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COMPLY or DIE: Vaxx-Partheid in the Operating Room
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Photo: Colorado Springs friends and Bible study classmates Leilani Lutali (left) and living donor volunteer Jaimee Fougner (right)

For nearly 20 years, I’ve reported on America’s medical welcome mat for chronically sick illegal aliens. Under a 1986 federal law, “unauthorized immigrants” with conditions such as kidney disease and cancer cannot be denied emergency room care, regardless of their immigration status or inability to pay. Open-borders politicians insist health care is a “right” that every last border-jumper is entitled to—and which every last American taxpayer must subsidize.

According to estimates from 2019 cited in a recent study published by the American Journal of Kidney Disease, there are between nearly 9,000 illegals with kidney failure in the U.S. There’s now a COVID-era push to provide them not only with emergency-room dialysis (at an estimated cost of \$400,000-per-illegal alien-per-year), but also outpatient dialysis under Medicaid. Conveniently, the United Network for Organ Sharing and Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network do not document immigration status, so there are no reliable estimates of exactly how many illegal aliens have received organ transplants in the U.S. At least one scientific journal article identified 400 illegal aliens who had received kidney transplants since 2005 —most in California at taxpayer expense.

Keep all this government-backed generosity for illegal alien patients in mind as I tell you about the plight of Leilani Lutali, a law-abiding American citizen and Colorado Springs executive recruiter diagnosed with Stage IV kidney disease last November. Her condition worsened over the summer, leading her medical providers at UCHealth in Denver to begin discussion of an organ transplant. Blessed with a close-knit network of friends through her local Bible study, Leilani found a living donor in Jaimee Fougner, a former Air Force medic, triathlete, and medical assistant who has spent more than two decades in the health care field.

“It was an easy decision to make,” Jaimee reflected. “Why would I not want to save my friend’s life?”

Everything was moving along smoothly until last week, when Jaimee’s donor coordinator at UCHealth asked about her vaccination status. Jaimee is unvaccinated and won a religious exemption from her employer’s jab-or-job mandate. Leilani has already had COVID and told me she recently tested positive for antibodies. Like Jaimee, Leilani has religious objections to the COVID vaccine manufacturers’ use of aborted fetal cells.

Moreover, Leilani told me, “I’m not ‘anti-vax.’ I got my shots as a kid and for business travel. It’s specifically about the COVID shots, which have not been out long enough. There’s no comprehensive data.”

No matter. “Trust the science,” stop asking questions, and comply or die.


Leilani and Jaimee told me they were informed by one of the transplant coordinators that if they didn’t submit to the COVID jab, their transplant “journey would come to an end.” Leilani says they were “told flat-out that there would be no exemptions,” even though UCHealth does allow its own staff to apply for medical and religious waivers. Leilani pushed for alternatives such as a negative COVID test. No go.

Leilani has now been placed on the “inactive” list—a death sentence.

I reached out to UCHealth, whose communications vice president Dan Weaver confirmed in a statement to me that, “In almost all situations, transplant recipients and living donors at UCHealth are now required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in addition to meeting other health requirements and receiving additional vaccinations.”

Welcome to vaxx-partheid in the operating room. In their discussions with Leilani and public relations materials sent to me, UCHealth officials have imperiously compared exercising the choice to decline the COVID vaccine to irresponsible behavior such as smoking or drinking before or after an organ transplant. Ridiculous. As Leilani told friends and family in a Facebook post about her plight:

“I have done the research on transplant patients and there isn’t substantive evidence that the COVID shot can even provide antibodies to fight off the Delta variant post transplant.”

Jaimee adds that the COVID vaccine clinical trials excluded severely immunocompromised patients and a peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Hepatology published in August found “poor antibody response” after COVID vaccination among 61 percent of liver transplant patients and 24 percent of patients with chronic liver disease.

Colorado state Republican Rep. Tim Geitner heard about Leilani’s case and blasted UCHealth’s decision as “disgusting” in a Facebook livestream video (which of course has already been appended with the Narrative Control Freaks’ pro-COVID vaccine disclaimers). Leilani’s case “brings great concern for many of us…where based on your vaccination status with COVID, you would actually be denied care.”

Indeed. “Where does this stop?” Jaimee asks. “If it’s okay to deny life-saving transplants to the unvaxxed, are cancer patients next?”

Yes, my fellow citizens, we have now arrived at the insane point in America where unlawful immigration status provides more protection than unvaccinated status—and where health care is a taxpayer-subsidized right for indigent illegal aliens, but not faithful, pro-life Christians who stand up against medical tyranny.

“I didn’t want to be the poster child,” Leilani told me Monday. But after much thought and prayer, she came forward to “be a voice for those who have no voice.” All it takes is one to become hundreds, thousands, and millions in such a time as this.

Who in power will speak for Leilani? Please stand up. The clock is ticking.

Copyright Creators Syndicate 2021

Reach MM at michellemalkininvestigates @

• Category: Science 
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  1. Biden and his handlers approve of this discrimination and denial of treatment based on vaccination status. Healthcare is a “right”, but only for the left. The rest of you deserve to die for not embracing their wisdom. But what else can you reasonably expect from the people who are not yet satisfied with a total of over 60 million aborted babies in the US alone? And about that number each year in the rest of the world. They love death more than we love life, and they are willing to force that love on all of us…

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  2. Emslander says:

    Kind of makes you wonder what it is that’s in that shot. It must have some very important governing serum that will one day force everyone vaxed to vote a certain way, as if they haven’t already destroyed democracy.

  3. Resartus says:

    So what’s next….
    Vaccination status line on your Organ Donor Card……
    Time for all non vaxxed to remove themselves from the Organ Donor system….

    Another system I refuse to participate in…..

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
  4. Ko says:

    I wonder, if she was unvaxxxed and got an organ from a vaxxed, would she then be vaxxxed ?

    I think, if she got the vaxxx, in her condition, it could easily kill her.

  5. Yet another problem caused by too much government. Conservative politicians, celebrated for the smarmy, anti-gov points they make during their stump speeches and TV appearances, are full of crap: They vote to make government bigger.

    Close the public ERs; and schools. Don’t hold your breath waiting for political conservatives to vote that way.

    • Agree: Rich
  6. anon[423] • Disclaimer says:

    Note that the CDC “Reports of deaths in LTCF residents following COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS with death certificates available” includes this item:

    “Acute kidney failure, resulting from acute liver failure, resulting from liver masses”

    So the CDC admits that their vaccines cause kidney failure at the same time they require it for people suffering from kidney failure.

    Is this Catch-22?

  7. Jimmy Rooks says: • Website

    It DOES! If we show a willingness to bow & scrape to fascists they’ll know they own us!😡

  8. Nermal says:

    As an organ donor myself, I think that’s a good idea.

  9. Like her or not, Michelle is so damned on target, as always.

    • Agree: JimDandy
    • Replies: @Not Chicken Little
  10. You have Life?  Great.  Then Life has you as well  All of you! Every organ, every drop of blood and, of course, your brain: your mind. But I have free will!, you say. Of course you do. Sort of.

    Now Life is normally quite placid. Even though Life lives on by consuming itself; the feasting is benign, as it is with all Life’s wards; with one notable exception. You.  And the rest of the human race. We are Life consuming gluttons extraordinaire. Think Gettysburg, Dachau, Hiroshima and …factory farming: ad nausea.This is not new, of course. Our behavior is old news. Life has cut slack to humans because we have a uniqueness that has warranted observation over time. Time may have just run out.

     Humans now have the ability to destroy the biosphere. Our pernicious conduct may have convinced Life that without its prompt.interjection; it is inevitable.

    Enter Mr.Covid 19. Force Majeure of modern plagues. Sponsor of the blame game to end all blame games. Seven billion people have an opinion…and an asshole. The ones who have a microphone or a computer demonstrate both, daily. Think Life has a hand in all this? Maybe the plague is a worldwide distraction to give the Biosphere a little breathing room to heal from ongoing human assault? Hmmm.Millions are dead. Millions are becoming infected every day. The virus twists and turns and presents a new face constantly. We rush to keep up but seemingly always lag behind. How so? Is it out of our hands?

    • Replies: @Resartus
    , @Resartus
  11. Setting aside the fact that they have chucked medical ethics out the window, these moron “Authorities” have little appreciation of their own exposure to reprisals for putting people in a position where they have nothing to lose. This is seriously short-sighted policy.

  12. Ladysham says:

    Tried sharing this article on FB today. For the first time, I was blocked from sharing something. This is so critical. Unbelievable!

    • Replies: @Renoman
  13. MB23 says:

    Wonder if organ donors are screened for those who’ve had the shot? If blood banks don’t want blood/plasma from those who’ve taken the COVID shot, organs could be compromised as well. I believe they have found that the spike protein settles in organs, no?

  14. With all the lies and greed at the highest ranks of government and Big Pharma, would it surprise anyone to learn that a natural cure for cancer and liver disease and diabetes does exist and that the government is doing their best to keep it quiet? And when they realized that it even cures covid they threw the most vocal proponents in jail with no due process and they’ve been there now for over a year with no charges and no trial. But we still have a few who are showing us how to cure ourselves…

  15. SafeNow says:

    An international ranking of “skill and competence of medical staff” ranked the US number 27. (Japan was number one.) A 2016 Hopkins report found that 250,000 Americans die every year from medical negligence. This episode, viewed in that context, does not surprise me in the least. There is much more going on, of course. But I will confine my comment to the medical-proficiency component. Signing-off from California, where public-service announcements explain to me that I should not try to scoot past the oncoming train at a railroad crossing. (on Conservative radio, no less; as if this audience comprises the train-scooters).

    • Replies: @Resartus
  16. Should this type of thing lead to deaths through purposeful cold blooded neglect, at some point, a bereaved person, despondent over an unnecessary death of a loved one, might just have a moment of temporary insanity as he goes looking for revenge.

    If I were on the jury at the trial, I would vote not guilty and I wouldn’t care if they have the whole thing on video.

  17. Anonymous[802] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s like having to pay the mob to stay in business!
    It’s extortion plain and simple.
    I’d like to see audits of all these Doctors that require their patients to take the vaccines whether it’s this or the reg flu shot!
    I guarantee you they are being paid big time to push these jabs!!!!
    That’s a clear conflict of interest if so!

    Furthermore who the hell are they to interfere with your medical choices?
    They are not supplying you the kidneys!
    The kidneys are donated or given by organ donors!
    These Doctors are incredulous.

    I have a friend that’s been on the list for three years and he received the same extortion letter today telling him to get vaccinated or he was off the list!

    Not one of the vaccines is fda approved either.
    The Phizer Bio n Tech was approved and it will not be ready until 2023……

    So they are attempting to force you into taking an experimental gene therapy certain to kill you!

  18. Resartus says:
    @Robert Magill

    Hmmm.Millions are dead.

    Barely anymore than the normal year…..
    Those being replaced through births, by people that can hardly take care of themselves,
    much less raise a family…..

  19. Resartus says:

    as if this audience comprises the train-scooters

    Kinda like CNN/MSNBC etc advertising on Fox, whose majority of viewers would never think about tuning into those, even if they were paid….

    They just take the money, lots of it, considering the number of viewers……

  20. Plainly three things here are true: (1) the unvaccinated should be dropped from all medical insurance. Being unvaccinated, whatever the reason, should make on uninsurable: (2) the unvaccinated should be denied all health care for Covid; (3) the unvaccinated likely should be denied all medical care. What about the possibility that an unvaccinated woman becomes pregnant? In that case we should consider compulsory abortion to avoid the future risk of a pregnant woman with Covid.

    We need a serious social debate about what we should do long term with the unvaccinated. Their unwillingness to obtain a vaccine indicates an extreme hostility to their neighbors and their community.

    What is most remarkable is that everyone wanted the vaccine when Trump developed it. It was only after he left office that the hostility developed.

  21. @Resartus

    Time for all non vaxxed to remove themselves from the Organ Donor system…

    You raise a very good point, but IMO have it back to front.

    “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.”

    Organ and blood donations should definitely be excluded from “vaccinated” individuals, when we’re talking about the experimental Corona Chan “vaccines” (which aren’t vaccines).

    The blood of “vaccinated” individuals is infested with all manner of life-threatening toxins, including the notorious “spike protein”, Graphene Oxide, various metallic nanoparticles and even live parasites (and God knows what else, because the “vaccine” ingredients are “secret”).

    Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Zandre Botha on “Vaccine” Contents

    I believe the Red Cross has alredy expressed misgivings about accepting “vaccinated” blood donations, and any blood recipient should be alarmed at the prospect of having this stuff transplanted into their bodies.

    The same consideration applies to organ donors. The relatively few autopsies on “vaccine” casualties has revealed that all of their organs have been infested with “spike proteins” and to at least some extent been attacked by the victims’ own immune systems. If the “vaccine” has had such bad effects that it has killed so many people, and if this is the effect it has on their organs, why in the world would we cut those “vaccinated” organs out and insert them into someone else’s body?

    Who would want one of those organs substituted for their own? What would be the point? The end trajectory might even be worse than if they had kept their own diseased organs and hoped for the best.

  22. SafeNow says:

    “I guarantee you they are being paid big time to push these jabs!!!!”

    What always amazed me was how LITTLE it took to induce touting a friendship with a drug company. I’d be in the doc’s waiting room, and the front desk hands me a clipboard with the name of the drug company on it. That looks really bad; doesn’t the doc see that? If that, what else? But, maybe the doc has always entered and exited through his private entrance, and has never been in his waiting room to see this going on.

    Wait, please, I’m not done yet. When they call my name to be seen, there is often no “Mr.” Just an angry or aggressively apathetic last name, like in boot camp. Why does the “nurse” regard you as a “grunt” in boot camp. For the plumber’s receptionist, by contrast, it is a respectful “Mr. SafeNow.” Heinlein said that the loss of polite manners can be more telling than the big stuff.

  23. If they are not blocked at the border because of failure to submit to the Jonestown Jab, they need to go to Mexico where Ivermectin is the major remedy used to cure covid. I am sure that her present condition means the death jab is certain death. These evil bastards need to be arrested and tried as criminals against humanities for these evil policies, especially considering that the Jonestown Jab’s fatal results have earned it the nickname. It seems that the medical system these days has returned to the middle ages.

  24. Though I don’t necessarily agree with it, I understand the rationale behind requiring the shot for recipients. But what of donors? What the hell is the rationale for requiring that? It’s nothing but pure, insane vindictiveness.

    These people are sick. I think their whole problem is that they never got invited to any parties in high school and now that they have the opportunity, they’re going to take it out on everyone who did. They’re basically the same as most cops. This is essentially Revenge of then Nerds in RL.

    As an aside, remember this little gem of a story?:

  25. @Harry Huntington

    You actually need psychiatric help. My goodness you are so far down the brainwashed rabbit hole it is scary 😧

  26. Renoman says:

    Facebook banned quite a while ago.

  27. @Kevin White

    Just so I understand, the vaccine was good when Trump was President. Then, through some hocus pocus, when Joe Biden became President the same vaccine that was very good for Trump became evil. Was there some magic witch doctor ceremony I missed?

    The reality is that those who refuse the vaccine impose negative externalities on society. They should pay the full cost of those externalities and should not be allowed to free ride. The best way to have the best society is to insure that those whose personal conduct causes negative externalities be forced to bear the entire cost of those externalities. Refusing the vaccine imposes costs on society. Those who refuse should bear all of those costs.

  28. President Trump signed into law The Right to Try Law…I wonder if that applies to organ transplants as much as medicines that people opted to use that were in development….I think that could be federal and constitutional grounds for a violation of that law.. I think the ACLJ and Jay Sekulow might take that case on. Clearly, both the donor and recipient have a great relationship and a willingness to “try” with the organ transplant. UCHealth are nasty bigots who are hiding behind an unlawful “unelected pronounced” mandate…They don’t even have the weight of Congress even passing a law on the vax. Biden in his mandate pronouncements FAILED to adequately and responsibly provide the maximum public medical options available to treat COVID 19 within his mandated pronouncement under the spirit of the right try laws. IVERMECTIN REGENERON QUERCETIN VITAMIN C D and ZINC are both effectively proven treatments in multiple US states and international countries such as India, Japan and several other countries. The Biden pronouncement though still unlawful would have seemed to be a more publicly acceptable pronouncement legally if iy included all right to try law style treatment options in the espoused mandate on only vax options in satisfying public health and safety treatments. The legal behavior displayed by UCHealth and the Biden mandate pronouncement are Constitutionally tantamount to denying Leilani’s life and her pursuit of liberty under the auspices of the Right to Try Law.

  29. @Harry Huntington

    Compulsory abortion for unvaxxed women???
    Either you forgot the /sarc tag or you are completely insane.
    Why does the vaccine topic bring out some people’s inner totalitarian?
    If your poison needle worked you’d have nothing to worry about.
    Fact is the vaxxed are spreading disease.

    Enjoy your endless boosters you filthy herd animal.

  30. Rahan says:
    @Harry Huntington

    The reality is that those who refuse the vaccine impose negative externalities on society. They should pay the full cost of those externalities and should not be allowed to free ride.

    First drugs users, fatsos, dildo riders, and assorted trannies.

    Then athletes, smokers, drinkers, and office workers.

    Then car drivers, bicycle drivers, skaters, and joggers.

    Only then vaccine skeptics. In the sense of “being a burden on the health system”.

    In the sense of “being virus spreaders” this stopped being a thing half a year ago when everyone quietly admitted the jabbed also spread the virus, but this quiet admission did not change policy, which has now acquired its own degenerate momentum. “The unpunctured spread the virus” is now only true inside a hysteric’s skull, but not outside it.

    “But everyone is saying this” is not valid proof. Even all the carefully worded “fact-checks” confirm this.

    The position “haha, I detect a logical fallacy in your behavior therefore you must have no rights” is deeply autistic fascism of the most narcissistic type.

    I can change my opinions twenty times a day. Thirty times. Forty. My rights remain inaliable.

  31. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    I like her! And not to take anything away from her, but the left gives us plenty of targets with new outrages almost every day…

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  32. Resartus says:
    @Harry Huntington

    The best way to have the best society is to insure that those whose personal conduct causes negative externalities be forced to bear the entire cost of those externalities.

    So we should stop paying Politicians and make them support their policies out of their pockets…..

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  33. Some doctors are utterly despicable. There was a case around 10 years ago, where an illegal alien received four kidney’s over Americans who needed them. She said she deserved this kind of attention and hardly gave thanks. Leftist doctors made the final decision. I realize these cases are difficult. No doubt about it. Every parent cares for their own kids first. But what kind of nation abandons those people who have contributed, paid taxes and yet are ignored over non citizens of a foreign nation. This crap has been going on for ages and this just illustrates why illegal immigration is dead wrong. It screws up so many things for legitimate citizens and those who have been waiting for years and years, trying to follow the laws of the U.S I repeat, the democratic party is a criminal organization by any other name.

  34. JasonT says:
    @Harry Huntington

    You are an obvious troll meant to stir hostility. I pity you.

  35. @Harry Huntington

    Just so I understand, the vaccine was good when Trump was President.

    No. Liberals opposed the vax when Trump was president, and then they did an about-face when the 3 Nov 2020 election fraud succeeded. Liberals became ultra-militant vax shills.

    By contrast, vax resisters never changed. They will not submit to vax mandates no matter who is in office.

    Even now, whenever Trump shills the vax at his rallies, his fans boo him. If Trump was president today, it would make zero difference to medical freedom advocates.

    Vax-pushing liberals are motivated strictly by hate, which they camouflage with gibberish about “science” and “Trumpers.”

    If all vax resisters are “Trumpers,” what about the 72% of black people in New York City that refuse to be jabbed?

    • Agree: Rich
  36. @Not Chicken Little

    , but the left gives us plenty of targets with new outrages almost every day…

    Sounds almost like a plan, doesn’t it? For years now they’ve had previously sensible people strung up as permanent outrage puppets. Which side of that drama requires the least work?

  37. Are there any Science Fiction fans out there? I ask anyone over 50 y/o or so, who read the stuff as a kid to think back on some of the stories. Would this not be a good sci-fi plot in a book that told of a dystopian future of 1000 years from now? Nobody told me this stuff would come about in my lifetime.

    Nobody told me there’d be days like these. Strange days, indeed. Most peculiar, Mama.

    I wish good luck to you, Michelle, and others who are working to stop this medical tyranny.

    Hah. I was just looking for the old version of this with John and Yoko. I hadn’t known someone made a video like this.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  38. @Rahan

    Great reply, Rahan, but I’m trying to get into a habit of not responding to ambulance chasers. I don’t want to find Harry Huntington in my driveway one day serving a subpoena, probably crawlin’ with Covid-one-niner germs!

  39. @Anonymous

    My primary care doctor at Kaiser Permanente (which, in general, is a good system in my neck of the woods) wanted me to have my lungs checked by a pulmonary specialist. The pulmonary office scheduler phoned me to set up my appointment. One requirement was that I either be vaccinated or tested for Covid. I refused and will not be seen by the pulmonary department.

    This is hardly unique to me, but the first time I have experienced the two-tier medical system. It’s hitting close to home.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Resartus
  40. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    There was a case around 10 years ago, where an illegal alien received four kidney’s over Americans who needed them.

    4 kidneys? Man, he’s probably got the cleanest blood this side of Mexicali!


  41. Resartus says:
    @Etruscan Film Star

    One requirement was that I either be vaccinated or tested for Covid.

    Recently had an endoscopy with the VA, they required a TEST… No problem…
    Know other Veterans that have had procedures, even if Vaccinated, require a Test…

    Have refused the Vaccine a number of times, they continue to ask me if I want one….

  42. Lala says:

    That would be fantastic! All those who refuse to believe in medical science should absolutely refuse to participate in organ transplantation, and just diy themselves a solution.

    • Replies: @Rich
  43. MarkU says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Yes it could have been the plot for a dystopian sci-fi story back in the day.

  44. Years ago I read “The Nazi Doctors” by Robert J. Lifton. And, Hannah Arendts “Eichman in Jerusalem: A Report On the Banality of Evil”. In the years since having risen in the ranks of both private enterprise and government I have noticed how some folks, no matter how well educated and smart are willing to act in an injurious, evil manner, to those they are supposed to work cooperatively with. The rise in this type of behavior was positively correlated with the leadership that embraced more rather than less totalitarian methods and dictatorial leadership style.

    Medical doctors are no more immune to acting in an “evil” manner than anyone else. But by virtue of their education are more capable of word salad justification.

  45. Rich says:

    Yes, those who don’t believe in natural immunity, who don’t understand that the vaxxed are beginning to die at higher rates than the unvaxxed and that the vaxx doesn’t prevent a person from contracting, spreading or dying from the virus.

  46. @Achmed E. Newman

    4 kidneys? Man, he’s probably got the cleanest blood this side of Mexicali!

    He’ll need regular blood transfusions just to keep all four supplied.

  47. Stalin pushed forced-collectivization.

    Jews pushed forced-collectivaxation

    If you don’t get ‘jabbed’, you are a kulak and must be denied all opportunities and freedom.

    Jews served Stalin in forced-collectivization. Anglo-cucks or Anglucks serve the Jews in forced-c0llectivaxation.

  48. dammad says:

    It’s called jury nullification. Judges and lawyers hate it but it’s a viable option. As for revenge, these days it would be an act of clarity.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  49. @dammad

    Most people are unaware that they can ignore the judge’s instructions and that they have the final say regardless if the judge likes it or not.

    Juries have the right to judge both the law and the case before them. If they think the law is wrong, they can judge the law and let the law’s potential victim go free.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  50. Nancy says:

    When the jury pool was asked if we had any questions, I asked “can you please explain ‘jury nullification’ “. The legal beagle reluctantlydid, and I wasn’t chosen 🙂 If a sizable number of us made it a point to ask for this is information, when called for duty, it might have an impact.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  51. @Harry Huntington

    a totalitarian stalinist troll

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  52. @Nancy

    Some people have handed out jury nullification flyers on court house steps and have been hassled for it by the cops and court personnel. Most people walking up those steps won’t even accept a free document that might educate them, since ignorance is the natural state for the bulk of the jury pool; voters.

    If you think of your own situation, mentioning jury nullification is a guaranteed rejection for jury duty since you must be a white supremacist, Constitution waving terrorist racist lunatic or close to it from the court’s perspective, and that includes all the lawyers since their first obligation is to the court.

    Sadly, the US is a police state where the laws no longer matter as they once did. We have executive orders in place of legislation, the IRS and other agencies writing “regulations” that are interpreted as law and the political parties that are both openly stealing elections (Bush stole the 2000 election). Prosecutors are now SJW’s who refuse to indict their violent pets. Cities and states are shirking their duty to enforce the laws by refusing to prosecute thefts under \$1000 and / or refusing to show up for home invasions, burglaries, etc.

    The US is rapidly turning into a banana republic with nukes.

    • Agree: Nancy
    • Replies: @Nancy
  53. Fine, then. Let’s just see. After everyone in the world is “vaxxed,” we should all be able, then, to free our faces from these ridiculous mold traps and get back to life the way it SHOULD be lived…right? No?

  54. @Not Chicken Little

    The manner in which the ‘liberals’ have effortless transmogrified into totalitarian overlords, almost instantly, indicates that what Jung called a ‘psychic epidemic’ is at work. You see it everywhere, particularly in the lying, the fanatic repressive efforts, the censorship of scientific discourse, the cult of authority, even an ‘authority’ that changes its diktat as it changes its underwear.
    And the hatred of the non-acquiescent. I saw one female-ish freak on ABC TV yesterday, DEMANDING that ALL children be vaccinated, lest they get ‘long CoViD’. That long CoViD affects children very, very rarely, less than ‘expected’, and almost always resolves after a month or two is irrelevant. That the long and medium term effects of the experimental gene therapy injections are utterly unknown, is not even denied. It is not even ignored. It does not exist! As I watched this zealot’s burning eyes, blazing with rage and fanaticism, I felt even more than usually the presentiment that we are finally there-Nutterdammerung!!!!!!

  55. Anonymous[134] • Disclaimer says:

    I am truly furious with this article. For one it assumes that the Covid pandemic is real and the arguments for taking the “vaccines” is meaningful. Trying to beg one’s way around this false narrative is disgusting. The whole point of the narrative is to force submission; not to treat or terminate a disease mostly a problem for old people with comorbidities.

    This attitude completely nullifies the entire concept of medical care. We can no longer consider the people enforcing such policy as medical personnel. They are something quite different and it up to the offended to take action. By offended I mean not only those who are directly involved but also those outraged by the mere existence of this situation.

    Action against UCHealth is imperative. I leave it to the offended to decide what action to take.

  56. Anonymous[275] • Disclaimer says:

    Wear a mask and get vaccinated. That is all.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  57. @Anonymous

    Wear a mask and get vaccinated. That is all.

    Bend over and take the prick – that is not all.

    – Dr. Anthony Fauci, Amateur Proctologist

  58. Nancy says:

    Got up to my ears in the 2000 theft. All is so true… for me, scales started falling with JFK. Was ‘economic FDR’ Dem activist, until ‘identity’ shift, the wars, Dems letting Bush have it, etc, but the Repubs were always ‘worse’… however, the ’20 FDA prohibition of doc’s ‘off label’ privileges re: HCQ et al was the flashing neon sign… how could anyone not see the ‘murder’ ? I (have to) think that there are more ‘red pilled’ than the MSM would have us believe… the brazen signs of bat shit desperation are heartening. ‘Demorlization’ is their first weapon, IIRC…. so we have no choice but to ‘buck up’!

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  59. @Nancy

    I’ve long held that the Fed Gov has to disappear. The states should become independent countries and competition between them for residents and businesses will rapidly separate the more reasonable from the ridiculous in terms of the laws they enforce. Even California would have to become less nuts than it currently is.

    The Fed Gov is the cancer on the society. It is a monopoly choking the life out of the country and also the world.

    • Replies: @Resartus
  60. Resartus says:

    The Fed Gov is the cancer on the society.

    Some of the largest costs to states are Federal Programs…..
    States like NY can whine about not getting tax money coming back into the state that
    some smaller ones do….
    That issue can be directly pinned on Northern Democrats……

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  61. @Resartus

    There is simply too much gov’t in the land mass known as the USA. There is no need for a Fed Gov any longer. All it’s done since WW-II is start new conflicts, assassinate the heads of state in other countries and become more and more corrupt and overbearing over time. New federal departments with millions of new employees whose only job is to harass the citizenry and make the US noncompetitive in world markets. The Fed Gov is what drove corporations and the jobs they create out of the country because they couldn’t survive given the US cost structure given that other countries could produce similar products at reduced cost.

    It is the existence of the monopoly power that the Fed Gov represents that hinders innovation, dare I say it, in government. There are some states that naturally lean left and other that naturally lean right. Neither is capable of self determination because of the Fed Gov. I would predict that the left leaning spend, spend, borrow, borrow states would rapidly change their tune and become more conservative once there was no backstop to their idiocy that the Fed Gov now provides. Already more conservative states would flourish by getting rid of the nonsense costs the Fed Gov mandates.

    Eliminating the Fed Gov and having 50 new countries would create competition for residents and businesses like no one has ever seen before. Instead of spend, spend, spend, the new mantra would be cut, cut, cut to be as low a cost jurisdiction as possible to support an industrial base as large as possible. Instead of wasteful spending programs we’d get what the US had before – value for money spent on infrastructure projects and a work ethic determined to be the best in the world.

    • Replies: @Resartus
  62. Resartus says:

    There is simply too much gov’t in the land mass known as the USA.

    Been that way for 100 years or more….

    There are some states that naturally lean left and other that naturally lean right.

    States lean right, Cities lean left….
    Problem lies in that too many cities are multiple times a reasonable size…..

  63. JimDandy says:
    @Harry Huntington

    Yeah, all those black people are refusing to take the vaxx because they’re still sore that Trump isn’t president anymore.

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