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Betrayal, Infuriating Betrayal
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“The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.” Joseph Conrad

Here’s your political puzzler for the day: Which of these two things poses a greater threat to the country:

  1. An incompetent and boastful president who has no previous government experience and who is rash and impulsive in his dealings with the media, foreign leaders and his critics?
  2. Or a political party that collaborates with senior-level officials in the Intel agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, and former members of the White House to spy on the new administration with the intention of gathering damaging information that can be used to overthrow the elected government?

The answer is “2”, the greater threat to the country is a political party that engages in subversive activity aimed at toppling the government and seizing power. In fact, that’s the greatest danger that any country can face, an enemy from within. Foreign adversaries can be countered by diplomatic engagement and shoring up the nation’s military defenses, but traitors–who conduct their activities below the radar using a secret network of contacts and connections to inflict maximum damage on the government– are nearly unstoppable.

What the Russiagate investigation shows, is that high-ranking members of the Democrat party participated in the type of activities that are described above, they were part of an illicit coup d’etat aimed at removing Donald Trump from office and rolling back the results of the 2016 elections. It is a vast understatement to say that the operation was merely an attack on Donald Trump when, in fact, it was an attack on the system itself, a full-blown assault on the right of ordinary people to choose their own leaders. That’s what Russiagate is really all about; it was an attempt to torpedo democracy by invoking the flimsy and unverifiable claim that Trump was an agent of the Kremlin.

None of this, of course, has been discussed in a public forum because those platforms are all privately-owned media that are linked to the people who executed the junta. But for those who followed events closely, and who know what actually happened, there has never been a more serious crime in American history. What we discovered was that the permanent bureaucracy, the media and the Democrat party are riddled with strategically-placed quislings and collaborators that are willing to sabotage their own government if they are so directed. The question that immediately comes to mind is this: Who concocted this plot, who authorized the electronic eavesdropping, the confidential informants, the widespread spying, the improperly obtained warrants, the fake news, and the endless leaks to the media? Who?

What we witnessed was not just an attempted coup, it was a window into the inner-workings of a secret government operating independently from within the state. And the sedition was not confined to a few posts at the senior levels of the FBI, CIA, NSA, or DOJ. No. The corruption has saturated the entire structure, seeping down to the lower levels where career bureaucrats eagerly perform tasks that are designed to damage or incriminate elected officials. How did it ever get this bad?

And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.

Let me pose a theory: The operation might have been concocted by former CIA-Director John Brennan, but Brennan surely is not the prime instigator, nor is Clapper, Comey or even Obama. The real person or persons who initiated the coup will likely never be known. These are the Big Money guys who operate in the shadows and who have a stranglehold on the Intelligence agencies. These are the gilded Mandarins who have their tentacles wrapped firmly around the entire state-power apparatus and who dictate policy from their leather-bound chairs at their high-end men’s clubs. These are the people who decided that Donald Trump “had to go” whatever the cost. They pulled out all the stops, engaged their assets across the bureaucracy, and launched a desperate 3 and half year-long regime change operation that blew up in their faces leaving behind a trail carnage from Washington, DC to Sydney, Australia. In contrast, Trump somehow slipped the noose and escaped largely unscathed. He was pummeled mercilessly in the media, disparaged by his political rivals, and raked over the coals by the chattering classes, but — at the end of the day– it was Trump who was left standing.. Trump– who took on the entire political establishment, the Intel agencies, the FBI, the mainstream media, and the Democratic party– had beaten them all at their own game. Go figure??

Keep in mind, the Democrats have known that the Mueller probe was a fraud from as early as 2017 when the President of Crowdstrike, Shawn Henry, (who provided cyber security for the DNC) admitted to Congress that there was no forensic evidence that the DNC emails had been hacked by Russia or anyone else.

Think about that for a minute: The entire Mueller investigation was based on the assumption that Russia hacked into the DNC servers and stole the emails. We now know that never happened. The cyber-security team that conducted the investigation of the DNC computers admitted in sworn testimony before Congress that there was no evidence of “exfiltration” or pilfering of any kind. Repeat: There was no proof of hacking, no proof of Russian involvement, and no proof of foul play. The entire foundation upon which the Russia investigation was built, turned out to be false. More importantly, Democrat members of the Intelligence Committee knew it was false from the get-go, but opted to let the charade continue anyway. Why?

Because the truth didn’t matter, what mattered was getting rid of Trump by any means necessary. That’s why they used “opposition research” (Note– “Oppo” research is the hyperbolic nonsense political parties use to smear a political opponent.) to illegally obtain warrants to spy on members of the Trump team. It’s because the Democrat leadership will do anything to regain power.

By the way, we also have evidence that the warrants that were used to spy on Trump were obtained illegally. The FISA court was deliberately misled so the FBI could carry out its vendetta on Trump. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith “did willfully and knowingly make and use a false writing and document, knowing the same to contain a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement and entry in a matter before the jurisdiction of the executive branch and judicial branch of the Government of the United States.” Bottom line: Clinesmith deliberately altered emails so that FISA applications could be renewed and the spying on the Trump campaign could continue.

So, let’s summarize:

  1. The Democrats knew there was no proof the emails were stolen; thus, they knew the Russia probe was a hoax.
  2. The Democrats knew that their fraudulent “opposition research” was being used to illegally obtain warrants to spy on the Trump camp. This makes them accessory to a crime.
  3. Finally, the Democrats continue to spread (virtually) the same Russia-Trump collusion allegations today that they did before the Mueller investigation released its report. The lies and disinformation have persisted as if the “nation’s most expensive and exhaustive investigation” had never taken place. What does this tell us about the Democrats?

On a superficial level, it tells us that they can’t be trusted because they don’t tell the truth. But on a deeper level, it expresses the party’s Ruling Doctrine, which is to control the public by means of deceit, disinformation, propaganda and lies. Only the powerful and well-connected are entitled to know the truth, everyone else must be subjected to fabrications that are crafted in a way that best coincides with the overall objectives of ruling elites. That’s why the Democrats stick with the shopworn mantra that Trump is in bed with Russia. It doesn’t matter that the theory has been thoroughly discredited and disproved. It doesn’t even matter that the theory was never the slightest bit believable to begin with. What matters is that party leaders are preventing ordinary people from knowing the truth, which is an essential part of their governing doctrine. It’s surprising that this doesn’t piss-off more Democrats, after all, it’s the ultimate expression of contempt and condescension. When someone lies to your face relentlessly, repeatedly and shamelessly, they are expressing their loathing for you. Can’t they see that?

But maybe you think this is overstating the case? Maybe you think the Dems are just trying to “cover their backside” on a matter that is purely political?

Okay, but answer this: Were the Democrats involved in a plot to overthrow the President of the United States?

Yes, they were.

Is that treason?

Yes, it is.

Then, are we really prepared to say that treason is “purely political”?

No, especially since Russiagate was not a one-off, but just the first shocking example of how the Democrats operate. If we examine the Dems approach to the Covid-19 crisis, we see that their policy is actually more destructive than the 4-year Russia fiasco.

For example, which party has imposed the most brutal, economy-eviscerating lockdowns and the most punitive mask mandates, while steadily ratcheting up the fearmongering at every opportunity? Which states suffered the most catastrophic economic damage due in large part to the edicts issued by their Democrat governors? Which party is using a public health emergency to advance the global “Reset” agenda announced at the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Which party is using the Covid-19 fraud to crash the economy, eliminate 40 million jobs, roll-back basic civil liberties and turn the United States into a NWO slave-state ruled by Wall Street bankers, Silicon Valley technocrats and Davos elites? Which party?

And which party has aligned itself with Black Lives Matter, the faux-social justice organization that is funded by foreign oligarchs that are working tirelessly to crush the emerging populist movement that supports “America First” ideals? Which party applauded while American cities burned and small businesses across the country were looted and razed by masses of hooligans engaged in an orgy of destruction? Which party’s mayors and governors rejected federal assistance to put down the riots and reestablish order so ordinary people could get back to work to provide for themselves and their families? And which party now is threatening widespread social unrest and anarchy if the upcoming presidential election does not produce the result that they or their globalist puppet-masters seek?

The Democrat party has undergone a sea-change in the last four years. There’s no trace of the party that was once headed by progressive-thinking idealists like John F Kennedy. What’s left now is a shell of its former self; a cynical, self-aggrandizing, cutthroat organization that has betrayed its base, the American people, and the country. Indeed, for all its many failings, it is the ‘betrayal’ that is the most infuriating.

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  1. SteveK9 says:

    As a lifelong Democrat I certainly feel the ‘betrayal’ personally. And, have often used the same comment that the Democratic Party today would be unrecognizable to John Kennedy, or Tip O’Neill. If the American people can not figure this out, well there is Rousseau, ‘people get the government they deserve’. I just wish me and mine did not have to suffer the consequences.

  2. It’s surprising that this doesn’t piss-off more Democrats, after all, it’s the ultimate expression of contempt and condescension. When someone lies to your face relentlessly, repeatedly and shamelessly, they are expressing their loathing for you.

    This is “religious” now. The lies are necessary to provide the justification to burn heretics… The priest class provide the pyre and kindling and their followers set the fire and then dance around it…

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
    • Replies: @Emslander
  3. Were the Democrats involved in a plot to overthrow the President of the United States?

    Yes, they were.

    Is that treason?

    Yes, it is.

    Unfortunately, the Constitution disagrees. Until they take up arms.

  4. @SteveK9

    If the American people can not figure this out, well there is Rousseau, ‘people get the government they deserve’.

    That was the opposite of what Rousseau believed.


    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @VinnyVette
  5. A123 says:

    Promises Made, Promises Kept (1)

    With the Pentagon expected to reduce troops levels in Afghanistan down to 4,500 by the November elections, and with the still negotiated US-Taliban peace deal facilitating this, on Tuesday a Pentagon official told Congress it can expect American presence there to be completely ended by May 2021.

    Admittedly, we wanted this ~2017 not 2021. However, it will be a sterling accomplishment for Trump’s inevitable 2nd term.

    Defanging the Deep State establishment is a huge task. The ludicrous Sessions recusal and Mueller investigation impeded the effort by chewing up resources that could have been better used else where.

    A few more Supreme Court Justices will help accelerate the process by clearing away SJW Judicial obstructionism. The DACA ruling was a technical 4-5 fail over process. With Ginsburg replaced, DACA revocation will come back as a 5-4 win, possibly 6-3.

    PEACE 😇


  6. Political theater….IMHO both parties have betrayed the American people and the Bill of Rights. Both parties! All politicians! They are all owned by the criminal psycho elites. Lesser of two evils? That is STILL EVIL! PERIOD! END OF STORY!

  7. TKK says:

    I have never understood why the pundits to pollsters harp on Trump’s alleged incompetence.

    Who was more of a dunce cap dullard that George W. Bush?

    Reagan was a B list actor who simply read emotive lines with gravitas. Obama’s credentials pre-White House would not have landed him an entry level assistant public defender spot on a docket in Miami.

    Trump is a braggart, a pathological salesman, thin skinned- but he pulled it off when the WHOLE WORLD was gunning for him. (Except the ever fascinating Putin, who watches all this with an unreadable smile)

    No other President has been the subject of such an appalling, insane, aggressive campaign of total destruction.

    As the article aptly states, he was the target of an actual coup. He keeps swinging. He’s still standing.

  8. Psota says:

    Great analysis, agree with almost every word except calling Trump “incompetent.” When has he been incompetent any worse than any of his predecessors?

    As you note, he’s been fighting a full court shadow war against the state, the bureauocracy, the intelligence agencies, and the major media. It’s incredible he’s gotten anything done.

    • Agree: sayless, TKK
  9. Biff says:

    Trump somehow slipped the noose and escaped largely unscathed. He was pummeled mercilessly in the media,

    You write this as in ‘past tense’. Don’t you read the daily news? – they are forever pummeling Trump every day, and their tactics are appalling as described in a recent article by Caitlyn Johnstone:

    Along with the constant stream of ex-Trump administration officials who said Trump said “___________” (rumors are us) that was ‘confirmed’ by the Washington Post.

  10. Cat says:

    Mike Whitney — You ask such an important question. You expertly lay it all out. So how can you so fizzle out on who the mastermind perps are?

    Folks, check out “Anatomy of a Global Psyop” by Esther Watcher for insights as to the real deal.

    • Replies: @Cat
  11. Cat says:

    And here’s the companion link that nails the perps: “Are Elite Jews Responsible for COVID-NWO?” by Esther Watcher.

    • Replies: @Rubicon
    , @Ragno
  12. Those who won’t (or can’t) believe that such machinations to oust Trump took place will never read Mike Whitney’s work. Or believe anything that goes against their dogma.

    Die Lügenpresse has done a masterful job of using cyberpsychology to twist the narrative… it’s a frightful thing to behold, is it not? Entire swaths of the Amerikan people led by the nose to the point where even senior citizens are beat in broad daylight because they may be wearing a cap with the ‘wrong’ message on it!

    Expats, such as I, wonder whether or not we will ever return to that country.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  13. What we witnessed was not just an attempted coup, it was a window into the inner-workings of a secret government operating independently from within the state.

    And that’s one thing we do owe Trump: thanks to his election, more people than ever before see the system for what it really is. More people than ever before are awake, aware. I don’t know if that was Trump’s intention, but it was certainly his doing.

    And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.

    Oh, I don’t know. Maybe …

    • Agree: Z-man
  14. They need to keep up the Russiagate Hoax so the FBI will not commit to a real investigation and reveal that Hillary/DNC murdered Seth Rich for leaking the emails to Wikileaks. Assange has already admitted to the sister of his former lawyer that it was Rich who leaked the emails.

    Even now that it is clear the Russians did not hack the DNC the FBI continues to slow walk document requests. When Trump wins he should immediately fire FBI director Wray and appoint Sidney Powell to clean house. Unless Barr is more proactive he should also go and appoint someone as ruthless to clean up the DOJ.

    • Agree: Montefrío
    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  15. And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.

    Most intelligent observers know about some of the people who are calling the shots.You are being deliberately disingenuous here, Mr Whitney. Especially when later you say:

    And which party has aligned itself with Black Lives Matter, the faux-social justice organization that is funded by foreign oligarchs that are working tirelessly to crush the emerging populist movement that supports “America First” ideals?

    I think you meant to write (((foreign oligarchs))). Though it must be said native oligarchs are heavily involved, too. Please be more explicit and name them.
    Otherwise, a good article.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow, Alfred
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  16. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    The Dem party has become just a mafia of globalist sell-outs. The leadership have become a gang of super-traitors to the country that’s given them so much. People who cling to that party are living in the past, a past that no longer exists. The leadership spits on the working class and small business owners, foments race hatred and encourages violence in the streets. They’re fiddling while the country is burning. People can’t watch what passes for news these days because they have to view these disgusting people.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks, Redman, TTSSYF
  17. anon[893] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Note the rifle is the Marxist AK-47.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  18. @SteveK9

    When Deep \$tate agents sabotaged Senator Paul Wellstone’s plane and removed the last JFK style Democrat from the equation (he was THE main opponent of Bu\$h the Le\$\$er’s long-planned aggression against Iraq), the small “d” element in the Democrat party was conveniently taken out. Most probable saboteur may have been a contract agent working for the CIA, the chief honcho of the DEEPEST \$tate.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Notsofast
  19. Because of his status as a recognized voice in journalism, Whitney dare not come right out and say it, but as a recovering journo I will let the cat outta the bag.

    The CIA and the rest of the Alphabet Supermaniacs answer to the lords of highest finance, beginning with the Rothschild Crime Clan,headquartered in City of London and the Rockefeller Crime Clan, with 54% ownership of the New York “Federal” Reserve Bank and controlling the Barons of Wall Street. Of course there are others, but those two are the Kingpins,

    • Agree: Stonehands, Turk 152, Agent76
  20. Whitney is increasingly coming across as a foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic blinded by his own ideology and drawing support from a handful of former inmates of the same institution.

    I still recall his factually-incorrect and stunningly-foolish promotion of Sweden as the epitome of COVID-19 handling – the country with 10 million people that had more infections and deaths than did all of China.

    Surely there is a more suitable platform or publication somewhere that specializes in delusionary rants. Maybe the Chronicles of Pathological Raving published by the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center, once on the cutting edge of bipartisan political lobotomies.

    • Agree: vot tak
    • Disagree: Juckett
    • Replies: @sayless
    , @Majority of One
  21. I would think these people have an escape route/plan.

    We’re going to beat them to death in the street like the filthy animals they are, along with their children.

    • Agree: Stonehands, Alfred
  22. @Reg Cæsar

    Haven’t they, though? Taken up arms, that is.
    Or do you think the Soros/BLM-riots qualify as non-violent politics in conformity with your constitution?
    I dare say the Hochstetlers, the McCloskeys, Kyle Rittenhouse… might find themselves somewhat in disagreement with you on that score.

  23. GMC says:

    All Trump has to do, to probably win the election is – read this article and start putting people in prison for treason . He can then boast about draining the Swamp , threaten the media and Bingo – second term. But he ‘s not the guy capable of doing it – because he’s a big BSer. The schrade will continue and the Americans will suffer , no matter who buys the White House for the next 4. Great points in the Article tho.

    • Replies: @Biff
  24. They pulled out all the stops, engaged their assets across the bureaucracy, and launched a desperate 3 and half year-long regime change operation that blew up in their faces leaving behind a trail carnage from Washington, DC to Sydney, Australia. In contrast, Trump somehow slipped the noose and escaped largely unscathed.

    Fairly certain TRUMP also has backers that work from the shadows; and they are very powerful. It’s very doubtful one man could stand against the onslaught of tricksters, liars, manipulators, and over-all very powerful people on the Left….

    There appears to be a battle going on between the parasitElites…2 sides vying for power and to promote their own agenda for the future.

    • Replies: @Redman
  25. polistra says:

    Parties ALWAYS spy on the opposite party. Businesses spy on other businesses. School football teams spy on other teams. This is NORMAL if not necessarily saintly or angelic. Whitney is isolating one particular example of this UNIVERSAL practice and trying to convince us that it’s special or unusual. It’s not.

    • Agree: vot tak
    • Disagree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  26. This wraps it up entirely, and I say that as a former lifelong democrat, though what turned me against them first was the Libya war crimes and the obvious use of el qaeda type barbarians to overthrow the Syrian government. As the article indicates, power for its own sake is the goal, and decency and morality have gone by the boards. The serial crimes of the power structure making up the power structure’s pattern of sedition, the tactics they have used for years to overthrow any regime or government inconvenient to them, are revealed by this article, which won’t appear in the legacy press because they are almost all complicit in the effort. So many red lines, or using the older metaphor “rubicons” have been crossed, from falsely accusing a nuclear power to causing hundreds of billions or even trillions in economic damage by the reaction to a medium serious illness to the way they allowed “protesters” to run riot over many of the nations cities. This is all unprecedented in the US.

    • Agree: Redman, Ann Nonny Mouse
  27. @A123

    I’m tempted to vote for DT again but with major reservations. He had 4 years to do something about the M.E. mess that Obomber-Bush made, but he didn’t deliver like he said he would. He handed Israel some wins, though. It’s hard to really trust him. And how do we know he won’t go ballistic with a completely different agenda once he is in office for his last term?

  28. Dr. Doom says:

    George Soros. The Military Industrial Complex. Washington “thinktanks”.

    An unelected bunch of monied interests that protects the status quo.

    Trump is an outsider to The Swamp.

    His wanting to end the wars and put America First has gotten him many enemies.

    Soros is now funding antifa and BLM.

    The neocons are supporting Sleazy Senile Biden.

    The media is being fed anti-Trump propaganda.

    There really are Conspiracies.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @follyofwar
  29. Whoever replaces Ginsberg will ultimately be a disappointment. To save time and frustration, I automatically take the negative view now of everything since it is more likely to be the correct one.

    Oh, while I’m here, John Roberts is a lowlife sonovabitch if there ever was one.

  30. If the leaders of the Democratic Party, members of the military and intelligence communities, and the media conspired to remove the President (which I think is true), where are the indictments? Where are the arrests? My suspicion is that Attorney General William Barr is quite aware of what happened but as a Washington insider who wants a future for his chidren, aims to keep it all quiet. Nothing to see here, folks, just move along.

    • Replies: @jsinton
  31. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    “The real person or persons who initiated the coup will likely never be known.”

    Hillary Clinton.

  32. So much bald-faced, blatant crime, and yet the Executive branch’s DoJ has only announced one plea-deal of a low-level conspirator in nearly four years while pursuing a number of Trump supporters to the ends of the Earth with pre-dawn raids for allegations of white-collar and process crimes. Go figure.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  33. Rashkae says:

    and which party would do all those things if the shoe was on the other foot…

  34. “… prevents ordinary people from knowing the truth…”

    Are ordinary people the least bit interested in knowing the truth? Before I quit Fakebook in disgust in late 2017 I remember a conversation I had with an Amerikastani woman. I had known this person for over a decade, first on Orkut, and then Multiply, and then finally on Fakebook. I knew that she was, by Amerikastani standards, relatively not unintelligent and fairly well informed. Yet she was regurgitating the “Russia meddling” and “Kremlin stooge” line constantly and compulsively. I asked her, in a personal message, whether she actually believed it. She admitted right away that she knew it was rubbish but she kept spreading it because it was the only way she could think of that Trump might be got rid of.

    When deliberate doublethink is a choice eagerly accepted by people no amount of information is sufficient. None.

    • Agree: Montefrío
    • Replies: @Abbybwood
  35. And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.

    Oh, we know. In fact, the single thing is infamous for, is pointing out again and again and again who’s running the show.

    And how could anybody still not know, when it’s published and updated daily on the Internet? Of the Top Ten big money political donors, over half are Jews, and every one of them is pro-illegal immigration, pro-LGBTQ, pro-BLM and the rest of the Jewish SJW panoply, regardless of political affiliation.

    Don’t believe me? Watch anything from (((Hollywood))) over the last fifty years. It’s all there.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  36. anon[164] • Disclaimer says:

    Democrats are childless White Cunts and their allies Niggers and Kikes and Soyboys. Republicans are White Males and the dwindling married women with children. It’s the patriarchy vs the cuntocracy. “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman.” We’re enemies alright, and it got even worse after the invention of birth control.

    • Agree: Socrates
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Montefrío
    , @Montefrío
  37. When someone lies to your face relentlessly, repeatedly and shamelessly, they are expressing their loathing for you.

    On the same day LEO arrested a dozen or so presumably Antifa leaders for deliberately setting our West Coast wildfires, Governor Newsom dragged his MSM sycophants to a burn area and proclaimed, “This proves beyond any doubt the terrible ramifications of global warming.”

    They’re not even trying anymore.

  38. @Verymuchalive


    And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.


    which party has aligned itself with Black Lives Matter,

    Over 600 Jewish Groups Declare Their Support for Black Lives Matter


    the sedition was not confined to a few posts at the senior levels of the FBI, CIA, NSA, or DOJ. No. The corruption has saturated the entire structure, seeping down to the lower levels where career bureaucrats eagerly perform tasks that are designed to damage or incriminate elected officials. How did it ever get this bad?

    And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.

    Former FBI agent Cynthia Deitle joined Amy Spitalnik, a lawyer with Integrity First for America, the 501c3 formed by self-described “loud-mouthed lesbians from New York” to sue protesters at Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, with the goal of “silencing them . . . crushing them . . . bankrupting them . . . making them spend the rest of their lives having their wages and assets garnished . . .” The panel was moderated by Doron Ezickson, head of hosting organization Jewish Council for Public Affairs. Deitle’s FBI career focused on investigating hate crimes; she is now involved with the Matthew Shepherd organization.

    Cynthia Deitle: The FBI, in my humble opinion, . . . would not . . . be as successful, were it not partnerships and liaisons with folks like you It is very well known that the FBI and Department of Justice, and many law enforcement agencies have solidified partnerships with the ADL for example.

    Whoever is calling the shots, he/she/it is Jewish.

  39. Number 1 ,OBAMA,…he started all this degenerate betrayal,spying BS 1.An incompetent and boastful president who has no previous government experience and who is rash and impulsive in his dealings with the media, foreign leaders and his critics? This is Obama , no?

    • Replies: @Corrupt
  40. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Yes now let’s go read Kikebart

    • Replies: @Wally
  41. Is it too much to ask that, from now on, these “articles” published on Unz contain some sort of footnote, citation, or other form of bibliographic credit. There is no way to verify ANY of the endless unsubstantiated claims the author makes in this fake news opinion piece. If you want your readers to be able to verify what your telling us, the very least you could do, would be to included references at the bottom of your editorial.

    If there is an FBI plot, collusion, or conspiracy, then post a link to said documents that contain evidence of it. Please provide us the names, dates, transcripts, documents, and records (or the links to them) which show evidence of law breaking, treason, and betrayal, as mentioned in the title of your “article.”

    If there’s no citations provided, and therefore no way to show the provenance of documents claiming to show criminal actions, then they’re probably not legit, or else they don’t exist to begin with, and therefore you’re just pulling these “Facts” out of your ass.

    These cookie cutter Unz opinion pieces are virtually useless as a form of information to the typical American. In a way, they actually contain less substance than your typical CNN or ABC news segment, but at least the mainstream media still employ reporters, who, by some degree actually do “investigate” things. These Unz editorials are no better than reading Pravda.They convince nobody on the “other side,” so to speak, and therefore they just add up to pissing in the wind.

    Please, get a clue, and write articles with proper documented citations that allow your vast, unwashed reader base, the proper way to validate your “research.”

    • Agree: vot tak
    • Thanks: Ugetit
  42. Biff says:

    All Trump has to do, to probably win the election is – read this article and start putting people in prison for treason .

    Interesting idea if you recall how Saddam Hussein secured his power.

  43. @freedom-cat

    I predict his agenda in a second term would be to advance the political careers of his children.

    • Replies: @Wally
  44. mike k says:

    What Whitney says of the democrats is mostly true. What is missing is a similar scathing review of the republicans — which they richly deserve. A pox on both their parties! Both of these sinister outfits serve one master — money and power.

    • Thanks: Ugetit
  45. @anon

    It’s not a rifle. That is a light machine gun. Its political inclinations are not clear from the photo.

  46. Ugetit says:

    It is a vast understatement to say that the operation was merely an attack on Donald Trump when, in fact, it was an attack on the system itself, a full-blown assault on the right of ordinary people to choose their own leaders.

    Mike is generally superb but every now and then he comes out with a whopper and that claim is one of them. I’d like to know how he developed the idea that ordinary people ever had the right to choose their own leaders. (I assume he’s referring to the people of the land of the free, which is another farce and another story.)

    His lamenting the fact that “the system” has been attacked puzzles me since it is the real system that needs to be attacked. The real system as discussed here is the control of the political system by the big usurers despite the fact that history shows that most if not all political systems eventually rot like everything else in the solar system and beyond, the presence or absence of usurers notwithstanding.

    What seems strange to me is that he seems to know how the real system works, writing,

    The real person or persons who initiated the coup will likely never be known. These are the Big Money guys who operate in the shadows and who have a stranglehold on the Intelligence agencies. These are the gilded Mandarins who have their tentacles wrapped firmly around the entire state-power apparatus and who dictate policy from their leather-bound chairs at their high-end men’s clubs.

    Pssst, Mike…They own and control everything important including “our” so-called government which has always been a tool of that class. Democracy? Forget it.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
  47. Moi says:

    Both the Ds and Rs have betrayed the people. No point in arguing which is the lesser of two evils–both are evil.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Z-man
  48. Ugetit says:

    Is it too much to ask that, from now on, these “articles” published on Unz contain some sort of footnote, citation, or other form of bibliographic credit.

    I heartily agree and would add that the concept should be demanded of all comments as well but it does seem too much to ask especially since the UR seems more concerned with quantity than quality preferring to limit the number of comments while routinely allowing mindless personal attacks and worthless claims and opinions including endless recycling of century old propaganda to be stated freely and without any sense or substantiation at all.

    That’s a hint to UR, not a complaint, because I’m grateful for the site despite its warts some of which would be unavoidable in any case. I certainly couldn’t do any better.

    • Disagree: Majority of One
  49. All of this is true enough and everybody here has been painfully aware of these realities and this narrative for at least 4 years.

    But at the end of the day it is American politics and history will record it as such.

    It is on Trump that he didn’t go after these people from the start. Since the attempt to remove him from office following his impeachment failed he has had no excuses.

    Had he immediately gone on the offensive in January 2017 the country would be in a different place. He got distracted by finally holding the crown and the pink pussy hat parades.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  50. padre says:

    The main thing is that president must be incompetent, otherwise, who knows what he would do!

  51. Biff says:

    If there is an FBI plot, collusion, or conspiracy, then post a link to said documents that contain evidence of it. Please provide us the names, dates, transcripts, documents, and records (or the links to them) which show evidence of law breaking, treason, and betrayal, as mentioned in the title of your “article.”

    He mentioned the improperly obtained warrants, which is a crime, and if Whitney needs to hold your whiny bitch hand while he walks you through all the others crimes you could just ask him.

    • Agree: Alden
  52. From my perspective, both parties and the entire Fed Gov are just one large criminal enterprise that I have no control over. I watch this mafia’s machinations to see how it affects me, but I don’t root for either team because they’re both corrupt and interchangeable.

    The political parties, their candidates and the ‘elected leaders’ are outside my control and hence I watch them as a spectator. I never dirty my hands to vote because that would be admitting that the system is legitimate; it isn’t.

    People – stop supporting this evil monstrosity and allow it to wither away. By voting, you pump life into this creature whose only ambition is to ruin you.

    • Thanks: Ugetit
  53. geokat62 says:

    The Democrat party has undergone a sea-change in the last four years. There’s no trace of the party that was once headed by progressive-thinking idealists like John F Kennedy. What’s left now is a shell of its former self; a cynical, self-aggrandizing, cutthroat organization that has betrayed its base, the American people, and the country. Indeed, for all its many failings, it is the ‘betrayal’ that is the most infuriating.

    Most would agree that the same could be said about today’s Republican party.

    Just came across a great quote (I altered slightly by adapting it to the American context):

    Democrats and Republicans are the same. When you are being crushed under a jack boot, it’s not important whether it is a left or right boot. There are only two sides now. Freedom vs tyranny.

    • Agree: Emily, ChuckOrloski, Ugetit
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  54. Biff says:

    These cookie cutter Unz opinion pieces are virtually useless as a form of information to the typical American. In a way, they actually contain less substance than your typical CNN or ABC news segment, but at least the mainstream media still employ reporters, who, by some degree actually do “investigate” things. These Unz editorials are no better than reading Pravda.They convince nobody on the “other side,” so to speak, and therefore they just add up to pissing in the wind.

    Just noticed this is your first and only comment; and it seems to have an agenda… That isn’t suspicious is it?

    • Disagree: Lee
  55. anon[600] • Disclaimer says:

    This is Mike’s best thing yet. A tip: there’s nothing shadowy about it. Your government is a criminal enterprise, not a sovereign state. To know who’s in charge, just look at who’s got all the get-out-of-jail-free cards.

    You have lived under a totalitarian regime since 1949, when the Central Intelligence Agency Act exempted CIA covert operations from review by any court. CIA has since secured its impunity with pseudo-legal red tape including the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, the “political questions,” “utmost deference,” and “deference upon deference” doctrines, the Rogers-Houston MOU et seq., the operational files exemption and numerous illegal states of emergency including invocation of COG, in which CIA chooses your emergency command structure in secret. DoJ works for CIA developing legal pretexts for manifestly illegal acts, according to the HRC.

    So don’t get wrapped around the axle looking for Mister Big. The impunity is strictly institutional. Your government is CIA.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  56. And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.

    I wrote an essay very similar to this one—albeit a fair amount shorter—just after election night, 2016. I could already sense what they were planning and I could see the whole Russia-gate narrative in germ implicit in Hillary’s non-concession concession speech.

    For the record, I think the shot caller here is none other than Bill Clinton himself. Everything about the last 4 years has a certain Clintonian tenor to it.

  57. Emily says:

    When you see the American people faced with the either/or Biden/Trump?
    When you need to vote for the likes of Trump or face a neo communist racist takeover.
    You realise that the USA is no democracy.
    Its so called democracy is a fraud and farce.
    And we in Britain are little better.
    Merely a one party state with three vile and treacherous heads.
    And people dare to point a finger at Vladimir Putin!
    He is a beacon of sanity, peace, hope and light when compared to what we and the USA are faced with.
    Boris and Trump and even worse.
    A political insult.

    • Agree: Fred777, Getaclue
  58. Despite the exaggerations, this article speaks an unspeakable truth. Just as the Founders feared, the pursuit of empire would require the death of liberty. One of the modern architects of this policy, Zbignew Brzezinski, admitted in his influential book ‘The Grand Chessboard – American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives’, that if America is to dominate the world, it cannot sustain a popular democracy, because “the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion… Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.”

    The form of governance that we inherited from the American republic cannot effectively manage a worldwide empire. We are witnessing the abandonment of our traditional form of government made necessary by our world conquests. This process has dire implications for what we believe our society to mean, but we are not about to return our new possessions to their owners, not until the last ship’s hold of strategic materials is en route to “the homeland”. Trump’s proposals to abolish NATO, to cooperate with Russia, and to rebuild the national infrastructure have placed him in the path of the aristocracy’s daggers as surely as Julius Caesar’s goals attracted the enmity of his murderers at a similar epoch of Roman history.

    Like Rome, we retain the institutions of liberty long after they have become empty symbols stripped of their power to safeguard our liberty. Even now, most Americans look at Washington D.C. and imagine it the living inheritance of Washington, of Adams, of Jefferson, of Madison, when a convincing argument can be made that the ideals of those men did not survive the passing of their generation.

  59. annamaria says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    In practical terms:

    Key Findings
     In early 2015 the former Acting Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, George Kent, raised concerns…” the presence of Hunter Biden on the Burisma board was very awkward for all U.S. officials pushing an anticorruption agenda in Ukraine.”
     In October 2015, senior State Department official Amos Hochstein raised concerns with Vice President Biden, that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board … risked undermining U.S. policy in Ukraine. [Ha!] …
     Hunter Biden was a U.S. Secret Service protectee from Jan. 29, 2009 to July 8, 2014. Hunter Biden received Secret Service protection on trips to multiple foreign locations, including Moscow, Beijing, Doha, Paris, Seoul, Manila, Tokyo, Mexico City, Milan, Florence, Shanghai, Geneva, London, Dublin, Munich, Berlin, Bogota, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Brussels, Madrid, Mumbai and Lake Como.
     Hunter Biden received a \$3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. …
     Hunter Biden had business associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army. Those associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow.
     Hunter Biden paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an “Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

    Now compare the Dems ‘righteous’ hatred of Assange (the courageous journalist-truthteller) with the Dems’ presstituting blindness towards Bill the Pedophile and Hunter the Son of Biden.

    • Thanks: GMC
  60. Rich says:
    @Majority of One

    Wasn’t Wellstone some kind of crazed leftist along the lines of Al Franken? I don’t remember the guy standing up for the average American ever. He was as much a prisoner of every far left special interest group the rest of the dems. If he’d lived, he’d have been on the front lines with blm and antifa, supporting their violence and destruction.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  61. @Johnny Rico

    Looks like some variant of the Kalashnikov rifle with a drum magazine rather than a light machine gun.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  62. @Reg Cæsar

    Not quite. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    Now, the enemies of the States might in fact be Trump’s people, since the D-run states have so aggressively pursued the lockdown. But one need only Aid and Comfort the enemies without taking up arms.

  63. sayless says:
    @Ayatollah Smith

    Do you believe the numbers reported by China?

    • Replies: @Ayatollah Smith
  64. sally says:

    Mike your “# 2 answer” => the greater threat to the country is a political party that engages in subversive activity aimed at toppling the government and seizing power. is itself a false flag, designed to misdirect your readers from the real problem this choice between one ball under two thimbles game presents.

    Your “choice between two bads that have nothing to do with ” the real problem facing Americans; to practice charade journalism is off base for you, even offensive because of its suggested naivety. .. you did not put into the options to be decided on, any choice that addresses the real problem Why the hell not? In USA abused America,,the problem is the USA. .

    The real threat to America, and to the Americans that live in America is the USA. The USA is structure it is not a person, and the choices you offer is about who is going to get to bethe middle man between enriching the Oligarchs and destroying what’s left of America. The they’s do not matter! What matters is that it is the USA itself that is doing the damage to our great America. Don’t be distracted by who gets to sit in Air force one.
    As you point out neither option the USA presents to Americans has a route to secure for America or Americans either a capable leader or a person interested in securing for Americans a robust democratic future.
    I offer the Monkey Trial now showing in British Courts regards the receipt, possession and publication of secret USA documents that show clearly that the those in power are using the USA as a weapon of mass destruction. The USA is be used by the crime families to bilk America.. and its time the narrative change from blaming which ever asshole covers the seat in Air Force one. Its the entire USA that is being used to bilk America and to deny Americans.

    The privately owned crime land officials are using the USA’s rule of law making powers to destroy our once great domestic America but the are also using the independent power of electoral college elected Article II president to cause most of the world to hate America.. have a look.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  65. Z-man says:

    That’s why we need an American Nationalist party. If Trump gets reelected that should follow easy, if he doesn’t it might happen even quicker.

    • Replies: @Neuday
  66. the deep state ,the Soros of this world are as powerfull as the ones they inherited theire power ,but they are not wiser.Theire reaction to the Trump wining was like the spite woman ,they could not control themselves and wait ,not wise dont matter how powerfull they are.

  67. annamaria says:

    And a little rotten cherry on the top:

    …deputy chief of mission for the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States Oksana Shulyar “was coordinating an investigation with the Hillary team on Paul Manafort with Alexandra Chalupa [DNC consultant]”

    [Ex-Ukrainian diplomat] Andrii Telizhenko, the Democrats’ personification of Russian disinformation, met with Obama administration officials, including Elisabeth Zentos, a member of Obama’s National Security Council, at least 10 times. A Democrat lobbying firm, Blue Star Strategies, contracted with Telizhenko from 2016 to 2017 and continued to request his assistance as recent as the summer of 2019.

    A recent news article detailed other extensive contacts between Telizhenko and Obama administration officials.

    On March 24, 2016, Alexandra discussed Manafort and his ties with Russian interests during a meeting at the Ukrainian Embassy with Ambassador Valeriy Chaly and his aide, Oksana Shulyar. Ambassador Chaly dismissed the discussion as he expected Trump to lose the nomination. …

    Andrii Telizhenko was then ordered by Shulyar to assist Alexandra in her research of Manafort, Trump and Russia, as the Ukrainian Embassy was coordinating an investigation with the Clinton campaign. Alexandra, at the time, prepared opposition research files on Manafort.

    Four days later, on March 29, 2016, the day after the announcement that Trump had hired Manafort to corral the delegates, Alexandra then briefed the communications staff of the Democratic National Committee about Manafort, Trump and Russia.

    After this, Alexandra pushed for the Ukrainian Embassy staff — with encouragement from the Democratic National Committee — to arrange an interview with President Poroshenko to discuss Manafort’s ties to Yanukovych, although the Ukrainian Embassy declined the request.
    The corrupt Ukrainians have united with corrupt American ‘Democrats’ to conduct a color revolution in the US against the lawfully elected president of the US.

    There is a poetic justice in the uproar over Obamas’ association with the Netflix and its child pornography production. All these scum — Clintons, Obamas, the ridiculous Markle and her dimwit duking husband in tow, and the “suffering” (from white privilege!) billionair Oprah — have congregated and united with the most incompetent and traitorous dirt in the CIA and the FBI.

  68. @Reg Cæsar

    So far, we have established that the House Speaker doesn’t know how to wear a face mask to fully cover her nose and that the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee doesn’t know enough to keep her finger outside the trigger guard when holding a rifle?


    • Agree: Realist
  69. Redman says:

    Agree that he was dealt a really crap hand when he took office. The coup plots were already in full swing.

    I only wish he’d don’t a better job hiring people around him. But then again, in the swamp, it’s probably hard to hire anything better than swamp critters.

    He assumed that the Wall Street crowd (and the upper echelon of the military) was less swampy. It may have been at one time. But not any more.

    Hard to drain a swamp when all of your help are bottom-feeders.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
  70. @Reg Cæsar

    Actually, you are wrong. The Constitution is clear on this point. Treason consists of levying war against the U.S., OR IN ADHERING TO THEIR ENEMIES, GIVING THEM AID AND COMFORT. In addition, the Constitution recognizes Domestic Enemies. While that term is not as clearly defined, there is little doubt that a conspiracy to organize the removal of the legal government of the United States by illegal means constitutes treason.. and those involved are Domestic Enemies. Brennan, Clapper, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Obama and the rest should have been hanged three years ago. Active Tories during the American Revolution ended up, often enough, at the end of a rope.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  71. annamaria says:

    You complain so bitterly that it is obvious that something in this article really hurt you. Doubt that your tears are about the bibliography.

  72. @TKK

    TKK, you and Psota (just below) are probably right that Trump is not any more incompetent than (I’d so most of) his predecessors. That’s not saying very much, haha. However, here’s where his incompetence lies, in his associating with swamp creatures that were supposed to help him drain the place.

    Look, the guy was a businessman with a pretty big operation. He knows you have to delegate lots of work and decision making. That 3 year day-in-day-out distraction with the Russia collusion BS – you hire a loyal lawyer friend for the job. “You take care of all of it. Tell me what I need to tweet out about it every night. Just don’t bother me with details. Blow them off when you can, and if you need something from me, you’ve got 15 minutes a day to explain it and keep me out of trouble. I’ve got a real job to do.”

    As much as I appreciate the fact that Donald Trump doesn’t hate the average American like most of the creatures in Washington, he could have done LOTS more. You have to have a long-term strategy (yes, Reagan was MUCH better at that). You can only have time to execute this strategy if you have reliable people to deflect all the BS off you. Those people must be on YOUR SIDE, not part of the enemy. President Trump made very stupid hiring decisions and he is much too easily distracted.

    Yes, he keeps swinging. I’ll grant you that, and it’s a very good thing.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Rooster7
    , @MarkinLA
  73. Redman says:

    But who do you suppose those “shadowy” figures behind Trump are?

    I haven’t seen anything written or insinuated in any fashion as to who such folks could be. I’m just curious.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  74. @polistra

    Sure, but do rival political parties ALWAYS try to engineer a coup against the sitting president? Is that NORMAL?

    • Agree: Charon, TTSSYF
  75. @SolontoCroesus

    Starting with the eye of Soros himself.

  76. lysias says:

    Who’s behind it? One obvious suspect is richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, a known enemy of Trump who recently was denied a big DOD contract.

  77. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Nuff said.

  78. MLK says:

    Conspiracy theories are exercises in reductionism. But, when they’re still in motion, at least in the instant case even if not as a rule, the devil isn’t in the details.

    Suffice it to say, destroying Trump was and remains the most monumental Dues Ex Machina anyone alive has or will ever see again in his lifetime.

    This is true comprehensively. Not just the criminal conspirators, institutional and individual, but garden-variety Democrats who have been subject to a four-year propaganda effort to keep them on team.

    Consider something rather telling. After Trump took the oath, it was the Congressional Republican majority that was most discredited. Yet Trump public offers to work with Congressional Democrats where they were in programmatic agreement were spurned in favor of Resistance.

    This indisputably confirmed that elected Democrats weren’t creatures of their own fate. I used to characterize it as the immediate and longterm interests of the Democrat Party were secondary to protecting the coup conspirators writ large, but it hasn’t even registered as a subsidiary factor.

    In any event, what saved Trump was the Republican base moving in 2017 to 90-95% approval of him. Signaling that if Congressional Republicans allowed, much less participated in, Trump’s destruction it ensured the same fate for the party itself.

    Thus by their own words and deeds, these individuals, regardless of what positions they did or previously held, were no longer Republicans in any meaningful sense.

    It isn’t just Biden, the Democrat leadership is a gerontocracy. Little more than figureheads and, no doubt the still sharp enough have figured out, scapegoats.

  79. @sayless

    If you have evidence that China’s numbers are incorrect, please provide it. If not, then put a zipper on it.

  80. Emslander says:

    This is “religious” now.

    Go to blocked quote at the top of the article and see how correct you are. It’s religious, in the sense that it’s managed on a spiritual level by the patron demon of Alinsky radicalism. Man is certainly capable of great evil on his own, but he’s not capable of putting the operating plans of such evil into the minds of thousands at just the right time and in just the right places. That takes a special kind of evil force that is personal and intelligent.

    Luckily, It always fails.

    • Replies: @Aristotle1
  81. @A123

    “A few more Supreme Court Justices will help…”

    You’re in denial.

    The Supreme Court, always and forever, will support and enforce ( as their #1 priority )

    That’s why you live in a hopelessly corrupt miasma, ruled by Wall St, NGO’s, non- profits and various other foreign corporate banking structures.

    Your vote is worthless with either candidate of the 2-party syndicate. The only use for the “constitution” is to siphon wealth from the people to the BANKING complex. The recusal of Sessions started this whole circle jerk; and all the appointments thereafter confirmed this theatre for the rubes.

    • Agree: Realist, annamaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
  82. If you’re not as upset as I am about the profound lack of cited material in this article, then there’s no hope for any of you!

    It’s just another article in an endless sea of stupid articles that won’t accomplish anything. And nobody has enough self reflection to ask why, after writing so many articles, nobody still seems to care (beyond the five or six people here of course)!

    The wheels on the bus go round and round…..

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @ploni almoni
  83. jsinton says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    In the immediate days after the 2016 election, when the story came out that Trump was an a sort of Manchurian candidate and that the Russians has mind-controlled the public into voting for him, I immediately sensed what was unfolding. My initial response was “they better not go there”. Much to my horror over the last 4 years they “went there”, and all my worst fears and suspicions came true. I think the most wonderful thing about the Trump presidency is that it has removed the mask from the whole corrupt system for all to see. That Trump’s enemies have been recklessly making mistakes and caused themselves infinitely more harm than they ever could to Trump. My sadness is that we the people of the United States have become the target as much as Trump. A lot of people need to be fitted for orange jumpsuits and reside in concrete cells with a single toilet/sink unit, otherwise the Republic is toast.

  84. Ugetit says:

    Back to MW’s lament about the US being a democracy betrayed…It only shows that sometimes even those in a position to know miss a point now and then.

    “The habits of our whole species fall into three great classes—useful labour, useless labour, and idleness. Of these, the first only is meritorious, and to it all the products of labour rightfully belong; but the two latter, while they exist, are heavy pensioners upon the first, robbing it of a large portion of its just rights. The only remedy for this is to, so far as possible, drive useless labour and idleness out of existence….”

    —Abraham Lincoln, Fragments of Notes regarding a Tariff Discussion, [3 August 1846 – 6 December 1847], Handwritten Document, 17 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress (Washington, DC), pg3.

    Lincoln seems to miss the idea that there is a fourth class, scilicet, overtly destructive labor, i.e., those who spend their lives and our fortunes playing the cat to us mice, and it ain’t nothing new. The apparently eternal question is what to do about it.

  85. Rooster7 says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    This is the exact gripe I’ve had with Trump as well: why keep hiring members of the opposition!! However, the more I thought about it, the more I understood how difficult a task this is in D.C. where everyone has a hidden agenda and you’re (Trump) the odd man out.

    Trump truly is hated by both sides. Thus, who can you trust to give you good intel on who to hire? Furthermore, even if an advisor does give good intel, they themselves are likely to become compromised with either false allegations or old skeletons dragged out of their closet, i.e. Roger Stone. Also, what’s the incentive to want to help the administration, knowing that your career is limited to 4 or 8 years, since your two future hiring companies (Democrat’s and Republicans) won’t touch you with a ten foot pole if you indeed did help their adversary Trump succeed.

    Then you also have the saboteurs who come into the administration whom you think you can trust, only to later be stabbed in the back by them, releasing insider knowledge to the MSM or in books: Tillerson, Mattis, Kelly, Bolton… now Bolton was just inexcusable, but you catch my drift.

    I believe over the past 4 years Trump’s gotten a crash course in politics, and I really hope he gets a second term now that he’s more seasoned to see what he can accomplish. Without having to worry about re-election, I could only hope he’d go scorched earth on the liberals and do some lasting damage… one can dream.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  86. Alden says:

    I agree with you. To have survived the incessant attacks that began the day after he was elected, proves Trump is more than competent. As for all the bully braggart vulgar slurs against him. I don’t see that either.

    If the liberals say something is good, it must be bad. If liberals say something is bad, it must be good. The hatred against him is just irrational.

    • Agree: TKK
  87. This is all a zionist perpetrated destruction of the American way of life, from the covid-19 scam, lie and psyop , to the use of the 17 intel agencies that are under zionist control, as is the entire ZUS government, it is all a zionist bolshevik operation to destroy America.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Stonehands
  88. Wally says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    “I predict his agenda in a second term would be to advance the political careers of his children.”

    Let’s hope so.

    They’re all quite bright, young, ready to further take on the neo-Marxists.

    • Replies: @gabriel
  89. Alden says:

    Birth control was invented thousands of years ago, not in 1960.

  90. Wally says:

    “Yes now let’s go read Kikebart”.

    Indeed, Breitbart has a bias towards ‘Israel’ and things Jewish, but I’ll take it over the MSM, which has the same bias, any day.

    Don’t like their Jew stuff? Then ignore it.

    Breitbart does in fact deliver news and information that you will not find in most outlets, like the God awful, unhinged CNN.

    Trump, 4 more years.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  91. Realist says:

    Promises Made, Promises Kept (1)

    That phrase wildly promulgated by Trump is abject bullshit. Trump has not kept any promises. Trump is all hat, no cattle…a minion of the Deep State.

  92. Realist says:

    I’m tempted to vote for DT again but with major reservations.

    What the hell does that mean…with major reservations…a vote is a vote, reservations mean nothing? A vote for Trump means you agree with his actions over the last three and a half years…not promises…actions.

    • Disagree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  93. Realist says:
    @Dr. Doom

    So Trump has good intentions…he is just ineffectual.

    • Replies: @Wally
  94. Betrayal. Infuriating, Betrayal

    I cannot for the life of me conceive of a shade of meaning under which the punctuation in this title could be considered correct. It’s reminiscent of the title of the well-known book about misusage of punctuation, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, only in that instance it was deliberate. Hello, can we get an editor?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  95. @Rich

    Then why was he taken out, Rich?

    • Replies: @Rich
  96. @Dr. Doom

    One of the biggest conspiracies to me is why, after all the damage that he’s done to the country with his ill-gotten billions, Hungarian immigrant George Soros remains a free man. Is he not a clear example of how the super rich oligarchs are above the law?

  97. Trinity says:

    What we have here is good cop vs. bad cop. The republiCANTS are the good cops and the demsheviks are the bad cops, both are led by the (((usual suspects.))) We all know that (((Lenin))) said something along the lines that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it. Props to Tucker Carlson, Carlson has at least been mentioning the name George (((Schwartz))) this week. Don’t expect Dandy Don and Crew to mention Soros aka Schwartz are any of the Jew Crew that are lined up to “Bolshevize” good ole Jew-SA.

    Meanwhile back to hapless LOSERS known as the republiCANTS. I have spent nearly 60 years on this earth and these LOSERS have NEVER won anything of any significance. Good ole Ronnie Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal invaders, MLK’s birthday was made a national holiday as well. Nixon? Well good ole Nixon was around when Roe vs. Wade and Affirmative Action went down. And my gawd, Nixon’s SOS was Henry (((Kissinger.))) Ford? He was only in there for a minute so he escapes criticism. Both Bush clowns? Pappy Bush, shades of Trump, stood around wringing his hands as Blacks rampaged in Los Angeles, pulling Whites out their vehicles and in the case of Reginald Denny, beating them within an inch of their lives. Dubya? Complete moron. Promised that the troops would be coming home after 6 months and 19 years later, the troops are still over fighting for Israel. And of course, 9-11 and the 5 Dancing Shlomos happened on Bush Jr.’s watch.

    The republiCANTS have yet to stand up for the Whites railroaded in Charlottesville, nor did they stand up for the late Jake Gardner of Omaha, Nebraska. My guess is they will throw Kyle Rittenhouse under the bus as well. The demsheviks? Well, we know where they are coming from, their openly anti-White agenda is apparent for even the dumbest of the dumb. The republiCANTS are as two faced as good ole “Southern Hospitality,” and just as phony. You will not vote your way out of this mess, America, not unless a better group of folks come along. For now, the republiCANTS are nothing more than hapless losers who never win anything except for helping pushing Jewish domestic and foreign policies on the goyim of America.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  98. Socrates says:

    The problem for Trump and the American people, is very simple.
    He can order a new 9/11 investigation, to see WHO exactly was behind this terrorism, while parallel he can order the Six Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea to bomb Israel.

    Then you will see the maaaa-humpers to run again, like rats.
    Plus the whole World will see Trump as the true-Leader and the Hero of all Humanity.

  99. @true.enough

    As a fellow expat of long standing, I promise you, I wonder not at all. Cry the beloved country and all, but not a chance. I’m busily liquidating digital dollars and accelerating my program of productive tangibles acquisition in my home country, a broke-ass South American nation ripe for a pendulum-swing anti-centralization revolution. My only hope now is to leave my children and grandchildren (the latter all born here) a solid set of values and economic footing that will enable them to hold their own in the magnificent rural setting in which I make my stand with my son and his kiddies right next door.

    It’s pleasant to see Mr. W, a leftie, coming around to wisdom as the country crumbles around him, just as appears to be the case with James H. Kunstler, both of them geezers like myself, although I don’t know Mr. W’s age and am guessing.

    Oh, the happy day that I learned Spanish!

    • Thanks: Polemos, true.enough
  100. @Rooster7

    You make some very good points there, Rooster. Thank you.

  101. @Ray Caruso

    Ha! I remember that book title, with it’s example of how comma placement changes the meaning of phrases or sentences drastically.

    Yeah, Ray, at least all periods or all exclamation points is consistent: FIRST! RULE! OF! PUNCTUATION! CLUB!: AT! LEAST! EDIT! THE! TITLE!

    Best I could do with what I figure is Mr. Whitney’s meaning: Betrayal, Infuriating Betrayal.

    Mike, this has nothing to do with your content though. Keep on writing for us!

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  102. Trinity says:

    The republiCANTS are the Washington Generals and the demsheviks are the Harlem Globetrotters. I always say the republiCANTS are sparring partners for the demsheviks to beat up on. Ask yourself, what have the republiCANTS ever really done for White America. Good ole Eisenhower, the guy responsible for the Eisenhower Death Camps, returned home and FORCED American White Southerners to attend school with Black kids at gunpoint. Now decades later, poor White kids who don’t have the money to escape to private school or be home schooled are subjected to being beaten, and even raped and killed just attending school. Thanks, Ike. You must have been one helluva guy. And speaking of FORCED INTEGRATION, did Kennedy or Ike need the approval of the Governors of Arkansas or Alabama before they sent federal troops there to FORCE integration on those states? Seems to me if I remember correctly, George Wallace, an old school Dixie democrat, did not want integration for his state.

    Check out Trump’s Keep Israel Great rallies, he always has token Blacks directly behind him or token Hispanics in full view. I bet those nonwhites don’t even have to stand in line, they might even be paid to attend. I swear I saw the same Black guy at several rallies and he was always directly behind Trump. Hang in there, Kyle Rittenhouse, Trump is busy freeing Black rappers from Swedish jail, he’ll get to you later.

    • Thanks: profnasty
  103. Trinity says:

    Apparently they are above the law and they are the PEOPLE WHO REALLY RUN THIS COUNTRY.

  104. melly says:

    Excellent! I have only one slight quibble…

    The Democrat party has undergone a sea-change in the last four years.

    Oh,nooooo, this started long before we knew who was couping who during “Gore v Bush”. We used to think it was the GOP. But it wasn’t. It was the DNC wing of the “Democratic Party”, which has all but obliterated the party of FDR and JFK. It probably goes back further than that, but they really kicked in at the dawn of “electronic voting machines”…

    Other than that, great article 🙂

  105. @follyofwar

    Hungarian immigrant George Soros remains a free man. Is he not a clear example of how the super rich oligarchs are above the law?

    No government will ever destroy an AntiChrist, FoF. It’s gonna take the people to do this job.

  106. @geokat62

    JFK was already a 100% media-made personality, decided upon by the three big (((TV networks))) of that time. In particular his liberal image was all fake. I reality he was an authoritarian personality to the utmost, identifying with mafia action as the normal way to get things going, and with all deep states in the world. Some say he was anti-zionist and that due to anti-zionist decisions he was eliminated. Nope : his clan had made their fortunes is closest association with Canada’s Bronfman Clan and was more committed than ever to him and it is the Bronfman Clan that had asked his father to take a rather pro-German stance in order to advance the EU project. The real JFK was a kind of Nero, not of Tiberius Gracchus. Had he not been killed he would have been remembered as most corrupt and ineffectual, he needed to killed to be transformed into the perfect liberal hero he never was so as to enable LBJ to pass his Grand Society package sheltering under his aura. JFK’s main mission for the US establishment was to care for the Vatican Council to unfold in the direction willed by the Bnai Brith and by John XXIII, which couldn’t have succeeded without a nominal Catholic directing the espionage part so as to destroy for good what had always been up to then the US’ main official enemy.

  107. @anon

    Well, that’s putting it somewhat rough, but not entirely inaccurately. Nevertheless, down here in the “Global South”, out here in the boons, it ain’t that way, and oh my it’s wonderful!

  108. @anon

    Well, that’s putting it somewhat rough, but not entirely inaccurate. Nevertheless, down here in the “Global South”, out here in the boons, it ain’t that way, and oh my it’s wonderful!

    Women need not be enemies, quite the contrary. Non-deracinated women are your closest allies!

  109. gsjackson says:

    According to the Q narrative it’s military intelligence, especially Navy intelligence.

    • Replies: @Abbybwood
  110. Miro23 says:

    Which party is using the Covid-19 fraud to crash the economy, eliminate 40 million jobs, roll-back basic civil liberties and turn the United States into a NWO slave-state ruled by Wall Street bankers, Silicon Valley technocrats and Davos elites? Which party?

    Agreed that the evidence points to a colour revolution. There’s so much disparate evidence, and the methods they perfected in their list of target countries are now being employed against the US itself. It’s the ZioGlob deep state including the CIA/FBI and their private MSM propaganda department.

    This last one decides it for me. The MSM is global, with the Associated Press pumping out a daily propaganda package to news outlets around the globe. In my particular backwater (morning radio news in Spain) I receive a daily condensed and relatively unfiltered version. The first 5 (!) stories are Covid-19 designed to cause fear and panic with non-stop outbreaks/vaccine emergency/deaths, same as they were incessant (in their day) about WMD, Russian hacking, Ukraine, Venezuela and China. Plus a sprinkling of “white supremacist” outrages.

    It’s nothing to do with journalist evaluating events – rather hacks following instructions. And it’s a pure US ZioGlob deep state product.

    The positive aspect is that it gives a 100% heads-up on what they plan to do next. They’re cooking up a US colour revolution (coup d’état) involving the removal of Donald Trump.

  111. Jiminy says:

    All the chickens come home to roost. Look back through history at all of the coups orchestrated by the yanks. Does anybody remember a prime minister by the name of Whitlam and what happened to him back in 1975? This is what these groups are trained for. If they don’t like you or agree with you then it’s time to leave the stage.

  112. tyrone says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Lack of trigger discipline…….typical…..knows fuck-all about guns.

  113. Ragno says:

    This was intended as a comment on the heartbreaking/rage-inducing suicide of Jake Gardner, American martyr…..but it will do for this article as well:

    Starting to become pretty fucking obvious that the people who have the free time – and the money – to fund this insanity are the HAVES (to wit: the elites, of course; and the white-collar types who simply transferred from the office to Zoom and Skype and never missed a meal – let alone a paycheck; in fact, they’ve been making a fortune all summer on Wall Street’s ‘bounceback’ – but then, you need disposable income to have done so).

    The actual working people in this country are now the HAVE-NOTS: the small-business owners and their employees, both driven into penury by “COVID”, reliant not upon welfare but unemployment insurance just to feed their families, even though they could barely contribute more than a few dollars to such crowdfunding venues as the one Gardner was (fruitlessly, as it turned out) dependent upon.

    We already know that the Left had openly all but prayed for economic calamity as the last best way to rid the country of Orange Man. And now we know that this particular pandemic has been engineered to break the economic spine of the patriotic working class while temporarily empowering the violent, destructive orcs, and enriching the already-wealthy elites….who NEED those orcs at this moment in time.

    As James Ellroy would put it: Clinton and the Deep State for COVID-19.

    The ultimate quid-pro-quo: help us with this and we will throw over Putin and the Russians – in fact, all of white Europe – to form an unbreakable alliance with you, dear China.

    What’s that? “the right side of History?” Please don’t be stupider than you already are, children……once this is over, WE will be writing all the history books. The “record” will show only what we decide to write into it.

  114. @follyofwar

    Soros has Hungarian-American dual citizenship, of course one can only imagine the horror that would course through the bodies of the Russiagate disciples if a Russian-American dual citizen was throwing major money around getting highly partisan DA’s and other such officials elected in America, but of course it is not Soros Hungarian heritage nor his political leanings that protects him from scrutiny, but his Jewish heritage.

    We see the same with Sheldon Adelson, who has openly declared his loyalty to Israel when he said in a speech given in Israel:

    Billionaire Gingrich backer Adelson regrets he served in US instead of Israeli military*

    I am not Israeli. The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform. It was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF and one of my daughters was in the IDF … our two little boys, one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow, hopefully he’ll come back– his hobby is shooting – and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF…


    All we care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart,” he said toward the end of his talk.

    Of course, the Architects of Reality would have you believe that such statement is not suspicious or treacherous, as American and Israeli interests are one and the same.

    Alas, due to the mass immigration into Western nations, the Jewish lobbies are becoming just one amongst many in the growing number of ethnic lobbies. And as a result, the national debate is sure becoming more and more schizophrenic as we progress.

    * – On a side note, perhaps Newt Gingrich should have kept his Goy mouth shut in a recent slot on Fox News and kept his moral qualms to himself just as he had done when he sold his soul to Jewish-Zionist interests?

  115. Trump’s gonna wins by a landslide! Here’s why…

  116. Agent76 says:

    Jun 16, 2020 UH-OH. Joe Biden Suffers from ANOTHER Blank Mind – Look How Hopeless he Looks!

    Jul 6, 2020 Biden’s Call To Transform America Should Worry You, Democrats Are Aligning With Far left Fanatics

    Biden’s Call To Transform America Should Worry You, Democrats Are Aligning With Far left Fanatics. Bidens tweet was vague and aside from his presumptive “we will beat Trump” it is hard to know what he is talking about.

    • Replies: @Monotonous Languor
  117. @Aaron1982qwerty

    Aaron: Seriously?? The article is not mere opinion. Sundance at The Last Refuge has, over the last four years, painstakingly researched and documented every jot and tittle of the conspiracy to take down Trump. The amount of evidence is voluminous, and it is incontrovertible. Even members of Congress have turned to Sundance as an authoritative source for the detailed machinations of this seditious conspiracy. Just because you have not educated yourself does not mean at least some of us haven’t.

    And no, the mainstream so-called media does NOT do investigative research. The offerings from sources like The Last Refuge and others have been pointed out to them and offered to them on a silver platter. The MSM would no more avail itself of actual fact-based research than a vampire would willingly consume holy water. The way the MSM covers a story such as this is with a pillow, until it stops moving.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  118. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Rico

    @Johnny Rico

    It’s not a rifle.

    It’s absolutely a rifle. One of the best in history. You didn’t understand because the magic word ‘assault’ didn’t precede ‘rifle.’

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
    , @Johnny Rico
  119. Rubicon says:

    It has been almost 30 years since we had a president that dared to stand up to the ruling Oligarchs/The Media, and the ruling political party.

    Clinton, Cheney/Bush, Obama – ALL fell on their sword and committed themselves to wage war for the benefit of these Ruling Entities.

    Trump is the first president to stand up AGAINST “Continuous War” which brought huge benefits to the Deep State, the US Military Structure and to many US Oligarchs.
    Trump is the first president to stand up AGAINST “Off-Shoring” multiple millions of jobs all to greatly increase the wealth of these Oligarchs.

    So the ISSUE is NOT between the contending party’s. It’s between what Trump knows is the end of America ALL because the powerful and wealthy must always seek self-aggrandizement via \$\$\$\$.

    That’s the beginning and the end of all these wasted discussions.

  120. Neuday says:

    That’s why we need an American Nationalist party. If Trump gets reelected that should follow easy, if he doesn’t it might happen even quicker.

    The most important plank of an American Nationalist party would be immigration restriction/elimination, which is exactly what Trump rode to victory. That fact spells the doom of the GOP, which explains the neocon NeverTrump phenomena. The Republican party either becomes a de facto American Nationalist party or it’s dead. The GOP donors have been at war against their voters for some time (viz. Bob Dole, George W. Bush, McCain, Romney, Jeb!, total failure to achieve anything when in power except fight wars for Israel), and Trump appeals to the voters since he didn’t need the donors, and was able to effectively raise funds through smaller donations.

    There is an argument to be made that the destruction of small businesses wrought by the Chinkypox hoax was a happy coincidence to depress donations to the Trump campaign. Funny how that works.

    Failure to restrict immigration killed Conservative Inc. and its hold on the GOP. The Republican Party either accepts that fact and positions itself accordingly or it will be supplanted by an American Nationalist party. Trump is little more than crazy John the Baptist, out in the wilderness, preparing us for who comes next, someone who knows more about what the battle is about.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  121. @Ayatollah Smith

    Aya: You have been badly (and deliberately) misinformed on Sweden. Do yourself a favor. Take out your 12-gauge and blast the bejeebers outta your boobtoob. Rely ONLY on alternative media sources. In time you will learn to discriminate among them and pick out the more truthful and reliable entities. Ron Unz has graciously included a list of links on the home-page. Check them out for starters. In a few months time your mind will once again be your own and NOT owned.

  122. schrub says:

    Question: What other national leader besides Trump is under the same sort of continual attack by the exact same Rothchild-ian or Soros-ian “Deep State’ which absolutely hates both of them.

    Answer: Bibi Netanyahu

    Both Bibi and the Trumpster suffer the exact sort of of continual attacks by the same “respectable” MSM in their respective countries. The NY Times and Washington Post along with the other MSM lead the attacks against Trump in the US while outlets like the very “respectible” left wing newspaper Haaretz and the “respectible” MSM in Israel lead the attacks against Bibi in Israel.

    Both Trump and Bibi have something else very much in common. They are entirely dependent on the support of the “deplorables” in their respective countries to stay in power. In Israel the ultimate “deplorables” are the ultra orthodox Haredi Jews while in the USA, the “deplorable” working class blue collar whites provide the same level of support for Trump.

    Bibi already knows that if he loses his next election he is quickly going to jail for corruption. Trump also realizes that if he loses his election he will also probably end up both in jail and quickly bankrupted as well.

    Both of these men realized several years ago that they are in the same leaky boat and which can sink at any time and take them with it.

    The solution: Trump helps to keep Bibi in power and Bibi helps Trump stay in power. Trump does this by granting Bibi and his Likud Party’s every expansionist wish. Trump also deflects criticism of Israel for its civil rights abuses.

    In exchange, Bibi helps Trump to stay in power by encouraging the ultra orthodox Jews in the USA to support Trump. But that isn’t enough by far. What other even more valuable service does Bibi offer Trump?

    How about Bibi allowing Trump to use the unmatched spying capabilities of the Mossad to gain intelligence on his enemies. After all, Trump certainly can’t trust either the treasonous FBI or the just as treasonous CIA to provide his intelligence. Will Bibi be willing to allow Trump access to the massive sources of information provided by the late Jeffrey Epstein if things make a turn for the worse. Maybe, just maybe.

    What other service could Israel possibly provide Trump? How about, as just an example, using Israeli’s large army of US based sayanim to act as agent provocateurs to lead the riots which, so far, have only seemed to solidify support for Trump.

    In short, Bibi’s and the Trump’s is a marriage made in heaven (or hell). . The other problem now is to figure out who get to wear the wedding dress.

    Who is the only person trusted enough by both Bibi and and Trump to provide a safe conduit for information between the two leaders. How about Jared Kushner? Trump trusts him and Bibi probably trusts him even more. This is the so far mysterious reason why Kushner is so powerful in the White House. He is Bibi’s alter ego.

    When this is all over and if Trump and Bibi manage to survive, Trump will encourage the setting up of statues of “peacemaker” Netanyahu in front of every Holocaust museum in the US while Netanyahu will set up statues of ‘peacemaker” Trump all over Israel.

    The only group that won’t be joining in the accompanying celebrations will be the Palestinians.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  123. @Aaron1982qwerty

    You , sir, are suffering from an extreme case of academiecis. The condition may or may not be terminal. All this harping on footnotes and such garbage on an exclusivist basis suggests to me that you were long deprived of any remnant of common sense you may have inherited genetically or spiritually. That deprivation may have been connected with the violent removal of your foreskin when you were too young, weak and totally dependent to resist the blood-ritual assault.

    • LOL: Lace
    • Replies: @Lace
  124. You lost me at “there has never been a more serious crime in American history.” I would think that blowing the head off of a president while seated next to his wife would top that list. In fact, the success of that mission made subsequent events and coups more likely.

  125. @SteveK9

    It was De Maistre not Rousseau .

  126. Saggy says:

    Whitney is another one of the shrill critics of the US –

    Which of these two things poses a greater threat to the country:

    #1 – An incompetent and boastful president who has no previous government experience and who is rash and impulsive in his dealings with the media, foreign leaders and his critics?
    #2 – Or a political party that collaborates with senior-level officials in the Intel agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, and former members of the White House to spy on the new administration with the intention of gathering damaging information that can be used to overthrow the elected government?

    and they all share a common flaw …. no #3 ….

  127. Abbybwood says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Even if Barr and Durham manage to unload on the Democrats, especially Obama, Biden, Rice, Powers (for all the unmaskings etc.), Brennan, Comey, Weissman, Strzok, Page and Co. prior to November 3rd, NONE of it will mean squat when the election is stolen with the bogus “mail-in voting” scheme the corrupt Democrats concocted due to Covid-19.

    We could all continue trips to Costco, CVS, Ralphs, gas stations, restaurant food pick ups etc., but NO in person voting?! We always voted “absentee” here in our household in SoCal but on Election Day we would go up to our polling place to drop off our ballots and get our stickers.

    Now there will apparently be “drop off boxes” here and there for those who choose not to trust the postal system. I wouldn’t trust any of those persons manning the “drop off boxes” to deliver the ballots to the Norwalk Registrars office “in a timely manner”. Cough. I may have to personally take the drive to Norwalk to drop off our ballots. We will all discover after November just how critical that “chain of custody” with our ballots is!

    Every conceivable criminal activity the DNC and their minions could hatch to get rid of the upstart who destroyed their queen, including illegal spying prior to one vote being cast in 2016, has failed.

    Their final nail in Trump’s coffin (they think) will be the fraudulent mail-in balloting and the resultant “lawfare” between Trump’s team and the Harris cabal. (Forget Biden, he’s already out of it).

    This will be Florida hanging chads Gore/Bush Supreme Court shenanigans on steroids. Which is why Trump and McConnell MUST push through Trump’s Supreme Court nominee PRIOR to the election. I would also encourage the Republicans to start amassing volunteer lawyers to be “observers” at every county Registrars office in the country on Election Day with cameras running.

    If Soros and his BLM/Antifa henchmen and henchwomen try to block the Senate and the vote for the SC nominee, the area should be cleared by arresting anyone attempting to thwart the process and all Senators should be given safe passage to cast their votes.

    THIS election will be our civil war, and the fight to legally win it must be started now in earnest.

  128. annamaria says:

    The Mega Traitors, unite against Assange!

    The Espionage Act thus became global, ensnaring anyone anywhere in the world into the web of U.S. jurisdiction. After the precedent being set by the Assange prosecution, it means that any journalist, anywhere in the world, who publishes national defense information is not safe from an Espionage Act prosecution.

    It is obvious that the Clintons, Cheneys, Blairs, Sarkozys, Obamas, the despicable sycophants Gillard & Morrison of Australia, and other powerful scoundrels and crooks with strong financial ties to the City/Wall Street do feel a need in protection, by any means. The modern technology that makes truthful information available to the masses is too much for them.

    The same politicking scum has been ordering the cute imbecile propaganda that peddles the tales of the ‘most poisonous and most deadly’ et al novichok (see Skripals and Navalny) and of Assad’s poisoning of Syrians. The scum has been also ordering the arming of ISIS in the Middle East and the neo-nazi in Eastern Europe. The disastrous Islamization of Europe is a byproduct of idiotic policies of the same major war-profiteers and captains of finance.
    The keyword for the policies of western Deciders is ‘incompetence.’
    The empowered idiots not just pathologically greedy, they are stupid!

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  129. Is that treason?

    Yes, it is.

    No, it isn’t. Treason is defined in the Constitution in Article III, Section 3:

    Section 3.

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

    What you’re describing can be defined as sedition, depending on the statute you want to cite. The definition of treason needed to be included in the Constitution to avoid the result of leaving the crime undefined; in the way that treason was used as a fungible charge by British authorities who could apply the charge to anyone who was targeted by the authorities.

    You ruin the thrust of your argument by making such an ignorant statement.

  130. annamaria says:
    @Desert Fox

    When the ideologists of Zion and the weapon-manufacturers of the ZUSA collide, the dignity and decency die out. Since Julian Assange has displeased both the war-profiteering scum and the fanatics of Eretz Israel, they all are openly in arms against the rule of law and human decency:

    After the precedent being set by the Assange prosecution, it means that any journalist, anywhere in the world, who publishes national defense information is not safe from an Espionage Act prosecution.

  131. @Johnny Rico

    Sorry, Johnny, but the AK 47 is a select-fire battle rifle, not a light machine gun.

  132. “Donald Trump” is a fictional TV persona since the 1980’s if I’m correct…

  133. Notsofast says:
    @Majority of One

    Plane/helicopter crash, falling off a 9 story or higher building, heart attack are favorite methods, too many examples to list.

  134. annamaria says:

    Good educational material:
    “Enemy Within; Declassified U.S. Documents Show Russian [Jewish] Oligarchs Supported NATO Expansion”

    And what have we learned from this article? Do not ever vote for anyone who has joint Israeli citizenship, especially if you’re in the US. …
    Or who attends AIPAC get togethers

  135. In a nutshell this plot could be described as: “The Open Criminality of the Establishment.” Or. “Has the System Become Corrupted”?

  136. Notsofast says:

    Mike keeps hitting them out of the park. I was a lifelong dem, voted a straight party ticket but i gave up on them and the duopoly after the 2000 election. That was when we crossed the rubicon in my opinion. The way they rolled over and supported the neocons in their bloody wars and the installation of the surveillance state, i gave up and haven’t voted since. I have not regretted it either, when people tell me if i dont vote i cant complain, i have a simple response: “fuck you”, works every time. Unfortunately most of the dems i know not only drank the koolaid they want more.

  137. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    Of course the second choice given by the author is more dangerous and it has been in fact, the democrats default way of operating from the first day President Trump took office. What they are involved in is full blown treason and sedition, against the President and against our system of voting. It’s utterly astounding that there are still Americans who would even vote for the democrats. They don’t have to vote for the Republicans but to be so clueless as to not care that the radicalized democratic party is bringing this country to its knees, is outright irresponsible and a refusal of citizens to do their duty as guardians of this country. The democrats have actually run commercials claiming that “white supremacists”, somehow led by the president are the cause of the looting, shooting, burning and murder. The shear audacity of the lies spouted out by the radical left is surreal.

  138. It is not a Republican nor Democratic thing. The Shrub crime family controlled the White House for 20 years: Papa Shrub 4 years; Boy George 8 years; and Reagan 8 years. It is 28 years if you include his partners in crime, the Clintons, since they distributed drugs from the Mena Airport in Arkansas.

    This crime family along with their ultra-Zionist partners are responsible for 9ll which triggered the forever wars for Israel and the nullification of the Constitution with the Patriot Act. N0RAD did not fall asleep at the switch that day when they failed to protect the Pentagon and the nation’s capitol. Dick Cheney ordered them to NOT shoot down the planes.

    That was worse than the two scenarios cited in the article.

    • Agree: Majority of One
    • Thanks: Stonehands
    • Replies: @Getaclue
  139. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    Schumer and Pelosi are the front for a criminal organization called the democratic party.

  140. Thomasina says:

    Yes, it all starts with immigration restriction/elimination. To do nothing is to become just like the “American Indians” who stood by helplessly and watched as the country was overrun.

    Both the D’s and the R’s are working together. Both of them want massive amounts of immigration. Both parties are beholden to corporate interests, not the people.

    The massive immigration scheme keeps the usury Ponzi scheme going (financial/real estate industry), keeps the Chamber of Commerce and big business happy (more consumers for their products/more cheap labor). And guess what? You, the American taxpayer, end up paying for it all (education/medical/subsidized housing/welfare). Essentially being asked to pay for your own demise.

    The American people are being led to the slaughter. They’re being told that the solution is to head to the country, to form new communities. Even writers on this site are advocating this as a solution. What good does that do? You just end up on a reservation, like the American Indian.

    The great American cities are currently being hollowed out because of all the rioting and looting. Maybe by design, to provide room for the new immigrants from wherever.

    What the D’s and R’s fear the most is the loss of what’s made them enormously wealthy – the crony capitalist system. There is no “free market”. There is a controlled market for them.

    An American Nationalist Party is what is needed. The elite will try to crush it, as they did with Germany, but to do nothing is to roll over in defeat.

    • Agree: Trinity, Z-man, RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  141. @David Rodriguez


    Unfortunately, Congress hasn’t declared war against the House of Representatives or the mayors of Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, and the City of New York. Nor has the House explicitly declared war against the Trump Administration.

    So, technically, we have no enemies to give aid and comfort to.

  142. TKK says:

    Speaking of gut wrenching betrayal, Ann Coulter’s column on the railroading of James Gardner and his subsequent suicide as a result of utter despondency and hopelessness has stuck with me long after reading it.

    It is at:

    Here are the final paragraphs that make me want to stomp out the fire, call in the dogs and head out:

    This is the part of the column where I make a clarion call for action. How about civil suits against the monsters in the prosecutor’s office, against the criminal-supporting GoFundMe and the Facebook and Twitter defamation mobs! Maybe a department of justice investigation or FCC action against biased social media companies. Antitrust suits. Boycotts!

    I’ve got nothing. The country has gone mad. I always figured the first armed civilian who ever fought back would put an end to the violence exploding all over the country — the violence that police and prosecutors can’t or won’t stop. “We have the guns,” conservatives like to say. In fact, it’s even worse now.

    It’s official: You can’t protect yourself. Not even a blameless ex-Marine could defend himself from being choked to death. The D.A. will call in a “special” prosecutor to throw you to the wolves, and they’ll both be praised for railroading an innocent man in the Omaha World Herald, while the “elite” media defame you.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @annamaria
  143. Abbybwood says:

    Isn’t Bob Woodward Naval Intelligence?

    And Trump sat down with him 18 times for interviews?!

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  144. Trinity says:

    FDR (might has well been a Jew)
    Truman ( see FDR)
    Eisenhower ( see FDR)
    JFK ( stole the election, and helped push the Jew domestic policy of integrating schools against the wishes of the overwhelmingly White majority)
    LBJ ( might has well have been a Jew as well. One of the worst of the worst. Period)
    Nixon ( CUCKservative lite)
    Ford ( he was around for a cup of coffee but carried on the same agenda as his predecessors.)
    Carter ( complete two faced phony. First of the good ole boy turned Black ass kissing Southerners.)
    Reagan ( another Cuck lite and useless republicant)
    Bush Sr. ( POS. Nuff said.)
    Clinton ( see Carter but unlike Carter, who at least had some morals, Clinton is a complete scoundrel who like JFK has the morals of an alley cat.)
    Bush Jr. (POS and moron. Nuff said.)
    Obama ( not even qualified to run a McDonalds and anti-White to the core.)
    Trump ( yet another super cuck for Israelis and Jews just like all of the above.)

    See how totally USELESS our POTUS have been for the last several decades. Where in the hell do they get people like these guys?

    • Replies: @Iva
    , @Stonehands
  145. Ace says:

    Reagan fought the communists in the Screen Actors Guild for which eternal praise. Axe me if I give a darn that he was a “B list” actor. Am I supposed to care about some kind of media/industry ranking other than my own?

    • Replies: @TKK
  146. gsjackson says:

    Now that’s very interesting. His books on Trump are supposed to be hatchet jobs depicting a completely isolated president, yet Trump brought him back for round two. I need to get hold of those books to see what’s actually in them. It seems like the media and Dems didn’t call as much attention to them as they might have, though maybe I just wasn’t noticing.

  147. unit472 says:

    The Democrat party has been a criminal organization for decades. The trashing of Supreme Court nominees morphed into the suborning of perjury by Anita Hill and with the election and defense of Bill Clinton into massive corruption and murder. With its electoral chances dependent on its relationship with Jewish money and negro votes there was no going back to being a conventional party with a political ideology. It was all about selling ‘protection’ and covering up corruption.

  148. TKK says:

    So, you are praising Reagan for being a pansy snitch? I hate snitches of any kind.

    He was no intellectual truth seeker. His ditzy wife lived her life by astrology and he followed her horoscope directives.

    His children are screaming liberals.

    This is who you revere?

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Ace
  149. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    That’s exactly what it is. But the drum makes it a light machine gun.

  150. @Thomasina

    In the end, immigration is the only thing that really matters because this is how the jews have taken over……they simply imported millions of leftist voters to screw us out of our country.

    I don’t honestly understand why the left has resorted to violence because all they have to do at this point is wait it out; the demographic disaster will totally cancel out the white vote in the next few years.

    CA is long gone, Texas, Florida, Virginia……one by one the states are scheduled to turn blue because of the millions of unwanted hispanics and other anti-white third worlders.

    Media jews boast that soon they will be able to simply vote away our free speech and gun rights. Once the left has that solid majority whites will be totally disenfranchised.

    I guess the jews smell a white awakening and they’re trying to head it off at the pass by spreading fear and violence, but it’s backfiring and accelerating the white awakening.

    Expect even harsher censorship and police state controls on WHITE people, labeled by the liar Christopher Wray as the “greatest threat to America.”

    • Replies: @Rooster7
    , @Z-man
  151. @anon

    The drum on full auto makes it a light machine gun. Its caliber makes it not a sub-machine. Get over yourself.

  152. Trinity says:

    I used to be one of those Reagan worshipers as well until I found out that he was only slightly better than all the rest just like Trump. Admittedly I will vote for Trump AGAIN because what other choice do you have. Either way, da Joo wins and so does their beloved Israel. What we have had in Washington, D.C. for better than a century now is the worst of the worst. Scoundrels like Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, Zionist like FDR, Trump and LBJ, they PRETEND as if Carter and Obama were not beholden to Israel but that is complete bullshit as well. “Our” two “choices” this time come down to

    Donald Trump ( SUPERCUCK for Israel/Jews, but not nearly as anti-White as Joe & The Ho.

    Joe ” I am a Zionist” Biden and Caramel (((Harris.))) These two POS are as anti-White as it gets. IF they win, you can kiss the baby.

  153. @anon

    “functions identically to AK-47” and uses the same ammo.

  154. Anon[797] • Disclaimer says:

    The quislings came into power with Obama. It was Obama who opened the gates to them, and who let them build up little fiefdoms which they ran with no oversight. Obama didn’t care what they did, and he was too lazy to give them oversight.

  155. MarkinLA says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Reagan had his California cadre. Trump had to pick everybody up along the way. The worst part was Sessions not putting a time limit or demanding to see results of the Mueller investigation at various times and going public with their lack of evidence when those timeframes were reached and there was no proof.

  156. But how can punish those louts when the money is behind them 100%?

  157. onebornfree says: • Website

    “A tip: there’s nothing shadowy about it. Your government is a criminal enterprise,”

    This just in: “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    End of story.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  158. vot tak says:

    A likudite lord ha ha writing about betrayal.

    Yeah, right.

    Here’s a little litmus test one can use. When a writer of pindo political issues blames one of the duo-party and either ignores the same govno the other half does, or praises them. You are looking at campaign ads.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Poco
  159. Corvinus says:

    Which of these two things poses a greater threat to the country?

    Easy. The answer is #1.

    1) An incompetent and boastful president who has no previous government experience, who is rash and impulsive in his dealings with the media, foreign leaders and his critics, who is a Zionist, and has used his position to enrich himself while duping his supporters into believing he is the God Emperor.

    2) Or a political party that has been blatantly and falsely accused of collaborating with intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and the media by the Trump Administration to spy on and overthrow the government?

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  160. Mike Whitney,
    Have you lost your marbles? You have either forgotten or don’t want to remember what Mr Putin has sworn to! Putin is following the footsteps of the Alexander the Great and he had promised to his people to make America pay for tearing his country apart when he was the head of KGB in East Germany! Putin won’t rest until he sees that this country is going to be renamed as Dis-United States of America! It appears that he is getting closer to his wish by having the two parties, the fifth column and the media squabble over power and money which is the weakest point of the people in this country! My concern is though that folks like you in the media are helping Putin to achieve his goals!
    BTW, The first act for Putin was to install a freaking idiot to the office of President! The 2nd Act will be accomplished this November by this idiot being re-installed or street riots will be encouraged strongly! Third Act?

    • Replies: @Monotonous Languor
  161. Charles says:

    It’s amazing (or maybe not) that more normal people don’t understand your point. There has NEVER been a President who has been attacked more relentlessly – including by members of his own party – than Trump. The idiots who list all his faults and who claim his bombastic style isn’t “presidential” don’t even deserve a response. However, in fairness, I’ll give an all-inclusive response to all of them: “you’re a fucking moron”.

  162. Corrupt says:

    Obama was not smart enough to plan this. There was someone else.

  163. Rooster7 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Spot on. If you’re expecting the millennials to realize this, you’re going to be very disappointed. Most of them actually believe diversity is our greatest strength, and that we’re all working towards the same goals. They never question why other races can have advocacy groups but Whites cannot. The only hope I have now is that I can see the look on their faces when they finally realize their fate, and everything they’ve been taught is complete B.S.

    I hope a few of the NBA players they worship will be administering the executions… that’d just be the cherry on the top!

  164. Tony Hall says:

    How Low Can We Go?

    Open Letter: Dump Trump, Then Battle Biden

    By 55 Progressive Activists and Writers


    Many people, both on the left and more mainstream, are now discussing preparations for the very real possibility that Donald Trump will dispute the results of the election after he has lost. Such concerns are well-founded. But such concerns should not obscure the most urgent task — defeating Trump in the election with as big an Electoral College margin as possible, to undermine his predictable efforts to steal the election.

    How does Trump lose? Trump loses only if Biden, however distasteful he may be, wins.

    And how does Biden win? Biden wins if he gets more votes than Trump in swing states so that his Electoral College count is higher than Trump’s.

    The Electoral College should be gone. Electoral coercion, manipulation and misdirection should be gone. The need to purchase visibility should be gone. The Democratic Party candidate should be Bernie Sanders or whoever would inspire your positive support. But none of that will happen by Election Day.

    So it undeniably comes down to this — help Biden or increase the risk that Trump wins.

    And what helps elect Biden?

    Voting for Biden all over helps ward off post-election Trumpian tactics. Voting for Biden in swing states is essential.

    Protestations that Biden is beholden to elites are true but beside the point. The lesser evil is evil, but in this case, the greater evil is simply off the charts.

    Claims that not voting sends a message are true. But the message that not voting in swing states sends in 2020 is that we are okay with Trump for four more years as long as we don’t have to sully our hands by voting for Biden.

    Claims that more votes for the Green Party’s or any other third party’s presidential candidate are necessary to win long-term progressive goals ignore the many ways that Trump’s re-election — with his climate policies, his nuclear weapons policies, his undermining of democracy and the courts, and his racism and sexism — would obstruct all positive social change.

    Imagine it is late November. The mail votes are finally all counted. Everything is tallied. And Trump has scored an Electoral College victory. That is what not voting for Biden in swing states risks. It is what not advocating we should vote for Biden in swing states risks.

    Ending the Trump presidency is, by far, the most important goal that can be achieved between now and January.

    Not voting for Biden in swing states won’t bring on a revolution. Not voting for Biden in swing states will not make anyone the slightest bit more progressive, radical, or revolutionary. Not voting for Biden in swing states will not grow or solidify the ranks of opposition. But not voting for Biden in swing states risks immeasurably enlarging the obstacles that opposition will thereafter face.

    So, it comes down to this. Dump Trump, Then Battle Biden. Vote for Biden at least in swing states — and urge others to do so as well. And then get on with building grassroots movements for ongoing fundamental change.

    [Organizations listed for purposes of identification only.]

    Aisha Jumaan, epidemiologist and health activist
    Amar Shergill, chair Progressive Caucus of Calif. Dem. Party
    Andrej Grubacic, anarchist writer, activist, CIIS, Collective 20
    Ann Ferguson, women, gender, sexuality studies, activist
    Avi Chomsky, writer, activist, Salem State
    Barbara Ehrenreich, author, journalist
    Bill Fletcher Jr., writer, TransAfrica Forum, trade unionist
    Brett Wilkins, journalist, Ethics In Tech, SF Berniecrats, Collective 20
    Charles Lenchner, digital media, People for Bernie
    Cornel West, writer, activist, Harvard Divinity School
    Cynthia Peters, The Change Agent, City Life/Vida Urbana, Collective 20
    Dan La Botz, New Politics, DSA
    David Barsamian, Alternative Radio
    Doug Henwood, economic journalist, LBO, KPFK’s “Behind the News”
    Doug Pagitt, Vote Common Good
    Elena Herrada, Radio host “Beloved Detroit,” activist, Collective 20
    Gar Alperovitz, writer, historian, Democracy Collaborative
    Gregory Wilpert, writer, activist
    Hassan El-Tayyab, peace activist, songwriter, author, FCNL lead lobbyist
    Jeff Cohen, writer,, FAIR founder
    Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Baptist preacher, moral activist
    Joseph Gerson, writer, International Peace Bureau
    Juliet Schor, sociology, Boston College
    Karen Bernal, former chair Progressive Caucus of Calif. Dem. Party
    Kathy Kelly, activist, author, Voices for Creative Nonviolence
    Kim Scipes, professor, USMC veteran
    Leslie Cagan, social justice organizer and writer
    Linda Gordon, historian, author, “The Second Coming of the KKK”
    Liza Featherstone, feminist journalist, “Divining Desire,” Nation contributing editor
    Lydia Sargent, author, Z Communications
    Marina Sitrin, writer, activist, Binghamton
    Marjorie Cohn, activist, scholar
    Medea Benjamin, author, CodePink, Collective 20
    Michael Albert, writer, Z Communications, RevolutionZ, Collective 20
    Nanette Funk, writer, Brooklyn College
    Noam Chomsky, writer, Collective 20
    Norman Solomon, author, “War Made Easy,”
    Oscar Chacon, Salvadoran immigrant, organizer, Collective 20
    Paul Ortiz, historian, “Emancipation Betrayed,” Collective 20, University of Florida
    Peter Bohmer, writer, activist, Evergreen, Economics for Everyone, Collective 20
    Peter Kuznick, writer, historian, “Untold History of the United States,” American University
    Robert McChesney, author on media and political economy
    Robin Hahnel, author, activist, American University, Portland State University
    Sandy Carter writer, activist
    Savvina Chowdhury, political and feminist econ, Evergreen State College, Collective 20
    Shane Claiborne, author, activist
    Sherry Baron, DSA
    Sonali Kolhatkar, writer, Host of “Rising Up” Radio/TV
    Stephen Shalom, writer, activist, New Politics
    Steve Early, writer, labor activist, NewsGuild/CWA
    Suzanne Gordon, journalist, author, healthcare reform advocate
    Ted Glick, climate activist, author “Burglar for Peace”
    Victor Wallis, author, “Red-Green Revolution”
    Vincent Emanuele, writer, activist, organizer, combat veteran, Collective 20
    Winnie Wong, organizer, People for Bernie, former senior adviser Bernie 2020

    • LOL: Wally
    • Replies: @Miro23
  165. Rich says:

    I don’t think Wellstone was taken out, he was the perfect tool for the Deep State. Voted in favor of the Iraq war, was “woke” when it came to Negroes, was pro-homosexual marriage and a member in good standing of the ethnicity whose name must never be spoken. Who took him out? Maybe it was just an act of God, who occasionally has mercy on his creation.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  166. geokat62 says:

    Britain’s version of Trumpstein’s MIGA dressed-up as MAGA…

    Doctor Shekel Stormer attempts to rebrand Labour as a 'patriotic party' in an attempt to woo the knuckle dragging,…

    Posted by The Ragged Trousered Philanderer on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

  167. Wally says:

    “So Trump has good intentions…he is just ineffectual.”

    – Nope. Good intentions and quite effective at realizing them.

    50 Things Neo-Marxists Don’t Want You to Know About Trump:

  168. anon[169] • Disclaimer says:

    Hello Mike Whitney,
    I too used to be a democrat and a liberal and then a progressive.
    But, because I am against imperial wars, and against Wall Street fraud and extortion, and in favor of equality of citizens under the law, and a lover of reason, ideas, and arguments, I am now a proud far-right populist/nationalist.
    I am not frustrated and do not feel betrayed.
    I feel liberated from liberal cant and liberal hypocrisy.
    It feels great.
    You too will feel great if you let go of the last tie still binding you to Left ideology – race.
    Read the HBD arguments. Reconsider the left “blank slate” assumptions that force you to pin all blame for black dysfunction on whites.
    Then you will feel free to hate your enemies as you should, and you will feel great.

  169. @Agent76

    For the left, Biden’s dementia is a feature, not a bug. They are deliberately rubbing our noses in it. He’s a convenient symbol that whatever remains of the white Old Guard of Democrats is on its last legs, to be usurped by leftist fanatics who are utterly ruthless in getting what they want.

    • Thanks: Agent76
  170. Getaclue says:
    @Charles Carroll

    All part of the same — NWO Globalist UniParty — CVirus is a continuation of 911 by other means — the goals are all the same….

  171. @geokat62

    The leftist derangement with Israel has always amused me, I have my own theory that they are merely engaging in that conflict because it serves as a form of extended ethno-masochism, the poor brown Palestinians versus the evil European colonists, and of course the leftists have to fight the Europeans, even though the Israelis are not really European, but that is how they are perceived by these leftists, as a tool of Western imperialism, as if Western imperialism wasn’t heavily Jewish back in the day.

    European Nationalists really need to start claiming the Palestine struggle as their own, because right now the rhetoric surrounding it is inherently anti-White, as that Facebook post demonstrates (“…attempts to rebrand Labour as a ‘patriotic party’ in an attempt to woo the knuckle dragging, Sun-reading racist vote…“).

  172. I’ve never believed Trump was a narcissist, because a true narcissist would go after his enemies tooth and claw, irrationally, at all costs. In light of the exposed coup, Trump and Barr do nothing.

  173. Art says:

    Sorry — but “We the People” have already lost the 2020 election.

    Almost 95% of the current office holders will be reelected.

    Nothing will change – the same big money lobbies will rule again.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  174. @Monty Ahwazi

    And sooner or later we had to have someone like this spewing their insanity.
    There is no way to reason with it, no way to get reality into their closed minds. Their morality hamster, combined with regular doses of paranoia, is running too fast on that flywheel inside their heads.

    These are the useful idiots, the ones who will suffer the most when their purported side actually seizes power.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Monty Ahwazi
  175. @Chet Roman

    Everyone overlooks that the leaked e-mails revealed major corruption it the Democratic party. Its leaders conspired to ensure Clinton beat Sanders, and even transferred DNC party donations to the Clinton’s to help beat Sanders.

  176. Iva says:

    Today I watch on Netflix “The Social Dilemma” . I think all Americans should watch it before we kill each other and destroy this great country. We are manipulated to jump to each other throats, to break friendships, to brake family ties.  For what ?????? So the Swamp can get richer and more powerful. Google , Face Book, Tweeter and other social media are just plaing their game with us. Lets all switch to Quant and leave them alone and broken. This is how rats communities do when one of the rat break their community code.

  177. Art says:

    Unethical Jews turn to buying convicts in Florida. Nothing is sacred – win any way you can.

    The ethical spirit of America is in dirty Jew hands.

    Michael Bloomberg pays fines for 32K Florida felons so they can vote

    Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has helped pay the outstanding fines and fees of 32,000 convicted felons in Florida so they could regain their right to vote ahead of the November election, according to a report.

    The billionaire and former presidential candidate raised over \$16 million for, and donated \$5 million to, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, according to Axios.

    Where is Soros tonight?

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Art
    , @Sick of Orcs
  178. @onebornfree

    OK, I’ll bite.

    So what form of governance (notice I say governance – not government) do you suggest?


  179. Lace says:
    @Majority of One

    Sometimes I think Jews want to do whatever–Great Reset, you name it–because they know that they are all wrong about circumcision and, hell, maybe they can figure out some way to graft a foreskin on from one of the BLMs, since they wouldn’t want a white one (Jews aren’t white anyway, and some of them admit it.)

  180. @Corvinus

    A false binary.


    • Replies: @Corvinus
  181. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    The democratic party leadership is now in such a debauched state, that it thinks nothing of outright lying about something as serious as what the Russian collusion business charges against the President have actually shown, to wit, not he, but the elements of the deep state and the democrats colluded with the Russians to bring the president down. An example of Treason and Sedition, if there ever was one. And of course, the useless propaganda outlets known as the establishment media, are the willing tools of the radicalized democratic party. As an aside to this issue, why for example is George Soro’s still free when he should be arrested or deported from the U.S. for treason? The government of Hungary is apparently more free than the U.S. is, having thrown him and his various institutions right out of the country. Now, it’s said that certain Jewish groups have made mentioning George Soro’s in a negative light, an example of Anti-Semitism!!!

  182. @omegabooks

    There’s no trace of the party that was once headed by progressive-thinking idealists like John F Kennedy.

    The current crop of Democrats are total slime, but JFK was hardly a saint.

    His father was an organized crime Don who stole the election for starters–and bribed media outlets to get them to give his family positive political coverage.

    Then there were the women, lots of them, including foreign spies and a Mafia mistress. He was totally reckless and did not have the slightest concern that these affairs could compromise national security. (Then he slept with the wife of the CIA station chief in London–and some theorize that this may have been one reason the CIA put a bullet in his brain.)

    Then there was the hypocrisy–banning Cuban cigars for every other American while he ordered a few truckloads for himself.

    Politics draws sociopaths like ants to a picnic.

    Some of them are just smoother than others.

  183. Mike going full blown Qanon now. Trust the plan! Just don’t ask what the plan is!

    The plan:
    Do what his donors (owners) tell him to do. Continue the plundering of America as well as the world and its people. Murder anyone who gets in their way. Make the rich richer, keep the poor poor, add some more to the poor house while they’re at it, just out of spite. Keep the war machine and war profiteers rolling in cash. Keep Wall St rich, Main St poor. AKA the status quo

    Trump– who took on the entire political establishment, the Intel agencies, the FBI, the mainstream media, and the Democratic party– had beaten them all at their own game. Go figure??

    Pompeo at CIA: We Lied, We cheated, we stole! Read some of these Mike:

    Because the truth didn’t matter, what mattered was getting rid of Trump by any means necessary.

    Haha.. Right. Thats why they’re putting Joe Biden up against him. All of their actions suggest they’re trying to help Trump. Don’t forget his approval went up after the Hollywood impeachment circus. They never challenge or call him out on anything that actually matters. They’re complicit.

    Trump is fighting the deep state! Yet Trump keeps handing them more power and money, along with the dastardly Democrats. Look at who Trump has surrounded himself with, Barr: Iran Contra, Abrams, Bolton, all the Bush Neocons and CIA guys. Here Mike do some reading:

    Like I’ve said before, Trump could actually support some popular policies like universal healthcare, universal college/trade school, UBI, legalizing cannabis, lots of things he could support that the rest of the civilized world already has, including his beloved Israel. He would be the most popular guy in America right now, or the least hated anyway, among GOP, Dem and Independents.

    I’m not interested in Trump blowing smoke up my ass about the conservatives or the libtards culture wars either. We’re talking about policies that actually improve peoples lives. We got 89 year old gramps out here delivering pizzas because social security can’t keep up with the greed. The race baiting and culture war BS that Trumps buddies started is a non starter.

    He won’t though. Why? His owners don’t what that, and they don’t care if he “loses”, because they win either way. Look at the reaction they had to Bernie Sanders, he would be at best center right in most of Europe. Here he’s a fucking radical communist revolutionary thats going to put you in the gulag for wanting what the rest of the world has. Haha. Trump goes out of his way to show his disgust with the working class. This will never be a socialist country! Except for the rich! Capitalism for everyone else!

    This really ain’t that complicated. The game is rigged, can’t vote your way out of this mess buddy. I’m not giving any more legitimacy to an illegitimate system until I see some concrete policy.

    This is a 3rd world banana republic, sooner you realize that the better. Pay attention to how the poor and lower class folk are living right now, cause that will be you in a generation or less. Write it down niggas!

    Trump can go run in Israel if he loses here, they love him. Maybe Mike can go write for Times of Israel.

    • Agree: dimples, Stonehands
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
    , @Stonehands
  184. Richard B says:

    Whoever is calling the shots, he/she/it is Jewish.

    Of course.

    Who needs a Conspiracy Theory when you have the facts of Cultural History, the patterns of Human Behavior, and the reality of Current Events aligned like a Perfect Storm and staring us all right in the face?

    And the answer, obviously, is that you don’t. Of course, another way of putting it would be, Who needs a Conspiracy Theory when you have The Unz Review?

  185. annamaria says:

    The ‘elite media’ — actually, the US scum media –“is channeling Helen Keller–they are deaf, dumb and blind” towards the sordid stories about the Bidens’ deals.

    Hunter Biden sent thousands of dollars to individuals who have either: 1) been involved in transactions consistent with possible human trafficking; 2) an association with the adult entertainment industry; or 3) potential association with prostitution. Some recipients of those funds are Ukrainian and Russian citizens. The records note that it is a documented fact that Hunter Biden has sent funds to non-resident alien women in the United States who are citizens of Russia and Ukraine and who have subsequently wired funds they have received from Hunter Biden to individuals located in Russia and Ukraine. The records also note that some of these transactions are linked to what “appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

    As the author of the above article wonders, “Have you seen this headline? “Progeny of Senior US politician uses dad’s influence to garner millions of dollars and supports sex trafficking of Eastern European women.”

    Where are MeToo and their pink hats? They were also dead-silent when the factual information about Bill the Epstein’s Pedophile had hit pages of alternative media.

    What have Pelosi, H. Clinton, and Waters been blabbering about women’s’ rights and the protection of minors? Or the sinful Clintons and Bidens have a special dispensation for doing whatever they want to do?

    • Agree: true.enough
  186. Biff says:

    If you’re not as upset as I am about the profound lack of cited material in this article, then there’s no hope for any of you!

    It’s just another article in an endless sea of stupid articles that won’t accomplish anything. And nobody has enough self reflection to ask why, after writing so many articles, nobody still seems to care (beyond the five or six people here of course)!

    The wheels on the bus go round and round…..

    This is your 2nd bitch post here on Unz that reads like your first.
    Operative bot?

  187. Art says:

    Where is Soros Tonight?

    The Big Jew oligarch Georgie Boy the Thug, is attacking our free speech by mendaciously confronting Fox News.

    Former Fox News Regular Joe diGenova Claims Network Is Beholden to George Soros

    … … ….

    … … ….

    At the same time, the Trump-boosting attorney applauded Fox News star Tucker Carlson’s recent anti-Soros monologues, saying the far-right host is “strong enough” to do it while lamenting others will not.

    “But there are other nighttime hosts who will not touch Soros,” he concluded. “They’ve been told not to. I don’t know why they won’t do it. It’s unbelievable!”

    Where is Zuckerberg tonight?

    • Replies: @Art
  188. @Rich

    Poor Rich. You better do your research. Wellstone opposed the Vietraq aggression. “Woke” did not exist while Wellstone was alive. Not all “ethnicities” are connected. Wellstone was highly independent of Minnesota’s Democrat Former Labor party. He won the Senate seat without the usual huge funding of his “ethnicity”. The “God” you reference was most likely a hitman for the Agency which is never named by people fearful for their jobs, lives, etc.

    • Replies: @Rich
  189. For all the talk of progress and advancement, it’s like we are living in the Middle Ages or even the Dark Ages. So many people harbor superstitions based on mindless faith. But it’s worse in a way because, at least in the Old-Old Days, people worshiped God and Jesus, not the cult of identity-idolatry. The great irony is that the so-called ‘progressive’ community believes itself to be most learned, most intellectual, most rational, most scientific, and most sophisticated, but they are the most stupid, ignorant, hysterical, paranoid, and enraged. Fashion-Play is their passion play. While atheist and anti-religious voices believe religion or spirituality itself is dangerous for clouding human minds with faith over facts, treating religion as religion and God as God is far less egregious and demented than treating ideas as idols and human groups as sacred. When ideas are turned into idols, they are more battle flags than issues for discussion. So, ‘democracy’ is invoked to justify US aggression and imperialism. Israel’s crimes and atrocities are always justified on account of it being a ‘democracy’. The cult of democracy also obfuscates the fact that democracies aren’t governed by the will of the people(who, by the way, are mostly saps and sheep shaped by big media controlled by corporate monopolies or big education controlled by the power-hungry elites) but machinations of the rich and the well-connected. In democracies, people vote for puppets chosen by oligarchs. The Deep State, the most anti-democratic force in society, often invokes ‘democracy’ to defend all its dirty tricks. It works behind the scenes but pretends it’s for transparency. It cooks up total nonsense like Russia Collusion Hoax in the name of defending democracy from tyranny and foreign interference(Russia, Russia, Russia) and pushes the Narrative, especially in total collusion with the so-called Free Press that is nothing but the property of super-rich oligarchs. And most journalists fall into two categories: Whores for hire who will say and do anything to climb the ladder or true-believing PC fanatics who swallowed whole hog the BS taught in schools.

    Ideally, knowledge should mean more reflection and consideration of facts. And true knowledge means NO TABOOS on what one can pursue or discuss. But US media and academia operate under a cloud of taboos. Many subjects are no-go zones, and it’s difficult for someone to get funding for research into certain topics. And on the occasion they do, the System has created armies of red-alert guards, young PC idiots who scream, pull hair, and threaten with violence any academic who strays from the party line. And when the dissident academic is under assault, he or she gets no support from fellow academics, most of whom are craven cowards or true-believing dolts, and from the administration dominated by careerists who will say and do anything to steer clear of controversy.
    Because of existing taboos, true knowledge isn’t possible. Instead, we must lend our ears to the approved ‘official narrative’ and dogma passed off as ‘social science’. So much of it is rubbish but because it comes with the conceit of ‘science’ or ‘evidence’, suckers fall for it. It’s like communism was dogma but sold as ‘scientific materialism’, which was sufficient for true believers to feel they had history, reason, and moral truth on their side.

    True knowledge needs critical thinking, but ironically, Critical Theory waged war on the critical faculty. Perhaps, the original Critical Theorists were more free-thinking, but over the years, the second- and third-raters took the Idea and turned it into set of mantras and certitudes. If the original Critical Theorists sought new ways of thinking about Marxism(in combination with Freudianism), the latter-day kind have turned it into mindless worship of mostly homos & blacks and blaming everything on whites and ‘patriarchy’, whatever that means. Thus, Critical Theory dictates what one may or may not be critical about. One MUST BE critical of whites but one MUST NOT BE critical of Jews, blacks, homos, and whatever else happens to be in political fashion. This is obviously anti-critical, but Labels fool a lot of people. After all, it is called ‘Critical Theory’, so it must be critical. Likewise, sell indoctrination as ‘education’, and people think they are being educated for having their minds stuffed with PC mush. So much of media and academia is now about being ‘woke’, i.e. not to think critically about subjects such as race, sex, class, power, and etc. but to mindlessly and obediently soak up the correct narratives & dogmas on those subjects as sacrosanct. Don’t think, don’t question, just listen, obey, BELIEVE, and spout. And the fact that so many people do just that(and have done so through the ages) says so much about humanity.


    But then, the Power wants just that because a genuinely critical community may pry into its affairs and denounce the hypocrisies. Of course, the Power knows that one way to divert people’s attention from abuses, failures, and betrayals of the System is to present itself as the lesser-of-two-evils. Just like many Conservatives put up with the feckless GOP as the lesser of two evils, so many so-called ‘liberals’ support the Democrats and the Deep State as the last bulwark against Literally Hitler Trump, the puppet of Putin the Putler. This way, Jewish Power can always get away with its abuses and corruption by presenting itself as the enemy of ‘White Supremacism’, the worst of all evils. Then, it’s no wonder that so many progs who are disturbed by the Deep State and Zionist Imperialism just go along with the machinations of the Democratic Party as the best defense/offense against ‘white supremacism’. But then, many who feel betrayed by the mostly worthless Donald Trump nevertheless stick with him because they see him as the last hope against globalism. Democracy is overlooking garbage on your side to cry foul on garbage on the other side. Never mind that both sides are controlled by Jewish Power. Of course, dictatorships and autocracies also do this. They justify their rule by presenting it as the only bulwark against the foreign enemy or some dark dangerous force. Jews have long complained that Anti-Semites used the bogeyman of the Evil Jew this way, but they are now busy using the same trick against the white race, Christians, Russians, Iranians, and the ever-morphing definition of whoever is ‘terrorist’.

    One thing for sure, if you convince enough people that something is ‘sacred’, they will defend it with unthinking passion. Even the profane can be consecrated as ‘sacred’, as with the case of LGBTQXYZ Globo-Homo-mania. Indeed, there are so many white idiots whose very meaning of life revolves around the cult of the holy homo. So, any rejection of the ‘gay’ agenda is downright ‘satanic’ in their eyes. It’s tantamount to ‘heresy’. So much of PC ‘wokeness’ works this way. It’s about emotions of rapture and hysteria, especially among white women who were brainwashed to reject what comes naturally: Love, Marriage, Family, Tribe, Nation. Without a family, race, and nation to devote their energies to, they latch onto the latest fashions of outrage and chest-thumping.
    Without a noble race-ist and heroic white elite to lead and guide the white race, the white masses come under the spell of Jewish-controlled media and academia. And whatever white elites that do exist serve their Jewish Masters than the White Masses. They figure serving the Jews is the best way to serve themselves. And if their cuckery to the Jews brings ruin upon the white race? They figure it’s too late to save the white ship, and so, it’s every whitey for himself or herself. So, AS LONG AS they and their close ones get the lifeboats, they don’t care if the white ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean. What do the Bush family, the Clintons, or the Bidens care as long as their own ilk are well-taken care of? Shabbos goyim(or the shabbies) are the New Collaborators. And Jews and Shabbies convinced so many white people that their desire for independence and liberation from Jewish Supremacism is ‘white supremacism’. In other words, the ONLY proper way for whites is to be stuck to Jewish Power and serve it and its proxies, mainly blacks and homos.

    Then, it is no wonder that our times are so much like the Middle Ages or Dark Ages. For all the science, technology, availability of literature, and relative freedom that define the modern world, the truth is so many people, elites and masses, are as irrational, ignorant, stupid, superstitious, dogmatic, hysterical, and deranged as inquisitors and witch-hunters eons ago. In the Middle Ages, people blamed Satan or Devil for whatever went wrong. And it was common for people to be accused of harboring demonic spirits, practicing witchcraft, or being possessed by dark forces. Their fears were based on ignorance, and their proposed cures had no basis in fact. They didn’t know any better as knowledge was hard to come by, and it would be several centuries before science and critical inquiry became the basis of a new worldview.
    Today, people mock and laugh at the Old Times. Or they feel appalled by the violence used by witch-hunters and mobs. People today feel glibly superior as they feel themselves to be educated, knowledgeable, and committed to truth based on facts and logic. But just look at recent events, and we might as well be living in the Modern Middle Ages or the ‘Moddle Ages’. It’s bad enough that nonsense like LGBTQ globo-homo & tranny business and BLM have no basis in facts and logic. What’s truly amazing is that so many people believe in them with delirium and dementia bordering on religious fanaticism. (And the supposedly best-and-brightest and most educated Americans believed in Russia Collusion Hoax for nearly three years.) It’s one thing to be wrong but quite another to embrace the wrong with absolute faith. THAT is what makes the current era much like the Middle Ages. The ‘Moddle Ages’ of the here-and-now demonstrate that even though mankind as advanced in so many directions, the human mind is essentially more-or-less the same as it was many centuries ago. It still longs for the sacred and holy. It still prefers passion over reason. It favors faith over facts. Indeed, it fears facts lest they interfere with the faith, something that lends meaning to their lives. While progs may sneer at religious dummies who believe in angels, they have no problem revering homos and blacks as real-life angels. How else can one make sense of the holy cult of Fentanyl Floyd? To be sure, Negroes are more likely to be regarded as angel-like and saint-like if killed by whites, especially cops, than by other Negroes. If something is made holy in conflict with the unholy, then blacks are made holy by contact with whites as the unholy. A black killed by another black is just a mundane fact. But as whites are unholy, their harm to a black person works as a magic charm to make the Negro glow with holiness; he becomes a Neglow.

    Anyone who cares about facts knows BLM is based on nonsense. The fact is blacks kill blacks. Few blacks are by white cops. And most blacks killed by white cops asked for it by acting crazy or violent. All the evidence is out there for anyone who cares to know the truth. And yet, our ‘Moddle Ages’ prefer the holy hysteria about innocent, angelic, and saintly Negroes being hunted down by White Demons. People still chant, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” even though a thoroughgoing investigation exonerated the white cop who shot the big thug Michael Brown who was no ‘gentle giant’. How is this mass mania any different from the superstitions that prevailed in the Dark/Middle Ages? Indeed, it is worse and more dispiriting because, whereas folks in the Dark/Middle Ages were truly uneducated, ignorant, and often illiterate, modern folks have access to all kinds of news and information. We live in the Age of Universal Education and Universal Information.
    And yet, THAT is precisely the problem. While mass education and mass media can be most useful in disseminating knowledge & news and encouraging critical thinking, they can also be used to spread mass panic, mass hysteria, mass deception, mass paranoia, and mass dementia. It all depends on what kind of people controls media and academia. While all elites and ruling elements have been far from perfect through the ages, the Anglo elites had emphasized empiricism, restraint, and logic. Even when facts, ideas, and certain truths undermined their privileges and hold on power, they were willing to consider them through careful debate. In contrast, Jews are far more obsessive about their power and supremacism, and therefore, they are willing to use the media and academia in ANY WAY to maintain their grip. And if this entails destroying free speech, critical thinking, dissident culture, independent media, and logical/factual approach to the world, so be it. If ‘gay’ lunacy can be used to overturn normal morality and Christianity to the advantage of Jewish minority elite power, it is done. If the masses can be fooled with Russia Collusion Hoax, push the big lie. If the ‘Trump Economy’ can be destroyed by Covid Hysteria, why not? (Indeed, the mindless nonsense about the dangers of Covid ranks up there with panics in the Middle Ages.) And spread the word that ICE agents are demonic Neo-Nazi thugs while every illegal trespasser is a ‘New Jew fleeing from Nazis’. (Applying logic, what does this mean? An illegal Mexican is running from fellow Mexicans who are ‘nazis’? If Trump is ‘nazi’, what sense does it make for those seeking refuge from ‘nazis’ to come to US with Trump as president? It’d be like Jews fleeing to Nazi Germany. Of course, when Jews yammer on and on about ‘nazis’, they really mean they need more non-whites in the US to decrease the power of White Americans whom Jews regard as potential nazis. ‘Too many whites’ is nazi, therefore Jews seek refuge from such danger by reducing the relative number of whites vis-a-vis non-whites. Jews feel this way about whites, but whites are sucking up to Jews like a bunch of tards.)

    Indeed, what is most interesting about the BLM phenomenon is that many of the most deranged white advocates are among the ‘best educated’. If all that education and ‘knowledge’ led to such ignorance, irrationality, superstition, and quasi-spiritual worship of Falsehood about Negroes, what does it say about American Society as a whole?
    To be sure, the Powerful who pushed the BLM nonsense know it’s bogus. The Chuck Schumers of the world merely used it as white-guilt-bait against Donald Trump and the part of White America that still has some semblance of group identity and interests. They are the cynical and powerful who know it’s a farce but exploited it for all its worth. Then, there are the elite commissars who are so committed to PC as state ideology that they are willing to be true-believers, just like soldiers surrender their bodies and souls to the state. College is mental boot-camp for these types who need to believe and serve something. As smart and educated as these types are, they were instilled from cradle with the religion of MLK, Mandela, and Magic Negro(along with cuck-worship of Mandingo among those who came of age as Millennials). Just like smart people raised as Muslims or Christians still manage to circumvent around fact and logic to maintain their faith, those raised on the worship of Jews, Negroes, and Homos have all sorts of mental coping mechanisms that suppress logic and facts when it comes to the holy three. Emotion, especially molded in their childhoods, overrides their reason. As the issues and themes concerning Jews and blacks are so charged with matters of justice and Good vs. Evil, objective thinking is nearly impossible for many people. Jews are, first and foremost, the Holy Holocaust People, and blacks are the Sacred Slavery People associated with MLK, regarded as the greatest god-man of all time. Also, Jews and Blacks are seen and ‘sacralized’ through the prism of White Evil. Apparently, only Evil White people committed genocide, and only Evil White people practiced slavery. Or, perhaps the real problem is that White Evil is the function of an essentially Jewish Supremacist and Black Supremacist viewpoint. After all, if Jews and blacks are not special or supreme, their sufferings would be ‘generic’, much like tragedies that befell all of mankind. But there is a sense that the Shoah was especially evil because it affected Jews, and black slavery was especially evil because whites enslaved the special/superior race. How dare they! And yet, this attack on whites has masochistic appeal to do-goody whites who are unconsciously closet-supremacists. They feel that white evil is worse than evils done by non-whites because whites, as the more elevated race, should be judged according to a higher standard. So, if Arabs enslaved blacks, it was because they were just a bunch of cutthroat desert barbarians; they didn’t know any better, whereas whites should have known better because they are better.

    If many smart people were conditioned by upbringing and education to behold the sacred cults around Jews, blacks, and homos, there are the trashy dummies, the Antifa dregs of the streets, whose entire cultural outlook could be traced to pop culture, drugs, and financial crumbs from rich Jews. As stupid losers of society, they hook their claws onto whatever cause that makes them feel ‘committed’ and ‘impassioned’. And ‘cool’ and ‘hip’. As pop culture and sports have made homos and blacks the most celebrated groups, the Antifa loser types either wave the homo flag or chant pro-black slogans in the hope of having some of that homo angel dust and black magic rub off on them.

    What they, from top to bottom, all have in common is the commitment to a culture of taboo and hysterics than reason and sense. In this, their mentality has much in common with the cult of Hitler and the cult of Mao, tragic cases of ‘Moddle Ages’ in the 20th century. It’s interesting that Jews, who suffered from the irrational rages & passions of Nazism(and also eventually came to a bad end with Soviet Communism) and therefore embarked on a critical enterprise to favor mind over mania, have turned into essentially Judeo-Nazis who rely on stirring up wild passions and witch-hunts regardless of evidence and reason. Shut off your minds and just believe and chant along.
    When it comes to Jews, blacks, and homos, there is no good or bad. We aren’t to think in terms of good Jews or bad Jews, good blacks or bad blacks, good homos and bad homos. THEY ARE ALL GOOD no matter what they do. If Jews massacre Palestinians by the bushel, they are still good simply because they’re Jews and Jewishness is a blessing(whereas Palestinian-ness is not). If blacks rob, rape, and murder, they are still good because they’re black. If a decent white cop shoots a black thug who’s causing trouble, the cop is evil because he is white and killed a Negro while the dead Negro is lionized simply because he was black. And we all know homos are honored as tragic victims of AIDS even though it was homo behavior that spread the diseases so far and wide in the ‘gay’ community. This is the privilege of the holy three of Jews, blacks, and homos. They aren’t good-or-bad based on content of character or behavior but ALWAYS GOOD simply for what they are.

    This goes to show that wealth isn’t enough in society. Of course, Jews understood this through their long presence in Europe. Even though Jews were generally richer than goyim and could enjoy privileges & pleasures as individuals, they were tainted with the label of Christ-Killer. So, no matter how rich and well-connected a Jew might be, he was always under a cloud of suspicion. He was, on some level, always the condemned. Despite his riches, he was spiritually and morally less than the poorest European Christian. In contrast, the Christian aristocrats had noble blood. That blood alone meant they were special, superior, deserving of privilege. Jews could buy privilege but never deserved it because they were deemed ‘Christ-Killers’.
    In our world, Jews are the neo-nobles. Their blood alone makes them special, sacred, and wonderful. They have ‘holocaust blood’ running through their veins. It’s no wonder Jews invoke how such-and-such among their relatives/ancestors was a ‘Holocaust survivor’. It’s like tracing one’s noble lineage. Jews have become the new christs, and whites have become the new-christ-killers because, apparently, every Jew killed during WWII was a mini-jesus. (In a way, Holocaustianity’s condemnation of whites is worse than Christianity’s condemnation of Jews. At the very least, Christianity was about Christians worshiping God and the Son of God, not themselves. When Christians urged upon Jews to convert, they weren’t saying Jews should worship white Christian goyim but to accept the Son of God. In contrast, Holocaustianity is about goyim, especially whites, worshiping Jews as a bunch of new christs. Jews themselves are the object of worship.) And under Jewish Power, Negroes also have noble blood, that of Sacred Slavery. Just as a poor nobleman enjoyed a higher status than rich Jews in Old Europe, any Jew or Negro in our time, no matter how humble his station in life, enjoys higher status than the richest white goy. If Jews in the past, despite their vast individual wealth, still had the mark-of-cain of ‘Christ Killer’, whites today, no matter how rich and well-connected they may be, carry the mark-of-cain of ‘racist’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘nazi’, ‘Anti-Semite’, etc. This is why even the richest whites are always under the moral pressure to demonstrate redemptive ‘white guilt’. “I’m trying so very hard to cleanse my sick evil white soul.” And so, they donate tons of money to Jewish causes or those with the stamp of approval of Jews: ADL, SPLC, BLM, etc. So, Jeff Bezos’ former wife doles out millions to BLM. She’s filthy rich but her whiteness means NOTHING except in redemptive mode. (Besides, rich people tend to be vain and shallow, conforming to the Zeitgeist to win praise and plaudits. Their donations are more about status-signaling than carriage of justice.)

    In a way, the demise of reason in the culture is the result of mass-mind-control via media and academia(in the hands of Jews). But, it also seems to have resulted from the dire tendency to rest on one’s laurels. In the story of the hare and the tortoise, the hare takes its speed so much for granted that it slouches off and fails to realize the tortoise passed it by. Mike Tyson was so sure of his power that he didn’t train for the fight with Buster Douglas. A person who thinks himself so smart may not properly prepare for the exam… and fail. It seems the so-called ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ community has been making so much noise about being intellectual, rational, educated, erudite, curious, critical, skeptical, and sophisticated that they took those things for granted. Why make an effort when your kind is SO SURE that it’s so smart, knowing, and ‘enlightened’? Why worry about freedom and fairness when your kind is SO SURE that it’s all about ‘liberal values’? It’s like conservatives took for granted their commitment to heritage and hardly made an effort to be truly conservative. They just got lazy with the habit of invoking Ronald Reagan at every turn. Since the 1980s, the so-called conservatives managed to conserve nothing but still call themselves ‘conservatives’. Today, so-called liberals have betrayed all their liberal values and principles but still continue with the conceit of being for freedom and ‘liberal democracy’ when, in fact, they are idiotic dupes of Deep State tyranny.

    One thing for sure, people today should no longer look upon the Middle Ages and laugh. They should look in the mirror. For all their modern conceits, they are riddled with taboos, prone to superstition(especially with witchcraft making a comeback among women with green hair & nose-rings), infested with faith against facts(such as BLM nonsense & shrines to Fentanyl Floyd), driven by mob passion, and barbaric in sadism & violence. Evidence counts for nothing in this world. Even though most racial violence is black on white(or non-black), the cult of Magic Negro would have us believe innocent blacks are hunted down by evil ‘racists’. Even though progs profess to care about equal justice and insist that ‘silence is violence’, they don’t care about victims of black violence and the countless casualties of Jewish-supremacist violence around the world. Their SILENCE about Palestinians is truly VIOLENCE.
    Of course, with the boorish Donald Trump and worthless GOP as the face of American Conservatism, it is all too easy for Jews and Progs to see themselves as the ‘resistance’. But the fact is they’re either no better or even worse. Indeed, they seem to be driven more by pride and ego than truth and justice. As bad as Trump is, his not having embroiled the US in another war is deeply threatening and shaming to the so-called progs. After all, if indeed Trump and his supporters stand for jingoism, imperialism, ‘racism’, and hatred while the Democrats and Progs represent justice, peace, and harmony, why is it that Obama and Hillary were just as big warmongers as George W. Bush? Then, it’s no wonder that Progs, as tools of Jewish Supremacists, were eager to torpedo every effort by Trump to end wars in the Middle East or come to terms with North Korea. As their pride and ego matter more than anything, they are willing to push any lie or pull any stunt to sustain their self-image as ‘good compassionate liberals’. If they were to admit that Obama/Hillary were bigger warmongers and mass-killers than Trump, they would have to reassess their self-image and swallow some hard truths. They don’t wanna, and so, they live in the Middle Ages of the Mind.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  190. Art says:

    Where is Zuckerberg tonight?

    The Big Jew tech media oligarch is proudly and unfairly tipping the 2020 election. The Jew has no sense ethics.

    Mark Zuckerberg claims he’s ‘probably been the most outspoken CEO in the country’ against Trump

    In leaked audio recordings from internal Facebook meetings obtained by The Verge, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg can be heard attempting to juggle the calls from his generally liberal-leaning employees to take a harder line against the Trump administration and complaints about censorship of posts from the site’s more conservative user base.

    Zuckerberg’s comments weren’t too far off from those he’s made publicly, and he maintained his belief that Facebook has to “take into account that there are different views on different things, and that if someone disagrees with a view, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re hateful or have bad intent.”

    These oligarch Jews are remaking ethical voting and elections in America.

  191. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Load the cargo ships to Guantanamo with these snakes:

    Joe Biden endorsed, Trump excoriated by nearly 500 retired top military, national security officials

  192. Miro23 says:
    @Tony Hall

    Thank you Tony Hall for introducing this list of “Progressive Activists”. I wonder how many of them are concerned about uncontrolled immigration, deindustrialization, off-shoring, historic economic inequality, degraded infrastructure, wars for Israel, CIA “regime change”, the FED debt machine, elite captured MSM or special interest client politicians.

    These “Progressive Activists” are the Useful Idiots. Their “racism”, LGBT and BLM is only a calculated diversion from the real game of elite abuse of power and the spectacular looting of the US economy.

  193. @Johnny Rico

    Hello? How soon you forget that he had an enemy-planted and turncoat of an Attorney General.

    How are you supposed to mount investigations, grand juries and indictments with a non-cooperative AG? Not happening…..

  194. @Desert Fox

    Agreed, of course.

    And wouldn’t you know it? The Dems select a drooling Alzheimer’s patient AND the most hated woman in America, next to Hillary- a woman rejected soundly by her own people during the Primaries!

    Well, it sure does looks like the lemmings are being steered towards Mr.Wall St.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Miro23
  195. anon[628] • Disclaimer says:

    The drum on full auto makes it a light machine gun. Its caliber makes it not a sub-machine. Get over yourself.

    It’s caliber is 7.62mm, the same as a regular AK – so it’s classed a rifle whatever its rate of fire.

  196. @Realist

    So, you only vote for someone if you agree 100% with what they’ve done in the past few years?

    You should change your name from “Realist” to “perfectionist”

    • Replies: @Realist
  197. And who is calling the shots? We still don’t know.

    Silly statement Mr. Whitney, it’s all in the open. See Zeusse below:

    1. The Evilness of America’s Ruling Class, Eric Zeusse, 8/8/20

    2. How The Military Industrial Complex Controls America, Eric Zeusse, 6/30/18

    Names are all in #2

  198. Bigfoot says:

    Looking at these faceless anonymous goonies, who is still waiting for the “Shape Shifting Lizards” from Outers[ace?

  199. @Aaron1982qwerty

    When your masters are finished with you they will throw you under the wheels of that bus.

  200. Rich says:
    @Majority of One

    Wellstone voted in favor of the Iraq war, that’s a matter of record. He knelt before the negroes that’s another matter of record. He was a far left politician, check his voting record. And he was a proud member of that special ethnicity that holds way more seats in Congress than its percent of the population. He was a member of the club. If they took him out maybe it was because he drank too much baby’s blood at their last get together.

    • Replies: @anon
  201. @Trinity

    Great comment!

    The whole government, all the spy agencies- the shit-asses on the supreme dildo court- they’re gonna get it, alright.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  202. @redmudhooch

    Best comment on this thread. I’m going to cut and paste it and stick it in a file, so I can read it on Election Day and STAY HOME.

  203. Realist says:

    So, you only vote for someone if you agree 100% with what they’ve done in the past few years?

    It isn’t a matter of agreeing 100% of the time…I agree with him most of the time, but he never does what he promises. All hat, no cattle.

    And since the two parties are just two sides of the Deep State coin…on the important issues it doesn’t matter who is elected.

    You should change your name from “Realist” to “perfectionist”

    I am going to keep my nom de guerre just as it is…it fits.

  204. anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:

    The kind of idiot loser you appear to be seems amply reflected in that handle name of yours. After all, you think the Orange-utan’s little swinelets are smart. Lmao! I think you sounded “smarter” with your incessant “6M,” “Codoh,” shit. Got tried of that?

    While others seem to apply some thought into what to call themselves anonymously, which probably reflects some innate characteristic about themselves, your choice of “Wally” seems like one chosen by some whitrash low-IQ adolescent, who got himself radicalised with whitevil supremacy from his scum-of-the-earth loser parents. So, your aim is to follow your parents into Loser-hood? In which case, you are doing pretty well there.

    Heck, even the handle “anonymous” seems smarter, as at least it implies our strategy is to simply snipe at you lowlifes… you know, have the last word and all. Fire and forget.

    You see, there is really no point in engaging with the truly irredeemable degenerates of the world. This site is full of them.

    • Disagree: profnasty
  205. @Johnny Rico

    When one knows not of what they speak, it is best if they keep their pie hole shut and their opinions to themselves.
    Cold War AK-47 Assault Rifle

  206. @Johnny Rico

    No dumb ass, it’s an AK-47 rifle with a collapsible stock and a drum magazine.

  207. “Looking at these faceless anonymous goonies . . .”


    I have appreciated the recaps of the trials and tribs of the current executive and the current executive,

    However, not only is most of this material known and understood, many of here have engaged in the current executives defence. Not only by that aide did he prevail against his opponents, he prevailed over his own self inflicted wounds — which are many.

    That isn’t really at issue./ What is at issue is that those successes should have yielded definitive policy shifts and victories — he not only squandered those victories, he kicked sand in the faces of those that supported him.

    The constant refrain that the other guy is worse is simply not what the previous election was about.

  208. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    I dont understand at all!

    if trump warrants all the great lengths they have gone to impeach and get rid of him why wont they assassinate him…….

    they assinated ùkennedy and his brother and prolly other presidents as well. they kill all who are in their way. why wont they just kill trump fuh christ sakes……

    all of this makes no sense to me. the zuionists take no prisoners..they apparently dropped a nuclear bomb on beruit just to indicate to the hezbollah they are serious..if you psend missile our way we will respond nuclear

    and i still do not understand covid as well. why use mild covid for this purpose…why not have a vaccine to protect you and your people..or engineer it with a distate for jewish blood, while hitting humanity as a whole a massive, deadly blow with a virulent pathogen….

    the rest of the world would notice of course but they would be too sick to do anything about it. and they would never recover to be able to do anythng about it

    while there seems to be some logic about not going about their assumed purposes that way especially the argument about trump still standing makes o sense to me. if trunp was a real issue to the deep state they would have killed him long ago

  209. @omegabooks

    While I agree that voting for the lesser of evils is still voting for evil, there are still a few Republican candidates and office holders who tell the truth and have integrity, like Devin Nunes, Rand Paul, state Sen. Dick Black in VA and state Sen. Dr. Scott Jensen in MN. It is inconceivable that Democrat candidates and office holders are unaware of the corruption of those in control of their party, yet only Tulsi Gabbard spoke out about it and even she refused to leave the Party. Democratic candidates and office holders are like the “walls of moms” and “walls of vets” who shield violent thugs throwing frozen water bottles and even Molotov Cocktails at police. They are complicit with the mobs that commit arson and pull innocent motorists from their cars to be beaten.

    Anybody who runs for office as a Democrat has committed to a political party that they either know or should know is corrupt beyond redemption. It is a candidate’s responsibility to find out the truth about their party, and anybody who has failed in that basic responsibility is unqualified to hold office.

    Do not vote for ANY Democrats in November. I have leaned Democrat all my life, but that stinking cesspool of a party must be buried so that something worthwhile can be established in its place. Vote 3rd party, Republican, write-in or simply abstain.

  210. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Wellstone voted in favor of the Iraq war, that’s a matter of record.

    Not so sure.

    Minnesota senators’ ‘No’ votes on Iraq War — and other 10th anniversary thoughts

    • Replies: @Rich
  211. Trinity says:

    Can you think of any other people in the history of the world who basically GAVE AWAY their country without a fight or a case where elected officials TURNED ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE and GAVE AWAY THEIR PEOPLE’S NATION, CIVIL RIGHTS, AND MADE THEM THE ENEMY IN THE LAND THEY CREATED? IF you can let me know because I can’t. White (((politicians))) in Washington serve (((a people))) who seek the destruction of Whites and these same white traitor trash (((politicians))) have been kissing the ass of Blacks since the Black folk have gained the right to vote in this country. We are led by GUTLESS COWARDS, PEDOPHILES, ISRAEL/JEW WORSHIPERS, COMPROMISED CRIMINALS, AND EVERY OTHER SORT OF DEGENERATE SCUM for the most part. There probably isn’t a decent person in Washington, D.C. and not a whole lot in local politics as well. It isn’t as if politics draws the cream of the crop. Most politicians are like prison guards, they are too lazy, too incompetent to hold a REAL JOB, and/or they love to hold power over others and abuse that power. Whites in other traditional White nations are experiencing the same kind of treatment, so as far as I can see only Whites are stupid or cowardly enough to go along with their own suicide. Hell, look at the (((Antifa/BLM))) rioters, a HUGE portion are white traitor trash out there tearing down statues of people who built this land from nothing. Do these brainless white twits think that Blacks, Jews, and others who salivate over destroying White nations will give two shits about them when they take over America and/or Europe?

  212. @Stonehands

    Here are some sites that tell the truth about the coronavirus scam,,,,,, covid-19 is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the world.

  213. @Monotonous Languor

    Paranoia?😂 Obviously that 4 ft tall Putin is underestimated by us as Alexander the Great was by the Persian Empire!
    Mr Putin loves those of us in denial state and/or would like us to keeping our heads in the sands while he’s doing his things. The bigger problem though is, after we wake up or pulling our heads out of sands our eyelashes are covered with sands for sometimes making our vision blurry and causing non-clarity in our brains! Ultimately, once our vision is back to normal and our brains are in gear then we’re going to ask ‘what the hell happened over here?’ The choices are ours!

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  214. Trinity says:

    Think of what the people who built and settled this nation had to go through to make America what IT WAS when it was a great nation. It takes a lot TO BUILD, but it takes NOTHING to destroy.

    Excluding the white traitor trash who are basically crash dummies to be used by Jews and Blacks, the people who are out to destroy this nation, MAINLY Jewish racist and their Black racist foot soldiers are incapable of building anything that even resembles a first world nation, Israel would be a shithole only a level or two above the average African shithole if they were left to fend for themselves. Israel is the largest welfare state in the world, with the exception of California. I think California has about a 1/3 of all of America’s welfare recipients last time I checked. Of course the average Californian isn’t worshiped by our scumbags in Washington, D.C. though. And of course the welfare sent to Israel is from not only America but Germany and other White nations as well. Certainly the amount sent to Israel is far more than the amount of welfare spent on California.

  215. Poco says:
    @vot tak

    Just curious. Nothing but vitriolic shit ever comes out of your keyboard so think of it as a chance to do some good. What would be your choice for the correct system of government or political party? Is anyone besides yourself allowed to be a member of this party?

    • Troll: vot tak
  216. Reaper says:

    Trump became president by surprise, he wanted to run a public show and halfway realized so many people supports his definitelly NOT politically correct perspectives.

    His predecessors were politicians more or less, but even in cases when less they did listen to advisors.

    Trump not, he acts on a moral ground, want do things what he believes good for the country, and honest citizens, and gives no sh.t what the media, opposition, or the world thinks about that.
    He acts on moral values, so his goals are predictable, but not his actions to achieve them.

    “It’s incredible he’s gotten anything done.”
    Because he don`t know, and don`t care about the classic ways – incompetent on that ground.
    So when he face a labirint of state/ laws, he not wondering around in a classical way, but charge the walls, and sometimes breaks them, to go forward.

    This was the reason why many people outside the US not neccesary like, but admire him, and made casefire with the USA: Unconventional path lead to a different reaction.

  217. Z-man says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Expect even harsher censorship and police state controls on WHITE people, labeled by the liar Christopher Wray as the “greatest threat to America.”

    That Christopher Wray is the biggest piece of shit that the Republi’tards foisted on Trump to install as FBI Director.

  218. Agent76 says:

    Sep 25, 2020 A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”

    So, it’s 2020 and you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Disorienting, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry: you are not alone.

  219. Pancho says:

    This author asks:

    “Which party is using the Covid-19 fraud to crash the economy, eliminate 40 million jobs, roll-back basic civil liberties and turn the United States into a NWO slave-state ruled by Wall Street bankers, Silicon Valley technocrats and Davos elites? Which party?”

    Well, actually both parties. Half of State Governors are Republicans, and, with the exception of South Dakota’s governor, all of them have happily joined Democrats in using the Covid-19 fraud to crash the economy, eliminate 40 million jobs, roll-back basic civil liberties and turn the United States into a NWO slave-state ruled by Wall Street bankers, Silicon Valley technocrats and Davos elites.

    Moreover, all the crazy, counterproductive measures happily enforced by governors of both wings of the Repucratic Party follow guidelines recommended by Fauci, Birx and Pence, all of them key members of President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force.

    Currently, we have two quite different parties in the U.S. The party of the enemy, that is Democrats, and the party of treason, that is Republican. The only way to find differences, as this author does, is by applying different standards

    But, as Cicero said, the enemy inside the gates is worse than the enemy outside. The traitor is the plague.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  220. @Priss Factor

    Humans always follow a culture based on lies.

    There is absolutely no reason to believe that will ever change.

    New lies are replacing the old ones.


    Once you know that all authority figures are liars, life is good.

  221. aandrews says:

    “Fifteen of the top 25 biggest political donors this cycle are Jewish or of Jewish origin.”

  222. anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:

    Just finished watching the movie Antebellum. Nice movie, well kind of. A solid 6, at least.

    Wondered where I should place my little “review.” The recent essay on the Klan faggots seemed more appropriate. But, that essay was a little old, and not as well read. Since, there appear to be many whitrash supremacist Klan faggots in this thread, thought of leaving it here.

    I have already mentioned that the movie was nice, well kind of. Nothing more to say, except to mention my favourite scene(s).

    You know, the scene where the 2 faggots get burnt alive. And, the bitch getting dragged was nice too. Goosebumps.

    Y’all should watch it.

    The end.

  223. Treason doesn’t profit, what is the reason? If it does profit a man, none dare call it treason.

  224. Miro23 says:

    And wouldn’t you know it? The Dems select a drooling Alzheimer’s patient AND the most hated woman in America, next to Hillary- a woman rejected soundly by her own people during the Primaries!

    This is difficult to understand. They should have plenty of young and attractive candidates.

    The only explanation that I can find, is that the NWO leadership is itself octogenarian, and from that POV Biden looks quite fresh and lively, and Hillary positively youthful. Also, these ancients have a historic sensibility that resonates to “Clinton” whereas current voters just see an old shipwreck.

  225. Corvinus says:
    @Patagonia Man

    “A false binary”.

    No, more like a hate fact you just cannot face.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  226. @Monty Ahwazi

    You’re totally brainwashed.

    Your enemy is inside the gates – has been al least since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act when your country gave away control of your money supply – the economy’s lifeblood.

    Ever wondered why they keep getting away with it? Because people like you never know where to look!

    • Disagree: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Monty Ahwazi
  227. @Achmed E. Newman

    The funny thing is that now I see that I also made a punctuation mistake in my little rant. Instead of a comma, it should have been either a period or a semicolon before the word “only”. There is a sort of Internet legend, according to which if you criticize someone’s writing, you’re fated to make the same mistake in your critique.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  228. @Corvinus

    Sorry but there are Rules of Logic – learn them!


    • Replies: @Corvinus
  229. Rich says:

    You are correct, Wellstone spoke in favor of the war, but wanted UN approval before invading. That’s probably why I thought he voted in favor of the resolution. His kneeling to the UN makes it worse, because he would have willingly given up American sovereignty to the internationalists. He was no James Traficant, though, he was a member of the club.

  230. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    Where does one begin? It is unbelievably infuriating or it should be, to Americans if they would go to neutral for a moment and consider their relationship with their “representatives”. Americans ALWAYS COME IN LAST. They come in last if Mexico has a problem. Mexico’s problems must be addressed first. They come in last when it comes to Israelis problems. Israel must come first. The same is true even for China, well, China especially to our tech sector of traitors, MUST COME IN FIRST, or some basketball player will object, who is essentially being bribed by China through China’s control of American entertainment. Again, where does one begin, when Americans are betrayed by their politicians and come last on every single issue that affects the quality of their lives. What’s the point of even having representatives that don’t represent? Why not just declare President Trump a dictator? At least he might actually do something for Americans??

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  231. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Excellent post. And all true.

    It’s going to get very rough here for precisely the reasons you enumerated.

    Americans are not going to let these sick fuck Jew/Leftists have complete control without a BLOODBATH.

    You can count on that.

    If they try to use the US Military against us, so much the better.

    When all is said and done it would probably shake out like Spain in 1936 minus the Catholic influence.

    The police and military would split into factions.

    I say let’s get it on. The sooner the better.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  232. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    My friend, the Catholic influence will certainly not help. I know, my family has been Catholics for over five hundred years that we have been able to determine. The Catholic power center, is totally leftist and useless in fighting against the most subversive elements attacking this nation. Thanks for the reply.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  233. @Ray Caruso

    Nah, it wasn’t you, it was grammar-check… or something. ;-}

  234. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:


  235. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    My friend, the Catholic influence will certainly not help. I know, my family has been Catholics for over five hundred years that we have been able to determine. The Catholic power center, is totally leftist and useless in fighting against the most subversive elements attacking this nation. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes sir, I concur to a degree. I was raised Catholic as well and certainly agree that probably three quarters of the current Catholic “leadership” is useless and subverted and/or compomised by the Left.

    That said, there are many rank and file Catholics as well as a portion of the leadership who do not condone this bullshit. For example, a majority of American Catholics voted for Trump in 2016.

    My meaning was that Catholics in 1936 Spain were certainly a “different breed” than that of the US in 2020.

    Keep the faith.

  236. Corvinus says:
    @Patagonia Man

    I have learned and applied them. The piece from the author, no.

  237. @Patagonia Man

    LOL! I never said that Putin is using you or I! You’re exactly right and Mr Putin is using those traitors that you mentioned to achieve his goals! Putin is following Churchill’s line that goes something like “a few traitors on the inside can do more damage to a society than the enemy can with an army of few brigades”! Many should watch out for what they are wishing! Because Santa may make their wish come true!

  238. @SteveK9

    Well it’s good to see you’ve FINALLY come around, but I still have nothing but disdain for your kind.

    You people planted the seeds for what we see today.

    If I didn’t love this country, I’d say you fucking deserve every bit of this shit.

    My Daddy voted for George Wallace and Nixon. We hated your kind. Still do.

    Why don’t you go live with the niggers you loved so much back in the 70’s?

  239. TJM says: • Website

    What is this betrayal crap? You can’t be betrayed unless you have faith. I never had faith in the Democratic Party after JFK was assassinated. The Democratic Party committed suicide in November 1963. That party should be dead.

  240. geokat62 says:

    Just received this fundraiser from HIAS in my inbox…

    Not sure why they refuse to extend God’s good work by resettling migrants to the Jewish state.

    Most peculiar, ain’t it?

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  241. Jabootie says:

    It was a reference of past accusations, not a direct accusation in it self, I think, good read

  242. Tjoe says:

    We have yet another Catholic being nominated to SCOTUS. Where is the diversity.????….Roberts-Catholic; Thomas-Catholic; Breyer- Judaism; Alito-catholic; Sotomeyer-Catholic; Kagan-Judaism; Corsuch-Episcopalian raised Roman Catholic; Kavenaugh-Catholic.

    • Replies: @Truth
  243. vot tak says:

    COVID-DENIER Conspiracy theorist Trump supporter Tony Tenpenny who dismissed coronavirus as ‘socialist’ hoax is killed by disease

    “Tony Tenpenny, 57, a former councillor from Nashville, who had said the pandemic was part of a “socialist agenda” and had been over-exaggerated, died over the weekend as a result of complications from COVID-19.

    The Republican often expressed his skepticism regarding coronavirus on social media and even had a Facebook post labeled as false information.

    In a May 30 post, he claimed the virus had been made up as a means to make sure Trump did not get re-elected in the November election.”

    One of whitney’s fellow travelers?

  244. Trinity says:

    Shades of Reagan The Cuck. Trump promises to make Juneteenth a national holiday, gives away tax payer BILLIONS to some sort of mo gibz act to empower Blacks economically and declares (((Antifa))) and the KKK domestic terrorist groups, but not (((BLM.))) Probably about 90% of the American public had no idea what the hell Juneteenth was two years ago, and that includes Blacks, and now it looks like it will be a national holiday because the negro DEMANDS Whitey kiss his feet and ass some more. FAKE Queens tough guy, The Donald, talks BIG, but caves just like all the other lame dick traitors we have had as President of the United States.

    Ask yourself, when was the last time the KKK was even relevant, people? You could probably fill up a Volkswagen with all the members of the KKK that live in America and have room for a couple of six-packs. When was the last time members of the KKK were dragging Blacks from their cars and beating them within an inch of their lives or going around and shooting innocent civilians or police officers like (((BLM))) HAS DONE RECENTLY? The KKK probably consists of about a grand total of 100 or less yahoos that go around driving in back country roads, drinking beer and telling jokes about Blacks. Now compare what the KKK has done in the last 60 years to what (((BLM))) has done. Which of these groups deserves to be labeled as a terrorist organization?

    I have to admit I will HAVE to vote for this Orange Clown only because the other choice is even worse than his sorry ass. TRUMP CAVED PEOPLE. TRUMP HAS BEEN CAVING. HE IS THE ORANGE VERSION OF RONALD REAGAN, YET ANOTHER USELESS CAVING COWARD REPUBLICANT CUCKOLD.

    • Replies: @Truth
  245. Truth says:

    Trump promises to make Juneteenth a national holiday, gives away tax payer BILLIONS to some sort of mo gibz act to empower Blacks economically and declares (((Antifa))) and the KKK domestic terrorist groups, but not (((BLM.)))

    LOL; I seen that. Wasn’t it beautiful?

    Now compare what the KKK has done in the last 60 years to what (((BLM))) has done. Which of these groups deserves to be labeled as a terrorist organization?

    Well, to be a bit of a pedant, BLM was founded in 2013…

    I have to admit I will HAVE to vote for this Orange Clown only because the other choice is even worse than his sorry ass.

    Well, technically, U-T, you don’t HAVE to vote for anyone.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  246. Ragno says:

    If you find yourself pining for the glory days of the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, do yourself a favor. Flip through a random ‘issue’ of VETERANS TODAY; the only things it’s missing are Elvis sightings and breathless updates on Bat Boy.

  247. Truth says:

    We have yet another Catholic being nominated to SCOTUS. Where is the diversity.????….Roberts-Catholic; Thomas-Catholic; Breyer- Judaism; Alito-catholic; Sotomeyer-Catholic; Kagan-Judaism; Corsuch-Episcopalian raised Roman Catholic; Kavenaugh-Catholic.

    All-satanist. Literally; as in pentagrams on the basement floor, black robes, human sacrifice, satanist.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  248. Trinity says:

    How many Blacks in America even knew about Juneteenth a few years ago, my Black Hebrew Jizzraelite friend? Blacks are still enslaved in the Muffaland to this day.

    Hey Truth, here to be known as Jizzy, how does it feel to know that Blacks are being USED by the Jew once again as crash dummies?

    And most of that cash is going into the pockets of (((the usual suspects))) and some Black political crooks anyhow, so don’t celebrate too much from the Section 8 mudhut you reside in.

    • Replies: @Truth
  249. vot tak says:

    News Analysis: Robbery of TikTok reveals unabashed U.S. hegemony

    “The U.S. government recently coerced ByteDance to sell video-sharing app TikTok’s U.S. business to American companies, repeating its old trick of seizing high-tech enterprises by abusing state power.

    In recent months, the U.S. government threatened to shut down TikTok’s operations in the United States, and then forced it to sell itself to American companies.

    International commentators and scholars have used similar words — robbery, extortion and heisting — to describe the nature of the U.S. coercion over TikTok.

    The analysts said that in the battle over TikTok, the U.S. administration set a precedent of creating an unstable playing field for companies doing business in the country.”

    With his promotion of trump, whitney is supporting trump’s war criminal/criminal backers. The net result, this sort of bandit/mafia behavior.

  250. vot tak says:

    US tells Kenya to publicly support Israel or forget free trade deal

    “The US wants Kenya to support Israel’s political and commercial interests, or forget a free trade deal (FTA) with the world’s biggest economy.

    The US has indicated in its objectives seen by The EastAfrican that the deal with Kenya should, with respect to commercial partnerships, discourage actions that prejudice or discourage business between the US and Israel.

    Washington argues that the FTA should “discourage politically motivated actions to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel.”

    The US also wants the “elimination of politically motivated, non-tariff barriers on Israeli goods, services, or other commerce imposed on Israel; and the elimination of State-sponsored, unsanctioned foreign boycotts of Israel, or compliance with the Arab League Boycott of Israel.”

    “The United States published its negotiating position before negotiations began for all to see. We are negotiating with transparency and openness,” said the US ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter, when asked about the inclusion of Israel in the negotiations. “This is how we have treated the numerous other countries with which we have concluded successful free trade agreements benefiting both parties,” he added.”

    Washington Reportedly Tells Sudan It Will Stay on Terror List Unless It Forges Ties With Israel

    “The United States placed Sudan on its ‘State Sponsors of Terrorism’ list in 1993, after al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden moved to the country. The list also includes Iran, Syria and North Korea, with Cuba removed in 2015 during a brief period of warming ties with Washington close to the end of President Barack Obama’s second term.

    The United States is reportedly pressuring Sudan to normalize relations with Israel as a condition for the African nation’s removal from Washington’s State Sponsors of Terrorism listing despite Khartoum’s meeting of all criteria to be taken off the list, Reuters has reported, citing six sources said to be familiar with the matter.

    “Sudan has completed all the necessary condition. We expect to be removed from the list soon,” an anonymous Sudanese government official told the news agency.

    However, two sources from the US and one from the Gulf said that Washington has asked Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, chairman of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, to ‘copy the example’ set by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain earlier this month in establishing ties with Tel Aviv, linking removal from the terror list to the issue and offering the added benefit of development and humanitarian aid for Khartoum.

    In the meantime, Khartoum has resisted establishing formal ties with Israel, saying it does not have a mandate to do so from the public.

    The US has held back lifting the terror designation against Sudan despite the country’s cooperation with Washington on terrorism, Khartoum’s multi-million dollar settlement with the families of the victims of the 2000 attack on the USS Cole by Osama bin Laden, and its plans to pay out an additional \$335 million to the families of victims of al-Qaeda attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

    The UAE and Bahrain became the third and fourth Arab states, and the first and second Arab states in the Persian Gulf region, to establish relations with Israel earlier this month. 18 of the Arab League’s 22 members, including Sudan, continue to have no formal ties with the country.”

    There goes that israeli quisling trump again. Being israel’s jailhouse b*tch. This is what whitney wants americans to vote for.

  251. Truth says:

    Wait a minute, why are you mad at me Unholy Trinity?, I dinsay nuffin!

  252. Ron Unz says:

    Well, I guess I’ll add my own two cents…

    I’ve never seen that movie Idiocracy, about a future American in which everyone is a moron, but I’ve seen some of the YouTube clips, including the one with the scene of the annual State of the Union Address of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho:

    It’s really remarkable how much some of those scenes remind me of our current president Donald Trumpacho, quite possibly the worst and most incompetent occupant of the Oval Office we’ve ever had.

    Yet in all fairness, one of the odd things about this election is that given all the things currently happening, I can understand perfectly well why lots of people would like to see him reelected…

  253. @Ron Unz

    – Donald Trumpacho – That’s classic!

    As you know, it all boils down to two candidates. The Biden ticket is so utterly pathetic and laughable, there is no other viable choice than Trump. Personally, I found Obama and Bush Jr to be completely out of their league and mostly dreadful, the two of them. I half-liked Bubba Clinton but when he evidenced he’s still just a trailer trash predator and then vehemently lied directly to the American people, I’ve had no use for him since. Compared to that list, Trump is quite refreshing.

    Two more random thoughts:
    1 – I think the Dems aren’t even seriously going for the WH spot (look at their ticket). My thought is they’ll contest the POTUS outcome to create a big brouhaha and distract the deplorables while they pursue their actual goal of stealing the Senate and increasing House seats. If they control Congress, they can neuter Trumps agenda by not funding it and they’d likely try to impeach him again.

    2 – Speaking of “off things about this election”…..I don’t think we know the half of it. Meaning, it’s my theory that the reason HRC is not campaigning for Joe is because she is confined to her home and wearing an ankle monitor. There are some other big names, who were yapping constantly in the media during the first 3 years of Trump and are now almost silent. What? Before the election, they finally shut up? They are AWOL and have likely been on trial. Brennan, Comey, Clapper, maybe McCabe and others. I expect the next 6 months to be an absolute humdinger of revelations.

    My personal bottomline is: if Trump actually does do heavy drainage of that fetid DC swamp — I will happily sing his praises.

  254. @SteveK9

    God bless you for having a brain. Some Democrats are useless eaters when it comes to actual thought. The Russiagate was horrible. It was the worst scandal possible because it uses the gears of a vast bureaucratic machine in a terrible way. Liberal or Conservative or whatever you are, this episode sheds to light the workings of the state in a way that is terrifying.

  255. gabriel says:

    Hey moron, Javanka would accept to be nominated for whatever by DNC, just wait a little longer!

  256. Turk 152 says:
    @Ron Unz

    I have mixed feelings about Trump, but I have never bought the notion that he is incompetent. An incompetent person could not have beaten both the Clinton and Bush dynasties. A textbook example of incompetence is GWB who would be lucky to have a job as a shoe salesman if he was not part of the Bush dynasty. I wont try to explain the Trump phenomena, but If he is not reelected president, he is just going back to running a very large and powerful business empire – call him what you will, but that is not the mark of an incompetent man.

    Perhaps he can be considered the most obnoxious President that we have ever had, particularly to those who find nothing in common with him.

    • Replies: @Truth
  257. Truth says:
    @Turk 152

    I wont try to explain the Trump phenomena, but If he is not reelected president, he is just going back to running a very large and powerful business empire – call him what you will, but that is not the mark of an incompetent man.

    Well, the make-believe scam certainly reads better that way…

    In 1987 Donald Trump purchased 93% of Resorts International, a CIA front founded by Crown Agents Allen Dulles and David Rockefeller as the Mary Carter Paint Company in the 1950’s. A year later Trump bought the Atlantic City, NJ Taj Mahal Casino from Resorts International, then began buying up other properties on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

    Soon Trump was tapped out and couldn’t make his debt payments.

    Enter Wilbur Ross, billionaire bond trader portrayed by the Illuminati financial media as an “independent investor”. In fact, in 1992 Ross was heading Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy advising team, which represented bondholders who were threatening to foreclose on Donald’s house of cards.

    Ross saw how Trump had the ability to sway masses of people, something certainly not missed by his bosses at Rothschild. So he struck a sweetheart bankruptcy deal for Trump, where he would relinquish a 50% stake in his Atlantic City, NJ Taj Mahal casino in return for better debt terms and a Presidency to be named later.

    Rothschild and their City of London partners in crime, not only got a new East Coast money laundering center in Atlantic City. They now had their straw man Trump by the balls.

    • Thanks: vot tak
    • Replies: @Turk 152
  258. @Ron Unz

    You should specify the reasons you think Trump is such a nadir of U.S. presidency. I assume, based on your previous utterances, that the management of the pandemic plays a major part on your assessment.

    If that is the case, I disagree with you. It’s unlikely that another president would have handled the pandemic a lot better than Trump, as is inferrable from the fact that almost no one in the world is handling it well, and the countries with above average outcomes either have very socially conformist populations (e.g. China) or are blessed by some geographical specificity which favors them exceptionally (e.g. New Zealand). Some (e.g. Japan) profit from both characteristics.

    As for Trump’s other shortcomings, they probably should be explicitly addressed in order to make your comment more effective.

    • Agree: VinnyVette
    • Troll: vot tak
  259. Trinity says:

    Two things America MUST DO to survive as a nation and return to greatness. Well, actually more than two, but the two top issues are visible to all who aren’t legally blind, deaf, and dumb. Trump won’t do it, Joe & the Ho will only exacerbate the condition even worse than it is right now. Trump is far from the most incompetent POTUS that we have had. Speaking only for the Presidents that I can remember during my lifetime, barely remember LBJ, but know enough about him, I will start with LBJ and end with Trump. Of those and ranking on incompetence, here goes from the most incompetent to the least idiotic moron. Note: List is not based on being the biggest Jew & Black ass kisser which they are all guilty of to the highest order.

    1. Barack Obama
    2. Dubya Bush
    3. LBJ
    4. Jimmy Carter
    5. Donald J. Trump
    6. Pappy Bush
    7. Gerald Ford
    8. Bill Clinton
    9. Ronald Reagan
    10. Richard Nixon

    IF Joltin’ Joe gets SELECTED he will easily go into the number one slot. That guy makes Obama look like a Rhodes Scholar.

  260. Turk 152 says:

    Whether or not Trump is corrupt and has ties to the underworld is a completely different question than whether he is incompetent. In fact, his charisma and level of business dealings, regardless of whether or not the venture ultimately failed, bolsters the argument that he is competent. What businessmen would not call being able to influence large numbers of people and be involved in major deals with the Rockefellers and Dulles’s an indication of their own competence?

    However, I would also say his corruption question is precisely the real question about Trump. Unfortunately, rather than trying to answer that question, we have spent the past 4 years on a wild goose chase about Russiagate and Ukrainegate. I believe it is because if we are trying to uncover the corrupting influences of Dulles, the Rockefellers and the Kosher Nostra, everyone at that level of power is corrupted by them, so nobody wants to open that can of worms.

    Corruption, not competence, is the question that we should have been asking about Trump and it baffles me why arent spending all our time trying to get a precise answer to that question.

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
    , @Truth
  261. geokat62 says:

    • Thanks: Robjil, Art
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  262. @geokat62

    Thanks Geo – an classic example of an attempt at state capture by Soros!

    … or as someone else said “Soronavirus is worse than coronavirus.” LOL!

    Alas, its too late for the Americanos!


    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @geokat62
  263. geokat62 says:

  264. geokat62 says:
    @Patagonia Man

    … or as someone else said “Soronavirus is worse than coronavirus.” LOL!

    Soronavirus… l luv it!

    • LOL: Patagonia Man
  265. @Art

    Convicted felons should never be allowed to vote. They paid nothing back, WE had to pay for their upkeep while they were locked up.

    If scum wants to vote, let them repay the entire cost-burden of their incarceration first.

    It speaks to how weak and thinly-stretched our social fabric that there’s no unified voice informing convicts, “You preyed on us, now wear the mark, forever.”

  266. @Reg Cæsar

    The difference between the words “has” and “gets” does not change the meaning of the Ruosseaou quote or negate SteveK9’s point. You’re trolling him.

  267. @Turk 152

    Trump corruption? If Trump were guilty of any meaningful level of corruption, the MSM, deep state, and the Democrats and their operatives would have found it, and hammered Trump with it. Other than all the various failed attempts to manufacture corruption attributable to Trump, what corruption? Why don’t you name some examples? Generalizations without some corroborating facts to back it up aren’t going to cut it.
    The Dems have been playing that game for four years, and as is the crux of Mr Whitney’s article have failed miserably!

    • Replies: @Turk 152
  268. JackOH says:
    @Ron Unz

    ” . . . I can understand perfectly well why lots of people would like to see him [Trump] reelected…”

    Ron, Trump’s impious rhetoric has a throw weight all its own. The Trump phenomenon seems pretty remarkable to me. I just got back from buying smokes and a paper, and the neighborhood I drove through was jammed with Trump/Pence signs. I’ve never seen that many election signs on that street. Moderate income White voters, mostly blue collar with families, still working in legacy industries, both ethnics and those of Anglo-Scots-Irish heritage.

    I know my local people pretty well. They like his attitude of giving the middle finger to the enormous cloud of “rationalist-legalistic-moralistic” rhetoric that seems to them simply cover for screwing them over.

    I’ll vote Libertarian again, but the Trumpophiles are nothing if not sincere, and they’re not really too concerned about the success or failure of his initiatives.

  269. geokat62 says:

    US Jews Protest Deportations — Including ‘Jericho Walk’ Around ICE Building

    Top comments:

    “Never lived in a host country they weren’t hellbent on destroying.”

    “After all, it’s not like Israel deports illegal immigrants from its own borders… is it?”

    “Why not welcome them into Israel?”

    • Thanks: Trinity
  270. Turk 152 says:

    I am not suggesting that I know the answer to that question, but when you consider the shady cast that he is associated with, Sheldon Addelson, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, his BFF Bibi, it seems plausible that the media is intentionally shinning their light, only where they want us to look.

  271. Truth says:
    @Turk 152

    I read somewhere 4 years ago that Donald Trump, for all of his, The Art of the Deal, and self-promotion, would have had more money today if he had simply put his father’s death inheritance in mutual funds.

    Ergo, his sisters the Judges are functionally richer than he is, as he is basically broke.

    I think that about says it all, not only about he but also the system.

    • Replies: @Turk 152
  272. Turk 152 says:

    How does one have a 12,000 page tax return without generating a tremendous amount of economic activity? Is that supposed to be some type of PR stunt?

    A 12,000 page tax return tells me he is providing a massive amount of disclosure to take advantage of every tax break possible. It is also an indication that he is playing by the rules. Why would anyone go through that much pain of producing that kind of a return?

    As someone who works in tax, I find the notion that someone with a 12,000 page tax return is actually a two bit business man ridiculous.

  273. @Ron Unz

    Download the movie and watch it, Ron. This one comes highly recommended by your favorite ranting right-winger (with some other “r” word for alliteration’s sake), Achmed E. Newman. Two thumbs up!


    PS: Oh, “Donald Trumpacho”. Mr. Unz made a funny, Yea!

  274. @Emslander

    I wouldn’t leave it to luck. The “religious” radicals have never had the dominant global institutional power they have now before…

    Personally, I can’t see a way of hauling them back.

  275. @SteveK9

    This is not just the antics of a political party. This is the penetration of both major parties, the government bureaucracy, and the nation’s cultural high ground by a fanatical new religion, the PC or Diversity Cult. We are already in a new War of Religion as the Cultists seek to purge society of perceived heretics. They see their values as more important than democracy, voting, the Constitution, and life itself.

  276. Ace says:

    TKK definition of “snitching” = revealing the machinations and goals of communist enemies. The horror.

    Your code of honor is noted. Attaboy.

    Who said anything about truth seeking?

    If Ron followed Nancy’s astrologically-inspired advice, hat’s off to her on what she passed on about the air traffic controllers.

    Many a conservative American has lamented the political idiocy of their children.

    I would have written “whom you revere.” But then I wasn’t smoking the weed out in the parking lot during high school English.

  277. bayviking says:

    By strictly interpreting the law, which includes our horrible Electoral College, and assuming Trump legitimately won the 2016 election, Mr. Whitney makes an important point. But Greg Pallast has raised doubt about the legitimacy of the count in Wisconsin in 2016, just as Ohio in 2004. We are all witness to Republican vote stealing through caging, purging and attacking a legitimate recount in 2000, which Gore actually won. The electoral college was designed to subvert democracy and has brought us the two worst Presidents ever. This fact in no way contradicts Whitney’s criticism of the Democrat Party which has failed the working class and remains unable to publicly face this failure, instead inventing an implausible Russian conspiracy. Compared to the budgets and scale of similar BS promulgated on the internet by Brad Pascale, Cambridge Analytica and the superrich Republican Party any real or imagined Russian conspiracy had something between zero to immeasurable impact.

    Mr. Trump is a horrible excuse for a human being, an international embarrassment to any person with a US citizenship, whose electoral college victory endangers world travel and commerce. for every US citizen. But if anything Trump’s popularity has increased, as reflected in his capture of 74 million votes. Trump’s rise is consistent with a nation whose only value is Corporate profits. A nation whose only two political parties, that enjoy power, care only about raising money to give to TV and other media giants in order to hold power. It is ironic that Trump supporters include people who claim to believe that Jesus is their savior and follow Christ’s values as defined by the New Testament. There isn’t a drop of Christian values in anything Trump stands for.

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