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President Flim-Flam Leads Dems to Midterm Massacre
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“The Republican victory does not represent a shift by the American population to the right, but demonstrates the bankrupt and reactionary character of the Democratic Party and the mass disillusionment with the Obama administration. In the absence of any progressive alternative to the two right-wing, corporate-controlled parties, the majority of potential voters stayed home. Voter turnout hit another record low, with only 38 percent going to the polls….Voter participation by young people fell particularly sharply. Barely one-third of eligible voters went to the polls in California, the most populous state.” Patrick Martin, Republicans win control of Senate in US congressional elections, World Socialist Web Site

“You don’t stick a knife in a man’s back nine inches, and then pull it out six inches, and say you’re making progress.” Malcolm X

The White House has denied claims that the midterm elections were a referendum on Barack Obama, but the polling data shows that they were. According to a CBS News exit poll:

“Fifty-four percent of those surveyed said their opinion of the president influenced their vote… 34 percent said they wanted to make a statement in opposition to Mr. Obama, while 20 percent said they voted in support of him.”

Those differences were more stark among Republican voters “61 percent (of whom) said they cast ballots to take a stand against the current administration. (Only) Thirty-five percent of those who voted for GOP candidates said Mr. Obama didn’t play a role in their decisions at the polling places.” (2014 midterm elections look like a referendum on Obama, CBS News)

There’s no doubt that antipathy towards Obama played a significant role in Tuesday night’s bloodbath. Even so, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest insists that, “Most voters are deciding who to vote for based on the name that’s on the ballot, not the name that’s not….It’s up to those individual candidates, those Democratic candidates, to make decisions for themselves about how best the president and his support can be used to their benefit in the elections.”

In other words, the Democratic candidates that went down in flames on Tuesday, can only blame themselves. While that might be a good way to deflect responsibility, it certainly doesn’t square with the facts. Just get a load of these exit poll results from Forbes:

“45% of voters said the economy was the most important issue facing the country. It was the top issue of four listed on the exit poll ballot. Voters were generally pessimistic about it. Only 1% checked the box that said the economy’s condition was “excellent.” 70% said it was not so good or poor. 78% were worried about its direction in the next year. In another question, voters split pretty evenly: around a third of voters said it was getting better, getting worse, and staying about the same.

More voters expected the life for the next generation of Americans to be worse rather than better, 48 to 22%.” (Election Results From A To Z: An Exit Poll Report, Forbes)

What a damning survey. What a damning indictment of Obama. The vast majority of the people think the economy still stinks and that living standards for their kids are going to get a whole lot worse. And you wonder why the Dems got their heads handed to them on Tuesday? It’s because they failed on the number one issue, that’s why.

But the implosion of the Democratic party pales in comparison to the bigger issue, that is, that more and more people are dropping off the radar and out of the system. THAT is significant. Take a look at this from NPR’s All Things Considered on Wednesday:

Robert Siegel: “…as of today, according to numbers from the Associated Press, a bit over 83 million people voted. As a share of the voting-eligible population, that is 36.6 percent … if the national turnout rate doesn’t reach 38.1 percent, it would be the lowest turnout since the midterm elections of 1942. And as Michael McDonald points out, that was in the middle of the Second World War.” (Midterm Elections May Have Had Record Low Turnout NPR All Things Considered)

Now you might think that the bigshots in Washington don’t care if you vote or not, but you’re wrong. They do care. You see, they put together this shiny-new system called “democracy” that conceals their looting operations behind a masque of “public approval”. That approval comes in the form of balloting which they see as a necessary component for keeping the serf-sheeple in line and for shifting ever-larger amounts of the nation’s wealth to their criminal friends on Wall Street. Only now, it looks like the curtain has slipped a bit, and more people are opting out of this Potemkin-charade of “representative government”. Check this out from the World Socialist Web Site:

“Voter turnout was at record lows, with two-thirds of those eligible to vote staying away from the polls. This mass abstention was particularly pronounced among the poorest and most oppressed sections of the working class—those most disillusioned by the empty promises of Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

In Michigan, for example, voter turnout in Detroit was only 31 percent, well below the 40 percent level predicted by city officials. This shortfall accounts for the entire margin of defeat for the Democratic candidate for governor, Mark Schauer, running against Republican incumbent Rick Snyder…

Perhaps the most revealing finding in the exit polls was that two-thirds of those who cast ballots Tuesday viewed the US economic system as deeply unfair and rigged in favor of the wealthy. There was evidence in the exit polls that millions are losing faith in the capitalist system altogether, and not merely expressing discontent with the conditions of economic slump that have prevailed since the financial crash of 2008.” (Republicans, Obama prepare post-election escalation of war, social attacks, Patrick Martin, World Socialist Web Site

People are throwing in the towel, they’ve had it up to here with this crummy system that only delivers for the 1 percent. Everyone knows that the country is ruled by an oligarchy of racketeers who don’t give a rip about anything except pumping up the bottom line and stiff-arming working people. Why participate in a system like that?

And don’t give me that hogwash about the “differences between the two parties”.

What a laugh. Did you notice how Obama snuggled up to Mitch McConnell just hours after the Dems took their biggest shellacking in history?

It’s all a show. These guys are all in bed together. They don’t care about you and me. It’s a joke.

Just look at the cynical game the Dems are playing to convince their constituency that they actually have “heartfelt convictions” and that they’re true liberals. They’re always blabbering about same sex marriage and “a woman’s right to choose”. Why do you figure that is?

It’s because their corporate Sugar daddies tell them to steer-clear of any issue that might cost them some of their precious money, like higher wages, better benefits, job security, health care, pensions, unions etc; all the things the Dems say they care about, but never lift a finger to support.

Remember how President Dipstick flew over Wisconsin blowing kisses to the people below while Scott Walker was busy dismantling collective bargaining rights for public workers?

That’s the Dems attitude towards working people in a nutshell. That’s why they’re all about gay rights and abortion. It’s because they threw working people under the bus 30 fu**ing years ago. Abortion is the last thing they can hang their hat on. It’s pathetic. Here’s how Joseph Kishore sums it up over at the WSWS:

“The Democratic strategy of appealing to affluent layers of the middle class on the basis of identity politics while working with the Republicans to step up attacks on workers’ jobs, wages and living standards produced an electoral disaster. In a contradictory way, reflecting a system monopolized by two right-wing parties of big business, the election showed that appeals on the basis of race, gender and sexuality move only a small fraction of the population, while the broad masses of people are driven by more fundamental class issues—issues on which the Democrats have nothing to offer…

Underlying these processes is a profound crisis—not only of the Democratic Party, but of the entire political system. Both parties represent the interests of a tiny layer of the corporate and financial elite in alliance with the military-intelligence apparatus. Beyond the confines of the top 5 or 10 percent of the population, the state confronts a working class that is angry, dissatisfied and increasingly hostile.”
(The Democratic Party implosion, Joseph Kishore, World Socialist Web Site)

The system is in crisis, and the reason should be obvious to anyone willing to pull his head out of the sand long enough to see what’s really going on. It’s because capitalism doesn’t deliver the goods. It’s that simple. Everything is stacked in favor of the moneybags bloodsuckers on top. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Have you noticed how Maserati sales are threw the roof?

It’s true. America’s a great place if you got dough. And if you don’t, well, then you might want to get yourself a nice, comfy cardboard box and a dry-spot by the river.

Is it any wonder why people under 30 have checked out entirely? They’re not buying this “capitalism is wonderful” horsecrap. They feel the sting of this system every damn day. Do you really think that a college grad with an MBA in engineering who’s living in his parent’s crawlspace, who’s wracked up a heaping $65,000 in student loans, and who has over 200 job rejections stacked a mile-high on his desk, gets up every morning thinking, “God I’m glad I live in America. Isn’t it swell to live in a country where everyone has a chance to get ahead?”

Right. These people have already quit the system and they’re not coming back. Among young voters (aged 18-29) only 13 percent cast ballots on Tuesday. There’s your ringing endorsement of capitalism in one dazzling data-point: 13 freaking percent. That’s a system that has out-lived its shelf-life if you ask me.

One last thing: We should give a hat tip to some of the people who figured out what Obama was all about from the get go, like the editors of Counterpunch, Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. Counterpunch has been skewering President Flim Flam for more 8 years now, even when the liberal “thought police” blasted anyone who as much as uttered a cross word about him. (I wonder how many of those die-hard Ombamabots have the stones to admit now that they were wrong? Not many, I’ll bet.)

Anyway, take a look at this Cockburn article I dug up from the CP archives. It pretty well sums up the editorial position of the magazine… And it was written back in November, 2003:

“In these last days I’ve been scraping around, trying to muster a single positive reason to encourage a vote for… Obama-Biden, as opposed to the McCain-Palin ticket?…

In substantive terms Obama’s run has been the negation of almost every decent progressive principle, a negation achieved with scarcely a bleat of protest from the progressives seeking to hold him to account. The Michael Moores stay silent. Abroad, Obama stands for imperial renaissance. He has groveled before the Israel lobby and pandered to the sourest reflexes of the cold war era. At home he has crooked the knee to bankers and Wall Street, to the oil companies, the coal companies, the nuclear lobby, the big agricultural combines. He is even more popular with Pentagon contractors than McCain, and has been the most popular of the candidates with K Street lobbyists. He has been fearless in offending progressives, constant in appeasing the powerful.”…

“Obama invokes change. Yet never has the dead hand of the past had a “reform” candidate so firmly by the windpipe.” (Change You Can See, Alexander Cockburn, CounterPunch)

Cockburn knew that Obama was a fake and that the Democratic leadership had no intention of changing anything. The plan was to crank the Bush agenda up to full-throttle; expand the wars, increase the surveillance, eviscerate civil liberties, and shift more of the nation’s wealth to their feral-tycoon bosses on Wall Street. That was the plan and that’s what they did.

Tuesday’s electoral meltdown was just blowback from the many rank and file Dems who were either too mad to vote the party ticket or too distraught to even drag themselves to the polling booths. And therein lies the silver lining to this mess, which is that people are disillusioned, frightened and angry. They hate Wall Street, the media, the do-nothing Congress, and the sell-out-loser Democrats. They want change and they’re willing to move further to the right or left to get it.

That should be fertile ground for even the most fainthearted revolutionary. There’s no reason why the public’s frustration and can’t be channeled into more productive activity, like a general strike, a mass exodus from the two-party duopoly, or a thundering march on the Capital.

Why waste all that rage on whining and handwringing? The system is broken. Deal with it.

Organize. Grab a pitchfork. Do something!

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at [email protected].

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2014 Election, Barack Obama 
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  1. Voted anyways – but for anyone outside the duopoly. Libertarian, Green, Progressive, Constitution.

    As for Obama, the irony is, I was for him before I was against him.

  2. “In other words, the Democratic candidates that went down in flames on Tuesday, can only blame themselves”

    That’s easily less than 1/2 the story

    ^ The facts are, if you think your vote counts you should probably think again

  3. fnn says:

    Bolshevism is dead , Obama is the left in power. Live with it. Today the left’s great project is the ethnic cleansing of the wicked (non-elite) segments of the white population and they’re having great success. Of course, both the left and the “right” are captive to the powerful interest groups (banks, Israel Lobby and the organs of the national security state) when it comes to economic/immigration policy and foreign policy. Charles Lindbergh and Lawrence Dennis warned you about where all this progressive imperialism would lead.

    Today’s hegemonic left is neoliberal banksterist secular hedonism fused with anti-white, anti-West, feminist and LGBT doctrines.

    Gabor Vona: Globalized capitalism is in fact an economic-political world order controlled by the United States, which imposes its own rules of the game (liberal democracy, free trade, multinational capital, international bank networks, liberal cultural policy) on the rest of the world. The fact that they do so is not surprising in itself, since all empires have done the same throughout history. The real problem is that while the great empires of history were trying to create a liveable and healthy culture, albeit they did not always succeed, the American empire is trying to spread an order that was sick and distorted in the first place. This world order cannot be compared to that of ancient Rome, because ancient Rome, although by military force and for economic considerations, was spreading a liveable culture worthy of human beings. Today’s “Rome”, the USA, spreads a subhuman culture which has nothing but economic interests.

  4. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    The biggest gripe of the Counterpuncher Crowd against the Clinton–Obama Democrats is this::Democratic POTUS have not pursued the demographic annihilation of Whitey with sufficient vigor. Nothing less than open borders…full-speed-ahead !!! acceptable.

    All this Counterpuncher blathering about the crime of low wages is the shedding of crocodile tears. The low wage-wage slave economy is a direct consequence of the open and deliberate policy of the Democratic Party to rapidly race-replace The Historic Native Born White American Majority with highly racialized high fertility Mexicans,Asians,Africans,and Muslims….which started with the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

    The Counterpunch Crowd is promoting the economic interests of parasite CEO Jack Welch.

    • Replies: @Enderby
  5. Hersh says:

    I expected the election to be motivated by white voter reaction and backlash to the appalling race-baiting of the last 3 years. Trayvon/Zimmerman and Ferguson, in other words. But I expected it to be a silent majority thing, where people quietly went to the polls because they had to do something against the notion that a black “teen” is allowed to pound your head on the ground and you are supposed to just hope he gets bored. They were appalled that the White House sent 2 officials to the funeral of a black “teen” who strong arm robbed a store and attacked a police officer. The mainstream media was all in on the side of black “teens” and against white people and white people don’t riot and loot so all they had was their vote.

    I was surprised at how much it all came out into the open in the last 10 days or so of the campaign with mainstream media even exposing normal Democratic race-baiting like the flyers in the South that went out to blacks. Democratic race-baiting became an issue in the election, out in the open for the voters. That’s important because it explains the 90+% solid black vote for Democrats. Now you know why that happens: Democrats go out and tell blacks that the other side will kill their children if blacks don’t vote for the Democrat. In other words, Democrats gin up hatred of whites.

    Having that out I the open for people to talk about is going to change politics in America. I don’t know if it would have happened without the arrogant black president, Obama, his wife and his black attorney general. All 3 of them meddled in the Zimmerman/Trayvon affair because they have such contempt for the rights of non-blacks. Holder went wild in Ferguson; his behavior was appalling for a chief law enforcement officer.

    Republicans didn’t need to run ads that Democrats hate whites and will kill white children if you don’t vote for the Republican because white voters saw it for themselves.

  6. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    The Counterpunch-Z Magazine-Occupy Wall street-Noam Chomsky policy solution to the very low real wage-wage slave labor markerts for The Historic Native Born White American Majority:wipe away the borders of the US as soon as possible…and allow 100-200-300 million highly racialized-high fertility Mexicans…Chinese…Pakistanis..Turks…Koreans…Hindus….Sihks…Africans….Carribeans…to migrate legally to the US so that they can vote on Nov 6 2015 to finnish the job that the Kenyan Foriegner started which is to race-replace The Historic Native Born White American Majority as rapidly as possible. Thats’ bad enough, but the hyper-exponential explosion in the scale of nonwhite leagal immigrant scab labor would also force millions of Native Born White Americans to “rent” themsleves out as chattel slaves to parasites Jack Welch…Billy and Hillary Clinton…the Bush Family…Arnold Schawrznegger….Mark Zuckerberg…Steve Balmer…and Bill Gates.

    Behind every Great Fortune is a Great Crime!

  7. Realist says:

    Voting: I refuse to participate in that which, stupidity has no level for disqualification

  8. I wish I could think of something more constructive to say, but I feel the need to comment to the effect that this is an outstanding article, and we need to see more of its kind. Thank you for writing it.

  9. “busy dismantling collective bargaining rights for public workers?

    That’s the Dems attitude towards working people in a nutshell.”

    You are correct about just about everything, except for the above.

    Public “workers” are not working people. They are parasites upon actual working people just as much as the fat cats on Wall Street and the bankers.

  10. Art says:

    The GOP are fools to think that a majority of the electorate hate Obama’s policies.

    What they dislike is his two faced flim-flam – his back door governing – his evident disrespect for them and their culture – it is PERSONAL – he lost because they have figured out the truth – that they like him more then he likes them.

    There are three policies that the collective wisdom of the American people agree with – do not deport 15,000,000 people – do not put boots on the ground in the ME – and the minimum wage. Those policies are NOT mean spirited!

    If the GOP wants to lose the next election just be mean to people. Attacking the weak is not a part of the collective American psyche.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  11. Enderby says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    So glad to see that some of the commenters GET IT. Mass 3rd world immigration is the greatest cause of wage stagnation and the immiseration of the vanishing middle class. This silly article quotes the “World Socialist Web Site” as well as Malcolm X.

    World Socialism is all about punishing Whitey and pushing his dispossession as quickly as possible. Malcolm X would likely approve. The so called 1 percent advance this “socialist” agenda with glee, as it annihilates the middle class and fattens their bank accounts, all the while destroying representative government for white people in white countries (the only real possible obstacle to their stranglehold on power and wealth.)

    Of course at the heart of this twisted agenda is the endless, eternal resentment of the greatest enemy of Whites and western civilization of all – the tribe who must never be criticized but who own and are wildly overrepresented in media, academia, Wall Street, Hollywood and the Neo-Trotskyite foreign policy establishment. Let’s face it – they hate Whites and will stop at nothing until they enslave every goy they can and genocide the remainder.

  12. @Art

    …do not deport 15,000,000 people – do not put boots on the ground in the ME – and the minimum wage…
    Attacking the weak is not a part of the collective American psyche.

    Not deporting the 15,000,000 attacks the native weak.

    Eisenhower deported millions, and was reflected in a landslide.

  13. Wally says:

    There is some misinformation in this piece. Mike Whitney claims that ‘capitalism does not work’.
    Capitalism has not failed, what we have is not true capitalism.

    The Big Government’s massive takeover and control of vast sectors of the economy is not capitalism, only an economy free of government control & intervention is true capitalism.

    Mike Whitney makes some great points here, but his agenda seems to be a Marxist one.

    • Replies: @matt
  14. Wally says: • Website

    Who runs the Federal Reserve?
    Who runs Wall Street?
    Who owns the US Congress
    Who owns the White House?
    Who runs the media / entertainment?
    Who dominates ‘academia’?
    Why is AIPAC the most powerful, dominant lobby, which regularly writes the text of Congressional bills and resolutions.
    Who is it that wants to censor free speech via the “hate speech” canard.
    Who is it the demands the US shed the blood of US troops for their interests?
    Who are the biggest liars on the planet?
    Who are the biggest racists on the planet?

    You know I’m right.

  15. TomB says:

    I’m lots with Hersh here and anyway lots contra to Mr. Whitney’s thesis to the extent that that latter blames the economy.

    After all, what major economic change(s) did the Republicans run on? And of course they were hardly in any position to criticize Mr. Obama’s closeness to the bankers and etc.

    Instead, again lots as Hersh said, much moreso than any previous Dem Admin I think there were just lots more open cultural jabs taken at whites, white males, white Christian males, traditionalists and etc., etc. And then all the obvious pandering to the hispanics, and the failure to fish or cut bait in the Mideast…

    This all makes it interesting though, because what then are the Republicans gonna do economic wise? Well of course there’s not much *anyone* can do now and the window for any movement at all is closing fast. As a piece in the National Interest notes, in a mere 10 years or so the entire tax take of the gov’t is gonna be eaten up by just a few things: Interest on the debt, social security, medicare, medicaid, and then the Obamacare outlays.

    So what’s left to do? Big tax increases? *Nobody* is gonna endorse those. Big program cuts? Nope again. And thus our situation will have reached its point of immobility essentially, with only crappy crappy economic growth to be expected for decades thereafter and yet still with high (and probably unsustainable) taxation.

    *If,* that is, the system doesn’t just melt down in a giant recession beforehand, making the above mere crappy situation look desirable.

    In any event one thing I’d predict about the future Dems is that they are gonna go back to being very quiet about the anti-white/anti-white male/anti-Christian attitudes of many of their constituent groups. But, given the stupidity and clumsiness of the Republican Party they will be able to get away with continuing their policies quietly.

  16. Bobbiemac says:

    You make some valid points mr. Whitney but your prejudices cause you to ignore some key points. The decimation of the middle and working classes is due primarily to immigration — both legal and illegal — and our so called free trade pacts that have eliminated entire industries.


  17. Bobbiemac says:

    And as far as “collective bargaining for public employees” is concerned, I’m all broken up over their rights. The teachers in our district top out at around $90k. Virtually everybody I know who’s worked for government is well off — a couple Are millionaires. All power to Scott walker in Wisconsin . Here in pa. We now have gov. Wolf who has pledged to enrich the education lobby even more (and my wife is a teacher by the way.)

  18. matt says:

    It is not Capitalism that has failed, comrade. Big Government wreckers have sabotaged the magic of the market!

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