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Who's Funding Shady Ballot Harvesting Schemes? What Is the "Center for Tech and Civic Life?"
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Last week, while on a business trip in Wisconsin, I learned about an insane ballot harvesting scheme that appears to be tied to a deep-pocketed liberal advocacy group subsidized by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and eBay former chairman Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund.

Conservative talk radio host and grassroots activist Vicki McKenna blew the whistle after hearing ads played during her daily show on 1310 WIBA.

“Last week on my radio program, we played Biden campaign ads,” she told me. “They were all about something called ‘Democracy in the Park.’ It was an advertisement about how Madison, Wisconsin, would have 200 parks hosting ballot harvesting events.” The ads were punctuated by a disclosure that they were “paid for by Joe Biden for President.”

On Saturday, Sept. 26, as advertised by the Biden campaign, Madison poll workers turned out across the city to register voters and collect absentee ballots, even though in-person absentee ballot collection is not supposed to start until two weeks before Election Day, according to Wisconsin state election law. Several of McKenna’s listeners showed up to photograph the city government workers’ activities promoted by the Biden for President campaign. The poll workers stuffed ballots into “red zipper bags with no security whatsoever. The poll workers witnessed people’s (blank) ballots, just like you would if you did an in-person absentee ballot, threw them in the red zipper bags, and we don’t know what’s become of these ballots since,” McKenna told me.

Imagine sheaves of ballots carelessly stuffed into cheap, canvas, pizza delivery-style totes. Then imagine them being carted away by unknown drivers to unknown locations for unknown reasons. Observers captured photos of several stuffed red bags being loaded into an unmarked white van parked outside Madison’s municipal government building.

“It’s clear from legal analysis: this is not legal and does not comport with Wisconsin election law,” McKenna argues. “There’s some serious questions about (Democratic) campaign coordination with the city of Madison.”

Now, enter a shady entity called the “Center for Tech and Civic Life.” It just so happens that this nonprofit “election reform advocacy group,” based in Chicago and founded in 2012, has showered more than \$6 million in the five largest cities in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin. In July, using COVID-19 as a pretext to boost mail-in and absentee voting, the center released the following amounts to governmental grantees:

—City of Milwaukee: \$2,154,500.

—City of Madison: \$1,271,788.

—City of Green Bay: \$1,093,400.

—City of Kenosha: \$862,779.

—City of Racine: \$942,100.


According to the Center for Tech and Civic Life’s website, they fielded over 1,100 applications from across the country for their purported “COVID-19 Response Grant Program” to “provide funding to U.S. local election offices to help ensure they have the critical resources they need to safely serve every voter in 2020.” Grants are to be used to encourage alternatives to in-person voting, “voter education and outreach efforts,” “early in-person voting” and vote by mail — all tactics being deployed by anti-Trump, “color revolutionary” forces to drag out the election long past Election Day.

There is nothing “nonpartisan” about this enterprise. The Center’s top staff (many of them Barack Obama campaign tech gurus) come from a now-defunct liberal nonprofit called the New Organizing Institute, whose far-left donors include George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies. CTCL director Tiana Epps-Johnson is a former Obama Foundation fellow. The center received \$250 million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Cha n. Trump-bashing Google is a top corporate partner. Other donors include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Democracy Fund (founded by “Never Trumper” billionaire and eBay former chairman Pierre Omidyar).

Chicago political activist Jay Stone has filed a legal complaint against CTCL, alleging that its grant scheme “artificially inflates Democrat Joe Biden’s statewide Wisconsin vote total and enhances Joe Biden’s chances of winning Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes” by targeting private funds to Democratic-run cities under the guise of enhancing pandemic safety and election integrity. In addition to Wisconsin, Democratic-run jurisdictions in battleground state Pennsylvania that have received CTCL infusions include Delaware County (\$2.2 million) and Philadelphia (a whopping \$10 million).

McKenna warns that the alarm-raising “Democracy in the Park” scheme in CTCL-subsidized Madison, Wisconsin, will be back in action on Oct. 3. I reached out Monday to CTCL to confirm whether its grants are being used for the tote bag ballot-harvesting program touted by the Biden campaign. No reply. Maybe I’ll get a reply to these questions:

If, as it plainly appears, private big tech and left-wing philanthropic funding are being used to rig the election process in the most important battlegrounds of our country, where the heck are the Justice Department and Attorney General Bill Barr?

And finally: Is this what the “peaceful transfer of power” is supposed to look like in America?

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  1. I think this is too funny. People are blatantly sidestepping the election process rules and it’s apparently OK.

    The entire system is so corrupt, why would anyone participate in it? Why get your hands dirty by becoming a voluntary part of a fraudulent system by voting for anyone?

    With Project Veritas uncovering how things are openly done in Minnesota and now this, one has to wonder why the ‘authorities’ aren’t on this and revealing it to the public. This entire two party system is one giant scam. They both know how to screw each other and they’re fine with it. It’s a game they play and the rubes think this is serious business.

    Get a grip on yourselves people. You’re being played. By voting, you help sanctify a system whose only aim is to ream you good and hard.

    • Agree: Ilya G Poimandres, Kali
    • Replies: @TellTheTruth-2
    , @Lucky
  2. And finally: Is this what the “peaceful transfer of power” is supposed to look like in America?

    This is not the same America your parents moved to, Mrs. Malkin.

    Perhaps, in Bizarro-America, we need human rights election monitors from El Salvador and all the former hot spots that Americans were concerned about fair elections being held in decades ago. The US Feral Gov’t could pay them minimum wage and per diem, and no need for transportation for some of them. They’re already here.

    If nothing else, get Jimmy Carter to come from Plains, Georgia, out of Americus, Jimmy Carter Regional Airport, up to Wisconsin to supervise. Though he was left-wing for his time, most Democrats were not bat-shit crazy street thug lawbreaking Commies back then.

    • Agree: Realist
  3. @RoatanBill

    Sadly, you’re most likely right.

  4. Rich says:

    Stories like this indicate that a dem win in November would have to be considered illegitimate. What happens then? The dems could have played it straight, the country was split about 50-50 Hillary vs Trump, so it could easily have gone their way on the up and up, but now. With these schemes revealed, they’ve delegitimized their party.. Time for an American Caesar to cross the Rubicon.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  5. @Rich

    Who’s to say there wasn’t a whole lot of cheating for the Hildabeast in ’16, Rich? They still weren’t quite as in-your-face whatdda’-you-gonna-do-about it 4 years ago.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  6. Lucky says:

    I would just like to stop here and ask, how do you know what you say is true? Did you witness it? Did you read it on facebook? Did you see it on an internet web site? You know the very idea of spreading fear of a corrupt voting system causes people like you not to vote and whala! people aren’t participating and Trump is getting his way. Report after report after report of voter manipulation and fraud are reported, and every single time, we find there is no conspiracy, there is not fraud. Maybe someone tries to vote twice because they think their first ballot didn’t get counted, or whatever, but that is a long way from massive voter fraud. People, it’s time to quite spreading these rumors and actually find out what is going on before you become part of the disinformation campaign. There is a very good chance that your source of information is nothing more than Russian or even Republican misdirection and propaganda to manipulate your behavior, and it looks like it’s working. And, just remember, if Donald Trump stands behind it and says it’s true, then it ain’t true.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  7. @Lucky

    Where to begin?

    The NY post recently did an article on a Dem operative that’s been rigging elections for years. He laid out the template and the amount of money involved.

    Project Veritas recently released hidden camera videos of interviews with people actually doing the voter fraud / rigging in Minneapolis.

    Newspaper articles have appeared describing voter mail being found in ditches, etc.

    For decades, the ‘machines’ in Chicago (Daly), Houston (Johnson), New York (Tammany) and elsewhere have been reported on. Gerrymandering districts is a time honored mechanism used by the political parties to try to screw each other whenever they get the chance.

    One has to be brain dead to close one’s eyes to ignore what’s been obvious for decades. The entire voting process is rigged by both parties in various ways to try to gain some leverage. It is to be expected when the prize is a life long do nothing job except to skim huge profits via insider trading (legal for congress, but illegal for the peons) and outright graft and corruption. The best definition of government is the institutionalization of graft and corruption.

    Now on to the real issue.

    Anyone that votes is an absolute idiot; dumb as a stump moron. Decade after decade, no amount of voting has helped the average person. The constant wars, the constant increases in military spending, the constant kissing Israeli ass, the constant debasement of the currency, the never ending stream of new laws and regulations that strangle free market activities, a Justice Dept that, in just one example, has looked the other way on Hillary’s blatant crimes, etc, etc, etc never seem to change regardless of which asshat gets voted in by the dumbass electorate.

    People that vote are providing the legitimacy for a criminal racket. That racket is hell bent on destroying the livelihood of every working person to garner votes from the human scum on welfare and all manner of ‘entitlement’. The entire system is geared to screw the average working stiff to provide the political class with their perks and the human scum in the society with a minimal living. Stop being a brain dead sucker by refusing to participate in your own enslavement. Do you really think Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump gives a shit about what happens to you?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  8. In Virginia, the organization Democracy Works appears to be managing the state’s absentee/mail-in ballots. Why? Who are they? I checked the mail-in ballot request (and tracking) website, and it seems quite easy to target unsuspecting addresses by requesting ballots, tracking them, intercepting them, completing them, returning them. I may be wrong, since vote fraud and criminal activity are not my bailiwick, but it sure seems easy to do. (I visited to poke around different states’ election sites.)

  9. Michelle,
    I just wanted to give you some of my observations.

    I can not find the three charities that are sponsors of Prop 115. According to the Secretary of States’ own page “Coalition for Women and Children”, “Alliance for Life”, and “End Birthday Abortions Colorado” are all “registered issue committees”.
    But none are registered with the state and none have websites, nor do they have any history in google.

    I think they are front organizations from the left. They put Prop 115 on the ballot, pumped \$5+ million dollars behind stopping it, and it’s being used to get out the female vote. There is little chance of Prop 115 even passing, and if it did, 22 weeks is hardly a compromise, while there are no penalties for abortion after that, so this proposal is hardly a risk for the left. Getting women to vote obviously is intended to gain votes for democrat phony compassion stances, and especially to get women out to vote for Prop 118 Paid Family leave, which would massively empower the CO govt to tax us, and create a giant bureaucracy that invades and controls our businesses and lives.

    Thanks, Sean in CS

  10. Rubicon says:

    This is a small example of what happens to a once-powerful nation who becomes thoroughly corrupted by Big Money.

    Big Money: Capitalism in the hands of the Oligarchs both in the US, The EU, UK, and for people like George Soros.

    This practice being observed is merely one more step in an Empire that is Dying – basically from Greed at the top of the food chain.

  11. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Lucky’s so over the top

    There is a very good chance that your source of information is nothing more than Russian or even Republican misdirection and propaganda to manipulate your behavior, and it looks like it’s working.

    that trolling can’t be ruled out.

    Your reply, however, is a first rate summary of why Beltway governance deserves nothing beyond derision. Things have reached such a farcical level that people like Mrs. Malkin and Lucky have to be divided with identity politics, other media-curated outrages, and whether Red or Blue is the most Exceptional! or cheats less. The truth is that Washington wins every time.

  12. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Why, when compared to others on this website, are comments under Mrs. Malkin’s columns moderated so slowly?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  13. @anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that setting is up to the writer, #245.

    By “setting”, I mean that, of the 10 or 12 writers I read regularly, I think only Steve Sailer actually goes through comments, or at least skims them, to pick out any comments that don’t get published (he’s pretty lenient, IMO, BTW.) You know writers like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan are syndicated all over, so they may never read a single comment out of the many places their columns are published. Therefore, I’m almost positive there is some setting they can make – under Ron Paul, Fred Reed, John Derbyshire and others, it’s probably just the next time some timed job of Mr. Unz’s does its thing, so maybe a 5 minute to hour wait (not quite sure exactly).

    Either Mrs. Malkin IS doing this manually, meaning this has to wait till she gets to it, or she’s got the setting to some pretty big number, like 12 hours or more.

    I’m going by observation only, but Mr. Unz has not ever discussed how this works (probably for more security), and Steve Sailer never answers questions or comments about this process.

    I hope this helps a bit.

  14. @Achmed E. Newman

    Oh, and I hope you didn’t mind a 12 hour wait for my reply. ;-}

  15. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Thank you. Your hypothesis about authors setting a delay without necessarily being given the right to moderate would explain what I’ve observed.

    But we shouldn’t have to figure these processes out. I have been consistently ignored by the publisher and authors when asking questions about moderation, and requesting transparency a la Mr. Sailer and at least some of the other Bloggers (as opposed to Columnists, which could be the applicable distinction regarding the moderation privilege).

    Why is the disclosure not comprehensive? I don’t see how that raises website security issues.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  16. @anonymous

    I didn’t mean “no right to moderate” though, #245. I’m guessing (still) that it’s more like “Your default moderation settings are: Cusswords: OK Manual Moderation OFF Auto-Mod Time Interval 5 min. etc”. If you don’t have any time for it, you go with auto and whatever time interval you pick – also on a whim.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t have to speculate on this if one of the guys would tell us how it works. Something tells me that anything close to the way this site operates is not to be discussed. No, I don’t know how that raises security concerns either exactly, but it’s a Catch-22 – if someone explained to us how it may allow some sort of hacking, well, he just made it a lot easier for somebody.

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