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Are the Democrats a Political Party or a CIA-Backed Fifth Column?
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Vandalized Statue of Christopher Columbus

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How do the Democrats benefit from the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests?

While the protests are being used to paint Trump as a race-bating white supremacist, that is not their primary objective. The main goal is to suppress and demonize Trump’s political base which is comprised of mainly white working class people who have been adversely impacted by the Democrats disastrous free trade and immigration policies. These are the people– liberal and conservative– who voted for Trump in 2016 after abandoning all hope that the Democrats would amend their platform and throw a lifeline to workers who are now struggling to make ends meet in America’s de-industrialized heartland.

The protests are largely a diversion aimed at shifting the public’s attention to a racialized narrative that obfuscates the widening inequality chasm (created by the Democrats biggest donors, the Giant Corporations and Wall Street) to historic antagonisms that have clearly diminished over time. (Racism ain’t what it used to be.) The Democrats are resolved to set the agenda by deciding what issues “will and will not” be covered over the course of the campaign. And– since race is an issue on which they feel they can energize their base by propping-up outdated stereotypes of conservatives as ignorant bigots incapable of rational thought– the Dems are using their media clout to make race the main topic of debate. In short, the Democrats have settled on a strategy for quashing the emerging populist revolt that swept Trump into the White House in 2016 and derailed Hillary’s ambitious grab for presidential power.

The plan, however, does have its shortcomings, for example, Democrats have offered nearly blanket support for protests that have inflicted massive damage on cities and towns across the country. In the eyes of many Americans, the Dems support looks like a tacit endorsement of the arson, looting and violence that has taken place under the banner of “racial justice”. The Dems have not seriously addressed this matter, choosing instead to let the media minimize the issue by simply scrubbing the destruction from their coverage. This “sweep it under the rug” strategy appears to be working as the majority of people surveyed believe that the protests were “mostly peaceful”, which is a term that’s designed to downplay the effects of the most ferocious rioting since the 1970s.

Let’s be clear, the Democrats do not support Black Lives Matter nor have they made any attempt to insert their demands into their list of police reforms. BLM merely fits into the Dems overall campaign strategy which is to use race to deflect attention from the gross imbalance of wealth that is the unavoidable consequence of the Dems neoliberal policies including outsourcing, off-shoring, de-industrialization, free trade and trickle down economics. These policies were aggressively promoted by both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as they will be by Joe Biden if he is elected. They are the policies that have gutted the country, shrunk the middle class, and transformed the American dream into a dystopian nightmare.

They are also the policies that have given rise to, what the pundits call, “right wing populism” which refers to the growing number of marginalized working people who despise Washington and career politicians, feel anxious about falling wages and dramatic demographic changes, and resent the prevailing liberal culture that scorns their religion and patriotism. This is Trump’s mainly-white base, the working people the Democrats threw under the bus 30 years ago and now want to annihilate completely by deepening political polarization, fueling social unrest, pitting one group against another, and viciously vilifying them in the media as ignorant racists whose traditions, culture, customs and even history must be obliterated to make room for the new diversity world order. Trump touched on this theme in a speech he delivered in Tulsa. He said:

“Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities.”

Author Charles Burris expanded on this topic in an article at Lew Rockwell titled America’s Monumental Existential Problem:

“The wave of statue-toppling spreading across the Western world from the United States is not an aesthetic act, but a political one, the disfigured monuments in bronze and stone standing for the repudiation of an entire civilization. No longer limiting their rage to slave-owners, American mobs are pulling down and disfiguring statues of abolitionists, writers and saints in an act of revolt against the country’s European founding, now re-imagined as the nation’s original sin, a moral and symbolic shift with which we Europeans will soon be forced to reckon.”

The statue-toppling epidemic is vastly more disturbing that the the looting or arson, mainly because it reveals a ideological intensity aimed at symbols of state power. By tearing down the images of the men who created or contributed to our collective history, the vandals are challenging the legitimacy of the nation itself as well as its founding “enlightenment” principles. This is the nihilism of extremists whose only objective is destruction. It suggests that the Democrats might have aspirations that far exceed a mere presidential victory. Perhaps the protests and riots will be used to justify more sweeping changes, a major reset during which traditional laws and rules are indefinitely suspended until the crisis passes and order can be restored. Is that at all conceivable or should we dismiss these extraordinary events as merely young people “letting off a little steam”?

Here’s how General Michael Flynn summed up what’s going on on in a recent article:

“There is now a small group of passionate people working hard to destroy our American way of life. Treason and treachery are rampant and our rule of law and those law enforcement professionals are under the gun more than at any time in our nation’s history… I believe the attacks being presented to us today are part of a well-orchestrated and well-funded effort that uses racism as its sword to aggravate our battlefield dispositions. This weapon is used to leverage and legitimize violence and crime, not to seek or serve the truth….The dark forces’ weapons formed against us serve one purpose: to promote radical social change through power and control.”

I agree. The toppling of statues, the rioting, the looting, the arson and, yes, the relentless attacks on Trump from the day he took office, to Russiagate, to the impeachment, to the insane claims about Russian “bounties”, to the manipulation of science and data to trigger a planned demolition of the US economy hastening a vast restructuring to the labor force and the imposition of authoritarian rule; all of these are all cut from the same fabric, a tapestry of lies and deception concocted by the DNC, the Intel agencies, the elite media, and their behind-the-scenes paymasters. Now they have released their corporate-funded militia on the country to wreak havoc and spread terror among the population. Meanwhile, the New York Times and others continue to generate claims they know to be false in order to confuse the public even while the people are still shaking off months of disorienting quarantine and feelings of trepidation brought on by 3 weeks of nonstop social unrest and fractious racial conflict. Bottom line: Neither the Democrats nor their allies at the Intel agencies and media have ever accepted the “peaceful transition of power”. They reject the 2016 election results, they reject Donald Trump as the duly elected president of the United States, and they reject the representative American system of government “by the people.”

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: Which political party is pursuing a radical-activist strategy that has set our cities ablaze and reduced Capitol Hill to a sprawling warzone? Which party pursued a 3 year-long investigation that was aimed at removing the president using a dossier that they knew was false (Opposition research), claiming emails were hacked from DNC computers when the cyber-security company that did the investigation said there was no proof of “exfiltration”? (In other words, there was no hack and the Dems knew it since 2017) Which party allied itself with senior-level officials at the FBI, CIA, NSA and elite media and worked together collaboratively to discredit, surveil, infiltrate, entrap and demonize the administration in order to torpedo Trumps “America First” political agenda, and remove him from office?

Which party?

No one disputes the Democrats right to challenge, criticize or vigorously oppose a bill or policy promoted by the president. What we take issue with is the devious and (possibly) illegal way the Democrats have joined powerful elements in the Intelligence Community and the major media to conduct a ruthless “dirty tricks” campaign that involved spying on members of the administration in order to establish the basis for impeachment proceedings. This is not the behavior of a respected political organization but the illicit conduct of a fifth column acting on behalf of a foreign (or corporate?) enemy. It’s worth noting that an insurrection against the nation’s lawful authority is sedition, a felony that is punishable by imprisonment or death. Perhaps, the junta leaders should consider the possible consequences of their actions before they make their next move.

What we need to know is whether the Democrat party operates independent of the Intel agencies with which it cooperated during its campaign against Trump? We’re hopeful that the Durham investigation will shed more light on this matter. Our fear is that what we’re seeing is an emerging Axis–the CIA, the DNC, and the elite media– all using their respective powers to terminate the Constitutional Republic and establish permanent, authoritarian one-party rule. As far-fetched as it might sound, the country appears to be slipping inexorably towards tyranny.

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  1. Civil Servants worldwide know that Trump is a crook, liar, and thief. Democrats and Liberals worldwide have had enough of Trump’s histrionics, totalitarianism, and all round thugsterism.
    Trump is an unhinged lunatic proto-Fascist that the establishment realizes is a mistake for bureaucracy worldwide and trade worldwide as Trump alone has shut down normal flows of trade between China and America.

    Ushering in a Smoot-Hawley Act II as the USD Dark Pool Derivatives Universe deflates is not a winning bid for second term incumbency, methinks.

    Bottom line is that Democrats are just that much more knowledgeable about how the elections process works in conjunction with main stream media corporate boards of governors as opposed to Trump’s campaign team of right-wing agitators run amok.

    Trump is far too volatile an individual to get a second term chance to annoy the worldwide establishment which is representative of much more real power than Trump or his brand.

    Trump will be ousted like Nixon was. Trump is a hated two bit hack RE scion and one hit wonder politician. Get used to that fact.


  2. Baxter says:

    ‘historic antagonisms that have clearly diminished over time. (Racism ain’t what it used to be).’
    The author is very perceptive and I believe he is onto something in this article. However, regarding the ‘historic antagonisms’ he is wholly off the mark. White Americans have been deracinated and are not permitted to have group interests. They have been trained to loath themselves. Also, anti-White hatred is very real. I’ve had several menial jobs in my life where I was the only white male in a crew of blacks. A very large minority, perhaps even the majority of blacks hate whites. It’s part of their culture. That’s not going to change. Fred Reed has written extensively on the shit pile of race relations in America. It’s a disaster. I would know. I live near a majority black urban area. I avoid blacks and predominantly black areas.
    Racial hatred in America is suppressed by Federal power.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @sally
    , @Erzberger
  3. The article did not discuss the role that the large corporations have played in pushing the anti-white and anti working people agenda.

    These corporations are international in reach–so there is nowhere to run to escape them.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat, Nuncle
    • Replies: @Lyle Courtsal
  4. Rahan says:

    I was super anti-Trump until to about 2017, which is when I gradually had to start to believe my lying eyes. I.e. that the anti-Trump people were psychopathic corporate fascists capable of any lie and any dirty trick just to get what they want at any given moment.

    I realized that instead of waging a political battle through the mechanisms of a western liberal democracy, they were playing dirty third world style, with blackmail, phony charge arrests, constant harassment, totalitarian propaganda and educational brainwashing. I started seeing the extent to which the very fabric of this civilization had been hijacked over the last 50 years.

    This shook me. I did not expect things to be so bad. I’m glad the 2016 election pierced the veil and showed us the writhing tentacled monstrosities behind the smooth plastic masks. It also showed us the extent to which black thugs and tattooed danger hair lesbians and their orbiters are actual agents of chaos behind all the smooth talk.

    This glimpse of terrifying truths cannot be unseen. I just can’t believe it took a Trump win to trigger this unveiling.

    I also hold the opinion that both Putin and Trump (and Orban) would not have have hardened into what they are now, had they been played through “tolerant inclusivity” from the very start by the system. However, the system was incapable of doing what it preached, instead of constantly lying and trying to betray you. Hypocrisy is bad karma, it turns out.

  5. This is most brilliant article with simple words. It is a holly truth without blemish.
    True description what is really happening And true ominous description of final result of the trend.
    But maybe God will save the America. So there is a hope.

    • Replies: @Wally
  6. @Robert White

    Try to respond to the charges laid out in the article, otherwise you come across as just another unhinged Democrat zealot. We’ve got your range now. We initially thought that you guys were just harmless cranks, victims of Trump derangement syndrome. Now we know that you’re downright dangerous. You’re rabid dogs who will try to drag us down with you. We won’t allow that.

  7. Charles says:

    Mr. Whitney makes many points worth repeating and discussing, but he writes as if the rule of law – that is, “equal justice under law” – is still in effect. That notion is becoming ever-increasingly disavowed – not by citizens, but by the judges, DAs, and others within the system. Mr. Whitney writes that the leaders of sedition should consider the possibility of consequences of their crimes. I claim that is a foolish thing to say (or write, as the case may be). The law, including of course our federal Constitution, means ONLY what a judge says it means. You have NO rights if a judge in his (or increasingly, her) opinion says you don’t. Your rights are only what you can defend by force. Many or most Unz readers, I believe, realize that fact. I would think Mr. Whitney does too, but I don’t know if he does or not.

  8. Gyre07 says:
    @Robert White

    How did Russiagate work out for you, or maybe Ukrainegate? Not so hot? Maybe you can take some solace in the fact that Maddow remains on the air despite her deplorable national ratings. Despite all those setbacks your commitment to your version of reality seems does seem unshakeable like so many Hillary loyalists who are currently suffering late-stage TDS (look it up).

    • Replies: @Robert White
  9. Stravaig says:

    The Dems realized it was far more profitable to have rich corporations and recent immigrants as their base then the working and middle classes. Anyway these whites are just too religious for them. So they have, since Clinton’s election, given them lip service, similar to what they do to the African Americans. The problem is that they forgot to throw them a bone, and Trump came along saying what they have wanted to hear. Dems now have realized they need to censor conservative talk and expand their constant criticism of it. But things have changed and their desperate attempts to get rid of Trump have failed. Mail in ballets seem to increase their likelihood of winning in the fall. I am wondering what the next disruption that they will try is. You know there will be something. I also don’t understand their choice of Biden. Senility aside he is a deeply flawed candidate.

  10. Rob6065 says:

    I’m 66 years young and I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime. Since Trump has been in office I’ve never seen so much fighting and bickering between the 2 parties. Since Hillary blew it to become President this non stop bickering has not slowed down one iota. Does it really matter who’s in charge BTW ?? President’s are TOLD what to do IMO or they will end up like JFK did. The ELITE wants this Country to run like this and by golly they will get what they want. All bets were on Hillary and NO ONE figured Trump would be the 45th President. That being said The ELITE have gone out of their way to hang Trump out to dry but so far he’s hanging tough. Not sure what to make of this but Biden is just plain Brain Dead and Corruption runs deep in his 40+ years of Gov’t service. Keeping Trump for another 4 years would be a lot better than a guy who doesn’t know what year this is. My question is, IS THIS THE BEST TWO CANDIDATES WE HAVE TO BE PRESIDENT ???? WOW !!!!!!

    • Agree: Bro43rd, AriusArmenian
  11. Pft says:

    They got their Trojan Horse in the White House and want to keep him there. Running Demented Joe against him and doing crazy stuff like BLM /Defund Police and Russia Gate, ensures Trump stays in. Israel Team 8 Tech companies will make sure there are no surprises. Cyrus cant lose.

    Its all Fake Wrestling, they are just following the script.

    • Thanks: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @flashlight joe
    , @G J T
  12. Richard B says:
    @Robert White

    Had to go for the LOL option because he doesn’t even deserve to be called a Troll.

    But given how long this has been going on it’d be nice to have a TDS option available.

    The RNC might stand for Really Never Cared or Repressed Neo Cucks,

    but The DNC definitely stands for Demonic Narcissistic Communists.

    They truly have lost their minds and should be nowhere near the centers of power.

    Too bad there’s no real alternative to both.

    How about we ditch the whole Right/Left thing once and for all and start over again.

    Of course that’s not going to happen any time soon, or at all.

    But you’ve gotta admit, the thought has its charms.

    • Agree: kerdasi amaq
  13. Biff says:

    Before George Floyd’s body was even cold I knew the blob was going to use the incident to instigate civil unrest using institutionalized racism as the vector. That was the easy part. The hard part is guessing at what the blob will do next?, and here is a good guess:

    Our fear is that what we’re seeing is an emerging Axis–the CIA, the DNC, and the elite media– all using their respective powers to terminate the Constitutional Republic and establish permanent, authoritarian one-party rule. As far-fetched as it might sound, the country appears to be slipping inexorably towards tyranny.

    • Agree: annamaria
  14. Sean says:

    insane claims about Russian “bounties”

    The US is in Ukraine. Tit for tat.

    Here’s how General Michael Flynn summed up what’s going on on in a recent article:”There is now a small group of passionate people working hard to destroy our American way of life”.

    The Dems since Clinton represent bigger corporations but both parties are thoroughgoing business ones, and neither is interested in the plight of the working class being driven down.

    The Republican party is essentially the same as the Dems when it comes to advocating global comparative advantage with nation states restricted to culture issues. So unable to do anything on the economic front, politically disgruntled young are attacking the unfortified cultural superstructure, which is a clever strategy because it has turned out to be the Achilles Heel of the whole system, of which the CIA is but a part.

    As far-fetched as it might sound, the country appears to be slipping inexorably towards tyranny

    Backlash a la Thermidor then confrontation with the external enemy (China) would be my prediction. Again, the economic front is impregnable, so there will have to be another way to halt China, which is in cahoots with US business. A nation state is a living thing that will act so as to survive. Its beating the domestic business system, and soon it will settle accounts with China and the global system of comparative advantage.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  15. vot tak says:

    Yes, david horowitz…oops, chrissy hitchens….er, sorry, I meant mike whitney, it’s “the democrats” who are the “bad guys”, the republicans, and especially angelic trump, are thweet innocent babes.

    The whole point of this likudite zionazi-GAY bs article is to promote neocon trump and create divisiveness. Standard israeli zionazi-gay claptrap.

    • Replies: @Poco
  16. Jay Fink says:
    @Robert White

    You are filled with intense Trump hatred but you don’t offer rebuttals to the writers arguments.

  17. slorter says:

    We are in the stages of becoming a country with a terribly small wealthy class playing the stock market at one end and a vast population sinking into conditions we never dreamed .

    Take your pick a one party system with two factions ! The ruling elites refuse to address the root
    causes behind these protests, the more they loot the Treasury to enrich themselves and their fellow oligarchs,the more they engage in futile and absurd efforts to deflect blame, the more unrest will spread.

    The last desperate resort by the oligarchs to save themselves will be to stoke the fires of racialized violence between disenfranchised whites and disenfranchised people of color.

    This is the next chapter in the saga

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Nosquat Loquat
  18. hu_anon says:

    There is much more to this than the author suggests. This is the result of decades of ideological subversion by “those who cannot be named”. The ultimate goal is probably the most ambitious imaginable, to usher in a new era where society will be re-created after the past is totally destroyed, then remade from “year zero” as Pol Pot attempted to do it after getting his ideological training in Paris from the likes of Jean-Paul Sartre.
    The US has been long infected by crypto-Communists who took over the humanities faculties of most American universities and already indoctrinated generations of students and by the way of these indoctrinated people the ideology spillt over to the mass media, the big corporations’ marketing and HR departments, the government bureaucracy, education etc. Formerly the KGB was sponsoring this too, look up the videos of Yuri Bezmenov. But it wasn’t the “Russians” who started it. America always had a loony radical leftist undercurrent.

    • Replies: @A.M.
  19. @Robert White

    One of the worst TDS cases I’ve seen.

  20. 22pp22 says:
    @Robert White

    We need a twit button. Speaking as a outsider, the US is not what it was when I was a kid. I last visited it seven years ago. It feels down at heel the moment you arrive at the airport. LAX is a slum, and most of the people you meet working there have the IQ of a turnip. My hotel was near the airport. You couldn’t walk ten feet without being accosted by a beggar.

  21. Anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not Democrats vs Republicans, it’s Patriots vs Globalist Puppets. What the Dems are doing, a Republican could very well do, if it weren’t for Trump.

    • Agree: El Dato
    • Replies: @Curle
  22. Patric says:

    From the article “Our fear is that what we’re seeing is an emerging Axis–the CIA, the DNC, and the elite media– all using their respective powers to terminate the Constitutional Republic and establish permanent, authoritarian one-party rule. As far-fetched as it might sound, the country appears to be slipping inexorably towards tyranny”

    Good description but it could be shortened to (((them))). And it has happened before in Soviet Russia now get ready for the Holodomar. (((They))) definitely have plans for our starvation

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
  23. When you say, “They” when speaking of the media cabal corporations(DEAD THINGS) what are you saying, Democrats? Ha, yeah ok, Democrats, that what people are calling (((Them))) today?? Anyway the article was well done and made great points, but until we begin calling out the BAD behavior of media conglomerates, pornography in ALL forms, this place has seen the it’s last days, because failure to call out true enemies of Christianity only dooms the protector.

  24. … Dems support looks like a tacit endorsement of the arson, looting and violence that has taken place under the banner of “racial justice”.

    Tacit? Strikes me as overt.

    [sigh] The needle is pegged to the far-left side of the Overton Window.

    It’s worth noting that an insurrection against the nation’s lawful authority is sedition, a felony that is punishable by imprisonment or death.

    Within two years, resistance to La Resistance and the Politburo known as the DNC will be defined as sedition and treason; the difference is that they are already cracking down and will more vociferously crack down on it as we move forward. Trump and the Repubes had all the tools and evidence needed to squash this rebellion in 2017, but lacked the political spine to pull the trigger.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
  25. When Saddam Hussein’s statue was pulled down in Baghdad, Amerikastanis cheered it as a Very Good Thing.

    When the statues of the leaders of the Great October Socialist Revolution were pulled down by the Quisling Yeltsinite regime in Russia, Amerikastanis cheered it as a Very Good Thing.

    When statues of Soviet soldiers who liberated Eastern Europe from the Nazi hordes were defaced and removed, Amerikastanis cheered it as a Very Good Thing.

    Now when the same thing happens at home, Amerikastanis whine.

    Dear Amerikastanis: with all due disrespect, to hell with your statues. And to hell with you.

    • Disagree: kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @TheJamesRocket
  26. Franz says:

    Our fear is that what we’re seeing is an emerging Axis–the CIA, the DNC, and the elite media– all using their respective powers to terminate the Constitutional Republic

    The Constitutional Government is long gone. The founding fathers insisted it rested on the “consent of the governed” which democrats and republicans alike consider a joke.

    The Nixon-Carter period was crucial; when the dollar was left to float and industries began to hollow out, less because of outsourcing than because of loading our “trading partners” such as Japan have unfair, subsidized advantages to break the American standard of living.

    But there’s not doubt the CIA (by that meaning all the agencies) and the DNC/media (there’s no real separation visible to the naked eye) is real.

    Kevin Phillips had this nailed while Carter was still president. He referred to it as “the permanent establishment” meaning the people who are in powerful agency positions whichever party wins. They might be called the deep state now but there’s no effective difference. The permanent establishment didn’t like Dick Nixon and whittled away at him till he was gone. Same now with Trump.

    Present trends will continue till they have to hold the several thousand counties of the USA with infantry brought home from Zionist wars. My guess is at least a good number will join their fellow citizens, and neither voting nor propaganda will matter anymore.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  27. Exile says:

    Eagerly awaiting Part 2 of this article:

    “The Jews Behind the Fifth Column Curtain – Unmasking the ADL-SPLC-AIPAC-FBI-ATFE-DOJ-CIA-NSC-DOD Complex.”

    • Replies: @vot tak
  28. “an insurrection against the nation’s lawful authority is sedition, a felony that is punishable by imprisonment or death. Perhaps, the junta leaders should consider the possible consequences of their actions before they make their next move.”

    No consideration is required, the “junta leaders” are safer than a newborn in her mother’s arms, because of a component you overlooked: the “emerging Axis” isn’t just the CIA, the DNC, and the elite media, it’s also the judiciary. Roberts is clearly a lost cause, and the entire corrupt system is designed to give anyone to the left of Karl Marx a Get Out of Jail Free card.

    All the violent Portland protesters were booked and released. Similarly in Michigan and Atlanta. It’s ruled that Obama had the right to institute DACA but Trump doesn’t have the right to abolish it. Prop. 8 eliminates gay marriage in CA, but a gay activist judge overturns the electoral result. Gov. Newsom declares CA a sanctuary state in defiance of federal law. The L.A. County Sheriff declares he won’t enforce beach shutdown in defiance of Gov. Newsom.

    Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

    • Agree: nickels, lavoisier
  29. Thomasina says:

    Mike Whitney – excellent article. There’s nothing I would disagree with.

    The only addition I would add is that many Republicans knew that Russiagate was a hoax too, and yet let Trump twist in the wind. They did not strongly object to the impeachment hearings, etc. Maybe they realized they couldn’t fight the media? I don’t know. Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz did a great job of trying to uncover the truth, though.

    So both sides of the aisle are as corrupt as you can get and both sides would like to see the outsider, Trump, run out of town on the next train. The politicians are no longer beholden to the people. They are only beholden to their globalist corporate benefactors, and they take orders well.

    This is a fight between the globalists and the nationalists, and the globalists are playing hardball. The globalists want Trump gone. China is playing hardball too because they don’t want to see the game end either. Globalism has been good for them.

    Trump wrote his own inaugural speech, and if you listen to that again you will see what his hopes and dreams for the American people were. He didn’t have to say those things because he had already won the election, but he did say them. He’s just been hounded from day one by the Democrats, and he hasn’t been given much backing by the Republicans.

    I think if Trump were given a second chance, he actually might be able to get something done. He’d certainly have nothing to lose this time. The “people” must get behind him because the politicians, flush with corporate campaign donations, sure as hell aren’t going to.

    But it’s a given that if Biden gets elected, globalism will pick up steam and a one-world government will be straight ahead. You can kiss the country good-bye.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Lost american
  30. Arson, looting, and violence. Ferocious rioting. Vandals. Nihilism of extremists, objective of destruction. Havoc and teror.

    Knock it off with the girly pearl-clutching for fuck’s sake.

    The title of this article is very good but you’re hyperventilating it all away. Next you’ll be histrionically mourning the lost legacy of our Hittite forefathers and the great lawgivers of Çatalhöyük. That’s our precious collective history too, and it’s about as relevant.

    The statutes are detritus of the Ancien Régime, curios of modest antiquarian interest. The central fact of US civilization is, as you note, CIA totalitarianism. Opposed to that is world civilization. The Lenins and Trotskys of this revolution are invoking world civilization with People-Centered Human Rights. And the protesters, or rebels, or vandals, or Mongolian hordes or whatever label it is now, are propagating PCHR in concerted educational efforts for the assembled citizens. That’s not nihilism, that’s a long-overdue update of a degenerate regime. It doesn’t burn down nearly enough police stations to suit me, but these guys are doing the heavy lifting of recourse to rebellion for us all, so I’m not in a position to complain. Neither can you.

    It’s not just the Democrats. CIA controls Republicans too, you know. CIA enforces a precise division of labor: Democrats absorb and destroy reform initiatives; Republicans menace passive Democrat-affiliated masses. That’s exactly what’s going on now, as always. Same old bullshit with a little extra melodrama at the middle-class Easter parades that pass for politics in this atavistic backwater. The real work is education and organization of the assembled rebels. You’re not paying enough attention to that.

    It’s certainly true that CIA’s doing all they can to get us fighting each other instead of our common enemy, which is them. But we’re not slipping toward tyranny, we’ve lived under arbitrary lawless tyranny since 1947, when CIA was chartered with impunity, in case you haven’t noticed. And we are fed up. Cheer up, this is a good start.

    • Agree: Nosquat Loquat
    • Thanks: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @annamaria
  31. onebornfree says: • Website

    “The main goal is to suppress and demonize Trump’s political base which is comprised of mainly white working class people who have been adversely impacted by the Democrats disastrous free trade and immigration policies.”

    This just in: Democrats [and Republicans] have fuck all to do with “free trade” . Both sides [of the same socialist coin] adamantly oppose it.

    If you read Lew Rockwell writers like Burris on any sort of a regular basis, you’d already know that. Get a clue!

    And, by the way, _both_ sides are more or less run by the CIA, just like the MSM. Get another clue!

    “Regards”, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  32. Emily says:

    How ironic.
    Karma – plain to see.
    For decades the USA has been sending in NGO’s and other agents to inflame the Russian people and topple Putin.
    To no avail – thank God.
    And all now banned together with Soros, good riddance.
    Now we watch – and I am sure the Russians and their President are watching and maybe secretly enjoying – I would – watching the USA topple itself and its constitutional democracy.
    How the mighty are falling….
    What a spectacle.
    It could only happen to the one more evil state..
    And I think we know which one.
    But even that is being nobbled as its financial and enforcement arm wobbles and hopefully collapses..

  33. Sokrates says:
    @Robert White

    Hey Shlomo, go make love to yourself.

  34. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump wrote his own inaugural speech

    I’m sympathetic to much of what you say, but this is laughable. The speech was written by Mr. Bannon and/or Mr. Miller.

    And none of the three believed (or, in the President’s case, understood) a word of it. It was all part of the puppet show, where you still sit, transfixed by Beltway politics, rationalizing another vote for more of the same.

    Go back and read Linh Dinh’s June 12, 2016, article seeing through and to it all.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  35. nickels says:

    Corporations are the number one enemy of the United States people. They practice ritual humiliation of both white people and Christians through HR orchestrated ‘diversity’ campaigns, pushing blatant ethnic cleansing and satanic LGBT propaganda. If one stands against this or even makes a sideways comment they are black listed and fired. This is genocide by paycheck.
    Very soon one hopes that the country’s C-level management and board members will be all executed as traitors.

    • Agree: Emily
  36. DanFromCT says:
    @Robert White

    This guy’s tough talk is an empty bluff like Woody Allen’s subway scene in Bananas, and it’s way past time to have it out since they’ve declared war on us and so far the cops have their back, not ours.

    As Jean Raspail put it in Camp of the Saints, the biggest mistake patriots can make is believing the only enemy is the homicidally anti-white black mob in front of our eyes on TV every night while the police and military have our back–or would if only their hands were freed. In fact, it’s the police, military, and deep state we stupidly believe has our back who are the worst enemy of the two. Charlottesville’s declaration of war against patriots by the Republicans and White House should have made that crystal clear.

    In any case, Robert, where are you going to hide when blacks realize your kind has been using them as just so much cannon fodder today and before that as chattel merchandise for the past 800 years?

    • Replies: @Robert White
  37. Truth3 says:

    The so called Democrats stopped being a political party long ago.

    They are simply another tentacle of the Jewctopus.

    • Agree: Druid55
  38. Forget professional sports, we all know professional sports are really racist. Look at all those black people playing in front of white crowds. Hmm……

    Let’s develop a new all black sport process: “The Killing Fields”

    Accordin to the Gun Violence Archives:

    This would be the standings of blue cities in the Dead Thug League:

    DC 7 shot 3 dead .428
    St. Louis 13 shit 5 dead .386
    Philadelphia 16 shot 6 dead .375
    NYC 30 shot 10 dead .333
    Chicago 52 shot 16 dead .308
    Baltimore 9 shot 2 dead .222
    Detroit 28 shot 6 dead .214
    Boston 7 shot 1 dead .143
    Cleveland 22 shot 3 dead .136

    Wild Cards:
    Atlanta 24 shot 1 dead .041
    Milwaukee 16 shot 0 dead .000

    We could have shoot offs in place of play off!

    split the league into 2 five man teams with one wild card, best shooters go to worst shooters cities.

    I smell opportunity here for a new black league!

    • Replies: @Emily
    , @Curmudgeon
  39. Truth3 says:

    Notice about this article…


    • Agree: Alfred, Druid55
  40. What if Trump’s base, accepted the premise, got on board, but yet did nothing about it? What if everyone was virtue signaling merely for the sake of it, all while working to keep businesses and jobs floating? What if every white person literally joined ANTIFA, and co-opted it as a party and belief system?

    What would be the outcome? How would it be worse? Better?

  41. Poco says:
    @Robert White

    Ah, yes, wonderful rule by unelected bureaucracy, security services, and media shills. Sounds like another totalitarian communist utopia. Scumbag.

  42. KenH says:

    Frankly, the sheer scale of the protests and rioting around the nation is unprecedented and tends to resemble color revolutions that the CIA stages in other countries. It’s probably a safe assumption that elements of the CIA have their fingerprints all over this. There won’t be evidence because they always cover their tracks and engage in plausible deniability.

    The communist long march through the institutions and government bureaucracy is now complete and IMO if I were president I would use the military to smash the CIA, FBI, the university system and last but not least the Democrat party. Many billionaires also deserve the hangman’s noose since they are using their vast wealth to fundamentally transform the nation if not overthrow it entirely.

    America is in the throes of a violent insurrection and said organizations or individuals are either aiding and abetting it or actively taking part.

    • Replies: @Emily
  43. @Robert White

    I hate to be the one who has to tell him, but Mr. Robert White doesn’t know what he is talking about. There is another possibility. He is a witting tool of the scum who are fighting Trump. Mr. White, I spent 30 years in the CIA and I know a bit more about how things are than you do. The truth is that those civil servants, “Liberals” (Leftists, in fact), and Democrats include some of the most amoral, incompetent, evil bastards on the planet. They are the ones who have nearly destroyed our country for the benefit of an international “elite” and certain foreign powers.
    The “Establishment” that White apparently worships is a ship of fools, utterly corrupt, and every day more illegitimate. And every day, in more and more places, people are starting to understand that. That White, defender of this human garbage, would call Trump a crook, liar and a thief, is rich.
    For a “lunatic proto-Fascist”, Trump has certainly managed to overturn their applecart. Trump has done real, permanent damage to the so-called Establishment and they know it. To give just one rather minor example, the mainstream American media has been turned into a laughingstock thanks to their hysterical reaction to Trump. The NYT, WaPo, CNN, CBS, etc. Stick a fork in them. Can any adult look at a Don Lemon, Jake Tapper or Jim Acosta without bursting out laughing? Trump’s confrontation with China has been painful and more pain is to come but it had to happen, and the world knows it. The Africans, to give a single example, are grateful.
    In the face of fanatics like Mr. White’s superiors, Trump has managed to force through a huge number of critical changes in our government, rid it of treasonous snakes, and thrown down the gauntlet to the Left. Much remains to be done, of course.
    Trump is, to say the least, not the sort of person who most of us imagine as presidential material. That is exactly why he was elected, and will be re-elected. Only a person of enormous self-confidence, ego, guts, and, let us say it, with the attributes of a con man, used car dealer and card sharp, could have confronted the rotten edifice of the “Establishment”. One of the reasons they hate him so much is that he knows so many of them for what they really are and is merciless in mocking them and holding them up to much-deserved ridicule. If people knew just how self-important, arrogant, and entitled these jerks are, they would understand the volcanic rage directed at Trump. But there is more. Many of these people really are utterly corrupt in the sense that they have made huge amounts of money through illegal deals, influence-peddling, etc. They felt secure in the knowledge that Hillary Clinton was surely not going to go after them, though she might have insisted on a piece of the pie,, like the greasy, small-town lawyer she is. Now things are not nearly so sure and they know it.
    Trump is far from perfect, in any way you can imagine. Come November, after he has used Joe Biden as a dishrag, Mr. White and friends will suffer a real case of the sadz.

    • Agree: botazefa
    • Thanks: El Dato, TheTrumanShow
  44. Poco says:
    @vot tak

    We are divided. The racial divisiveness is promulgated by ALL of the media by harping on rayciss rayciss rayciss 24/7/365. They harp on it because communistic class division did not work on the proletariat to bring about the “inevitable” communist revolution. Since the vanguard were unable to move the proles they infiltrated business, government, media, and academe to achieve the “inevitable.” There isn’t a lick of difference between them and likudite business interests crushing the working class for power, which is all the vanguard wants. You faggot.

    • Replies: @vot tak
    , @vot tak
  45. @Robert White

    Robert White sounds too much like a CIA operative that the article talks about. He is full of disinformation (bullshite) and Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

    • Replies: @Robert White
  46. vot tak says:

    From whitney? Who do you think he works for? LOL.

  47. Only necessary thing is to keep permanently in mind on the first shelf is this:
    All other powers of the state emanates from economic power.

  48. Saggy says: • Website

    Whitney again reveals himself as a complete idiot, or stooge, or ideologue … it’s impossible to determine, but anyone who can write ..

    The statue-toppling epidemic is vastly more disturbing that the the looting or arson, mainly because it reveals a ideological intensity aimed at symbols of state power. By tearing down the images of the men who created or contributed to our collective history, the vandals are challenging the legitimacy of the nation itself as well as its founding “enlightenment” principles. This is the nihilism of extremists whose only objective is destruction. It suggests that the Democrats might have aspirations that far exceed a mere presidential victory.

    and identify the ‘democrats’ as the group behind the statue destruction is just a pure idiot, or someone writing cover for the Jews.

  49. @David Rodriguez

    General Flynn was almost taken down because he knew too much about the real traitors, e.g., Comey, Brennan, et al. who were laundering and moving billions of dollars into various clandestine foundations, accounts, and into their own personal accounts. Flynn was just about to expose them when they charged him with fake crimes. Now that Flynn’s been exonerated, it’s ALL going to come out now.

  50. @David Rodriguez

    I’m a Trudeau Liberal residing in Canuckistan. As a leftie, and a Marxist, I support the USA Deep State Psyop against the deplorables, and Orange Oafdom.

    Trump is mentally ill.


  51. death solves all problems. no man, no problem. an anti-social private and a mini-gun would have quelled this nonsense on day one.

  52. @22pp22

    I last visited it seven years ago. It feels down at heel the moment you arrive at the airport. LAX is a slum, and most of the people you meet working there have the IQ of a turnip.

    JFK, ATL, ORD, and MSP all feel similar to LAX, as though one is trapped in some kind of enormous Third World souk rather than an organized, developed First World country.

    • Agree: annamaria
  53. @Stravaig

    I also don’t understand their choice of Biden. Senility aside he is a deeply flawed candidate.

    If Al ‘biden’ Zheimer ‘wins’ look to his alleged Negress VP. She’ll take over after Old Joe goes peacefully in his sleep.

    Like the late Justice Scalia, rumor has it biden, too, sleeps with a pillow over his face.

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Stravaig
  54. Naturally I agree with you 100%
    But Trump also should have tickled a little bit US investors that made China great for the first time.

    • Agree: Emily
  55. El Dato says:

    For some reason, the anti-capitalist revolution has not touched the Goldman Sachs headquarters and the expensive so-called art collection in its lobby. Wall Street is mysteriously untouched by this alleged anti-capitalist revolution. Really makes you think. In fact, lower Manhattan overall is largely unaffected. Life is good, if really quiet.

    The ONE place in New York that looks like Escape From New York is directly adjacent to City Hall. The so-called autonomous zone in New York is literally a large stretch of sidewalk adjacent to City Hall. City Hall Park itself is locked down by the NYPD. The pathetic pseudo-revolutionaries only control a small stretch of sidewalk.

    The only buildings in Lower Manhattan that are covered by ACAB, F12 and KILL PIGS graffiti are CITY BUILDINGS, the Surrogate Court and the old Tweed Courthouse which is now the Department of Education. I REPEAT, the only buildings in Manhattan that are covered in KILL COPS graffiti are controlled by THE MAYOR. The rest of the City is largely clean of anti-cop graffiti. Again, it really, really makes you THINK.

  56. Emily says:

    I smell opportunity here for a new black league!

    Here is team ‘A’.
    A must see.
    An open, dangerous and deliberate challenge to every white American.
    Armed and ready
    This clearly trained mob seems ready for killing white civilians.
    Not black petty crime and murder.
    Imagine if such a white militia had marched through a black area looking for trouble.
    The howl of the MSM and politicians
    Again, one law for us….

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  57. Emily says:

    Many billionaires also deserve the hangman’s noose since they are using their vast wealth to fundamentally transform the nation if not overthrow it entirely.

    Here are some for a start
    Have a bucket handy.
    From the Duran

  58. Truth says:

    Democrats…Republicans…who gives a shit? Only carnival suckers, and pharmacy and television-addicted infirms at this point, me thinks.

    I would estimate that 90% of the readership here is split roughly equally into three camps:

    1- Those who think this is all a momentary hiccup.

    2- Those who realize the White Man’s reign is over thanks to the lib-urh-uls.

    3- Those who think that the White Man’s reign is over thanks to the Niggers.

    You know nothing. Find God with all of your heart and prepare for the flagellation, which is inevitable one way or another.

  59. @NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Excuse me, but I’m a CANUCK, and the God damned Central Ineptitude Agency is American. Moreover, as you know, only Americans with citizenship can be hired by the Government of the United States of America. Only Americans can be Civil Servants in the God damned USA, eh.

    Lastly, I am a well known critic of the God damned CIA since they imploded the World Trade Center buildings September 11th 2001. The USA Deep State are my useful idiots in terms of electioneering and the Trump ouster.

    P.S. Trump has Trump Derangement Syndrome. And you have myopia.


  60. @22pp22

    Los Angeles is a classic third world city–enclaves of the very wealthy with most of the city a “no go” slum.

  61. Beb says:

    Read the concluding sentence of this article again. If you aren’t frightened you should be.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
  62. El Dato says:

    And this article doesn’t even mention Twitter & al.’s pernicious influence on the “dialogue”. “Dialogue” such as it is … with a system that is custom-made to let only incoherent thoughts and shrieks through. Something Orwell missed: “Shriektalk” – Where you can only emit your inner feelings in 150 characters or less to a device that is specifically tailored to burrow into your brain with dark patterns and transform you into a NPC. And then posts get filtered, or you get shadowbanned or straighforwardly banned, or you get “fact check” warnings on your posts etc. etc.

    Twitter *must* be dismantled and its employees thrown to the four winds. There will be a time where Jake (who now really looks like a CHAZ survivor) will be recognized as a crack dealer of the worst order.

  63. El Dato says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    It’s not about statues.

    It’s about lower rungs vs. the Outer Party and the Inner Party, as has always been the case.

    But this time, with more weaponized psychology & tech and marketing and (((concentration camp consulting))), gaslighthing, Silly-Con brainmush, mind control, meedja, paid agitators, agitated ueful idiots, an immense surveillance infrastructure and more TLAs than there are holes in the arm of a heavy needle user and the living room device on 24/7.

    Back in the 1930s, the successful experiments in mass indoc were tried in the US, Germany and Russia.

    Now in the 20++s, we are reaching the next stage.

    Hey, does anybody remember those Anthrax attacks which the FBI finally tracked to the sorority-stalking guy who then suicided? The fog was already dense, but it’s nothing like today.

    • Agree: Nosquat Loquat
  64. jewing.

    That’s all it is.

    Just more and bigger jewing.

    Antifa and BLM are backed by the DNC/ADL/DOJ/SPLC/FBI/CIA.

    The riots and burning and looting and murder are funded by jewish money and engineered by the big jews.

    Trump is a joke. He says censorship is wrong, then Twitter removes his posts. He says tearing down statues will not be tolerated so the next day more statues come down. And nothing happens. The police do nothing.

    Huge army of armed black militia offer to start a race war and the jew media totally ignores it.

    It’s obvious that all of this is happening because white people are waking up to jewish power… the jews have decided to take whitey out for good.

    And our shitty government is on the side of the jews.

    • Agree: Druid55
  65. sally says:

    this is truly concerning.. some of my best friends are white..
    If we were all black on the outside there would be no issue, luckily we are all pink on the inside.. but we are not allowed to grow up in the same culture.

    Maybe the answer is to paint the Democraps black and the Reputaturds white. and let them fight it out.

    The winner may them use the government to pass a law that everyone must not present themselves
    in public if they are not {whatever color the winner wants everyone to be]

    We could make everyone 6 feet tall. Remove the extra amount off tall people over 6′ and add that sawed off extra amount to the height of the short guys.. …

    Next we could mix everyone’s DNA and make everyone the same. Then we could take all of the money in the world and divide it by the number of people and allot funds to each so that everyone has the same amount of money at all times.

    as MW says “The plan, however, does have its shortcomings, for example, Democraps have offered nearly blanket support for protests that have inflicted massive damage on cities and towns across the country.” and Reputaturds have offered to bring out the military (made up mostly of blacks) to kill off those whites who refuse the plan.

  66. chuckywiz says:

    There are no two parties as the writer suggests. Only one under two different names. However, there are two segments of population, rulers and the ruled one.

    Media is not elite, just servants of the rulers. Some you get controlled dissents depending which side of political spectrum you are to throw public off balance.

    After reading about Judah Benjamin, the Jewish secretary of war, secretary of state and attorney general of confederates, on this site. I took flew to Richmond VA, and looked for the Marker mentioned in the UNZ article (9 west Main street), there was no marker, just a building. Went to the American Civil War Museum and inquired about the marker. Those professionals have hard time to find the marker story. Went to Monument Ave to take pictures of General Lee’s statue before it is brought down. It was all festivity over there. Music, Christian preaching, and having a good time. I jokingly asked a young guy dude (in his early 30s, muscles showing off with minimum clothings) that when the statue was going to come down. His response was that it is a beautiful statue, whatever that means. Interesting to learn varying opinion of confederate statues removal among blacks.

  67. At some point around the time Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas he put himself and Hillary into the pocket of the intel agencies. They have been protected ever since. There is a trail of bodies at room temperature from then until now behind the Clinton’s.

    It is a fact of life in the US that anyone or any corporation that rises to a rich or powerful position will be approached by the intel agencies with an offer to follow orders or else. Sign on or die. All sign on; cowardice runs deep in the US. But they get to join the Atlantic Council, the CFR, the Atlantic Bridge, rub shoulders with the deep insider button pushers. And what threatens them both inside the US and outside will be taken care of by the agencies or if necessary by the US military (they have murdered millions since just 911 – why are the people not aware that gun will be turned on them?).

    I would add to Mike’s article that the RNC is also involved. Note the recent reports of many ex-Bush officials forming a committee for Biden. The RNC is an inauthentic opposition to the DNC. Both are authentic dollar drenched in corruption and will welcome tyranny over the American people. They will divide the spoils with each other and continue to plow and plunder the people.

  68. Tick Tock says:
    @Robert White

    Lil’ Bobby needs a brain. Nothing it functioning above the ear level in that noodle. Wait, it would be at least more honest if you Posted as B Obama or H. Clinton.

  69. @onebornfree

    Democrats [and Republicans] have fuck all to do with “free trade” . Both sides [of the same socialist coin] adamantly oppose it.

    The “free trade” to which the article refers, are the corporate trade deals such as FTA, NAFTA, GATT, WTO, TPP etc. which are proclaimed to be “free trade”. Both Democrats and Republicans have supported those projects.
    It is true that real socialists would adamantly oppose “free trade” whether the current corporate or prior version, because socialism is about the common weal of the nation (in the truest sense of the word) not the corporate one. Even the previous version of “free trade” meant only access to markets, not absence of tariffs. Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats (or Liberals, Conservatives, the new white wine socialists like Bernie) also reject real free trade, as it would restore tariffs, decrease personal income taxes, and raise corporate taxes. That is not on the agenda of the political whores in any country.
    The same applies to immigration. Finance capital in the current “free trade” model requires an endless supply of cheap labour.

  70. @Charles

    Your comment let’s me know WHY there has been such a focus on the police. The judiciary is controlled territory, but it le be impossible to prosecute without cooperative police bringing in suspects. Now they have a method for having police agree to take in suspects. Right now, the safest thing is to ignore crime. Soon, it becomes “bring us ‘criminals’ or no pay/pension.”

    You cannot run a police state without cooperative police.

  71. JSlade says:

    Good article but I’m afraid Whitney still doesn’t see the whole picture. They’ve been planning this for decades. BLM was a Democratic front from the beginning. This is the 3rd election they’ve tried to rig but inciting racial hatred. Watch the Trayvon Hoax if you have any doubt. Then ask yourself who is Tony Fauci and why does he have so much power and who are his friends. Even before COVID 19, there was AIDS…Just some ideas for future articles

  72. KA says:

    The Financial Times reported in April 2019 that both Barr and Benczkowski had received ethics waivers to participate in the Goldman Sachs criminal case, despite their recent ties to the law firm representing Goldman Sachs. wallstreetonparade

    July 6, 2020 ~ Three of the top men at the U.S. Department of Justice who have been involved in negotiations as to whether Goldman Sachs, for the first time in its history, will be charged with a criminal felony and hit with a multi-billion dollar fine, received large sums of money from the law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, before joining the Trump administration.

    Shadow fight is the new game in the town for the woke . Imaginary enemy or impotent enemy take hold of our swamp of hateful imagination .

    We are not allowed to know the truth and not allowed to fight the known truth about finances bank Fed .or CIA Because these guys manage who we fight and for what

    Demo are worst .They hide. At least The Repub tell that to our face .

    Ethics Waiver!! WTF?

  73. @America1st

    St. Louis 13 shit 5 dead .386

    Somebody must have eaten at Taco Bell.

  74. Wally says:

    I agree.

    I have been very critical of author Whitney in the past, but this article gets my praise. Kudos to him for it.

    Trump is imperfect, but the alternative is truly horrific.

    There is no other viable choice. Trump 2020.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  75. Thomasina says:

    “The speech was written by Mr. Bannon and/or Mr. Miller.” Well, that’s what CNN and Wikipedia say, but they also say that Russia stole the last election. Trump said he wrote it, but if he didn’t write it all, then he probably had input into it.

    Is that you, Realist? Sounds like you.

    So you agreed with my post, just not the Trump part. You see all politicians as worthless pieces of scum, Trump included. You think they’re all just playing charades, putting on a show and that if Trump is reelected, he won’t do anything. Well, you might be right. Time will tell. Of course, if he is legit and tries to do anything major, he’ll just be assassinated, anyway.

    Trump did rip up the TPP (which the globalists dearly wanted). He did renegotiate NAFTA. He refused to sign the climate accord in Paris. He’s placed tariffs on China (which is really just the U.S. multinational corporations). He’s placed a moratorium on H1B visas. He hasn’t started any wars (unlike Obama and Clinton).

    And he told the country about hydroxychloroquine, to the horror of Fauci. He also let the world know that Biden and his son were stealing money from Ukraine (U.S. taxpayer-funded aid money). He let the world know that he was being spied on, and the media laughed at him, and yet he was right about that; Obama and his band of idiots actually were spying and leaking.

    Because of Trump, we now know for sure that the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies (some judges too) are as crooked as they come. So much corruption has been discovered because of their hatred for Trump.

    That’s all good, isn’t it?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  76. Richard B says:

    Our fear is that what we’re seeing is an emerging Axis–the CIA, the DNC, and the elite media– all using their respective powers to terminate the Constitutional Republic and establish permanent, authoritarian one-party rule. As far-fetched as it might sound, the country appears to be slipping inexorably towards tyranny.

    They’re not alone.

    Check out this Must See video.

    The whole thing’s worth watching. But the real fun starts at 2:44 with “the warning.”

  77. Richard B says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    If Al ‘biden’ Zheimer ‘wins’ look to his alleged Negress VP. She’ll take over after Old Joe goes peacefully in his sleep.

    Maybe he’ll nominate HRC and she’ll choose a black VP and that’ll be that.

    We’ll see.

  78. Stravaig says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    I wouldn’t put it past them. It seems now the leading candidate is Susan Rice. Of course that won’t sit well with the governor…I mean almost should have been governor Stacy Abrams. Maybe Joe was afraid she might sit on him!

  79. Trinity says:

    Any White person still believing in tweedledee vs. tweedledum aka republican party vs. democrat party in the year 2020 is probably walking around with a mask 24/7 outdoors as well as indoors.

    The republicant party are the DESIGNATED sparring partners for the Democrat party to beat up on. Ask yourself when was the last time the conservative party aka republicans accomplished anything worthwhile? Lest we forget those old Dixiecrats espoused many views that I myself would go along with. I am not for racial discrimination like Jews and Blacks by any means, that would make me as repulsive as these Jewish and Black racists out there consumed with hate for the White race, these are the TRUE RACISTS, but I am for separation from these inherently racist groups like any White person with common sense. My Asian and Hispanic brethren belong living among their own kind as well. This one always gets me some hate but the only group the White man owes anything to is the American Indian. Everyone else can go back to their original homelands and yes, I will gladly return to Ireland or Europe when all the Muzzies, Jews, Pakis, and Africans leave, so don’t waste your time telling me to go back, and lest we forget it was MY ANCESTORS WHO BUILT AMERICA, not yours. Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Orientals and other Asiatic people, Middle Easterners ( both pretend Middle Easterners as well as real Middle Easterners) had very little to do with building America from a wilderness to a superpower. And the Native American, while wronged by the White man, was not instrumental in any way, shape or form when it came to actually building America.

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
  80. Erzberger says:

    “Hypocrisy is bad karma”

    That’s how I see it, too. Especially with regard to Trump’s complaint:

    “ Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities.”

    I imagine this is what Hitler, and millions of Germans and Austrians, must have felt in 1918, not to mention 1945. The Allied assault on German history, from the “evil Hun” to the “evil Nazi” campaign, all wrapped into the “Prussian militarism” myth was unprecedented in modern history. One must indeed go back to antiquity to find a similar example of the brutal destruction of an economic and military rival. Both world wars were concluded with what was widely understood to be a “Carthagian Peace”. Prussia was unceremoniously abolished by the Allies and their wholly unmilitaristic salvation armies in 1947. One of the greatest European states ceased to exist, a major historical event which passed in silence. Allied Control Council Law No. 46 stated: “The Prussian State, which from early days had been the bearer of militarism and reaction in Germany has de facto ceased to exist. Guided by the interests of preservation of peace and security of peoples and with the desire to assure further reconstruction of the political life of Germany on a democratic basis [the] Prussian State with its central government and all its agencies is abolished.”

    The Nazis, of course, had already done enough damage to the Prussian and other states of the Confederation with their Gleichschaltung/centralization policy, and the federal character of the German Reich was reestablished in the post-war Federal Republic (West Germany), as well as the current reunited Germany. The German Reich of 1871 was by no means less democratic than than Britain, not to mention the US. It was the Nazis who appropriated US Jum Crow laws for their own purposes in the Nuremberg Race Laws. It is also abundantly clear that Hitler, in both Mein Kampf and his Second book (not published until the 1960s) modelled his Greater Germany and unification of Europe on the American land-based empire model. The European East was to be the American West. In 1941, Hitler expected it to take 400 years until Ukraine would become a garden of Eden, a new California. Difficult to say how many Slavs would have had to be killed or expelled to Siberia – that’s alternative history – but we can be sure the slaughter would not have been as extensive as the genocide of the American Indians, and that some artist (probably also Scandinavian and thus of the allegedly superior Northern race) would have carved Hitler’s face into the Ural Mountains, had the scheme worked out.

    But it didn’t, and nobody should have any regrets about that. Trump at Mount Rushmore, defending American heroes – all stone faced presidents were either slave holders or into removing and killing Indians, two of them were both, and all of them were racists, colonialists and seeking a new world order/empire. None of them was any better than Hitler, not to mention the Prussian kings. Defeating Germany in both World Wars removed all legitimacy from the American project (as well as the British and French empires)I’m surprised it took as long as it did for the hypocrisy to hit home. To be sure, there were earlier attempts. Martin Luther King jr.:

    “Our nation was born in genocide when it embraced the doctrine that the original American, the Indian, was an inferior race. Even before there were large numbers of Negroes on our shores, the scar of racial hatred had already disfigured colonial society. From the sixteenth century forward, blood flowed in battles of racial supremacy. We are perhaps the only nation which tried as a matter of national policy to wipe out its Indigenous population. Moreover, we elevated that tragic experience into a noble crusade. Indeed, even today we have not permitted ourselves to reject or feel remorse for this shameful episode. Our literature, our films, our drama, our folklore all exalt it.”

    Academic studies in the post-war and post-civil war area also contributed massively to diminished national and white Christian pride:

    “The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world. That is why, as one historian aptly has said, far from the heroic and romantic heraldry that customarily is used to symbolize the European settlement of the Americas, the emblem most congruent with reality would be a pyramid of skulls.”

    “ Elie Wiesel is right: the road to Auschwitz was being paved in the earliest days of Christendom. But another conclusion now is equally evident: on the way to Auschwitz the road’s pathway led straight through the heart of the Indies and of North and South America.”

    David E. Stannard, American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World

    So yes, the “children” have been “brainwashed” for quite a while now. Many of them learn American history from Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United Sates rather than (still) dominant textbooks with titles like “Triumph of a Nation” etc. They present two incompatible versions of American history, and have no doubt contributed to the current political and generational divide.

    How can the country that committed the greater crime, first, be the “greatest country in the history of the world”, and the only partially successful, defeated country be the most evil country that ever existed? Contradictions of such magnitude cannot survive. Not in the US, not in Germany, nor anywhere else.

    History has found a way to bring the US to her knees, to be measured by the same standards applied to Prussia and Germany, which was destroyed twice with the help of Democratic US presidents. And all this without a shot being fired by the Germans. All they had to do is keep the memory of the Holocaust alive, build enormous shame memorials in their restored capitol city, and continue to bring their Nazi war criminals for trial, many of them in their 90s and barely alive. Never forgive, never forget.

    • Replies: @lysias
    , @Druid55
  81. Ko says:
    @Robert White

    Your TDS infected brain is like a bowl of mushy cornflakes in warm milk.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  82. @Patric

    Slouching towards the American Holmodor has been actually a reality since the nation stopped paying farmers their ‘Due’, the fair market price, Parity, per 1993 Emergency that took marketing rights away from farmers and required just compensation per 5th Amendment.

    WWII forced FDR supply side deference to markets, to full production at Parity, shutting down futures markets and creating the foundation for the post war economic Boom, stopped in 1952 when GM and Banks wanted to sell cars on credit.

    Today farmers only gets 30 cents on 100 cent dollar, forcing borrowing….

    Yes what these totalitarians are now doing is evil.

    • Thanks: Druid55
  83. JBW says:
    @Robert White

    You PC Marxists will never win. Once you finish decimating the large, Demo run cities and look toward the inner US, you will be looking down the barrel of true patriots and proud citizens of the US, not snowflakes.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  84. lysias says:

    Bill Clinton was recruited by the CIA at latest during his time at Oxford, when he visited Moscow. More likely earlier, when he was an undergraduate at Georgetown in D.C. and worked part-time for people in Congress.

    He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, which means he had already connected with powerful people.

  85. Geowhizz says:
    @Robert White

    (((World Wide Establishment))).

  86. lysias says:

    The U.S. the first nation to decide as a matter of national policy to try to wipe out an indigenous population? If the Old Testament is to be believed, that is what the Israelites set about doing to the Canaanites. Of course, MLK could hardly mention that.

    And, whatever doubts there may be about the historicity of the Old Testament, it is a historical fact that the English and Scots tried to wipe out the indigenous population of Ireland.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
    , @Erzberger
  87. @JBW

    Libertarian gun toting angry white male American right-wing fundamentalist Fascists are cowards en masse as they only talk shit and stockpile ammo instead. Mike Tyson always did say has a plan until they get punched in the face, JBW.

    I’m a Marxist Canadian, BuckO. Gun toting angry white dude Americans are lunatic fringe uneducated bellicose buffoons lacking in reality as well as common sense. I, for one, am not interested in travelling to the USA fringe to punch the right-wing partisan zealot cowards in the face as I will let the Chinese ‘gooks’ and the Russian Federation ‘pinko Commie bastards’ do it for me instead.

    I used to enjoy Disney’s Daniel Boone back when I was a kid too. Believe me when I state that the Communists have greater military force and backing than the third world banana republic United States of America does, BuckO.


  88. MrLiberty says:

    We have been dealing with authoritarian one-party rule for many decades now.

    • Agree: Agent76
  89. @Gyre07

    Last electoral round USA I was rooting for Dr. Jill Stein and the Kermit the Frog Party USA. I was NOT a Democrat USA supporter for the last electoral round.

    Dr. Stein and the Kermit the Frog Party USA would have been a better governance than either Republican or Democrat IN MY NOT SO HUMBLE OPINION.


  90. Erzberger says:

    I agree, Lysias, and it is certainly no coincidence that the perpetrators of the American Holocaust were Christians who have always behaved like tribalist Jews (as portrayed in the Hebrew Bible/OT) rather than Christians in their dealings with Jews and other inferiors. David Stannard writes:

    “On the very day that Columbus finally set forth on his journey that would shake the world, the port of the city he sailed from was filled with ships that were deporting Jews from Spain. By the time the expulsion was complete between 120,000 and 150,000 Jews had been driven from their homes (their valuables, often meager, having first been confiscated) and then they were cast out to sea.

    Columbus was, in most respects, merely an especially active and dramatic embodiment of the European—and especially the Mediterranean—mind and soul of his time: a religious fanatic obsessed with the conversion, conquest, or liquidation of all non-Christians; a latter-day Crusader in search of personal wealth and fame, who expected the enormous and mysterious world he had found to be filled with monstrous races inhabiting wild forests, and with golden people living in Eden. He was also a man with sufficient intolerance and contempt for all who did not look or behave or believe as he did, that he thought nothing of enslaving or killing such people simply because they were not like him. He was, to repeat, a secular personification of what more than a thousand years of Christian culture had wrought.”

    You are also no doubt aware that the English settlers in the New World modelled their conquest explicitly on the biblical models of Exxodus and the conquest of Canaan, the new Eden and Promised Land. That the Natives succumbed to European diseases in large numbers was taken as evidence of divine blessing along the lines of Passover: and fed the Manifest Destiny delusion. IT was all meant to be and thus offered psychological relief about acts that were clearly un-Christian. The often voiced excuse that such cruelty was not considered offensive in earlier centuries is hogwash. The irony is that many Europeans considered Native Americans to be the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel – the Mormons still do – which gives the term “American Holocaust” additional depths, however perverse: Christians acting like allegedly genocidal Jews against alleged Jews, and, after the Holocaust in Europe, staunchly defending the right of Jews (but nor Native Americans) to reclaim their ancient homeland/state in Palestine, at the expense of non-Jews? Also stunning hypocrisy that has no chance of survival. Especially in view of some Native Americans now fully identifying with Zionism, taking comfort in the fact that some chosen people, on the basis of unique victimhood, have indeed been successful in reclaiming their ancient home, expelling and killing most of the illegal ‘squatters’ (the Palestinians), even after several thousand years?

    Wrap your head about this one:

    • Troll: Druid55
  91. @Ko

    I was never a Cornflakes and warm milk retard like you, Ko. I was a Captain Crunch kind of guy that never allowed the milk to get warm knowing that that was what the Cornflake eaters do in their backwardation.

    P.S. Stop eating retard sandwiches, and tell your mother to stop dressing you funny too, Ko. The kids on the short bus are complaining through the grapevine, I hear.

    Sincerely, your friend, Robert.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  92. DNC is an irrelevant shit. What should worry us is that the CIA, funded by taxpayers’ money, is a fifth column.

  93. @Robert White

    Don’t we all know that Biden is a crook, liar, and thief? Him being senile today does not absolve him of past crimes. What’s even worse, every ranking Dem is a crook, liar, and thief: Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff, etc. What do we do about that?

    • Replies: @Robert White
    , @Avery
  94. Agent76 says:

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell

    MAY 26, 2019 Reconstruction and Jim Crow Laws

    Historian Henry Louis Gates talked about Reconstruction, which lasted from the end of the Civil War until 1877, the amendments passed during this time to promote equality for African Americans, and thesubsequent Jim Crow laws and other measures used in southern states to re-establish white supremacy.

    May 28, 2019 Stony the Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and the Rise of Jim Crow

    In Stony the Road, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., offers a new rendering of the struggle by African Americans for equality after the Civil War and the violent counter-revolution that subjugated them. Journalist A’Lelia Bundles will moderate the discussion.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  95. DanFromCT says:

    Dan Bongino put it this way–most Republicans are actually Democrats, but no Democrats are Republicans. We’ve been had, which should have been obvious when Ryan, with the help of the Senate Majority Queen, pushed through the Dem budget when the Republicans controlled it all and then disappeared up his own ass only to reappear on the board of Fox News. Does anyone really believe the talking heads on Fox News’ 24/7 Karen Show don’t vote Democratic in the privacy of the voting booth? For any Fox News’ true believers, here’s a link to Fox’ Twitter endorsement of BLM,

    BTW, did Trump give a speech on Saturday? I heard he did, but I’ve also heard he’s no longer in charge. That would explain why BLM is now so confident they can openly brandish semi-automatic rifles and threaten the lives of innocent motorists in Georgia.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  96. Trinity says:
    @Robert White

    Eatin’ Cap’n Crunch? hahaha. Yep, you were such a big fan of that cereal that you spelled it Captain Crunch. lololol. Cap’n Crunch tasted a lot like Quake and/or Quisp cereals back in the day. Good cereal but it probably rotted out your teeth, “bucko.” A (((hook nose))) and rotting teefers is no way to go through life, Shlomo.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  97. @AnonFromTN

    I’m a Trudeau Liberal advocate this electoral round. For all I care the disaffected Republican voter can just suck it up for 2020 and eat the loss at the polling stations because the whole effin’ world is fed up with the deranged lunatic self-serving in the White House.

    The USA Deep State wants him out and so too does the democratic Liberal following elite that cannot stand the disruption to their collective oligopoly, oligarchs, and livilihoods en masse every God damned day of the week during this so-called Republican tenure which is tenuous at best for 2020.

    Disaffected Republicans should just switch to the Democrats and bite the bullet for business instead of Trade Wars & Trump’s drunken meandering on twitter.


  98. Good question. There’s nothing about “parties” in the Constitution, and the FF’s loathed “the spirit of parties.” You see a bare remnant of that when someone denounces “partisanship.” Anyway, on what basis does the DNC have a role in elections? They argued, successfully, against Bernie that they are a private organization and so can set any rules they want, or set them aside at will — hence, deny Bernie the nomination. OK then, Trump should ban them from participating in the election; have them raided and prosecuted as supporting domestic terrorism. Of course, that would likely trigger the CIA/FBI “insurance policy” a la Dallas ’63.

  99. fred777 says:

    Are the democrats a political party or a CIA backed fifth column?


    If only we had some legitimate opposition party.

  100. Agent76 says:

    Jul 6, 2020 Deep Dive | How Gov’t Officials Can Blow Up Your House with Grenades—and Get Away With It

    In this clip, we talk about what qualified immunity means and how it came to be, as well as what it looks like in practice and why changes to immunity doctrines are essential to protecting individual rights.

  101. @Trinity

    I lost a good portion of my teeth a few years ago and am lacking appropriate prosthesis in that department. I grew up on white processed sugar, TV Diners, Hot Dogs & Canned Libby’s Beans, plus Capt’n Crunch, Alphabits, Lucky Charms, & Puffs.

    Only nerds like my dad ate Cornflakes, eh.

    I needed the processed white sugar diet for Punk Rock later on in life in my late teens in 79. Without the Capt’n Crunch in the 60s I would never have become a Punk Rock drummer in the 70s given the energy required. Heck, I started smoking cigarettes at the age of nine too. Capt’ Crunch was certainly the gateway drug that rotted out my teeth, and prompted me to steal cigarettes from the A&P Grocer near the Don River in Toronto’s North York, plus smoke marijuana for decades, I agree. I should be compensated for the imposition of teeth and lung capacity to smoke more marijuana if it were not for that gateway drug Capt’ Crunch sold by Post in the 60s.


  102. @Emily

    Quit hyperventilating Emily. Take a close look at the members of that group. If they’re “ex-military” as they claim, they were janitors, cooks, and clerks. The greatest danger they present is the possibility that things may return to normal and they’ll go back to “work” at the DMV and other government agencies where they’ll resume destroying the functionality and massively increasing the costs.

    • Agree: Antonius
  103. Erzberger says:

    As for the English/Scots and the Irish: One must agree with AJP Taylor that the British have two standards – one for themselves, and one for others. That was my main point re the Americans. And he was not free of such double standards either. He wrote (The Origins of the Second World War):


    “It seems to be believed nowadays that Hitler did everything himself, even driving the trains and filling the gas chambers unaided. This was not so. Hitler was a sounding board for the German nation. Thousands, many hundred thousand, Germans carried out his evil orders without qualm or question. As supreme ruler of Germany, Hitler bears the greatest responsibility for acts of immeasurable evil: for the destruction of German democracy: for the concentration camps; and, worst of all, for the extermination of peoples during the second World war. He gave orders, which Germans executed, of a wickedness without parallel in civilised history. His foreign policy was a different matter. He aimed to make Germany the dominant Power in Europe and maybe, more remotely, in the world. Other Powers have pursued similar aims, and still do. Other Powers treat smaller countries as their satellites. Other Powers seek to defend their vital interests by force of arms. In international affairs there was nothing wrong with Hitler except that he was a German.”

    Hitler was Austrian, and the Austrians were just as much involved in the German atrocities committed during WW II as plenty of other Europeans, esp wrt to the Holocaust. Both the Wehrmacht and the SS were as multi-ethnic as the Austrian Empire that was dismantled after WW I, in addition to Danes, French, Dutch, Belgians, and many others. According to Timothy Snyder, most of the actual perpetrators of the Holocaust were not German. The English and their Scottish collaborators did not invent genocide either. The Romans slaughtered a great many foreign peoples “in whole or in part”, as did the Mongols, who killed half of the Chinese population, and plenty of others, en route to establishing the largest contiguous empire in world history. The Holy Roman emperors, despite, or because of, their spreading Christianity, were no different. What Charlemagne, the founder of both the German and French nations, did to the Saxons can only be described as genocide, ditto for the post-crusade Teutonic Knights and the Old Prussians. Claims of “wickedness without parallel in civilized history” are typical for Anglos and Americans when it comes to Nazi Germany, and for good reasons: both have plenty of wickedness to hide in their own history, especially their very recent and concurrent history with Nazi Germany, well into the post-war period, and continuing even today. For both the UK and the US, defeating Germany, and esp. Nazi Germany is a major component of their continued belief in carrying the torch forJudeo-Christian civilization. Hitler recognized and practiced what has always been at its core, in both the quasi religious (UK< US) and secular versions (Communism). Such exposure was unforgivable. I’m pleased to see various attacks on statues of Churchill, who (another stunning contradiction) simultaneously rejected and affirmed Blood&Soil politics when he argued for a Jewish state in Palestine.

    “I do not admit that the dog in the manger has the final right to the manger, though he may have lain there for a very long time I do not admit that right. I do not admit for instance that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been to those people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race or at any rate a more worldly-wise race, to put it that way, has come in and taken their place. I do not admit it. I do not think the Red Indians had any right to say, 'American continent belongs to us and we are not going to have any of these European settlers coming in here'. They had not the right, nor had they the power."[

    Only racism can bridge the logical gap that would otherwise make your head explode. Obviously, the dog in the manger has eternal rights if the dog is English and the manger on the British Isles . And who was more racist: Churchill, or Hitler, whose victims were all white?

    • Replies: @Druid55
  104. onebornfree says: • Website

    “..most Republicans are actually Democrats, but no Democrats are Republicans. ”

    That’s a good way to put it.

    I’ve always said: the Republican party is entirely socialist [ie slightly watered down communism], and the Democrats are mostly, if not entirely, communist.

    Bottom line : a false dichotomy. Republicans want government to “only” grow by 10% per year, and Democrats want it to grow at 15-20% per year. either way, we end up in hell, assuming we are not already there.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic” H.L.Mencken

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  105. @DanFromCT

    I plan on forming a band of cutthroats in NATO supplied with BlackHawk Helicopters and operationalized to re-appropriate all of my gold bullion stockpiled in Europe so that they can place in in my bank holding company in Canada for good measure, and my pleasure. For this I have already informed NATO scallywags & Pirates willing to join the club at minimum of 10% of assets under management for their expertise, and refinements of tactical.

    This operation is classified, but that’s the plan I got from watching Kelly’s Heroes one night whilst tuned in, turned on, and dropped out towards Crap Game’s end of the zero sum game on world Finance.


  106. @Agent76



  107. Americans regardless of race have got to realize that Dems and Reps are both destructive, imperialist, neo-liberal/neo-con parties that cater to and represent the oligharch class.
    They use media propaganda lies in order to secure the working class votes, but once they are elected they betray them and use extortion methods against them like QE. Racism is just the other side of the imperialist coin. The military police state and the MIC are necessary to protect and advance the wealth of the oligarchs. The Dems want the working class to focus on race and not class, as if the two have no relationship whatsoever. The Reps fall back on white identity politics as the mirror image to the Dems Black identity politics. The Dems project all systematic failure on to Russia, whereas the Reps do the same with China. No positive change will take place for the American working class as long as the DemReps are in power.

  108. Erzberger says:

    “ White Americans have been deracinated and are not permitted to have group interests. They have been trained to loath themselves. Also, anti-White hatred is very real. I’ve had several menial jobs in my life where I was the only white male in a crew of blacks. A very large minority, perhaps even the majority of blacks hate whites. It’s part of their culture.”

    Can’t say I have the same experience living in a predominantly black former British colony. I guess it helps to be German. Are Germans white? According to Benjamin Franklin’s racial scale Trump is the first fully black president due to his German-Scottish ancestry:

    “the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People? why increase the Sons of Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely White and Red? But perhaps I am partial to the Compexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.”

    From Franklin to Trump, Germans were eventually welcome as long as they fought for the purposes of the Americans, and his love for the red race diminished proportionally with American greed for their lovely land. But God forbid the Germans should pursue their own interests, in their own country, or the European continent, pushing for the increase of their people and the spread of their language, which forms the basis of the English language. Swarthy comes from German schwarz = black. In Yiddish, as a noun, it’s the N-word.

    There’s nothing more pathetic and hypocritical than white Americans complaining about having been trained to loathe themselves for being white. Especially Anglo-Americans, the master race. You made our bed, you lie in it

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Baxter
  109. Just as it takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole lot, it takes only one corrupt community to corrupt the entire system and just as it would take that apple to be tossed out, it would take shutting down the corrupting influence of that single lot!

  110. @Robert White

    You’d have some good points there, Robert, except for those six paragraphs.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  111. Cato says:

    white working class people … have been adversely impacted by the Democrats disastrous … immigration policies

    Republicans and Democrats have worked hand in hand on this. Initiated by businesses, anxious to please shareholders, who bent over backward to hire low-cost, high-productivity immigrants (Pulte — illegal; Facebook — legal). Republican politicians listened to these business owners and turned a blind eye. Democrats, on the other hand, salivated over the possibility of getting these immigrants on the path to citizenship, so that the party of identity politics could finally crush the hated Republicans.

    • Agree: botazefa
  112. Baxter says:

    My last name is of German origin. I attending a Catholic school established by German monks. Woher kommpst du? Shithead. Suchen sie mein cock?

    • Replies: @Erzberger
    , @Truth
  113. Ouch says:
    @Robert White

    @ Robert White

    How is Langley? Must be tough trying to put out all these fires. Indonesia 1965.
    I can hear the drums rolling with thunder.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  114. @Buster Scruggs

    We had some fun though and that’s the whole point, eh.


  115. Anon[134] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert White

    Civil Servants worldwide know that Trump is a crook, liar, and thief

    Corrupt regime officials who scarf truffles as they drone wedding ceremonies, schools, and hospitals around the world on behalf of multi-billion dollar corporations and the military industrial complex know that it’s really Donald Trump who is the bad guy. Lol. When your empire collapses into ruin I will laugh.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  116. @Justvisiting

    The republican party is the party of corporations, economic de-regulation, and budget cutting austerity that has ruined tens of millions of lives. I was there under GHW Bush and wrote my book. I knew you liars would try and blame the dems idiots. Lyle Courtsal

  117. Erzberger says:

    Outstanding German language skills, I’m impressed. Not. German origins, Americanized, are just not good enough. Sorry. I’m the real thing, and you are not

  118. @Ouch

    I’m sure Langley is fine and drinking Tang Orange crystals with ice as I am here in Ottawa Canada where the heat is summerlike being summer and all. Perhaps they grow their own marijuana too, and rebuild old antique radios in their spare time waiting for the next Psyop like I am too, who knows?

    The last time I was in the United States of America was for the Rolling Stones Buffalo New York Rich Stadium gig around 1978. Oh wait, it was Johnny Winter in Potsdam NY a few years after that so it was around 1981.

    I have never visited Langley, but I hear it’s nice, and the pay is good.


  119. @Anon

    If I was King of the Empire I would not be running it this way as I was raised by a Chartered Accountant, and I know Finance whereas they don’t, buddy.


    • Replies: @anon
  120. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that the Democratic Party is a front for the CIA and other powerful interest groups; the dems won all ten of the richest counties in America during the 2016 election, and they are heavily funded by a cadre of wealthy donors. In addition, my understanding is that a large number of “ex” intelligence and military officials plan to hold a CI — CNN townhall this Autumn with the purpose of denouncing Donald Trump and endorsing Joe Biden.

    The political proclivities of these types are well-known: essentially the entirety of the federal bureaucracy are democrats. During the 2018 mid-term elections, a record number of “ex” intelligence officials ran for office. Research the subject “CIA Democrats” in relation to this phenomenon. There are lists of politicians available who ran in these elections. Further, if you look closely, the democrats are just as pro-war as the republicans, perhaps even more. Their House Leader Nancy Pelosi supports CIA efforts to undermine the CCP in Hong Kong, openly meeting with protestors; she also supports the overthrow of the Venezuelan government.

    On a side note, there is also the suspicion that Wikipedia and other major information outlets have been compromised by American state agencies. Lite example: I’ve noticed that essentially all of the regime’s enemies over the past six months have had their Wiki entries changed to make them sound especially scary. Left-wingers seem largely immune. The same can be observed in multiple, coordinated efforts to ban dissidents from social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitter*. Aside from a few leftist deflection bannings (chapotreehouse), they mostly concern the right. They are deliberate attempts to censor information an help the democrat party.

    Here’s a good exploration from the left relating how Wikipedia seems to have been compromised by the CIA:

    Wikipedia exec seems to have CIA links.

    Meet … Wikipedia Foundation’s Regime-change Operative CEO

    The figure that deserves the most scrutiny at the Wikimedia Foundation, however, is its executive director Katherine Maher, who is closely linked to the US regime-change network. … Maher boasts an eyebrow-raising résumé that would impress the most ardent of cold warriors in Washington.

    In October 2012, in the early stages of the proxy war in Syria, Maher tweeted that she was planning a trip to Gaziantep, a Turkish city near the Syrian border that became the main hub for the Western-backed opposition. Gaziantep was at the time crawling with Syrian insurgents and foreign intelligence operatives plotting to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

    Today, Maher is a member of the advisory board of the US government’s technology regime-change arm the Open Technology Fund (OPT) … The OPT was created in 2012 ( as a project of Radio Free Asia, an information warfare vehicle that the New York Times once described as a “worldwide propaganda network built by the CIA (”

    Wikipedia bans critics of the American regime while sporting an unusual number of editors who vociferously edit — often for hours each day — Wiki entries of concern to American regime change efforts.

    “Wikipedia is a scam. It’s a propaganda vehicle for intelligence agencies, govts, corporations, and PR flacks. This extremely shady “user” Philip Cross edits all day every day, 7 am to 11 pm, posting nonstop pro-war propaganda — including almost every edit on @MaxBlumenthal’s page”

    *Think this is unlikely? Well, it’s happened before. Here is a book review of The Radio Right: How a Band of Broadcasters Took on the Federal Government and Built the Modern Conservative Movement. The same thing is happening again: targeted harassment using front groups pegged as non-political but actually left-wing; targeting of subject finances; double-standard application of law; support from the establishment, including the courts; limited punishment of the left, but mainly as diversion the few times it does happen; the use of front groups to disguise political bias. The entire piece is worth the read.

    Silencing Dissent — By Law

    The principle subject of Dr. Matzko’s book, however, is not conservative radio’s spectacular growth and influence in the early 1960s but its gradual suppression by a coalition of liberal interest groups. Broadly speaking, censorship was led by the Kennedy Administration from 1961–63, by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the election year 1964, and by the liberal National Council of Churches (NCC) in the latter part of the decade. Acting through the regulatory power of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and sometimes the audit power of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), these forces all but eliminated conservative radio in the late 1960s. Conservative broadcasting would have to be rebuilt virtually from scratch beginning in the late 1970s.

    Left with no clear criteria for determining compliance, stations became wary of broadcasting conservative programs. The Cullman station, for example, chose not to extend its contract with Carl McIntire when it expired at the end of 1964.

    Dr. Mazko summarizes:

    A sitting US president, annoyed by opposition to a favored piece of legislation, created an interest group to lobby for its passage. He ordered the IRS to audit his political foes while encouraging the FCC to scrutinize their unbalanced use of the airwaves. The FCC then revised its regulations to ensure free airtime for the president’s front organization. It is one of the greatest acts of bureaucratic strong-arming in American history.

    Sound familiar?

  121. A.M. says:

    The Russians definitely never sponsored this. The socialist left was killed and replaced by the neo-liberal “left” a long, long time ago in America. That’s the beast we’re all dealing with now, and it’s a purely and uniquely North America/Western European vulgarity, even though it’s slowly spreading throughout the world, by force. Take Yuri with a grain of salt.
    The Russians couldn’t have done this to you if they wanted to,
    it’s all your guys.

  122. Erzberger says:

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Please don’t abuse my personal hero, Goethe, for your purposes. He had no objections to government, much less to restrictions on individual freedom, an American obsession. He hated the French Revolution, and was not impressed with the American one either. He realized that freedom is an illusion, anywhere. Especially the United States

    He was a great admirer of Jean-Jaques Rousseau, who wrote: “Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains”. Why? Because freedom, in Rousseau’s definition (and continental philosophy) was defined as autarchy, as being able to take care of all your needs. This is, of course, impossible for human beings, who are zoon politicons, social animals, unable to survive even childhood without prolongued assistance (usually from parents). That’s the human condition. It’s not compatible with any serious notion of freedom. There is such a thing as society, and there is no society without government. You people are nuts, and don’t know what you are talking about

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  123. @AriusArmenian

    The Clintons were recruited by the CIA long before he was governor.

    Bill Clinton was spying on anti-war protesters in Britain while a Rhodes Scholar in 1968.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  124. ConJob19: we must all hunker down.
    Floyd dies: systemic racism is more of a health issue than ConJob.

    This is beyond the Democratic Party. The D’s are just one facet of the Corporate-Gov’t Fascist Media JewdoMania that runs America.

    Take a close, REAL CLOSE look at the Floyd Video. It was a put up Job. The Cop, Derek Chauvin, isn’t even in it; it is a look alike. The Video is a False Flag Hoax. Notice there haven’t been ANY school shootings lately?

    OUR Society is so fake, our Media Story is so contrived; it is nothing but Jew Spew from a hack screenwriter high on cocaine. Unbelievable to a rational mind and easily debunked by a rational intelligent person. IOW, stupid people buy the media line pushed by professional liars and others are pressured into following the narrative for fear of losing a job, friends, social status or career.

    The real story of close is that \$7Trillion, and getting close to 8 soon, has been transferred to the mega-rich through the Federal Reserve. The U.S. National Debt is well over 20 \$Trillion and their is no sign of it slowing down. Meanwhile, several dozen countries -summing to HALF the world’s population-announced they will no longer accept U.S. dollars for trade. Didn’t see that on CNN did you?
    I actually wonder sometimes if their won’t be a Saigon, U.S. Embassy moment where the last of the rich leave the U.S. from airports with people hanging off the wings of the planes.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  125. Erzberger says:

    If Rhodes must fall, Clinton must fall even deeper, and take his wife with him. Trump is a moron but I salute him for humiliating HRC

  126. @ThreeCranes

    This is one of the best analyses I’ve read about the transformation of the United States into a fascist corporate police empire (the role of Big Tech and Big China deserved more attention, though). What once was done abroad illegally will now become a routine feature of domestic politics until the current regime is toppled, which may take a generation. The Soviet Empire lasted 70 years, by contrast, but this iteration is much more heavy-handed and intellectually weak. Think a police force run by the mentally retarded; this monstrosity lacks the intellectual heft of past despotic empires but is even more bloodthirsty and vicious. It will collapse suddenly and violently.

    As you point out, what we now are witnessing is a pseudo-revolution orchestrated by the most powerful elements of the Imperial USA: mass propaganda, multi-national corporations, the intelligence community, and the Democrat Party, acting as a remora on the belly of the beast. Despite its existence, the Republican Party is not a functional opposition party to the Democrats and has not been since 1933. The blacks and upper middle class white children who want to be Marxist revolutionaries are violent, yes, but they will be easily deposed once the junta is reinstated. They easily could be slaughtered suddenly to the applause of the propaganda outlets as a way to please the masses. This is a consolidation of power and wealth and revolutionary only in that the pretenses of democracy are being eliminated.

    The recklessness underway could lead to mushroom clouds rising over D.C. , L.A., and Manhattan, permanent domestic terrorism, and Potemkin politics that focus even more on tribal and racial grievances. This junta won’t last nearly as long as the USSR, as noted above, but it will be more dangerous, more vicious, and more unstable. Foreign readers need to expel colonies of wealthy Americans cloistering among them immediately because this cancer will follow them wherever they move.

    An Iron Curtain is descending on the United States, and has been for some time.

    Finally, thank you to Trump. Regardless of your many shortcomings, you have exposed the evil that has consumed a once great nation and laid bare the horror its subjects face. It will be a long struggle.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  127. @Robert White

    You are a loud-mouthed moron.
    No one cares.

  128. anon[168] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert White

    If I was King of the Empire I would not be running it this way

    Emperor of an empire would make more sense. Regardless, every despot in history has said the same. Rarely is it true. More likely, you’d just run it into the ground chasing utopian fantasies and ideological dogmas of which you have only the faintest understanding. Probably the greatest evidence of this is your class’s mistaken belief that your empire is crumbling due solely to the presence of Donald Trump in the Oval Office. That’s entirely wrong — myopic and closed minded as usual. These trends were well underway long before he considered office, and they will exist long after he is gone.

    In addition, the civil servants of whom you speak have done exactly that — chase dogmas (Head Start, COIN, Common Core, Great Society, democratizing the Middle East, free trade, corporatism, constant regime change … ad infinitum) — over the last 40 years. End result: an endless sea of failure. They have practically no clue as to what they are doing, so they’ll go on making the same mistakes that led us here. But you’re going to be different? Please.

    China will one day raise her flag over Washington as you surrender in shame. She’ll destroy all of your corporations in international competition, which is already happening; thus, the hysterical Huawei chip ban. She’ll win international affection through superior government and quality of life (already happening). She’ll conquer the minds of the world through a future entertainment industry that puts creatively bankrupt — increasingly censorious — Hollywood out of business. In 2060, China will be peaceful and safe. The United States will be a bankrupt, dangerous multi-cultural mess ruled by incompetent racists who continuously tank the economy with insane economic dogmas like the Green New Deal and race reparations.

    By 2060, Japan and South Korea will have abrogated their alliances with your country; the Europeans will follow. There are already signs this is starting: both countries refused to back the American regime’s effort to isolate China over Hong Kong; Japanese citizens are increasingly frightened over your country’s potential to censor their cultural products in accordance with your unpopular racial dogmas; Europe pushes for a European parallel to NATO and seeks diplomacy with Russia. As the gulf in technology, wealth, culture, morale and talent grows between China and United States, other nations will begin to pull away.

    Europe won’t feel much attachment to a multi-cultural empire whose leaders resemble Hugo Chavez and where White Europeans and their culture are nonexistent or second class. Same with Asia. America’s European majority was crucial to its ability to win the hearts and minds of the only real places on this earth that matter: Europe and Asia. Your civil servants tanked that, not Donald Trump. But go along believing that it’s all drumpf’s fault. Watch your side take power and fail just the same. You’ll probably blame foreign infiltrators for you problems just as the Soviets did, just as Orwell’s animal farm did. Oh wait, you already have. Was it Susan Rice or Valarie Jarret who implied — preposterously — that leftist BLM riots were the fault of the Russians?

    By 2060, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand will have been conquered through Chinese emigration. Just as the Jews conquered the halls of power in the U.S., Asians will do the same there and reorient those countries to the mother country. There are numerous examples of this happening in history, even here in the United States. And it will happen, regardless of any liberal fantasy to the contrary. Polls show a fairly large majority of Asians in the United States have a positive opinion of China. Demography is destiny. China’s superior economy will also make allies of Mexico and South America. With Russia on their side, China will have completely surrounded you on all sides.

    Donald Trump isn’t responsible for these trends. Your neoliberal “industrialize the world through free trade” policies & civil servants did that, some of it at least. Whose bright idea was it to industrialize over a billion high IQ Asians while flooding our country with millions of poor immigrants who certainly will never be even a remote match for the Chinese as all the evidence now suggests? Well, obviously both parties contributed, but it was your liberal dogma that ultimately caused it.

    In 2060, China will be mostly free of racial strife, and they will have the world’s preeminent economy, which will be approximately three times larger than the American economy. The United States, in contrast, will be poor and rife with division; everything will be a racial conflict or a class war, which will ultimately ruin the ability of this country to compete. Even mass immigration of high IQ talent will not fix that situation as 1) there aren’t enough smart immigrants willing to move here, increasingly so as India and China both develop 2) practically nothing will stop the radical left of the democrat party from doing stupid things like defunding the police, which will drive away quality immigrants. AOC and her squad are the future of the democrat party as the 2020 primaries prove. Donald Trump didn’t do that. Liberal obsession with mass immigration, cheap labor, easy votes, racial division, affirmative action, and free-market capitalism did that.

    The population of a country matters. People are not interchangeable widgets in a mechanism, with one being just the same as all the others. Deny it all you want, but you will soon be disproved in international competition with the Chinese.

    A new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research has confirmed an important but underappreciated fact of American history: in the 20th century, immigration shifted our politics permanently to the left. “European immigrants brought with them their preferences for the welfare state,” authors Paola Giuliano and Marco Tabellini argue. “This had a long-lasting effect on the ideology of U.S. born individuals.”

    People bring their culture and politics with them. You mass immigrated people who will eventually overturn your system. Consult all the polls. These immigrants and their descendants support socialism (which will clearly not be handled competently but will instead get out of hand), are less likely to support military intervention (often good but not always), have less understanding of politics than native Whites, vote along racial and ethnic lines, and don’t support fundamental rights like freedom of speech. These new democrats will eventually overpower you just as they installed Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. You did that, not Donald Trump.

    Venezuela went the same route as the U.S. will soon go: lower-class and ~middle-class radicals will overpower the elite and impose sweeping — devastatingly stupid — reform that crashes the economy and ruins the nation’s international standing. Donald Trump won’t be responsible for that. Civil servants did that. Liberals did that.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  129. Erzberger says:
    @Dick French

    “Foreign readers need to expel colonies of wealthy Americans cloistering among them immediately because this cancer will follow them wherever they move.”

    US military bases and their pampered inmates would be a good start. But how?

    • Replies: @Dick French
  130. Omkar das says:

    A M\$M Fifth Column of Presstitutes and their Corporate Pimps(cia).

  131. Truth says:

    I believe shithead is “Scheisskopf.”

  132. Hoyeru says:

    oh wow, so it was Democrats who sent all the good paying factory jobs to China while the poor poor helpless Republicans stood by and couldn’t do anything? Let me see, ever since the 80s, the Republicans have held power 8 years during the Reagan times, 4 years with Bush, and 8 years with Bush II. But it’s ALL the Democrats fault. so it’s 8+4+8=20 that the Republicans held power but its ALL the Democrat’s fault that the poor average American workers are suffering. What a joke. If it wasn’t for the immigrants who would do all the dirty jobs in USA, the Americans? Dont make me laugh.

  133. vot tak says:

    That’s called wishful thinking, shlomo. And I’m happy to disappoint you. 😀

  134. Getaclue says:
    @Robert White

    Moron. Paid Moron no doubt, but still a Moron.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  135. Getaclue says:
    @Robert White

    Like I said above– Moron.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  136. vot tak says:

    Here are a few of poco & co.’s white supremacist heros in action:

    ‘Get a Noose’: US Black Man Attacked, Nearly Lynched by Group of White Men – Videos

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @Poco
  137. Excellent article, and “junta” is spot-on. For Europeans like me it was interesting to see the US subjecting foreign countries to staged color revolutions. Behind those were always the same funders, corporate interests, power lusting politicians and intelligence organisations. They used bogus arguments to create chaos and toppled elected governors, to get what they wanted from the country and its citizens forced on their knees. The same parties getting their way globally, have now organized a color revolution on US soil, to get their way nationally. It is interesting to see the US, claiming to be exceptional and the most powerful, crumbling under the escalating chaos and being as powerless against it as any foreign country that was subjected to such a revolution. We are following this intensely and we are learning from everything you do or fail to do. Behind Brussels are the same funders, corporate interests, power lusting politicians and intelligence agencies. Just as our ECB is a copy of your FED, Brussels politics to wipe out the white middle class and workers is a copy of yours. What happens to you, will happen to us. Your cures will be the medicine for the festering disease eating our societies, too.

    • Agree: JSlade
  138. hu_anon says:

    With simple common sense, I see the US as a corporation (sorry for the lame analogy) that finances its operations with loans, but the pre-calculated revenue is always less, so it needs more loans in the future. However, the corporation does not generate as much profit as to make the business profitable. It still works. How could this be?

    I think there is a logical answer to this: they maintain their own private corporate power with a state power called the US. These corporations can safely be called global or multinational trusts.

    That is, the profits go to the corporations, the losses are burdened to the dairy cow (US state + population), by whom a strong military force is also maintained, so that the losses can be distributed as efficiently as possible to “subcontractors” (i.e. the rest of the world).

    There is a dissonance between the US as a democratic state and the global interests of US-owned corporations.

    In simple terms, all that made America big and dynamic has now become a barrier to “progress”, as they have outgrown the state itself, so a new power factor has emerged in the global playing field in addition to traditional state/national interests, which may not be tied to a single nation/state, but is connected to several countries, even ones with seemingly opposing interests. Of course according to some there is nothing new in this, and the new power factor has started to emerge more than a century ago. (((International bankers))) and such.

    This fundamentally overrides the theorems of classical geopolitics previously thought to be “carved in stone”.

    Within the US, at the highest level, the breakup may have occurred somewhere here: those who fear the US face those who fear this “globalist” world power. And what is stopping them from settling the issue on the global playground, even sacrificing the US?

    The US could only be defeated militarily by simultaneously exterminating the whole planet. No former military superpower measurable to the US was defeated by war, they disintegrated from within. The recipe is to set society against the economic system that operates the state. So if you want to get rid of the US, you finance a “revolution” like the one currently happening.

    One possible alternative to internal disintegration is a new state, that will not be democratic.

  139. Vojkan says:
    @Robert White

    “Civil Servants”. One single letter in the first two words of your comment tells all about you.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  140. Vojkan says:

    And proud of being one obviously.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  141. .

    Our fear is that what we’re seeing is an emerging Axis–the CIA, the DNC, and the elite media– all using their respective powers to terminate the Constitutional Republic and establish permanent, authoritarian one-party rule. As far-fetched as it might sound, the country appears to be slipping inexorably towards tyranny.

    Demographics is creating one-party rule on its own. The Orange Retard failed us on immigration/stopping invasion, the only mission that might’ve saved us (a little while longer.)

  142. Poco says:
    @vot tak

    I’m not a white supremacist, I be rayciss, rayciss, rayciss. You faggot.

  143. @anon

    I’m a CANUCK, eh.

    Your screed was a good read though. I agree with half of what you said, but the other half was off kilter IMHO.


    • Replies: @hu_anon
  144. @Vojkan

    Right, I don’t look at my keyboard when I type. That’s what it indicates, imbecile.

    P.S. Moron is not capitalized, imbecile.

    Go back to grammar school, dork.


    • Replies: @Vojkan
  145. @Getaclue

    Moron is not capitalized, imbecile. Paid Moron is not capitalized either unless your mother named you Moron Getaclue, imbecile.

    Note: This is what happens when imbeciles take the short bus to school dressed by their mother to look funny too. After years of being called a moron the imbecile has become the schoolyard bully.

    P.S. In Canada morons like you become imbeciles on disability.


  146. @Erzberger

    Take advantage of the current bedlam. If Biden is elected, he will increase the troop presence as a last gasp of the Empire. Europeans should strike while the iron is hot, which is now.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  147. neilineg says:

    fact, G.F cornonor report states he died of drug overdose 3x deadly limit, no sign of asphyxiation, plus anyone can see real video of surveilance camera, where police were zero violent or threatening, were even helpful, .. fact, almost all ‘BLM’ are white youth, see video of black couple laughing while filming all-white ‘BLM’ protest. so, like corona, ‘they’ (its in their manual) take real but minor ‘event’, and use it to implement a pre-planned agenda – ultimately the extermination of European culture.

    • Disagree: botazefa
  148. Erzberger says:
    @Dick French

    I do see some encouraging signs in Europe, basically: a reorientation from the US towards Russia as the main economic and security partner. Obviously, many of Europe’s, and Russia’s, problems (economy, security, leadership) would be solved if Russia was included as a EU member. It’s amazing that EU leaders are now actually floating this again (for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union), esp Macron, who has correctly called NATO “brain dead”. However, a European (or rather: Eurasian) Union including Russia is an old geopolitical nightmare for the Anglo-Saxon world domination dinosaurs, and they will do anything to prevent any conceivable version of it, even a most benign, entirely voluntary, mutually agreed democratic version. Neither Trump nor Biden will support any of this. With Russia, Europe would be an economic and military powerhouse the Anglo-Americans would never tolerate. Trump has been very active in building good relations with reactionary anti-Russian Poland – a return to British pre-WW II policy. Nothing good will come from this. Anxiously waiting for the Polish presidential election results. Such an expanded union would be entirely different but for all practical matters and geopolitical concerns a scenario mirroring a victory of Hitler and/ or Stalin. So I remain both hopeful and worried. The US is not the kind of country that will collapse , or even step back, peacefully. It’s just not in their DNA

  149. @Robert White

    Gee, Bob. Thanks for setting the record straight. It is always nice when the Trump haters show their true cards. The Deep Staters you admire so much (and who I worked alongside for 30 years) are the worst scumbags on the planet. Fitting friends for you. Of course, you have quite a jewel in your madcap prime minister. Can’t wait to see him dressed as an Australian aborigine or in blackface (again). When Trump is re-elected you will have the pleasure of seeing your Deep State buddies hauled off to Federal prison. With any luck, you might join them there.

  150. onebornfree says: • Website

    “There is such a thing as society, and there is no society without government. ”

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    Video Link

    Regards, onebornfree

  151. Treg says:

    Mike Whitney — Nice article. Good job.

    I would add that BLM protesters and all their hast tags such as #WeAreRising and #BlackandBrownUnite are indeed out to take down the Constitution, Bill of Rights & the Declaration of Independence. For them, it all must go.

    These are not just “citizens”. No these are people who are openly against America and have described America as the embodiment of “White Supremacy”. For “white supremacy” to end, America must end. They say this country has to be overthrown and taken down or in their vernacular, “burn it all down”.

    Next, its NOT about “Free Speech”. They have demonstrated that their opinions are not open for discussion and that they are only interested in action. There is no talking to these people. Like the army that they are, we conservatives and republicans are targeted for exercising our free speech.

    Talking gets us smeared, banned, & fired.

    Talking by them, however, gets them promoted and applauded. Again, it’s not about “Free Speech”. Institutionalized and codified Political Correctness made sure of it years ago.

    Therefore, we should no longer view these people as simply “exercising their free speech rights”, but as a 4th generation Cultural-Warrior ARMY that is in open revolt and seek America’s destruction. So if its an ARMY, what then?

    First: CAPTURE this ARMY in revolt. We must now advocate & push our most right of center State Governors to use its National Guard to immediately go out to CAPTURE this ARMY of citizens who are in open revolt against America & the Constitution.

    Second: STRIP CITIZENSHIP. We Strip these Rioters of their Citizenship. A State Governor must then declare this riot-revolutionary-citizen (BLM etal) no longer have the right to be or reside in his/her state and will be held in perpetuity until the Federal Government also strips them of their Citizenship and deports them all to live in Cuba. Most of all, inside the State itself, the Governor must act swiftly and decisively to CAPTURE “intellectual leaders” of this ARMY. That is all these socialists and cultural Marxists professors and school teachers residing in the State should be similarly rounded up and held captive, stripped of citizenship, and eventually deported to Gitmo, Cuba.

    Third: DEPORTATION to CUBA. After deportation, any attempt at reentry will get this revolutionary shot, executed on the spot. I believe that there is historical precedence for this action coming from Teddy Roosevelt days capturing and deporting Communists from the USA. I am no historian so others can correct me on the details and set the record straight.

    Once the most Right-wing govenor and State Attorney General take this bold action, other conservative Republican states will come along in time. The economic benefits to such a state will be apparent as small business entrepreneurs emigrate from the Democrat States to Republican ones which treat these citizens as “Enemies of America”.

    Just Who are the “Enemies of America”? They are communists, Antifa punks, Cultural Marxist Proefesors and School teachers. They are anarchists of all kinds and Islamists who seek the overthrow of the US Constitution. They are Hollywood film writers and directors and producers who are pushing the Cultural Marxist ideology. They are Big Companies who donate to BLM or to any Enemies of America. They are Big Tech companies who do not treat their platform as a public square, but instead use it to advance the Cultural Marxist agenda.

    The GREAT PURGE. The howls and screams of a “new McCarthyism” will be heard from CNN and the rest. Our answer will be this: McCarthy was Right – Communists & Enemies of America must be expelled.

    THE WAY FORWARD. As Republican State after Republican State captures the left’s Army within its State borders, slaps down & expells Leftist companies and petitions for the stripping of citizenship from these Leftists in Revolt, the Left will seek to talk. Once over 100,000 people have been deported the Left will no longer see or believe the Conservative Right to be a toothless powerless group of uneducated deplorables, and the so-called “Cultural War” will abruptly end….. for now.

    • Disagree: Biff
  152. @David Rodriguez

    My civil servant Chartered Accountant father ordered me to never get into trouble, or break the laws of Canada way back when I was a kid. I like the CANUCK Deep State, but I don’t like any of the other deep states. The American Deep State dislikes Trump almost as much as I do. An ancient Chinese warrior advised alignment with my enemy’s enemy which is the USA Deep State in the instance of Trump because the enemy of my enemy is my friend for tactical purposes in this instance.

    I don’t particularly like the USA Democrats either, but they dislike Trump almost as much as I do so they are on my friends list too. When Trump is booted I will go back to being independent politically. This juncture of the ethos of politics requires party affiliation for tactical purposes too.


    • Replies: @kerdasi amaq
    , @Anonymous
  153. Poco says:
    @vot tak

    I’m not a white supremacist. The leftist type is despicable and clearly inferior.

  154. @David Rodriguez

    I realize that the CIA employs the worst scumbags on the planet, and that you worked along side of the worst scumbags on the planet for 30 years because you identified with them for employment purposes, and are undoubtedly likeminded as one that was on the pay roster of the worst scumbags on the planet for 30 years until retired from the skullduggery & slimedouchery that makes up the CIA.

    I have been Remote Viewing the CIA for years, and I am well aware of Bloody Gina’s role in the George W. Bush CIA Torture Regime as a participant in the overseas CIA Blacksite that Mitchell & Jessen tortured their victims in. Read Jane Mayer’s _The Dark Side_.

    The CIA are beneath me when it comes to Intelligence proper. I am vastly superior to that organization and their worst scumbags on the planet employees.

    Being retired CIA does not elevate your social status to ‘good guy’ because you refer to old colleagues in the CIA as ‘the worst scumbags on the planet’, David.

    Once CIA always CIA.

    I am not orthodox Government Intelligence as I went heterodox Intelligence instead knowing that the information was much more accessible to entrepreneurship and money making profit centered ends. Government employ does not pay enough to buy a large farm in Canada with requisite machine sheds, barns, and workshop. Intelligence does not pay very well IMHO. Financial Intelligence is only lucrative if one studies risk, behaviour, and trading. All in all I doubt that I would waste my time with government intelligence as an occupation because it is a dead ended thankless job.

    When I was young I naively believed in benevolence, but then I grew up quick after taking Experimental Psychology.


    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  155. I don’t care what they think they are, they are enemy combatants and will shot accordingly.

  156. @Pft

    “Its all Fake Wrestling, they are just following the script.”

    Not sure if I agree with your predictions, but I certainly agree with this. It’s terrifying how most Americans actually believe the political “fake wrestling” is real.

  157. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    There has already been instances of elite attempting to bug out but not able to. The Siagon Fate is an absolute real possibility and highly probable. Moreover, if you read Pam & Russ Martens Wall Street on Parade you will find the figures appropriated are much higher than your perceived \$8 trillion USD.

    Declared & Undeclared Liabilities are more or on the order of hundreds of trillions USD to date. USA is insolvent wholeheartedly at this juncture.


  158. Druid55 says:
    @Robert White

    Says it all about you. Idjut!

  159. Vojkan says:
    @Robert White

    So, you’re not paid to look like a caricature of a liberal. You’re a genuine liberal. My mistake.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  160. @Vojkan

    I’m a Marxist Communist living within defunct Neoliberalism in CANADA, and forced to endure the endless death of USA Neoliberalism business quarter-by-quarter as Congress keeps allowing Wall Street asset strippers to up the Fed Reserve ante on deficit spending & ceilings set to infinity ad infinitum YoY.

    Karl Marx knew the wages of American Capitalist sin was greed, speculation, decoupling of markets, and Finance. Mandelbrot knew it too when he published his research on speculation in markets back in 1963. Richard ‘the Gorilla of Wall Street’ Fuld made approximately \$700 million USD selling America down the river on leveraged betting 44:1 whilst hiding debt in the overnight REPO market on earnings calls. The SEC-Securities & Exchange Commission knew it all along and did nothing to regulate the Six Sigma fat tail crash of Subprime-MBS.

    Americans and the Chicago School of Economics bet the farm on the fourth largest investment bank in the world and lost. The Ivy League bet the farm on Fuld as well whilst knowing academically that asset prices do not rise exponentially in all business quarters, or markets. In other words, like Jamie Dimon stated to Congress when interrogated publically he said…’Somehow we all just missed that housing prices don’t always rise’ when discussing asset inflation and Mortgage Backed Securities-MBS-Subprime.


    • Replies: @hu_anon
  161. G J T says:

    Exactly. I don’t understand how people keep falling for the same trick over and over and over. The establishment’s opposition to Trump in 2016 may have been somewhat genuine — or at least from particular elements of the establishment — but he has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is ZOG’s guy. Keeping Zion Don in the White House also keeps most of the WN-adjacent right, or potential WN-adjacent folks, perfectly mollified and led around by the nose.

    • Agree: Nuncle
  162. Anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert White

    Wow how often do you actually get a CIA scumbag to respond right away?! Thanks dude, it really adds to the article.

  163. @ploni almoni

    I have a degree in nuts, it’s okay I’m trained formally by real doctors of Philosophy from an APA accredited university that specializes in Experimental Psychology. I majored in Personality Theory, and Clinical Historiography. Got an Honours B.A. in Nuts.


  164. @Robert White

    Canada is 80% White European, 18% Asian, 1% Hispanic and 1% Black so you can easily afford to be elite and altruistic towards Blacks and Hispanics. Move down to Chicago or Detroit and let me know how that works out?.

    • Replies: @Baxter
    , @Robert White
  165. @Robert White

    Hah, I’m waiting for Trump to leave office(2024) before I decide if he’s been a good president or not. I’m not going to make the same mistake that the Democrats made in 2008.

  166. Baxter says:
    @California Joe

    I think your demographic figures are slightly off, but I understand what your are saying. Another and more intelligent way to say it would be ‘tolerance of difference is directly correlated to proximity and exposure.’

  167. The media’s record for the past 42 months is seditious, reprehensible, subversive, and traitorous. If Trump was clean he could stop it all easily by seizing the media under exhisting law. Yes, we have a free press. But, the press is not free and obviously working against the USA. By coming out in favor of a vaccine that is scientifically impossible to produce I hacve my doubts that Trump has the welfare of this nation in mind. Is he a globalist? Probably not. An opportunist? Probably. A wounded man in debt to the bankers? For sure. A blackmailed man? More likely than not. This leaves America vulnerable. So what’s next? How do we save this Republic of ours? Where’s our General Patton, our Admiral Forrestal? Oh, I forgot. Obama fired them all.

    • Agree: Nuncle
  168. @California Joe

    You make a valid argument, but I was born in Toronto’s North York in 1960. I grew up there until 1971 when I was moved to Canada’s capital city Ottawa which is a government town of civil servants by and large. The ethnic makeup of this city is fairly mixed enclaves of ethnicity whereby whitey gets the million dollar CDN homes in contradistinction to minority ethnicity as you rightly suggest in poverty stricken Chicago, or Motor City Detroit by comparison.

    I am a fan of Chicago via Slingerland Drum Company and Gene Krupa. If this was 1930’s or 40’s I would gladly live in Chicago for the BIG Band era. Today, I am still attempting to get as far away from the land of cement Toronto as I can get. Northern Ontario is my future destination because of intensification of living in cities whereby one gets packed into small square footage with no green space.


    • Replies: @Truth
  169. Avery says:

    {Don’t we all know that Biden is a crook, liar, and thief?}

    You left out a couple of things:

    – (alleged) Sexual assault: Tara Reade’s accusation is very credible, and is backed by circumstantial evidence. Of course the Radical Fascist Left MSM Mafia successfully buried it.

    – A latent racist who considers Blacks inferior: no need to list all racist things he has (unintentionally) publicly said about blacks, even before dementia scrambled his brain. One example: “ “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” (….you know, as opposed to every other (inferior) Black American racist Biden has encountered).

    – A Creep: his public behaviour with children is weird and downright creepy.

    • Replies: @Biff
  170. Truth says:
    @Robert White

    Nova Scotia Bro, or PEI, why move to North Ontario?

    • Replies: @Robert White
  171. @Truth

    Fishing, forestry, & fresh air, that’s why, but Nova Scotia is on the list too if I ever win the lottery.


    • Replies: @Truth
  172. hu_anon says:
    @Robert White

    You are spellink “cuck” wrong.

  173. hu_anon says:
    @Robert White

    Then why didn’t you move to Cuba yet?

    • Replies: @Robert White
  174. Biff says:

    You just described the perfect president for the U. S.

  175. @hu_anon

    Canada is my own Communist country so I’m fine with this place, but Cuba has always been appealing for the intellectual side of socialism as opposed to USA where socialist ideology is denigrated daily. I like the Russian Federation most of all, but all the Communists are okay by me including the Cubans like Fidel Castro, Xi in China, Putin in Russia, et cetera.

    I appreciate opposition to Ponzi Casino Capitalism and Wall Street kleptocracy via K-Street lobby. Dr. Alan Greenspan ran the USA into the ground with his Greenspan Put asset inflation era, and now Neoliberalism is defunct because of his erroneous Ivy League view of the world of Finance. Communists could run Wall Street more equitably than Greenspan, Rubin, or Summers could.

    The three stooges of Wall Street were displayed on Time Magazine as The Committee that Saved the World just before they blew it up via deregulation that Brooksley Born warned Congress about months prior.

    Cuba is not run into the ground quite as bad as America is, but then again Cuba is not a third world banana republic headed up by a tin pot dictator like Trump that owes billions to Deutsche Bank on all his non-performing Commercial loans.


  176. @Stravaig

    I think that the Biden candidacy started as a way to keep the Trump DoJ from going for an indictment of him and it somehow just got out of hand.

    • Replies: @Stravaig
  177. Stravaig says:
    @Twodees Partain

    You may be right. It was interesting how before his debate with Bernie, he could barely put a sentence together. Everyone thought he would lose the debate badly, but no, he did ok and sounded coherent. Low expectations won him the debate. I don’t know how he did it unless they gave him the questions and answers beforehand.

  178. Druid55 says:

    Methinks you’re an international jewboy! Elie Wiesel is a lying scum. Lots of what you write is true, though!

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  179. Erzberger says:

    I am neither Jewish nor a boy. I agree with Norman Finkelstein damning portrait of Elie Wiesel. Both are Jewish, neither believes, as you apparently do, the Holocaust was a hoax, nor do I. There are facts, and there are myths, as with any other historical event (example: the US won WW II, liberated Europe, saved civilization, ended fascism and dictatorships). I am not into replacing one myth with another. I do care about facts

    • Replies: @Nuncle
  180. sarz says:

    Both parties are under the big Jews. When the big Jews did 9/11 they were one big happy family, including crypto-Jew Trump, who, as I have said in UR comments before, is a 9/11 accessory after the fact. There were big Jew rules for how to be a serving Republican and how to be a serving Democrat.

    In 2003 Warren Buffett took Arnold Schwarzenegger over to Lord Rothschild’s estate to get him vetted by the great lord before running for governor. It was on the front page of every major American newspaper. But then the items got harder and harder to access when the big Jews realized they’d gone a bit too far in showing their hand.

    A split in the big Jews came during the Obama period. Big Jew money came under threat from Israeli adventurism. Iran could, it was feared, squeeze the flow of oil to the point where the mountain of derivatives would implode. So Iran was given some space, at the expense of ultra-Zionist goals.

    Both the Dems and the Republicans were on board with the big money Jews, but Trump decided to make a break for the presidency, using heritage Americans as his vehicle, and running as a National Zionist.

    To answer Mike Whitney’s question, both the parties are with the big Jews. The Dems and the intelligence agencies are largely with the globalists and Trump’s rump of Republicans is with Israel first. The whole establishment is fifth-column, Jews and their servants.

    What’s hard to figure out is how come the sort of heritage American elite who won’t let Jews into their clubs in Palm Beach have all turned to paste.

  181. Comment from intruth, via Jim Stone, quoting Charles Krauthammer and the NY Post:

    “The OFA will fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency and the ex-president will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.” Sperry writes that, “The ex-president is setting up a shadow government to sabotage the Trump administration through a network of non-profits led by OFA, which is growing its war chest (more than \$40 million) and has some 250 offices nationwide.”

  182. @Thomasina

    I agree and it is up to the common citizen to keep and if necessary hide his or her weapons (millions of women have taken courses in how to use guns).
    It may well come down to that. Where I live it is somewhat rural but the mindset is that you don’t allow or watch criminals break your windows, destroy stores, or threaten your neighbors, homes, families.

  183. Nuncle says:

    You need to research the ‘Holocaust’ with an open mind, then. It’s clear that you haven’t, or else you wouldn’t persist in believing in it.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  184. Anonymous[277] • Disclaimer says:

    To the Democrats, “White Lives Don’t Matter.”

    The Dems are sick and evil.

    And most of the GOP are cowards.

    And they have all sold out to the Jewish lobby and Israel.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  185. Pancho says:

    Both branches of the Repucratic Party are CIA assets, and they are working hard to destroy America.

  186. Erzberger says:

    “You need to research the ‘Holocaust’ with an open mind, then. “

    I did, thank you.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @noname27
    , @Robjil
  187. Erzberger says:

    Presently, it is perfectly obvious that no lives matter in the US. People who die of Covid 19 are “losers” in a country that worships the \$ and a vulgar social Darwinism while simultaneously denying evolutionary theory in the name of Christianity. That’s how f-d up things are in the US.

    • Replies: @noname27
  188. noname27 says: • Website
    @Robert White

    “Democrats (Neo-liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Neo-Cons) are Trotskyists”

    — Eustace Mullins

    Trumpstein is regularly seen giving the raised Commie clenched fist salute, as demonstrated here:

    All about Richard Nixon’s alleged downfall:

    • Replies: @Robert White
  189. GeeBee says:

    Like Hell you did! Or if you did and still believe in the greatest hoax of all time, you’re either blind or a Jew. I’m going for the latter.

  190. Whitewolf says:

    It’s been one party rule for decades. You can choose the style of management to a degree but not the management itself.

  191. Albert F. says:

    The idea that racism is rooted in the people of the U.S. and it’s history is just a ruse to hide the still active regimes that imported slavery as violent competition to wage labor negotiations and the credit notes that paid for it all. Whipping up arguments over racial lines just obscures a regime’s rule that is older than Christ, by a few thousand years. These clowns in Washington are just shoeshine boys in the grand scheme of barbarism in the United States. TURN OFF THE T.V., AMERICA AND STOP VOTING FOR THESE BUM POLITICAL PARTIES!

  192. @Biff

    My fear is the jihadis Obama brought over here will be unleashed……

  193. noname27 says: • Website

    How do you die of something that doesn’t exist?

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
    , @Erzberger
  194. noname27 says: • Website

    And what did you learn?

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  195. @noname27

    I am NOT a racist towards any identifiable group except the racists themselves that promulgate hatred towards ethnic minorities like Jews, Muslims, East Indians, West Indians, African Americans, Chinese, Russians, Cubans, et cetera. Unlike you I, for one, was not indoctrinated by hatred towards ethnicity as most Canadians shun people like you, and your ilk on the right-of-center deplorables that support Trump.


    • Replies: @noname27
    , @Poco
    , @Whitewolf
  196. Erzberger says:

    I already wrote about it, feel free to look it up. Basically I learned that both the Holocaust promoters (worst crime in human history) and Holocaust deniers (Holohoaxers) are insane instrumentalizers, for their own varied purposes. I wish they’d both shut up already but I recognize the universal right to free speech. I certainly don’t think that all of the former are self-serving Jews, and all of the latter enlightened non-Jews. A nonsense that seems to be an article of faith around here.

    I recognize that the Holocaust denial movement grew on lies about the Holocaust, a fact recognized by virtually all Holocaust scholars. To jump to the conclusion that it’s all lies is, however, not supported by facts either. Just more lies.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @noname27
  197. Neither, both parties are fronts for the Corporate Owners.

    [Would a real progressive party have a Biden, or a Clinton, anywhere to be found in an election year? Russian influence in 2016 to keep Madam Clinton out of the White House? When Clinton had already sold US uranium to the Russians? Maybe the buyers were the wrong Russians.]

    The CIA (aka “The Company”) is a tool of the Corporate Owners, same as the DNC and RNC.

    The original “The Company” was the East India Company. A chartered corporation out of the City of London. Opium trade was one of their lines of business. The grandfather of the British Secret Service, now MI6, a close cousin of the Central Intelligence Agency.

  198. @noname27

    On paper. Much like Global Warming was “proved” by a hockey stick graph from fudged data.

    The only thing that matters is who counts the results.

    “How many cases, and deaths, do you need it to be?”

    “What would happen if an infected person is placed in an end of life facility? How many deaths do you think?”

  199. Erzberger says:

    OK: No Holocaust, no Covid deaths. What’s next? No moon landing, I guess. Bill Gates, Soros, Bilderbergers, QAnon?

    I studied the European witch hunts extensively, and am no longer sure what century I live in.
    Do you also believe that real demons roam the earth, and enable women to transfer crops from one field to another?

    • Replies: @noname27
  200. Robjil says:

    If you studied diligently the big 6. This is what investigators find.

    The big 6 was wanted.

    It was needed to get Israel.

    Since the early 1800s, a want Ad for the big 6 was endless posted in papers all over the “faux” free west since the early 1800s till 1945. 1945 the want Ad ended. The deal was set. It looked good. A new religion was born. The sun set on the west. A new big 6 was put up over this little planet.

    Big 6 is ten times bigger than the 600000 of the Exodus from Egypt to get the first Israel.

    The Big 6 doesn’t matter if it is true or not, it was made to look like it happened.

    The massive destruction from allied bombs of cities and the mass migration of millions of people made it look like it happened.

    Jail time in Germany and many other European nations if one doubts mandated tales about the big 6. Jobless time or ostracize time for everyone else on the planet for any doubts about this.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  201. Erzberger says:

    The 6 million figure is by no means undisputed in mainstream scholarship, and nobody goes to jail just for citing lower figures. If you talk privately to some ignoramus, he or she may well call you a Holocaust denier for saying 4 or 5 million, or stating, correctly, that there were no homicidal gas chambers in Buchenwald. The same will happen to you if you straighten people out on a great many other myths re WW II that have nothing to do with Jews or the Holocaust. But much to do with, say, British and American nationalism. Most people prefer hanging on to their biases, and don’t even want to know the truth. There is a huge gap between a highly diverse and evolving corpus of scholarship and the fixed and narrow popular and nationalistic understanding of WW II

    • Agree: Nodwink
    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @ploni almoni
  202. Ron Unz says:

    I recognize that the Holocaust denial movement grew on lies about the Holocaust, a fact recognized by virtually all Holocaust scholars. To jump to the conclusion that it’s all lies is, however, not supported by facts either. Just more lies.

    Sure, that’s a reasonable position to take. However, if you haven’t already done so, you might want to take a look at my own lengthy analysis of that contentious topic:

    Indeed, I’ve published an entire series of articles on various important historical matters of the last 100 years:

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  203. Robjil says:

    Being critical of the mandated viewpoint of the big 6 gets you in jail. Even Canadian citizens have been trapped in the web. I think that is very wrong. It is a German law, citizens of other nations should not be jailed for questioning the mandated details of the big 6. It is like Galileo trials again in the 21st century.

    The trial in Germany of two siblings, both Canadian citizens, for denying the Holocaust has ended with convictions and jail terms.

    According to Anne Wild, a photojournalist who monitored the trial for The CJN, Alfred Schaefer, 63, who lives in Germany, received a prison sentence on Oct. 26 of three years and two months. His sister, Monika Schaefer, 59, who lives in Jasper, Alta., received a term of 10 months.

    I heard of lower numbers but not much lower, the big 6 still appears everywhere in books, media, and on the net. It is the go to number. It is the ritual number to get Israel. We are living in strange primitive times. Number worship is held at the highest levels. Any questioning of the numbers gets one in big trouble. It is like we are living in the high Middle Ages again, the age of Faith. These days we live in the Zion Age of Faith.

  204. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Whitney right. Gen Flynn right.
    Trump, rehire Flynn.
    reply to #204, Erzberger (at my limit of 2 comments):

    Can’t equate total BS to a search for truth.

    When laws are made to protect lies, you have a clue to something.

  205. annamaria says:

    They are the rabid dogs of corporate fascism doing its regime change (the Financiers’ Revolution) in the US by using the CIA as the most convenient tool. Both parties are subservient to the Lobby and MIC, but democrats went extra-mile to become the veritable Fifth Column in the US. The DNC lives by Mossad’s rule, “by way of deception thou shalt do war.” And war they do.

    Michelle Obama, the starring wife of mega-criminal Barack Obama whose war on Libya produced flourishing slave markets in the destroyed country, lectures young girls on ‘virtues.’ Should not she first ask her husband to return the stolen Libyan gold to Libya?
    The idiotic Obama Foundation invites veritable woke ignoramuses as lecturers:

  206. annamaria says:

    The nation is disintegrating. It does not have cultural unity, it is ruled by treasonous disloyal opportunists, and yes, the country has no industrial base for the citizenry to support its livelihood in a dignified manner.

    The military toys need constant improvements, which requires strong technical expertise and brilliant engineers. Instead, the US has strong war profiteers that have been bleeding the country’s resources (and murdering millions of human beings overseas) while providing a nicely packaged junk.

    The US does not have patriotic citizenry anymore, only some exceptional individuals whom this country does not deserve. And yes, ‘both parties are thoroughgoing business ones, and neither is interested in the plight of the working class being driven down.” Actually, both parties are not interested in the future of the US at all. The business model works only for today (grab all you can now!). The opportunistic Cheney the Traitor has met the opportunistic Clinton the Traitor in their dismembering of the US future.

  207. Curle says:

    “ a Republican could very well do”

    Except they never do.

  208. Martin Armstrong agrees with you. He believes they will fail but that it will bring about the end of the dominance of western culture in the world for the next era. His AI computer predicts Trump will win the election but may be killed, 2024 will be the last election and the final fall will take 8 years to 2032. Those last 8 years will be disastrous (be a prepper). The US in it’s current form will not survive. It’s a fourth turning cycle such as great depression/WWII ear. Best things for surviving are gold/cash/ammo/guns/land/second passport/food supply. I’m hedging that way just incase he’s right.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  209. noname27 says: • Website
    @Robert White

    “If you’re not a racist then you will lose YOUR RACE!

    “”RACIST” A made up word by the Jew Leon Trotsky (real name Bronstein) in 1927 and used to browbeat all dissenters of the Jewish Bolshevik Marxist/Communist ideology and still used today to keep white people walking on egg shells regarding other races. Only whites are racists according to these traitor sons of bitches, like John Mann, Labour MP.”

    — Brother Charles

  210. annamaria says:

    The CIA, the DNC/media, and the Cheneyed Republican establishment have been inviting a popular revolution to the US by hollowing out the Republic (the rule of law was the first casualty, see the prospering John Yoo), destroying the national industrial base (see the wealthy sponsors for both parties), and doing “see the squirrel” by inflaming the white//black tensions, while the financiers and mega-war profiteers have been bleeding the country. The pupils/co-tribalists of Trotsky have functioned as yeast, all while appropriating the American intelligence apparatus and security services.

    There is not a single redeeming thing about Cheney, Bush, Obama, and Clintons. They are traitors, the amoral refuse of humanity. As for Trump, he did not start a new war (yet) despite the enormous pressure from the usual suspects of the subhuman kind.

    In the US, the patriotic fiber has been poisoned, atrophied, and besmirched. The ‘deciders’ are nothing but idiot-apprentices playing with those forces that none of the ‘deciders’ will be able to control. Give them the Revolution.

  211. noname27 says:

    You’re obviously someone who does no research at all and slurps up mainstream media whore pig’s swill on a daily basis – you also must believe politicians ROTFLMAO!

    Tell me what you know about the germ theory – upon which the quack pseudo-science known as virology is based.

  212. noname27 says:

    How can something that never happened be denied? The term ‘Holocaust Denier’ is a 24crt gold plated oxymoron.

  213. annamaria says:
    @Corey Gendum

    Your “havoc and terror’ is surprisingly deferential towards the Captains of Finance and mega war profiteers. Why?

    Spare us your Obama care of Trotskyist variety. I wonder who is going to make a porridge for your small kids… Perhaps the ‘progressive’ Harry and Markle? Can they? They also make very loud and brave proclamations about changing this world, all while demanding personal bodyguards. They also denounced a white privilege, two woke idiots.

    One can always recognize a sorry product of American education, which is unaware of the genesis of the Bolshevik Revolution. Does the name Schiff tell anything to a ‘woke?’ Not the lunatic Adam Schiff of Russiagate infamy but Jakob Schiff (and Loeb & Co.) who financed the terrorist L. Bronstein, as well as Japan’s side against Russia in 1905 war and the agitation of Russian soldiers. Take a book on Russian history and find the word “zemstvo” to learn about true patriotism. Learn about Holodomor (and the Jewish cannibal Lazar Kaganovitch), and about the fate of the flower of Russian culture and sciences; the best — principled, independent-thinking, honest, loyal — were murdered, in the millions, many emigrated abroad. You have no idea what you are blubbering about.

    Are you afraid to see a dentist to do a root canal? What about cleaning your room and making a meal for a family? Too much discomfort?

  214. annamaria says:

    Bill Clinton’s very active involvement with underage girls on Epstein’s Rape island is a good illustration of the CIA’s power. Hilary and Bill feel untouchable.

  215. annamaria says:

    And who controls the CIA?

  216. @slorter

    “The last desperate resort by the oligarchs to save themselves will be to stoke the fires of racialized violence between disenfranchised whites and disenfranchised people of color.

    “This is the next chapter in the saga.”

    That chapter has already begun.

  217. Erzberger says:
    @Ron Unz

    Still reading, will get back to you asap

  218. @Erzberger

    Perhaps you did not know that the International Committee of the Red Cross put the figure at 271,301.

  219. Poco says:
    @Robert White

    It makes you feel like such a good doggy too.

  220. Whitewolf says:
    @Robert White

    You should just change your name to Robert anti-White and be done with it. Would you even condemn the hatred and legal discrimination against the white minority in South Africa?

  221. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    ‘When statues of Soviet soldiers who liberated Eastern Europe from the Nazi hordes were defaced and removed, Amerikastanis cheered it as a Very Good Thing.’

    Fascinating claim. Was it ‘liberation’ when the Soviets invaded Poland in September 1939? Was it ‘liberation’ when they invaded Finland in November 1939?

    Was it ‘liberation’ when the Soviets annexed Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in June 1940? Was it liberation when they annexed parts of Romania in June 1940?

    The Soviets did not liberate Eastern Europe from the Nazis, because they were not being occupied by the Nazis. They were being occupied by the Soviets.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  222. annamaria says:

    You certainly sound very, very righteous. Your righteousness would have more currency if you did not overlook some important details, such as

    section and the destruction of Czechoslovakia as an independent state with the participation of Germany, Hungary and Poland in the years 1938-1939. These events are not officially included in the history of the Second World War, but is closely associated with it and it may be the first step in this war.

    Polish tanks 7TR in the Czech city Tesín (Cieszyn). October 1938:

    In 1938 (Munich betrayal of Czechoslovakia) Zaolzie was claimed by Hitler as part of the “Sudetenland”. This became a convenient excuse for Poland to take it over, “otherwise the people in the area would come under the German rule”, once Czechoslovakia was sold to the Germans in Munich. Polish troops actually pushed the German military patrols out.

    In other words, Poland enjoyed Warsaw betrayal of Czechoslovakia.

    On whatever side your family was during the War, the destruction of the monuments to Unknown Soldiers (from whatever side) is below human dignity. Only the worst scum would conduct and enjoy the destruction.
    We live in an interesting time when zionists join hands with neo-nazis while continuing the noisy quetching on a profitable holobiz theme.

    • Replies: @noname27
    , @TheJamesRocket
  223. Btt says:
    @Robert White

    RW: typical of you liberals, you don’t use logical argument but base your political statements on name calling and ad hominem attacks. Please don’t take up space for your useless screeds…join your idiot comrades looting and destroying someone else’s property and investment of hard work because they/you can’t make other hard working people who want to contribute positively to the world listen to your nonsense.

  224. @BlueCapitalist

    I did a search under “Martin Armstrong” and 2032.

    Interesting stuff–sounds to me like he is on the right track.

    He is forecasting huge increases in the income tax rate under Democratic rule when they get the chance.

    The best way to beat that is to hunker down and get your expenses very low–if you have low expenses you will not need much income–so you avoid getting into the higher tax brackets.

    That means paying down all debt asap, including mortgage debt–no wasteful spending.

  225. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert White

    ancient Chinese warrior advised alignment with my enemy’s enemy

    You are in serious danger here, put there by a slogan.
    1) “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is ordinarily attributed to the Arabs, a people not noted for stable and long term alliances.
    2) There were many “ancient Chinese warriors”. The most famous one in the West is Sun Tsu, who wrote, twice, to be very careful with your allies. Know who they are, what they plan, and do not make them more powerful than they already are:
    3) Relying upon simple rules like “enemy’s enemy” can make you what Lenin called a “useful idiot”. If the enemy you ally with is much stronger than you are (which is the case here), then when your alliance you’re just an after dinner snack for your “friend”.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  226. @Anonymous

    All Communists are friendlies when it comes to the fraud of Capitalism, and fascist totalitarianism vis-a-vis the West, and American so-called exceptionalism which is just slang for fraud. China, USA, and Russian Federation have no power over me as I am a CANUCK pinko Commie bastard, eh.

    I used to be a useful idiot, but then I wised up.

    Americans should just bite the bullet and become the next Communist country.


    • Replies: @noname27
  227. noname27 says: • Website
    @Robert White

    “Capitalism and Bolshevism are the two sides of the same Jewish coin.”

    – Adolf Hitler

    America is already a Communist country and has been since 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act:

    “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communising a nation.” – – V. I. Lenin

  228. noname27 says:

    Neo-Nazis are Jew controlled opposition. They are no more Nazis than my neighbour’s cats.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  229. annamaria says:

    Are you aware of the ethnicity of Banderites?

    • Replies: @noname27
  230. noname27 says:

    After a quick search, the wonders of the web revealed that they are allegedly a group of right wing Ukrainians. I trust you have a point for your question.

  231. @annamaria

    You certainly sound very, very righteous.

    This coming from the person who had earlier claimed that the Soviets liberated East Europe from the Nazis. When in fact, it was the Soviets who originally occupied most of East Europe!

    Your righteousness would have more currency if you did not overlook some important details, such as…

    I’m well aware of Polands participation in the annexation of Czechoslovakia. They certainly were not innocent victims, as popular history depicts. But what does that have to do with Soviet expansionism in Europe?

    On whatever side your family was during the War, the destruction of the monuments to Unknown Soldiers (from whatever side) is below human dignity. Only the worst scum would conduct and enjoy the destruction.

    They fought on behalf of a brutal, communist regime that subjugated Eastern Europe for nearly 50 years. It is not surprising that the locals tore down these statues after the fall of the Soviet Union. They were monuments to foreign invaders, and a painful reminder of the past.

    We live in an interesting time when zionists join hands with neo-nazis while continuing the noisy quetching on a profitable holobiz theme.

    Zionists are a major problem in todays political sphere. They run the roost in America and Israel. I’m not sure where you get the idea that they are allying with neo Nazis, though.

  232. Neoconned says:

    Has LAX gotten worse?

    I stayed at 2 of the Sheratons by LAX near Inglewood in 2012 and neither 1 had a significant beggar issue.

    But damn when i hit DTLA and the so called Figueroa corridor near the USC Campus i saw scores of them.

    Though i must say the homeless i encountered in L.A. were rather docile.

    The ones in Vegas are quite aggressive.

    Anyway i find this post ironic considering when Dubya became president the CIA was notably anti Democrat and the Dems at the time were calling for a new Church Committee

  233. @Robert White

    Trump is the culmination of the 5000 +year plot against The Heavenly Spirit Father . Trump is backed by the rothschilds and blackhats . Its all a show , the demoncrat leadership are the “liberal non believing jews” and the republicans are the “believing jews ” .
    What is very sad is that it was a roman catholic democrat named JFK who last stood against the jew plan and we all saw what the jews did to him .

    What is more tragic is most of american christendom would stand against jfk just because he was a catholic .
    Rome has long been taking over by jews 2000 years now .
    The earth has suffered the legalese society for longer .

    Fucking hell dimension it appears we are in physically .

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  234. @Robert White

    Even the American deep state is subordinated to Israel and if Netanyahu prefers Trump, the American electorate will vote Trump like the American Congress stood up ovationing Netanyahu as the latter arrived univited like a sovereign touring his domains.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  235. @sojournerholmes

    JFK did not stand against the Jews : at best he stood against a few over-idealistic Jews such as Ben Gurion, in obedience to bigger, nastier Jews such as Henry Kissinger, he was the first to let make the White House his home, and Edgar Bronfman, thanks to whom his family had grown from millionnaire to billionnaire. When JFK said he would hire only the best and brightest, he only said non-Jews needed not apply. JFK was very exactly to Catholics what Obama later on would be to negroes : a professional traitor in all respects. There was never the slightest chance that a non-Satanic access that political rank in the US, the original American project together with the constitution were contrived for that purpose by none other than Ben Franklin (((Frankeln))).

    The US never were highjacked from their original manifest destiny by Jews, they were born of a Satanic pact undersigned by Protestant-pretending Puritans and celebrated by Jews who were called upon the occasion because they alone knew the Hebrew formulae. Anyway what you say is pleonastic : most persons who call themselves Christians in the US have most traditionally been anti-catholic first and foremost, up to these very days, to the point that most questionaires about religion give catholicism a very different box from christianity, being understood that a good Christian is first and foremost a Zionist for Jesus, not a Christian by the more traditional European definition. Anyway the only aspect JFK knew about his pretended religion and really admired was the mafia style of government, both Catholic and Jewish.

    The first reason why he was put into power by the deep state against the American people’s will (who would have chosen Nixon) was that he had to perform an important mission only a nominal Catholic could pull off : providing John XXIII with the necessary logistic aid to transform the Catholic institution into an American-friendly one under the B’nai B’rith’s supervision : JFK especially ordered that any prelate still ascribing Jesus’ death to Jewish responsibility rather than Roman was to be purged of the renewed institution, physically if need be. The supernatural magnitude of that sin prophecized by ND of Fatima in 1917 and one would be able to understand only in November 1960 is so breathtaking that it called to heaven for direct curse in this world onto the whole family : please wake up, realize that JFK was the first 100% TV-plus-hollywood-made president in American history.

    The second well documented prowess of JFK was his launching of the Apollo manned moonlanding project in perfect personal (and well documented) knowledge it was unfeasible in its manned form and should rather be done by probes only while the yokels would be provided with a science-fiction film (JFK pressured the NASA not to make any move other than sending probes while the secret services would take charge of the rest of the story, as the war to be waged and won against Russia was in the realm not of space but of world mind-control, though JFK also insisted very much about climate control to be achieved by space devices). Having pulled off a lie of such a cosmic magnitude turns your person in a potential great liability were you to repent some day and assassination was the only solution. Anyway LBJ’s first intention in 1960, knowing that his own person was just perfectly unpalatable to the general public, was to support the angelic-looking, baby-face JFK and kill him just before the next electoral campaign so as to present himself as the legitimate successor of a perfect hero just having been immortalized in due manner. There never was at any point in American history any room for any good intention to manifest in any high place of that country.

    Double predestination, including active God-aided predestination (to be aided by the select few’s participation) of nearly all human souls to Hell, is an essential dogma of Calvinism as well as of Talmudism, and America explicitly chose to be damned by taking and building the Highway to Hell by the so-called Revolution of 1776. This very rapidly manifested by the fact, noted by Tocqueville, that in the young America any activity not motivated by monetary gain was deemed vicious, un-American.

  236. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    You are a very perceptive person—-something very rare today. It is rather crazy but perhaps not, that it took someone as weird as Trump is, to shine the light on the situation the U.S. government finds itself in today. Maybe someone as strange and different as Trump is what it takes to face down a government that has became strange and alien to so very many of its own citizens. The so called swamp, afterall, hasn’t been concerned about the U.S. citizens best interests for at least fifty years now.

    • Agree: Lost american
  237. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    Extremely well said. Congratulations.

  238. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:
    @Francis Miville

    It was a very revealing moment but very sickening also.

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