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The Return of McAmnesty the Democrat Suck-Up
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Sorry to spoil your Monday morning, but John McCain is off to a cringe-inducing start this week. While Sarah Palin is galvanizing the conservative base and attracting tens of thousands to her rallies, John McCain is…

*Pandering to the open-borders lobby again. At a rally in Scranton this morning, he was bragging about the shamnesty bill again and revisiting the “path to citizenship” for illegal alien Irish, illegal alien Hispanics, and every last illegal border-crosser, visa-overstayer, deportation fugitive, and immigration enforcement evader in the country:

“We cannot have a continuing situation where there are 12 million people in this country illegally with broken borders,” McCain said. “We’ve also got to have a temporary worker program… It didn’t make me the most popular member of my own party, and it almost cost me the nomination of my party.”

“We have to give people a path to citizenship, a way that they can become citizens,” said McCain, adding the caveat that illegal immigrants cannot get in front of people seeking citizenship through legal challenges. “I’ve got a record of reform, of standing up against my own party, my own president when necessary. ”

McCain maintains that while he took a stand, his rival, Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, “took a hike” on the issue. (Obama has supported the immigration reforms.)

“Sen Obama has never once stood up against the leaders of his own party, never once,” McCain said. “There are 50,000 Irish men and women who are in this country illegally at this time… who want to become citizens… I want to assure you that I will enact comprehensive immigration reform…. I will do it for this nation, because this nation is all the stronger – this nation is stronger for the fresh infusion of vitality” of the immigrants, including Hispanic immigrants, who have “enriched our nation.”

And they cheered.

Yup. He’s in perfect sync with shamnesty buddy Geraldo Rivera, who was on the lecture circuit lobbying for the same goal and urging President Bush to “pardon” the upwards of 20 million illegal aliens in this country.

*And wait. That’s not all. McCain is also back to his reaching-across-the-aisle, Democrat-suck-up ways — promoting Andrew Cuomo as the man he’s install at the SEC.

Andrew Cuomo? One of the Clinton corruptocrats responsible for ushering in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle?

Quin Hilyer shakes his head:

Last night, John McCain said this on 60 Minutes about who should run the SEC:

(PELLEY ) I’m curious. If you wanna fire Chris Cox, the chairman of the SEC, who would you replace him with?

(MCCAIN) This may sound a little– unusual, but I’ve admired– Andrew Cuomo. I think he is somebody who could– restore some credibility, lend some bipartisanship– to this effort.

(PELLEY) He’s a Democrat.

(MCCAIN) Oh, yes.

(PELLEY) He served in the cabinet of President Clinton.

(MCCAIN) Yes. And he did a good job. And he has respect. And he has prestige.

A good job??? Cuomo??? Maybe McCain needs to read this.

Yes, this is the left-wing Village Voice on Andrew Cuomo:

Andrew Cuomo, the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history, made a series of decisions between 1997 and 2001 that gave birth to the country’s current crisis. He took actions that—in combination with many other factors—helped plunge Fannie and Freddie into the subprime markets without putting in place the means to monitor their increasingly risky investments. He turned the Federal Housing Administration mortgage program into a sweetheart lender with sky-high loan ceilings and no money down, and he legalized what a federal judge has branded “kickbacks” to brokers that have fueled the sale of overpriced and unsupportable loans. Three to four million families are now facing foreclosure, and Cuomo is one of the reasons why.

Maybe McCain needs to lay low until Election Day and let Sarah do the talking.

If you are dreading the upcoming presidential debate, you are not the only one.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Amnesty, John McCain, Subprime crisis