be a fantastic idea to look at the timeline for the Spanish Flu. And this one could be faster (more contagious).

    Just another flu in Bergamo
    Posted on March 25, 2020
    by gcochran9

    Here’s an interesting article from Bergamo – Google translates it well enough. It gives many examples of how the death rate is much higher than the official estimates of the Italian government, largely because people are dying without ever getting to the hospital. Many of them are from mayors of various towns.

    ”Since the beginning of the month in Nembro we have had between 110 and 120 deaths. In the same period last year 14. This is enough to understand.”

    ”In nearby Caravaggio 50 against an average of 6 in previous years. Only 2 ‘officials’ for Covid-19.”

    “70 people have died in Dalmine, including 2 officially for coronavirus. A year ago they had been 18.”

    Mayor Roberto Scarpellini – ”We have had 16 deceased people since February 27, of which 3 officially for Covid-19, but also others with very clear symptoms. Throughout 2019 there were 28 deaths ”

    All this means that official death count in Italy ( 743 today) is a serious underestimate: the actual numbers must be something like 4-9 times bigger – say 4000 a day. Does influenza do this? One did, back in 1918.

    I hear a lot of people saying ” it’s just a flu”. I wonder why. Any ideas?

    • Replies: @aandrews
  118. @Meimou

    How long do we need to shelter in place exactly? Give us a number.

    Just today he declared a week to be twenty-eight days long. The man can do anything.

    I don’t know. With Putin you always want to believe him to be sincere, but when you’re on the ground here, it doesn’t add up. Probably it’s just Russia and not his fault at all. Maybe he’s as frustrated by the cultural inertia here as anyone else.

    I hope people get some money to get them through this mostly needless crisis. But it won’t change the culture of the country. It is dedicated to paying its workers as little as possible.

  119. aandrews says:

    Foundational reading:

    Paperback: 546 pages
    Publisher: Penguin Books; Revised edition (October 4, 2005)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0143036491
    ISBN-13: 978-0143036494

  120. @utu


    All this just to spare people’s babushki. People are actually so weak.

  121. Skeptikal says:

    ” send interest rates to the moon, ”

    Would this be good for savers?

    People who have a lot of cash in their bank accounts?

    • Replies: @Spanky
  122. Spanky says:

    Just ignore all the trillions the Fed and Treasury are raining down, right now, upon the masters of the universe. No need for conspiracy minded patriots to pull aside that particular curtain — nothing to see here.

    No need to worry about it at all — cause your check for 1200 crumbs is in the mail.

    The Fed’s Prayer

    The Fed is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    He maketh me to lie down in greenbacks:
    He leadeth me beside deep pools of liquidity.
    He restoreth my balance sheet:
    He leadeth me in the paths of ponzi for his name’s sake.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of trillions in debt,
    I will fear no losses: for thou art with me;
    Thy plunge protection team and thy zero-bound interest rates they comfort me.
    Thou preparest unearned income before me in the presence of mine enemies:
    Thou anointest my head with currency; my bank accounts runneth over.
    Surely profits and bonuses shall follow me all the days of my life:
    And I will dwell in the house of Wall Street forever.


    • Thanks: annamaria
  123. @Trinity

    Hello Trinity, I usually agree with your posts but you are wrong about the majority of Boomers. Boomers are in charge and it was under the Boomers watch that many hard truths became apparent and the Boomer cowards stuck their heads in the sand and allowed to get worse. A short list.

    Immigration, Boomers were in charge when it became apparent that non white immigrants bring nothing to the table but an appetite for other peoples largess. Boomers allowed the jews to shut them up with cries of racism. Most Boomers to this day are quick to call any white person who defends our people a racist. I believe most know the immigration is a problem but cannot admit it because they know they allowed it.

    The jew problem. While the Boomers inherited the jew problem they have worked overtime to allow the jew mob to run roughshod over the USA. Most Boomers refuse to see the jew problem even when it is in their face. The jews have gained more power during the Boomers watch than any other time in their long sordid history.

    Debt, the Boomers allowed the jew mob to print the trillions they used to buy everything that matters in the USA. In fact most Boomers embraced debt like a calf to the teat.

    I could go on but these three things listed above show the monumental failure the Boomer generation has for a legacy.

    Full disclosure I am a Boomer who calls things like they really are.

  124. Alden says:

    It’s April 2. Rent was due April 1. Standard practice is for the landlord to send out a 3 day notice to quit or call tenant on the 5th of the month is rent has not yet been paid.

    Almost all rental agreements and standard practice is that tenants are given 5 days for the rent to be paid. For instance, rent is due the day after a 3 day weekend. Obviously the post office doesn’t deliver mail on Sunday and Monday, so a check might not arrive till Tuesday or Wednesday. Landlords know and accept this. The 5 day grace period is standard.

    No one is evicted without( 1)a lawsuit filed by the plaintiff landlord, (2) a court hearing set a month hence and (3) a court order that the tenant quit the premises after the court hearing.

    Tenants are generally given 30 days to find a new place to live, pack up and leave. Time limit varies by state and county. If the tenant has not quit the premises after 30 days, then the landlord has to send the eviction court order to the sheriff. Evictions are done by county sheriffs in this country.

    A sheriff will deliver or tape to the door a notice that the sheriffs are coming to physically remove tenant and property from the premises at a certain date. Evictions take 2 to 4 months from the day the landlord files the lawsuit.

    That’s how the process works moron. And landlords, even the nastiest, crookedest most corrupt third and fourth world immigrant landlords usually follow these rules because tenants have rights and the courts enforce these rights. Third and fourth world immigrant landlords get really burned first time they try an illegal eviction. So they follow the laws thereafter.

    I know my tenants finances and jobs pretty well. Some retail workers stores have been closed since the middle of March. But they got end of March paychecks because the end of March paychecks are for work they did the first 2 weeks of March. So they will be trickling in to pay the onsite manager this week because they have the money. They’ll be set up with unemployment by May first.

    The retired people get direct deposit of SS pensions and investments so there’s no reason to not pay rent. I know 2 of the tenants, maybe more are Uber drivers. I believe they’re contractors and not employees. Thus don’t pay into unemployment so not eligible for unemployment benefits. I can afford to
    let them slide for a few months. Lots of hospital employees. Supposedly they are being laid off because of none but emergency surgeries and keeping the beds for Chinese virus and emergency patient. The hospital employees, like the retail will get unemployment for 6 months and then 3 month extensions.

    I’ve got enough retired and unemployment benefit tenants to carry a few deadbeats for a long time if I feel like it. Maybe the Uber drivers can do restaurant delivery.

    You should comment about things you know. The only people being physically evicted this month are people who were ordered by a judge after a court hearing to quit or pay rent about 6 weeks ago.

    The governor of my state spoke about an eviction moratorium because of Chinese virus. Don’t know if it’s happened.

    You’re such a pile of ignorance. You come out with these idiotic statements about things of which you know nothing.

    At least google American landlord tenant law before you embarrass yourself with your ignorance.

  125. @utu

    Indeed, unlike you who say and do nothing.

  126. @Johnny Walker Read

    You speak about propaganda when you fell for it. So, who made a clown of himself.

    The expression “lying through his teeth” should be replaced by “lying like a yankee”.

    Ask the Amerindians, Operation Northwoods, JFK, MLK, RFK, the Vietnamese, the moon, the 911, the UNO, the incubators, etc. and Browder of course.

  127. Alden says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Is this Browder the the Jewish capitalist pig looter of Russia and grandson of Earl Browder Jewish chairman of the communist party?

    Is Browder’s statement true? Consider the source.

  128. Trinity says:

    No doubt that the Boomers did their share of the damage, however, MOST Boomers were very young when this country started really going in a downward spiral in the 1960’s and the people in power then were the WWII generation. Hell, I was born in 1961 near the tail end of the Baby Boomers 1946-1964, so it isn’t as if I was even part of the radical Sixties or the hippie movement. I was a child of the 1970’s and even the Boomers born in the late 1940’s were too young to have any kind of power or say so back in the 1960’s. The oldest Boomers didn’t even reach 30 years of age until the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The youngest Boomers were still teenagers as late as the early to mid 1980s. Without a doubt the WWII generation held the real power in this country from 1950’s through the 1970’s and even through much of the 1980’s. By the start of the 1990’s the REAL and PROBABLY irreversible damage had already been done by the WWI and WWII generations. I rank the Millennials second only to the WWII generation as the generations that have done the most damage to America. The WWII generation was responsible for fighting for World Jewry against Germany and Nationalism. Of course the REAL LEADERS of WWII were old sellouts like FDR and his cabinet full of Jews, middle age or older who had the power to lead American boys off to fight against other Whites of Europe. TENS OF MILLIONS of WHITES slaughtered each other for World Jewry aka Globalism. Now that I think about it, WWI or The Lost Generation and WWII are vying for the worst of the worst. I personally rank Boomers far and above the Lost Generation, the Greatest Cuck Generation, Millennials and the very sad but still HOPEFUL Generation Z young adults, who are still young enough to rebound and help take back their country.

    • Replies: @Amon
  129. @utu

    True enough. But from Western politician says to Western politician does the way is a lot longer. In fact, it’s infinite in most cases: Western politicians virtually never do what they promise.

    • Replies: @Spanky
  130. onebornfree says: • Website
    @Bill Jones

    “Where in the Constitution is the federal government given the sole authority to create money ?”

    Or to run healthcare? Or “Protect” the environment? Or to regulate pharmaceuticals? Or run “education”, or regulate air, sea and road transportation?, or to regulate radio , TV newspaper and movie content? Or run welfare and unemployment systems? The list is endless. 😖

    Regards, onebornfree

  131. bluedog says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Take your medication boy than go lay down until they take effect, and come back tomorrow and try again.!!!!

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  132. bluedog says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Boy I feel so sorry for you with your mental problems but yet its those that live with you (that is if any do) for they have my sympathy,Another “cold war warrior” one who is sane.!!!

  133. bluedog says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    And here I thought you had a corner on that blowing smoke up everyone’s ass,!!

  134. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Putin for President 2020!

  135. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Obviously a Bull stepped on your head during your time as a Rodeo Clown.

  136. Crazy Horse says: • Website
    @Johnny Walker Read

    They are turning in their grave so they can spread more BS posthumously.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  137. FB says: • Website

    And per the Constitution, the federal government has the sole authority to create money…

    What a ridiculous idiot…

    You don’t even know the very first thing about how our money system actually works…the federal government does NOT have the right to create money [other than coin and bills, which comprise less than five percent of the money supply]…

    The right to create money is solely in the hands of commercial banks, which create money as NEW DEBT…ie loans…the entire world monetary system works on this very flawed principle…with the exception of a few independent and socialist countries…

    • LOL: eah
    • Replies: @eah
  138. Anon[753] • Disclaimer says:
    @Black Picard

    a cruel, insane world populated by weak-minded sheep who constantly sit back & take it up the ass by the 1% elite establishment & their henchmen.

    You get high and the sheep conform, to regain “sanity”.

    In a sense, the sheep are more sensible. I was wondering today if a hologram of “Game Over!” would be beamed across the planet. This just crosses so many Ts and dots so many Is, it is something to behold actually. It even battles on the ideological front, and as always, it is squarely, centrally, in the same precise ideological place. Pick a topic, say Police Powers, and there is the viral champ, landing lefts and rights silencing all opposion. Privacy Rights? Bam bam.

    The Kid is unstoppable.

    The Novel Coronavirus Global Response (TM) is the instrument of humanity’s domestication. For the spiritually minded, I offer the following “suggestion”: this is the beginning of a new golden age of spirituality. The ancient seers too inhabited a world of undeniable in your face darkness. This is what drove them to find the Light within.

    (The rest of you should start organizing for Global Revolution. Last chance, bipeds.)

    • Replies: @Black Picard
  139. @obwandiyag

    You typical leftist moron. When your so-called rights are given by the Almighty State, then they are just as easily taken away, and the State knows a thousand different ways to do it. People so targeted weren’t wandering around “homeless”, instead they were shipped off to gulags to die anonymously in the ice and snow and forced labor of Siberia.

    You monumental a’holes of the left never learn, your brain is marinated in idealistic fantasies and insipid morality plays that filter out 99% of reality. But the real problem is that you insist on dragging everybody else down into hell along with you. The world will finally be a better place when every single leftist is permanently quarantined off to some island like New Guinea, where you can rot with your egalitarian mind-virus and never bother the rest of us again.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  140. Spanky says:

    True, to a point…

    Depends upon to whom the promise is made. A public speech in front of TV cameras and a crowd of flag waving supporters is focus group pablum. But promises made in private meetings with well-heeled campaign contributors is a far different matter — one does not get something for nothing.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  141. Spanky says:

    Would this be good for savers? — Skeptikal

    Yes… But not so good for debtors.

    It will crush corporations and banks holding large amounts of debt. The effect on individual debtors (people) will vary by type of debt (credit card, car loan, mortgage). Fixed interest rate debt payments (say a mortgage at 4%) will not be affected, but anything with a variable interest rate will see an increase in scheduled payment amounts as rates rise.

    (Note: The current financial crisis began last September after the Fed raised interest rates by less than 1%, a move soon reversed, and which caused them to begin pumping billions per week into the overnight lending (repo) market to support it.)

    After price inflation in the 1970s (oil price shock, end of the Vietnam War, and Nixon removing the dollar from the gold standard) Fed chairman Paul Volker raised interest rates dramatically (well above 10%) for several years to bring inflation back under control (mortgages of 12 to 14% were not uncommon).

    From a saver’s point of view, higher interest rates are an unmitigated good — higher rates equal greater returns on their principle. One rule of thumb is that at 7% compound interest, the principle amount will double every seven years.

    Am no financial expert, but we have no debt and don’t need money from the government to survive the shutdowns. Not rich, by any stretch of the imagination, but we are prudent. And that’s not easy with interest rates so low that savers’ principle amounts are being ceaselessly eroded by inflation (which has been understated for a long time — see for more information).

    “By this means [inflation] the government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.” — John Maynard Keynes

    The cure for inflation is higher interest rates which raise the cost of money (debt) and reduce the introduction of new money (loans), created by commercial banks, into circulation.

  142. Spanky says:

    You’re quoting a range (24k to 64k) for flu deaths from 10/2019 to 3/2020…

    You do realize that these numbers are only estimates, right? That the CDC is guessing using the TLAR method. That the upper and lower bounds are assumptions.

    If the CDC published Covid-19 numbers, after the fact as a range estimate with a 40k spread, you’d be screaming bloody murder. Why not now? After all, they just invalidated all your arguments based on actual flu death numbers, which appear to be non-existent.

    Are you sure the CDC isn’t pumping up this winter’s flu death estimates to make Covid-19 appear less deadly?

  143. Spanky says:

    I am starting to believe that all of this corona virus in nothing but a shrewd and cruel way to exert more control on mostly misguided and stupid masses and fleece them financially to benefit the rich and powerful. — NegroPanera

    Why not go all the way if we’re going to consider theories

    Deliberate release or not, it can be argued circumstantially the pandemic is being used to:

    1) Kill off the older generation which would a) resolve an impending pension crisis by eliminating the pensioners, and b) initiate a large intergenerational wealth transfer to the younger generations (the young spend more money than the old, generally speaking).

    2) Provide cover for an impending financial collapse and subsequent trillions of dollars bailout of bankrupt banks and corporations and move their debt burden to taxpayers (or in other words, private profit, socialized losses).

    3) Allow corporations to reduce their workforces en mass with no blame such that if they begin investing in new domestic productive capacity (rather than stock buy backs), they can do so using automation and robots without complaint.

    4) Create a large pool of (recently) unemployed workers so that a) the threat labor of so many unemployed will further depress wages, and b) employers can cherry pick the best and forget the rest.

    There is more, but it’s very late and I’m tired. And mind you, this is just pure, idle speculation on my part.

  144. eah says:

    Hey big brain Biff, why not write a brief counterargument yourself instead of trying to insult me or linking to someone else’s? — also, it seems you missed this part of Striker’s piece:

    Jeff Bezos, who is worth \$100 billion dollars, has capitalized on the unfair advantage his company has now that many states have forced non-essential brick and mortar shops to close down.

    Of course I understand why people want to scapegoat and exploit billionaires like Bezos (“that’s where the money is”), whose company is taking advantage of authoritarian government stupidity — but I don’t think giving more of Bezos’ money to the stupid people who run the government is really the answer.

    The country clearly has huge structural economic problems, with an uncaring and incompetent Establishment being the biggest one — so I’m not sure giving more of Bezos’ money to the same people who enacted catastrophic trade policies, ignored the consequences for decades while large segments of the country sank into economic misery, waged useless foreign wars, etc etc, is the best move right now — I don’t think it will even begin to fix what ails this country.

  145. eah says:
    @Bill Jones


    Article I – The Legislative Branch

    Section 8

    Clause 5: To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

    There is no reason to sell bonds when the money can just be spent into existence — selling bonds creates an inter-generational debt burden that is fundamentally wrong, even immoral — this new “stimulus” will significantly bring forward the date when interest on the national debt will be the largest item in the federal budget — at that point, Americans will literally be debt slaves to the state.

    After its creation in 1913. there was a vigorous debate about the Federal Reserve System that lasted for several decades — Ron Paul is among the very few prominent figures questioning it today.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  146. Joro says:

    Loool! If things are so good in Russia why don’t you go there and avail yourself of the generosity of Putia? You are lucky to live in the West where you’ll be pampered and given all kinds of subsidies God forbid you ever feel uncomfortable. In the meantime muzhiki will receive 5000 rubles and the Russian tv will show mothers thanking the Tsar for giving them the equivalent of 60\$ a month like a saw it the other day! They can’t feed their own but they still want to rule over Eastern Europe again. No thanks!

    • Replies: @Parbes
  147. @obwandiyag

    If you won the lottery, one of the first things you would do is hire a lawyer to shield as much of your winnings as possible from taxes.

  148. @Crazy Horse

    Hey Crazy Horse, I found a great book to add to your website. You’re welcome.

    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  149. @bluedog

    I must say your English/grammar is atrocious? What third world country do you and your Marxist ideology’s reside in?

  150. annamaria says:

    Your beloved zionized empire in action:

    The US, UK, and EU, as well as Ukraine and Georgia, rejected a Russian draft declaration calling for unilateral sanctions to be lifted to fight Covid-19. …

    The rejected motion called for broad international cooperation on combating the spread of Covid-19, as well as the “rejection of trade wars and unilateral sanctions adopted without the mandate of the UN Security Council, in order to ensure early access to food and medication.” The draft also called on member states to reject “stigmatizations of states, peoples and individuals with regard to the pandemic, and the need to circulate only reliable and science-based information about it.”

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  151. Parbes says:

    Idiot. What “pampering”? Thousands are dying in the Western countries because the public health systems, gutted by years of neoliberal austerity, are unable to handle the crisis; and because the Western criminal “leaders” wasted two months bashing China and gloating over Chinese deaths, instead of making preparations and taking preventive measures. What planet are you living on, you stupid fuck – Mars?

    You seem to be a brainwashed Ukronazi dumbass who idolizes “the West” without having lived in it, or knowing what you’re talking about. By the way, how’s the situation in your Jewish oligarch-controlled Ukrainian paradise? Eh, moron?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Joro
  152. @Spanky

    But promises made in private meetings with well-heeled campaign contributors is a far different matter — one does not get something for nothing.

    You are right, but those are sale contracts, not promises. There was a joke that C-span will be merged with QVC, so that you can buy a senator or a congressman in the privacy of your own home.

    • LOL: Spanky
    • Replies: @Spanky
  153. @annamaria

    No wonder that the US, UK, and EU, as well as Ukraine and Georgia rejected this draft. According to your quote, among other things, it called for truth in reporting. That’s a taboo in the US, UK, and EU, as well as Ukraine and Georgia.

  154. @Parbes

    Saying that “Ukrainian is not a nationality, but a diagnosis” is becoming more and more popular in Russia. The psychiatrists I know tell me that the first rule of their profession is “never argue with a patient”.

    • Replies: @Parbes
  155. Spanky says:

    Like the CSPAN / QVC method… Perhaps we could form shopping clubs to compete with the billionaires? But only if the politicians are honest — once bought, they stay bought.

  156. Parbes says:

    Actually I don’t think types like this brainwashed jerk represent the majority of Ukrainians, EVEN IN WESTERN UKRAINE. Ukrainians are basically the same race as Russian Slavs; Ukrainian language, society and culture are just a regional variant of Russian. Ukraine and Russia should join up; at the very least, they should NOT be hostile toward each other (the blame for which lies entirely with the Anglo-Zionist-minion current power holders in Ukraine).

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  157. Joro says:

    You must be one of those retarded muzhiki trolls who get paid about 5 dollars a day to attack the imperialists online! Go F.. yourself moron! US is giving away 1200\$ per person, 500 per child, money which IRS will deposit in our bank accounts. SBA Paycheck Protection loans which are basically grants started today. 600\$ per week on top of UC for 4 months which comes to 1100\$/week. Australia is giving 1500 AUD per two weeks to furlough emplyees, UK lets my friend stay at home while paying him 80% of his salary. In the meantime Putia gives 60\$ per month! Loool!
    And by the way long live Ukraine, the barrier before Russian expansion to Eastern Europe! Return Crimea to Ukraine russian thieves.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Parbes
  158. @Parbes

    That might be true to a certain extent. There are hopeless morons in every nation. However, fact is, the fraction of those morons in Ukraine (what remains of it) is much greater than in Russia.

    • Replies: @Joro
  159. Crazy Horse says: • Website
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Ah gee thanks JW you’re so kind but I’ve got my own copy along with Das Kapital plus Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and many other books on political and economic philosophy such as the more recent one by Michael Hudson’s Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one which even comes with a portrait of Uncle ‘Dolf:

  160. Joro says:

    Actually the facts is that Russia lost Ukraine and most importantly it lost the Ukrainian people. Putia basically signed a new Brest-Litovsk treaty and that happened without being threatened by an army marching toward Moscow. Who is the moron here I ask? You should include yourself too when you start counting.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  161. @Joro

    I am not arguing with mental cases. The following is not for you, but for the sane readers.

    When any moron tells me that Russia lost Ukraine, I tell them that it means that Ukraine lost Russia. If I lose my finger, that would be a loss for me. But any sane person would figure that it’s a much greater loss for my finger. End of story.

    • Replies: @Joro
  162. Avery says:

    The issue of Ukraine, Crimea, etc is between posters of Russian ancestry and Ukrainian.
    (I am neither).

    But when you are making statements like ‘ US is giving away 1200\$ per person, ‘.’In the meantime Putia gives 60\$ per month! Loool!’, you are undermining your arguments.

    It is absurd to compare US payments and Russian payments dollar-for-dollar, because American and Russian costs of living are completely unrelated. I don’t know what the current cost of living is in Russia, but I know that most Russians outright own their houses or their apartments.
    Here in the US we either have to rent or pay mortgage to “own” our homes. In either case its a huge expense out of your monthly income. Very few people actually “own” their dwellings. (people who know more about Russia can correct me, if I am wrong). Another example: medical costs are a fraction of US. There are lots and lots of other things we in America must pay for that Russians either don’t or pay a fraction.

    And the “gifts” to US taxpayers by Uncle Sam are not gifts at all: they are loans from future generations to us. We are adding to the national debt that currently stands at US\$23 Trillion. Russian national debt is US\$300 Billion (as far as I know). US can of course continue printing dollars, but the \$ imperceptibly, relentlessly loses value. Very obvious: after WW2 an American family had 3 kids, wife stayed home, and only the husband worked. They could afford a house, two cars, fridge, color TV, etc. Now, both husband and wife _have_ to work, and they can barely afford to raise 1 child.

    I am not arguing against US Fed paying people: you gotta do what you gotta do NOW, and worry about later…later. But we – America – have to pay the piper some day.

    One last point: I can’t speak for others, but when I criticize US for certain things vis-a-vis Russia, for example, it does not mean I want to move to Russia or anywhere else. The idea is to keep US from sliding deeper and deeper into dis-function: despite its many current shortcomings, it’s still a great country, worth saving. And if Russia (or any other country) is doing beneficial things for their country and their people that can apply to US and can be copied, why not copy them here?

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Joro
  163. eah says:

    “I’m from the government, and I’m here to protect you from the corona virus.”

    Yeah, by all means, let’s tax billionaires and give these people more money — “LOL”

  164. Fred777 says:

    Earlier much was made of the Russians piddling \$12,000 savings. In Russia that may be a nice nest egg or emergency fund. In America it will get a family 3 months of health insurance, less if they actually need to use it.

  165. @Bill Jones

    You missed the piece of the question concerning “SOLE authority”. Most societies used a multiplicity of currencies.

    • LOL: eah
  166. annamaria says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    “According to Bill Browder…”

    — Is this you, Ben Cardin, an ultimate zionist of anti-Amalek persuasion? It was thanks to Cardin (and similar dual-citizens scum plus rabid war profiteers), that the US had become a laughing stock in the course of Russiagate.

    Mr. Andrey Nekrasov, a Russian dissident filmmaker … made a few films considered to be highly critical of the Russian government. … He did not doubt the official Western version of Browder-Magnitsky affair, and decided to make a film about the noble American businessman and the brave Russian lawyer fighting for human rights. The European organisations and parliamentarians provided the budget for the film. They also expected the film to denounce Putin and glorify Magnitsky, the martyr.

    However, while making the film, Mr Nekrasov had his Road to Damascus moment. He realised that the whole narrative was hinging on the unsubstantiated words of Mr Browder. After painstaking research, he came to some totally different conclusions, and in his version, Browder was a cheat who run afoul of law, while Magnitsky was his sidekick in those crimes.

    Nekrasov discovered an interview Magnitsky gave in his jail. In this interview, the accountant said he was afraid Browder would kill him to prevent him from denouncing Browder, and would make him his scapegoat. It turned out Browder tried to bribe the journalist who made the interview to have these words expunged. Browder was the main beneficiary of the accountant’s death, realised Nekrasov, while his investigators were satisfied with Magnitsky’s collaboration with them. …

    Browder affair is a heady upper-class Jewish cocktail of money, spies, politicians and international crime. Almost all involved figures appear to be Jewish, not only Browder, Brothers Ziff and Ben Cardin.

    Browder has also been connected to the infamous Mega Group of Mossad agents and criminals:

    • Agree: the grand wazoo
  167. @Meimou

    This has never been about saving lives. That is what the carny barkers call the ‘hook’. Very similar to how Bush talked up Iraqi soldiers taking babies from incubators then bashing them against the concrete walls and floors (proven false). Or the Syrian White Helmet videos of a pile of dead chidren (murdered by them) supposedly gassed by Assad (proven false), that opened the window for Trump to launch his missiles.
    This is the same thing. It is of paramont importance that everyone who can still read and think for their selves, research what a virus is. Do that and you will understand that this entire LOCKSTEP’ show, created by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, is a fraud. Here are inks to get you started:

    Without the proper informtion it is impossible to see clearly and make good use of your God given free will.

  168. eah says:

    The right to create money is solely in the hands of commercial banks, which create money as NEW DEBT…ie loans…

    Oh really?! — you’re right, I had no idea — maybe you could now explain fractional reserve banking to me — “LOL”

    And what a great system too: private corporations with a franchise to create money out of nothing, then “loan” it out, and the loan contract gives them a claim on the income stream of the borrower, which represents real work or wealth creation (as opposed to creating money out of nothing), and/or a claim on a real asset like a house, car, etc (loan collateral).

    It would be hard to come up with a financial/banking system more parasitical and disgusting than the current one.

    What a fucking moron.

  169. annamaria says:

    Have you seen any names of prominent Americans, Brits, French, and Israelis flashed by MSM in relation to Panama papers? No? Why?
    Still looking for the beam in thy brother’s eye? You are funny. No one can compete in theft and grift with Jewish criminals. See the Mega Group of Jewish scoundrels. One of the most prominent scoundrels, Louder, is a Prez of the Wolrd Jewish Congress.
    This Louder of Epstein connections:

    The Mega Group — a secretive group of billionaires to which Lauder belongs — was formed in 1991 by Charles Bronfman and Leslie Wexner… Media profiles of the group paint it as “a loosely organized club of 20 of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen” focused on “philanthropy and Jewishness,” with membership dues upwards of \$30,000 per year. Yet several of its most prominent members have ties to organized crime.

    Mega Group members founded and/or are closely associated with some of the most well-known pro-Israel organizations. … Other well-known groups associated with the Mega Group include the World Jewish Congress — whose past president, Edgar Bronfman, and current president, Ronald Lauder, are both Mega Group members — and B’nai B’rith, particularly its spin-off known as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The Bronfman brothers were major donors to the ADL, with Edgar Bronfman serving as the ADL’s honorary national vice-chair for several years.

    A crime family of Bronfmans:

  170. @FB

    I would bet dollars to donuts that you’ve never even stepped foot in Russia…

    I visited the USSR, a city called “Leningrad”, in 1985. I can’t seem to find either of them on a map, though.

    I was referring to the bottom quintile, not the bottom half-percentile. Nearly all the permanently homeless are mentally ill. They would be in institutions abroad, and in the US fifty years ago.

  171. @Johnny Walker Read

    “One by one by one after Mikhail Khodorkovsky was convicted these other oligarchs went to Vladimir Putin and said, ‘What do we have to do to not sit in that cage?’ He said very straightforward—’50 percent.’ Not 50 percent for the Russian government or 50 percent for the presidential administration of Russia, 50 percent for Vladimir Putin,” Browder told Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.

    If you believe Browder, the MI6/Mossas/CIA front guy, who was very instrumental in robbing the Russians blind in the early 90’s, then my friend you have shit for brains. Browder (a non citizen) went before the US congress and told his sob story in order to pass the Matginsky act. It was all lies. The good news is he will never again step foot in Russia. Not that it matter’s to him. Odd’s are he had his accountant Matginsky murder in the Russian jail, because he was going to testify against Browder, and spill the beans about the 100s of millions Browder stole.

  172. Joro says:

    Loool! Let me provide you an information that you apparently are not privy off! I guess you didn’t get the meno from 1989! No Russian neighbour to the west of Moscow gives a f… about Russia! Nobody likes them, nobody needs them! But the Russians are like a regected, ugly lover who forced himself ones and now he keeps following you arround with this manic desire to make you love him. Russia has nothing to offer to anybody. They were more backward then the countries of Eastern Europe even before 1989. What happened in Ukraine is that the Russian policies finally created this common enemy arround which the Ukrainians could build theit national identity just like this was about to happen during WW1. And the Ukrainians have to thank Putia for that.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @RadicalCenter
  173. Joro says:

    But that’s the thing, the Russians are doing very little for their people. Obviously I am not defending the jewish oligarchs who run the United States but they quickly realized that their house of cards economy is about to go bust and they are trying to prevent that by throwing helicopter money all around. The point is US with all its flaws can do that, Russia cannot.

  174. @Joro

    You are a good illustration of the saying that ignorance is bliss. It allows you to believe all sorts of BS.

    Unlike you, I visited many countries around the world, quite a few more than once, including Russia and pre-coup Ukraine. Compared to Russia today, Ukraine is a poor backward shithole. And I am not even comparing it to Moscow, I am comparing it exclusively to provincial Russian cities. Moscow is a separate story. Now it beats London, Paris (even the parts that did not become Dakar), Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, or Athens hands down, both in terms of how magnificent it looks and in terms of people’s prosperity (I mean real one, what they can afford, which is likely reflected in PPP).

    In Eastern Europe, I was in Prague, Budapest, and Zagreb. The latter two are less prosperous than even provincial Russian cities, let alone Moscow. Prague is the only one that can compete. If you ever were in Ukraine, Lvov is a much smaller, poorer, and overall shittier version of Prague. Kiev is pathetic even compared to Lvov. You are welcome to your delusions, but they don’t change the reality. Among the countries I visited the closest to Ukraine overall is Peru. Mexico, Argentina, and especially South Korea are way ahead, but here is a consolation for you: Indonesia and Malaysia are behind.

    And don’t you worry, Russia won’t offer anything to Ukraine ever again. Not because it can’t, but because it isn’t willing to drag that dead body on its shoulders. Sweet dreams!

    • Replies: @Joro
  175. Parbes says:

    STFU and get lost you moronic Russophobe psychopath. Thousands are dying every day in the U.S. and UK; hundreds of thousands have been sickened in a few days, with millions to come; the U.S. has become the global epicenter of the pandemia because of the stupid Sinophobia, incompetence and arrogance of its criminal “leaders” – and you’re trying to impress me with \$1200 that U.S. elites vaguely promised to throw your way (after bailing out banks and corporations with trillions of dollars)? What a pathetic loser!

    “And by the way long live Ukraine, the barrier before Russian expansion to Eastern Europe!”

    Hah hah hah imbecile. This is what happens when you’re a geriatric Ukronazi scumbag ensconced in North America practicing “Ukrainian nationalism” from afar, forever mentally stuck in the Cold War around 1950. What “Russian expansion to Eastern Europe”, idiot? If only! In the real world today, the greatest danger that Eastern Europe faces is from Western globalists pushing to impose open borders, migrants and “refugees” and race replacement by Muslims and Africans onto them, the same way they did with the nations of Western Europe – something which actual “Russian expansion” would PROTECT them from. So the ACTUAL INTEREST of the East European peoples would be the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is in your addled Ukronazi scum brain.

    Get over the WWII butthurt already, man. It’s been 75 years.

    • Agree: dfordoom
    • Replies: @Joro
  176. @eah

    Where I was going (a minor domestic disaster and the resultant burnt fingertip derailed the expression if not the thought.) was to point out that government can create currency not money: when they “coin” it they merely recognize a particular form and weight of a commodity. It is the commodity which is money.

    I have a bunch of pre-Euro Francs, Lira, Marks in my old travel wallet which are worthless as anything other than curiosities, unlike the Olde Spanish Doubloons, Pieces of Eight or what you will .

    Sorry for the all too common snottiness.

    • Replies: @eah
  177. Joro says:

    You visited many countries? You are a Tennessee hillbilly who judging by the bullshit you are peddling hasn’t been outside of his county let alone country. Your Moscow is a Potemkin village that hides the misery in which the ordinary muzhiki live. And if you somehow managed to spend few days here and there in Eastern Europe and Russia how would that form any basis for deep understanding of the region? Making conclusion based on the buildings you saw is so stupid?
    Unlike you I’ve spend years living under communism and remember very well when for everyone in USSR going to Eastern Europe was like going to the West. They would come and they would do everything possible not to go back there. Nothing has changed today. And by the way Budapest and Prague are much more beautiful than Moscow.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  178. annamaria says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    This Browder? The one running from police in NYC? Are you sure?

    Browder does not look like a paragon of decency. Or to be precise, the word “decency” does not apply for this scum.

    Comment section:

    1. Was that even Browder’s car? He knocked those women aside like he was chasing a gold shekel – he crawled thru the car and exited the other side! LL

    2. This man is a criminal and he’s going down.
    Browder why you run away? You have something to hide!?

    3. Lmfao you should read the transcripts of his questioning and answering. Sounds like he forgets alot and filed alot of accusations based on no evidence other than what he believes. … Funny Obama almost immediately passed the Mgnitzky act with no supporting evidence other than his testimony…

    4. Browder went to Russia when Soviet Union was collapsing with 25 million. Through corruption, theft & collusion with help of buddy Magnisky, he turned the 25 million into 4.2 billion. When Putin came in and put a crack down on this theft, he fled and his friend Magnisky got caught in the web. Browder is a lying skank, and anyone that would listen to him talk could see through his lies.

  179. Joro says:

    Who cares what you think dumb russian troll! You guys are back to the Brest-Litovsk treaty borders of 1918 which is great and you’ll still have more land to lose. Don’t worry about the West, liberalism is dead just like communism soon things will return to normality there. Of course its just too bad the Fuhrer didn’t win the war but history will repeat itself and hopefully third time will be a charm.

    • Replies: @Parbes
  180. @Joro

    More proof that envy is not a noble feeling. Apparently, envy affects even mental cases. My condolences. Take your meds, anyway. Mental disorders are incurable, but meds alleviate the worst symptoms.

    • Replies: @Joro
  181. Amon says:

    Typical Boomer speak.

    It’s always someone else fault, never theirs.

    Millennials are the children of Boomers who were so lazy and selfish they handed their kids over to commies and the TV instead of raising them themselves.

    You sold out the US economy in the 70s and 80s to Jewish venture capitalists that dismanted the rust belt, allowed commies to march through the education and media hallways, pushed for education to become for profit institutions, put a bastard in power doing the 90s that removed the tools meant to stop “to big to fail” banks from forming and your greed caused the 2008 crash when you bought into the toxic mortage scam and still you human skidmarks blame everyone else.

  182. eah says:
    @Bill Jones

    I have a bunch of pre-Euro Francs, Lira, Marks in my old travel wallet which are worthless as anything other than curiosities, …

    They’re not worthless — I know you can still exchange D-marks for euros (link) at the announced/official rate at the time of the switch (to euros) — I think some stores will even accept them as payment, although you’ll get a less favorable rate — I imagine the same is true for the francs and lira too, but you’ll have to look into that — so unless you want to keep them as souvenirs (I have some as well), take them with you to Europe next time you go and exchange them — otherwise you are right: they are not exactly rare or collector’s items, so unless you exchange them for euros they are practically worthless at the moment.

  183. @Joro

    Well, it seems that many countries west of Russia rely on their energy exports.

    They also, in practice, rely on Russia to keep turkey from invading the almost undefended, demoralized, deracinated, homosexualized countries nearby like Greece and Austria.

    In terms of respect and even admiration, western leaders are far surpassed by VV Putin in the eyes of many western citizens, like my family. We are impressed by the society, national defense, Pride, and scientific / technical achievements that Russia manages in the face of years of harsh sanctions and military encirclement by a numerically and financially overwhelming set of enemies.

    To give a concrete example: which languages are our children learning? Because we live in the USA and are proud Americans (though disgusted by our government), English of course, plus Mandarin for some and Spanish for the others.

    Then at least two of our young children will be learning RUSSIAN. Not Polish, Italian, French, or the language of those self-hating debauched countries that “don’t need Russia.” Keep your debt, your warmongering, your faggotry, your legions of African and Arab immivaders, your drug addiction in your “superior” countries to the west of Russia.

    • Replies: @Joro
    , @Joro
  184. Joro says:

    What a babble! You really are a rube aren’t you! It’s not easy to give a coherent answer when you lack the experience and the education.

  185. Joro says:

    Just like the commies in the West were fascinated with USSR and fully supported Stalin for many years so the stupid Western “nationalists” today see in the barbarian, half-mongol face of Putia another savior. Russia loves your stupidity and will use it to their advantage. And just like Kim Filby was shocked to discover the true nature of communism when he defected to USSR idiots like you will rue the day if God forbid Russia ever manages to achieve their true goals. And there are no faggot countries between Austria and Russia rube, learn a bit of geography, this is Eastern Europe. Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and the other know how to deal with freaks.

  186. Joro says:

    Here watch this with your kids it may cure you. Its enough to watch their evening news with Putia’s face all over the place for half an hour for years to feel disgusted by these people.

    • Replies: @Parbes
  187. Parbes says:

    Hang yourself you geriatric Ukronazi buffoon, and spare some of the world’s oxygen. Why don’t you go live in wonderful heroic Jew oligarch-ruled Ukraine instead of spewing cowardly bullshit from behind your screen in North America? Because you don’t really give a shit about Ukraine or Ukrainians either; it’s all about getting back at Russia for you, because they kicked your subhuman granddad’s ass. Have fun living in the deracinated diverse cesspit of Zionist-ruled ultracapitalist America with history’s worst criminal regime allied with Al Qaida and public health worse than Zimbabwe, you stupid fuck. There’s a reason why Stalin had gulags for rats like you.

    • Replies: @Joro
  188. Joro says:

    Looool! Looks like just mentioning the name of this great man the Fuhrer of the Great German Reich caused your little mongloid head to explode! Yes the Fuhrer was right about Russia and yes if he had won the war we wouldn’t have had the problems we have today. Too bad the American and the English juden, against which you rally so much, saved your sorry untermensh arse.

    • Replies: @Parbes
  189. Parbes says:

    Hah hah hah the sewer-creature Ukronazi scumbag with the brain of a monkey releases one of his retarded mindfarts again. How and why are the Russian TV channels with the face of their country’s President Putin (whether one likes his policies or not) more “disgusting” than the U.S. “mainstream” corporate channels with the vile arrogant faces of U.S. “leaders”, pundits and various paid regime-propagandist shills spewing lies and bullshit 24/7, psycho?

    Get off the human Internet, dude. It wasn’t invented for you. You’re pulling it down to the lower-ape level. In other words the level of your subhuman Ukronazi dad who got his ass kicked in WWII.

  190. Parbes says:

    Hah hah hah… You’re entertaining, scumbag – though decidedly in a low-class kind of way.

    “Yes the Fuhrer was right about Russia and yes if he had won the war…”

    But he DIDN’T, did he, bozo? Instead, the results of the Great Incompetent Fewrer’s “übermenschen-untermenschen” and “lebensraum” fantasies: destroyed Germany, destroyed Europe, global ascendancy of Jews whom he purported to hate, handover of Germany&Europe on a platter to Anglo-Zionists, nosedive of European self-confidence and civilizational strength, demographic collapse and non-white colonization of Germany&Europe, etc…. I mean, I realize your 300-cc ape-brain has difficulty processing logic like a human; but even a subhuman like you should be able to ask yourself simple questions such as: “Was my Great Fuhrer such a great man after all, or rather a puffed-up delusional clown?” “Was my whacked Ukronazi scum dad such a great dad after all, or just a lowlife who got what was coming to him?” “Am I not just a pathetic little baboon following in his footsteps?” Etc., etc….

    “…your little mongloid head…”

    The word is “Mongoloid”, not “mongloid”, you fucktard.

    • Replies: @Joro
  191. Cowboy says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    No shit! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything quite like this cultish circle jerk of Putin cocksuckers gurgling in unison.

    • Agree: Joro
    • Replies: @Parbes
  192. Joro says:

    Beat it muzhik, go drink some vodka! Your posts are incomprehensible babble, you don’t even know what you are saying. You’ve lost control like the typical untermensh that you are!

  193. Parbes says:

    Up yours too, Ukronazi swine keyboard cowboy.

  194. Parbes says:

    Says the “U.S. patriot” retard as he himself forms a circle jerk with his fellow retards Johnny Walker Read and Joro… Hah hah you pathetic morons are really funny sometimes.

  195. Cowboy says:

    How did the mangy Slav mutt come to be? Looks to be a cross between a dirty gook whore and a mongoloid

    • Replies: @Joro
  196. Joro says:

    If I were you I’d keep my mouth shut redneck boy! I’ve seen more than enough of your kind in the Deep South you are as dumb as they come. I am almost ashamed to admit it and I will never share this with any colored but very often after I see the results of your sloppy work I would pray to get some black or Mexican to fix your mess and that is saying something. I mean the fuckups that you people are capable off, its unbelievable. One can’t help but wonder how is this country running with a defective material like your kind.

    • LOL: Cowboy
  197. tac says:

    Although Putin is a statesmen of this time (to a certain degree by today’s standards) he in no way compares to the greatest statesman of the 20th century: Adolph Hitler! Wait a minute?!, many of you will simply “laugh” at this suggestion, but, in all fairness, do have an open mind (as many of you claim) and simply indulge into this presentation …. who knows, you might change your mind in the [inter]mediate time ….

    Video Link

  198. @Anon

    You get high and the sheep conform, to regain “sanity”.

    Nonsense, if I want to get high, I’ll do shrooms.

    But a drop of cannabis sativa oil sprinkled on organic rice cake or a slice of whole wheat bread lathered with honey & coconut oil is a purely medicinal remedy for my body & soul.
    Comes in very handy when I’m doing a HIIT workout, running, or whenever I need an extra boost of introspection & creativity for writing articles on Tech/Business Development or programming in Go/Delphi/Julia where I need to think outside the box to find an elegant solution.

    You call that getting “high”? No worries.
    I call it being productive by putting my body back in homeostasis while others get their fix from caffeine, sugar, junk foods, ALCOHOL, anti-depressants or opiates. Another plus is that it seems to make me more vigilant which is not good for tyrants & their trollish accomplices. 😉

    This is what drove them to find the Light within.

    Did they find a solution to get the proverbial tyrannical monkey OFF the collective backs of the 99%? I’m all ears.

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