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Mercouris: "Something Big Is On the Way"
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“The Russians have decided there is no way to negotiate an end to this. No one will negotiate in good faith; therefore we must crush the enemy. And that’s what’s coming.” Colonel Douglas MacGregor (9:35 minute)

“Strictly speaking, we haven’t started anything yet.” Vladimir Putin

The war in Ukraine is not going to end in a negotiated settlement. The Russians have already made it clear that they don’t trust the United States, so they’re not going to waste their time in a pointless gabfest. What the Russians are going to do is pursue the only option that is available to them: They are going to obliterate the Ukrainian Army, reduce a large part of the country to rubble, and force the political leadership to comply with their security demands. It’s a bloody and wasteful course of action, but there’s really no other option. Putin is not going to allow NATO to place its hostile army and missile sites on Russia’s border. He’s going to defend his country as best as he can by proactively eliminating emerging threats in Ukraine. This is why Putin has called up an additional 300,000 reservists to serve in Ukraine; because the Russians are committed to defeating the Ukrainian army and bringing the war to a swift end. Here’s a brief recap from Colonel Douglas MacGregor:

Washington’s proxy war with Russia is the result of a carefully constructed plan to embroil Russia in conflict with its Ukrainian neighbor. From the moment that President Putin indicated that his government would not tolerate a NATO military presence on Russia’s doorstep in Ukraine, Washington sought to expedite Ukraine’s development into a regional military power hostile to Russia. The Maidan coup allowed Washington’s agents in Kiev to install a government that would cooperate with this project. PM Merkel’s recent admission that she and her European colleagues sought to exploit the Minsk Accords to buy time for the military building in Ukraine confirms the tragic truth of this matter.” (“US Colonel explains America’s role in provoking Russia-Ukraine conflict“, Lifesite)

This is an excellent summary of the events leading up to the present day although we should spend a bit more time on Angela Merkel’s comments. What Merkel actually said in her interview with Die Zeit was the following:

“The 2014 Minsk Agreement was an attempt to buy time for Ukraine. Ukraine used this time to become stronger, as you can see today.” According to the ex-Chancellor, “it was clear for everyone” that the conflict was suspended and the problem was not resolved, “but it was exactly what gave Ukraine the priceless time.” (Tass News Agency)

Merkel has been sharply criticized for admitting that she and the other western leaders deliberately deceived Russia about their true intentions vis a vis Minsk. The fact is, they had no intention of pressuring Ukraine to comply with the terms of the treaty and they knew it from the very beginning. What we know for a fact is that neither Merkel nor her allies were ever interested in peace. Second, we now know that they maintained the fraud for 7 years before she spilled the beans and admitted what they were really up-to. And finally, we now know from Merkel’s comments that Washington’s strategic objective was the opposite of the Minsk agreement. The real goal was to create a heavily-militarized Ukraine that would prosecute Washington’s proxy-war on Russia. That was the primary objective, war on Russia.

So, why would Putin even consider negotiating with people like that; people who just lied-to-his-face for 7 years while they flooded the country with weapons that would be used to kill Russian servicemen?

And what was the objective that compelled Merkel and her Washington colleagues to lie?

They wanted a war, which is the same reason why Boris Johnson put the kibosh on an agreement that Zelensky had negotiated with Moscow in March. Johnson sabotaged the deal because Washington wanted a war. It’s that simple.

But there is a price to pay for lying, and that price comes in the form of distrust, which is the pernicious erosion of confidence that makes it impossible to resolve issues of mutual concern. Russia’s deputy chair of the national Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, expressed his views on the matter just this week in the bitterest terms. He said:

The behavior of Washington and others this year “is the last warning to all nations: there can be no business with the Anglo-Saxon world [because] it is a thief, a swindler, a card-sharp that could do anything…. From now on we will do without them until a new generation of sensible politicians comes to power… There is nobody in the West we could deal with about anything for any reason.” (Ex-Russian President outlines timeline for reconciliation with the West, RT)

Of course, the Washington warhawks will not be bothered by the prospect of severed relations with Russia, in fact they probably welcome it. But the same cannot be said for Europe. Europe is going to regret that it tied itself to Washington’s anvil and threw itself into the sea. Sometime in the near future –when they finally realize that their economic survival is inextricably linked to access to cheap fossil fuel– EU leaders will change course and implement a policy that ensures their own prosperity. They will withdraw from NATO’s ‘forever war’ and join the ranks of civilized nations seeking a secure and economically-integrated future. We expect that even NordStream, which was destroyed in the greatest act of industrial sabotage in the modern era, will be reconnected establishing the main energy artery that binds Russia to the EU in the world’s biggest free trade zone. Eventually, common sense will prevail and Europe will emerge from the slump brought on by its alliance with Washington. But, first, the conflagration between Russia and the West must play out in Ukraine, and the “Guarantor of Global Security” must be replaced by the one nation willing to fight Goliath on his own terms in a winner-take-all contest. Ukraine is shaping up to be the decisive battle in the war against the “rules-based system”, a war in which the United States is going to use ‘every trick in the book’ to maintain its grip on power. Check out this short blurb from political analyst John Mearsheimer who explains the means by which the US has preserved its dominant role in the global order:

“You cannot underestimate how ruthless the United States is. This is all covered-up in the textbooks and the classes that we take growing up because it’s all part of nationalism. Nationalism is all about creating myths about how wonderful your country is. It’s America right or wrong; we never do anything wrong. (But) if you really look at the way the United States has operated over time, its’ really amazing how ruthless we’ve been. And the British, the same is true of them as well But we cover it up. So, I’m just saying, if you are Ukraine and you’re living next to a powerful state like Russia Or you’re Cuba and you’re living next to a powerful state like the United States, you should be very, very careful because this is like sleeping in bed with an elephant. If that elephant rolls over on top of you, you’re dead. You’ve got to be very careful. Am I happy about the fact that this is the way the world works? No, I’m not. But it is the way the world works for better or worse.” (John Mearsheimer, “How the World Works“, You Tube; 1 minute)

Bottom line: The prospects for peace in Ukraine are zilch. The US foreign policy establishment has decided that the only way it can reverse America’s accelerating decline is through direct military confrontation. The war is Ukraine is the first manifestation of that decision. On the other hand, Russia no longer puts any stock in negotiations with the West, because western leaders cannot be trusted to honor their commitments or fulfill their treaty obligations. The irreconcilable differences of the two main parties makes escalation inevitable. Absent a partner that can be trusted, Putin has just one option for resolving the conflict: Overwhelming military force. That’s why he called up 300,000 reservists to serve in Ukraine, and that’s why he’ll call up 300,000 more if they are needed. Putin realizes that the only way forward is by lowering-the-boom quickly and imposing his own settlement on the vanquished. This is exactly what Mearsheimer predicted just weeks ago when he said this:

“The Russians are not going to roll over and play dead. In fact, what the Russians are going to do is crush the Ukrainians. They are going to bring out the big guns. They are going to turn places like Kiev, and other cities in Ukraine into rubble. They’re going to do Fallujas, they’re going to do Mosuls, they’re going to do Groznys …. When a great power feels threatened…the Russians are going to pull out all stops in Ukraine to make sure they win. …You want to understand that what we are talking about doing here, is backing a nuclear-armed great power– that sees what’s happening as an existential threat– into a corner. This is really dangerous.” (John Mearsheimer, Twitter)

So, if we know that Russia is going to try to end the war by defeating the Ukrainian Army, then what should we expect in the near future?

That’s a question that has been answered by a number of analysts who have followed the war closely from the very beginning. We will provide a few paragraphs from each of them in a minute, but first, here’s a recap of the meetings that took place last week that suggest a major Russian offensive may be just weeks away. The excerpt is from an article at Consortium News by Patrick Lawrence:

Alexander Mercouris… recently listed the exceptional series of meetings Putin has held over the past couple of weeks with the entire…. military and national security establishment. In Moscow, the Russian leader met with all of his top military commanders and national security officials (including) Sergei Surovikan, the general he put in charge of the Ukrainian operation….

Putin subsequently flew to Minsk with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for exchanges with the Belarus political and military leadership. Then it was onward to meet with the leaders of the two republics, Donetsk and Lugansk, that were incorporated via referenda into the Russian Federation last autumn.

It is impossible to avoid concluding that these back-to-back meetings, barely covered in the Western press, portend a new, near- or medium-term military initiative in Ukraine. As Mercouris put it, “Something very big is on the way.”

Among the most interesting encounters in all of this took place in Beijing last week, when Dmitry Medvedev, currently deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council and long close to Putin, had talks with Xi Jinping….

At some point in the not-distant future, the war of hollow rhetoric in behalf of imperial hubris will weaken and drift toward collapse. This degree of Surreal detachment from reality simply cannot be sustained indefinitely — not in the face of a new Russian initiative, whatever the form it turns out to take.” (PATRICK LAWRENCE: “A War of Rhetoric & Reality“, Consortium News)

Is Lawrence, right? Is “something big on the way?

It certainly looks like it. In the space below I have transcribed quotes from recent videos with Colonel MacGregor and Alexander Mercouris, two of the best and most reliable analysts of the war in Ukraine. Both agree that a Russian “winter offensive” will take place in the near future, and both agree on the strategic objectives of the operation. Here’s a clip from MacGregor:

The American people don’t really understand that the Ukrainian Army in the Donbas is on the verge of collapse. They’ve taken hundreds of thousands of casualties… (and) they’re closing in on one hundred and fifty thousand dead. The 93rd Ukrainian Army Brigade was just withdrawn from Bahkmut– which has been turned into a Ukrainian bloodbath by the Russians– and they left after suffering 70 percent casualties. For them, that means that out of 4,000 men… they pulled out with about 1,200 men. That is a catastrophe, but that is what’s really happening. And when the Russians finally launch their offensive, Americans are going to watch this entire house of cards collapse. Then the only question is, will someone finally stand up and put an end to this utterly false narrative.” (“Colonel Douglas MacGregor”, Real America, Rumble; 8:45 min)

And here’s more MacGregor:

It is looking more and more like the Russians would like to complete their task in Donbas first. They want to eliminate all the Ukrainian forces that are in the Donbas… Remember, this was always an economy-of-force measure. It was designed to grind up as many Ukrainians as possible at the lowest possible cost to the Russians. That’s what’s been going on in southern Ukraine (and) it continues. It has worked brilliantly. And Surovikin, the theatre commander, has said that will continue until he’s ready to launch his offensive. When the offensive is launched, it will be a very different battle. But the interesting thing is, that the Ukrainians have taken so many casualties in the South, we are beginning to hear reports that they are on the verge of collapse. And that’s why we’re hearing about teenage boys age 14 or 15 pressed into service. …and we’re getting videos from Ukrainian soldiers saying,”The people in Kiev had better hope that the Russians get to them before we do… because we’ll kill them.” They are talking about people in the government, because they see no evidence that Zelensky’s government …gives a damn about them. They are running out of food and clothes; they are freezing, they are taking heavy casualties, and they are being driven back.” (“Will Ukraine have enough Fire Power?”, Col MacGregor, Judging Freedom, You Tube; 17:35 min)

Both MacGregor and Mercouris appear to agree that the Russian strategy involves “grinding down” the enemy, (killing as many Ukrainian troops as possible) consolidating Russian gains while expanding their control over areas in the east and along the Black Sea, and, eventually, partitioning of Ukraine into 2 separate entities; a “dysfunctional rump state” in the west, and an industrialized, prosperous state in the east. Here’s Alexander Mercouris from a recent update on You Tube:

My strong impression is that ...the focus of the Russian winter offensive –which is indeed coming– will be on ending the battle in Donbas, breaking Ukrainian resistance in Donbas, clearing Ukrainian forces from the Donetsk People’s Republic. It does not look to me as if the Russians are planning some great advance on Kiev or on western Ukraine. That is not what these comments of General Gerasimov say. …the Russians are focusing on Donetsk… It’s ‘low risk’ but it is highly-effective. It is grinding down the Ukrainian Army exactly as General Surovikin said. It is weakening Ukraine’s future ability to continue the war and — at the same time– it fulfills Russia’s primary mission which, from the start, has been the liberation of Donbas.

Now, it is not going to end there. Other Russian officials have been saying that in 2023, we should see the recapture of Kherson region … and there will most surely be other Russian advances in other places. But the main battle was, and remains, Donbas. Once that battle is won, once Ukrainian resistance is broken, the Ukrainian army will be fatally weakened… which means that Ukraine will not only have lost its most heavily industrialized region, and its most heavily fortified zone. It will also mean the Russians will have unimpeded access all the way to the east bank of the Dnieper River. At that point, they will be in a position to cut Ukraine in half. This seems logical to me and it seems clearly to me that this is the Russian plan. They are not making a secret of it, but they are keeping people on-their-toes and guessing about the troops that are in Belarus. But I suspect the primary purpose of those forces is to pin Ukrainian soldiers down …around Kiev from a possible Russian offensive there, and to counter the very big buildup of Polish troops. So that is what Gerasimov has been saying.” (“Alexander Mercouris on Ukraine”, You Tube; 31:35 min)

While no one can predict the future with absolute certainly, it seems that both MacGregor and Mercouris have a good-enough grip on the facts that their scenario cannot be dismissed out-of-hand. In fact, the present trajectory of the conflict suggests that their predictions are probably “dead on”. In any event, we won’t have to wait long to find out. Temperatures are dropping fast across Ukraine which allows for the unencumbered movement of tanks and armored vehicles. Russia’s winter offensive is probably just weeks away.

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  1. Wokechoke says:

    Prediction time.

    I’d concentrate forces facing north from the bank of the Dnieper north of Melitopol East to West to Donetsk. Attack and surround Zaporizhzhia Sich and push all the folks out after dropping the bridges. Would constitute a mortal blow to Ukraine. it’s doable with 300,000 men and few thousand tanks backed up by drones and GPS guided missiles. Most of that city is on the wrong side of the river.

    Who knows what Russia might do.

    I’d also look at Toretsk. But that would mean concentrating all in Donbass anyway.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @tito
  2. Mercuris is such an incurable optimist that I have stopped watching his videos. He’s like VIA Rail, the Canadian passenger rail service, forever saying what it’s going to do, and nothing ever coming of it. Hope he’s right, though.

  3. When Dr Evil held the “world” up for ransom for 100 billion dollars it was a comedic premise.

    When Zelensky comes to America to collect 100 billion dollars with his hat in hand for more, it’s a farce. And sadly, it’s not a movie.

    • Agree: Franz, JR Foley, A. Clifton
  4. Wokechoke says:

    It is how he got disbarred in the UK. Promising something that would happen to a client. I’m not sure how that differs from what an accident attorney does in the US though.

  5. “major Russian offensive may be just weeks away…”

    or months, or years, or

    most likely, never.

    Babyface Tsar!:

    wo is das grosse Winterschlacht?!

    wenn is das grosse Winterschlacht?!!

  6. Everyone is still waiting for a big Russian winter offensive. I realized the Russians could advance a couple hundred miles and we wouldn’t know yet. Putin will not want EU or NATO members to discuss intervening, while our CIA and the Ukes always hide disasters.

    Russia is grinding forward in the Donbas. Maybe this is Putin’s plan to ethnically cleanse the Donbas by forcing all the civilians to leave, and weaken Ukraine by forcing millions more Uke civilians to flee to the EU. The Russians may just slowly grind westward for all of 2023 and force most Ukrainians to flee to the EU to destabilize Europe with millions of unwanted refugees.

    • Agree: H. L. M
    • LOL: meamjojo
  7. Cook-ie says:

    In 1947 President Truman made a speech that became known as the Truman Doctrine…here is an extract:

    At the present moment in world history nearly every nation must choose between alternative ways of life. The choice is too often not a free one. One way of life is based upon the will of the majority, and is distinguished by free institutions, representative government, free elections, guarantees of individual liberty, freedom of speech and religion, and freedom from political oppression. The second way of life is based upon the will of a minority forcibly imposed upon the majority. It relies upon terror and oppression, a controlled press and radio; fixed elections, and the suppression of personal freedoms.

    It seems eveything has been turned upside-down…Truman words descrbing the Soviet Union now descibe the U.S

  8. I still don’t believe anything special will happen soon.

    Putinistas have been preaching since April, right after the Kiev offensive bluff, that ukraine’s collapse is right after the corner. I would love they were right, but I prefer to live in reality, than in fairy tales.

  9. Notsofast says:

    that sly old fox putin, played possum for 8 years while the russian bear slowly awoke from it’s long hibernation (sorry for the mammilian mixed metaphors and illustrative alliteration).

    they have been poking the bear so long, that the fools thought they could get away with it forever and now that the bear has come out of his cave, the neocons panicked response is “we need more sticks”.

    the russians have had enough and are now arming for a much bigger war, after cleaning house in ukraine. looking at the long range weather forecast it should be below freezing for the last 3 weeks of january. orthodox christmas is on the 7th and they may wait until then but imo there will be an overwhelming russian response that may draw in u.s., polish, u.k. forces into a coalition of the stupid. if this does in fact happen, they will walk into a bear trap that they, themselves set. imo this is exactly what the russians want and they will utterly destroy all nato mercenaries, troops and equipment and if they are directly facing nato all gloves will come off. my only question is whether or not these zioneocons are stupid enough to actually do this and they may just be that stupid, to tell the truth i’m kinda hoping they do, as that might just be the end of nato, as the cannon fodder “allies” are decimated and their economies and societies crumble, this may be the only hope for them to remove the millstone of nato from their necks before they are dragged down to their predictable doom.

  10. anon[423] • Disclaimer says:

    ” What the Russians are going to do is pursue the only option that is available to them: They are going to obliterate the Ukrainian Army, reduce a large part of the country to rubble, and force the political leadership to comply with their security demands. It’s a bloody and wasteful course of action, but there’s ”
    Country will be emptied of the Uki. Uki refugees wont return. Russian jews living in Israel will return . They are not liked by the zealot in Israel. Those Jewish who left Ukraine will retrun. Blackrock will rebuild the country . Ukraine will accecpt Russian demands and become Jewish in charecter . US and Germany will keep on sending what they send to Israel.
    Who knows yearsin future ,Ukraine will sue Iran for supplying drones and Russia will try toforget everything.

  11. @Haxo Angmark

    Your comments are ridiculous, and your comedy is so tragic as to border on clownish. You have no idea what’s going to happen in the future but still make fun of solid theory put forward by real experts. You’re a shill that serves the usual suspects so that’s why your distractions are front and centre…

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  12. Notsofast says:

    artificial stupidity has now advanced so far, that we have drunken bots. what a day of miracles and wonderment, are we not blessed?

    • Replies: @anon
  13. Notsofast says:

    babyfaced hacksawasshole should at least, come up with a new line, or stfu.

  14. It’s horrible, ghastly, that the Nasty Abhorrent Terrorist Organization still exists. Totally Satanic! It’s done nothing but naked aggression. Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq! Um… Atlantic? Huh? Why does it exist?

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  15. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:

    Ukriane is already under the control of the Ashkenazi and Nazi . Now some more virulent and not so intelligent from Israel will join them to mount criminal activities in and outside Ukraine. You should apply for citizenship.

  16. Notsofast says:

    correction: ukraine is currently under control of zioneocons. now some intelligent and not virulent force will violently displace them (if necessary), so they can move to israel (until being further displaced when justice is finally delivered to the world as a whole). tififymf.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  17. @Wokechoke

    I’d like to see Odessa taken and Ukraine landlocked. But I think Putin is allowing America to grind itself out of existence.

    It’s amazing, United States Banana Republic, low life expectancy, infrastructure wrecked because they can only lend money for interest, not spend it on government-owed infrastructure; poorly educated population because the population can’t afford it and be in debt paying interest for a lifetime, so businesses have to hire well-educated Iranians! … , tents in the streets, … Amazing!

    Keep going, Putin. Encourage them to keep grinding their country out of existence.

  18. @anon

    Don’t disparage Nazis by grouping them with Ashkenazim. The Neonazis in Ukraine are Nasties, granted.

    • Agree: traducteur, P. Cleburne
  19. MarkU says:
    @The seventh column

    Actually I can’t see a sudden collapse either, I think the grind will go on. The Ukrainians will be replaced by Poles, Romanians and whatever other mercenary scum the NATO countries can dredge up. The Poles in particular seem to be up for it and I have a suspicion that they are likely to do something completely insane as soon as the tide turns against the NATO proxy forces (I suspect that Uncle Satan has promised them Galicia and a status hike in the EU) Although the RF will continue to take ground it is unlikely the conflict will be ended militarily, Uncle Satan is having far too much fun to give up the game any time soon.

    (Its a sign of the times when a comedian is doing a better job of journalism than most of the so-called journalists)

    The conflict probably be decided by the social and economic collapse of the West.

    Or we might have a nuclear war.

  20. Biff says:

    It’s amazing how many people think the Ukraine situation is fresh out of the bottle, or the latest dust-up form of Russian aggression(CIA talking points). The Americans have been writing(The Grand Chessboard, Wolfewitz Doctrine, PNAC), talking about(think tanks), and planning(more think tanks) for this Ukrainian war for the past thirty years. It was easy to see this coming in November, 2004 when the Orange Revolution got started.

    This war is not some kind of surprise the Media(CIA) is making it out to be!

  21. 22pp22 says:

    I stopped listening to Mercouris because his prognostications never actually came to pass.

    • Agree: Backward
    • Replies: @Redman
  22. Richard B says:
    @Not Important

    there can be no business with the Anglo-Saxon world

    Hahaha! Anglo-Saxon world? WTF?
    Tony Blinken and Victoria Nuland Anglo-Saxons? Hahaha!
    Yeah, they’re ready to duke it out with Russia using nuclear weapons on behalf of their Anglo-Saxon brethren. Hahaha!

    If Russia is willing to go to war why doesn’t it name its enemy?
    Since when is verbal weasling a sign of strength?

    If your enemy is too scared to name you you’ve already won.

  23. Man, the power of a good graphic!

    The article cover just makes me smile.

  24. @Notsofast

    Is this really you would do? What video game are you playing this on? LOL. Thanks for a laugh.

    Whoops!! This comment is for Wokechokeblokebroke.

  25. Scott Ritter is more credible and consistent than Mercouris.

  26. @MarkU

    Once Polish forces cross the border into Ukraine, they will be slaughtered. Russia will maintain air superiority. They will be paid visits by Mr. Kinzhal, and other hypersonics. Also, Russia has a ballistic missile with MIRVS. All with conventional warheads. The Polish economy cannot sustain such an expeditionary offensive force. Inflation NOW is running at 17% and the deprivation of the population will be severe this winter and beyond.

    Take out LNG Terminals. No gas or oil from Russia. It’s all over before it gets started.

    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  27. IronForge says:


    It’s SSDD – Economic Artillery Grind and Drone Strikes as PMCs+Donbas Militia take over Territory – until after the New Years and the Orthodox Christmas.

    Once the Family Seasonal Festivals and Leave Rotations complete – it’s All Green for the Offensive Teams…

  28. Putin can’t crush his enemy in Ukraine. His enemy is in Washington. Putin will outlast his enemy. While he continues to tighten the screw on Ukraine Washington continues to tighten the screw on Europe and America. Putin’s job is to avoid neuclear war while working to destroy the American Dollar.

    I dislike playing the barstool Napolean. But these analists seem unaware that King Dollar is on his death bed.

  29. Scenario: Russian drives which are steadily surrounding Bakhmut/Artemovsk are right now on the verge of cutting that fortress city off from supplies, reinforcements and a corridor of retreat. Anyway, the Ukies’ little Piano Dick Tater has forbidden retreat.

    Over the next week, the vise should have closed, artillery and rocket bombardments of the trapped mice (the rats are back in Kiev) will reach a crescendo. Virtually unbearable psychologically. On about the fifth perhaps the Russians would switch the bombardment to gazillions of leaflets, demanding surrender and promising food, shelter, medical assistance and general good treatment.

    At the same time, high powered loudspeakers will join in. They might inform the Ukie grunts and 15 Y.O. draftees that their ranking officers and nationalist fanatics will threaten them if they raise white flags to surrender. Anticipating that, possibly the Russians will remind those suffering men, that there are worse things than surrender and that they already know that, huddled as they are in freezing trenches and running out of food, clean water, medical supplies and even a bit of warmth. That message could include the fact that there are far more of them that (1. they are still armed and that there are (2. far more of them than there are fanatics following Zelensky’s insane and dehumanizing orders.

    Best of all possible outcomes would be for those approximately 30,000 men will come to the rational decision that it would be better to live.

    Ideal surrender date would be January 7, which is Christmas for both parties to the conflict. Perhaps the Ukrainian soldiers would decide that a nice bowl of borsht and a big hunk of dark rye bread from their Slavic brothers would be a whole lot more appetizing than more of Nudelman’s cookies. That bitch is getting fat anyway and is rapidly coming to look almost as evil as her soul.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @Ramstein
  30. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

    The conflict probably be decided by the social and economic collapse of the West.

    That is the last act, certainly.
    Most likely sequence of moves:
    1) Russia attacks until Ukraine cannot field an effective conventional force.
    2) Increased NATO intervention fails, perhaps after some tit for tat or some escalation. Worst case: US Federal level government panics and becomes ineffective after escalation chain results in Russian Federation destroys a US coastal city, probably New York, NY.
    Best case: Russia captures US tripwire force, US withdraws from NATO to ransom force.
    Very worst case: Launch of US/Russian forces reduces world population by 7 to 7.5 billion people, and moves (3) to (4) don’t happen.
    3) Germany switches sides, Russia provides nuclear protection.
    4) The conflict is decided by the social and economic collapse of the current West, followed soon by social and economic collapse of the rest of the world with the exception of the Russian/European block, which will merely become extremely poor.

  31. Playing Putin’s Nostradamus yet again, just how long do you have to stare at Putin’s balls to come up with these? In the meantime Putin just signed Russia’s Unified Biometric System (UBS) into existence after his party rushed its approval in parliament; it included a so-called “opt-out” possibility, but those pesky illusions of choice can always be scrapped in the name of “fighting” terrorism, neo-nazism, climate change, plandemic, etc., etc. That’s an exact “multipolar” mirror of what the terrorist USEUNATO conglomerate has started with their plandemic “green pass” system that’s yet to be shaped into a more definitive form in the future. Then there’s also this

    28 Dec, 2022 14:57
    HomeBusiness News
    Russia and Türkiye start work on natural gas hub – Gazprom
    The aim is to ensure transparent and fair pricing in the global energy market, CEO Aleksey Miller says

    So that’s the same “Türkiye” that’s still NATO’s 2nd most important force, and Russian gas with a Turkish markup is a godsend for Western political puppets commanded to make a mess of global geopolitical economy. At this point there could even be a nuke exchange between Putin and his US-led terrorist partners; as long as it’s only taxcattle doing the all the mass-dying, they can always look forward to a bright future with many opportunities for hostile business in “multipolarity”.

    • Agree: Backward
    • Replies: @Chaps
  32. Franz says:

    Actual 1981 book title, Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984? by Andrei Amalrik.

    Need 2023 sequel, Will NATO Survive Until 2024?

    My guess is No. Any writers want to take it on?

  33. Mercouris: “Something Big Is On the Way”

    I usually watch the Mercouris daily shows, and find him to be quite cautious as a general rule. I see less of MacGregor, but the quotes provided by the author seem to be sensible ones.

    Whatever it coming is bound to be substantial. From the beginning analysts have claimed that Bakhmut is the key to Ukrainian defenses in the East, and this may be why they are so desperately defending the place. All indications are that Ukraine is hanging on by a thread in the city, and a collapse there coupled with the deployment of the new Russian reserves suggests that the coming front line will eventually be the Dnieper River at a minimum.

    Ordinarily this would mean the end of war, but there is a very big wild card in the form of NATO Prestige. And US “credibility”. And Apartheid state desperation.

    I’m now going to speculate on the basis of nothing more than a ‘gut feeling’ that this is why there have been recent high-level – and high publicity – contacts between Russia and China. Biden is a feeble old warmonger who can be easily manipulated, and if our Zionist Overlords order a nuclear reaction to a big Russian victory, both Russia and China need to be prepared for the worst. It’s my understanding China wasn’t warned about the start of the SMO. I’d propose that they’ve been given many details of the “Big” operation coming down the pike. This will allow them to batten down the hatches in many areas, including of course preparing for desperate US economic and military reactions to the Ukrainian defeat I and many others see coming.

    For example, it’s perfectly obvious that a nation willing to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from Russia won’t blink at doing the same to China.

    • Agree: MarkU
  34. Zane says:

    I wish Putin would tell the world the truth about 911.

  35. Lurker says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    to destabilize Europe with millions of unwanted refugees

    Europe already has millions of unwanted refugees from Africa, Asia and the ME. Some of them have been here for generations. Although our governments keep insisting that they are our greatest strength. Evidence yet to be provided.

    I’d happily trade the lot of them for Ukrainians.

    • Agree: David Homer
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  36. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The Atlantic Ocean exists because the USers haven’t bombed it dry yet, perhaps because they’re busy “bringing” Freedom and the Mocracy to the Indo-Pacific region.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
  37. Tucker says:

    I sure would enjoy running into Mel Gibson and sharing a few cold beers with him, and then remembering how perfectly he nailed it when he correctly pointed out that jews have been responsible for nearly all of the most catastrophically destructive and murderous wars that have occurred throughout world history.

    And, right now – the jews who have hijacked the USA have managed to drag us to the brink of what will be the most horrific and destructive World War #3 with a nuclear armed nation and if they are not stopped, and if the jewish stranglehold over the USA is not permanently broken – these mentally insane, blood thirsty psychopaths will wind up rendering the entire planet uninhabitable.

  38. Anon001 says:

    Some interesting writings [1][2][3].

    [1] What is ahead for Russia and Ukraine in 2023? | Nikola Mikovic

    Excerpt: But Russian President Vladimir Putin does not seem to value human life too much. Although Russian officials claim that the West intends to fight until the last Ukrainian, in reality it is the Kremlin that seems to fight until the last Russian. Quite aware of that, hundreds of thousands of Russians will continue leaving their country in 2023. Indeed, not many Russians are willing to die as cannon fodder so that Putin and his oligarchs can continue selling gas and ammonia to their dear Western partners … Next year will, however, mark the beginning of the end of the Putin regime. Sooner or later, he will either be forced to resign, or will be overthrown, although not necessarily in 2023, and possibly not even before the end of the Ukraine war. From the Western perspective, the longer Putin and his corrupt and incompetent officials and generals stay in power, the better.

    [2] Vladimir Putin: moron or traitor? | Nikola Mikovic

    Excerpt: In 2018 the Russian leader explained how he, following the request from his American partners during the Maidan protests in Kyiv in 2014, pressured the then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych not to deploy troops and crackdown on Maidan demonstrators. As a result, Yanukovych was overthrown, and Putin blamed Poland, France, and Germany for not forcing Yanukovych’s opponents to implement the agreement on a settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine signed on February 21, 2014, by the Ukrainian president and opposition leaders. “Was that the first time that the West deceived us,” Russian journalist – critics would call him a propagandist – Vladimir Solovyov asked Putin. “It was possibly the first time that they deceived us in such a rude and arrogant way,” the Russian leader replied. To this day, Putin continues blaming the West for violating various deals, quite aware that the Russian media will never dare to question the Kremlin’s narrative. In other words, no mainstream figure on the Russian political scene will ever ask if Putin is a complete moron who keeps getting deceived by his Western partners or if he might consciously work for the interests of Russia’s opponents.

    [3] Ungrateful Russians … | Riley Waggaman aka Edward Slavsquat

    Excerpt: It was Putin who, in a message to the Federal Assembly at the end of 2016, announced the launch of the Digital Economy program (Digital economy is a global project of the WEF and the World Bank), it was the president who, in further speeches, accelerated the “digital transformation” of everything that moves, and not only, prescribed it in the National Development Goals of the Russian Federation until 2030 ( “an amazing coincidence” with the SDGs and the “2030 Agenda” from the UN).

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Anonymous
  39. BroNat, funny as always


    Video Link

    • Agree: Durruti
  40. anonymous[231] • Disclaimer says:

    Some Polish media is talking about military preparations for a take-over of former Polish territory in West Ukraine around Lviv (Lwów), with armed columns flying the Polish flag moving in by 4 May, and a referendum to re-annex to Poland in former Polish regions of Ukraine, on 11 July, 80th anniversary of the start of the Volhynia massacre of Poles by Ukrainians.

    Implicit here is a scenario under which the war ends, Zelensky allowing the incursion, Putin giving a tacit ok … the fact that Poles take some of former Ukraine too, making it easier for West to accept Russia has recovered Russian areas to its bosom.

    According to some, Poles have realised:
    – Ukraine cannot ‘win’ the war, only delay the end
    – Poland has realised its bigger, worse enemy is Soros globohomo West who control Brussels: if Zelensky-Ukraine would win, traditional-culture Poland would be targeted & overthrown
    – Poland recovering ancient lands, will help ultra-anti-Russia Poles adapt to reality
    – Poland taking back part of Ukraine will help Western people grasp it is not ‘borders’ but self-determination that is primary (as in Kosovo-Serbia case) … but with respect for all heritage minorities & local culture … peace with Russia can be achieved, with honour for all who fought bravely

    Map of post-war Ukraine region from Polish television, Hungary and Romania also recovering portions for themselves, the Russians taking Odessa, a land-locked Ukraine continuing in much of where most are Ukrainian speakers

    Lede of Polish article on West Ukraine takeover preparations (in Polish, image via Yandex translate)

    • Thanks: MarkU, Agent76
  41. I have said this many times. We have not had a frozen winter in Zaporozhye for several years. Last year it snowed seriously about 3 times, the ground did not harden. So expecting the ground to freeze this winter is somewhat delusional. It might, but it probably won’t and you don’t base a military objective on a maybe. I am not saying that there will not be an offensive on the part of the Russians, in fact I hope they do but they will not be waiting for a decent frost.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @nokangaroos
  42. meamjojo says:

    Yes, “Something big is on the way” and if you are a Russian male of fighting age who doesn’t want ot be sent ot he front lines as cannon fodder, then you best ru across the borders now!
    “You only have one week left”: Reznikov warns Russians about Putin’s plans
    FRIDAY, 30 DECEMBER 2022, 23:42

    Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, has warned the Russians that their leadership is preparing for a new “wave” of mobilisation and planning to close the borders within a week.

    Source: Reznikov’s video address

    Quote: “On the eve of the New Year, I want to address the citizens of Russia who are liable for military service. First of all, this concerns residents of major Russian cities.

    I know for sure that you have about one week when there is at least some choice left.

    In early January, the Russian authorities will close the borders for men, then declare martial law and begin another wave of mobilisation. The borders will also be closed in Belarus.”

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  43. As a follow up to my earlier comment, Bakhmut is almost done but Slavyansk and Kramatorsk are still to be cleaned up as well as Avdeevka and surrounding areas. Considering that Avdeevka is a stone throw from Donetsk and has been shelling the major city for years unabated, I am of the opinion that this Donbass clean up has a long way to go. It will be an April offensive at the earliest.

  44. meamjojo says:

    Liberation of Kreminna will weaken Russian positions near Bakhmut
    SATURDAY, 31 DECEMBER 2022, 09:24

    Serhii Haidai, the Head of Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, has explained that the liberation of Kreminna city (Luhansk Oblast) will open up two fronts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and allow them to strike at the Russians who are attacking Bakhmut.

    Quote: “It is impossible to exaggerate the importance here because two fronts are opening [from Kreminna – ed.].

    One is to Starobilsk, and it will be the de-occupied logistics centre of the Luhansk Oblast. And then, it will be very difficult for the enemy to transfer any reserves or equipment or personnel because all roads leading from Starobilsk can be taken under fire control.

  45. SOL says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    “Maybe this is Putin’s plan to ethnically cleanse the Donbas by forcing all the civilians to leave”

    Educate yourself as to who lives in the Donbas and what happened on 9/20/22.

  46. Backward says:

    If someone wants factual analysis instead of Whitney’s usual hogwash, I suggest Paul Craig Roberts’ series of articles titled “The ever widening war”. In the last item, PCR points out how the US has attacked a strategic Russian military base 600 km *inside* Russia for the third time in one month.
    The interview Whitney conducted with PCR clearly didn’t help shed Mike’s delusions about Putin the great general. Perhaps Whitney is just a shill, alternatively he is a moron.
    I must say though that I don’t think PCR is entirely correct either, as he fails to see that this is an agreed war.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  47. Karl1906 says:

    Oh, Mr Whitney! Sooo much wasted effort to turn Putin into Captain… Russia.

    There would have been a much easier solution… The Winter Soldier. A character who fits even better to Putin. As he started out as a product of the Soviet Union and later became a hero and the next in line after Captain America.

    And I’m not even into (Marvel) comics for that matter.

    • Agree: Backward
  48. @MarkU

    Jimmy Dore is right, they are total psychos. The thing is, psychopaths are delusional, they always overestimate themselves, are addicts to adrenaline rushes, miscalculate the other’s reaction b/c they project and have no empathy, are shallow thinkers b/c their logic is only “horizontal” without a “vertical” dimension, which can make them score high on IQ tests but they are fundamentally idiots b/c their judgment is impaired, and they always overplay their hand eventually.
    We just have to hope that overplaying their hand won’t mean going nuclear.

  49. Tom Welsh says:

    “Sometime in the near future –when they finally realize that their economic survival is inextricably linked to access to cheap fossil fuel– EU leaders will change course and implement a policy that ensures their own prosperity…”

    That otherwise admirable sentence unfortunately contains a huge fallacy. It is the identification of “EU leaders” with “EU nations and citizens”. That, in turn, is a confusion readily made by those who believe that Western “democracy” is real in any way.

    The truth, of course, is that Western “democracy” is completely fake: an elaborate though superficial masquerade just far-reaching enough to allow most of the citizens to go on happily deluding themselves.

    The interests, economic and other, of EU leaders are in no way identical to those of the nations they control. Indeed, in many ways they are the exact opposite. Paul Craig Roberts, a man with deep and long experience of top-level Washington politics, explained this clearly 6 years ago:

    ‘The European founders of the EU are mythical creatures. Washington used politicians that Washington controlled to create the EU.

    ‘Some years ago CIA documents proving that the EU was a CIA initiative were released. See: and

    ‘In the 1970s my Ph.D. dissertation chairman, then a very high-ranking official in Washington with control over international security affairs, asked me to undertake a sensitive mission abroad. I refused. Nevertheless, he answered my question: “How does Washington get foreign countries to do what Washington wants?”

    ‘“Money,” he said. “We give their leaders bagfuls of money. They belong to us.”

    ‘The record is clear that the EU serves the interests of Washington, not the interests of Europe’.

  50. The only thing on the way is more Whitney BS.

    • Agree: Backward
  51. Tom Welsh says:

    “What the Russians are going to do is pursue the only option that is available to them: They are going to obliterate the Ukrainian Army, reduce a large part of the country to rubble, and force the political leadership to comply with their security demands. It’s a bloody and wasteful course of action, but there’s really no other option”.

    And when you recall that for most of the last 1200 years Ukraine has been one of the wealthiest and most integral parts of Russia – that Ukrainians speak Russian and share Russian culture, and that many of the greatest Soviet citizens (such as Khruschev) were Ukrainians – you immediately see what a triumph the current situation is for Russia’s enemies.

    It’s as if the US armed forces were incurring thousands of casualties and spending immense amounts of ammunition levelling, say, California or Illinois, while killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of their inhabitants. Russian strikes on Kiev are roughly analogous to US strikes on New Orleans or Boston.

    What the West has accomplished is to turn Ukraine, once the most prosperous part of Russia and the USSR, into a cancerous organ much of which must be bloodily and painfully hacked away if the patient is to survive.

  52. Merkel and Hollande are guilty of War Crimes against people of Donbass

    It is clear in their admission of planning illegal war and unbelievable how Merkel threw away Germany’s postwar penitence to return to 1942 and slip comfortably back into the old German skin

    Germany survived two wars and even after 1919 had Rapallo cooperation with USSR until Hitler ended all cooperation 1933 and after Willi Brandt built on Adenauer’ s efforts Germany had good relations with USSR under Schmidt and Kohl thanks to Genscher

    Russia will NEVER trust Germany ever again
    US has succeeded in putting Germany back into instability

  53. JR Foley says:

    2,000 Canadians in Latvia will stir things up !!

    • LOL: Derer
    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  54. @anon

    Country will be emptied of the Uki. Uki refugees wont return. Russian jews living in Israel will return . They are not liked by the zealot in Israel. Those Jewish who left Ukraine will retrun. Blackrock will rebuild the country . Ukraine will accecpt Russian demands and become Jewish in charecter . US and Germany will keep on sending what they send to Israel.

    Wow. Well done. Eight sentences. Each of them somehow even more absurd, frighteningly unreal, and surreally insane than the last. Are you on medication ?

    Please leave. You are lowering the average IQ of this website.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  55. Z-man says:

    Besides being annoying you sabotage your otherwise serious post as appearing, at the least, sophomoric.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  56. Tom Welsh says:
    @The seventh column

    I think the best explanation is that the Russians – while not deceived or over-optimistic – went in realising that many scenarios might arise. The one we have seen is close to worst-case. The Kiev junta might have buckled right away; Russian troops might have captured them; the Ukrainian army might have rebelled or refused to fight.

    Instead, not only did the junta have means of forcing or deceiving Ukrainians to fight in the belief that they were justified; NATO supplied more and more weapons, ammunition, and even soldiers – as well as the state-of-the-art intelligence and targetting info they have given Kiev ever since February, and earlier.

    The Russians must have known that they might end up using Kiev as a lever to demolish NATO; but they probably hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

    It has, and I think we shall see that the Russian plans for this near-worst-case contingency are more than adequate. Remember that, after all, what we are witnessing is essentially a civil war. The precedent of the “American Civil War” is not encouraging for Kiev or Washington.

  57. padre says:

    You have completely destroyed the poor man, he didn’t stand a chance with someone like you!

  58. @Haxo Angmark

    Laxo-tive Angmark at it again when he writes :

    “major Russian offensive may be just weeks away…”

    or months, or years, or

    most likely, never.

    Laxo, you and your small hat comrades are getting mighty nervous.
    You know Russia’s obliteration of the Judeo backed Ukrainian proxy regime is the beginning of the end for the Anglo-Zionist empire – hence the reason for your stupid remarks.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Backward
  59. This thought that Europe will at some point have had enough and will decouple from the neocon agenda seems to be a silly notion and was the teaspoon of dung that ruined the gallon of good soup in this article.

    Does the author think that the people of Europe have a say? Even if they did, the 30% that didn’t take the ‘jab’ would be the only pool to draw from and the street whores that are propelled into the top positions of any European government don’t feel too threatened when backed by 70% of the peasants.

    For the umteenth time folks, the purposeful destruction of Nordstream in four places that every surrounding nation was AFRAID to investigate and/or release their findings was the modern day equivalent of Cortez burning his ships.

    Even the knee-slapper that Russia did it to itself got filed away in the same dossier with Pelosi’s homo husband’s naked supposed MAGA boy toy. Speaking MAGA boys, whatever happened to Jussie Smollet?

    People may notice that in totally insane times, where every development becomes more bizarre than the last, the memory hole doesn’t have to be dug too deep for it to conceal what may have been regime changing scandals as recently as the heady days when a Watergate could topple a President. These days Watergate wouldn’t even make the news.

    Ok, it was 50 years ago but it still serves as a metric to gauge the rapid pace of degeneration.


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  60. Z-man says:

    It's a sign of the times when a comedian is doing a better job of journalism than most of the so-called journalists)

    Ain’t it the truth. Bizarro world.

  61. As ever, Whitney never mentions the elephant in the room. The Zionist neocons, very largely Jews, have controlled US defence and foreign policy for the last 30 years. There have been innumerable wars in the Middle East to make it “safe for Israel”. These wars have cost upwards of $21 trillion – over 70% of national debt. When the US goes bankrupt shortly, the root cause will be Zionism.

    These people and their minions are of course intensely hostile to Russia, especially now that it has returned much more to its traditional values. They desire nothing more than the partition of Russia into statelets subservient to the West generally and America in particular. These statelets would be plundered for their resources and their economies controlled by Western corporate interests, many of them Jewish. That is their aim.

    Zelensky is a little Jewish conman, who dreams of Ukraine being a “big Israel”. No guesses as to who will play the part of the Palestinians.

    Despite being a miniscule minority in Ukraine – less than 1%, maybe as low as 0.12%, 3 out of the top 5 Ukrainian oligarchs are Jewish. The wealthiest, Kholomoisky, bankrolled Zelensky’s bid for the presidency. He also controls the Azov Regiment, which most people regard as his private army. Haaretz, a few years ago, claimed he was the most powerful Jew in the world. Zelensky’s Ukraine is very much a Zionist project.

    None of this, and more besides, is ever mentioned by Whitney. Until he does, I won’t take him seriously.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  62. @traducteur

    Mercouris’ videos tend to be overlong, and really need to be structured and edited much better, as well as having maps and graphics inserted. It’s as if he is still a barrister labouring points to a jury.
    And, of course, on some matters he has been spectacularly wrong. Right up to February 24th, he was still claiming that there would be no Russian incursion.

    Having said that, he has provided connections to many informative and authoritative sources. Amongst the best is Lt Col Alex Vershinin.
    Alex Vershinin
    U.S. Lt. Col. Alex Vershinin retired after 20 years of service, including eight years as an armor officer with four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and 12 years working as a modeling and simulations officer in NATO and U.S. Army concept development and experimentation. This included a tour with the U.S. Army Sustainment Battle Lab, where he led the experimentation scenario team.

    Vershinin is also an expert on military industrial production. What he writes completely destroys Western propaganda about the war. He clearly expects Russia to be victorious. Very few people seem to be aware of him and his writings, and I am grateful for Mr Mercouris for bringing him to my notice. Here’s his most recent article, dated 22nd December. It is the best article I have read on the war, and I strongly recommend that you read it.

    • Thanks: Levtraro, Miro23, Dieter Kief
  63. Master P says:

    Wake me up when the bombs start dropping. [yawns]

  64. Realist says:
    @Not Important

    Talk is cheap…don’t talk…DO

    Putin should have acted decisively from the start.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
    • Replies: @Derer
  65. Wokechoke says:

    I recall reading about the first color revolution around 2005 in The Times in articles by David Aaronovitch.

    He’ s a typically slimy looking yid with a communist past but is now a Neocon.

    • Thanks: Ulf Thorsen
  66. If for Europe Merkel and Hollande confirm the conspiracy since 2014 by Western racism-Nazism against Russia, it is stupid to propose Putin as a criminal.

  67. A. Clifton says: • Website

    ……but, but aren’t the Palestinians actually SEMITIC…?

    ….. come HELL or HIGH-WATER.
    ….and the workers of iniquity to the ovens of TRUTH.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  68. mermaid says:

    You do not know nor understand the Slavik people. Now that they see the Zelensky monster being responsible for hundreds of thousands of Christian Slavs dead and the country destroyed, they will blame the Khazars for this and so will Europe. I predict that Israhell and Ukraine will both cease to exist. I feel sorry for the Jewish people because they will pay the price for the monsters like Zelensky amongst them.

    • Replies: @Backward
    , @1jonny
  69. Brosi says:

    Ukraine, the New Khazaria as a new refuge land for secret elites

    Putin, who played a key role is only a tool. Even with his appearance of indomitable character, he is only a figure, a kind of queen on a chessboard. Putin plays for the same team as the world’s elite, who is moving the center of power from the United States to a new one consisting of Russia and China. Ukraine is the new, promised land for the Jewish elite, free from the Ukrainians.

    There should be no more than 8 million population on Ukraine. Elites have decided already

    Eugeni Gilbo: As far as I know there are a lot of supporters of this “wise” idea in the Ukraine, but it is just a consequence of inadequate perception of reality and unwillingness to even think about what are the goals of the world corporatocracy regarding Ukraine. Where do you see the sovereignty? The Ukraine no longer exist, only the media hub is what’s left. They will not even disclose what will happen tonight to this designated puppet Poroshenko.

    Ukrainian oligarchs still naively hope that they will stabilize the remains of the country. So does idiots too. But I know the plans of the structures that make decisions, and it’s clearly spelled out that the Slavic population in Ukraine, after the ethnic cleansing, will remain under 8 million.

    INSIDER DAILY: And here, the shadow elite immediately made it clear that the population of present-day Ukraine isn’t needed. We have already written in their articles about what the elites need from Ukraine, considering that 27% of the fertile lands of the planet Earth are in Ukraine. In Ukraine, which will accommodate about 8 million slaves will be transferred into very high quality global agro-plantation. Russians from Russia, according to the plans of the elites, will serve as slaves, providing raw materials for the needs of the future global Zion. Europe is predestined for very unenviable role too. Europe is very resource consumption intensive continent. European high standard of living is not favorable for the elites, awaiting for her quick Islamization, genocide of rebellious enclaves and degradation which will as a consequence lead to falling living standards and much lesser resource consumption. About what will happen in America, we are writing a separate article.

    This is the depopulation agenda laid out as clearly as it was in the Protocols. Ukraine and Russia will both disappear. “Ukrainians” and “Russians” will once again become Khazarian slaves.


    Eugeni Gilbo: You are not even close to understanding what I mean. As with all of the former Ukraine. War propaganda through media here is not enough, you are just being merely anesthetized before euthanasia. Ukraine was sentenced not only to euthanasia but rather genocide. It was decided that the Slavic population in the region should not be present. Between the Russian Federation or of her remains and Europe should be culturally alienated space.

    Oligarchs thought that the owners will be satisfied if they just cut out all the Russian and Ukrainians and leave only the Galicians. They are wrong. Decision is to carry out the ethnic cleansing of all Slavs. The fact that plebeians do not want to understand, nor hear – means that it will be carried out easily. In Syria, the Alawites, were aware of the question of genocide that’s why they still hold.

    Ukrainian correspondent: But it’s not in the interests of the Russian Federation! How will Putin do it?

    Eugeni Gilbo: Well, atleast you realize that it is not in the interests of the Russian Federation either. Maybe, after a course of psychiatric treatment you will grasp that all of this is not done by Putin or some other media figure.

    War is led by global corporatocracy against Russia. World corporatocracy does not think in terms of Ukraine or Russia. They don’t care at all about the governments. This Ukrainian brainwash only gives illusion that something is decided by Obama, Putin or “Brussels sprouts”. In reality, they are here just to arbiter what’s already happened. Though they are not always told in advance of what’s going on.

    In Ukraine they still believe that the Crimea was taken by the Russian military. In reality, Putin learned that they will take the Crimea, 10 days before the referendum and he was very surprised to say at least, although Kissinger made quite clear hint few weeks earlier.

  70. profnasty says:

    News source comparison: Update.
    In a little town near a Mesozoic swamp. A little man discovers a strange circumstance in Communist America. For your edification in- The Twilight Zone.
    Update. Today at Rense, major articles on Russian victories. The Beginning is Near! Meanwhile. At Google News- crickets.
    A casual observer will assume political bias. But not most readers. In. The Twilight Zone.

  71. Anonymous[136] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin is not going to allow NATO to place its hostile army and missile sites on Russia’s border.

    get lost w this bullshit, putin already has nato armies and nukes on russias borders, he has a 1000km border w new nato member finland, and presumably finland can put nukes along that entire border.

    Estonia’s border w russia is closer to st petersberg than miami is to havana and now they are basing nato nukes, so is latvia, add to that lithuania and poland.

    so what the fuck are you farting about whitney?

  72. @Richard B

    Well, it is Anglo-Saxons who provide financing, intelligence, training and Anglo-Saxon made weaponry to Ukraine. So, for all intents and purposes, it is the Anglo-Saxon world that is at war with Russia. The fact that the Anglo-Saxon world is ruled by Jews is irrelevant to Russia.

    • Agree: Harold Smith
    • Troll: Richard B
  73. anon[136] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin realizes that the only way forward is by lowering-the-boom quickly and imposing his own settlement on the vanquished.

    when did putin realize this????? fuck off w this bullshit lmao

  74. Backward says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Absolutely spot on. To present the levelling of Ukraine as a Russian triumph, even a success of policy, is something only a shill can do. However my explanation for the apparent idiocy of the Russian rulers is that they are colluded. This is not a genuine war, it is an agreed profit-making, population-controlling enterprise agreed within the international cabal.

    • Replies: @anon
  75. Anonymous[385] • Disclaimer says:
    @Paul Greenwood

    How can anyone trust anything the West says when they now admit their diplomatic efforts and guarantees were just a ruse to buy time to arm up Ukrainian government forces??

    Merkel and Hollande are almost making fun of Putin and Russia. “Hahaha, the Minsk agreements were always just a clever ruse to arm Ukraine. And you dumb Putin and Russkies fell for it. Hahahaha…”

    • Replies: @windwaves
  76. Backward says:

    Yep, we can see how much the cabal has paid for starving millions of Ukrainians with the holodomor.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  77. Backward says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    If you seriously think that the cabal only rules the “West”, you are getting mighty deluded.

  78. Trumpeter says:

    So Russia knows it has all been lies, calls the West “agreement incapable” but will go back to Mr. Nice Guy as soon as the Europeans squeal Uncle?

    This is a question of winning or oblivion for the Russians, why would they stop? Europe’s banking system is so tied into USA’s that our banking system can be crashed by using Europe’s banks as a club.

    And for the double win, all the countries opposing Russia will be stuck holding large dollar reserves whose value approaches zero.

  79. @Paul Greenwood

    Anjela Kasner-Kazmierczak aka “Frau Doktor Merkel” is a Polish Jewess.

  80. US, CAN & British (incl. ANZAC) space forces rehearse war in Europe
    Fear, terror, dread; more fear, more terror, more dread; the Jewmerican recipe for keeping European peoples (and German people in particular) enslaved, Anglo-America’s suckers (“elites”) in and Russia sidelined. The joke is: Russia is the centre (of everything).
    JewmericaIsrahellVatica – the unholy trinity – is the prime enemy of Europe. Tell that Jewish dominated “Europe”; but we, the original people, know and know all about “America” and its kindness towards “Old Europe”. I’d say: Get the fuck out!

  81. @WorkingClass

    I agree, in ten years time the big event in 2022 will be seen to be the visit of China’s Xi to Saudi Arabia.

    • Agree: littlereddot, 1jonny
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  82. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Haxo Angmark

    I do feel curious about the psychology of the Putinian Russia supporters in December 2022. It just doesn’t make any sense! I would understand old, frail boomers clinging to their precious television sets (even if on the Internet), but this isn’t even the propaganda that the Russians themselves believe! It’s an active choice of manufacturing one’s own personal bubble.

    Just a quick recap of the year and the past 8 years:
    1) Putin could have easily preserved Yanukovich in 2014, or carved out Novorussia if he had so chosen, instead, he left the people of Donbass serve as punching bags and anti-advertisement of the Russian world;
    2) in 2022, he led the best Russian forces to advance through Pripet marshes to die with nothing to show for it;
    3) attacked from 8 different directions, reaching zero strategic objectives (neither encircling the Ukrainian army in Donbass, nor taking Odessa, nor sabotaging Ukrainian logistics on the Polish border or on the Dniper River);
    4) no mobilisation until September 2022;
    5) no drones, no guided munitions, leading to the outdated artillery shooting blind, and to the supply depots being blown up by HIMARS;
    6) annexing the Tavrida governorate, then promptly retreating from Kherson, leaving any hope of ever resuming the advance on the right-bank Ukraine;
    7) wasting precious missiles on civilian infrastructure, failing even at that.

    Again, all of this lies right on the surface, and if anyone is curious about what real Russians think, here are Igor Strelkov and Evgeny Mikhailove (alongside Sofa Legion Strategist @ YouTube).

    So far, if Poland does join in on the fun in 2023, I expect a Russian military defeat, chaos, starvation, but not before both Poland and Ukraine eat up a few hundred Russian nuclear strikes. This way, the victory of Jewry in Western Eurasia will be complete, and the last potential bastion of anti-Christian Aryandom destroyed.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Derer
  83. Vladimir says:

    Only a traitor zionist gives billions of dollars to Neocon’ war to establish another Israel in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Agent76
  84. Title sounds like something from a Qanon.


    We all know how that ends lmao.

  85. Levtraro says:
    @Tom Welsh

    What the West has accomplished is to turn Ukraine, once the most prosperous part of Russia and the USSR, into a cancerous organ much of which must be bloodily and painfully hacked away if the patient is to survive.

    The most prosperous former Soviet republics (excluding Russia) were the current Baltic statelets, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This is from my Russian contacts and also from official GDP per capita figures.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  86. Miro23 says:

    I wish Putin would tell the world the truth about 911.

    Agreed. With plenty of detail and as part of a speech regarding his true US ZioGlob enemies (as opposed to the US public).

    The MSM would have to label him a “conspiracy theorist” and double down on their existing lies. He would lose Israel but should he care? They were at the heart of 9/11 and they aren’t his friends.

    An interesting angle is that by 2023 more than 50% of the US public are onboard and already don’t believe the official account.

    • Thanks: Zane
  87. Putin and Russia are the only ones defending Christians every where and standing in the way of the zionist satanic one world government and are defeating the zionist nazi regime that has infested the Ukraine, the world can thank the zionist V Nuland and her zionists cohorts for the war in the Ukraine.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity and they are destroying America.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @Backward
  88. katesisco says:

    1) Russia made it clear from the start the object was to remove Nazi kin.
    2) They made it even clearer by incorporating 4 provinces of the Ukraine reverting to NovoRussia.
    3) They have retaliated only when attacked at home.
    4) That leaves the NATO bloc to accept, openly attack, or look away when Poland, etc., does.
    5). Unfortunately, the ‘look away’ choice has already been in use since 2014 so………….

  89. MLK says:
    @The seventh column

    I still don’t believe anything special will happen soon.

    I’ll give you this, you’ve made an (admirably) terse prediction that cannot be wrong. It seems to me that special stuff has been happening for some time in the Ukraine.

    As my comments attest since the February SMO kickoff, Russia will achieve its objectives in creating a landlocked rump in Ukraine.

    Winning powers don’t underestimate their adversaries. They also accept their opponents’ strengthens and convert them into weaknesses, or at least exploit them.

    I note that less and less has been said about the Information War as this year has progressed. Russia was revealed as hopelessly outgunned on this score yet, like so many other wiz-bang capabilities the USG spent a mint constructing, its so come a cropper they won’t talk about it because to do so just makes them feel bad about themselves.

    I won’t belabor it. Suffice it to say that, considered in its totality, it’s morphed into a monumental anti-persuasion operation. It’s been so autonomically pathetic that all Russia had to do was play it straight and let the USG, headlined by President Joe Biden!, collapse American influence globally at a pace so rapid it had to be by design.

    My essential point is that the USG has utterly failed in its information war objective of shaping public opinion so that foreign governments stayed on Team Neocon.

    Thus, accepting the predicate that Russia will in the coming year, likely rather early in it, achieve its objectives in Ukraine, I assess that the USG will be forced to clarify the battle lines. What’s still playfully referred to as Ukraine is Kaput. Next up to be the tip of the spear is Poland, with Romania penciled in as a junior partner.

    That is where the analytical and speculative focus belongs at the moment. Unlike Ukraine and the benighted Ukrainians, Poland and the Polish people have been indisputable beneficiaries of post 1989-91.

    The more you know about the relevant events of the 20th C. the more you appreciate the rock and hard place Poland was in. Sitting between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union was not the hand of dealt cards anyone would ever want to have to play.

    Poland has got a lot to lose this time and will have no one to blame but themselves if they do.

    • Replies: @The seventh column
  90. I’m on team Russia…..but Russia doesn’t have the FED to print endless cash.

    I hope the jews lose.

  91. Keep throwing stuff against the wall and maybe, just maybe something will eventually stick and you can say you were right. But nothing so far. Not by a long shot.

    You do know you can’t change reality just by wishing, right?

  92. Rahan says:

    Abnormally warm winter in Easter Europe thus far.

    The pro-Ukrainian shamans have mobilized General Mudski to overcome General Frost.

  93. This informative article is a much needed dose of reality in the face of the usual, Congressional clapping-chauvinistic agitprop from the MSM. What is worse, is the rah rah B.S. from guys like this at Red State which is supposed to be unencumbered with the usual garden variety, run of the mill lies that most Americans buy into from the Main Stream Media. This guy is so awful.

    In conjunction with the map above here is a list of where Washington D.C. “planted flags” and wreaked havoc on foreign soil that diminished us as a nation, expended middle class blood and treasure in securing power and money for our ruling class.

    The 75 year history of lies, deceit, agitprop and propaganda that have seen us send our kids home in body bags, or, through Walter Reed, sans their appendages for a fantasy and a trick of fame, is a disgrace that seems to never end.

    Make no mistake about it, from the bodies of every dead man woman and child, Ukrainian and Russian that are stacked like firewood in the streets, exsanguinating into the gutters, there is a straight line reference to our Intelligence Agencies, our State Department, our government and the corrupt, venal, obscene politicians who manipulate the American electorate and murder foreigners for profit.

    The pretense that Ukraine is a democracy is preposterous. It is now and has been, a U.S. taxpayer laundering scheme concocted by gangsters in Washington D.C. (Most notably, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Pelosi, Romney and of course the Clintons and the Bidens.), who have bled the country dry by diverting that same tax payer money into No Show jobs, PAC organizations and various and sundry “pay for play” schemes that enriched our elites, devastated our middle class and murdered the unfortunate foreigners who were shoved into the American foreign policy wood chipper.

    This is just another, “Gulf of Tolkin”, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie that is fed to the world in order to make bank on the backs of the dead.

    We are not as evil as Hitler, Stalin and Mao at this point, but, we are certainly approaching Pol Pot territory.

    Respectfully, with your permission, I ask, what is to be done?

    The “Intelligence” Agencies that assassinated the Kennedys, now turns it’s murderous eyes to us. “Domestic Terrorists’ who will not buy into the lies anymore.

    Mao said that “Power stems from the end of a gun barrel”. This is EXACTLY how our “Intelligence” Agencies operate. There is no rule of law, no Constitution and the rules of engagement are at the whim and caprice of beadles like Alexander Vindman. You have no rights, no recourse, no redress.

    This is tyranny and at this point, all Americans should know, anything, ANYTHING they do to resist, no matter what, is moral, ethical and yes, you are on the side of the angels.

    Bio Weapons, Digital Currency, Vaccination passports, the actual end of the 1st and 2nd Amendments is evidence of the inexorable, undeniable total and complete control over our lives by these traitors and tyrants.

    Nothing is off of the table for them and nothing is off of the table for you.

    God Bless.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
  94. Rahan says:

    Poland is trying to become a power center like Turkey, semi-indie from NATO like Turkey.
    They’re buying now the best tech from South Korea, relying less on German and US stuff.

    A motivated Polish military armed with the latest South Korean tech would be indeed the most formidable land force in Europe. Probably needed to “protect” Western Ukraine in perpetuity.

    They too are playing a long game, like Turkey, Russia, and Hungary.

    For some reason the only leaders who appear to be incapable of long-term planning are those in the western EU. What gives.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  95. Nat X says:

    Why is yt so violent?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anon
  96. Amazing to think that Medvedev used to be one of the most “pro-Atlanticist” senior statesmen in Russia. Reality forced him to come to his senses. Give the man credit. At least, unlike Western “leaders,” he is able to see reality and recognize it.

  97. Anon[433] • Disclaimer says:

    (1) They are going to obliterate the Ukrainian Army,
    (2) reduce a large part of the country to rubble, and
    (3) force the political leadership to comply with their security demands

    #3 is inaccurate and misleading !! There will be no political leadership to comply with any security demands unless Putin is prepared to send a delegation to Miami Beach. If lucky they will find the Z and his comrades sunbathing with Jew bodyguards hiding in every Kosher sandwich. Sleazensky will not be in the least interested in anything other than the good life, compliments of the US taxpayer !!

    The Precedent has been set and the Z knows it ! And what is that precedent ? It is the one the USA has set. Defeated Dictators are caught and have a choice (a) A rope around their neck ::Saddam::or (b) A bayonet up their ass “”Gaddafi” or (c) Life in a Supermax with eligibility for parole after 200 years::Noriega::

    Correction ! Actually the choice was not theirs but that of their captors.

    The Z may be a scumbag faggot but he has all the street smarts of a hardened Pimp. He will be long gone by the time Russian forces close in.

    This bare faced shit has more brains in his tight wriggly ass than the combined heads of Ivy League crowd in DC. They have never heard the saying “When you do onto others they will do onto you”.

    The chickens always come home to roost. If he is caught Vlad may apply all three options. Jail, a blade up his arse and then a rope, just for spite LOL.

  98. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    One thing this whole Ukraine conflict has made apparent is just how dangerous mid-wits with degrees in political science, policy studies, area studies, foreign affairs, et al., are in fostering global instability and war. It’s seems to gave gotten 100 times worse since GWOT and the cultural deification of “spec ops” bullshit.

    Two NAFO bro types I’ve run across operating in Ukraine supporting the Kiev regime are Paul Massaro and Matthew Vandyke, two mid-wit political science and government majors (not to be redundant).

    IMO, we need to limit and provide accreditation to colleges and universities that only allow practical and useful and serious majors or fields of study. Math, science, engineering, accounting, nursing, technical fields, etc. Everything else should be shut down for the good of society and the world. If you want to pursue higher education you can choose from some STEM, business, or medical/health field. You want to study history or classics or government? Well, go to a local public library and read a book about it.

  99. anon[136] • Disclaimer says:

    you nailed it 100%

  100. Rahan says:

    The most prosperous former Soviet republics (excluding Russia) were the current Baltic statelets, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This is from my Russian contacts and also from official GDP per capita figures.

    Plus the vectors of state-planned economy. When this is factored in you get regions and republics which have for example lots of shoes and tractors but low protein and no fruits, and vice versa.

    People forget thus, that when comparing GDP, local market conditions, climate, and average wage, the best places to live included Georgia and Armenia. And of course, the three Baltic states. The poorest and least developed where the Central Asian republics.

    The Ukraine + Belarus + Russia (in other words “European Russia + Eurasian Russia”) were the paypigs sponsoring the empire through extraction of resources and heavy industry and keeping their own peasants and plebs in a pretty melancholic state of quality of life. Giving more than taking out of the communal pot, very much at the expense of the native Slavic proles.

    Just another faucet of the absurdity of the Soviet version of the Russian Empire — the only empire which, instead of extracting wealth from its colonies, propped them up instead (including the whole of Eastern Europe via subsidized gas and oil and other resources) by extracting wealth from itself.

    While the Ukraine was not one of the happiest or most affluent republics, it did inherit:
    1) Half the heavy industry of the USSR
    2) Most of the good agricultural land
    3) The first echelon Soviet armed brigades designed to meet NATO head on (Russian inherited the older second echelon). Including intercontinental bombers, spy ships, and so on.
    4) Major warm sea access

    Had this inheritance been used with at least some semblance of competence, keeping in mind the much better climate and land than in most of Russia or Belarus or the Baltics, the Ukraine should have by now become if not the Eastern France, then at least the Eastern Italy of Europe.

    Didn’t happen. Not enough people inside the Ukraine wanted it to happen, not enough people outside of the Ukraine wanted it to happen.

    Thing is, once you let your country become a global corrupt front for money laundering and wealth redistribution, sooner or later someone will decide to feed you into grinder to achieve their own grand objectives, and you will no longer have the ability to not allow that to happen.

    • Agree: Levtraro
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  101. Anonymous[385] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nat X

    Why is yt so violent?

    Here ya go little guy, maybe you’ll get an answer:

    Send feedback to YouTube

    • Replies: @Nat X
  102. GMC says:

    This last paragraph from Edward needs anther statement or two added – if I may 001
    In the event that the Multipolar world is successful and agreed upon, it is only one half of the equation. Without the populace enjoying the same freedoms and liberties that the Governments will have, there can be no multi polar world. And I am speaking about the right to refuse, modify or have public decisions in regard to digital currencies that would effect the personal cash economies, the reality of recognising scientific truths about pandemics, illnesses etc. and a list of other actions that affect the lives of the populations. Otherwise, we are just looking at another autocratic government presiding over the Sheeple.

    • Replies: @Brosi
    , @Kurt Knispel
  103. @anon

    No concern about the non-Jews of Ukraine? It’s all about Jews. Are any Ukrainian soldiers Jewish? Certainly not many if any. Christian nations warring against other Christian nations. Who cares about all the dead and dying in these wars, the Jews sure don’t.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  104. Anon[433] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nat X

    You should thank us for getting rid of your Jewish slave masters.

    BTW, how come the Aryan Brotherhood allowed you to access the jailhouse internet ? What did you trade and was it for time or number of words ?

    Never forget, this is a White world and the darkies are there to serve us. Oh, say hello to your husband Troof.

    • Replies: @Nat X
  105. @Zane

    What does he know?

    How would it be received, given the portrayal of his credibility by the Western information conglom?

    Why hasn’t he done so already?

    • Replies: @Zane
  106. aandrews says:

    It also tangentially had something to do with a family member, I think a grandmother that was Mercouris’s responsibility to care for, who was succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease. He was under a lot of psychological pressure. Even the disbarment committee (whatever you call it) said that it was a shame, but he was permanently disbarred. I read a write up about it; it was sad. I’ve also gotten the vibe from watching the videos that he himself is in poor health.

    I too thought that Russia was going to make quick work of the Ukraine thing. But evidently at the start there was significant resistance to the idea of war in the Russian populace and Putin had to be careful in dealing with the problem and not completely losing public support. Now it seems the Russian people have finally gotten the memo that the Collective West gangsters intend to dismantle Russia. Explicitly saying so in the media, repeatedly, probably helped. Then Angela Merkel’s recent remarks no doubt confirmed it. They’re evidently totally on board now.

    I think the next escalation provocation for the US/NATO will be when the Russians completely remove the Ukrainian air defense system (and I gather that’s right on the cusp) and start using heavy bombers dropping gravity bombs. I’m curious what their response will be.

    • Replies: @Jett Rucker
  107. Chriss says:


    TRASH- The Reoccuring Anglo-American Slaughter/of/ Humanity

    The Grand Chessboard
    ‘In brief, for the United States, Eurasian geostrategy involves the purposeful management of geostrategically dynamic states and the careful handling of geopolitically catalytic states, in keeping with the twin interests of America in the short-term preservation of its unique global power and in the long-run transformation of it into increasingly institutionalized global cooperation. To put it in a terminology that hearkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three
    grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together’

    • Replies: @Chriss
  108. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:
    @Timur The Lame

    This thought that Europe will at some point have had enough and will decouple from the neocon agenda seems to be a silly notion and was the teaspoon of dung that ruined the gallon of good soup in this article.

    Does the author think that the people of Europe have a say? Even if they did, the 30% that didn’t take the ‘jab’ would be the only pool to draw from and the street whores that are propelled into the top positions of any European government don’t feel too threatened when backed by 70% of the peasants.

    Very good points. The US suzerainty of Europe is conditional on three US services to Europe:
    1) No nuclear or wide scale mechanized war on European territory. (No WW II repetition.)
    2) Moderate prosperity in Europe (no repetition of the 1930s failure of regulatory authorities).
    3) Free access to raw materials through free(ish) trade over open sea lanes using a universally accessible banking system (SWIFT, US Dollar, etc.). In effect, this enables service (2).

    So far, the US has not quite failed in delivery of these promises, although it has come very close and one could say that it has broken (2, 3). The longer the Russian Federation (RF) / Ukraine conflict

    If the US cannot win the RF / Ukraine conflict, that is if RF prevails, then US will have demonstrated that it cannot provide (1) anymore. If the US commits US forces to Ukraine soil on a larger scale than simple SOF, or if RF destroys NATO sites that provide battlefield intelligence to Ukraine, or if anybody uses a tactical or radiological weapon in or near the Ukraine theater, this will demonstrate that the US cannot deliver service (1).

    Nothing ends suzerainty quite as well as a demonstration that the suzerain cannot provide the security (or execute the threat) that maintains the suzerain relationship. Since there is no Imperial administration, but rather local rule carried out to avoid a threat or gain a service, the subject nations retain a local administration capable of quickly changing sides.

    Right now, there are major European demonstrations through mass assemblies tha5 favor ending US suzerainty. EU and the European governments retain a client relationship with the US suzerain because of US threats, not because of greatly diminished US services (1,2,3). They can only do this for a limited time. A conspicuous US loss against RF, coupled with enhanced popular opposition to US suzerainty, and an RF agreement to protect former NATO against US nuclear retaliation, should be enough to permit European governments to change sides. But is a conspicuous US loss against RF possible?

    The US appears able to hand RF a major victory. US leadership (which has been Black coalition since Obama’s second term) is relying on its post-WW II escalation dominance for a US victory. I would hazard a guess that the US lost escalation dominance when
    (a) Putin announced the success of his his nuclear modernization program [1], and
    (b) RF’s diplomatic corps decided that the US was “not agreement capable”.

    My guess is that the US will continue bluffing by “doubling down” until the stakes have become so high that the bluffers will be removed from power by factions internal to the US government [2]. “Nuclear false alarms” [3] show that the internal structure of governments is highly reluctant to use nuclear weapons. The “false alarms” looked real at the time, and under existing rules of engagement at the time (“Launch on Warning”) should have caused immediate launch of at least one country’s missile/bomber nuclear forces.

    Much depends on the success/failure of the next major RF drive in Ukraine. If the RF drive fails, US suzerainty might yet win. If the RF drive succeeds, US suzerainty fails. And, of course, Ukraine fails both ways.



    2] Kahn’s _On Nuclear War_ had a little fictional story about that:
    Russian Premier to Russian Missile Force commander:
    K: “We are striking first, with no warning. Launch your entire ready launce force now.”
    RMF: “What was that, Comrad K? I didn’t quite hear you.”
    K: “If you don’t launch now, I’ll have you boiled in oil!”
    RMF: “I understand you, Comrade. You said “don’t launch now!”
    A funny story, but very similar things happend, see [3].

  109. SteveK9 says:

    Mercouris a reliable analyst? He has been wrong about everything from the start, including the invasion. After being wrong for months and months, including all the economic stuff, he finally gets it right by repeating what the people who have been right, were saying all along.

    Bakhmut is important and Russia will probably take it eventually, but Mercouris has been talking about Bakhmut every day, saying the Russian are just about to take it, any minute now, here it comes, … for about 5 months. It became ridiculous.

    Mercouris expertise is to some extent geopolitics and history, but he decided to turn himself into a military analyst. At first he kept saying … I am not a military person, but gave that up. He is giving his audience what they want to hear. He has never spoken a single word (maybe a couple) of criticism of Russia … Russia is perfect.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Mikhail
  110. @anon

    Got a real Nostradamus here.

  111. Was Zelensky’s drug dealer imprisoned or was he also allowed to make rounds on Capitol Hill?

  112. A terrific predictive piece, the accuracy of which will be fascinating to observe in coming months. I still struggle with the notion that Merkel’s admission regarding Minsk was some sort of Freudian slip. She is far too smart for that to be the case. The map of American bases provides priceless insight. This is what you get when you bestow “chosen” status on any group of human beings, it brings out the worst that resides within us. While stated Russian objectives for Ukraine abound (liberate Donbas, de-Nazification, re-build the USSR), I remain convinced that “breaking the buck” will prove to have been the true objective all along. Loss of “reserve” currency status and the resulting sustained advance of Treasury yields as international investors refuse to hold unsecured obligation of an “Empire of lies” will force closure of the majority of US foreign military bases and usher in an opportunity to rebuild a more balanced world order. The recently established and rapidly expanding international economic cooperation agreements coupled with the fiscal insanity being demonstrated by Washington forms a basis for solid optimism that Russia’s true strategic objective will be realized in the fullness of time.

  113. Currahee says:

    “Putin is not going to allow NATO to place its hostile army and missile sites on Russia’s border. ”
    They will attack Finland?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  114. Key words in this absurd article are may, could, and probably. There is no doubt that if Russia makes a move, other points of contention will erupt simultaneously by allies, friends and proxies in order to take heat off of the Ukraine front. What exactly that will be is anyone’s guess. Maybe 100-150 Iranian mini subs will release sarin gas along Israel’s coast whilst Hezbollah rains rockets on Tel Aviv. China might agree to act up in the South China Sea or may confront India. Who knows but that even Cuba might come into play.

  115. mehee5 says:

    It would be incredibly stupid to start of winter ground offensive before the ground in the southern Ukraine has frozen. And that hasn’t happened yet.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  116. Wokechoke says:

    Not everything freezes in the southern area. That’s at least part of the reason the Russians want Sevastopol.

  117. Wokechoke says:

    Why are you monitoring the opinion of a consistently bad pundit though?

    150,000 wasn’t really enough to invade and occupy all the way to Vinitsia. Invading defied the numbers being quoted by MOD and DOD. The job required 300,000 to get maybe Kharkov in a concentrated attack.

  118. PolPhil says:

    I have been hearing about a Ukrainian collapse since May ’22, if not earlier. If the death rate that is being claimed, anywhere from 7-1 through 10-1 in Russia’s favor, is remotely true, where are Ukrainian military forces coming from? Are there that many Poles, Romanians, Hungarians, and Western mercenaries there in Ukraine and fighting the Russians?

    I have always doubted the neocon and neolib propaganda, but recently I have started to doubt the counter-propaganda as well. This really all may very well be a Jewish dialectic with both sides as Jewish tools for the purpose of “Heavenly Jerusalem” being carved out in southern/eastern Ukraine.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Backward
  119. Agent76 says:

    December 4, 2022 NATO-Exit under Art. 13: Dismantle NATO, Close Down 800 US Military Bases, Prosecute the War Criminals

    This text was first published on April 4 2019 in the context of the Florence International Conference: No War, No NATO which centred on the key relationship between US-NATO military operations directed against targeted countries and the imposition of far-reaching neoliberal economic reforms both before and in the wake of US-NATO military interventions.

    04 Oct. 2022 NATO Member countries

    At present, NATO has 30 members. In 1949, there were 12 founding members of the Alliance: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States. The other member countries are: Greece and Türkiye (1952), Germany (1955), Spain (1982), Czechia, Hungary and Poland (1999), Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia (2004), Albania and Croatia (2009), Montenegro (2017) and North Macedonia (2020).

    Nov 13 2022 New Interactive Tool Gives Global and Close Up Views of 867 U.S. Military Bases Outside the U.S.

    World BEYOND War has launched a new online tool that allows the user to view a globe pock-marked with 867 U.S. military bases in countries other than the United States, and to zoom in for a satellite view of and detailed information on each base.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  120. Brosi says:

    Hey GMC, have you seen any Synogogue or Schul openings on Crimea lately? What about partnerships or initiatives involving Israel, or even Judea? Purchases by large Israeli companies would also be of interest.

    • Replies: @GMC
  121. Smith says:

    Cringe ass picture.
    Putin deserves something more classy than Marvel bullshit.

    • Replies: @Backward
  122. Didn’t Col. MacGregor predict an immediate victory for Russia at the start of hostilities? I like the man and I truly hope he’s right on this. But is his current assessment reliable?

    In any event expect vast numbers of dead and wounded goyim.

  123. “The US foreign policy establishment has decided that the only way it can reverse America’s accelerating decline is through direct military confrontation in Ukraine.”

    Jewish neocons are as delusional as Tinkerbell—by their lead into US disasters in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Iraq, they have proven they hate the USA and Americans.

    Once the ground completely freezes in southern Ukraine, the Russian Army of 540,000 combat soldiers vs. 194,000 Ukrainian combat soldiers, WILL TAKE ODESSA.

    The Russians will cheer, and Putin will be immortalized.

  124. How to make a Mike Whitney post:

    1. Use a photoshopped picture of Putin that gives him muscles
    2. Quote Moscow Macgregor who has been wrong since March
    3. Use an unnecessary amount of bold text
    4. Add another quote from Macgregor as if it is another source
    5. Finish with a random picture….like a bear.
    6. Submit to Unz

    • Troll: Mikhail
  125. I have little doubt the when the last Ukrainian soldiers is liquidated, Victoria Nuland will send in hundreds of thousands of Poles to die. She has single-handedly created over 100,000 Ukrainian widows and over 100,000 fatherless children. Second only yo Stalin, another ruthless and cruel butcher.

    • Agree: Yukon Jack
  126. @Currahee

    Yes, that would seem both likely and reasonable if Finland will not withdraw its NATO application/membership and constitutionally prohibit foreign troops, weaponry or “advisors” on its soil.

    In other words, Russia should do to Finland whatever the US regime would do if Mexico or Canada or Cuba hosted a Russian or Chinese military base, missiles, or biowarfare laboratories or joined a Russia- or China-led military alliance.

  127. “There can be no business with the Anglo-Saxon world.”

    In the USA, the Anglo-Saxon world has long passed—claimed by Jews as being “white supremacist.”

    These Jews occupy crucial positions in the US State Department, US Justice Department, White House and in Ukraine:

    Anthony Blinken – Secretary of State
    Victoria Nuland – Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
    Merrick Garland — Attorney General
    Ron Klain – White House Chief of Staff
    Volodymyr Zelensky – President of Ukraine—accused of a false-flag in Poland to bring NATO into the fighting, and planning to detonate a nuclear dirty conventional bomb and blame it on Russia—who “said on record that he wants to turn Ukraine into a big Israel.”

    Instead, Talmudic Jews are known to be despicable liars and conmen—that is the US world we live in today.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  128. @John Q Duped

    No concern about the non-Jews of Ukraine? It’s all about Jews. Are any Ukrainian soldiers Jewish? Certainly not many if any. Christian nations warring against other Christian nations. Who cares about all the dead and dying in these wars, the Jews sure don’t.

    Well Anglin’s White Nationalist and Incel Keyboard Reserve seems to believe that White soldiers killing White soldiers is a win against the Jews. You see Zelensky is Jewish so if a White Russian kills a White Ukrainian in a trench then the Zelensky loses. Yes that Ukrainian might have a family but it is Zelensky and the Jews that will suffer.

    A real brain trust.

    Oh and they don’t talk about how a Jewish chef is in charge of the Russian front. Putin promoted a hospitality director into military contracting. He has zero military experience and was providing the military with meals up until 2012. That same chef ripped off a child’s charity. It all sounds crazy but is entirely true. That is what happens when you let a half pint mobster run a country.

    Putin’s chief propagandist is also Jewish and so are some of his oligarch pals.

    But the White Nationalist/Incel Reserve doesn’t like talking about such realities so they ignore them. Zelensky is Jewish and that is all that matters. Now let’s get back to the killing!! Moscow Macgregor give us your monthly report on how they are doomed next month.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @John Q Duped
  129. @GMC

    Is the Russian Ruble not tied to gold? Do you not get gold for your Rubles any time you like?
    Is the Russian Ruble not a commodities’ backed currency?
    The Russian Ruble seems as real and as strong and solid as the country is large and full of everything.
    The switch from paper into digitals seems just that. Is your fear the unearned adding of digits; e.g. 10 K instead of 1 K? Forgery? Counterfeiters at the keyboards?
    From afar it seems that Russia has zero interest in adding digits and with it inflation.
    I would not be surprised if you end up getting golden kopeks…
    The real New World seems to be stocking up on gold like mad: Turkey is mining like hell, China is buying gold and more gold and more commodities of everything from Russia. India is a bottomless barrel for gold (and now Russian oil too – selling it off to Jew Yolk);
    The digitization seems in many fields inefficient.
    The digi-carrot was, not needing much paper in future.
    Just the opposite happened. More and more stuff needs to be printed to be on the safe side.
    See Jewkraine now without power: where is the digit money without electricity?
    What is heat without flame. E.g.: Jewermany forced me to fire up with wood.
    It is more work, costs me less and gives me the real thing…
    Same with petrol engines… Gasoline is power – power to the people.
    You are right, centralizing money via digitization is barking up the wrong tree; the Jew’s solitaire.
    Since Russia is leading an epic war against The Banksters, sorry – against Nazis, the last thing it needs, to make its cashflows dependent on electricity.
    All these “musicians” want the real thing and even more so when they return to civil life. No government will want to piss off the fighters, because they are awake now.
    Is the Russian Sputnik vaccine safe? Here vaccine poisoned people are dying off like flies.
    All the best to you and Happy New Year! Glory to Russia (I put my hopes on)!

    • Replies: @Anon001
    , @GMC
  130. So frustrating this mild winter. We have to wait month after month for the ground to freeze so the Russkie tanks can finally roll in.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  131. Redman says:

    Can you give an example? I haven’t been listening to him since the beginning of the SMO. Probably started around September. But since then he’s been pretty spot on.

    Obviously the Russian winter offensive is the big one that either is or isn’t happening soon. Seems more likely that it is, with the only question being exactly when. The recent massive missile attacks have targeted Ukrainian infrastructure (electricity in particular) throughout the country. There seems to be a concerted effort to fully neutralize Ukrainian logistics and support to the eastern front.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  132. Wokechoke says:

    Biggest News of 2022. Zimbabwe bans export of Lithium.

    dusts off Selous Scout patches “Ian Smith did nothing Wrong!”

  133. @anonymous

    I wonder… do Jews actually want Russians to kill off or expel as many Ukies as possible to the West so that they could claim what remains of Ukraine as Jewkraine, or the second Zion?

    • Agree: Tsar Nicholas
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @freedom-cat
  134. I’m concerned that the collapse of the Kiev regime will cause the neocons to go nuclear.

  135. Momus says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The US average life expectancy is 78 or so, the Russian is about 62.

    The Russian figure will be falling further with it’s massive loss of young men’s life in vain, in the Ukraine.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  136. @Redman

    In October we were told by Moscow Macgregor that the great offensive would happen in November. It’s almost Jan 1.

    Here in reality it is Ukraine that is on the attack:

    I don’t know why so many here seem to think that reading alternative media means you should negate any unwanted information from other sources.

    Alternative media is valuable in that we can access information that the mainstream media does not want to publish. It shouldn’t be used to isolate yourself from unwanted realities to where you are dismissing information that isn’t contended.

    That is no different than the liberal that watches CNN and refuses to believe anything else.

  137. @Richard B

    I have a different take on Medvedev’s comment. When he specifically said Anglo-Saxon (as opposed to all of NATO), he could have meant the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (the 5 Eyes). Although most of the Neocons are bloodthirsty Jewish globalists, they mostly reside in Anglo-Saxon countries.

    Could Medvedev be saying it’s still possible for Russia to have relations with Germans, French, Italians, other Slavs, etc., once the Anglo-Saxon countries are soundly defeated?

    • Replies: @Hrw-500
    , @gregj
  138. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    I know you are on here to peddle arguments that might appeal to anti-Semitic readers and to square that circle with pro Zelenskyy conclusions. Sometimes the formulation is quite entertaining. But your obsession with Wagner Group is all very tiresome. The Kiev Regime is extremely Jewy. It’s hard to get around the visage of Zelenskyy, Klitschko, Blinken, Nuland…and more shadowy characters like Ihor Kolomoyskyi

    “Kolomoyskyi initially dismissed suggestions of separatism in Dnipropetrovsk. However, his then-deputy, Borys Filatov argues that Kolomoyskyi, as governor, proceeded to do “a great deal to prevent the so-called Russian Spring taking over” in the region. In April, Kolomoyskyi offered a bounty for the capture of Russian-backed militants and incentives for the turning in of weapons. On 3 June 2014, Kolomoiskyi offered a $500,000 reward for the delivery of Oleg Tsaryov, a leader of the separatists, to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. He drafted thousands of Privat Group employees as auxiliary police officers. Kolomoyskyi is also believed to have spent $10 million to create the Dnipro Battalion, and to have provided funds for the Aidar, Azov, and Donbas volunteer battalions.”

    Yevgeny seems like he was a late comer organizing these Mercenary Outfits.

    There were around 6,000 of these PMC Wagner a year ago and now there are 50,000 mercenaries in the organization. I’m sure that the regular Russian Army is looking at this with alarm too. Yevgeny Prigozhin’s expanding cadre now contain around 20,000 convicts, while before it was made up of notable specialist ex-servicemen. The MOD there will probably clip his wings soon enough. If he’s consolidation this much power he will have regular generals gunning for him.

    By all means keep talking about Wagner though but don’t fail to mention Privat Group. It beats the points you were flailing around with Putin’s mansion/palace in the Black Sea.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  139. @Priss Factor

    And have the Americans pay to rebuild it.

  140. @John Johnson

    Zelensky also has a multi-million$$ mansion in South Florida and hey who knows what else he has. For a 2 bit comedian who plays piano with his dick he’s somehow done pretty good. You willing to die for him?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  141. @Nick Kollerstrom

    Blame it on global warming, I guess. Ukraine is directly south of Russia with a border on the Black Sea, so its winters may not be as long and severe as many are saying. Actually, here in PA, which is nearly as far north as Ukraine, we are currently having temperatures in the sixties, and it will last for over a week. If Russia waits too long for all the ground to freeze it will soon be spring.

  142. @traducteur

    I listen to Mercuris at 1.5 or 1.25 speed on YouTube. He’s too long-winded and repeats endlessly. But I like him and he’s very truthful and honest as his channel partner, Alex, Christeforu, younger and also very insightful.
    Two others frequently joined by them, that I really admire are Brian Berletic, a former US army guy now settled in Thailand and Gonzolo Lira, now stuck in Kharkiv (Ukraine) who has a huge following.
    All four have their own individual channels too on YT, and they all churn out really good info consistently.

    • Agree: Dieter Kief
  143. Colonel Douglas MacGregor is a tactical strategic genius compared to General Fat Bastard Milley, who kisses Kosher/black/gay behinds as if he were a born again asshole crawler.
    Although I love America for its natural beauty, native Indian and peaceful world culture, nothing would make me happier than watching the illegitimate Biden ZOG parasites and their Alphabet armies of BLM/Antifa/LGBTIQPWXYZ/ADL Zionists brought to their knees and wiped out of existence.

    This will be the greatest winter the world has ever witnessed.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  144. No one will negotiate in good faith;

    Ukraine went to the table in Turkey, but all Russia’s “negotiators” offered were surrender terms. Putin has never been willing to negotiate in good faith. The Nazi liar has no idea what that means. negotiations men he gets all he wants, and nothing else.

    The war will continue, and Russia is losing. Badly. Putin had his chance, but he’s simply another communist liar along the lines of Stalin.

    • Troll: follyofwar, MarkU
    • Replies: @Psychotic Break
  145. @Verymuchalive

    None of this, and more besides, is ever mentioned by Whitney. Until he does, I won’t take him seriously.

    Quite correct.
    Whitney has no original analysis/thought. Simply time after time wheels out his “experts” and/or rephrases what they think. E.g. Mercouris I used to watch but no more, he’s usually wrong and refuses to name the Jew. Long winded. Virtually worthless but at least does his own research and has an extensive knowledge base. Can add information at the fringes.

    Whitney has none.
    He just throws out an emotion-based “prediction”, suitably sanitised, in terms that even the simple may know about, as suitable for Americans.
    This then produces a predictable furor in comments.

    The next episode is rinse and repeat.
    It is “filler”, almost entirely without value.
    Russians do better.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
    , @martin_2
  146. @Quartermaster

    Please tell us here, what you think it is that Putin really wants then?

  147. Anonymous[188] • Disclaimer says:

    Your sources are extremely biased to the point of delusional. Russian men are standing in line to join the Russian army.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  148. @Priss Factor

    Excellent video. Completely contradicts MSM narrative that Putin is seriously ill – he still “Goes Hard” like always.

  149. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    “United States Banana Republic, low life expectancy, infrastructure wrecked because they can only lend money for interest, not spend it on government-owed infrastructure”

    Your comment led me to ponder: one theory claims the USSR dissolved because Reagan simply bankrupted them. I wonder if Putin didn’t crack a history book and decide that might also be a pretty good strategy for bringing down the United States of America.

    Sad that we have such limited recollecti0n of our own foreign policy legacy and its ramifications for our own back yard.

  150. Anonymous[238] • Disclaimer says:

    Countermeasures in breach of international law are not wrongful. So the CIA’s perfidy, feigning truce, and its consistent pattern of duplicitous proceeding in breach of peremptory norms lets Russia take the gloves off. Russia will incapacitate Ukraine, of course, but the reprisals Mearsheimer predicts are impermissible in law, so Russia won’t do that. They will harm protected persons in Ukraine to the minimum essential extent. There are plenty of other theaters, though, and a wide array of affirmative countermeasures against the CIA command structure of the Western bloc.

    Evident Russian preparations at the highest level may mean more than you think. You don’t need Satans or Poseidons or hunter-killer and Borei-class subs to incapacitate Ukraine. To denazify Ukraine you’ve got to denazify Langley.

  151. @Tucker

    I haven’t seen anyone predicting an all out war against Israel. Even the Bible thumpers don’t mention it. The Bible does mention it. Some people say it refers to the Roman conquest and destruction of Jerusalem but I think it is still in the future. The way things are going I think it is not too far off.

  152. Wokechoke says:
    @John Q Duped

    Zelenskyy strikes me as Antichrist.

  153. @Zane

    He had made it clear he is not going to play the role of a saviour to the Americans, they have to save themselves. That is what he said when there were talks of exchanging Assange for some PoWs. What we should all consider is the possibility of a fanatical support base of the MSM sticking with the Deep State long after everything is exposed. America will be lucky if the size of that group is very small. Already the faithful are looking at Putin as a monster, Hitler, Antichrist and Antivaxxer combo; if he talks about 9/11, or JFK, or Clinton files, the MSM will easily label him a nutcase, and the faithful will never believe anything from Putin after that. Right now the best outcome is for as many faithful as possible to wake up on their own and recognise the opium of propaganda they are swallowing.

    • Agree: Zane
  154. @anon

    Nostradamus CQ:
    Iran will nuke Israel (sorry Palestinians, jews would eventually wiped you out sooner or later anyways), forcing IDF to launch DEFCON “Samson Option”, as major cities around the world become nuclear launch targets, those that survive will be the meek that inherit the earth, or what’s left of it.

    Happy New Year peepooz…….

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  155. Anon001 says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    Russian ruble is not gold-pegged [1][2]3]!

    [1] The gold-pegged ruble: System failure – Edward Slavsquat

    [2] IMF-obedient Bank of Russia rejects gold-backed ruble

    [3] Nabiullina said that the Central Bank is not discussing the peg of the ruble to gold:

  156. Anonymous[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Colonel Douglas MacGregor is a tactical strategic genius compared to General Fat Bastard Milley

    While not a fan of Donald Rumsfeld I’m impressed he was smart enough to have Macgregor plan the Iraq invasion and had his generals meet with Macgregor to plan the Iraq War.

    Likewise, I’m impressed with the Israeli Defense Forces requires all IDF officers about Lt. Col. rank to read Macgregor’s book. Not Patreaus’ book. Not Tommy Franks’ book.

  157. Notsofast says:

    like v.v.p., i refuse to comply with your capitalist demands and will not follow your grammar rules based orders.

    • LOL: Z-man
  158. beau says:

    east of the dneiper from the dneiper to the current Russian border should be how the final picture appears. let the poles and hungarians do what they will with ukraine west of the dneiper.

  159. @JR Foley

    The 2000 (minus homo) Canadians stationed in Latvia are already stirring things up. Svetlana Bendmeova, union spokesperson for local # 344 of Latvian Comfort Women stated that with the influx of more Canadian soldiers and the appreciation of the Canadian dollar vis the Euro, her union is looking forward to a prosperous 2023.

    When asked about the great concern of inflation in Latvia, she is quoted as saying ” my union and I are convinced that we have the problem licked”.


  160. @Biff

    ZOG seems to be 10/20 years in advance planning for their next warring payday, it’s as if every days a Black Friday Sale and all the Goyim are told to buy as much cheap crap they can ram on a credit card, lining pockets of their ZioMasters.

    The End is Near.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  161. Emslander says:

    old, frail boomers

    Not always, pussy millennial faggot!

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  162. @WorkingClass

    Thanks, I was gonna write something similar, but you nailed it, in fewer words.

  163. Decoy says:

    “It seems that everything has been turned upside down…. Truman words describing the Soviet Union now describe the U.S.” Very astute comment/observation. The non western world countries are going to finally have a choice between superpower alliances. They will chose USA/Europe or the BRICS. Countries in the Middle East, Latin America, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia are going to be better off because of a choice that fits their circumstances. I think the USA/Europe alliance has some unpleasant surprises coming down the road.

    • Agree: Joe Paluka
  164. Low quality, devoid of validity, and rather indicates the author is a fevered Ukrainian pimple popper or has mental health issues. Regardless, the sloth of disorganized grunts and factual inversion are not harbingers of a person with mental health adequacy, or driven toward veritas.

    And Sir, you are doubly stewpid for foisted and proffering this slop.

  165. @Carlton Meyer

    “we wouldn’t know yet”

    hilarious. In fact, Russia has won…

    but nobody knows it. Not even

    the Russians. And BTW,

    the Titanic didn’t sink. It

    never existed.

    “Russia is grinding forward in the Donbas”

    but dispite 10 months of Babyface Tsar’s stormtroopers

    “grinding forward in the Donbas”

    the entire Donbas remains, as from 2014 onward,

    under daily Uke rocket and shelling attack.

    Give it up, Trumpchumps: Putin B justanother

    anti-globohomo flashinthepan.

  166. Backward says:
    @Desert Fox

    Keep dreaming. Just to name one, St Vladimir has been endorsing genetic jabs and biometric tagging. Look for Edward Slavsquat’s substack.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  167. Need a copy of that first poster.

  168. Hrw-500 says:

    Now then you mention it and on a off-topic sidenote, there’s still some French-Canadians in Canada mainly in Quebec and in some parts of New Brunswick, Northern Ontario, Manitoba. It could be interesting to see what’ll happen in the aftermath of the defeat of the Anglo-Saxon contries.

  169. Backward says:

    You’ve come to the correct conclusion.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Thanks: Polphil
  170. Backward says:

    It just reflects the quality of the article. And I think that’s what puppet Vlad deserves. I could have used a different nickname, but I stayed classy.

  171. do chere says:

    Truth be told, the EU ‘monkeydom” will not be left standing after all this. Like the Nazis of WWII against the Russians, the EU pushed itself blindly to the limit by backing to the hilt, the US/NATO puppet Neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, played all its cards and have lost squarely.

  172. @Bruce Arney

    If they’re all fools enough to go die for the Jews, well, why should anyone care? No big loss.

  173. @Arthur MacBride

    Meantime Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of Wagner PMG aka “the Musicians”, speaks with AFU POWs … “We will congratulate the prisoners …”

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  174. tito says: • Website

    An all-out war in Ukraine would be very exciting. That’s what motives most of the discussion.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  175. @The seventh column

    Zelensky knew something special is coming up to consume Ukraine

  176. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    Another fascist wet dream. When you wake up you’ll see fascist Russia humiliated and putin the thug under arrest.

    • Troll: Joe Paluka
  177. Bo Bo says:

    Let’s hope early in 2023 that Putin, Biden, and Zelensky will end the crime against the Ukrainian people they have perpetrated. I am praying for 2023 to be a happy new year not ANOTHER crappy new year! (like 2022 was)

    • Replies: @Derer
  178. Zane says:

    911 is Putin’s little private secret.

  179. @Arthur MacBride


    Foreign recruitment in Wagner, maybe incl high rank American officers.
    Please note mention of those honorable servicemen who refused orders in the criminal NATO bombing of Serbia. Salute.

  180. Zane says:

    George W Bush was a pimp for Israel. A treasonous weasel of the highest order who sold out to Tel Aviv for a few slimy shekels.

  181. @traducteur

    Maybe he’s got a future job waiting for him as Via Rail’s press spokesperson, or maybe Amtrak.

  182. MarkU says:

    The interview Whitney conducted with PCR clearly didn’t help shed Mike’s delusions about Putin the great general. Perhaps Whitney is just a shill, alternatively he is a moron.
    I must say though that I don’t think PCR is entirely correct either, as he fails to see that this is an agreed war.

    Putin’s skills are in administration and economics, the assumption that Putin micro-manages everything in the RF, military included, is a Western fiction.

    As to whether it is an agreed war, you may be right, one must consider all possibilities after all.

  183. Bo Bo says:

    I may be one of the few Americans left who is not completely stupid. Why? Russia is NOT the enemy of the American people! The MEXICAN GOVERNMENT is!!! They are allowing millions of illegals into the US and tons of illegal drugs!!! Are they being stopped? NO!!!

    The US is instead attacking Russia via Ukraine- a situation (six thousand miles away) that has NOTHING to do with the US. The US should be attacking the Mexican government- not the Russian government. Just a thought.

  184. Thim says:

    Whitney actually has no idea what will happen or what is going on in Russian minds. He has no idea at all.

  185. @anon

    Once the US economy gets to the point where it can no longer support Israel and overseas bases, Israel will be destroyed for all time by the combined military might of all the countries that it’s pissed off for the past 75 years.

    • Replies: @1jonny
  186. Anon[433] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    Hey Little Johnson, that is not UKEs on any attack.

    Its a bunch of guys jumping out of a truck ! Looks at the most like an infantry squad ? A first aid crew ? Whatever !!

    It looks staged !

    Whatever it is the formation on exit is dangerous, unprofessional or the video man just could not care.
    A burst of fire to the right and several men will be taken out. Some guys on the left seem to be headed back to the truck rather than assaulting FROM the truck.

    These videos are for dupes like you. My Johnson has a head and so do you ! You should stick with knitting and crocheting in your rocking chair !

    • Agree: jm
    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @jm
  187. Zane says:

    Man, if Putin is ” winning ” in Jewkrainistan I’d sure hate to see what ” losing ” looks like.

    • Replies: @Derer
  188. Wokechoke says:


    You are correct. War on this scale is Absolutely Fascinating. I’m as guilty as the next man.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  189. @Tucker

    All true except you neglect the fact that the world’s oldest continuous civilization is a participant on the side of Russia — and despite the daoist appearances, are fully cognizant of the fact that the rule of the west is/was based on the mechanism of killing at large and local scale. Contrary to simple reductionism to Buddhistic/Daoist principles, the Art of the War is an immutable force in China’s thinking.

    Just how was a country defending itself against the onslaught of Japanese aggression able to pick itself up, throw out the Kuomintang and then repel US forces in Korea? Do you think China is any less well positioned militarily today than 1951? If you think the Chinese will just fold you have no knowledge of history or civilization. Neither should you believe that they do not know the Jew or the evil of the Talmud, the diametric opposite to the eastern philosophies.

    And despite a painful break in the 60s, the two original communist giants are again comrades-in-arms against a west which has never reformed itself — and now must be reduced by external forces to ashes, giving the West the possibility of a Phoenix-like re-emergence into a multipolar world. Medvedev and Xi in Beijing may be the first sign that the next generation is being prepared for this struggle. Bet against them at your own peril.

    Although sadly the Talmudic Jew cannot be eliminated, as Gibson so rightly wished, it may be possible for it to be neutered through the crashing/seizing/forfeiture of financial assets. These financial assets, with ancient roots in usury and the Pharisees, are foundation above all for the venom injected everywhere in the west. Jack Ma, in fact, was a Talmudic Jew from the standpoint of his insatiable greed, and he is today denatured.

  190. @Arthur MacBride

    The US can’t understand why they’re not attracting many recruits to their private armies: The 300th Industrial Lesbian Infantry Unit, with inducements of free power tools and free neck and face tattoos or the 125th Caitlyn Jenner regiment with free cosmetics, little black dresses and pumps. General Petraeus was quoted as saying that low recruitment is due to anti-LGBTQ propaganda and false news perpetrated by Trump and Putin. In February 2023, a Congressional Investigative Committee will convene, chaired by Secretary of Truck Stop Restrooms, Pete Buttigeig and Undersecretary for Unhealthiness, Rachel Levine. It has been suspected that the quality of the power tools (mostly cheap Chinese no name brands liberated by joggers in Buffalo) or the cheap, low quality cosmetics (also liberated by joggers in Buffalo) might be part of the problem. CNN commentator Don Lemon has opined, the whole thing is caused by racism and white privilege and that the joggers need to be transported out to the “whiter” suburbs where better quality power tools and cosmetics can be liberated.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  191. Wokechoke says:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    There’s no granular understanding of Russian or Steppe geography in the US.

    Also the point about Russia needing winter to beat Napoleon or Hitler is only partially true. Or at least just locally true. It made a huge difference just outside Moscow when Guderian made a final lunge and it actually helped the Panzers rather than hindered them.

    There’s a counter example. We know that Hitler favored attacking into Kiev and Donbas. Some of that was because the weather in the South was expected to be better. Guderian was telling several lies about the why of
    the push south in mid to late Barbarossa.

  192. @Tom Welsh

    The cancer metastases in Ukraine are human. The generation since 1991 has been brainwashed in Russophobic Banderismo, itself the bastard offspring of Roman Catholic aggression against Orthodoxy, or ‘Byzantium’ as hacks like Taras Shevchenko called it. These people simply must be expelled, to poison the EU with their xenophobia, murderous fanaticism and fascism, and Ukraine returned to communal sanity and decency. A regime where the State ideology is the murder of your kith and kin on the basis of religion must be expunged.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  193. The US foreign policy establishment has decided that the only way it can reverse America’s accelerating decline is through direct military confrontation. The war is Ukraine is the first manifestation of that decision.

    I see the situation a little differently.

    The cult of devil-worshiping, demon-possessed, theistic Satanists who run the U.S. “government” understand perfectly well that America” is in “accelerating decline” and they understand that this decline cannot be reversed (because America is corrupt beyond redemption, largely thanks to them), so what they seek to do to stay on top is what they have been doing for a long time: trying to bring everyone else down. Put simply, the Satanists are engaged in a global game of Satanic whac-a-mole and now they are up against Russia, so this time the “mole” is doing most of the the whacking.

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @elysianfield
    , @Biggi
  194. Truth says:
    @Not Important

    The original estimations were 30-90 days.

    • Replies: @No Worries
  195. @MarkU

    In my opinion the Ukraine war will turn into a frozen conflict and that will Be very bad for Rússia.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @SS-The Independent
  196. @MLK

    The special military operation turned into the phoney war by Rússia. Don’t expect more from it…

  197. @Tom Welsh

    I think that by now it’s evident that Rússia has no plan at all, she is just reacting to the events that are happening day by day.

    • Replies: @Derer
  198. General Norman Schwarzkopf once said his job was “to close with the enemy and destroy them.”

    In the case of the Donbas, we have a situation where the “enemy” can’t disengage. If they do, the Russians flow in behind them and they are in a retreat, possibly a rout. So they have to keep filling the holes in the lines.

    The Ukrainians are stuck like the boy with his finger in the dyke. If they stay, they die. If they go, the dam breaks and the war is over.

  199. @Rahan

    Never forget, 10% for the BIG GUY!!!

    The illegitimate Biden’s sellout to Kazarians is about as despicable as it gets.

    Nuke the MoFo’s.

  200. @Truth

    My comment is a reference to the face that conservatives are always being told by grifters to wait “two more weeks” for big events in their favor to transpire. Those events never transpire.

    • Replies: @Truth
  201. jm says:
    @Richard B

    The bourgeoisie have always ruled, not the masses. The latter, sooner or later, have always been outflanked by the former. One of the best examples of this was America’s entry into WW II.

    The gentile bourgeoisie in all Western nations, not just the Anglo-Saxon-based, have ceded Global Imperialist policy control to the Talmudists. There appear to be no cracks (so far) in this model.

    That is probably where the Russians are coming from. Don’t imagine for one second that they don’t understand the model.

    The implied alternative to this, that the Russians are in the pocket of these same Talmudists and that the war is conducted on some other – genocidal – basis, though it may be true, is too conspiratorial for normal people to handle.

  202. Derer says:
    @Bo Bo

    Putin does not belong in that group (he is restrained in killing Slavic cousins), it is Biden and especially Zelensky who do not care about Ukrainian Christians dying for a lost cause. Zelensky must have huge security team because Christians elite in Kiev will pull the plug any time and stop supporting massive destruction and killings in their country for a disloyal American puppet whose heart is in Israel. That eventuality can happen any time.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Truth
  203. @Anon

    Independent ISW shows offensives from both sides:

    So yes the video is real.

    Again try reading outside a handful of Putin’s bootlickers.

  204. Derer says:
    @The seventh column

    You are insane…it is a methodical plan to bleed the fragmented West.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @The seventh column
  205. Derer says:

    Can you reveal your sources…I hope it is not from diabolic liars. You know, young Americans died in ME on a similar lie.

  206. MarkU says:
    @The seventh column

    And what do you imagine will be happening in Europe and America during the frozen conflict?

    • Replies: @The seventh column
  207. @Tom Welsh

    nstead, not only did the junta have means of forcing or deceiving Ukrainians to fight in the belief that they were justified

    Ukrainians don’t want to be under the boot of Moscow and that was true in 1921.

    They never wanted to be part of the USSR and they don’t want to be under the rule of Putin.

    There is no military junta.

    Ukraine removed a pro-Russian president that was convicted of treason. He never denied the charges and fled to Russia.

    Zelensky ran for office and won against the Western backed candidate. He had campaigned on staying neutral with Russia.

    Ukrainians do not want to be part of Russia and will fight to the death for independence just as the American revolutionaries fought Britain. Why is this so hard?

    Why do you defend a totalitarian state on a free speech website? Rather contradictory don’t you think?

    Putin’s thugs bundle pensioner off bus for daring to criticise the Ukraine war

    • Troll: Mikhail, Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @JR Foley
  208. Backward says:
    @Passing By

    The funny thing here is that you keep believing the RT propaganda repeating the government talking points, rather than the unpaid Russian bloggers who report the actual facts.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  209. anonymous[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Paluka

    White American men may finally be awakening to the fact that the ((cretins)) giving their people the clot shot, and the same ones institutionalizing racism against White males in American society, are the ((creatures)) slavering for war with Russia. At some point, the whole world needs to wake up. But it won’t mean anything until the racist state that keeps American politicians in awe is finally confronted.

  210. Truth says:

    Putin is a global puppet who’s job is to destroy the two largest armies in Europe so that the Chinese can take a leisurely stroll all the way to Poland… and he has.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
    , @Derer
  211. jm says:

    Yes, unlikely to be the lumpen Azov scum because their signature is missing. There’s no captured and disarmed Russian soldiers being shot up.

  212. martin_2 says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Mr Mercouris seems to be paranoid about the danger of losing his youtube channel. He never, for instance, uses the words “Nazis” or “Hitler”. He might have good reasons, I don’t know.

  213. JWalters says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Good points. That would make sense. We don’t really know what the Russians are thinking.

    I would add that various comments in Putin’s recent speeches suggest to me that the Russians are very aware they fighting the Talmudic Jewish Mafia.

    And with all the meetings the Russians have been having around the world, that likely means the whole world outside the West sees this is a battle to bring down the Jewish Financial Mafia that has long been bullying the world.

    Right now this Jewish Mafia is going for broke on two major fronts, Ukraine and Palestine. They may be thinking God is about to give them rulership of the whole world, as per their ancient legend. Or, like Macbeth seeing Birnham Wood approaching the Dunsinane castle, they may be panicking at their imminent demise.

    In either case, they are the only players in this drama who are motivated to want war.

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  214. @Cook-ie

    When Truman outlined his doctrine, that minority of which he spoke was ensconced in Russia. Today that same minority riddles the American body politic.

    So things have both stayed the same and changed: same pernicious minority getting a hold on the levers of power, different majority most of whom are too naive or insouciant see the danger in front of their faces.

    • Replies: @Derer
    , @RestiveUs
  215. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    I’m curious what their response will be.

    WHOSE response? NATO’s? The US’s? Ukraine’s?

  216. @Arthur MacBride


    Yevgeny Prigozhin unsurprisingly knows the Army General in command of RF forces in Ukraine named Sergei Vladimirovich Surovikin, a native of Siberia.
    His nickname is General Armageddon.

    Interestingly, they were on opposite sides in the chaos of 1991 that brought down the USSR and brought in rats like Bill Browder and the Chicago boys.
    I’m not sure how many Russians died thanks to those fuckers.
    Or how much they looted.

    Y. Prigozhin has since repented of his 1991 position.
    Unlike Browder, wanted in Russia for murder, and others.
    But Justice will catch up with them one way or another.

    “He was born to serve the Motherland” – Prigozhin spoke about the new commander of the NVO Surovikin

  217. Terence says:

    There has been alot of talk from Mercouris and others since October that once the ground freezes then the advance can start. The problem is the freeze was a bit late starting and then it completely reversed in the last two to three weeks and the current temperatures over a wide swath of Western and Central Europe into Ukraine is way above freezing and it is very unusual. See URL.

    And this brings us to the question. There has been much speculation over the years that the US military is involved in weather manipulation and if it is possible, it is unlikely to be at a fine scale but more a case of disrupting trends. The current weather situation is that the North Atlantic Oscillation (NSO) has been in a positive phase. It is an index that relates Icelandic low pressure to Azores high pressure. When it is positive it leads to the current weather pattern that has led to seasonally above normal temperatures. It may be possible via various methods and perhaps some form of “chemtrails” or whatever it might be, through creating hazes to somehow raise the NSO index for a while at least.

    And if there was ever a single case where control of the weather would work in your favour, surely this one, that has prevented the ground from freezing and thus stalling the Russian offensive would be it? Heck if they could continue that right into Feb, the ground might never freeze long enough for a campaign for the Russians to get in there and accomplish their tasks.

    It is clear from the way US / NATO provoked this war and have lied successfully via the propaganda to the Western populations, that there is nothing they will not try and the above is raised because we cannot be absolutely sure what capabilities do exist in this area.

  218. @Poupon Marx

    Polish forces should be crossing into Ukraine only to take back Lviv(Lwów). Otherwise, they should be prepared for the Russians to make them into kiełbasa.

    • LOL: Poupon Marx
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Poupon Marx
  219. Agent76 says:

    Thanks for the share and here is more you will not learn about in the globalist media. Just some facts!


    Since the US-backed Maidan coup in 2014, establishment media have either minimized the far-right ideology that guides many Ukrainian nationalist detachments or ignored it completely.

    September 12, 2022 Ukraine: The CIA’s 75-year-old Proxy

    It takes a musical artist to cut through the morass of propaganda to educate American mainstream media (MSM) about the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the roleof the United States in instigating that conflict for its own nefarious ends.

  220. jm says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    And who would then occupy Ukraine? Perhaps it would be better as just one big neutral-de-industrialized farmland, with the production requisites supplied by Russia? A kind of benevolent Russian Morgenthau Plan?

    Or could there be some other plan of occupation of this national void? It’s not that it wasn’t sought in the past:

    “The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, an alliance of leading Soviet and American Jews, proposed turning Crimea into a Jewish republic. Crimea hosts Sevastopol naval base, which gives Russia access to the Mediterranean. Without it, Russia is no longer a great power.
    The proposal for a Jewish Crimea was deemed a military risk by Stalin and Khrushchev. By that time, they sensed that Jews were aligning with the United States.”
    Andrey Diky: Jews in Russia and in the USSR

    Israel is demographically doomed and has fulfilled its missions, not the least of which (though unlikely in the eyes of most ordinary Jews and Zionists) was to act as an imperialist base inside the oil rich Middle East. That was long ago superseded by direct and illegal US military interventions.

    Also superseded is any respect for the territorial integrity of Russia, or in fact, of any nation by the Zionist leadership. They now think they own the world and that Russia is a pushover. To this effect it is worth noting the long time focus in USA military academies on the mistakes “Hitler” made in Operation Barbarossa. This has proved anything but “academic”.

  221. The US elite and political establishment cannot even control their own southern border or allow a free media and elections inside their own country, the military is a graft cartel and money-sucking black hole that cannot win wars and relies on cheap gas for survival, and the only real strength left is the propaganda machine and self-licking tech-media matrix which is totally divorced from reality and cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

    Not a winning situation for the Nazi West, and Russia will save the world again just like they did in WWII, so pop a glass of bubbly for brighter days in 2023 and chillax everybody!

    The best is yet to come! ☮️🥂🇷🇺🥂☮️

    • Replies: @anonymous
  222. JimDandy says:
    @Richard B

    Putin is cautious and smart. It might be that the odds of full out hot war between American and Russia are still relatively low. Naming the Jew might very well be that line in the sand that would push everything to the next level.

    • Agree: 1jonny
    • Replies: @Richard B
  223. @Backward

    How is a law propaganda? Either it says that everyone’s biometric data is stored in a database and can be accessed without a person’s knowledge or consent, as it is in the whole EU plus in the countries that aspire to become members, or it says that only you have the right to decide what is done with your biometric data, as the recently promulgated law in Russia says. Now, based on that, which resembles more an Orwellian dystopia, the EU or Russia?
    The funny thing is that punks like you wouldn’t admit the truth if it bloodied their nose b/c the West good, the West superior, the West free, Russia bad, Russia backward, Russia authoritarian, never mind that all facts support the exact opposite and never mind that the West increasingly looks like a dystopian hell(shit)hole run by complete imbeciles who don’t have the competence to run even a hotdog stand; with my apologies to folks who run hotdog stands, they contribute way more to society than self-entitled smartasses like you.

  224. @Independent Thinking

    The MI6 yeshiva formerly the Guardian STILL has a propaganda piece concerning the Russian missile attack on Poland, nearly TWO MONTHS after it was refuted.

  225. JR Foley says:

    Canada is willing and ready to take on the Bear–2,000 hardened veterans now in Latvia–awaiting word from Freeland.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  226. JR Foley says:
    @John Johnson

    The boot of Biden—is taking a large toll–Ukraine population imploding–all for American democracy–human rights and freedom in some European refugee camp.

  227. JR Foley says:

    USA has had many self started wars over the past 50 years—jealousy???

    • Replies: @Truth
  228. @JWalters

    JWalters wrote: “Right now this Jewish Mafia is going for broke on two major fronts, Ukraine and Palestine.”

    Thanks, JWalters!

    Btw, since the ZUS and Israel know they can’t win in Ukraine, I predict a Shock & Awe attack upon Iran.

    • Thanks: JWalters
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @John1955
  229. ccr says:

    Russia should do three things: 1) Call up another 600,000 men to be ready for action in May, 2) threaten to destroy all Western satellites, including GPS satellites, if the West doesn’t pull out of Ukraine, 3) Use thermobaric weapons on Ukrainian trenchworks.

  230. @Passing By

    Thanks, the zionist controlled west is a satanic kabal of the most blood thirsty evil demons the world has ever seen.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
  231. The Ukraine should be smashed. Russia needs to target the government and military as the populace is innocent of the murderous actions of the usurper Zelensky and his Jewish handlers.
    There can never be another Jewish state. Israel itself is illegal. To create another Jewish enclave , under a Zionist NWO leadership would necessarily lead to WWIII. And the destruction of western society as an institution.
    One just has to look at the Middle East since the creation of Israel. Constant genocide , constant war.
    If our civilized world is to survive , the Jews must be reduced to a wandering tribe of thieves and beggars. As the Jews were in their beginning. The only successful nations in the world are the nations that reject and refuse succor to the Jew.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  232. @The seventh column

    Wishful thinking, troll…wishful thinking…

    • Replies: @The seventh column
  233. @JR Foley

    Death wish, man…death wish…

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  234. anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:
    @Quadlow Bwaell

    The Americans arrogantly though the Jews could be assimilated. Instead, the Jews not only took over the United States, but disenfranchised its founding peoples. Americans are Shabbos Goy at this point who enjoy their captivity.

    • Agree: Z-man
  235. anonymous[289] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    The United States needs to be humiliated militarily. That will break the dam.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @Avery
  236. anonymous[229] • Disclaimer says:
    @Passing By

    Americans tend to be unintelligent chauvinists. No matter how much evidence is available that they are prisoners in a society that openly discriminates against them and even steals from them, they keep up this fantasy world where they’re the good guys and the freest people on earth.

  237. anarchyst says:

    Israel’s nukes are already “in place” in major American and European cities. No delivery systems are needed.
    Look for the jews to nuke Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Chicago if their “needs” aren’t met. Jew York City is “off-limits” as it is the capital of the American component of world jewry’s criminal enterprise.
    European targets will be Paris, Brussels or Rome, Rome being the prime target as the visceral hatred of Roman Catholicism knows no bounds, despite their sabotage of the Roman Catholic Church with their influence at the Vatican II Ecumenical Council.
    The jew-run honeypot blackmail situation that exists among the world’s leaders, movers and shakers needs to be exposed and shut down once and for all.
    One way to defuse and shut down the jewish honeypot blackmail operation would be for those politicians, movers and shakers who participated in Epstein’s “fantasy island” to “come clean” and admit their transgressions to their various country’s populations.
    Admit to wrongdoing, promise never to do it again and name the blackmailers.
    This action would be enough to collapse the whole jewish-run criminal cabal and have the jew criminals scurrying like rats to israel.
    One can only hope…

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  238. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Thor Walhovd

    ((They)) could easily control the southern border, but ((they)) want to destroy White America. This is how ((they)) reward a nation that let them in through the front door and fought countless battles around the globe on ((their)) behalf. Trillions lost and countless American lives, and ((they)) still want to steal everything that hasn’t been nailed down and then leave the nation an ash heap. Foolish people learn their life lessons the hard way, and the US is about to learn the most painful lesson of all.

    • Thanks: Ace
  239. greggg111 says:

    “Strictly speaking, we haven’t started anything yet.” Vladimir Putin

    Very true, there isn’t anything to see. It’s a staged wargame. No real fighting is happening.

    • LOL: Arthur MacBride
  240. @Terence

    I agree…and I was thinking ( watching daily the temperatures in Suceava County – border with Ucraina/Ukraine ( my birth place ) and Mures County ( my wife birth place, in Central Romania – Transilvania/Transylvania ) that is weird/strange seeing higher temperatures East of the Carpathian Mountains…Usual/normal average temperatures are the other way around…Living in the ole’ USA for more than 27 years, I am aware of the geoengineering/weather manipulations and that US ( for the uninformed guys or the trolls/fact checkers ) is doing ‘ research/experiments since the end of the WWII…BTW, here, in Central Wisconsin the forest/woods are dying because of the pollution and/or chemtrails…I/we own a property of 28 acres ( cca./aprox. 11 ha ) since 2007 and both of us ( college sweethearts ) have a bachelor degree related to biology; we moved here after living 20 years in Chicago land…we love nature and know what we are seeing/talking about. The entire ecosystem is collapsing…and we are living in the woods, not in a/the town…The Homo Idioticus ( self-named Sapiens ) is very close to became extinct…and the sooner…the better…for the well-being of the planet/rest of the species…

    • Thanks: Liza
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Kurt Knispel
  241. @Terence

    This is something I said back on August. Anyone who depends on winter being a factor is assuming too much.

  242. Not just weapons! The neocon schemers not only used weapons and military training but also fostered extreme ideological racism to indoctrinate and prepare Ukrainians for war against Russia. This was known by all the Western leaders, so those few admissions are inadvertent confessions of grave wrongdoing – they are actually proud of their Deal with the Devil.

    The incessant references in the corporate media to the threat of “Russian aggression” and “Russian meddling” were part of this hybrid war waged through influence of public opinion, not only in Ukraine but also in Europe and the US. US-backed agencies such as the NED and the NGOs funded by certain Jewish oligarchs, supported ultra-nationalist gangs to violently oust Ukraine’s elected government. They enabled this powerful cult based on hatred of Russians and longstanding grudges against the USSR to escalate the military assault on the Russian people in the Donbass who resisted and stood in the way of the neocons’ intended conquest of Russia.

  243. JR Foley says:
    @SS-The Independent

    This is experienced military (men/women/ trans/ gay/ lesbian/pedophiles) –got experience in Afghanistan evenings executing women and children after supper—and are hardened with medals of military adroitness.

  244. John1955 says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    -I predict a Shock & Awe attack upon Iran.-

    No. There will be no more Shock & Ave attacks on Iran. Just the hissing of Jewy Neocon Snakes. Because Iran proved to be a tough cookie.

    I watched Iranian Hostage Crisis from beginning to end.

    -Iranians toppled corrupt American stooge Rezah Pahlavi
    -US froze $25B of Iranian assets
    -Iranians took all US Embassy employees as hostages and said “We need our money back, !!!”
    -Operation Eagle Claw on Apr 25,1980 was a total disaster and hostages were not freed
    -Abandoned Sea Stallion helicopters are still the part of Iranian Air Force 😁
    -Warren Christopher negotiated the return of $25B in gold and precious metals
    -And hostages were freed on Jan 20, 1981 – first day of Ronnie Reagan as President.

    Vlad – food for thought ! How do you feel about $300B of your oil money stolen ( oh, ‘scuse me -sanctioned !!! )

  245. Notsofast says:

    thank you terence for your insightful comment and i am well aware of the u.s. attempts at weather control since the vietnam war and the haarp program in particular. i’m sure the russians are even more aware and may even have counter measures. i am only going by the long range weather forecasts that have proven to be pretty accurate to this point. they predict sub freezing conditions for weeks 2,3 and 4 of this coming january. any russian invasion will begin with major bombing and missile strikes to decision making centers and critical infrastructure, after that the ground invasion will most likely begin. i’m sure the russian high command has taken all possibilities into consideration before beginning such a extensive endeavor and is prepared for all possible outcomes, regardless of any weather conditions.

  246. Notsofast says:
    @SS-The Independent

    thank you, and i seem to be facing a similar situation in florida.

  247. Pablo says:

    I think the biggest question to ask at this point in time is, “Will the US War Machine ever directly intervene in Ukraine?” And a follow up question to this question is, “What will Russia’s response be?” I think that at present, the Russians are prepared for a confrontation with the War Machine. I believe the Russians have decided to “Win it on the Battlefield”. The Russians have no faith or trust in negotiating with the Warmongers in Washington D.C.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  248. Biff says:

    But these analists seem unaware that King Dollar is on his death bed.

    A house of cards. All those stacks of money, treasury bonds, and securities are literal IOU’s that one day are going to be called upon to pay up. It will be like a dam starts to crumble away then fails completely.

    • Agree: MarkU
  249. Seeing is believing at this point. Russia’s war effort has been lackadaisical from the beginning. Putin is no Stalin.

    • Replies: @grr
  250. Mercouris? Mercouris said Russia would never enter Ukraine!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  251. @Bruce Arney

    Victoria Nuland is responsible, more than any other, for the complete destruction of Ukraine. And the big joke is that she is a Jew trying to secure Ukraine for Jews as homeland for the Khazarian mafia, but her secret Jewish plans have backfired and now all the hopes and dreams of making Ukraine a Jewish stronghold are being dashed to rubble in front of the Russia army.

    The dream of the Greater Israel up north is now gone. Since Jews control the media, the Presidency, the State Department, we shall soon hear their lamentations of agony. They will try to kill Putin, no doubt about it. The only question is whether they will escalate this to nuclear war.

    The Jews made a huge strategic mistake and now Ukraine is lost to them forever. Which is why these mad Jews may try to sacrifice Poland and Germany, etc. They don’t care how many Goyim die, they just demand to win no matter what the cost to us.

    • Agree: JimDandy, nokangaroos
    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Reginald Elings
  252. RobinG says:
    @Yukon Jack

    On the bright side, many things will come to a head at once and there’s hope in chaos.

    Was this photo taken before the war? The little rat puts on a suit and tie for Bibi.
    Ukraine didn’t attend UN vote on Israeli occupation after Netanyahu called Zelensky

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  253. Ace says:

    I think the Russians underestimated the amount of support that NATO ended up providing as well as the numbers and effectiveness of the Javelin AT missiles.

    Or, stated another way, the Russians miscalculated the stupidity of Americans in getting out of Afghanistan and immediately getting involved in yet another military adventure far from home to protect no discernable American interest at a time when it clearly is a deindustrialized nation in no shape to fight an industrial-scale war with gigantic debt, a debased currency, lunatic fiscal policies, a seriously decayed society, and a rotten, self-deluded political class in thrall to Israel.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  254. @anarchyst

    Totally agree Anarchy, happy new year, let’s continue the awakening next year with even more intensity.

  255. The US foreign policy establishment has decided that the only way it can reverse America’s accelerating decline is through direct military confrontation.

    Says who? Just who is directing this shit show? Who is calling the shots, who is making this war happen? It’s the Jews, the Jews want Ukraine and since the Jews control the United States they are using their dirty whore to do the Jew wet work. The CIA is 100% aligned with the Zionists. Joe Biden is a Ziopuppet as was Trump. Nuland and Kagan are Jews, as is Blinken, who is said to be Nordstream saboteur.

    And this part about “America’s accelerating decline”. That is the goal of this, to break America’s hold on the world. Who is flooding the nation with violent illegals? Jews. Who wants to take away American firearms leaving white Americans defenseless to hordes of simians and mudbrids? Jews! Who wants to rub out the white race? Jews. Which Israeli PM bragged that America was their golden calf? Oh yeah the one that just got elected again.

    America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.

    America does not exist for American interests. If it did, it would not be involved in Ukraine. But America does work for Jewish interests, which is why America is highly involved in every war for Jews. Why did America want to wipe out 7 countries in 5 years? Because those 7 countries surround Israel, and Israel wants them wiped off the map.

    This Ukraine thing is going to break America’s hegemony in Europe, as the article correctly surmises and predicts that Europe will be forced to deal with reality and dump NATO for survival and embrace Russian carbon based fuels. And that means that stupid climate narrative also has to be dumped.

    Now there is cause for a humourous moment in all this hell, I want to see the look on Victoria Nuland’s face when she realizes that Ukraine is lost to the Jew forever. The dream of a Khazar mobster shangrila is about to get plowed under by the Russian army.

    • Replies: @Brosi
    , @A B Coreopsis
    , @grr
  256. @Tucker

    Once you read Eustace mulins “the world order, our secret rulers,” can download it from, you will understand that the US has never been a free nation. And Jewish control has existed for centuries, but recently is has become more open and obvious.

  257. If nukes fall in ukraine, both sides will say the other side did it and there will be no way to prove who is telling the truth.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  258. Derer says:

    If Russia is to destroy two largest armies in Europe (according to you), then Russians are the masters of Europe and China will remain Russian ally. BTW, much more reliable ally than the US back stabbing Washington sinister players that are barking from a sinking ship.

    • Replies: @Truth
  259. Derer says:

    Thank you for sharing your recent dream. On the other hand victorious Ukraine has no electricity and infrastructure and millions left the land, while European puppets has no badly needed energy. I see in Ukraine removal of Nuland’s puppet group by the Ukrainian true nationalists that oppose the senseless killings and destruction. Ukraine will remain Russia’s neighbor the same as Cuba remained US neighbor.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  260. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

  261. @Harold Smith

    Satan? If you believe in Satan you would necessarily have to believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the female orgasm. Human stupidity, avarice and ego not enough?

    Get real.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Harold Smith
  262. Derer says:

    He could have taken Donbas in 2014, but would have lost Western Ukraine to NATO – it is more complicated than appears. Putin is progressing methodically with his agenda.

    • Replies: @Realist
  263. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

    This site has an excellent map based graphic interface and gives some idea of current and forecast weather and temperature in Ukraine.;38.3;4&l=temperature-2m

  264. @Ukraine Tiger

    So what?
    The Iwans have retaken the initiative along the entire front and are
    in the process of reclaiming the Oskol, the Musicians are opening
    Artyomowsk like a can of sardines (complete with 16 of the Ukies´best
    brigades) and the Carpatho-Ukrainian (Hungarian!) 128th Mountain –
    already wiped out at Kherson – seems not altogether thrilled at being sent
    to Soledar; the trickle-down offensive is working just dandy
    (and by my count Surovikin is down below 200,000 reserves, not enough
    for anything funny – the only question remaining is what he plans with the airborne).
    The Ruskies doing “nothing” may very well be what Zaluzhnyi fears most
    (a “diffuse” offensive mixed with field fortifications could be the answer
    to the West´s superior satellite intel and battlefield management –
    the slow strangulation is ugly but it is what works that counts, and the Donbass –
    if then Odessa is out of reach for the moment – should have priority).

  265. Mikhail says: • Website

    He has expressed the belief that Peskov isn’t a good spokesperson and should be replaced.

  266. @Wokechoke

    But after all that they have done, NATO countries have well deserved to have the ravages of war, in their most severe form, visit their own nations for a change.

  267. @John Johnson

    Current climatological conditions in Ukraine are due to U$$A weather warfare.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  268. @Lord Ginsu

    The Russians have yet to enter and remain in true, real, actual ethnic Ukraine. Lordy, Lordy, but you are miserably informed.

    • Replies: @Lord Ginsu
  269. Truth says:
    @JR Foley

    Certainly you do understand the word, “jealousy?”

  270. @SS-The Independent

    Around here everyone likes to talk about Ukraine but “Elliot” does not seem to be worth talking about.
    ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Exposed as Engineered Scam To Roll Out ‘Climate Lockdowns’:
    In Germany we get sprayed like hell – all year round.
    Putin complained about the spraying too…

  271. @MarkU

    The Western people accepted the covid tyrany by their governments, só from now on they’ll accept any hardship their governments declare to be ” Morally good”

    • LOL: MarkU
  272. @SS-The Independent

    Reality my ” partner”…reality…

  273. grr says:
    @Ray Caruso

    caruso is another deadhead that has refused to comprehend one basic fact since February; up until recently it has not been a “war” with all that entails. SMO does not include a W (ar).

    But now the Russians will show the FUD spreaders exactly what a war is.

    But he is correct re the Stalin reference (for the wrong reason though); VVP would never be responsible for the deaths of millions of Russians.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  274. @Derer

    I only see russian blood being spilled…

    • Replies: @1jonny
  275. Backward says:

    Geoengineering has been a reality for decades, all over the planet. No need to speculate when you have the facts

  276. Backward says:
    @Passing By

    I told you where to look for actual information, punk. If you are too lazy to, then keep believing RT spin doctors and stay ignorant and deluded.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  277. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Shoigu has categorically stated they “do not intend to take Zhitomir”
    (the problem with Sergej Kuzhugetovich is you never for the life of you know
    whether he is trying to make a joke).
    Vlad has recently announced a change of mind – while at the beginning of the
    operation he praised Iossif Wissarionovich´s “wisdom” (in annexing Galicia)
    he now calls it a “mistake”; indeed the feistiest thing he could do is guarantee
    the independence of Galicia and Volhynia – the entertainment value of watching
    Poles, Jews and Banderites inevitably fighting over it again can not be overstated
    (HBO? Secure the rights now.).
    – That would leave only Odessa as a problem; if I get Vlad Vladimirovich right
    (that Odessa “would either be an apple of Eris or a unifying entity”) he envisions
    a kind of international/free city status
    (none of this fits the Heavenly Jerusalem Plan ™ of course – we´ll see).

  278. @Priss Factor

    Brother Nathanael, brilliant as always. For the last 400 years behind every war,revolution and social engineering there is jew. The Ukraine/Russian/US/ conflict is a jewish clown show.

  279. GMC says:

    No, I haven’t seen an Israeli push into Crimea only the Russian Orthodox and TaTar folks. I don’t think the Boss in Simferopol – Arksenykov would play that game. There are quite a few jewish folks that have ties to Israel – but they are not the Zionist types , they are the old Sovok types- elderly, people have good employment there etc. People seem to get along here, no matter the differences. This is just my opinion tho . I don’t think any of us will know what kind of deals will be made in NoviRossiya , when it comes on line, but it will be a whole lot better than the last 9 years. Spacibo y Novi Godem B

    • Replies: @Brosi
  280. anon[488] • Disclaimer says:

    The ((($hill))) who wrote this krap is extremely evil & ridiculous ~>
    “… force the political leadership to comply with their security demands. It’s a bloody and wasteful course of action… no one can predict the future …”
    = No, they R not going 2 ‘force compliance’ of the ((($atanic))) dictatorship from isra-hell that has been exterminating all the Ukranian men by kidnapping them & throwing them into Russian guns. They R going 2 remove them, & annex Ukraine, same as they did to Crimea & other zones. Then maybe conquer Poland & others also, if jooz continue ramping up the forced suicide (these R not ‘wars’) by making them attack Russia more directly. It will certainly help Europe a LOT if tha jooz force all the rest of so-called (((We$tern))) Europe 2 attack Russia, so Russia then has an excuse 2 slowly & completely conquer all the rest of Europe =) It’s a shame they & China probably will never bother 2 cross the sea & free the USA & Canada & Brazil though =( O’Biden is literally the best ((($hill-Tard))) dictator EVER, as he & his (((Handler$))) R so completely evil & corrupt that they forced Russia 2 help flush the toilet on (((Z.O.G.))) =) If N E ‘so-called (((Republicrat)))’ ever goes ‘anti-Russia’ (like say, DeSantis cheer leading 4 ‘aid’ 2 Joo-Krane’?) U R all really better off voting directly 4 O’Biden 2 make it even easier 4 them 2 ‘take’ the ((($election))) =)) The weaker & more suicidal the (((Z.O.G.))) regimes, the better = until Russia & China can take over = preferably Russia. The endless (((Lockdowns))) & (((Kill $hot Mandates))) in China R truly #FullRetard tier garbage but at least they’re not telling boys 2 chop their weenies off LOL

  281. GMC says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    Da, Novi Godem Kurt, we watched President Putin last night from a big party here in the old Sovok building. It was a nice time , plenty of food and drink.

    I just wanted to bring everyone’s attention to fact that people need to included in the MultiPolar World also. Not just governments and corporations. Bank of Russia has been pushing it and if I put rubbles or dollars, euros etc. in a bank account, I want the option of getting them back – when needed. Maybe a famous Unz writer , like Ron Unz will write about those rights and liberties that need to be preserved.
    So, I heated with wood most of my 3+ decades in Alaska – nothing better, great exercise , { if it doesn’t kill your back} lol . I would go thru 4 to 5 cords a year, all cut, split and stacked by yours truly { until the boys grew up} And i had a stand up oil furnace that I could use with a 300 gallon tank of #1 outside. I recall #1 was about a dollar back in the 70s and 3 dollars out in the bush town of McGrath in the 90s where i lived and worked.

    Edward Slav. in Moscow wrote about Sputnik being an Astra Seneca spin off of adenovirus concoction and — Gamaleya came back saying that they have ” purified their vaccines”, so that there are no clot issues. I believe after reading Edwards synopsis that their was a clot problem and Gamaleya changed something- Hopefully. Ya, some people are still being made to take a booster { for employment reasons} so it looks like someone in the Gov is still in cahoots with Big Pharma. I took Sputnik light a couple years ago – never had a problem but it should be out of my system by now. I had the Flu virus a year before I took the Sputnik – I was/am sure I could live thru it again if need be. It wasn’t going to kill me but the mRNA would have. Almost killed my brother in the states. I can’t go back because they still have that law about having to take the jab , if you want to enter the states LEGALLY – if illegal – hey – no problem with the jab. lol Spasibo K

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Biggi
  282. @emerging majority

    So American changed the weather to prevent a Russian winter offensive thinking that Russia would launch a winter offensive. But they don’t really know what Russia planned or if it even intended to launch a winter offensive. Anyway the Russians can also change the weather but decided not to counter the US interference with the weather.

    • LOL: Avery
    • Replies: @GMC
  283. Avery says:

    {The United States needs to be humiliated militarily. That will break the dam.}

    Sorry: it ain’t happening.

    US was militarily humiliated in Viet Nam, with people desperately clinging to the last helicopter taking off from US Emabssy:

    I don’t know how much more humiliating than that it can get..
    But US convinced itself that it had won in Viet Nam, and promptly embarked on more foreign invasions. (e.g. Iraq).

    US was militarily humiliated in Afghanistan, but it promptly forgot about it, and is now engaged in a far more dangerous proxy war with Russia in UkroZioNazistan.

    So I don’t know at what point these warmongering psychopaths will give up, come home, and take care of the American people — those who give them the blood and treasure they so recklessly waste all over the world, while spreading death and destruction everywhere they go………

  284. profnasty says:

    Rivers make great borders.
    Pooty Poot- You go boy!

  285. Z-man says:

    I see you’ve never given a woman an orgasm, tsk tsk.

    • LOL: GMC, Poupon Marx
  286. @Hang All Text Drivers

    If nukes fall in ukraine, both sides will say the other side did it and there will be no way to prove who is telling the truth.

    In fact there is an EASY way to determine which side is doing it.

    Just as we knew in the Syrian civil war that it wasn’t Bashar al-Assad that released poison gas on his own people. Instead it was the U.S backed Mossad/CIA logistically supplied ISIS head choppers that did it.

    We knew it in the case of the Syrian conflict because it was the side (ISIS) that was losing badly in the war, so in their desperation they tried the most depraved act in the hope of swaying public worldwide opinion and [perhaps] getting other nations to support them in an act of sympathy.
    (Over and above the compelling argument based on motive, ALL the forensic evidence pointed to ISIS having done it).

    Similarly, in the proxy war being waged by the Anglo Zionist empire against Russia, the Judeo-fascist Ukrainian state has suffered appalling losses and are on the verge of capitulation.
    The ONLY reason they have any marginal combat capability remaining at all is due to the thousands of mercenaries (eg: Poles and other NATO soldiers of fortune), that have been bought with freshly printed greenbacks that have been conjured out of thin air by the Zionist Usury Banking Cartel owners of the Federal Reserve.

    Bottom Line : The Russians have ALREADY won this war convincingly. All that remains is for the remnants to be mopped up.

    Any dastardly act committed from now on, be that a dirty bomb/nuke/ or whatever, will FOR CERTAIN be the handiwork of the Anglo Zionist empire.
    After all, they have a track record of doing such things. (eg: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, dropping Bubonic Plague infested fleas on Nth Korea, biological attacks on Cuba and China over the years, nukes used on WTC1 and WTC2 on 9/11 etc).

    Using any metric you one chooses to apply, the sheer DEPRAVITY of the Anglo Zionist empire has no parallel in recent centuries.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  287. Chaps says:
    @Jesuitic Ziowahhabiz

    Love your pen name sir! ave me a big chuckle this morning. Also, your comments are great!

  288. Yes, and doubtless, “something big is on the way,” including a ZUS/Israel attack on Iran. Perhaps during Purim, and please see the article, below?

  289. @Rahan

    “quantity has a quality all of its own”.

    That was true in 1943. I believe it is pretty true now also.

  290. Brosi says:
    @Yukon Jack

    The dream of a Khazar mobster shangrila is about to get plowed under by the Russian army.

    LOL. I like that description. How about Khazaria could be Judea’s Sodom to Israel, their Gomorroh.

    The problem here is that it is not yet certain, at least for me, that Putin is not some kind of a limited hangout/controlled opposition put up by the same old tribe of chosenites that always owns all sides to every conflict.

    They never let anyone get power who they don’t have blackmail material on. Even/Especially Trump. And then Putin has gone along with far too many globalist psyops to be considered reliable. He could have vetoed the Libya coup. He never stopped Israel from bombing Syria. He totally whimped out and practically forced Yanukovich to flee Ukraine in 2014, and then he got Crimea far too easily without a fight within a few days afterwards.

    There are dozens of globalist agendas that he has played along with, including Covid. Why haven’t we seen any hard evidence as to what was going on with those US Bio-labs is Ukraine.

    Putin needs to get ahead of the planetary truth bomb this is waiting to explode. In fact Putin could be the one who sets it off.

  291. @Backward

    The law about people’s biometric data is actual information, moron. Do you deny that Russia passed a law giving its citizens control over their biometric data, control that people in the West don’t have?

  292. 1jonny says:
    @The seventh column

    Isn’t it mostly Ukrainian blood being spilled, in fairly huge quantities, while using up their western allies’ weapons?

    • Replies: @The seventh column
  293. What concerns me is what the neocons will do after the Russian offensive meets its goals. I expect another escalation to what only they know.

  294. @Truth Vigilante

    Makes you wonder if Ukraine is a staggering arena for the worlds top mercenaries who pose an existential threat the the powers that be. Lure them with money for short term duty, knowing full well they’ll be cannon fodder on the battlefield and zero threat when SHTF and government becomes the primary target.

    The tides turning and they know it’s only a matter of time before common folk rise up against these despicable GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM thugs now calling the shots.

  295. Joe Wong says:
    @Richard B

    You don’t hear what Putin has said in the West, it does not mean there is no big gun target Russian has already nailed on the American’s forehead.

    The Americans need to taste the bitter fruit as the Ukrainians are taking, otherwise their war of hollow rhetoric in behalf of imperial hubris will not be weaken. The degree of Surreal detachment from reality fully reflected in your comment and mentality.

    • Troll: Richard B
  296. Realist says:

    He could have taken Donbas in 2014, but would have lost Western Ukraine to NATO – it is more complicated than appears.

    As I said, if he had acted decisively in February 2022, the war would have long been over.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  297. RobinG says:

    Thanks for this. We looked into regs. a while back, if you need a jab to fly out of USA. Apparently not, but now I wonder if you’d need one to get back in, as citizen. (Assume you are also.)

    • Thanks: GMC
  298. GMC says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I remember the USAF making it rain like hell for months on the Cambodian border after the monsoons were over . That was 50 years ago and we can only imagine what they can do now. China uses the technology to grow food,where they were never able to, in the past. It’s been crazy warm with a lot of rain here in Crimea. It’s been 12 to 15′ C during the day – for a long time now.

    But I have also thought that either the US is using weather weapons here, to keep the ground thawed or Russia is , in order to make it easier on their troop grouping and bringing in the recently re- trained men and equipment. Once things are right , Russia’s shield will go up and winter will begin. We will see. I see even Saudi Arabia flooding out – recently. lol

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  299. Brosi says:

    This is a good sign in that if Putin had already sold Crimea to Judea, or transferred as payment for past USSR debts, then we would expect the Hebrews to already be moving in and inspecting their newest properties. Instead it appears that Putin has not already signed off on the transfer of Crimea to Khazaria 3.0.

    • LOL: GMC
  300. 1jonny says:

    So, Israel is just going to go poof and cease to exist? The remnant of the Ukrainian Nazis are going to come down and anihilate Israel? Russia is going to surgically nuke Israel along with The City of London and NYC without otherwise causing the end altogether of civilization, as some idiots fantasize? The post I’m responding to joins these other fantasies as some really stupid, imaginative crap.

  301. 1jonny says:
    @Joe Paluka

    No, they’ll all be willing to strike bargains, as people always have.

  302. Miro23 says:

    Or, stated another way, the Russians miscalculated the stupidity of Americans in getting out of Afghanistan and immediately getting involved in yetanother military adventure far from home to protect no discernible American interest…

    That’s how it looks:

    In 2022, the Biden administration and the U.S. Congress have directed nearly $50 billion in assistance to Ukraine, which includes humanitarian, financial, and military support, according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, a German research institute.

    Council of Foreign Relations

    That’s a fresh $ just for 2022 ( about $500 of extra debt for every US family – or maybe $1.000 just counting taxpaying families) – all heading down the same drain as the Afghanistan money.

    It’s a fact that the US public and their representatives have no say in any of this. These decisions are made by Jewish activists following their own agenda with the Kagan/Nuland deep state have more power than the whole of Congress combined (those performing seals with their standing ovations).

    • Agree: Zane
    • Replies: @Ace
  303. Why is Zelensky and Chucky Schumer so happy to rob the United States blind for this unwinnable war against Mother Russia? Why do our AIPAC elected Ziowhores clap like penguins high on crack for the gay dipshit demon Zelensky and his money luandering scam? How insane is it to think that this $100 billion dumped into Ukraine is an investment? It is highway robbery, grand theft nation. Why oh why is this happening, how can it be happening? Because Jews have taken over your government.

    Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow and reap while we Jews sit like an royalty and eat…That is why gentiles were created…Their sole purpose is to serve Jews…Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the people of Israel…With gentiles, it is like with any other person – they need to die, but God gives them longevity. Why? Because the gentile is the Jew’s servant…Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. That’s why the gentile gets a long life, to work well for the Jew…

    There is no way to explain current geo-political events outside of ZOG conspiracy. It can not be done. You may think this is a good article by Mike Whitney. Sure, it is a good summary of the events thus far, and some projection all from a non-conspiracy viewpoint, but since this article does not describe the situation in terms of a Jewish conspiracy, the article is a fail. I give it an F- The simple fact is that this war is not understandable outside of Jewish interests. But Mike Whitney, does his damndest to explain to you how the United States is trying to topple Russia via Ukraine. Sorry, wrong! It is not in the United States interest to go to war with Russia and destroy itself in the process.

    The reader is being duped, this war is for Jewish supremacy, not United States hegemony. What it looks like, what is coming, is the hegemon’s region of influence, in Europe, is going to be rapidly shrinking as Europe scrambles to survive, by dumping Washington as their ring leader. And, over in the Pacific theater, it looks like Biden might also lose Taiwan, maybe even Guam. So Biden, having lost Afghanistan, and now certainly Ukraine or large parts of it, may even lose the western Pacific. Amerika will be pushed back to Hawaii, but the Hawaiians want their own nation. It seems the whole world is about to reorder itself.

    It is the Jews who are building a Jew World Order who are trying to destroy Russia which is bucking their plans. Putin, like Hitler, has a strong economy outside of the Jewish banking system. This can not be allowed, otherwise the Jew banking parasite will be exposed and swallowed up by a more vibrant economic system. The hegemon’s economic system is based on Goyim exploitation under Jewish central banking monopoly.

    Thus the Jews, who want it all, can not stand some other country like Iraq, Syria, or Russia has oil to trade. The Jews want to control all the oil, because they want to be gods of the earth. Thus they cut off Nordstream, and sanction Iran oil sales, and steal Syrian oil, and blow up Iraqi oil fields, because if the Jew can not control the oil flow they will make it so you don’t either.

    So what Nuland and Kagan are up to is to use the United States as it’s war whore to secure Ukraine for Jewry and the Khazar mobsters. So they overthrew the elected government, and installed their gay butt demon Zelensky, and built up the war machine in Ukraine, but Putin interfered and now all of their hard work investment is up in smoke. Victoria Nuland’s great state department career victory in Ukraine has now turned into the greatest of losses.

    Thus they want to kill Putin, and this was recently voiced by one of their Senatorial lackeys the very gay pipsqueak Lindsey Graham. Vlad has spoiled their plans, and since they are losing very badly, they want to assassinate him. But even if they did, or Putin dies for some reason, wouldn’t the response be even more hard line?

    It is actually quite laughable, Nuland’s scheming has resulted in the complete destruction of her beloved Ukraine Jewish homeland. And all the incredibly stupid blue/yellow flag wavers are only prolonging the war and thus increasing the destruction of the Ukraine, and the Libtards who voted for Biden, who still support Biden, who is making sure their is no negotiations or peace.

    So they love Biden and hate Putin. How stupid can they be? Are liberals imbeciles? Perhaps or liberals do not think, they only follow the lead of the Judas goat. And let us not forget, that the Christian evangelists also stupidly follow the Judas goat into perdition. Thus, Left or Right, dumb Amerikan sheep are marching into another Jewish contrived slaughterhouse and losing the empire along with their treasure and lives.

    Russia, in an existential crisis, it is knee deep in the mud and bogged down in this Ukraine quagmire, it now knows the conspiracy theory was correct, that the goal all along was to destroy them, so this means Russia must decisively act to survive this huge boondoggle. There is no dount that the west (Jews) want Russia destroyed. If Russia loses this war, then they will be cut up, sold off, and subjugated, turned into gays and trannies, their Orthodox church banned, and all their memories taken away just as is happening in Jew infested Amerika today.

    And why would Russia ever give Ukraine back? Or let Jews rule Ukraine ever again. Russia can not allow that to happen, they must dominate Ukraine and maybe all the territory north to the Baltics, creating a big buffer zone between the gay demons and their Christian homeland. Russian boys are dying, the Kremlin is getting anxious to ramp up the war and crush the Jew crybabies. Thus Putin has no choice but to act decisively, and thus it’s on baby.

  304. @Kolya Krassotkin

    *Chuckle*. There is so much of people making predictions and speculation, in the absence of logistics, physical assets, physical details of the environment, assessment of weapons available in the present and future, sustainability of a military operation-which is the economic base-and the will of the public to support same.

    Most people are lazy, glib, and blurt out something they are not sure of, but hope it will be accepted and make them look good.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  305. @Realist

    At a huge cost of Russian lives, Russian materiel, and marginal public support. Fools rush in, basing decisions on incomplete information.

    See my comment 314. Why don’t you regal us with some historical facts, expert opinions, and related relevancies such as economics, etc.?

    • Replies: @Realist
  306. @Yukon Jack

    Russia, in an existential crisis, it is knee deep in the mud and bogged down in this Ukraine quagmire, it now knows the conspiracy theory was correct, that the goal all along was to destroy them, so this means Russia must decisively act to survive this huge boondoggle. There is no dount that the west (Jews) want Russia destroyed. If Russia loses this war, then they will be cut up, sold off, and subjugated, turned into gays and trannies, their Orthodox church banned, and all their memories taken away just as is happening in Jew infested Amerika today.

    Russia will not, cannot lose this war. First, all resources for war favor Russia. NATO and Amurka countries are bankrupt and live on borrowed money and borrowed time. They cannot support even an extension of Ukraine proxy beyond 2023. They are also out of weapons, fuel. NATO and JUSA military is a joke. A very well hidden joke. A paper force that will collapse quickly. There is much evidence for this. Grounded F-35s and other airplanes, declining numbers and quality of soldiers, generals who are either pansies or political whores that haven’t spend one day on the battlefield. Women as Defense Ministers throughout NATO. On and on.

    One must remember that Russia is fighting to preserve THEIR HOMELAND. There will be no defeat, occupation. In the event that Russia is overrun and facing death and disappearance, all nuclear assets will be launched.

    But even before that, if Russia somehow is irreversibility losing, China will enter FULL FORCE on the side of Russia. That all bring the final end to Europe, NATO and Amurka. They will be rump states, the contemporary Japans-full unconditional surrender.

    There is not one credible, experienced military analyst-who is honest and has integrity-that does not predict Russian victory without close to absolute certainty.

    As far as NATO directly acting against Russia, this effectively means Amurka. Does any serious person believe that Amurka today can project the kind of power that a much stronger Russian today is, and prevail?? Supply lines, troop transport and support, ammunition, knowledge of terrain, motivation, and this: 3 American personnel equal 1 Russian or Chinese equivalent.

    • Replies: @Yukon Jack
    , @Z-man
    , @Momus
  307. @Z-man

    Definition of Incel. maybe?

  308. Joe Wong says:
    @John Johnson

    Ukrainian can coexist with Russia peacefully and friendly to EU at the same time, as well as benefit tremendously as a bridge between Russia and EU, but the moron racist elites in Ukraine have to act against the interest of Ukrainian people and be hostile towards Russia.

    Ukrainian should learn what the West said, there is no free lunch, you act stupidly and you will be treated like dirt and trashed like a piece of garbage. Ukrainian can save themselves by getting rid of the neo-nazi elements and western mercenaries in Ukraine, as well as kicking out all the NATO assholes in their borders, and try those pro-west politicians and NGO members as a traitor. The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his cohort must be held responsible for the causalities and damages in this Ukrainian-Russian conflict. While NATO must be held responsibility for engineering this Ukrainian-Russian conflict as war criminal.

    • Agree: Deep Thought
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  309. @Bill Jones

    in ten years time the big event in 2022 will be seen to be the visit of China’s Xi to Saudi Arabia

    The fact that it’s being assiduously ignored by the bulk of the legacy media… means that it’s already acknowledged as a geopolitical Big Event.

    Xi achieved more in that visit, than Biden did in his ‘fist-bump’ visit. Orders of magnitude more.

    The purpose of Biden’s ‘fist-bump’ visit was to beg the Saudis to increase oil production. A month later the Saudis signed on to Russia’s plan to reduce oil output from ‘OPEC+’ by 2 million barrels a day.

    Xi went to the Gulf conference with the proper – post-Deng-Chinese – mindset: “Let’s do dat bidness“. Same thing as the Chinese are doing in Africa – where they rightly see a half-billion potential customers in ten years’ time.

    Xi would not have taken that trip if the Chinese political leadership didn’t already know that the result was set in stone.

    The Saudis have seen the F35. They know they’re boned if they stay in the petrodollar bloc.

    Xi was there unveiling the tombstone for US hegemony. Saudi is applying to join BRICS+ – which is starting to get more letters than the latest acronym for GloboHomo (the one that starts LGBT and includes CBS, NBC, DOD, FBI, CIA and NSA in the mix).

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  310. H. L. M says:
    @Yukon Jack

    Thank you for setting the record straight about the jews.

    By the time the average Joe comes to this realization we will all be in very deep isht.

  311. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “On the other hand victorious Ukraine has no electricity and infrastructure and millions left the land…”

    There can be no victorious Ukraine. This country is servile both in politics and in culture, the ultimate minion, golem, shoggoth. But there is nothing to celebrate here. Russia is losing the war, on the cusp of civil war as long as things remain the same. That will lead to the utter collapse of the Aryan race in the East of Europe, with a breakdown of communications, contamination of soil and famine.

    But it will be a sensible addition to the death of the Aryan race in the West. The Russian culture has shown its utter ineptitude compared to the Anglo. The Russians have failed to create their own culture, their own academia. Their own Soviet Union surrendered without a shot fired. Now, the residual Russian and Ukrainian quasi-states are consumed by madness, waging war for nothing else but their own destruction.

    The Judaeo-Christian mutt lands in the Occident, the ascending Turkish empire in the Orient. Serves us right. The last hope was the NSDAP.

  312. @Zane

    I wish Putin would tell the world the truth about 911.

    I don’t think he’s particularly interested in some tiny event from a generation ago.

    The ‘base’ premise is pretty laughable: 19 Saudis with box cutters defeat the most expensive air-defense system in human history. If true, it’s a perfect example of the “blowback” that can happen if you stick your nation’s dick in other peoples’ business for a couple of generations.

    Under all alternative hypotheses, it’s still the result of shitful US foreign policy… just with different perpetrators.

    Besides: the Russians are far too busy letting the Global South know what its investigations of US biolabs in Ukraine have found. Zhakharova, Medvedev and Lavrov have each given long talks about the findings to date – with links to the documents recovered, and additional commentary.

    Don’t think that because it hasn’t appeared in the Western media, that it’s not being seen by every foreign leader. The reason that the Global South is aligning itself with the Evil Rooooskies at such an alarming rate, is because they’re being presented with overwhelming evidence that the US has pursued an offensive biowarfare capability since the 1950s.

    Think of the ramifications for the global opinion regarding the US, if very mass livestock slaughter that’s happened in the last half-century – of pigs, poultry, and (potentially) beef and sheep – is plausibly laid at the feet of the US’ political leadership.

    My own view is similar to that of our beloved site host: that the swine- and avian-flu that cut vast swathes through China’s main livestock protein sources, were the result of deliberate US bioweapons deployment.

    People who know more about this stuff than I do, also reckon that the culls of cattle and sheep (due to BSE and scrapie, respectively) in Europe and the UK in the 1990s, were the result of an accidental release of a US bioweapon.

    That’s a much bigger deal than some C3 (command/control/communications) infrastructure being blowed up in New York. Let’s be clear: if it was a building in some city full of brown people that got blowed up by the US… the media of the Empire of Lies would bray that it was a strike on C3 infrastructure.

    • Replies: @Zane
  313. Anonymous[996] • Disclaimer says:

    I think this comment is much closer to the mark than all of these reactionary “connoisseurs” are able to grasp. Israel is a failed state. Iran and Hezbollah have the missile and drone power to make Israel uninhabitable for the chosen tribe. The tribe needs a new HQ; a place to regroup. I believe they figure the traditional Pale is that place. Mercouris, for one, can’t wrap his mind around how Zelinsky continues to shovel Ukie gentiles into the Russian meat grinder. That carnage makes perfect sense if the goal is to ethnically cleanse Slavic goyim of military and breeding age so that the Khazar Jews from Israel have an easier time recolonizing the Pale of Ukraine.

    • Agree: Ace
  314. @anonymous

    There are already Polish regulars in-theatre in Ukraine. Not ‘former’; not ‘contractors’ (although there’s plenty of them too).

    It’s the worst-kept secret in the history of military affairs. NATO-adjacent forces have shitful commsec, and intercepted traffic is absolutely full of people calling everyone “Kurwa!”.

    Pooland thinks it can into Western Ukraine – and it’s right: by the time the Russians have finished dismantling the post-2004 fortifications in the Donbas, the last defense of Kiev will be like Berlin in 1944/45.

    I don’t know how to say “Hitlerjugend” in Pig-Russian (the pretend ‘Ukrainian’ language), but once the Ukrops evacuate from Bakhmut, the fortifications thin out dramatically. There is no defensible line between Bakhmut and Kramatorsk. That significantly alters the calculus: “no blue squiggles” (on the aerial map) means no defense from standoff weapons.

    The move from Bakhmut to Kramatorsk will be blitzkrieg-style, because there’s nowhere to hide for the poor human speed-bumps. That means that the mercenaries who are in-theatre will rapidly re-deploy to their home countries – or at least the smart ones will.

    I’ve posted the map that shows every fortification and entrenchment in Ukraine: every ‘castle’ icon is a fortification. 10cm/px at full zoom. Zoom in on a few of them.

    The Ukrops haven’t had the manpower to build additional defensive depth. There are five or 6 recent, hastily-constructed entrenchments between Nova Poshta and the Kramatorsk arport, but they are nothing like the stuff on the current line of contact – which is why Russia is comfortable shelling the fuck out of the LoC and waiting for troop rotations (and “Kalibr-ating” the staging areas: everyone knows where those are, too).

    • Replies: @Yukon Jack
  315. Zane says:

    The jooze aren’t moving back to Jewkraine. Too cold. But if anyone can figure out a way to jewproof Florida, I’m all ears. 😀

    • Agree: A B Coreopsis
  316. Zane says:

    911 was pretty big, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  317. @Yukon Jack

    A Financial Times article (12/22/22) reports the increasing ownership concentration of emergency medical service groups (that hire doctors and staff for ERs) by buyout groups (aka Jews) such as Blackstone. In Texas, 1 in 4 ER groups in hospitals (or 384 beds) are staffed by just 3 buyout groups, including Blackstone and KKR.

    In retrospect, the block of Chinese investors into the US conveniently eliminated competition for the Jew — their favorite outcome. Collusion between Obama and the Jews? Shocking, just shocking.

  318. Lez says: • Website
    @Not Important

    Try not to be too specific.
    What comes comes on the timetable of The Russian General Staff and they do not flag their moves.
    Of the rest, mostly speculation.

    Yet The Decline of The West proceeds on its own timetable.

    Expressed further under the Decline of The West, vectored via that failed, longest of the long LongShots, this engineered US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War over the lives of the poor Ukrainian people to weaken Russia, tip out its government and possess its considerable resources.

    Judgment shall be by outcomes. Thus far, it is the EU and NATO that will disintegrate. Paradoxically, the present winners are simultaneously the United States and Russia. Those in the way of superpower aspirations invariably are ground up in the geo-political machinery.

    Discussed here in lengthy, abstruse and eclectic prose across several essays that will leave the reader visibly aged, yet possibly far wiser although admittedly that is entirely speculative . . .

  319. @Poupon Marx

    One must remember that Russia is fighting to preserve THEIR HOMELAND. There will be no defeat, occupation. In the event that Russia is overrun and facing death and disappearance, all nuclear assets will be launched.

    Yes, and good catch, I forgot that. Putin has said more than once that a world without Russia will be no world. So what is to stop Biden and his team of destroyers from sending in more Poles? I read today that already there are 100,000 Polish troops in Ukraine, plus thousands of Amerikan “advisors”. So this meat grinder is going to continue.

    You mentioned China joining Russia and entering the fray. What about North Korea, they have an axe to grind with what we did in the Korean war, we bombed them back to the stone age and almost wiped them out. And now is an opportunity to join in and kill the gringos.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  320. Wokechoke says:
    @Joe Wong

    There are no Nazi organisations in Ukraine. The units you talk about are Jewish funded auxiliaries like Azov Bat and they play act at being Nazis using Regalia. The Ukie Auxiliaries are very anti Russian though. But even then they mostly try to dismiss the Muscovites and St Petersburg people at Mongolians. Which is absurd.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  321. Ace says:

    It’s amazing stuff. US foreign policy is utterly impervious to voter preferences. All with the backdrop of Nancy Pelosi and her asinine “temple of our democracy” statement.

  322. @Yukon Jack

    Yes, without Russia, China is like leaving the back door not only unlocked but open. An overrun Russia could threaten China morbidly or even mortally. Also, if China is attacked by The West, and requests it, Russia will enter on their side. When this is known at the diplomatic level, the ardor to attack militarily either country is like a fading hard-on when Hilary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi takes off their clothes.

    Many people just can’t cross the small bridge across the stream. Like the Three Musketeers, all for one, and one for all. Without Russia or China, North Korea would be like a puppy in the middle of an interstate at rush hour.

    The opportunity to crush irrevocably and permanently the JUSA and NATO all together is irresistible.

    I also wrote a comment at length on why a Polish expeditionary force would be destroyed by Russia on its lunch hour.

  323. @Yukon Jack

    It is the Jews who are building a Jew World Order who are trying to destroy Russia which is bucking their plans. Putin, like Hitler, has a strong economy outside of the Jewish banking system.

    And why would Russia ever give Ukraine back? Or let Jews rule Ukraine ever again.

    They don’t hold Ukraine. They currently occupy Donbas and two Oblasts in the East.

    Why exactly is Ukraine the Jewish side? Because Zelensky is Jewish?

    Putin’s chef/general in charge of the main front is Jewish.

    So for Putin to score a win you will need to cheer a Jewish chef. You do realize that, right?

    Here is Putin’s Jewish chef serving him vegetables before he went into military contracting:

    Yes a Jewish chef is in charge of the main front.

    If Putin died and left him in charge would Russia then be the Jewish side? Why or why not?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  324. @Wokechoke

    Well, there are some who are descendants of the original Nazis from WWII. But if a group apes and copies and acts like a Nazi in every way, is it a Nazi?

    A few years ago, a company in England decided to build an


    replica of a 1967 Jaguar XKE. Is it a “real” XKE?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  325. @Zane

    It is important to know who you are. Are you aware that you-a buck private, the lowest rank-are in the Officers’ Saloon? Time for you to pivot 180 and sashay back to the NCO club, son.

    • Replies: @Zane
  326. Ace says:
    @Yukon Jack

    Carleton Meyer has a convincing alternate explanation but the differences between your view and his are slight:

    Note that Russia derailed a central part of Israel’s expansion plan when it sent forces to save Syria in 2015. Also note the news today that the CIA sent covert advisors to help the Ukrainians fight the Russians in Donbass that year. These forces killed some 14,000 Russian civilians with random tank and artillery fire since 2014, and was a primary reason for the Russian invasion. Israel controls American foreign policy, so it seems the plan for the past eight years was to force Russia to invade Ukraine so that it could be destroyed economically and give up support for Syria. Then Syria can be destroyed along with Lebanon as I explained in a video last year.

    Ukraine.” By Carleton Meyer,, 5/17/22.

    • Replies: @Yukon Jack
  327. Z-man says:
    @Poupon Marx

    I hope you’re right.
    As far as bankruptcy, that means nothing. The Judaic power system will just print more money and make the masses suffer.
    So, even though I want Russia to win and win quickly, as always…Beware the Power of The Cabal.

    • Agree: 1jonny
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  328. @1jonny

    I see no Western blood being spilled, and for me ukrainians are part of the Russian people.

  329. Derer says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    “minority getting a hold on the levers of power”

    Right…but century ago it was at different place and by violent means…now by a subtle indoctrination of the naive populace indifference.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  330. Realist says:
    @Poupon Marx


    Comment #314 is from Miro23…do you have a dual account???

  331. Orff says:

    I’m supposed to go to Vienna and Budapest in a few weeks. Should I cancel my trip if all hell breaks loose in Ukraine?

    • Agree: littlewing
    • Replies: @littlereddot
  332. Whitney has done a commendable work of putting together MacGregor and Mercouris’ analyses.

  333. @Z-man

    What evidence do you have that Putin is interested in challenging the international banking system?

    The special chemistry between Russian and Israel

    The multi-million Russian-speaking diaspora in Israel and a few but influential Jewish diaspora in Russia, trade and economic relations, the same position regarding the Second World War and the fight against modern Nazism in the West, as well as religious and historical ties between Israel and Russia make bilateral relations durable.

    You guys are living in a bizarro fantasy world where Putin doesn’t like Jews.

    Here in reality Israel does more trade with Russia than Ukraine.

    Might as well believe that Santa will be making his own banking system.

    You guys hate Jews to where you create your own alternative reality. It’s very unhealthy.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Wokechoke
  334. @Ace

    Israel controls American foreign policy, so it seems the plan for the past eight years was to force Russia to invade Ukraine so that it could be destroyed economically and give up support for Syria. Then Syria can be destroyed along with Lebanon as I explained in a video last year.

    I watched the video and found it impressive and I am very familiar with much of the content, the confirmation of Blinken by that Lindsey Graham was most interesting, for everything he said was a baldfaced lie, and Blinken agreed with Senator Graham’s bald faced lies. Twin Zioducks in a line.

    Senator Grahams false Zionist narrative about who is the enemy is 100% in line with the MSM, but I am not sure who sets the narrative, and if anyone knows please tell. Who tells our Senators to mimic the Zionist agenda to the tee? Does any Congressman or Senator have a viewpoint that is not aligned with Bibi Netanyahu?

    I am also very familiar with the Putin thwarting Israel in Syria, and blogged about it at that time. And I have also postulated the theory that Bibi wants to destroy Russia for interfering in the Greater Israel project. So not knowing what is really happening from my limited internet view, I find the theory compelling.

  335. @emerging majority

    Russia never entered Ukraine? Try telling that to relatives of the tens of thousands of blown-to-pieces Ukie soldiers! And contrary to your post, “Miserably misinformed” read the words right out of Mercouris’s mouth, himself!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  336. @Yukon Jack

    The plan is Greater Israel and Putin has squashed that plan,

    they stepped on a Jewish hornet’s nest – Netanyahu is not about to back down.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  337. Jupiter entered Aries Dec 20 so the big guns come out real soon.

    • Troll: RadicalCenter
  338. @grr

    Like I said, seeing is believing, and I do hope to see because I’m very much on Russia’s side. As for my being a “deadhead”, I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  339. @Yukon Jack

    The ‘Jews’ are the ‘wardens’ of this prison world!!

  340. @Yukon Jack

    Do you accept or deny that Putin has a Jewish chef in charge of the main front?

    You guys want Putin to be your next Hitler so badly that you make up a false world in your minds.

    Imperator Caesar Vladimirus Putin? Hilarious.

    Here is a video from today showing Putin’s Jewish chef/appointed 4 star general:

    He doesn’t look very happy.

  341. @elysianfield

    Satan? If you believe in Satan you would necessarily have to believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the female orgasm.

    What I happen to believe is irrelevant.

    Human stupidity, avarice and ego not enough?

    Apparently not.

  342. Z-man says:
    @John Johnson

    Tell me, what’s your real name? Is it Shlomo Glickstein..and what troll farm do u work in. Is it Tel Aviv or Haifa?
    BTW, put me on your ignore list….but you can’t, can you? 😆

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  343. Zane says:
    @Poupon Marx

    You are full of shit.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  344. So I post a picture of one of Putin’s many trips to Israel and you call me a Jew? You believe anonymous internet posters have a stronger connection to Israel than Putin?

    If Putin decides to knock off his Jewish chef/4 star general then do you think Whitney and Anglin will be forced to mention him?

    Putin’s (Jewish) chef could be worse if he takes over

    He better watch his back.

    Another critic of Putin’s war fell from a window

    BTW, put me on your ignore list….but you can’t, can you?

    I see the ignore button but I don’t use it for anyone.

    I like the open nature of Unz and I find it odd that so many here defend a totalitarian state that bans websites like this one. But some use it to extend their childish fantasies of Putin being against the Jews. He likes Jews and has made numerous Russian Jews extremely wealthy. A Jew with zero military experience is in charge of the main front.

  345. @John Johnson

    I don’t know Putin but I know astrology and he is a Libra that wants negotiation and compromise.
    The real hard core dudes are the Nationalist Russian Generals. They will do anything for the survival of Russia including a first strike.
    That’s not Putin, he is a politician who makes compromise.
    Funny they want to take out the most moderate guy in the Gov in RU.

  346. Richard B says:

    Naming the Jew might very well be that line in the sand that would push everything to the next level.

    True. And it may or may not come to that. I just don’t get why he says Anglo-Saxon. Honestly, it’s bizarre. He knows full well that the hostile elite who control the US brag about being the most multicultural country in the history of countries, just as he knows that there are no Anglo-Saxons in the Biden Administration. Or if there are any he knows who they answer to. And it ain’t Anglo-Saxons.

    I’d get it if he said The US, or Americans, or Neocons. But Anglo-Saxons? I agree that he’s generally cautious and smart. But not when he talks like that.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  347. @John Johnson

    Text by Yukon Jack, graphic artist Smoloko:

    You guys want Putin to be your next Hitler so badly that you make up a false world in your minds.

    Imperator Caesar Vladimirus Putin? Hilarious.

    I don’t want anyone to be the next Hitler, but the masses will if they get wiped out like what happened to the Wiemar Germans in the hyperinflation period.

    The reason Smoloko and I (back in 2015) came up with “Imperator Caesar Vladimirus Putin” as humorous way to stick it to the Jew trolls because Putin went into Syria and started blowing away the Jewish proxy army ISIS. Putin may even be a Jew for all I know, but he seems to be a strong nationalist, interested in the preservation of Russia and his allies like Syria. And he is not going along with the Jew World Order, he is making his own.

    If you remember history, back in 66 A.D. the Jews revolted against the Roman Empire and the Flavians were sent in to crush Judea. Titus and Vespasian Flavian, launched a war against the Jews, going town to town Roman style and leveling the resistance until in 70 A.D. Titus sacked Jerusalem. Likewise, Putin is the “new Caesar” who is destroying the Jewish resistance (the ISIS/ISIL proxy army) in Syria, which is part of the Levant. Vespasian returned to Rome and became Caesar, starting the Flavian dynasty.

    Thus if you see the parallel from then to now, it is appropriate to call Putin the new Caesar. And in Putin’s home town they made a bust of him (which is where I got the idea to call him Caesar) BTW it was all in good fun, and I do not take is very seriously since the age of caesars is long gone.

    The funny thing about the Jews, they get so upset when you don’t agree with their insanity. In my not so humble opinion, it was inevitable that somewhere sanity would make a comeback, the whole world was never going to fall to the Jewish parasite, and it is no surprise that resistance to Jewish control is sprouting everywhere on the planet.

  348. @Lord Ginsu

    My statement was specifically enter and remain in truly Ukrainian ethnic Ukraine. The rest of the country is mostly ethnic Russian and can no longer be maintained within the Bolshevik’s Frankenstein monster, AKA Ukraine SSR.

    Better sharpen up your blade a bit, and while at it become a bit more discerning in your writing skills. If you can do that perhaps you will be prepared to move outta Mama’s basement.

  349. @Kratoklastes

    It seems like a huge strategic mistake for Poland to send “regulars” troops into Ukraine, which is more of a civil war. Poland should stay out of the conflict, but Jews must control Poland, which is why the Jews in Poland are allied with the Jews in Ukraine, who are allied with the Jews in Amerika.

    So Poland is screwed. They screwed themselves big time.

  350. Do you all remember way back in 2015 when Obongo was President, and the war in Syria was raging? Something very big happened, Putin went the United Nations and condemned the west:

    Monday 28th September 2015 Putin said:

    I cannot help asking those who have caused the situation, do you realize now what you’ve done?

    Naive Mr. Putin, thinks it was all some big mistake. It was intentional, the destruction was intentional. Regardless, the next day, Russia launched it’s air war against the Jewish proxy army in Syria, ISIS. And do you remember the meme of who ISIS really is?


    ISIL = ISrael In the Levant

    And who was directing the insane ISIS head chopping, the blood soaked violence, and destruction of archeological artifacts? Israelis, because Israeli generals were caught in the act. And do you remember Bibi visiting ISIS fighters who were airlifted to Israeli hospitals? And do you remember these Muslim extremists, ISIS, never once talked about or attacked Israel?

    And do you remember that a Russian military air strike killed 30 US and Mossad officers?

    Russia: Mossad, other foreign agents killed in Aleppo strike
    Citing ‘battlefield sources,’ state media says its warships bombed 30 officers from Israel, Qatar and Western countries

    Russian state media reported that Israeli Mossad agents and other foreign military officers were killed in Aleppo on Tuesday in a Russian missile strike.

    According to the Arabic-language version of Russia’s Sputnik news agency, some “30 Israeli and Western officers” died when they were hit by three Kalibr cruise missiles fired by Russian warships in a “foreign officers’ coordination operations room” in western Aleppo, near Mount Simeon.

    In addition to the Mossad agents, the Russian report claimed, military officials from the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Turkey — virtually every country hated by Iran, Syria and Russia — were killed in the strike, according to “battlefield sources.”

    The foreign officers were “directing the terrorists’ attacks in Aleppo and Idlib,” the Iranian Fars news reported, referring to the rebel groups that control the Syrian cities.

    So there you have the reason why Nuland set up Ukraine to attack Russia, and draw Russia into a no win war.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  351. @John Johnson

    That boss of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin just declared himself to be a Slav when congratulating Ukrainian POWs.

    “We will congratulate the prisoners [of the Armed Forces of Ukraine]. Well, what, they are the same as we are Slavs ”

    So if he took over Russia would be the Slav side.

  352. @John Johnson

    Prigozhin has declared “We are Slavs”.

    Your video is pure propaganda.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @HbutnotG
  353. @Zane

    I believe that the large majority think you do not belong here, add nothing of value, and since this is an grownup site, your childish low IQ low everything meager contributions take up space. Spare yourself further embarrassment.

  354. @Orff

    You will be joining a party in Budapest. The Hungarians will get a piece of Ukraine, there will dancing in the streets.

  355. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    Putin is canny enough to keep Judaea on side. It doesn’t mean they like him though. It just means Putin is aware of their long reach. Putin’s action are not liked by the diaspora. Certain elements of the Israeli Security state don’t mind the prescident Putin set in Georgia and Ukraine because it gives them wiggle room to kill off Arabs.
    But here’s the thing you are doing the whole Rules for Radicals schtick. Russia’s need to have Crimea isn’t Putin’s Personal obsession. Crimea blocks the Don and Volga. The Russians can’t have a US or s British toll booth on Crimea for their goods. Stop personalising this war as Putin’s fancy. There are clearly very large interests that the state of Russia has about Black Sea access. And you can’t get around the obvious that Zelenskyy is a Jewish head of state in Europe. Which is an abomination. Even the Israelis might not like that.

  356. Wokechoke says:

    John Johnson is a strange anomaly. He’s on here telling Antisemites to support Zelenskyy as a Jewish head of state in Europe because… drum roll …Putin’s has a Jewish subordinate who has organized a mercenary detachment numbering 6,000-50,000 men (and he’s shaken hands with Israel’s Netanyahu don’t you know) Lol. Russia has an army with 1.5 million men and as far as I know the generals in that army are not Jews. I’m sure Johnson will look through the lists now to find a couple of them. Most Jews in Russia eligible for the draft ran off to Israel last year.

    Johnson wants Antisemites to disqualify Putin and embrace Zelenskyy.

  357. Wokechoke says:
    @Yukon Jack

    Russia can scrape a win, but the Ukies have gone full retard with Zelenskyy in charge. In the back of every antisemitic Ukie lizard brain they know they are being sacrificed for Zion.

  358. Nat X says:

    a hit dog will wimp out…

  359. Nat X says:

    I told you I don’t need anymore sissies in my stable so quit stalking me. Call my boi Fleece, he got a couple of ofay punks working for him.

  360. Avery says:
    @Commentator Mike

    {Your video is pure propaganda.}

    Which one of (((John Johnson’s)) isn’t?

    And the LIAR who last year promised NOT to post any Ukraine-Russia related comments if Vladimir Vladimirovich wasn’t dead by the end of September 2022, is still here spreading vile propaganda and disinformation, polluting UNZ comment pages with UkroZioNazi sewage.

    Despicable entity.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  361. Colonel MacGregor deserves respect for being willing to go against conventional wisdom, but, based upon past performance, seems to overestimate the Russian army’s ability/willingness to fight.

    Much is made about the infamous Maidan “coup”, but, afaik, Putin and company recognized the Ukrainian governments that followed, brought about by ELECTIONS held in a manner no more corrupt than the ones that brought in Russian favorites. For Putin, recognizing the post-coup governments is made easier by the fact that he took the opportunity of the “coup” to do a major land grab in Ukraine.

    The Russian regime yammering about “Anglo-Saxons”, “neo-nazis” & “genocide” shows that they are either out-of-touch with reality or lying. Probably the latter. Putin always thought Ukraine belonged to Russia. Ukraine was not in danger of joining NATO, but NATO didn’t want to go along with Putin’s dictat that NATO should proclaim Ukraine FOREVER BANNED from joining. Putin wants NATO to be the guarantor of something in perpetuity. Apparently all so that NATO missiles have to take a few minutes to fly over Ukraine instead of being launched from it (in case of a NATO vs Russia apocalypse).

  362. @Paul Greenwood

    Russia should put the Germans down for the count, once and for all, forever. Don’t sell energy to Germany, Austria and Switzerland ever again. Let them go broke and freeze to death paying inflated prices to third countries (like India) re-selling Russian oil, natural gas, metals and minerals.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  363. @Dave Bowman

    A very cursory search immediately yields this establishment “news” source reporting that the plutocrats at Blackrock are indeed getting involved in the profitable reconstruction of the rump ukraine:

    But I’m sure that you already knew that. There’s 1 out of those 8 “absurd, frighteningly unreal” propositions that you mocked. Let’s continue 😉


    As for refugees not returning to the ukraine, let’s analyze different groups of people who used to live in “the ukraine” as citizens of that cobbled-together “country”:

    — several million who resettled in the pre-SMO Russian Federation territory

    — several million who fled to Poland or elsewhere in the EU

    — an unknown number, possibly a million, who are sheltering in Turkey while deciding their next move (this past summer we met a ukrainian mother and her young daughter who were living with a restaurant owner in Ankara, and a ukrainian couple also with only one child (sadly typical) who had rented an apartment near Antalya).

    The ukrainian citizens who took Russian citizenship and relocated to “Russia proper” might return to their homes, but only if their homes are in the four new oblasty (provinces) of the RF (or in additional territory that Russia may capture and add to the RF, like Odessa and the rest of the ukraine’s Black Sea coast).

    The millions who fled to Poland or other EU country surely will NOT move back to any territory that’s now part of the RF (15-20% of that former country’s territory and likely to grow in 2023).

    They might be willing to return to the remaining rump ukraine that’s neither incorporated into the RF or reclaimed by Poland — but where would they work? The most valuable industrialized part of the former ukraine is or soon will be part of the RF, and the same holds for much of the most fertile agricultural land in the east, southeast and south.

    If Russia is smart enough to take and hold the entire Black Sea Coast, the rump ukraine will be landlocked, shorn of commercial seaports for import/export and naval bases. That will tend to make the rump ukraine even more poor and difficult to eke out a living in.

    That’s just two of the supposedly “absurd, surreal” propositions that you mocked, without providing argument or evidence.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  364. @A. Clifton

    When you start talking about putting people in ovens, I tune you out. Ignore sick commenter.

  365. Pablo says:

    ” The real goal was to create a heavily-militarized Ukraine that would prosecute Washington’s proxy-war on Russia. That was the primary objective, war on Russia.” The fact Washington thought a two bit gay comedian was the Ideal Man to head Ukraine tells you all you need to know about the competency level of the Warmongers in D.C.

  366. maup says:

    It is best you shut up. you seem to think of yourself as a geopolitical analyst? maybe find another profession.

  367. Just seen that VVP has ordered a full enquiry into the deaths of RF soldiers bivvied in a school building in Makveeka, must be on his desk before 6 Jan..
    Calls for court martial of Officer putting his men in “a weak shelter”.
    In the days of Stalin that Officer would be shot, said one comment.

    Also a vdo of Yevgeny Prigozhin mourning his dead slain on the battlefield.
    Details of the Orthodox Church, burial grounds, statues, memorials for them.

    Nationalist spirit.

    Some here think that gay disco American “soldiers” will defeat Russia.
    The entire idea is ludicrous and laughable.

    Otoh I’m waiting for when Ukrainians will realise the extent of the death and destruction that has been brought to them by the kikes and their allies in Washington, London and Kiev.
    Already vdos of soldiers swearing blood vengeance on Kiev rulers.
    Could be interesting year for Kolomoisky et al.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  368. Chucky566 says:

    If I’m the president of Russia I would decimate the Nazi regime all the way to the Polish border and then put tactical nuke missiles right at the Polish border. That would shut those Poles up real quick, Russia have to conquer the whole of Ukraine and leave no room for insurgents to breathe.

    • Agree: Emslander
  369. @Frank Walus

    Wally Walrus: I ask again, who cuts your paycheck…or are you just an AI. Bot?

  370. Wokechoke says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Theseus’ Nazi. Or Neurath’s Boat?

  371. Wokechoke says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Kolomoisky is holed up in his special built bunker synagogue in Dneipeopetrovsk.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  372. Covington says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    My hope is that Russia finallly takes the Donbass. Grind the UKES to a halt and sebsequently renders NATO and the US incapacitated. All three are of the 4th Reich. Grind them up to a pulp and set free western civilization. I should move to Russia to help fight against these wicked forces.

  373. schrub says:

    I recently read an article about how, during Stalin’s regime, some of the top Jews in Russia’s Communist Party started to vigorously campaign to make Crimea into a new Jewish homeland. The person who led this campaign was Stalin’s henchman Molotov’s Jewish wife Polina Zhemchuzhina.

    As a result of significant pressure, Stalin finally relented in 1934 to their demand for a Jewish homeland but only agreed to set it up as The Jewish Autonomous Oblast with its capital to be the town called Birobidzhan. It still exists today.

    This decision apparently didn’t satisfy these Jews who considered the proposed new homeland to be both too remote and far too backward for their cosmopolitan tastes so few people ever moved there.

    These Jews apparently never gave up their dream of Crimea and they continued to unsuccessfully lobby Stalin make their Crimea dream a reality. Stalin probably wondered why he should be expected to give control of the prosperous Crimea (which also had some of Russia’s best weather) and its vitally important warm water port in Sevastopol to these perpetual ingrates. .

    This Jewish desire to control Crimea (and the rich farming areas to the north of it in the
    Ukraine) has never really gone away. It has always been quietly lurking in the background.

    Today, ultra-orthodox Jewish Chabadiks openly express their dreams of controlling both Crimea and Ukraine. Their leaders, like the late American-based Chabad head Rabbi Menachem Schneerson and the late Israel-based Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, have both made speeches to their followers about their dreams about a new Jewish controlled homeland in the Ukraine where the Jews will “get sit around all day studying Torah” while the presence of the goyim there is only tolerated because they do all the dirty work.

    Don’t underestimate this long-held continuing desire to control Ukraine.

    Bibi Netanyahu’s current, very slim ruling coalition in Israel is totally dependent on its continued support from its ultra-orthodox members to stay in power. He knows that he had to satisfy their demands to support the now defacto Jewish-controlled Ukraine.

    Bibi also knows that if Russia were to end up either winning this war outright or or managing to get a negotiated settlement that allows them to keep eastern Ukraine or Crimea, the long-held dreams of the ultra-orthodox to control Ukraine will be dashed. This will make Bibi’s ultra-orthodox supporters VERY unhappy which might mean that his coalition falls apart, apart whereupon Bibi’s numerous enemies might again regain power. Their first order of business will then be to again try to put Bibi in jail for corruption.

    This means that there is absolutely no chance that either Bibi or his American political puppets like Lindsay Graham will ever support a negotiated settlement that will leave either the Crimea and the eastern Ukraine in Russian hands.

    You can bet on this.

    Further notes; If Stalin had actually relented to demands to make the Crimea a Jewish homeland way back in the 1930s, the dissolution of the USSR in 1989 might well have resulted in an interesting situation. Would the now Jewish-controlled Crimea potentially have demanded to be incorporated into Israel or made a satellite state of it. This boggles the mind because it would have meant that Israel’s well-armed navy would then have then had control of much or all of the Black Sea from its naval base in Sevastopolwit courtesy of continuing support from its obliging slave the USA.

    Turkey in particular should be especially relieved that this scenario never came about.

    • Thanks: Pastit
  374. Wokechoke says:
    @Frank Walus

    The Royal Navy did send HMS Defender on a very public and very provocative sortie
    To within a mile or two off Sevastopol in 2021 and the Airborne Units of the British Army were openly doing drills in Ukraine through Covid. There certainly is a special animus between the English military elite and the Russians.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  375. @Wokechoke

    My understanding is that he said as a matter of fact that he has already won a huge settlement for the client, when he knew that he had not. Client detrimentally relied on his lie and spent a lot of money on vacation etc. Then he forged a letter from a third party to corroborate his false assertion oda big settlement.

    So it was definitely dishonest, unethical and deserving of serious punishment.

    Seems like they could have merely suspended his license for a period and made him compensate the lady, rather than permanently disbarring him. But it’s not obviously unreasonable given the multiple fraudulent acts and statements.

    Still he deserves a chance at a new livelihood and he’s doing us a service worth supporting (which I do).

  376. Howdy says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Khrushchev was born in what is now Russia’s Kursk Oblast. His parents, Sergei Khrushchev and Kseniya Khrushcheva, were poor Russian peasants.

  377. The loony Faker in his last diatribe, just postponed the russian winter offensive to the spring.
    That guy has no shame at all in misleading his readers…

    • Replies: @Begemot
  378. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I agree that the USA is declining and wildly overrated in terms of liberty, safety, order, culture, and (sustainable) prosperity.

    But let’s not invent our own facts. Life expectancy in the USA is not low but fairly high by world standards (and white/Asian US life expectancy is among the higher ones in the world (because this excludes the morbidly obese, disproportionately drug-taking, and insanely violent African population).

    Life expectancy in USA is still noticeably higher than in the Russian Federation. But US life expectancy plummeted 2019-22, while Russian LE kept very slowly but steadily rising:

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  379. @Avery

    And the LIAR who last year promised NOT to post any Ukraine-Russia related comments if Vladimir Vladimirovich wasn’t dead by the end of September 2022, is still here spreading vile propaganda and disinformation, polluting UNZ comment pages with UkroZioNazi sewage.

    I said if someone took me up on the bet which included a requirement on their part. No one agreed.

    Anyways my posting here isn’t a normal posting. It’s a special posting operation.

    I’m just trying to copy the logic of my lord and savior, Vladmir Putin the midget king.

    If you accept his logic then you should accept mine as well.

    I need to hire a plumber. Maybe I’ll find a Jewish chef with zero experience in plumbing. That makes sense.

  380. @Wokechoke


    He flew in secretly from Tel Aviv, Azov bodyguard.
    Surrounded by those Chabad types chanting the Caballah 24h nonstop.
    Swinging chickens, reading the numbers etc.

    There was a big ruckus when it was discovered that someone had brought in pork sausage rolls and the rebbes had eaten them by mistake during a satanic ritual thinking they were matzo made with blood of gentile babies.

    Screaming. Fury. Blue Murder. Gunshots.

    Outcome still unclear.
    Fear the worst. Etc.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  381. @Lurker

    Appreciate your sentiment. Here in Los Angeles, I’d gladly trade any 1,000,000 random people for a million Ukrainians or Russians or both.

    • Agree: HbutnotG
    • Replies: @Truth
  382. @meamjojo

    “Pravda” but not “Pravdy.” What a difference a letter makes 😉

  383. Pastit says:

    The Zionists are the greatest threat to peace in our time. It is good to see an article that accurately and truthfully spells out the intent of the Russians. The US are the bad guys in this scenario, and it is shameful to see the American people duped into believing that the US is protecting a “Democratic Ukraine” when in fact Ukraine is a totalitarian dictatorship run by Zionists.

    • Thanks: Z-man
  384. Begemot says:
    @The seventh column

    Were you fooled by the Saker’s prediction? The only people who know for sure about the where, when, and how of a Russian offensive is the Russian command authority. Anyone else who pronounces on this is speculating.


    • Agree: Commentator Mike, 1jonny
    • Replies: @The seventh column
  385. Sundance says:

    John Helmer suggests that Russia, after removing all military threats from the Donbass and the newly liberated / annexed Russian territories will set up a buffer zone much akin to the demilitarized zone in the Koreas.

    The Russian military grouping in Belarus is to protect a weaker Belarus, to pin troops in the north of Ukraine near kyiv and to potentially act as a future invading force.

    Why would Russia send 200-300K troops into Kyiv? What would it accomplish except to incite the wrath of the USA and NATO and potentially alienate those global south countries that support Russia explicitly or implicitly? The Zelensky Junta will merely take up leadership positions in Poland or Germany and Russia would be managing a wrecked city of 3-5 million and dealing with endless saboteurs and guerilla style warfare. Ask the USA how trying to occupying a country (Iraq and Afghanistan) when the populace does not want your military there.

    My opinions only based on geopolitical analysis read outside and inside media propaganda zone:

    – Russia is going to continue bleeding the west with high intensity artillery and missile warfare against Ukraine as it has been doing.

    – Russia is now setting up and strengthening very fortified defensive positions in the Donbass (supports demilitarized zone hypothesis).

    – Future invasions will probably not eminate from Belarus into Kyiv, but from the south to retake Kherson and potentially Odessa.

    – Odessa will fall to the Russians not by invasion and street to street fighting – Mariupol style, but after the fall of the Kyiv regime, where the Russians will merely walk into the city.

    – Odessa was the leverage card Russia was dangling to Ukraine for peace: negotiate now and keep Odessa. If Russia does start a late winter / spring offensive, Odessa will be off the table and Ukraine will lose Odessa.

  386. Pinkbell2 says:

    I don’t believe there is even a war going on, this is a fake war, a stunt to bring in food shortage for the NWO takeover.

  387. Wokechoke says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Apparently he’s hunkered down there. He built in a Holocaust museum in the building.

    • LOL: Arthur MacBride
  388. @John Johnson

    If somethings wrong with your plumbing, try some prunes.

    • LOL: littlereddot
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  389. @Priss Factor

    I don’t think Jews like farming.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  390. @RadicalCenter

    Don’t sell energy to Germany, Austria and Switzerland ever again.

    Now that a new price benchmark has been set by US gas sold to Europe, Russia could still twist the knife, profit from it and appear reasonable, all at the same time…..three birds with one stone…..rather than sell it at 5X the price the US charges, just sell it at 4X the price.

  391. @freedom-cat

    Old Jewish apothegm-‘Interest grows without rain’.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
  392. @Richard B

    Naming the elites would be a start. While most of the populace are so brainwashed that they think that the West represents ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom’ when it is, in fact, a neo-feudal oligarchy ruled by Evil psychopaths, some certainly Jews, which is getting steadily more corrupt and savage, we are doomed.

    • Agree: MarkU
  393. HbutnotG says:

    Landlocked, schlandlocked. Haven’t you ever heard of “work at home?”

  394. @Begemot

    Of course not, but many Putinistas are being fooled, as the Faker is one of the top “priests” of that “cult”.

    Conclusion the Faker speculates it was postponed to the Spring, and I speculate it won’t happen in winter/spring/summer or autumn…

    • Replies: @Begemot
  395. HbutnotG says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Sure is.

    It says “Coffee” on that machine spelled in Latin alphabet, no less.. That’s not in the Ukraine. Cyrillic lettering for starters. And its “kava”.

    Fake. Filmed in L.A.?

  396. @WorkingClass

    Been hearing this collapse of the dollar shtick for 30 years.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  397. @John Johnson

    John’s Johnson writes :

    Anyways my posting here isn’t a normal posting. It’s a special posting operation.

    We’d already worked out that your Unit 8200 controller in the IDF had given you a ‘special posting’ here in the UR, to spread Zio disinfo.

    As for this fib of yours :

    I said if someone took me up on the bet which included a requirement on their part. No one agreed.

    …. when you made your commitment to disappear from the Ukraine war threads, you made NO reciprocal demand from anyone else, you lying hound.

    You were SOOOO confident that Putin would be dead by September 2022 (because your Mossad handler promised you so), that you said you’d disappear if it didn’t come to fruition – no strings attached.

    Look John’s Johnson, we all get it that you were indoctrinated with those Talmudic teachings in that yeshiva you attended, that said it was OK to lie to the goyim.

    But J & J, you take it to the extreme. You make hard core Zionists blush, such is your propensity to lie compulsively.

  398. windwaves says:

    Mercuris exploits a narrative that feeds a vast enough crowd to make him very significant monetary gains.

    He is no expert whatsoever in anything he discusses yet claims he is an expert in everything. His 1 hour+ videos should be 10 minutes at most, but his ability to repeat himself again and again is critical to his money making scheme.

    His expertise is only in ensuring he never ever says anything that could remotely endanger his jewtube account.

    He is in my view a successful clown. Never ever made intelligent analysis except when he regurgitates the analysis of those who actually have an understanding of what is going on.

    • Disagree: RadicalCenter
  399. windwaves says:

    this might be very true, however we do not know.

    I have my doubts that Putin and the Russian leadership is that stupid, yet it is possible that they fell for it.

    I do know that Russia was not ready for war at that time either. So yes, UCR came up with the minks agreements to buy time, but so did Russia.

  400. @Henry's Cat

    The dollar had its value when it was pegged to gold as agreed to with the rest of the world according to Bretton Woods at the close of WW2

    Then the US reneged, removed the peg so it could simply print more dollars. The dollar fell in value till Kissinger (that Jewish savior of USA) convinced the Saudis to sell their oil only for dollars….aka Petrodollar.

    The Saudis have been propping up the dollar for the last 50 years as agreed with Kissinger. But lately the US have been pissing off the Saudis, so they have decided to join Russia and China’s camp. ….. No more Saudi oil priced in dollars.

    No more Petrodollar = no more Tax-On-The-World.

    Soon, that cheap Chinese toaster at Walmart will cost $1000

    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
  401. @Truth Vigilante

    It’s so difficult to accept, Didge, that when you make such bold, courageous and honest statements like this that you’re still actually in the business of selling one of the other grandes hoaxes: that there were actual, ‘physically real’ flying craft used in the NY 9/11 mega hyperyudidic globohomo psyop event.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  402. Avery says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    {…. when you made your commitment to disappear from the Ukraine war threads, you made NO reciprocal demand from anyone else, you lying hound.}


    he/she/it made NO reciprocal demand.
    None. Nada. אף אחד. (Hebrew). גאָרניט (Yiddish) [thank you Google translate]
    Zero. Zilch.

    The LIAR is hoping nobody remembers clearly.
    You do. So do I. I am sure there are many more.

  403. Begemot says:
    @The seventh column

    And, you know what? I don’t care what you think or say.

    • Replies: @The seventh column
  404. @emerging majority

    I need to hire a plumber. Maybe I’ll find a Jewish chef with zero experience in plumbing. That makes sense.

    If somethings wrong with your plumbing, try some prunes.

    It was a reference to how Putin has a Jewish chef in charge of the main front.

    I honesty wish I knew a good plumber. Here in middle America they are extremely difficult to find. I do my own plumbing because so many White men aren’t going into the trades and instead want to play video games or manage fantasy football teams while working some dead end job.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Wokechoke
  405. @Truth Vigilante

    You were SOOOO confident that Putin would be dead by September 2022 (because your Mossad handler promised you so), that you said you’d disappear if it didn’t come to fruition – no strings attached.

    Well I was right about Russia not being able to take Ukraine in a month and I was right about Russia not launching a winter offensive in November or December. So 2/3.

    MacGregor has told us every month that in the following month Ukraine will be doomed.

    Ritter said that Russia could defeat both Ukraine and NATO in a conventional war.

    So maybe Whitney should interview me and not these two hacks that are most likely on the take from RT news.

    Putin’s chef admits they have hit a dead end in Bakhmut

    Still waiting for MacGregor to explain what a winter offensive would look like when they still haven’t taken Bakhmut.

    Speaking of the chef this is pretty amusing:

    • Replies: @Psychotic Break
  406. Notsofast says:
    @John Johnson

    i’ve never heard tel aviv refered to as middle america before, but i guess it makes sense.

    • LOL: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  407. @littlereddot

    The Chinese and Saudis have benefitted greatly over the past few decades – tell me again why they want the existing system to change?

  408. kiwi says:

    why do you link to a site that censors historic fact the smoothe idiot does not know history, only what he has been indoctrinated with by his marxist education system, his “opinions” are worthless

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  409. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    Hello my fellow Mid Western… I mean Middle Americans…hey dudes!

  410. Northwind exhausted the Russian army. Russia needed Minsk to rebuild its forces for round 2 before Ukraine also grew stronger. As we have seen, Russia was slower and less effective in rebuilding.

    There are now 190,000 Russian soldiers trapped in Taurida (Crimea+Kherson). ATACAMS would hasten their defeat but they have very poor supply lines and are low on food and ammo. Ukraine will take them in the summer. The conflict will then freeze for 5 to 10 years as capturing the Donbas will not be so easy for Ukraine. Russia, if the fanatical nationalists are still in charge (likely) will then attack again.

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
    • Troll: MarkU
    • Replies: @grr
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  411. @Wokechoke


    And Russia only wins big wars when it switches to the British side. 1612, 1812 and 1941 being good examples. AGainst Britian and British proxies it doesn’t do so well. 1801, 1855, 1905 for example.

  412. Is there a way to contact Mr Whitney by email? I can t find his email.-

  413. grr says:
    @Yukon Jack

    ” It’s the Jews”

    Yep, and I wish more people would understand this. Mahathir (Malaysian PM) said this two decades ago. The Jews have infiltrated almost everywhere. Everything is for their benefit, not ours.

    “I want to see the look on Victoria Nuland’s face when she realizes that Ukraine is lost to the Jew forever”

    I want to see her ‘renditioned’ by the Russian GRU, put on trial and publicly executed with a bullet to her pudgy scowling face. And right next to her that ugly jew serving whore Killary.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  414. grr says:
    @Philip Owen

    LOL. A troll is recognised by it’s drivel. A very imaginative story, but like all fairy tales it’s utter bullshit.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  415. grr says:
    @Frank Walus

    The Walrus has frozen brain cells and is not thinking clearly. Another spinner of tales tall and strange.

  416. Wokechoke says:

    Trapped in Taurida…

    Is that a Hughey Lewis and the News song?

  417. @Henry's Cat

    The Chinese and Saudis have benefitted greatly over the past few decades – tell me again why they want the existing system to change?

    Because they don’t want to remain under the foot of the parasitical US Empire?

    Who, when their vassals rise too much, decide to cut them down to size again.

    What happened to Japan during the Plaza Accords is exactly what is happening to Europe now…being cut down to size and cannibalised by the USA….Ukraine is just the excuse. But Europe is too mind controlled to realise it.

  418. @Notsofast

    i’ve never heard tel aviv refered to as middle america before, but i guess it makes sense.

    Oh right cause I must be one of those Jews that doesn’t like to see White Ukrainian women and children buried in rubble.

    I also must be one of those Jews that posts in depth on biological racial differences that even most on Sailer’s blog don’t know about. Just your typical Jew talking about human evolution and the lies of Boas/Diamond/Gould. That’s what Jews do. Point out how left-wing Jews in the social sciences are not telling the truth. A common Jew trait.

    You can see in my history that I started posting on race. I didn’t show up when tiny tot decided to invade Ukraine. Like Ron Unz and Steve Sailer I have an annoying persistence when it comes to questioning what I am told. I don’t trust CNN and I also don’t trust Mike Whitney who only cites about 3 pro-Russian bloggers.

    The whole world is against this war and for good reason.

    Some Russian dad and Ukrainian dad will be dead by the time you read through this.

    They died and now their families will cry for years.

    But go ahead and tell yourself that the Jews are to blame. Couldn’t be a dictator who poisons the opposition and openly talks about wanting to rebuild “Greater Russia” which means imperialism and control of Eastern Europe.

    Because imperialism certainly didn’t exist before the Jews were kicked out of Palestine. Romans and Greeks were always about peace and never invaded anyone out of greed or glory. Romans sewed peace quilts and had drum circles.

    You tell yourself that. It must all be the Jews. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    • Agree: The seventh column
    • Replies: @The seventh column
  419. @Begemot

    You made me correct my statement to “Almost all lives matters”…

  420. @John Johnson

    This Ukraine war was brought in because of Putin’s incompetence/inaction in defending Russian people’s interests at the right time, because of his unrequited love for the West…

  421. @Henry's Cat

    Because Saudis and Chinese and Iranians and Venezuelans and Russians and on and on have self respect and don’t want to be slaves. The difference between a house and field negro as they say in the US. The difference is now one former slave (China) has more cash than the master – so all the other slaves are looking to make an escape. Only a few former house slaves like Japan still want to remain in the house. Most don’t. Hence why over 140 nations refuse to join in with the sanctions against Russia. When it comes to a country like Cuba they can only vote in the UN for the US to end its embargo. But materially Cuba isn’t worth it for them to go against the master. But Russia and China are big enough and strong enough. Hence what we see happening- such as Xi being treated like a king by the Saudis and Biden getting only a fist bump. The master always never understands why slaves want to leave the house. It’s embedded in self respecting human beings no matter how tough it is off the plantation.

    • Thanks: littlereddot
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  422. Wokechoke says:
    @The seventh column

    That only happened on the occasion of the English wishing to get rid of a Napoleon or a Hitler.

    A side note on this issue. Francis Drake’s fleet in the famous battle with the Spanish Armada was constructed using Russian rigging and lumber. For American and French readers, The French monarchy at the time of the French Revolution and American Revolution was deeply in debt to the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. Meaning Jews. The Prussian Russian partition of Poland wiped away those debts and credits. what was the Schlachter Pulaski (probably a hermaphrodite of some kind) doing in North America during the Revolution? Possibly distributing gold and credit to Washington from lenders in The Pale.

    It’s a funny old world.

  423. @showmethereal

    My advice to PR China would be to create the biggest fighting force ever seen in the world: to raise the numbers of PLA soldiers to tens of millions, if not a hundred million, and to build an air force and navy to surpass in number the combined forces of all NATO members, and to do all this in the shortest time possible. This should shut up the US and all its lackeys. PR China definitely has the capacity to do this.

    • Disagree: Decoy
  424. @Psychotic Break

    And Happy New Year to you too P.B.

  425. Momus says:
    @Poupon Marx

    The Ukrainian’s expert use of severely range limited US weapons and their far superior tactics are tearing the Russian military apart.

    No one with any credibility is giving the Russians a chance at a victory. Most are wondering how long it is before Ukraine can retake the Crimea and drive Russia defeated east.

    • LOL: Arthur MacBride
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Flubber
    , @j2
  426. Quattoro says:

    His disbarment was concocted solely to punish his antiimperialist political leanings and his aggressive unmasking of all the lies that pour out of the West on a daily basis.

  427. Flubber says:

    This is nonsense. You’re regurgitating desperate ZOG propaganda

  428. j2 says:

    “The Ukrainian’s expert use of severely range limited US weapons and their far superior tactics are tearing the Russian military apart.”

    Ukraine will get ATACMS missiles in some time, and IFVs do restart the counterattack.

    “No one with any credibility is giving the Russians a chance at a victory. Most are wondering how long it is before Ukraine can retake the Crimea and drive Russia defeated east.”

    Yep. That would be 4-5 months.

  429. Cook-ie says:

    That something big is materializing in the U.S house where a shift in power from corporation to minorities and the uni-party.

    What this spells out is the whites are the new blacks…bottom of the heap…and they deserve to be there because they don’t fight, because they watch mainly black athletes playing meaningless games while women and minorities take their jobs and their country.

    No- white males deserve their place on the bottom for allowing crooks to steal off them through parliament and voting for it and now minorities have organised and understood the game and are now removing the crooks for their power grab and a chance to build their Utopia which will be white male dystopia.

    The white male is definitely on they way to the historical shelf next to the dodo!

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  430. Truth says:

    Passive thinking, Raddy:

    You don’t have to wait for the Commies to come to you, I hear Kiev is nice this time of year, and you’ll get more than 1,000,000 of them!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  431. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    “die” große Winterschlacht

  432. @grr

    There’s a promise of that.

    Dmitry Rogozin, former head of Roscosmos, went to Donbass and was wounded there. He just sent the shrapnel recovered from his spine to the French ambassador in Moscow, with a note requesting him to forward it to Macron.

    Rogozin assures Macron of the eventual outcome for France/others.

    Translated note —

    • Thanks: nokangaroos
  433. @Cook-ie

    No- white males deserve their place on the bottom for allowing crooks to steal off them through parliament and voting for it and now minorities have organised and understood the game and are now removing the crooks for their power grab and a chance to build their Utopia which will be white male dystopia.

    That is how I felt about the White men I used to work with. They pretty much shrugged at a system that was hostile to them. They accepted discrimination against them for the sake of diversity and would find relief in fantasy football. Even worse were the White managers that took part in it just to have that special MANAGER NAMETAG. White managers would adopt the culture and discriminate against their own kind for a pat on the head from executives.

    The white male is definitely on they way to the historical shelf next to the dodo!

    Yea maybe.

    I also remember watching a video about how Germans will never go to war again as they have embraced their place in the modern world. They were too busy producing and enjoying peace to think of such things.

    It was from the 1920s.

  434. test…so this now works.

    An excellent article, with even better responses in the commentaries.

    Millions support Putin in protecting the Russian Orthodox Church from the destruction of the Zionist J3wi$h Bolsheviks as noted by Solzhenytsyn.

    Putin is insuring now, and in the future, that Russia and Eastern Europe will NEVER suffer a Zio-Communist Red Terror Chekist genocide ever again!


  435. Anon[280] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, I do not believe that Western Europe will ever “see the light” and seek their own survival as they are ruled by the same Talmudic Cabal as America. “Consent of the Governed” has been removed by proxy from all of the Western World and no one and nothing can stop it’s collapse.

  436. @Philip Owen

    Is there any wanker more odious than a Pommy one? Russia must find some way to strike directly back at the UK for its villainous performance as lap-dog in Chief to the USA. If they could, somehow, facilitate independence movements in Scotland and Wales, and the reunification of Ireland, it might even rouse the drunkard Pommy chavs to revolution, at last.

  437. @Philip Owen

    Are you on drugs, troll? Russia must NEVER forget England’s villainous behaviour, and its genocidal intentions to smash Russia to pieces. The English elite must be repaid in their own coin.

    • Agree: Avery
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  438. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I won’t cum in your mouth either. The fact of the matter is Russia took “Potemkin Village” to another level.

    Sure they got nukes, so does everybody else…which negates their use. Just like it has for last 70 years or so. Hypersonics? Big Whoop…ICBMs are hypersonic too.

    So long story short. Putin ran a bluff and got called. Now its time to show your cards Vlad.

  439. @Muthaucker

    Just to hope you keep posting, Muck Hauler.

    One with your level of sewer-brained ignorance can only be a prime asset to the hasbara trolls and queers now gathering on UR.

    You give the perfect picture of western values and civilisation.
    And illustrate why it is collapsing.

  440. @Muthaucker

    ICBM’s are one form of hypersonic…a ballistic one which maintains a single, simple trajectory. On that basis they can be shot down. OTOH, true hypersonics, whether Kinzhal or another, are able to maneuver, thus frustrating attempted interceptions. Apples and oranges. Learn from those knowledgeable ones on the site rather than yapping like a contentious mutt.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  441. Decoy says:
    @Commentator Mike

    China does not need to, and should not, “create the biggest fighting force ever seen in the world”. China is a peaceful nation. Their history is fighting off invaders, not invading other countries. US history is the exact opposite. We have NEVER been invaded by a foreign army but i can’t count the times we’ve been the invader. The last thing China should do is become another USA. The world can’t handle another USA.

    • Thanks: showmethereal
    • Replies: @j2
    , @Commentator Mike
  442. j2 says:

    “The world can’t handle another USA.”

    Quite so. That’s why Russia should not become the other by invading e.g. Ukraine. There is enough trouble with one USA.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  443. @Decoy

    It’s all very good being peaceful but what does it matter when others have violent designs on you? Of course you have to be able to match and surpass the forces of your enemies and the enemy of PR China is USA/NATO/AUKUS and all their lackeys.

  444. Wokechoke says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    I don’t think they mind the villaniy just the hypocritical stuff. Everyone enjoys a good public hanging thought

  445. Great news from Syria: Turkey is moving out and allying with Assad in a diplomatic move brokered by Russia. Bad news for USA and Israel.

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  446. Emslander says:

    If you get into a deep and frank conversation with someone from Saudi Arabia, you will find that militarism is less the reason for hating the USA than our disastrous moral influence. Since our TV programming is available by satellite in even the most remote desert regions, their young people are being corrupted in the same manner as our own children have been. A devout Islamic parent wishes only an end to this culture, however that can be arranged.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  447. @Commentator Mike

    Yes, very difficult for Bolt-on.

    However his boss showed how the superiority of American philosophy will win out. Just forget Schopenhauer, Kant and all those Greeks, Joe delivered a cryptic message in public that has analysts in Moscow and Beijing puzzled.

    Yes, the “patch on our jeans” Speech.
    Even the Jews can’t work it out and he’s their employee.
    (maybe he can’t work it out either, come to that)

  448. Avery says:
    @Johnny Rico


    Instead of Yawning, why don’t you debunk the poster’s assertion?
    If you can.
    Go ahead, don’t be shy: give it a try.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  449. @Johnny Rico

    Johnny, my dear child. You may be a bit young to understand it yet as youngsters always seem to feel they are immortal. Yawning is the body’s message to you that you should take a nice nap. When your body speaks, your larger head should obey. Naps are nice. Even your smaller head may enjoy the sweet dreams. Don’t forget to clean up on awakening.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  450. Wokechoke says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Some kind of chumminess between Turkey and Russia makes sense. The vast majority of exports through the Bosphorus have to be Russian in origin. Constantinople has no problem with exports travelling out of the Volga and Don. In some cases I assume the Turks and Tartars are related folks too. Ukraine’s increasingly bizarre Judeo-Nazi cohabition must be giving the Turks the heebeejeebees.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  451. Ramstein says:
    @emerging majority

    “That bitch is getting fat anyway and is rapidly coming to look almost as evil as her soul.”

    Astute observation, emerging majority. The evil, inner nature of the jew is always reflected in its countenance, especially as it ages.

    This can easily be demonstrated by juxtaposing a photo of Mother Theresa with a photo of Victoria Nudelman. Whereas Mother Theresa’s face (even to the very end of her life) reflected the purity and beauty of her soul, Nudelman’s face betrays the venality, vengefulness and corruption of her jewish soul, a hallmark of the earthly agents of Satan.

  452. Something big on the way? Hilarious.

    This is what the front looks like in reality:

    • Replies: @Dieboomerdie
  453. @Wokechoke

    But if they (the controllers) can start a war between Greece and Turkey that export route would be threatened. It would also make those plans for Turkey becoming a gas hub fall through, as well as cutting off Europe from the South/Turkish stream. All of this would also be disadvantageous to Russia. In such an eventuality I can see Russia backing Turkey rather than Orthodox Greece, as it would have done in the past. Anyway, Greece has turned against Russia, especially since siding with the Ukraine. Not the people, but those that count: the government and the politicians.

  454. Something big is on the way = ATACMS rockets going to Ukraine this year. They’re pretty big.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  455. @John Johnson

    Don’t worry, they have hypersonic missiles! I hope they have body bags even though they couldn’t be bothered to get proper vests, night vision or proper comms for their troops. Although it looks like russians just let each other rot on the field, knowing that being fertilizer is the best thing a russian can do in life. Much better than being a war criminal illegally invading your neighbor.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  456. @Dieboomerdie

    Although it looks like russians just let each other rot on the field, knowing that being fertilizer is the best thing a russian can do in life. Much better than being a war criminal illegally invading your neighbor.

    When they leave them to rot they are able to tell the family that the soldier is MIA which means they don’t have to pay them.

    Putin has over 200 billion in cash and is actually trying to get out of paying families that lost a conscript.

    But what can you expect from a dictator who built a 1.3 billion dollar mansion with a casino but didn’t make sure his troops had enough winter boots. What kind of loser needs his own underground casino? Does he gamble by himself down there?

    I really think he has contempt for his own people. Even Stalin made sure his troops had enough cold weather gear.

    New collection of captured intercepts shows the horror of the front from the Russian side:

    • Replies: @j2
  457. c matt says:

    Countries Where the US Government has Admitted to Launching Military Interventions

    Why did the map leave out the War of Northern Aggression?

  458. c matt says:
    @John Johnson

    I don’t know if he does, but I bet this Jewish chef can cook.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  459. @c matt

    Putin’s Jewish chef can definitely cook and he is also in charge of the main front.

    Seems however that he is better at cooking than war. He seems rather despondent in the latest video:

    I don’t think he is paying attention to what happens to Russian leaders that talk negatively about the war.

    He would be wise to avoid windows and stairs.

  460. j2 says:
    @John Johnson

    “I really think he has contempt for his own people. Even Stalin made sure his troops had enough cold weather gear.”

    Z-men (or is it supposed to be ZZ) like to be like Hitler. Hitler did not give his soldiers in Barbarossa winter gear. And why should have, they were to win in early Autumn, the same with Putin, they were to win in March.

  461. Biggi says:

    I love your comment. And I love Russia and Putin and I hope that my Country Germany will go with Russia as a partner forever 🫶💜💫

    • Thanks: GMC
  462. Biggi says:
    @Harold Smith

    Exactly what I preach in Germany. Thank you 💜

  463. @Dieboomerdie

    “They’re pretty big”. So is your bunghole.

  464. @j2

    Why do you constantly have a burr under your saddle? A Suomileinen without Sisu?

  465. @j2

    “I really think he has contempt for his own people. Even Stalin made sure his troops had enough cold weather gear.”

    Z-men (or is it supposed to be ZZ) like to be like Hitler. Hitler did not give his soldiers in Barbarossa winter gear. And why should have, they were to win in early Autumn, the same with Putin, they were to win in March.

    I’m actually not sure if the Germans in Barbarossa had it worse.

    They don’t seem to be giving the Russian conscripts even basic tents. They are making little rat holes at the front and the Ukrainians bomb them with drones. I’m not convinced there is any type of strategy on the side of Russia. It really looks like they just send in conscripts and without armor or air support. They make rat holes and either attack or wait for Ukrainians. There are intercepted calls where they are told to attack in a group of 5. Complete madness. Even Stalin’s human wave attacks had air/artillery/armor coordination. The infamous Volga crossing seen in movies was well thought out even if the losses were high.

    The Germans would have been fine if Hitler wasn’t so obsessed with Stalingrad. They had Kiev wrapped up by September 1941. It was a staggering loss for the Red Army. So the Germans had plenty of toasty warm Ukrainian homes that winter but Hitler kept pushing East.

    Russia is still fighting for a small city that is completely in ruins. Putin’s Jewish chef doesn’t sound confident that it can be taken. Putin is making the same mistake of Hitler which is obsessing over a city in ruins and losing any strategic sense or purpose.

    • Replies: @j2
    , @nokangaroos
  466. j2 says:
    @John Johnson

    “Putin is making the same mistake of Hitler which is obsessing over a city in ruins and losing any strategic sense or purpose. ”

    I think Hitler lost on purpose, as his real mission was to transport Jews to Ukraine so that they could later be moved to Palestine to create new Israel. In this biblical end-of-the-world plan the persecutor of Jews must be destroyed at the end, so Germany was to lose. Hitler made it by: dividing the army to three directions, which did not make sense, starting the war too later though it was known that the army will be stuck in mud, ordering Paulus to keep positions instead of breaking through when it was possible, not starting the battle of Kursk in the time when it should have been made and stopping the battle of Kursk though Germans were at that time winning. The Nazi party, after all, had Masonic roots from Sebottendorf.

    But Putin is running out of ideas. I cannot really say that there were a better chance for Russia than to try to break Ukraine defenses in Donbas. That does not work out, but what else. ISW (which often makes too many wrong suggestions, better to follow Jerome in, he is not making any speculations) wrote that in their opinion Putin should have waited to the Spring offensive. The problem with that idea is that only the current offensive in Donbas keeps Ukraine from counterattacking in Zaporizhzhia district or in Luhansk. Once Russians stop the pressure in Donbas, Ukraine can move troops for a counterattack, so Russia must keep on pushing and they are getting too high losses in armored vehicles. They cannot replace armored vehicles any more, so this eats the Spring offensive, and at that time Ukraine has 100 IVSs, that is, modern light tanks. Sadly for pro-Putinists, but Russia will lose.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  467. @Emslander

    You need only watch a few trailers for US films and TV series to see the obsessions with sadism, murder, cruelty, perversion, horror, blood and gore, aggression and self-aggrandisement that is the essence of really existing ‘Americanism’. And every sicko on Earth loves them for it.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  468. @John Johnson

    Russia is still fightingfor a small city that is completely in ruins.

    Unfortunately Putin´s Jewish chef has told his Beagle Boys that salt mines
    are warm, dry and roomy; and, what doeth god? The Hungarian 128th Mountain
    are no longer so keen on dying to save Jewish rule over Russians from the eebil
    Russians (for my tastes they could have wisened up when sent to the steppes of
    Kherson to die, but better late than never – I told you it was a bad idea to remove
    that turul from a Hungarian castle).
    Pretty soon the Russians will start asking questions … then the Romanians …
    until only the Jews and Poles (and their Prawyi Sektor torturers) are left;
    at which point, miraculously and all of a sudden, negotiations will no longer be
    “out of the question” but “humanitarian” and even “heroic”.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  469. I have trouble watching Mercouris when he scoots around in his chair like the victim of a pinworm attack.

  470. Notsofast says:

    if his opinions are worthless, imagine how much less yours are worth. you sailer boys are clueless.

  471. @j2

    I think Hitler lost on purpose, as his real mission was to transport Jews to Ukraine so that they could later be moved to Palestine to create new Israel.

    Hitler did not lose on purpose. He underestimated the Soviets just as Putin underestimated the Ukrainians. It’s all in table talk where he was secretly recorded.

    Most military analysts at the time believed that the Soviet Union would collapse with months. It was a surprise to everyone that the Red Army was able to push the Nazis back. Even the Allies didn’t know about Stalin’s hidden tank factories in the Urals. Churchill expected Hitler to win in 1941 and the Brits planned on fighting to the death.

    I think Hitler lost on purpose, as his real mission was to transport Jews to Ukraine so that they could later be moved to Palestine to create new Israel.

    There was never a plan to transport Jews to Ukraine. Eastern Europe was to become part of the German empire. Ukraine’s Jewish population massively dropped during WW2. After the Soviets left a time bomb in Kiev the Nazis rounded up Jewish men and shot them. Some Jews fled to the Soviet side, others went “on vacation” according to some here.

    Russia has more Jews than Ukraine because the Germans didn’t get past Stalingrad. Odessa was basically Jewish until Barbarossa.

    Early in the war there was talk of moving the Jews to Madagascar but that plan was abandoned.

    But Putin is running out of ideas. I cannot really say that there were a better chance for Russia than to try to break Ukraine defenses in Donbas.

    Ukraine could get overstretched by going into Donbas. They don’t have the reserves of Russia and Donbas has more ethnic Russians that will work for the enemy.

    I think they need to be patient and play the long game. Just look at how Russia is throwing human waves at Bakhmut. If the enemy insists upon wasting men then let him.

  472. @nokangaroos

    Unfortunately Putin´s Jewish chef has told his Beagle Boys that salt mines
    are warm, dry and roomy; and, what doeth god?

    I’m amazed that his chefs in training haven’t put a bullet in him.

    The problem with mercenaries is that they will often go rogue or switch sides if they take too many losses.

    All they have to do is put a bullet in Putin’s chef and then give Ukraine a call. They could negotiate a better salary doing lower risk work.

    But Russians are fatalistic and rarely rebel against their leaders.

    Most of the anti-Communist activity was in countries like Poland and Hungary. Russians rarely did anything once the White army was defeated. They shrugged and let the Communists rule them. It’s incredible as to how many people could have killed Stalin but didn’t have the guts. He was in fact shocked that no one killed him over misreading Hitler and Barbarossa.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  473. @John Johnson

    Most students of the Russian Soul trace it back to the reforms of Iwan IV Grozny – secret police and vodka monopoly (in Poland the boyars – szlakhta – were running the asylum and if anything it was worse). The Jews only remember Catherine the Great who took all that away from them. Iossif Wissarionovich wisely used the vilest assassin (((faction))) as bodyguards but had a marked dislike for the Hechaluz (Zionists). Alternatively we can argue the multitude who tried to off the Great One, the Maximo Lìder and Saint Vladimir the Little were just not the brightest candles – not everybody can be a Herschel Grynszpan.

    “The Prince who relies on mercenaries will never be safe; for they are braggarts among friends and cowards among the enemy.” (Niccolò M., Il Principe) Does this not more aptly describe the US?

    – Zaluzhnyi will go back behind the Oskol if he knows what´s good for him; Elendski´s hysteria, though not unwarranted – every city lost now is lost forever – is Putin´s greatest asset. It may take another two weeks to open the M-03 to Slavyansk, but that means Seversk and Krasnij Liman become untenable also. The Jews will try to make a stand in Kharkow, Dniepropetrowsk and Odessa – all Russian cities infested with Russians anyway so let them burn – and then make aaliyah. The Poles might take Galicia and Volhynia – they are already calling up administrators – if they are stupid enough. Meanwhile the Jews claim Vladimir Vladimirovich plans on calling up another 500,000 – he´d be derelict in his duty if he didn´t.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  474. @Z-man

    You know how it is , smallish,malformed,sickly races…..are smallish and malformed elsewhere.
    They also lack the desire to hold up their own end of the…transaction. Perhaps the nose would be a good instrument for penetration AND it would offer a little more stamina.

  475. Have someone thought about the possibility that Zelenski and Putin made an agreement to fool
    USA? They could have planned to simulate a war, Ukraine asks BILLIONS of dollars from USA, thousands of weapons, to “attack” Russia” but the purpose is to eliminate white Ukranian people, and to weaken USA Army and also its Economy. Besides, Ukraine may share the weapons given by USA, with Russia. USA will be weak after this and ready to be invaded by Russia or China, maybe even with the help of Mexico and other Latin nations that are sending invaders to USA. One part of Mexicans love Russia and hate USA, and current government is communist. If USA can not stop thousands of unarmed civilians entering daily through South border, how could it stop Russian, or Chinese or maybe Mexican Army?

  476. @Truth

    Communists? You’re really up to date there, buddy. Hope you’re enjoying that new Elvis album as well.

    As for traveling overseas to be with the Slavs, we have and we will do so more as our kids’ Russian language skills improve. Not to a war zone, though, shockingly (didn’t get your “reasoning” there).

    Thanks for your suggestion, though, and your sincere good-faith desire to help.

    Slava Rossiya and good night.

  477. Wokechoke says:

    This is proof that Ukraine died in 1990. It’s been in terminal demographic freefall since then. 10,000,000 vanish during independence… 6,000,000 more fled after 2022’s invasion. Moscow and St Petersburg grew by around 10,000,000 souls as Kiev flatlined in the same period. Who’d migrate there to the prospectus of life in Kiev, now from the West?

    At this point, the only commitment any sane Ukie would have is to flee to Berlin, Paris or London.

  478. There is a chance for negotiated peace in Ukraine that’s being overlooked.
    The people of Ukraine need to overthrow their illicit NATO-imposed government and put reasonable people in their place. People who will instantly throw out the NATO terrorists and start negotiations that don’t have or need WARshington D.C.’s or the EU’s approval.
    The big problem is that Selensky’s media control makes it hard for people there to see what’s really happening and that it was Biden, not Putin, who got them into this mess. People who don’t have the facts aren’t very likely to rise up against their true oppressors.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  479. @Stop the Clintons and Bushes

    There is a chance for negotiated peace in Ukraine that’s being overlooked.
    The people of Ukraine need to overthrow their illicit NATO-imposed government and put reasonable people in their place. People who will instantly throw out the NATO terrorists and start negotiations that don’t have or need WARshington D.C.’s or the EU’s approval.

    It isn’t overlooked. It’s completely implausible.

    Polls show that the Ukrainian people support Zelensky and do not want to give up land to end the war.

    Zelensky was not the DC or EU backed candidate. They wanted Poroshenko and were in fact shocked that an actor had beaten him.

    A minor detail not mentioned on pro-Putin blogs that dishonestly depict Zelensky as the result of a coup. Zelensky was elected well after the corrupt pro-Russian president had been removed. He in fact ran on position of neutrality with Russia and was not pushing to join NATO. Zelensky did not believe the invasion would happen and rejected US/EU calls to assume defensive positions.

  480. Clough says:

    Anyone tempted to give any credence to Alexander Mercouris should look up his online video of 25th March 2022 (his own site, not The Duran). Ukraine’s defensive lines in the Donbass, he said, were ‘crumbling’.

    Over nine months later, Ukraine’s defensive lines in the Donbass are still there, and have hardly moved.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  481. @Haxo Angmark

    It’s “die grosse Schlacht”. And it will come. Putin has understood that there is no reasoning with the crazed lunatics in Washington. They want no peace nor negotation, so a big physical reaction has become inevitable. The deep mud, that has bogged down heavy Ukranian and NATO equipment, starts to freeze solid, which will soon allow the movement of heavy Russian equipment. This must secure strategic positions before freshly added NATO equipment does. Push will come to shove. Poor Ukraine will see a lot more damage and neighbouring countries like Romania and Poland may receive some damage as well.

  482. @Clough

    Wait another 5-10 hours; there is nothing behind Blagodatnoye, and with
    a hunnerd Leppard-too the Ukies couldn´t fight in the steppe (let alone with
    what they are getting). The little homo has broken the Ukie army by trying
    to bamboozle them into holding until the Jan. 20 donors´conference –
    let´s hope Zaluzhnyi (but I´ll settle for anyone) flatlines him before he makes aaliyah.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  483. Wokechoke says:

    I’m not so inclined. The Ukies can pour a lot of concrete with the US largesse. Line after line and belt after belt of trenches.

    The Ukies fall apart when they hit the point of losing 100% of the infantry they started with. 200,000 by my reckoning. Then they shoot their own officers and battle police to avoid certain death.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @nokangaroos
  484. @Wokechoke

    You really think Ukraine is at risk of a mutiny?

    Russian soldier beats commander to death

  485. Watch this Ukrainian raid on a Russian position:

    It’s below freezing in Bakhmut and Putin is actually having his conscripts sleep in shallow trenches.

    Putin clearly doesn’t know what he is doing and neither does his Jewish chef.

    They aren’t even at WW1 level trench building and the Ukrainians were able to flank them as a complete surprise.

    This is more like the Crimean war.

    Amazing that so many of you support this needless slaughter.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  486. @Wokechoke

    – Prigozhin has noted they are not evacuating Soledar (which actually
    is the only thing they can do now – watching 300 much?).
    It is heartbreaking to watch them fight worthy of a much better cause –
    at a fraction of the cost they could have made short(er) of the pianist and
    his mischpokhe; but the cognitive dissonance has eaten too deep now.
    The bill of the Jew keeps getting longer.

  487. @Avery

    All the cards are on the table. Face up.

    Russia has hypersonic missiles that can carry 1000-lb warheads.

    But they can’t use their Migs and Suhkois to bomb. And in a year they have not been able to penetrate more than 100 miles past their own border.

    The West knows all it needs to know about Russian military capabilities. What about you?

    This is not 1771 when Orlov was able to sail the Baltic Fleet all the way around Europe to take control the Eastern Mediterranean.

  488. @emerging majority

    Have they figured out what is wrong with you yet?

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  489. @John Johnson

    Asshole: NOT conscripts on the front. Anyway if they wish they can sleep in the many captured Ukie bunkers, some of them concrete.

    The needless slaughter will cease upon the Ukie military mounting a counter-coup and then signaling Russia asking for surrender terms.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  490. @Johnny Rico

    Have they been able to even dream of anything being right with you? Basket Cases are difficult to assess and Nut Cases need nice padded walls. Which one are you?

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  491. @emerging majority

    Asshole: NOT conscripts on the front. Anyway if they wish they can sleep in the many captured Ukie bunkers, some of them concrete.

    What are you saying? They were professional military? Or just Russians that decided to camping near the front?

    It is below freezing in Bakhmut and they are lying in shallow trenches without someone on watch. One of the Russians is lying on his back and is barely below the ground.

    Is that modern military tactics? Lie down on your back in freezing weather in a trench that barely covers you? Germans had trenches and tactics that were far more advanced in 1917.

    The Ukrainians came in with night vision and wiped them out as if they were slaughtering animals. But I’m the asshole for pointing this out? Not Putin for sending these men to their deaths?

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  492. @emerging majority

    You should just ignore me. I’m not really interested.

    • Replies: @Avery
  493. @RadicalCenter

    Sorry, USA life expectancy is LOW by world standards, 46th country down from the top, US Americans even shorter-lived than Cubans. See Life Expectancy by Country.

    Granted, Russian life-expectancy is astonishingly low at number 113 on the list.

  494. Avery says:
    @Johnny Rico

    {…… I’m not really interested.}

    You lie like a rug: of course you are.
    You, yes YOU, responded to poster [emerging majority], see your comment #462.
    To the comment #459, which was not addressed to you.
    You, yes YOU, decided to insert yourself in the thread.
    So you are obviously interested.

    What say, you?

  495. @John Johnson

    JJ: While the Ukes may possess a few dozen night vision goggles, you possess an acute case of blight vision.

  496. gregj says:

    That was my take on it. When he referred to the Anglo-Saxon countries, as opposed to NATO, he was referring, very specifically to the 5 Anglo’s:

    US; UK; Canada; Australia & New Zealand.

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