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September has barely begun, but I’m confident no one will top my Whiny Media McWhiner of the Month nominee. This diaper-wetting award winner really takes the cake. With unhinged cowards like the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board editor Matthew Fleischer occupying lofty perches of influence, it’s no wonder public confidence in American newspaper and television news has plunged to all-time lows, according to the latest Gallup poll.

First, some background: As owner Hearst Corporation brags, “The San Francisco Chronicle is the largest newspaper in Northern California” and “the second largest on the West Coast.” Sunday print circulation tops 211,000. Its website reportedly reaches over 6 million users across the country each month. Fleischer holds an M.A. in journalism from New York University, worked as a “senior digital opinion editor” at the Los Angeles Times for six years, and wrote for a long list of mainstream publications before landing in the Bay Area in April 2021.

For the past two and a half years, Fleischer’s fear-mongering Chronicle editorial board hectored and harangued readers to trust the COVID science (translation: swallow every Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Tech claim without question or complaint). Fleischer and his colleagues backed the draconian lockdown policies of San Francisco Mayor London Breed (which didn’t apply to her, of course, as she partied maskless at jazz clubs). The Chronicle editorial board was so extreme that it castigated serial control-freak lockdown hypocrite Gov. Gavin Newsom for not doing enough to prevent sane people from getting on with their lives.

Fleischer’s opinion pages also pushed for indefinite indoor masking, advocated “making vaccination the price of admission to society,” and rallied the left-wing elitist pandemic mob against informed parents exercising their religious liberty and medical autonomy. The newspaper crusaded for legislative efforts to outlaw personal belief exemptions from vaccine mandates and to force every school-age child to submit to experimental jabs in the name of public health.

But just like Mayor Breed, Gov. Newsom and all the other two-faced COVID tyrants who exempt themselves from the rigid rules they’ve imposed on the hoi polloi, the Chronicle’s editorial page editor believes the rules and “the science” should be bent and ignored by the powerful and the privileged when it suits them.

On Sunday, Fleischer published a diatribe blasting medical professionals for not giving him Paxlovid pills after he contracted COVID — even though the experts and authorities he so worships determined he “wasn’t technically eligible” because he was “under 65 without any serious comorbidities.” The title of his whine-ditorial:

“Omicron finally got me after two years of being a COVID hermit. Then, doctors made it worse.”


Yes, he was a “COVID hermit,” cloistered in his Bay Area home (median sale price: \$1.3 million) where he admits he sat around, stuffed his face and gained “fifteen extra pounds.” Getting fatter “was worth it to avoid getting sick,” he claimed. So, he holed up in his “cave,” spurned the gym (“no thanks,” he scoffed) and avoided “the office, indoor gatherings and restaurants.”

That’s right. He chose to avoid fresh air, exercise and sunlight — effective natural immune boosters, according to a raft of peer-reviewed studies. You know: Science. Instead, he got vaxxed and boosted, masked up and hunkered down, and still ended up with COVID after flying out to the East Coast this summer. Whose fault is it? The subtitle of his gripe-fest is pure media megalomania:

“BA.5 just wiped me out for 12 days. Why did doctors let me get sick instead of giving me Paxlovid?”

What a weenie. You know what I did when lockdown mania hit? I took responsibility for my health. In the spring of 2020, while government goons shut down gyms and blocked off playgrounds and parks with crime tape, I took up pickleball (currently competing in tournaments at 4.0 mixed doubles), lifted weights in the garage, ate healthy, hiked Colorado trails and mountains, loaded up on vitamins and supplements, and secured ivermectin (which The Establishment Scientists are finally acknowledging provides prophylactic protection “associated with reductions in COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates.”)

Oh, and I refused — still to this day — to be a guinea pig for those Big Pharma products that came out of corrupted COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. I’ve had COVID once while living life to the fullest, jab-less and maskless, while the vaccine and lockdown haranguers suffer reinfection after rebound after rebound, with or without Paxlovid as their savior.

Despite there being no benefit to him taking Paxlovid, Fleischer fumes that he should be allowed to ignore official public health guidance and pop the pills on demand because, well, because!

Stubbornly clinging to Big Pharma Voodoo, this nattering ninny is “hopeful the new omicron booster” will end the pandemic. LOL. Meantime, all of us naturally healthy, fit and fearless citizens who refuse to submit to the endless pills and profiteering injections that failed him miserably watch in both horror and amusement at the media meltdowns of reclusive basket cases. Cry harder.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected]

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Anti-Vaxx, Coronavirus 
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  1. Mrs. Malkin, I’m a frequent critic of your columns.

    However, it seems only fair given my comments under your others and the writing of other authors and commenters on this website to thank you for plainly stating your historic (and, apparently, prospective) personal decisions about the shots.

    No intellectually honest person can write credibly about these issues without telling readers precisely what they’ve chosen. And that includes any “boosters,” too.

    • Agree: Liberty Mike, Bro43rd
  2. As a liberal, Matthew Fleischer considers himself superior in every way, yet he secretly hates himself, and he seeks revenge on society.

    He craves having power over others, in order to compensate for feeling like a loser. One way he gets power is via vax mandates, which force everyone to submit to death jabs.

    For liberals this is not about some virus or “pandemic” or “public health.”

    It’s about having power over others. Liberal politicians exempt themselves from the lockdowns and the toxic injections that they impose on others.

  3. I read this on VDare earlier this morning. I always look forward to your columns, Mrs. Malkin, and I’m especially glad we could read a little bit more on the fading and often regretful Kung Flu hysteria.

    I know it’s your job to keep up with the San Francisco Chronical et. al., but I get to miss all of this – that is indeed some extreme whining and hysteria out of that Matt Fleischer.

    I’ve had COVID once while living life to the fullest, jab-less and maskless, while the vaccine and lockdown haranguers suffer reinfection after rebound after rebound, with or without Paxlovid as their savior.

    Like you, my boy and I, and later my wife, when she calmed down about 6 months into this, had a nice time during the PanicFest months.* When for 2 months the schools didn’t know what to do, we did homeschooling and had 2 hour recesses with non-social-distanced Ultimate frisbee and stick fights. We didn’t get jabbed, we both got threatened with being fired, but we both didn’t.

    Yes, we got the Kung Flu, Omicron-revision, this past Spring – well, we were pretty sure, as there was no profit in getting tested. (No more incentives to play hookey, I want nothing to do with swabs up my nose – even though we know it’s easy to fake, and then there was the liability.)

    “BA.5 just wiped me out for 12 days. Why did doctors let me get sick instead of giving me Paxlovid?”

    When did the weenie/normal human being ratio get so large?

    PS: WTF is BA.5? In my day, we didn’t keep track of the flu and colds by scientific terminology. We got sick, and we got better. What’s so hard about that?


    * Both my wife and I were glad we could keep working – somehow we were “essential”. We’ve got that essence, you see, like a scratch & sniff scent off of an old issue of Jet magazine.

  4. My nominees for top Whiny McWhineFace would be the so called mayors of Washington and New York whining about having to accept a teeny tiny fraction of illegal invaders that Texas is forced to deal with. Boy Howdy! Do they suck?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  5. SafeNow says:

    This diaper-wetting award winner really takes the cake.

    “Takes the cake” derives from “cakewalk.” A cakewalk was a competition in which blacks paraded in mocking attire and behavior, mocking the manners of white society. The prize was a cake, which caused “take the cake” to enter the language. Thus, using this old idiom is quite apt – the buffoonery angle – – but these days might be a cancellable offense.

    Alternative? Well, the UK version, “takes the biscuit,” is a disparaging reference to the Roman Catholic ritual, and so this could get you canceled big time, excommunication. Offhand I can’t think of an alternative idiom; one would have to just be literal and say “wins the prize.” I would hate to do that because I strongly embrace disappearing similes, metaphors and idioms.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  6. @SafeNow

    Thank you for the history of that expression, as I’d never heard about that before. Now, tell me, SafeNow, where did the Aussies and maybe Brits too get “taking the piss” from? I kinda like that one.

    • LOL: SafeNow
  7. @WorkingClass

    Yeah, I’ve read about the Lamentations of the Mayors, WC. It’s all fun and games for the Texas and Arizona governors until someone gets hurt though. The Babylon Bee warns us about this: Texas Buses Illegal Immigrants To Chicago And Oh No They’ve All Been Shot.

  8. Surfdad says:

    I got “it” twice, OMG! I am 65, I could have died, but no shots, so I am still here.
    In Nov2020, I got ill on Monday, on Friday I did my 800 ft vertical 4 mile bike climb and coughed up and out tons of phlegm, all better,except for no smell sense.
    Then in July 2022, OMG, I got sick again. (I secretly tested +), then on day 10 I proceeded with previously scheduled 50 mile hike to Mt Whitney at 14,508 ft. Boy was I fatigued, oh wait, so was everybody.

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