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Video: Here's Chelsea Spinning Tuzla
The Clintons' human shield child.
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Thanks to reader Robert M., here’s the video of Chelsea Clinton’s Tuzla remarks that I mentioned this morning. You’ll find the exchange in the last two minutes of the WISH-TV clip. Indeed-ly doodly, just as reader Christopher e-mailed me, Chelsea’s response to how she survived the “sniper fire” was to disingenously pay tribute to the military and Secret Service. She then wriggles out of the uncomfortable situation by chastising the questioner for focusing on the past instead of on “today” and how her heroic mom would fix the Balkans in the present. Because, like, you know, um, her mom has unquestioned, courageous leadership experience on these issues, you know.


QUESTION: Can you tell us how you and your mom avoided the sniper fire in Bosnia in March of 1996 (audience members groan)?

CHELSEA: Uh, we were well-protected by our United States military and the United States Secret Service.

QUESTION: Was there sniper fire going out at the airport? Did they have to cancel the welcoming ceremony there at the airport?

CHELSEA: Well sir, (nervous laugh), I think that my mother’s on record as having talked about this and I support what she said. I mean, I was there as well and I’m so honored (puts hand to heart) that I was there (audience applause).

But sir, I mean, I’m happy to talk about the current state of the Balkans and what my mother says about the current state of affairs because I think that most people here are interested in what we’re going to do about the world today and the world tomorrow.

Poor girl. Poor, poor girl. She can’t help her DNA.

But you know, it’s only nature that Clintonian whoppers will slip out of the mouth when you, your mom, and your dad speak “millions of words a day!”


Speaking of which, here’s mom “misspeaking” again.


Update: They must all be “sleep-deprived.”

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