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The Return of Theater of Jihad
Koran as stage prop!
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It’s baaaaack. Loyal readers will recall the summer of jihadi propaganda and the blogosphere backlash against MSM fauxtography in 2006 and beyond. Slublog’s Passion of the Toys spotlighted the uncanny Middle Eastern photo stringers’ penchant for finding pristine stuffed animals and dolls amid the rubble of war. LGF and others caught numerous examples of magically-appearing Korans.

With things heating up in the fauxtographic oasis of Gaza, the jihadi sympathizers are back to playing hide and seek again.

The Jawa Report has the latest.

Meanwhile, there are new developments in the father of all fauxtography scandals–the al Dura case in France. See PJM and Backspin for fresh reports.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Fauxtography, Lebanon