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What Every Parent Must Know About Pfizer
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The CEO of Pfizer (market cap: \$240.5 billion) is Albert Bourla (2020 compensation package: \$21 million). Bourla and his colleagues want your kids to start getting jabbed with his company’s COVID vaccine by Thanksgiving. Triumphant after the Biden administration last week approved Pfizer’s COVID booster shots (estimated global sales: \$26 billion), the company is touting study results (preliminary and non-peer-reviewed), which purportedly show “robust” antibody response and “favorable” safety outcomes for children ages 5-11 who received a two-dose combo in clinical trials.

Now, here are some facts all moms and dads must know about Pfizer before they allow their young daughters and sons to be guinea pigs of a profit-maximizing multinational corporation.

Twenty five years ago, Pfizer sent a team to Kano, Nigeria during a meningococcal meningitis outbreak. They conducted an “open label” (unblinded) clinical trial involving 200 children, half of whom were given Pfizer’s new antibiotic Trovan and half of whom received the gold standard treatment, ceftriaxone. Watchdogs noted that Pfizer used substantially lower doses of ceftriaxone to rig the trials in favor of Trovan.

At the time of the Kano trial, Pfizer was pushing for FDA approval of their latest potential billion-dollar cash cow for pediatric use. Eleven Nigerian children died: five after receiving Pfizer’s product and six after receiving lower-than-normal doses of the older drug.

Pay close attention, parents. A Washington Post investigation reported that one 10-year-old girl suffering from meningitis was not taken off experimental Trovan and given standard, proven treatments by Pfizer’s clinical trial operators–when it was clear that her condition was deteriorating. One of her eyes froze. She lost strength, then died. A Nigerian doctor who supervised the studies for Pfizer admitted that his office had “backdated an approval letter” for the human trials, which “may have been written a year after the study had taken place.” Informed consent was undermined by language and education barriers.

One outraged African newspaper demanded that the government “tell us whether our children were used as guinea pigs and, if so, who committed such criminality and who is liable.” After years of protracted litigation with the pharmaceutical behemoth, Nigerian families reached a \$75 million out-of-court settlement sealed with a confidentiality clause.

A separate whistleblower lawsuit filed by Pfizer’s former associate medical director for central research and Yale pediatric infectious disease specialist, Juan Walterspiel, alleged that the company fired him in retaliation for warning before and after the deadly Kano fiasco that the study methods were “improper and unsafe.” Walterspiel further claimed that Pfizer had bribed Nigerian officials to continue the study and cut safety corners because “stock options and bonuses were at stake.”

Pfizer tried to suppress Walterspiel’s allegations, but was forced into a settlement after Wikileaks published diplomatic cables showing that Pfizer had attempted to dig up dirt on a Nigerian prosecutor to bully him into dropping lawsuits by state and federal authorities in Africa.


A secret internal Nigerian government report, leaked years after it had been written, concluded that Pfizer violated international law by conducting an “illegal trial of an unregistered drug” and failing to inform children’s parents that the meningitis treatment was experimental. The government panel called the Trovan tragedy a “clear case of exploitation of the ignorant.”

If you think this corruption was all an anomaly, or misunderstood altriuism, or “misinformation,” I encourage you to start doing your own homework before your child’s health and life become just another cost of doing Big Pharma Business.

Search the Internet and PubMed (while you still can) for “Pfizer,” “Celebrex,” “Bextra,” “Geodon,” “Zyvox,” “Lyrica,” and “Neurontin.”

Find out more about why Pfizer paid the largest fine for health care fraud in American history (\$2.3 billion) in 2009 to resolve allegations that it illegally caused false claims to be submitted to the government and paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe their products.

Learn more about the nearly 3,000 people who developed suicidal thoughts and severe psychological disorders after taking Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug, Chantix. Pfizer paid out nearly \$300 million to settle those cases. Or the nearly 10,000 women who won claims of nearly \$1 billion after developing breast cancer linked to Pfizer’s Prempro hormone replacement therapy.

And just remember, parents, that the pandemic profiteers who stand to gain unprecedented, multi-billion-dollar windfalls from endless vaccine boosters administered cradle to grave around the world have the most terrifying man-made immunity ever created: immunity from liability for their corner-cutting, life-endangering business model.

Parents: Protect your children at all costs from Big Pharma so your children’s lives don’t become costs of Big Pharma doing business.

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  1. What this “pandemic” has shown is the myth of Western democracy and freedom of speech.

    The emperor has no clothes!

    The only way the “elite” have found to push people toward the jab has been cohesion through carrot and stick.

    Facebook has shut down so called anti-vaxxers, all large portals censor people questioning the need for a jab and the definition of pandemic.

    A contest of ideas? A reasoned argument?
    Not on your life, its jackboot diplomacy!

    • Replies: @JT
  2. “estimated global sales: \$26 billion”

    How do they make money on the COVID vaxes if they are being (mostly?) administered at no charge to the patient? I’ve heard hundreds of various stories about vaxes, but have not heard anybody say they paid for it themselves. Is there a govt kickback for each dose?

  3. CCZ says:
    @gutta percha

    “Pfizer initially received \$6 billion from the federal government, which has purchased 300 million doses for use in the US.” MSM News 4/29/2021

  4. roonaldo says:

    Pfizer said in July it expected \$33.5 billion in revenue from its covid vaccine this year–now the booster for \$26 billion more. Bourla has declared that annual boosters will be necessary.

    While the mRNA concoction was in development, Bourla published a letter, saying he wanted to directly address the billions of people worldwide anxious for help. He stated, “Safety is, and will remain, our number one priority.”

    What a humanity-lovin’ guy this Bourla fella is!–sorta gets me all goose-bumpy…no, wait–it’s just an adverse reaction to his government-mandated jab. My son is a big-hearted kid. “Don’t worry,” I told him, “you’ll have an even bigger heart once the myocarditis sets in!”

    Pfizer didn’t participate in Trump’s cockamamie Warp Speed program. They have their own, superior, “Warped Greed” effort.

  5. Rather than citing his compensation package, or Pfizer market cap, you could have begun with the simple fact that “Albert Bourla is a jew” and I’d be sold on never trusting the man.

  6. Anon[534] • Disclaimer says:
    @gutta percha

    Our governments are paying for them through our tax dollars (and the ones they print into existence). Look at it as a 100% subsidy. Pharma companies are still making an insane amount of money, it’s just “free” to take them – if you don’t count what you pay in tax and inflation.

  7. Perry says:
    @gutta percha

    are you joking? It all tax money. You are paying to be poisined.

  8. Very nice article, Ms. Malkin. Well written and informative for parents ignorant of what they are truly facing with regards to their kids and the plans of the authorities to jab every living person they can, even infants and very young children. Hopefully, people will share this with their friends who have kids. Word needs to spread, sheeples need to wake up, this insanity must stop.

    Thank you for your contribution to the cause of medical choice freedom and social sanity!

  9. JT says:

    It’s worth mentioning that government granted all three manufacturers immunity from lawsuits for causing injury with their vaccine under the PREP act. If they’re not confident in the safety of their product, then neither should you.

    • Replies: @Stephane
  10. JT says:
    @Cookie Boy

    To be accurate, we live under an oligarchy; where “elites” (NGOs, Military Industrial Complex, Corporations, and other unelected bureaucrats) desire a compliant populace that will blindly obey their commands like ants. Unlike Putin and Xi, most people don’t know their names. The courts won’t solve this since they’re friends of those unelected bureaucrats.

    You don’t need a gun, we outnumber them. Their rules are meaningless if people don’t enforce nor obey their rules. Evyerone else needs to say NO, because unemployment numbers and a recession won’t look good on Biden.

    It would be ideal if cops and military resisted as well, but it’s unlikely. They have to be shamed and we need to stop complying.

    • Agree: Weaver
  11. You have Life?  Good.  Then Life has you as well  All of you! Every organ, every drop of blood and, of course, your brain: your mind. But I have free will!, you say. Of course you do. Sort of.Now

    Life is normally quite placid. Even though Life lives on by consuming itself; the feasting is benign, as it is with all Life’s wards; with one notable exception. You.  And the rest of the human race. We are Life consuming gluttons extraordinaire. Think Gettysburg, Dachau, Hiroshima and …factory farming: ad nausea.This is not new, of course. Our behavior is old news. Life has cut slack to humans because we have a uniqueness that has warranted observation over time. Time may have just run out.

     Humans now have the ability to destroy the biosphere. Our pernicious conduct may have convinced Life that without its prompt.interjection; it is inevitable.Enter Mr.Covid 19. Force Majeure of modern plagues. Sponsor of the blame game to end all blame games. Seven billion people have an opinion…and an asshole. The ones who have a microphone or a computer demonstrate both, daily. Think Life has a hand in all this?

    Maybe the plague is a worldwide distraction to give the Biosphere a little breathing room to heal from ongoing human assault? Hmmm.Millions are dead. Millions are becoming infected every day. The virus twists and turns and presents a new face constantly. We rush to keep up but seemingly always lag behind. How so? Is it out of our hands?

    • Troll: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Mike Tre
  12. I never miss out reading a Michelle Malkin article. Her political beliefs don’t bother me. She writes and researches her articles thoroughly and that matters. She writes all the stuff that others miss. It’s also what I like about Ron Unz. As for these drug companies, deaths are considered as nothing more than a “cost of doing business” and are immediately considered with their profits. That is another thing most people do not know.

  13. Stephane says:

    It’s worth mentioning that government granted all three manufacturers immunity from lawsuits for causing injury with their vaccine under the PREP act.

    Considering they asked the manufacturers to speed up development, parallelize testings and fast-tracked the usual homologation procedure, it’s not completely surprising.

    Government : “We ask you to rush things to deliver as fast as possible !”

    Pfizer & co :” Ok, but if something goes wrong it’s on you, not us.”

    Government : “Ok…”

  14. Wait just a minute here. We don’t need to worry about any of that happening here in the USA. We have the FDA and the CDC safeguarding the American public. The teleprompter reader guy just got his booster the other day. 81 million voters can’t be wrong!

  15. By the CDC’s own numbers, your child has a greater risk of dying from drowning, from homicide, from suicide, from the flu, from an automobile crash, than from covid. Children do not need to be vaccinated.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Resartus
  16. Wade says:

    Years ago I thought of Michelle Malkin as just another run of the mill Fox News type as she used to make frequent appearances on that network. I never had a problem with that though because I once considered Fox to be a “reasonable” alternative to CNN, albeit watered down when it came to telling the truth.

    However, in recent years Fox News has shown their true colors and they are utterly despicable. Fortunately, Michelle Malkin has shown her true colors too and she shines brighter than ever before.

    Thanks Michelle for sticking with us as we continue our red pill awakening and thanks for another informative essay!

    • Agree: HbutnotG
  17. Resartus says:
    @Not Chicken Little

    By the CDC’s own numbers, your child has a greater risk of dying from drowning, from homicide, from suicide, from the flu, from an automobile crash, than from covid.

    After hearing you can get covid and flu at the same time….
    With the lack of flu cases noted last year….
    Could assume a large number of deaths were not covid, but flu…..

  18. @Robert Magill

    I’m good, Magill, but you can feel free to suck on the business end of a shotgun … ya know … to save the world.

  19. Pfizer has been shown to have falsified details of a number of severe adverse events in the trials. That alone should have resulted in pulling of the EUAs, but there is a “higher purpose” in play here.

    Where Swine Flu vaxxes in the ‘70s killed fewer than 50 and were pulled from the market showed that the purpose was public health: Where COVID vaxxes have killed tens of thousands and are being pushed with ever more vigour shows depopulation is the purpose.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Weaver
  20. preach to parents that let teachers indoctrinate children to cut their genitals off and become life long (admitted they often end it early) cash cows for the medical industry

  21. Weaver says:
    @The Alarmist

    I don’t believe depopulation is the purpose of the vaccine. It might be the worst unintentional side effect, however. The lockdowns are for depopulation, but they also create deglobalisation.

    The vaccine might create miscarriages and female fertility problems. But the primary motive here is profit, in my humble view.

    The lockdowns could well have a depopulation motive. That can be part of it.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  22. @Weaver

    I gotta say that I mashed the AGREE based on most of The Alarmist’s comment. I am also not so sure, Weaver, that the depopulation is part of the intention.

    In addition to the obvious simple motive of greed on the part of Big Pharma, I see both the LOCKDOWNs and the mandatory vaccination (attempt, so far) as part of a conscious effort of the Globalists and would-be tyrants everywhere to implement even more of a Police State.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  23. Weaver says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Bill Gates wants depopulation. But he and his buddies aren’t everything. I don’t know much of course.

    Police state is possible too. Many interests coming together. Some are also just legit fearful of the stupid virus. I hope we can undo the Patriot Act one day in the US. I believe change is a constant; a police state can one day diminish too.

  24. @gutta percha

    Massive government contracts!!

    To a business, these are like winning the lottery if they’re big enough. Which is probably the case here.

  25. @Weaver

    You are one optimistic sumbitch, I’ll give you that!

    • Replies: @Weaver
  26. Total hatchet job. If this was a product liability trial concerning drug safety and Covid vaccines, none of Ms Malkin’s examples would be admissible as evidence. The fact that a company did something wrong intentionally twenty-five years ago means zero today. The fact that a few other drugs had issues with safety means nothing. There are thousands of drugs. In the 1960s a GM engineer by the name of Ed Ivey wrote a memo in which he did an engineering cost/benefit analysis comparing the cost of “fixing” a known defect in the fuel system of some GM cars versus the “cost” of paying settlements in court cases for people killed or injured in post collision fuel fed fires caused by the defect. The memo found it was cheaper to pay settlements. For years plaintiffs’ lawyers tried to introduce the Ivy memo as evidence in virtually every GM product liability case. Judges quite properly kept it out. Ms Malkin is not a scientist. This column actually adds zero information to the Covid vaccine debate.

    • Troll: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  27. Weaver says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I’m concerned about the loss of what Russel Kirk called the “permanent things.” So, I’m maybe gloomy about the loss of other things you aren’t attached to.

    But politics is ebb and flow. Democracies seem to only change in crisis, and societies are always adapting. It becomes difficult to say whether some factor is truly good or bad, in the longer term, and no institution endures for long. An accurate history of the US would reveal several significant revolutions, dramatic changes, and that’s just the usual nature of politics. My current life is very pleasant, and I’m happy for that.

  28. @Harry Huntington

    Harry Huntington, call your office. There’s an ambulance , errr, first responder right around the corner that needs chasing.

    BTW, wasn’t that you on the billboard off the I-55 south of Memphis with the easy to remember phone number? Would it be OK if I post that number, just to help bidness and all?

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  29. @Achmed E. Newman

    Harry’s entire post is a logically fallacious, inconsequential, and irrelevant non-sequitur.

    He injects the issue of whether Pfizer’s murderous handling of Trovan 25 years ago would be admissible in a products liability case anent its mRNA poison. He asseverates, without citation, that Pfizer’s conduct would be inadmissible. He does so without the benefit of knowing the causes of action that a hypothetical plaintiff might bring against the pharmaceutical giant or the statements of fact alleged in such a hypothetical complaint. Likewise, he is opining without the benefit of Pfizer’s answer and affirmative defenses or the admissions it might make in discovery.

    Ask yourself: why would he broach that issue? Is the admissibility of its Trovan conduct in a products liability lawsuit regarding Pfizer’s mRNA medicine relevant to Michelle’s op-ed? Is the admissibility of Pfizer’s callous disregard for human life with Trovan in a products liability action against it concerning its covid-jab at all germane to the propositions raised by Michelle?

    Is he arguing that the admissibility of its Trovan behavior in an mRNA products liability case should somehow play a role in whether a parent should repose confidence, faith, and trust in Pfizer?

    Is he arguing that the counsel proffered by health care providers should be governed by the admissibility of Pfizer’s Trovan conduct in an mRNA products liability case?

  30. @Weaver

    Police state is possible too.

    We already have the police state. What this is doing is rubbing our face in it.

    John Whitehead’s Rutherford Institute follows just how extensive the police state is, nice precis here;

    We’ll know in a couple of years just how extensive the de-population effect is, and I expect there will be outrage that, as always will be be too little, too late. Impotent.

    Next year, of course, is the go live date for that great Charleton Heston movie and Psy-Op ; Soylent Green.

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