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They're All Open-Borders Hypocrites
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All the world’s a stage, especially two heated months before Election Day. So you’ll have to forgive me for not joining the theatrical media frenzy over Martha’s Vineyard being overrun by illegal aliens. It’s just another naked open-borders exhibition by both political parties that makes a miserable mockery of our country’s immigration policies.

Yes, I said both parties.

Sure, Republican governors are exposing the grand hypocrisy of limousine liberals who preach diversity and tolerance while walling off their exclusive colony. Rah-rah, sis-boom, ha-ha-ha. Hilarity abounds. So many memes and viral videos! What a riot giggling about which Democratic city illegal aliens should be sent to next.

Of course, mass-migration-pimping Democrats are as guilty of “human trafficking” as their counterparts now acting as travel agents for the Third World cheap-labor pipeline. Don’t need to tell me. I’ve written three bestsellers and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of columns on the subject over the past 30 years.

But whether it’s Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis dumping Venezuelans on Martha’s Vineyard or Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott shuttling Mexicans to the Big Apple and D.C. swamp or former Democrat President Barack Obama chartering illegal alien flights to military bases across New England (a story I first broke back in 2014), the script is always the same:

One side claims to be tough on borders. The other screams “racism” and “xenophobia.” Then leaders in both parties pocket big donations from the same globalist special interests — Big Agriculture, Big Business and Big Tech — and pretend to join hands on “immigration reform.” All the illegal alien pawns settle in for the long haul — collecting driver’s licenses from Democrat and Republican governors, sanctuary status from both Democrat and Republican mayors, in-state tuition discounts across the country, bountiful health, welfare and legal services, and eventual amnesty, green cards, U.S. citizenship, entitlement benefits and voting rights.

That’s bipartisan America Last stuntsmanship for you. Not so funny anymore, is it?

I can hardly stomach cable news anymore. Two decades ago, when I guest-hosted for Bill O’Reilly and worked as a contributor to Fox News, the illegal alien invasion I reported on was taken seriously. Now, I’m persona non grata in “America’s newsroom,” while two-faced snakes like Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio score prime Fox News headlines for bashing the Biden administration’s illegal immigration chaos.

“This is what happens when you have an administration that basically is telling people if you come into this country illegally, you’re going to get to stay,” Rubio complained.

Now, that’s funny. Rubio is a “Gang of Eight” darling of open-borders millionaires and billionaires who soaked up money from Facebook’s foreign labor-addicted lobbying group and furiously flip-flopped on amnesty like a swamp circus clown on meth.


Reminder: Facebook founder Zuckerberg personally donated to Rubio, as did pro-H-1B expansionist Silicon Valley CEOs from Oracle, Cisco and Seagate. Microsoft, founded by leading foreign tech-worker H-1B visa/illegal alien amnesty cheerleader Bill Gates, was Rubio’s No. 2 corporate donor for years. Paul Singer, the treacherous hedge fund billionaire, was also a top Rubio backer. Singer helped fund the National Immigration Forum along with fellow hedge fund billionaire George Soros. NIF propped up a faux “grass-roots” initiative of religious conservatives, dubbed the Evangelical Immigration Table, to lobby for the Gang of Eight amnesty mob.

Not to pick on Little Marco, but since his open-borders hypocrisy is representative of the vast majority of election-year politicians, it is worth pointing out that while he lambastes the Biden administration for providing incentives to Venezuelan illegal aliens to stay, he whitewashes his own all-star role in sponsoring such chaos-creating inducements. His Senate office has clogged my email box for years with press releases touting his support for endless “temporary protected status” designations, renewals and expansions for illegal aliens from Haiti, Ukraine and, yes, Venezuela.

As I’ve reported repeatedly, the TPS program signed into law by GOP President George H.W. Bush in 1990 was supposed to provide short-term relief and shelter to people from foreign countries hit by natural disasters, environmental catastrophes, civil war, epidemic diseases or other “extraordinary and temporary conditions.” They were always expected to go back home when those conditions improved. But three decades and dozens of bipartisan extensions later, nearly a half-million beneficiaries have turned TPS into TINO: Temporary in Name Only. Illegal aliens from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua were added to the list, followed by citizens of Haiti, Nepal, Syria, Angola, Sudan, Yemen, Montserrat and more. To date, we’ve granted sacrosanct TPS status to more than 400,000 people from a total of 22 countries who have grown increasingly entitled to automatic renewal of their “temporary” protections.

But ignore the immigration anarchy. Swamp Democrats and Republicans are both raising gobs of campaign cash over Martha’s Vineyard mayhem. Their media sycophants are raking in clicks and giggles for “owning” each other. And end-stage America keeps getting owned. The joke’s on us.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected]

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  1. Baxter says:

    Many thanks to Mrs. Malkin for identifying specific examples of Gov. Desantis’ immigration hypocrisy. I have said for some time now that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is a difference of degree and not of kind.
    I don’t know how it can possibly contribute to the national discussion on immigration; it seems a bit to late at this point. Two million illegal immigrants, plus two million legal immigrants, plus at least another million illegals before policy can be reversed. No-the damage is done.
    I will not be voting in the coming mid-term elections; a government no longer worthy of support should not be support; a society no longer worthy of support should not be supported.
    Basically, mainstream “conservatism” has become a warm security blanket for White people to comfort themselves in while the country their ancestors built is wrecked by diversity.
    The ship is sinking, but instead of bailing, everyone is trying to keep the party going.

  2. The Babylon Bee on Martha’s Vineyard’s migrant crisis:

    Martha’s Vineyard Lovingly Welcomes Immigrants To Any Other Part Of America

    Martha’s Vineyard Resident Calls Police To Report A Hispanic In The Neighborhood Not Operating A Leaf Blower

    9 Innovative Ways Martha’s Vineyard Is Handling Its Border Crisis

    Obamas Construct New Cages At Martha’s Vineyard To Hold Arriving Migrants

    After Dealing With Martha’s Vineyard HOA, Migrants Decide To Go Back And Take Their Chances With The Cartels

  3. KenH says:

    Ole Ronny Desantis is just trying to raise his profile for the presidency. If he runs and were to win once he gets in office he’ll become a swamp centrist and probably pass some form of amnesty. Like most Republican presidential nominees they run as right wing firebrands then tone it down a bit after they wrap up the nomination then move to the left again once they win the presidency.

    Trump the president bore almost no resemblance to Trump the candidate except in rhetoric.

    The Democrats run as centrists then govern as left wing nutjobs as Obama did and as Biden is now doing. Things are so bad that Democrats can run as open and avowed anti-white hatemongers and still win elections.

    • Agree: opsimathian
  4. Firstly, I know just as much as you, Michelle Malkin, about the immigration invasion, both illegal and legal. I support VDare with funds, Immigration Stupidity is the biggest topic key on Peak Stupidity with over 200 posts, and I speak about it. Believe me, we are the same page, and from reading VDare regularly for 2 decades*, I know of every detail you mention.

    However, about the stunts by Governor’s Abbott and now DeSantis, I’m sorry, but you’re DEAD WRONG here, Mrs. Malkin. This is not about bi-partisanship. These guys are not insiders of the Feral Gov’t. Governors actually have things to answer for to the people in their States.

    About the shipping of 2 orders of magnitude more illegal human freight than these latest moves. You mentioned Øb☭ma’s actions in ’14, but do you not know about President Biden’s Human Trafficking schemes in which illegal aliens are being sent by iAero (formerly Swift Air) 737’s up to Westchester County/White Plains, NY (KHPN) airport in the middle of the night and later (see here) to Newburgh/Stewart Field (KSWF), up-river, other side of the Hudson, with Omni Air 767 widebodies? All this trafficked human cargo has been coming into these airports for transshipment onto buses to be “placed” all over the country.

    Governors DeSantis and Abbot are giving these Globalist elites a small taste of their own medicine. Yes, they are stunts, and mighty good ones too! In case you think those 50 (the Vineyard) and those 5,000 or so (NYC and Washington, FS) should have been headed south instead, SURE, of course, like 2,000,000 others this year alone! However, the Bai Dien administration has hampered all efforts at that, as you know. It’d be my pretty damn good guess that the people sent north by these governors are ones that’d be living in TX or Florida otherwise.

    The thing about these stunts is that, while humorously showing the obvious hypocrisy of the ctrl-left elites, they are getting American excited. The patriot base that has been against this invasion for decades realizes that, though these are just stunts, they are ones that we have mentioned for years. These 2 governors are rubbing the elites’ noses in the riff-raff. No, it won’t change these elites’ minds. They know they are hypocrites, and they don’t care. It’s getting us excited that maybe we can finally do something.

    Governor Abbott ought to get the Texas Guard down along the border next. Federalism, which Gov. DeSantis understands better than most, is the key. People are realizing that, yes, we don’t have to sit down and take it!


    PS: I hope you would have read these, but please check out “Washington Watcher II”‘s articles Despite Skepticism, Busing Illegals To Leftist “Sanctuary Cities” Is Working. Could It Force Biden To Do Something About Border Collapse? and Martha’s Vineyard Massacre Just The Start: Biden Regime Fears Border Treason Will Define Midterms = GOP Must Propose IMPEACHMENT NOW. In the former post, WWII noted that he had changed his mind from some of the earlier skepticism of these moves. Maybe you will too.


    * A new writer (for them) named A.W. Morgan has been doing a bang-up job lately, along with 3 or 4 other insiders (or former) of the bureaucratic Feral Gov’t politics and ICE/BP.

  5. Michelle, I don’t blame you for knowing what you know and not running for office…. you’d be “ARKANCIDED” in a minute.
    Curious that “GOVERNMENT” “leaders”(?), even those that claim to be on the side of the people, take so many years to discover(?) what the people have always known. And even then they just half measure and give lip service as a response to any problem.
    I suspect that’s why the powers that be hated NATIONAL SOCIALISM. It’s leaders went right after the throat of the greedy, inhumane PSYCHOPATHS.

  6. ruralguy says:

    We can learn much about politics, by observing teenagers. Almost all of them, at one time or another, suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder. They seem to need someone to oppose, so they become uncooperative, defiant, and hostile towards parents, and other authority figures. Many teenagers never outgrow this, becoming defiant and hostile to all authority figures in their 20s and 30s. I can see these behaviors in the Left. They actually need to invent authority figures like “fascists, racists, and those who oppress others,” to oppose. Like teenagers, the best approach to dealing with them is to ignore them, not give them attention, because it just increases their opposition.

  7. Derer says:

    Ron DeSantis dumping Venezuelans on Martha’s Vineyard

    A country so stupid importing oil from a far away ME enemy nest instead of neighboring Venezuela (largest oil reserves) cannot succeed in this competitive world. Nothing was learn from Vietnam fiasco on attacking others because they want to organize their lives differently from our crony corrupt capitalism. Those Venezuelans didn’t have to come here if we would engage with Venezuela by buying their socialist oil. We prefer deal with medieval ME royalties that hate us. Because of some stupid people in Washington, who suppose to represent us, others smarter countries will surpass us by miles.

  8. @Derer

    Those Venezuelans didn’t have to come here..

    … period, no “if”. It’s a load of crap, linking supposed “refugees” with foreign policy, as much as I would likely agree with you, Derer, on US warmongering since the end of the Cold War.

    Except for the few elite, all Venezuelans are worse off than 30 years ago, before the Communist take-over. Not only is that not our problem, but the purposeful destruction of border controls by the Biden Admin. is part of a plan to ruin America. It’s got nothing to do with internal screwage in Venezuela – they’ll let in Haitians, Guatemalans, Congolese, you name it. The goal is destruction of the American nation.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  9. @Derer

    There’s quite a bit of truth to what you are saying.

  10. All the world’s a stage, especially two heated months before Election Day. So you’ll have to forgive me for not joining the theatrical media frenzy over Martha’s Vineyard being overrun by illegal aliens. It’s just another naked open-borders exhibition by both political parties that makes a miserable mockery of our country’s immigration policies.

    I say:

    The Republican Party is stuffed to the rafters with treasonous mass immigration fanatics.

    New Hampshire Republican Party US Senate candidate DON BOLDUC is a treasonous baby boomer rat slob who pals around with mass immigration fanatic Nikki Haley.

    DON BOLDUC pushes mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration.

    Bolduc and Haley are evil and demonic scum who push nation-wrecking mass immigration.

    Nikki Haley is anti-White. Nikki Haley is a South Asian Interloper. Nikki Haley wants to flood the United States with more South Asians to increase the political power of South Asians, Sikhs in particular.

    Nikki Haley did everything in her power to attack the memory of Confederate veterans by attacking all statues and flags connected to Confederate veterans. Nikki Haley is doing everything in her power to desecrate and destroy the monuments and memories of the European Christian ancestral core of the United States. Trump made a bad choice when he brought Nikki Haley into his administration.

    Nikki Haley pushes open borders mass legal immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders. Nikki Haley wants to pour more South Asian Sikh invaders and other non-Whites into European Christian nations. Nikki Haley wants to continue to use mass immigration as a demographic weapon to destroy European Christian nations. Nikki Haley’s family should never have been allowed to infiltrate Canada and then infiltrate the United States.

    Don Bolduc is a treasonous politician whore who pushes mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration. Don Bolduc pushes REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION.

    Mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION increases housing costs, lowers wages, swamps schools, overwhelms hospitals, destroys habitat for wildlife, causes urban and suburban sprawl, creates multicultural mayhem and brings infectious diseases and terrorism to the United States of America.

    I hereby challenge Don Bolduc to a debate on mass legal immigration, mass illegal immigration, REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION.

    If you are in New Hampshire feel free to write in CHARLES PEWITT for US Senate on your ballot.

    Pewitt Immigration Pledge:



    Don Bolduc Is A Treasonous Baby Boomer Rat

  11. uppercut says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Argue. Talk, talk, talk. T.V. theatrics. Internet theatrics. Print media theatrics. Without borders, there is no country. And, when the border has been a sieve for multiple decades, how can anyone convince the wanderers the border is for real? Kiss your sweet hinney good-bye because the U.S.A. is gone.

  12. northeast says:

    The uniparty still rules.

  13. Anonymous[273] • Disclaimer says:

    When it comes to the immigration issue, the uniparty only cares about cheap labor for cronies. They do not care one iota about the American worker.

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