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Is BLM the Mask Behind Which the Oligarchs Operate??
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Here’s your BLM Pop Quiz for the day: What do “Critical Race Theory”, “The 1619 Project”, and Homeland Security’s “White Supremacist” warning tell us about what’s going on in America today?

  1. They point to deeply-embedded racism that shapes the behavior of white people
  2. They suggest that systemic racism cannot be overcome by merely changing attitudes and laws
  3. They alert us to the fact that unresolved issues are pushing the country towards a destructive race war
  4. They indicate that powerful agents — operating from within the state– are inciting racial violence to crush the emerging “populist” majority that elected Trump to office in 2016 and which now represents an existential threat to the globalist plan to transform America into a tyrannical third-world “shithole”.

Which of these four statements best explains what’s going on in America today?

If you chose Number 4, you are right. We are not experiencing a sudden and explosive outbreak of racial violence and mayhem. We are experiencing a thoroughly-planned, insurgency-type operation that involves myriad logistical components including vast, nationwide riots, looting and arson, as well as an extremely impressive ideological campaign. “Critical Race Theory”, “The 1619 Project”, and Homeland Security’s “White Supremacist” warning are as much a part of the Oligarchic war on America as are the burning of our cities and the toppling of our statues. All three, fall under the heading of “ideology”, and all three are being used to shape public attitudes on matters related to our collective identity as “Americans”.

The plan is to overwhelm the population with a deluge of disinformation about their history, their founders, and the threats they face, so they will submissively accept a New Order imposed by technocrats and their political lackeys. This psychological war is perhaps more important than Operation BLM which merely provides the muscle for implementing the transformative “Reset” that elites want to impose on the country. The real challenge is to change the hearts and minds of a population that is unwaveringly patriotic and violently resistant to any subversive element that threatens to do harm to their country. So, while we can expect this propaganda saturation campaign to continue for the foreseeable future, we don’t expect the strategy will ultimately succeed. At the end of the day, America will still be America, unbroken, unflagging and unapologetic.

Let’s look more carefully at what is going on.

On September 4, the Department of Homeland Security issued a draft report stating that “White supremacists present the gravest terror threat to the United States”. According to an article in Politico:

…all three draft (versions of the document) describe the threat from white supremacists as the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the U.S., listed above the immediate danger from foreign terrorist groups…. John Cohen, who oversaw DHS’s counterterrorism portfolio from 2011 to 2014, said the drafts’ conclusion isn’t surprising.

“This draft document seems to be consistent with earlier intelligence reports from DHS, the FBI, and other law enforcement sources: that the most significant terror-related threat facing the US today comes from violent extremists who are motivated by white supremacy and other far-right ideological causes,” he said….

“Lone offenders and small cells of individuals motivated by a diverse array of social, ideological, and personal factors will pose the primary terrorist threat to the United States,” the draft reads. “Among these groups, we assess that white supremacist extremists …will pose the most persistent and lethal threat.”..(“DHS draft document: White supremacists are greatest terror threat” Politico)

This is nonsense. White supremacists do not pose the greatest danger to the country, that designation goes to the left-wing groups that have rampaged through more than 2,000 US cities for the last 100 days. Black Lives Matter and Antifa-generated riots have decimated hundreds of small businesses, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of thousands of merchants and their employees, and left entire cities in a shambles. The destruction in Kenosha alone far exceeds the damage attributable to the activities of all the white supremacist groups combined.

So why has Homeland Security made this ridiculous and unsupportable claim? Why have they chosen to prioritize white supremacists as “the most persistent and lethal threat” when it is clearly not true?

There’s only one answer: Politics.

The officials who concocted this scam are advancing the agenda of their real bosses, the oligarch puppet-masters who have their tentacles extended throughout the deep-state and use them to coerce their lackey bureaucrats to do their bidding. In this case, the honchos are invoking the race card (“white supremacists”) to divert attention from their sinister destabilization program, their looting of the US Treasury (for their crooked Wall Street friends), their demonizing of the mostly-white working class “America First” nationalists who handed Trump the 2016 election, and their scurrilous scheme to establish one-party rule by installing their addlepated meat-puppet candidate (Biden) as president so he can carry out their directives from the comfort of the Oval Office. That’s what’s really going on.

DHS’s announcement makes it possible for state agents to target legally-armed Americans who gather with other gun owners in groups that are protected under the second amendment. Now the white supremacist label will be applied more haphazardly to these same conservatives who pose no danger to public safety. The draft document should be seen as a warning to anyone whose beliefs do not jibe with the New Liberal Orthodoxy that white people are inherently racists who must ask forgiveness for a system they had no hand in creating (slavery) and which was abolished more than 150 years ago.

The 1619 Project” is another part of the ideological war that is being waged against the American people. The objective of the “Project” is to convince readers that America was founded by heinous white men who subjugated blacks to increase their wealth and power. According to the World Socialist Web Site:

“The essays featured in the magazine are organized around the central premise that all of American history is rooted in race hatred—specifically, the uncontrollable hatred of “black people” by “white people.” Hannah-Jones writes in the series’ introduction: “Anti-black racism runs in the very DNA of this country.

This is a false and dangerous conception. DNA is a chemical molecule that contains the genetic code of living organisms and determines their physical characteristics and development….Hannah-Jones’s reference to DNA is part of a growing tendency to derive racial antagonisms from innate biological processes.where does this racism come from? It is embedded, claims Hannah-Jones, in the historical DNA of American “white people.” Thus, it must persist independently of any change in political or economic conditions….

…. No doubt, the authors of The Project 1619 essays would deny that they are predicting race war, let alone justifying fascism. But ideas have a logic; and authors bear responsibility for the political conclusions and consequences of their false and misguided arguments.” (“The New York Times’s 1619 Project: A racialist falsification of American and world history”, World Socialist Web Site)

Clearly, Hannah-Jones was enlisted by big money patrons who needed an ideological foundation to justify the massive BLM riots they had already planned as part of their US color revolution. The author –perhaps unwittingly– provided the required text for vindicating widespread destruction and chaos carried out in the name of “social justice.”

As Hannah-Jones says, “Anti-black racism runs in the very DNA of this country”, which is to say that it cannot be mitigated or reformed, only eradicated by destroying the symbols of white patriarchy (Our icons, our customs, our traditions and our history.), toppling the existing government, and imposing a new system that better reflects the values of the burgeoning non-Caucasian majority. Simply put, The Project 1619 creates the rationale for sustained civil unrest, deepening political polarization and violent revolution.

All of these goals conveniently coincide with the aims of the NWO Oligarchs who seek to replace America’s Constitutional government with a corporate Superstate ruled by voracious Monopolists and their globalist allies. So, while Hannah-Jones treatise does nothing to improve conditions for black people in America, it does move the country closer to the dystopian dream of the parasite class; Corporate Valhalla.

Then there is “Critical Race Theory” which provides the ideological icing on the cake. The theory is part of the broader canon of anti-white dogma which is being used to indoctrinate workers. White employees are being subjected to “reeducation” programs that require their participation as a precondition for further employment . The first rebellion against critical race theory, took place at Sandia Labs which is a federally-funded research agency that designs America’s nuclear weapons. According to journalist Christopher F. Rufo:

“Senator @HawleyMO and @SecBrouillette have launched an inspector general investigation, but Sandia executives have only accelerated their purge against conservatives.”

Sandia executives have made it clear: they want to force critical race theory, race-segregated trainings, and white male reeducation camps on their employees—and all dissent will be severely punished. Progressive employees will be rewarded; conservative employees will be purged.” (“There is a civil war erupting at @SandiaLabs.” Christopher F Rufo)

It all sounds so Bolshevik. Here’s more info on how this toxic indoctrination program works:

“Treasury Department …

The Treasury Department held a training session telling employees that “virtually all White people contribute to racism” and demanding that white staff members “struggle to own their racism” and accept their “unconscious bias, White privilege, and White fragility.”

The National Credit Union Administration

The NCUA held a session for 8,900 employees arguing that America was “founded on racism” and “built on the blacks of people who were enslaved.” Twitter thread here and original source documents here.

Sandia National Laboratories

Last year, Sandia National Labs—which produces our nuclear arsenal—held a three-day reeducation camp for white males, teaching them how to deconstruct their “white male culture” and forcing them to write letters of apology to women and people of color. Whistleblowers from inside the labs tell me that critical race theory is now endangering our national security. Twitter thread here and original source documents here.

Argonne National Laboratories

Argonne National Labs hosts trainings calling on white lab employees to admit that they “benefit from racism” and atone for the “pain and anguish inflicted upon Black people.” Twitter thread here.

Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security hosted a Training on “microaggressions, microinequities, and microassaults” where white employees were told that they had been “socialized into oppressor roles.” Twitter thread here and original source documents here.” (“Summary of Critical Race Theory Investigations”, Christopher F Rufo)

On September 4, Donald Trump announced his administration “would prohibit federal agencies from subjecting government employees to “critical race theory” or “white privilege” seminar...

“It has come to the President’s attention that Executive Branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to date ‘training’ government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda,” read a Friday memo from the Office of Budget and Management Director Russ Vought. “These types of ‘trainings’ not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce … The President has directed me to ensure that Federal agencies cease and desist from using taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions.”

The next day, September 5, Trump announced that the Department of Education was going to see whether the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project was being used in school curricula and– if it was– then those schools would be ineligible for federal funding. Conservative pundits applauded Trump’s action as a step forward in the “culture wars”, but it’s really much more than that. Trump is actually foiling an effort by the domestic saboteurs who continue look for ways to undermine democracy, reduce the masses of working-class people to grinding poverty and hopelessness, and turn the country into a despotic military outpost ruled by bloodsucking tycoons, mercenary autocrats and duplicitous elites. Alot of thought and effort went into this malign ideological project. Trump derailed it with a wave of the hand. That’s no small achievement.

Bottom line: “Critical Race Theory”, “The 1619 Project”, and Homeland Security’s “White Supremacist” warning represent the ideological foundation upon which the war on America is based. The “anti-white” dogma is the counterpart to the massive riots that have rocked the country. These phenomena are two spokes on the same wheel. They are designed to work together to achieve the same purpose. The goal is create a “racial” smokescreen that conceals the vast and willful destruction of the US economy, the \$5 trillion dollar wealth-transfer that was provided to Wall Street, and the ferocious attack on the emerging, mainly-white working class “populist” movement that elected Trump and which rejects the globalist plan to transform the world into a borderless free trade zone ruled by cutthroat monopolists and their NWO allies.

This is a class war dolled-up to look like a race war. Americans will have to look beyond the smoke and mirrors to spot the elites lurking in the shadows. There lies the cancer that must be eradicated.

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  1. A good article, but no mention of who exactly these oligarchs are. Or why so many of them are Jewish.
    Or why so many Zionist organisations support BLM and other such groups.
    Mike, not mentioning these things will not save you. You will still be cancelled by Progressive Inc.

  2. JimDandy says:

    Haha, great comment. I came here intending on simply writing: “‘Oligarchs’, eh?”

    • Replies: @Richard B
  3. Tried to repost this to my facebook news site ( facebook doesn’t allow it, marks it as against their community standards “Spam”

    You’re probably already aware of this but I thought I’d refresh the memories of readers that much of social media isn’t allowing disparaging opinions or facts.

    I’ll try re-posting this through my main news site ( and see if it will auto-post to facebook as it’s set to do. I might just go ahead and add your site to my aggregate feeds…

    SageBrush Rebel

    • Replies: @WildSage News
  4. @WildSage News

    Re-posting it worked! So through the proxy feed it made it onto the Facebook feed.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  5. The tribe in action, as they yearn for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin – who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count since they were mostly only Goyim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agree: Iva
    • Replies: @JimmyCrackCorn
  6. fondolo says:

    Very cool not to mention any particular tribe.

  7. @fondolo

    Except you know very well it is the Schwartz György tribe, who have been behind most of the evil in this world for at least the past 100 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  8. lloyd says: • Website

    Virtually all white people contribute to racism” according to the Treasury Department. I was at first surrpised at the concession to “virtually”. Is it an in joke like “vitual reality”? In totalatarian times one has to look for resistance codes. Or the CEOs of Treasury are exempt and are mostly Jews. All this is very familiar to me and has been going on in New Zealand since the early 1980s. New Zealand has always been a social laboratory. You might take comfort the great majority of Kiwis both white and brown have it wash over them. The white man’s cause is I think most analogous to Don Quixote and the windmills. In New Zealand at least the white people did it to themselves. In N Z, now there is going to be a new Cultural Marxist curriculum imposed in 2022. So now they will working on the children as with the 1619 Project. The MSM oracle in New Zealand is a certain Doctor Spoonley who is also advocating New Zealand adopt the hate speech laws and Internet controls of Germany.

  9. @Mark Matis


    – Though it isn´t clear why they´d start a race war NOW …
    except they want Orange Man to win, only with a much bigger rod in the window than the last time, and a much more cowed populace; no matter how you frame it, it doesn´t look good.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Amon
    , @Nuncle
  10. @fondolo

    Are you talking about the Estonians?

    • Replies: @Iva
  11. @lloyd

    This “all whites are racist” meme seems to be a variation on the Christian doctrine of “original sin”.

    I reject all of it as obscene nonsense used by sociopaths (the actual folks who were born with original sin) in an attempt to control us.

    • Agree: Tool Book and Rifle
    • Replies: @J
    , @animalogic
  12. This seems like a good explanation of what is happening. I wonder whether too many people will fall for the propaganda, though. It is the classic effort to get the turkeys to support thanksgiving.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  13. sonofman says:

    The deserved progress and concessions achieved by the civil rights struggles for the Black community is in danger of deteriorating because Black leadership will not stand up and vehemently condemn the rioting and destruction and killing, and declare that the BLM movement does not represent the majority of the Black American culture and that the overexaggerated accusations of “racism” do not necessitate the eradication and revision of history, nor does it require European Americans to feel guilt or shame. There is no need for a cultural revolution. The ideology and actions of BLM are offensive and inconsistent with American values, and Black leaders should be saying this every day, and should be admonishing about the consequences. They should also use foresight to see how this is going to end, because the BLM and their supporters are being used to fight a war that they can never win. And when it’s over, what perception will the rest of America have of Black people?

    • Agree: bruce county, Redman, omegabooks, St-Germain
    • Disagree: TimeTraveller
  14. TG says:

    “This is a class war dolled-up to look like a race war.”

    Quadruple kudos! Yes! Because of this ending statement, I have no quibbles! Yes!

    • Replies: @Dube
    , @Notsofast
  15. Trinity says:

    Oligarchs, Globalists, The Deep State, Neo-Cons, Communists, BLM, Antifa = ? Is it the ChiComs, the Nazis, Iranians, or the Russkies who control these groups? Lemme ask Alex Jones for the 411.

    IMHO, you have it the opposite, this is not a class war dolled up like a race war, this is indeed a race war against Whites. Good lawd, even Stevie Wonder can see this much.

    • Agree: Svigor, Druid55
    • Replies: @Chet Roman
    , @Druid55
    , @Paul C.
  16. Redman says:

    What black leaders? Who are you talking about. Lebron James? Cardi B?

    At least in my day there was Jesse Jackson who had some crossover appeal to normal people. He was a fraud too, but at least he was a legitimate sentient being who could talk intelligently. Which black “leaders” do you refer to today. The 3 essentially anonymous lesbian founders of BLM? Nobody can name them because the media won’t cover them. They’re too embarrassing to TPTB. Better to have an amorphous slogan to donate money to than an actual organization with humans, goals and ideas which can be held up to the light and critically examined.

    The whole sudden race thing is a fraud to eliminate the electoral support Trump had amassed among blacks before Corona and Fentanyl Floyd. In line with what Whitney says, the globalists need to take down Trump. And the race card has always been the first tool in the DNC’s toolkit. When all else fails, go nuclear with undefined claims of racism.

    Almost every big magazine has a black person on the cover this month. Probably will in October too. Coincidence? Sure it is.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  17. They indicate that powerful agents — operating from within the state– are inciting racial violence to crush the emerging “populist” majority that elected Trump to office in 2016 and which now represents an existential threat to the globalist plan to transform America into a tyrannical third-world “shithole”.

    I’m shocked that they’re trying to sell this Q-tier bullshit about Trump fighting the deep state.

    The reality about Trump is that he is the release valve, the red herring designed to keep whitey pacified while massive repossessions and foreclosures take place, permanently impoverishing a large part of the white population, and shutting down the Talmudic service-based economy, which is all that is really left. It is Trump’s DHS that declared a large part of his white trashionalist base to be terrorists.

    The populist majority never had anyone to vote for. This system will never give them one. They aren’t bright enough to make it happen.

    • Agree: vot tak
  18. J says:

    Exactly. By confessing your evil nature in a public self-criticism session, you gain absolution. After this spiritual exercise, you feel pardoned and pure and divine. One with the universe.

  19. Tony Hall says:

    Agree. Barack Obama in particular will go down in history a real disgrace to the legacy of the US presidency. He is violating the sacred trust that the people of the United States invested in him. What a fraud!

    • Agree: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  20. Good post Mr. Whitney especially about “white supremacy” garbage….which has only been going on since the 90s! You know, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Elohim City and Okie City, militias, “patriot groups,” etc. This really is nothing new. And, since so many remember the “white supremacy” crapola was crapola back in the 90s, I’d say everyone pretty much regardless of race over the age of 40 knows there is, as it says in Ecclesiastes in the Bible, “there is nothing new under the sun.” And, if you home schooled your kids back then, then you kids know it as well. Fact is this: the DHS as with every other govt. agency is forced to blame “white supremacy” for every problem in this country because who the heck else can they blame? Jews? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh…when pigs fly…… After all, Noahide just might be around the corner…..

  21. Dr. Doom says:

    BLM is funded almost entirely by George Soros.

    He’s the bag man of the Rothschilds.

    Most Jews don’t want to get their hands dirty.

    Soros is one who is willing to do any dirty deals.

    He’s been buying attorney generals.

    That’s why BLM can act with virtual immunity to prosecution.

    • Replies: @Nuncle
  22. BLM is just one of the tools in their bag, in addition to AIPAC, ADL, NOW, in addition to dozens of others.

    Typical divide and conquer ploy.

    America and the establishment has already been conquered. They are still too drunk on power to ba able to face reality.

    Trump has disappointed the over whelming majority of his voters not on one occasion, but on dozens of occasions.

    If Trump is the answer, people are not asking the right question!

    Look around you! Does this country look better or worse than it was four years ago?

    For me, I would have to say definitely worse!

    You can make excuses for Trump until you turn blue ( or red ) in the face. Obviously Trump is now part of the problem as well. Only a retard or a lunatic would claim otherwise!

    Andrea Iravani

    • Agree: Stonehands
    • Thanks: Trinity
  23. Dube says:

    “This is a class war dolled-up to look like a race war.”


    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Disagree: Svigor
    • Replies: @Trinity
  24. AlbaR says:


  25. Even the (True) White billionaire class are woke. Why don’t some of them (upon retirement) say: F-it, I’m gonna look after my own race. Make donations to their causes & expose pressure the deep state puts on me to promote dumb blax above their low ability.

  26. Mefobills says:

    Sheriffs have a lot of legal power. Ultimately, the battle is privatized money power vs Joe Citizen/Sheriffs.

    This sheriff is working a Constitutional angle that says: Local Posse (meaning you.. Joe citizen) working with the Sheriff department to protect your local community. Richard Mack is teaching other Sheriffs and (some Police) what their Constitutional power is, and that power doesn’t include doing bidding of Oligarchs.

    Sheriffs are elected, and their revenue stream is outside of Oligarchy:

  27. So Donald Trump suddenly discovers that racial Bolshevism is the official policy of his own executive branch – a mere 3 years and 8 months after assuming the position … and just in time for the latest edition of … THE MOST IMPORTANT ERECTION EVAAAH. A very stable genius indeed – but still faster than a speeding glacier. Betcha he still hasn’t a clue that his son-in-law, Kang Grima Kushner and his airhead daughter Queen Esther believe in the same doctrine of demons (along with their regular worship of the devil).

    Are we sure the drooling old Grand-paw Sniffy Joe (to-be-replaced-by-Ho) is the only one who’s suffering from the ailment which afflicted the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz? (if he only had a brain!) How can anyone take this show seriously any more? I imagine Chairman Pooh must be laughing his ass off about now, with even Putler the Dread cracking a rare smile. Murika isn’t a serious country – just a moronic clown circus. Idiocracy on steroids.

    Looks like the same old flim-flam they pull every four years. No matter who wins, the Davos folks continue to run the circus and fleece the suckers dry.

    • Agree: Ugetit, Svigor, Druid55
  28. Miro23 says:

    It all sounds so Bolshevik.

    Because it is. Substitute “the ethnic Russian middle class are class enemies” for “Anglo-American are all racists” and there you have it. Permission for a small leadership minority to eliminate a whole class on ideological grounds.

    The minority are Jews (US 2020 2%, Russia 1917 1,5%) and not coincidentally, Russia 1917 was the single occasion where they gained lasting absolute power over a gentile majority – which they terrorized, murdered and transported on an unprecedented scale.

    • Agree: Ugetit
  29. idealogus says: • Website

    I live in a former communist country in Eastern Europe with corrupt politicians, oligarchs and organized crime.
    America was a country with a minor corruption and in which the oligarchs, although influential, were not united in a small group with decisive force. Now America is slowly slipping into the situation of a second-hand shit-hole country.
    Is that I can see the situation more clearly than an American citizen who still has the American perception of his contry the way it was 30 years ago.
    Essential thing:
    1) The current situation cannot exist without the complicity of the secret services and the police. The heads of the secret services are either part of the cabal or close their eyes in fear.
    2) There can be no single oligarch. It must be a larger group but very united by fear and a common goal. This can only be achieved if they are all Jews or Masons. Or both under a larger umbrella like some kind of pedo-ritual killing-satan worshiper. Soros can’t do it alone.
    3) Of course politicians are corrupt and complicit but usually they are not the leaders
    4) BLM are exactly the brown shirts of the new Hitler.
    Soon we will se the new Hitler/Stalin/ in plain light.

  30. Wally says:

    “except they want Orange Man to win”

    I guess that explains why they are going crazy trying to get Trump out.

    50 Things Neo-Marxists Don’t Want You to Know About Trump:
    Trump Declares “National Day for the Victims of Communism:

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  31. Wally says:

    ‘We cant’ always tell you what to think, but we can certainly tell you what to think about.’

    Thirty black children murdered recently; zero by police / BLM & ‘the media’ say nothing:
    – Last year, the nationwide total for all US police forces was 47 killings of unarmed criminals by police during arrest procedures.
    – 8 were black, 19 were white.
    Though blacks, relative to their numbers, committed a vastly higher number of crimes, hence their immensely greater arrest rate.

  32. GMC says:

    Good article — It doesn’t take much to sway a good part of the populace, when you have the entire MSM , and numerous government and ngo lobbies pushing this agenda. I even see a big BLM sign painted on the Pro basketball courts too. I guess everything these days , is supposed to be confusing , and it is. Should get interesting, when 30+ million people are looking for decent jobs – in the near near future. The Problem, is all the Western Rat governments will still be in charge , when the peoples government { whatever that is nowadays } — collapses.

  33. @Justvisiting

    Thank you justvisiting:
    “This “all whites are racist” meme seems to be a variation on the Christian doctrine of “original sin”.”
    Totally agree. Such absolutist, dogmatic, almost a Priori logic can be applied to many ideological purposes (Christianity & communism being obvious examples). Naturally, it is nonsense — nasty, power-hungry, censorious nonsense.
    It is the opposite of scientific or empirical thought — science can not accept theories which are not capable of falsification. (Take astrology — actually, don’t ! — what ever conclusion it comes to can never be wrong: Dick or Jane didn’t find love ? Well, one of Saturn’s moons was retrograde & Mercury declensed Venus (I don’t know what it means either)…. or Dick went on a bender & Jane had a whole bad hair week.
    Frankly, to play these pre-modern tricks on us is just grotesquely insulting. That some are falling for it is grotesquely depressing.

  34. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    The real answer is missing from the Pop Quiz:

    5. They clearly indicate that America is being systematically and relentlessly destroyed by pathological Jewish supremacists.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Alden
  35. Amon says:

    They want it now because whites are starting to object to what they are doing.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  36. Yes there is much disinformation and also by the right and the left. I can’t see how the riots were unleashed to divert attention from the real big looting by the oligarchs. My impression is that BLM, Antifa and other protestors are well aware of this and in no way support the billionaires getting richer. Go read some of the extreme leftie sites- they accuse the extreme right of exactly the same things that the right accuses them of: that the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and other “racist” and “supremacist” activists are the exra-judicial footsoldiers of the government, oligarchs and the deep state, and in the pay of the same, that the cops protect them and cover up for them, that they are trying to divert the protests into a race war instead of a class war, etc. Anyway, I’m sure the lockdowns have destroyed far more small and medium sized businesses than the riots, even in areas where there were no riots. If anything it would seem that both the extreme left and right are contributing to this divide and rule, especially when they can’t unite in action on those issues they share in common, primarily the bailout of the biggest failed businesses by the state, US warmongering abroad, the Zionist looting of American taxpayers to fund and arm Israel, the impoverishment of the lower classes, and more.

    • Agree: Polemos
    • Thanks: Kali
  37. This is a very interesting thesis

  38. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    What is the promise of the jew religion to the jew people? Every religion offers a benefit as a way to draw people to the religion, it is the nature of all religions so what benefit does Judaism offer Jews.

    Answer—the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew.

    Everything is being done to establish Jew world rule and to make preparation for the Jew ruler, the Jew King messiah, the Moshiach. But first the old false king must be destroyed and removed from peoples minds. That old king is Christ and Christianity. The race war antagonism is the means and mechanism to remove Christ and Christianity from the hearts and minds of the sheep.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  39. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Do white people regard themselves as Gods chosen people? What does chosen really mean, if not racially superior to all others by virtue of the will of God? Do you find it odd that those who claim racial supremacy, “the chosen” are the ones pointing their fingers and accusing and attacking others for the very same things? Is this a sickness, a mental defect or just blindness to ones own flaws?

    • Replies: @Aristotle
  40. anonymous[309] • Disclaimer says:

    . . . Cohen, who oversaw . . .

    • Replies: @Dummy
  41. sally says:

    a thoroughly-planned, insurgency-type operation that involves myriad logistical components including vast, nationwide riots, looting and arson, as well as an extremely impressive ideological campaign. “Critical Race Theory”, “The 1619 Project”, and Homeland Security’s “White Supremacist” warning are as much a part of the Oligarchic war on America as are the burning of our cities and the toppling of our statues. All three, fall under the heading of “ideology”, and all three are being used to shape public attitudes on matters related to our collective identity as “Americans”.

    But who are the Oligarchs..what are their histories, I suggest extracting their names from the membership list at the Council on Foreign Relations, the World economic forum, The Bilderburger group and Wall Street Gurus

    Do they include the Epstein bunch?
    How about the oil and gas industry crowd, the media industry people, the war industry people, and their hired politicians, bankers, investors, and mercenaries. Soros, and a German fellow whose name starts with a Be (Can’t remember) . maybe. The corporate arms of the Oligarchs are the monopoly powered front men.. but naming the Oligarch beneficiaries of the corporate monopoly power is essential to understanding the problem.

    The problem in USA governed America is the USa is running out of places for its Oligarchs to expand, China, Russia and Iran have drawn the line, and the USD is no longer the sole means of accomplishing international trade exchange. .. Local agreements are being used to avoid Swift and other clearing agencies.. it is essential in these minds of the Oligarchs to deny the American people any interference or say in the government the Oligarchs control.. Hence the Oligarchs need an internal regime change to complete their we, the oligarchs own the world and everyone in it plan.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Kali
  42. Another ringer from Mike Whitney! Keep ’em comin’, brother.

    We are not experiencing a sudden and explosive outbreak of racial violence and mayhem. We are experiencing a thoroughly-planned, insurgency-type operation that involves myriad logistical components including vast, nationwide riots, looting and arson, as well as an extremely impressive ideological campaign.

    Yup. TPTB have been grooming BLM/Antifa for this moment for at least 3-4 years now, if not longer. Here’s a former BLMer who quit speaking out three years ago about the organization’s role in the present ‘race war’:

    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Svigor
  43. Franz says:

    Honesty at last!

    Department of Homeland Security was an Zionist Trojan Horse from the start.

    Now they’ve openly declared their intentions: It’s war. They expect their useful idiots to fight it for them, then scuttle what’s left of the economy and let their willing executioners die. Except for their slave class; they need them to hew wood and draw water.

    For centuries host nations have expelled the Jews. Now the Jews are expelling the host.

  44. @sonofman

    “Black leadership will not stand up and vehemently condemn the rioting and destruction and killing”

    Why would they? Racism is like diabetes or cancer: once it’s cured, a billion-dollar industry collapses.

    And their black followers live “in the moment” and can’t see the Big Picture, so why would we expect honesty?

    I used to work with an older black lady who kept going off about slavery-this, slavery-that. And I was standing in line at Walmart maybe a year ago when the black guy in front of me started talking to me out of the blue about slavery and the mistreatment of his people.

    The rank and file blacks believe this shit. Their leaders are only too happy to oblige.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  45. Meanwhile…. Another miraculous recovery! Not two weeks after being shot in the back at close range seven times (or was it four times), accused sexual assaulter Jacob Blake of Kenosha was filmed from his “hospital bed” telling us about all the pain he is being put through. He does look and sound incredibly well, however — laying on his back, moving his arms quite normally and able to put on a dress shirt for his court appearance. No grimacing whatever. No sign of those bandages he must certainly have on under his shift. And he seems long graduated from needing an IV drip line. We can only hope his gofundme pledges of \$2,258,070 thus far will help him endure the paraplegia he must surely be suffering.

    His baby momma is reportedly even hoping that his recovery time will beat that of Boston Bombing victim Jeff Bauman, who overcame so much pain to appear smiling at a Bruin’s game just 19 days after losing both legs and three-quarters of his blood.

    Meanwhile a certain Democrat VP candidate continued with her positive line, from the Kavanaugh hearings and the Tara Reade case, of believing all sexual-assault claims. She met with Blake’s family and averred that she was so “proud of him” for his “dignity and grace” in the face of such horrendous allegations and the unwarranted aftermath.

    Despicable conspiracy theories about Blake’s shooting by racist cops are not to be believed, of course. There is no truth to allegations that the lack of muzzle flash from the gun that shot him or even the complete absence of gun recoil from the one-handed shooting stance mean anything whatsoever. The murderous officer’s partner is, however, volunteering for retraining in gun safety after flitting back and forth behind him with his own cocked and loaded gun pointing at both Blake and the subject cop at the same time.

    Some small parts of this post may perhaps be read best with a sarc tag.

  46. Jake says:

    Why are so many of these oligarchs Jews?

    This system grows directly out of the British Empire and its American Empire 2nd phase. Modern English culture was finalized, completed, with the Puritan Revolution. Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was a Judaizing heresy. Judaizing heresy must necessarily produce politics and deep culture that are philoSemitic. Archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell cemented all that making a deal with Jewish bankers, which allowed Jews back into England legally, with special rights and privileges denied to the vast, vast majority of natives of the British Isles. Jews were made an Elite group within early WASP culture, and Jews from that time on were indispensable to the financial aspect of the British Empire, which took WASP culture to every corner of the globe and planted it, so that the sun never set on it.

    You cannot separate the Jewish problem from the WASP problem. You cannot solve the Jewish problem without also solving the WASP problem.

    • Thanks: Ugetit, Majority of One
    • Replies: @Kali
  47. Ugetit says:

    Your comment was good until this,

    4) BLM are exactly the brown shirts of the new Hitler.
    Soon we will se the new Hitler/Stalin/ in plain light.

    Yawn. Hitler appears to have been genuinely anti-New World Order. Stalin probably wanted to be the chief of his version of the New World Order.

    As for the Brownshirts, you got that wrong too. The following quote from M.S. King’s, “The Bad War” ought to help set the record straight.

    More than one year into Hitler’s rule, Nationalist Marxist and homosexual Ernst Roehm is threatening a 2nd revolution to “redistribute wealth.” Roehm commands the massive paramilitary organization known as the SA (Brownshirts), whose members have a reputation for street violence [against violent Red agitators]. German military brass mistrusts Roehm and fears his ambition to absorb them into the SA under his own leadership.
    Facing an imminent coup attempt from these former allies, Hitler’s government carries out Operation Hummingbird — the purge of Roehm’s out-of-control leftwing faction. Many of the coup plotters are executed and hundreds are arrested. The SA now comes under Hitler’s command and control as western Jewish newspapers squeal about what they refer to as “The Night of the Long Knives”.

    • Agree: Emslander
  48. @Franz


    Department of Homeland Security was an Zionist Trojan Horse from the start.

    In order to cyber spy on the goyim to 1)target; and/or blackmail ala Jeffrey Epstein.

    Just like the Internal Revenue Service/IRC facilitated Jew spying in the low tech era.

    And just as mandated vaccine chips will make DHS obsolete.

    But remember the Plandemic so wear your Goy Gag to remind you dare not speak up against Jew tyranny.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  49. Aristotle says:

    It is very clever politics and (war) propaganda. You break down and demoralise your enemies at the same time as assuring your own side of it’s own righteous use of violence.

  50. Oligarch puppet masters? Come again? How does a punk like Zuckerberg, who could not get laid with all his loot and in the end settled for a lowbrow meloveyoulingtime, wake up suddenly and has profound thoughts about the need to change the world so dramatically? The answer is not that he is the genius (he maybe good at stealing ideas just like his tech idol, Bill “the buffoon” Gates) that is in the forefront to drive this madness, any more than Gates, Bezos, Brin or Page among others are, but it’s the hidden hand that has been operating before Christ was crucified and will continue to do so as long as people are diverse and divided. The oligarchs merely provide the fuel to the fire that has been burning eternally… extinguish that not so hidden flame and peace will reign upon earth!

  51. @Verymuchalive

    Antifa, BLM and the Plandemic all having the same sponsor and goal the solution is simple:

    the JEWS

    • Replies: @Aristotle
  52. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    “The reality about Trump is that he is the release valve, the red herring designed to keep whitey pacified while massive repossessions and foreclosures take place, permanently impoverishing a large part of the white population, and shutting down the Talmudic service-based economy, which is all that is really left. It is Trump’s DHS that declared a large part of his white trashionalist base to be terrorists.”

    I believe this is fairly accurate.

    • Agree: TimeTraveller
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  53. Emily says:

    Can I add another dimension to the chain of oncoming misery.
    Violence, looting, murder and war both civil and international.


    To that add hunger, even famine, and unspeakable cold.
    That we are entering a severe solar minimum is now becoming the orthodoxy.
    Two more scientists add their research.
    We in Britain are certainly going to face mass death.
    All the ridiculous renewables including windmills, constructed by the zealots of the global warming lies and scams and in the face of clear indications of this oncoming minimum – are going to freeze solid.
    Some years ago 31,000 old and sick Brits died of cold in one short snap, unable to both heat and eat..
    That is just a tip of those who will die when the grid goes down – power goes up and we plead for the Russian gas we are not allowed to have.
    The grand solar minimum kicked in this last June.
    The hot and cold we are getting is part of it as the jetstream goes haywire.
    We will come out of it somewhere in the 50’s according to many astrophysicists.
    Britain is now so totally overpopulated it has not a remote chance of supplying energy to its people and to millions of immigrants.
    We already rely on French nuclear power to supplement.
    That won’t be available as the French will need all the power they can get.
    When you huddle in freezing cold do spare a thought for all the wealthy selfish eco extinction wreckers and neo libs that sold us windmills – will you.
    Food rationing ?
    Certainly not for them.
    They of course will have left Britain for warmer, if not warm climes.
    Leaving most of us to live in abject misery and facing possible death.
    A link from 2013
    Thats just one angel on the oncoming pinhead…..

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
    , @Truth
  54. Aristotle says:

    Interesting thoughts. I think, though, that Trump was more than a release valve even if he has since been turned. Melancholic in any case seeing the end game being played out… The real loss happened with Enoch Powell, Pat Buchanan, and (to some degree) Richard Nixon…

  55. Aristotle says:

    I regret to inform you that this toxic and virulent strain has no known cure or prophylactic

  56. “Trump derailed it with a wave of the hand. That’s no small achievement.”

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. A “no small achievement” by definition implies hard work, persistence and courage to accomplish some daunting task. Forgive my skepticism, but I’m not convinced that this will be anymore than a tempest in a teacup.

  57. This is a class war dolled-up to look like a race war. Americans will have to look beyond the smoke and mirrors to spot the elites lurking in the shadows.

    Nailing it.

    4. They indicate that powerful agents — operating from within the state– are inciting racial violence to crush the emerging “populist” majority that elected Trump to office in 2016 and which now represents an existential threat to the globalist plan to transform America into a tyrannical third-world “shithole”.

    Which of these four statements best explains what’s going on in America today?

    If you chose Number 4, you are right.

    If we believe this – we need to act like it. These are “enemies, foreign and domestic“. This isn’t ordinary politics, it arguably transcends politics.

    What hope is there without organization?

    And whatever is done – don’t give them ammunition. The resistance must not be an ethno-resistance.

    • Replies: @Anon
  58. @Mefobills

    You’ve found THE path – the necessary survival strategy. Thank you.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  59. Durruti says:


    Is BLM the Mask Behind Which the Oligarchs Operate??

    Do birds fly?

  60. @Tony Hall

    “He [Obama] is violating the sacred trust that the people of the United States invested in him.”

    Most people who voted for Obama don’t even know what trust is and wouldn’t know how to invest \$200,000 worth of lottery winnings or even know to consult someone who did know. About the only thing those voters know about “invest” is that we need to “invest” in “our” chillren’s future by spending more (of somebody else’s) money on minority uplift, Head Start and public education.

  61. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jewish plan isn’t merely the subjugation of whites, but their annihilation as a distinct race. The details are in part spelled out in the Kalergi Plan’s call for mongrelizing all but the Jews by white/black miscegenation, which is the missing link between the events mentioned. We already see in the streets hoards of hysterical and frenzied young white women cheering on young black men in the belief these blacks are burning down the world these young white women’s fathers and ancestors built. This highly ritualized emasculation of their fathers and annihilation of the world they built is a prelude to these young women then turning away from young white men and willingly serving as brood mares popping out little buckwheats who’ll grow up to hate their white mothers and almost worship their black fathers as the Jews’ prototypical exemplar Obama does.

    When Jewish activists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn of the Chicago Mishpucka came across young Barry Sotero, the half-white, gay escort boy with Dark Triad traits to spare and a sonorous voice, the mere dream of brainwashing white women to believe black men are the ultimate alphas whom they should seek out to bear children by was set in motion on the grandest scale and stage in all the world. After pulling off the assassinations of JFK and RFK, walking away from the massacre of our sailors aboard the USS Liberty, and finally doing 9-11 to further Jewish goals in the Mideast, it must have seemed nothing could stop them–until Trump came along.

    The Kalergi Plan of straightforward miscegenation eliminating “whiteness” and its consequences for white women was foreseen in the classic horror-prophesy novel, Camp of the Saints, which, mutatis mutandis, prophesied just this: “The clan loathed the stranger more as friend than foe; and if it accepted the Christian wives at all, it was only because it had swallowed them up, only because they belonged to it utterly, sex and soul, even more than Frenchwomen do to their Frenchmen.”

    Rounding things out, the socially impotent beta soy boys still using skateboards, who try to destroy the symbols of their white father’s authority they see in the police uniform and statues, and who do it while hiding behind a screen of women, but then curl up in a fetal ball and cry for mommy when knocked to the ground, complete the diabolical street theater hoping to turn young white women into black brood mares. The planned-for future of America’s young white males is as infantalized, skateboarding losers and sterile wankers with no future, as the latter surely will have no part of thanks to affirmative action designed to elevate no one, but assuring America’s decline.

    It will all fall into place if Kamala Harris becomes president when these inner-city blacks are moved into white suburban areas (straight into foreclosed white homes) as planned, where low-IQ but testosterone-rich young black men will have free access to young white women in their teens and 20s living in the suburbs who’ve been brainwashed to believe with a religious fervor that their almighty “empowerment” is destroying the world their parents and grandparents built for them, not to mention the white race itself while they’re having so much fun. For suburbia’s white kids, schools will become nightmarish jungles not unlike the Island of Dr. Moreau.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @anonymous
  62. Of course it’s the jews.

    It’s always the jews.

    BLM/Antifa obviously have massive support from the DNC/ADL/SPLC/DOJ/FBI, or the rioting would not be happening.

    It’s a RACE war against white people facilitated by anarcho-tyranny… season on innocent whites.

    The absurdity of the DHS labeling whites as the “greatest threat to the nations’ security” while negroes are looting and killing people in the streets……you HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME.

    Only the jews could concoct such a ridiculous bullshit agenda to blame whites for what the jews are actually doing.

    It makes my head hurt.

    • Agree: nokangaroos, Trinity
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  63. Mefobills says:

    “The reality about Trump is that he is the release valve, the red herring designed to keep whitey pacified while massive repossessions and foreclosures take place, permanently impoverishing a large part of the white population, and shutting down the Talmudic service-based economy, which is all that is really left.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is merely ignorant, and does not operate with Malice. He operates with instinct, but has no real knowledge – especially of how money works, or how Oligarchies form. Look around, virtually all Murican’s and most Euro-peons, fall into this category, as they have been hoaxed from birth about the fabric of reality.

    A good example are the people Trump surrounds himself with. Navarro is hostile to finance capitalism, yet Trump also has Lolbertarian advisors such as Larry Kudlow. Kudolow being a lolbertarian worships at the altar of free markets. When Trump is trumpeting the stock market, that is him channeling Kudlow, and when Trump is putting Tariffs on China and Europe, that is him channeling Navarro.

    Finance Capitalism (which at root is Jewish method) puts a price on everything. It would monetize the air if it could. Prices are then discovered in markets. This radical ideology, where money and prices control everything, eventually benefits a creditor class – a wealthy Oligarchy who end up owning the earth and everybody in it.

    Jesus main mission was to stop Pharisee creditor over-reach, and re-balance civilization. The Pharisee class of the day had created an all encompassing thought construct that locked down the population into permanent servitude, paying perpetual Creditors; parasitic creditors who fancied themselves as god.

    The release valve is returning Christianity to its roots by ejecting Judaizing heresy.

    Jesus was both a monetary and social reformer. The other release valve in addition to debt release Jubilees (see link above) is to render unto to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

    What is Caesar’s? The money power.

    Money power belongs to the sovereign, who in turn is a representative of his people and the people’s law.

    Oligarchy requires enclosing the lands, and/or owning the money power.

    Whenever land is polarizing toward an “ownership class” or you see polarization into feudalism (including finance feudalism), then Oligarchy is operative.

    Trump operates from ignorance, not malice or greed.

  64. Moi says:

    Whitey crying now is just too delicious given that 1) whitey Christians so love his Jewish cousins, 2) whitey Congress/potus opened the doors to third-world immigration, 3) whitey hates, bombs/invades Muslim countries although Muslims revere Christ, and 4) whitey’s been sleeping while the whitey elected government pulled the wool over whitey’s eyes.

    It’s now bye-bye, America.

    • Replies: @Svigor
    , @Wally
  65. @exiled off mainstreet

    Yikes. They may not have been convinced to support it, but they’ve had 400 years of getting eaten anyway. I’d like a more hopeful comparison!

  66. Emslander says:

    Until about 1960, in my estimation, the overwhelming majority of Americans believed that the natural order of existence had Divine origins and ends. The great bulge of children born in this country in the late forties to mid-fifties, the Boomers, were raised at home with two parents and a clear understanding of the natural order.

    The unnatural order of specialized education and an acquisitive public sector started making inroads on the basis of the “good” government feelings of WWII veterans who were confused by the myth that the Great Depression and Nazi Tyranny were both squashed by an expanding and beneficial central authority. They sent children to the government schools so that their infantile ideas relating to the natural order could be modified and so that they could participate in the false secularized culture they saw on the television networks being run out of New York and Los Angeles.

    Those who were successful in the university-centered new economy made good livings, had the recommended number of children and forgot all about the limitations on human existence, like its universal mortality. Those Boomers eventually started growing into an old age condition they thought would never come for them. After a while, they couldn’t have sex, even with their young trophy wives or husbands, they got too slow to compete at work, their two children per family disappeared from the scene and their retirement arrangements fell apart in the Great Recession.

    Those Boomers are now thrashing about for some explanations from the secularized authorities they were instrumental in creating over their working lives, like the MSM, the old business corporations, doctors, politicians and professors. The only answers they get are “Okay Boomer”, so they support any movement that disrupts the new generation coming along that wants to have its own reality. The normal economy is destroyed by unrepayable debt. The population of traditional Americans is reduced to a near-minority status. The nation is shut behind closed doors to reflect the normal condition of old people.

    The elitists in power, you can throw Jewish influencers in here if you want, go back to fear of sickness, fear of irrelevance and good old “racism” to manipulate us tired old fools into any new order they want. BLM is a fallback position because it requires no thought, no reflection on the real reason George Floyd died and no surrender to any general reality, like impending death from old age. I see this syndrome in all the people I once believed were so clever and cool, but are now just old.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Miro23
    , @Trinity
  67. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    If only it was like cancer or diabetes; at least with those you still have the choice to refuse treatment.

  68. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    “What hope is there without organization?”

    This is a reasonable, understandable and logical question; I myself have asked it in the past as well. However, I came to the conclusion that it suffers from a mathematical problem (i.e. getting the numbers/consensus from a large enough group to actually “get things done”, whatever the “things” may be). In light of this, I came to the conclusion that “going guerilla” is the only hope. I will leave it at that.

    • Replies: @Kali
  69. jsigur says:

    “A good article, but no mention of who exactly these oligarchs are. Or why so many of them are Jewish.”

    Of course not. Whitney has never outed the Jews but its still a good article. The fact is many Americans would have a “Pavlov’s dog response” and tune out as soon as their brain washed minds heard the mention of Jews.
    We actually need both methods, blunt naming of the true culprits and the outing of props used by the puppet master Jews that are having such a subversive effect. I personally am a blunt outer but many ppl if they ever see the whole picture will have to put 2 and 2 together for the first time in their lives and come up with 4.
    Good cop- Bad cop!

  70. There are many masks that the zionists operate behind, antifa, blm, aclu, adl, aipac, etc., etc., and the most important of all their privately owned FED which is the key to all the others.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Kali
  71. Mefobills says:

    whitey hates, bombs/invades Muslim countries although Muslims revere Christ,

    Don’t get all froggy and superior. Pluck the beam out of your own eye.

    Muslim nations have their own problems with Mammon-ism and Finance Oligarchy.

    Look how easy it was for MI6 to infiltrate and help create Wahabbism. Now you have Saudi’s getting in bed with Israel.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  72. Ugetit says:

    Just like the Internal Revenue Service/IRC facilitated Jew spying in the low tech era.

    “Wow!” to that and the rest of your comment as well! I’ve long held that notion, even before the “audits” I’ve been dragged through, but have never heard or seen it written anywhere. It’s clear that the IRS provides a ton of inside info to those who would like to know where the money is and have access to such info. As you know, the likes of you and I certainly do not.

    Refreshing to see that some really do get it!

  73. @Wally

    What I meant is a fearful goj is much more controllable; and hasn´t The Donald been a very good boy?
    (alas the German “vorauseilender Gehorsam” has no equivalent in Newspeak).
    (((They))) have not forgotten the shit Bruno Kreisky, Jew and original antifa, gave them.
    How do you pressure someone you cannot call “anti-semite” and have no pee tapes on?

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  74. Trinity says:

    Tucker Carlson said the same thing on his show a week or so ago. Me hopes, that Mr. Whitney isn’t giving us Carlson reruns. Anyhow, Carlson and Mr. Whitney are being muzzled and politically correct, any person that thinks this isn’t about launching more abuse on Whitey and is instead a “class war,”disguised as a race war is either clueless, WILLFULLY IGNORANT because of fear of the Jew and the PC police, or just dead wrong ( as intelligent as Carlson and Mr. Whitney are, I hardly doubt they lack the intelligence to see the truth.) Hell, America has BEEN INVOLVED IN A ONE-SIDED RACE WAR AGAINST WHITES FOR THE LAST 6 DECADES AND WHITES ARE GETTING THE SHIT KICKED OUT THEM.

  75. @Mefobills

    Trump is ignorant, but not unwilling to learn.

    The action on critical race theory happened a day (or so) after Tucker Carlson had a 6 minute segment on it.

    He definitely doesn’t dither.

    But he is either naive or a bad manager, as his hires are deadly to his aims. And the management criticism is big, because as a leader that is mostly what he does.

    That he gets information to affect US policy for good, from outside of his circle of trusted personnel, is a sad state of affairs.

    • Agree: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Realist
  76. Svigor says:

    This is nonsense. White supremacists do not pose the greatest danger to the country, that designation goes to the left-wing groups that have rampaged through more than 2,000 US cities for the last 100 days.

    It’s absolutely true that the ongoing White racial awakening poses the greatest threat to the (((regime))), the jevvish oligarchy that rules Weimerica. This is relatively apparent to anyone who can get past the idea that the regime’s fear of WNism is a mere pose. I mean, I get it; WNism is all underground, online, anonymous. So it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking it’s just some bogeyman ginned up by jevvish paranoia. The thing is, jevvs are paranoid for good reason; they’re civilizational cancer, triggering a radical immune response wherever they’re allowed to progress unchecked. And they’re correct that WNism, counter-semites, are the only real, long-term threat to them. Counter-semites are the only people who won’t allow jevvs to co-opt them and their institutions.

    Antifa, BLM, these people are extrajudicial mercenaries meant to do the job the official (((regime))) forces can’t be seen doing. Illegal missions like suppressing White voter turnout and White Constitutional rights.

    By the way, the federal gov’t and the state gov’ts complicit in allowing antifa to run rampant are guilty of systematically violating the rights of the White majority; when the gov’t, by refusing to enforce the law, allows antifa and BLM to erode and destroy the right of Whites to freely assemble, to own and use property, speak freely, redress grievances, etc. (which is manifestly the case), they are by inaction complicit in violating the Constitutional rights of the White majority.

    The federal gov’t and most of the state gov’ts are illegitimate. Period. Full stop.

    This is far worse than anything King George did.

    There lies the cancer that must be eradicated.

    Funny, I read this bit after I wrote the bit above…

  77. @Emslander

    I guess you’re doing the deflection thing to blame boomers for what the jews have done to America and the rest of Christendom.

    It’s both odd (and stupid) to pretend that BLM is just a “new reality” that old people don’t like.

    BLM wants to murder white people for the jews. You can’t really blame this on boomers or claim that it’s some kind of new reality……it’s simply evil bullshit being funded and propagated by a hostile tribe of paranoid hateful shitheads at the top that have massive amounts of money.

    Boomers didn’t create any of it. Old white people (all white people) have been marginalized and disenfranchised by the jewish money power and Frankfurt School propaganda.

    • Agree: Getaclue, Svigor
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Trinity
  78. @sonofman

    I agree with most of your comment, sonofman, except for the part when you say that “BLM and their supporters are being used to fight a war that they can never win.” They are certainly winning so far, aren’t they?

    Who will be left to stop them, I wonder? Mr. Trump can’t do it alone. His own military commanders (specifically DOD Secretary Esper & Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley) talked him out of invoking the Insurrection Act. Could it be that the President was forced to back down as he was facing his own insurrection from within the Pentagon?

    As Trump just said of the Pentagon brass on Labor Day: “They want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.” Obviously, with remarks like that, Trump is not their friend.

    So, when the time comes, don’t count on the military supporting heritage America. Biden’s been their friend for 50 years. Who do you think they’ll support in a contested election if the situation gets out of control? White people may have millions of guns, but they’re no match for the military if it turns against them. As the DHS Secretary recently reported, the greatest threat facing the country today is not the Antifa/BLM rioters but White Supremacists.

  79. Svigor says:

    Whites don’t love jevvs. They know nothing of jevvs, only that they are to fear their name and not speak anything against them, lest they be punished (that is a recipe for hatred and fear, not love and respect). Whites know a jevvish doctor or dentist and naively ascribe that to the entire group, in a pathetic effort to conform to the aforementioned rules. And even this is a mile wide and an inch deep, and evaporating; every day we wake up more Whites and send them through the one-way door of counter-semitism (counter-semitic ideology comes down on philo-semitism like a ton of bricks, crushing it utterly – this is only untrue of people who can’t or won’t engage honestly, like jevvs, idiots, people married to or employed by jevvs, or boomers – people too old to learn new facts). White Christians don’t love jevvs either, just the minority who adhere to the Zionist heresy. And let me tell you something about those people; their love of jevvs is a half a mile wide and a half an inch deep. You can de-program them in a half hour. They are held on side by very weak forces. As for the rest of the shit you describe, it’s obviously shit jevvs are responsible for.

    P.S., Muslims don’t revere Christ – by definition, they disbelieve his very existence. They respect Jesus as a prophet but believe he wasn’t Christ or messiah – a fact obvious to anyone who knows even the least about Islam.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @Moi
  80. @idealogus

    America was a country with a minor corruption

    That is not correct–you have been misled by the mass media.

    As Michael said in Godfather III,

    All my life I was trying to get up in society…where everything is legal, but the higher I go the more crooked it becomes.

    I first “saw the light” years ago after reading this book:

    Later in life I had the “opportunity” to be “in the room” where the big crooks play–nasty nasty stuff.

  81. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It’s a farce. In Rochester we see straightforward rioting abrogating the 14th Amendment rights of citizens, not peaceable assembly, straightforward elder abuse in at least one video, and, unarguably, straightforward violations of federal Hate Crime laws when white diners are singled out for harassment and implied threats are made against their lives solely for being white. Of course the DOJ/FBI and the other institutions you mention are in on it, but thanks for the reminder.

    At this point even a 10-year-old understands that it would have ended on day one were it not officially sanctioned and the rioters protected from prosecution. Why hasn’t the Janet Rosenberg/Thousand Currents/Tides Foundation connection with the BLM/DNC/MSM cabal, as well as with Antifa and social media, been the major investigation on Fox News? Why haven’t Zuckerberg, Zucker, et al been arrested for incitement to commit federal crimes, including capital treason to overthrow the duly elected president? (Just a few rhetorical questions for the hell of it.) What’s so galling is that the cops and federal agents are being used as just so many patsies who are deployed, not to protect, but deployed to look like fools and be held up for mockery as pathetic exemplars of white disempowerment.

  82. Video Link

    EMJ nails it by describing BLM as the embodiment of the jewish revolutionary spirit.

    BLM are proxy warriors for the jews.

    • Agree: Druid
  83. EdwardM says:

    The officials who concocted this scam are advancing the agenda of their real bosses, the oligarch puppet-masters who have their tentacles extended throughout the deep-state and use them to coerce their lackey bureaucrats to do their bidding.

    Agree, but where is President Trump? He was supposed to appoint undersecretaries and assistant secretaries and deputy undersecretaries and Schedule C whippersnappers on whose desks such outrages are supposed to die.

    I’ve thought from the beginning that this lack of attention to “personnel as policy” — with Trump overestimating the ability of the ostensible CEO to overcome such intransigence — was one of his major failures. I am sympathetic, as there are not many people he could trust to be loyal to his agenda, much less to him, but this is a disaster in every agency.

  84. Svigor says:

    “Civil Rights” law is basically a new commie constitution meant to destroy the real Constitution to the extent possible; it’s a trampling of White rights in pursuit of jevvish interests under the phony imprimatur of black rights.

    Strong Whites need to be cognizant of this cucking (advocating for snivel rights) and put a stop to it, and run the people who won’t learn better out of the right and into the left, where they belong.

    Stop cucking, White man.

    • Agree: Alden
  85. @Mark Matis

    It was actually a little over 66 million…

  86. Alden says:

    No White American should care about blacks and whatever effect the current revolution will have on them.

    Blacks rob burglarize carjack beat rape and murder White all the time. Affirmative action has made White men unemployable untouchables.

    The blacks and their elite handlers want us all dead and gone. They don’t want to preserve a few genius type Whites. .They can find geniuses among a billion Chinese. They don’t want us to be grunt labor slaves. They’ve got the entire population of Mexico and S America for that.

    They want us dead. Why should we care about black robots of the elites?

    70 years of catering to every black desire, aiding and abetting destruction of our great cities by blacks, aiding and abetting destruction of entire school systems by blacks, creating vicious discrimination against Whites and they’re still rioting robbing and raping and encouraged by every government to do so

    Then there’s the trillions of dollars spent in a useless attempt to save blacks from themselves.

    • Agree: Trinity, Druid
  87. Emslander says:
    @Robert Dolan

    You’ve badly misunderstood what I wrote.

  88. Iva says:

    Few years ago I watch a clip secretly recorded in Ukrainian synagogue where Rabi said “first we have to fight catholics and with Muslims it will be an easy job” . I think, Zionists do the same plan here in the US except the attack is on white people and then they will “take care of the blacks” . Problem for blacks is that if whites are destroyed and week , there will be no one to defend them. I red several articles about Jews involved in slavery in the US. In Europe the first slave traders were Jews also. So if you black and think you have a friend in Zionists organizations , you are very naive. There are different times now,  and the majority of white are very sensitive to how the blacks are treated. 

  89. Iva says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    In Europe they call this group Eskimos.

  90. Trinity says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The Okay Boomer Movement is just another Jew ORCHESTRATED divide and conquer strategy. No sane or intelligent, racially aware White man or woman would put the entire blame of the fall of America on people who were between the ages of unborn and 11 when America started to demand schools become integrated in the South. No sane person would put a helluva lot a blame on a generation who were yet unborn or at the ripe old age of 18-19 during the peak years of the Swindle Whites Movement or when Jews Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits legislated and helped pass the Immigration Reform Act. No rational or intelligent person would claim that Whites of Generation X, the Millennials, or Zoomers are the cream of the crop when it comes to Whites. In fact, these last generations are probably the most traitorous groups of Whites ever born. Even “the Greatest Cuck Generation of WWII” can blame ignorance and naivete for their actions to a degree. They were brainwashed into believing Hitler and the so-called, “Nazis” were bent on taking over the world and that the Jews were helpless victims who dindu nuffin. Any anti-Boomer post is probably posted by a Shlomo or Hymie Moskowitz looooser. One thing for certain, the Jew will never attack the Greatest Cuck Generation or these losers of white traitor trash doing their bidding with Antifa and BLM. Last time I checked, those 16-40 year old losers were members of the Millennials and Zoomers. Imagine a 40 year old wigger with nothing better to do than bash windows and attack old white ladies.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Svigor
  91. Alden says:

    Great great post. Thank you. What’s happening in America fits the pattern of every revolution since the reformation.

  92. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks to Mr Whitney for being able to cut through the fog and see what’s going on behind it. The term “white supremacist” wasn’t much in public use at all until the day Trump was elected then suddenly it was all over the place. It’s like one of those massive ad campaigns whose jingle is everywhere as if some group decided on it as a theme to be pushed. They’re really afraid that the white working class population will wake up and see how the country is being sold out from underneath their feet hence the need to keep it divided and intimidated. Like all the other color revolutions everywhere else they strike at the weak links within the country to create conflict, in the US case it’s so-called diversity. There’s billions available to be spent in this project so plenty of traitors can be found, unwitting or otherwise, to carry out their assignments. The billionaire class own most of the media and much else and see the US as their farm. They have no loyalty whatsoever and outsource everything to China or anywhere else they can squeeze everything out of the workers. They want a global dictatorship and admire the Chinese government for the way it can order its citizens around.

  93. trickster says:

    “Whites are racist !” ???? Really ? The only time I ever think of a black man is when I read one of these articles on UNZ. I would say whites are predominantly indifferent. When one hears the same refrain over and over again it becomes boring and a fellow tunes out. How many whites woke up this morning, took a pee, stretched, had a cup of coffee and said “Sheeeet ! Yo ! Now I gots to find me a nigger and makes him crazy?” Maybe if blacks got busy, working hard, raising a family and burning the midnight oil studying (instead of burning the midnight oil burning real estate) they would have no time to think about whites who “think” about them. At the end of a long hard week followed by a long hard weekend catching up on chores there in no time to think of these idiots. Whites are predominantly…………..indifferent. For a show of hands UNZ many of you thought of a black man when you got up this morning ? OK an unfair question perhaps. How many thought of a black man when you dozed off to sleep last night? When these Chimps come to realize (and that may be never) that an education, hard work, responsibility and spirituality is the vehicle to success they will find their lives transformed.

    A race war ? It will never deliberately happen ! Blacks and whoever their handlers know this because then these problems will come to a very sudden end. Blacks and their skinny under developed white snowflakes will be overwhelmed. All those woke white fruitcakes running around all over the place will leave their black Bros to face the music ALONE. Hence They will thus push the envellope far enough to irritate but not enough to provoke a response. In these situations the event that triggers a response which brings the BLM/ ANTIFA party to an end will be a thing of complete insignificance.

    Who is behind all this ? Well everyone has their theory. The Trickster is not worried and could care less. For a start the “group” must be awfully inept. Through the ages there always seems to be rumours of some “group” taking planning to take over this or that (world domination anyone?) but yet never seem to succeed. Further anyone thinking that a group of Joos that are cohesive now will continue to be so has to be delusional. Personal greed, envy and jealousy and betrayal is much too powerful among this group or any group for it to hold together.

    In the meantime the poor black man is as usual the leftover bones thrown to the dogs, the useless and expendable pawn. The mutts who do not get a piece of the bone with the attached scraps of meat then bite each other. The person throwing the scraps is then highly amused.

    Blackie?? I wish him well and want to assure him that the Trickster is not a racist. I dont have the time. I am ………INDIFFERENT…unless of course you become a threat to my interests.

    • Thanks: Polemos
  94. Svigor says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yes there is much disinformation and also by the right and the left.

    You’re implying a false equivalency; the left produces far more disinformation than the right, because (((the regime))) is leftist.

    I can’t see how the riots were unleashed to divert attention from the real big looting by the oligarchs.

    They’re unleashed to oppress Whites. To intimidate them, suppress the White vote (you think this stuff will evaporate on election day?), suppress their right to Assembly, suppress their right to Free Speech (harder to make yourself heard if you’re cowering in your house), suppress their right to redress of grievances, etc. To terrify them and keep them worrying about being beaten, shot, stabbed, and not the (((regime))), to keep them filing insurance paperwork for their burned out home or business and not opposing the (((regime))).

    I mean, how fucking hard is this to figure out?

    My impression is that BLM, Antifa and other protestors are well aware of this and in no way support the billionaires getting richer.

    Wow, that’s half-witted. Antifa are obviously deluded. They’re NON COMPOS MENTIS. Retarded. Incapable of critical thinking. They’re mental defectives incapable of understanding that their beliefs are exactly the same as the oligarchs’ beliefs and the beliefs professed in every Fortune 500 company boardroom and the beliefs professed in every University and the beliefs professed by the NEA and every schoolteacher, etc., etc., etc. It doesn’t actually matter what these morons believe, so long as they do what they’re supposed to do, which I described in the previous paragraph. They LARP as rebels. They are in fact conformists. They LARP as revolutionaries. They are in fact counter-revolutionaries. What they really are is mental defectives, rejects, deviants, perverts (no coincidence, Kyle Rittenhouse’s attackers), etc., looking for an adrenaline rush, dopamine hit, etc., in addition to whatever psychoactives they happen to be into. They want to go out and scream and mob and smash and burn and loot and assault and maim and murder. The rest is just a LARP.

    Go read some of the extreme leftie sites- they accuse the extreme right of exactly the same things that the right accuses them of: that the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and other “racist” and “supremacist” activists are the exra-judicial footsoldiers of the government, oligarchs and the deep state, and in the pay of the same, that the cops protect them and cover up for them

    Great, so antifa have stolen alt-right talking points, because effective, and then added a bit of their own bullshit at the end:

    that they are trying to divert the protests into a race war instead of a class war, etc.

    Whoop-tee-doo, antifa can cut and paste. The problem being, all of that is true of antifa and not true of the right. The left/antifa/BLM have been carrying out the riots for months, you complete, absolute doofus (I’m being charitable; yours is an assertion with all the chutzpah I’d expect of a Mossad shill working from an IT cluster in Tel Aviv), not the right/Proud Boys/etc. The oligarchs are MANIFESTLY of the same mind as antifa and MANIFESTLY against the right. Not as against the Proud Boy right as they are the counter-semitic right, but still enemy.

    Actually, you probably are working out of Tel Aviv, because your technique is awfully similar to what the (((regime))) is literally pumping out of (((Big Media))): “all the rioting is white supremacists, goy!”

    I mean really, fuck you people. Even normies and NPCs see through this bullshit. Literally no one believes this crap but cat ladies.

    You can advocate class war all day long on social media and leftists will surround you and give you endless handjobs. You advocate race war for five seconds and you’re gone.

    Talking up class war gets you promoted in Weimerica. Talking up race war gets you fired.

    Sure, if you take the side of the ruling class over the lower classes, you might lose friends. This is called libertarianism. But if you do, you’ll quickly find leftists accusing you of racism and white supremacy (see, the ruling classes are racist and white supremacist, lol) because simply accusing you of favoring the ruling class, the fat cats, etc., doesn’t have much sting for non-leftists. But if you call them racists or white supremacists, boy do Whites run, run, run!

    Because race is the real axis of conflict, and class war is just some bullshit jevvs and their useful idiots like to talk about to distract Whites from what’s really going on.

    If you really think class conflict is where it’s really at, and race conflict isn’t, try a little experiment for me: go out and criticize blacks, jevvs, and the rich for a while, and see which gets you into the most trouble.

    I’m kidding; everyone already knows how that experiment will work out.

    The idea of class war is stupid on its face. Nobody gives a fuck about SES, not compared to race. Everybody knows poor White neighborhoods are safe, and poor black neighborhoods are dangerous. Rich blacks are dumber than poor Whites. Israel is full of dumb jevvs and the rich smart diaspora jevvs will always take their side over that of Whites. Oligarchs absolutely know that race and tribe trump the phony “class” distinction; they use racial and ethnic diversity to destroy labor solidarity. If you want labor solidarity, you need racial solidarity to undergird it. This is probably the main motivation for open borders – to destroy labor solidarity by destroying ethnic and racial solidarity.

    YES, of course the oligarchs engage in divide and rule. Along racial lines, because race is real. Not along class lines, because class is phony and immaterial in a racially diverse territory.

    “Can’t unite in action on those issues they share in common” YES BECAUSE RACE IS REAL AND YOUR IMAGINARY SHIT IS IMAGINARY.

    This ingrained habit of being disappointed in human nature and spending your whole life trying to shoehorn humanity into your deluded, twisted ideal of humanity is extremely leftist. Stop it. It’s a childish, anti-human form of narcissism. LEARN TO DEAL WITH HUMANITY AS IT IS, NOT AS YOU HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED BY HOSTILE PARTIES TO WISH IT TO BE.

    It’s so obvious that the (((regime))) is terrified of White ethnopatriotism, and not at all terrified of American class solidarity; why would they be afraid of some impossible thing that literally has never happened? Germany didn’t remove jevvs from power by being a multiracial state that practiced class solidarity (lol), it removed jevvs from power by being anti-semitic. And that’s precisely what jevvs are afraid of happening in Weimerica.

    I mean, just look at what’s going on in the right:

    1. Conservatives and moderates and cucks who are absolutely terrified of being labeled antisemites or racists by their jevvish masters, but delighted to talk about “those DDDDDemocrats! They’re pitting the races against each other! They’re afraid of us all teaming up and having mocha babies!” These people run the GOP and the (((regime))) pats them on the head and gives them a steady stream of shekels.

    2. Alt-right who call out the jevvs (and other non-Whites) and the (((regime))) absolutely loathes and wants destroyed.

    Sounds like a race war being dressed up as a class war to me.

    Well, for the small minority of dupes who are into that kind of nonsense. For the vast majority of Americans, it’s a race war of one type being dressed up as a race war of another type: a jevvish-supremacist race war against Whites being dressed up as a White supremacist race war against blacks and jevvs. Some see it for what it really is – the former – and some are duped into seeing it for what it isn’t – the latter.

    Hell, the actual class/caste system in America is racially-based. Sure Whites have higher incomes and more wealth than blacks, because behavior, but if you look at actual legal rights, institutionalized privileges, blacks are OBVIOUSLY higher-status than Whites, and that’s based on strictly racial criteria.

    Race literally trumps class in Weimerica.

    • Troll: Kali
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  95. Alden says:

    Another misogynist White women hating porn addict woman less child less friend less old codger wanking away as he watches black man White women porn. Those actresses are paid moron. Much more than they’re paid for pornographers with White men.

    From Truman’s integrating the military 1948, school de segregation 1953 school busing, affirmative action law 1968, Griggs vs Duke Power 1973 Kaiser vs Weber 1979 to the elections of the pro criminal Soros funded district attorneys it’s been White men, Jewish or not who’ve waged a very very successful war against Whites.

    Your black man White women porn sites are not the reality you think it is. The women in those riots are mostly decorations.

    The real, in military terms leadership sergeants lieutenants capitals majors and colonels are White men. And they’re not sissy soyboys. They’re well trained and organized fighters. ,

    The White men who run the Fortune 500 companies have contributed hundreds of millions to BLM. The White men who run Ford Kellogg Carnegie, all the billion dollar great foundations have contributed nor millions that add up to more than a billion for the BLM revolution.

    And you think it’s all the fault of the liberal White women you see in TV news and the well paid actresses on your porn sites.

    You believe the TV news film? You obviously have no idea of the way news film can be edited to show something different from what actually happened. Anyone who believes TV news and the edited film they show is a beyond naive gullible moron as stupid as the brainwashed liberals who believe TV news

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  96. @Emslander

    Sorry if I misunderstood.

    I get extremely irate when I see boomer bashing because it is designed to take heat away from the jews and it offends me personally as well.

    As Ann Coulter says, “Boomers didn’t vote for America to become mexico.” And she’s right.

    All of the things that boomers are blamed for were actually done by jews or activist courts. Celler and Javitz opened our borders, not boomers.

    Boomers didn’t vote for abortion; that was an activist court.

    Multiculturalism/cultural pluralism was invented by Horace Kallen; not boomers.

    Intersectionality/diversity/gay rights/cultural marxism and the entire anti-white globo-homo agenda comes from the small hats, not boomers. Boomers might be old and stupid and out of touch, but they didn’t implement the vicious anti-white social engineering for their own demise.

    It’s bad enough that our own DHS is blaming the white victims, kicking a dog that is already down.

    • Replies: @cynthia curran
  97. @TimeTraveller

    You are exactly right. Trump is doing his part (knowingly or unknowingly, but probably knowingly) to accomplish the NWO objectives. He was not elected in 2016 in spite of NWO desires, as most Trump supporters think, but rather precisely BECAUSE of NWO desires.

    The NWO probably also wants him to win again this year, and if so then he will win. The reason the NWO wanted him in 2016 (and probably wants him to win again) was primarily to neutralize the (armed) Right in this country so they wouldn’t effectively resist the COVID-19 scamdemic lockdown tyranny and BLM/Antifa riots.

    • Replies: @TimeTraveller
  98. @Trinity

    While I tend to agree with you that it looks like a race war, the question is why is it happening now? If it were just a race war promoted by radicals in BLM and Antifa, it does not explain the nationwide coordination (let’s face it the faces of BLM and Antifa are not that smart or connected), the support and censorship of the violence by the MSM and the support of Marxist BLM by corporations to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. This is a color revolution in the making and may come to a peak after Nov. 3rd. Whitney is on to something, there is much more going on behind the “smoke and mirrors” and AG Barr (if he’s not part of it) should be investigating it.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  99. @Verymuchalive

    Thanks for a great article Mr. Whitney. You’ve covered all the bases. Sidebars on the historically and currently unrepresentative racial/ethnic/religious composition of our would be masters, those striving to create a neo-feudal world order with themselves running the show, may be enlightening and even useful but such parallel communications are not necessary to understand the dangers we face and the steps needed to avoid these.

  100. Wally says:

    Speaking of your beloved ‘Muslims’:

    Muslims Throws Iraqi Homosexual from Rooftop:

    How Women are Treated by Islam:

    Muslim Women Severely Beaten For Allegedly ‘Carrying Beef’ In India

    What It’s Like To Be A Woman In Islamic State

    • Replies: @Svigor
    , @Druid
  101. @Ugetit

    The harsh truth is that the Jew is the ultimate dirty sneak with zero sense of fair play and no boundary limiting his vile or murderous conduct toward the goyim, all packaged in a smiling slipperiness which serves his ability to turn dimwitted or morally weak goyim into Jew golem allies latent or patent against the targeted goyim.

    Other than that, like they say, the Jew is a real nice guy.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Ugetit
  102. Agent76 says:

    Sep 9, 2020 The Atlantic SMEARS Trump, tries to distract from Biden approved riots

    For the past two days, the press and the entire political establishment have crawled out of the fetid swamp to launch one of their most deranged attacks yet on President Trump.

    Apr 7, 2020 Bankrupting America

    America’s politicians passed more than \$2 trillion in spending to keep the economy afloat during the virus pandemic.

  103. They indicate that powerful agents — operating from within the state– are inciting racial violence to crush the emerging “populist” majority that elected Trump to office in 2016 and which now represents an existential threat to the globalist plan to transform America into a tyrannical third-world “shithole”.

    I keep reading such nonsense in the comments above. the so-called populist majority does not get it, Trump is not placed here to stop the Globalist agenda, that is an electioneering stunt. Look at what he has actually and really done.

    How has he stopped the Globalist move forward?? By the Covid plandemic being allowed to circle the globe and shut down the US economy and social norm? By moving our high tech companies to Israel? Giving Israel and their Wall Street allies what is left of US credit wealth? Draining the swamp with even more Zio-Neocon Swamp creatures in the govt than ever? Moving the embassy to Jerusalem and all requests per Netanyahu’s wish list? A real anti-Globalist stand? Looting the Federal Reserve for the Wall Street high fliers, who garnered more wealth during the crash test run of March-April and are sure to make out with even more for the coming big crash?

    Phoney stunts of stopping immigration or bashing China. Really? China is still rising propelled by Wall Street and Banker funds. I have not seen any jobs coming home, lost more than ever in US history this year. Only lost homes for the working and middle classes.

    How is Populist America standing up for their constitutional rights which is being shredded a little more each day? Standing up for their Real Interests, which are eroded and stolen on an almost daily basis by Trump’s NY Mafia and Wall Street Oligarchs. Jobs gone for good and government assistance to the needy disappearing, as that is against the phoney Republic individualism, that you must make it on your own. Right just like the big goverment assistance always going to the big money players and banks, remember as they are too big to let fail!

    Dreaming that Trump is going to save White America from the Gobalists is just bull corn. From whom BLM? Proven street theatre that will disappear on command. I actually have come to learn that some Black leaders are speaking out intelligently for street calm and distancing themselves from BLM.

    Problem with the USA is the general population is so very dumbed down by 60 years of MSM – TV s and Hollywood mind control programming that the public prefers professional actors like Reagan and Trump over real politicians, and surely never chose a Statesman or real Patriotic leader. the public political narrative is still set by Fox , CNN and MSNBC.

    The deep state is so infiltrated and overwhelmed with Zio and Globalist agents, that it is now almost hopeless to fix. Sorry to point out but Trump is best described as the Dummy sitting on his Ventriloquist’s lap (Jared Kushner).

    Situation is near hopeless as even here on Ron Unz Review the comments are so disappointing, almost 80% are focused on the Race as the prime issue and supportive of Trump fakery (not that I support Biden and Zio slut Kamil Harris either).

    In sum, beyond putting their MAGA hats on, White America is more focused more on playing Cowboy with their toy guns, AR’s and all than really getting involved politically to sort things out to get American onto a better track. Of course, this is not taken seriously as it might call for reaching out to other American communities that are even more disenfranchised: African- Americans and Latinos.

    • Agree: vot tak
  104. @David Erickson

    The reason the NWO wanted him in 2016 (and probably wants him to win again) was primarily to neutralize the (armed) Right in this country so they wouldn’t effectively resist the COVID-19 scamdemic lockdown tyranny and BLM/Antifa riots.

    Covid and BLM/ANTIFA are just window dressing for the financial turmoil. “Look over here whitey, there’s a pandemic” and “look over here whitey, there’s a riot” is much preferred to whitey shooting the sheriff who comes to take his stuff.

    Wave the flag and bible while spreading love for the cops, and the repossessions and evictions should go off without a hitch. Yes, Trump is a knowing participant.

    • Agree: vot tak, Stonehands
  105. Drew says:

    “White supremacists do not pose the greatest danger to the country, that designation goes to the left-wing groups that have rampaged through more than 2,000 US cities for the last 100 days. Black Lives Matter and Antifa-generated riots have decimated hundreds of small businesses, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of thousands of merchants and their employees, and left entire cities in a shambles.”

    Let’s imagine that a middle class white conservative recruits a couple hundred guys to go into a city and take out the antifa trash, and succeeds at doing so. How many citizens of that city would think to themselves, “how about we elect this guy mayor, or even governor?” Now imagine that some greasy antifa punk manages to break into a mayor’s office and begins issuing orders to the city. How many citizens are going to be thinking to themselves, “well we should just go ahead and confirm him in office by special election?”

    The reason that the government is terrified of conservative groups but not antifa is because a conservative group would have popular support; antifa would not. Stated another way, the government would never be criticized for taking out antifa, but it would be criticized for taking out conservative defenders of order. Thus, the reason why the government calls out conservative groups is self preservation.

    (Moreover, what does it say about the strength of the government when it thinks normal Americans could easily undo it? If the government is worried about being supplanted by the people who are trying to preserve law and order, then it would be wise to consider the full implications and plan accordingly.)

  106. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    Judging by your verbal incontinence, it’s a safe bet you’re one hell of an angry old bag and a given that I care a whole lot more about America’s young women than you ever will.

    • Replies: @Alden
  107. Miro23 says:

    Those Boomers are now thrashing about for some explanations…

    Look in the mirror. Woodstock to Bolshevism via the traditional society that once protected them – and that they’ve spent the last 50 years fashionably trashing.


    Check the Publishing date.

    This is all to easy to predict- if you realize THERE IS ONLY ONE PARTY! 

  109. Tlotsi says:

    If “racism” is part of the DNA of white people, shouldn’t they embrace it? We’re just embracing our essential natures by being racist. How can anybody complain about us being true to ourselves?

  110. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    “The harsh truth is that the Jew is the ultimate dirty sneak with zero sense of fair play and no boundary limiting his vile or murderous conduct toward the goyim, all packaged in a smiling slipperiness which serves his ability to turn dimwitted or morally weak goyim into Jew golem allies latent or patent against the targeted goyim.”

    And this is why any successful solution cannot be based on traditional strategies and tactics. An unconventional enemy cannot be beat with conventional strategies and tactics. Logic dictates outside-the-box thinking.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  111. “This is a class war dolled-up to look like a race war.”

    White elites using unwitting but quite willing blacks to be their goon squad. Are blacks the golems of the Babylonians?

  112. Alden says:

    Read your post. A diatribe about young White women lusting after black men. You wrote that, not me. Read your own words. Just a projection of your black man White woman porn fantasies. Care about young women? LOL. Only misogynist loser White woman haters post their fantasies about White woman and black men miscegenation. You write it, not me.

  113. Ugetit says:

    Yes. Any dirty trick to “get ahead,” but in the end all it gets him is despised. Despite the bragging about their “high” IQs, and the scenario repeated ad infinitum, they still don’t seem to recognize the pattern.

    Amusing stuff.

  114. Mefobills says:

    There is dawning understanding of Sheriff’s on their real power.

    And perhaps there is some tiny light of understanding in Trump’s cabinet?:

    In an earlier 2017 Kentucky speech Trump invoked the “American model” and said “this is the system our Founders wanted. Our greatest American leaders — including George Washington, Hamilton, Jackson, Lincoln — they all agreed that for America to be a strong nation it must also be a great manufacturing nation.”

    Like Lincoln, President Trump faces many threats today both within his own neocon-infested administration as well as within the British run deep state that has taken over the Democratic party since the murder of JFK.

    Ehret won’t name the Jew, and uses “British” as a proxy. As I have noted repeatedly, Finance Capitalism came to prominence in the world after its inception with Bank of England in 1694.

    This form of economy is the Davo’s crowd, and is Globo-Homo, and is the channel for funding BLM, Antifa, and Color Revolutions. Finance capital imports third world labor, and exports its “capital” to the world, looking for sordid gain.

    U.S. has become the whore of Babylon due to the virus of Finance Capitalism infecting the brain. The virus is a foreign entity and is not the tradition of the founders. The founders used the American System of Economy, which was invented in the Colonial period.

    • Agree: Druid
  115. @Svigor

    How can they accept him as a prophet and disbelieve in his very existence? You have been around ignorant, backward, people and suffer from their provincialism and bigotry. You exhibit the petty hatreds of the unenlightened and uneducated. Even Wikipedia knows that in Islam Jesus IS the Messiah. No, they don’t “worship” him. Wikipedia: “The Quran identifies Jesus (Isa) as the messiah (Masih), who will one day return to earth. At the time of the second coming, according to Islamic tradition, Jesus will come again and exercise his power of healing. He will forever destroy falsehood, as embodied in the Dajjal, the great falsifier, the anti-Christ.” Even the arch subversive Michael Cook says: “As in the Christian New Testament, the Quran (the central religious text of Islam) describes Jesus as the Messiah (al-Masih in Arabic), born of a virgin, performing miracles, accompanied by disciples, rejected by the Jewish establishment, and being raised to heaven. The Quran differs in denying Jesus was crucified or died on the cross, and especially in rejecting the divinity of Jesus as God incarnate, or the Son of God.” The Quranic position is known as Docetism, and was, and is, found among Christians for a number of theological reasons, namely, the notion that you can’t “crucify God” it can only “appear” that way. Add to this the perfectly reasonable idea that God doesn’t have children. That said, in Islam they make concessions in that Jesus does not have a human father but is the “Word of God cast into Mary.” That Jesus is not “Son of God” was the position of the Jerusalem Ebionites whose leader was James the Just who opposed Paul the Gnostic. James the Just is the “author” of the Epistle of James. For this reason the others called him “Brother of Jesus,” not because of the idiotic Evangelist idea that John was biologically the brother of Jesus and was born of the same woman, but because for him Jesus was one of the “brothers.” All these people, Jesus, John, the Evangelists, etc. came from a sect which adopted abandoned orphans and thus their prayer was “Our Father who is in heaven.” This prayer is exactly the principal Islamic prayer known as the Fatihah.

    • Replies: @Druid
  116. @Commentator Mike

    “My impression is that BLM, Antifa and other protestors are well aware of this”

    Like all good Maoists the cult white kids of antifa rigidly adhere to the mission statement and stick the inconvenient truth in the back of their mushy minds. BLM, like everything black, is mercenary. They hate whites and Jews, but are more than willing to take their money if it extends the party.

  117. Thanks for clarifying who you really are Mr. Whitney. Not that I’m surprised.

    From a student of Honorable Elijah Muhammad

  118. S says:

    This is nonsense. White supremacists do not pose the greatest danger to the country, that designation goes to the left-wing groups that have rampaged through more than 2,000 US cities for the last 100 days….

    It’s delusional now, but they’re planning ahead.

    Once the self declared progressives kick off their Russian style civil war with the ‘White supremacist’, ie anyone Caucasion not in full agreement and in submission to the state sanctioned terrorists Antifa or BLM, they then indeed will be enemy #1.

    Just as with the Russian Civil War, this new American Civil War would be a war primarily against identity. A hundred years ago it was the Russian people primarily, and other peoples, that were the ‘enemy’ of the Red revolutionaries. In the United States the enemy of the Reds would be the remnant of the Anglo-Saxon population, other Euro peoples, and some non-Euros. The ‘progressives’ are ultimately at war with the people’s of the world, and humanity as a whole.

    Didn’t The Postman tell us It would go down like this?

    It is set in a post-apocalyptic and neo-Western version of the disestablished United States in the then near-future year of 2013, sixteen-plus years after unspecified apocalyptic events, starting with the breakdown of society through “hate crimes and racially motivated attacks (by) a militia-like group” parallel to the Ku Klux Klan led by Nathan Holn, progressing to war, followed by plagues, that collectively left a huge impact on human civilization and erased most technology.

  119. It’s all very simple. No complicated conspiracies. Just one simple one.

    Soros is just trying to get rid of Trump. After November, if Biden wins, all this will go away. If he doesn’t win, it won’t.

  120. Notsofast says:

    They are trying to obfuscate green privilege by claiming white privilege.

  121. Trinity says:

    Say it ain’t so, Shlomo. How is the weather in Tel Aviv, ya hook nosed small hat.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  122. Emslander says:
    @ploni almoni

    Or maybe I should just write “Ugh! Jews Bad! Jews Bad! Jews Bad! Jews Bad!,” so it would fit your moronic level of understanding.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Druid
  123. Trinity says:

    IF Paul Revere were alive today, we he be so cucked and afraid of the JQ, that he would ride through the streets proclaiming, “the Deep State” is coming, “the globalists” are coming, etc.?

    God only knows the talking heads like Lush Limbaugh, and Tucker Carlson will never ever mention the JQ, and both kneel at the altar of self avowed (((communist))) and community instigator, and anti-White MLK. Hell, Trumpstein supporter extraordinaire, Pawn Vanity, is the poster child for shabbos goys for Israel and Jews.

    I once had a Black lady tell me that when MLK and Jesse were down in Albany,Georgia, these two men of God were chasing women and sheeit, yo. Now this could be true and it could be a load of shit, but given the past allegations leveled at MLK and Jesse, I tend to believe they were in fact trying to get they freak on.

  124. Richard B says:

    Haha, great comment. I came here intending on simply writing: “‘Oligarchs’, eh?”

    But there’s another side to this. It’s true that Mike Whitney’s article doesn’t mention Jewish Supremacy Inc. (JSI). But it’s also true that many of those willing to mention it never mention what part they played by falling asleep at the wheel, so to speak. Because they were in the driver’s seat before JSI took over. Of course! After all, the idea of removing Whites from power so that they could replace them is what JSI started with.

    How was this possible? How did Whites fall asleep at the wheel?

    One way to answer this question is to look at the educational system, which is the way any civilization, culture, or country perpetuates itself. And it only takes a glance at the history of our educational system in the USA over the last 100+ years to see what a bad job Whites did of protecting and sustaining what they achieved, which was quite remarkable.

    For example, as most know, Critical Race Theory is Marxist derivative. It’s a tributary that includes Political Correctness and Identity Politics. And it got its start in a formidable way after the campus disturbances between 1965-68, though the seeds were planted by The Frankfurt School. This we all know.

    But what we never hear mentioned by those willing to direct our attention to JSI is that this was possible because Americans never liked Higher Education. Right, Left, and Center White middle-class Americans rejected en masse the idea of excellence in education as “Elitist” and having nothing to do with what mattered most to them, money and status.

    And because they achieved their goal it was easy for them to sell this back to Europe. Which is a point worth mentioning because The USA is, culturally speaking, a geographical extension of Europe.

    Money and status in themselves aren’t bad, especially if they’re earned. But by themselves, and at the exclusion of the life of the mind and the world of ideas and their relation to daily living in a civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before in world history? Are you kidding?


    The Revolt of The Masses left a gaping hole open for Jewish Supremacy Inc. to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the very civilization that Whites of the 19th and 20th centuries inherited but didn’t understand, respect or value except in ways so laughably superficial and narrow-minded as to put the joke squarely on them, where it belongs. Philistine Whites, middle and working-class, have no one to blame but themselves.

    But let no one from JSI or their POC Proxies gain comfort from this. Boobus Americanus might be weak and stupid, but JSI & Co. are insane and evil. JSI is synonymous with The Dark Triad of Machiavellianism, Narcissism, and Pathology, or, The lust for power, self-centeredness, and shameless criminality. Which is why what we’re really witnessing is

    The Pyrrhic Victory of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

  125. Getaclue says:

    This what the “defund the police” bs is all about — they will replace them with their own — or bring in the UN thugs — and use them to fully enforce the Globohomo Agenda and bring in the One World Government NWO Thugocracy of the Oligarchs/Davos Creeps — this is who is behind all of this — Rockefeller Foundation/Gates Foundation/Soros and his NGOs and all the Davos Creeps and associated paid off lackeys, Government Officials and “Experts” — a plague of “Faucis” that have been seeded everywhere and now “made operational” to use the CVirus (or whatever they launch next) against the normal citizens of the USA and World (who reject the NWO Globalist creeps and their bs Agenda that is only about enriching them and impoverishing and enslaving everyone else) to inflict Medical Martial Law as the vehicle to crush humanity — that so many are clueless that this is going on is hard to believe– it is so obvious — but the Mainslime Media is 24/7 lies/propaganda and many listen to it constantly….

  126. Robjil says:

    That is the way of the future if this Jewish fear of human speech continues.

    We will all grunt, since grunts can’t be deciphered as anti-Semitic.

    So, yes your short phrase would be something one would say between grunts if all goes to plan for the Jewish Supremacists.

  127. Chris Moore says: • Website

    2) There can be no single oligarch. It must be a larger group but very united by fear and a common goal. This can only be achieved if they are all Jews or Masons. Or both under a larger umbrella like some kind of pedo-ritual killing-satan worshiper. Soros can’t do it alone.

    Top Jews (religous and secular) are ritualistic, systemic child molesters whose adherents are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. They bring this culture wherever they go, from “liberal” Hollywood to Israel. So are Islamists, which is why top Jews are doing “peace” deals with certain theocrtic Arab states. They call this national, religious and cultural preservation — and British and WASP elites (eg, Prince Andrew) have been in bed with these molesters ever since they’ve been big into easy Mideast oil. The Jews actually penetrated Britain well prior, with the Rothschild banking cabal.

    So decent folk are up against some formidable, deeply sociopathic and psychotic forces, and many others whom don’t even know they been brainwashed and programmed through molestation and money worship. They actually think they’re practicing some sort of equal right or liberation ideology, when in fact they’re utterly controlled by their anti-Christ, anti Western and inhuman cult leaders.

  128. When Obama got the Nobel for having done NOTHING, it was a feeding of black megalomania.

  129. Kali says:

    Good comment!

    Identifying the men behind the thrown is the priority.

    The Federal Reserve of NY has to be the PRIMARY target, because that is the real Seat of Power in your country! From there, all else flows!
    The BIS, The World Bank and the IMF. As well as all privately owned central banks everywjere, are all, also, clear targets. But FIRST THE FED!

    America needs to put the Federal Reserve Bankunder seige. Now! Coordinate with each other and do what needs to be done!

    “America? Fuck yeah!”
    God ahead, grab back hold of your national pride! (OK, it comes off as obnoxious, but, as it turns out, it’s important!)

    This is a tactic, of putting the Fed under seige, will unite the “right” and “left” and even gab the attention of the more sentient members of the black community.

    And it will get thee attention of the international mainstream and alternative media, becoming an inspiration for the rest of the world!

    Then it goes global!

    “Left” and “right” both know that the Money Lenders are the root cause of the disfunction you are all now experiencing! Targeting their HQ may be the only sensible thing to do.

    Target the Fed and (crazy people notwithstanding) you will bring unity to a divided population.

    TARGET THE FED…. put a major piece on the board in check!

    Even the soldiers* of “the oligarchs” will be in sympathy with you, will be less likely to take aim at you, and more likely to join you!

    [*meaning military enlistees and veterans, (the marshals and generals being on the payrole), as well as, eventually, cops*.
    *always the last group to turn and join the side of the people during a revolution, or so I read somewhere once.]

    Sending all of you love (which IS an energy) and my very best wishes!

  130. Answer to article title question: YES.

    Also includes their using Covid-19, false flags (domestic and internation), fear and hate mongering.

  131. Svigor says:

    Muslims Throws Iraqi Homosexual from Rooftop


    How Women are Treated by Islam

    Somehow, I don’t ascribe any agency to “Islam.” Call me crazy, I guess.

    As to how Ayrabs treat dey wammenz, color me unconcerned. Not my problem.

    Muslim Women Severely Beaten For Allegedly ‘Carrying Beef’ In India

    Don’t give a fuck how Muslims treat wammenz in India, either. I’m just weird that way.

    What It’s Like To Be A Woman In Islamic State

    You’re batting a thousand here, Wally; I literally don’t give a fuck about any of this shit. Okay, throwing homos off buildings is kinda based. But otherwise, ZFG.

  132. Svigor says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    “What I’m trying to get the black population to understand and overstand” (3m57s)
    “What I want people to understand and overstand and innerstand” (8m31s)

    Lol, classic!

    How people can watch that stuff all the way through is anyone’s guess. He’s basically not wrong (at least not up to 8:31, when I stopped watching), but he says in 15m what someone with half a brain and a couple notes could say better in thirty seconds.

  133. Kali says:

    Why are so many of these oligarchs Jews?

    Because, as your post describes very well, “the jews” are the original Money Lenders, servising an empire, which they now own.

    You cannot separate the Jewish problem from the WASP problem. You cannot solve the Jewish problem without also solving the WASP problem.

    Yes you can.

    Because those are not the ESSENTIAL problems.

    The problem is not “jews*”, it’s Jewish Power which is operated at the level of government, by the Fed.

    Target acquired.

    I’m sorry but the ‘WASP problem’ you identify(?) is vague to the point of being meaningless, unless you mean to line up all white anglo-saxon protestants?

    Not trying to pick a fight with you here, just wondering if you realised the inference that may be drawn from your comment?

    Kind regards,

    [*and a supporting “jewish/Christian Zionist ideology. ]

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  134. Svigor says:

    Nobody’s actually anti-boomer to the point that they want to do harm to them. Well, nobody on the right, anyway. And the people on the left who want to harm them want to harm them because they’re something else, like whites, or conservatives, or whatever. There’s no actual meaningful social divide here, at least not at the level you’re implying.

    Boomers are just meme fuel. They’ve aged past the point where they can learn anything new, and for the most part, they’re politically hopeless. They literally can’t learn anything new anymore, so only the very few who are WN or WN-adjacent are of any use going forward. Mostly they’re a cautionary tale; learn the shot before cognitive crystallization sets in, and you’re a dog literally too old to learn new tricks.

    Plus boomers are pretty obnoxious. They’re permanently high on their own farts, “I was there man” huffing jevvish propaganda about the sixties, muh snivel rights, dr3, aaaargh I get pissed just thinking about how deluded these people are. Pretty hopeless, politically speaking. Too in love with their own indoctrination and mythology to get the shot before it was too late. First generation raised cradle to grave with television, and gaslit to Hell and back as a result. Last Whites to be raised in a real country; born on third base and think they hit a triple.

    Exceptions noted, of course. Boomer racists only kind of half get it, but they can be pretty funny.

  135. Ludvig_P says:


    Replace WHITE with the word JEWISH and let truth prevail.

  136. What about a fifth idea: this is a policy of appeasement by the elites to protect free market capitalism from socialists and nationalists by making concessions to the liberal left on identity politics issues. So far this policy has been a very successful way of protecting the wealth of the one percent, but it will eventually backfire if it results in nationalist/populists governments getting into power on a regular basis.

    Think of Trump as a quasi-populist Winston Churchill and Joe Biden as a liberal/globalist Neville Chamberlain. Different ideologies and situations but similar strategies.

  137. The predatory capitalist class is perfectly happy with Trump. (or Biden)
    Trump is on board with Silicon Valley censorship, and could care less about the working class. It’s all about the parasites on Wall St.

  138. @Mefobills

    Excellent take and links. Both Paul (the psychedelicized Pharisee) and the Emperor Constantine were creators/perverters of what, instead of calling Christianity, would more probably be described as “Jesusim”. Likely, learned and trained in Essene and Gnostic philosophies, Jesus was both a spiritual way-shower and a populist leader.

    The Constantinian derived heresy is that “Jesus died for our sins”–whatever the hell sins are supposed to be outside of Hudson’s well explained “forgive us our Debts..” The Romanized notion that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins and its concomitant myths of “heaven” and “hell” happen to be gross perversions of the pathways that Jesus illuminated.

    The whole bloody hooha was all about the imposition of social control mechanisms on behalf of the moneyed and the powerful to keep the peasantry down and wallowing in their own fears and imposed senses of guilt—as in “mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”. (I am guilty, I am maximally guilty) That concept is the crux of what I call “The Judie-Christie Magick-Mindfuck”.

  139. Realist says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    The action on critical race theory happened a day (or so) after Tucker Carlson had a 6 minute segment on it.

    There has been no action yet…only talk as usual.

  140. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    But you do not get it, what the Jews want, to rule supreme over the entirety of human kind will never come to be, by virtue God very own designs. The things that separate human beings from animals, the ability to reason, is a deficiency in Jew blood. And without reason the Jews can never rule, and hate with a burning jealousy those who can.

    Why did the Jews kill the innocent Christ? Have the Jews been able to give us a rational explanation in 2,000 years? No. They lack the ability to do so.

  141. Interesting article. Big money is behind “BLM”. See link below.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  142. Kali says:


    In light of this, I came to the conclusion that “going guerilla” is the only hope.

    It’s not the only hope. You can organise too…. coordinate.

    You have Common Cause with thousands(?) of Americans who use this website alone! You are all aware that this is the end game, that NOW is the time for action.

    You have Internet. You have mobile communications. Make contact with each other! Share a contact number on here, invite others to contact you.
    (I once opened a new email account, shared the log-in with my friend across the country, so that we could communicate by means of the “draft” folder. There’s never a need to “send” email if you share an account.)
    Burn the phone…

    You have TOR and the darkweb.

    Getting “organised” requires as little as a few days dedicated work. Network!


    You have websites and forums from which to announce the target (s) the time, the day, and the logistics.
    You have printers, paper and ink!

    Get the word out!

    You have cars, buses and trains. You have routes and schedules and plenty of gas.

    Converge on the target, outside lines facing OUTWARD towards the inevitable police response.

    Take the building, allowing all inocent workers to leave unharmed.

    Remember to organise food to be brought in.

    Music (good, uplifting music, not gangsta shite!) will establish a party atmosphere, help to calm nerves and tensions, as you settle in, and even help the cops to relax.

    Make the building you have taken your head quarters and coordinate with your support network from there…


    Just saying.


  143. @Chet Roman

    AG Barr is part of it and this is clear because BLM and Antifa have been able to riot unmolested for 100 days straight, while James Fields is in prison for 400 years and Kyle Rittenhouse is charged with murder for defending himself.

    I just can’t get over the fucking DHS claiming that whites are the problem. We go to work, we pay the taxes, we follow the laws…..but we’re the problem?

    WTF is that?

    My own government claims that I am a threat when buckwheats are stomping white people to death in the streets?

    If this is the case then the government is no longer legitimate.

    This is REALLY insane, just off the charts nutty. Why don’t they just admit that Jonathan Greenblatt is the defacto president and call it a day?

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  144. R.C. says:

    DHS’s announcement makes it possible for state agents to target legally-armed Americans who gather with other gun owners in groups that are protected under the second amendment

    Actually, the critical point is the reference to ‘lone’ ‘terrorists’, i.e., you don’t even need to meet with a soul to find yourself on one of many, already existing (and many more to come) government-created and secret “shit lists;” hell, just commenting here is likely enough to get ‘provisional membership.’

  145. Kali says:
    @Desert Fox

    There are many masks that the zionists operate behind, antifa, blm, aclu, adl, aipac, etc., etc., and the most important of all their privately owned FED which is the key to all the others.

    Target acquired!

    Well done, Sir! 😀

    Now all you need is an army! – Hey Unzers, Got a Man here needs an army! (Though I’m sure he’d be grateful for a battalion.)

    Leave him a contact number. – Phones are cheep and time is short.

    Just saying!


    • Troll: ploni almoni
    • Replies: @Kali
  146. Anonymous[235] • Disclaimer says:

    Essentially, we are in the middle of an attempt to jettison European-American history. A whole new historical narrative is taking place. No longer are we the global leaders in this new narrative. We are instead destroyers, ruining nations and people wherever we go.

    It’s a complete unreality and everything should be done to destroy it. Speak up. Don’t allow your children to learn this nonsense in school. If you ever find yourself in a job pushing anti-white sentiment you must quit. Do everything in your power to get others to follow.

    Expose it. Embarrass it. Do your best to destroy it. Whatever it takes.

    If enough white people drop out the effects will be felt. We can start our own businesses. Work with and invest with each other. We can return to a high trust, exclusive society. We do not need minorities for anything. There are enough of us to do accomplish all the necessary work.

    Let stupid people live in a universe of propaganda. We are free people and this is not for us.

  147. Trinity says:

    Can you imagine any other groups rioting and destroying American cities for over 3 months? Imagine if the Hells Angels or some other White biker gang was doing what Antifa and BLM are doing? Hell, imagine if it were a bunch of Hare Krishnas pulling this shit off? Hell, I think the local mayors, police, and other law enforcement employees wouldn’t even take this much shit even if the rioters were Girl Scouts. We are talking 3-4 months of lawlessness, assaults, rapes, murders ( cold blooded premeditated murders at that) and still the people in charge let this shit go on night and day. IF the POTUS doesn’t have the authority or the power to stop shit like this from going on then what the hell do we even vote for anyhow? Granted, I see the reason for not being ruled by a dictatorship, but who in the hell can justify letting these riots go on? One can only assume that both the republicants and the demsheviks are fine with these riots because no one seems in a hurry to shut them down or arrest the hombres funding these riots. Who is housing and feeding the rioters? Who is paying their travel expenses? I’m sure most everyone in Washington knows who the people are behind these riots but don’t expect any action anytime soon.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  148. This is a class war dolled-up to look like a race war. Americans will have to look beyond the smoke and mirrors to spot the elites lurking in the shadows. There lies the cancer that must be eradicated.

    That’s true to a large degree, but…

    It is indeed an attempt to liquidate the working and lower middle class. Most of the American working and lower middle class, obviously not all, is White. So predictably we have these calls for White Genocide. Agreed and good to see the tie-in with the Coronavirus Hoax lock downs, too, which also spread the devastation into minority communities under the guise of public safety.

    The one question that remains unanswered is why the major cities were targeted for destruction. Obviously these are the playgrounds of the oligarchs and have been decimated. We will learn soon enough.

  149. @Kali

    There is no “WASP” problem.

    jews run the show, period.

    Sure, there are shabbos goy sellouts, and in fact almost all of our leaders were FORCED to sellout to be able to get into power. But that doesn’t mean that WASPS have any real power because they don’t.

    KMAC has gone over this in detail. When the WASPS had power they used it wisely because they saw our citizens as part of their ingroup, whereas jews are a hostile ruling elite that see us as an enemy outgroup.

    None of this anti-white bullshit would be going down if WASPS actually had any power.

    That’s another reason the boomer blaming is so stupid…..Christendom is being wrecked from the top down, not the bottom up. Boomers (and other generations of white people) didn’t conspire to wreck all of western civilization through some grassroots movement. There is only one group that has the power and money to to that.

    • Agree: Trinity, Robjil, Kali
  150. @Robert Dolan

    Totally agree, It is a zionist takedown of America, a bolshevik revolution, and Trump and Biden are zionist puppets.

  151. When a community is no longer protected by a sovereign state, the contract that existed between government and the governed is effectively broken. At that point local citizens who are being robbed, raped, and who are living under constant fear of bodily injury and death have the option of either fleeing, joining the local crime groups oppressing them, or standing up and taking matters in their own hands as vigilantes.
    That time has arrived

  152. There is a saying among BLM types: White Silence is Violence

    Well, I agree but not in the way that BLM scumbags and their allies & enablers mean it. The motto is true in the sense that whites have been craven, feckless, cowardly, timid, and mute in face of rising evil and intensifying madness driven by Jewish Madness. In a way, we can understand why people choose to remain silent, choose to be cowards. People are naturally fearful, and most dare not stick their necks out. After all, how many victims of Josef Stalin & Jewish Bolshevik henchmen dared to voice their disgust with the system? How many Jews and other victims of Nazi Germany spoke out before SS henchmen with guns? How many American POWs spoke out against the Japanese captors in World War II? How many Japanese in America spoke out against dispossession and ‘internment’?
    So, human history is rife with those who remained silent in face of evil, oppression, or injustice. Of course, there is another kind of silence. It is when, despite you and your kind not being targeted by the Power, there is ample evidence of other groups being wronged; but you and your kind mostly remain silent. Germans have been accused of not speaking out against Adolf Hitler, and too many Russians and Chinese just went along with the madness of Stalinism and Maoism. And most Americans are silent about the evils of their government AS LONG AS it doesn’t directly affect their lives. Such people are either tacitly approving of the oppression against the targeted groups OR fearful that speaking up may jeopardize their social status, livelihoods, or even lives. Edward Snowden blew the whistle, and look where he is now. And Julian Assange is facing serious time in prison.

    According to Jewish-promoted BLM, white people are ‘violent’ for remaining silent about the ‘systemic racism’ of ‘white supremacism'(that is supposedly interwoven through every fabric of society) that disproportionately targets, oppresses, and even murders so many innocent black lives. By not speaking out against evil, they are essentially tolerating its continuance. Even if you aren’t directly involved in the oppression, you are doing nothing to stop it, and therefore, you too are culpable as observers who’ve done nothing. If you see a man being abused and killed but just go about your daily business and seek out distractions(as entertainment), you are not much better than the oppressors/murderers. If you see someone being murdered outside your window, shouldn’t you call the cops than just keep watching TV? Even if you’re not guilty of the murder, aren’t you guilty of indifference and lack of caring?

    All true, but totally untrue within the context of American Reality. If any group is silent in the face of violence, it is the blacks. Blacks are the main killers of blacks, but the ‘stitches for snitches’ fear-mongering in the black community has made it difficult for many blacks to come forward and serve as witnesses. Also, the intense street tribalism of blacks means that many blacks who know the killer will remain silent out of thug-loyalty. Furthermore, despite the odd black person who is wrongfully killed by the police, the police is the best protection against black-on-black murder. Indeed, the reason why blacks call the police the most is because they’re attacked by other blacks. Of course, they hate the police when OTHER blacks call the cops on them when THEY do the violence. When blacks are attacked by other blacks, they are the first to call the police for protection. But when they attack other blacks, the first thing they do is blame the cops.
    Now, as the proper thing to do when you see someone being murdered is to call the police, it would be most stupid to denounce the police as the main problem when, if anything, it is the only effective force against so much black-on-black violence in black areas. This is all common sense and simple facts, but the rise of PC mentality under Jewish Supremacism and White Cuckery has led to a browbeaten population that is afraid to speak the truth.


    So, if any silence is the real violence, it is the silence of Jews, blacks, whites, and others that refuses to speak the obvious truth about black problems. The obvious truth is blacks commit more crime due to Endemic Race-ism(as opposed to ‘systemic racism’), i.e. black genetics made them more inclined toward aggression, impulsiveness, and violence. Also, the fact that blacks are more muscular and tougher in a non-black majority society has imbued them with alpha thug pride, emboldening their viciousness. This is an obvious truth, but no one dares say it out of fear of PC and stupid accusations of ‘racism’ OR out of ignorance under PC mind-control.
    Given the truth of higher natural propensity to violence among blacks(especially within the context of white majority society in which blacks feel as superior thugs and studs over whites), the logical conclusion would be that blacks need to be more mindful of their aggressive nature, more critical of the loutishness of fellow blacks, and more accepting of tough measures to control crime in their communities. Then, there could be more law-and-order and more reflection among blacks, and that will reduce violence and death in black communities. But no one dares speak this obvious truth. They opt for silence out of fear of PC. And it is precisely this kind of silence that has led to MORE DEAD blacks(along with non-blacks as well). Why is it that every time society bends the knee to BLM demands, MORE BLACKS end up being killed and more neighborhoods end up going to pot? Whether in the late 60s through the early 90s, the final yrs of the Obama Presidency, or since the advent of BLM riots in 2020, the number of dead blacks has increased. And with less policing, black aggression has spiraled out of control, and there have been many more victims of black thuggery and savagery.

    So, it is true. Silence is Violence. But not in the way that BLM idiots, Jewish Supremacists, and White Cuck morons mean it. Silence is Violence because the forced/accepted silence about black problems has led to a total mis-diagnosis of racial problems. It’s like treating indigestion with chemotherapy. But then, as with the Covid-19 hysteria, mis-diagnosing national/world problems is what the Globalist Elite Power is all about. The Power doesn’t care about the truth, justice, or answers. It only cares about its own power, more of it. And as the power is held by Jewish Supremacists, it will push for any kind of PC, no matter how false, in order to ensure that whites will be paralyzed with ‘white guilt’, thereby remaining beholden to the Other led by Jews. Jewish Supremacist Power fears nothing more than White Liberation that finally says NO to Jewish Evil.

    There are other ways in which White Silence is Violence. Why were Jews able to destroy Palestine and go on oppressing & dehumanizing the Palestinian people since the days of Nakba? Because there has been two kinds of white voices on the matter. The loud voice that totally cheered on Zionist imperialism against Palestinians and the silent voice that knew of the injustice but remained mum out of fear of Jewish Power & American Zio-mania OR out of toady-like admiration of Jewish Power, Wealth, and Achievements. But there were many whites who remained silent out of profound sympathy for Jews in the aftermath of WWII and Shoah. They felt white folks had no right to pass judgement on Jews who’d been victimized so horribly the by West. But in remaining silent, they de facto consented to Jewish manipulation of US foreign policy to favor the Zionist destruction of Palestine. So, there is a clear case of White Silence is Violence.

    But it wasn’t just the whites but other Americans too. Most blacks remained silent about all the US wars against foreign nations. Most blacks said NOTHING about what Zionists did to Palestinians. Most blacks were too busy watching TV or listening to rap or twerking. And their so-called leaders were too beholden to Jewish Money to speak out against Jewish Power. But the same goes for browns and yellows. Most browns don’t care about US foreign policy. Many join the US military and invade other nations at the behest of Jews. And status-oriented yellows only care about saying whatever is ‘proper’ so as to rise up the ladder and be accepted by the Power. Sadly, this is even true of many Arabs and Muslims in America. So, all their SILENCE has essentially amounted to an assent to US foreign policy steered by evil Jewish Supremacism. Indeed, the number of blacks(most of them thugs) killed by US police is nothing compared to the number of Arabs, Muslims, and others around the world destroyed by US military, US financial terrorism, and US sanctions. But where is the Voice? Where is the Talk? Where are the Conversations?
    Indeed, contrary to PC ‘woke’ accusations, plenty of whites are always talking about blacks and blackity-blackness. Jews, blacks, whites, and even browns/yellows are always talking about problems faced by blacks. Blacks like Jussie Smollet can lie. Blacks can pull off endless hate hoaxes. Blacks can sit at Starbucks without paying, but they are always the ‘victims’. Blacks misbehave the most in school and get suspended, but they are portrayed as poor victims of ‘racism’. The problem in the US is not white silence about blacks but White Bullshit about blacks. It’s about White Dogma about blacks. White dogma, mantra, and bullshit about blacks feed on black megalomania and mis-diagnose problems by blaming whites and ‘systemic racism’ for black bad behavior, largely driven by the endemic race-ism of genetic product of evolution. If indeed whites are silent about anything, it certainly isn’t about blacks.

    Whites are silent about black violence against whites and non-blacks. How many whites get worked up over black-on-white, black-on-brown, and black-on-yellow violence? How many whites get worked up over blacks attacking Muslims and Hindus? There is talk of black-on-black violence on occasion but with emphasis on black victim-hood than black criminality. So, if a black thug kills a black kid, there is so much hand-wringing and tear-jerking about the black kid but hardly any word about the black thug who killed him. But usually, the talk is about whites attacking blacks when, in fact, the truth is the other way around. Black-on-white violence is the reality of America. But as Jews control the media, such facts are often suppressed. And as Jews control academia, they mold elite minds into believing that only ‘racists’ blame blacks for anything. And as Hollywood functions as the new vatican, the new ‘spiritual’ center of the world, all those white kids who grew up on Magic Negro tropes worship the Mountain-Sized Negro who loves a little white mouse in THE GREEN MILE along with MLK and Mandela.
    In a way, people’s perceptions change when dealing with gods. In the Bible, it is a sin when man kills man. But when God kills countless people, it’s ‘justice’ because God is holy and fit to judge wicked mankind. And in pagan cultures, gods must be appeased even when they act amoral because they’re so great and above the rules of mankind. In a way, white attitude toward blacks is a blend of biblicalism and paganism. On the one hand, blacks are seen as the people of MLK and Mandela, who are now holier than god and jesus. Blacks, as spiritual icons, can judge the rest of humanity, especially whites, the most ‘racist’ race stained with the ‘original sin of slavery’. So, black violence is always justified, like God smiting the wicked in the Bible. So, whatever blacks do is filtered through this biblicalism. But as blacks are also top dogs of sports, sex culture, and thug-rap-music, white people are enamored with blacks as akin to pagan demigods who, being so badass and cool, are above the lame rules that apply to the rest of humanity. And in cult of Fentanyl Floyd, there is a combo of both biblicalism and paganism. He is spoken of as an angel and saint. But there is the other side of Floyd, the porn actor, drug dealer, and outlaw who “did it my way, sheeeeeeiiiit.”
    One thing for sure, there is no white silence about blacks. There are endless news articles about Emmitt Till and blackity-blackness. There are endless movies and TV shows about blacks and more blacks. There is MLK day, black history month, and black rappers revered as poets and prophets. Blacks appear all over TV news. Academia is filled with so much talk of black this, black that, and all the Narrative must conform to the notion of blacks as special, especially tragic, especially magic, exceptionally wise, and always oppressed. (Black megalomania parallels Jewish megalomania. There has been so much talk of Jewish victim-hood while hardly any official mention of Slavic victim-hood under Jewish Bolsheviks and Jewish gangster-globalists. No politician in the US speaks for Palestinians and about Nakba while all politicians are always praising Jews and Zion to high heaven. And yet, ADL and other Jewish organizations are always bitching that NOT ENOUGH is said about the Holocaust and ‘antisemitism’.) Even when the problems are obviously caused by blacks, the PC logic goes into warp mode to somehow connect blacks stupidity and murderous-ness to ‘systemic racism’ or ‘white racism'(or ‘white fragility’, and etc). And this is all a fool’s game because, even as PC excoriates ‘white fragility’, it perpetuates it because whites are always put on the moral defensive. PC says it is sick of ‘white silence’ and wants whites to speak honestly about problems, but that is exactly what PC doesn’t want. After all, if all of us can speak openly and honestly, many will point out racial differences, black stupidity, and black violence. Such honest talk won’t do because it will destroy the culture of ignorance and conformity that makes PC possible. PC reacts to truth like bacteria reacts to oxygen. PC’s idea of truth is like communist notion of freedom. ‘Our way or the highway’. Just like communists told you how to be ‘free’, PC tells you what you must believe as ‘true’.

    Still, there is much truth in the notion of ‘white silence is violence’. White Silence about Jewish Supremacism has led to Jewish Evils all around the world. As long as whites don’t speak out against Jewish Power, it will go on using the US to support Israel’s diabolical policies against Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, and etc. If white people had spoken truth to Jewish Power, so many Arab and Muslim lives could have been spared in the Middle East. Also, prevention of wars and chaos would not have led to the massive ‘refugee’ crisis that engulfed parts of Europe and caused so many problems.

    It is white silence about Jewish Power and its manipulation of blacks that has led to so much victimization of whites and non-blacks. If whites had been loud and clear about black-on-white violence, more would have been done to reduce it, thereby saving many white lives. But even as so many whites were attacked by blacks, most whites remained silent out of fear of being called ‘racist’ by the Jewish-run media and its cucky-wuck minions.
    It is white silence about Jewish Supremacist Evil that led to a ‘new cold war’ with Russia, thereby endangering both nations with possibility of conflict, even all-out war. The truth is that nearly all of anti-Russia hysteria is driven by Jewish Supremacists who are bitter that they failed to take over Russia like they did with US and EU. Jewish Globalists hate the idea of an independent Russia that says NO to Jewish Globalist Hegemony and fear that other whites around the world might take the cue from the Great Bear. And so, there has been nonstop vilification campaign against Russia, but there’s been total silence among most whites regarding this matter. Even those who are more sympathetic to Russia remain silent about the Jewish role in the ‘new cold war’. Such white silence indeed breeds the unrelenting violence of the Jewish Supremacist worldview.

    So, something must be done about the problem of ‘white silence is violence’. It is about time whites got some courage, broke the vow of silence, and spoke truth to Jewish Supremacist Power. Whites need to push for a De-ZioNazification Campaign. Jewish Power must be exposed for its evils, and White Liberation must pledge to no longer serve and enable the evil and murderous(even genocidal) agendas of Zionic perfidy. White Soldiers must speak out and say, “We will NOT fight Wars for Israel.” No more white silence before the power of Jewish Supremacism. White Voice is Choice. And choice means the hope of breaking break free from the nagging, demanding, threatening, and insulting biliousness of Jewish Supremacism that regards whites not as fellow humans but as attack dogs, horses, cattle, and Janissary for the Empire of Judea. Go get some paint and spread the message PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER on the streets of New York

  153. vot tak says:

    Since this latest article is another trump campaign propaganda piece by whitney whose main purpose is to reinforce likudite zionazi-gay extremism (whitney’s bs is essentially what the hannity, levin, limbaugh prostitutes drone on about nonstop), here is an article by a real journalist about the object of whitney’s adulation so people can see what whitney is actually selling here

    Assange and Charlatan Trump

    “If Donald Trump was genuinely against “endless wars” – as he claims to be – then he would do the decent thing and call off the persecution of Julian Assange.


    The legal proceedings and charges against Assange are a sham. His vindictive detention in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison for over a year amounts to torture. Every day of his incarceration for the past 16 months has been a grotesque abuse of human rights. And this barbarity is all due to the fact that Assange’s whistleblower site Wikileaks exposed monumental war crimes committed by the American and British governments and their militaries.

    Julian Assange is a hero to truth-telling and holding tyrannical powers to account. His Wikileaks organization not only exposed illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also massive criminal espionage against citizens around the world perpetrated by Washington and its Western allies.

    Arguably, Donald Trump benefited greatly from Wikileaks’ blistering exposés of political corruption that tainted the election campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016. This, by the way, had nothing to do with the bogus so-called Russiagate scandal. Wikileaks exposed Clinton and her Democratic cronies as Wall Street flunkeys using internal sources that had nothing to do with supposed Russian hackers. Those bombshell revelations no doubt served to substantially damage votes for Clinton, thereby benefiting Trump. This is not to suggest Assange was campaigning for Trump. Wikileaks was simply letting citizens know about the corruption swilling around Clinton and the Democrat establishment.

    Trump even declared on several occasions that he “loved Wikileaks”. Well, no doubt, he appreciated the beneficial fallout from its exposés.

    However, subsequently, it is the Trump administration which has gone after Assange with a vengeance. It was Trump’s Department of Justice that greatly loaded the prosecution case against him when it filed 17 charges under the archaic World War One-era Espionage Act. Instead of a facing relatively minor charges of computer hacking with five-year imprisonment (still unjustified, mind you), Assange is being hounded by the Trump administration with the threat of 175 years in prison. A de facto death sentence.

    In other words, the Trump administration has ensured the trashing of any due process and Assange’s legal rights in order to pursue his destruction. And of course the British vassal state has dutifully obliged the American tyranny against this innocent and imminently honorable man.

    This is important proof of Trump’s charlatan character. This week the American president sought to pose as being against endless wars and of being on the side of ordinary troops. Having been accused of disparaging American war dead as “losers and suckers”, Trump no doubt felt under pressure to appear as the champion of the troops.

    Trump is reprising his populist 2016 election promises of “ending endless wars” in the interest of protecting soldiers’ lives.

    That posturing doesn’t sit well with the fact that Trump has done nothing to stop American militarism around the world since be took office nearly four years ago. As for the Pentagon war machine, this president has greatly expanded the taxpayer-funded bloat of the military-industrial complex.

    But perhaps the most telling test is the fate of Julian Assange. He exposed criminal US endless wars more than anyone. If there were any justice, Assange should be freed and feted as a hero serving the good of the public and the cause for peace. Trump’s callous persecution of Assange shows that his rhetoric about ending wars is empty, cynical posturing.”

  154. Skeptikal says:

    The Reverend William Barber is the only genuine black leader I am aware of.
    And he makes a pointn of not speaking only for blacks, but for all disadvantaged communities, including poor whites. IMO he is the real deal, and I very much hope he takes the lead in articulating genuine community values of respect and equality for all, including basics such as decent health care and food access.

    The pressure exerted on someone like Barber by the BLM forces in the media and other institutions is enormous.

    I wish Ron Unz would invite him to write something for the UR.

  155. @nokangaroos

    Mike King (the historian, not the “Rev. Dr. Martin Luther”) goes into more detail
    and full Orange Man …

  156. vot tak says:

    US Cobra Ball Spy Plane Spotted Adopting Malaysian ID to Spy on Chinese Missile Test

    “In the third such incident in a week, a US spy plane has been caught changing its transponder code to a civilian aircraft to disguise itself and spy on China – this time, peeking in on a Chinese missile test in the Yellow Sea.


    Early Wednesday morning, a US Air Force RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft took off from Kadena Air Force Base on the Japanese island of Okinawa, bound for the Yellow Sea. However, researchers at a Chinese think tank soon noticed the US plane had been replaced on aircraft-tracking sites by a mysterious Malaysian plane, which then flew orbits for six hours over the Yellow Sea before flying for Okinawa.

    ​According to the South China Sea Probing Initiative (SCSPI), a think tank associated with China’s Peking University, the plane’s behavior matched that of an RC-135S Cobra Ball sent to watch People’s Liberation Army missile tests in the Bohai Sea that day. The Cobra Ball is a specialized intelligence aircraft with equipment for collecting data on ballistic missile tests.

    Sputnik reported the day prior that a relative of the Cobra Ball, an RC-135W Rivet Joint signals intelligence plane, had performed a similar maneuver over the South China Sea. In that incident, the Rivet Joint also disguised itself as a Malaysian plane before flying back and forth in the waterway between the Paracel Islands and Hainan for several hours.

    The maneuver is accomplished by changing the plane’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) hex code identifier, a unique number tied to its ICAO registration that tells other planes, ships and radar sites information such as type and nationality, as well as position in the sky. The US spy planes must have turned off their US transponders and turned other ones with fake hex codes in the range of those used by Malaysian aircraft.

    Sputnik has documented numerous other instances of US spy planes engaging in this practice or using civilian aircraft as cover – which in at least one instance resulted in a Korean airliner getting shot down by a Soviet interceptor over the Soviet Union’s Sakhalin Island in 1983, killing hundreds.”

    No change under trump, the same old govno. Note the zionazi quislings masked their spy planes as Malaysian. After the zionazis shot down the Malaysian airliner over The Donbas and after they disappeared another carrying many Chinese.

    Now israel’s trump quisling mask their spy planes as Malaysian civil airliners, the zionazi-gays really have it in for Malaysians. Explain that trump campaign spokesperson whitney.

  157. @Emily

    Good post. Let me add and clarify a couple of things. First a Grand Solar Minimum occurs when the magnetic field of the sun diminishes in a cyclic fashion and sunspots tend to disappear for extended periods of time. One theory, proposed by the astrophysicist Valentina Zharkova, is that the sun’s magnetic field has two wave-like components that sometimes interfere with each other and sometimes reinforce each other, just like light waves. We seem to be entering a period with strong interference. Sunspots, which tend to rise and fall in 11-year cycles (actually 22), have been pretty scarce these past three years. Those who study history may know the last big time this happened was in the Little Ice Age, 1645-1715, which roughly coincided with the Maunder (sunspot) Minimum. The later Dalton Minimum was about 1815, somewhat less severe but still pretty chilly.

    Second, how this affects climate is still unclear because the funding for climate research is stringently controlled by the global warmists, who have pulled the wool over our eyes about the effect of man-made CO2 on climate. This is basically a scam offered up by the same deep staters giving you riots and economic lock downs, and for the same reasons, IMHO.

    Third the GSM is likely to produce shortened growing seasons, summer frosts, and widespread hailstorms. These were all documented from the Little Ice Age. The good news is that the oceans store a lot of heat and it may well be several years before we see the worst of the effects. Zharkova thinks maybe 10 years. The bad news (perhaps) is that this bad spell is predicted to last 30 years.

    Admittedly much of this is theoretical. We are however, moving into the La Nina phase of the El Nino Southern Oscillation, which may well have more immediate effects on our weather this winter.

    • Thanks: TheTrumanShow
  158. Anon[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Is BLM the brainchild of oligarchs?


  159. @Mefobills

    Jews and Crypto-Jews have been infiltrating and subverting Christianity and Islam for many hundreds of years. Right into the Vatican. Your finance capitalism seems to have been pretty well developed by the Knights Templar during the Crusades. The Dönmeh Jews of Salonika, followers of Sabbatai Zevi (1666), became the Young Turks who overthrew the Ottoman sultan and slaughtered the Armenian Christians during WWI. Some have claimed the entire House of Saud had Jewish ancestry, probably a branch of the Dönmeh Jews.

  160. Druid55 says:

    So many videos around of blacks sucker punching whites. They’re a liabi!

    • Replies: @Trinity
  161. JimDandy says:
    @Richard B

    Philistine Whites, middle and working-class, have no one to blame but themselves.

    I agree with this, but I often think of the crazy German philosopher’s assertion that Christianity is a “slave morality” when mulling over this whole subject. Anti-semitism was determined to be immoral, and then the definition of anti-semitism was expanded to mean anything that went against any faction of Jews’ interests, and Christianity weakened but the basics of the morality remained, and non-Jews still wanted to be good, and here we are.

    • Agree: Richard B
  162. Paul C. says:

    even Stevie Wonder can see this much

    Yes he can. 🙂

    • LOL: Trinity
  163. This guy is hopeless, most people here are as well. Can’t even identify your enemy, believe you sworn enemy is going to save you. Haha Be sure to get out and vote! Thats the only way to stop this!

    Whitney does realize that his hero Trump just handed over 5 trillion+ dollars to the same people funding and inciting this right? I’m certain the tax cuts are helping them along as well.

    Trump if we’re to believe he actually has any power has put Goldman Sachs in charge of the treasury, a Rothschild kingpin in control of commerce, MIC Executives/Lobbyists in charge of Pentagon, oil and coal executives overseeing EPA, Big Pharma lobbyists over our “healthcare”. Wake up Mikey. Haha

    They indicate that powerful agents — operating from within the state– are inciting racial violence to crush the emerging “populist” majority that elected Trump to office in 2016 and which now represents an existential threat to the globalist plan to transform America into a tyrannical third-world “shithole”.

    The majority didn’t vote, smart people. The multi-national corps love voters, including Trumps low-IQ voters. Transform America into 3rd world? Been there a while bud. How many 3rd world countries have the homeless population of America? Tyrannical? Largest prison population on Earth Mikey. How many other countries can assassinate a President, and never be held accountable for it? How many can blow up 3 skyscrapers in front of millions and get away with it? The transformation started long agoo, its now going into overdrive it seems, under Trump of course.

    All of these goals conveniently coincide with the aims of the NWO Oligarchs who seek to replace America’s Constitutional government with a corporate Superstate ruled by voracious Monopolists and their globalist allies. So, while Hannah-Jones treatise does nothing to improve conditions for black people in America, it does move the country closer to the dystopian dream of the parasite class; Corporate Valhalla.

    Trump is President. So why doesn’t he call them out? The financiers, not the useful idiot kids. Why doesn’t he raise their taxes? Why does he defend them, even when the Europeans try to raise their taxes? Hmmmm..

    It all sounds so Bolshevik. Here’s more info on how this toxic indoctrination program works

    Learn about the Bolsheviks if you want to blame everything on them. This is the opposite as a matter of fact. Bolsheviks were fighting counter-revolutionaries who were supported by the “globalists” or capitalists as I call them. Bolsheviks won because majority of Russian workers as well as military joined and supported them. BLM is the counter-revolution, they are there to stop Marxism/Socialism not to bring it. Fact! Read a book nigga!

    On September 4, Donald Trump announced his administration “would prohibit federal agencies from subjecting government employees to “critical race theory” or “white privilege” seminar

    Problem reaction solution. Just another way keeping the slaves under control Mikey. I’m not for or against Trump or Biden, both have the same owner. Look at it like this, if Trump actually wanted to win, or if it actually mattered to the demons that run the show, don’t you think Trump would at least be honest about why we’re in the shit we’re in with the virus? Instead of letting everyone blame him, why not tell the truth? Yeah he made some mistakes, but thats not the root of the problem.

    All he would have to do is call out our shitty “healthcare system”. Blame our poor performance on our system instead of blaming China. Do something to change that system. Instead he denies it or blames the foreign boogeyman. He would be the most popular guy in ‘Merica right now if he started hammering Dem and GOP to push through single payer. He knows this. He hinted at it in 2016. So why doesn’t he?

    It doesn’t matter.

    • Agree: vot tak
  164. @Svigor

    Well if you’re there in the thick of it and analysing events with an open mind without any of your own preconceived preconceptions muddling your assessment then I’d have to concede that you know better. I can only go but what I see from far away, from over the pond, and it ain’t Tel Aviv.

    As far as the extreme right wingers there go: Atomwaffen – led by a CIA asset; Patriot Prayer – led by a possible CIA and State Department asset who went to Hong Kong to show solidarity with the rioters there; Pround Boys – now what’s the point of those clowns? Looks to me like the Proud Boys were created purposefully to confront Antifa and the left in street brawls so definitely in the “divide and rule” category, and it doesn’t seem as if they have any intention to confront the oligarchs, deep state, or the rulers of the rotten system. The alt-right was a mixed bag but it’s finished now.

  165. Druid says:

    F u Wally. Haven’t you had enough derision? Your islamiophobia is in lime with the zios and their 6M

  166. Druid says:
    @ploni almoni

    Well said! S Igor, Wally, and a few tribal f’s just hate Islam and take every opportunity to bad-mouth it. And Wahhabism is not Islam. They show their ignorance

  167. Druid says:

    Jews are bad! Have been since Persia!

  168. Kali says:

    Target acquired!

    Well done, Sir! 😀

    Now all you need is an army! – Hey Unzers, Got a Man here needs an army! (Though I’m sure he’d be grateful for a battalion.)

    Leave him a contact number. – Phones are cheep and time is short.

    Just saying!


    • Troll: ploni almoni

    Why “troll”, ploni almoni?
    I’m being serious (though with a little humour). Look at my other posts in this thread.

    You guys need to get organised! I’ve suggested ways you might do so.
    Maybe you have other, better ideas. No problem. Put them into practice.

    The primary target IS the Fed! And there are enough of you to take it IF you use your heads.

    If you don’t get organised, you loose. It’s that simple.


    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @vot tak
  169. Pluto says:

    Trump talked about “shithole” countries early in his term but under his watch the US has turned into the biggest shithole in the world. Somehow, his lovers, and the writer of this article is one, still make excuses for him and give him a pass. They are hopelessly misguided and their level of delusion is beyond comprehension. Oh, and Trump is the biggest Zionist president to occupy the White House and the biggest Jew lover ever lived and as such he doesn’t give a damn about America. MAGA is only a slogan, and a very empty one.

    • Agree: vot tak
  170. Nuncle says:

    The ‘oligarchical puppet-masters’ are Jews.

  171. Nuncle says:

    They want him to win, but they don’t want him to do so by offering his voters anything that they want. So it’s an election about saving the country from crazy people.

  172. Nuncle says:
    @Dr. Doom

    Historically, plenty of Jews seem happy to get their hands dirty. There just aren’t enough of them, so they need non-Jewish allies to join in.

  173. Dummy says:

    Hahaha!!!! No shit. Everywhere you look there is oversight. Starting to think my cat is one too.

  174. Moi says:

    An unabashed display of ignorance/bigotry.

  175. Emslander says:

    Say it ain’t so, Shlomo. How is the weather in Tel Aviv, ya hook nosed small hat.

    Does that give you mindless Jew-obsessors the same zing as doing it with your cell phone?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  176. @Richard B

    How was this possible? How did Whites fall asleep at the wheel?

    Good question but your history doesn’t go back far enough. Not by a long shot. With Jesus throwing or supposedly throwing the money lenders out of the temple, Christianity adopted the prohibition of usury as one of its main tenets, and its hatred of the Jews was at least partly based on the ability of Jews to use usury to take over property whenever they could induce governments or ruling classes to let their guard down. Almost immediately, right from the founding of Christianity, the Jews started to infiltrate, subvert and cajole to restore themselves to what they saw as their rightful place. They plotted endlessly, played the victim card, pushed the historic and thematic connections between the two religions, loaned money to financially strapped rulers, pimped their daughters as marriage partners, blackmailed endlessly, bribed rulers to become tax farmers, pushed for wars requiring massive infusions of Jewish money, financed both sides of a conflict, assassinated foes … The list goes on and on.

    One of their strategies, at least in the Pale of Settlement, was to have meetings in the synagogues where the various money lenders in a community would bid for the right to financially deal with particular goyim. When such an auctioned goy needed money he would find only one lender who would deal with him, and of course on outrageous terms.

    The origins of the Knights Templar are pretty murky but among their accomplishments, they instituted a sophisticated banking scam where crusaders would assign their wealth to the Templars in their home country in return for access to funds when they got to the holy land. You can only imagine what happened to the wealth if the crusader had a little accident. In any case the Templars became incredibly wealthy, from donations of course. Disbanded in 1309, many of its members escaped to higher things.

    Even Tomas Torquemada, the first head of the Spanish Inquisition was a converso or a Crypto-Jew. Controversy still exists as to where his loyalties actually laid.

    The Jesuits were founded by crypto-Jews in 1545. This led to a battle with the Vatican, which led to conversos being banned from the order. Nevertheless it has maintained a reputation of being a safe haven for crypto-Jews all the way to the present day.

    It was the Scofield Bible that made Zionists of so many Americans. It is probably not a coincidence that its publishing, in 1909, came but shortly after the founding of the Zionist movement.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  177. vot tak says:

    Osama bin Laden’s niece endorses Trump, says he must be re-elected to SAVE the Western world

    ” An endorsement from the bin Laden family is hardly the most coveted prize on the campaign trail, but Noor bin Ladin, niece of the 9/11 mastermind, has backed President Trump, claiming only he can save Western civilization.

    “ISIS proliferated under the Obama/Biden administration,” bin Ladin, who spells her surname different from her infamous uncle but has never made her relation a secret, told the New York Post on Saturday.

    “Trump has shown he protects America and us by extension from foreign threats by obliterating terrorists at the root and before they get a chance to strike,” bin Ladin added.

    Born in and residing in Switzerland, bin Ladin is an occasional visitor to the US and is a massive fan of American conservative politics. She’s regularly seen in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, and names Fox News’ Tucker Carlson as her favorite cable news host. Additionally, she’s been a vocal critic of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who she told the Post “actively hate[s] your country.”

    “I have been a supporter of President Trump since he announced he was running in the early days in 2015. I have watched from afar and I admire this man’s resolve,” she said. “He must be reelected … It’s vital for the future of not only America, but western civilization as a whole.”

    Whitney and bin ladin,
    Sitting in a tree….

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  178. @Kali

    Very sweet of you to try to bring in the police to shut UNZ down as alleged domestic terrorists.

    • LOL: Kali
    • Troll: vot tak
  179. @vot tak

    You mean Vot Tak and Bin Laden meeting in a safe house.

    • Troll: Kali
  180. Trinity says:

    And some of the most disturbing accounts are of adult Africans In America killing innocent and helpless children. Recently we had the case where a hate filled simian shot the poor little 5 year old white boy in front of the poor kid’s sisters, and of course you had Minneapolis, the home of the Saint George riots. While the St. George case caused a Jewish media frenzy of demanding social justice for a man who had once held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman during a home invasion, the case of another simian mangling a small white child garnered little more than obligatory coverage. This time, the criminal simian threw a helpless tiny white child off a balcony in a mall, breaking the little boy’s body and more than likely breaking his spirit for life. Poor little kid and his mother have a tough road ahead of them, meanwhile the evil cretin that caused all this pain received a few years ( 12-15 years I think) in prison in which he will more than likely be set free earlier than his original sentence date. Another case that is truly disturbing, this one probably happened a decade or so ago, an adult Black female kidnapped a 12 year old white kid in Texas and burned the boy to death with a blow torch. The Jew Media wants you to believe that Whites and cops are attacking Blacks all day and every day, that White on Black violence is one of America’s biggest problems. hahaha. White on Black violence is as rare as a spotted tiger, and Blue on Black violence is hardly an everyday occurrence but Black on White assaults, rapes, murders happen every single day in this country. Tens of thousands of Black on White rapes and/or sexual assaults alone, or about 100 every single day in America.

  181. Trinity says:

    Oh, look. Shlomo gave the typical Jewy response. An insult that has something to do with a weird sex act.

    When you really figure (((these people))) out, they are so predictable and boring. Even all those Jewy stand up comedians are really lame once you figure out their shtick. Kind of like Black comics, you have heard one, you have heard them all. Richard Pryor copies off Red Foxx and Eddie Murphy copies off Richard Pryor. No wonder Blacks and Jews are so useless for the most part, they lack imagination, originality, have no culture to speak of, and yet these parasites always say that Whites have no culture. Think about it, the most diversified race on the planet, Whites, have people like Jews and Blacks accusing them of having no culture. Look at Italians, now look at the Scots, the Scandinavians, Greeks, Germans, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, etc. Space travel, the invention of the automobile, those majestic castles in Europe, etc., etc. And you have two of the most useless non-contributors on the planet accusing Whites of having no culture. ROTFLMMFAO. You can’t make this shit up.

    Even “soul food” is not Black. “Soul food” is nothing more than White Southern cuisine that Blacks were taught how to cook by White southerners. I love watching those cooking shows where some Black will come on and describe collard greens and neck bones, sweet potato pie, etc., as being “soul food” that Blacks more or less brought to America or that they excel at cooking. smdh. Talk about culture appropriation. Completely STOLEN from White Southerners.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  182. Emslander says:

    The courage it takes to have a love affair with a video as opposed to going out and trying to have a real relationship with a real girl is about the same courage as it takes to run your vile racist and anti-Jewish diatribe anonymously against somebody you don’t know and you don’t even know is Jewish.

    YOU are a filthy joke.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  183. Truth says:

    Yeah, all that’s bad, but have you seen the television schedule for the new season?

  184. I meant to say Kali and Vot Tak and Bin Laden meeting in a safe house.

  185. Emslander says:

    Is that supposed to mean something?

  186. @Stephen J. Gray

    Big money is behind “BLM”. See link below.

    Great link–thanks.

    Anyone whose life or property is damaged by BLM should sue for damages–each and every one of these corporations and their Boards of Directors and senior management personally.

  187. vot tak says:

    He’s one of the “house trolls”.

    • Replies: @Kali
  188. vot tak says:

    Is mike whitney a mask the likudite zionazi-gay far right uses to influence people oppositional to the far right fascism engulfing the west, towards acceptance of this zionazism?

    Do bears deficate in the woods?

  189. Achi21 says:

    Clearly we have two opposing neoliberal factions at war with eachother.

    Faction 1:
    Globalist Corporate Cabal-Big Tech,Soros, City of London, CNN, NBC, NBA…..etc. Rockefeller/Nike/Apple all fund BLM because their growing market share is in CHINA not America, America is broke. They are attempting to over throw trumps small faction and open trade back up and keep selling their trinkets to the growing middle class in china.

    Faction 2
    Isreali First-MIC This faction despised IRAN deal and hates palestine, . Very large jewish oligarchs like Adleson(trump biggest donor)+Murdoch(FOX) are behind trump. As is MIC, trump has fed MIC and pulled out of nato and stirred up the worlds affairs so more and more countries will have to protect themselves and buy MIC weapons, and pay more for nato…etc. You can throw Kochs in their who use trump through Pompeo to really destroy the social saftey net and use military to attack venzuela who was price gouging the kochs heavy crude refinery in Corpus Christy.

    Neither faction is good in anyway for your average US citizen

  190. Richard B says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    Thanks for your response and for the links.

    And yes, there’s no question they got their hooks in early. But they didn’t have anything like the control they have now and there was certainly alot of pushback still going on right up until about a 100 years ago. Any chance we may have had was then. That was my basic point.

    Never the less, I still maintain that because their influence has been so negative, what we’re witnessing is, as I said before, The Pyrrhic Victory of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    Nothing quite fails like their success. Just look at NYC now. And not just NYC.

  191. Kali says:
    @vot tak

    Thanks vot tak.
    He’d make a better troll if he wasn’t such a moron though. Someone should tell him to up his game. 🙂

  192. @Robert Dolan

    This is true. Baby Boomers were mainly too young to have voted for Lyndon Johnson. The big culprit is the world war Ii generation who benefited from government after world war II. All the leadership of SDS were silent generation types like Bernie Sanders and Tom Hayden. Besides, the left still keeps picking the blacks over the Latinos even though the left says they are legalizing the Latinos. In Florida, Joe Biden is not wining since their are more Latinos than Blacks. In fact the Cubans and Venezuelans don’t like the Dems. Picking the blacks over the Latinos doesn’t help in picking up Texas either. The only place the left is helping the Latinos is in California by getting rid of 209 and cutting out White and Asians going to the UC or Cal state system.

  193. obvious says:

    not my hero trump!!

    “white trashionalist base”

    hoo boy THAT’s a keeper!

  194. @Mefobills

    A video from Steele, crypto Jew who said “There are too many white people in the Republican Party.” Any “veteran” gets an automatic OK from conservatives.

    Mack is controlled opposition also.

  195. Otoh/Imho says:

    “Virtually all white people contribute to racism” according to the Treasury Department.” (but usury does not bother them: the very banks that own the Fed (ditto the other CB’s) getting trillions, virtually interest-free in the name of TARP, QE and the COVID crisis, but still being allowed to charge their card-holders 20-30% APR. For 2,000 years this was known as the crime of usury, but these days the Treasury Department (which is a joke: the “Treasurer” signs the Federal-Reserve-note dollars and takes his marching orders from them) is more concerned with “microaggression.”

  196. rashomoan says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Not familiar with the psychological concept of projection?

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