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Top 3 Reasons to Doubt the Ahmaud "Just a Jogger" Arbery Narrative
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Do you know who these two race-hustlers are? If you pay attention, you know that Black Lives Matter co-founder Shaun King (a.k.a. Talcum X, Martin Luther Cream, or W.E.B. De Fraud) and lawyer Lee Merritt are Morehouse College buddies who have been partners in anti-white, anti-cop agitation for upwards of two decades.

On Tuesday, King posted a leaked video that immediately went viral of “Just a Jogger” Ahmaud Arbery, whose family Merritt represents. Dissatisfied with the results of a Waycross, Georgia, D.A.’s decision in February not to arrest two armed white men involved in chasing and fatally shooting Arbery, whom they suspected of burglary, someone in possession of the clip somehow got it into social media master King’s hands. King’s post of the purloined video has racked up more than 7 million views, whipping up instant, knee-jerk outrage from LeBron James to Whoopi Goldberg to Joe Biden to some of the same ConInc virtue-signaling simps who threw the Covington boys under the bus.

Gee, who could have leaked the video to King, such that it “emerged” out of nowhere and rocketed into the media stratosphere?

If you pay attention, you will recall that Shaun King and Lee Merritt teamed up to perpetrate the Sherita Dixon-Cole hate crime hoax of 2018. Dixon-Cole, who is black, falsely accused innocent white Texas state trooper Daniel Hubbard of raping her during a traffic stop. Her lawyer was Merritt. King “broke” the viral story and everything was going swimmingly until law enforcement released the 2-hour bodycam video showing…no such thing.


The admitted liar was not prosecuted based on a technicality. Incredibly, King secured a job with the Harvard-affiliated Fair Punishment Project, which in part conducts research to prevent wrongful convictions and went on to headline the Innocence Project’s 2019 annual gathering. Merritt received no sanctions and went on to perpetrate more frauds and hoaxes.

If you pay attention, you will recall that Shaun King and Lee Merritt also teamed up to perpetrate the Jazmine Barnes hate crime hoax of 2019. Seven-year-old Jazmine, who is black, was slain in a drive-by shooting in Texas. Merritt was a legal advisor to the Barnes family. King used his mighty Twitter platform to spread conspiracy theories of a racist white truck-driving shooter and defame an innocent man named Robert Cantrell, whose family faced death threats as a result of the witch hunt. The real shooting suspects were black thugs, prompting King to swiftly attempt to cover his tracks and claim phony credit for tipping off the police.

The fiasco prompted several of his old SJW allies to resurrect charges of mishandling past fundraisers. King and Merritt continue to be dogged by criticism of their financial exploits. Last fall, Merritt represented some relatives of Atatiana Jefferson, a black woman reportedly shot by a white Forth Worth police officer while inside her home. King swooped in with a GoFundMe campaign for his college BFF’s client that Jefferson’s father called unnecessary, unauthorized, and exploitative.

Let me refresh your memory of more of Shaun King’s greatest race fraud hits, which have been duly noted not just watchdogs on the Blue Lives Matter Right, but some of King’s own former colleagues on the Black Lives Matter Left:

In 2014, King promoted the anti-cop “hands up, don’t shoot” lie debunked by none other than the Obama Justice Department, yet he still doesn’t care about the truth. “I’m not going to parse evidence or make some complex technical argument that Michael Brown did or didn’t have his hands up,” he defiantly retorted. “To me, it doesn’t matter if he did or he didn’t. It never has.”

…In 2015, King gloried in the wrongful rape convictions of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, whose flawed case and forensic errors led six internationally renowned scientists to call for a retrial. He has failed to follow up because, of course, the truth doesn’t fit his narrative.

The “journalist” also maintained the same obstinate stance after his disgraceful sliming of football star Peyton Manning in 2016, when he attempted to ride the #MeToo publicity wave by recycling — and woefully misinterpreting — a 13-year-old court filing regarding a settlement with a female trainer who had claimed she was sexually harassed, and then changed her story seven years later. Instead of admitting error, he played victim.

Which means brings me to the Number 3 reason to doubt the Ahmaud “Just a Jogger” narrative: Benjamin Crump. Merritt, a former intern of Johnnie Cochran, credits Crump as a mentor. The two were honored as “BLK Geniuses” by The Grio. Crump is also on Ahmaud Arbery’s legal team; the two have been making the media rounds together this week.

If you pay attention, you know that Crump is the camera-lovin’ avenging lawyer for the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown who rocketed to fame perpetuating the “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie. He’s also representing nine black women in federal civil lawsuit seeking to cash in on the wrongful convictions of Daniel Holtzclaw:

Those clients include a convicted felon who preposterously described Holtzclaw as a “short, black man” when he’s 6’1,” half-Japanese, and pale and a convicted felon who denied seven times she had been the victim of any inappropriate police conduct — until a sex-crimes detective informed her about the Holtzclaw investigation and she changed her story to claim that he had forced her to expose her breasts.

Crump also represents the troubled young prostitute and drug user with a violent criminal record who called Holtzclaw a “hot cop” before accusing him of rape — months after Jannie Ligons’ charges were publicized and Holtzclaw’s name and face widely disseminated. The teen’s mom had filed a missing persons report and assault and battery complaint against her daughter on the day Holtzclaw encountered her and searched her purse. The Oklahoma City police department’s crime lab identified a minute amount of what it characterized as “epithelial cell” DNA from this accuser on Holtzclaw’s uniform pants — the lone piece of indirect forensic evidence found out of 17 alleged crime scenes, which became the prosecution’s inaccurately portrayed “smoking gun” in the case.


Now, King, Merritt, and Crump–three of the most prominent, anti-white hate crime hoaxers in America–are at the heart of the Ahmaud “Just A Jogger” narrative. Thanks to their latest joint campaign, the New York Times reported yesterday, “Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, were each charged with murder and aggravated assault and booked into a jail in coastal Glynn County, Ga.”

King pimped the requisite GoFundMe, which has already reached more than twice its goal and raised \$200,000-plus for Arbery’s family.

He also posted the following threats to the McMichaels on Facebook (which, as you know, has banned

Message: Swallow the narrative…or else.

Will the real vigilantes please stand up?

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  1. What helps with all this, Mrs. Malkin, is NOT BEING HOOKED UP TO TV. It’s been 20 years and counting. Well, I mean is, it would help if it were not just me and a few others. Paying for a TV signal in any manner is just encouraging these people.

    John Prine opines:

    “Blow up your TV…”

  2. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course Biden had to jump in accusing the two men of cold-blooded murder. Other opportunistic politicians will follow suit. What the actual facts are don’t matter when something can be misrepresented and hyped up for some advantage, financial or political. Obama did the same with his massive involvement in the Trayvon incident. The false accusers are never held responsible for their actions which only breeds more of the same. Looks like we’ll get dragged through another circus yet again even as the black murder rate continues apace, mostly ignored.

    • Replies: @J1234
    , @Russ
    , @Russ
  3. KenH says:

    I’ve got a bad feeling the McMichael’s are going to be railroaded and offered as a sacrifice to the howling mobs of hate crazed blacks and self hating white leftists. The prosecution team will likely be leftist SJW’s who stack the jury with blacks, minorities and white leftists. The biased and sensational media coverage almost ensures a fair trial is impossible since they’re already being convicted by the media, both leftist and Coninc.

    But if by some miracle they do get acquitted then there will be pressure on Trump to have Barr file federal civil rights charges. It’s an election year and orange man desperately wants the black vote. But if he were do do that I hope he knows he’ll lose enough white voters to ensure he loses the election.

    George W. Bush pulled this type of stunt back in 1992 when he sicced the DOJ on the Los Angeles police officers involved in the Rodney King incident. It didn’t win him any love or political support from blacks who voted for Bill Clinton in massive numbers.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman, Ace
    • Replies: @KenH
    , @follyofwar
    , @sense
  4. Gosh and given the title, I thought this article would expose evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the now dear departed black man before the shooting which would have established a justification for the pursuit and confrontation of him by others.


    All I got was innuendo about a couple of three others who have a checkered pasts. It wasn’t worth my time to read this article.

  5. rtm says:

    So, you determine the guilt/innocence in a murder case based on the advocates for one of the parties?
    How about focusing on the evidence itself?

  6. I posted this comment on a previous thread, before I realized this one existed. It is more appropriate here, so I re-posted it. Sorry for the redundancy.

    Ahmaud apparently had mental health issues and brought a gun to his high school. There were several 911 calls made by the residents in the neighborhood where he was “jogging.” He was observed peeking in the window of a house that was under construction. He refused to stop when confronted by concerned citizens. He kept changing course and running in the other direction. He became combative when they tried to detain him until the police arrived. He ended up getting shot because he was non-compliant and he tried to take the gun away from one of the men.

    If he was innocent, why didn’t he just stop and let the police come and sort everything out? If it was just a case of mistaken identity or an overly vigilant neighborhood watch, then it could have been resolved quickly and with very little difficulty. But, Negroes never want to cooperate, usually because they are guilty and don’t want to be taken into custody. So, they start in with the “why you hasslin’ me?” routine, become loud, accuse you of being a racist, and often go into flight or fight mode within an instant. They are frequently incapable of having a rational discussion or of exhibiting reasonable behavior. My guess is that he was either engaged in burglarizing, thieving, stealing, or misappropriating or was looking for an opportunity when he was confronted. He was carrying a bag. I wonder what was in it?

    So many unanswered questions. It’s obvious that the law enforcement officials initially believed that the father and son acted accordingly. A third man was with them, but it appears that he isn’t facing any charges. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say. I hope the neighbors rally behind their watchmen and force the unruly Negroes from their midst, like in Pasadena, Texas.

  7. You are clearly a hate-monger, Michelle. Stop smearing this innocent man.

    • Troll: schnellandine
  8. Hans says:

    Thanks for the info on these “geniuses.” Had not tracked their activities. One to file.

    • LOL: Gleimhart Mantooso, Hippopotamusdrome, bruce county
    • Replies: @mark green
    , @Kronos
    , @MrTea
  9. Realist says:

    It is extremely rare that a White kills a black in cold blood…vice versa not so much.

    • Replies: @Blip Blop
  10. The video shows Mr. Arbery running straight at the man with a shotgun, trying to grab it. Why? I wouldn’t do that. Would you?

    Did the other men say something extremely threatening? Why was the shotgun brandished in the first place? Why was one guy out in the open if they thought Arbery had a gun? Were they simply looking for trouble?

    A jury needs to decide (not hysterical leftists and MSM).

  11. Exador says:

    Having watched the video, it’s clear that Arbery is running AT a stopped pickup truck. Also, he initially runs down the middle of street, then moves to the right side as he gets to the pickup truck, then QUICKLY runs around the front of the truck and attacks McMichaels. The 911 call describes seeing Arbery burgling the home and the caller says that’s it’s an ongoing thing with this guy. His clothes are given as a description.
    Don’t expect justice. Remember Charlottsville.

  12. anon[259] • Disclaimer says:

    I just assumed Biden’s numbers had started slipping among blacks. Must be the TrumpBux

  13. Realist says:

    Here is an article that should satisfy your burning desire for the truth.

  14. @Longfisher

    The truth is there…if you know where to look.
    1.) Ahmaud “Maude” Arbery was a 2-time convicted thief who couldn’t hold down a job even though he was 25-years old. In fact there is no record of him ever having a full-time job but plenty of run-ins with the law, indulging in an expensive marijuana habit as well as threatening his father’s side of the family.
    2.) However his family, extortion team and the MSM claim that the deceased was on his “daily jog”. Wearing a dirty white t-shirt, cargo pants and Timberlands.
    3.) After weeks of denials his family has finally admitted that he was seen on security video rummaging through a house under rehab. But that he was not committing a burglary but was “interested in construction”! Apparently the rehab project was so interesting to an unemployed thief and “aspiring electrician” that he had to stop in the middle of his run to walk 40 feet off the street and onto and into the property of some stranger.
    4.) When confronted by a neighbor and told that police were on the way (and then identified by the McMichaels as the offender who fled the scene of burglary earlier in the week), Arbery continued on his daily jog…through someone’s yard and onto a dead-end street! The McMichaels and an unknown second driver with a cellphone camera were in pursuit.
    5.) When stopped the first-time Arbery turned around and ran onto Holmes Drive where the second confrontation happened and Arbery charged, punched in the head and attempted to grab a semi-auto shotgun away from a legally armed man (Travis McMichael). Arbery was shot in the hand and again in the chest. At no time did anyone hear Arbery yell “help or stop harassing me”.
    6. ) Would Arbery still be alive if he had simply stopped or ran onto the property of someone else to wait for arriving police? Was it murder or self-defense? If it was 1st degree murder why didn’t the McMichaels simply shoot him from the truck or run him over? Those are the facts…you be the judge…

  15. Tulip says:

    Whereby Ned Beatty’s squeals become magically transmuted into the sounds of a Gregorian Chant for the Unz Crowd.

    • Troll: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @MrTea
  16. i agree with longfisher.

    i know there is more to this story. i read some of it elsewhere. i was hoping for more in depth coverage here in unz. there usually is.

    not this time.

    there is a reason that lawyers are not allowed to bring up a defendants past actions in a case.

    that should apply here.

    or at the least, the story and headline should be more in line with how these two persons are more like al sharpton and alton maddox from the tawana brawley case from years ago.

    there was virtually no mention of the jogger story at all.

    this is bad journalism. mostly clickbait.

    too bad. the unz is usually better than that.

    • Disagree: anti_barabas_ite
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  17. KenH says:

    George W. Bush pulled this type of stunt back in 1992

    Should read George Bush Sr.

  18. Hans says:

    The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America –

  19. @Realist

    Thanks for the link–that is why I come here, would never know “the rest of the story” otherwise.

  20. @fllaart bllooger

    … there is a reason that lawyers are not allowed to bring up a defendants past actions in a case.

    that should apply here.

    That’s not the point of Michelle Malkin’s column here, Mr. Blooger. The article is mostly about two hate-mongers, Shaun King and Lee Merritt, who have gotten people killed and caused who knows how many billions of dollars in property damage from the fall-out from their hate-mongering.

    Mrs. Malkin probably could have picked a better title, as you wrote, but that’s a minor point, IMO. This is journalism about bad journalism, as in the promotion of the narrative, no matter how many lies must be told. Most journalism is bad journalism, keeping us up with the narrative (or not, in my case).

  21. The poor widdle dindus weren’t geeing enough looks-at-muh with all the Rona coverage going on.Not even wailing that the vurus be rayciss/muh reparashuns was center stage.They always find a way to get back into the spotlight.

  22. Republic says:

    That documentary is very good. The complete film is available for free on utube.

  23. Wikipedia says ahmuad has been convicted of stealing a TV and for a gun violation. But the press is making him out to be a model citizen.

    • Replies: @TroofTwawler
  24. Anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    These men are guilty of vigilante tactics that they started. But I don’t believe Arbery was a jogger and I think he probably up to mischief. Call the police and wait m They have to prove their actions didn’t warrant death

  25. @Hans

    Thanx for the photo. Revealing. Watch the MSM attempt to ignore pertinent background info about ‘jogger’ Ahmaud Arbery. Omissions of this kind are routine and orchestrated. It’s reminiscent of how the MSM characterized career criminal, Rodney King, as an innocent (black) ‘motorist’ before the LA race riots ensued. The toxic, anti-white narrative continues.

    This latest incident is actually notable for one thing: white-on-black crime remains relatively rare compared to the reverse: black-on-white violence. But watch the (((MSM))) ignore that persistent fact.

    Here’s a recent incident of abhorrent criminality that didn’t rock the journalistic world (or stir national ‘outrage’). Why? It doesn’t comport with the anti-white agenda.

  26. Hans says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Don’t think he’s a trying, Achmed. Lots of anxious critters drawn out by this story.

  27. @KenH

    Since we are less then 6 months from the election, KenH, it is very doubtful if there will be a trial before then – assuming that the two white alleged shooters don’t take a plea. With defense lawyers stalling tactics, and the courts backed up, many cases don’t go to trial for two years – and that’s not even counting C19 further gumming up the system.

    For example, the deranged white man who killed 11 Jewish worshippers at the Pittsburgh synagogue in Oct. 2018 has yet to go to trial.

  28. anonymous[981] • Disclaimer says:

    I agree. Headline promises a lot, delivers little, which is unusual for Malkin.

    The fact that the publicity for this shooting is being supplied by some disreputable hustlers does not change what actually happened.

    Supposedly, the shooter did not actually see the deceased commit a crime (suspecting and seeing are not the same thing) and so did not have cause to (citizen’s) arrest him. There is film, which may show that the victim of the shooting did not display a weapon or attempt to use deadly force. IF THIS IS TRUE, and the investigation supports prosecution, these men should be prosecuted.

    • Disagree: Hippopotamusdrome
    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  29. anonymous[981] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “This is journalism about bad journalism”

    Disagree, Mr. Newman.
    This is bad journalism about bad journalism.
    Headlines are important.

  30. Sean says:
    @Blue Juice

    Would Arbery still be alive if he had simply stopped or ran onto the property of someone else to wait for arriving police?

    All Arbery’s troubles are over now, the McMichaels’ are just begining and they are going to be pauperised by this. Trespassing is all he was guilty of, and the extended chase and blocking his way with a shotgun pointed at him then altering position when he tried to go the other way makes it look like an attempt to stage a ‘stand your ground as a legally armed citizen’ scenario, with the soon-to-be-deceased coming a straight into the double barrels and stopping rather than keep going under the assumption no man is going to choose to be justifiably homicided. The court will take into account the context of how that scenario came about as has been made clear in recent murder convictions in citizen shootings.

    The McMichaels now realise the definition of mentally ill behaviour is what is maladaptive, as they obviously did not before that such people are not that thin on the ground, and accordingly to point a loaded gun at someone behaving strangely (black man oddly dressed running through a strange white neighbourhood was not playing with full deck) in the expectation that he will behave rationally is a big gamble with the odds far from long ones life will be flushed down the toilet. If pointing a gun was a solution cops would never need call for back up or carry cuffs, batons, and tasers.

    The broad-faced and burly half Japanese Holtzclaw looks distinctly unwhite and dangerous. He seems to have had a thing for non consenting old black bodies and gone for increasingly elderly ones as his spree progressed culminating in the riskiest when he swooped on a law abiding 57 year old woman, who promptly made a complaint. While his sentence is excessive, the totality of the evidence (included DNA) and testimony against him (including someone with no criminal record) was far from weak. Being sexually interested in much older women is a surprisingly common fetish if a study of the stats from adult site searches is any guide.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Beau Nydle
  31. MrBoompi says:

    Even if the black guy had committed burglary, two armed rednecks rolling up to kidnap him wasn’t a smart move. Unless I see evidence to the contrary, the shooter is guilty of manslaughter and attempted kidnapping, the dad for armed criminal action and attempted kidnapping. This is the difference between having a badge and not having one. A “citizen’s arrest” excuse ain’t gonna fly.

  32. The accused are being over-charged.

    It was involuntary manslaughter at most. There was no malice of forethought.

    The evidence is that they did not confront the deceased with intent to kill. The video shows the deceased attacking the man with the shotgun. The circumstances were an unreasonable mistake on the McMichael’s part, for which they should be held accountable.

    1 to 10 years in prison?

    • Replies: @rtm
    , @Father O'Hara
  33. KenH says:

    From some of the snippets I’ve heard it appears that Georgia governor Brian Kemp almost sounds like Staci Abrams when asked for his comments on the Arbery case. The dimwitted Kemp doesn’t owe black Georgians a damn thing when 90% voted against him in 2018.

    The McMichael’s will not receive a fair trial. This is a malicious and politically motivated prosecution and their entire lives will be on trial and things they did ten or more years ago will be brought up to disparage and defame them in the eyes of the jury.

    Meanwhile, the media will paint Arbery as an Olympic hopeful in distance running events in between trying to earn a degree in Aerospace engineering.

  34. @rtm

    So, you determine the guilt/innocence in a murder case based on the advocates for one of the parties?

    Refreshingly, looks like she did not posit that. Maybe my skim missed it though.

    The shooters are dirtbag fools, and so are Talcum X & company. If, as NYT published, there’s video of Arbery/Avery (long story) burgling the neighborhood, Talc’s dance will be predictable but fun.

    Anyway, what pic ya think is more precious—PromKingArbery, or SkiKingTrayvon?

  35. vot tak says:

    “Top 3 Reasons to Doubt the Ahmaud “Just a Jogger” Arbery Narrative”

    1. He was black.

    2. He was in a white neighborhood.

    3. He was murdered by 2 white guys.

  36. Miranda says:

    Look at the ANCHOR BABY MALKIN stirring up crap, as usual. If your parents weren’t here on work visas, you’d be another Philippina in a slum.

    • Troll: SOL
  37. Ko says:

    Good work Michelle. It puts a different background on the entire event. The people you wrote about are definitely racists, liars, and opportunists.

    However, even if the jogger was guilty of something, we don’t know yet, were the men justified in acting as vigilantes which resulted in the joggers death?

    Looking at the even itself, it looks like 2nd degree murder.

    • Replies: @Hans
    , @Jonathan Mason
  38. Good grief,

    stop being so obtuse about this. It doesn’t matter whether he was Mary Poppins of Atilla the Hun. There was no probable cause at that moment for any detainment by anyone, muchless citizens. He was jogging not a crime, even if one is jogging in a white neighborhood. Even if he was casing the neighborhood . . . he was jogging period.

    Had there been such as a an issue, the matter should have been forwarded to the police, but at that moment his presence was as all others regardless of another’s suspicions. We have a had a rash of pett crimes in my neighborhood, this last week, there have been brown skinned people seen walking and jogging — more than rare.

    Their presence benevolent or otherwise is not grounds for anything – even I suspect they are involved in said crimes. This game of what about, and hip hopping across the past or suspicions . . . does not constitute probable cause, especialy for citizens.

    I have never robbed anyone (save for that silliness as a kid), I have not engage in stealing, gang or rusta bouts, I don’t drink, smoke, or engage in drug use —

    yet I have a criminal record — all of it directly relate to issues with the police. It got serious when I was stopped — get this for stopping short when a jay walker ran in from of my car . . . yet, the officer pulled me over despite being right behind me. He had no idea why he stopped me when asked . . .

    it was one of the most bizarre and telling incidents in my view about the arbitrariness of government power — let’s get something straight — without being any kind of habitual law breaker, if the someone with power wants to create problems for you — they and will. And that is the game we have played with blacks especially black men — get them a record, as many as possible — so that should we decide to shoot them, beat them up, or any manner destroy their lives — we can always fall back on that past —- who are ever convenient suspects past or no past. We have spent more than 200 years painting them as criminals- especially men — might as well use it.

    I care not a lick if the gentleman was Dr. Livingston or Wayne Gacy — jogging and being seen on is not cause for restraint. Had he been weaving about houses, entered someone’s car — heck, even looking in someone’s car — maybe —

    But anyone confronted by two civilians wielding a weapon and makes the choice to defend his right to be in public —

    the muckraking here is simply avoiding the obvious. At least try be a conservative. My not liking your looks is not grounds for a citizens arrest.

    An the city’s response thus far is an indication of a deeper ethos that is applied to indiscriminately, most likely to skin color and no citizen should be countenancing that nonsense.

  39. @Cowtown Rebel

    If he was innocent, why didn’t he just stop and let the police come and sort everything out?

    That question presumes guilt. It’s circular, and hardly empathic.

    An innocent man has every instinctive reason to be pissed at armed accusers, however dangerous it may be. I’d tell them to F themselves. The average innocent black man (theoretical) might go farther, with cause.

    I don’t think Arbery wasn’t burgling, but him being pissed at the beer-gut clods weighs not against him in the search for guilt. I’ve been disgusted by acquaintances who through slop gun handling endangered others at a firing range. Adding strangers, intent, and false criminal accusations would go beyond. But whether the accusation was true, they screwed the pooch.

    I suspect this will turn out much like the Zimmerman mess, with many whites unable to admit that both parties were asses. The shooters here were worse than Zimmerman, and I doubt they’ll be acquitted.

  40. vot tak says:

    3 reasons to question malkin’s motivation for writing this zionazi-gay smear piece. Here is reason 1:

    Michelle Malkin Archives

    A list of fellow travellers there:

    Michael Barone
    Mona Charen
    Linda Chavez
    Ann Coulter
    Greg Crosby
    Larry Elder
    Don Feder
    Suzanne Fields
    Paul Greenberg
    Bob Greene
    Betsy Hart
    Nat Hentoff
    David Horowitz
    Marianne Jennings
    Michael Kelly
    Mort Kondracke
    Ch. Krauthammer
    Lawrence Kudlow
    Dr. Laura
    John Leo
    David Limbaugh
    Michelle Malkin
    Chris Matthews
    Michael Medved
    Kathleen Parker
    Wes Pruden
    Sam Schulman
    Amity Shlaes
    Tony Snow
    Thomas Sowell
    Cal Thomas
    Jonathan S. Tobin
    Ben Wattenberg
    George Will
    Bruce Williams
    Walter Williams
    Mort Zuckerman

  41. Rand0 says:

    Listen to the 911 call before the incident happened.

  42. “If he was innocent, why didn’t he just stop and let the police come and sort everything out/”

    Because, looking in a window is not a crime, , if that is what happened, neither is walking or jogging — there simply no cause to do anything — and the reverse is the case — call the police and let them deal with it, it is not as if he was hiding.


    You people are a trip. Excuse me, if you confront me with a weapon — you might get more than you bargained for in resistance. You are not in uniform, you are not a police officer — regardless of your claim to motive, I am not entitled to obey your demands or even respond as if you matter.

    Now I have to admit, it takes a might brave sole to confront someone with a weapon, when all you have is your body — but, anyone being confronted in such a matter is entitle to self defense. laughing.

    Shocker of shockers — whites coming out of the woodwork, claiming they saw him peeking in windows — there’s a shock.

    So if i had to guess, this community has held one segment in lockdown by virtue of suspicion and gun toting and should challenge their authority they will attack you. If you defend yourself they will shoot you and cry self defense.

    I like to avoid these articles — but good grief.

    • Disagree: BenKenobi
    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @anon
  43. vot tak says:

    Reason 2:

    So Let Me Get This Straight: Michelle Malkin Claims to Have Rewritten the History of Japanese Internment in Just 16 Months?

    Do we really need to relearn the lessons of Japanese American internment?

    “But now the old accusations are back. Fox News media personality Michelle Malkin claims that some Japanese Americans were spies during World War II. Based upon her suspicions, Malkin claims the internment of all Japanese Americans was not such a bad idea after all. She goes on to claim that racial profiling of Arab Americans today is justified by the need to fight terrorism. According to Malkin, it is OK to take away an entire ethnic group’s civil rights because some individuals are suspect. Malkin argues for reviving the old notion of guilt by association.

    It is painful to see reopened for serious debate the question of whether the government was justified in imprisoning Japanese Americans during World War II. It was my hope that my case and the cases of other Japanese American internees would be remembered for the dangers of racial and ethnic scapegoating.

    Fears and prejudices directed against minority communities are too easy to evoke and exaggerate, often to serve the political agendas of those who promote those fears. I know what it is like to be at the other end of such scapegoating and how difficult it is to clear one’s name after unjustified suspicions are endorsed as fact by the government. If someone is a spy or terrorist they should be prosecuted for their actions. But no one should ever be locked away simply because they share the same race, ethnicity, or religion as a spy or terrorist. If that principle was not learned from the internment of Japanese Americans, then these are very dangerous times for our democracy.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  44. @Johnny C Goode

    The video shows Mr. Arbery running straight at the man with a shotgun, trying to grab it. Why? I wouldn’t do that. Would you?

    Would you:
    1) Turn to run and hope you are faster than that load of buckshot that will hit you in the back.
    2) Attempt to fight for your life.

  45. Rich says:

    First off, before my knees went bad, I was an avid runner, I wasn’t running through other towns, I stuck to my own streets or public parks. And a real runner doesn’t stop to look at construction sites. His former convictions, his running at his pursuers, shows something wasn’t right. I just hope they have video of him casing, or burglarizing other homes. At least these two stand a chance in Georgia, in NY they’d bring back death row if they could find a White man to lynch for shooting a black felon.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  46. pavement apes look out for pavement apes,

    Jews look out for Jews. Maybe,

    someday, Whites will start looking out for Whites. Then,

    it’ll be tough times for Jews and pavement apes.

    • Agree: BenKenobi, Trinity
    • Replies: @G J T
  47. vot tak says:

    Reason 3:

    Malkin was off-base with her La Raza column

    “Michelle Malkin’s July 14 column, “How radical La Raza gets federal subsidies,” is filled with inaccuracies about our organization, the National Council of La Raza.”

    • Replies: @fnn
    , @Father O'Hara
  48. Jake says:

    Negroes indeed are accounted Numinous by the Elites of the USA. And virtually all non-PC whites are accounted trash by the Elites of the USA.

    Ideas have consequences. I expect the Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire to unleash more of their attack dogs on whites. The Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire are not happy about so many hate crime hoaxes being exposed. They want guilty whites punished for offending the Numinous Negroes.

    And you had better know who made the Negro Numinous, doing to so harm whites they hated: the Yankee WASPs, the physical, spiritual, intellectual, and cultural heirs of Anglo-Saxon Puritans.

  49. JohnP says:
    @Johnny C Goode

    Pause the video before it goes out of focus…one of the McMichaels is standing in the middle of the road so Ahmaud goes right to avoid him but he is blocked off again and a struggle ensues

  50. Phoenix says:

    The DA’s report has been released and along with the Full video, clearly shows this whole thing is a scam.

  51. KA says:

    rbery was killed in February. One of his killers, Gregory McMichael, is a retired police detective. The other killer is McMichael’s son, Travis. One had a handgun, the other a shotgun. For more than two months, no charges were filed, despite the pleas from Arbery’s family. McMichael told his friends in the cop shop that he believed Arbery was a suspect in a string of robberies in the neighborhood in Brunswick. But police records show there’d only been one reported burglary in the past month. No charges were filed. The prosecutor, searching for an excuse, said the McMichaels had the right to detain Arbery under Georgia’s archaic “citizen’s arrest” law. And to shoot him when he ran away.

    Then, earlier this week, a cellphone video of the shooting surfaced, showing that Arbery was shot within mere seconds of being accosted by the

    Like this “under Georgia’s archaic “citizen’s arrest” law. And to shoot him when he ran away”

    Will Syria or Venezuela or Serbia emulate this law ? What about Japan and Philippine?

  52. bill53 says:

    I thought it was determined Shaun King was a white man?

  53. @Hang All Text Drivers

    Don’t worry, wikipedia will quickly be purged of any truth, as will twatter, fakebook, jootube etc etc. The narrative must continue no matter what. This is the next Trayvon Skittles Martin story to drive more money into the race hustlers pockets.

    Give it a few months for the genuine facts to start leaking out, then see what the real story is. Another pavement ape keeping it real, and finding out the hard way what happens when you steal, is what I am betting.

    It’s an election year, the dimocraps need some kind of drama, any kind, to try to win votes. Whitey bad will be the headlines for the next month.

  54. @Anonymous

    No, the prosecutor will have to prove death was the intended outcome at the beginning of the encounter. Georgia is not one of them limp wrist states where you are required to hide under the bed while the bad guy does whatever he wants. If he did charge them in a threatening manner, especially if they were holding guns on him, well, they could say they were in fear of their lives, after all, no sane person would charge a shotgun right? He was a bit tardy too correct? Self defense is going to have a strong prominence here.

    • Replies: @Fluesterwitz
  55. Richard B says:
    @mark green

    All of this happens for one reason only.

    Whites have a self-preservation chip missing from their DNA.*

    The hostile elite and their POC proxies know this.

    For example, if anyone under the Identity Politics umbrella is “attacked” they don’t say to each other, “One of us was attacked.” and do nothing.

    They scream in unison “WE were attacked!” and immediately spring into action.

    And Whites?

    This latest incident is simply another case in point.

    *Given that it takes about a million years to develop a new genetic attribute, it doesn’t look good for Whites. Even for the anti-White Whites. A fact they seem blissfully unaware of.

    • Replies: @Jake
  56. fnn says:
    @vot tak

    You’re pretending you don’t know how political machines are organized in the 21st Century.

    Similarly, Malkin repeats an already discredited charge that we use federal funds for political purposes. In fact, these funds are used to support the work of the Raza Development Fund, the largest Latino community bank in the country, to help fund health clinics, day-care facilities, homes for first-time buyers, and community-based charter schools.

    Raza Development Fund-An NGO doing the jobs that state and local govt should be doing.

    • Replies: @anon
  57. @Phoenix

    The DA’s report has been released and along with the Full video, clearly shows this whole thing is a scam.

    Supposedly not only angle, though may be rumor.

    The second former prosecutor was done when that report was written, and he carves a justification for it based on an earlier conversation. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets slapped. Shouldn’t have written what he did.


    Had he any foresight and interest in not dumping the Keystone cop-types into their present hell, he would’ve pursued, genuinely, charges less than murder soon after the first prosecutor’s recusal. His brushoff of a dubious situation may have thrown the pickup twins into a lost decade. He did no favors. Should’ve counted that the video would leak.

    Vid doesn’t exonerate unless one assumes the shooters get the same “shooter safety” bull cops get. Brandishing is a very dangerous, escalating thing, and doesn’t work like in the movies. Almost universally, better to keep arms unknown until it’s time to use them. Of course, a former cop will have cop disease, and likely influenced the son.

    Anyone who thinks the former second prosecutor didn’t wrongly hand over a big helping of “professional courtesy” is on the pipe. Probably the first one too. They were clueless.

    • Replies: @Phoenix
  58. anon[674] • Disclaimer says:

    Arbery paid the price for being a dumb daylight burglar.
    In Australia,he would have bought a big dog at the pound, gone walking it in a strange neighborhood whilst checking out likely targets and nobody thinks twice because dog.
    With the added bonus that if the burglar is bailed up by irate house owners, he can sool the dog on them and run away to his vehicle.

  59. J1234 says:

    Narrative Based Justice rides again!

    With it’s reliable old side-kick, DeCourt of Public O’Pinion!

    Or, as the guy with the sign at the Ferguson protests said:
    “The people say, “HE’S GUILTY!”

  60. JimDandy says:

    And, if Arbery wasn’t pausing from his khaki jog to walk onto a man’s private property to examine his foundation, he’d just be another live black man?

  61. Biff says:

    Camera man gets an F

    • LOL: RodW
  62. vot tak says:

    Typical white trash convicts:

  63. JimDandy says:

    So, citizen’s arrest with probably cause is not legal in Georgia?

  64. J1234 says:

    Only Joe Biden could accuse others of killing in “cold blood” without having access to all the evidence while at the same time urging others to consider the lack of evidence in the crime that he himself is accused of. Ha Ha! Stay in your basement and copy some more speeches from British politicians, Joe!

  65. Anon[614] • Disclaimer says:

    I bet the McMichaels now wish that they had called the police. They were not on their own land, they were on a public street. The police tell you that if you see a suspect, notify the police. Do not try and detain the suspect yourself.

    If the younger McMichael had a bodycam, the whole whole “Ahmed charged the shooter” footage would have been caught on video. Having a friend tail you in another vehicle makes it look like you were anticipating things may escalate into a gunfire-incident. We pay law enforcement to do this for us, espescially when not on our own land. We dont legally have the right to detain anyone for questioning. The McMichaels are probably going to jail for this, when they could have called the police, gave them the info, and the running man gets legally questioned. Its not worth the risk. Whites will be blamed for anything that goes wrong by our media.

  66. Dan Hayes says:

    The “evidence” against Holtzclaw that you reported has already been disputed (actually demolished) by Michelle Malkin!

    • Replies: @Sean
  67. Kronos says:

    Sounds like a potential Trayvon Martin retro-remix…

  68. Jim Crow says:

    If the glove does not fit, you must acquit!

  69. Mechi says:
    @Chris Mallory

    He wasn’t pointing the shotgun at him. The shotgun was pointed towards the ground. If someone came over to me with a shotgun pointing towards the GROUND–in an open-carry state–my instinct wouldn’t be to charge the guy and give him a reason to shoot me.

  70. duffdad says:

    Are you being sarcastic??? I hope so, if not, you’re another one that does not care about the facts – and they will come out!!!

  71. BenKenobi says:

    Blessings upon Saint McMichael, who cast the joggers out of heaven!

  72. BenKenobi says:

    He chose trial by combat, and the gods judged him guilty.

    • LOL: Redneck farmer
  73. map says:

    So the “jogger” initiated the confrontation. He goes around the truck on the right and then attacks the younger McMichaels on the left.

    No, the jogger was not blocked by the guy he fought with. He actually goes to attack the guy with the shotgun whom he could have easily avoided.

    • Replies: @vbnnnnnn
  74. @Anonymous

    This was all detailed in a public letter from District Attorney George E. Barnhill, who has worked as a criminal prosecutor for 36 years.

    Barnhill wrote:
    “Given the fact Arbery initiated the fight, at the point Arbery grabbed the shotgun, under Georgia Law, McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself.”

    • Replies: @gaston julia
  75. map says:

    If you watch the video, then you see the “jogger” initiated the attack on the guy with the shotgun. He swings right on the truck then left to attack the guy. The shotgunner wasn’t blocking his path.

  76. rtm says:

    1 to 10 years in prison?

    1 year tops, only to the shooter (the father?), and *only* if it is proven that he was violating any laws in the citizen’s arrest (as in, had no right to try to stop the “jogger”).
    Definitely, based on all the evidence I saw here, not a murder.
    There was no intent. Simple.

    Personally, without being familiar with the laws pertaining to citizen’s arrest, though, I would be inclined to let both walk free as acting in self-defence.

    I feel sympathy towards both.

  77. @KA

    You are mis-stating the events as depicted in the video and the findings of the Waycross DA. If your’re interested, both are available online:

  78. Anonymous[354] • Disclaimer says:

    This is not George Zimmerman redux.
    (Zimmerman got attacked and acted to save his life.)
    It makes no difference if the black dude was KNOWN to be just previously engaged in property crimes. (And there hardly seems to be clear evidence supporting that….)
    These FUCKING MORONS, by their OWN TESTIMONY, confronted him in a hostile manner while displaying a gun.
    He RIGHTLY aimed to seize the gun. If an unknown person accosts you while brandishing a firearm, don’t pause to reflect on your own moral state… AIM TO GET THE GUN!
    It does seem that this is not murder but rather homicide or manslaughter (and I do hope that justice prevails against the race hustlers), but this “father” is a jackass who has inflicted considerable harm on his son. But his son is a pussy for listening to a jackass father.
    They both deserve hard time, even if the black dude was a criminal.
    That’s what the facts suggest to me. Michelle Malkin sometimes calls it, but not this time.
    A genuinely stupid article. Race hustlers can get it right for the wrong reasons. DUH.

  79. @Phoenix

    Thanks for the information, which is definitive. Once again the left and its pet minorities will go to any lengths to push their false narrative down everyone’s throat, especially since they can depend on the corrupt media to collaborate.

    By now we should be well acquainted with the left’s perverted idea of justice:
    It consists of nothing but contrived interpretations about inner feelings and motives of the accused, after which any evidence is manipulated to legitimize the assumed motive. The left perpetrates any lie to enhance the power of the narrative at their enemy’s expense.

  80. Well, at least they didn’t rape the guy before they shot him, which is what our enterprising negroes tend to do when they’re out murdering innocent joggers.

  81. Ghali says:

    It is disappointing and shameful on UNZ to publish this kind of racism, by someone who is a well-known racist and an illiterate.

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @Anonymous
    , @MrTea
  82. @Cowtown Rebel

    He was carrying a bag. I wonder what was in it?

    Jogging supplies.

    • LOL: Craig Nelsen
  83. @Exador

    Having watched the video, it’s clear that Arbery is running AT a stopped pickup truck.

    No. He was jogging at it.

    • LOL: Hibernian
  84. Anonymous[409] • Disclaimer says:

    An innocent man has every instinctive reason to be pissed at armed accusers, however dangerous it may be. I’d tell them to F themselves.

    You have a death wish, then? You should have that treated.

  85. Half-Jap says:

    Exactly my thoughts… Other evidence and articles notwithstanding, this is not helpful. Present what goes to the heart of the matter and then hit the hustlers, or you only appear as a rabid partisan.

  86. Anonymous[409] • Disclaimer says:
    @vot tak

    If that principle was not learned from the internment of Japanese Americans, then these are very dangerous times for our democracy.”

    We have a democracy? When did that happen? I thought that the American Government had taken over all important decisions and left the population out of the loop.
    Maybe you mean Trump’s election instituted a democracy.
    Nice try, but note that the election has been largely nullified by various means, including the attempt to criminally and fraudulently charge Trump’s appointees and, in fact, Trump himself. City governments are still bringing in foreigners in violation of US Federal law and claiming that they are the equivalent of citizens in determining city political influence, a rather obvious violation of both law and popular will. We now, in fact, have foreigners brought in illegally in areas where it is illegal for citizens to leave their house.
    I’d suggest that you think again.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  87. Phoenix says:

    You either didn’t read the report or you simply won’t face reality.

  88. Wuok says:

    I regretted reading this article. It is not worth reading- just complete waste of my time . It lacks clarity and detail. The writer himself is not well-informed about the murder, but that doesn’t stop him from blaming the victim. This is what is known as hatred in its purest form. It is the worst and immature article I have ever read on Unz.Review.

    • Replies:
    , @Hibernian
    , @thordaddy
  89. padre says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Of course he should stop, because if you’re innocent, you have nothing to fear from the police, especially if you’re black,right!But than again, blacks and Latinos have it in their blood, they are all rapists and murderers, according to Trump!

    • Replies: @Stan
    , @Cowtown Rebel
    , @hoonky
  90. gotmituns says:

    It’s past time wondering about the “rights and wrongs” of things. There’s only our White race now. Stand with the White men.

  91. Anonymous[393] • Disclaimer says:

    If certain black people would set aside just one day a week to not act so “N-word”y, the world would quickly become a better place.

    • Replies: @Jake
  92. @Beavertales

    The charge should be littering!

    • Replies: @Trickster
  93. Tiger says:

    Okay, I have zero info on this event till today. The tape shows clearly, 1 man was unarmed and wrestling with a shotgun armed man. And it was three shots fired. Why did the driver of this vehicle not submit tape to the police?

  94. A couple UK tabloids referred to this as a Lynching. I guess we can tell which way they are blowing around in the SJW winds.

  95. So basically Malkin’s “reasons” are that the people sharing the video have unsavoury reputations, according to Malkin’s lights, not the fact that, as the video clearly shows, a black jogger was murdered in broad daylight by two white thugs?

    Thanks for posting this article anyway. I didn’t know about this episode but now I have downloaded the murder video and I’m most certainly going to share the hell out of it.

  96. Hans says:

    Not sure how it’s vigilantism. Mr. Armed Robbery did a Michael Brown and tried to take the weapon. From the D.A.’s letter:

    OCGA17-4-60 “A private person may arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge . If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion .”

    “From said video it appears Ahmaud Arbery was running along the right side of the McMichael truck then abruptly turns 90 degrees to the left and attacks Travis McMichael who was standing at the front left corner of the truck . A brief skirmish ensues in which it appear Arbery strikes McMichael and appears to grab the shotgun and pull it from McMichael The shot is through Arbery’s right hand palm which is consistent with him grabbing and pulling the shotgun at the barrel tip, the 2nd and 3rd wounds are consistent with the struggle for the shotgun as depicted in the video , the angle of the 2nd shot with the rear of the butt stock being pushed away and down from the fight are also consistent with the upward angle of blood plume shown in the video and that McMichael was attempting to push the gun away from Arbery while Arbery was pulling it toward himself. The 3rd shot too appears to be in a struggle over the gun. The angle of the shots and the video show this was from the beginning or almost immediately became– a fight over the shotgun .
    Given the fact Arbery initiated the fight, at the point Arbery grabbed the shotgun, under Georgia Law , McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself. Just as importantly, while we know McMichael had his finger on the trigger, we do not know who caused the firings. Arbery would only had to pull the shotgun approximately 1/ 16th to 1/8th of one inch to fire weapon himself and in the height of an altercation this is entirely possible . Arbery s mental health records & prior convictions help explain his apparent aggressive nature and his possible thought pattern to attack an armed man .”

    Some have said Robbery’s clothing is inconsistent with the description of him as a “jogger.” I can accept it may be true which would explain his casing the work site looking for a beverage. I still am not sure where Robbery’s residence was.

    Mrs. Malkin seems to have provoked the trolls by providing such useful info on the marketing firm. Thank you very much for you good works, MM.

    ‘The Trayvon Hoax’ Gets A Reboot With The Shooting Death Of Ahmaud Arbery –

    The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America –

    • Agree: Half Back
    • Replies: @Ko
    , @Ko
    , @europeasant
  97. @Miranda

    More like a hooker near the former American bases …

  98. @vot tak

    Don’t judge them by the color of their skin but by the contents of their characters …

    • Replies: @vot tak
  99. eah says:

    The admitted liar was not prosecuted based on a technicality.

    I’m reminded of the decision not to prosecute all the Blacks who lied under oath to the Grand Jury investigating the Michael Brown case in Ferguson MO.

    I have not watched the Ahmaud Arbery video, nor have I read anything about what happened — but I don’t think what Shaun King did in the past is necessarily relevant to the facts of the Ahmaud Arbery case, whatever those are/turn out to be.

    I watched the Sherita Dixon-Cole bodycam video up until the point she was placed under arrest and handcuffed for DWI — she did not really look or sound intoxicated, and seemed to perform OK on the field sobriety tests — but I wasn’t there, did not observe her driving before the stop or during the tests, and recognize there is some discretion in such cases, so I’m willing to give the officer, whose behavior seemed professional and courteous, the benefit of the doubt.

    Per the title, I expected to find specific things about the Ahmaud Arbery case that would undermine the developing media ‘lynching’ narrative — but I found none — unfortunately, this kind of article is why I generally cannot take Michelle Malkin completely seriously.

  100. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Tulip seems familiar with…and perhaps not a little too interested in…”fundament penetrations.” Does Rover peg him/her nightly? Do “fundament things” apply to him/her as time goes by?

  101. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Hmmm. Is the new PC term for violent niggerword-criminals…”joggers”?

  102. @gotmituns


    Speak for yourself. I am not white and I would never want to be.

  103. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Message accompanying the share I’ve sent around:

    Black jogger Ahmaud Arberry being murdered in broad daylight in Amerikastan by two armed white men, father and son, who overtook him in a pickup before stopping to kill him. This happened in February but only now have the pair finally been arrested. Amerikastani racist right winger Michelle Malkin, writing on the far right wing site Unz, which routinely posts white racist material, virtually calls the killing justified on the grounds that the people who put the video online – finally causing the arrest of the murderers – are liberals.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Jeff Stryker
  104. jsigur says:

    a lot of money to be made in the “Whitey dun hurt us again” business. (go fund me page at 350,000 dollars in less than a week) These lawyers work to manufacture a greater race divide that the deep state seems all good with. After all, what ppl think is true holds more weight than what is actually true and less dangerous, thus the reasons why we are being false-flagged to death.

  105. Inverness says:

    You have a ton of opinions and preconceptions but do not appear to have familiarized yourself with any of the facts of the case. For this reason it’s somewhat odd that you believe it’s your proper role to lecture everyone else.

  106. @vot tak

    Screw you,amigo.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  107. Inverness says:

    He RIGHTLY aimed to seize the gun. If an unknown person accosts you while brandishing a firearm, don’t pause to reflect on your own moral state… AIM TO GET THE GUN!

    And your point is: how well this turned out for the thug who appeared to have exactly this idea. Thanks for your contribution.

  108. jsigur says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    You had me till you started making blanket statements about “what all Negroes do” something that immediately defines you as a race hater and will undermine the rest of your likely fair points. Once defined as a white supremacist (which has been made equivalent to race-hater) 90% of the public will ignore anything you say, fairly or not.
    It’s been a losing habit for years now, this defamation habit we got; yes, I know whites are defamed but that is with deep state support (for it has an anti-white agenda) which then fools the public into believing the blasphemy; without that support, our unkind words become signs that we are Nazis and holocaust deniers, both topics not allowed for discussion in the MSM and thus we lose, end of conversation

    • Replies: @RodW
  109. “”So, citizen’s arrest with probably cause is not legal in Georgia?”


    I hate to break the news to you —-

    jogging, walking, even acting in a suspicious manner is not a crime. Though we have as a condition made that the case for no small number of blacks — know that some number of the same are going to stand and say no. Even if on its face it makes no sense to take someone on with a weapon —-

    If you enact a citizen’s arrest, there had better be a crime in place or a warrant for that individual . .

    They assumed because they had weapons, the person would comply —- he was under no obligation to do so — bb gun, shotgun, water pistol or M1 tank at the ready withstanding. The age of whiteness alone having any authority is long past overdue for retirement.

  110. Leanna says:

    When I first saw this I was outraged. Then I wondered why someone was filming it. After that I just felt very uncomfortable about the whole thing. Much more than meets the eye here.

    • Agree: Hibernian
  111. Jake says:
    @Richard B

    Your conclusion highlights in huge bold letters, that you are part of the problem: you are a materialist. That means that you do allow yourself to see, much less comprehend, the most important fact in this situation: no white ethnic or national group could be described as either so concerned for uplifting non-whites that they would allow non-whites to bludgeon whites into a Cromwellian position (instead of Hell or Connacht, it NOW is a new serfdom or death), or else be so individualistic that they cannot see that harms inflicted on masses of whites serious threats to their futures.

    That duo of mental self-destruction is common across various white peoples today, but not in 1400, because of cultural changes. Those changes began to be implanted with the Reformation, and the Enlightenment made them absolutely central.

    The answer is not Darwinian; the answer is religious culture.

    First, and foremost, there is not and never was and never can be any such thing as white culture. But there was an overarching culture of Christendom, which gave and nurtured identities worth having, identities worth fighting to save.

    This is a spiritual and religious war. The only way to win it, the only way not to lose eventually, is to strive to rebuild Christendom.

    Here is a Chronicles article that may help some people grasp the point

    The absence in the lives of these callers is all that Christendom provided and nurtured. White people have been stripped of almost all that mattered most by their Elites, who chose to keep fighting to destroy Christendom. Empty shells cannot save themselves.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Richard B
  112. @Achmed E. Newman

    i think you made my point quite well achmed. the article has no info about the actual crime mentioned in the headline.

    it’s about the race baiters.

    and no, the article is NOT about bad journalism because there is no correction of the actual story.

    if you were defending the mcmichaels, would your defense pivot on the fact that his lawyers were racebaiters or the facts of the case?

    if you were to try king and his cohort for fraud, by all means have at them with the info in this article.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  113. Jake says:

    Black have been promoted by certain whites ( WASP Elites starting with the ideas around Abolitionism) to act ‘N-wordy’ precisely to shown the white trash that it is meant to beg and crawl.

  114. The video is disturbing to watch. No wonder it aroused such a powerful reaction after it went into circulation. The two guys ambushed the jogger, presented a violent treat and incited the murderous outcome. This is no “citizen’s arrest” issue. Civil society doesn’t work this way – this is the way of disillusion and breakdown. It doesn’t matter what kind of life the young man that was jogging down the road had led. All Americans have the same rights. It doesn’t matter who has taken up the cause of justice. What is worse to consider than what is seen on the video is that they would have gotten away uncharged within that community if not for the broader outrage.

    How can Michelle write this piece after watching that video? I can’t help but wonder if it’s deliberate racist baiting.

  115. Once the “jogger” (wearing saggy shorts and work boots) was terminated, did the burglaries in the neighborhood stop?
    No further questions, your Honor

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  116. Saggy says: • Website

    Unz should not publish this garbage. We know he wasn’t just a jogger, he was a n*****.

  117. Saggy says: • Website

    (Zimmerman got attacked and acted to save his life.)

    The audio of the event was recorded via a 911 call that was taking place when the shooting occured and you can hear the victim yelling ‘Help’ and moments later a shot. Zimmerman was armed and stalked and confronted Martin. Zimmerman’s version is that he yelled help just before shooting Martin. He should have been convicted of 2nd degree murder.

    • LOL: eah, Genrick Yagoda
    • Replies: @eah
  118. says:

    Agreed. The video is an indictment in and of itself. If this jogger was a burglar, would he be jogging down the road right into the waiting clutches of these two vigilantes? No, he would be running from them and not in the middle of the road. This is murder. Not manslaughter. Murder. Second degree. I care not who is representing this poor kid and his parents. Justice is blind about that and should be.

    Fyi, Black Lives Matter is bullshit and Shaun King is a race-baiting scumbag. That doesn’t change the facts of this case. No way the black kid jogging in this video is a burglar and sorry, I refuse to take the McMichael’s word for it. Of course they’ll say anything at this point to save their skin.

    • Replies: @Epaminondas
  119. @Anon

    Having a friend tail you in another vehicle makes it look like you were anticipating things may escalate into a gunfire-incident.

    Then it’s a good thing for them that isn’t what happened. So… time to take your crystal ball to the shop for a rebuild.

  120. says:

    The author is guilty of the same thing Shaun King and Black Lives Matter are guilty of. Exploitation for political purposes. The truth gets lost in the morass stymying any chance at justice.

  121. Tdog54 says:

    Shaun King lives at 804 Lincoln Place in Brooklyn. It is a multi million dollar listing. Look up the pics on zillow and compare it to photos on his and his wifes IG. Exact house; but he tries to act like he doesnt get rich off of this shit. They also spent minimum \$3000 on. VIP Universal package; also pics on IG and then went to Disneyworld for a week like two months ago. He has now quarantined his entire family for over a month in a Air bnb in the mountains while still being able to afford his multi million dollar house.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  122. Anonymous[210] • Disclaimer says:

    Miranda, how is the author’s background relevant to the article? What is relevant is that none of these schvartzers would be granted public existence if it didn’t further the interests of those who own the MSM, which in this case is culpable incitement of black-on-white violence.

  123. @TroofTwawler

    If two armed people decide to impede the actions of a third, unarmed, person, how exactly can they fear for their lives? And if they do, why don’t they just stop their actions that lead to them being afraid in the first place?

    • Replies: @Lowe
  124. @Anon

    We dont legally have the right to detain anyone for questioning.

    I’ll bet you take your car to Jiffy Screwed. Just a hunch.

    Ethically, when dealing with criminals, we have all sorts of rights you can’t comprehend. “Legally”, in the instant state, non-cops have the power to detain and restrain, under conditions which it isn’t clear were met, recused prosecutor jive notwithstanding.

    This will shock you, but non-cops may even “lawfully” kill criminals in some situations. Cops are a comparatively new blight. What ever did the helpless folk do before their descent from above?

    • Replies: @vot tak
  125. Neoconned says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    I haven’t really been following this but is there photographic or fingerprint evidence that he was attempting to burglarize something?

  126. KenH says:

    (Zimmerman got attacked and acted to save his life.)

    Watch the video. Arbery clearly bull rushes the younger McMichael while throwing punches. McMichael didn’t fire a shot until after he was attacked.

    Now perhaps this was all a misunderstanding and mistaken identity but the McMichael’s broke no Georgia laws. However, they did offend the sensibilities of black twitter, journos and social justice warriors around the nation which is a grievous offense.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  127. Neoconned says:

    Exactly they should have followed him & stayed on the phone w police til they showed up and let the cops handle it….

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  128. vot tak says:

    “I’d suggest that you think again.”

    Actually I don’t think the usa is a democracy and you are misrepresenting me. I suggest that you think again, trump wind-up toy.

  129. anon[323] • Disclaimer says:

    Malkin is doing something that other immigrants want to do or be doing . Is the pie shrinking for her turning her into a confused rabid dog ?

  130. I don’t live in the USA, haven’t for 20+ years, never will again, so I don’t believe myself competent to comment on the merits or lack thereof of the criminal case. I simply state that the small South American village in which I live has no blacks; in fact there are virtually none within 230 km (150 miles more or less) with a mountain range in the middle. That was no small consideration when I elected to live here, eventually accompanied by my son, his Latina wife and my three grandchildren.

    Am I prejudiced? I suppose so, although I have a dear friend who is from Bahía, the blackest part of Brazil. She’s a fine person, and readily admits that she understands my motives for avoiding living near blacks. It’s simply common sense on my part.

    Voluntary segregation is not “racist” in the sense of wishing no contact with anyone of a different race (black in particular). Nevertheless, a person of largely African descent is unlikely to want to live in the village in which I live because it will be made quite clear by virtually everyone that there are more congenial places to live than here, trust fund hippies notwithstanding; they know that they are tolerated, but barely, and with the new virus dispensation and resulting localism, that could change if they fail to keep a low profile.

    The motto of this village is that “there still are places like this” and the tacit consensus is that we will keep it that way.

    • Replies: @The Grim Joker
  131. bruce county says:

    This is one of those cases “if the races were reversered” MSM would be all over it. How it is presented to the public should be folllowed by a story about black on white murder from the past and present.
    These men will never recieve a fair trial.

  132. Trickster says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Well it was only temporary littering like when you drop a paper bag but retrieve it for the garbage. The trash was ultimately taken out, no pun intended !

    • Agree: bruce county
  133. meena says:

    “author’s background relevant to the article”

    That will take the past activities –sucking up to some anti Arab guys on stupid Fox to understand .

    “incitement of black-on-white violence.” She has been inciting for long time .

  134. Trickster says:

    I am shocked at these revelations. A black man who exploits his own, living the high and mighty life while his bros battle cockroaches in a rundown tenement. But then again this is typical behaviour of the black man. Look at Nigeria and Angola, two oil rich states where the black Dictators, their families and friends are worth billions yet their fellow blacks live in shanties on a dollar a day. These people treat their own worse than the white man ever did. Wherever they go whether separated by time or space the behaviour is the same.

  135. Why the rush to judgement? Let the case play out.

    • Replies: @mike99588
  136. AceDeuce says:

    A Victim of black crime has every instinctive reason to be pissed at prowling negroes, however dangerous it may be. I’d tell them to F themselves. The average white crime victim (theoretical) might go farther, with cause.

    I edited your post.

  137. vot tak says:

    The Perversity of Needing to See Ahmaud Arbery Die on Video to Recognize That His Black Life Mattered

    “On Thursday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation charged Ahmaud Arbery’s killers with murder and aggravated assault. There can be little doubt that, without the viral spread of a video capturing Arbery’s harrowing final moments, no such charges would have been brought.

    Arbery, a 25-year-old black man, was shot dead in February while jogging, hunted by a white father and son in a truck. Over two months had passed, and no charges had been filed by the local district attorney’s office. Within a day of the video surfacing, garnering millions of views and provoking mass outcry, the GBI began its own investigation. A day later, Gregory McMichael, a former investigator with the Brunswick district attorney’s office, and his son Travis were arrested and booked into jail.

    Once again, it took no less than the intolerable spectacle of a black man’s execution in public view, spread far and wide, for the state to consider — or be compelled to consider — even the possibility of consequences for those who so readily took his life. Why do we need to exhibit and share the brutal death of a black man for it to be asserted that he was murdered? Why is it still necessary that the world see a black life violently cut short for any institutional recognition that black lives should matter?

    When Gregory and Travis McMichael saw a black man jogging in their quiet neighborhood, it’s difficult to imagine that they saw a human whose life would be registered as a loss if taken. Instead, they saw a criminal threat, grabbed their guns, and gave chase. When the police and prosecutors originally in charge of the case said that there was “insufficient probable cause” for arresting the killers and that Travis McMichael was “allowed to use deadly force to protect himself” against the unarmed victim, they asserted that Arbery’s life was not a life worth preserving. It was not enough for his loved ones to demand justice. Millions of people had to bear witness to the extreme footage of a lynching, and to demand action, for the state to begin to register that Arbery’s life had value.”

    • Disagree: TheTrumanShow
  138. Agent76 says:

    MARCH 18, 2020 Cops Killed Nearly 13 Times More People Than Mass Shooters

    According to The Washington Post, 1,004 individuals were “shot and killed by police in 2019,” or 12 more than the previous year.

    May 5, 2020 Former Georgia Cop and Son Chase Down Black Jogger and Kill him

    But now that a video has surfaced showing the jogger was the one acting in self defense before he was killed, prosecutors are singing a different tune, saying they will present the case to a grand jury.

    • Replies: @Agent76
    , @obwandiyag
  139. vot tak says:

    “What We Know About the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

    “According to the statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Tom Durden, the district attorney now assigned to the case, formally requested that the GBI look into Arbery’s death on May 5, the day the video appeared. Thirty-six hours later, Travis and Gregory McMichael were booked at the Glynn County Jail. At a news conference on May 8, GBI director Vic Reynolds said their investigation was straightforward. “The video was already out, we saw it, we reviewed the rest of the file, and we made an arrest,” he said. “Probable cause was clear to our agents pretty quickly.”

    Of the previous prosecutors, he said, “I can’t answer what another agency did or didn’t see. But I can tell you that, based on our involvement in this case and considering the fact we hit the ground running Wednesday morning and within 36 hours we had secured warrants for two individuals for felony murder, I think that speaks volumes for itself.”

    Let’s see, who is more credible here? The professionals quoted above or some white supremacist blowhard posting opinionated diarrhea on a website? Hey, it’s a real tough call, aint it. 😀

  140. Irish Savant says he was a burglar. Apparently even his mum admitted he ‘did-du’ it!

  141. AceDeuce says:

    About 10 years ago, I had to live (for work) in the burbs of a large Northeastern city (think Baltimore) for a month.

    One schitthole part of the city was full of poor blacks and hispanics. One warm spring morning a 9 yr old hispanic girl was walking to school alone. She cut theough an alley and was accosted by a negro who grabbed her. He tore her clothes and probably would have done much worse, but she got away and ran. She told her mother and the news spread throughout the block. The cops were also called.

    The local layabout men put down their morning joints and scoured the area. They suspected a local halfwit perv, a black hispanic guy. There was no evidence, just a vaguely similar description from the girl, who had never seen him before.

    Anyway, a large mob of the local men (all negro/hispanic themselves) found him. Several started beating the schitt out of him while a few cooler heads tried to keep him alive for the cops. Cops got there soon after and basically saved this guy’s life. As it was, he was severely beaten and was hospitalized for days.

    My point? The mayor, city council, local newspaper, and the public commended the local posse for hunting this guy down. They were “heroes”. No problem with 10-12 men beating him half to death-many citizens indicated they wish he had been killed. Now, no one saw the guy do anything. He had rights, due process, etc. The girl was unharmed except for a torn shirt.

    You got any problems with that? Or do you see any difference?

    • Replies: @Truth
  142. AceDeuce says:

    Then if he charged a cop and got shot, you’d be whining about that.

  143. Trickster says:
    @Blue Juice

    This article will generate thousands of comments both for and against. Was it murder and in what degree or manslaughter or self defence or…or…..It will come out that this Achmaud was a chronic, habitual, career thief who became a nuisance as a result of his exploits and continually got away with his exploits. It gets to a point where people get fed up with these characters and take them out regardless of the consequences. One cannot imagine the rage at having constant breakins and items stolen. When I lived in the Third World, every door and window had to have an iron grill, bolted into cement and with hardened steel padlocks, everything had to be locked up. When washing was done and hung in the sun one had to watch the clothes line with unblinking eyes. Step away for just a second and your laundry would disappear and I am not exaggerating. Leave a bike, toys out and it was stolen. At times the thefts would take an amusing turn. One neighbour applying to go to the US had to submit a stool sample for tests. This was placed in a medical box and left on the front seat of his car. Running inside to get something he returned to find the stool sample GONE. Frustrations build, people get fed up, and perpetrators get capped. Its too bad he had to die !

  144. @fllaart bllooger

    Yes, this is most certainly about journalism, the TV kind for the most part. Did you see my 1st comment? That’s my point. These race-baiters, (hate-mongers, whatever the best term is for those scum bags) would get NOWHERE without a Lyin’ Press that puts all their BS in the spotlight. This video is a great example. We get one part of the story with Big-Media’s on-the-spot one-side interpretation for us all.

    Mrs. Malkin does everyone a service by pointing out who these race-hustlers, trotted out by the Lyin’ Press to push their narrative, really are. I’m not these 2 Georgian’s defense lawyer. This is not gonna be about law so much anyway, unfortunately. See Trayvon II – The Media Empire Strikes Back with plenty of credit given to the site Mr. Realist up top pointed to – Information Liberation.

  145. Trinity says:

    Do you people remember when a Black woman abducted a 12 year old white boy in Texas and burned him to death with a blowtorch?

    Speaking of Georgia. Do you people remember hearing about a White woman and her kids being purposely ran over by a car driven by a Black male in a McDonald’s parking lot? This happened way back around 2004, but hey, we still hear about Rodney King.

    IF you answered no, congrats, you are part of everyday normal American society, you have the pleasure of hardly ever reading, seeing or hearing about Black on White crime that is purposely BLACKED OUT by the JEWISH RUN AND CONTROLLED MEDIA.

    A question for Whites and even Hispanics, and Orientals. Would you feel safe jogging alone in an all Black ghetto even in the daytime? Well, you know what I see all the time living in a 98% White small town in JawJah, that’s right racist Georgia, I see lone Black females and males walking all by their lonesome and they aren’t molested verbally or harassed much less physically attacked. Now go and try walking in the hood as a lone White female or even a White male in the hood in Atlanta, Baltimore or Philly and tell me how long you last without being at least threatened. You would be lucky not to be sucker punched at the very least. And yet with all the THOUSANDS OF BLACK ON WHITE UNPROVOKED PHYSICAL ATTACKS, AND THESE ATTACKS OFTEN ARE BRUTAL, YOU NEVER SEE THE MEDIA COVERAGE OR ANGERED “ANTI-RACISTS” OUT THERE PROTESTING FOR JUSTICE. haha. It looks like these “anti-racists” SJW and others aren’t crusaders for justice but they are just hate-filled anti-White racist who only crawl out from under their rock and for 20-30 bucks an hour courtesy of Daddy Sorosbucks march along and spew “Hate Whitey,” and maybe loot some liquor stores that happen to be on the way. Also this gives these “anti-racists” a perfect opportunity or is it an excuse to pull innocent Whites out of their cars and beat them to a pulp.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Neoconned
    , @europeasant
  146. Isn’t it interesting how free speech zones, like this or Gab, always bring the racist fascist scum crawling out of their holes? This isn’t an indictment of free speech, far from it: I’m strongly in favour of racist fascist scum identifying themselves. It will make things much easier than tracking them down one by one 🙂

  147. eah says:

    The audio of the event was recorded via a 911 call that was taking place when the shooting occured and you can hear the victim yelling ‘Help’ and moments later a shot.

    Actually it was Zimmerman yelling because Martin was on top of him, punching him in the face and pounding his head into the ground (corroborated by Zimmerman’s injuries) — when he first listened to the tape of the 9/11 call, Martin’s own father said the voice of the person yelling was not that of his son (he later lied and denied he said that) — several people who knew Zimmerman said it was his voice.

    Zimmerman stalked followed Martin because after a series of break-ins he found Martin suspicious, which was not unreasonable, everything considered; and it is not illegal to follow someone — Zimmerman never “confronted” Martin; it was Martin who more or less ambushed and physically attacked Zimmerman — Martin was 5’11” and a strong young hardass black man; Zimmerman was only 5’7″, and built like the Pillsbury Doughboy — yet we are supposed to believe that poor little Trayvon was screaming like a girl for help — that is ridiculous.

    But people like you are usually impervious to such facts/arguments.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Saggy
  148. Maddaugh says:
    @John Achterhof

    Hopefully you will never have an encounter with a black man, you comment will take an about turn.

  149. @Miranda

    She’s done a lot more to defend White Anglo America then you ever will, or most other Whites for that matter. You’ve been cucked out of the nation your ancestors built from the ground up and you’re complaining about a non-White that actually helps your cause?

  150. @John Achterhof

    You’re suggesting common sense on a site that routinely posts white racist material, the comment section of which is crawling with white racists, and which goes looking for scum like Malkin – who is persona non grata even among far right wing vermin like Ben Shapiro who wants Palestinians genocided – to post. You are, unfortunately, in the wrong place for that.

  151. @Anonymous

    The author’s background is relevant because a racist ratbag like Malkin, with a history of being a racist ratbag, cannot be relied upon to tell even 0.000000000001% of the truth about any topic like this one. And, yes, as a fellow brown person, I call her a racist ratbag because brown people are often the best allies of white racists against the blacks.

    • Troll: Tlotsi
    • Replies: @schnellandine
  152. Ram says:

    ” King’s post of the purloined video ”

    The video was published by the accuseds’ lawyer. It was not purloined in anyway.

    • Replies: @Anon
  153. Ace says:

    That was like turning over a rock.

  154. Maddaugh says:

    What I find curious is how the rich black elite, who once they make it move out far away from the chimp areas, rarely if ever return, dont give a shit about the people they left behind, but suddenly find Jesus and are all so concerned about the poor black man (who wanted to be a Doctor or Dentist) who is a criminal and got shot. Whites, like Biden jump on the same gravy train. Once the drama has been milked these cretins get back to their to their lives of luxury and the black corpse is shit to them and soon forgotten. The poor black man falls for this every time. Does the black man really believe LeBron, Walters, Biden, and other similar characters give a flying fuck about them other than what they can be used for and for how long?. These people are dumb, gullible and do not seem to understand how the world works.

    • Agree: Realist
  155. @schnellandine

    The clods didn’t handle this well. And the younger one with the shotgun shouldn’t have crossed the center line when the Black man tried to run around the truck. That said, if the clods had kept their guns concealed and ‘kindly’ told the Black criminal that he wasn’t welcome in their neighborhood that would have been admirable behavior. Times were better when men defended their neighborhoods without taking the law into their own hands. But unless the Black man is running with a stolen TV, the whole point is to scare him from coming back, not to block his exit or trying to make a citizens arrest with no proof of a crime. Somewhere between (a) letting a criminal stroll through your neighborhood because you’re weak and (b) blocking a suspicious person’s exit by brandishing a shotgun (eg crossing the center line), is what most of us would call an appropriate response.

    The clods didn’t handle this well, that’s for sure. On the other hand, when they killed the Black man the world didn’t lose anything of value. He was no doubt a thug. But you can’t go around making citizens arrests based on your suspicion, even if the suspicion is no doubt correct.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  156. @Chris Mallory

    I would stand still, keep my hands in plain view, make no sudden moves and wait for the police to arrive.

    • Replies: @Phil the Fluter
  157. Ace says:

    That’s a choice article you linked to. The money quote from it is:

    As I said in the past, the real lesson of Covington was that Conservatism, Inc. will always side with the liberal establishment over the base they claim to represent when it matters most. [Link removed.]

    It’s preceded by Ben Shapiro’s tweet that criminal charges “are merited.” Ben’s got it all figured out.

    • Agree: Realist
    • LOL: schnellandine
  158. How can anyone in his or her right mind support those two sick and dumb red necks who killed that man for nothing?
    So what even if he was a burglar?If these dumb red necks had any brains they would have waited for the proper authority to arrest him rather than blowing his mid section with a 12 Gauge shotgun.
    BTW, Ms Malkin would not be accepted by the likes of those red necks who committed this terrible crime. After all she is a darky and all darkys ,brown and Black, are considered N\$\$\$rs by these mother fucking dumb red necks.

  159. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    writing on the far right wing site Unz

    Stupid characterization of Georgia killing. And stupid pigeonholing of Unz Review, since you have many columnists on UR who’ve spent their entire writing career in far-left media until they refused to toe the line on support for neolib (neocon) agenda of the Anglo-Zionist empire. A few columnists at UR were purged from far-left CounterPunch after CP got on board with the neolib agenda. Malkin was only picked up by Unz after she was excommunicated from mainstream conservative media and “Conservative Inc.” after associating with some on the alt-right.

    So I would say UR is more a fringe site, both left and right (and every other direction). I mean, where else would you find a website where its owner and main columnist is praising and promoting the research group of the Nation of Islam and a link to order their book? Unz thinks it’s the most thoroughly researched with the best analysis of any book he’s read on the subject.

    Ron Unz:

    …once I began reading the 500 pages of The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man I was tremendously impressed by the quality of the historical analysis. I think I have only very rarely encountered a research monograph on a controversial historical event that provided such an enormous wealth of carefully-argued analysis backed by such copious evidence. The authors seemed to display complete mastery of the major secondary literature of the last one hundred years while drawing very heavily upon the various primary sources, including court records, personal correspondence, and contemporaneous publications, with the overwhelming majority of the 1200 footnotes referencing newspaper and magazine articles of that era.”

  160. Why in these cases does the white man-well, Zimmerman was basically a Latino-end up pulling a gun because he is getting thrashed?

    Why are blacks usually able to easily beat up whites and the white has to use a gun like a coward.

    Every shooting of a black by a white seems to involve a white resorting to a gun.

    Why are blacks so often able to overpower whites?

    • LOL: Truth
  161. @Longfisher

    If I had to guess, I’d say Ms. Malkin is used to Breitbart and Fox News types who eat the shit up, but are as incapable of critical thinking as CNN viewers or NYT readers.

    • Replies: @MrTea
  162. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Crump…the Al Sharpton-like chump who shilled for Trayvon Martin:

  163. jill says:

    An armed black New Jersey investigator killed a white man who was unarmed and moving toward him in a road rage incident. The investigator was carrying his firearm illegally in Maryland. The investigator should have stayed in his locked vehicle and called 911.

    “Walker was off duty at the time of the incident, driving home from a family gathering in Odenton, when his car drifted into Harvey’s lane after making a turn along Route 3 near Interstate 97. Police reports and testimony indicated Harvey swerved toward Walker’s car and called him a racial slur. Harvey was white, Walker is black.

    Both men pulled over, and court records say once the vehicles were on the side of the road, the two men confronted one another. Walker, a detective with the Hudson County prosecutor’s office in New Jersey, said he identified himself as an officer and showed his badge; other witnesses said they never saw a badge.

    As Harvey approached, Walker shot him three times, killing him.”

    Found not guilty at trial.

  164. jill says:

    For the 1,000th time….never, ever, talk to the police:

    • Agree: Agent76
  165. @Achmed E. Newman


    When the great James Stockdale was preparing to bail out over North Vietnam, he happily told himself, “I’m leaving the world of technology and entering the world of Epictetus!”

    Take care


  166. Trickster says:

    Great research Realist, very thorough. I plan to look at the videos tonight with a bowl of ice cream, chocolate flavour. Ahmaud was clearly a ne’er do well and his family are certainly no God fearing, church going, righteous Christians. The people in his area probably got quite fed up with him and solved the problem.

    As you pointed out if Father and Son are exonerated it will be chimp time as they torch their own area and other black businesses resulting in them having to travel one hour for a bag of milk.

    Once again this is a clear caution to whites to stay away from blacks, black area and black events. Also stay away from whites who think it is cool to associate with blacks. It may well cost you your life and that of your loved ones. These people are pure poison and nothing but trouble. even their own kind move out of the Hood and into a white area first chance they get.

    • Replies: @Realist
  167. @Cowtown Rebel

    Just to make it clear. Some racist goon stopping me on the street has nio expectation that I have any obligatioin to be compliant with whatever demands he makes., Indeed, merely making sucvh demands when he has not authrotu to expet comliance is in itself a villation of any citizen’s civil rights. SO IT’S THE PERSON MAKING THAT DEMAND AND SEEKING TO ENFORCE IT WHO IS THE AGRRESSOR, AND HIS VICTIM HAS EVERY RIGHT TO DEFEND HIMSELF AGAINST SUCH EFFRONTERY.

  168. Maddaugh says:

    Yes I agree he is an innocent man. I am sure the facts will come out showing he wanted to be a dentist or even a Neuro Surgeon. I bet evidence exists that he applied to Harvard Medical School and was accepted notwithstanding an expanding criminal file. How do you expect the man to pay his tuition with a regular job ? Its too bad he is now in that happy Ghetto in the sky ! The life of an upstanding young man with a promising future in science has been cut short.

  169. Trinity says:

    Uh, “red necks” is actually one word, “redneck.” There I fixed that for ya.

  170. Tom714 says:

    OK, these guys may have pushed hoaxes in the past, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing so here…

  171. Maddaugh says:
    @Herbert Norkus

    Yes, the curve flattened and the other monkeys self quarantined. The Police now have nothing to do !

  172. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    because a racist ratbag like Malkin, with a history of being a racist ratbag, cannot be relied upon to tell even 0.000000000001% of the truth about any topic like this one

    Just curious, bear with me:
    Who approved your comment, sending it through moderation? Wondering if you know.

  173. @Hans

    Thank you for that. That segment on Rachel Jeantal is the woldest expose I’ve seen. It went on fat too long, but the info on that hoax is incredible.

    And they did not charge one single one of these incredible liars, including Crump.

  174. BenKenobi says:

    Your seethe is delicious. Lol.

  175. @NegroPantera

    Arbrey attacked Travis and grabbed his gun by the barrel. That is right on video, and his wounds were consistent with the video when the autopsy was performed.

    Arbrey killed hisself.

  176. bjondo says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Why do Yid resort to assault weapons, tanks,
    bombs, chemicals, biologicals, raw sewage, lies,
    to overpower Palestinian kiddies and pregnant women?

    5 dancing shlomos

  177. An Editor says:

    Umm, if this is deceptively edited…

    where, pray tell, are the edits?

    I didn’t see any.

  178. @anonymous jew

    Times were better when men defended their neighborhoods without taking the law into their own hands.

    Into whose hands should the law be placed, and from where? Much as with “fire in a crowded theater”, “law into their own hands” is merely evasive argument-extinguisher.

    Interesting that when the state, as usual, fails miserably in the administration of justice, there’s no ubiquitous extinguishing memorized phrase at hand.

    When interested “private” parties fail justice after attempting its administration, they are usually liable for punishment. Not so the state.

    Thus I conclude opposite of you regarding the desirability of vigilantism.

    Philosophically, whence comes the magic power of the state to serve justice? If from the people, then the people have it. Bastiat was right when he wrote that the law (not the state) is simply the collective manifestation of an individual right of self defense. The individual abandons not that right when enlisting (so it’s supposed) others to act on his behalf.

  179. Sean says:
    @Dan Hayes

    All-white jury convicted him. He only called one witness in his defence: his girlfriend. There was a trend in the crimes of him going for older and older black women and more respectable ones. What brought him down was when he targeted a 57 year old woman with no kind of record or charges against; she immediately made a complaint, and after he was Mirandaised he declined to have a lawyer present and made the astounding error of talking to the police. Nothing one says in those circumstances (being questioned as a suspect) could help, and they got something as they always do; checked with his girlfriend and caught him out in a lie about having had sex with her when he returned that night. Almost all the women who then came forward were low lifes but there was a pattern of them being 40 or more that fits with Holtzclaw having a ever greater interest in older black women.

    Holtzclaw patrol car locations had their GPS data for the relevant night shifts on record and they tallied with where the route by which the 17 year old said Holtzclaw took to the assault location, and her skin DNA was on his uniform pants. People get life in prison every day on less proof. His sentence is excessive, but he was happy to be part of that system and he knew what to expect.

  180. Lowe says:

    You are right that the armed men showed bad judgment confronting the jogging black guy like they did.

    H/e self defense is a workable defense, since the video shows him turning left abruptly, back toward them, for whatever reason. He was not trying to run away, which supports the claim that he initiated it.

  181. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    You are a hate filled anti-white bigot POS.

  182. Lowe says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Run away, in whichever direction, but definitely away from the guy with the gun.

    Your probability of survival is much higher doing that. You don’t even know he’s going to shoot at you. If you attack him he definitely will.

  183. Hank T says:

    This is why you shouldn’t have little old asian women be the face of your pro white movement. Instead of putting up any actual defense of these men being railroaded she just retreats back into a petty personal feud with Talcum X. Pathetic.

  184. @MrBoompi

    +1, but I’m still glad someone is keeping track of Shaun King. He was masquerading as a journalist on The Intercept until about a year ago. I wonder what happened.

  185. American whites will not give up our guns and we will not cede our neighborhoods to black “jogger” thieves. And if they try to grab weapons from our hands we will shoot them. Without compunction. The same way you shoot a wild animal, because that is what such behavior resembles. A charging buck is going to be shot every time, whether you try to throw the whites in prison for it or not.

    Of course this isn’t about protecting black lives from violence. This is about enabling negroes to terrorize whites the way they do in South Africa. It’s not going to happen here.

    Vigilantism is a response to lawlessness. Lawless authorities should expect it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  186. bruce county says:

    Every time I read his name in my head I am saying Armed Robbery. Anyone else??

  187. Stan says:

    Have a problem with English comprehension? Provide the link to the news report where Trump said blacks and Latinos are all rapists and murderers.

  188. It’s funny, I remember when the Jewish “police force” in Brooklyn cornered a black guy and gouged out one of his eyes. CNN was uninterested in that story. And the guy originally convicted of the crime is now free because some clever lawyer Barry Schecked the prosecution over DNA analysis. It helps to be Jewish in life, that’s for sure. It hurts to be a redneck.

  189. Two Ten says:

    Just out for a jog, 12 miles from home, wearing denim shorts and unlaced boots. That’s a hell of a way to run a marathon.

    • LOL: acementhead
    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  190. Will be waiting on the GBI investigation, but this whole thing smells fishy. 1) Gregory McMichael sees someone running and automatically thinks “burglar” based on video from another residence 2) G. McMichael calls 911 about a “burglar” 3) G. McMichael goes into house and says to his son Travis (parapharase) “lets go” they grab their weapons, get into their truck and go after someone that is running. 4) not only do the go after the guy, they try to cut him off, and detain him. Are you kidding me?

    Now we know that Gregory McMichael was an ex-cop, worked for the prosecutor’s office as an investigator until he retired, and had investigated Arbery previously. The last part he never informed police of. The local police say there were no burglary reports from Jan-Feb in that area. Then come to find out that the local LEO’s wanted to arrest the McMichael’s, but the prosecutor Gregory Michael used to work for put the kibosh on that.

    My question: After calling 911 why didn’t they just follow Arbery from a distance while staying on the phone with dispatch until police arrived? That would have been the smart thing to do and then the McMichael’s would have avoided all of this.

    I will repeat: This stinks to high heaven! Doesn’t matter who the lawyers for Arbery’s parents are. Yes they are race baiters, but a broken clock still tells the correct time two times a day.

  191. Two Ten says:


    A jogger wearing unlaced boots should’ve been a hint.

  192. Two Ten says:
    @Blue Juice

    Thank you for sharing all of those details.

  193. @schnellandine

    I’d tell them to F themselves.

    and he’d still be alive

    • Agree: Anonymous Jew
  194. @Cowtown Rebel

    But, Negroes never want to cooperate,

    But [guilty] Negroes, [like guilty Caucasians] never want to cooperate.

  195. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    Even if the black guy had committed burglary, two armed rednecks rolling up to kidnap him wasn’t a smart move. Unless I see evidence to the contrary, the shooter is guilty of manslaughter and attempted kidnapping, the dad for armed criminal action and attempted kidnapping. This is the difference between having a badge and not having one. A “citizen’s arrest” excuse ain’t gonna fly.

    Wrong, dum dum.

    In that state, they had a legal right to carry a registered firearm, and the legal right to detain someone who is suspected of a crime. If the were wrong in detaining him, the alleged perp has the right to sue them later for damages. In that state, you can’t bum rush a citizen carrying a legal firearm without opening up the the legal right for the owner/operator of that shotgun to shoot you in the face.

    You don’t need “evidence to the contrary.” You just have to bother looking up gun rights and citizens arrest and detainment rights of that state.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  196. Adûnâi says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    What even is a TV? Who owns a TV? Who watches cable news? All propaganda you need is on the Internet.

    Last time I checked, the Internet is awash with love for Negroes and transvestites, and with hatred towards Aryans and the DPR of Korea.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  197. Avery says:

    The several comments blaming the victim (in a roundabout way), and basically absolving the killers have no foundation:

    1. The two white guys chased this unarmed black man in their truck, fully armed and brandishing weapons.

    2. What kind of “Stand your ground” law can possibly apply here? The man was not on their property; he was jogging _away_. They chased him, cornered him and then shot him.

    3. Even IF Ahmaud looked into some vacant house (“burglary” ? !), there is no law that gives a civilian the right to leave his own house, chase the person, and confront him. You can’t claim your life is in danger, and shoot someone, if you left your own property, and went after the person – who had had no contact with you up to that point.

    4. That’s what the police are for: ‘suspicious person’,’possible burglary’, etc. Call and stay in your house, with a loaded gun, in case it is a dangerous guy and he somehow ends up in your house….. while being chased by cops……

    5. You are on your own property, someone enters it without permission, threatens you or something – blast away. But chasing after someone who you _think_ may have committed burglary at some vacant house?

  198. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Why are blacks usually able to easily beat up whites and the white has to use a gun like a coward.

    Some far more productive questions for you to answer:

    Why do black men apply their physical advantage against whites and women to get their way?

    Why do black men run from marrying the women they impregnate?

    Why do black men shuck and jive around the need to raise their own children, and insist those children be raised by the abandoned, angry mother, and eventually, the state?

    Why do blacks, on a percentage basis, kill far more white people, as well as commit violent crimes, than the other way around? Damn right a white lady is going to clutch her purse when a black man comes around. Statistically, she’d be an absolute idiot not to, if she wants to keep that purse.

    So, answer these far more important questions, won’t you?

  199. @Jeff Stryker

    has to use a gun like a coward.

    First of all, if you are at a disadvantage (older, smaller, female, etc.), there is nothing cowardly about using a gun. Quite the opposite.

    Second, if, in a life and death situation that you didn’t initiate, there is the slightest possibility you may be at a disadvantage, there is nothing cowardly about using a gun. Quite the opposite.

    Third, if you are in a life and death situation that you didn’t initiate, there is a great probability your attacker believes you are at a disadvantage and a significant possibility he is right, in which case there is nothing cowardly about using a gun. Quite the opposite.

    Fourth, if a black man initiates the confrontation and the white man is unarmed and get his ass kicked, you won’t hear about it.

    Fifth, if a black man initiates the confrontation and the white man is unarmed and kicks the attacker’s ass, you won’t hear about it.

    Sixth, if a black man initiates the confrontation and the white man is armed but fails to use his weapon and gets his ass kicked, you won’t hear about it.

    Seventh, if a black man initiates the confrontation and the white man is armed and uses his weapon, you’ll hear about it in the New York Times, but not the part about initiating the conflict.

    Eighth, if a white man initiates the confrontation, and gets his ass kicked, you’ll hear about it on World Star Hip Hop.

    Ninth, if a white man initiates the confrontation, and beats the black man’s ass, you’ll hear about in the New York Times.

    • Agree: Blue Juice
  200. By-tor says:

    The black ‘jogger’ rushed the older man and grabbed his shotgun which was pointed at the ground. It is plain as day on the video. The black ‘jogger’ at that point became the aggressor. If the two white men are convicted of murder, they will have been lynched. The video just does not depict what you wish it did, so you default to the worn-out ‘racist’ baloney of an anti-white bigot.

  201. It’s. All. Such. Bullshit.

    And from what is supposed to be “a just the facts ma’m” agency.

  202. Adûnâi says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    > “Why are blacks usually able to easily beat up whites and the white has to use a gun like a coward.”

    Because White smile. Negroes do not smile. A commenter on Chechar’s blog (maybe Joseph Walsh?) once said that the photographs from the early 20th century showed White proletarians who do not smile. And that the last vestige of that spirit was only preserved later in prisons (where Negroes prevailed around the 1960s).

  203. @anonymous

    There are links right here in these comments that will counter the argument for murder. But any facts like that will not appear on NBC or CNN or any other place that the vast majority still trust, for some reason, to tell them the facts. The truth is that pretty much no one here, Malkin included, is in possession of the evidence that the trial court will have to consider. But Malkin’s point is that Talcum X and his buddy are interested in agitating for blood for their own ideology and for profit
    Crump too. Hopefully George Zimmerman will win his civil suit against Crump and others involved in the Trayvon travesty, and Crump will be disbarred.

  204. anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    if you confront me with a weapon — you might get more than you bargained for in resistance

    If you try to take my gun from me, you will definitely be shot. And unlike the guys in the video, I’ll shoot you on approach. Furthermore, unless you’re black (I’m white) I’ll probably walk, since in just about any reasonably gun-friendly jurisdiction, trying to take a man’s gun is justifiable grounds for self-defense.

    I’d guess most of the conserva-cucks and virtue-signalling lolberts condemning the “hicks” are unarmed urbanites. This is indicated by (for instance) the idea that the correct way to deal with an armed opponent is to go after his gun, since clearly, merely pointing a gun at someone results in instant death-ray destruction (/sarc). These sorts of attitudes belie an experience with firearms rooted in television and not reality. (Protip: run from the gun. It’s actually hard to hit you with a handgun, and that shotgun’s lethality drops off radically with range).

    The endless argumentation over the background to this confrontation does not ultimately matter, since the plain evidence on video is of a guy with his gun pointed at the ground being attacked by another guy, who gets shot. This is exhaustively detailed in the recused DA’s letter.

    The lack of any clear, simple principle here is depressing. In my grandfathers’ day, even putting aside the racial angle, there would be no question what was “right” here. “Damn fool deserved to get shot, you don’t go for another man’s gun”.

    This “nation” richly deserves what’s coming. In fact, under this degree of emergent anarcho-tyranny, the BEST we can hope for is full collapse, as soon as possible. Then we’ll at least be free to protect ourselves. I’ll take anarchy over anarcho-tyranny.

    • Agree: Blue Juice
  205. Thicket says:
    @Blue Juice

    How do you know any of this? Links? Were you there? Is the UNZ site so important that the local KKK has actually paid you to spread this disinformation? About the only compelling point you made is if the jogger was actually wearing Timberland boots. Otherwise, the answer is NO, and nobody “has to stop” nor even rely on “just waiting for the police”. I don’t care what anybody thinks this man did by snooping around empty houses or whatever, they had no right to confront him and especially not brandishing firearms.

    Why didn’t THEY just follow at a safe distance and “wait for the police”? I have no burden or duty to stop just because you feel lie engaging with me. and this is the root of white privileges which is really white arrogance. And i say this as white man myself who has been affronted too may times by weak people who think they’re magically entitled. I have seen this too many times up close.

  206. Truth says:

    Or do you see any difference?

    Well now, one (allegedly) tried to rape a little girl, and the other (allegedly) was taking a jog.

    Nah, no difference.

  207. Truth says:

    Do you people remember when a Black woman abducted a 12 year old white boy in Texas and burned him to death with a blowtorch?

    No, not really.

    Speaking of Georgia. Do you people remember hearing about a White woman and her kids being purposely ran over by a car driven by a Black male in a McDonald’s parking lot?


    This happened way back around 2004,

    OK, that would explain it.

    but hey, we still hear about Rodney King.

    He’s been dead for 8 years, Sport.

    I see lone Black females and males walking all by their lonesome and they aren’t molested verbally or harassed much less physically attacked.

    And that has what to do with this jogger being shot and killed?


    Well then I think you owe Paul- K a heartfelt “thank you”… And a healthy donation.

  208. Anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    According to a police report, the man, Gregory McMichael, 64, called out to his son, Travis McMichael, 34. They grabbed their weapons, a .357 magnum revolver and a shotgun, jumped into a truck and began following Mr. Arbery.
    “Stop, stop,” they shouted at Mr. Arbery, “we want to talk to you.”
    Moments later, after a struggle over the shotgun, Mr. Arbery was killed, shot at least twice.

    According to documents obtained by The New York Times, a prosecutor who had the case for a few weeks told the police that the pursuers had acted within the scope of Georgia’s citizen’s arrest statute, and that Travis McMichael, who held the shotgun, had acted out of self-defense.”

    The man, Roddie Bryan, lives in the neighborhood. He had shared the video with the police before sharing it with Mr. Tucker and was cooperating with the authorities, his lawyer, Kevin Gough, said in an interview Friday evening.

    Prosecutor should be charged as well and same goes for the police .

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  209. Truth says:

    yet we are supposed to believe that poor little Trayvon was screaming like a girl for help


    • Replies: @MrTea
  210. Anonymous[432] • Disclaimer says:

    UNZ doesn’t exist to wipe your ass for you. Feel free to go back where you came from, on the internet and in real life.

    • Replies: @Ghali
  211. @Johnny C Goode

    There was also a hammer seemingly dropped by the jogger that the video even turns to focus on as driving up the road, before turning the camera back on the three men ahead. Still shots show it to certainly be a hammer, as it also appears that he’s wearing work-style boots and cargo shorts (not exactly jogging gear).

  212. Anonymous[432] • Disclaimer says:

    Relying on “proper authority” is why White America is in the situation that it is. If we had 1 million Dylan Roofs negros wouldn’t exist in this country.

    • Replies: @Truth
  213. @rtm

    Good point. Even a broken clock is right twice a day

  214. mike99588 says:
    @Henry's Cat

    Simple why prompt correct legal judgement and disposal matters:
    Bankruptcy for the survivors of an attack by a crazed man or desperate criminal, caused by an unnecessary trial.

    There’s very little to “play out” if something extraordinary can’t be demonstrated that there was much more to this case, like pre-existing bad blood and more compromising footage. Waste of taxpayer resources and race based, malicious prosecution is what it looks like.

  215. Low IQ.

    High testosterone.

    No impulse control.

    • Replies: @Truth
  216. Saggy says: • Website

    yet we are supposed to believe that poor little Trayvon was screaming like a girl for help

    He was yelling help because a gun was pointed at him, imbecile.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  217. @KA

    “And to shoot him when he ran away.”

    absolutely not shot running away. Total flat out lie.

    Damns every other thing you say.

    • Agree: acementhead
  218. @Blue Juice

    Blue, you made Free Republic with this post. Good info, you have buddies in GA?

    • Replies: @Blue Juice
  219. @Anonymous

    In that state, they had a legal right to carry a registered firearm, and the legal right to detain someone who is suspected of a crime.

    Ah, suspected!

    Well, that’s just slop. The GA criteria are tighter than that, and may be inapplicable in this case. There’re all sorts of ways to cook those hasty boys, and the dad, at least, should’ve known it. They’re done, even if downgraded to manslaughter or below (e.g. aggravated assault, aiming weapon without cause). All white boys should be taking notes, keeping powder dry, and not rallying behind these hotheaded clowns. Way past the time to act, but this is not the case. Not even close.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  220. @Avery

    “cornered him”

    Point to the “corner”. Where are the obstacles that prevented him from continuing. The Walls. The barricades. Anything.

    White guy left of truck. Black guy right of truck.

    Nothing in front of them to stop him.

    Black guy crosses from right to left and attacks.

    The “corner” is in the black guys head that these white guys have the insolence to mess with his big ol heavy boots jog.

    • Replies: @Anonymous Jew
    , @Avery
  221. @Thicket

    and this is the root of white privileges which is really white arrogance. And i say this as white man myself

    Uh, no. You’re no man, and likely not white.

    The UR community welcomes you, however, in celebration of your first comment at the joint, my fellow white. Still, as your sisters in the movement never tire of sanctimonifying, “Do better.”

    Never thought I’d say that. Must puke now.

    • Replies: @Thicket
  222. the main reason to doubt the official story is that africans don’t jog. track and road runner for 30 years here, can count on my fingers the number of other joggers i’ve passed that were africans. bantu descended africans in the US basically don’t run anything over the 800 meters in track & field.

    also a metal head for over 30 years. there are more africans at metal concerts than african joggers. i have posted on Unz before that in some states, maybe as many as 2% of the people at a big show are african. there’s even some metal bands with african guys in them. but pretty much no 5000 meter runners in the states are west africans.

    think about that next time they tell you this guy was a jogger. there are more africans at heavy metal concerts than africans who are joggers.

  223. “You got any problems with that? Or do you see any difference?”

    I am not sure what the issue here is.

    According to your comments; the man in question that was beaten up — was neither a person for which a warrant was on the table and there was no evidence that he ha done anything to anyone anywhere . . .

    The men who attacked this gentlemen should have been prosecuted for assault. Your suspicions does not a criminal make.

    Not in Macon County, not in Green Bay, Not in Billings, not in Philadelphia, not in Tupello, Not in Los Angeles . . . not in Denver . . . tat is the principle. But in practice, the country as a whole has spent 200 years hyping suspicion of blacks as a criminal condition an proceeded to operate in the same.

    An any black man who does not comply with the practice is putting himself at risk. Which as tool is used to further increase suspicion – hence the none to surprising comments about . . .” if he dd not do anything he should be ok with the violation of his person. Because he should have nothing to hide . . .

    a mystifying position given that the founders fought to protect the very right many claim he should give up to bolster his innocence — An some blacks whether Attillas or Henry David Thorou’s — ,ight be willing to risk, life and limb to say


    Whether it is a white woman demanding some black erase a blackboard, demanding a grade she did not earn, undermining his teaching by having private sessions with his or her students or the local police.

    You see the revolutionary war for country as needless as it was in short was about a new and separate identity — with ability to say


    to arbitrary authority against one’s person.

    So if in fact in your scenario as written the gentleman who was beaten up on suspicion and I will go a step further — even if guilty — are themselves under suspicion for assault and battery at least —

    we have general principle in this country, absent for a large segment of the population —

    “due process”

    it has its own ill manifestations — but it serves as a stop gap from marauding crusaders — white, black male or female . . .

  224. epm54338 says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    What is your source for the pre-video activities of this incident as well as Arbery’s criminal background? Thanks.

  225. says:

    The McMichael’s lied. The video contradicts their testimony to the prosecutor. They hunted him down and created a gauntlet. The guy taking the video no doubt was part of it bringing up the rear in case the black male jogger turned his way away from the gauntlet. The camera gets diverted momentarily because he’s loading a clip. If anyone was acting in self-defense, it was Arbery, not the McMichael’s. The fact the McMichael’s lied is proof of their guilt. If you’re not guilty, there’s no need to lie. The McMichael’s stalked Arbery. They hunted him down. Without cause and no, the citizen’s arrest law if you read it and understand it does not apply here. The McMichael’s provided the context for everything that went down. They provoked the situation. Arbery had every right to defend himself. He had every reason to believe his life was in danger and he had every right to try to defend himself which he did because he was acting in self-defense in a situation he did nothing to provoke. You can be sure if the tables were turned, and these were two back guys in place of the McMichael’s and it was a white male jogger the commentators here absurdly defending the McMichael’s would be calling for the death penalty for the black murderers. As for me, I’d have the same opinion of this I have now. The color of anyone’s skin has nothing to do with it. Justice is blind, or it should be.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  226. Hibernian says:

    Citizen’s arrest should be an extreme last resort… …like when the perp is attacking you and/or a loved one and/or trespassing on your property. Not casing a neighbor’s property; that’s for the neighbor and/or the cops. George Zimmerman was watching, not trying to arrest.

    That having been said, it’s ridiculous to call it cold-blooded murder, or even murder at all. Manslaughter, and possibly a lower degree of manslaughter.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  227. @KenH

    The Georgia law, as I understand it, allows for a citizen’s arrest if the citizen has witnessed a felony crime. But the McMichael’s did not witness a felony crime, as far as I can see. How they heard about the trespass of Arbery on the house under construction–and in real time–is unclear to me. Did the same person who called 911 call McMichael as well?

    Obviously, there was some sort of informal neighborhood watch program in effect, because they couldn’t have organized the video-recording chase car on the fly.

    The person who called 911 said that Arbery had been recorded on video at the house under construction at night on several occasions. Will be interesting to see if that video exists.

    And apparently, McMichael Sr remembered Arbery from when he was in the prosecutor’s office and Arbery was arrested for bringing a loaded pistol to a high school basketball game. It would be nice if for once, one of this black victims didn’t have the usual black prior record of criminality, and we could actually imagine them as fully respectable citizens.

    I would also be interested to know what line of work Arbery was in, if any. He was several years out of high school. Did he have any income of any kind?

  228. By-tor says:
    @the shadow

    The black ‘jogger’ ran towards the older man and grabbed the man’s shot gun ( which was pointed down at the ground ) making the ‘jogger’ aggressor. The video clearly shows that.

    • Replies: @Truth
  229. MrTea says:
    @mark green

    Similarly the item about the store security guard shot and killed over him telling shoppers they had to wear masks appears to have gone quickly down the Memory Hole. There are suspects in custody. All involved on both sides of the crime are black. I would think the relevance to the current Corona Crisis would justify coverage of this as a warning.

    The Selective News Media does not care what about real events, nor their correct context. They already wrote the “news” and only seek evidence to support their pre-arranged pseudo-narrative.

  230. Hibernian says:

    He RIGHTLY aimed to seize the gun. If an unknown person accosts you while brandishing a firearm, don’t pause to reflect on your own moral state… AIM TO GET THE GUN!

    This I don’t agree with, morally or practically. It’s suicidal, unless you’re another Chuck Norris, and maybe even if you are, if the gun is pointed at you, or close to it. If in fact the gun is pointed downward, it can be reasonably argued that you’ve become the aggressor. If the gun is pointed downward and the gun pointer is yelling and screaming, it moves into the same category as if the gun is pointed at you.

  231. @Adûnâi

    The difference with the internet, Mr. Adunai, is that one can pick and choose where to get this information from. This site is an example, and you are here. The stuff out of the TV, which plenty of people still have on all the time, not to mention businesses in waiting rooms, etc. is information flow that one cannot control. It’s pretty much the same narrative on all channels (don’t give me any “but”s about Fox news either).

    • Agree: Oscar Peterson
    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  232. Hibernian says:

    The writer himself…

    Herself. Michelle Malkin.

  233. gotmituns says:

    Was the black boy a taxpayer? If not, nothing happened. Drop all charges.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  234. Truth says:

    American whites will not give up our guns

    Canadian whites will.

    And if they try to grab weapons from our hands we will shoot them. Without compunction.

    Well then my advice, Old Sport would be to mitigate some of your shootin’ range time, with boxing ring or octagon time, because it is my understanding that they don’t let you have guns in prison.

    Vigilantism is a response to lawlessness

    Right, and prison is a response to vigilantism, and missing teef are a response to prison.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @BenKenobi
  235. Agent76 says:

    “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @The Grim Joker
  236. I didn’t see where the black kid was armed. Just running. He may have just burglarized a place; either way the 2 killers were waiting for him with their guns.
    I hope they’re prosecuted. If they are cleared by a jury, then great. Otherwise, man-up and serve your time. This is why people start demanding an end to gun rights, because of guys like that. Would they have done the same if the guy had been white? We’ll never know.

  237. MrTea says:

    So what? He was interested in neighborhood security and it would be normal for someone like that to prep for it. I once worked retail in a rough environment and began wearing steel-toes as a prep measure.

    BTW the entire premise that Trayvon was crying for help is disputed. I remember it well as upon seeing the howlers on the news networks the night the story “broke” I web-surfed to the Sanford Florida municipal website and discovered that the 9-1-1 calls from the incident were online to listen to. (Something I never saw mentioned on the news). Martin’s own father expressed the opinion that it did not sound like his son’s voice but later recanted after hearing what was supposedly an “enhanced” version. The tapes were however played to the jury.

    But no matter. It’s an informative exercise to search for the various renditions of the case, typically selectively edited as is the norm with these cases i.e. Michael Brown in Ferguson MO etc.

    • Replies: @Truth
  238. @Anon

    Doesn’t look like they were following him. They were waiting for him.

  239. MrTea says:

    I am reminded of that movie quite often when I peruse the “news”. I was heartened a few years ago when I met some teens who knew of the film and they “got” the idea, as it relates the the nearly “pod people” narrative that is being fed to the public.

  240. JimDandy says:

    Trayvon was yelling for help? I didn’t know that. I thought he circled around and jumped the afro-hispanic who was following him and started to inflict the “ground-and-pound” style beatdown he was on record as being fond of using in street fights. Then, mid-beating, the afro-hispanic he was brutally beating managed to get his weapon out at drill Trayvon. Trayvon then reportedly said, “You got me.”

    • Agree: Genrick Yagoda
    • Replies: @Thicket
  241. JimDandy says:

    I appreciate your line of reasoning, but care to make a friendly wager? No way to pay out, so it will have to be a gentleman’s bet.

    I’m not going to get into how I feel about what the white guys did–but more importantly, neither of us know the full context behind what any of the players in this grotesque drama did.

    You say, “Ah, suspected! Well, that’s just slop. Georgia criteria are tighter than that.”

    The Georgia criteria are what, exactly?

    What gave the two white men the idea that they had probable cause?

    What, exactly, did the dead man do before he was shot? Did he commit any crimes? Trespassing is a crime. Did he steal anything? What did any other witnesses see him do, if anything?

    Did he have the right, under Georgia law, to rush at the white man and attempt to wrest the shotgun away from him? Did the other white man have the right to shoot the black man as the black man was attempting to take the shotgun away?

    I understand that the media and social media mobs will be just as big–if not bigger–factors than the actual letter of the law, but my bet is that the two white men will not be convicted of First Degree Murder. And the official who wrote out his reasons for not pressing charges will not merely fall on his sword.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
    , @Rurik
    , @Thicket
  242. martin_2 says:

    “They chased him, cornered him and then shot him.”

    Evidently you are unaware that there is a video of the incident. It clearly shows that they did not corner him and shoot him, but that he was killed after a violent tussle. If they had wanted to kill him they would have done so before he physically engaged one of them. The fact that he was not shot at the instant when he approached the man with the gun shows that there was never any intention to kill. He held off using his weapon, as did the other man.

    The father was apparently a retired police officer! Did he not know, with his training and experience, that it is extremely negligent and dangerous to threaten people with guns in this manner. What an incompetent fool he must be to engineer this mess. What a pair of dimwits are both father and son.

  243. vot tak says:

    Well said.

    The two factors here behind the promotion of the killers and smearing of the victim are bigotry and far right, likud style zionazi-gay divisive psywar.

    The bigots are ecstatic whites killed a black, they’d love to kill one themselves, but lack the initiative, support network or balls. To them it’s one less of “them”. These are basically very insecure individuals about their own worth who need somebody defenseless to beat on.

    The psywar wonks are a bit more complicated. One of the ways oligarchy in the usa was maintained was through keeping the population divided and at each others throats. This keeps them too occupied to take on massa. Part of that divisiveness psywar is about race and ethnic culture.

    In the last few decades the israeli far right, likud and co., has essentially taken over this race divisive psywar in the usa and increasingly around the world. The racist views posted here about blacks mimic the views of netanyahoo almost word for word. The old time zombiefied pindo bigot has now been subsidized by zionazia, inc. IE: scratch a white supremacist/nazi wannabee and you find a zionazi-gay propagandist or zombiefied dupe underneath.

    Why would israel want to promote racial divide in the usa? Because the usa is now an israeli colony and it is in zionazi-gay interests to keep americans stupid, divided and fighting each other, rather than letting them see who is really buggering their collective arses.

  244. @gotmituns

    Was the black boy a taxpayer? If not, nothing happened. Drop all charges.

    That’s valuable information. Redcoats had a similar policy.

  245. MrTea says:

    Are you calling Michelle Malkin a racist and illiterate? I would recommend her book “Sold Out” as an antidote. Doubt the increasingly leftist C-Span BookTV editors will allow it on despite it being extremely relevant to the current labor market, especially in light of record unemployment. You want to see a real racist, and a publicly subsidized one at that:

  246. Anonymous[432] • Disclaimer says:

    Your “performance” in Afgahnistan and Iraq doesn’t intimidate anymore. Some brief vigilantism against the cops and dumb black gubmint employees and than we don’t have to worry about your threats.

  247. MrTea says:

    Do you have a point? Or are you just a pro-grade asshole? Go to MediaMatters where you can commiserate with your fellows.

    I browse this site because it is one of a very few that dare to confront reality, by way of factual material scrupulously erased by the corporate brainwashing system maintained by the media corporations. Like this currently relevant items

    This site also has significant historical research some of it appearing nowhere else. I cite for instance Mr. Unz scholarship regarding the true story of the disposition of the assets seized from the interned Japanese-Americans.

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
  248. vot tak says:
    @Father O'Hara

    “Screw you,amigo.”

    No chance of that, alter boi. Happy to disappoint you. Don your kneepads and go see your priest. 😀

    • LOL: Grahamsno(G64)
    • Troll: Genrick Yagoda
  249. Sean says:

    Did he have the right, under Georgia law, to rush at the white man and attempt to wrest the shotgun away from him?

    Given that he persisted after being shot in the hand, Ahmaud was forcing the man to shoot him dead. Crazy, but there are many such people in the real world, and though not around to see it, they get their revenge. You point a gun at an unarmed black it is his problem, if he comes at you then you are the one with the problem. The elder McMichael should have foreseen that. Shotgun and a truck, they might as well have worn overalls. Didn’t they ever see Easy Rider?

  250. vot tak says:
    @Really No Shit

    OK, butt bandit.

    They are white trash.

    White trash in pindoland isn’t really racial, but cultural. It’s a clamoring to reach the bottom of moral decay before anyone else does. It’s about being pissed on and loving it because it came from some one more wealthy. It’s being a foot soldier in one’s own exploitation and thinking one is some sort independent thinker. It’s ultimately about conformity and kissing arse, while thinking one is exceptional, superior, the master race for doing so.

    Got it, shlomo.

  251. MrTea says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    The sources you cite just spent years whipping up an hysteria about “collusion” with Russia that did not exist. See the newly-released transcripts with the testimony of Clapper et al. The “types” you refer to knew this all along by way of the factual research done by writers like John Solomon and the truth-seekers at Judicial Watch.

    CNN is a joke and the NY Times had been stinking with corruption since the days when their boy Duranty fronted for Stalin while he murdered millions in Ukraine. The media corruption is pervasive and a matter of public record

    though this has never been acknowledge by any corporate news instrument. Or any of the hackademic whores who fawn and front for them. I suppose you believe in the Warren Commission too? (Like Saint Chomsky!) has some interesting historical revision to offer. Also the recently-published and as expected, ignored “Postgate”
    authored by the lawyer who repped for “Deep Throat” himself.

    • Replies: @Hans
  252. @JimDandy

    The Georgia criteria are what, exactly?


    A private person may arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge. If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion.

    On phone, so didn’t look for definitions and context. But that appears to be current, albeit not on its own a model of clarity. I read it as the evidence standard being lowered in case of escape/attempt after felony.

    Did he have the right, under Georgia law, to rush at the white man and attempt to wrest the shotgun away from him? Did the other white man have the right to shoot the black man as the black man was attempting to take the shotgun away?

    Depends on unknowns. IMO, were Arbery innocent (which I think unlikely), he had plenty of impetus to consider that he was being lethally and unlawfully hunted, especially if, as reported, he’d interacted with camera guy and was aware of a squeeze maneuver. My biggest criticism of the father/son is that they were brandishing. Stupid.

    IMO, were Arbery innocent of what they suspected, he was stupid and lawful in charging the shooter, and they were lawful to then resist.

    but my bet is that the two white men will not be convicted of First Degree Murder.

    Won’t take bet, since I agree, even with show trial. I think will be whatever variation of manslaughter and lesser charges they can stick to wall, and appeal may be good to them. In any case, their lives are perma-derailed or worse.

    And the official who wrote out his reasons for not pressing charges will not merely fall on his sword.

    Maybe, but he screwed up, especially if trying to help them. Show’s on now, for many years.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @By-tor
  253. @Kyle Kiernan

    I agree to the extent the Black man could have gotten away if he really wanted to. Or at least he could have avoided getting shot. On the other hand, if you watch the video frame by frame you can see the White guy crosses the center line of the highway to met the Black man tries to run around the truck.

    I’m pretty sure they got the right thug, and this guy was a waste of space. That said you can’t chase someone down with a gun and corner them.


    Story after story of orcs murdering Whites and not a peep from (((fake news.)))

    Where’s their justice? Outside of this website and local affiliates who quietly bury these stories, who speaks for these victims?

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  255. @Two Ten

    Agree, but can you tell me where you read he was 12 miles from home? I saw this on one news report, but it seems to have been memory holed.

    It would be helpful if everyone knew this information.

  256. “Did he have the right, under Georgia law, to rush at the white man and attempt to wrest the shotgun away from him? ”


    I have have to admit that it is amusing the arguments never change —

    impulsive black men by nature attack whites with guns . . .

    too funny

    Black guy jogging sees man with shotgun and goes wild

  257. Realist says:

    Also stay away from whites who think it is cool to associate with blacks.

    …or act black…or worship blacks…or marry blacks.

    • Agree: schnellandine
  258. MrTea says:

    Whereas this story from Georgia is “wall-t0-wall” news and commentary now….I didn’t even know about this other item until I saw it referenced in the comments below

    Perhaps related to the matter–also apparently not reported anywhere else–about the 13-month-old white child in a stroller murdered by a 2 blacks

    I mean it’s in the same town.

  259. Truth says:

    LOL, hey if we had a million Dylan Klebolds, neither would whites…

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  260. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    IKR, they need to stop going to those monster truck rallies and demoltion derbies.

    • Replies: @Big Al
  261. Truth says:
    @prime noticer

    the main reason to doubt the official story is that africans don’t jog.

    Open and shut Bro! I hope the prosecuting attorney reads this. He can just use it as his opening remark and rest his case.

  262. Avery says:
    @Kyle Kiernan

    Read my entire post:

    The white guys left the safety of their house, armed themselves, got into their truck and chased after him.

    Chased after him.

    The dad allegedly told the son: “I think it’s him….” (….some black guy who had supposedly burglarized a house or something months ago…)

    By what logic do you justify two guys arming themselves, leaving the safety of their house, chasing him in a truck, catching up with him – and cornering him: what else do you call a couple of civilians pointing guns at you. One of them pointing a shotgun at you.

    An alleged ‘burglary’ suspect?

  263. homahr says:

    Why is this zio-propagandist Malkin still in the US? She should move shitrael.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  264. Rurik says:

    neither of us know the full context behind what any of the players in this grotesque drama did.

    I’ve periodically checked the comments on this article to see if there’s been any new information either way.

    It looks to me like the black dude, for some reason attacked the younger guy holding the shotgun. Then the dad plugged him.

    Why did he attack?

    If he attacked for no good reason, like it looks like in the video, then I figure he got what was coming to him. You shouldn’t go around randomly attacking folks, especially if they’re armed.

    But if the white guy did something, like tell the black dude to ‘drop to your knees!’, then I figure the black dude had a right to beat the shit out of him. You don’t go around shouting things or trying to intimidate people who’re minding their own business.

    But from the video, all of that is speculation. Until we know more, it’s all speculation.

    • Replies: @anon
  265. Thicket says:

    You sound like a faggot

    • Replies: @RodW
  266. @prime noticer

    Track, road, and off-road runner for 40+ years, here, and my initial thought, too, about the victim: WTF? A black jogger? Maybe he was hang-gliding.

  267. Cornelius says:

    The guy’s a criminal. He charged em. Forget it. The guy’s a burglar. And a long time criminal. Forget him.

  268. Thicket says:

    I read the local DA letter that attempted to justify the murder and it is typical shyster gloss-over, which your comment touches on with the word “trespassing”. Prowling or trespassing an empty place outside might be a MISDEMEANOR, but it is not a felony at all. In fact entering an unoccupied structure is also a MISDEMEANOR. To make a qualified lawful arrest on a misdemeanor it would have to be caught in the act, not chasing someone down with “stop I want to talk to you”.

    Nobody has a “right” to make arrests, the law just recognizes the common justifications for making a citizens arrest in pursuit of a COMMON LAW FELONY, which is not merely a “suspicion” of prowling. There was no probable cause for anyone to detain the murder victim, and that’s why they ate now arrested themselves on charges of “felony murder”.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  269. Thicket says:

    You mean the afro Hispanic who started some bullshit with him to begin with and thought he was tough. It was manslaughter because of his reckless and arrogant provocation that lead up to the shooting.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  270. thordaddy says:

    You are an idiot.

    If you have to RUN at your gun-toting rival, you are in no position to disarm and will likely be killed. Which is exactly what happened.

    If you thought you were going to be shot and not in a position to disarm, you would take cover, say, behind a large truck.

    If you thought two individuals were now taking aim and you are in no position to disarm either, you must RUN AND TAKE COVER as though you were truly being hunted.

    If, on the other hand, you think that these guys are just some rednecks that caught you peeking in a house while you were really just jogging and wanted to stop you and ask you what’s going on with gun-toting in Georgia being as normal as gang-banging in Atlanta then you just a) run off through the country side or b) just wait and show these rednecks up in front of the cops by making a big stink of their “racism” and intimidation with civil judgement dancing in the back of your mind.

    But as the DA said, this kid wasn’t of right mind.

  271. @mark green

    Omissions of this kind are routine and orchestrated. It’s reminiscent of how the MSM characterized career criminal, Rodney King, as an innocent (black) ‘motorist’ before the LA race riots ensued. The toxic, anti-white narrative continues.

    Yep. Trayvon martin – little 14 y/o kid (see picture) out for some tea and skittles. Mr. Brown in Ferguson, just out for a stroll to the 711 and Rodney King ‘Motorist’. Now we have Mr. Arbery “out for a jog”.

    We’ll have to wait for the facts. Right now the MSM and their Conservative allies are in full hysterical “lynch ’em they’re white” mode.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  272. thordaddy says:

    The headline was clear and the article was thorough.

    IF these three messengers are involved THEN their MESSAGE IS A LIE.

    And, of course, we have video proof of their lying message.

    Whatever happened to Arbery, “it” was NOT murder.

    And the IDEA that it was murder is nothing more than embracing the nigger point of view AND has NOTHING to do with what it true.

    So these messengers don’t just lie, they “blood libel” while claiming to be “hunted” down.

    And they won’t perceive the coherent connection for their lesser negroes.

  273. thordaddy says:


    But the video DOES NOT ACTUALLY SHOW Arbery being “stopped,” “detained,” “refrained,” nor making any physical contact UNTIL that contact initiated by Arbery.

  274. @MrBoompi

    LOL. Black burglars should cruise at will while everyone in the neighborhood cowers, peeping through the blinds.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  275. mcohen says:

    Just a whitey smokey donkey.ignore the whole thing.political games

    First trump with tyson

    Then these 2 whitey’s playing cops and robbers and shooting Mr arbery

    Video from February released one week after don and mike.

    Anyone remember Buffalo Springfield.

    The question is.will the 2020 elections be a civilized affair or are the chimps on both sides “be chimping” as they say on 4chan.

  276. Truth says:

    There’s a thing called the “fight or flight instinct”, Bro. It’s a continum from one to the other. Some of us instinctively favor one or the other, by varying degrees.

    The reason this is unfamiliar to you is that you are, genetically, 100% predisposed to the latter, and had to look the former up.

    • Replies: @NobodyKnowsImaDog
  277. Truth says:

    He was a 5’9 200+ lb. 29 year old, man who had trained in MMA for over a year, in a confrontation with a 5’11 155 lb., untrained 17 year old.

  278. @vot tak

    We get it, too, Moishe.

    How many JDF trolls are on this site at one time, pray tell?

    • Replies: @vot tak
  279. JimDandy says:

    Well, credit where credit is due–he recognized a thief-vandal-violent-assaulter-drug-abuser skulking around in the dark in a nice neighborhood that had seen a lot of break-ins when he saw one. When it comes to accurate profiling, the afro-hispanic gets an A+.

  280. Anonymous[432] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe she’ll beat feet right after you go back to Africa.

  281. Anonymous[432] • Disclaimer says:

    You don’t have to wait for the facts if you kill the people who make up the media. It really is that simple. Discourse is a waste of time and a rigged game. Kill ’em and takeover the airwaves.

  282. @Sick of Orcs

    Kersey documents the black on white slaughter.

    Colin Flaherty documents the black on white slaughter.

    90% of cross-racial crime is black on white.

    There is very little white on black crime of any kind, and there is virtually no white
    on black rape.

    There’s quite a lot of black on white rape though.

    The small hat media lies about everything, so expect them to lie about this incident as well.

    The goal of the Jmedia is to incite hatred against whites and to incite blacks to harm whites.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  283. RodW says:

    Don’t be so defeatist. When we see how many other people think as we do, we take encouragement from that and resolve not to be cowed into silence any more. Try it for yourself.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @jsigur
  284. Friendo says:

    This is slowly turning out to be Trayvon Martin 2.0 …

  285. RodW says:

    I think she’s a girl. She obviously thinks like one.

  286. AceDeuce says:

    “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “Where dem white bitches at?” Martin Luther King Jr, 15 minutes later.

  287. G J T says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Whites will never start looking out for other whites until Jews are out of the picture. And at which point the Jews are out of the picture, the amount of looking out for each other we actually need to do will hardly be noteworthy.

  288. Almost nobody (except perhaps their relatives) really cares about these negro criminals dying, they kill each other all the time, they are only seriously concerned about whites defending themselves. If whites are willing and able to defend themselves, the Zionist Occupied Entity, the US regime, cannot enslave and gradually exterminate them. (as the Zionist entity is doing to the people of Palestine)

  289. Richard B says:

    Your conclusion highlights in huge bold letters, that you are part of the problem: you are a materialist. That means that you do allow yourself to see, much less comprehend, the most important fact in this situation: no white ethnic or national group could be described as either so concerned for uplifting non-whites that they would allow non-whites to bludgeon whites into a Cromwellian position (instead of Hell or Connacht, it NOW is a new serfdom or death), or else be so individualistic that they cannot see that harms inflicted on masses of whites serious threats to their futures.

    Bad thinking, bad writing.

    One follows the other like a drunken sailor following a disease-ridden prostitute down a dark alley.

    The above quote is a perfect example.

    The answer is not Darwinian

    From a comment that shows not the slightest comprehension of what Darwin wrote.

    First, and foremost, there is not and never was and never can be any such thing as white culture.

    Followed by

    White people have been stripped of almost all that mattered most by their Elites

    Part of the fun of being alive today is in spotting the many examples of Dunning-Kruger Effect. It’s literally everywhere.

  290. JimDandy says:

    I was just wondering what the actual letter of the law is there, but some people sent me some of the language. I’m waiting to hear all the facts on this. If, in fact, they confronted some random jogger with guns, and killed him, they should go all the way down. But I have no reason yet to believe that that was the case.

  291. JimDandy says:

    I’m not sure–did they make an “arrest”? Did they “detain” anyone? Or did they say, “Hey, we want to talk to you?” or something like that?

    Let me know.

  292. Sean says:

    IMO, were Arbery innocent of what they suspected, he was stupid and lawful in charging the shooter, and they were lawful to then resist.

    All rather academic. What is more to the point for a court will be whether the McMichaels had a reasonable expectation of the shotgun being a means to effect a peaceful non violent citizen’s arrest by the time of the second confrontation, by which time they must have a good idea he was not going to pull a gun on them, or surender just because they had guns.

    My biggest criticism of the father/son is that they were brandishing

    Lacking the authority of a uniform and badge, they were going to have to brandish their firearms to arrest him, which might have been fine, but he was crazy. If one takes the circumstances of the trigger being pulled twice (first time a non lethal wound to the hand) by the younger McMichael then he was justified beyond any question. The context of how this arose puts the McMichaels in a less flattering light.

    They will get a not guilty, but the process will amount to a public admonishing of the McMichaels for persisting in harrying Arbery after it was clear he was not going to stop. The driver in the following truck certainly seems to have began to have second thoughts after the first confrontation and dawdled realising that he was well out of it. McMichael should not have left his firearm in an unlocked vehicle to be stolen in the first place. Insouciance followed by overeaction without regard to the consequences.

  293. @Thicket

    I sincerely hope that the next time you are “affronted” (confronted?), it will be by some surly Negroes who beat you to within an inch of your life for your cell phone. I also hope that there are a bunch of Negro “witnesses” around who claim that you called them all N*ggers and you end up emerging from your coma to find that you are facing Hate Crime charges. I hope that it makes the MSM and that no one believes that you were the victim rather than the instigator.

    Then we’ll see how your illusion of “magically entitled” rapidly vanishes into thin air faster than Houdini could say abracadabra.

    • Agree: schnellandine
  294. Ghali says:

    It exists NOT because of illiterate racist bigots, but because of people who can think and use analysis rather than those who thrive on hatred and racism like you and Malkin. Facebook will put you in the rubbish pin.

  295. John Nada says:

    Given the relatively vast number of white people that are brutally murdered by black men lacking even the slightest trace of righteous motivation – crimes that are effectively ignored by the MSM – why should I give a damn about the death of Ahmaud Arbery? Why should I, a white male, care one bit even if the two white males were looking for an excuse to shoot him? I certainly don’t condone it if that were the case. At one point earlier in my life I might have thought Arbery’s death tragic, even if his jogging story was phony and it was just another crime spree day for him. Now I couldn’t care less. It’s obvious that this is the media’s new Trayvon Martin. MSM propaganda has it that black men receive disproportionate condemnation and punishment for every little thing they do, but what I see is exactly the opposite. Any time a black man is killed by white males, or even harassed by “white Hispanics” (like the new cause celebre involving Bronx police and an “innocent” black bystander), that black man has his case splashed across the headlines in every major news media source and is given more the benefit of doubt than he usually deserves. In contrast, consider the cases of white men and women murdered by black men like…well, just go ahead and read any piece by Paul Kersey. Whether Arbery deserved it, or was asking for it, or died unjustly at the end of white racist gun barrels, I just do not care. I won’t care until the MSM treats all similar murders involving victims of all races with equal empathy, outrage, and scrutiny.

    • Thanks: Current History
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @obvious
  296. @padre

    I grew up in a predominantly Black neighborhood that has become largely Hispanic. For the last few years, the Negroes have been going around and robbing the Mexicans on payday. There was one group of Negro youth that were staging holdups right in the middle of the Mexican’s yards. Some older Mexican men grabbed them and held them until the Police arrived. They made a citizen’s arrest, comprende?

    There was another gang of Negroes in their late twenties who were going into the Cantinas and dragging the waitresses around by the hair while sticking them up. The Police did, unfortunately, catch the perpetrators, but hopefully, some other Negroes will pick up where they left off.

    The Black Flight from the Barrio has been an interesting development and has led to some truly satisfying conflicts. I really enjoy seeing the violent interactions between other races without Whitey to referee for them. Without the White Elmer’s Glue holding this ugly, multicultural collage together, the Minorities do not get along.

  297. Neoconned says:

    I’ve never heard of the blowtorch murder or the mcds car murder… links? Would like to read them.

    • Replies: @SomeoneOutHere
  298. @the shadow

    Were you intoxicated when you typed that pathetic response? Nothing was even remotely clear about it. Try consulting a dictionary and learn how to spell before you inadvertently reveal how illiterate you are. Or, at least Sober Up before commenting.

  299. I can only hope hope these two despicable redneck thugs are brutally raped and then murdered in prison. But since this racist, redneck nation will most likely let them off the hook I sincerely hope that somehow, some way, life will hog tie them and force feed them a taste of their own southern medicine. Lord, it sure would be nice if everyone could watch it again and again on Youtube. I know I would. Have a nice day, all you neo nazi libertarians!

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  300. He sure is just a __gger.

  301. @vot tak

    The Japanese obtained their detailed knowledge of Pearl Harbor from spies. The entire West Coast was vulnerable to Fifth Column insurgents. The Japanese used women from Korea, China and the Philippines for sexual exploitation by their troops. These “Comfort Women” ranged in age from nine to nineteen, with the average being thirteen. The European nurses who were taken into captivity by the Japanese were repeatedly raped, brutalized, and urinated and defecated on by the Officers. You obviously don’t have a clue about them.

    Today, the Japanese continue to be extremely insular and hardly allow any immigration. Nor, do they permit immigrants to alter their culture. They don’t allow Muslims to come there and build Mosques. That is the only lesson we should learn from the Japanese.

  302. @vot tak

    Really? I see two Heroes on The Front Lines of The Battle against The Black Plague. The only Trash around here is YOU!

    • Replies: @vot tak
  303. Anonymous[100] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The video you requested exists.

    Occidental Dissent put it up today.

    He s on video trespassing on the hone construction site casing the place.

    He wasn t “jogging” . Instead he was caught trespassing and hauled off running to flee .

    The video evidence overwhelming supports the White neighborhood watch guys.

  304. @KA

    Syria is in a state of Civil War. If you believe the MSM narrative, Assad was gassing Women and Children. Regardless, the Rebels morphed into ISIS and began to kill indiscriminately as they spread into a lawless Iraq.

    Venezuela, a place where dissidents are imprisoned, tortured, and murdered is your idea of a lawful society?

    Serbia did a damn fine job of ridding themselves of the Bosnian Muslim Menace, until the Jewnited States intervened on behalf of the real criminals. This article is rare, in that it tells of some of the crimes perpetrated against the Serbians, but omits the fact that the tensions that led to the conflict were instigated by the Muslims and that Serbs were retaliating after being victimized for years.
    It is very difficult to find any coverage from the Serbian point of view, where they still view Slobodan Milosevic as a Savior. I still relish the words of General Ratko Mladic telling the U.N. tribunal “F*ck You!” as he was being sentenced.

    Japan is arguably the most ethnocentric nation on Earth and is definitely free from Negroid misbehavior and would not tolerate its manifestation. They were going to give Paul McCartney seven years in prison for marijuana possession. It was only his money and fame that got him out of that predicament.

    The Philippines is a strange territory where Pacific Islanders have Hispanic surnames. Where a Rebel Muslim faction has long been at odds with Christians and foreigners.

    What Universe were you orbiting in before you landed on this planet?

  305. anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Watch the vid at the 00:17 mark. Arbery runs thru the bend and sees the pickup ahead. He has discarded the hammer on the road. The car following him sees that, the assumption may then be that Arbery no longer poses a threat.
    Have a think about that. He keeps running forward, goes around the pickup, then does a sharp left turn and goes straight for the shotgun. Then the vid loses the image because the driver is loading his weapon.
    Arbery had no reason to do that, he could have just kept on running and the other 2 couldn’t have done a thing.
    The bloke was just irrational, like Emmett Till Jr.
    No way he was ever going to make old bones.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @freedom-cat
  306. thordaddy says:

    The liars keeping crying about the illegality of the citizen’s arrest, but unless these two tried to PHYSICALLY DETAIN Arbery or brandished their weapons in such a manner as to be construed as physical force, this “law” isn’t even triggered nor up for consideration.

    The only point of law to be determined is whether the son acted in self-defense when Arbery made his charge.

    And the law in Georgia is clear.

    That GBI made an arrest now is nothing more than caving to political pressure.

    • Replies: @The Grim Joker
  307. MF Food says:

    Nobody here noticed that Michelle Malkin is still defending a convicted rapist who is now serving a 200-year prison term?

  308. @Johnny C Goode

    Guess the corona experience/kung flu/woo hoo flu/ching chong flu hoax card has been worn out, so time for the lefties and their partners in crime, the msm, to recycle the race card…again. And, of course, without much in the way of facts, save for the ol’ “white man/men shot and killed a black guy” while thousands upon thousands of blacks are killing their own. And, oh yeah, before this gets too far down the road, it’ll be another, “…it’s Trump’s fault…” blame game farce.

  309. @Truth

    Dylan Klebold was Jewish. George Zimmerman is half Jewish and half Hispanic, and so is Nikolas Cruz.

    We don’t have a million Dylan Roofs, but we certainly have millions of Negroes running amok, raping, robbing and murdering, and then burning down entire city blocks when someone (the police) tries to put a stop to their lunacy. With the Atlanta Police refusing to prosecute shoplifters, vandals and thieves, how far behind are other municipalities? Who can honest people trust to defend them? If this case serves as an example, then residents aren’t even permitted to protect their neighborhoods and Citizen Crime Watches are in jeopardy everywhere.

    The Police should refuse to respond to any calls in a majority Black area, and that’s the Truth.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  310. @the shadow

    Who know what evil lurk all up in the mind of mans….Da Shadow Do.

  311. Hans says:

    In 1906, the Jewish Ochs family buys The New York Times. British politician, Sir Cecil Spring-Rice states, “One by one, the Jews are capturing the principal newspapers of America” (Letter Nov 1914, to Sir Edward Grey, Letters and Friendships). What a “Nazi”!!!

  312. @Montefrío

    You are right to live far away from these people. They are nothing but trouble to themselves and others. Dont come back to the US, it is not what it used to be and gets worse with each passing day. It is difficult to find a place in North America free of these individuals. Even if you move to a predominantly white area, one that is safe and trouble free, blacks who want to escape their slum, are also attracted to that place and move in. Then, their friends, family and acquaintances come to visit and soon the problems THEY escaped from recur in the new area. Soon the whites all move out and what was once a safe decent area becomes another dump over run with drug dealing, pimps and hookers, gunfights, garbage, rundown buildings, abandoned houses, stray dogs, rats, pulled down fences, groups of idle black men hanging around the corners, constant police sirens and black derelicts pushing shopping carts roaming the streets looking for bottles and cans.

    These problems are compounded by more and more blacks moving in from Africa. To these people accustomed to extreme poverty, hunger and living in a house made of sticks, mud and cow shit wattle the US is the land of milk and honey with free everything plus a monthly income. These characters hang around the local coffee shops all day. Enter any one of these and you will hear a dozen different languages coming from a dozen different facial types.

    Voluntary segregation is not racist my friend you are quite correct about that. You are lucky to be able to live in a place like your village and further to watch your kids and grand kids grow up in such an environment.

  313. jsigur says:

    In private all white forums, you throw out your insults to other races and beliefs.In public forums you discuss nothing that the enemy can use to weaken you. Of course that’s where the White Race Religion psyop comes in handy (for them). IT would have you continue as you have the last 70 years pinning yourselves against the rest of the world. there is only one major threat we should be targeting with our posts, not Iran, not Russia, not countries but the Jew World Order supported by most of the 1%. All others should be treated as potential allies.
    So finally, RodW, if all you want to do is sing to the choir and be willing to offend other potential allies to do so, keep on as you are

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
    • Replies: @RodW
  314. @thordaddy

    Absolutely right Thordaddy. According to the prosecutors who excused themselves from the case Georgia law :

    -Allows for a citizen arrest if there is reasonable SUSPICION ie there does not have to be “beyond reasonable doubt”
    -Allows open carry of pistols and long guns in your house, place of employment and vehicle
    -Allows you to kill someone in the defense of your own or someone’s else life

    Other pertinent points in this situation:

    -Who goes running with workboots and cargo pants miles from their home
    -In the video we can see some sort of implement dropped on the road. Watch as the camera pans to the right. A hammer ? A pry bar ?
    -There are 911 calls to the Police that the guy was seen scoping/ entering properties, was accosted and was fleeing the scene
    -There is a security video of him in someone’s property and he was identified by his own mother
    -The father and son did not display a deliberate intention to kill him. They did not point their guns at him, were following him (not chasing or hunting him)
    -They were waiting for him with the intention of holding him for the Police who were on their way
    -He had every opportunity to avoid them and could have escaped to the right or left or just continued running but instead attacked
    -The autopsy report showed the wounds were consistent with him struggling for the shotgun
    -In the struggle for the gun HE may have triggered the shots by pulling the weapon to himself in an effort to get it away from McMichaels.
    -In fighting for the gun he triggered the Georgia law of no retreat which allows the defender to kill in self defense
    -It was all videotaped, happened in broad daylight, in a populated area and the video was given to the Police
    -The black man was a known trouble maker in with a long criminal record and a mental issues

    Finally the 3 guys were arrested not on any legal basis (2 prosecutors had already given their reasons for not doing so) but because there was the usual outcry from the rabble, sports figures and sleazebag politicians and preachers.

    I may be wrong but I doubt the trio will be convicted of any crime. Like it or lump it, in a court of law, what is important is EVIDENCE not emotions. Right or wrong the consensus among lawyers is that the prosecution will have zero chance of a conviction.

    As the old saw says “you know what you think you know but can you prove it”?

  315. You apologists are pathetic. I saw some some of the surveillance footage. He ran through yards and took a total right turn “jogging” on the street when he saw an open garage door. I guess that’s when someone called 911 and he took off running. This guy at 26, had never had a job. Just another sorry negro who infests the south casing and scoping out white neighborhoods. And just like all of them, had a rap sheet. Blacks are ruining the south!Here’s your choir boy again,,,

  316. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Thank God for that. We would not want you to be either !

  317. says:

    Gun rights activists and advocates are their own worst enemies. With rights comes duty and obligation and holding yourself to account. The McMichael’s have abused gun rights. If you truly care about gun rights and are sincere, you should ensure that those who abuse gun rights and don’t hold themselves to account and instead flout the law and engage in grossly negligent and illegal behavior that violates many laws not just gun laws, well, you should insist such bastards are held to account and are punished accordingly. Otherwise, you have no credibility whatsoever and you set a precedent for stricter and more draconian gun laws in the future.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
  318. Trickster says:

    I looked at the Trayvon Martin Hoax video. Man , that culture is really f####d up !

    • Agree: Realist
    • Troll: Agent76
  319. AceDeuce says:

    Young Till the Mississippi sex criminal wasn’t a junior. His rapey/killy father was named Louis.

  320. says:

    This is slowly turning out to be Trayvon Martin 2.0 …

    Agreed, both sides are conflating all these various cases as though they are one. Each case must be decided on its own merits and each case is unique. Michael Brown, for example, was a thug who went after Darren Wilson’s gun while Wilson was still in his cruiser. The evidence speaks clearly to this. This case is very different from the Michael Brown case and actually very different from the Trayvon Martin case. The McMichael’s were clearly engaging in illegal behavior. The Citizen’s Arrest law does not apply. That is obvious and clear. They aggressively pursued Arbery with guns drawn and they created a gauntlet to trap and corner him. They provoked this. Anything that results from that provocation is ON THEM. They created the context and their actions in creating it and how it all ended were illegal. This is an open and shut case. As far as Arbery trespassing, who hasn’t looked around in a house under construction? My bro had a million dollar home being constructed in his neighborhood and when I visited him we took a tour so to speak. If two yahoos like this saw that and stalked my bro and I like they did Arbery, things could have turned out very much the same way. Looking around a home under construction is not the same thing as breaking into someone’s home and looking around in their safe for diamonds. Apples and oranges.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @map
  321. Adûnâi says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    > “The difference with the internet, Mr. Adunai, is that one can pick and choose where to get this information from.”

    You are severely overestimating the mental faculties of the masses. They bring their prison with them whenever they go. The ideas do not live in TVs and newspapers – they inhabit the very air we breathe. How else do Ukrainians parrot the line of the American propaganda word for word? Because it all stems from Christianity. All our books, our music, our history, our fiction – Christianity has seeped into everything.

    In Ukraine, people talk about turning off the TV when they mean “Putin bad”. The line in this thread is effectively the same. A full apostasy would mean quite a lot more – more drastic and extreme.

    • Agree: commandor
  322. Ko says:

    Any normal man would defend himself against another man suddenly confronting him while holding a rifle in an aggressive manner.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Truth
    , @Maddaugh
  323. Ko says:

    and the fact that you call people who hold opinions other than your own, “trolls” makes you look like a woketard.

    • Replies: @Hans
  324. “Sure…”

    Laughing. as I noted, the mere sign of a white person holing a weapons sends blacks into a frizzy of impulsive, and irrational behavior that they just up and and start attacking the weapon holder . . . dna by default.

    But I might take such observations save one little hurdle . . . .

    based on their own stated disposition — they were enacting a citizens arrest. Now I don’t know how the people in Georgia , including the authorities make arrests, but in my part of town and in any known reality, to arrest someone requires a confrontation, with the arrester making initiating said confrontation

    but then I understand millions of whites expect darkies to just put their hands on the car and bend over at their ere presence — mind reading intentions or adhering to national customs of convenience —-


    Sometimes on my walks, such as last might, I almost always walk at night or early morning, but on occasion I notice an interesting car or two it might be the model, make or design, a license plate, number or state an I even stop and look at it, I have even backed up after passing a vehicle and because I walk at night and one never knows, I always walk with eye for for might be inside a vehicle, because one never knows — some crazy black person might leap out, I ten to avoid anyone walking, especially women walking alone — one never knows (tad guilty about that – because my maleness is toward looking out for . . .

    Sometimes in wee hours people have the garage doors open, again, I keep an eye out and again I feel some guilt, because maybe those people have forgotten to close their garage doors or maybe there’s someone lying on the floor and needs help . . . except on one occasion when I closed someone;s SUV hatch . . . I make the selfish choice and mind my own business, hoping not to hear some tragic news in the morning that my neglect could have prevented. It’s painful to think I have become so mistrustful.

    But what is interesting to note is that according to many of you my behavior warrants a citizens arrest and detainment.


    Dragnet . . .

    Just the facts . . . fact is walking jogging or singing in the rain should not be cause . . . even if you supposedly look like some rapist, described as a black guy — we ave along way to go to unravel 200 plus hundred years of socialization.

    But you keep importing those indians, mexicans, and middle easterners — that will solve it and make “america great again


    • Disagree: Anti_barabas_ite
  325. Moly nailed it. This is the best and most complete analysis you will find and for that reason I have to repost it because there are just too many idiots in this comment section.

  326. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    You are a racist fiendly. You are in the right place because I don’t like Shapiros killing Palestinians either on my dime. You are so uptight about this event as if it were evil.

    Evil is when you’re in California, over 6′ and 250 lbs and stab your pregnant girlfriend in a church parking lot, then flee the church and crash with your 1 year old daughter in the car, a citizen comes to pull her from the wreckage and then the sloped head stabs the citizen and slope throws baby off a cliff, into a ravine and the 1 year old is dead. Your low IQ wants to act like a slopehead charging another man with a shotgun and shooting himself in the chest with it and then falling face first is evil. Not

  327. Agent76 says:

    Oct 27, 2019 Ex-Police Officer Exposes The Reality of Race & Policing | Rubin Report

    He also talks about why he is a black conservative, how he think there are far more black conservatives than people realize, why he co-founded Blexit, his role models of black business and entrepreneurship, as well as why he thinks reparations for slavery will not help the black community.

    Sep 14, 2015 The Police Have No Duty To Protect You: Joseph Lozito’s Story

    “But we need the police to protect us!!” cry some people. Yet time and time again, as Joseph Lozito found out, courts have ruled that police have no duty to protect you.

    • Replies: @KenH
  328. @Avery

    What you say has no basis in reality and although I am not a lawyer no basis either under Georgia law. Much more evidence and information has come into the public forum since the hoo haa about this incident. With time and the Grand Jury much more will be revealed. Perhaps it would be best to wait and arrive at a reasonable conclusion THEN rather than having a knee jerk reaction NOW.

  329. “The Police should refuse to respond to any calls in a majority Black area, and that’s . . .”


    Which describes reality in practice for years across the country by many police departments, thereby empowering the criminal element and leaving entire communities to make up their own defacto rules regarding how vast swaths of communities operated – minus the inner city connections that aided whites whose criminal element often worked with the same.

    You might want to consider the implications of such practice —- secret . . .

    black gangs did not invent the drive by . . . but don[t tell anyone.

  330. @Robert Dolan

    I spent most of Saturday sifting through the internet looking for information on this situation. However there it is, all in your video. You took the wind out of my sails. Great video, concise, factual, references the law, comprehensive and free of emotional baggage.

    I should have waited and saved my day off. Thanks for the video. I rather enjoyed looking at and assimilating a sensible background report rather than wild emotions, hypotheses, speculation and the opinions of the legal “experts”.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  331. Hibernian says:
    @billy bob biggsworth

    Nazism was anything but libertarian. A normal human being wouldn’t have to be told that.

  332. @Agent76

    The word is around you like to milk BBCs !

  333. Hibernian says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    George Zimmerman is half Jewish…

    Because he shares the same surname as a famous musician from Minnesota. Got it.

    This has been debunked here repeatedly.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  334. @vot tak

    A schlemiel telling a schlimazel…

    • Replies: @vot tak
  335. Hibernian says:

    who hasn’t looked around in a house under construction?

    There’s a difference between looking at or even over a construction site and going into a house under construction and taking a look around. In the late 60’s two friends of a friend of mine broke into a foundry and went joyriding around in a forklift, then were caught by the cops. They went to Juvenile Court and they, or rather their parents, were fined. Of course a lot of kids have done stuff like this and not gotten caught. This guy was 26, old enough to know better. it’s at least a mitigating circumstance in regard to the homicide which certainly wasn’t cold blooded murder.

    • Replies:
  336. @Ko

    Uh, no, goofball.

    Any “normal” man would see the shotgun and run the other way.

    • Replies: @Stewart M Schwartz
  337. @Neoconned

    The blowtorch killer was Mona Yvette Nelson.Happened in Texas in 2010.Search her name and links will come up,but here’s one.

    • Replies: @Flubber
  338. @The Grim Joker

    Thank you but…’s not my video. I simply posted the link from YT.

    Stefan Molyneux is the brilliant man who made the clip. And yes it is amazingly thorough, right down to the specific laws and codes.

    Stefan is an intellectual powerhouse and a great asset to the movement.

  339. @prime noticer

    Spot on. I’m also a runner and even ran a couple DC (aka Chocolate City) marathons where I used to live. I can confirm: Bantus don’t jog. And even if they did they wouldn’t jog in work boots.

    I don’t think whether or not this particular Bantu is guilty is what’s at issue (at least here on Unz). It’s whether – even assuming he was trying to steal – the two Keystone Cops were justified in chasing him down with rifles/guns.

    • Replies: @Saggy
  340. @prime noticer

    Just want to add my voice here. I belonged to 2 running groups in Orange county, primarily the OC roadrunners club and one other whose name escapes me. Of course there were the hard core members but each club would see at least 50 people for special events.

    I ran daily. Not always with the club, but I never, not once saw a black jogging on any of my runs.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  341. EndTheFed says:

    So the article is devoid of evidence. I watched the video and this is what I see; Everyone will see the train wreck differently but WOW mistakes were made. First, don’t put yourself in the vigilante position for a property crime. It might not look good if events move sideways (as in this case). Ahmaud apparently runs to the right side of the pickup. I guess self defense case will depend on witness testimony. It’s probably better to keep running than wrestle with someone armed. If you do wrestle pay attention to the business end of the weapon (You have more leverage than the shooter) and get the weapon or yourself out of the way instead of trying to punch. Also, not Hollywood. 3 shots and still attack, though not for long. Shots appear to be point blank during the altercation which will probably favor the shooter self defense.


    Ahmed was 12 miles from home. That implies he was on a 24-mile “jog”. That’s a long way to run dressed in long pants and boots. He already had a rap sheet for burglary. He couldn’t hold down a job and had a serious marijuana habit. His family had already expressed to authorities that he was a problem. He was seen coming out of the construction project and told to stop because police had been called. You will not get a conviction for murder based on these facts. Other witnesses will come forward. And by the way, you are a dimwit for swallowing the MSM propaganda so quickly.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  343. @TheTrumanShow

    Given the fact Arbery initiated the fight

    He must have X-ray eyes or some kind of special District Attorney vision training. Personally, I’ve been trying for 40 years and I still can’t see through trucks.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  344. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    According to the filed docs, the authorities decided that the black guy switched direction to charge a guy holding a gun, and then attacked the guy holding the gun. At that point, the authorities decided the black guy’s shooting was self-defense and didn’t charge the shooters. I would have agreed. If the black guy didn’t want to get shot he should have left them alone and played innocent.

  345. says:

    I have never contended it’s a cold-blooded murder. To me, it’s second degree murder. Anyone who is an earnest and true gun rights activist would and should agree. You want gun rights, then hold yourself responsible and take accountability when someone or anyone abuses those rights as the McMichael’s have done. The lynching terminology Arbery’s father is using is hyperbole and only serves to obscure a constructive discussion of this case.

    As someone mentioned above, looking around a house under construction is technically trespassing and a misdemeanor. As is running a stop sign late at night when there is no traffic. Same difference as far as I’m concerned. No harm no foul. These two yahoos were grossly negligent in regard to the use of their firearms and what they did was illegal in every way. They predicated this deadly encounter. They should have reported this to the police and left it at that. Watched him perhaps, but at a distance without stalking him.

    They provoked an altercation. How can anyone deny this? You point a gun at me, you’re provoking an altercation. I now believe you intend to kill me and I must do what I must do to defend myself and save my life. If someone or anyone is crazy enough to do what the McMichael’s did, it means they are irrational and cowering before them or complying with them is no guarantee your life will be spared.

    Remember, when Arbery makes that sharp left and goes towards the son holding the shotgun it’s only after they have hunted him like a wild boar and set up a gauntlet for him. He’s now of the mindset that they intend to do him harm and they are not going to let up. He has to defend himself. If he runs into the woods to avoid getting shot, those defending the McMichael’s in this comment section would then say he ran into the woods because he was clearly guilty of something. The fact he didn’t run speaks to him not being guilty of anything aside from trespassing to look around at new construction.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @thordaddy
  346. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Last I heard Africans were experiencing some racism from the Bongs in Calcutta.

    • Replies: @Velvet65
  347. • Thanks: bruce county
  348. @Agent76

    Looks like murder by two bloated southern bubba pieces of shit to me.

    And at the beginning, it does look like the guy is jogging at a medium pace, not running away like a bat out of hell.

    But anyway, this is you people’s meat, isn’t it. You just love another opportunity to race-bait. The government just gave multibillionaires 5 trillion dollars and this is what you whine on about. Yeah, the danger is from un-rich joggers. The multibillionaires are your friends.

  349. @Ko

    However, even if the jogger was guilty of something, we don’t know yet, were the men justified in acting as vigilantes which resulted in the joggers death?

    If they had shot him with a cell phone camera, that would have probably been enough to identify him as a suspect to crimes and burglaries. Apparently the most recent reported crime or burglary in the area was that someone had stolen a gun from an unlocked vehicle parked outside the McMichaels’ home, so it looks like they or their friends had a history of being careless with firearms, to say the least.

    I don’t think that they set out to kill the guy, but they were trying to act macho and were carrying guns, and as often happens in such situations, things get out of control. Maybe they had had a beer or two, I don’t know. Things sometimes get out of control with police officers too, but at least police officers usually have some kind of rudimentary training in dealing with mentally disturbed people.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  350. One of these days one of these bubbas is going to shoot you.

    Because you called him fat or looked at his fat wife or he had too many beers or he just didn’t like the cut of your jib.

    What racial thing does white assholes shooting whites prove?

    It proves that big fat bubbas need more shotguns. To protect themselves from you.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  351. Blacks jog all the time. You people are just out and out fantasists. It’s just the blacks in your head who don’t jog. Neither do the aliens sending radio waves in there, btw.

  352. @Hibernian

    George’s father is a second-generation German-American Lutheran and his mother was Afro-Venezuelan.

    Jews in Europe often have ordinary surnames. For example, Mark Wahlberg’s father was Swedish-American, but Wahlberg is often a Jewish name.

    Dylan Klybold was a quarter Jewish on his maternal grandmother’s side.

    • Agree: Hibernian
  353. @NegroPantera

    Robbery/tresspass is out as a reason to shoot a “jogger”

    Would cutting a white womans head off in central park be ok not to wait for officialdom to react?

    Cracker should have let this “jogger” come back and kill them with the guns he stole earlier in the year…

    You “joggers” are pathetic.

    • Replies: @Truth
  354. gregor says:

    The real story is not with the “civil rights activists” and liberals. It’s the response of the cuckservatives. First, they fell for the innocent black jogger story. Now they’re saying he was just looking around the house under construction out of curiosity (very manly, only a girlie man would fail to understand). Check out Matt Walsh’s Twitter. He’s really saying this sort of stuff.

  355. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s a real failure to understand the video here. The law doesn’t care about what-might-have-beens.

    The law only cares about ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    1) Black guy charged white guy, moving across front of the truck to do so.
    2) Black guy attacked white guy and and tried to steal white guy’s gun from him.
    3) Before being attacked, the white guy had not pointed the gun at the black guy or attacked him.

    From the three facts above, the black guy’s death was determined to be self-defense on the part of the white guy. As far as the law is concerned, it’s IRREVELANT was the black guy was doing before the attack. The law is only going by what happened here and now by the truck. The black guy broke the law the second he attacked the white guy and tried to steal the gun.

    Of course, brainwashed liberals argue against this because they have been brainwashed into thinking that blacks are always innocent when they attack people and trying to steal guns from them.

    According to the law, the black guy has no excuse at all, because nothing FACTUALLY HARMFUL had happened to him in the video BEFORE HE ATTACKED SOMEONE ELSE AND TRIED TO STEAL THEIR GUN.

    It doesn’t matter if the black guy felt threatened by the sight of two white guys with guns, because they hadn’t done anything until the black guy ATTACKED one of the white guys. The law pays no attention to what-might-have-beens, I repeat. It goes only with what actually happened.

    That’s it, that’s the law.

  356. WRC43 says:

    I live in Brunswick, and here’s the other side of the story that the media isn’t reporting, 6 points – –

    (1.) Ahmaud Marquez Arbery is suspected of being involved in a burglary on Satilla Drive in Satilla Shores.

    You can request his record from Glynn County police by phone:

    “..Reports are generally completed by officers and reviewed by a supervisor in 3-5 days. There is normally a charge of .10 cents per page. You can call the Glynn County Police Department headquarters records section at (912) 554-7820, or come by Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm. We are located at 157 Public Safety Blvd, Brunswick, GA 31525, off GA Spur 25 Approximately 1 1/2 miles from I-95 exit 38..”

    Call (912) 554-7820. Just request burglary report from Satilla Drive for February, and you should get it.

    (2.) Ahmaud Marquez Arbery has priors for burglary, theft, and illegally carrying a handgun at a high school basketball game.

    (3.) Security video shows Ahmaud Marquez Arbery trespassing and lurking around a home under construction immediately before the local homeowners chased him down. Ahmaud Marquez Arbery may have been casing the place for future tool theft and/or copper wire theft, all of which has been going on recently at Satilla Shores.

    (4.) I keep looking at the video, and it still shows Ahmaud Marquez Arbery trying to take the shotgun away from the homeowner.. The first shot (off camera) could have been a warning shot. I wonder what the autopsy shows for how many times he was shot?

    (5.) What the hell was Ahmaud Marquez Arbery doing “jogging” 15 miles from his home?? Look at Satilla Shores (Aerial View from Google maps) – – you can’t just stumble across the place accidentally, and that mostly white subdivision has been a target for thefts and burglaries recently. Satilla Shores is isolated, off U.S. Highway 17 (Georgia 520, Jekyll Island causeway.) Satilla Shores in an enclave that is bounded by highways, marshland, and a small creek that’s a tributary of the Brunswick River; you can’t just “jog there” from another subdivision, you have to go there intentionally, likely by car. After he was shot, did anybody recover his parked car?

    (6.) If the white guys are found innocent at trial (quite likely) then Brunswick will melt down. Elements of armed Black Panthers are already infiltrating Brunswick. If the trial is held in Brunswick, it’s possible that jurors (especially white jurors) will feel intimidated by black threats. I can’t even imagine how juror selection and protecting the jurors will work out.

    Just my two-cents, I live here, and I know what’s really going on.

    • Replies:
    , @schnellandine
  357. map says:


    Are you stupid.

    The father and son are not allowed to go out of their home, on to a public street, with their legally owned and carried guns, because there is a black out and about.

    The video clearly shows the black attacking the man with a gun. He got shot for his trouble.

    End of story.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  358. KenH says:

    He also talks about why he is a black conservative, how he think there are far more black conservatives than people realize

    That’s just pure B.S. Limbaugh and other cucks have been claiming there’s a huge number of black conservatives since about 1993 yet the they still vote Democrat 90-95% of the time.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Father Coughlin
  359. map says:

    No, you’re a moron.

    You’re like every other leftist who argues by pretending not to know things. Abvery and Michael Brown are all the same case. It’s the case of blacks being allowed to do whatever they want as evidenced by the severe under-policing and under-imprisonment of that population, along with the media white-washing of all of their crimes.

    This is so severe, that black attacks against whites in white neighborhoods is common, to the point where you have to have these vigilantes around. Even then, they are so law-abiding that they attempted to involve the police.

    If these two are railroaded, then, in the future, all you will find is a dead body in the road and no one saying nothing.

  360. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s video of Ahmaud Arbery going into the house under construction. He strolls down the street, pauses in front of the house, looks around to see if anyone’s noticed him, and then walks into the garage. But a few minutes later he comes out the front door at a dead run, and he’s running at full speed down the street. He looks exactly like someone who just stole something and is making a high speed getaway.

  361. @anon

    It looks very much like the guy with the gun was walking in front of vehicle to get closer to Arbery. Arbery likely saw the guy moving towards him and may have figured he was in danger and his best chance was Self defense.

    Arbery was running towards the left side of vehicle at first, but then switches to move around the other way. Obviously, he was moving out of their way, but the guy with the gun starts moving towards Arbery with an Effing gun.

    A bunch of COWARDS. And for what? Because an Unarmed guy stole something?
    Arbery comes off as the Brave one, just trying to defend himself against Armed thugs.

    This only helps the Anti-Racist’s and Leftists.

  362. @Cowtown Rebel

    “He refused to stop when confronted by concerned citizens” IF YOU ATTEMPT TO STOP ME AND YOU ARE NOT A COP,I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO KILL YOU. “If he was innocent, why didn’t he just stop and let the police come and sort everything out?” IF YOU ATTEMPT TO STOP ME AND YOU ARE NOT A COP,I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO KILL YOU. “He became combative when they tried to detain him until the police arrived” IF YOU ATTEMPT TO STOP ME AND YOU ARE NOT A COP,I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO KILL YOU.

  363. @Robert Dolan

    i don’t believe you have any idea what a man would do.

  364. bruce county says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    Blacks only “run” from the law.

  365. bruce county says:

    Oh… look who showed up.

  366. says:

    What he’s suspected of prior is irrelevant to what the McMichael’s did. Was he trespassing? Yes. Did he steal anything? There is no evidence he did. Therefore, at most, at the moment of inception of all of this, for all the McMichael’s and anyone else complicit with them knew he was just trespassing. Everything else you are mentioning is after the fact knowledge and it still doesn’t justify the McMichael’s behavior. Suspicion isn’t covered under the citizen’s arrest law and neither is trespassing which is a misdemeanor. They did not have a legal right to give chase and hunt him down and that is what they did. They hunted him down. Armed & loaded. They are terrible gun owners who ruin gun rights for those who can and do use fire arms legally and responsibly. These are precisely the type of people who should be prohibited from owning weapons. They can’t be trusted to use them respsponsibly and are looking for any excuse to use them irresponsibly.

    • Replies:
  367. bruce county says:

    If Armed Robbery was in a mental institution where the feral beast belonged he might be alive today.
    If Jim Crow was still legal Armed Robbery would still be alive today ON HIS SIDE OF TOWN.

    Separation today … separation forever. WE ARE NOT THE SAME.

  368. says:

    Apparently the most recent reported crime or burglary in the area was that someone had stolen a gun from an unlocked vehicle parked outside the McMichaels’ home, so it looks like they or their friends had a history of being careless with firearms, to say the least.

    Case in point. These two yahoos do not deserve to own guns or even one gun or any weapon sold actually. They are irresponsible and I’ll add, they are now criminals. Any responsible, honest gun owner who respects gun rights and respects the law should be livid with the McMichael’s. They are the least common denominator that ruins it for everybody.

    • Replies: @starthorn
  369. says:

    Once again, it matters not how far he was from home. The focus is on the McMichael’s and what they did, not anything about Arbery before the McMichael’s spotted him. They stalked, hunted down, a person they witnessed trespassing. They had no legal right to do this. They provoked an altercation and since the elderly McMichael was a former cop, he should have known better. Shit, any half wit should know better. He let his ego and his hubris get the best of him and now he must pay the price for his sin. Considering he was a former cop, this is especially egregious on his part. What a callous idiot he is. He not only gives responsible gun owners a bad name, but he gives cops a bad name at a time when cops really don’t need anymore negative publicity. He also gives prosecutors a bad name. He’s a bad dude all the way around. What a terrible example he is and has been for his son. Now his son is going to jail because of his father’s terrible parenting. This is a Trump supporter for you. Trump emboldens these morons. He inspires this kind of behavior.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  370. Skeptikal says:
    @Blue Juice

    None of this matters.

    Arbery was executed by two rednecks who took the law into their own hands.

    The McMichaels should just have called the police.


    • Replies: @Blue Juice
  371. @obwandiyag

    Uh…no….that’s not the deal pal.

    The core of BOTH issues, bankers stealing trillions, and the media demonizing white people, has to do with jews.

    jewish bankers stealing trillions and the

    jewish media lying about white people.

    You should view Stefan Molyneux’s clip because it covers the facts in a comprehensive manner
    and you would be unable to refute any of it.

    By the way, he wasn’t a “jogger.”

    You don’t “jog” 21 miles from home wearing construction boots.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  372. Skeptikal says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    “because he was non-compliant”

    “Noncompliant” with whom?

    A pair of armed rednecks in a truck?

    This is truly an Orwellian word and idea.

    You don’t like something, call the police.

    Don’t expect your fellow citizens to be “compliant” with you.

    The police always state: Do not touch another person. Call the police.

  373. Rev Kang says:

    in the U.S., joggers commit 85% of interracial violent crime, 550k incidents per year

    • LOL: bruce county
  374. Skeptikal says:

    Ron Unz:

    Slow news day?

    What is this garbage doing here?

    • Replies: @mcohen
    , @anon
  375. @gaston julia

    You don’t have to “see through trucks”.

    All that is necessary is to observe that Arbrey was past the vehicle on the right hand side, and could have continued on this path and escaped. But instead Arbrey turned 90o to the left and attacked Travis.

    How would “see through trucks” change any of this?

  376. Hibernian says:

    As someone mentioned above, looking around a house under construction is technically trespassing and a misdemeanor. As is running a stop sign late at night when there is no traffic. Same difference as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s not often that an earnest and true gun rights supporter equates daytime checking out of a construction site without permission of the owners with late night stop sign running with no traffic.

  377. This article needs to be on a white supremacy site—This is a smear from a thoroughly discredited girl who has pushed the most vile right wing/fascist nonsense for years. This site was at one time a source of real intelligent analysis. For some reason it has turned hysterical.

  378. Velvet65 says:

    Something about all of this reminds me of the Jussie Smollet HOAX, only a real person was murdered. The Democrats have lied, race-baited and hoaxed so much, even from the beginning I thought something about this did not seem right! I hope those 2 men get a fair trial. If they did it, then justice, but if they did not and this was just another King-Merritt HOAX, then I hope they are released and King-Merritt meet the same fate as Jussie!

  379. Velvet65 says:

    Did you miss something? Did you miss the part about King and Merritt being involved in other hoaxes, and their obvious hatred of White people and police? Have you since come back to read any of the comments? Sounds like there’s more to this story, and this is only the beginning! I think sometimes SJW don’t want the truth, just want their hatred or racial biased stroked!

  380. Velvet65 says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    There is so much hatred in the World! There’s a lot of people going to be burning in Hell! I’d like to hear how people justify it before God!

    • Replies: @bruce county
  381. vot tak says:
    @Really No Shit

    Sorry shlomo, I don’t speak your language. What is that in English?

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  382. AceDeuce says:

    I like how c olored boys and their white cuckfluffers whine “Don’t stereotype us-waaah we’re not feral violent beasts. Ignore the facts”. But you’re sure quick to talk schitt about bloated Southern bubba pieces of schitt etc. Cletus , MAGAbillies–You all are quick with the BS.

    You even say “You people” I already know that’s how your kind feels. I hope some of the brain dead whites read that and wake up. Time for “us people” to stand up. Don’t want to get shot? Stop committing crimes. Phuck this schitt. We’ve put up with this crap for far too long.

    This guy was a criminal. They tried to make a citizen’s arrest. the creep attacked them. The good guys defended themselves.

  383. vot tak says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    “Really? I see two Heroes on The Front Lines of The Battle against The Black Plague.”

    IE: “Us like-it-up-the-buttskys defend our own”. Well, there you have it… 😀

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  384. “• Disagree: Anti_barabas_ite”

    Importing immigrants to replace citizens —

    I disagree with that as well.

  385. Boring idiotic tedious comments from know nothing anti-white bigots.

    As I keep saying……watch the Molyneux clip and he covers ALL of it.

    The father was a cop for many DECADES, had dealt with AA before.

    That’s right morons.

    Citizen’s arrest is valid and lawful, and the former cop knows the law.

    AA was NOT “jogging.” He was too far from home for jogging. There is tape of him invading a home under construction. Neighbors spotted him….he RAN.

    And he RAN right past the former cop’s house. The cop who’d dealt with him back when he got caught stealing a TV a few years prior (and apparently nothing was done about it)
    The former cop also knew about AA’s gun conviction from years ago as well.

    So…..they had history.

    AA had a few choices:

    He could run away.
    He could stop and talk to them.
    He could attack the man holding the shotgun.

    Personally, I would not have chosen to attack the man with the shotgun.

    But that’s just me.

    I’m not an unemployed druggie burglar loser criminal invading a home to see what I can steal.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @bruce county
  386. @Jonathan Mason

    but at least police officers usually have some kind of rudimentary training in dealing with mentally disturbed people.

    Yep. If only one of the shooters had been a cop for, oh, 7 years or so, you’d have been ready to sign off on the matter. Oh well.

    Damn. Here I am talking nonsense. The father was a cop for years! Silly me you.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  387. Truth says:
    @John Nada

    Given the relatively vast number of white people that are brutally murdered by black men

    That would be about 400-500 a year, in a country of 200 million whites, and that includes domestic violence, drunk driving vehicular homicide, and criminal cohesion gone wrong, etc.

    Why do you think Big Curse has to include so many, black on black,black on Asian and Hispanic, and “let’s remember that murder in 2013…” posts in his weekly journal?

  388. @Achmed E. Newman

    John Denver’s cover was more comprehensible.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  389. bruce county says:

    Im sure many would rather burn in hell than kneel before the left wing overlords and their negro pets.

    • Replies: @Truth
  390. @Robert Dolan

    There is tape of him invading a home under construction

    Why? In the hope workers left power tools? What’s the black market price of Tyvek?

  391. Truth says:

    Robbery/tresspass is out as a reason to shoot a “jogger”

    What did he rob from an unbuilt house (allegedly)? Was he going to carry the copper piping 12 miles back to his house in his cargo shorts?

    • Replies: @anti_barabas_ite
  392. bruce county says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I watched that entire Molyneux video. He breaks it down perfectly and logically without prejudice. Just the facts. Thanks for posting it. I sent it to several liberal “friends” they refused to listen to it. This is our burden.. our own race hates us.
    North America is doomed if we continue to let them control the narrative.

  393. @WRC43

    After he was shot, did anybody recover his parked car?

    Same question I’ve been wondering, and nobody’s discussing it, appears. Why do you think that might be? I’d bet a 6-pack the answer isn’t kind to the doctrine of joggerism.

    If the white guys are found innocent

    Trials taken to finish generally return guilty or not guilty. The distinction’s worth noting. One in a state of non-innocence can rightfully be found not guilty, though good luck explaining that to an average jogger.

    Keep us informed of the local real news, and check 6.

  394. @Skeptikal

    The police always state: Do not touch another person. Call the police.

    That isn’t what GA law says, so… what was your point? Oh, you were pretending that cop advice supersedes law. Okay, it doesn’t. Settled.

  395. This is so strange…

    Just weeks ago blacks were mad with (landlords) in New York and things were getting very heated. They actually had/have legitimate grievances.

    But strangely, the narrative has shifted from that to anger towards “southern whites”, gun control, and “looking for answers”.

    Sure is nice when you control the mainstream media. What a lovely people.

  396. thordaddy says:

    You are so full of shit.

    There was no illegal activity save maybe the son stepping out of the truck with a shotgun at his side until Arbery charged and made physical contact. This father/son duo could have followed Arbery around all day in their truck yelling at him to stop. This is not illegal. They could have stopped on the side of the road and yelled at him to stop fifty times throughout the day. This is not illegal. Stepping out of one’s vehicle with a shotgun MAY BE an open-carry violation, but unless one is aiming it at an individual, it can’t be considered “force” if open-carry is legal.

    The first illegal act was trespassing by Arbery. The second illegal act was Arbery’s physical assault of the son.

    It’s clear as day on the video.

    • Agree: AceDeuce

    They stalked, hunted down, a person they witnessed trespassing. They had no legal right to do this. They provoked an altercation and since the elderly McMichael was a former cop, he should have known better. Shit, any half wit should know better.

    So you know more about Georgia Law than the Georgia DA with more than 40 years experience who has prosecuted and helped to prosecute over 200 murders?

    Barnhill’s letter has been linked before, and it is linked again below. You might actually spend some time reading it, since it actually quotes the sections of law that are applicable.

    This entire thing is a Trayvon redux, where the Dindu criminal is turned into the victim but racial agitators.

    • Thanks: Blue Juice
    • Replies: @Hans
  398. @vot tak

    Perhaps, it would be better to communicate in polski … tak?

    • Replies: @vot tak
  399. @KenH

    Politics, in multi-national polities, is tribal warfare by other means. It has been this way in the US since at least the 1880s. Although as many have pointed out, there was a tribal aspect to the civil war as well (agrarian Celts vs. every other group).

    So the term “black conservative” means nothing, politically, only socially. Blacks actually putting in volunteer hours for GOP are .001% of all hours worked, I’d imagine. Notwithstanding, there are a few blacks who are willing to be “my African American” for pay. But in the main, the black tribe is represented by the Democratic party, and it is to it they will repair. Just like they will take their own side, 95% of them at least will, in these shooting/OJ incidents.

  400. Hans says:

    LOL, Comrade Ko! Keep spewing. It’s good for your carpal tunnel vision.

  401. vot tak says:

    Georgia Attorney General Requests Federal Investigation Into Ahmaud Arbery Case

    “Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has requested the US Department of Justice to investigate the handling of the Ahmaud Arbery case by local prosecutors. Arbery’s murder was committed on 23 February, but saw public outcry after a video of the shooting emerged online.

    “We are committed to a complete and transparent review of how the Ahmaud Arbery case was handled from the outset. The family, the community and the state of Georgia deserve answers, and we will work with others in law enforcement at the state and federal level to find those answers”, Carr said.

    According to a statement released by the Attorney General’s office, the ​request to the US Department of Justice “includes, but is not limited by, investigation of the communications and discussions by and between the Office of the District Attorney of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit and the Office of the District Attorney of the Waycross Judicial Circuit related to this case”.

    Earlier on Saturday, Carr tweeted that he would handle the case himself.”

    • Replies:
  402. @JimDandy

    no,i don’t believe that is anywhere.and if it is ,it shouldn’t be.I REPEAT:IF ANY ONE ATTEMPTS TO STOP ME ,AND THEY ARE NOT A COP I WILL DO EVERY THING IN MY POWER TO KILL YOU !!

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @thordaddy
  403. @Skeptikal

    “Don’t expect your fellow citizens to be “compliant” with you.” EXACTLY !!

  404. vot tak says:

    Crooked DAs and crooked cops colluding together, just your typical american town/city.

    Ahmaud Arbery murder raises long-standing issues with Glynn County DA’s handling of cases

    “ATLANTA — The Ahmaud Arbery murder case is bringing back some faces and agencies that have been the subject of Channel 2 Action News and Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigations over the years that have centered around corruption and misconduct investigations.

    For the past five years, we have done some deep reporting in the same place Arbery was murdered. It involves the same players, the same problems and now, growing outrage.

    “When I first saw with this case happening in Glynn County, I immediately thought back to other cases where the DA’s office and police department collaborated a little too closely with each other to cover up for some of the officer’s misconduct,” attorney and legal analyst Esther Panitch said.

    “My reaction was simply, ‘Here we go again,’” said attorney Bill Atkins, who represented the family of Caroline Small, an unarmed woman killed by two Glynn County police officers. Much of the evidence in the case was made public by the joint investigation between Channel 2 and the AJC.

    Now, two county officials allege Johnson’s office blocked the immediate arrests of her former investigator and his son after Ahmaud Arbery’s killing and before she recused herself from the case.

    “After multiple calls back and forth, the investigator was told by her (Johnson’) assistant, a man named Rocky Bridges, that no arrests were to be made,” said Dr. Peter Murphy on Friday.

    Murphy is a Glynn County commissioner who told Channel 2 investigative reporter Nicole Carr that he went straight to the interim police chief this week, after seeing the viral video of Arbery’s murder.

    In 2015, our investigation revealed a deal that Glynn County District Attorney Jackie Johnson made with the officers responsible for the 2010 fatal shooting of Caroline Small, an unarmed woman shot through the windshield of her car by two Glynn County police officers.

    Four former prosecutors from Johnson’s office said she protected those officers.

    In Small’s case, our investigation found Johnson agreed not to show the grand jury the murder indictment she’d drafted.

    Records show she’d already given the officers’ attorneys all of the evidence and allowed the officers’ department to present a factually inaccurate animation they created showing Small’s car escaping through a gap and running over the officers.

    After that, there was another incident in 2018, involving Corey Sasser, one of the officers from the Small shooting.

    “They then again went out of their way to protect (former officer) Corey Sasser from his own actions instead of protecting two people who were pleading with them to put him behind bars, and what happened? He executed them,” Small’s family attorney Bill Atkins said, referring to what happened next.”

    • Agree: Grahamsno(G64)
  405. vot tak says:

    Commissioner: District Attorney blocked arrests of father, son in Ahmaud Arbery case

    “Investigators with Glynn County Police Department had cellphone video of Ahmaud Arbery being chased down and killed by two armed men on Feb. 23, the day the deadly shooting happened, but arrests weren’t made for more than two months.

    The delayed response triggered activists to ask for the resignation of Brunswick Judicial District Attorney Jackie Johnson, chanting, “Jackie got to go” through medical masks on Friday.

    Glynn County Commissioner J. Peter Murphy said in a conversation with Chief Powell that he learned District Attorney Jackie Johnson blocked an investigator with the Glynn County Police Department from arresting the former district attorney investigator and his son the day of the shooting.

    “Basically she [the investigator] was told to stand down, i.e., there are to be no arrests today,” Murphy said.

    Waycross District Attorney George Barnhill was assigned the case next, but he had to recuse himself later after Arbery’s mother discovered his son also worked for the Brunswick District Attorney’s Office where McMichael worked.”

  406. RodW says:

    I use Facebook because it’s useful for my business, and also for gathering info about what normies are talking about. My normie Facebook acquaintances post all the memes they get from Huffpost or wherever the hell serves up this propaganda day in and day out. Occasionally I register my dissent, whereupon my Facebook acquaintances realise that I’m a bigot and a white supremacist and a homophobe and an antisemite and an islamophobe. Then generally one of three things happens;

    1. They scream and shout their epithets then they block me. Good riddance — why should I care?
    2. They scream and shout their epithets and argue back, but still continue to engage with me. Presumably they derive some value from knowing me.
    3. They quietly Like my rebuttals, whereby I can learn that there is in fact a community of like-minded bigots out there, some of whom I might call on if push ever comes to shove.

    The same sort of pattern applies in real life too.

    What you’re suggesting reminds me of ‘tactical voting’ where you vote for someone you don’t want for fear of getting someone worse. The result of that is that you always end with some pol you never wanted, and you destroy your own natural constituency at the same time.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @anon
  407. @Reg Cæsar

    I am listening to it for the 1st time right now, Reg. It’s much more polished and it’s got that banjo. Well, you know John Denver was all for moving out to the country.

    I’m still partial to John Prine, as he is a great songwriter, but will admit that many sing his songs better than he It probably depends on which you heard first.

    Daddy won’t you take me back to Muhlenburg County,
    down by the Green River where paradise lay…

  408. Truth says:
    @bruce county

    That can be arranged…

  409. V. Hickel says:

    where was this “corner” exactly that they had him in slick? Did you watch video?

  410. Saggy says: • Website
    @anonymous jew

    Bantus don’t jog.

    This is maybe the fifth time I’ve read this. What kind of idiots does Unz attract? I jog. I live on the white side of town and jog along the beach which is also on the white side of town. I occasionally see black joggers.

    One StormFront is enough, more than enough really. It is a lead weight on white nationalism that cannot be lifted.

  411. By-tor says:

    Holding a weapon and having the muzzle pointed down, finger off of the trigger is not brandishing. That is what folks protesting with their AR’s on their person at recent rallies in MI, TX and last fall in VA were doing in their state capitals, and they were not arrested.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  412. @Stewart M Schwartz

    You aren’t gonna kill anybody grandpa. You are totally full of shit.

    I’ve had three occasions where somebody pulled a gun on me…..and I wisely got the fuck away from them each time.

    That’s why I’m still on planet earth.

    You charge a dude with a shotgun and grab it and try to pull it away…..his finger’s on the trigger and it’s going to go off.

    Armed Robbery should have run, or he could have simply stopped to talk to the former cop and his son.

    But Armed Robbery was a low IQ high testosterone dipshit and he thought he could bring fists to a gunfight.

    Not. too. bright.

  413. ” This is not illegal. Stepping out of one’s vehicle with a shotgun MAY BE an open-carry violation, but unless one is aiming it at an individual, it can’t be considered “force” if open-carry is legal.”

    If you tell me to stop and i don’t. And then hop out of you vehicle with a weapon and approach me or I see you have a weapon upon exit of your vehicle during a confrontation –

    reasonable to assume, i meed to flee or stand fight for one’s life.

    Your own description — defeats your suggestion.

    Good grief . . . I understand ho the police are trained to manipulate images via their context. But in this case — the gymnastics simply don’t work — especially when it rests on self defense. There was every reason for the jogger to conclude the many approaching him was a threat — and to act accordingly.

    Every argument one might sue to defend those involved in the incident is turned in itself . . . even the video crew now constitutes a stalker contingent, that would raise reasonable fear . . .

    i was aware that he was being tailed — laugh — fo ged aboud it . . .

    In act the more one launches a defense of the crew involved, the more the incident sounds like a targeted killing.

  414. vot tak says:
    @Really No Shit

    I have a better idea, shlomo. How about you ignore my comments and go back to surfing your favorite bookmarked site: 😀

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  415. thordaddy says:
    @Stewart M Schwartz

    Define “stop” and then real eyes that if it does not involve actual physical force then your willingness to kill means you are now “terminable without consent.”

    So in mistaking a verbal command for a physical act and then reacting erroneously with physical violence, you have opened yourself up to be legally killed.

    This is exactly what happened and why these two weren’t arrested until the cuckle couldn’t do anything butt buckle.

  416. The video shows clearly that Abery saw the one holding the shotgun and could have stopped a good distance away from the truck, spun around and run away from the men. Instead he ran around the right side of the vehicle to its front end and attempted a surprise attack on the shotgunner. (He doesn’t seem to be out of breath or tired.) A very odd and dangerous choice, IMHO. He could have certainly run to places where the truck couldn’t follow– backyards, etc. From the looks of the two armed men, they likely would have had a hard time following him on foot. Sometimes the best defense isn’t acting offensively. Still, I feel the two white men were looking for trouble and hoped to find it. Arrests are appropriate; let a jury decide after a fair trial. I’m not sure about the denial of bail– that seems like a political decision.

  417. @Anon

    He was winded from all the jogging and slowed to a walk to catch his breath.

    + The 911 call audio:
    5:42 / 18:54
    Ahmaud Arbery Was NOT Jogging, Caught on Camera Committing Crimes, Men Were Justified 5m16s

  418. Anonymous[112] • Disclaimer says:

    You know, oby, if you just go back to Africa you never have to worry about any of this. You could take your dazzling talent and irreplaceable labor with you and then it wouldn’t matter who printed what because they wouldn’t have your super skills to parasite off of.

    • Replies: @Flubber
  419. @Anon


    joggers gonna jog

    He was jogging miles with a hammer anonymously building houses for the homeless

    Joggers are responsible for most of the crime in the US.

    Around joggers never relax

    Don’t forget your timbalands when you jog.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  420. Anonymous[112] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    If you’ve read one oby post, you’ve read them all. Nigger whinging about how the US treasury doesn’t revolve around him. He’s a bit of a sinophile, too, mostly because he seems to think giving niggers money is what the Chinese system is all about (it never dawns on him that the near-total absence of niggers may be a critical component in shifting world power center Asia). Why he doesn’t get this money straight from the treasury in a nigger country built by nigger labor and maintained with nigger planning, well we never get to that part. It’s always very clear that the money needs to be printed specifically for him in a White country, any White country really, and delivered on a silver platter for his exclusive use. It’s all so tiresome.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @trickster
  421. Boldizar says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    If he was innocent, why didn’t he just stop and let the police come and sort everything out?

    Are you serious? Say I am dark skinned; If I came across you and held you hostage at gunpoint while accusing you of one thing or another, are you just going to wait for the police? Citizens have no rights to hold each other captive or threaten them, let alone with fucking weapons. I’m tempted to bet you are also of the type that thinks current lockdowns in order to prevent the spread of disease are treading on civil liberties, but I cannot say for sure. Sounds like you think “Negros” have different rights.

    • Replies: @thordaddy
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  422. starthorn says:

    I have to agree, even if Arberry was responsible for the crimes. They were idiots and their relationship with law enforcement (good ol boys) kept them from being arrested until one of the idiots decided to share the video. They should have destroyed it immediately and we’d have no armchair lawyers critiquing it.

    I’m still fussing at family and friends for #Irunwith.. it only implies they condone his behavior as far as I’m concerned. He wasn’t rehabilitated he was on parole.

  423. @By-tor

    Holding a weapon and having the muzzle pointed down, finger off of the trigger is not brandishing.

    Then I’m glad I didn’t say it was, though I understand if you figured that’s what I meant. I don’t want to debate the legal definition of brandishing, since it’s not against GA “law”, and I knew that. I also have been encouraged recently by a UR commenter into an epiphany from which I will no longer criticize Whites under leftist onslaught. Consider anything I wrote criticizing the instant father/son Whites retracted.

    However, I am through several successful direct experiences a devoted believer in the wisdom of preventing for as long as possible awareness by hostile(s) that one is armed.

  424. He had been at the house before, but at night. Construction site spotters going at night is best so they don’t interfere with the workmen. Very considerate.

    GBI reviewing additional surveillance video in Ahmaud Arbery case 1m12s

    • Replies: @Grahamsno(G64)
  425. @obwandiyag

    Youre an african piece of shit.

    • Replies: @trickster
  426. starthorn says:

    One was former police with a history of dealing with this guy. Lots to this story most are knee jerking instead of looking at everything.

  427. @Hippopotamusdrome

    “If there’s hope, it lies in the comments.”

    How many days until typing “jogger” gets one booted from borg media? Right now, programmers are working furiously on a subroutine to shadowban satiric users of the word. That comment thread is their test environment.

  428. There are guys (and a few females) of every race, though, in my experience, primarily black, whose “job” it is to steal. There was a black guy in DC, who had a regular route, apparently. Every so often he would come through looking for anything that wasn’t nailed down. He stole a laptop out of a neighbor’s car–a black neighbor. He stole a bicycle from another neighbor. That’s when I put 2 and 2 together and realized he was the thief. One day he tried to steal a circular saw from in front of my place. But I was watching him and gave chase. He threw down the saw and lit out. I chased him for a good five blocks, but he got away (I was wearing work boots :).

    Anyway, what gives anyone the right to be nothing but a thief? What gives anyone the right to make their existence on this planet a source of anguish to everyone else’s existence?

    If, as I was chasing him, he had run out into traffic and been hit and killed by a car, I would have felt no regrets.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  429. @Anonymous

    Why doesn’t your use of “nigger” get censored like other people’s posts do? Are you a scumbag troll or something?

  430. WRC43 says:

    Update, Civil War Two – –

    The first one started on the 12th of April, 1861, when Confederate guns opened fire on Fort Sumter, in Charleston harbor. I guess the Second Civil War will start at the Brunswick Georgia Court House.

    The Black Panthers attempted to briefly take and hold the Sidney Lanier bridge yesterday. (That’s just up the road from Satilla Shores) The well-armed negroes were accompanied by equally stupid white race traitors and agitators. (I have photos, but I don’t know how to post them here)

    For extra points, name that John Wayne movie from which this quote is taken – – “..Windage and elevation, Mrs. Langdon; windage and elevation..”

  431. @Stewart M Schwartz

    Smalley, everything in “your power” translates into you’ll try to effeminately slap at me and get knocked out. You are clearly a silly, shrill b*tch. That is obvious from your all-caps, hysterical screeching. My guess is that you spend the bulk of your time on your knees orally gratifying Schwarzes. You goofy, gefilte fish gobbler. You remind me of Tim Wise. He’s another emotionally unhinged bag of hot air.

    I don’t go around armed, but I have been called upon to intervene in some criminal activity that was taking place where I was employed. I guess you could say that, in a sense, I am occasionally a first responder who notifies the first responders. I’ve been either brave or lucky, or both. But, I have also been favorably recognized by law enforcement for my efforts at deterrence.

    You might want to reexamine what happened to your fantasy Negro “Maud,” before you think about trying to kill someone. He did everything in his power and got shot dead for his trouble. But, one good clonk on your noggin would be more than sufficient to neutralize you, Schlong Kopf.

  432. @vot tak

    Your Mama likes it up the Buttsky from you, every Negro in town, and any Mexican that wonders by the house. She even let the family dog have at it. That is how she bore you from the mongoloid father that you never knew. She crapped you out, you wormy pile of dung. And, there you go….

    • Agree: trickster
  433. mcohen says:
    @Skeptikal also attracts flies

  434. Paul says:

    Maybe the black man running had been prowling the building under construction in order to get ideas for his plan to become a property developer. 😉

    • Replies: @trickster
  435. Paul says:

    The man from elsewhere running through the neighborhood had a criminal record.

  436. Paul says:

    This is yet another phony Trayvon Martin type of case.

  437. @Skeptikal

    Actually, there have been plenty of instances where citizens have stopped a crime in progress and the Police have thanked them for their involvement. I’ve told several police officers, with all due respect, when seconds count they are only minutes away. They have agreed that they simply cannot be everywhere at once. You and Schwartz are the type that would stand aside and watch a woman get raped. You might call the police if you could manage to hide from the perpetrator while doing so. But, more than likely, you would just use your cell phone to film the attack for your future enjoyment.

    I am a little unkempt and I generally dress down. From time to time I go for a walk. There have been a couple of occasions when I have been suspected by someone of being involved in some sort of mischief. Whether walking through an unfamiliar or remote area, or, once when I was exploring a derelict section of downtown: There was a sign on the roof of a building that indicated an antique store was located there. I walked around looking for the entrance and realized the business was vacant, when I was confronted by a security guard who insinuated that I was trying to break in. He began to threaten to call the police and I told him to go ahead and call them. He just told me not to come back; which was unnecessary, because I had no intention of returning. Although, I may have felt a little indignant, I didn’t try to run away and I certainly didn’t try to attack the individuals who wanted to question me. I just responded to whatever concerns they had, no matter how trivial, until they were satisfied that I had no dubious motives. That is being rational and cooperative, and those qualities have enabled me to avoid or deescalate numerous situations that could have proved to be far more troublesome had I not been endowed with them.

    There are plenty of other non-interventionists like you who bear witness to assaults, robberies and even murders without lifting a finger to assist the victims. You are ball less bastards, who are just envious that someone else possesses the testosterone that you lack.

  438. thordaddy says:

    You have a queer definition of “hold.”

  439. @Boldizar

    If you said the police were on their way, and you had some reason to believe I did something, then, Yes, I would wait for the cops to arrive and get everything cleared up. No matter if I thought that your suspicions were ludicrous. If I ran away, I would look guilty. If I tried to fight, not only would I appear culpable, but I would be faced with two scenarios that could have further deleterious effect. I could be shot dead. Or, if I overcome you, do I use your own weapon on you or throw it and keep running away?. And, that’s if there’s only one individual confronting me. Two or more is going to make the odds against me even greater. Besides, how would it look for me if the Police came rolling up while I was in the midst of combating the neighborhood patrol?

    What if the neighborhood watchperson is a female? Should I feel as threatened by her as I would by a man, or more? How should I respond to her? Should I try to attack her and take her gun away from her, or just tell her to get f*cked?

    There is an old saying, “discretion is often the better part of valor.” It simply means that you must have impulse control, the ability to reason, and the faculties to weigh consequences.

    Maybe your neighbors will help thieves load your belongings onto the truck rather than attempt to stop them. Very little stolen property is ever recovered. And, nothing you own is of any value anyway. Right?

  440. says:
    @vot tak

    Good grief, this will accomplish nothing, certainly not justice. Under Barr, the DOJ is now the DOI, or the Department of Injustice if you will or better yet, the Department of Corruption (DOC). The DOC would immediately exonerate the McMichael’s and Trump will award them the Medal of Freedom like he did BlimpBlow and he would implore all racist gun owners to hunt down blacks wherever they may be and gun them down in order to cleanse America of the invisible virus that’s a hoax but still plagues America nonetheless.

    • Replies: @vot tak
    , @Hibernian
  441. @vot tak

    Now we know what you love to do in your spare time and what you do in the closet in your spare time is your business … happy hunting!

  442. @Female in FL

    No ma’am. The Dark Web. So take that for what’s its worth but so far has been way more accurate than the MSM who have hundreds of “journalists”/interns/investigators working and spinning this story.

    In fact law enforcement and the GBI are looking to prosecute anyone leaking info to the press. For a more objective take on this tragedy please read the UK’s Daily Mail. It sure looks like the McMichaels (and their neighbors and friends) are being sacrificed to appease the mob.

    I just asked for people to be the judge only after more facts came to light when half of the Unz crowd strangely took the MSM’s word that Ahmaud was a jogger who was racially profiled, surrounded and killed in cold blood. Everything the MSM says about this tragedy has to be double and triple-checked now.

  443. Blip Blop says:

    Take a look at b-on-w crimes, and imagine for a moment if those roles were reversed. Within a month we’d have martial law over it.

    Our lives matter too.

    • Agree: Realist
  444. @Stewart M Schwartz

    Grow up you brainwashed POS. Unfortunately, your fellow tribesman ( of which I also share some of that heritage) are the real problem with their control of a lying, conniving media which first deified Trayvon Martin, then Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, and now this latest entry in the Negroe Canon of Saints. I used to laugh when anti semites called Jews troublemakers and nation wreckers, but after reading tons of history, have to conclude that their assertions contain some truth.

  445. @Avery

    Travis was pointing his gun at the ground when he was attacked. And no one “cornered” the criminal.

    Your post is consistent with the entire narrative around this case. A pack of lies in an effort to to gin up anti-white hatred.

  446. @Thicket

    No I wasn’t there…and neither were you. However you could have watched the cellphone video and the 4 released security videos in their entirety and read the 2 official investigative reports (all of which will be used in court) and social media posts by all involved before taking such a stance on shaky ground. (There is an attempt to scrub, edit and delete them by the MSM and the Arbery’s PR team so what does that tell you?) Again…the truth is there if you know where to look.

    I seriously doubt anyone from the KKK is reading The Unz Review (Bwahahahaha!) It’s why I like reading and commenting here. I like it a little less after reading comments from the Excuse Patrol like you who have knee-jerk reactions to something that makes you feel uncomfortable and then condone the actions of a violent thug. It’s now universally agreed (by many other people who weren’t there) that Maud was no innocent “jogger”. His family even admitted as much before they were stifled by their attorneys. I tried relating facts…you offered platitudes.

    • Replies: @Thicket
  447. Flubber says:

    No chance of that.

    There’s no gimmedats in Ghana…

  448. Hans says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    I think Malkin has made it clear they are professionals and not merely agitators.

  449. anon[348] • Disclaimer says:

    This author (and another author on this site who will not even allow the posting of the comment on massacres of 23 people on Nova Scotia while discussing violence and while demonizing everybod) is distorting the reality to shape the preconceived premeditated thought process of laying blames where it shouldn’t and exonerating who shouldn’t because doing so give them moral ,intellectual ( 21 st century Bible and science ) cover to reinforce their sick world view based on racisms which they did with in past with 19 the century’s science and real Bible .

  450. anon[348] • Disclaimer says:

    Rotting garbage from the House -Phillipino against those “Negroes” getting out of the House .

    From false intellectual prostitution to real prostitution one is not a stretch . May be she should try her luck there .

  451. trickster says:

    Wrong ! He was planning on becoming a Doctor and was looking for a suitable site for his clinic.

  452. @Skeptikal

    None of this matters.

    On that we agree. None of the facts, legalities or mitigating circumstances matter anymore. This has become a political issue. The McMichaels (and now their neighbors and friends) will not get a fair trial. They must be railroaded and sacrificed.

    Arbery was executed by two rednecks who took the law into their own hands.

    He wasn’t “executed”. Not even the prosecution can make that claim. “Maud” was killed in a struggle over Travis’ shotgun. 2nd Degree Murder or Manslaughter possibly. His father didn’t even fire a shot or threaten him with his revolver. He was an accomplice and more likely a bystander. Shooting him in the back or running him over would have been an execution. If they were “rednecks” the MSM would have gleefully dug up enough dirt on the McMichaels by now. If you’re going to exaggerate then also admit Ahmaud was a violent thug fleeing the scene of a crime. A petty property crime but still one nonetheless.

    The McMichaels should just have called the police.

    They were attempting to call the police…after they snapped a picture of him. Doesn’t do much good if the offender is sprinting out of sight to make good his escape then decides to attack your son instead. I would consider myself lucky to have neighbors like the McMichaels.


    That’s probably what the McMichaels said when the first shot went off.

  453. trickster says:

    We have to print money and give him, we have to print food stamps and give him, we have to print housing regulations so he knows what type of free housing he is entitled to and so forth. Dont be heartless. This poor Bantu cannot return to Africa because “all da money done thief out by da black dictators!”

    We need to be humane to the Congo people. Without the white man Oby would still be living in a hut made of mud and cow shit, dumping in a hole in the bush and drinking from an open sewer.

    Want to ge a look at what his life was like ? Check out the Makoko district of Lagos in Nigeria.

    • Replies: @Truth
  454. says:

    Per this video, Arbery is not wearing Timberland shoes, he’s wearing running shoes and he’s not wearing cutoffs as has been asserted. Also, there is no evidence of a felony. Trespassing on a construction site is a minor misdemeanor and thus nullifies the citizen’s arrest legal defense. Purposeful lies are being spread by undercover law enforcement to try and help exonerate the McMichael’s and to help exonerate the corrupt DA Jackie Johnson.

    • Troll: Richard B
  455. anon[105] • Disclaimer says:

    “my Facebook acquaintances realise that I’m a bigot and a white supremacist “
    Do you need their helps to figure out you are a bigot and a white supremacist ? Or you are sure of that ,and they just confirm it?

  456. vot tak says:

    Given the past behavior of israel’s likudite colonial trump regime, what you predict is probably not far from what that freakshow will attempt. My guess is the doj will work to exonerate the killers. Or reduce the charges against them so they face less prison time. Failing that, it wouldn’t surprise me if trump pardoned them.

  457. vot tak says:

    It takes guts to try and disarm an armed man, especially if there are 2 of them, rather than try and run for it. Ahmaud Arbery had that sort of courage. How many of the white supremacist armchair warriors collectively circle jerking here would have that sort of courage?

    Answer: none.

    Now imagine if one of these great examples of white man’s superiority was jogging along (I know, with their huge bellies they can barely get up from their chairs, let alone jog), and 2 armed black men confronted them, weapons drawn? What would any of these brave defenders of the superior white race do? All of them would neither fight back or run. They would breakdown, collapse to the ground in tears and soil themselves.

  458. Thicket says:
    @Blue Juice

    Again, post your links. I saw the main video everyone else has seen, and I read the lying swindle report by the local DA where he (so typically) misrepresented the situation. .

    No, those dumbfuk crackers were NOT in “hot pursuit” of anyone, they were harassing the black man because he fit the description of a prowler, if I can believe that statement to begin with, which now turns out to be another lie, because all “reports” of burglaries were many weeks earlier, so yes you are for some unknown motive running a disinformation scam here.

    The now dead jogger was merely “suspected” of basically no crime at all, not even misdemeanor trespass. And I can now see the video of the construction site and Aunty is clearly wearing exercise clothing and SNEAKERS you lying piece of shit.

    The power to make a citizens arrest lies in PROVABLE CAUSE to believe there was a COMMON LAW FELONY commited, and that’s why pulling out loaded firearms and pinioning someone running on the street is called AGGRAVATED ASSAULT and since they killed someone in the course of THAT very real FELONY, now it’s felony murder besides really manslaughter at minimum.

    Of course you are making EXCUSES for the EXCUSE PATROL aka the shirtless worthless worthless cracker barrells who populate these States, and the whole thing is a projection fantasy.

  459. @vot tak

    This imaginary white man would never get the chance to confront the imaginary Dindus. Because the Dindus would have shot and killed him before he got close enough to attack, and the Dindus would not have been pointing their weapons at the ground.

    You are either completely delusional, or more likely stuffed so full of Gefilte you are unable to think properly.

  460. @Hippopotamusdrome

    LOL Kleptomaniac meets his end at the hands of fed up Kleptophobes, I’ll tell you this that in any other country outside of the west had a minority, that too a racially different one, behaved so egregiously there would have been pogroms galore to ‘correct’ their behavior.

  461. Nicky D says:

    That was the same thing that I saw, Johnny C. Goode.
    Only a fool runs directly toward any person with a visible Gun.
    I saw a Young, apparently Agile young man, run toward a Bigger, armed man, and a struggle over the shotgun ensued. Any, agile, Strong Man/person who has his hands on Your loaded weapon, is No longer Unarmed! Either You, or He, is usually Seconds away from Death.

  462. Anon[352] • Disclaimer says:
    @vot tak

    White supremacists are often of East European origin , marginally employed unless happen to be thieves Polish construction workers in NY , IL ,FL, and afflicted with drugs , domestic violence , extramarital sex with men women children or homeless hookers .

    As long as the Jew was giving them some hope , some money , some benefits of belonging to the hegemon empire with pressing tentacles on Black Arab , Yellow, Brown , they rode along .

    But the pie is shrinking . Foreign criminal activities of empire are getting redirected to home front and these folks are getting big hit .

    Who do you show your anger at after the reversal of fortune at the hands of Korean , Chinese , Indians , Vietnamese ? You can’t blame empire religion culture that you have been part of for so long and for interpretation.

    So they scream at blacks and colored , scream at Japan or China .

    Hey white supremacist , get the ship and sail in search for new land to export your greed and inner friction . That’s what the pilgrimage did ,13 colonies did but on land .

    Now before sailing , make sure to name the sail Coloumbus .

    • Replies: @Richard B
  463. @Stewart M Schwartz

    If you’re out and about committing crime and the property owners confront you armed, you’ll kill them. Good to know.

    • LOL: lavoisier

  465. @vot tak

    It takes guts to try and disarm an armed man, especially if there are 2 of them

    Or, if you prefer, desperate. As in desperate criminal.

    • Agree: bruce county
  466. @Hans

    “From said video it appears Ahmaud Arbery was running along the right side of the McMichael truck then abruptly turns 90 degrees to the left and attacks Travis McMichael who was standing at the front left corner of the truck . A brief skirmish ensues in which it appear Arbery strikes McMichael and appears to grab the shotgun and pull it from McMichael The shot is through Arbery’s right hand palm which is consistent with him grabbing and pulling the shotgun at the barrel tip”

    That’s what I saw in that video. Arbery went on the offense but yet many , many are saying that Arbery was hunted down and shot. It looks like to me that Arbery wanted to fight.

    That being said, I would recommend staying away from Negroes. The Derbyshire rules still apply.

    • Agree: Blue Juice
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Hans
    , @anon
  467. According to the second official who recused himself and whose recusal letter is linked to by the author, the Jogger yanked the rifle/shotgun towards himself when the opposing party’s finger was already on the trigger thus causing the gun to discharge – interesting is that credible?

    Arbery would only had to pull the shotgun approximately 1/ 16th to
    1/ 8th of one inch to fire the weapon himself and in the height of an altercation this is entirely


    • Replies: @schnellandine
    , @thordaddy
  468. @Thicket

    The power to make a citizens arrest lies in PROVABLE CAUSE to believe there was a COMMON LAW FELONY commited,

    Wrong. Er, I’m sorry… WRONG.

    Hard to believe, something in all caps was wrong. Happens sometimes. RARELY.


  469. says:

    Kemp & Carr are attempting to pass the buck by calling in Barr’s DOJ. Carr is a Federalist Society scumbag as is Barr. If systemic racism exists, the Federalist Society is at the heart of it because systemic racism begins and ends with the law and the Federalist Society has incredible influence in creating and interpreting the law.

    Carr is making this request after the GBI decided to act decisively and arrest these two murdering criminals. What convenient timing. It telegraphs that Barr has informed Carr he will be happy to take this up and exonerate Travis & Gregory McMichael. Trump will use this to further ingratiate himself with his base. What a bunch of immoral, criminal sleazebags they all are. There’s not a decent, redeemable one amongst them. All rotten to the core, through and through. Their actions and intent are absurdly transparent.

    View post on

    • Agree: Thicket
    • Replies:
  470. @Trinity

    “Now go and try walking in the hood as a lone White female or even a White male in the hood in Atlanta, Baltimore or Philly and tell me how long you last without being at least threatened”

    You got that right! Itz the same where I live. No one in their right mind would walk in the Negro parts of town especially after dark. I’m reminded of the story in my town a few years ago where the Chicago police arrested a mentally disturbed young White woman at Midway airport. They let here go from the local police station in the Ghetto. She wound up dead a few hours later. The locals ( you know who they are) threw out a window a couple of floors up.

    Some advice for out of towners. If you car breaks down on the west or south expressways do not under any circumstances get out looking for help. Especially after dark.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  471. trickster says:
    @vot tak

    Dude, when you were in your Mother’s womb something must have happened that affected your cranium. Anyone with firearms experience will tell you not to confront an armed man, Even highly trained soldiers are instructed NOT to resist when taken prisoner. It has nothing to do with bravery and everything to do with survival. Even an opponent with a blade, that point will be inside you before you can say Vor Tak. As to the bravery of whites, arm chair warriors and all that bunk, you need to get out your history books and read. We have been responsible for mass slaughter throughout our history and have refined killing on an industrial scale. The black man does not even come close ! As well, even in Africa black soldiers under black officers are considered rabble. Under white officers they are feared.

    You just dont know what you are talking about.

    So Mr Hero, the next time someone confronts you with a weapon, you can be the brave one and struggle for possession. In advance I bid you RIP.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @vot tak
  472. @vot tak

    Fighting with an armed man isn’t “courage,”

    it’s the purest form of stupidity.

    Armed Robbery was a borderline retard with an IQ of 76.

    New tape out today shows him invading that house on MANY prior occasions.

    Face it, he was a criminal lowlife loser headed for prison, but his life in prison got derailed.

    The bigger picture has nothing to do with this feral negro. The bigger picture is that the jew media works relentlessly to demonize white people and cause dumb blacks to harm and kill white people. That’s what it’s about. It’s about the sneaky physically weak jews turning blacks into a golem to attack whites, since the jews see whites as an enemy.

    The irony is that dumb whites see jews as “God’s chosen people” who can do no wrong.

    We are soooooooooooo fucked.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  473. trickster says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Flattery will get you nowhere !

  474. Priceless comment from Youtube regarding this incident ” Never bring a 70 IQ to a gunfight.”

  475. @Thicket

    were NOT in “hot pursuit” of anyone

    Were too…

    Dispatcher: OK. What is he doing?

    Caller: He’s running down the street.

    Party a runs away from crime scene. Party b follows. Hot pursuit.

    • Replies: @Thicket
    , @schnellandine
  476. @europeasant

    That was Christina Eilman. Pretty young girl, scantily dressed. One of the judges in the appeal stated from the bench that the cops “might as well have released her into the lions’ den at the Brookfield Zoo.”

  477. Shaman911 says:

    Usually, a smart thief “cases out the joint” before they make the hit! He just got outsmarted.

    • Replies: @Thicket
  478. Truth says:

    all da money done thief out by da black dictators!”


    I think the (Honk)ebonics is one of the things that keeps bringing me back to this site.

    • Replies: @trickster
  479. Truth says:

    That’s what I saw in that video. Arbery went on the offense but yet many , many are saying that Arbery was hunted down and shot. It looks like to me that Arbery wanted to fight.

    Oh yes, a lot of men I know are just dying to fight two armed men with their bare hands. They fantasize about having that chance.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  480. says:

    The imgur image already has 267 views. This is unprecedented for anything I post. Most people ignore my posts, but not certain people. People in the shadows, for example. Deep in the shadows. FYI, I named that image The Holy Trinity but the name has been expunged either by a hacker or by imgur itself. Why would they do such a thing?

  481. Thicket says:

    What crime scene?? Pursuit of what??

  482. Truth says:

    , Even highly trained soldiers are instructed NOT to resist when taken prisoner.

    But he was not taken prisoner, and the Army tells you in no uncertain terms to resist with everything possible until you are hopelessly subdued. This is part of your federally mandated training as a soldier before working at an overseas base (I’ve taken it).

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @trickster
  483. Thicket says:

    Moron. There was nothing to steal and getting murdered is not “getting outsmarted”, its getting ambushed and killed. It looks like your scumbag cracker friends got outsmarted though.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  484. @Grahamsno(G64)

    the Jogger yanked the rifle/shotgun towards himself when the opposing party’s finger was already on the trigger thus causing the gun to discharge – interesting is that credible?

    “Duh, gee wiz, Sgt. Carter. I did not know modern firearms use outdated Newtonian physics! Gahwwleeh!”

  485. @vot tak

    Typical “White trash” [AKA kulaks, peasants, rednecks…]

    And the Tribe’s instinctive, virulent, unreasoning hatred for rural, independent White goyim rears its ugly head yet again.

    Yawn. Typical jew trash narrative.

    Spoken like the ignorant, hate-filled anti-White that you so clearly are; desperate to shill for the latest blood libel race hoax promoted by the corporate “news” media.

    But remember, it’s important to pay attention to the details when mindlessly promoting this already-debunked anti-White race hoax. You should never refer to the burglar/ assailant as a “j—-r” (hard r) unless you’re a member of the running community yourself — that’s considered to be a very problematic term in the current year. Stick to “jogga” and you should be OK.

    Joggas gotta jog, you know…

    • Replies: @Thicket
    , @vot tak
  486. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Party a runs away from crime scene. Party b follows. Hot pursuit.

    Didn’t save link, but supposedly, one of the McMichaels had just been in contact with the construction homeowner re surveillance cam alert minutes before.

    If electronic record of that, another coffin nail for the rearguard law firm of Jetananqua, Re’bar, and D’Avantay. They may have to call an audible and fly in Rachel Jeantel.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  487. Russ says:

    Jim Goad notes that “jogging while black” is not quite as dangerous as attempting to wrest a loaded gun from another man.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  488. Hibernian says:

    Under Barr, the DOJ is now the DOI, or the Department of Injustice if you will or better yet, the Department of Corruption (DOC).

    Applies more to the Clinton and Obama DOJs.

  489. Isn’t it time for more race baiting and ‘black criminal lives matters’ protests?
    There is an election coming right?

  490. Hans says:

    Molyneaux’s video is good –

    Video Link

  491. “So in mistaking a verbal command for a physical act and then reacting erroneously with physical violence, you have opened yourself up to be legally killed.’

    Responding aggressively to a verbal command to stop by someone carrying a weapon . . . who is not in any uniform, or an acknowledged authority —–

    is an act of self defense and it is an act of self defence, even if the command to stop was stated as sweetly as inviting someone to tea and for that purpose.

    • Thanks: Thicket
    • Replies: @Jestering
    , @thordaddy
  492. SafeNow says:

    This is the Neighborhood Watch sign posted in my community. It is by far the most common type. I don’t know what NW had to do with this incident…they should have been watching for a guy in a fedora and trenchcoat, resembling George Raft or James Cagney in a gangster movie.

  493. @Thicket


    Nothing to steal?

    I’ve worked construction. There is always something to steal on a site. Tools. Wood.
    Piping. Stacks of expensive tile. Materials galore.

    That’s why he was there. It wasn’t his new found interest in engineering.

    Job sites get plundered all the time. In fact, sometimes we have to hire GUARDS to keep idiots like Armed Robbery from stealing us blind.

    If he couldn’t find anything….he would have moved on to looking under your car to take your catalytic converter.

    • Replies: @Thicket
    , @Truth
  494. @Truth

    Take a look at the video. If two grossly overweight hillbilly’s tried to stop me on my once a month jog I would run like hell to escape. But no he was gonna take on the White man that had a shotgun and pistol. These two White people look like they probably could not catch me even at my old advanced age.

    But stupid is as stupid does. Darwin rules here. Stupid 75 IQ Negro vs two stupid overweight hillbilly’s. You decide.

    My take; Low IQ Negro lost this one.

    Even low IQ Forrest Gump ( I know itz only a movie) knew better and would run but then this Negro had a lot more Testosterone flowing thru his system.

    High Testosterone plus low IQ is a recipe for disaster as you can see results from Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, ST Louis etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. You get the idea.

    Stay safe.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Truth
  495. @Truth

    These days, off a base overseas you’re told to call the Embassy.

    I’ve worked for Embassies (USIA division, merely) and been a civilian a few times who had guns casually trained on me.

    In India when an 18 year old soldier has his AK-47 trained on you, you don’t reach out and grab it because chances are the motion will depress his finger on the trigger. But a shotgun is difference because of the spread.

    Here is what you do overseas when a soldier who is all of 18 trains a weapon on you because you wandered into a wrong area-

    STEP 1

    Slide (Don’t step) backwards. Don’t turn and run but take a small slide backwards which eases him psychologically because you are not in his body space. Keep your body still as you do this.

    STEP 2

    Wear a neutral expression. Don’t grin, it will prickle his adolescent vanity. Don’t look hard either.

    STEP 3

    Keep your hands in front of you but don’t cross your arms.

    STEP 4

    When dismissed, walk away with your head down. This psychologically reinforces a lack of defiance. You’ve been humbled and will go about your business.

    STEP 5

    Don’t look back at them.

    I’m not sure this approach works with middle aged mouth-breathers who believe a man on foot will steal a cement mixer, but overseas that is the best approach.

    Grabbing at a shotgun in the hands of hostile hicks in a pickup truck is the worst thing to do.

    Of course living in America we don’t assume that even retired police officers have militaristic rights of search and seizure because their bored.

    But America is becoming a third world country. Worse maybe.

    • Thanks: Thicket
  496. Google earth street maps tells a story, and it goes against the “just a jogger” narrative.

    Impoverished Brunswick, Ga., where Arbery lived, is separated from Satilla Shores by lots of water. The distance has deceptively given as “2.5 miles”, but that assumes he swam the most direct route. It is considerably more when you count the miles on foot.

    No jogger in his right mind would go so far out of his way to “jog” winding residential streets, only to have to go miles around to get back home.

    It would be a different story if he was jogging in his hometown of Brunswick. In Satilla Shores, he was an odd duck doing an odd thing, far from home.

    Also, there seems to be little effort to create a “Five Fast Facts” webpage about Arbery, such as address, arrest records, what was his preferred type of running shoe, did he drive a car, and is there any video of him running the roads and highways from Brunswick to Satilla Shores that day. Facts about him would really help.

    Instead, we get Fast Facts about the McMichaels, whose actions aren’t in question.

  497. ANON[384] • Disclaimer says:

    Watched video of him entering construction site.He walked straight to an semi enclosed area and started searching or looking for something.He was not looking around and admiring the building,he was looking for something.
    The question is what brought him directly there.He ran in off the road,hoping to find something.And it was easily filmed on video,and people in the area were immediately alerted via cam alerts.

    Rat trap with Polk salad.

  498. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Oh Bong, as if Canada is not a stan. As if the whites there are not racist towards the Natives.

    And Brampton is as bad as Chicago.

    Indians in the US are a higher-caste than in Canada, so it is hard to know if it is genetic codes or white rednecks or simply the US police state that keeps Indians more in check in Georgia than Brampton. American posters here would be surprised that they can mugged in Brampton. Some of them would be.

    Unlike most Americans, I’ve spent time in both Canada and India. Much more in India.

  499. Jestering says:

    It would be an act of self defense only under certain conditions.

    1. You were not a thief who knew you were caught and busted.

    2. In addition to not being a thief who was just caught red-handed, you were a naive teenager and/or mentally retarded person and truly believed that 2 local well fed white guys in a new model pickup truck guys asked you to stop because they wanted to rob you in the middle of a suburban street in broad daylight. Fearing for the safety of the 20 dollars in your wallet and believing they would shoot you after removing that 20 dollar bill, you decide your best bet is to charge the guy with the shotgun to defend yourself.

    • Replies: @Thicket
  500. Anon[384] • Disclaimer says:

    He had running shoes on not boots in the video at the construction site.Who started the timberland boots ?

    • Replies: @Thicket
    , @anon
  501. Thicket says:
    @Robert Dolan

    You sound like the typical bullshit lazy fake construction worker that lives on blue-collar welfare. And so typically, you can’t stay on the subject more than 3 seconds with that ultra short attention span.

    And you’d run from a fight in less time than that. Thankfully you will soon be eliminated.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  502. Thicket says:

    liars running disinformation scams

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  503. AceDeuce says:

    Hey Kawkbreath–by “hillbilly’s” (sic), did you mean “hillbillies”?

    You blithering wankboi, you can’t even f’king spell. You have a lot of nerve. And where are the “hills” anywhere near the Sea Island Coast of Georgia? Where do you get “hillbilly” from?

    I’d rather be a neighbor of the father and son than of that thieving turd colored POS they shot, that’s for God Damned sure.

    You’re probably some suburban white weaselnuts clown who wanks to blakpipo on TV. I hope a group of real ones give you a Reginald Denny cinderblock facial. You aren’t as worthy as a dingleberry hanging off of a “hillbilly’s” azz.

    • LOL: europeasant
    • Replies: @vot tak
  504. anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s clearly wearing hiking boots at the moment he abruptly changes direction and charges Travis McMichael.
    We only see 4 seconds of the footage of him in the unfinished house a few minutes before he went berserk yet we know from CCTV footage from across the street that he was in the house 4 minutes.
    What was he doing during that time?
    Were the boots unlaced because he was disturbed trying on someone’s work boots for size?
    It’s not uncommon for construction workers to leave work boots at the site and change in and out of shoes at site.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  505. Thicket says:
    @James Forrestal

    umm no. “rural independent” suburban gas guzzlers? not exactly farmer giles of ham.

    fat pink retards pork fed corn hogs more like it. morons who can’t do a days work without getting lost and taking 50 “cigarette breaks”. bad backs and consumer credit cards for gun purchases.

    shopping mall heroes of the New South.

  506. Thicket says:

    wrong. I refuse to let you shoot me if possible.

    Projection fantasy much?

  507. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    And again, he was planning to carry a load of wood or piping or a tool box 10 miles back to his house?

    If he were in that kind of shape he probably did make the right decision to go for the gun.

  508. Truth says:

    These two White people look like they probably could not catch me even at my old advanced age


    Unfortunate fact here; they may be two fat hillbillies, but their buckshot is Olympic 100 meter champion.

  509. @schnellandine

    The father was a cop for years! Silly me you

    Yes, but I doubt whether he had been a cop on the street any time recently, and probably what training he had was many years earlier.

    People read a lot into the video, but it is pretty hard to know what really happened because there is no sound and you don’t know what was said and by whom. Some people think a shot was fired before the victim tried to grab the gun, and if that is true then any theories about him trying to steal the gun go out the window.

    • Replies: @thordaddy
    , @Jonathan Mason
  510. Truth says:

    OK, I guess I have played along with this silly foolishness long enough. It is, of course fun to play devil’s advocates to a bunch of simpletons who have been so well brainwashed by their Khazar overlords, that they feel that instigating a deadly encounter with a guy who MIGHT have intended to stick a screwdriver in his shorts, is somehow justified. Sadly all good things must end.

    This is another fake, silly distraction. Of course you gentlemen thought that this guy’s name sounding so close to “armed robbery” was some comical cosmic convergence*. Wrong! Simply your Khazar overlords mocking and making a fool of whitey once again. As is the case with all televised news, no one died here. It was a Hollywood production with a couple of silly kikemasons who wanted to have a laugh back their respective lounges. The Knee-grow will get a nose job and be relocated to Chicago where he will smirk every time some one says to him “hey you look just like that dude who got shot in Georgia…” The Rednecks will be wheeled into jail for a few pictures every other week (like OJ was) and will otherwise be playing golf. Further details of this stupid hoax will continue to leak out which will make:

    A. The Knee-grow look more violent

    B. The whiteboyz look stupider and more impotent

    Until we have a show trial in which the Ofays will be exonerated. Leading to Niggas getting angry and honkees celebrating like they won something.

    What’s the end game? Well there are a few. It seems like you goofs have not quite come along with the concept that your Commie-in-Chief has shut down ninety percent of the small businesses in America. And according to government statistics half of them will be dead by the end of the year. Next year he will work on closing the other half, at which time you will have to do what commies do; shop at the state store (aka; Amazaon, ebay, Wal Mart and Target), “and hey, all of these businesses take credit so what do we need cash for? It’s dirty and transmits disease!”

    Reason #1 is of course, distraction.

    Also, in case you haven’t noticed as well, The Commie-in-Chief of the Northern states, aka; Julian Treadeau, ne: Castro has made assault weapons illegal, and next are shotguns; guess what’s coming here, thanks to these silly high school theatre productions.

    Thirdly, they will continue to inflame black-vs-white animus until things get so bad that you are willing to give up your rights, even if it means foreign troops, that’s right foreign troops, patrolling your US streets, and you will. I give it two years, three, tops; and legalized home invasion without arrest. Again, it is already legal in your northern states…

    Now I could go on for another 12 paragraphs here, but the bible says something about casting pearls before swine, and I mean, Japhite and Hebrewite swine both here, but I will leave off with an anecdotal story I posted in response to another somewhat comical gentleman’s post a few days ago. Enjoy, and wake up now, or buy a cotton sack and some overalls and learn some negro spirituals. You’re are going to need them, if your voice is good enough a couple of you might even get to work in the house…

    I’ll leave you with a quick story: Yesterday I had one of my good friends over for lunch; black, early 50’s military officer, nicest most well-liked and popular guy you will ever meet. The type of guy who coached YAFL football and girl’s jr. high baskoetball…AFTER HIS KIDS LEFT THE TEAMS.

    We were talking about civil disobediance and the rallies containing mostly white people up in the midwest states. The fat Billy-Bobs with the American Flags and the M-16’s strapped to their backs. I asked “T” if he wanted to get involved with something like this, he laughed. Remember this is a post – racial family man of great community esteem.

    I said “why not?” as he is a gun owner, hunter-fisheman type guy. He said, “I can’t wait until those police start smashing those white-boys in the heads with their batons, I am going to kick back with a beer and watch.” It was shockingly out of character.

    He said, “Yeah, I can’t wait to see this white vs white battle that these hillbillies are going to goad these cops into.” I’m still schocked. He continues; “Yeah, these hillbillies are all gung ho about freedom from oppression, and the right to free speech now, and the constitution and all that shit, but a year ago, when Colin Kaepernick was kneeling because of police beating up black men, they were telling him to just STFU and play, calling him names and asking why he wouldn’t just respect authority, and most of them still are, so every day after work I turn on my TV just hoping one of these rednecks gets his face kicked in by the police like they hope we do.

    (*The “Armed Robbery” thing is pretty funny though, I think Mel Brooks must have crafted a few of these narratives for your slavemasters before he died).

  511. @Hans

    Can they do a Holtzclaw Hoax video and maybe get that wrongfully convicted man out of prison?

  512. vot tak says:
    @James Forrestal

    Yup, white trash like you. BTW, I realise your idols have not told you this, but netanyahoo views race/ethnic “relations” almost identically to you. What a coincidence, eh? 😀

  513. vot tak says:

    Stew on this “Deliverance” bit players:

    Georgia Attorney General Names New Prosecutor In Ahmaud Arbery Case

    “Joyette Holmes, district attorney of the Cobb County Judicial Circuit and the first black woman to serve in that position, is taking over the case following a video of the shooting that went viral after it was posted online last week. The footage ignited national outcry and a cascade of questions over why no arrests were made in the 10 weeks since Arbery’s Feb. 23 killing.

    In a statement on the Cobb County district attorney’s Facebook page, Holmes said, “Our office will immediately gather all materials related to the investigation thus far and continue to seek additional information to move this case forward.”

    She added, “We appreciate the confidence that Attorney General Carr has in our office’s ability to bring to light the justice that this case deserves.”

    In a statement, the state attorney general thanked Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tom Durden, who had led the case since mid-April, but added the “case has grown in size and magnitude since he accepted.” Carr said that “another office is better suited from a resource perspective to now handle the case.”

    (IE: polite way to say the case needs someone more qualified and competent to handle it ;-D )

    “Holmes has led the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office since July. She previously was both a prosecutor and defense lawyer in the county, according to her biography on the county website.”

    I bait the white supremacists at the start of this comment, a black woman prosecuting God’s white ultra exceptionals must be quite grating 😀 , but this is no guarantee there still won’t be a cover up. After all, this is still happening in america, where fascism is still the order of the day and the hirelings (that’s cops, BTW, knuckledraggers) doing the oligarch’s bidding get those perennial “get out of jail free cards”. Hopefully though, this will be one of those exceptions to the rules.

  514. vot tak says:

    Another “public school” guardianista pretending to be an american. And not very good at it 😀

  515. “It would be an act of self defense only under certain conditions.”

    1. You were not a thief who knew you were caught and busted.

    2. In addition to not being a thief who was just caught red-handed, you were a naive teenager and/or mentally retarded person and truly believed that 2 local well fed white guys in a new model pickup truck guys asked you to stop because they wanted to rob you in the middle of a suburban street in broad daylight. Fearing for the safety of the 20 dollars in your wallet and believing they would shoot you after removing that 20 dollar bill, you decide your best bet is to charge the guy with the shotgun to defend yourself.”

    ohh maybe I mistyped my comments . . . what you quoted is not the comments for which this response seems to apply.

    but there i nothing in them that suggest I buy the thieving story and furthermore, even if I did . . .

    my position i clear, the citizen arrest charge is damning. Because it grant that thee two men and most likely the video crew were in fact waylaying a guy jogging on the street, walking on the street . . . it does not matter ahoot if he was casing or simply waltzing through the neighborhood. Being confronted by two civilian of no particular authority carrying weapons is clearly a cause for self defense.


    here is the original exchange.

    ““So in mistaking a verbal command for a physical act and then reacting erroneously with physical violence, you have opened yourself up to be legally killed.’

    Responding aggressively to a verbal command to stop by someone carrying a weapon . . . who is not in any uniform, or an acknowledged authority —–

    is an act of self defense and it is an act of self defence, even if the command to stop was stated as sweetly as inviting someone to tea and for that purpose.”

    There is not the slightest indication he was stealing and the shift from — well he looks like a guy we saw on video stealing to he was stealing and we topped him— is not a good sign

    . . . the constant narrative . . . is probably not a good idea.


    just to be clear:

    there are blacks who steal, assault, rape and murder . . . no doubt such conduct it appear i not a trait of any particular color — but a trait learned or socialized primarily in human beings. But on it face (prima facie) the narrative of the assaulters does make much sense. It’s the black man sees whites with guns and by dna attacks . . . that’s pretty standard across the country among whites liberal or otherwise. (your number two)

    Police unions, government bodies, prosecutors, city councils, governors, mayors, teachers, preachers, and presidents have done a very sound job of instilling that narrative into the US citizen psyche. Black lacking impulse control when confronted by white with guns just attack without cause. I think blacks are entitled to the same impacts — acting in self defense of cared whites, assuming on bad info, bad faith, or just plain privilege assaulting blacks for not obeying their incorrect assumption of authority.

    In other words, blacks are denied the right of self defense when confronted by whites.

    Though, I think you are correct in noting that I am not a thief or a teenager.

  516. @Thicket

    No, actually, shitdick, I attended an elite school on a full scholarship because I had sky high SATS.

    While you were raping underage girls, doing meth, and engaging in sodomy, I got an Ivy League degree.

    In addition, filth, you would NEVER talk shit to me in a bar, because you are an internet pussy.

    Oh, is that last line a threat, bitch?

    You sound like a low IQ nigger with more testosterone than brains.

    • Replies: @thicket
    , @Maddaugh
  517. @Truth

    I’m a Daily Stormer fan too. AA beat ya to it, and he’s right.

    “I love you, Corona-chan!”

    • Replies: @Truth
  518. vot tak says:
    @Robert Dolan

    If I were you, I’d ask my shrink to modified my meds. They obviously are not working any more. Seriously, monkey, you need help.

  519. thordaddy says:

    If you are fighting for control of a shotgun, your trigger finger is going to be hooked around the trigger for sheer grip alone.

  520. thordaddy says:


    Georgia is an open-carry state. Which is to say that one can open-carry and make verbal commands all within the bounds of law. Or, open-carry and making verbal commands would be illegal. If the response to a legal open-carry and verbal commands is to physically attack then the attacker can be legally killed.

    I bet you also think a black dude can punch you if you call him “nigger?”

  521. vot tak says:

    Now that you are in your teens, don’t you think it is time to let go of those early childhood fantasies? Santa Claus was your neighbor down the street wearing a costume, the Easter Bunny is an ordinary hen, and the Tooth Fairy is your folks…

    • Replies: @trickster
  522. thordaddy says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    When did Arbery try to wrest the shotgun from the son’s hands?

    Exactly when he got a hold of it?

    Or, right before he got a hold of it while executing the thought of disarming the son?

    In other words, if someone attacks in what can be reasonably considered an attempt to disarm, one does not need to wait before possession of the shotgun is actually in dispute.

  523. @anon

    Copper theft was all the rage for awhile. Sadly, these enterprising young men’s careers were cut short just like the other jogger and future architect, Ahmaud, whose idol was Frank Lloyd Wright.

    Actually, I think these joggers were training to be “Electrical Engineers” after being inspired by Lionel Jefferson.

    It doesn’t say where this jogging mishap occurred, but apparently the inquisitive jogger simply couldn’t pass up the chance to further his understanding of the transmission of electrical currents.

    Closer to Home: These two joggers look as though they may have trying to see if their tongues would stick to the pole:

    They couldn’t find his prom photo, but while jogging by an abandoned mental institution in South Carolina, this former high school football star and aspiring rapper, decided to take advantage of the educational opportunities that the site afforded. With universities and even trade schools being so expensive, you have to admire his determination to gain hands on experience and learn by doing.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Hippopotamusdrome
  524. JimB says:

    Here’s a drinking game. For every parallel you see between the Arbery and Trayvon shooting, take a shot of Jack Daniels.

    1. Both incidents occur in February of a presidential election year.
    2. Both happen in Deep South.
    3. Zimmerman and the McMichaels are wannabe cops.
    4. Zimmerman thinks Trayvon is burglar for turning random door handles of apartments; McMichaels think Arbery is a burglar for trespassing on a construction site.
    5. Zimmerman accosts Trayvon; McMichaels accost Arbery.
    6. Trayvon attacks Zimmerman, hitting him in head; Arbery physically attacks the younger McMichael, hitting him in head.
    7. Zimmerman shoots Trayvon, allegedly in self-defense; younger McMichael shoots Arbery, allegedly in self defense.
    8. Initially, local FL police don’t charge Zimmerman; initially local Georgia police don’t charge McMichaels
    9. Soros sends rent-a-mobs to FL in March 2012 to demonstrate; Soros sends rent-a-mobs to GA in April 2020 to demonstrate.
    10. State of FL under political pressure overcharges Zimmerman in mid-April ; State of GA under political pressure overcharges the McMichaels in early May.
    11. Democrats and corporate media immediately turn Trayvon incident into a get-out-the-vote drive for Obama; Democrat Mayor of Atlanta and corporate media trying to turn Arbery incident into get-out-the-vote drive for digital rapist Biden by accusing Trump of giving permission to “vanilla ISIS” to kill blacks.

    I don’t know if I can stand up.

    • Agree: thordaddy
    • Replies: @vot tak
  525. anon[384] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    They both died doing what they loved.

    • LOL: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @RodW
  526. AceDeuce says:

    Let’s do a little math:

    “Remember this is a post – racial family man of great community esteem.”

    *********************************** plus ******************************************************

    ” black, early 50’s military officer, nicest most well-liked and popular guy you will ever meet. The type of
    guy who coached YAFL football and girl’s jr. high baskoetball (sic)…AFTER HIS KIDS LEFT THE TEAMS.”

    *********************************** equals ******************************************************

    Typical lowlife, gutbucket, garden variety phony two faced niqqur


    BTW-Mel Brooks is still alive, shvartzer.

    • Replies: @Truth
  527. RodW says:

    I always find that expression grimly amusing when it’s applied to snowboarders who huck their meat off cliffs and batmen who fly into the bridge rather than under it. But I shudder with laughter when it’s used in all seriousness in regard to Dindu Nuffins who perish in the course of their vocation.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
  528. @Truth

    “The Knee-grow will get a nose job and be relocated to Chicago where he will smirk every time some one says to him “hey you look just like that dude who got shot in Georgia…””

    There are already too many Knee-grows in this area. But the city is slowly relocating them elsewhere and lo and behold the crime rate is slowly dropping. The county and city is run by Knee-grows. The mayor, police chief, attorney general and county head are knee-grows. Even though knee-grows are only 24 % of the county population they constitute 75% of the county prison. So yea keep the knee-grow in your area please. The governor is a yid and the Lt. Gov is a Knee-grow so yea your theory about Khazar overlords is not too far off. You have some good original ideas maybe a Hollywood script might be in your future.

    • Replies: @Truth
  529. vot tak says:

    Only a shot per question? Why not a coffee cup full for each question? Come on, go ahead, give it a try. You wont regret it.

  530. trickster says:
    @vot tak

    No, not in my teens Dogg (LOL)! I am highly educated, have had a very successful career and am well established.

    What about you ? If you are a typical black boy you come from a broken home, your Mother has 9 kids from 9 different black, unemployed prison convicts, the whole family is on welfare living in a run down tenement in a slum, and poorly educated. Mom spends her day and money doing her nails, buying weaves while you and the homies hang around street corners or running from the Police, that is when you are not in jail. For breakfast this morning you had some crackers and a glass of water. The music you listen to consists not of refined scores but filth mixed with profanity and violence rapped by people as crude, ignorant and uneducated as you.

    Your comments on this site are generally stupid, look at the responses from other commentators to the things you say. The others on this site think you are a nut ball. Look at your comment, read it again, it is utter nonsense and shows a low intellect.

    One of my childhood fantasies is for the world to be free of black idiots like you. You are put of touch BRO, and other blacks who have elevated themselves would look upon you as nothing more than a disgrace and an insect, a miserable specimen of all they themselves abhor and strive to avoid, evade and live apart from.

    • Replies: @Marlene
    , @vot tak
  531. An “I Run With Maud” event was sponsored in my old neighborhood on Mutha’z Day.

    “On Your Marks… Get Set… JOG!!!

  532. thicket says:
    @Robert Dolan

    You sound like a low IQ nigger with more testosterone than brains

    Why thank you! that makes me DOUBLY or TRIPLY better than you, here I just thought it was smarter. I’ll take extra testes any day rather than your slow-class perjury.

    Such a brittle, fragile spirit, a weak weak excuse for a man. Full of false boasting and fake accomplishments, in between many many “cigarette breaks”.

    I’M COMING TO GET YOU, and I AM A THREAT, so watch out spooky! I have your IP address and home location now, better keep a look out, never know when…

    enjoy your fantasy world

  533. Big Al says:

    No one ever seems to get shot at those events.

  534. Truth says:

    Never heard of daily stormer. Is that what you are calling Stormfront?

    • LOL: schnellandine
  535. trickster says:

    Perhaps I did not express myself as clearly as I should have. I am guilty of that from time to time. So let me start again and I promise I will try to be a bit more specific. The comment I responded to said something like this: “Ahmaud attacked an armed white man , he was brave, had balls etc and if it were the other way around a white man would never attack an armed black man because they are cowards etc”.

    Well let me say that in my mind resistance has 2 phases. Phase one is with a weapon and Phase 2 is with the mind.

    First of all, my opinion is that what he did was stupid and there in not much sense in being a brave corpse. If a man has a gun, whether pointed at me or pointed at the ground, I would never attack and try to wrestle the piece from him. I would not RESIST his instructions and would comply. If I had a weapon on me I would wait for the right moment to draw it and use it. Ahmaud had no weapon on him and further from the video was flanked by McMichael’s father armed with a 357 Mag with a third person bringing up the rear with the Police on the way. Why complicate an “alleged” burglary with a murder charge and the risk of being shot yourself. So I say a trained soldier would never do that ie attack an armed man backed up by other armed men while not having a weapon himself or having a weapon he cannot effectively employ. To each his own, but if a guy has a gun on me I will follow his instructions. Phase 1 resistance has come to an end . That is the way I was trained !

    Phase 2 resistance is name, rank and serial number and RESISTANCE to interrogation, indoctrination, exploitation and betrayal. However in a military context even that comes to an end and if one hopes to survive one must ultimately also cease resistance. There is nothing more persuasive than an interrogator willing to use violence and torture (and loving every moment of it) to break and destroy a subject mentally and then physically. No amount of training will prepare the soldier for an enthusiastic and energetic interrogator(s) willing to work in shifts. So, again, I will resist but Phase 2 resistance must also end. Whatever you want to know or hear I will tell !

    In Ahmaud’s case his phase 2 is more controllable and in his hands. Were I in his place, I submit to McMichael, the police come and cuff me, I get into the car and we head to the station. I refuse to say a single word until I get a lawyer. My resistance with my legal beaver in tow would be something like this:
    -Yes I was at the construction site but I want to turn my life around and was considering a career in carpentry. I am fascinated at how they frame a house so neatly
    -Yes I ran away because I was accosted by angry whites and as a black man in the south I was scared
    -Yes I continued running because three men were “hunting” me with vehicles and guns. I had flashes of slave hunts back in the plantation days
    -No I did not have a hammer/ crow bar or yes I did which I found at the side of the road
    -Yes I threw it out because I did not want to be accused of having a weapon
    -Yes I have a criminal past but I paid my debts to society in accordance with the law. I am sorry for what I did.
    -Yes I violated my probation with theft and I am sorry and remorseful for that but I was a young man and youth tend to do stupid things
    -Yes I was jogging 10 miles from home but so what, I am a fitness buff and wanted to improve my mind by physically exercising my body.
    -Yes I was in a white area because I aspire to one day live in an area like that
    -Yes I was wearing cut off carpenter shorts and work boots (or whatever) because I cannot afford running shorts and sneakers

    And Ahmaud and his lawyer can RESIST with a whole load of endless bullshit wearing down the Police, the Prosecutor, the judge and the legal system.

    How will that Phase come to an end ? A short stretch in jail which is highly unlikely, another round of probation, a slap on the wrist etc. The Prosecutor has more important cases like murder, rape, beatings etc to get all excited about some black man running away from a construction site. Besides, if a spell in jail was recommended he might have gotten a release what with Covid.

    Instead, Ahmaud resisted the stop order several times, resisted even when he was told the Police were on their way and unarmed attacked an armed man. in another act of resistance. While Ahmaud had some element of surprise, McMichael ( I dont know whether he had some training or not) capped him three times.

    To your point he was not taken prisoner but if he had been using his head he should have submitted. He would have been alive and possibly free. Others might consider him brave, I think he was stupid !

    So again, I do not know how you were trained but:
    1. Unarmed I will not resist an armed man nor will I struggle with him for the weapon
    2. Unarmed I will not resist several armed men nor will I struggle with one for the weapon
    3. I will resist in the captivity stage but only to a certain point if in a military situation. In a civilian situation I have endless possibilities for reversing the role and tying up the system and its players.

    If you or anyone else was trained otherwise or decide to act otherwise that is a personal thing and a personal decision. However from my training and experience and having observed the Ahmaud and other situations, resisting and attacking an armed man/ armed men is a 99% death wish. Ahmaud was at a disadvantage from the get go and squeezed (subdued) bit by bit but was too much of an imbecile to see the writing on the wall. Ultimately he WAS hopelessly subdued. Some people might consider him brave and while he has no medal his “bravery” is evidenced by 6 feet of earth piled on him and a legacy and memory soon forgotten even by those who will milk the situation for what they can get out of it.

    As for the Army and training, it is easy for a trainer in a nice safe area to wax about resistance until hopelessly subdued. Young impressionable men get all worked up with enthusiasm and have flashes of Stallone, Arnold, Chuck Norris and Dolph Lundgren all rolled into one. They see themselves as a clone of this concentration of bravery and derring do. Their experience in the field generally cure them very quickly of their illusions. And if they are not cured and resist until hopelessly subdued they will find that their sacrifice of mind and body was for nothing. Heroes are interesting for the time it takes to receive a cheap medal….and then they become boring. The public and even the politicians dont care about their resistance until hopelessly subdued because they were ultimately just pawns to be sacrificed in a winning or losing game.

    • Thanks: Genrick Yagoda, Blue Juice
    • Replies: @Truth
  536. Truth says:


    Is that German or is it in your mom and dad’s native tounge, Rabbi?

  537. Truth says:

    The idea for this script was about as?original as the one for 2 Fast 2 Furious, as less original than what your slavemasters are going to do with you next year when they intern you in Comiskey Park… which BTW was designed as a prison.

  538. trickster says:

    I have lived in the Third World under both colonial governors and black dictators. The white governor whether French, Portuguese or English lived in the State House, had an Embassy Car (perhaps a Rover or Australian Holden) with a driver, frequently no body guard and perhaps one or two servants to run the house. He would be paid a nominal salary and some perks. His residence would be for a short period of time when he will be rotated and he was answerable for his actions to the Colonial office in his own country. Ultimately he would retire on a small pension. Where there were tribal or ethnic differences he poured oil on troubled waters. His other colonial administrators tended to be well educated, competent, incorruptible and sound administrators. The WHITE Governor governed the black man.

    Independence arrived and said country elected a black man. The blacks want whitey out, Massa day done, no more “slavery and opression” at the hands of devil whites. The Dictator houses himself in a luxurious mansion, with 20 Rolls, Bentleys, Italian sports cars, a helicopter or two and a private jet. He may have several wifes and concubines all of whom live in splendour paid for by his own black subjects. He also owns several mansions and estates in Europe or other desirable countries. He wears \$5000 suits custom made in London by white tailors with matching crocodile skin handmade shoes. He had several drivers in case one gets cute and decide to drive him into an ambush. He is protected by a Presidential Guard sometimes even at battalion or regimental strength frequently trained by whites/ asians and at times under the control of white officers (he does not trust his own blacks). He awards himself a lavish salary ie in the millions. His Ministers are friends and family who could barely manage a lemonade stand in the desert also paid millions. Where there are tribal or ethnic differences he plays them up, divide and rule. If he ever retires (because he is President for life) he does so with many billions of dollars in cash, houses and investments. He is answerable to no one and will murder anyone who threatens his position or status. The Treasury is looted by all in addition to kickbacks and bribes

    Hence what was once a thriving colony becomes in shit hole. While he and his cronies are worth billions and live very their own blacks earn \$1 a day, live under a plastic sheet and feel lucky to eat a substandard meal every three days. Ultimately those blacks struggle to get out from under the yoke of their own black man., Where do they go to ? Well, not another black run country but to a country run by surprise, a white man, the same white man they wanted gone. Make sense ?

    The Black dictator RULES and ABUSES his own !

    What goes on in these people’s minds and their thought processes are a mystery to all. And they wonder why they are always behind the eight ball.

  539. Maddaugh says:
    @Robert Dolan

    This Thicket and Vor Tak write the most imbecilic comments imaginable. I have rarely read such rubbish and meaningless comments in my life. Their intelligence level is so low as to almost be in negative territory.

  540. @Truth

    Daily Stormer is Andrew Anglin.

    Stormfront is Don Black.

    Two different sites, both good.

    • Replies: @Truth
  541. @vot tak

    It takes guts to try and disarm an armed man…

    Ok here:

    Meth-toting man bites officer, grabs at gun

    Officers were called to the K-Mart…after security officers at the store saw the man cutting open boxes of merchandise…and stuffing goods down his pants.

    …police said Joseph tried to run away and was tackled. He then allegedly bit one officer several times on the hand and arm. During the struggle, he tried to grab an officer’s handgun before the pair managed to subdue and handcuff him

    See, white people can be…uh…heroes too!

  542. @Robert Dolan

    shows him invading that house on MANY prior occasions.

    You gotta spread it around. Even animals know not to hunt in the same spot after the prey are spooked.

  543. @trickster

    And they wonder why they are always behind the eight ball.

    2016 superior white man: Good thing I’m no subsaharan Darky. I’m gonna vote for Donald J Trump! At last, at last, we will be free of these goddamned Jews, third-world interlopers, and China, China, China!

  544. “First of all, my opinion is that what he did was stupid and there in not much sense in being a brave corpse. If a man has a gun, whether pointed at me or pointed at the ground, I would never attack and try to wrestle the piece from him.”

    Choices wise or stupid — is not be definition against the law and therefore — a worthless argument and its subsequent rationalizations . . .

    “Stop order” good grief —– you are on about ground which does not exist. The gentlemen in question has no obligation to stop because some guys in a truck carrying weapons says so. If anything that is grounds for every instinct to fright experience to which one:

    either flees
    freezes — tantamount to freezing in place or
    decides to assert offensively — fight

    None of those responses are by definitively active choices, but are often referred-to as the fight or flight instinct — responses at a gut level. And none by definition are against the law.


    “1. Unarmed I will not resist an armed man nor will I struggle with him for the weapon
    2. Unarmed I will not resist several armed men nor will I struggle with one for the weapon
    3. I will resist in the captivity stage but only to a certain point if in a military situation. In a civilian situation I have endless possibilities for reversing the role and tying up the system and its players.”

    A. most teenagers have not been trained via the US military — laugh and
    B. Nonsense . . . the case of whether to fight or surrender has no definitive standing orders unless express to a given mission

    What concerns me is that there are only 44 million black people in the US if 1/3 of the whites in this country believe as your and other advocates expressed it explains why the country has so many miles yet to go on the issue of black white relations because roughly 183 million whites actually see and treat the black population in the same manner — roughly twice as many as there are blacks oin the US setting an agenda and policy that are incorrect.

    • Replies: @trickster
  545. @Cowtown Rebel

    You really keep up with current events.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  546. says:

    Talk about KKK. George Barnhill is a racist piece of shit. What a loathsome and vile creature he is.

    The Good Ol’ Boy network in Georgia. Barnhill is tied to Kemp. Kemp is also a racist scumbag.

    Barnhill’s prosecution of Pearson was part of a larger campaign by then–Secretary of State (and now Gov.) Brian Kemp, Georgia’s top elections official, to make vigilance against voter fraud a priority. I was alerted to the case while reporting on voter suppression efforts heading into the 2016 presidential election. Voting rights groups flagged Barnhill’s prosecution as part of an obvious and well-orchestrated attempt to intimidate black voters. After all, Pearson was accused of simply showing a young woman how to use a voting machine, not of influencing her vote.

    It was an especially uncommon prosecution: At the time, only 10 of the 154 illegal voter assistance investigations in the previous three years in Georgia had been referred to a prosecutor. Most were closed without a ruling or dismissed. But Barnhill’s office was relentless in pursuing what they saw as an important case, and Pearson’s prosecution spanned two trials and two years.

    I covered Pearson’s first trial in April 2017. It ended in a mistrial due to a 29-year-old black female juror named Lenecia Armour, the only juror to stand between Pearson and a felony conviction and a possible 15-year prison sentence. “It was torture,” Armour said at the time of disagreeing with the rest of the jury.

    “I still have days when that wears on me,” Pearson told me this week. “Because I think about—what if that young juror had given in to their pressure, you know?”

    Barnhill’s office quickly refiled the case and the second trial was held in February 2018. This time, Pearson’s prosecution had earned more attention around the state, and a number of local voters’ rights groups helped with her defense. That case ended with much less drama; Pearson was acquitted of all charges after less than 30 minutes of jury deliberations.

    It’s absurdly clear why Kemp’s AG wants Barr’s corrupt DOJ to take this case. The GBI acted decisively and Gregory & Travis McMichael are going down if this isn’t turned over to the Feds. Carr and Kemp are racist dirtbags. Barr’s corrupt pointy hat DOJ is being called in for the save.

    George Barnhiil, you are a scumbag. In a just world, you’d be beaten to a bloody pulp for your cowardly bullying. Instead, taxpayers pay you for your corruption and you are beyond reproach. For how long? When America further collapses and the law that now protects you no longer can and will, you better find a spider hole because when that time arrives, you’re toast. The rusty wire that holds the anger in is rusted and frayed. It will give any day now, and then, well, let’s just say it’s too gruesome to describe.

    Dumb & Dumber

    • Agree: vot tak
  547. Truth says:

    No, what you said is actually very logical; from a third-party viewpoint. We did not have any audio of the situation so we don’t know what was said. To the man in the situation, his mind might have told him; “OK, I can take the 98% chance of death and go for the gun, or the 99% of catching a load of buckshot in the back.”

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  548. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    LOL. Bobby, I was familiar with the “Bayou of Pigs” guy, he’s fucking cool! I am shocked that Hollywood hasn’t made a movie of that Fiasco yet. Reading the story I kept thinking of Will Farrell in the starring role. One thing though, didn’t David Duke pork his wife?

    The other guy, now, he’s a different story, I had to look him up. First of all, Dawg, let’s just be honest here; the guy looks like Shaun King with a shaved head. I’m just saying. This guy is hilarious though, a race-mixing WN. His story is hilarious:

    Always is brought up this audio recording (not a real radio show) of me with this Black guy where I say both that “White people should just be bred out” and “I’m only attracted to Black girls.” Presumably, the latter statement would demonstrate that I was not being entirely serious during the discussion, as no one is attracted to Black girls (scientific fact), unless I guess if they look like Alicia Keyes (totally European features). To put that in context, the Black I was talking to is married to White woman – get the joke?
    Still, I was definitely confused at the time. I have addressed this recording before by just saying “ah, I was a liberal then and I woke up,”

    Anyway, your boy is hilarious, I’m glad dude suggested his site to me, I’m going to have to go there.

    One question though in all seriousness, From Anglin, to Coulter to Lincoln Rockwell, to LaRouche, and on and on, don’t you guy’s role models seem a little… strange?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  549. @Truth


    All of the intellectual firepower is on the far right. There are no big brains on the left at all.

    Because hateful anti-white jews control the media narrative, everyone on the right is put under a microscope and made to look foolish by taking quotes out of context, demonizing, and outright lying.

    Anglin is smart and funny as hell. If he fucked Thai girls when he was young, I sincerely do not care.

    Don Black has dedicated his entire life to the cause he is a decent and thoughtful human being. Same for David Duke. The nasty hateful lying jews have demonized David Duke his entire life, and his only sin is having ingroup preference. The irony is that jews are the most racist hyper-ethnocentric people that have ever walked the earth. They are totally full of shit lying hypocrites.

    Greg Johnson is very bright….an excellent writer and speaker.

    Rampaul is a great guy, funny and witty.

    Vince James is a great man, a fine patriot, an excellent journalist.

    Henrick Palmgren and Lana Lokteff (Red Ice) are fine people and great journalists.

    Richard Spencer is a bright guy, very charismatic, great sense of humor.

    Kevin Macdonald is an intellectual giant, a great man, a dedicated and passionate leader.

    Jared Taylor is a brilliant man, highly educated and talented.

    Mike Enoch is a brilliant badass, funny as hell, a great asset to the cause.

    JF Garipay (The Public Space) is also a brilliant and dedicated journalist.

    I could go on and on.

    If there is one thing that connects all of the leaders on the far right, it is that they are committed to speaking the truth no matter what.

    And if there is one thing that connects all of the leaders on the left, it’s that they are all lying degenerate shitdick douchebag pieces of filth.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  550. You know what’s a more relevant story and one that just happened and not 3 months ago…….
    Hmmmm so why isn’t the story of that Black loser that killed a White Female Postal Worker just doing her job , why isn’t that story plastered all over the media 24/7…Why isn’t the racial angle played up . It was a racial incident as the Black female sow that was yelling at the Postal Worker called her a WHITE BITCH!! This Negro POS shoots a White Female Postal Worker and all I see and hear is crickets. When are the mass demonstrations of Whites going to start storming thru that Black hood and in front of that Black murdering POS house…Why isn’t there a headline stating” Violent Racist Black Man with a gun shoots and kills unarmed innocent White Female Postal Worker for doing her job.” Anyone ,can anyone answer this. Any Black degenerates want to answer this. Any White cuck Black loving morons that post on here want to chime in. Anyone. Any of you pussies want to say something. THIS IS WHAT A REAL MURDER LOOKS LIKE!!!

    • Agree: europeasant
  551. Maddaugh says:

    I doubt Daddy McMichael, being an ex cop? investigator and familiar with the law and the street would have shot him in the back. A court might have construed that as cold blooded murder. If that is what might have gone through the mind of AA, and we dont know what he was thinking at the time, then his reason was severely flawed. Also old man McM could have busted a cap in him in the back when he ran past his truck toward the one where his son was hanging or the son could have just stepped out and unloaded into his chest. I think AA decided on impulse to take that 98% chance and of course lost. Who knows but maybe he wished to die or thought he could do it and get away with it without terminal consequences as he did when he carried a loaded piece into the school. This time the bucket went to the well and fell in.

    Anyway that is my theory. As Molyneaux said in his video, there is only one side of the story now. The only person who could contradict the McMichaels is unfortunately dead. Fred Reed in an article some time back said the Police prefer to have just one side of the story in court, a criminal recovering from a gunshot wound and with nothing to lose can say whatever he wants and is liable to get away with his assertions with the support of the out of control blacks and their organisations.

    Trickster wrote a long dissertation explaining his position and I tend to agree. Why try to assault a guy with a shotgun ? He could have veered off through the adjacent yards or just waited for the Police and played the legal system. In any case it is fun to speculate but now all moot.

    • Replies: @Truth
  552. anarchyst says:

    The answer is easy.
    Blacks have no concept of what it is like to live under a representative republican form of government or how to administer such a form of government.
    Blacks thrive under a dictatorial “strong man” style of government. Proximity to the “chief” is based on social status, nothing more. The closer one is allowed to sit to the chief, the higher the social status.
    In the days of western hemisphere slavery, the slavers dealing in “human capital” had a ready supply of slaves as the “leaders” sold off their troublemakers, ne-er-do-wells, criminals, and others that they wanted to get (and be) rid of.
    All one has to do is look at all of the African countries that were run by whites that were turned over to blacks. Every single one is a basket case.
    As to the “new world”, all one has to do is look at Haiti as an example.

  553. Truth says:

    I don’t doubt that a good portion of that is true.

  554. trickster says:

    Well you are referring to my comment and your opinion is your own. I cannot say I agree with it. Let me say I have travelled and done business in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique where the Police carry AK.s and a side arm. The Police are mostly black. If as a white man a black Police officer or three black men in civilian clothes tell me to stop I will because it is the sensible thing to do. It might be a shakedown for a bribe, maybe I “broke” a traffic law or maybe they are just hungry and looking for something to eat. Might I remind you that crime in these areas are far worse than in the states and again generally black against black. Might I also point out that the Police in these African countries with cameras rolling and witnesses all over the place will execute you on the spot black or white. The guns they carry are to enforce their will. I also travelled extensively all over South America. In travelling through Guyana where the Police force is predominantly black, I was stopped at a 3 man outpost in the middle of nowhere. Two had Aks and the third an FNFL along with side arms. I could have zoomed on as they had no transportation there. However, last time I checked my van could not travel faster than a rifle round. I stopped as ordered. Their problem ? It was blazing hot and they had not eaten or had anything to drink since their shift began. I gave them some food and soft drinks, which I ate with them, we chatted and I moved on. What would have happened if I said “fuck it, I am under no obligation to stop. I haven;t done shit. Piss on those Niggas”. The Trickster would not be talking to you now ! It is the same in my travels through Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

    If I travel on the New York interstate and a black trooper pulls me over I comply, I do not resist, I ask him what he wants me to do, I keep my hands in sight, I do as I am told. I am respectful !. Protest and the law and right and wrong are for the Courts not for a deserted highway in the middle of the night. Ask any black man with an ounce of sense and he will tell his fellow blacks to cooperate with the Police. It is the best thing to do. People want to prove a point and do as they please but in my humble opinion it is best not to fuck with a man carrying a loaded weapon.

    In any case everyone is free to see things and act as they please. I am a logical person. When I was younger and impulsive I paid dearly for my actions. Act in haste, repent at leisure or in a body bag.

    As for black white relations I will tell you whites do not wake up in the morning, stretch and say “now how can I make a black man miserable today, how can I oppress him?” We are too busy getting ahead to be bothered with the brothers. Again ask any successful black professional and he/ she will tell you blacks need to get their act together. The problem is not the white man, it is the attitude of the black man. Blacks who have made it move out of black areas and into white areas as soon as they can. So where race relations are concerned blacks need to correct their behaviour. Blacks given control of black areas and black countries ruin the places. You can disagree but your disagreement does not change reality ! A major change in race relations will come about only when recalcitrant blacks start to understand how the world works. That is not the Trickster talking but a black man like yourself.

    So govern yourself accordingly. The ball is in your court and the first step is your responsibility…not Whitey’s !

    • Agree: europeasant
  555. @schnellandine

    Behold, the holy communion of Dinduism
    What are the tenets of Dinduism
    Who are the enlightened ones? And what is the path to be lit up, er, enlightened?
    The rites of the Order of the Sacred Section Eight. In that case the correction would be “What Who are the tenants…”
    1. The Dindu is infallible in all interactions with unbelievers. At all times the Dindu dindu nuffin.

    2. The Dindu is always a saint, gentle giant, pillar of the community, sweet boy whom everyone loved. Saint Swisher, Saint Skittles and Saint Sammich

    3. The Dindu is a martyr, persecuted unjustly by society, the police, and the white hispanic.

    4. Life is suffering. White men and the wealthy are the cause of all suffering. There is a path to end suffering. The path is violence and looting.

    5.If someone has material wealth that you desire, they automatically must have acquired it via evil and oppression. When you perpetrate violence to steal their wealth, it is an act of liberation and the casting off of an oppressor.

    6.Yo’ Momma will always save you.

    7. Is Fergadishu the new Mecca for Dinduism?

    8.”they all Trayvon”. “no justis , no peas”

    9.”That’s real retarded sir” – the prophet Rachel Jeantel

    10. In Dinduism you must always strive to turn your life around. But you may not do so until you reach the afterlife.

    Dinduist Philosopher … droppin’ syince yo.
    Facts have no place in Dinduism.
    You best check yo privilege.

    • LOL: schnellandine
    • Replies: @schnellandine
  556. J1234 says:

    Just a Jogging Jentle Jiant.

  557. Marlene says:

    Anyone can take a politically or racially charged topic like this one, attach a few comments, plop it onto a blog, and get comments. Are you trying to say something here? This is actually what straddling a fence looks like. Perhaps because it is a politically charged topic, you chose to focus your critique on someone else’s narrative of the story, instead of creating one of your own. Boring as hell, for one thing. Cowardly, for another.

    Tell us what YOU think about the video, the McMichaels’ and Ahmaud’s role in it, and the merits (or not, if you’re so inclined) of the events in the video, but don’t bore us by making your entire post about discrediting someone else’s interpretation of the events, and who they chose to represent them. While credible legal representation is important, I’m not going to decide how I feel about a case based on who is representing that person. I’m going to decide how I feel about a case based on my interpretation of the video, and other related facts. To expect or assume your readers will do otherwise is insulting their intelligence. Next..

    • Replies: @schnellandine
    , @Maddaugh
  558. Marlene says:

    Arrogance and ignorance cancel out any presumption of intellect you may have about yourself. Racists like yourself (I am a white female, 50 yrs old, Bachelors degree. The experience I am proud of most is humility. You should try it sometime.) Your education does not equal intellect. Sorry to say.

    • Replies: @trickster
  559. vot tak says:

    You know, your feelings of anxiety about not being able to measure up to black people are your own personal problem. Just letting you know how obvious your problem is.

    You can thank me later for pointing this out, when you grow up. ;-D

  560. “I bet you also think a black dude can punch you if you call him “nigger?”

    Your comments are a nonsequitor to anything i have stated.

    1. matters not a twiddle if the state i open carry. If you are citizen and order me to top , I am under no obligation to heel to your demand. And it matters not twiddle what firearm you are waving about to establish your authority.
    M1 Tank may be your weapon of choice to show force — but it gives one no more authority than any other citizen.


    “Well you are referring to my comment and your opinion is your own. I cannot say I agree with it. Let me say I have travelled and done business in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique where the Police carry AK.s and a side arm.”

    1. The special training you received is special and unique to your mission and your command. utterly useless in the US among citizens, especially when discussing the behavior of minors — get grip.

    2. Utter nonsense, there is standing such response to any given situation that operates as SOP among the military of any branch, unless so instructed by said command to said mission. Applying said concepts to the behavior of teenagers is just bizarre — especially in this context in the US.

    3. Sure In Africa Asia, Europe, etc, there are varying responses to any number of scenario — wax on about those if you like. I was witness to an incident in Scotland. The police stopped a driver who was black, as it turned out his was a US citizen and he was clearly uneasy despite his cooperation.
    The officer replied,

    “You are fine, we don’t do that here in Scotland.”

    I can exchange international incidents all day long. In Denmark a friend described a scenario in which a mentally ill patient got out of the hospital and waved a weapon around. The police never fired a shot. I explained to her that in the US — ‘fo ged about it, he’ be shot.”
    She replied this is not the US, we fully understand how you people do things.”

    you have dance as others have danced out about to matters that are neither relevant nor tangentially related to change the direction. It’s clear that you and others think based on the comments and the scenario in question,

    that a black man should heel to the demands of any white in uniform or not. and that of he or she does not they must be hiding something, guilty of something or in some manner suspect — and that should they tell you to go fly a kite, you are entitled to confront them and they should obey your command —– and a weapon present to belabour the point.

    I simply disagree

    walking and jogging
    acting suspiciously
    not obeying another citizen gun in hand or not

    is not a penalty at any level and should anyone of any color attempt to interfere wit that persons travel — that same person is entitled to defend themselves by:

    1. freezing n place

    2. fleeing the scene

    3. standing their ground and the right to move unfettered

    Now one may be angry that an increasing number of blacks are saying they have no intention of being held hostage to white fears or irrational perceptions, but apparently, they are willing to do so even at the risk of their own lives – which apparently, in my view being confronted by a gun toting anybody is already the case – they are at risk.

    • Replies: @thordaddy
  561. anon[358] • Disclaimer says:

    If these 2 bandits -father-son criminal family had nothing to hide and be afraid of ,why didnt they make sure that police did some digging instead of sitting on their asses for 2 months ?Why did the family friendly police officer ignore the video and stall the normal procedures of investigation ?

    Now may be Derbo,this lady from Manila and some other jerks on UNZ columnist list will stop bull shittimg about black violence and look into the mirror .

    • LOL: schnellandine
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  562. “As for black white relations I will tell you whites do not wake up in the morning, stretch and say “now how can I make a black man miserable today, how can I oppress him?” We are too busy getting ahead to be bothered with the brothers. Again ask any successful black professional and he/ she will tell you blacks need to get their act together. The problem is not the white man, it is the attitude of the black man. Blacks who have made it move out of black areas and into white areas as soon as they can. So where race relations are concerned blacks need to correct their behaviour. Blacks given control of black areas and black countries ruin the places. You can disagree but your disagreement does not change reality ! A major change in race relations will come about only when recalcitrant blacks start to understand how the world works. That is not the Trickster talking but a black man like yourself.’

    This has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I said in response to this issue. And t fact that you are eager to turn the conversation into personal issues, such as your assumptions about skin color — undermine your case as to oppression.

    I have no idea how many blacks move out black neighborhoods — I know people move out one neighborhood to another based on what said neighborhood will provide in the way living standards for themselves and their posterity. You need to get out more

    there are lower income
    middle income
    upper middle income and upper income black neighborhoods

    What that has to do with whether by authority of white skin a black person of any income level, educational has to jump to command in an entirely different issue. I am going to be very careful here speaking for blacks —-

    but I think most blacks have a very sound view of how the world works.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  563. Truth says:

    I doubt Daddy McMichael, being an ex cop? investigator and familiar with the law and the street would have shot him in the back. If that is what might have gone through the mind of AA, and we dont know what he was thinking at the time, then his reason was severely flawed


    Well, to be perfectly fair, you did specify “ex-cop.”

    • Replies: @RodW
  564. @dindunuffins

    Had a good laugh w/#9.

    Regarding the rest, recently watched the supposed father of Sean Reed (Glock w/gold slide and threaded barrel) being interviewed, soon after his “son” got drilled.

    No words. To watch the last 5-10 minutes of that POS’s life, and read comments pointing out where his gun could be seen in video, and thus that his casings were the first flying through air over camera, and then listen to jogger’s jogger fath-… whatever you’d call it…

    I’d say words can’t describe, but it turns out it was basically a less polished version of your helpful dindu creed above. No shame. No responsibility. Nothing but saying his son didn’t shoot [BS], and how disgusting it was for a cop seeing the body to be overheard on still-transmitting live-stream saying that it looked like it would be a closed casket funeral.

    I’d like to kick straight in the nuts the scum who thought it was a good idea to chain blacks and take them to America. Then LBJ, etc.

  565. @Marlene

    Are you trying to say something here?

    Seemed to me she was punting, in full view. And why not? The article basically says that it doesn’t matter now what an intelligent human thinks of this incident, and we can know that because people who’ve demonstrated that they inflame and control whole cities at whim have set focus on a swath starting in GA.

    Given when this article was written, it would have been stale bread days ago. Now? Timeless.

    Have to admit, was irritated when 1/3 through article, but buzzed through and recognized it for what it obviously is: Not what you think it should’ve been.

  566. @anon

    Why do you visit this site?

    • Replies: @trickster
  567. @Hippopotamusdrome

    An impossibility. But, Thank You, I do my best. A quick Google search provides a plethora of examples, when they don’t immediately spring to mind. Or, if my memory is vague, it helps to fill in the blanks.

    Honestly, I think that most of us who have come to be so skeptical of the official narratives, have simply been lied to too often for too long. The holes in the stories become so numerous and so obvious as to be undeniable to all except those who refuse to accept the truth.

    Time and again, we are presented with one orchestrated and coordinated scenario after another that begins to fall apart the moment someone takes a closer look at the pertinent, but purposely omitted, details.

    After a lifetime of being told one thing by those in positions of authority, and my personal observations and experiences telling me something far different, I have made it a priority to learn as much as I can about these situations and find a way to expose and counter the lies and propaganda.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  568. @Robert Dolan

    Why do these people on the left have more money? Why are they more financially accomplished? Why are they more professionally successful?

    The problem with the right is it seems to have no economy to stand on, if you know what I mean.

    The Left includes some formidable businessmen, people that somehow know how to make money.

    The Right has a few millionaires, but not the vast number of Billionaires like Zuckenerg or Gates or media pundits.

    A bigger problem that economics is military might. The US Pentagon simply will not allow a white rural ethnostate. This would mean putting some of the food supply (Though cities can grown their own food) and raw minerals in the hands of a sovereign country. So far we’ve had Ruby Ridge-type raids by the ATF but this is nothing compared to air strikes ordered by the 1% when they feel that a white ethnostate might put them in a position of weakness.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  569. thordaddy says:


    Which is to say that the McMichaels did absolutely nothing illegal in following, yelling, chasing or attempting to stop Arbery.

    In your interpretation, these things suggest to you that Arbery can then attack without repercussion.

    Thus, I assume that you believe that a black male could beat you if you called him nigger? Do you believe this? And if you don’t then why do you believe that Arbery could attack without being legally killed?

    • Replies: @obvious
  570. @Truth

    That doesn’t in any way contradict what he said, if anything it reinforces it. The law says you are not supposed to randomly assault people. If you do, they can shoot you. You can praise this guy’s fight instinct all you want, but it doesn’t change the facts of the matter.

    • Replies: @Truth
  571. says:

    Which is to say that the McMichaels did absolutely nothing illegal in following, yelling, chasing or attempting to stop Arbery.

    This is a lie. It’s unequivocal that what Gregory and Travis McMichael did is illegal. It’s second degree murder. They have no legal defense. They played judge, jury and executioner. There is no legal justification and cover for their actions. Barnhill is a corrupt, racist idiot.

    • Replies: @thordaddy
  572. @Jeff Stryker

    Why does the Left have more millionaires? Why do drug dealers make more money an hour than people working at a regular job? The products that Gates and Zuckerberg are peddling have little overhead and satisfy the basest desires of their consumers.

    Businessmen producing items that require factories, supply chains, outlets, insurance and must make allowances for damages, returns, lawsuits, etc… have to contend with a great many obstacles and costs that don’t hinder the operations of Internet Tzars. Add: property taxes, zoning ordinances, and various other municipal, county, state and federal fees and regulations, none of which effect Zuckerberg and Gates to the same degree, and it’s easier to see why their accumulation of wealth is disproportionate.

    Real Estate is another enterprise that doesn’t incur a lot of extraneous expenses to engage in. Particularly, if you’re just acting as a sales agent for the property owner and working on commission. This can be done by one person working from a small office with a license and a computer. If you’re flipping houses, then that can be a little more of a gamble, and you need to know your market.

    Not to imply that I possess any wealth or have any plan currently in effect to acquire it. Although, I do ( as I’m sure everyone else does) have a few ideas.

    That what you’re saying about military might is correct, I do not question. I have long been observing the growth of Negro four and five star general’s in the upper echelon of our municipal police forces. The military integration may not be nearly as complete. Though, minorities and women occupy many positions in the armed forces, it is still predominantly White Men who serve in combat roles. If those Men decide to be White, instead of Multicultural, they cannot be quickly replaced by Affirmative Action, LGBQT Progress, and Dreaming. This has long been my hope, but the effectiveness of the brain washing that soldiers go through appears to be all but irreversible. How else could Old Bubblehead get the White Soldiers of the 101st Airborne to draw bayonets on White Mothers in Little Rock?

  573. “Which is to say that the McMichaels did absolutely nothing illegal in following, yelling, chasing or attempting to stop Arbery.”

    Wrong and absolutely wrong — he initiated what they refer to a a citizens arrest —- there was nothing to arrest the young man for — and he did so with a weapon —

    Laughing. There simply is no way to justify the act, you do the angry crazy black man two step from til the cows come home. they e=initiated a stop, they had no cause, they do so with weapons in hand — it was entirely reasonable for that young to defend himself —

    You are very funny . . . I like pretzels but it is painful to watch my fellow citizens twist themselves onto rhetorical nonsense.

    Ohh I think I neglected your accusation concerning my position on the use of pejoratives and responses to the same — again another irrelevant issue — nothing in my comments suggests that it is permissible to assault anyone use of name calling . . you are aw wrong in that assumption as you are breaking sanity in half to defend what clearly a miscalculation . . .

    Note; people get into fist fights every day over name calling —- this went well beyond mere name calling – if that is what you are getting at.

    By the way — I think what they did was stalking, I think even in back tide waters of Georgia stalking is against the law. and in this case, they did more than stalk, they hunted and instigated a needless hostile environment.

  574. RodW says:

    Perhaps the latest dead Dindu had been shown this egregious example so many times he believed that this is how whites normally behave.

    Hell, even seemingly intelligent whites can watch all of the Dindu Arbery last season and conclude that he was ‘hunted down and murdered in cold blood’, despite the obvious discrepancy with the visual evidence.

    Or maybe Dindu just thought that he’d get shot because that’s what he would do if it were his hands on the shotgun and a white or a black was running away from him.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @obvious
  575. @EliteCommInc.

    And lest we stray from the foundation here —

    a citizens arrest requires a crime in progress that one witnesses — suspicious behavior, suspicious person, heresay, maybe thy will, odd behavior . . . . being in the wrong neighborhood, are not crimes — even in Georgia.

    It seems that where black people are concerned — all the above are treated as crimes — however, taking action on those basis —

    a citizens arrest would be against the law.


    “Which is to say that the McMichaels did absolutely nothing illegal in following, yelling, chasing or attempting to stop Arbery.”

    with weapon in hand and even without one — as indicate the persistence here — alone is a threat.

    and with a weapon . . . in tow

    Oy veh . . .

    • Replies: @trickster
    , @obvious
  576. Correction;

    “2. Utter nonsense, there is standing such response as you outline to any given situation that operates as SOP among the military of any branch, unless so instructed by said command to said mission.

    Applying said concepts to the behavior of teenagers is unreasonable in my view — especially in this context in the US.”

  577. @EliteCommInc.

    You should watch “The Promised Land,” narrated by Morgan Freeman.

    It is about 6 hours long and a treasure chest full of first hand news accounts and recollections. It has been awhile, but I’ve watched my VHS copy several times. Some of the highlights include: Michael King’s march through Marquette Park in Chicago in 1966. Residents overturned the Marcher’s vehicles and set them afire. After being struck with a brick, King was filmed saying that he had been in demonstrations all over the South, but the people of Mississippi and Alabama should come to Chicago to learn how to hate. Also, perhaps of interest to you, it contains some very clear and frank conversations with former tenants who were among the first occupants of the Robert Taylor Housing Projects.

    Initially, they were extremely happy in their Segregated apartment complex. It was clean, modern and it more than satisfied their needs. But, then…, as it always does…, The Black Plague began to infect the edifices, the walls and fences, the sidewalks and the parks. Not even the grass or trees were immune to it. These formerly content Ghetto Dwellers describe roaming gangs, graffiti, prostitution, vandalism, drug dealers at every intersection, extortion, robberies, rapes and murder. They give harrowing descriptions of gunfire being exchanged between one apartment high-rise and another, while they were lying on the floor covering their children.

    Yes, they have a very Sound View of How the World Works. They know that Bubba of Suburbia is less likely to shoot them than their own Homies, and more likely to let them in the door when they arrive to soil their daughters. They know that their H.U.D. House will be safe, while their unruly children attend a “Good School” that they can proceed to disrupt, corrupt and ruin. They know that if a chance to scream racism or discrimination arises, they have an excellent chance of hitting the Ghetto Lottery. They know that the businesses won’t yet be boarded up and they will still be well lit and sanitary. They know that Whitey’s World Works and Their’s Doesn’t. Sorry, to break it to you, but there is No Wakanda.

    Then again, nothing can compare to personally experiencing cultural enrichment in it’s own uniquely vibrant environment. I’m sure you can find a very affordable place to live in the neighborhood where I was raised, if you would really like to “get out more.”

    • Replies: @trickster
  578. Truth says:

    You ain’t supposed to randomly pull guns on people either, if you can they can attack you. That’s why your idols are in jail.

  579. Truth says:

    You watched the video, right?

    • Replies: @RodW
  580. WRC43 says:

    About Ahmaud – – what I Believe . . .

    (1.) Almaud had an interesting criminal background, as delineated in several posts on this forum.

    (2.) Most likely, Ahmaud was a spotter for a burglary gang; He would “spot” places like Satilla Shores in the day time, and his negro gang would come back at night and steal things that Ahmaud had seen; I wonder if the police will try to find Almaud’s gang friend buddies, and question them?

    (3.) Ahmaud didn’t live in Satilla Shores. Somebody (another gang member) drove him there that day, and Ahmaud got shot when he tried to fight the two white home owners.

    (4.) This description of what happened seems quite likely – – This is the prosecutor’s real opinion and detailed analysis – –

    (5.) The two white guys are in jail only because of threats from the news media and the “black community”; the two white guys may or may not get a fair trial. This could end up like the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman thing – – There may well be a “Not Guilty” verdict, and then the entire country will melt down..

    Which could lead to – –

    (6.) Trump could declare nationwide martial law, suspend the writ of habeas corpus, call for a second constitutional convention, change many unnecessary laws, and press the re-set button to usher in “Amerika 2.0”..

    Recommendation: Buy lots of ammo..

  581. trickster says:

    No, not arrogant or ignorant but realistic ! Not a racist but realistic ! So you are a white female with a Bachelors, so what ? Every Tom, Dick and Harry has one of those.

    The experience you are proud of most is humility ? Dont know what you mean there.

    In any case 50 year old white female with the Bachelors degree you are free to visit any African country, the Caribbean or any black area in the US, the UK or Europe. Hell, even visit a Moslem area in Europe. You will soon be brought to your senses. There are hundreds of white women like you who were proud of their “humility” who found out that while you may love these people and feel proud to virtue signal, THEY hate you.

    Having a Bachelors degree does not mean you have any sense. I hope you will continue having luck in your life. One day your luck may run out and you may find yourself without your clothes, kneeling with your mouth open, on your back or crouching doggy style with homies lined up to take their turn and finally….deceased ! Another white bitch who has become a statistic.

    Maybe you are secretly hoping for the BBC because at 50 you may not be getting any ! I would say that you probably are obese, smoke, bad breath, unwashed and wear frowsy grubby clothes and stained underwear. Which white man would want to stretch trash like you. Hence you are an ideal candidate for the Chimps LOL

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Truth
  582. trickster says:

    I think there is something wrong with the cables that run through your head. You write a comment and reply to yourself ?? Most of what you say seems rambling, stupid and confused among other things. You may have the same mental issues as Ahmaud. Better get checked out !

  583. trickster says:

    What the fuck are you talking about. What you assert is contrary to Georgia law, the facts and evidence of this case. What are you doing on this site. We need sensible comments that we can all learn from and not the shit you propound. For God’s sake man say something sensible !

  584. obvious says:

    And a “crime” means COMMON LAW FELONY, not a “misdemeanor”

    nor “prowling” or “trespassing”.

  585. Maddaugh says:

    You just do not understand how the legal system works or the law as it pertains to Georgia. What you say is nonsense and irrelevant. It does not matter how you feel about the case, who is representing who and all that twaddle. Your interpretation of the video means nothing, how you feel about other related facts is meaningless. You have to understand that 2 prosecutors with many decades of experience have already recused themselves from the case, and have already stated that the reason the McMichaels were not arrested WAS BECAUSE THERE IS NO BASIS IN GEORGIA LAW TO DO SO ?

    They have now been arrested as a result of political pressure not as a result of any violation of the LAW.

    You are a dunce, dense simpleton !

  586. obvious says:

    Wrong. Pursuit of a felony is one thing, but hunting a jogger because you think he might have prowling around an empty construction site recently leads to murder, and it did. You can only entertain these whacky ideas because its costless and easy to sit on a chair while doing so. What possible grounds did anyone have to believe that Aubry was fleeing a felony crime somewhere and out of pure necessity, had to be confronted with firearms by private “citizens”?

    “Citizens”who were so lax as to casually walk around with a loaded shotgun then lose control of it because they made too many cartoon assumptions?

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
    , @thordaddy
  587. trickster says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Very well articulated and laid out, factual and unfortunately very true. However you might need to translate all that into Ebonics or Negronics so all the Bubba lovers peaking into this site can understand. I would also recommend a site visit to get a better perspective of the projects. They might need one of the homies to give them a guided tour after which they are liable to be robbed or worse.

    Black government works that is why a black with some coin will exit the hood for a safe white area. It is also the reason why whites flock to the projects eager to learn all they can about diversity and multiculturalism. That is what I hear from time to time LOL

  588. trickster says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    He wants to hang with the Whites !

  589. obvious says:
    @vot tak

    said so well

    notice the outrage from the whiteboys. the first they do is scream and cry about how they are really “tough”and “knowledgeable”.

  590. obvious says:
    @John Nada

    It’s a good thing you are entitled to the right kind of speech patterns and media entertainment

  591. obvious says:

    Dindu was hunted down and felony murdered in idiot blood… because Blustus and Fidgit were cocksure about their own unstructured mental fantasy that commands instant performance by anyone they “think”about, and as usual, they are careless in handling firearms.

    I’ve been confronted by these apes before, and i know their kind too well. And I REALLY Dindu Noffin, people have all kinds of wrong notions and self-entitlement going on.

  592. @obvious

    They didn’t pursue him for trespassing, they pursued him because he was previously identified multiple times on video as a thief.

    You clowns are the worst.

    Are you going to claim Arbery was only trying to clean Travis’s shotgun next?

  593. Looking at the law in Georgia, I’d say the younger McMichael will be lucky to get out of prison in 20 years. The charge of aggravated assault is a felony. And since Arbery died, a conviction on aggravated assault will mean that the definition of murder has been met. Without any duty for the state to prove intent or malice on the McMichaels’ part.

    Sadly, they were careless and emotional in how they went about this confrontation. They will probably pay dearly for it.

  594. Correction:

    “2. Utter nonsense, there is no standing response as you outline to any given situation that operates as SOP among the military of any branch, unless so instructed by said command to said mission.

    Applying said concepts to the behavior of teenagers is unreasonable in my view — especially in this context in the US.”

    and by the way — there’s a very intense course regarding capture in the US military

    it’s called,escape and evasion” It has a variety of other variations among the different branches of of service . . very little of it includes — how to make your captor’s life and imprisonment easier.

  595. Truth says:

    I would say that you probably are obese, smoke, bad breath, unwashed and wear frowsy grubby clothes and stained underwear. Which white man would want to stretch trash like you. Hence you are an ideal candidate for the Chimps LOL

  596. Truth says:

    I would say that you probably are obese, smoke, bad breath, unwashed and wear frowsy grubby clothes and stained underwear. Which white man would want to stretch trash like you. Hence you are an ideal candidate for the Chimps LOL

    Hey that was pretty good for having read two sentences, Sport.

    I’m thinking maybe you have found your life’s calling…

    • Replies: @Trickster
  597. Interesting that far less than 4 minutes — at any rate,

    “What the **** are you talking about. What you assert is contrary to Georgia law, the facts and evidence of this case. What are you doing on this site. We need sensible comments that we can all learn from and not the shit you propound. For God’s sake man say something sensible”

    I am an advocate of “free speech” ultimately respond to me as you will. However, I would prefer that you refrain form using colorful language, unless I so engage. Not a command as you are certainly entitled to engage in communication to your druthers, just note, I would appreciate avoiding such content in these exchanges.

    As to your comment,

    the yon man in question was not engaged in any illegal activity at the time he was interrupted by the two men in question. As I understand the chain of events, he was jogging — that is not illegal. Neither is walking, acting in a suspicious manner, not obeying a command to sop by by two guys in no particular authority in no uniform indicating a possible authority.

    Since he did nothing that even comes close to warranting an arrest, they were out of bounds in approaching in any manner. He was minding his own business, until they approached him, one with a weapon. He was certainly entitled to act in his own defence based on their actions. In my view, they were clearly out of line and themselves in violation of the law.standard. I furthermore consider their behavior tantamount to stalking. It was those two men who were in every the threat and the response to said threat by this young man was perfectly justifiable.

    According to Georgia precedent, even store owners are restricted from arresting suspecting thieves. And the circumstances here are far less convincing there was any reason to say boo to this young man, muchless engage in an arrest.


    Based on the failure to address the matter by the presiding DA, I am inclined to think that in this community, suspicion is cause for arrest despite what the law says on the question. So I remain where I came in:

    jogging, walking, suspicious behavior(?), hanging out, changing directions, are not criminal acts and cause for arrest on those conditions or anything less as I stated would b unwarranted – period. Bu it’s quite clear based on the comments here by many, that walking, jogging, perceived suspicions behavior, not following the commands of some unknown white guys, are cause for arrest with added condition of being black.

    I disagree. I would go a step further based on this incident and who knows how many others of lesser consequence or similar have gone by the wayside — as just the way things are — maybe blacks in that community should ensure that when they are out of doors they are armed with a legally registered weapon for self defense. Who know what other would be videos exist that look some guy who looks like hem — may engage in a citizen’s arrest for failing to follow the commands of two white guys wielding weapons in search of the video suspect.

  598. Fast four minutes

    Even one wanted to cite trespassing or some other offense . . . it simply is out of the jurisdiction of anyone but the property owners, in which case the attempt to arrest is still out of bounds.


    clearly, the only person under threat here was the young man whether he was jogging, walking, skipping, playing ring around the posey . . . what have you . . as nothing he was doing was illegal.

  599. Tulip says:

    Off topic, but does anyone have a theory about why the Israeli’s decided to push to bury the U.S.S. Liberty attack, rather than write long thought pieces on how they bombed the Liberty, they’re proud of it, and damn it, the Liberty had it coming?

  600. “the McMichaels were not arrested WAS BECAUSE THERE IS NO BASIS IN GEORGIA LAW TO DO SO ?”

    Until you look at the laws in question and one is force to doubt that the prosecutors examined the law at all — because based on the law and cases related to the same

    The attempt to arrest someone on the grounds of suspicion is simply not supported. I am walking down the street a someone tells me to stop, because they think I might do something illegal or I look like someone who did something illegal — and to take said action of interfering with my travel with weapon in hand —–

    At least let’s pretend to have some integrity. It appears prima facie that the DA’s office was complicit in covering up an unlawful detainment/arrest an further covering up an unlawful use if a weapon to intimidate and terrorize a young man who fear instincts were to fight back —- in self defense against at least one armed man of unknown intent —–

    • Replies: @anon
  601. anon[384] • Disclaimer says:

    the black fellow saw a white fellow with a shotgun,ran up to him and tried to steal it from him.That is attempted robbery.

    saw it on the video so that is the proof.

  602. says:

    There’s more to the homeowner Larry English than he’s letting on. The GBI needs to look further into his claims of not knowing Travis and Gregory McMichael and not having any contact with them that day or not coordinating with them that day. This stinks to high heaven. If his under construction home was being cased multiple times, why did he not put a chain fence around it? Why did he not contact the police about a robbery?

    He claims he bought the motion sensitive camera not to catch burglars because nothing was ever stolen but to make sure no one got hurt being on the premises. Bull. If he was concerned about people’s safety and he didn’t want to get sued if someone wondered in there and got injured, he should have put up a temporary fence like you’re required to with pools (permanent fence in the case of pools) so kids don’t wonder onto your yard and fall in the pool and drown.

    Either way, this further video still does not change anything. Travis and Gregory McMichael have no legal recourse according to Georgia law. What the video does bring into question is Larry English’s potential complicity in this. GBI needs to take a good, long, hard look at him and follow up on every claim he and his attorney are making. To me, it doesn’t add up. It’s looking more and more like these yahoos, to include Larry English, set up a spider web to catch some flies. They were playing law enforcement or worse, it appears they wanted to trap someone in the act of stealing and then play cops and robbers. If so, Arbery’s father’s claim of this being a lynching is not too far off base and really not hyperbole at all.

    • Replies:
  603. says:

    Why did English and his attorney release this latest video taken 12 days prior to Arbery being murdered? Here’s his interview with Chris Cuomo. Compare and contrast with the comments he makes per the NEWS4JAX article. He’s contradicting himself and his motivation appears to be to cast shade on the victim Ahmaud Arbery. GBI, if you’re reading this, scrutinize this guy closely. He’s not consistent.