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Your AmeriCorps Grant Dollars at Work
Slush fund.
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Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti

Spend, spend, spend — and no one to watch over all this new AmeriCorps spending. The Obamas wouldn’t have it any other way:

The Corporation for National and Community Service’s announcement today of the winners of the 2009 grant competition brings the number of AmeriCorps members who should be in place by the fall to almost 88,000, corporation officials said.

The appropriation in the 2009 budget fully funds about 75,000 positions and stimulus funds added about 13,000 more positions.

The largest grant among new and recompete grantees recommended by state commissions – a total of $41.6 million in grants – is $4.66 million to the Washington State Employment Security Department for the Washington Service Corps. The largest total for a single program brand was $6.9 million that went to City Year locations in Boston ($1.76 million), Chicago (@1.1 million), Cleveland ($598,000), Louisiana ($738,000), Philadelphia ($2.3 million) and San Antonio ($403,200).

Other grants to state commissions that topped $1 million went to: Bay Area Community Resources/ BAYAC Americorps, $1.36 million; the Minnesota Literary Council for the Minnesota Reading Corps, $1.8 million; the Montana Conservation Corps, $1.5 million; and New York’s Harlem’s Children’s Zone for its Peacemaker Program, $1.35 million.

City Year’s Boston headquarters received the largest new national direct grant: $3.1 million of the total $19.7 million awarded in that category. Other $1 million plus grants went to: Public Allies’ Wisconsin headquarters, $2.7 million; Habitat for Humanity, $2.96 million; Massachusetts’ Jumpstart for Young Children, $1.96 million; and Washington. D.C.-based National Association for Public Interest Law for its Equal Justice Works, $1.16 million.

Public Allies is the Americorps-funded non-profit tied to both Barack and Michelle Obama:

President-elect Obama was a member of the founding advisory board of Public Allies. Michelle was the founding Executive Director of Public Allies Chicago from Spring, 1993 until Fall, 1996, and served on our national board of directors from 1997 until 2001. President-elect Obama was no longer on the board of Public Allies when Michelle was hired. Before joining Public Allies, she was an attorney at the law firm of Sidley & Austin and Deputy Director of Community Development for the City of Chicago.

Under Michelle’s leadership, Public Allies Chicago pioneered many elements of Public Allies’ program model. To identify and develop the next generation of Chicago leaders, she recruited young people from housing projects and youth centers as well colleges and universities. Her emphasis on indigenous leadership and belief that all people have potential to lead became a core value of our leadership philosophy. When she left, Public Allies Chicago had a cash reserve, a committed board, a talented young staff, and a network of diverse, talented young leaders in Chicago who continue to serve the community today. Michelle was also a pioneer in the social entrepreneur movement – leaders who create new approaches and organizations to provide new solutions to social problems.


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