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"I Believe We Are Facing an Evil That Has No Equal in Human History"
Interview with Moscow-based author, Riley Waggaman
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“I go back from age to age up to the remotest antiquity; but I find no parallel to what is occurring before my eyes: as the past has ceased to throw its light upon the future, the mind of man wanders in obscurity.” Alexis de Tocqueville

Question 1– I was under the impression that Putin opposed forced vaccination, but you say Russians are being coerced into getting jabbed. How does that work? Are the local governors acting unilaterally and imposing vaccine mandates behind Putin’s back or is there something else going on?

Riley Waggaman– Putin’s position on compulsory vaccination has arguably evolved over time. In March, he described such policies as “counterproductive.” Then, in early June, he said the vaccine would be available to anyone who “wants” it—while stressing authorities must do a better job of “clarifying the need” to get jabbed. Notably, he openly mocked some of the incentives (“free beer and sausage”) being used at the time by Western governments to entice people to roll up their sleeves. Two months later, Russia’s president argued vaccination should remain voluntary, while stipulating it was now “necessary” to create “different kinds of incentives” to increase uptake.

Whatever Putin’s personal views on mandatory vaccination may be, the reality is that Russia’s capital introduced the country’s first compulsory vaccination policy in mid-June, which required various business sectors to meet a 60% vaccination quota among employees. Workers who refused the shot were at risk of being suspended indefinitely without pay (or, in layman’s terms, “being fired”). Many other regions followed suit with similar (and even more stringent) mandates.

After the State Duma elections in late September, Russia’s regions began mass adopting vaccine mandates as well as QR-coded “health” passes. All 85 federal subjects of the Russian Federation now have compulsory vaccination rules (some more strict than others). For example, in Leningrad Oblast, all state, municipal and private organizations must ensure 100% of employees are fully vaccinated, or have a medical exemption or proof of prior infection in the last six months. Hold-outs will need to be tested every 72 hours. Do not be fooled by the loopholes: the same region ordered certain sectors to vaccinate 80% of their employees by September. The same strategy of incrementalism is being employed across Russia. Some parts of the country are even denying routine medical care to those without a QR code. One region recently announced that in four districts, all unvaccinated people would have to self-isolate—an “Austria-style” lockdown (which was actually inspired by a Tatarstan-style lockdown). In St. Petersburg and several other parts of the country, vaccination is now compulsory for all people over the age of 60.

Russia is now set to implement a nationwide QR code system to be used for nearly all aspects of “normal life.” Assuming the legislation passes the State Duma, these society-transforming restrictions—which will deprive the unvaccinated of freedom of movement and commerce, essentially making them second-class citizens—will come into force in February.

Are Russia’s regions acting against the wishes of the Kremlin as they tighten the screws on compulsory vaccination? Actually, all available evidence suggests quite the opposite. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on October 7 that “any measures that can encourage more people to get vaccinated are good.” A week later, Peskov accused unvaccinated Russians (the majority of the country) of making an “irresponsible” choice that “kills.” The Kremlin has been spouting this kind of puzzling, inflammatory rhetoric for months. On June 17, one day after Moscow announced its mandatory inoculation regime, Putin’s spokesman explained that the “principle” of non-obligatory vaccination “generally remains,” but Russians are not proactive enough about getting the shot. A day later, Anna Popova, the head of Russia’s consumer rights protection and human wellbeing agency (Rospotrebnadzor), described compulsory immunization as a “new tool” that can be utilized as the government sees fit.

Popova recently stated COVID restrictions will only end after “everyone” is vaccinated. With more than 50% of Russian adults still unvaccinated nearly a year after the country’s mass inoculation program began, how does the Russian government intend to make this happen?

Question 2– I’ve read quite a bit about the four main vaccines in the West, but know next to nothing about the Russian vaccines. Can you bring us up to speed on these injections? In particular, we’d like to know whether they use the same experimental “gene-based” technology that is employed by Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and AZ?

Riley Waggaman– There are several Russian COVID vaccines. Sputnik V, developed by the ministry of health’s Gamaleya Center, is by far the most commonly used drug, and so it’s the one that deserves the most scrutiny. Sputnik V is based on Gamaleya’s human adenovirus vector platform (Ad26 and Ad5), which is designed to transport genetic material into cells. If you examine the patent for Gamaleya’s influenza shot (which is posted on Sputnik V’s official website), the technology now being used for Sputnik V is openly referred to as a “genetic vaccine.”… Interestingly, Gamaleya’s director, Alexander Gintsburg, said there are no “significant” differences between Sputnik V and AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

A common claim made by Russian officials and the media is that there is no reason to worry about Sputnik V’s long-term safety because it is based on Gamaleya’s “proven” human adenovirus platform. The problem with this argument is that before Sputnik V, Gamaleya had repeatedly failed to bring a “genetic vaccine” to market. One attempt resulted in an embezzlement scandal, while other prototypes were never submitted for formal approval—suggesting they lacked the necessary safety and efficacy data to get the greenlight from regulators.

In terms of safety, how does Sputnik V’s stack up against Pfizer’s shot and other mRNA vaccines? It’s difficult to say. Russia does not have a VAERS-like database for reporting suspected adverse events among the general public. In fact, there is no regularly updated, publicly available data on any post-vaccination complications in Russia. It seems the Russian government’s position is that they do not exist. But doctors and lawmakers tell a different story, one supported by an informal database of suspected vaccine-linked deaths. Undeterred, authorities have compared these concerned citizens to “terrorists” and are now threatening “anti-vax” doctors with fines and even prison time, in essence making any medical professional who questions the vaccine a suspected criminal in the eyes of the Russian government.

There is another, equally alarming element to the Sputnik-mRNA vaccine comparison. There is now a huge body of evidence showing mRNA vaccines can cause serious side effects, and even death. But Sputnik V’s own developers openly support using Pfizer’s shot in Russia. Gamaleya’s Dmitry Shcheblyakov, who helped create Russia’s flagship jab, recently claimed there are clear “advantages” to mixing Sputnik V with “different vaccines made using different technologies.” Harvard-educated ex-Goldman Sachs banker Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which provides financing for Sputnik V, announced last month that joint research with Pfizer was already underway, and expressed confidence that a Sputnik/Pfizer cocktail will be a “very successful combination.” Similar “joint research” is reportedly being conducted with Moderna.

There are also questions about who, or what, is actually behind Sputnik V. In May 2020, Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, created a subsidiary—Immunotechnology LLC—to help “transfer technology” related to the vaccine. The CEO of Sberbank, Herman Gref, is part of JP Morgan’s International Council and is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s board of trustees. Gref claims he got the vaccine in April 2020—which would make him one of the first people in the world to be injected with Sputnik V (in fact, months before it was even known as “Sputnik V”).

As Russians become increasingly worried about the “QR-ization” of their country, it’s worth noting that Sberbank is developing a QR code-based payment system, while Gref has been toying with the idea of creating a “Sbercoin” digital currency in partnership with JP Morgan.

Question 3– Your answer is so far-reaching, I’m not sure how to follow it up. First, you confirm that Sputnik V is a “genetic vaccine” which suggests that the risks of bleeding, blood clots and autoimmunity are the same in Russia as they are the US. Then, you say there is a connection between the creator of the Russian vaccine and Pfizer as well as with some “Harvard-educated ex-Goldman Sachs banker” whose organization “provides financing for Sputnik V”. Finally, you suggest that the funding for the vaccine operation may come from the “CEO of Sberbank, Herman Gref, is part of JP Morgan’s International Council and is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s board of trustees.”

Your answer underscores the suspicion that these vaccines are the cornerstone of a much larger project aimed at restructuring the global economy and, perhaps, reducing the world’s population. Where does Bill Gates fit into the picture or does he??

Riley Waggaman– Gates definitely fits into the picture. Russia’s former health minister, Veronika Skvortosva, is a board member of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB). Created by the World Health Organization and World Bank, the GPMB has received generous funding from Gates (who is also a top contributor to the WHO, of course). Guess who else is on GPMB’s board? Anthony Fauci, as well as Chris Elias, President of the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Global Development Program. As RFK Jr. detailed in his newly released book, GPMB serves as

the real-life authoritative collective for imposing rules during the upcoming pandemic. This so-called “independent” monitoring and accountability body’s purpose was to validate the imposition of police state controls by global and local political leaders and technocrats, endorsing their efforts to take the kind of harsh actions that Gates’s simulation modeled: subduing resistance, ruthlessly censoring dissent, isolating the healthy, collapsing economies, and compelling vaccination during a projected worldwide health crises.
In June 2019, about twenty weeks before the start of the COVID pandemic, Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, summarized the conclusions of GPMB’s pandemic report, warning that “we are entering a new phase of high impact epidemics” that would constitute “a new normal” where governments worldwide would strengthen control and restrict the mobility of citizens.

Does any of that sound familiar?

In January 2020, just a few months before the world was turned upside down by COVID lockdowns and restrictions, Skvortsova resigned as Russia’s health minister as part of a shake-up of Putin’s cabinet. A week later she was appointed the head of Russia’s federal biomedical agency (FMBA). As head of the FMBA, she played an integral role in the early days of Russia’s COVID response, and later produced data showing Moscow had been overwhelmed by the “Delta strain”. Her findings provided some much-needed “science” to justify the capital’s highly unpopular compulsory vaccine mandate. As health minister, Skvortsova presided over a years-long data manipulation scandal involving fraudulent mortality rates. The fraud was so blatant that the Russian government even admitted that their books were cooked (the country’s regional governors were blamed and thrown under the bus by Dmitry Medvedev).

As for “COVID-triggered” economic restructuring: the Russian government has openly embraced the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. In October, the Russian government and the WEF signed a memorandum on the establishment of a Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Russia. Russia has already adopted a law allowing for “experimental legal regimes” to allow corporations and institutions to deploy AI and robots into the economy, without being encumbered by regulatory red tape. Returning to Gref and his digital Sbercoin: Russia’s central bank is already planning to test-run a digital ruble that, among other nifty features, could be used to restrict purchases.

Many are probably aware of UN Agenda 2030. Well, there is a Moscow 2030 plan, and it’s quite extraordinary. The blueprint for Russia’s capital calls for “genetic passports” that can be used to administer “gene therapies.” A document envisioning life in Moscow by the end of the decade also talks about “implanted medical digital devices” that can be used by insurance companies to calculate health insurance payments. It seems these ambitions won’t be limited to Moscow. In the last half of 2019, Russia’s State Duma commissioned a report to investigate the “conflict-free development” of a “new generation of technologies” (such as “genome editing”) in order to create a “new type of society.”

Question 4– I have a hard time believing that a Russian patriot, like Vladimir Putin, would go along with– what amounts to– a takeover of the country by foreign elites, the banker Mafia and the global drug cartel. Is he oblivious to what is going on right beneath his nose or are other factors at play?

Riley Waggaman– Wherever Putin stands on this, surely he must realize that the Russian government is pursuing hugely unpopular policies, first with coercive vaccination, and now with the proposed QR-ization of the country. State Duma Deputy Deputy Mikhail Delyagin recently warned that the adoption of a nationwide digital health “ausweis” would amount to a “coup d’état” that would hand external management of the country over to “Big Tech and Big Pharma through the WHO.” The reason I bring this up is because, at least as I understood his comments, Delyagin does not believe Putin is directly involved in what is happening and fears the Russian president will end up taking the blame for any social and/or economic chaos that may lie ahead (Delyagin: “When these feral oligarchs come to power, when this feral medical mafia comes to power, Russia will not exist! There will be no one to defend Russia! If Putin signs this law, who will defend Putin? I’ll name two dozen, but what about the rest? Help yourself, protect yourself and Russia from a coup d’état!”). If this is the case, it is imperative to stop these dangerous, destabilizing policies before they spark serious upheaval in Russia.

In truth, it’s hard to argue Putin is a clear ally in the fight against experimental drug mandates or the World Economic Forum’s twisted vision for the future. In January, the Russian president gave an address at the WEF in which he called for “expanding the scale of [COVID] testing and vaccinations” around the world. He went on to state that a “high-quality structure” must be created to help overcome “social imbalances” that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. “State budgets and central banks” should play a “key role” in quickly restoring the global and national economies, Putin explained.

Isn’t this just a fancy way of saying Build Back Better?

We desperately need open, frank dialogue about what is happening in Russia right now–discussions which are conspicuously absent in the vast majority of “indy media.” I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I’m shocked that so few seem to be asking any questions.

Question 5– In Russia, we see the same red flags that are appearing across the West; coerced vaccinations, suspension of civil rights, and the steady slide towards authoritarianism. To what extent do you see these developments as a primordial struggle between good and evil?

Riley Waggaman– I am often reminded of that unsettling line from Alexis de Tocqueville: “I go back from age to age up to the remotest antiquity; but I find no parallel to what is occurring before my eyes: as the past has ceased to throw its light upon the future, the mind of man wanders in obscurity.”

With each passing day it seems we are being forcibly severed from our own past. We are being “retrained” to accept a new civilizational model. It’s happening at the local, regional, national and global level. It is tearing apart families.

I do believe we are facing an evil that has no equal in human history. We are in completely unchartered and extremely dangerous territory. Still, there are lessons, and warnings, we can take from history. The worldwide introduction of digital health passes bears a striking resemblance to the global adoption of international passports after WW1. Your passport is a WW1 relic. It was supposed to be a temporary document to control the flow of refugees and keep out enemy spies. It wasn’t so temporary though, was it?

The Austrian novelist Stefan Zweig wrote at length about what this new system of control meant for those who had lived in pre-war Europe: “Human beings were made to feel that they were objects and not subjects, that nothing was their right but everything merely a favor by official grace. They were codified, registered, numbered, stamped… The humiliations which once had been devised with criminals alone in mind now were imposed upon the traveler, before and during every journey.”

He added: “Always I had to think of what an exiled Russian had said to me years ago: ‘Formerly man had only a body and a soul. Now he needs a passport as well for without it he will not be treated like a human being.’”

Now we are all suspected biohazards, on top of being potential criminals. At this point, are the “unjabbed masses” even viewed as human beings in the eyes of our global overlords? Even those who dutifully got their booster shot must now realize their freedoms will not be returned to them. That’s not how it works. Duma Deputy Delyagin touched on this in his video appeal to Russians:

“They are already talking to us in the same way they usually talk to animals. The state now speaks so boorishly to the people. This is how they talk to the population of the occupied territories, who for some reason do not understand that they are occupied.”

A remarkable observation, one that applies to almost the entire world.

I have a young son. He is a Russian citizen. I would like him to be treated as a human being.

The situation is extremely grim. Personally, I believe there is a deep spiritual element at play. How do we stop this profound evil?

Bio– Riley Waggaman is a Moscow-based writer. He worked for Russia Insider, RT, and Press TV. He contributes to and He writes regularly about Russia on his Substack account:

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  1. For an version of the interview with links/citations, please view here:

    Thank you again, Mike!

  2. This article had many links which vanished due to my poor editing.
    My apologies to all.
    They can be found here on Riley’s Substack account

    • Thanks: The Real World
    • Replies: @Capn B
  3. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The temptation to monitor and control the general population by those in power is always there. During this time period many new billionaires have been minted as wealth is squeezed out of the mass of people, being siphoned upwards. In this case there’s this vast interconnectedness between financial interests, big pharma and politicians. There’s lots and lots of money washing around for the right people. It can also serve as the first turn of the screws to population control for other purposes such as war. Any future wars involving the major powers would probably entail massive casualties so ways have to be found to coerce the population to comply with the government’s mandates. They forced their respective populations through a meat grinder in WW I without any qualms and they’ll do it again today even as nukes might go off. Sociopathic greed and lust for power combined with viewing their subjects as expendable is a common thread.

    • Agree: HdC, idrankwhat
  4. As a reformed agnostic let me tell you that we are now in the End Times as prophesied in the Bible. Yet most people believe that all the recent extraordinary developments are down to a virus.

    Try to do the right thing in all your activities and put your trust in God.

    • Disagree: TTSSYF
    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
    • LOL: Realist
    • Replies: @Tom Ratliff
    , @MarkU
    , @lydia
  5. simply another stage in the Jews’ 2,500 year-long

    war against Whites and their civilization. Fact is,

    as witness also Putin’s refusal to do anything about

    Israel’s near-daily attacks on his Syrian ally,

    there are still too many Jew oligarchs fluttering

    around the Kremlin. And as is also evident,

    the entire vax racket, in North America and Europe/Russia

    is clotted with Jews.

    • Agree: Irish Savant, donut
    • Replies: @Zorton the Cruel
  6. Athena says:

    The division of Light and Power

    Dennis Kucinich spoke about the book he authored The Division of Light and Power, which catalogues his experiences in Cleveland as a City Counselor and subsequently as Mayor. He will link these experiences to what is happening currently. Among the themes from which he will select are:

    Public ownership vs. privatization of utilities
    Corruption – media (fake news), business, politics
    – The value of personal courage and the constructive role of loyalty to priniciple
    – A divided United States of “Haves” and “Have Nots”
    Authoritarianism: Its presence and its potential for destruction.

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @MarkU
  7. Wild Bill says:

    People like to hope for a saviour whether it be a religious one or a Trump or a Putin, but the fact is their saviour can be found any time by looking in the mirror. As for their freedom, it is the same freedom people have always had, all the freedom you can claim and protect yourself. The best thing about your saviour is you can be sure it is loyal. As for the minions of tyranny today, they are not so bright. They never look at what happens to their parasite class after the take over is complete. How did all those right hand men of Mao and Stalin and Truman make out? How happily ever after did their families live? How will the future be in the nut bin until suicide from a sealed window on the sixteenth floor happens? Hang in there. We may not be newsworthy, but we have our moments.

    • Agree: idrankwhat, Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @treepecker
  8. Wild Bill says:

    With thanks to the creator of the cartoon I have stolen this from.

    “The fourth little pig’s house was made from wolf skulls. They are not very sturdy, but they send a message.”

  9. America not Russia will need to lead the way.

  10. nickels says:

    So disappointed in Russia.
    What a bunch of mongrel beasts.

    • Replies: @Franz
  11. ariadna says:

    “Screw the muzhiks! What did they ever do for me? I want to go to Davos! No more secret deals, I want open recognition. Let me in, I’ll do everything you tell me to do and then some!”

  12. @Irish Savant

    Super. I’m also — very recently — a reformed agnostic.

    To all: The world is but a field where we have all been strewn. Keep His commands and bear fruit, because the harvest is certainly soon coming.

    • Agree: Rogue
  13. @Riley Waggaman

    Is there a dissociation between what the government says and what the Russian people actually are experiencing? In other words, are the people able to effectively resist or impede the execution of these laws or policies?

    • Replies: @Riley Waggaman
    , @Ellie
  14. @idrankwhat

    Yes, absolutely. People do not follow mask/social distancing rules here. They are “over it”, whatever “it” is. However, this will likely all change if nationwide QR codes are put in place. More here:

    • Thanks: idrankwhat
  15. Franz says:

    So disappointed in Russia.
    What a bunch of mongrel beasts.

    Not beasts, only human.

    Why be disappointed that they are where we are? Lied to, jerked around, treated like a conquered people in the land they were born in…

    Yeah, sounds like us.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  16. Franz says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    America not Russia will need to lead the way.

    That’s the trouble.

    Leading the world into the gutter since the Berlin Wall came down.

    We were so jubilant. But it was more like we let Super wolves out of their cages. And there’s no getting them back in.

    • Agree: Realist
  17. This doesn’t surprise me. Russia at its core still retains a strong tradition of authoritarianism. Putin silently approves of all of this, and it’s people will still look up to a strongman.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  18. @Fidelios Automata

    “America not Russia will need to lead the way.”

    Mm-hm… And they say a fine Gothic-arched bridge in New York City is on sale, cheap…

  19. hillaire says:

    Perhaps now that vlad rasputin, another WEF global leader alumni like the rest of the miscreants running what passes for ‘nation’ states… has played his hand, perhaps people will look differently at the Evil that is engulfing the entire world…

    chinkys and slavs most certainly aren’t coming to save your sorry carcasses.. no matter what mendicants in the so called ‘alternative media’ slop in yer bowls…

    more likely they’ll be policing the camps…

  20. hillaire says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Its ‘people’ will have ceased to exist, imbeciles like yourself don’t seem able to appraise the situation, the mendicants running this operation for Evils sake are going to to turn you all into genetically modified ‘products’… you will really be ‘company men’ but probably neither as you imagined nor a ‘man’…

    That’s the new ‘economy’ numbskull (the old one crashed two years ago, with a little help from it’s creators)… and what do you think happens to lab-rats when they have served their purpose?…

    Well ….you wont be going romancing down the Champs Elysee… that I can tell you….

  21. It’s one thing for the Russian government to say that they’re going to implement digital passports, force 100 percent inoculation rates etc. etc., but delivering on that promise is another thing. Russia has had 30 years to re-organize state departments like the post office and it still hasn’t done so. It’s still the lumbering dinosaur it was in 1990, with few improvements. A large part of the Russian government and economy is totally corrupt and getting an inoculation passport will be as easy as paying someone off. How is this going to be policed, by the army? Again, grease someone’s palm and they will mark you down as inoculated. Russia isn’t Austria or Germany where half the population of a crowd will still click their heels and automatically volcalize “Ja Capitan” if they hear the word “Achtung”. No, the Russians spent 1917 to 1990 honing their skills on how to avoid doing things they don’t like or doing them as slow as possible and since 1990 have learned to enjoy a free society. They’re not going to go along with this, they will resist it with everything they have. It might not be done by direct defiance like we have in the west, it will be done in a more subtle way by putting sand in the gears of every government policy. The Russian society runs on half flat tires as it is, see what happens when the remaining air is let out of those tires.

    • Agree: idrankwhat
  22. I’ll hazard a guess MW became aware of Riley W via this excellent interview podcast “Geopolitics and Empire.” I’m subscribed and for good reason. Do check it out.

  23. @Riley Waggaman

    I posted the link to your “Geopolitics and Empire” interview further down in the comments. Btw, that was great! We’ve been starved for what’s been happening in Russia.

    • Replies: @Riley Waggaman
  24. @David from Alaska

    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

    • Replies: @mh505
  25. BorisMay says:

    Russia is Russia and always has been. The same with Europe, India and China. The rest of the world…all of the Americas and most of Asia, much of Africa and all of the antipodes are the ‘new world’. The one might have balanced the other but this new world order has thrown a spanner in the works.

    Societies based upon greed, or international finance, will always succumb to oligarchs because a system based upon oligarchic essentials is a morally weak one.

    The only saviour that will come to your rescue is you. There is, and never has been, any other except in the manipulations of the education system you were brought up in. Davy Crockett is the US, Robin Hood in the UK, William Tell in Switzerland and, well, maybe a thousand other apparent heroes some older oligarch promoted for the sake of his tyranny.

    Trust no one,
    Do not be afraid
    Support your kith and kin through this evil by networking amongst your own people.

    This may be a time of the greatest evil ever cast upon man. Then again it may not.

    The point is to live the most positive life you are able: speak truth to power: do to others what you would have done to you: protect the weak, the poor and the vulnerable: find solace in small things, a flower, a ray of sunshine or a smile: be merciful: see life as a tool of learning.

    Death is just a doorway from one reality, the physical, to another, spirituality.

    • Thanks: idrankwhat
  26. donut says:

    It seems that the majority of the insanity going on in the world today can be traced to the European Enlightenment in the 18th century .

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  27. Anonymous[954] • Disclaimer says:

    How reliable is this Riley Waggaman? Why did he “leave” RT for unemployment?

    • Replies: @mutthead52
  28. @Anonymous

    Riley is very reliable. I have followed his work on several Russian info sites for years, beginning well before covid. His current positions, of which I like many others hopeful for an alternative to the WEF-West, was initially skeptical, have been fully verified and validated by a large number of Russian Telegram commenters of highest reputation and loyalty to the motherland. If you knew Margarita Simonyan at RT you’d know why Riley wisely left.

    • Replies: @glib
  29. Ximenes says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Two thirds of Americans got vaxxed, many of them immediately. Less than a third of Russians have so far. Who is more gullible?

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  30. This is dreadful. If the Russians are not resisting the WEF and their great reset, then our future is looking very grim indeed. How were they even able to get Russia onboard with their plans?

    • Replies: @glib
    , @Erebus
    , @Kali
    , @Anon
  31. Miro23 says:

    I recently read Kucinich’s book “The Division of Light and Power” (on a recommendation of someone on Unz – I can’t remember who). Like he says, it’s allegory – an illustration on the local scale (Cleveland) of what’s happening to the US on the national scale.

    As mayor of Cleveland he fought the Empire, represented locally by the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company (CEI) trying to buy out and loot the public owned Electric Utility – which he defended. The usual corporate/ banking/ political/ media/ legal crowd were set up against him using every kind of smear, financial and technical dirty trick plus trying to bribe him and acting innocently surprised by three murder attempts.

    Kucinich has political ambitions (he was a member of the House of Representatives 1997 – 2013) and this book and the Progressive Democrats of America look like part of his advancement.

    The thing about Kucinich is that he doesn’t give up, he identifies strongly with the poor, he’s not corrupt, but he’s quite flexible about who he deals with in realizing his aims. It’s more of an issue based approach focusing on poor people’s economic concerns. There’s an amazing long running feud in the book between himself and Cleveland City Council President George Forbes – but they still keep talking.

    Altogether he would make a fine US President, which is probably what he’s aiming for.

    One strange point is that he had a most loyal and enthusiastic wife Sandra Lee Kucinich (Sandy) who gave him tremendous support only to suddenly fade out with a divorce (1986). Something not right there.

    • Agree: MarkU, Mustapha Mond
  32. glib says:

    Riley is very reliable.

    Not only reliable but one of the two sites written in English that told the truth while all this was happening (the other being Russian Faith). Other English sites that cover Russia a lot resort to radio silence and/or censorship. Go try to post about Russian resistance (far stronger than in the West) in sites controlled by former Unz columnists for example. You will be “moderated” no matter how on point and polite.

  33. glib says:

    How were they even able to get Russia onboard with their plans?

    If by Russia you mean “The Russian people”, they are not on board. In 75 days in Russia I met one pro-vaxx person, the consul of a European country. If there is one country that is 99% no-vaxx, this is it. There is a lot of passive resistance, in fact as much as there can be without resorting to civil war. Soldiers, hospitality workers and doctors are in it. No one wears a mask properly, although a slight majority will wear it on the chin or well below the nose. They do it without making a fuss but they do it. Mentally they are dug in. I have no doubt that the moment the government tries to vaxx children things will escalate dramatically.

    • Thanks: Erebus, idrankwhat
  34. MarkU says:

    An excellent interview with a very articulate person.

    I too am disappointed (but not surprised) by the Russian response to the Covid-19 situation. Perhaps because it has developed its own ‘vaccine’ the Russian leadership has failed to examine the alternatives and adopted the ‘vaccine’-centric policies of the Western world. To my mind, any country that has not taken a long hard look at Ivermectin has been failed by its leaders.

    One of the most serious problems is that getting to the top in any area of life requires a great deal of dedication and that is going to mean specialisation.

    The other issue issue is that we are dealing with a scientific controversy and (like it or not) very few laypersons are capable of arriving at an independent conclusion in these matters. If you don’t have the time, the inclination and the conceptual toolkit required to form an independent opinion then you are reliant on ‘authorities’ for your understanding of what is going on. In any scientific controversy there are going to be experts with impressive sounding qualifications on both sides (how else could it be a controversy?) It is always going to be possible to find some ‘expert(s)’ somewhere who are willing to tell you what you want to hear (even flat Earthers and creationists can find them) Even scientists will usually fail to form an independent opinion if the subject is outside their field of expertise.

    Putin is not a scientist, he may have the intelligence but he surely doesn’t have the time to form a truly independent opinion, consequently he is dependent on the ‘experts’ assembled for him by others. We know that he is striving to prevent his country being disconnected from the West and we also know that having a markedly different ‘vaccine’ policy to the West would lead to more disconnection. The ‘vaccine’ promoters are obviously telling Putin what he wants to hear, he is only exhibiting normal human behaviour when he believes them.

  35. MarkU says:

    Kucinich is one of the very few decent people in American politics.

  36. MarkU says:
    @Irish Savant

    I’m sorry to hear about your cognitive decline.

    In a world largely run by Jews, how surprising is it that we are following the script from a book mostly written by Jews? Is it evidence of a God also invented by Jews? I don’t think so.

  37. Erebus says:

    How were they even able to get Russia onboard with their plans?

    In his blog, Waggaman notes that the IMF put an $18B offer on the table and the Kremlin bit. Apparently, Belarus succumbed to an IMF offer of $1B despite having rejected it 1.5 yrs ago.

    Doubtless there were a few sticks mixed in with the carrots, but it seems the deal could not be refused. We’ll see how close to the mark Joe Paluka’s comment (#21) turns out to be. My ex-pat Russian friends seem to think that officials will pretend to enforce the rules and the people will pretend to follow them. The biggest difference to the West is that vaxxed Russians stand almost as firmly against mandates and passes as the unvaxxed.

    What I find “dreadful” is that Putin flip-flopped on a crucial, even existential point. Russia has no need to “Reset” anything. Its sovereign debts are negligible, its resources abundant, its population tiny, its defences impregnable, and Putin spent 20+ yrs rebuilding its foundational Christian culture. What’s to “Reset”?

    There’s more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps a lot more. Perhaps TPTB have concluded that they’ve lost the US, and offered him Europe.

    • Agree: idrankwhat
    • Thanks: TheJamesRocket
    • Replies: @glib
  38. Good to get some analysis of the Sputnik jab but how about the Chinese ones? I have come across no critical analysis of the Chinese vaccines and possible adverse reactions to it in the alternative media.

  39. JimDandy says:

    So…. why wouldn’t Big Pharma want a Marek’s Disease type outcome?

    • Replies: @Ed Case
    , @MarkU
  40. glib says:

    Excellent comment for someone who is not here, Erebus. Yes, pretending is part of the game. There is one person I know, unvaxxed, who should by all official standards be fired. They tell me he is completely safe. Admin people are in it too. Another one whipped out a 10-years old allergy diagnosis and got his or her exemption pronto, the doctor did not check anything.

    This is difficult to explain to someone born and raised in the USA, but for me (born in a rural area in Italy), it is almost second nature: people automatically collaborate to help and protect each other against the govt. I made deals before I could speak russian, and if you have a tuned ear, reciprocal help opportunities are there for the taking almost daily. Once you have done a deal, many other deals with that person are possible. Plus, they have a certain depth and historical memory. Even a person of modest instruction will tell you that giving this much power to the central government has always ended in tears. They have a clarity that is regrettably lacking in the West populace.

    To paraphrase Mao, this is very good water for a fish to swim in, in this day and age. I am worried about this and other signs, of course. The increased digitization of finance and the insouciance by which the youth accepts it. I know 20-somethings who have not been in a supermarket in years, and that may end in tears too if they take away cash. The arrogance, condescension and Western connections of those in power attacking the no-waxxers (Riley describes them aptly in his blog). The perceptible turns of the screws as time goes by.

    To also say something positive about the govt: we do not have all the info. For sure the viral season here started poorly, with everyone sick. All you need to is look at euromomo, and you don’t see Russia, but you see Ukraine very affected. Also, all my friends got sick. A local well known doctor, head of a local hospital, died of covid, and it was covid (I know first hand). He was unvaxxed but the local press did not mention that in the obituaries. It is a very fluid situation. The next big thing is whether the Duma passes mandatory QR on all transportation in February.

  41. Ed Case says:

    Marek’s Disease is another Big Pharma scam.
    Wild Fowl interact with domestic fowl all the time, why haven’t Wild Fowl been obliterated by Marek’s?

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  42. @The_seventh_shape

    I would also be very interested in learning more about the Chinese vaccines.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  43. @The_seventh_shape

    Good point. To me this is where all this “depopulation through vaccination” malarkey falls down. The promulgators of the great reset theory seem unaware that zero US-EU vaccines have been administered on the PRC mainland. We are thus supposed to believe the depopulation is only for essentially western countries, allowing PRC, East Asia countries, African countries etc to escape.
    But, in answer to your question, it appears the Chinese shots have much less adverse reactions than mRNA and adenovirus drugs.

  44. What no one is saying is that the world before coronavirus HAD to change.

    It was just getting too ridiculous and perverse. Chopping your 8 year old boy’s balls off to virture signal, drag queens foddling 5 year olds during library hour, Pride parades every day of the year, celebrity culture revolving around Kim Kardashian’s bottom, I mean it HAD to go.

    The “” oligarchs”” did us a big favor. Nothing was gonna wake us up, except maybe a poisonous jab, dropping dead, or quick-onset cancer from the jab. And that’s not even doing it.

    People get bad myocarditis from their second jab, and then turn around and tell everyone to get the booster. We want to return to THIS???

    It’s time everyone admits the Plandemic scam has been the best thing to happen to humanity since the Resurrection of Christ.

    The medical system has been the THIRD leading cause of death for decades. Read the Starfield Report. She laid it all out for everyone to see. No one cared.

    Time to shake off 500 years of lies, scams, grifting, and Godlessness. I lay the whole thing at the feet of Godlessness.

    God has had enough, and is giving us a choice.

    Bring it.

    • Troll: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @MarkU
  45. MarkU says:

    In a nutshell !! why wouldn’t they? To be fair to people who don’t know what we are on about…..

    You have to admit that it is a good business plan, vaccine dependency I mean. I’m not claiming to be a financial expert but it seems to me that making your customers dependent on you is probably going to produce more revenue than exterminating them.

    I have been posting about ‘leaky’ vaccines, natural selection and Marek’s disease since February. I consider it intuitively obvious that a ‘leaky’ vaccine is going to be futile when dealing with a highly infectious and mutable disease. Using the ‘leaky’ vaccine during an actual pandemic is even worse, bad enough to disturb the likes of Geert Vander Bossche (normally a vaccine advocate)

    I can’t realistically tell whether vaccine dependency is a goal, or whether the vaccine companies just want to make profits by selling annual boosters (the equivalent of antivirus software upgrades) What I do know is that the current crop of ‘vaccines’ is futile and unnecessarily dangerous and that potentially life-saving treatments have been deliberately obstructed and concealed. .

  46. Kali says:

    This is dreadful. If the Russians are not resisting the WEF and their great reset, then our future is looking very grim indeed. How were they even able to get Russia onboard with their plans?

    Maybe it’s not so dreadful?

    If this revelation leads us lowly commoners to actually stand up for ourselves, to fight back against despotism, to garner and generate the means for our own survival, to create economic independance out of the reach of the bankers psudo-science (the “economy stupid”) and the nonsensical belief that money is necessary to our existance, then maybe this is the catalyst we need for upending the oligarchic power of “the state” by creating an entirely different mode of social and econimic organisation premised upon giving all we can into our communities whilst taking only what we need.

    Now that we know there is no-one comming to save us maybe we’ll finally do what’s needed to save ourselves?

    Best wishes,

  47. anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    Notably, despite some dependence on Russia and Putin, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, is holding the line against vax and mask mandates and the whole covid hysteria

    Here he is in a cabinet meeting, 2min20 vid with English subtitles, telling officials to stop making life difficult for Belarus citizens regarding masks, PCR tests and all the rest … and they call this man a dictator? To many now around the world, Luka is a hero for standing up to this agenda

    • Thanks: Richard B
  48. @MarkU

    I’m sorry to hear about your cognitive decline.

    You sound insecure.

    How old were you when you finally had everything all figured out?

    • Replies: @MarkU
  49. mh505 says:
    @Riley Waggaman

    Where can we find your blog?

    • Replies: @Riley Waggaman
  50. @MarkU

    You could be right. I’d have said the same thing as you a few years ago….

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Thomas Faber
  51. Mikael_ says:

    I have to say the answer to question #2 sets off my BS-meter quite a bit:
    – lumping together Vector-based with mRNA-based vaccines
    zero mention/explanation on the other Russian vaccines than Sputnik V, and their workings
    – too quick detour onto banking involvement, without setting the groundwork properly

    I then struggle to take the rest of the interview at face value, either.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @glib
    , @MarkU
  52. MarkU says:
    @Greta Handel

    I haven’t been young enough to know everything since my twenties. How old were you when you found you could psychoanalyse a complete stranger from only a sentence or two?

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  53. MarkU says:
    @Irish Savant

    That is such a disarming response, I’m beginning to regret my cheap shot.

  54. @donut

    Yes, in conjunction with the overall failure of Christianity, in all its different recipes. The grotesque Catheter Church to the Protestant dead ends. Today, it works hand in hand with the NWO, WEF, and the Satanic Forces of Evil. Thus it is itself a destroyer.

    The Enlightenment is a set of constructs that fit the Aristotelian mind of the West, the division into categories, each separate and unrelated, i.e., compartmentalization.

    Had Buddhism been the dominant religion of the West, no {{{Tribal Termites}}} could have begun their destruction of all underpinnings of the West’s Peoples.

  55. @Irish Savant

    Good Savant;

    I personally do not doubt that there is real Truth in religion – God *is* real – and that you are therefore correct to say that we should do our best, and put our trust in God. There *is* more to life than physical reality, and more to us than our bodies and minds. Also, I am convinced that Jesus was a genuine prophet, and that the Gospels are a solid foundation for life, if properly interpreted.

    At the same time, I do not believe that the Revelation of St. John is a prophecy, but is instead a record of the inner experiences of a highly advanced mystic.

    We can easily mislead ourselves by confusing metaphysics with our objective, shared reality. By the same token, we can easily *be* mislead by others consciously or unconsciously confusing these things for us. This is seen many religious congregations; we humans are prone to superstition. At the same time we must admit, if we are honest with ourselves, that we do not have the answers to some of our most fundamental existential questions. And for most of us, the keen sense of *not knowing* does not feel secure – so if we do not simply forget that they are there, we grasp at what is offered. This is an entry-point for both charlatans and self-deluded fools, and we should be careful what we believe.

    Specifically, it seems that the occult rulers of our world are trying to convince the world that Revelation is indeed a prophetic vision, in order to deceive the world.

    I do not want to give the impression that I know everything about these things – I certainly do not – but I have been studying them for a number of years by now, and I do think that I know a thing or two.

    I would say that you are on the right track – if you feel your soul stirring, and faith and hope springing up in your heart, that is real, and good to nurture. At the same time I would say to you: “keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out”.

    In any case, metaphysical realities have to be proven by ourselves. Personal experience is the only real test of such things.

    To read more about the hypothesis of the “Revelation-deception”, I can recommend this site:

    As for the metaphysics – I have found both Jesus and Yogananda to be good guides.
    Yoganandas well-known autobiography can be found here, and is *well* worth reading:

    • Agree: Kali, Kali
    • Replies: @Kali
  56. @MarkU

    Sorry if I read too much into your cheap shot.

    It made you sound like a witless, stereotypically smug atheist a**hole.

  57. @Riley Waggaman

    Absolutely FORBIDDEN! All we get is the usual agit-prop hatemongering that the ‘CCP vaccines’ are rubbish, because Chinese brains are not as sharp as White, Western, JUDEO-christian ones. Asking for one, a traditional attenuated virus vaccine, invites outrage and reference to our rulers, the ‘intelligence’ agencies. PS Are you really from Wagga?

    • Replies: @Riley Waggaman
  58. Kali says:
    @Thomas Faber

    Apparently I agree with you twice!
    Fair enough. You did use one of my favourite quotes (“keep an open mind … “) and recommend a book that I found to be well worth reading too. Plus I’m inclined to agree with all of the other points you make.

    Best wishes,

  59. I have a hard time believing that a Russian patriot, like Vladimir Putin, would go along with– what amounts to– a takeover of the country by foreign elites, the banker Mafia and the global drug cartel.

    How naive do you have to be to believe that Vladimir Putin, of all people, is a “Russian patriot”? I suppose if you pay no attention to the massive capital outflows to the West over the decades that Putin did nothing to stop, the steady immigration from Central Asia, the steady increase in the Muslim population, the influence of Chechen organized crime, the disastrous decision to destroy Russia’s soft power in Ukraine, the deterioration of health and education infrastructure in Russian provinces and a policy of genuflecting to China, maybe you can think Putin is a “patriot”.

  60. @Ximenes

    Obviously the Russians are more gullible. In Scandinavia close to 80% of adults are vaccinated, with little fuss. Life is normal there again. Look at the past 300 years – do you really believe Russians have better judgement in how to run a society than Danes or Swedes?

    Not surprisingly vaccination rates are very low in South Africa, because blacks refuse to get vaccinated. So you can act like an intelligent northern European white person – and get vaccinated – or you can act like an illiterate black African – and recite conspiracy mumbo jumbo. Very sad that once again Russian culture has turned out to be more African than European.

    • Troll: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @Miro23
    , @Anon
  61. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:

    A lot of these answers are just pulling a bunch of circumstantial factoids that do not necessarily fit the overall narrative. It really looks like a classic case of picking and rearranging data to fit a predetermined conclusion.

    Also, he’s pretending to be much more measured in this interview while his blog (and one interview I saw) shows him to be an overeager activist. As an example, here he’s supposedly unsure about Putin’s allegiances, but elsewhere he paints him as the ultimate evil. That’s deceptive. A wannabe journo shouldn’t be in the acting business.

    I’m not saying that Waggaman is 100% wrong. I just don’t like him and I don’t trust him. Looks like it’s hard to find an objective Russian for political commentary. They’re either blind Putin fanboys or blind Soros bitch-boys whether they know it or not.

    • Replies: @Riley Waggaman
  62. @Peter Akuleyev

    This argument

    So you can act like an intelligent northern European white person – and get vaccinated – or you can act like an illiterate black African – and recite conspiracy mumbo jumbo.

    is a pathetic appeal to conformist insecurity.

    With all the information available (despite Establishment suppression) to inform such an important personal health decision, how cowardly would a man have to be to make it on that basis?

    • Agree: TheJamesRocket
    • Replies: @Grasshopper Kaplan
  63. @Anonymous

    ya, a soros bitch boy.
    4 years as an editor at
    former Press TV Moscow Correspondent
    former Russian Insider managing editor
    If you think I have the facts wrong — let’s debate the issues.

    • Replies: @Grasshopper Kaplan
  64. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    it’s quite incredible, isn’t it?

  65. @Fidelios Automata

    We the people need to lead

    Make a sign and hold it up for a half hour in the sun where folks can read it

    Watch the responses

    Stop the Evill vaxxine
    End the fear campaign

    Sad that my Homeland drank the Kool aid

  66. @Riley Waggaman

    Debate has never occurred in this rotten ass country

    We have the freedom to say how rotten it is

    Is that helping ?

  67. @Greta Handel

    There is an element of racism in the argument you responded to in your comment about….from the original commenter

    Russia is pretty racist but not in the same way as slaveholder America

    The QR is a way to enslave us all


    I doubt based on latest OmniCON that any continent is safe from the vazxxport scamdate

    Can we turn in to squirrels and climb the trees ?

    Nope they made the fucking chestnuts GMO

    That’s a metaphor so far…

    They are making us of Womanity to be
    G MO

    How can they resist having the option to turn off the resistance?

    But this is a one way trip

    And those committing the war crimes of genocide (Thanks Francis Boyle)
    And those who did the original gain of function frankencooking
    Did not consider

    It is a one way trip ripped thru the needle

    It don’t have a n emergency brake

    There is no mechanism to stop the evil

    So pray to God, create a God you can pray to and get right with
    Pray to Goddess
    Pray to Oshira the Goddess of Freedom and ganja

    Pray to Light

    If you don’t have a God take mine and pray…and act.
    Take any action that is peaceful
    Take the action you are moved to make

    They’ve stolen our smiles
    Take back your smile and share it

    See how powerful a smile is

    The first thing they took was our smile

    A smile can bring down the whole shitshow if we can all start smiling at each other again

    If we can smile we can laugh
    If we can laugh at their evil
    We shall overcome today

  68. glib says:

    – lumping together Vector-based with mRNA-based vaccines
    – zero mention/explanation on the other Russian vaccines than Sputnik V, and their workings
    – too quick detour onto banking involvement, without setting the groundwork properly

    If I may interject:

    1) I do not understand the lumping together of vector and mRNA myself. It is one thing to count adverse reactions, but in principle mRNA’s reaction could (and probably are) much more fatal. Perhaps Riley can discuss this.

    2) The other vaccines are completely unavailable, at least in the provinces. Feel free to look for covivac anywhere out of the two big cities

    3) The links are there and are worrisome. I myself do not understand why there should be a WEF office in Moscow. I do not understand why this administration should create multiple Hillary/deplorable moments.

    Even if the details are wrong, Riley is one of the few (the only one, except for a couple of guys at Russian Faith) who has written in English about all this. There is a lot of angst and worry in the population. I think the difference is that there is still some dialogue between parts of the elite and the people, which is as it should be. De facto the enforcement of rules in Russia is much more lax than anywhere in the West, and that may be by design (or cunning plan). Riley is motivated by his young child and I share those motives. It is normal to act this way once a child is involved, and the elites that want vaccinations forever should really think hard before touching that third rail…

    • Replies: @Riley Waggaman
  69. @glib

    I appreciate your fair and courteous comments. I’ve noticed some seem to be splitting hairs, or attacking me personally (as if they knew me), in an attempt to dismiss me. But this isn’t about me. So it’s very weird.

    To respond to your points:

    1. Perhaps I should have been more precise with my language. I did not intent to “lump” Sputnik V together with mRNA vaccines, but rather to respond to the widely held view that Sputnik is superior to the mRNA shots in terms of safety. How could we possibly know, given the Russian government’s peculiar lack of transparency on the matter?

    In fact, I often see people argue the Russian government somehow side-stepped the “clot-shots” by rolling out their own vaccines; but this theory makes no sense when you consider Sputnik V’s developers/financers are conducting joint research with Pfizer/Moderna and have publicly said the mRNA shots offer “benefits” when combined with Sputnik V. In this sense, I feel like the two drugs are in fact “linked” — because apparently Sputnik’s own creators see Pfizer as a partner, not a competitor. But again, I should have been more precise here, as I know this topic requires careful nuance.

    2. You are quite correct! KoviVac and EpiVacCorona were not available in Moscow for many months. It’s possible they may still not be.

    I understand that a lot of what I write about conflicts with much of what we read about re: Russia (especially on I’ve never pretended to have all the answers and I welcome rigorous (fact-based) debate on these issues. In fact, that is what I am desperate for: a discussion about “Covid” Russia based on evidence, not ideology.

    People might accuse me of being too ideological myself, but I am simply trying to identify the surface-level red flags that, hopefully, will help us better understand what is actually going on here. At the moment the narrative has been so comically lopsided, it is in desperate need of a “reset.”

    • Thanks: Miro23
  70. MarkU says:

    It is my understanding that the vector-based ‘vaccines’ are little different to the mRNA ‘vaccines’, both types trick your cells into manufacturing Covid spike proteins in order to provoke an immune response.

  71. Charly says:

    All distraction; Climate, refugees, pandemic, impending wars … to introduce the NWO step by step in Russia too.

  72. Kumbaresu says:

    The situation is extremely grim.
    Personally, I believe there is a deep spiritual element at play.
    How do we stop this profound evil?

    Once we realize that slavery is worse than death, and act accordingly, the evil will be defeated. More and more people are willing to die for their right to be humans. Sooner rather than later, their foot soldiers will come for us with pepper sprays, taser guns and syringes. This will be the hill to die on. Freedom loving people are resourceful enough to make this fight prohibitively taxing for the gestapo scum in America, Russia and everywhere.

  73. Miro23 says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    So you can act like an intelligent northern European white person – and get vaccinated – or you can act like an illiterate black African – and recite conspiracy mumbo jumbo.

    The problem with this, is that neither northern European whites nor South African blacks are acting intelligently. To a greater or lesser extent, they’re just following government instructions. So it comes down to a question of trust in government.

    Scandinavians have learnt to trust their governments because it’s been a successful long term strategy . Russians and Africans not so much.

    What really seems to be going on, is that Jewish activists, utilizing informational control and deception are subverting governments (where they can) to get them to establish narratives that promote Jewish interests. Governmental acceptance of the 9/11 fabrication is enough proof .

    And even when new information surfaces, and these narratives become obviously fake (as in the case of 9/11), it’s too late, because governments already have such a massive political and economic commitment to the fakery that they’re trapped.

    Since it’s the same crowd pushing Covid-19 (shutting down contrary information) then they see a big prize. Presumably universal digital passports + their control of digital permissions + all digital payments (removal of cash) + a very large and continuous government guaranteed source of revenue.

    The counter-force is reducing public trust in government – and the question of what form this will take. For example, the level of trust in the current subverted UK government is very low (same as the official UK fake “opposition” party) but it’s not clear how and when this will crystallize.

  74. Richard B says:
    @Riley Waggaman

    I do believe we are facing an evil that has no equal in human history.

    This whole article fits in perfectly with Douglas Reed’s masterpiece available here at TUR.

    In any event, who needs a Conspiracy Theory when we have the facts of Cultural History, the patterns of Human Behavior and the reality of Current Events aligned like a Perfect Storm and staring us all right in the face? You don’t. Obviously.

    Hence their need to abolish freedom itself. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again because it’s worth repeating, what we’re witnessing is the Pyrrhic Victory of the hostile elite.


    It’s important to keep in mind that before Douglas Reed was banished from polite society by the hostile elite that began around that time to control it, he wasn’t just the highest paid journalist in the world, more importantly, far more, he was the most respected.

    The key point here is that he wasn’t banished by the elite because he changed the way he worked, or because he lowered his standard, or became corrupt. Not at all. He was banished because he applied the same high standard when he turned the full glare of his analysis on to the new and clearly hostile elite that was fast emerging on the stage of world history and directing its actions and in a way dangerous and deadly to the rest of us. That’s why.

    An argument could be made that Douglas Reed represented the highest standard of journalism that that profession ever reached. For this reason, it’d be nice to institute a Douglas Reed Award to Independent journalists to replace the totally discredited Pulitzer. TUR has a number of contributors who would clearly deserve such an award. In fact, TUR itself would qualify.

    The point is, alternative awards for alternative media. That way we can hold ourselves (journalists, commenters, readers, etc) to our own standards and serve as a power of example to a public tired of tyranny and hungry for the truth. Because they’re out there.

  75. Riley Waggaman: “With each passing day it seems we are being forcibly severed from our own past. We are being “retrained” to accept a new civilizational model. It’s happening at the local, regional, national and global level. It is tearing apart families.”

    The Tocqueville quote comes from the second book of his Democracy in America, wherein he is describing civilization’s seemingly inexorable advance in the direction of human equality, which he attributes to the “progress” of technology. So to him, far from being evil, it was a good thing. What was not obvious back then, and which still eludes most people, is that a fully technological society will necessarily end in a technocracy. “Progress” has generated the technocracy that is the new civilizational model. “Experts” are the new nobility, authors of the law, and above the law themselves. That’s what’s destroying all of the old cultural forms. A technological oligarchy is assuming power over the great mass of mankind, to which it is being made clearer and clearer that they are not human beings with dignity and “God-given” rights, but just a herd of sheep. That realization is quite a blow to their self-esteem, so the sheep don’t like it much, but short of causing the whole system to collapse, there’s little they can do about it.

    It would be great, and one of the most eugenic measures conceivable, if this so-called pandemic really were a conspiracy to depopulate the world, but that’s hard for me to believe for a couple of reasons. For one thing, injections are a Rube Goldberg way to kill people. If reducing world population is the goal, why not just be more direct and release a deadly virus? For another, why would this new nobility of experts want to kill all their compliant sheep, and let all the ornery, rebellious ones live? As a plot, it doesn’t make any sense.

    No, I still say it’s not a conspiracy, and if, in the fullness of time, it turns out there are mass casualties, it will only be the result of ordinary human stupidity and conformism. Either way though, the technocracy is here to stay.

    • Agree: Sollipsist
    • Troll: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  76. @Ed Case

    why haven’t Wild Fowl been obliterated by Marek’s

    For the same reason that metabolically-robust ‘free-range’ humans haven’t been obliterated by a disease that is pretty lethal for ‘feedlot/battery’ humans (especially those in, e.g., aged care).

    Wildfowl have immune systems that have been honed through multiple generations’ worth of interaction with usually-minor environmental insult… and they live in relatively low-density settings.

    Domesticated fowl in high-density environments have had their immune systems insulted by pharmaceutical interventions from the week after they survive (by virtue of their biological sex) the selection process by which the losers are gassed or pulped.

    Even non-chicken domesticated fowl (geese, ducks, pintade/tarantaal/guinea-fowl, spatchcock) have environmental conditions that are more conducive to metabolic robustness.

    A possible exception is turkeys, who (as I understand it) are raised in typical American-industrial-style concentration camps. (I lived next door to a turkey-raising operation in rural France – within a month I stopped buying sauté de dinde).

  77. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    You’re conflating a soi-disant technocracy with an actual technocracy.

    China has had an actual technocracy for the last couple of decades; the West has a soi-disant technocracy, where liberal-arts C-students run the bureaucracy and the system has enough ‘captured’ 120-IQ people to establish a veneer of (pseudo-)scientific credibility.

    Back when I was in grad school, the university ‘think tank’ I was in built large-scale computable general equilibrium (CGE) models for the Chinese government (amongst others[1]).

    This led – eventually, to SinoTERM – which treats each region of China as a separate economy (acknowledging the significant regional differences in economic structure and activity).

    I only had indirect exposure to this – I was working on other stuff – but there was constant chatter about the high degree of sophistication[2] displayed by the Chinese officials when it came time for questions.

    They were interested in understanding things like the sensitivity of a given model to a range of things, than they were about ‘point'[3] answers. (I always mention this because the absolute requirement for systematic sensitivity analysis was basically the crux of my PhD topic: it’s the right bias to have, since any model can produce any ‘point’ answer that the modeller wants).

    As I say – as someone who was not directly involved in the ‘China Projects‘ as they were called – the fact that the Chinese Government was fielding some genuinely high-powered brains at the project, indicated they were serious about a genuinely technocratic approach to their economic development program. (This stood in stark contrast with what I learned about places like the ADB, where a couple of senior colleagues had recently worked, and where an erstwhile colleague has ended up).

    Some short while later – after the fake-millennium (2000-01-01) but before US Foreign Policy Blowback Day (2001-09-11) – a fund manager I was working with came back from a fact-finding visit to China, basically converted to the idea that China was going to cut everybody’s lunch over the next half-century.

    There has been nothing in the intervening two decades to indicate that the Chinese authorities have taken their eye off the (technocratic) ball.

    For me, it’s like having a grass seed in my sock: my conclusion – based simply on the mathematics of constrained optimisation – is that unconstrained[4] private sector activity is superior to government activity. And yet here’s a highly-centralised bureaucracy, raising its population out of (relative) poverty at the fastest rate in human history.

    Of course we don’t have free enterprise, or an unconstrained private sector, in the West: we have an ossified kakistocracy. As such the superior performance of China’s genuine technocracy – running developmental rings around the West – should not surprise anyone.

    [1] CoPS also built the USAGE model of the US economy, for the US International Trade Commission, and a bunch of models for other countries.

    [2] I am not using the word ‘sophistication’ pejoratively here. One of the few times in my life I’ll do so.

    [3] By ‘point’ answer in a dynamic model, I mean the path generated by a single model evaluation: single-path outputs are favoured by spruikers (consulting-company charlatans), but it’s trivial to show – even for a linear model – that the path generated by the modal values of the inputs, will not generally be the modal value of the distribution of the outputs. (That’s because there is a covariance/dependency structure among both parameters and other inputs…. but neither is ever explicitly part of ‘the model’).

    [4] Unconstrained means that there are no subsidies or other systems of government preferment (IP law; licensure; sanctions/trade barriers, etc): in other words, the ‘ideal’ government, which is almost indistinguishable from a private subscription service. Every subsidy – every form of government preferment – must necessarily rob Peter to pay Paul… with additional ‘frictional’ losses due to the requirement for a non-costless bureaucracy to administer the systems of preferment. If the systems of preferment are themselves genuinely technocratic, you wind up with China from circa 1990-currentYear: if they’re kakistocratic, you wind up with GloboHomo.

  78. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    It would be great, and one of the most eugenic measures conceivable, if this so-called pandemic really were a conspiracy to depopulate the world,

    As I’ve said several times: if there is such a program, I will the perpetrators the very best of luck in all their endeavours.

    but that’s hard for me to believe

    I know this sounds picky, but I try not to rely on belief, ever. Belief is for the proles, so I try to avoid statements of ‘belief’. (Of course I believe some things: not things that matter… if something matters it’s best to evaluate the belief against evidence… turn it into knowledge, or abandon it).

    There doesn’t seem to be any supporting evidence for claims of a depopulation program. As you point out, the Rube-Goldberg nature, and the target being the most-compliant, are two things that make the ‘depopulation’ hypothesis untenable. (The notion that the ornery will be taken care of by some mysterious cross-infection that incubates in the jabbed, just adds another layer to the Rube-Goldberg machine)

  79. Kratoklastes: “You’re conflating a soi-disant technocracy with an actual technocracy. China has had an actual technocracy for the last couple of decades; the West has a soi-disant technocracy, where liberal-arts C-students run the bureaucracy and the system has enough ‘captured’ 120-IQ people to establish a veneer of (pseudo-)scientific credibility.”

    Even if you or I don’t approve of them or think they really are experts, they play that role in both places; in both China and the West they’re the new nobility. One set of experts may think another one incompetent, but only time will tell who’s right. From its start America has been based on the Roman model of assimilation of various races and nationalities, and that, along with its Christianity, is the reason for its focus on equality, which leads to the sort of situation you’re talking about. If you want to be inclusive and assimilative, then some compromises are going to be necessary. China doesn’t face that handicap to the same degree (if it is a handicap). So far though, the Roman model has worked pretty well. Will that continue? I don’t have a crystal ball, but neither do you.

    Humans naturally want to rebel against a system that is anti-human, and nothing is more anti-human than the global system of technology man has created. America has Affirmative Action to make its idiots into instant “experts”, but I’ve heard it was not so long ago that China, during its own Cultural Revolution, was taking untrained peasants and putting them into hospitals to do surgery. Was Mao an “expert”, or merely a man who wasn’t afraid to break eggs to make an omelet? Opinions may differ.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  80. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    > “From its start America has been based on the Roman model of assimilation of various races…”

    True, and the saving grace of America’s very existence was the coincidence of its founding with the industrial revolution in Europe. Had there been a demographic explosion amongst the Amerindians south of the Rio Grande back in the 19th ct., the USA would have been finished there and then, and Hitlerian exterminationism would have won.

    > “So far though, the Roman model has worked pretty well. Will that continue? I don’t have a crystal ball, but neither do you.”

    But we know exactly what the non-Nordic replacement of the native American stock is set to lead to! We have a perfect experiment before our eyes – Latin America!

    © César Tort

    And let us not speak of how, by interbreeding with Indians and blacks, the Iberians produced an inferior stock to their Anglo-German counterpart north of the Rio Grande. What on earth is Abbagnano basing his statement that there is no historical evidence that admixture produces disadvantages in mestizo offspring?

    > “Humans naturally want to rebel against a system that is anti-human, and nothing is more anti-human than the global system of technology man has created.”

    The technology-enabled hyper-Christianity is anti-human – there are plenty of happy technological civilisations striving right now. Doesn’t technology only sharpen the racist hatred of the Juche Koreans, holding aloft their newfound atomic sword? Incidentally, DPR Korea is precisely the country that promotes mask-wearing, yet hasn’t bothered to purchase any corona vaccines. I’m far from denying that the sea is stormy, and the course hazy, but technology clearly isn’t an impassable, great filter (not at this stage anyway).

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  81. Adûnâi: “… DPR Korea is precisely the country that promotes mask-wearing, yet hasn’t bothered to purchase any corona vaccines.”

    I can’t account for that, but in order to believe that mask-wearing is effective as a means of preventing infection, you have to believe that somehow this escaped the entire world’s notice until 2020. Is that credible? I don’t think so. The more likely hypothesis is the current enthusiasm for mask-wearing is just stupidity and conformism. As with the dancing manias in the Middle Ages, I think it’s more likely just a craze that will eventually burn itself out, and no explanation will be given when the practice is discarded. But if wearing a cheap mask really can stop viral transmission, there will never be an end to it, since disease-causing viruses are everywhere. In that case, everyone had better get used to wearing a mask for the rest of their life. All the obsessives anyway.

    This is another reason to doubt a conspiracy exists, because if it’s a conspiracy it’s a very poorly organized one. Currently in the USA, the state of Florida, which has no mask mandate, also has the lowest rate of new cases. The West generally, with all its mask mandates, vaccines, and social distancing, can’t even do better than such places as Haiti and Nigeria in terms of Covid deaths per million inhabitants. In fact, it’s doing much worse.

    Adûnâi: “I’m far from denying that the sea is stormy, and the course hazy, but technology clearly isn’t an impassable, great filter (not at this stage anyway). ”

    Yes, at this stage. But as Ellul says, technology’s a gamble, the stake of the century! It’s like the guy who jumped off the top of the Empire State building. As he passed each floor, he said “So far so good!” The jolt at the bottom is the problem though.

    • Replies: @Kali
  82. @Adûnâi

    “The technology-enabled hyper-Christianity is anti-human….”

    Perhaps you would like to expound upon this nonexistent monstrosity. Like so many who add silly adjectives to Christianity, you are clueless about what it actually is.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  83. lydia says:
    @Irish Savant

    I agree the signs of the times that Jesus said to look for to tell the endtimes are here in the Olivet Discourse Matthew 24 are here, the Lord Jesus said it would be worse than anytime since there was a nation and promised there never will be again — after He commences His eternal kingdom after destroying those who destroy the earth.

    Jesus advised to Watch and pray —

    Chief rabbi of Russia says Jews on ‘eve of good times’, messiah here, Soviet victory a symbol of Jewish salvation
    Posted on November 27, 2021

    not all jews are responsible for this evil only the elites

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  84. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “Perhaps you would like to expound upon this nonexistent monstrosity. Like so many who add silly adjectives to Christianity, you are clueless about what it actually is.”

    Explain to me whence else the race-denialism has been arrived at if not via the idealist nonsense of Christianity. It is precisely in this universalist Judaism that all humans are considered equal – men and women, free and slaves (Galatians 3:28). Why should anyone respect Nature if the Jewish god created it, and is set to destroy it one day?

    When a Jap acquires rudimentary technology, he tries to murder his way to world dominance. When a Christcuck wields ultimate power, he breeds swarthy hominins wherever he goes – while possessing the power of the atom, alone on the planet!

    @Dr. Robert Morgan
    > “I can’t account for that, but in order to believe that mask-wearing is effective as a means of preventing infection, you have to believe that somehow this escaped the entire world’s notice until 2020.”

    The Mongoloids have been wearing masks for decades. This is clearly an example of dumb nigger behaviour from the Amerimutts that have only now picked up the habit (with vehement opposition from anarchists such as yourself).

    When the dollar crashes and capitalism collapses, are you going to call the sensible return of history (carnage) that will ensue a “dancing mania”, too? Wearing masks is the easiest and most reasonable course of action for any society. But of course, the Ameritard dichotomy is masks=vaccines, the same as Communism=gay, I understand this much. Fortunately, the globe is encompassing the Occident, with all the diverse, multicultural practices, from Kim Il Sung worship to Qom mosque-licking, still having a chance to vie for survival the old-fashioned way.

    > “But as Ellul says, technology’s a gamble, the stake of the century!”

    The current stage still focuses on killing off the whiteboi. The question of technology is for the Asians of the future, for the Turks and the Koreans.

  85. MarkU says:

    What no one is saying is that the world before coronavirus HAD to change.


    The “” oligarchs”” did us a big favor.

    Not really because they introduced the wokeist crap in the first place. Consider the implications of ‘get woke, go broke’, if the bottom line is being sacrificed then the agenda must come from the very top. As well as creating division and polarisation, wokeism was also used to establish that the social media companies had the right of censorship. Having established the principle that a person could be hounded out of public life for causing other people emotional distress, it is an easy step to extend that to people with the ‘wrong’ opinions (if people claim to find them distressing) The step after that is to censor ‘misinformation’.

    The normalising of censorship was a necessary prelude to the ‘vaccination’ campaign. If people were free to share information about Ivermectin or adverse effects of ‘vaccines’ etc on social media, the lockdowns and jabs would likely have met with more resistance.


  86. MarkU says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    No, I still say it’s not a conspiracy

    I too find the depopulation theory too hard to credit but it is obviously a conspiracy of some sort. How else to explain the deliberate blocking of useful treatment resulting in unnecessary death and suffering. How else to explain the continuation of a ‘vaccination’ campaign that is obviously failing. In what sort of bizarre world is it normal to use, not just one but several, hastily developed jabs using experimental technology on literally billions of people, including young children. A large number of people are being given more than one type, a piece of insanity in itself. Any one of those untested ‘vaccines’ could have quite horrific long term consequences on literally millions or even billions of people.

    There is definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  87. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “There is definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark.”

    Isn’t it part and parcel of living in the West? Yes, it is hilarious and it is insane – so is the denial of the existence of the biological races of man. So are open homosexualism, the use of psychotropic drugs against made-up “diseases” such as “ADHD”, miscegenation, and giving starving foreigners food. All I see is a logical chain, a clear pattern of hysteria. This is the death rattle of the collective suicide of the Aryan race.

    > “Having established the principle that a person could be hounded out of public life for causing other people emotional distress…”

    I get an impression that you seem to think it is all controlled by a single, rational centre. But all I see is a general cultural stream. Face it, a shadowy tranny Jew in a secret bunker is redundant when it is clearly the will of the people to self-police against racism, communism or toxic masculinity. Americans love following cults – the neo-Nazis will blame “cultural Marxism”, the libtards will bemoan “White supremacy”, and neither group is controlled by anything other than an invisible cultural force.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  88. Adûnâi: “The Mongoloids have been wearing masks for decades.”

    And “the science” has established that the flu and colds are almost unknown in the Far East, right? LOL. Really, there must be a lot of data on this, as it’s such a remarkable phenomenon. Where is it? At least in the West, this simple preventative for colds and flu seems to have been a very closely-guarded secret until last year.

    If you are credulous enough to believe that it has only been recently discovered that wearing a mask protects against such things, perhaps you can tell me just who it was that discovered it, and when they did so. Whoever it was certainly deserves a Nobel, for if it were true, he’s saved millions of lives. But I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

    Adûnâi: “Wearing masks is the easiest and most reasonable course of action for any society.”

    If you’re that much of an obsessive about something that has only a minute chance of killing you unless you’re already at death’s door, have fun wearing a mask for the rest of your life. I don’t share your neurosis.

    Adûnâi: “Face it, a shadowy tranny Jew in a secret bunker is redundant when it is clearly the will of the people to self-police against racism, communism or toxic masculinity.”

    Yes, or wearing a mask!

  89. Kali says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    This is another reason to doubt a conspiracy exists, because if it’s a conspiracy it’s a very poorly organized one.

    Hap-hazard and poorly coordinated between jurisdictions it may be – all adding to a sense of confussion and uncertainty which I’m sure benefits the perpertrators – but the common direction being taken by all Western jurisdictions appears to be two fold: the astonishing push to injects a of our children abobe 4 or 5 years old: and the rapidly appoaching “vaxx-pass”, which will be used cement the totalitarian control grid.

    Once that system is in place the men-who-would-be-god may do with the population as they wish.

    The jolt at the bottom is the problem though.

    Time is short! The ground is rising fast!

    Fond regards,

    • Agree: The Real World
    • Replies: @Kali
  90. Feeling foolishly late to the party, because this is the first time I remember reading about passports being a “temporary” WW1 security measure.

    All I can say in my defense is that I went to a liberal arts university. After a little research, I’m finally up to speed on the history and issues surrounding it, so thank you to the author for that.

  91. Kali says:

    Sorry! Couple of horrible typos there, missed due to distraction!

  92. lydia says:

    Maxmillian Kolbe
    A saint who fought the Freemasons has the battle plan against today’s dictatorship
    2,169 viewsDec 1, 2021

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

    4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

    Maximilian Kolbe to the Masons:
    You Are Controlled by the Jews

    Editorial on the Santa Iglesia Militante Blog

    In 1917 Maximilian Kolbe founded the Militia of the Immaculata. His fight was not turned toward killing the enemies of the Church, but aimed to convert them so they could achieve eternal salvation. It is in this spirit that he addressed his enemies.

  93. Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:

    What country allows their head of state to meet privately with spymasters of other states?

    98% of individuals are blackmailable, 100% of parents will betray their country and the world to protect their child.

  94. Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Running to get the poisonous spike protein vaxx (called a vaccine to fool little children fooled by word games) is like a recently hatched chick running to the shade of a chicken hawk’s wings for safety.

  95. @Haxo Angmark

    Absolutely, the Covid assault is Jewish.

    Any writer who does not name them explicitly is guilty of aiding and abetting.

    • Replies: @Billbao
  96. @MarkU

    I remain mystified by how Christians don’t understand that the Bible was mostly written by Jews.

    Maybe they would grasp how relevant that fact is if they understood more about Judaism. As a long-time Jewish friend once explained to me, “We don’t do idolatry. You won’t find symbols of a messiah in our homes or on our bodies, etc.”

    Given I had lived in the Bible Belt for a couple decades, I instantly understood how important that difference was. My experience was that most people obsessed with Jesus worship had an irrefutable inability to think critically. While, critical thinking is a very important construct in Judaism.

    So, the Jews wrote a savior for the plebes to worship and then hyped the hell out of him and the whole story. They also tossed in that clever carrot/stick of heaven and hell. Talk about mind control.

    As a middle-of-the-roader in most things, I just watch the show and connect the dots.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @Anne Lid
  97. JimDandy says:
    @The Real World

    While, critical thinking is a very important construct in Judaism.

    Yeah, but the worst have their own blind, unshakeable faith in delusions of perpetual victimhood and innocence. It’s not all diabolical manipulation–they believe their own bullshit.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  98. MarkU says:

    You don’t think it all deliberately contrived? I think it obvious that the stuff is not happening by popular demand. Consider the phrase ‘get woke, go broke’ doesn’t that tell you that the audience isn’t hungry for that stuff, the audience is clearly being force-fed.

  99. @JimDandy

    No argument there, Jim.
    The elite level of that crowd probably have the most diabolical minds on the planet.
    If my thesis above is anywhere close to correct, it would be proof of that.

  100. Anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    Invasion of the Israeli Body Vaxxers. Don’t fall asleep. Don’ take the poison jab.

  101. Billbao says:
    @Zorton the Cruel

    Why aren’t work-a-day, good-neighbor, nonsupremacist Jews jumping-out-of-their-skin terrified at possible payback (undeserving payback, but mobs aren’t nuanced)?

  102. Governments, Religions, Races, Unions, Elites, Systems, Groups, Organizations, Collective will, Mankind, and so forth, are all lies (gross and crude distortions of reality). Those ideas are all lies, illusions.

    In Reality, there are individual people. No matter how or where raised, no matter the intentions or similarity of intentions of numerous individuals, the group does not actually exist. Each person turns out unique. The differences between one person and another can be great or small, but there are always differences.

    A key factor in those differences (THE key factor?) is how much distortion each person has internalized about the outside world. That is, to what degree has a person learned (or been taught) to lie, to distort the nature of what is obviously visible in daily life? The ‘why’ offered for that distortion is much, much less important than the degree to which that person is lying to themselves. That ‘why’ is itself a lie. Those distortions are first and foremost lies to oneself, and naturally then, to the rest of the world.

    If you can’t stop lying to yourself, how can you expect to understand what’s going on ‘out there’?

    • Replies: @Lying Sweetly
    , @Anne Lid
  103. @Lying Sweetly

    Sorry, my editing time expired.

    The article is very good and most of the comments are superb. However, virtually all of the commenters use concepts that (although we might think we know what is meant) are actually distractions, discussing things that do not exist (see my comment above). The other commenters are focusing on these illusory ideas and want you to focus on them too, or on anything other than yourself, as well. That may not be a conscious intention, but it is the direct result of discussing such things.

  104. Anne Lid says:

    Dear Lydia and Irish Savant, maybe I am mistaken, but it does not look like the proper end is neigh. We must face a forerunner of the antichrist, the antichrists of our time. Having spent my youth in Pentecostal mire, it seems that those who penned the Scofield reference Bible have been forming the expectations and views of Christians. That is, the current end times mania is a fakery. A ‘prelest’, a delusion.

    “It is sinful to wish to live to the time of antichrist. There will be such sorrows that, as it has been said, even the elect will hardly be saved. But it is dangerous and sinful to seek suffering. This comes from pride and foolishness.

    —St. Nikon”

    “You are afraid to live to the time of antichrist. The Lord is merciful. You and I are not likely to live to that time, but we are a little frightened by the forerunners of antichrist who are attacking the Church and the reigning authorities; for antichrist must come during a time of complete anarchy, and that is what the forerunners of antichrist are working on.

    —St. Ambrose”

    I have heard (on youtube) about a Catholic priest, who was asked while he was playing billiards, what would he do were Christ to return that moment. He said he would play billiards. Because that was what he was supposed to do at that moment. Whether Christ, our King returns in our lifetime or not, we have to toil regardless and keep ourselves apart from this world.

  105. Anne Lid says:
    @The Real World

    I have heard this theory on Adam Green’s show from Cristopher Jon Bjerknes. And I think it’s nonsense (though I’m not the brightest crayon). If you just read the Gospels, would you come to the same conclusion? I’m sincerely curious.
    The first Christians, though Jewish, were persecuted by their own tribesmen. Doubtful that the persecutors had the foresight that Christianity will have the wild success it had in Europe, and doubtful that the persecuted had long term designs on Gentile enslavement for the benefit of the Pharisees. And Christianity was always a damper on Jewish power over the Gentiles (Protestantism is an aberration). By now Christianity is indeed compromised, but not fully. Perhaps there will be a comeback.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  106. Anne Lid says:
    @Lying Sweetly

    “In Reality” individual people do not live sharply separate lives but form those structures you deemed lies and distortions. I can be an individual and part of a group at the same time. Actually my individual and group identities strengthen and compliment each other.

    • Replies: @Lying Sweetly
  107. Ellie says:

    No many people are not able to resist well. I have friends and family there, and unless you want to lose your job or never be let into a store again, people are forced to vaxx. It’s miserable. Russians tend to be very obedient to the government. In Ukraine things are much better however, and as Ukrainians are disobedient, they do not all rush out to get the vaxx. I would be shocked if mandatory vaxx comes there. So glad to be back in the USA!

  108. Ellie says:

    Finally, someone is speaking about this. I have been hearing lots about the forced vaxxes from my friends and family in Russia. Also consider that Sberbank coordinated the Cyber Pandemic exercises at the World Economic Forum in August 2020. Sberbank is not just a bank; they changed the name to Sber, actually, and they are into tech, medicine, energy, banking and security. Russia is fully onboard with the Great Reset. All the major Russian companies are tied to the WEF and IMF. Anyone who thinks Russia will ‘resist’ the Great Reset is going to be highly dissappointed.

    • Thanks: The Real World
  109. @Anne Lid

    There is only one problem with what you say:

    If you lie to yourself and others lie to themselves, and we know everyone does, then what is this “group” you refer to? Isn’t that an illusion too?

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  110. Anne Lid says:
    @Lying Sweetly

    If a woman birthed a child, regardless what they lie to themselves, they are still mother and child. A family. The relatives are connected on a physical, objective basis.
    Are you one of those people who deny the existence of objective truth?

  111. @Anne Lid

    Well, certainly, I am not implying that peoples of thousands of years ago could predict what would happen centuries later or that they could know the much later outcomes of their actions.

    But, you start with a premise of writing a sacred text, written by people who don’t do idol worship, that features a martyr and claim him the son of God and that God is all-knowing and has superior control of the world, etc. etc. And, over time, you hype, manipulate and promote that savior named Jesus such that, at later times, you can easily lead many people around by their obedient noses.

    So, along the way, nefarious people look for the angles for which to manipulate others to their benefit. The unthinking and compliant Christians have often been ripe for the pickings in that regard.

    — I mean, people wearing crosses around their necks — what is that? Think about it.
    — People easily being convinced to assume debt to buy cars, clothes, junk, vacations, etc. That is patently ridiculous and brainless.
    — People today being so easily divided into two tribal camps of Left and Right with neither liking or remotely trusting each other. Yet, if you sat down with each and just discussed FACTS related to various issues, they would come to similar, sensible conclusions.

    The psychological manipulation over centuries is simply staggering.

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  112. @Wild Bill

    ‘People like to hope for a saviour whether it be a religious one or …. ‘ Everybody’s religious, including you. You see your ‘messiah’ in your own reflection. But I don’t think the untold multitudes who have died horrible deaths and continue to do so daily would be likely to share your faith. I’m sure they’d all seen mirrors. This is the big one. We have to get it right

  113. Anne Lid says:
    @The Real World

    Later manipulation does not mean that the original has lost its strength. I talk online to Pentecostals and Charismatics, and if ever there was a deluded people confident in their obtuseness, it’s them. The Jewish as critical thinkers and non-idolaters… puhleeze! Criticizing everyone except their own (which they do idolise) is not critical thinking. Do critical thinkers risk the health of their baby boy by unnecessarily cutting off a piece from his body?

    False teachers leading astray is a theme. Not just Christians. “By thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” Better to seek truth than throwing out Christianity all together because it has been subverted. If one throws it all away then he just opened himself up for another kind of deception.

    I see nothing objectionable about a cross worn. It is a powerful symbol of voluntary sacrifice, redemption and resurrection.

  114. Apparently, you have not worked with or lived around many Jews.

    Separately, you seem to conflate some of things I put forth such that your assertions don’t have bearing on my meanings. I’m afraid it’s difficult to dialogue when someone has that approach.

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  115. Anne Lid says:
    @The Real World

    I worked for lots of Jewish people and know a few Jewish Pentecostal/Charismatics. Perhaps I’m too dumb to understand the things you put forth.
    Christians are not idolatrous, as your Jewish acquaintance insinuated. He refuses to believe that Jesus is the Christ, but what do the critical thinkers suggest instead? Opposition for the sake of opposition is empty.

  116. Christians are not idolatrous

    OMG, lol….you are living in some world all your own!

    They are entirely that as they are groomed to be. Many have pictures of Jesus in their homes, crosses on the walls, or hanging around their rear view mirrors in their cars or hanging around their necks…or all of the above. And could they have slobbered any more so for their golden-haired savior, Donald Trump? I just watched that in awe.

    Perhaps I’m too dumb to understand the things you put forth.

    You’re not dumb, Anne. You are just in denial and not honest with yourself.

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  117. Capn B says:
    @Mike Whitney

    Mike, do you have a website or Twitter I can follow? I like your work

  118. Anne Lid says:
    @The Real World

    And Jews have mezuzas on their door frames. I don’t take lightly the charge of idolatry. I spent years in a Pentecostal sect, I threw out the religious objects and books left from my grandmother, and even after turning my back to it I avoided churches, for almost two decades. Places of demons and idolatry! In the end I looked very carefully into the reasoning and had to conclude that I was brainwashed at the “congregation”. (These type of churches are brainwashing operations to turn people away from truth and turn them into Israel’s zombies. They are teaching judaising heresy. I only found one baptist worth listening to, Chuck Baldwin.) Catholics and Orthodox Christians do not worship objects. They have reverence for the Creator of the material and the spiritual world. This has been challenged many times during history and the ikonoclasts have proved to be worse than the ikon bearers.

    I don’t know if this is the place for it but there is clear and weighty explanation for holy art’s role in spiritual life. The ikonoclasts claim to respect only God, but from my experience they have trouble with giving basic respect to anyone at all. In the old Testament God was invisible, but in the new he became man. He lowered himself into the physical world. This is a significant change of perspective.

  119. Death of a Russophile. 😢

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