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What Really Happened to Justin Bieber?
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Everyone with a phone or computer has seen the mega-viral videos and photos of 28-year-old pop star Justin Bieber. “As you can see, this eye is not blinking,” he told his whopping 241 million Instagram followers last weekend. Bieber’s handsome face is drooping and lopsided; he “can’t smile,” his “nostril will not move,” and “there’s full paralysis” on the left side of his face.

The entertainer’s doctors diagnosed him with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a “rare neurological disorder” marked by facial palsy that is “caused by the varicella zoster virus” (which causes chickenpox in children and shingles in adults), according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

Media outlets around the world rushed to assure Beliebers (the celebrity’s massive global fan base) that the somber singer’s condition could not possibly have anything to do at all with experimental COVID-19 jabs.

EuroNews, which reaches an audience of 440 million homes in 160 countries across Europe, flatly declared there was “no link to COVID vaccination” associated with Bieber’s facial paralysis.

Dr. Anthony Youn, who bills himself as “America’s holistic plastic surgeon,” asserted to his nearly 4 million viewers on YouTube that it was “unreasonable” to raise concerns about COVID-19 jabs and Bieber’s plight, in large part because the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) (where he says he found 62 cases of COVID-19 vaccine-linked RHS) is “unconfirmed and unvetted.” He dismissed those cases despite the fact that medical professionals have regarded the government-run VAERS database as a critical early warning system since 1990 and have credited its passive surveillance monitoring with “improving the quality of reported data and contributing significantly to safeguarding public health.” As a research team noted in the peer-reviewed journal Pediatric Annals, “the investigation that resulted in the voluntary withdrawal of rotavirus vaccine was triggered by nine reports to VAERS of intussuception, eight of which had occurred within 1 week of the first dose of this vaccine.”

(Takeaway: An internet doctor who does boob jobs for a living is no more qualified than you or me to analyze The Science, no matter how many degrees he lists after his name or how many views his videos rack up.)

The medical experts at Rolling Stone sneered at “anti-vaxxers” for “flipping out over Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis” and relied on an expert who cited “significant life stressors, such as a divorce or a move” as a more plausible cause of the pop star’s ills than anything related to COVID-19 shots. Left-wing Salon similarly seized on the story to paint COVID-19 vax critics as “conspiracy” spreaders.

HITC, a popular gaming, sports and movie website, proclaimed that any link between Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) and COVID-19 shots had already been “debunked.” The “rumors are false,” its reporter asserted, because “there has been no clear evidence” of vaccine-induced RHS.


The truth is no one knows, and anyone who makes a definitive declaration one way or the other is 1) lying; 2) ignorant; 3) politically motivated; 4) paid off, or some combination thereof. It doesn’t help that Bieber won’t be straightforward about whether he has been vaccinated for COVID-19, which vaccine(s) he has received and how many, if any, boosters he has received and when.

What we do know is that Bieber’s concert team implemented a vaccine requirement for attendees; Bieber reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 in February; Bieber’s young and otherwise healthy wife, Hailey, suffered a mini-stroke when a blood clot traveled to her brain; blood clots are a rare but real side effect of COVID-19 vaccination; and researchers have been documenting a small but real number of incidents of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome as a possible result of either COVID-19 vaccination or “coexistence” with COVID-19 infection.

It is outright quackery to unequivocally deny that the experimental COVID-19 jabs might cause RHS, just as it was fake science and journalistic malpractice to deny or downplay the “rare” but real cases of COVID-19 jab-induced Bell’s Palsy. And it is a flat-out falsehood to claim, as University of Illinois Chicago epidemiologist Dr. Katrine Wallace tweeted, that Justin Bieber’s Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a “vaccine-preventable condition” that serves as a “great example (of) why vaccines are important.”

The truth is that a research team reported in the Journal of Neurology last November that varicella zoster virus (VZV)-induced neurological diseases such as RHS “might be a possible event triggered by COVID-19 vaccination.” That’s the exact opposite of Wallace’s Twitter propaganda masquerading as unassailable “science.” The researchers were careful to emphasize the benefits of COVID-19 jabs because, well, we know what happens to anyone who dares challenge Big Pharma orthodoxy. But despite that enormous pressure, the researchers urged more and continued study of the potential association between COVID-19 jabs and VZV reactivation — and recommended that clinicians “rapidly start … specific antiviral treatment” for patients who suffer neurological impairment after vaccination.

You can keep tabs on vaccine injury reports at and read published scientific literature for yourselves at Pub Med. Do your own homework. Distrust all corporate media. And always remember:

“Misinformation” is information they want you to miss. “Disinformation” is truth they dismiss.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected]

• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: Anti-Vaxx, Conspiracy Theory, Justin, Vaccines 
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  1. tanabear says:

    Steve Kirsch: Why I’m 99% certain that Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis was caused by the COVID vaccine’

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @AbrahamLincoln
  2. Another Canadian twit called Justin. It’s a laugh how all the “authorities” are doing back flips trying to deny that the covid shots caused his wife to have a stroke at age 26 and his facial paralysis at age 28. Lightning just doesn’t strike twice in the same place, the chances of this happening are astronomical. Hopefully, hearing about this will wake up a few people among his fans, but upon hearing his music and imagining the intelligence level of the people that listen to it, I’m not too optimistic.

  3. dimples says:

    Great article. The fact that Beiber or whoever he is won’t say anything about his vaccination status kinda tells ya that he must be worried about giving the ‘wrong’ impression. At least he didn’t collapse during a performance which would have been harder to cover up.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Replies: @Legba
    , @Priss Factor
  4. This is almost, but not quite as entertaining as Deshawn Watson news.

    When I searched on google the other day all the top ten hits on Justin Bieber were a variant of only conspiracy kooks think his face paralysis is from the experimental MRNA therapy injection.

    Did anybody go past page one?

  5. I am resisting being smug because I am totally healthy and totally un-vaxxed for Covid at age 74, but…

    I hope Justin can recover. Both of them. Although I hold out more hope for Bieber, that he will recover from this malady, than I do for Trudeau, who appears to be terminally stupid. People call it Cana-DUH for a reason…for many reasons.

    “Science” has been prostituted nowadays for far too many things – Covid and vaccines that not only do not work but cause harm, the climate scam and the “danger” of carbon/CO2, the feasability of an all-electric society with no fossil fuels, the fiction that men can become women and vice-versa…

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  6. George 1 says:

    This is a case of ” We can’t prove it was the Vaxx”. But. It was the Vax. The same thing happened to his wife. We cant prove that was the Vaxx either. But. It was the Vaxx.

    These morons would have you believe that the 40% increase in all cause mortality since the vaxx started going into arms is perfectly within norms. Nothing to see here.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  7. Definitely a case of ‘Suddenly’.

  8. Realist says:

    So you are doing your best to spread a rumor?

  9. Realist says:

    Steve Kirsch: Why I’m 99% certain that Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis was caused by the COVID vaccine’

    WTF does Kirsch know?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  10. BJG says:

    First and foremost thank you for writing about this. It takes a person of your caliber to bring the rightful attention it deserves. That said in my personal opinion this was absolutely deliberate on Justin’s part to make this video. He knows it would be career suicide to say anything as it has been written the music industry is actually worse than Hollywood with regard to control. I beleive he did this to bring attention, WARNING and confirm how lethal these injection truly are. One has to wonder the strife and contention inside Hollywood itself – vaxed versus un-vaxed. You just know Ray Liota’s death was not pure happenstance and most likely related. In addition to so many others such as Betty White! I really thought if anyone would put an end to this mass extinction it would be those in Hollywood. Not sure what A List celebrity it will take (next) to put an end to this? Someone’s child will probaly be the breaking point.

  11. Angharad says:

    ALL the immediate denial, In My Not So Humble Opinion, is absolute confirmation of the Clot Shot damage.

  12. DefendUSA says:

    Varicella is the virus that causes Chickenpox or Herpes. Lies dormant after infection and can cause Shingles down the road. Bieber likely did not have CP vaccine since he would have been 2 and most childhood shots were done until age 5. If he did, and then had more than two Corona shots…
    We cannot say it was not the shot. Given that we know Bells Palsy is another side effect, it appears reasonable to think this paralysis was caused by multiple shots which could cause the Antibody Defense Enhancement. His wife and he likely jabbed together and she has a stroke caused by….clotting.
    Do any of you calling the rest of us conspiracy theorists read beyond the headlines? Insurance companies are the ones reporting that all cause mortalities have increased astronomically. So are the morticians who noticed the clotting happening in the deceased and no one is investigating. What about the FDA being required to release the study results now and what they show. They should never have been approved for EUA, and now that same agency, despite myocarditis warnings wants your babies to have shots. NO THANKS! That is just ludicrous.

  13. Dumbo says:

    I have no idea, but it’s odd seeing all these young people having strokes or weird diseases like “Ramsay whatever syndrome” or “Guillain-Barré syndrome”, which normally affect, say, 0.000001% of the population or so.

  14. It was the jab.

    I’m not a fan, but I still feel bad for the kid and his wife.

    There is absolutely no reason why any young person should have gotten that stupid vaccine for a virus with a death rate for young people at near zero.

    We’ll never know how many people have been killed and maimed by this “vaccine.”

    • Replies: @Anon
  15. “So are the morticians who noticed the clotting happening in the deceased and no one is investigating.”

    Dr. Jane Ruby’s been talking about this for months.

    • Replies: @DefendUSA
  16. Hans says:

    The clots are not rare among the jabbed.

    Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole on the “vaccine” damage –

    Critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory on the “vaccines” –

  17. DefendUSA says:
    @Joe Paluka

    I know! Steve Kirsch, Eugypius, Jessica Rose…and others have great write-ups on Substack.
    I was desperate to stop my son who has an Aortic Stenosis, from taking the shot.
    He had Covid twice- if the tests were accurate. Two weeks after second round, he had an echo that showed his heart and the stenosis were still perfectly stable and no damage. No change. Then the doc said, “If you get Covid AND myocarditis, it will be worse than if you take the shot. WTH!! I told him he would be taking a big risk as a 22yo- but he didn’t believe I had the smarts because I had no MD behind my name. Then the doc dump came from FDA. That did it. He did not take it. TFG!!! I should not know three people under 40, not overweight who had reactions and side effects, yet I do. And I ask anyone who had the shot about side effects and I MAKE them go to VAERS. My girls both took it and had issues.

    Graphed reports of vaccinations not really “working”…showing spikes (antibody defense enhancement) and the deaths increasing as well.

  18. Anon[129] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I’m afraid the fun is just beginning. Give it one moar year, and the will be many surprises.

    Quite a few vaxxed couples.will be seeking reproductive help in a few years when pregnancies just keep not happening, and when they do occur, oft result in miscarriages.

  19. @dimples

    Now, I’m pro-quaccine, at least for the globalists.

    Yes, get jabbed in the ass and feel the pain.

  20. @tanabear

    Yes it happened in the clinical trials for Pfizers Covid shot

  21. He’s got Beiber Fever (sic).
    …and The Jab.

  22. I will love to hear if anything is known about the interplay between shingle vaccinations
    before and after Covid 19 jabs and or infections. We already know the spotty effectiveness of
    the Covid 19 shots by themselves.
    Are shingles vaccines more likely to be helpful than detrimental?

  23. Cancelling a concert tour for a major star like Bieber must’ve cost a fortune. Similarly, the Foo Fighters had to cancel the remainder of a tour after their vaxxed, 50 year old drummer died suddenly a couple of months ago.

    All those tickets had to be refunded, vendors refunded, deposits paid back (or lost) and much more. And of course, the whole thing had to be insured.

    It makes you wonder if insurance companies might be less willing to insure a concert tour if they know the star has taken the vax.

  24. Not for nothing, but I’m inclined to believe that evidence for the adverse effects of the jab are being intentionally suppressed. And yet I just assumed bad plastic surgery was the most likely culprit in this case.

    Seems like a more reasonable (and not unprecedented) assumption for a celebrity who made a fortune from his looks, and is now starting to show his age…

  25. Sammy. says:

    He has said in the past that he has his own Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and falls asleep in it almost every night. Maybe the combo of it being pure oxygen + being pressurized messed him up over time, who knows, he may have stayed in it too long as well which would have hurt him, no “ifs” there.

  26. Don’t you just love the word ‘debunked’. Every liberal fascist’s preference instead of all that dweadful discussion, debate or, hiss, boo, evidence. The auto-lobotomisation of the liberal fascist hive-mind is hilarious, is it not? More boosters to them, but, as we see in Spain (unmentioned in the MSM, naturally)that’s probably more ‘saline’ to them. ‘By the fruits they eat, you shall know them’.

  27. @Realist

    Well go ahead and look at his evidence and argument, and don’t take the liberal fascist path of rejecting everything according to its author, or its author’s ‘position’. Use your brain.

    • Thanks: Bill Jones
  28. @George 1

    George, the liberal fascists and BigPharma trolls are ‘arguing’ that the 40% increase is caused by CoViD19, not the blessed ‘vaccines’ such a boon to humanity thanks to the glory of BigPharma, and is proof that we need MORE injections. Do try and keep up, or I’ll have to report you to The Authorities.

  29. Jimmy1969 says:

    Another useless article saying nothing

  30. It’s well known that COVID-19 can cause blood clots and strokes. Both Bieber and his woman had COVID-19. Until October 2021, Australia had a zero covid policy (not as successful as China’s) and it had and still has a vaccination level higher than the USA’s. While the US life expectancy decreased by 2.2 years in 2020 and 2021, Australia’s increased by a trivial amount. Now that we’ve adopted the US policy of learning to die with covid, our covid death rate is already less than 9 times better than the US losers. It’s time to stop publicly masturbating about vaccination and notice the disease.

    It’s worth noticing that it’s still the Democrat disease in spite of Republican efforts to catch up. That’s because traditional US Blacks are reluctant to get vaccinated and they’re obese. That’s a bad mix for COVID-19. The Republicans are gaining Latin American support, so that’ll help them win the covid race to the bottom.

    I’ll be very surprised if fewer than 60% of Latin Americans vote Republican in 2024. That could only happen if the Church of Woke loses it’s power among the Democrats. I can’t see them stopping their support for genital mutilation, racist discrimination and crime. I can’t see them believing a female’s rape complaint if the rapist bothers to lie that he’s not a man and isn’t known to be a Republican. I can’t even see the party of the billionaires dropping their support for a US censorship system run by billionaires. [email protected]

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @Dumbo
  31. @Not Chicken Little

    Well you show yourself to be a buffoon, but probably worse, with the ritual garbage about CO2. Is there some cult where you need a lobotomy before joining, and then MUST gibber denialist garbage robotically thereafter?

  32. Did Australia have a policy whereby anybody who died in a hospital within 28 days of a “positive” (and the scare quotes are because we all know what that means with RT-PCR tests) Covid test was worth an extra \$50k to the hospital?

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  33. @Donald A Thomson

    It’s well known that COVID-19 can cause blood clots and strokes.

    Do you have a source for that?

    Do you believe that COVID-19 is a more likely cause than the injection(s) for a stroke in a young woman?

    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  34. dearieme says:

    I like the joke that a new major cause of death is “suddenly”. I add that another is “in his sleep”.

    Both tend to happen to young, healthy people “without warning”.

    But joking aside – it’s murder, isn’t it? Mass murder. And now they want to do it to infants.

    What are we going to call that? The kiddycaust?

  35. @Greta Handel

    It’s a standard warning by Australian health authorities. One of my friends with a blood clotting problem has also been warned by his doctor that’s why covid would kill him. I’ve also seen multiple internet references by researchers. It’s trivial (but slow) to check even with Google. There’s a medical search engine that’s much easier to use (what you want isn’t buried in irrelevancy) but my age has consequences for my memory: the occasional memory disappears but usually only for a while. [email protected]

  36. @Donald A Thomson

    There have been many pronouncements from public and corporate authorities about COVID-19. There have also been dozens of articles on this site that have been the subject of thousands of comments, many of which I’ve read. But I don’t recall much, especially lately, to substantiate that

    It’s well known that COVID-19 can cause blood clots and strokes.

    If you want to be credible, you should be able to provide something that informs your assertion.

    I also asked, “Do you believe that COVID-19 is a more likely cause than the injection(s) for a stroke in a young woman?”

  37. @Donald A Thomson

    One of my friends with a blood clotting problem has also been warned by his doctor that’s why covid would kill him.

    The word for this is script. Whenever a corporation employee speaks to you they are reciting a script they have been paid to memorize. Extra brownie points if they can do it verbatim!

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  38. anarchyst says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    It’s the COVID “jab” that causes the clotting, NOT COVID itself. For most people, COVID is no different than an annual “flu” which has disappeared ever since the advent of COVID.

  39. Dumbo says:
    @Donald A Thomson

    Sir, you are a moron, or you’re a masochist who likes to be abused by the authorities. “Covid” doesn’t cause strokes, since it’s a respiratory disease. I know many people who had Covid, both vaxxed and unvaxxed, for most it was very mild, “just like the flu”. It can get serious for older or obese people, but that’s it.

    The cases of myocarditis and other cardiac problems related to vaccination side effects, especially in younger people, have been well established. You will notice that some countries (i.e. Sweden) the vaccine is no longer recommended for young people and children exactly for those reasons. For young people and children, “Covid” is probably less risky than the vaxx.

    That said, Bieber’s case is different, doesn’t look like a stroke. More something like Bell’s palsy or some other neurological syndrome. It’s possible that the cause is the vaxx, but it could be also drugs or something else, hard to say. But the idea that a random virus out of nowhere paralyzed half of his face in a very rare type of disease is ridiculous.

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