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New Surveys Show Mueller Changed No One's Mind
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Here’s something that might surprise you. In the last few days, three separate surveys have been released showing that a majority (or near-majority) of Americans still think Donald Trump colluded with Russia. As you know, this does not square with the findings of the Mueller Report which were released (in part) over the weekend by Attorney General William Barr. The critical passage we are referring to is this:

“The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? No conspiracy, no coordination, no collusion. End of story, right?

Wrong. For some reason, the probe has failed to change people’s minds even though the “investigation employed 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, issued 2,800 subpoenas, executed 500 search warrants, and took 2 years. And even though special counsel Robert Mueller is widely regarded as a first-rate prosecutor and a man of unshakable integrity. Even so, a large percentage of Americans still believe Trump is guilty. Go figure? Take a look at this clip from a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll released on Tuesday:

“Democratic voters.. are split on the question of whether Mueller found evidence that Trump or his campaign conspired with Russia.” (“Poll: Nearly half still think Trump obstructed Russian probe”, Politico)

“Split”? How can they be split when Mueller said there was no collusion? Don’t they trust Mueller’s judgement?

Apparently not, because we see the same thing in the Reuters/Ipsos poll:

“Almost half the Americans surveyed in a new poll say they believe that President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, despite a summary of the special counsel’s investigation that said there was no evidence to support that finding.

A Reuters/Ipsos survey released early Wednesday found that 48 percent of respondents said they believe that the president “or someone from his campaign worked with Russia to influence the 2016 election,” (“Almost half in new poll still say Trump, Russia colluded, The Hill)

Different poll, same results. Then there’s CNN, “The most trusted name in news”. Check it out:

“Though President Donald Trump has claimed “complete and total exoneration” … the American public disagrees, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

A majority (56%) says the President and his campaign have not been exonerated of collusion, but that what they’ve heard or read about the report shows collusion could not be proven. Fewer, 43%, say Trump and his team have been exonerated of collusion.” (“CNN Poll: Majority says Trump not exonerated of collusion after Barr’s summary”, CNN)

While the CNN stats are more damning than the other two polls, the wording is slightly different which might explain the results. CNN doesn’t ask whether Trump ‘colluded with Russia’ but whether Trump has been “exonerated of collusion.” There’s a big difference. What the interviewees appear to be saying is that, they believe that Trump is guilty even though Mueller failed to dig up enough evidence to convict. These stats suggest that many people don’t think the investigation was thorough enough to issue a final report or, perhaps, they simply don’t believe that a man should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Either way, Mueller’s conclusions have not changed many minds.

So what do these surveys tell us about ourselves?

Don’t they tell us that precious few minds are changed by the facts (or lack of evidence)? Don’t they tell us that most peoples’ ideological outlook shapes the way they see the world? Don’t they tell us that Trump Derangement Syndrome is not a minor affliction like a bad head cold, but a type of mental illness that clouds one’s judgment and eviscerates objectivity? It could be argued that the reason so many people still believe the Trump-collusion fiction is because their hatred for Trump is so all-consuming they refuse to abandon the mindbogglingly-ridiculous idea that the man is a Russian agent. But it could also be argued that the average “Joe” never had as much confidence in Mueller to begin with. That’s a fact that is normally shrugged off by the media but which popped up in a piece at USA Today just a week before the final report was released. Check it out:

“A new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds that trust in Mueller has eroded and half of Americans agree with President Donald Trump’s contention that he has been the victim of a “witch hunt.”…

Fifty percent say they agree with Trump’s assertion that the special counsel’s investigation is a “witch hunt” and that he has been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics…..

In the new poll, 33 percent view him (Mueller) favorably and 31 percent unfavorably. That net positive rating of 2 points is his narrowest to date. As recently as last October, he had a net positive rating of 17 points, 42 percent-25 percent.” (“Poll: Half of Americans say Trump is victim of a ‘witch hunt’ as trust in Mueller erodes”, USA Today)

Ahh, so Saint Robert is not so saintly after all. No surprise there. And while Trump’s public approval rating has hardly budged, (42% of voters approve of the job he is doing, while 55% disapprove) Mueller has been steadily losing ground. For example, only 28 percent of the people polled said they have “a lot of trust” that Mueller’s investigation will “be fair and accurate”, which is a new low. Bottom line: As the probe has dragged on, Mueller’s credibility has eroded significantly. Is that why he decided to terminate the investigation now, because it was losing its ability to hurt Trump? (More on this later)

All three polls show that people are evenly split on the issue of whether Trump tried to impede the investigation or not. The debate over obstruction is likely to go on for some time, but it is worth noting that AG Barr did not simply decide the issue willy-nilly. As Matt Taibbi points out in a recent article, Barr discussed the matter with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and “decided the report didn’t provide enough evidence to support a criminal charge in any of the “number of actions” committed by Trump that raised the specter of obstruction…

According to Taibbi: “Barr’s letter includes a telling detail from Mueller himself on this issue:

In making this determination, we noted that the Special Counsel recognized that “the evidence does not establish that the President was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference,” and that, while not determinative, the absence of such evidence bears upon the President’s intent with respect to obstruction…” (“Taibbi: As the Mueller Probe Ends, New Russiagate Myths Begin”, Rolling Stone)

In other words, Trump cannot be convicted of obstructing the investigation of a crime that he knew did not exist. That sounds reasonable to me but I can see where someone might dispute the point. What I find harder to understand is the impact the report is having on public opinion. According to The Hill: “Just 9 percent of respondents told Reuters/Ipsos that Barr’s summary on Mueller’s investigation had changed their minds.”

9%?? That might sound minuscule, but it’s actually much worse than that. This is from CNN:

“The 43% overall in the new poll saying the President has been exonerated is about the same as the 42% who said in a CNN poll earlier this year that Trump’s campaign did not collude with the Russian government to help get Trump elected.” (CNN)

Got that? So even though the Mueller report says no collusion, only 1% of the people have changed their minds on the matter. Wow.

Naturally, the split depends entirely on one’s own political ideology: “77% of Republicans say the President has been exonerated, while 80% of Democrats say he has not.”

Is this who we are? Do we only perceive reality through the distorted lens of our own subjective viewpoint?

That’s what these surveys seem to say. But what they also seem to suggest is that Mueller may not have ended his probe merely because he had exhausted all potential leads, but because his personal credibility had taken such a hit that the probe was no longer inflicting damage on Trump. Which was the original purpose, right?

If I am correct in assuming that the Mueller investigation was actually launched to deligitimize the Trump presidency (by suggesting he cheated his way into the Oval Office), and to provide a check on Trump’s campaign promise to normalize relations with Russia, then it’s easy to see why Mueller would decide to pull up stakes now. As trust in Mueller has evaporated and more people think that Trump is being unfairly treated, the probe has lost its power to turn public opinion against Trump. In other words, the investigation was no longer an effective stick for beating Trump which is why Mueller decided to throw in the towel and call it quits.

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  1. Why are the polls the way they are> Because too many Americans still follow MSM. How anyone can be satisfied with getting their main dose of news from social media such as FB Twitter or regular network TV or even the regular cable news MSNBC CNN or even FOX? It’s the lazy man’s way. OK boys and girls -it’s back to sports ball and whatever ridiculous garbage is happening in Hollyweird.

    • Replies: @MB
    , @slorter
  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    Americans are so dumb.

    • Agree: Biff, yurivku
    • Replies: @Half-Jap
    , @Wally
  3. anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    This is why democracy does not work and has not worked throughout human history: as with Communism, it runs counter to human nature, meaning that simpletons can be easily deceived by the smart, self-interested sociopaths who rule over them with disastrous long-term results. It’s a myth that the masses are able to select the best outcome from multiple options and implement optimal policies. In reality, they mostly get it wrong and what little we do right comes either from the efforts of a small cognitive elite working in the best interests of the nation-state or from plain old entropy.

    No better modern example of democracy not working can be found than the United States. In this country, the masses believe things that can be easily disproved by even a modicum of effort – and they have access to all the world’s information at their fingertips; they tell pollsters Jews don’t control Hollywood when the facts clearly and obviously demonstrate otherwise, they thought Iraq had a nuclear weapons program when the very notion was absurd from outset, when the Left loses elections they try overthrowing the government, polls say there is widespread support for many absurd conspiracies, and the public mostly thinks all human groups are equal in characteristics despite decades worth of evidence to the contrary. This will not end well for the West. Pretty much the only hope for humanity at this point is for the Chinese to embrace genetic engineering so that we can get a better crop of humans a century or two from now because the crop we have now is mostly worthless chaff.

  4. A123 says:

    It all depends on asking the correct question.

    Can you find willing poll responders who will openly admit that they were wrong or deceived? That ask is way too big, humans are rarely that forthright.

    A better question is, “Are there objective indications that minds were changed, based on timing that matches the announcement?” For that we have a recent Rasmussen survey. (1)

    President Donald Trump’s approval rating jumped five points among likely voters since the report was delivered from Special Counsel Robert Mueller

    Thus we can conclude that minds were changed even if people will not admit this is the reason.


  5. the probe ended because barr became attorney general. as soon as he came in, he told those guys they were done. and it ended.

    if jeff sessions had still been attorney general, they would still be investigating trump until the 2020 election.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  6. Half-Jap says:
    @Priss Factor

    The majority of humanity is dumb. Some human groupings are less of dumbasses on average, but if the IQ average is X, like 100 or w/e, then half the population is less than that. And that half especially believe they’re so much smarter than they actually are, so yeah, go figure.

  7. Wally says:

    “And while Trump’s public approval rating has hardly budged, (42% of voters approve of the job he is doing, while 55% disapprove)”

    Trump celebrates poll that puts his approval rating at 50%

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance:

    • Replies: @Wally
  8. Wally says:
    @Priss Factor

    And that means you?

    • Replies: @joe2.5
  9. @anon

    It’s a myth that the masses are able to select the best outcome from multiple options and implement optimal policies.

    One major problem is that, in today’s America, the masses aren’t given any decent options … just Ds and Rs.

    • Agree: AnonFromTN
    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  10. I’m sure Adam Schiff will get to the bottom of the case. 😀 😀

  11. Great article. Mr Whitney is correct of course: the Democrats in charge had no motive other than to hurt Trump Government, possessing the power to create and issue currency and credit as money and enjoying the right to withdraw both currency and credit from circulation by taxation and otherwise, need not and should not borrow capital at interest as a means of financing government work and public enterprise. The government should create, issue and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers. much as possible. I doubt they believed their own bullshit. Why would they? There was never a shred of evidence. The whole thing stank of party politics & toxic resentment.
    It’s indicative of the depth of that resentment that they simply didn’t care about the damage being done to US institutions.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @anonymous
  12. The most suspicious thing about 2016 is that finding a more outrageous candidate than Donald Trump would seem like an impossibility. Yet the other side did.

    • Agree: renfro
    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  13. @animalogic

    Sorry, accidentally pasted in part of a speech by President Lincoln dealing with the government’s power over the issuance of money.

  14. apollonian says: • Website

    Mike Whitney Lies: People KNOW Real “Collusion” Is With Israel/Jews

    What a brainless, moronic joke: EVERYONE knows Jews/Israel TOTALLY controls the political parties and entire establishment as Jews run and control the top monopoly, the criminal enterprise (literally legalized counterfeiting) known as the central-bank (US Fed. Reserve) which pumps-out practically INFINITE “currency,” NOT real MONEY (commodity-based, like gold/silver)–see for expo; use their site search-engine.

    Top central-bank monopoly then controls all the other, sub-monopolies, Jews-media, Big (Jew) Pharma, which is busily mass-murdering everyone, quietly, w. poison prescription drugs, poison vaccines, etc. Then there’s “big tech” running thought-control and censorship though Google and Jew-book. Then there’s “public” edjumacation, etc.

    So the political charade involves typical “good-cop vs. bad-cop” game, the sides being (a) Satanist, Jew-friendly, “liberal,” “leftist,” atheist, but esp. “GLOBALIST” on one hand, this, vs. (b) the Christian-styled “conservatives” and “neo-cons” on the other. And BOTH Repubs and Dems “collude”–actually are totally owned by Jews at the top pushing the “good-cop, bad-cop” charade.

    And the people KNOW perfectly well the REAL “collusion” is w. Israel and Jews, Trump owned by Jew, Sheldon Adelson, the Dems typically getting 70% of their national funding fm Jews. But as long as the scum, suckers, goons, morons, weaklings, and TV-addicted inferiors imagine they’re enjoying “prosperity,” they don’t want to get too involved–after all, it hurts their heads to find they’re thinking too much, the scummy puke.

    It’s crying shame people are sooooo willfully stupid, ignorant, and complacent, imagining things economic aren’t too bad and that China will continue selling cheaply for evermore worthless, inflated American money which is able to buy less and less due to the constant inflation and deficit spending, esp. on these idiot wars for Jews. Americans are as hopelessly stupid as the ancient Romans were when their society began to collapse, and they’ll have to learn the hard-way about things, like when they start seriously starving.

    So what’s actually happening?–a paralytic malaise by the puke, called “people,” as the economy is about to collapse upon their stupid heads, which they don’t want to believe, imagining that if they just don’t admit the truth, it won’t be true, ho ho ho ho ho. Truly, the people are “hypnotized,” as Kevin Barrett says.

    If things get tooooo sticky for Israel, as when US economy collapses (soon), then they figure they’ll just trigger a war, or some wars, after pulling the obligatory false-flag. There’s Syria and Iran Israelis want to hit, but also there’s Ukraine, Venezuela, and Korea too which provide easy pretexts, war the typical, easy way to mask economic incompetence and malfeasance; it happened before, will happen again.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @renfro
  15. Why the sense of surprise? TDS isn’t necessary terminal, but it is chronic and possibly incurable.

  16. Hugh says:

    Thinking back to the WMD scam……changing minds takes a long time and may manifest in unexpected ways.

    The birth of the dissident New Right came about in part because conservatives realised that Conservatism Inc. was selling them lies – such as WMD.

    Give the lefties some more time….and some nice long prison sentences to Brennan et al.

  17. Looking in from without, my view also hasn’t changed and likely wouldn’t have changed.

    To my knowledge, there has never been any conclusive evidence made available to the public that ‘the Russians’, i.e., the Russian government tried to damage the Clinton campaign, much less that they colluded with Trump personally.

    The Mueller report uses language that still asserts collusion in general as if it was proven, and only Trump’s connection couldn’t be established.

    Any trust in the Mueller proceedings would imply trust in the willingness and ability of the police/intel community to self-correct its deformations.

    Won’t buy or even cross that bridge.

  18. Mike-SMO says:

    The invocation of Russian collusion is preferable to acknowledging that a major portion of the country thinks that the “Blues” are fools who have fallen for institutional and systemic corruption (e.g. Chicago, Detroit, Saint Louis, etc) wearing a pretty “Progressive” disguise. Better “enemy action” from Russia than be thought a fool. After all, Putin et al destroyed the great promise of the Bolshevik Revolution. Why wouldn’t he destroy the great Progressive awakening in “Murica” as well? What else could it be?

    “Corruption” is everywhere. It don’t mean nuthin. We will get it right this time…..

    I am waiting for the POC fantasy to hatch. Compton was quite a show. I wonder if they are going to tell the ghettocrats what is in-store for them.

  19. Paulbe says:

    This is because the belief has been rendered visceral, not objective.

    Its taken on the character of a religious belief.

  20. Erebus says:

    It’s a myth that the masses are able to select the best outcome from multiple options and implement optimal policies. In reality, they mostly get it wrong and what little we do right comes either from the efforts of a small cognitive elite working in the best interests of the nation-state or from plain old entropy.

    Long before Bernays showed how easy it was for elites to manipulate the people, the ancient Greeks knew that rule by the mob was no way to govern because the mob would always opt for charisma over competence.

    Pretty much the only hope for humanity at this point is for the Chinese to embrace genetic engineering…

    Naw, (un)natural selection works well enough for China.
    The current Chinese system works to bring the talented into government, and then to let the most talented of them move up the pyramid. That’s why it looks like China rose so suddenly. Every step downwards by the West was matched by 2, 0r 3 steps upwards by the Chinese for the simple reason that, in the main, the country really is ruled by the boring best and brightest while the West is ruled by charismatic mediocrities, ideologues, sycophants and liars.

    In a democracy, those who would seek power are typically precisely those who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it. The West handed it to them on a platter.

  21. lavoisier says: • Website

    It could be argued that the reason so many people still believe the Trump-collusion fiction is because their hatred for Trump is so all-consuming they refuse to abandon the mindbogglingly-ridiculous idea that the man is a Russian agent. But it could also be argued that the average “Joe” never had as much confidence in Mueller to begin with.

    I hate to state the obvious fact that most people are ignorant, and when they are not ignorant they are generally incapable of forming a novel thought that goes against their firmly held beliefs.

    And besides that terrible reality, they are being told lies 24 hours a day by the media prevaricators.

    Try talking to a teacher from the Chicago Teachers Union about not voting for a Democrat. This is the model for the average American voter–incapable of novel thought.

    Stupid does what stupid believes.

  22. @anon

    How true. Confucius say: That is where WW III comes in. The planet will be radioactive for 29,000 years and then evolution kicks in and a new experiment begins. This is God’s way of entertaining Himself.

  23. SteveK9 says:

    It’s not a property of Americans, it’s a property of humans. Facts do not change peoples minds. I think the best essay on this subject, and humorous to boot can be found at:

    Caitlin Johnstone wrote something very recently on why so many people believe in ‘Russia-gate’ … it has nothing to do with logic or evidence.

    • Replies: @EdNels
    , @Biff
  24. This is common phenomenon. At a ‘tipping point’ opinion hardens despite. When your reality show world threatens to tip over, folks grip on even harder.

    But just for a sort time. Then comes the collapse. The default position for much of the population is that the media are deceiptful, malicious, liars paid for the the rich. Doesn’t matter where they go, the press will be hounded and hammered by this as a dismissal.

  25. Yet the true collusion, Trumps collusion with Israel and not Russia goes unnoticed and unreported. Imagine that!!

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  26. Jake says:

    Trump Derangement Syndrome began long before Trump ran for office. Trump Derangement Syndrome began with the Central Park Jogger/Wilding case. Donald Trump was the only super rich New Yorker to state publicly that the ‘diverse youfs’ who did that deed were worse than animals/ That made him a type of hero to normal working whites who knew about the black propensity for violence, for sport as well as for criminal gain.

    If you wish to be fully acceptable among the WASP Elite, you must see the Negro as Numinous and as inherently innocent, as sometimes made to do bad things by the white trash. You must romanticize, defend, excuse and promote the Negro because that is how the Boston Brahmins of the Civil War/Reconstruction era, and their peers in NYC, Philadelphia, and the upper midwest, saw the world. Numinous Negroes are valuable weapons and tools with which the WASP Elites batter the white trash, and Donald Trump showed that his heart and mind were not aligned to play that game.

  27. mike k says:

    The clever and unscrupulous still rule over and rob the ignorant masses. This is what “democracy” comes down to.

  28. OF COURSE. — Bane

    shitlibs ignore facts, even from their own side.

    A shame Trump jettisoned MAGA. Becoming Rabbi Israel First still isn’t enough for globohomos.

  29. Jake says:

    Easily the best educated democracy in history was Golden Age Athens, which was rich as Croesus. It was repeatedly fleeced by conmen who set it up for disaster.

    There is a lesson there somewhere.

  30. Is this who we are? Do we only perceive reality through the distorted lens of our own subjective viewpoint?

    Most of us, yes. A few members of the intelligentsia who pride themselves on being somewhat aware of the wizard behind the curtain in the retail news business may dig deeper into the data. But most of us, no. We don’t even question the authenticity of the claps of thunder and rain showers in the supermarket vegetable displays.

    The Trump election campaign was a prank. He never expected, or even wanted to be elected President.

    One or two of his idiot sons may have spoken to one or two fringe Russian lobbyists who claimed to have the dope on Hillary Clinton’s half a million private e-mails written on planning her daughter’s wedding and the dog’s visit to the vet written on government time, but, no, the Russians did not fix the election for Trump.

    Americans did this to themselves. And very likely they will do it again.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  31. Anonymous[288] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t know which principle these polls support more:

    1) preconceived bias – that people interpret new information through a lense of pre-existing bias


    2) propaganda effectiveness – repeat a simple message over and over and people believe it is true even in the face of contradictory evidence.

  32. Anonymous[288] • Disclaimer says:
    @prime noticer

    It’s been 2 years. They really did need to get this issue resolved one way or the other before the 2020 campaign gets started in earnest.

  33. The US is an example of the Protocols of Zion at work in all its diabolical draconian demon possession, in turning America into a zionist gulag just like the zionist/bolsheviks did to Russia!

    The Mueller report is a zionist controlled psyop just as Russia Gate was a zionist psyop!

    • Agree: apollonian
  34. Clinging to a debunked or hopelessly flawed position come hell or high water is a symptom of tribal politics. Democrats accepting that the Russia collusion thing is a busted flush that blew up in their faces would mean tacitly admitting it was an embarrassing own goal that damaged their brand and, even worse, benefited their political opponents who got a massive, and priceless, credibility boost and a default promotion to the moral high ground. Democrats like feeling smart and superior and they absolutely hate being made to look like fools. But if they were really smart they’d know that changing the goalposts and doubling down on a completely discredited propaganda narrative makes them look even stupider.

  35. Agent76 says:

    Mar 4, 2019 Tom Fitton: President Trump a ‘Crime Victim’ by Illegal Deep State DOJ & FBI Abuses

    03/26/2019 Counterattack! Devin Nunes promising criminal referrals for Deep State and Clinton operatives who “perpetuated” Russian collusion hoax

    This “soft coup” attempt is unprecedented in our history.

  36. the report changed my mind…

  37. Don Bacon says:

    “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” . . .That’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

    No, it isn’t. It implies that a crime was committed but there is not sufficient evidence to “establish” it.
    establish: achieve permanent acceptance or recognition for.

  38. Leftism turns your brains (if you had one) into a manure. Of course, there are 2-3 reasonable people, but most are just oxygen wasters ..

  39. MB says: • Website
    @Brooklyn Dave

    TV is the opiate of the masses.
    TV news is the opiate of our wannabe elite intellectuals.
    Polls? They’re for the imbeciles who believe them.
    Remember? According to the infallible and almighty polls Shrillary Quinton won the election and Ronald Grump fled justice and is hosting yet another fake reality show from the lobby of his new hotel in downtown Moscow.

  40. New Surveys Show Mueller Changed No One’s Mind

    Of course not. True believers don’t give a hoot about reality.

  41. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    The Pentagon has given the Ucranian Army 1,3 billion dollars since the 2014 coup , oh !!! , this russian interferences !!!!

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  42. Five years after the US invaded Iraq, polling revealed that half the population believed weapons of mass destruction had been found. The propaganda campaign in the runup to the war was so powerful that no new information was going to negate it. This situation is the same with respect to “Russiagate.” After years of being indoctrinated by the mainstream media, there wasn’t a chance in hell that minds would be changed significantly. People’s beliefs are not rooted in factual information. They are rooted in emotion.

  43. EoinW says:

    Funny that the first victim of the Information Age is the truth. This is the effect of liberalism on western society. Nothing matters except personal opinions. Whatever people believe, whatever feels right, this is all that matters. Facts? Reality? People no longer recognize a standard to determine such things. Therefore they no longer exist. Which explains why western civilisation no longer has any moral values.

    I do take exception to all this talk about ignorant people. Yes people can form ignorant opinions. When that happens one points to the specific example and corrects their error. But to generalize and call an entire group of people ignorant, isn’t much better than Clinton calling people who didn’t vote for her “deplorables”. To me, it is a sneaky form of bragging. When people call others ignorant what they are really saying is: “I’m so much smarter than them!” Hubris.

    What the North American general public is – and Canadians resent Trump even more than Americans – is intellectually lazy. They are also too wrapped up in their own lives to dedicate more than five minutes a day to politics or world affairs. They get those 5 minutes on MSM because it’s convenient. This means they are easy to manipulate when one wants to appeal to their emotionalism. Then you get a brief emotional spasm before they return to their cozy prisons.

    This doesn’t make them ignorant. I’d suggest that what they do is, in the short term, intelligent. They’ve invested their entire lives in the western system and have been rewarded with the most materialistically wealthy living standards any humans have ever enjoyed. Why would they even contemplate questioning the status quo? Yes the chickens shall come home to roost. Long term wise, they, their children and grandkids are going to be screwed. At this late stage there isn’t much they can do to change that. Makes more sense for them to deny reality and continue to hide in their shell. Jack Nicholson might suggest: “They can’t handle the truth.” But that’s not ignorance. Seeing they are practicing short term self preservation, they are doing what they have determined is best. If the status quo never does fall apart then they will have spared themselves a lot of stress for nothing. When it does fall apart they’ll give us the greatest “innocent victim” performance anyone has ever seen. Make up for all that stress they avoided. They will have made their bed and will have to lie in it. Yet they won’t be much worse off than we intellectually connected people will be. Perhaps we are the dumb ones, worrying about things we are powerless to change?

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  44. @Anon

    Wasted money. Even \$13 billion won’t make an army out of that scum.

  45. Anonymous [AKA "Wotan"] says: • Website

    Interesting read.

  46. anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    The Smollett debacle is indicative of a fully implemented Democratic system whereas the Trump persecution had much more smoke and mirrors. Corruption, racial grievance, incompetence, arrogance, special privileges for the elites and other chosen ones. The only thing that’s missing is persecution of enemies or those who are not toeing the line. We may still find it.

  47. joe2.5 says:

    Youu know, after all the usual analyzing, detailed examination, sociology and thisology and thatology it always boils down to one unavoidable conclusion: Americans are so dumb.

    All the rest is just fell-good stuff.

  48. joe webb says:

    To the Oligarchy Crowd…get into the psychology department and forget the economisticism.

    People are ruled by their passions, which this article does a good job describing.

    Their political passions today are ruled by the ideology of Race Equality. Also, if you know the Steve Bannon idiocy…that the US is the first country to do away with Blood and Soil. What a nut job.

    Watching Rush Limbaugh last night, for the first time believe it or not, and Hannity, I could not figure out why they were so fired up.

    For that matter, why is the country so fired up, the Kike News shows in particular?

    What could possibly, account for all the tumult and hate and even on-air tears of twisted-mouth dyke Rachel Maddow and the Disappointment unto Despair that the President of the country turned out NOT to be a willing agent of a foreign power. Or, almost equally weird, that the Mueller
    Investigation costing the country two years plus of roiling agitation, with Dem Party investigators staffing the large and lawyerized operation… itself Might be part of a cover-up?

    How could this be…any of it? (And what about the Jews and their passionate attachment to …you know)

    Many pundits conclude that in their psychological sophistication, it is all a perplexing hatred of Donald Trump, the President.

    And Or, that the smelly rabble are responsible for a President who might threaten the elites of the country, and that their Money is thereby questioned.

    Or Worse, that their Whole Way of Life, spent trying to cheat one-another in the coastal cities , as well as their country cousins in the fly-over deserts, very successfully cheated, might further encroach on their Way of Life.

    And Or that Cheap Labor could be curtailed by a Border Wall?

    And even that their Ideology of Civics Classes to Transform Immigrants into , uh, well White People, or failing that, that at least they will overwhelm the ballot box and guarantee Dem Party Permanent Revolution and out-vote GOP types, thereby Waiting, Godot style, for History and Culture to absolve them of Trump Derangement Syndrome…and bring on Heaven on Earth, by and by.

    Which then brings up the obvious question of, Why? Why get worked up over all of this?

    This then gets us back to the Real Reason, not the fake…to use another , shall we say, odd formulation of the times we are living in…..and coined by the frank, shall we say, Donald Trump.

    Why the felt need for fake news on the part of the kike News? Certainly Kike News approves of Trump’s pro-Jew attitudes.

    What trumps The Jewish Question in the whole country really?

    The 64 trillion dollar question.

    Voters routinely state that their primary concerns are the economy and jobs, and all of that. Who can blame them ?

    But the Real concern is failing Social Trust, single digit trust in government and the institutions of the country, and the like.

    Say What.?

    OK, you know what is coming. RACE. is the reason for all of the agitation. Think about it, if Blacks did not exist in the USA, what would all the fuss be about?. OK maybe the latest RACE Problem…Beaners.

    But the Beaner Sanctification is just another RACE Problem. If the Blacks did not exist in the USA, there would be no Beaner Problem. Ike threw them out a half century ago, etc. But that was then.

    Now it is All Race. Imagine a day in the life of the country without Blacks, never mind Beaners.

    Oh, our ladies, led by Jews, might be throwing tantrums, and the queers and trannies might be having fits, but that would be ho-hum and funny.

    What we got now is no laughing matter.

    We fought the Civil War over Negroes…and it looks like we are in for it again.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  49. @Reg Cæsar

    ” finding a more outrageous candidate than DT”

    Bullshit, DT is the first non-outrageous occupant of the WH since RR, and the only thing “outrageous” about him is his picturesque, down-to-earth way of communicating with his supporters, as opposed to the slimey, psuedo-intellectual, shit-talker who preceded him.
    Wtf is “outrageous” about him, just name one aspect of his personality, or his tactics which is “outrageous”

    You are full of shit, and you best be counting the days til Jan 2025, after which your insane democrat compatriots will by chance be back in the WH, at which point they can resume their mad drive to transform the US into a PC consumed northern version of Venezuela.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro Jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  50. Ballyhoo says:

    Mueller was commissioned to conduct an investigation that would or would-not establish the fact of collusion. After all the time and expense and effort, he has found no evidence and that’s what he has reported. So far, so legitimate.

    But then he took it upon himself to opine that the lack of evidence does not exonerate the subject of the investigation. That wasn’t part of what the Brits would call his ‘remit’, his assignment. Clearly, people can draw their own conclusions about Mueller’s discoveries (or lack of discoveries). There was no requirement for Mueller to toss in his own opinion.

    Why would he do so, then? I would say: in an attempt to give Dems at least some sort of twig with which those enraged beavers might continue to forage for the wherewithal to build their dam (i.e. their agenda against Trump).

    Who then could be surprised that Mueller has thereby given the House the opening to ‘testify’, in which session he will simply toss out all the suspicions and scare-visions for which he has already admitted he could find no evidence.

    Was this done by inadvertence? Could so experienced a player have accidentally or witlessly or merely through ‘a fit of absence of mind’ jammed open the door that his investigation – by his own report – had declared to be closed?

  51. @Jonathan Mason

    ” He never expected, or even wanted to be elected president”

    You are talking out of your ass. Do you read minds, are you telepathic, just htf do you know other peoples motivations or their goals or aspirations?

    Look you democrats are so full of shit that it was only a matter of time until the non-democrat faction of the american population finally woke up to your lies and underhandedness.

    Aside fron your complete lack of insight : No sane person would ever “expect” to win such an office, as the most brutal result of “expectation” is : disapointment: “expecting” is one of the futile and stupid human endeavors.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazz musician.

  52. renfro says:

    used up my agree button….but agree with you.

  53. @joe webb

    Like imagining a day without whites . . .


    But the fuss would be about whatever excuse humans make to fuss about. Minus blacks the US still went about breaking agreements with native americans. In Ca, Oregon, Nevada the policies as elsewhere entitled whites to capture kill or otherwise minus any consequence for most the country history prior the the 1920’s.


    The is not because of blacks. It’s the result of very poor choices concerning the black population. It’s a dark practice of hypocrisy and the rhetoric that went into justifying the same. It’s not that one had children. It’s that those havers failed to assimilate said children in a manner that was ethical or practical to the long term goal.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  54. My problem with my choice of president is my own doing. I thought he would stand on some very practical principles and issues, which he claimed to support. Well, now that he has abandoned most of them for the time being leaves with everything about what’s left that I opposed and based on my belief could not support.

    SP Mueller’s report is anti-climactic to say the least. It’s a no kidding. It also a no kidding that his opponents have no intention of letting up. The republicans who have locked him into more use of force might be assuaged now that they have neutered his game plan. Which leaves him pivoting on less than conservative politics.

    Still I take responsibility for my support of this president. He remains a far sight less a problem than the other candidates. And I understand why they are gloating. The president I supported actually is on their agenda. That’s too bad.

    However, My support as much as can be had remains, and I don’t regret my choice, despite whatever disappointments may have arisen.


    I have one over riding concern but whether it’s validated remains unclear.

  55. @Authenticjazzman

    I meant outrageous from the viewpoint of conventional wisdom. Everyone else seems to have understood that. It slipped by you.

    I spent many years in Mensa, too, and am never surprised at how stupid members can be. But I don’t remember any quite as obtuse as you.

    Since I believe one should have a firearms license before being allowed to vote, I am disqualified as a “democrat”, in your orthography. As for the political organization of that name, I refuse to vote for parties which engage in nuclear holocaust, and have never done so in over forty years.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  56. anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    “One major problem is that, in today’s America, the masses aren’t given any decent options … just Ds and Rs.”

    The people get the government they deserve. Nothing stopped people from voting for Ross Perot back in the 1990s or for other third parties; nothing stops them from entering write-in candidates now. Let’s not make excuses here. If most voters were like us, then there would be no way to rig the system short of an outright military coup. Just look how well smart Jews have worked the system for their benefit. Place blame where blame is deserved – squarely on the shoulders of the voting public. As other posters have pointed out, they are mostly morons. It’s not fair that high IQ, talented and well-meaning people like myself have to live in a world like this, powerless and at the mercy of the ignorant masses.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  57. anon[974] • Disclaimer says:

    “(un)natural selection works well enough for China.”

    China is stable for the moment, but that will change over time just as it has changed for all societies throughout history. All societies tend to decay over time through entropy. But there is a good way to prevent or delay that process: get a better crop of people. Even China may struggle to maintain itself as Chinese deep into this century as they build their empire and as their population declines. Now is the best time to insulate themselves from that possibility by creating a smart and conscientious, but ethnocentric, population. Jews have certainly proved that works. After all, the Chinese government may foolish change their laws one day just as the US foolishly changed its immigration policies, but natural genetic tendencies can’t be so easily abolished. Unfortunately, low intelligence and aversion to elite policies like genetic engineering among whites may very well have doomed that group in the long run.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  58. Cut n’ paste Whitney can’t possibly be this dumb unless it’s intentional. He blames the voting class, not because they actually are idiots for voting, but because they aren’t seeing things properly according to “polls.”

    Mueller’s psyop was entertaining and real people got in trouble and will see some jail time. More people than ever use the word “collusion” in regular conversation and they’ve learned the deep state doesn’t take down one of their own because of empty campaign promises. Everyone’s mind was changed or so the deep state hopes.

  59. renfro says:

    In other words, Trump cannot be convicted of obstructing the investigation of a crime that he knew did not exist. That sounds reasonable to me but I can see where someone might dispute the point.

    Wrong. The problem with you partisan boys is you don’t check the law. Every legal expert who has commented on this has said the’ s one to explain it to you:

    “You can obstruct justice even if a prosecutor ultimately finds you were not guilty of committing the crime that was the focus of the underlying investigation,” said Miriam Baer, a professor at Brooklyn Law School. “Even if a prosecutor ultimately concluded that you weren’t guilty of crime X, that says nothing as to whether you thought that you might be indicted for crime X, or, for that matter, if you thought one of your friends of family members would be indicted for crime X.”

    But its likely the juiciest part about various figures in the Trump circle are yet to come, Mueller turned over 12 investigations to other authorities.

    The one that intrigues me most is the one he turned over to the National Security and Criminal Divisions....although we may never know (because they will claim national security reasons) who is involved in that….unless some reporters can get inside sources. I have my ideas who might be involved and hope I am right.

  60. @Reg Cæsar

    I refuse to vote for parties which engage in nuclear holocaust, and have never done so in over forty years

    You mean, you never voted? Are you aware that voter participation in our “democracy” does not matter? If two people vote for candidate A and one for candidate B, candidate A wins.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  61. @AnonFromTN

    I vote for the rightmost candidate on the ballot. In my view, I’m sending a message. For the next election.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  62. Pft says:

    Collusion is difficult to prove. Thats why you rarely hear of collusion cases being prosecuted anymore. Too hard to find enough evidence.

    The point being that lack of evidence is not proof there was no collusion, or that an unsafe product is safe. Not finding enough evidence is an art form many industries and government commissions have perfected, and in some cases like collusion are indeed hard to find.

    Then we come to obstruction. Finding evidence is indeed harder to do when there is obstruction. Mueller punted on obstruction charges letting his old friend AJ Barr decide. Barr showed his true colors with BCCI and Irangate. Not surprising he wont pursue obstruction charges. That does not mean there was no obstruction.

    And of course its hard for Muellers report to change minds when nobody but Barr can read it.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
    , @AnonFromTN
  63. @Pft

    I would be curious what evidence you are basing the suggested duplicity that either SP Mueller or AG Barr have engaged in.

  64. Americams are ignorant and as a whole so stupid as a nation that they can be led to believe anything they are told often and long enough by their media. There is something not entirely human in American national psychology.

    • Replies: @anon
  65. @Digital Samizdat

    Looks like masses is just a mob. Even Soviet masses despite all education and investment in their development made wrong choices one after another. Yeltsin was elected after all. And twice. I need to correct a bit. Those were Soviet citizens living in RSFSR that elected Yeltsin. The guy was so disgusting. I and my dad watched him on TV in 1987 and everything was clear.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Frankie P
  66. Skeptikal says:

    I think Whitney is missing an important point.
    There is a big difference between the Believers and the Skeptics who knew from the get-go that the Russiagate charges were absurd. There have been plenty of solid reports and analyses, from Robert parry and others, that showed the ridiculousness of the charges, the huge holes in the case (hack vs. leak; Steele dossier) and kept track of the inability of Mueller to get anything on Trump.
    There is no reason for those who are right to have changed their minds.

    The only ones who need to change their minds are the ones who were wrong.
    Apparently, the polls failed to distinguish between these two groups.
    Same deal as with the WMD. Some were right from the get-go that the WMD t hing was a sick joke.
    But they never got any cred for having been right, nor any apologies from the rabid wrong ones.

    Re Russiagate, those who were wrong already showed by their acceptance of the Russiagate swill that they were incapable of thinking clearly—their minds had and have been clouded by the Trump win and they are probably lost forever to sane society. I have sent a few emails to my most seriously committed Russiagate victim, and since the Mueller report came out I have not heard a peep from her. But, she has stopped sending me “Gotcha” emails such as the one about Manafort visiting Assange in the Ec. embassy. Even though I had not yet heard about this bit of news when she sent me the link, I promptly did a touch of googling and established that there was nothing behind it. IOW, this level of truth seeking was beyond her (this person is a Yale grad). This partly explains why these people are so foolish and gullible. They don’t seem to know how to find better informatoin, and they don’t recognize it when one plates it up for them in an email. IOW, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Wiser words were seldom spoken when it comes to separating the genuine truth seekers from the idiots.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  67. @Reg Cæsar

    In my ballot in TN they are all in one column, one under another. And all of them shit, some proven, some not proven yet, just hopeful.

  68. @Sergey Krieger

    Yeltsin was elected only once. In 1996 his “victory” was falsification, applauded by the “democratic” countries.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  69. @Pft

    So, if I accuse you of collusion with Martians, you remain guilty for the rest of your life? Should this be called justice? No presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

  70. Frankie P says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    You know, Sergey, that just shows that the Soviet citizens living in RSFSR are just like Americans, that is, easily swayed by large-scale media and advertizing blitzes. And unlike the current situation, where everyone is outraged and sputtering about non-existant Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, the Americans and Time Magazine had the chutzpah to boast about their meddling in the 1996 Russian election. And before that, it was a handful of Russian Jewish Oligarchs that groomed Yeltsin for the presidency.

    Besides that, EVERYONE knows that Israel, through their single-loyalty US supporters, manipulates the outcome of EVERY US election, be it executive, legislative, state and even city level.

    Frankie P

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  71. joe webb says:

    try a little evolution in the extreme North…IQ wise.

    North and South American Indian IQ is 83. African black is 70 and the rest is obvious.

    Stone Age people get their land taken away by moderns. Soft men get their land taken away by harder men as well (as their total cowardly women). At least we tough guys will whip our gals into line when the time comes and they will load magazines…not the women’s type.

    JW grow up. Everything you got, from free speech to rocketships to the moon …White Man invented. And don’t forget sewers, the kind that flow in your brain.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  72. @AnonFromTN

    True. Still elected. I remember later watching his interview along with zinoviev. French channel if I am correct. The way he looked, talked and behaved it was obvious. I have no clue how anyone could trust him. It was obvious to me the first time I watched him in 1987.

  73. @Frankie P

    Indeed there 2as campaign led by the top of the Soviet leaders and it started small in the beginning. It started with Lenin’s will. Then another attack on stalin and brezhnev period and more and more. Various new programs on TV which in the beginning looked good but which started poisoning population minds and destroying moral and trust. Another after Krushev attack on stalin was obvious as stalin along with Lenin constituted ideological backbone of the socialist state and they must have been undermined. As yakovlev later told they planned attack stalin first using Lenin and then started campaign against Lenin. What was amazing was gullibility of the population that considering Russia 20th century reality, tragic history, destruction from wars and low starting point of development stopped valuing what they had and plainly started looking for stork in the skies not valuing all we had. Lost everything afterwords. And not only material losses.

  74. anon[581] • Disclaimer says:

    FLEECING MADE SIMPLE by the fms institute

    This [the content of the article] is NOT why democracy does not work and has not worked throughout human history. Though out history, the few behind the government, have found ways to use the government to abuse the masses governed by the government.

    Never, ever in the history of mankind have the governed been permitted to know the facts and been given the freedom to investigate the true circumstances and to prosecute those in government who lie or hide. So democracy fail because governments are constituted to deny the masses their democracy. . It is the information differential (hidden on the government side from view to those on the governed side, and the lack of masses to be able to promptly and timely verify the source and efficacy of presented information that has prevented democracy from working.

    Democracy is a terrible word, because it does not identify its true meaning. The True meaning of democracy is founded in denying government, or any of its agency, to the privilege, right or authority to infringe human rights.. The inalienable human rights: right to life, liberty, to pursue happiness in fair and equal competition with fellow mankind and the right to self determination and the negotiated human rights include the items in the UN charter and the after thought to the constitution, called the bill of rights, or more accurately the first 10 amendments to the Constitution of the US. Democracy means the right of the masses to contain the Oligarchs, and government means the right of the oligarchs to contain the masses.

    The problem with mobs are easily fleeced because the crooked, but smart bastards in the government are doing the fleecing.. and the fault in the competence of the mob, is not their intelligence, but instead it is that the mobs want to believe in their government. In the case of the USA the media is 92% privately owned, and it suits those in government to allow the privately owned media to speak for those who own the government.

  75. More and more I am reminded of the Bushies who were still insisting circa 2007-8 that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 11/9 and had weapons of mass destruction, even after their lord and master George W had himself stated that neither of these was true (that the Shrub is a liberal icon and deity now has no bearing on that subject). American political tribalism is exactly like real life tribes: the tribesman must disbelieve the evidence of his own eyes and decide that black is white if that is what the tribal chief decrees. The alternative is expulsion from the tribe, and, especially for liberals, the tribe is literally their only identity. Unable and/or unwilling to think for themselves, they find refuge in the party line on any and every subject whatsoever, even if today’s line is in direct contradiction to yesterday’s and will again be reversed tomorrow.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  76. Well duh.

    The jews lie to our people all day every day, so our people are unable to tell fact from fiction.

    I’m shocked.

  77. Pft,
    You are a fucking moron.

  78. RobinG says:

    —their minds had and have been clouded by the Trump win…
    How about short circuited… and certainly lost for logic. Your comment is all too tragically accurate.
    …(this person is a Yale grad). Oh God, yes. This phenomenon has no relation to normal markers of intelligence or accomplishment. (Rachel Maddow was a Rhodes Scholar!?!) One woman pulled a “Gotcha” on me over Maria Butina. Sad.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Skeptikal
  79. EdNels says:

    This is right:

    Caitlin Johnstone wrote something very recently on why so many people believe in ‘Russia-gate’ … it has nothing to do with logic or evidence


    Automatic, because the whole thing is nuts and is a ruse like a ‘’witch hunt’’ anybody knows that except mentally-emotionally affected cases, or the dummies on the left margins of the Bell curve.

    IMHO The reason though that the thing has such staying power might be that Trump is an irresistible magnet for hate to many who are those which have been successfully treated by hypnotic media stimulations for considerable years now to be utterly averse to the type of figure that Trump embodies so naturally, and which it has been his style to carry out to the max, at times maybe even over acting it.

    I mean a big tall red headed pushy germanic male… the utter eppitome of just who the feminatzies had in mind. They were young back in 1960 but This might be their last chance to feel the ______(wtf) in their lifetime, (they and their mollycoddled male pets…) and they didn’t get their herridan queen that they… [were summoning up from hell,] so they are going with any consolation prize… the emotion itself… against all material reality… f*k it! To feel that emotion, they need that gaddamit.

    Hell I voted for Jill Stein, she made the most sense. Like they say: “Don’t blame me…”

  80. For some reason, the probe has failed to change people’s minds even though the “investigation employed 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, issued 2,800 subpoenas, executed 500 search warrants, and took 2 years. And even though special counsel Robert Mueller is widely regarded as a first-rate prosecutor and a man of unshakable integrity. Even so, a large percentage of Americans still believe Trump is guilty. Go figure?

    It just tell us that Edward Bernays, Adolph Hitler, and Joseph Goebbels were dead-on right: Tell the lie big and tell the lie often, and it becomes the “truth.”

  81. Anonymous [AKA "stanko23"] says:

    Always a first class analysis.
    This is a statement of how effective the explanation apparatus really is. Trump and his “deplorables” are the new Milosevic and Serbs, or Saddam and Iraqis, or Assad and Syrians, or Putin and Russians, the monopolists in explanations strategy is the same but this time they’ve focused their vitriol on the US citizenry (both left and right) and it’s results have been to Balkanize the USA itself, with all its manifestations.

  82. Biff says:

    From your link:

    Our evolutionary compulsion is to triumph, even if it means being totally, illogically, proudly wrong.

    “Them other pricks never got anything right!”

  83. Skeptikal says:

    Yep, I got Butina gotchas.
    And what bothered me about this is that (apart from the yawning injustice and mental torture of Butina) my MeToo and pink pussy-hat addled friend had no shred of an idea of taking a second look at the case and realizing that this was a young woman being harassed for a political agenda—an American political agenda.
    So, Neither did Yalette put on her feminism lens , nor also did she note the irony of the political hounding of a Russian national—the entanglement of this young woman and adolescent gun agenda in an intra-American factional dispute— with Russia supposedly (a la Browder-Magnitsky) being the motherland of incarceration and hounding of political opponents.

  84. Skeptikal says:

    Yep, I got Butina gotchas.
    And what bothered me about this is that (apart from the yawning injustice and mental torture of Butina) my MeToo and pink pussy addled friend had no shred of an idea of taking a second look at the case and realizing that this was a young woman being harassed for a political agenda—an American political agenda.
    So, Neither did Yalette put on her feminist lens and feel a bit of solidarity , nor also did she note the irony of the political hounding of a Russian national—the entanglement of this young woman with her adolescent gun agenda in an intra-American factional pissing match— with Russia putatively (a la Browder-Magnitsky) being the motherland of incarceration and hounding of political opponents.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  85. Corvinus says:

    “As Matt Taibbi points out in a recent article, Barr discussed the matter with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and “decided the report didn’t provide enough evidence to support a criminal charge in any of the “number of actions” committed by Trump that raised the specter of obstruction…”

    And yet another person who is ignorant about the law. Mike Whitney, you can do better.

    No obstruction. No collusion. Total and complete exoneration!” is a completely false statement. Mueller said explicitly that he did not exonerate Trump as to any collusion. Mueller was also not even consulted when Barr crafted his letter. Moreover, Mueller had narrowly defined collusion not just as “conspiracy” but only one narrow part of conspiracy (with the IRA and/or Russian hackers). We need to know what evidence Mueller had that led him to be unable to exonerate Trump on that specific allegation. Mueller found evidence, just not enough to indict.

    Releasing the Mueller report to Congress is the only option. For two years, scores of investigative reporters and independent journalists, along with Mueller, has culled evidence that Trump traded American foreign policy for money. Barr’s summary of a report that does NOT even relate to that accusation. The campaign did not collude in election hacking, It colluded to advance Trump business interests, evident by his associates being brought to justice in that vein.

    So what we have here is a four page summary, rather than the entire report, that only glosses over the details. Trump was not vindicated on collusion. “No collusion” means only that Mueller did not have “beyond a reasonable doubt” evidence of a criminal conspiracy. As to obstruction, Mueller was NOT consulted by his boss as to what Barr interpreted on what he thinks was found. “No collusion” would be “exoneration”. The report says “no exoneration” and that evidence of criminality existed but not at the 90 percent level—criminal indictment.

    As to collusion, it continues to be properly investigated—not in the narrow way Trump demanded and apparently Mueller’s team acceded to—in multiple other federal jurisdictions and the inability to indict on the investigated collusion is not an inability to impeach.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  86. @joe webb

    Your comment just makes no sense.

    Modern rocketry was developed using a combination of tools including math and physics which are not inventions by whites. The most advanced breakthroughs based on what we know were spearheaded by a few germans and french inventors, but whites in general had not clue and had nothing to do with it — for your argument to make sense you have to be more selective and develop a line of analysis that was designed around tangible realities. You might argue, imagine a world with nonrocket developers. That would at least have meaning to the actual artifact to some unique composition.

    I could say for example, that Edison’s light bulb development would be for nought if not for Lewis Latimer. Impacts on computer chip design and development, if not for Dr. Mark Dean, or any modern choice communication device as the result of work by Dr. West. You might want to reveiw your critical thinking on this matter. And just for fun, you wouldn’t even be able to say,

    “The real McCoy,”

    if the country did not have black people. Laughing and for darker fare, apparently, you wouldn’t have a cotton industry, maybe not even cotton, as whites were just incapable of doing so enmasse.

    But I am going to stay with my line of argument. Imagine a US in which the country instead of denying education, employment, equal access, and equal treatment to millions. That would have demonstrably and realistically created a different society than the one you are complaining about. Your hyperventilating about IQ defeats your own case. Because people with IQ above such an d such could ;legitimately contend, that the real issue is in fact IQ and what we really need to do is get rid of everyone who hand no hand in developing toilets and sewers (which by the way, was not developed by whites, but by Assyrians, Persians and other colored people, and the archeological evidence indicates that ancient Africans civilizations were not strangers to the idea either.

    That would mean, for example, unless everyone with ___ IQ is a burden and we’d best do without them. I have no idea if you’d qualify. Since we know whites didn’t event sewers, by your reckoning, that qualifies for white departure. And whites did not invent writing, politics, money, music . . .

    Blackness is not the cause of problems, sociological conditioning, environments and genetic disposition. If whiteness were as constructive as you imagine, there would be no broken treaties, the buffalo would a still roam the plains in larger numbers . . . no threat of nuclear war, biological disaster (whites being the most common carrier of the worst biological disasters on the planet – and I by the contention by researcher Brooks, about HIV ). By your argument we should really get rid of white people. When the first blacks arrived on the continent from away places according to native Americans, there’s no record of mass death from viruses or germs –

    white people “bad medicine”. But people’s of other colors might say

    white people “bad medicine” though they may but as they hold the cards best to play along until we get some cards of our own. But it sure would be nice if they were not around.”

    Power and intelligence are not synonymous, even if a few geniuses helped create the means to power.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  87. @anon

    Just look how well smart Jews have worked the system for their benefit.

    Yeah, well, that had very little to do with voting. They’re only about 2% of the population. No, that had to do with buying out the media and the political system.

  88. @anon

    Even China may struggle to maintain itself as Chinese deep into this century as they build their empire and as their population declines. Now is the best time to insulate themselves from that possibility by creating a smart and conscientious, but ethnocentric, population. Jews have certainly proved that works.

    Actually, what Jews have proven is that parasitism works. Give the Chinese a little credit: they have built and run their own stand-alone system for thousands of years now, without simply piggy-backing on somebody else’s as the Jews have.

    As far as “smart and conscientious, but ethnocentric” populations are concerned, I would definitely describe the Chinese in those terms already, so I think their future looks bright.

  89. DanGood says:

    The reason some find it impossible to believe the conclusions of Mueller – that there was no collusion – may be because it would have a very unsettling corollary: the CIA and FBI lied too. That would mean that we live in a Gestapo type state. Impossible. Not us. The intelligence agencies are dedicated public servants serving their country. No way they are part of a deep state apparatus. It is unAmerican and unpatriotic to even suggest such ideas. Others would look at Brennan and Clapper and have no trouble entertaining such notions. They would even find it obvious. Yet, what do you when discretion is the better part of valor?

  90. joe webb says:

    ABCs of it all:

    1. Millions of data points behind the IQ testing all over the world. Richard Lynn’s work.

    2. Murray’s Human Accomplishment, @2000. Almost all the masters of science and art from Western Europe., White men. About 95% ,and White women about 2 per cent.

    3 empirical social science…twin studies, identical particularly, that show genetics is almost all of it.

    3a. Robert Putnam’s study on plummeting Social Trust perfectly fitting the racial demographics…the most diverse areas having the least Social Trust, and the racially homogenous areas having the highest Social Trust.

    4. IQ falls all over the world, per latitude..north Asians and Whites the highest, Blacks andBrowns the lowest. A veritable staircase of descent into hell of sorts… Africa at 70. (One billion of them now, and half of them below 70. Cannibals delight)

    Speaking of stupidity and Denial, you are a fool and I was a fool until I had the courage/balls to start reading the books on it all. Rushton, Lynn, and many others in the HBD/Evoluitionary Psychology, etc. field.

    Conscience doth make cowards of many…conscience totally misplaced and only by White Man’s Burden…our racial curse…altruism. The chinks grin at us.

    War with China will help straighten a few of you fools out and start you down the path of discovering your balls, which might just stimulate your brain into some race realism.

    Joe Webb. PS it also helps a lot to have had children…they tell you about your family IQ and temperaments. I have never met anyone with kids, who does not see it.

  91. anon[581] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    Ignorant no doubt, but stupid not. The Constitution of the United States of America 1898.. d/n require either the 525 article I (425 house and 100 senate) members or the two Article Two executives to tell the truth.. or to expose to the world or to the governed the activities of those in office..nor does the COUS require the elected to conform their activities while in office to the promises made in campaigns. In fact, the COUS actually protects the salaried “partisans of the rich” from prosecution for their activities which impose burdens on the governed.

    Media leads, but it is not done by government expression, instead private media 92% owned and 100 % controlled by those who are behind the scene of functioning government are in control of the media. So the oligarchs have the government at its disposal, the media as its tool, and their wealth as their power, what more is needed to deprive the masses of access to the truth.

    When one lives in a 24/7 controlled media-enhanced environment, one has little need to overcome ignorance firmly planted by the system of culture and education which the government insist they engage. When ignorance is unknown it takes more than education and intelligence, it takes a clue strong enough, to make clear to a significant size of the population that something is wrong. because it takes concerted effort to dig out the truth.

  92. @Corvinus

    … evidence that Trump traded American foreign policy for money.

    We already know that Trump is in Israel’s pocket, but good luck making that accusation in Congress!

    • Agree: RobinG
  93. Wally says:

    And now:

    Only 37% Believe Mueller Investigation Was ‘Justified’:

    “A CBS News poll shows that only 37 percent of Americans believe special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russia collusion hoax was justified, while a majority of 54 percent believe it was “politically motivated.””

    CBS can hardly be accused of being pro-Trump.

  94. Question for America’s CIA:…
    Have you sought to ensure that the 750 people who were mysteriously let go by Putin (and who could have provided HARD EVIDENCE regarding Trump-Putin COLLUSION during the 2016 U.S. Federal Election!) HAVEN’T BECOME VULNERABLE PUTIN TARGETS? Thanks!
    Question for Mueller’s team:…
    Have you guys examined the backgrounds of those bureaucrats that Putin let go just after the call for an investigation into potential Putin-Trump collusion in the 2016 U.S. Election?… and, have any of a total of 750 Russian bureaucrats let go by Putin, shown up missing, or dead? Thanks!
    Please!… no emails!

  95. I WAS an independent voter. I’ve seldom pulled the lever for straight any party and often split my vote. In so far as presidential candidates go in the last 3 or 4 decades I’ve voted for GOP or DNC candidates in approximately equal numbers.

    But the Left has simply gone to far now with questioning the patriotism and worth of all white males (of which I’m one, and I feel I’ve been degraded, dismissed, plainly and directly cursed and disparaged continuously since even the campaign season of 2016…think “Deplorables”).

    By all that I hold holy, I’ll never vote for another Democrat, period.

    Trey Gowdy recently said the following (approximately): “People will still vote for someone they don’t like if they like their policies. But, regardless of their policies, they won’t vote for someone who doesn’t like them, the voter.”

    Done deal.

    • Replies: @Wally
  96. renfro says:

    Its working out beautifully!…..99% of all conversation in the media, press and too often sites like this is about immigration, Russiagate and Trump…..which keeps all the one eyed dumbos entertained and ranting.
    It serves to cover up the real damage Trump&Jews,Inc are doing. Things you will never see in the msm news .

    Like this program…..which you need to understand is it addition to the regular aid we give countries like Egypt and Israel. I can see a lot of countries lining up for these weapons purchase loans…and then defaulting on them.

    Trump Admin Proposes New \$8 Billion Loan Fund to Subsidize Foreign Weapon Sales

    The revival of the FMF grant program is part of a wider effort by the Trump administration to push US weapon sales and persuade foreign nations to “buy American.”
    The Trump administration is pushing for the creation of an \$8 billion loan fund in order to boost weapons sales to foreign allies, according to a summary of the administration’s draft budget for next year, which was made public on March 11. The loan program was first pitched in the early days of the administration but failed to gain support from Congress.

    While the previously suggested loan program was touted as a replacement for the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) grant program — which subsidizes arms purchases made by foreign nations, particularly Israel and Egypt, to the tune of billions of dollars — the current loan program would not replace, but instead “complement” the FMF program. While the current budget would slightly reduce the requested budget for the FMF from \$5.9 billion in FY 2019 to \$5.4 billion, the suggested loan program would add an additional \$8 billion, bringing the total amount budgeted by the Trump administration for financing arms purchases made by foreign nations to an astounding \$13.4 billion.

    More loans with less security equals more defaults for U.S. taxpayers to cover
    Notably, the “new” loan program mentioned in the budget has existed for years. However, it has been largely unused by the Trump administration and previous administrations, which have relied instead on FMF grants as a means of offering military aid to allied nations. The largest recipient of FMF assistance is Israel, which received 51 percent of the program’s funds in Fiscal Year 2018. Egypt and Jordan are the other top FMF recipients.
    Another change from the Trump administration’s past effort to transform FMF into a loan program is that the current proposal would seek to grant the State Department, which manages the FMF jointly with the Department of Defense, the authority to offer certain nations “flexible interest rates” in order to offer a more “competitive” loan program.
    Colby Goodman, an expert at the Forum on Arms Trade, was cited by Defense One as suggesting that “‘flexible interest rate’ means lower interest rate and ‘more competitive’ loan program means lower guarantees and protections.” “My general concern,” Goodman warned, “is this could lead to more loan defaults and taxpayers would end up footing the bill.”
    The revival of the loan program appears to be the administration’s latest policy forming part of a wider effort to persuade foreign nations to “buy American” when seeking to purchase armaments. The U.S., under Trump, has made weapon sales a cornerstone of its foreign policy and has pressured and even threatened countries, including allies, who have made arms purchases from rival nations such as Russia and China.

  97. renfro says:

    The U.S., under Trump, has made weapon sales a cornerstone of its foreign policy and has pressured and even threatened countries, including allies, who have made arms purchases from rival nations such as Russia and China.

    I find that amusing…..we haven’t threatened Israel… whom we give more than 4 billion year in arms and missile defense aid….while Israel sold more than 9 billion of their own manufactured weapons to countries last year and has done so for many years.

    9 billion in profit for Israel plus 4 billion in free US taxpayer money…..what a deal Trumpstein!

  98. “ABCs of it all . . .”

    et al.

    Nothing like missing the point to continue nonsense.

    There is no link no genetic code unique to whiteness to IQ. What is quantifiable is that among certain populations, whose orientation to expected problem solving expectations of western thought and practice, a small number of people exceed the the problem solving or knowledge base above the general public.

    Modeling IQ from populations in which the environments in no manner resemble western thought and practice is just not an indicator of IQ. But all of that really beside the point. Your comment was to removing blacks or life without blacks. I clearly provided another alternative view as well as addressing why your narrow view is a false dilemma. As there are other rationales that could have created a different history.

    Furthermore, as to the drag on society at large, actual cost benefit analysis would consider the largest burden which is from whites. Those large numbers are the biggest burden and would reap a much better reward. Imagine a life without them.

    What history tells us is that civilization advances, if whites disappear tomorrow — the world, technological development, IQ, civilization(s) will go on.

    • Replies: @Wally
  99. Skeptikal says:

    Things might not be as bad as Whitney outlines:
    MSNBC’s Trump-Russia Ratings Fizzle: ‘Time to Pivot to 2020’

    apparently some of the Rachel Maddow bots are tuning out . . .

    It is also clear that the Mueller fantasy was also about the Benjamins—not only for MSNBC but also for “alternatives” such as Marcy Wheeler, who admitted the same.

  100. Wally says:

    Well said.

    The left’s media encouraged racism and incitement to violence against Euro-whites & especially Euro-white males is an outrage.

    I’m afraid that if it does not cease, violent defense and harsh resistance by Euro-whites will be the only option.


  101. Wally says:


    “What history tells us is that civilization advances, if whites disappear tomorrow — the world, technological development, IQ, civilization(s) will go on.”

    Except without Euro-whites there will be no one to pay the bills of everyone except east Asians

    Without Euro-whites, only east Asians will develop more technology and products that no one except themselves will be able to pay for.

    Civilization will necessarily cease to advance.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  102. @Wally

    Ohhh good grief.

    When Rome passed . . . cvilization did not cease.

    When Ghengis Kahn died . . .civilization did not cease to exist.

    When Greece dissipated all knowledge did not end, civilization did not cease to exist.

    When Egypt retracted and the great architectures rested among the winds and the sand civilization did not cease.

    When Great Britain left the scene as empire, civilization did not cease.

    When the empire of Axum faded, civilization did not cease.

    When Ghana exited the world stage, as empire, civilization did not cease to exist.

    There’s this amazing train in the human animal — resilliance: creativity, fortitude, a desire to survive that as one fades others rise. If and when the US collapses, or fades or is swept away (probably by Mexico and others south so it seems) civilization will march on. Not only will civilizations continue, they will advance and no doubt some to greater heights than the US, Europeans, or Asians, what winds such be, time will tell.

    But make no mistake, the human existence will press ahead with or without Asians or Asian influence.

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