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Who's Funding GLSEN?
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Did you make sure to read the not-safe-for-school reading list of GLSEN, the radical gay rights advocacy group founded by Obama’s safe schools czar Kevin Jennings?

If you missed it last week and you’re a parent, you better go read it now in my summary post from last week. You’ll also get a recap of “Fistgate” (it is as bad as it sounds) and learn about GLSEN’s sponsorship of this year’s “Santa is Coming Out” extravaganza.

You might be wondering who’s behind GLSEN.

Well, they receive financial backing from numerous private foundations, corporations and corporate foundations.

Their national sponsors “make an annual commitment to GLSEN of $75,000 or more and, in addition to our gratitude, receive recognition as National Sponsors in our publications and website. Current National Sponsors are Cisco, Citi, Goldman Sachs, IBM, KPMG, National Education Association and PepsiCo.”

Here are their listed sponsors:

American Federation of Teachers



Arcus Foundation

Calamus Foundation

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Citi Foundation

DaimlerChrysler Corporation

David Bohnett Foundation

Eastman/Kodak Company

Ernst & Young

Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Ford Foundation

David Geffen Foundation

Gill Foundation

George Gund Foundation

Heckscher Foundation for Children

Human Civil Rights Organizations of America: A CFC

IBM Corporation

International Association of Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs

Johnson Family Foundation


Metropolitan Tennis Group, Inc.

Morningstar Foundation

National Education Association

New York Community Trust

The Overbrook Foundation


Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation

Ted Snowdon Foundation

The Streisand Foundation

Time Warner

W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Foundation

Working Assets/CREDO

Now you know. Make sure they know that you know what they’re helping put in public school classrooms.


Chris Muir takes aim at GLSEN’s lurid manuals. Bullseye:

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