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Memo to Comey: Keep Your Damn Hands Off Our Elections
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Without a shred of evidence and against the expressed wishes of his superiors at the Department of Justice, the head of the nation’s most prestigious law enforcement agency announced the reopening of an investigation into the mishandling of classified material by Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. The surprise announcement was delivered last Friday by FBI Director James Comey who knew that the action would create a cloud of suspicion around Clinton that could directly effect the outcome of the election.

Recent surveys suggest that that indeed has been the case, and that Hillary is now neck in neck with GOP contender Donald Trump going into the home-stretch of the bitterly contested campaign.

By inserting himself into the democratic process, Comey has ignored traditional protocols for postponing such announcements 60-days prior to an election, shrugged off the counsel of his bosses at the DOJ, and tilted the election in Trump’s favor. His action is as close to a coup d’état as anything we’ve seen in the U.S. since the Supreme Court stopped the counting of ballots in Florida in 2000 handing the election to George W. Bush.

It is not the job of the FBI to inform Congress about ongoing investigations. Comey’s job is to gather information and evidence that is pertinent to the case and present it to the DOJ where the decision to convene a grand jury is ultimately made. Comey is a renegade, a lone wolf who arbitrarily decided to abandon normal bureaucratic procedures in order to torpedo Clinton’s prospects for election. The widespread belief that Comey is a “good man who made a bad decision” is nonsense. He is an extremely intelligent and competent attorney with a keen grasp of Beltway politics. He knew what he was doing and he did it anyway. It’s absurd to make excuses for him.

In a carefully-crafted statement designed to deflect attention from his flagrant election tampering, Comey said this to his fellow agents:

“We don’t ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations, but here I feel an obligation to do so given that I testified repeatedly in recent months that our investigation was completed,” Comey said. “I also think it would be misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record.” (CNN)

Let’s take a minute and parse this statement. First: “We don’t ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations.”

True, because it is not the FBI’s job to do so. The FBI’s job is to dig up evidence and refer it to the Justice Department. Comey is not the Attorney General although he has arbitrarily assumed her duties and authority.

Second: “I also think it would be misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record.”

“Supplement the record”?

That’s a pretty suggestive statement, don’t you think? When someone says they’re going to supplement the record, you naturally assume that they’re going to add important details to what the public already knows. Obviously, those details are not going to be flattering to Hillary or there’d be no reason to reopen the case. So the public is left with the impression Comey is going to produce damning information that could lead to an indictment of Hillary sometime in the future.

This is precisely why normal protocols require that no new investigations be announced 60 days before an election. Why?

Because the public invariably assumes that “investigation” equals “guilt”. In other words, “The FBI wouldn’t be investigating Hillary unless they had some dirt on her. Therefore, I’d better not waste my vote on Hillary.”

This is the logic upon which Comey’s dirty trick rests. He knows the effect his announcement will have because he is law enforcements version of Karl Rove, a bone fide partisan who’s mastered the dark art of political sabotage.

And just in case Comey’s announcement didn’t produce the desired effect (by destroying Hillary’s chances for victory), a former assistant director at the FBI, Tom Fuentes, appeared on CNN shortly after the announcement was made with more explicit information. Here’s a clip from the interview:

“The FBI has an intensive investigation ongoing into the Clinton Foundation,” Fuentes said Saturday, citing current and former senior FBI officials as sources…

According to the CNN report, officials with the FBI and Justice Department met in Washington earlier this year to discuss opening an investigation into possible conflicts of interest between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton State Department.”

(“Former FBI Official: FBI Has An ‘Intensive Investigation’ Ongoing Into Clinton Foundation“, Daily Caller)

Okay. So we’re no longer dealing with just classified emails. The FBI expanded its investigation and is now wading through the real sewage, the pay-to-play corruption scandal that surrounds that vast reservoir of illicit contributions known as the Clinton Foundation. In other words, the FBI is on to something big, really BIG. I can almost see them dragging poor Hillary off to the hoosegow in leg irons and shackles. Isn’t that the impression the above quote is supposed to produce? Here’s more from Fuentes:

“Several FBI field offices and U.S. attorneys offices pushed for the investigation after receiving a tip from a bank about suspicious donations to the Clinton Foundation from a foreign donor, according to the report….” (Daily Caller)

“Foreign donors”, “suspicious donations”, smoky rooms, bundles of money. It all fits, doesn’t it? It’s all designed to increase suspicion and make Hillary look like a crook which, coincidentally, is the relentless mantra of the Trump campaign. Funny how the FBI and Trump appear to be reading from the same script, isn’t it? It’s almost like it was planned that way.

But what about the timing of all this? Is it really a coincidence or are Comey and Fuentes part of a one-two punch from the Trump campaign?

And, more important, what does the FBI actually have on Hillary? According to Fuentes:

“When the team looking at the Weiner computers went to the team of investigators who worked on the Clinton email case, and showed the emails to them earlier in the week, they said, “This is really significant. We need to take this to the Director.” (2:05 to 2:23 video)

Repeat: “This is significant”.

What’s significant? Neither Comey nor Fuentes nor the more than year-long investigation has uncovered anything, unless you think the ridiculous rehash of the 15-year old Marc Rich investigation (which popped up on the FBI website this week) is “new news” that should alter the course of the election. This is pathetic. If they have something, show us. Otherwise, Ferme ta bouche.

Check this out from Thursday’s Wall Street Journal:

“As 2015 came to a close, the FBI and Justice Department had a general understanding that neither side would take major action on Clinton Foundation matters without meeting and discussing it first. …

The public-integrity prosecutors weren’t impressed with the FBI presentation, people familiar with the discussion said. “The message was, ‘We’re done here,’ ” a person familiar with the matter said.

Justice Department officials became increasingly frustrated that the agents seemed to be disregarding or disobeying their instructions.

Following the February meeting, officials at Justice Department headquarters sent a message to all the offices involved to “stand down,’’ a person familiar with the matter said….

As prosecutors rebuffed their requests to proceed more overtly, those Justice Department officials became more annoyed that the investigators didn’t seem to understand or care about the instructions issued by their own bosses and prosecutors to act discreetly.

In subsequent conversations with the Justice Department, Mr. Capers told officials in Washington that the FBI agents on the case “won’t let it go,” these people said.” (Wall Street Journal)

Can you see what’s going on here? There’s a nest of rogue agents running wild at the FBI who’ve been giving the DOJ the finger while they conduct their witch hunt on Hillary. And what have they achieved?

Nothing! So far, they have nothing.

Now, I’m not a fan of Madame Clinton either, in fact I wouldn’t vote for her if they rubbed me down with bacon grease and stuck me in a bear cage, but, c’mon now, do we really want rogue cops and self righteous bureaucrats inserting themselves into our elections and picking the winners?

That’s bullshit.

If the FBI has some solid proof of wrongdoing that will put Hillary behind bars for good, than I say, “Bravo”. But until then, they should keep their damn hands off our elections!

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at [email protected].

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton 
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  1. The whole thing is a circus, but I cannot find in myself Mr. Whitney’s great moral indignation towards Mr. Comey when I recall that the Attorney General spent that half hour on a plane talking to Slick Willie about “golf and grandchildren”.

    Mr. Comey did not make this thing into a circus, he just had to spend his time at center ring.

    Reminds of the man accused of rape and battery who plead innocent to battery because he would not have committed it if the woman hadn’t resisted the rape.

    The FBI is acting out of sorts because the nation is being raped. Perhaps Mr. Whitney believes we should just lie still and enjoy it.

    “Pity the monster manunkind not, for progress is a comfortable disease.” Comfortable indeed, with Hillary in power the FED will continue its largess with our grandchildren’s money.

  2. The main thing that you are purposely omitting is the FACT that the democrats have ALWAYS used “Dirty tricks” to win elections, and they are now, maybe for the first fucking time in history, gettying a dose of their own medicine, and they are screaming bloody murder.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz artist.

  3. The FBI is part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy too!

  4. nsa says:

    Damn….was trying to get to unz, but must have pushed the wrong key and ended up over at huffpost.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Like some former undercover agent said, this is a counter-coup.

    Why haven’t we heard you grieve over the coup, Whitney?

    The FBI were stopped earlier than 60 days before the election day from doing their job, that was a small coup or wasn’t it? They didn’t take it easy and now you have the counter-cup. What’s wrong with that?

  6. Diogenes says:

    Mike you surprise me, it seems this rule breaking political ploy by Comey has really upset you. I guess you believe in the rules and fair play. However,this election has been anything but fair, it’s been very biased toward Clinton and against Trump, so breaking the conventional rules in this case is perhaps permissible, just to even up the odds a bit?

    Up to this point the “Election” process for POTUS has been a transparent and flagrant attempt to get the establishment candidate elected and the outsider defeated, it has been decidedly unfair more akin to a coup de tete.

    Apparently some players in the Deep State are fighting the Establishment on this and we should applaud rather than denounce it!

    “US Insiders – Not Russia – Leaked Clinton Emails” : WashingtonsBlog

  7. Plus Comey made Rachel Maddow cry! That has to be the worst part of all.

    You have to learn how to cry Mike. It’s probably the most potent weapon the left has at this point.

  8. Really?

    Crime #1: Setting up a private email for handling government information (Violation of Federal Records Keeping Law).
    Crime #2: Sending classified information to an unclassified server (Violation of the Classified Information Procedures Act)
    Crime #3: Losing devices and laptops with classified information (Violation of the Classified Information)

    Hillary Clinton as a senior officer was required to not only FOLLOW the laws, she was expected to ENFORCE the laws!

    When people with these clearances violate these laws, they are terminated. In some instances, they are charged with the Espionage Act. When terminated, their clearances are permanently revoked. Given what she has done, she would NEVER be allowed to handle classified information again. So how would she be President?

    This is why the Intelligence Community is against her. AND RIGHTLY SO! The rules don’t apply to HER, just the rest of us!

    • Replies: @fuzzybrain
  9. MEexpert says:

    Mike is crying Boo Hoo. I would not feel sorry if Hillary Clinton got the Ghadhafi treatment. Well may be not. Mike did not cry when the DNC, the MSM, and the establishment tilted the nimonation towards Clinton by sabotaging Sanders candidacy.

    Mike says, “Comey is not the Attorney General although he has arbitrarily assumed her duties and authority.” No he has done no such thing. The Attorney General deferred the Clinton case to Comey herself. This DOJ is one of the most corrupt offices in the history of this country. First Holder and now Lynch.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the most corrupt people in the world. Two people, who didn’t have a dime in Arkansas, have amassed a wealth worth millions of dollars. They have no qualms about getting money from anybody. Whether it is Marc Rich, Goldman Sachs, or the corrupt politicians and monarchs of the world.

    If anyone who has tried to tilt the election in a candidate’s favor, it is the MSM. None of the negative reports on Hillary has made to the front pages of NYT or WP. Furthermore, all you see on the CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or MSNBC is pro Hillary propaganda. Even Fox news has been negative against Trump. I didn’t see Mike cry about that or the fact that the POTUS is using taxpayers money to campaign for Hillary.

  10. A lot of people seem unwilling to address what I think is the central issue: Is Comey deliberately influencing the election or not? And –if he is– do you think that is okay?

    As for myself, I think Hillary is a serial liar and a unapologetic warmonger. I would never vote for her in a million years.

    But I’m talking about Comey: Is he playing politics with the election or not:

    Here’s how the Wa post summed it up this morning:

    In his letter to Congress last week, Comey once again pleaded ignorance: “the F.B.I. cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant.” But his actions (with which his boss the attorney general disagreed) imply that the emails are significant, and to the dismay of Democrats and Republicans alike, the disclosure has had a major impact on the already-in-progress presidential election.

    Comey has yet again leveraged his own ignorance into powerful political messaging disguised as transparency. His history of making uninformed, yet substantial statements reveal at their most innocent, a penchant for irresponsible political meddling, and at their most nefarious, an active political agenda.

    FBI Director James Comey has a long history of ignoring the truth

    I don’t really question whether Hillary is a crook or not. She IS a crook.
    But what Comey is doing is wrong and he’s only doing it to save his own skin.

    But I could be wrong.

  11. MEexpert says:
    @Mike Whitney

    Comey is a law enforcement officer. If he finds some evidence of crime, it is his duty to report it to his superiors. But if he knows that his superiors are politically motivated crooks, he did the next best thing to bring it to the attention of the people’s representatives. The reference to Washington Post is weak since WP is 100 percent for Hillary. What else would you expect from its editors? An unbiased editorial? HA! Comey’s only mistake was not recommending indictment in the first place. Maybe he is rectifying his previous mistake.

  12. OutWest says:

    Isn’t this about par for the FBI? Remember, Deep Throat was J. Edgar Hoover’s Number 2 at the Bureau who was pissed because Nixon passed him over and appointed someone that -Nixon hoped- would clean things up at the Bureau. Oh, and Woodward et al somehow neglected to report this perhaps germane fact.

    The more things change………..

  13. Renoman says:

    The FBI are incompetent partisan jerks bought and paid for shills just like everyone else in the Circus that is the USA.

  14. @Mike Whitney

    Hi Mike,

    Have been a reader of yours for many years, and this is one of the first times you have left me completely puzzled.

    I think Comey made an error by buckling under to pressure from the DOJ and not recommending an indictment back in July.

    The investigation into the Clinton Foundation, however, was always the more serious one and this was suppressed in effect by Clinton allies in the DOJ. That is where this whole affair went horribly wrong, and set in motion the anger and mutinous behavior at the FBI that eventually pressured Comey into this “re-opening” of the case. You are right he was trying to save his own skin and reputation, but probably also to salve his conscience and his self-respect.


    • Agree: Andrei Martyanov
    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  15. Diogenes says:
    @Mike Whitney

    Yes Mike we get your point your an idealist, you like to play by the rules and demand fair play BUT this is a very dirty game and the stakes are very high on the outcome. So Comey has thrown an illegal Hail Mary Pass in the last minute of the game and the referees missed it. So what, in this case you can argue the end justifies the means. Coup-countercoup -wait till Tuesday to see if the pass was caught, perhaps the Smart Money on Wall Street will be panic selling on Monday and we will know if the countercoup has worked.

  16. Dave,

    I agree entirely— Comey should have sought an indictment in July. Now he has a mutiny on his hands, so he’s trying to save his own skin.

    He had two choices: Either make the announcement now and let the media crucify him or
    Keep quiet and let all the dirt the FBI has on Hillary come out in a post-election impeachment proceeding.

    So he chose to make the announcement now so he would escape blame in the future.

    And, yes, I know that the DOJ is crawling with traitors, weaklings and Clintonistas, but that doesn’t mean Comey did the right thing.

  17. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website
    @Dave Hopkins

    You are right he was trying to save his own skin and reputation, but probably also to salve his conscience and his self-respect.

    Excellent point.

    The investigation into the Clinton Foundation, however, was always the more serious one and this was suppressed in effect by Clinton allies in the DOJ.

    This is even better.

  18. tom.. says:

    Comey did a worse thing by allowing her crimes months ago.

    Two wrongs usually don’t make a right, but this time they do. I’m sure Mike has used that saying before.

    And I don’t care what protocol is, if there is further evidence of potential crimes, The public are entitled to know right open till voting. Otherwise protocol interferes with transparency. Who the hell is gonna argue against transparency ?

  19. Do you really think this will have much of an effect on the election? I don’t. Clinton supporters have long since decided that even if she’s a crook, she’s their crook, and anyway Trump’s a monster, Hitler with a nuclear option, what’s a little corruption compared to that?

    I think the shift we’ve seen in the polls consists almost entirely of people who have preferred Trump all along but were reluctant to say so lest they be thought “deplorable”. There have been many such people since the time Trump entered the race, and now some of them see themselves as having moral cover to come out in the open.

  20. By inserting himself into the democratic process, Comey has ignored traditional protocols for postponing such announcements 60-days prior to an election, shrugged off the counsel of his bosses at the DOJ, and tilted the election in Trump’s favor.

    What democratic process? The process of corporate media demonizing Trump AND HIS SUPPORTERS around the clock every fucking day of the week? The DNC process of dirty tricks including stealing the nomination and hiring thugs to beat up Trump supporters at Trump rallies? The DOJ process of covering up Hillary’s crimes? I don’t know why the FBI is off the reservation. I don’t trust them any more than I trust you Mike. But if Hillary is prevented from becoming overseer on Plantation America I will be forever grateful.

  21. @Mike Whitney

    Who you gonna vote for Mike? Most eligible voters will vote for Hillary or Trump or not vote at all. A few will vote Green or Libertarian. I will be voting for Trump. How about you?

  22. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @Mike Whitney

    If a law (or regulation or protocol, etc.) is unjust, the only just course of action is to break the law. If a crime was committed, the just course of action would be to swiftly and thoroughly expose and address the crime. It seems certain that Clinton committed crimes, yet justice in this case has been excessively delayed through the action of Clinton partisans. Justice delayed is justice denied, especially when the culprit is in charge of the investigation.

    I would say that Comey’s actions are not only just, but just in time. The tradition of non-intereference is unjust.

    • Replies: @The Scalpel
  23. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @The Scalpel

    Still, I would not necessarily ascribe such high-minded motives to Comey. Sometimes the Gods work in mysterious ways.

    I would say that for Comey to act as he did, he had to be quite certain Clinton’s goose is cooked. Thus the Obamas distancing themselves from the Clintons. Interesting times ahead

  24. nsa says:

    The leftie vermin have a plan in mind: 1) install the vicious old crone and her urine bag in the oval office using voting machine fraud, 2) the magic negro issues blanket pardons to both clintons and their enablers on the way out the door, 3) the Rs institute impeachment proceedings anyways and there is a fake constitutional crisis, 4) enough Ds side with the Rs to impeach the old fool…it takes 18 months but the dried up chimaera vacates the office and conveniently dies soon thereafter. And the object of it all: 5) the jesuit steeped in liberation theology, Kaine, assumes the oval office and completes the transition of the former republic to a diverse multi-culti democratic paradise. Game, set, match.

  25. Xerxes says:

    Mr Whitney,

    Nothing in your article and subsequent clarification came close to negating your argument as much as citing WaPo to buttress your point.

  26. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Mike Whitney

    From what I’ve understood, Comey doesn’t give a shit about Hillary. The problem is the level of corruption in the DNC. The emails on Huma and Weiner’s computer were apparently a Pandora’s box of insane, widespread corruption that is astounding. In the grand scheme of things, Clinton, though guilty, was a relatively small cog in this. Comey’s problem is the fact that once he releases the evidence he’s found so far, it could impede the function of daily government.
    The DNC is cooked.
    Clinton is not his concern. Remember he didn’t make a stink before. When Huma and Weiner’s computers were examined, the game changed dramatically. Note that you haven’t seen Huma back in the saddle, have you? She’s plea bargaining so she doesn’t do 20 years in prison, and is doing what she’s told.
    This is an historically big deal, and it’s not about Hillary. As the days pass, you’ll discover how wrong you are, and you’ll want to apologize to Comey.

  27. @Mike Whitney

    “A lot of people seem unwilling to address what I think is the central issue: Is Comey deliberately influencing the election or not? And –if he is– do you think that is okay?”

    Every political ploy is influencing the election. Everything Hillary Clinton has said and done since she decided to move to New York to become a senator was done to influence her election. Our president is on the stump to influence an election. Comey’s dropping of his investigation in the summer . . . was it to NOT influence an election to ignore the airing of evidence that would influence the election?

    “But I’m talking about Comey: Is he playing politics with the election or not:

    A binary choice that YOU’VE decided is convenient for your contention. We don’t know the fullness of his intent, which could very well include that fact that his entire life-work is getting trashed due to his decision in the summer.

    As a side note, I stopped reading your article when I saw it on Counterpunch. It’s germane to Sailor’s discussion of media outlets that don’t allow public comments. Counterpunch has a lot of great content. It also has a lot of absolute GARBAGE content. Good thing they’re smart enough to fear commenting on their site.

  28. pyrrhus says:

    “Without a shred of evidence..” I stopped reading there….Hope the DNC pays well!

    • Replies: @Anon
  29. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Cletus Rothschild

    As a side note, I stopped reading your article when I saw it on Counterpunch. It’s germane to Sailor’s discussion of media outlets that don’t allow public comments. Counterpunch has a lot of great content. It also has a lot of absolute GARBAGE content. Good thing they’re smart enough to fear commenting on their site.

    I also reject websites that don’t allow comments. It’s the new form of internet fascism I reject immediately. Any writer who plays along with that scheme always makes one wonder why. Bloggers can avoid becoming commenter’s qualified objects of ridicule via the power of their due diligence.

    Avoid the pain of criticism by being right, not by eliminating the voice of earnest commenters. Gain audience share by not talking out of your ass, rather than curbing those who might point it out. Being right, like being an effective leader, takes a lot of extra work, and most people aren’t willing to do it.

    Do the work, even though it takes extra time, and is frequently tedious.

    Be right, and commenter’s aren’t a problem. In fact, they’ll tend to empower you.

  30. Here’s what Comey should have done: He should have exposed whatever he has on Hillary chapter and verse, and not beat around the bush with a bunch of insinuations intended to create suspicion and move the polls.

    If he had done that, I would respect him because he’d be following in the tradition of brave men like Julian Assange, Snowden and Manning.

    But Comey didn’t blow the whistle because he didn’t want to pay the price for “whistleblowing”. It’s that simple.
    He wants to be a hero and save his sorry backside at the same time.

    I am shocked that so many people think he is a “patriot” when his actions suggest the exact opposite!

  31. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Without a shred of evidence..” I stopped reading there….Hope the DNC pays well!

    Speaking to committed Hillary loyalists, it’s like this: Hillary created a personal server to receive classified information. That is espionage. It doesn’t matter that it’s Hillary Clinton. By law, she’s a cooked duck. The simple issue is the Justice Department refusing to prosecute. Everyone should be up the Justice Department’s ass every single day, calling for resignations, as well as confronting Obama, every… single… day. He’s a part of it the stone-walling via glaring omission of her alleged crime during his ridiculous stump speeches for Hillary. The man is not your friend.

    If we wait until after the election, with a republican congress, they haven’t forgotten Watergate. This is their chance to shine their boots, using Hillary as the rag! The woman will be impeached! When impeached, you think she’ll resign, as Nixon did? It appears she’s too insane to go for that. So then we have a crippled executive office, and the process could take a year!

    Also, if she’s finally kicked out of office, look who we’ll have as the new standing president. Have you, the Hillary voter, vetted this guy much? I suggest you do… now. You might not like what you see. Suffice to say, he’s Trump’s severely retarded brother. Horrific choice for President, unless you’re Hillary. He’s a great choice for her.

    People say voting for Trump is akin to ripping up the country, and Clinton will bring us back to normalcy? Not bloody likely! Watergate will seem like a morning cartoon, compared to the shitshow waiting for the nation via the prosecution of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

    In the meantime, the world will be watching. Our enemies will be harassing a distracted administration, especially the Iranians, Russia, who hates her guts, ISIS, and god knows who else in the international Whack-a-Mole that will materialize.

    It’s just not acceptable, if you care about your kids. It’s not acceptable.

    Hillary is cooked. Forget Hillary. It’s no longer a rational choice.

    Give up on it. Think of the country, not your ego.

  32. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Mike Whitney

    If even a few of these allegations by an anonymous source who claims to be a part of the FBI organization are true, would you change your mind?

    If this goes as deep as the source contends, wouldn’t it be the height of irresponsibility to “expose everything on Hillary,” if the matter goes far deeper and wider than little Hillary Clinton?

  33. attonn says:

    So Hillary got away with DNC machinations in her favor, leaked debate questions, media and Deep State apparatus cheering her own, and it’s somehow unfair if Trump gets a little help from the perfectly legitimate (only the timing is questioned, not the letter itself) FBI letter?
    I thought Whitney was sarcastic, but apparently the misguided purist is dead serious. Yawn.

  34. @Mike Whitney

    I agree that Comey should have exposed whatever he has on her and probably resigned back in July. I agree with your characterisation that he is trying to have it both ways. He is not a patriot but is attempting to salvage what he can of his reputation, though that train left the station when he did his soft shoe in stating why the harpy wouldn’t be prosecuted. I disagree with your contention that the evidence is lacking of Clinton Foundation corruption. That corruption has been totally exposed by wikileaks and other exposes over the past couple of years and sets a historical standard which has scarcely ever been attained by any other person or cabal. If this involved anybody but a Clinton, they would be rattling cages. I think the dynasty bit the Clintons represent was a hostile takeover which totally destroyed the Democratic party. Its reverberations, Blair, Hollande and others, have destroyed the traditional left parties in Britain, Germany, France and elsewhere, reducing them to quisling sellouts. It had the same effect on media. The arch-Tory Daily Mail has more accurate coverage of the yankee election than any printed English language newspaper. Meanwhile, in what used to be referred to as western countries, only new populist based leftist parties retain any legitimacy, or in other instances including the US, the populist elements which have started new parties or taken control of existing rightist parties which are actually taking positions to the left of the neoliberalized establishment sell-outs. This is what Trump represents and why my support for him does not contradict my traditional left position.
    As far as the Clintons are concerned, they are so corrupt, evil and dangerous that they must be destroyed if the rule of law is to be restored. As such, I welcome Comey’s wheeze, even if his motives were less than pure.

  35. As far as I’m concerned, the only problem with Comey’s intervention is that it may not be enough.

    Only an idiot would complain about rule-breaking, in this environment. Calling someone out for smelling bad while sitting in the middle of a garbage dump…

  36. @Cletus Rothschild

    Counterpunch lost me when they refused to entertain any discussion of how and why the official narrative of 9/11 is simply impossible. That makes them complicit in that unforgivable treachery in my view.

  37. Lochearn says:

    Mike, I have been reading your articles for some time now. Yours and Pepe E’s. However, in your last article “How Putin Derailed the West…” you managed to discuss the situation in the Middle East without the slightest mention of Israel.

    The comments in response to this article have thoroughly demolished your argument to the extent that I have nothing to add. Are you going through some sort of mid-life crisis?

  38. …who knew that the action would create a cloud of suspicion around Clinton that could directly effect the outcome of the election.

    Ya gotta be kidding.

    Voter preferences have been made months ago. Very little of it is based on facts. Neither the Trumpsters nor the Hillaristas are swayed by reason; it’s all pretty much emotion based, and I doubt that much, if anything, could directly effect the outcome of the election at this point.

  39. @Mike Whitney

    A lot of people seem unwilling to address what I think is the central issue: Is Comey deliberately influencing the election or not? And –if he is– do you think that is okay?

    No, he is not. He’s attempting to, but I doubt that he can actually have much effect.

    If he is deliberately influencing the election, then no, it is not OK. However, given the history of US meddling in foreign elections, I guess a little payback may not be all that bad. Education always comes at a price.

  40. @Cletus Rothschild

    Yeah, I’m disappointed in Counterpunch for the same reasons as well, which is too bad, because it used to have some pretty good stuff.

    Additionally, since I found out that Linh Dinh was kicked off the site and insulted by St Clair, I believe, I’ve not gone back.

    Note: Even on sites that allow comments one has to be careful. Here, on UR, R Khan has censored comments on his column and to me that is plain dishonest. I don’t read that cat any longer, either.

  41. Diogenes says:

    Just in: Comey flip flops!

    What do you say to that , Mike

    What a gong show

  42. Many on the left and right thought Comey was a patriot because he threw a wrench in Hillary’s presidential bid.
    I thought the guy was a phony from the get go.
    So let’s trace his recent history and see what it shows:

    In July, Comey caved in to DOJ pressure when he exonerated Hillary.
    Then –two weeks ago– he caved in again to placate rebellious agents at the Bureau.
    The on Sunday, The Hill reported that he caved in a third time with this announcement:

    “Since my letter,” Comey wrote Sunday, “the FBI investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of emails from a device obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation.”

    “During that process we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.”

    Ahh, so now Hillary gets a clean bill of health again?

    The man is the biggest political chameleon of all time!

    Comey never intended to produces the goods on Hillary. It was all a sham to get the agents off his back.

    If he really had a conscience he’d go “whistleblower” and spill the whole dirty story on Hillary’s corrupt pay to play swindle. But then he’d face jailtime like the real patriots –Snowden, Assange and Manning. Comey doesn’t want that. Oh no. He wants to run out the clock at the FBI and get a sweet deal from some slimy Wall Street investment bank.

    Isn’t that the way these things usually play out?

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  43. Taras77 says:
    @Mike Whitney

    I disagree Mike.

    The political pressure on him must have been enormous coming from the meddler in chief obama and the DOJ. I cannot blame him for not wanting to end up as Snowden, Assange, Manning. As it is, he is probably destroyed as a professional.

    obama must be very proud, he has squashed “innuendo,” the cronies in DOJ are happy, Podesta owes them another dinner, and clinton rides off with a clean slate.

    One small problem: do not believe it is going away, not by a long shot, the clinton stench continues to reek, the swamp still needs to be drained, and the stables still need to be mucked out.

    Frankly, however, I did not see how the election could have been held with clinton still facing indictment but I do know how she escapes with all of the other pending matters under investigation. I do not know the alternatives for delay of election, maybe not possible.

  44. My problem with Comey from the beginning was that he announced the “reopening of the investigation”–and moved the polls in Trump’s favor– without producing any hard evidence of Clinton’s guilt.
    I am now convinced that he HAS that evidence and is simply sitting on it.

    So here is the theoretical question I would like to ask: If you were an agent working on this investigation and you had collected smoking gun proof that Hillary Clinton was a crook and a criminal, and you knew Comey was not going to release that damning info before the election–would you have the guts to report the news to the media??

    • Replies: @Taras77
  45. Taras77 says:
    @Mike Whitney

    To answer your question, to whistleblow to the media would take big brass ones! It would probably guarantee a Snowden or Manning result as the demo establishment, led by the meddler in chief, would come down on said whistleblower like several tons of bricks-it would be brutal and just sitting here now, I’m not sure I would have the brass ones to do so. I love my country for what it once stood for, not what it is now, but I’m not certain I would be willing to sit in the sneezer for many, many years.

    I guess the fall back question would be would it be effective, could the clinton machine kill it before it damaged her coronation.

  46. @Mike Whitney

    I agree. I think they threatened to trump up some charges against him and he decided to do an el foldo. I don’t think it will have a major effect since this fact is apparent. I also think that FBI agents have full knowledge of the corruption of the Clinton operations, and, if somehow she is defeated, this will all be exposed. This is the best reason to hope that a miracle occurs and she is defeated, which I think is even fairly likely unless the voting machines are fixed. Those who vote for her having knowledge of the facts are themselves tainted. Her running adverts accusing Trump of being a threat of nuclear war are particularly cynical considering that her Syria policy presents the biggest threat of nuclear war in history. If she wins, we should eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we’re likely to all die.

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